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  1. Herald

    m/m The Flexorcist (10)

    Ten Keith dropped Anton’s weakened body and stared at his buddy’s magnificent muscular body in front of him. Blood pumped to his cock as his eyes followed the hard lines of Sean’s muscles. “I’ll take this one back to his evil master. Without his muscular beast to protect him, Tomas is no match for me”, Friar Clarke said. He grabbed Anton and effortlessly tossed his 160 pound, swimmer’s frame on his thick muscular shoulder. “Man, I’m so much bigger than before”, Sean said after Friar Clarke left the shower zone, “Let’s check my stats, buddy”. Sean strutted past Keith into the locker room and stepped onto the scale. “Just over 270 pounds”, he boomed, “that’s over 50 pounds heavier than at the beginning of the semester! “. Keith nodded wordlessly as he kept drinking in the sight of his muscular buddy. Sean stepped off the scale and moved to the large mirror next to the passage to the shower zone. “Come on, buddy. Let’s compare the goods like we did last week. You won on abs and chest, if I remember well. Let’s see if I’ve caught up to you”, he said laughingly. Keith ripped off his workout gear and practically jumped in front of the mirror next to Sean. “What’s up first?”, he asked without taking his eyes of his friend’s reflection. “You decide”, Sean replied as he enjoyed towering over his 6’1 friend. Instinctively, Keith raised his arms to flex his biceps. The mounds of muscle on his arms hardened into meaty, vascular peaks just under 18 inches. A faint smile formed on his lips. “Nice rocks, man”, Sean said genuinely as he placed a large paw on Keith’s flexed right bicep and groped the muscle, easily denting its hard surface. Keith hardened his flex to withstand his buddy’s strength but Sean overpowered him effortlessly. His cock jolted as it swelled further. “Let’s compare, man”, Sean said. He released Keith’s arm and raised his own meaty arms to flex them. Veins snaked on his low-hanging, thick triceps at the bottom of his arms as his biceps ballooned on top of them. The muscle’s size surpassed a football as it swelled in girth and height; the beefy ball of steely muscle hardened further and seemed ready to burst through the tight skin; veins decorated the peaks that stretched to 25 inches. “Looks like my arms are bigger, buddy”, Sean said laughingly. Keith nodded and stared at Sean’s reflection in the mirror; his cock had fully hardened and pointed straight forward. He blinked a few times and lowered his arms. He brought his hands together in front of his abs to flex his chest. Striations exploded over the surface and veins were pushed up against his thin skin as the big, round muscles hardened into steely slabs of beef, atop a deeply grooved, armor-like six-pack. He whimpered as he noticed how his buddy’s relaxed pecs already looked bigger than his flexed ones. Sean copied Keith’s pose and flexed his pecs. The thick, round globes of meat morphed into stony hard plates of meat, covered in striations and veins; the deep cleavage continued in the deep cuts of the insanely ripped ten-pack that formed Sean’s stomach. “3 out of 3, buddy. I also win on chest and abs”, Sean stated. Keith didn’t react since his mind was trying to process the image in the mirror. Precum leaked from the dark red head as a jolt went through his engorged 8.5 incher. Keith shook his head, relaxed his chest and moved onto his legs. The muscles on his quads exploded outward as he flexed them. Grooves and veins stretched across the beefy layers of mass and a prominent teardrop-shape appeared next to his knee. Sean imitated his buddy once more and relaxed his chest. He shook the mass on his legs a few times, letting the muscle role from side to side before he flexed them. As he hardened his flex, the muscle just seemed to double in size, jumping outward on his legs. Deep cuts and striations exploded over the hard masses of meat, totally outsizing Keith’s impressive ones. “You’re in excellent shape, buddy. But you’ll need some growth spurts to be in my league”, he said laughingly. Keith’s muscles contracted and a load moan escaped his mouth as his throbbing hard 8.5 incher exploded onto the mirror. Five big loads of cum splattered against the mirror before he sank to his knees, breathing heavily. “I thought you had more stamina, buddy”, Sean said, “let’s go to our room”. He wrapped a towel around his waist and strutted out off the locker room, a nude Keith following him like a puppy. While Sean and Keith were comparing physiques, Friar Clarke was heading over to Tomas’ room to expel the demon. His successful ritual in the shower zone had given him enough confidence to complete the exorcism without Father Luke’s help. He took a deep breath, invoked God and barged into the room, tossing Anton on the empty bed. Tomas jumped up from his bed as the door flew open and a large figure stepped in. Surprise and disbelief flickered in his eyes as he saw the big man throwing his diminished pet on the other bed. As he tried to intimidate his broader opponent by stretching to his full 6’6, Tomas bellowed: “Who in Satan’s name are you and what did you do to my pet?”. “I’m Friar Clarke”, the large man answered and closed the door, “Thanks to God Anton’s ill-earned mass returned to its rightful owner. Now I’ve come to bring you to your knees, you hellish beast! Leave this earth! Vade retro!”. Friar Clarke sorted a wooden cross from his sleeve and held it in front of him. “No!”, Tomas uttered painfully and slumped to his knees, grabbing wildly at the cross, “You’ll never succeed!”. His cries got weaker and weaker. “Vade retro! Leave! I’ve already taken care of your accomplice and now it’s your turn! In Nomine Patris et Filli et Spiritus sancti”, Friar Clarke said as he stepped closer to the spasming form on the floor. He reached for his bottle of holy water when a strong hand suddenly grabbed hold of the wooden cross in his hand. Tomas had intently rolled on the floor to lure his opponent closer. As soon as Friar Clarke was within reach, he rose to his feet and grabbed the wooden cross. Standing up straight, Tomas towered over the 5’7 friar who outsized him by 25 pounds. Friar Clarke pulled with all his force, but Tomas still managed to take the wooden cross from his hand. He stared up in disbelief at the taller man in front of him, stumbling backwards. “You didn’t really think you could bring me down that easily, did you?”, Tomas asked as he stared in the eyes of the friar and snapped the wooden cross with his powerful hand, “I already knew you had defeated my pet the moment you did. The infernal spirits bind us more then you can imagine. Now you’ll pay!”. Friar Clarke didn’t know what to think of Tomas’ explanation, but realized that he was still bigger than him. “For Christ!”, he yelled as he launched himself on the taller man. Tomas dogged his attack easily. His training as a gymnast came in handy. He jumped over Friar Clarke and landed on the other side of the room. “Give into your hate! Let it flow through you!”, he said as he faced the friar. “Never!”, Friar Clarke yelled, “I’ll make you return to the holy church with the sacred ritual. Vade retro!”. “That won’t work, you fool”, Tomas replied mockingly, “You’re no exorcist and Father Luke already tried that. He flew through the window minutes later. What will you do now, Friar Roids?”. Anger filled Friar Clarke’s mind and flowed through his body. He wildly launched himself on his opponent, but froze midways. He blinked as his opponent seemed to get bigger before him. “Oh yeah!”, Tomas said as he felt the friar’s anger fuel his muscles. All over his body his already hard, defined muscles were inflating with power and mass. His shirt let out loud ripping sounds as his already out of proportion, pillow-sized pecs stretched the fabric to its limits and burst through, exposing his growing torso. Layers of new meat, striations and veins crept across the inflating mounds of muscles, protruding from his chest atop his hardening 10-pack. He flexed his quads, ripping his pants to shreds as the steely muscles exploded in size. He closed his eyes, savoring the intoxicating feeling of growth. The feeling ended way too soon and Tomas opened his eyes to stare down at his opponent. Friar Clarke’s eyes were filled with disbelief as he stared at the man in front of him. Tomas hadn’t grown in height but his muscles were now clearly bigger than his own. He stumbled backward toward the door, but two big hands grabbed his armpits and lifted him from the floor. “Your weak faith is no match for the infernal forces! Just as your roided up body is no match for mine. But your muscles shall be part of the biggest creature on campus”, Tomas said as he tossed the friar in a corner. Friar Clarke got up, but couldn’t move. He had landed in a special, infernal triangle drawn on the floor. He knew he was at Tomas’ mercy and lowered his head in defeat. Tomas was ripping of the remains of his clothes as two small hands made contact with his rock-hard twelve-pack. He looked down and saw his diminished pet feeling the hard ridges of his abs. He hoisted him up by grabbing him with his large right paw. His master’s spectacular body filled his vision as Anton was hoisted up. His hard 5 incher blasted out a meager load that splashed against the hard surface of his master’s abs. the amount of cum wasn’t enough to cover one row of the hard muscles. “I’ve failed you, master”, Anton said as he lowered his head in shame but kept stroking his cock. “You didn’t, my pet”, Tomas answered, “You didn’t bring our two friends, but you’ve brought the one that will make you huge. When I’m done, you’ll even outsize my 305 pounds of muscle!” Tomas’ boomingly deep voice sent shivers of pleasure through Anton’s diminished, 160 pound body. The thought of outsizing his master sent another load through his cock. It mixed with the first one and slid down over the grooved surface of his master’s abs. “Go to your room and get some sleep. You’ll need all your strength tomorrow , my pet”, Tomas said as he lowered Anton to the floor and strutted into his bathroom to explore his enhanced physique. The few students in the hallway stared at the two passing athletes that strutted past them. Keith ignored the remarks about his nudity; Sean’s spectacular body completely filled his mind and vision. They entered the room, Keith quickly locked the door not to be disturbed. As he turned around to face his buddy, Sean was already lying on the bed staring back at him. “Well, are you coming over here or are you just going to stand there?”, Sean asked laughingly ad he noticed drool leaking from his buddy’s half-open mouth. Keith didn’t need further encouragement. He leaped to the bed, landing on top of his bigger, muscular friend. Despite its recent explosion, his cock was already half-hard again. “Easy there, buddy”, Sean said even though he had barely felt his friend’s 195 pounds landing on his muscular frame, “We still have one body part to compare. Still remember how I took the overall victory last week?”. He grabbed his buddy’s muscular back and slid him over his own meaty legs until Keith was sitting entirely on top of his beefy quads, their dicks touching at the base. Keith shivered and moaned in pleasure as his juicy ass slid across the warm, hard surface of his buddy’s strong quads. He gasped as his half-hard cock made contact with Sean’s soft one. Goosebumps exploded over his athletic body as Sean’s big right paw grabbed both cocks and began stroking them to hardness. His spasming body budged and twitched but didn’t move as Sean’s strong left hand kept him in place. Keith closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt his buddy’s meaty cock swelling and hardening against his own rock-hard 8.5 incher. “Don’t you wanna look, buddy?”, Sean asked teasingly as he kept pumping the cocks, “I think we’re almost there”. Keith gasped as he opened his eyes to see his friend releasing the hard cocks. His own rock-hard 8.5 incher was totally dwarfed by Sean’s meat. The hard cock pointed straight toward the ceiling as it had stretched to its intimidating 15 inches and was easily twice as thick as his own. “I think yours can stretch some more, buddy”, Sean said and he grabbed Keith’s hands and placed them on his protruding, hard pecs. Keith’s cock jolted against Sean’s bigger one as his hand made contact with the warm masses on his buddy’s chest. He had never been harder in his life and if he hadn’t creamed minutes ago in the shower zone, he would have exploded right there, all over Sean’s magnificent body. Sean was right, he thought as he felt and saw his 8.5 incher creeping higher against the hard pole. It stopped just under 9 inches. “Ready for the next step?”, Sean asked as he enjoyed the feeling of his buddy groping his muscular pecs while he roamed his broad back. “Man, I want to but there’s no way I could take you in. You’re way too big”, Keith said as he played with Sean’s hard nipples. “I don’t want to hurt you, buddy”, Sean replied, “But your cock will fit nicely in my meaty ass. Imagine the feeling.”. Keith blinked a few times to give his mind time to process what Sean had just said. Within seconds he slid down and installed him between the beef of his buddy’s thick quads. His 9 incher throbbed as its head made contact with the warm slabs of muscle and slid into his friend’s ass. Keith moaned in pleasure as his entire length disappeared easily in the muscular ass. Sean moaned deeply and clenched his ass as the hard 9 incher slid in. “You’ve dreamt about dominating me, you said. Go on, buddy, dominate my huge frame”, he said, lifted his legs and rested them on his buddy’s shoulders. As he heard Sean’s remark and felt his heavy quads on his own muscular shoulders, Keith looked his buddy straight in the eye and yelled: “That’s right. Your ass is mine now. I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” He grabbed Sean’s thick delts and began pounding his friend’s ass furiously. Sean smirked and moaned at his friend’s reaction. He’d always dreamt about being dominated. Ever since he had set foot in the gym back in high school, he had been fantasizing about the big guys filling his ass with their hard cocks. Even when he had become the biggest guy in the gym, he kept dreaming about them dominating him. It wasn’t until now that he had finally had the courage to ask Keith to fulfill his fantasy. He felt Keith’s almost 9 incher twitch inside him and looked up at his buddy; a new orgasm was clearly building inside his friend’s athletic body. “Yeah. You like it when I dominate your big frame, don’t you big guy”, Keith grunted between fastening breaths as he kept pounding his buddy’s ass with all his force, “Now feel me fill you up! UGHN!”. Sean moaned in pleasure as three loads of cum blasted from Keith’s throbbing cock inside his ass. He clenched his ass to milk out a final load and grabbed his buddy’s heaving back to gently pull him out when Keith’s hand suddenly grabbed his dick. “We’re not done here, buddy”, Keith said as his strong hand began pumping the 15 inches of Sean’s rock-hard cock. His second hand joined in, still leaving half the impressive pole uncovered. Shivers travelled down Sean’s spine as the pleasure built inside him. His already stimulated mind was quickly reaching boiling point and his heavy balls churned as his buddy kept pumping his rock-hard cock. Keith smiled as he saw Sean nearing orgasm. It took all his strength to keep his buddy’s throbbing dick from jumping out of his grip. “UUUNNNGGGHHH!” A loud pleasure-filled moan boomed from Sean’s mouth and his big, hard muscles contracted as his balls exploded. The sheer force of the first eruption pushed him deep into the mattress. Cum spewed from his engorged, straightly pointing upward 15 incher and splattered against the ceiling. Seven huge loads of seed erupted from his cock, soaking half the ceiling of their room. Sean grunted exhaustedly and crashed back onto the mattress, breathing heavily. He could feel a final dribble escaping Keith’s cock and dripping inside him. Keith pulled his deflating almost 9 incher from his buddy’s ass and installed himself against Sean’s thick chest. “I could get used to this”, he said as he played with his big friend’s nipple and leaned in for a kiss. “Me too”, Sean replied, returned the kiss and let his strong hands roam across his buddy’s athletic frame.
  2. Herald

    The Flexorcist (8)

    Eight “We have to go and see if my uncle is okay”, Keith said as he released Sean from his embrace and put his shirt back on. “You’re right, buddy”, Sean replied as he gulped down a mass gain shake. Keith opened the door, scanned the hallway and signaled Sean to follow him. The two athletes wandered through the crowded hallways on their way to the parking lot. A loud voice yelled their names. “Wait up, gentlemen!” Sean jumped up and Keith positioned himself protectively in front of his buddy. They sighed in relief as they saw the dean coming their way. “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, Keith”, the dean said as closed the gap between them, “Why don’t you follow me to my office?” The three men walked silently toward the dean’s office. They greeted the secretary and entered. “What happened to my uncle?”, Keith asked as soon as the door was closed. “Why don’t you gentlemen have a seat and calm down”, the dean replied. “Tell it, sir. Is it that bad?”, Keith said. “Well, your uncle is in a better place right now”, the dean replied, “He’s in the hospital undergoing surgery as we speak. He has broken several bones in his nasty fall”. “I should have protected him!”, Keith yelled and tears filled his eyes. “I’ve got a meeting coming up. So could you gentlemen please return to your room?”, the dean said as he opened the door. Sean put his hand on his bigger friend’s back and silently escorted him back to their room. “I’ll kill him!”, Keith yelled angrily as he pounded the wooden desk in their room. “Calm down, buddy”, Sean said, “We both know that we’re no match for Tomas and Anton. In my diminished state I can’t back you up. You go visit your uncle and I’ll find a way to get big again. Then, we’ll crush ‘em!”. Keith slowly calmed down and put a hand on Sean’s shoulder. “Take care of yourself, buddy. And promise me that you won’t take any illegal things to get your muscles back”, Keith said as he looked down in Sean’s eyes. “But how could I regain my lost mass…”, Sean answered. “Promise me!”, Keith said. “Ok, buddy. You’re right. I’ll stick to mass gain shakes and protein bars”, Sean replied. “Watch yourself while I’m gone. I don’t want anything to happen to you”, Keith said as he wrapped his strong arms around his friend’s body and pulled him in for a kiss. Surprise flickered in Sean’s eyes as his lips made contact with Keith’s. Bliss filled his mind; none of his kisses with Vicky had ever felt this good. The kiss ended way too soon as Keith released him from his grip and left the room, abandoning Sean with his contradictory feelings. Meanwhile, Anton slowly regained consciousness. He opened his eyes and noticed that he was lying in a sticky pool of dried cum. He got up and stared at the large stain of his dried cum on the wall. The sound of streaming water caught his attention. He turned around and slowly strutted to the bathroom. Steamy clouds of hot fog escaped the bathroom as he opened the door. The broad silhouette of his master’s enhanced physique was highlighted against the shower curtain. Tomas turned around and stared down at his muscular pet. Standing 6’6 tall, he could simply look over the shower curtain. “I’m just finishing up, buddy. You’ll have the shower in a minute”, he said and stepped out off the shower. Anton just stared at his master’s god-like physique. The tree trunk-sized muscles on Tomas’ quads bulged and rippled as he stepped out off the shower; his rock-hard, deeply grooved ten-pack abs oozed perfection; his hyper-sized pecs dwarfed all his other big muscles; they had always been a bit out of proportion due to his training as a gymnast, but now they simply looked like two pillows of vein-crossed, striated, hard beef; a thick vein crept from their top over Tomas’ broad, thick delts, only slightly broader than Anton’s; massive, solid, round biceps decorated his arms. Anton hadn’t even noticed his own dick, racing to hardness. A big load shot from its head and splattered against his master’s ten-pack. Sean smirked at Anton’s reaction. He looked down to the cum sliding in the deep cuts between his own hard abs and stepped in the shower again. “Come here and clean up your mess!”, he said as he grabbed his pet’s muscular upper arm and dragged him into the shower. A second load blasted from Anton’s cock as he felt Tomas' big paw easily overpowering his 19 inch bicep. He shivered as his 210 pound, muscular frame rubbed against his master’s now clearly bigger body in the narrow shower. He placed his own paw against the hard surface of Tomas’ stomach and began rubbing off his cum. Tomas enjoyed the feeling of Anton’s strong paw rubbing his ten-pack. Blood flowed to his cock and he involuntarily clenched his hard abs. Anton blew another load as he felt the steely hard abs harden further under his grasp. A stirring movement caught his attention and he looked down to see his master’s impressive cock harden between his thick quads. Anton placed his other paw on his master’s incredibly gigantic chest and rubbed it with all his force, unable to dent the relaxed, rock-hard pillow of muscle. Tomas smiled as he felt his pet trying to dent his chest. It would take more than a 19 inch arm to dig into his pecs. He grabbed Anton’s strong, meaty shoulders, turned him around and shoved his rock-hard 12 incher up his ass, easily pushing past the clenched muscles of his pet’s strong ass. Anton whimpered as his master rammed his cock in his ass. He’s so strong, he thought as he relaxed his glutes. His cock jolted and a final load dribbled from his7.5 incher. “Think you could do another round of 80 squats with me on your back?”, Tomas whispered in his pet’s ear as he grabbed his hips and began pounding his ass with all his force, “I’d be surprised if you’d manage to do 1 rep with my 235 pounds on your back.” Anton just moaned in response to his master. His 7.5 incher thwacked against his eight-pack. His drained balls protested with painful stabs; they were completely empty after their explosions in the room and the bathroom. “You’re gonna give me another load, buddy”, Tomas rumbled in his ear and his strong paw grabbed Anton’s still hard 7.5 incher. “Nouhn”, Anton mumbled painfully as his balls protested more violently. He grabbed his master’s forearm and tried to pull it off his cock, but his 19 inch arms were no match for his master’s 22 inch bicep. It seemed like Tomas’ powerful paw was about to rip his 7.5 incher right off his body as it stroked the rock-hard shaft violently. YEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Tomas’ deep voice filled the bathroom and vibrated down Anton’s muscular, 210 pound body. Several loads of cum shot with geyser-like force from his 12 incher into Anton’s beefy ass. Tomas smiled as he felt his pet shudder against his strong ten-pack and noticed the meager amount of watery cum dripping between his fingers. “I’m gonna make you the biggest man on this campus”, he whispered in his pet’s ear as he pulled him from his dick. “Get cleaned up and get some rest. I want you to track our little friends for a final ritual!”, Tomas said as he dried himself and strutted over to his bed. Anton sat down in the shower to clean himself; the strong muscles of his meaty legs were simply worn out. He slowly got up and stumbled over to his room to sleep. In the hospital Keith was waking next to father Luke’s bed. The surgery had taken several hours, but everything would be okay, according to the doctor. Anger filled Keith’s mind as he thought off Tomas. I’ll enjoy beating the crap out off him, he thought. A weak grunt caught his attention. “Uncle?”, he said. “K….K…..Keith? Is that you?”, Father Luke said weakly as he opened his eyes to stare at his nephew. “Yes, uncle. How do you feel?”, Keith replied. “I’ve been better. Guess I underestimated the situation”, Father Luke said, “I had the demon on his knees, but a muscular form suddenly stormed in and threw me out off the window.” “Must have been Anton”, Keith stated, “I should have entered with you to protect you.” “No, Keith. That hellish beast was bigger then you are and would have hurt you as well. I would have never forgiven myself that anything happened to you or your friend”, Father Luke continued, “We’ll have to call in more powerful help. That demon now knows of the Church’ presence and will be better prepared. I’ll contact the bishop to send over someone to protect you and your friend as long as I’m in here. Once I’m better, we’ll figure something out to defeat that demon. I would like to get some rest now.” “I’ll come back tomorrow, uncle”, Keith said as he left Father Luke and returned to Orchid University. Sean was putting his clothes on in the locker room as the door flew open. He jumped up and turned to the entrance to see a panicking Keith storm in. “Something wrong with your uncle?”, he asked as Keith rushed to him. “No, he’s fine. But I freaked out when I got back and you weren’t in our room. I thought Tomas had found you. I don’t want anything to happen to you”, Keith said as he embraced his friend. Sean’s cock hardened as he felt up his buddy’s muscular body. “I can defend myself, you know”, he replied, “I’m still 165 and have my wrestle moves to escape. You know you look cute when you’re worried?”. Keith smiled and looked around to see if they were alone. He gently pushed Sean with his back against a locker and pushed their lips together. Contradictory feelings once again spread in Sean’s mind. He’d had a few girlfriends over the past years before hooking up with Vicky. He’d always enjoyed having sex with girls, but nothing compared to the feelings he had when Keith kissed him. His cock jolted in his pants as he gave into his feelings, returning Keith’s kiss and exploring his muscular back with his hands. Keith moaned softly as he felt Sean return his kiss. His cock stiffened at the feeling of Sean’s rigid dick pressed between their athletic bodies. He put his hand underneath his buddy’s shirt to feel his diminished, yet still athletic muscles. “What’s wrong, buddy?”, he asked as he felt Sean’s arms go limp next to his body. Sean didn’t respond, but looked in horror at the other side of the locker room. Keith followed his buddy’s gaze and his eyes widened in fear as he stared at the large mirror at the entrance to the shower zone: Tomas’ face had appeared in it and was looking malevolently in their direction. “You boys didn’t think you could escape me, did you?”, the image in the mirror said, “There’s no place to hide from me! Woehahahaha!” A shiver went through Sean and Keith as the evil laugh echoed around the locker room. Keith released Sean and they moved slowly toward the exit. “You won’t escape! My pet will grab you and drag your asses to me for the completion of the final ritual!”, Tomas said. Suddenly, the image in the mirror changed and Anton’s muscular body appeared. “Seize them!” Sean and Keith looked at the mirror again as they closed in on the door. They froze as Anton stepped from the mirror and blocked their path to the door. “Run!”, Keith yelled as he pushed Sean away from the big figure chasing them. “To the wrestle hall! We can escape him there!”, Sean said as sprinted through the door leading to the wrestle hall. A loud thud made him look back: Anton had tackled Keith and they were fighting/rolling over the wrestle mats. “Keith!”, Sean yelled in fear. “Get yourself to safety!”, Keith yelled as he punched Anton in the face, knocking him over on the floor. “Let’s move”, he said but didn’t make it far as Anton rose back to his feet and tackled him again. “Run!” Tears filled Sean’s eyes as he left the wrestle hall on Keith’s command. Keith used his wrestling skills to outmaneuver his larger opponent. He kept looking at his opponent’s eyes, knowing very well that an inexperienced fighter always reveals his next attack. He used momentum to trip his opponent and made him fall to the floor. He easily dodged the bigger man’s wild attacks and avoided his grip. Rage filled Anton as Keith kept outmaneuvering his attacks. His chest heaved to keep up with his heavy breathing. Exhaustion began to spread across his muscular frame. Keith saw that his opponent was tiring and made his move. He jumped forward and pushed his meaty right shoulder into the larger man’s stomach, denting the eight-pack wall. He quickly rammed his left fist in the weakened abs. Anton grunted in pain as the air was driven out his body. He tightened his abs to withstand further blows. Keith wrapped his powerful 17.5 inch arms around his opponents midsection in a bear hug. He squeezed to force the bigger man into submission. He released his grip with a painful scream as Anton kneed him in the groin, sinking to the ground. Anton grabbed Keith’s hair in his left paw and lifted him the air, pounding his six-pack with his right fist. “Not so tough now, are we?”, he said as he kept hitting his opponent’s abs with his meaty fist. Keith had managed to tighten his abs to protect himself against the larger man’s blows, but he could feel his defenses beginning to falter. He tried tugging at Keith’s powerful paw grabbing his hair, but he couldn’t get a grip on it. He grunted painfully as Anton’s large fist broke through his defenses. Anton smiled as he felt his right paw busting through his opponent’s flexed stomach. He pulled back his arm and rammed it with all his force in the battered six-pack, forcing the air out off Keith as his meaty fist sank into his abs. “Who’s the man now?”, he asked as he wrapped his thick arms around his opponent. Keith’s vision began to go black as he felt his opponent’s muscular arms around his ribs. He inhaled deeply to maintain consciousness. He could feel his ribs reaching braking point as Anton tightened his arms further and drove his steely hard 19 inch biceps into his ribcage. A load shattering noise was the last thing he heard before he blacked out and slumped to the floor.
  3. rockhopper

    macro Nephilim 3: Three

    Here is the third chapter, quite possibly my favorite in the series, in which we begin to more about the Nephilim and meet a rather interesting fellow named Jake. Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can find out nearly anything I want to know without much trouble. When Adam gave me my powers, that included near-omniscience. What happened to Amelia Earhart? I know. Who built the statues on Easter Island? I know. With my mind I can search through time and space to find nearly anything. And to think I used to be impressed with Google! But I was blocked in one area. Adam, the magnificent Adam, who brought me to this incredible life, did not allow me to know any more about his life and origins than he would tell me. I didn’t know how he became immortal or anything else about the rest of our kind. I never argued the point: His mysteriousness made him all the more sexy. So I had no idea who this other man who seemed to be everywhere was. He was about my height–shorter than Adam, definitely. His hair was sort of a dirty blond and his skin was tanned to almost the shade of a walnut. His clean-shaven face was as beautiful as I could imagine. I generally prefer men with facial hair, like Adam, but this man’s face seemed perfect without. I couldn’t get a good look at his body. I would see glimpses of him almost everywhere we went. I could tell he wasn’t mortal. If he were surely I would know all about him. Could this be another of our kind? Adam was the only one I had ever met. I said nothing. Adam knew my thoughts, but he said nothing either. This went on for about a month. Finally, one afternoon Adam and I were sitting at a café in Paris when, suddenly, the man in question was sitting at the table with us. He was wearing a white shirt of the kind seen only on International Male cover models, open to the navel. His body was perfectly formed, every muscle as defined and hard as Adam’s but his build was much slighter. He appeared to be the same age that Adam appeared to be, but that really means little. “Adam!” he smiled, dimples forming as he spoke. “It really has been too long!” “Yes, it has.” “And who is this beautiful flower of no-longer-mere-manhood?” “This is Peter.” “Peter.” he smiled again. When he said my name, I felt something so powerful within me. It was like meeting Adam all over again. “I see you’ve been wondering about me.” “He has,” Adam grinned. “It’s all he’s thought about for weeks.” “But I...” I began. I knew, as powerful as I was, I was still no match for either of them. “Allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Jake. Adam first knew me as Jacobus, but that’s so Middle Ages.” “Jake. It’s a pleasure. You’ll have to forgive me...” “I know. You’ve never met another of our kind before. Surely you knew you and Adam weren’t the only ones.” “I guess I knew it, but it never has come up. Every time I thought to ask, I just wouldn’t–I wouldn’t want to...” I glared at Adam who smiled and winked at me. Even if I didn’t like that he could still manipulate me on one level, I found it incredibly sexy on another. “Perhaps it is time you knew more, my dear,” Peter nodded to Jake. “Peter, where do new members of our race come from?” I felt like a child asking about the birds and the bees. “I’m guessing we’re not begotten in the usual way.” “Well, let’s put it this way,” Jake said, taking my hand. “How did you become one of us?” “I was born human and Adam...Adam! You were born human too!” “As was Jake and as were we all. Reproduction in the human way is not in our nature. For one thing it involves women!” “Are–are all of us gay?” “That’s what the humans call it,” Jake said as he looked into the sky and saw a threatening looking cloud nearby. Without missing a beat, he blew the cloud away and continued, “but we are all male. None us has desire for women.” “How many of us are there?” “As many as are needed,” Jake said as he puffed a breath in the direction of a very attractive young man who was walking by on the sidewalk whose clothes immediately disappeared, unbeknownst to him and, apparently to the notice of only Jake, Adam and me. “But there are not many,” he turned to see the nude man walking away from us and snapped his fingers. The man’s clothes reappeared as if they had never been gone. Jake loved being enigmatic as much as Adam, but he also seemed to revel in his power a little more. Adam turned to Jake. “Was I this clueless?” “You were worse,” Jake giggled. “You’re older than Adam, Jake?” “You could say that. By several centuries. But I knew he would be the right one.” “The right one?” “Peter, Jacobus–Jake–is the one who transformed me.” I shook my head. This was so much to take in. “Oh, there’ll be more,” said a grinning Jake as he gestured and a passing man walking a dog became a man being walked by a dog for about ten seconds. “You transformed Adam the same we he did me?” “That’s how it’s done, dear,” Adam explained. “Oh, don’t worry, sweets,” Jake winked. “Adam and I ended centuries ago–and we were never in love. I prefer to be alone” “But you did...” I nodded. “Could you resist this gorgeous face?” Jake stroked Adam’s cheek. “Or this yummy body?” he patted Adam’s right pec. “Jake!” I started. “Oh, Peter,” Adam chuckled. “Don’t be such a prude!” “You’re no longer human, Peter,” Jake added, as three passing inline skaters spent fifteen seconds as dragonflies. “There are some human ideas you need to let go.” “Don’t you find Jake attractive, Peter?” Adam in turn stroked Jake’s face. “Well, of course! He’s beautiful!” “Why thank you!” Jake blinked. “I mean–I mean, what am I supposed to say?” I was beginning to get flustered. I wasn’t used to feeling so out of control any more. Adam and Jake both began to laugh. “Peter,” Adam said, “you know I wouldn’t hurt you. And neither will Jake.” “It’s all right,” Jake said as he placed my hand on his chest. Although his pecs weren’t nearly as big as Adam’s, they were just as hard. As he placed my hand there, he opened his mind to mine, much as Adam had done just before he transformed me. Next thing I knew, Jake and I were kissing. “Are you boys going to keep all the fun to yourselves?” Adam smiled. “Of course not, old friend,” Jake giggled. “Let’s blow this place before we teach the humans more than they need to know.” In the next instant all three of us were floating naked in mid-air. Adam was resplendent in the sunlight reflecting off his magnificent torso. Jake’s lean, hard build was intriguing, but something seemed to be happening. “Come and touch me, Peter”. As I touched his arm, its muscles began to grow right before my eyes. “I generally prefer to manifest in a leaner body, but I know what you really like.” His biceps, triceps and delts grew to match and even surpass Adam’s. Jake nodded and I again touched his chest. His pecs inflated under my hand. They already were perfectly shaped, but they now had increased in size to the point that I could barely fit my hand around one. Knowing me and what I really liked, he bounced them for me. And with each bounce, every other muscle in his body grew until he had a physique that would make a Greek statue envious. He had just the perfect amount of hair to look manly without it being too much. He also grew about a foot taller. He was now bigger than Adam. I could see why in some cultures, our kind were thought to be gods. “Come here, both of you,” Jake gestured and we both floated over to him, Adam on his right and I on his left. He wrapped one strong arm around me and the other around Adam. We both kissed his chest, one on each pec. He bounced the one on my side. He then kissed Adam and then me. Then Adam backed off. I nested my face between Jake’s enormous pecs. He continued to bounce them, caressing my face with his chest. With each bounce, Jake’s body grew even more. I couldn’t comprehend how large he was. He looked down at me and smiled that beautiful smile, nearly filling my field of vision. I then felt being lifted. Jake cradled me in his arm as if I were a doll. He spoke in my mind. “Little one, you have no idea the joy I have that Adam has you now. He has needed someone for so long.” I looked up and saw Adam, looming nearby about the same size as Jake–again, I couldn’t really tell how big. Jake moved me back to his chest, where I clung to his pecs. Adam began to move closer to us and the next thing I knew, I was completely surrounded by four enormous pecs. Jake and Adam were pressed up against each other, completely surrounding me. All four pecs flexed in unison and in the next instant, I felt my surroundings changing. Jake and Adam had both swallowed me up. I was simultaneously inside Jake and Adam. I could feel the power that pulsed through every fibre of their beings. If ever in my life I have felt overwhelmed, this was it: I was overwhelmed with ecstasy. I couldn’t keep my human form. I began to melt. I lost my form completely. In one burst of incredible pleasure, I became entirely liquid. I emerged from Adam and Jake still in liquid form. I don’t have words to described how I left their bodies. It was like I emerged from every part of them at once. Then we three were all there. Adam and Jake had returned to their normal size. We all held each other, just floating there for what seemed a century. And all at once, we were back at the café as if we had never left. No time had gone by at all. “Adam,” I grinned, “can Jake come and visit more often?” They both laughed. Jake began caressing my ear. “Oh, sweet Peter. All that we just did: That was just saying hello!”
  4. As promised, here are all the parts of my first story, "A Secret Between Friends"! Having had a chance to edit and clean it up a bit, I was actually surprised by some of the choices I made. Funny how we write things and put them away to never be read again hahahaha! Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Incidentally, having made multiple new friends in the mess of the forums shifting, one of them happens to be a great guy of Asian descent that I've decided is the honorary real-life doppleganger to my character LOL. Sunuvab, here's to seeing you grow for real!! A Secret Between Friends To say that I travel a bit for work would be, at times, the understatement of the year. My job takes me all over the country for a week or two per trip. What's worse is that it comes in waves, never a regular schedule to lock into. Sometimes I'll go three months with nothing but office work, and just as I'm getting into a pleasant routine, off I go on a string of business trips. Needless to say, it makes life obnoxiously inconsistent and even harder to keep a gym routine going with someone. While, I'm not the hard bodied gym rat I dream about becoming, I have proudly worked off the 30 plus pounds I'd put on since settling into a busy career. In fact, when I look back on the state of life as I knew it, my stats were somewhat dismal. Chris Thompson, 32, 6' tall, 210 lbs. Translation: the heaviest and most out of shape I had ever been. What happened to that fit college graduate I remember? Long gone were the days of working out every day, looking great and getting the attention of the ladies and even a few guys. I was out of shape, lazy and sick of it! Something had to change, and I was determined to make it happen. So last year I began my quest to lose the weight and get back in some kind of shape. Today, I'm happy to say that I'm down to a sleek 175 slightly muscley pounds. None of my pants fit, but I'll call that a positive consequence of months of sweat and pain I had nearly given up hope on finding a workout partner after Mark, my friend and coworker, moved out of town just before Christmas last year. The problem is finding someone patient enough to stick with me given my inconsistent availability and dedicated enough to motivate themselves in my absence. Add to that someone that will actually challenge me when I'm around, and I'm probably asking for a perfect trifecta of friendship. Not long after Mark moved away, I found forcing myself into the gym before work to be the only way I would actually go. I was making little progress and my motivation was waning. On top of it, my job had shifted to being managed by some East coast blow-hard executive that could care less about time zones. One morning in mid January, he decided that he had to have an 8am conference call to discuss the latest sales trends and the entire western division had to attend despite the three hour time difference. Damn it! I had better be getting a raise out of this guy soon! Screw the gym, I thought. It may be open 24 hours a day, but at 3:00 AM the only muscle I'm working out is my brain, deep in dream land! Large coffee mug in hand, I started my commute and prepared for a long tiring day in the office. The call went as expected, lots of corporate hot air and a demand for stronger revenue across the board. Following a quick lunch and some last minute number crunching for accounting, I felt a second wind coming on. It was only 3 in the afternoon, but I'd busted my ass for 10 long hours. So, on a whim I decided to take advantage of my sudden burst of energy and headed for the gym. As I arrived, I expected a few of the usual suspects that I remembered from my routine with Mark. They mostly consisted of a few overweight guys doing their best on the treadmills and the free weight meat-heads that I had quietly admired but never had the guts to talk to. And a few new faces that excited me a little, after all who knows what a little conversation might do. After quickly changing in the locker room, I walked to the free-weight area intending to jump right into my workout. Today was chest and triceps day and I always started with bench press, which was already occupied by another guy. He appeared to be alone and it seemed, playing it safe with a 35 pound plate on each side. Decent form I thought, I usually warm up with that weight. I leaned against the wall, staring tentatively at my phone, trying to pretend like I was busy texting, instead of impatiently waiting on him to finish. To my surprise, he hopped up, saying he'd just started if I wanted to work in with him. Oh… Uhm sure, I responded. Let’s see what he can do! As I approached the bench, I got to inspect him up close. To my slight surprise, he was a bit shorter than me. Probably not more than 5'7", but given his height he was holding his own with the weights. There was also something interesting about his look. He was clearly of Chinese descent, but there was a mix of something strikingly more Western. That mix only served to give him a perfectly tanned complexion, one that this Irish/English/German mutt envied highly. He was wearing a fairly baggy shirt and long basketball shorts, so I'd guessed his body must be in the average to athletic department like my own. I took my position on the bench and cranked out ten reps with some ease. I was still a bit distracted in thought, as I pondered this guy's ethnicity. He had a perfect west coast American accent, so clearly he was raised here. "Nice set," he complimented, as I pushed myself off the bench. "Leo!” he proclaimed, sticking a hand out for a quick shake before starting his next set. "Chris," I said, "nice to meet you." I paused, "It’s funny, I was expecting something more, uhm..." He chuckled, "Chinese"? "Well, I.. I didn't want to assume anything," I back peddled, "but... well yeah, haha!" I wrinkled my nose and half smiled at him. Shit, I was making an ass of myself already! "No, no, its fine. I get that a lot actually. My name is a bit of a story in itself, but I'll tell you that another day. My real name is a combination my crazy parents came up with: Li-Serno. So I just go by Leo." Without missing a beat, my sarcasm kicked in full force. "Bet you got called Lisa a lot in school." "Haha, nice! Sarcastic.... I like you already, Chris," Leo replied. Perfect! Maybe this day was turning out better than I thought. He started his set, having switched the plates out to 45's during our conversation. As it turned out, the workout was much better than expected. He had almost the same routine as me. We alternated between chest and tricep exercises and despite the height difference he managed to keep up with me rep for rep! I was actually starting to push a little harder, something I hadn't done in well over a month. We wrapped up our workout and headed for the locker room to grab our things. "Well, Chris" he started, "it seems like we're a good match for each other... In the gym, I mean." Blushing ever so slightly as he corrected himself. I agreed. "You know, I was thinking the same thing. And actually, I've been looking for a new gym partner. What are the odds we run into each other today?" I added. "Great! Do you wanna grab dinner and get to know each other?" He asked. "We can talk through schedules and such." I had no plans to speak of, and honestly, I really did want to find out more about Leo. "Sounds good to me," I smiled. "Yeah scheduling is definitely something we should discuss." A year ago, I would have been shy about changing in the locker room with others around me. But with my recent weight loss and subsequent improved self esteem, I'd realized, though not as fit as some, I had nothing to be ashamed of. Leo apparently had no issues with his self image, and in that instant I knew why. He'd all but stripped naked in a matter of seconds, enjoying the cool air on his body and I tried to maintain my composure. While he wasn't a bodybuilder by any sense of the word, he clearly had enough muscle on him to justify his performance in the gym. I stood speechless for a few seconds, admittedly enamored with his smooth, toned build. One could tell he was no stranger to working out, as he possessed a naturally athletic look, with muscle bunching and bulging in all the right places. What I wouldn't give to look like that, I thought! I was suddenly snapped back to reality, when he asked “Where should we eat?" I stumbled momentarily for a response, "What? Oh, uhm, well there's a healthy food store around the corner with a really good cafe... I mean if you like that sort of thing. Clearly you must," I said, waving my hand a bit toward his still bare body. Shit, now I'm the one blushing! He laughed and thanked me. "Sounds good to me," Leo said as he got dressed. "Yes, actually I am a bit of a natural food fanatic. That and some old school Chinese medicine. You'd be amazed at how many health issues can be solved with solid nutrition and some herbal remedies." "Really? I've heard about some of that but never really looked into it. You will have to enlighten me," I said. Leo smiled, "I will, but dinner first. I'm starving!" At the cafe, we discussed everything from nutrition and calorie needs, to my work travels. He actually had no problems working out alone when I was gone, as he said he was used to it anyway. This couldn't be more perfect, I thought! "So how do I get a body like that?" I asked in all seriousness. He smirked a bit, but assured me it wasn't as hard as it seemed; just a good diet and some dedication in the gym. His interest had now shifted to getting bigger. He had a pretty intense desire to pack on some real muscle, but had tried every routine, diet and natural supplement out there with no success. I guessed that steroids were out of the question, to which he fervently agreed. Then he said something I wasn't exactly expecting. His uncle owned an herbal remedies shop in San Francisco's Chinatown where he'd grown up. He was planning a trip up there and whole heartedly believed his uncle would know of something that could help. "How is that possible?" I questioned. "If there were such a magical potion, wouldn't it be well known?" Leo held firm, saying within all the mystery of his culture he just knew something had to exist. I chuckled and said "well let me know when you find it, we'll make millions!" Then without a blink, he shot back, "Who says I'm sharing?" Ouch! I had no response, and he seemed dead serious too. At least momentarily, until he couldn't hold back a smile any longer. I had to laugh, both at him and at myself for believing it. We would clearly get along brilliantly. A Secret Between Friends - 2 A month had passed since that evening in the cafe, and our work outs were progressing well. I had finally started to see some improvements in my lifts and muscle tone. Leo continued pushing hard and maintained his already nice physique, but was growing impatient with his lack of growth. "Not a single pound!" he proclaimed from the scale one night. "I can't even gain a pound, this sucks!" But I was quick to remind him to go look in the mirror, he had nothing to complain about. And if anything, he had gained a bit more definition than he was willing to recognize as actual progress. That was our last workout together for a few weeks, since I had several meetings to attend around the country. He was also planning to return home during that time to see his family. He made me promise to keep up the pace in the hotel gyms, which usually means nothing more than treadmills and an ill equipped weight machine. Nevertheless, I would try my hardest! I exchanged a few text messages with him while he was back in the bay area. Mostly, he was checking up on me and making sure I was working out on the road. Minus a few drunken client dinner evenings, I'd managed to find my way to the gym nearly every day. He texted me excitedly one morning to tell me he was going to see his uncle and find that secret Chinese herb that would solve all his problems. I had quite honestly forgotten about that until he brought it up. I wished him luck and quickly put it out of my mind. Seriously, I thought, got to love that guy, but he's looking for a golden ticket that just does not exist! I didn't hear anything back from him after that day, so I assumed he must have struck out. Surely he would have told me if his uncle actually came up with something. Finally after 3 weeks, I was back in town and it appeared for a decent stretch of time again. I've really got a chance to focus and put some real work into the gym, I told myself. Leo would have been home for over a week now, I wondered what he was up to and if he'd managed to keep himself motivated. I shot him a text and said I was home. I asked if he wanted to get together or hit the gym. He responded almost immediately, saying he was busy tonight but was glad to have me back and was ready to get started again tomorrow. I asked how SF went and if he'd found anything with his uncle. Nothing. Not a single response for what felt like hours! Was I really expecting him to come across some magical potion that would transform us into muscular alpha males? The knots in my stomach would have said yes, but the logical scientific side of me quickly overrode that. In reality it had only been a few minutes and his response was as expected. Not really, just some weird script in an old language that his uncle could only half decipher. So basically nothing. He promised to tell me more about it tomorrow. Tonight he had stuff to do, he said, and that was that. I decided to kill the rest of my day with laundry, catching up on bills and a few recorded TV shows. I didn't have to work tomorrow, so I wasn't concerned with getting to bed at a decent time. Plus, I had a few beers with my name on them in the fridge. As such, I dosed off on the couch and didn't wake up until the morning with someone knocking fervently at my door. What time was it anyway, I wondered, rubbing sleep from my eyes on the way to attend to the knocking. I opened the front door to a smiling familiar face. "Leo!" I said, still slightly in a haze from just waking up. "Good to see you buddy, you could have called me. I didn't think we were working out until later." "You overslept," he said, pointing at his watch-less wrist. "Besides your phone is dead, I'm guessing. Go get dressed so we can hit the gym, man!" I scratched my head. "Good morning to you too," I mumbled, and headed to my bedroom to change. "Well, make yourself at home, I'll be ready in a minute." Geez, he's more fired up that usual. At least someone missed me! "Oh, so tell me about this script, or whatever it was you found. Any potential there?" I yelled from the back of the house. "I'm not entirely sure," he responded. "It has some mention of strength, but based on what my uncle could read, it sounded more like obtaining strength as a leader. Like a political struggle or something. I tried to read it last night too, but it doesn't make much sense and the internet wasn't very helpful. My Uncle is still working on it, though." "Well, that’s kind of disappointing," I said, entering the room. "Ready to go?" I asked, as I walked toward Leo. I went to punch him on the shoulder as it had become our normal sign of friendship. This time, however, he dodged me and quickly moved out of reach as he said he was ready. That’s weird, I thought, he's never done that before. In seconds we were on our way and I was happy to be back into our routine. We decided on biceps today and cardio to start. After we did a short bit of cardio on treadmills, we started our bicep exercises. Not surprisingly, I was feeling like I had fallen back a little with my limited hotel facilities. Leo, however, was pushing through it with vigor, like he'd never left the gym. And in reality, he pretty much hadn't. We were on our last set, and decided to go for failure with some preacher curls. For our workout, we did this by stacking a 25, 10 and 5 pound plate on each side and taking off the 5 and then the 10 pound plates after 10 reps for a total of 30. I finished mine, but just barely, and proceeded to reload the weights for Leo's turn. He said he needed some water and made a beeline for the fountain. On his way back, he stopped and talked to one of the resident meat heads, as I called them. He was one of those that I'd admired for so long, dreaming of having muscles like his. But I never dared talk to them, for fear of making a fool of myself, I supposed. Leo appeared to say a few things, then shook the guys hand and walked back. "New friend?" I asked. "Not really," Leo responded "I just told him how much I admired his dedication to the gym and that he inspires me to keep pushing harder." Hmm, he doesn't know a stranger; I thought and said "OK, cool man. Maybe you can get him to give us some pointers next time." Leo gave me a smile and simply said, "I doubt we'll need that before long." And with that he sat back down to complete his last set. He ripped through the first 10 with no problem and I started to remove the 5 pound plates but he more or less barked at me to leave them. "Ok fine, man," I said. He pushed out another 15 reps before starting to fatigue. Damn, his biceps were really pumped like crazy too. He slammed the bar back down on to the bench and stood up quickly. "Wow, Leo that was amazing! Look at those biceps!" I said and gave them a slight squeeze. "NO!" he yelped and surprised me a bit. "Sorry," I said, "I just..." He interrupted, "No, you don't understand." But in that brief moment, something happened. Leo shifted on his feet then straightened up. I thought he was on his toes for some reason, until I looked down. No he was standing flat footed and straight. Leo had grown. Not much, but I could tell. He'd gotten taller by about an inch and every muscle visible bulged slightly larger. We gave each other a look before I blurted out, "What the hell just happened, Leo?!" A Secret Between Friends - 3 Leo stood still staring at me with a blank expression for a few seconds. I could tell he was thinking, like he was calculating what he would say. What did I not understand? He had just grown bigger right in front of me! And how the hell did he push through that last set like that? “OK, look, Chris,” he started, “I wasn’t being completely honest with you about that old script. I did read it last night and I kind of read it out loud. But I still don’t know what it all means or how it works. But something happened after I read it. The paper started to glow and it threw light all around my room. It felt like it was filling me with this weird energy… I don’t know how else to describe it. And I didn’t know what would happen, that is until I shook that guy’s hand a few minutes ago. But I felt it, I got stronger just by touching him.” “What does that mean?” I asked. “Are you copying someone else’s strength just by touching them? What would happen if I touched you again?” Leo backed away, “I don’t know and I’m not ready to find out. OK? This is taking me by surprise too.” “You don’t want to find out what is going on?” I asked. “Find someone else to shake hands with then, so we can see it again.” He hesitated, I could tell he didn’t want to, but he finally gave in. I wanted to see this happen more than he did, but at the same time I was starting to feel some jealousy. If he can do it, why can’t I? I needed to get my hands on that script. We scoped out the gym for a few seconds, seemingly looking for the next test subject, more or less. Suddenly, Leo said, “OK lets do this,” and headed towards the free weights. I followed slightly further behind. He walked up to a couple of the larger guys in the gym. They were regular gym partners, as long as I had been there, and they were stacked with bulging muscle from head to toe. Leo simply walked right up to them, much to my astonishment and started a conversation. The size contrast was interesting to look at, actually. Leo stood in the middle at his new 5’8” and the two bodybuilders were well over 6’. One of them nearing the 6’6” mark. Both easily outweighed him by 100 pounds. “My friend and I were just finishing up and talking about how much we admired you two. I don’t know how you do it, but we’re working our asses off and can’t seem to put on a single pound! Just wanted to say nice work guys. Hope you don’t mind if we watch your workout sometime, maybe we’ll pick up some pointers?” Leo said without a single hesitation. By that time, I’d caught up and was standing behind him, trying not to ogle over the two studs. “This is Chris,” he said, motioning to me. “Nice to meet you,” I said and shook their hands. They introduced themselves as Mark and Alex. “Oh and I’m Leo. See you guys around.” He shook each of their hands firmly, I could tell he was really going for it. Too bad, it didn’t work for me! Damn, I thought, I’ve got to figure this out. He looked at me and asked if I was ready, but immediately started walking to the locker rooms. I stammered out, “Later guys,” before following him out of there. We were half way to the locker room and I was following directly behind him, when it started. It was much more dramatic this time, presumably because there were two giant guys he’d just touched. I watched in amazement as he walked. His head inched higher, his shoulders grew thicker and his back broadened. The t-shirt began to tighten around his upper arms and ride up a little. I gasped as I saw real triceps pop into place and his shirt sleeves fill out, the shoulders and sleeves were stretched further as he grew making the shirt seem a size too small. Only an hour ago, it hung nicely on him, not loose but definitely not tight like this. We entered the locker room and he stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly turned around with a huge smile. “You have no idea how amazing this feels!” he half whispered excitedly. I didn’t have to imagine though, I could see it. His biceps had grown to the size of baseballs and he actually had shelf-like pecs pushing out the front of this shirt with nipples pushing down and making their own presence known. I stared in disbelief. I began to feel a flood of emotions. Excitement, confusion, jealousy and lust. I looked up from his amazing shirted torso to his face. It wasn’t until that time that I realized just how much he’d grown. At 5’7” I was looking cleanly over his messy black hair. Now I was nearly eye to eye with him. That put him at 5’11” I had to guess, based on my 6’ perspective. “I don’t know what to say,” I finally managed. “I don’t know if I like this after all. I mean, I’m supposed to be the taller one here. If you do that again, I won’t be the big guy anymore.” Leo laughed, “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m already the bigger guy now.” I was gutted, and he was right. I’d suddenly realized that my alpha status in our friendship had just shifted dramatically. And I saw it in his eyes, he loved it. Maybe too much. He stripped off his overly tight shirt and turned to a mirror to examine his new body. EVERY muscle on him had doubled in size. He was perfect, to put it rather plainly. He flexed and smiled as he turned. He now resembled those fitness models featured on the cover of a Men’s Health magazine, the ones I envied deeply. In the midst of my absent minded thinking, Leo had run over to the scale and proclaimed his new weight: 194.”I gained nearly 25 pounds!” FUCK! I screamed in my head. He now had 10 pounds on me, and all of it muscle. What was I going to do? At least before we were working out with the same weights; now I wasn’t even in the same class. “Man, I’m starving. All this growing has really worked up my appetite.” Leo said as he walked out. “Coming?” I took a deep breath, trying to hold back the urge to scream, GIVE IT BACK TO ME! “Yep,” I said and followed him out, quietly, head hung in despair. A Secret Between Friends - 4 I returned home that night with a million thoughts racing through my head. The initial excitement had evaporated quickly when I realized just how quickly Leo would out grow me. This definitely was not cool and I didn’t know what I hated more: the fact that he was going to be bigger than me, or that I couldn’t grow with him. I laid in bed for hours going over the events of the day through my head. I was replaying every step from his powerful last workout set, to seeing him grow after I touched his biceps and finally his growth in the locker room. Even more so, I found myself reveling in how perfect his muscular form had become. I wanted so badly to be able to feel his muscles against my body. I envisioned admiring every bulge with my tongue. I was rock hard and ready to explode, as I fantasized over my friend’s surreal transformation. Just a few quick strokes was all it took and I came with such force that I heard it splatter on the headboard before it came raining down on my face, chest and everywhere else conceivable. My vision following that had suddenly shifted, I was no longer admiring Leo’s amazing body as peer and friend. I was now at his feet in the gym’s locker room, worshipping his body as a submissive follower. I looked up from my position, way up. Even at this new perspective, I knew he had grown… a lot. I stood up and found my eyes level with the top row of his perfectly formed deep cut abs. I felt like a child next to him, even at 6’ tall. He must have been at least 8’ tall, as his head was scraping the ceiling tiles. His shoulders stretched nearly as far as I could spread my arms and tapered down to a waist not much wider than my own. He was ripped beyond belief. Huge muscles hung from every part of his body, with so little fat, you could see the veins under his skin pulse with his heart beat. “Come along little man, I need to see if this gym can even handle me now.” He said with a voice octaves deeper than I remembered. “You can watch me, but stay out of the way… You’re far too puny to be of any help to me anymore.” He laughed at his statement as he walked out. But it wasn’t a joke, he meant every word and enjoyed asserting his dominance. I found it both erotic and increasingly humiliating. He grabbed the heaviest 120 pound dumbbell in the gym and fondled it with his fingers like it weighed absolutely nothing. Tossing it on the floor with a loud thud, he commanded me to build him a bench to use. I drug two flat benches to the squat rack and placed them side by side. The gym owned four 100 pound plates, which he loaded and told me to add 4 more 45 pounds plates per side. “Perhaps, that will be enough,” he grunted. I certainly hoped so, since there was only enough room for two more plates per side. He positioned himself awkwardly on the two benches, his shoulders spilling over both sides and nearly touching the sides of the rack. I watched in awe as he pressed the bar up off the rack and effortlessly cranked out 15 reps of over 800 pounds. He reracked the bar and demanded more weight. I added the last 4 plates and watched as the squat bar bent grotesquely under the pressure of nearly 1000 pounds. Then, much to my terror he grabbed me and held me horizontally in place above the bar and again pushed the bar and my own weight up effortlessly. Over and over, up and down I went. I was mortified and yet with each clanking of the plates, I became increasingly aroused. I was fully engorged and pitching a tent before the small crowd of admirers who had gathered to watch. Clank. The weight banged together in my ears. “Stop,” I pleaded with him. Clank. Please. CLANK. It only got louder. How long would this last? CLANK. CLANK. CLANK. Then, in an instant it went black. I opened my eyes, I was in my bed. Still naked, raging hard and covered in my own cum. It was just a dream, I sighed in relief. But someone was knocking on the door. I could hear Leo yelling for me, “Chris, wake up man. Time to hit the gym.” What time was it? He must be way early. I grabbed my phone and threw some shorts on. Shit it was 9am. Still half awake, I reached the door and cracked it open. “Hey buddy!” Leo smiled. “Oh you look like shit, man. Everything ok?” NO! I wanted to say, but instead opted for, “Long night, don’t ask.” I looked at him and paused, something was off. We were eye to eye. Did he grow another inch overnight? I opened the door all the way and told him to come inside, I was going to be a few minutes anyway. I walked toward the kitchen and turned back. “Want anything to uh. OH FUCK!” Leo was standing there right behind me, smiling as usual. But we weren’t eye to eye. I was looking at his mouth. Suddenly, I was wide awake. The porch! It was at least 2 inches lower than the floor of my house. “What the hell, Leo!? Who else did you touch last night?” I asked. “Well, I was on the subway,” he explained. “You know that hard turn after Wilshire? Well, some guy lost his balance and landed on me. I had to get off at the next stop just to avoid growing right there on the train.” He smiled again. “Isn’t this amazing? I feel so strong, I wish you knew what this was like.” Ugh. “Don’t rub it in, ok?” I responded a bit too sharply. “This may be great for you, but what do I get out of it besides feeling smaller every time you show up? You’ve got to let me see that script, maybe it will work for me too!” Leo thought about it for a few seconds. Why the hell would he even hold back? “Please, Leo!” I almost pleaded. “I thought you said you would share this if you found something.” Finally, he broke. “Fine, we’ll go to my place after the gym. I can’t guarantee it will work, though. You won’t even be able to read it, you’re going to have to memorize the words exactly as I say them and repeat it back all at once. “Anything!” I nearly screamed. “I have to try.” The bigger he grew, the more desperate I was becoming. "OK, OK." He said, "But first, lets hit the gym. I have to see what I can do now!" He smirked cockily as he flexed both biceps. He was wearing one of those t-shirts with the sides cut out, so you can see everything, including the side of his now well developed pecs. It was obvious his arms were not going to fit in the sleeves anyway. A Secret Between Friends - 5 [i was actually dreading seeing what would happen at the gym with Leo. He had put on some serious mass since our last workout. Given his latest growth spurt, I was guessing he weighed well above 210 now. His arms were showing signs of that split bicep head and had definitely broken the 18” mark. Every other muscle would have certainly followed suit in their growth. The reality of it all hit me hard as he drove us to the gym in his Mini Cooper, which at his original height and size, was the perfect fit for him. Now he was having trouble even getting into it easily and with his new size he took up his side of the car and spilled into mine. One wrong move and I’d touch him again causing even more growth. Upon arrival, I could see the looks he was already getting and we had barely checked in. It was like I wasn’t even there, overshadowed by my once smaller gym partner. I had never experienced that kind of attention, and truthfully, had never considered wanting it. But now, seeing Leo attract it effortlessly and accept it with a growing cocky jock attitude, I craved it with an intense jealousy. It just wasn’t fair. As we began working out, it was immediately clear that he was now in charge. He chose all the exercises without asking what I wanted to do and always went first. We started with the bench press, which he loaded up with two 45 pound plates per side. I was sure he’d never attempted this much and I hadn’t even come close to that on good day. I secretly hoped he couldn’t handle it. However, not only could he handle the weight, it was obvious he was just toying with it. This would barely be considered his new warm up weight! I stood no chance of ever catching up with him. He removed a plate from each side and asked if I could handle it. I gave him a smug glare. “Have you forgotten your previous weights already?” I asked. He smiled, “I was just joking. Jeez, can’t take a joke now?” I ignored him and pushed out my 10 reps, determined to do the best I could, or go down trying. “Time for some real weight,” he said, adding 45’s to make it three plates per side. I stood aside trying to hold my jaw in place. This is the guy who, only days ago, could barely bench 135 pounds. Now he’s going to attempt this? It took me a minute just to do the math, I’d never had to think that high in the gym! No sooner had I figured it, Leo had pushed the bar up off the rack and lowered it slowly to his chest and then back up. Holy shit, 315 pounds and he didn’t show any signs of struggle. He completed nine more in perfect form and rose from the bench, a huge grin on his face. “Wanna try it?” he prodded, motioning to the bench. Did he expect me to even respond to that ridiculous statement? “I’m kidding of course, but would you believe that felt a bit light? I’m going to really go for it next time!” I was dumbfounded. Part of me wanted to leave him to his workout, since he was clearly out of my league now. The rest of me wanted to stay and watch this near demi-god find his limit. I didn’t even want to work out anymore. This was starting to feel like me trying to fit in at the gym on Venice Beach, with all the hardcore bodybuilders. The more he pushed the smaller I felt. “Come on,” he said, “at least finish the bench press. I promise I’ll stop with the jokes.” Fine, I sighed. I added a 25 pound plate on each side, just to appease him. We’d used that weight last time and I managed to get 6 reps in before I couldn’t push the bar up anymore. Leo had had to pull it up the rest of the way to get it racked again. I was determined this time would be different. After all, what was the point in working so hard and never improving? I pushed the bar up and let it down toward my chest. Shit this seems heavy, I thought. Did I struggle this much to start last time? It took nearly everything I had in me to push it back up and Leo had moved into the spotter’s position to help me. Not one to give up so easily, I went for a second rep…. and failed miserably. What was wrong with me? Leo quickly reached down and grabbed the barbell securely with only one hand and lifted it back to the racked position. Damn, he looked absolutely huge from this angle. Out of breath and feeling a bit humiliated, I got up and walked away without a word. After a trip to the water fountain, I saw he had already reset the bench with 4 plates per side and was positioned to get started. “I’d spot you, but I can’t even handle my own weight, so…” I mumbled. He smiled, without looking away from the weights above him and said, “Its fine, I don’t think I’ll need help anyway. Its only 400 pounds” With that, he pushed up; a slight grunt and lifted the bar. Finally, a weight that challenged him a bit! I’ll admit, I was definitely getting turned on watching his muscles work. There was just something so masculine and hot seeing a guy with that much power show what he could do, and even then I knew he had way more in him. After that we moved on to biceps. I had already given up on trying for the evening and relegated myself to watching him experiment with his new muscles. At least I was getting a good show out of this. Rather than draw out the foreknown limitations, Leo went straight to the dumbbells. Grabbing a 60 pounder, tentatively, he seemed content to at least warm up with it. But he quickly skipped ahead to the 80 pound one. Again, it was my turn to watch in awe as he doubled our previous record, and he was hardly breaking a sweat. At 100 pounds he looked happy, as he curled the dumbbells up and down. I watched his biceps explode with size as the pumped up bigger and bigger with each repetition. I think I was wrong about 18”, with a full pump he was nearing 20 or more inches. I was glad to be wearing my compression shorts and a slightly longer T shirt, because my dick was now raging hard and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could watch him go at this. “You’re ready to go?” He asked, almost rhetorically. “That’s fine, I got to see what I wanted to. Lets get out of here.” I didn’t waste any time making a dash for the door. One, because of a certain problem in my pants, and also because I had an old Chinese script with my name written all over it. This was the moment I’d been waiting for and I hoped to God it would work. The drive back to his apartment was, well, excruciating. Leo couldn’t stop talking about how much he had just lifted and how incredible it felt to be so big a strong. As if I didn’t already know, he reminded me how small he used to be compared to his current state. And he wanted to get even bigger! I don’t think I could bare that and sadly I knew it was inevitable. We got to his apartment and I waited anxiously as he pulled the script out of a box in the top of his closet. How the hell he got it there days ago, I couldn’t imagine, but now he didn’t even have to go up on his toes to reach it. “OK,” he said, “I’m not sure how we’re going to do this. The part that you need to recite is kind of long and you need to be precise with the enunciation. Are you sure you want to do this?” “Leo, I haven’t wanted anything so badly in my life! Just let me try, dude. I have to!” I was almost nervous. I was so close to having what I wanted, yet there was a chance that it wouldn’t work. No, I told myself. It worked for him, it will work for me. He began saying the words and I repeated them exactly. He had to correct me several times, damn Chinese is tough, I thought! Finally we reached the end. I decided it would be best to write down the passage spelled out the way I heard it. This way I could recite the words without stopping. There was no way I could memorize it. Once more through and I felt like I had it down. He handed me the script, which I held reverently and prepared to recite the sounds I’d written down on the paper next to me. I took a deep breath, he assured me I could do it and off I went. Word for word, sound for sound I recited it aloud. The intensity in my speech grew as I neared the end. I wanted this so badly, I could hear it in my voice. Announcing the last syllable, I closed my eyes momentarily. I felt my body flush with heat. Its happening! I opened my eyes, but there was no light flashing around the room, the script hadn’t glowed. Then I saw Leo, frowning. “I don’t understand,” he said. “It should have worked. You said all the words correctly. I’m sorry, Chris, I don’t know what to say.” I sat there for a solid minute, staring intently at the old script. Why wouldn’t it work? Did I need actually be Chinese, or something? “This fucking sucks,” I moaned, as I tossed the script onto his kitchen table. “I don’t get it, you can grow all you want and I just get to watch!? I can’t believe this. What else did your uncle tell you? There must be something you forgot.” I stood up and started pacing. I was so determined that this would work, it had to. I began to lose it. “Let’s call him, he must know what the problem is.” Leo stood up. “I wish there were more to this, but you just did the exact same thing as I did. And this script was just as much a mystery to my uncle as it is to me. Look, Chris, I know how hard this must be for you.” “Hard?! You couldn’t possibly know what this is like. Look at you!” I was near tears and pacing even harder through his living room. “Seeing you get everything you’ve ever wanted and I’m stuck watching you outgrow me and out lift me in a matter of days! I can’t handle this anymore. I don’t think I can be around you.” “Chris, please stop. Will you look at me?” He walked up to me and planted his huge body right in my way. “STOP IT!” He practically yelled. I froze in my tracks and looked up into his eyes. It was too much and I had to get out of there. Out of instinct, I reached out and tried to push him out of the way. My hands met his hard shoulders and in a split second his hands had pushed me back. I recoiled in terror. What had I done? How long had I touched him? “Shit.” I whispered. It was too late. I saw him inch higher, even faster than before. His shoulders broadened out and his pecs extended beyond the edge of the cutout shirt. His large brown nipples coming into view and pointing further and further down as his pecs filled in even more. Biceps bulged and his arms were pushed out by his expanding lats. His growth slowed to a stop. I was no longer looking at his mouth. My eyes were level with his collar bone. This was my nightmare coming true. He must have been close to 6’5” now and his width filled my field of vision, especially being so close. I started to back away, but tripped over something in my path and landed hard on my ass. Looking to my feet, I found my gym shorts had fallen around my ankles. How is that possible, I thought? “What the fuck is going on?!” I pulled my shorts back up and made for the door. My place was only a mile away. I would sooner walk than get in his car again. Blindly, I reached for the door knob but found it inches higher than expected. Something was very wrong and the gravity of the situation was raining down like hail in a storm. My world was crumbling around me. “Chris, wait!” I heard him yell, but I was already gone. A Secret Between Friends - 6 I ran as fast as I could for what seemed like an hour. How far could my house be? What would have been a decent 10 minute jog had turned into a breathless, never-ending marathon. My stamina had gone and I had to stop multiple times to re-secure my shorts. I refused to examine the overwhelming evidence as fact, at least not until I was home and had a chance to cool off and think rationally. Finally, I arrived home and threw myself face first onto the couch. I screamed into a pillow and allowed myself to break down a little. This whole thing was too much for me to handle. How could Leo do this, and to me?! My phone vibrated. It was a text from Leo. “Please let me explain Chris. There are things that you…” I stopped reading, I couldn’t. DELETE. I had to figure this out for myself, since apparently I was stuck this way now; a diminished version of my former self. First things first, I decided: time to face the facts. I grabbed a tape measure to check my height. Sure enough, I’d lost 5” in height. Weight I could explain but this… how would I go to work, suddenly shorter than half of my coworkers? Next, I checked my weight. I had gone from 180 to 150 in days. All that hard earned progress in the gym, gone in an instant. I looked at myself in the mirror. At least I didn’t look over weight, I decided. In fact, if anything I was looking a bit leaner than before with just enough muscle to show some signs of gym time. I started actually thinking I could live with this. I can build something back up with this body. NO! I corrected my acceptance. He stole this from me. Without even trying he became everything I’ve ever wanted and worked for. I would get it back somehow. I mournfully drug myself to bed. I didn’t feel like doing anything else, despite the relatively early hour in the evening. I lay there thinking through the whole process. What had I missed? Or was he really lying to me all this time? I closed my eyes to sleep. But the image of him growing in front of me, his massive physique dominating the space was burned into my thoughts. I fought to find something else to think about, but it was useless. I knew this would haunt me for years to come. Finally, I drifted to sleep, having lost the battle to clear my mind of the massive new Leo. A week passed; a blur of monotonous self loathing and vegetative existence, at best. I’d called the office and claimed I was too ill to come in. How would I explain the recent changes anyway? The only pleasure I found came from actually thinking about Leo and his amazing body. Jealousy had led to anger which gave way to an almost erotic envy and finally full blown lust. I began having dreams of worshiping Leo’s body and servicing his prodigious tool. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, something snapped in me. I couldn’t stand not seeing him anymore. If not for his body, I missed our friendship. I called to see how he was doing. He answered with a booming baritone bravato I hadn’t expected. It was deep and sexy, much different from the Leo I knew a couple weeks earlier. He agreed to come over for dinner that night and catch up. I asked if he could bring the script one more time and see if there were any other options to resolve it. He arrived around six o’clock and knocked on my door. I had just finished cooking and set the table. “Perfect timing,” I announced as I opened the door. I stood there in awe for a second. Even standing on the porch below my door frame he towered over me now. The width of his torso filled my field of vision. “Hi,” he rumbled. I could feel that deep voice resonate right through me. “Uh…. Come. Come in,” I barely managed to squeak out. I stepped way back out of his way. He had to turn slightly to get his shoulders through the door, and his head was just inches from the top of the door frame. “Smells great,” he said, adding “Hope you made enough, I eat A LOT these days.” I had already figured that much, so I’d made enough to feed 10 guys. Hopefully that would satisfy him. “Thanks for inviting me, Chris. I miss this. Us hanging out, I mean. I know we have a lot to talk about and I brought the script like you asked.” Leo said. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. At least, it put me more at ease. “Let’s eat. I’m starving! We can talk ‘business’ afterward.” “Sounds good.” I offered him a seat and served him a plate filled to the edge and piled high. My own serving would have barely been considered a full meal by normal standards, but I could hardly eat like I used to. I sat down and looked at him. The chair had disappeared, hidden by his immense bulk. “I missed you too,” I said, finally breaking the silence. “You know, one thing we never discussed was your real name. How did that come about?” Leo chuckled. Still shoving food in his mouth like he was running out of time, he gave me a ‘just a second’ sign. “Well my mother was Greek and my father Chinese. That’s where my odd mix comes from. They decided when I was born that I should be named to honor both heritages.” He asked for paper and pen. “Li is the Chinese word for Strength or power.” He drew the symbol on the paper, 力. “And Serno is Greek.” Σέρνω, he wrote out. “I was told it was a family nickname for my grandfather who came from a long line of laborers who worked at the shipping ports moving cargo around. Not very creative if you ask me. It basically means to drag.” “That’s so cool you have that much history to draw from,” I said. “And I’m impressed you can write that out so well.” And then something clicked in my brain. “That must be a coincidence though, right? The meaning of your name?” The irony was apparently lost on him, but it was abundantly clear to me. “Your name, turn it around… Serno Li. ‘To drag strength’!” I was beginning to hint at the fact that I knew his secret now. “Considering how your growth happened, I find that quite remarkable.” “Oh, wow, yes that is an amazing coincidence, but I promise you its just that,” Leo said. “OK, look… That’s why I was trying to keep you from touching me. I didn’t think you would approve of what I found, so I kept it to myself. I had already decided I would only touch someone once, it would barely be noticeable. I never intended for this to happen to you, but given our closeness it was inevitable. I’m so sorry, Chris, you have to believe me. I talked to my uncle last night. He has been researching the text in more depth and says there may be a solution, but he hasn’t quite figured out the final portion of it. He says it … well I don’t want to raise your hopes just yet, until he can translate the rest of it.” “Are you messing with me again, Leo? Why the fuck would you not tell me this?” I was a little pissed off now. He knew what would happen and he didn’t warn me at all. I took a deep breath. “Its fine,” I sighed. “I have to learn to live with this new reality. What if your uncle never figures it out? I can’t sit around forever waiting on some reversal spell that may not even exist.” I paused. Nervously, I formed a question I’d wanted to ask for days. “What … what does it feel like? You know, when you grow.” He smiled and leaned back in his chair. It groaned loudly under his weight. “I thought you’d never ask!” he said. “Its absolutely amazing! I can feel it start as soon as I make contact. There’s this energy, almost like a vibration that flows into me. And then I grow. Its like being hooked up to an electrified water pump. Every muscle feels this shockwave of energy and when they expand its like they’re being pumped up like a water balloon… getting fuller and heavier.” He had closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the memory of it all. I saw something large shift in his gym shorts. It seemed that’s all he could wear these days. “My muscles aren’t the only thing that grows,” he grinned. “I went from the average Asian to, well quite large. No matter what I do, I’m hornier than I’ve ever been in my life.” I cleared my throat, nervously. “Oh.” I had gone rock hard instantly, my fantasies of worshipping Leo flooding my brain. He noticed me squirm a little in my seat. “I know, you want to see it.” He smirked, standing to his full intimidating height. “I’ve seen how you look at me now. You can’t help yourself, I’m just too amazing for you to ignore. Aren’t I?” I could only nod in agreement. He reached up and in one quick movement ripped his shirt off and flexed his biceps. My own cock jumping with a near orgasm at the incredible sight before me. Nearly 300 pounds of shredded muscle was in my dining room, showing off just for me. I was nearing a state of euphoric bliss, hypnotized by this god in front of me. He lowered his shorts, a massive tube of flesh flopped out, slapping his leg. Soft, he was at least 8” long and so thick, slightly bigger than I had been completely hard at my previous size. A pair of testicles the size of large navel oranges hung low in his sack. I was mesmerized. He stroked himself with one hand, feeling the size of his hairless shelf like chest with the other. It expanded rapidly, stiffening and straightening into a monster pointing straight at me. “After last night,” he said, breaking my trance, “13.5” long, 9 inches around.” Fuck, I whispered. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. He continued to stroke, oblivious to my own presence in the room. I pulled out my own penis. It was disappointingly smaller now, also size no doubtedly lost to Leo. I stood up, my own shorts falling to the floor, and moved closer to the monstrosity before me. I couldn’t stop myself, it was as if I was being drawn to him, to his powerful cock. Precum dripped from the tip and he began to moan. I hesitated, but knew exactly what I wanted to do. My mind had given itself over to its own lustful desires, consequences be damned. He grunted and moaned even louder and without further uncertainty, I literally dove onto his cock. My hands barely wrapped its girth and my mouth struggling to accept its massive head. I gagged at the sudden intrusion, but adrenaline soon took over as I serviced him the best way I could. I could feel him swelling, his penis lengthening in my hands and pushing further into my throat. My mouth was being stretched beyond its limit and the object of my desire was moving higher as I sucked away. He groaned louder. “Fuck yes! So big, I’m so fucking huge!” He bellowed with deafening bravado. I felt a gush of fluid down my throat and he forced my head further onto his massive expanding penis. He yelled loudly as he empty his load down my throat, holding me there as if to force feed me every last drop. I met a simultaneous climax, shooting more cum than I ever thought possible. I fell immediately to the floor, drained of any energy I had. I was gasping for air and trying desperately to recover from such an earth shattering orgasm. Finally, regaining my composure I stood up to see the damage. My stomach was bloated with a surreal amount of cum, my body still heaving from the exertion it endured. But reality set in immediately. I was looking at Leo’s belly button, his even larger cock bobbing just inches from my face. I felt like a child as I looked skyward, higher and higher until I found his face staring back at me. He was devastatingly massive, a true giant to even a normal man. The only reference I had for my own height was the chair next to me, which I cleared by merely a foot. Five foot even, I’d guessed and immediately stepped back in horror. “Oh shit,” I mumbled breathlessly to no one. “I. Leo. What. Oh Fuck.” I couldn’t think clearly, much less form a real sentence. What the hell had I done, and it was my own doing! I began to get weak in the knees, grabbing the chair for support. I was feeling faint and a flash of heat washed over me as I began to see stars. I was nearly out when Leo spoke, the power now in his voice shaking the room and pulling me back to consciousness. “Just wait,” he said. “What the fuck, Leo! Wait on what?!” I screamed. “Just wait for it,” he repeated with a calming assurance. A Secret Between Friends - 7 I stood there in my dining room, shrunken beyond anything I thought possible. My mind was stumbling over itself at a frenetic pace trying to assess and comprehend the situation. Before me stood the biggest, most muscular man I had ever seen. He had his eyes closed and arms extended. His wing span easily surpassed 7’, maybe more. He was breathing heavily from the sexual exertion we’d both just experienced and his pecs, which hung off his upper body like two perfectly formed plates of steel inches thick, heaved up and down with each breath. If there had ever been a more perfect specimen of the human form, history had long forgotten him. What were we waiting on? I could scarcely imagine what he meant by ‘Just wait for it,’ and I feared what I was waiting on was some final growth spurt pushing him even larger. “Leo, please stop this,” I pleaded. “We have to fix this, it isn’t right. Let’s call your uncle and…” I was stopped mid-sentence, when Leo recited an indistinguishable phrase in Chinese. The room again shook with the power in his voice and I was unnerved by its ominous sounding authority. Immediately after completing the phrase, the backpack in which he’d stowed the old script began to glow. Light spilled out of every seam of the bag from the concealed relic. The glow turned into a blinding flash that knocked me on my ass. “Chris,” Leo broke through the chaos. “Do you accept my gift?” he asked seemingly in a trance. “I, uhm, what? Yes. Sure?” I was confused. What the hell was he talking about? I didn’t see him walk in with any gifts and he could have asked without all the theatrics. Another blinding flash emanated from the bag and Leo came to, lowering his arms and smiled as he told me I should stand up. I obeyed, given his size I was in no position to argue. “Are you ready?” He asked. Before I could elicit a response, the wait was over and whatever was to happen started. I felt it deep in my core, the electricity he’d mentioned earlier. The feeling of being filled like a balloon was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I looked at him with confusion. He smiled, his immense height and huge muscular frame shrinking slowly. “Just enjoy it, Chris. I’ll fill you in afterwards.” My height had already started to change, the floor moving further away. Worry and regret melted away as I realized what was happening. He had figured it out, I was getting everything back. I inched higher as he continued to diminish, my frame slowly returning to its original state. I had reached the half way point at 5’6”, though Leo still towered over me by a foot or more. The feeling of such rapid growth was indescribable and incredibly erotic. I felt as if my manhood was being reinstated, as if testosterone was coursing through my system making me virile once again. The exchange was nearly finished. Finally nearing the comfort of my former 6’ height and weight, I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew this would put Leo at the same height. We’d finally be on the same playing field again. I looked at him with a smile and started to say thank you. Our eyes met, we were the same height. It was done, I thought. But that lasted only for a moment. He continued to shrink and I shot past my old height. 6’1”, then 6’2”. I looked down to examine myself; this was pushing unfamiliar territory. I saw my muscles expand further than they’d ever been. The pressure he described filling me up increased rapidly. I could feel every muscle tense and stretch, my bones lengthening to accommodate new size. 6’3” came and went. The pressure in my muscles built in intensity and I saw my pecs and biceps ripple with definition and size. Even my feet had grown several sizes larger. My eyes refocused on something else larger than expected hanging pendulously from my groin. Even soft it was surprisingly large and continued its growth with the rest of my body. I had soon reached an impressive 6’5” as my growth slowed to a near halt, leaving only my muscles with one last jump in size and it was over. I surveyed the unreal landscape of my torso. Perfectly squared broad pectoral muscles tapered down to a hard 8 pack and framed by softball sized biceps. I had become my own walking fantasy. Every muscle had dramatically grown and I was truly a sight to behold, even in the shadow of Leo’s super human size. The very thought of my new size made me immediately horny. I indulged in my own vanity momentarily, closing my eyes and grabbing my rapidly expanding penis. With pride, I found it would take both of my big meaty hands to fully grasp its phenomenal size. “Need some help with that?” Leo questioned. I opened my eyes and looked down. Way down. Shit, I was so tall now. If he felt short when we first met, now he was bordering on tiny. It did seem as if he were slightly larger than the original, though given my new perspective, everything seemed a bit off. This would take getting used to for sure. His muscles bulged just enough to suggest he’d managed to keep just a little for himself. “Is that a good idea?” I finally broke from my slightly narcissistic self worship. “I’m not sure I want to start this all over again.” Leo laughed. “ There are several things I haven’t told you yet and even I don’t fully understand, but I promise, from this point forward, contact with me will never cause you any harm. Its all laid out in the script, I’m sorry I held this secret from you, but there was no other way to give you what you wanted. I was certain you would have never agreed to the plan if you had known all the details.” With that, he grabbed my throbbing member in his hands and led me to the couch. “You should fuck me now,” he practically demanded. “Better do it while you can, because once I out grow you, the tables get turned!” He smiled and pushed me down onto the couch with all the strength he could muster. Aggressive and masculine: I could care less who took what position, the attitude and personality he exhibited right then were enough for me. I was hooked and for the first time in years, I felt truly happy.
  5. rockhopper

    m/m Nephilim 2: No Regrets

    And here is the second of the series. This is the odd duck chapter. A good bit of it is flashback, in which we meet the only mortal character in this story so far who is more than just a passing mention. It's also a little sad. Chapters three, four and five will be posted soon. Then, I'll just have to finish chapter six! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It had been a year since my transfiguration. In that time Adam and I had seen things I thought no one would ever see and did things I thought no one would ever do. We had visited each continent and most of the major cities of the world. We had lunch in Paris and dinner the same day in New Orleans. We had been to the moon (which is quite lovely), Mars (which is interesting), Venus (I don’t recommend it) and Jupiter (weather is awful). Most of our time was, of course, spent on earth. We never failed to attract attention. To look at Adam is to see what a man is supposed to look like: preternaturally beautiful and strong. And now, I looked nearly as incredible as he. My former paunchy, wimpy body was an increasingly distant memory. My arms, shoulders, chest and legs were as I had only dreamed they could be. Men and women both looked us longingly. I had never been so happy. You see, Adam had brought me into his world. I was like him. I was now immortal and omnipotent. But I wondered. Adam was nearly a thousand years old. He said he had never found anyone before who loved so completely, but I still wondered. “My darling,” he smiled as we soared over the Atlantic Ocean en route to London for the opening of the theatre season, “Why are you pondering what is long past?” “Adam, I just want to know. You said there had been others before. I just want to know who. And when? I ” “Peter, Peter Hooper, there has never been one like you. I waited centuries for you. But, yes, I have loved other men. And yes, there was once another whom I offered immortality.” “What happened?” Adam flew under me and looked into my eyes and smiled. Those incredible dimples appeared around his goatee. He stroked my ear and cooed “It was nearly thirty years ago. His name was Jim.” “Where did you meet him?” “I found him in the same way I found you, but I didn’t pose as his neighbour.” “What did you do?” Adam signalled for me to stop. He sat cross-legged in mid-air and motioned for me to sit by him. He put his strong left arm around me, his biceps brushing against my shoulder and neck. “Peter, please remember that this happened a long time ago. You were a boy then.” I smiled at Adam. “I understand. So, Jim, was it? How did you meet?” Adam kissed my forehead. “Always curious. Always wanting to know more. Two of the reasons I love you. As for how it happened...” He trailed off and stroked his chin. “Peter, what do you think of my body?” “Are you kidding?” “No, really.” “It’s incredible! You have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect!” “Yes, well, as you know, I look as I do because I choose to look this way. I always have. I always loved this kind of body. Until the 20th Century, few men were able to have a body like mine. There were exceptions, of course. You should have seen the model for Michelangelo’s David! He didn’t nearly do him justice! Anyway, in the 1970s, the whole bodybuilding thing took off.” “Yeah. The whole Arnold-Pumping-Iron-Thing”. “Right. So I found a young man. I found him in a gym where he was seeking to perfect his body.” Adam is the only person I know who can say “seeking to perfect his body” and not sound pedantic. “So what did you do?” I laughed. “Ask if he needed a spotter?” “Actually, yes. It wasn’t a cliché yet.” “If you say so. What happened after you offered to spot Jim?” “He said ‘Sure’.” Adam began to project images of that time into my mind. It was 1977 and he was somewhere in the Southern United States. There was Adam, standing in all his glory, wearing a skin-tight grey wife-beater and equally tight black shorts. He was spotting a nice-looking man with a decent, but not spectacular build. Presently the man on the bench, whom I guessed to be Jim got a bit tired and couldn’t lift any more. Adam lifted the barbell and placed it on its rack with no apparent effort. “Wha..” Jim looked startled. “You just picked that up like it weighed nothing.” “Nothing is about right. That’s 180, hmmm...” Adam grabbed the barbell with one hand and began to do curls. His beautiful biceps flexed as he moved the weight back and forth. He smiled that devastating smile. “Child’s play!” “How...that’s incredible!” Jim got up and shook his head. “How long have you been working out?” “Oh, almost 900 years.” Jim chuckled. “I’ll bet you could teach me a lot. I’d love to have a body like yours.” “Give it time and you will.” Adam began to speak to me. “So the days and weeks passed. I helped to train Jim and his body began to change–the old-fashioned way. Jim warmed up to me and we began socialising away from the gym as well.” Adam fast forwarded a few months. Jim had buffed up. His body was still nowhere near as spectacular as Adam’s, but his shoulders and chest were broader, his waist narrower and his arms and legs fuller. They were sitting in a restaurant having dinner. Adam was smiling his enigmatic smile. Jim was laughing and shaking his head. “Adam, I’ve never known anyone like you.” “That’s true. I doubt you have.” “You’re funny, man. And I really appreciate your training me. Are you sure I can’t at least get dinner? It’s the least I could do, after all you’ve given me.” “Dinner is already taken care of. And I told you, I have no need of money.” “Must be nice, being independently wealthy or whatever.” “Oh, there are definite advantages to my particular situation.” Jim laughed again. “Well, I still appreciate it.” Adam smiled even more enigmatically. The image dissolved. I interrupted at this point. “Adam, was Jim gay? He seems fairly clueless about it, honestly, but the way he looks at you...” “Patience, Peter,” Adam said hushing me. We fast forwarded a few more months. Jim was removing his wife-beater, having just finished a workout. He and Adam were alone in the locker room. Jim was now incredibly cut, with a fabulous muscles bulging all over his body He smiled as he looked in the mirror. He did a double biceps pose, “Look at these babies!” Putting his arms down he began bouncing his pecs in time while he hummed the “William Tell Overture”. “Very good, Jim,” Adam beamed. “I’m proud of you.” “I couldn’t have done it without you, man. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you.” “Well, you could hear me out.” “What’s up?” “Jim, I won’t beat around the bush here. I love you.” Jim looked puzzled. “You’re gay, man?” Jim began to look very frightened, “Hey, I’m not...” Adam stared into Jim’s eyes and commanded, “The truth”. It’s impossible for a mortal to resist Adam’s will. Jim told the truth. “I–I–I’ve always been attracted to men. And I’m attracted to you. You’re so beautiful. You’re gorgeous. But, it’s wrong.” “It’s who you are. Who you were meant to be.” “But,” he hesitated. “ I–I–I never talked about this with anyone before. When I was a kid I used to mess around with other boys, but I knew it was wrong. It’s not what God intended.” “‘What God intended’? Why would the creator of all things make a creature only to expect him to act against its nature? Embrace your true self. It’s already who you are. And look what you have waiting for you!” Adam winked and bounced his pecs. “I don’t know.” “Jim, it’s okay. There’s no reason to be ashamed. You’re a wonderful, caring man. You have a beautiful soul. And I do love you.” Adam drew closer to Jim and kissed his lips. Jim appeared to enjoy it. “Oh, man, what if someone walks in on us?” “No one will walk in.” “How do you know that?” “Ah, yes, that’s the other part.” Adam stroked his beard for a moment. “Jim, I’m guessing you know a little bit about the Bible.” “Yeah, I guess. I never missed Sunday School when I was a kid. I still go sometimes.” “Do you remember Genesis 6:4?” “Not off the top of my head.” Adam quoted “‘‘There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.’ The Hebrew word which King James’ little committee rendered as ‘giants’ is ‘nephilim’.” “Okay. That sounds familiar.” “Nephilim is but one name used for this kind: Those all-powerful beings who protect and guide humanity. They are not gods or angels. All cultures have some legend about these. And I am one.” “What?” “Jim, I am not a human being. I am a member of a higher race. And I want you to join me.” “Okay. You’re crazy!” Adam sighed. “They always need a demonstration.” He waved his hand. The locker room changed into a forest. Carpet became grass. Lockers became trees. The stool on which Jim had been sitting became a very large mushroom. The ceiling became a clear blue sky. “What the?” Adam smiled. “Jim. I love you. Come with me and you will be like me. You will have all you have ever dreamed and more: immortality, omnipotence.” Jim was clearly conflicted. He was very obviously aroused by Adam and his power (okay, who wouldn’t be?), but he was also very, very afraid. “You did all this?” “A very small sample. And I offer it all to you.” “No! This is wrong! You–you’re the devil!” “The devil? Good Lord, don’t be ridiculous! We are part of the natural order.” “You’re here to tempt me! You want to drag me down to hell with you!” “Hardly!” Adam began to look annoyed. “What I am offering is the greatest gift you ever have been or ever will be offered.” “No! This is all so wrong! I can’t believe I almost...” Jim began to charge at Adam. Adam waved his hand again. The forest turned back into a locker room. Jim was frozen in place. “You dare!” Adam glared at Jim. “You dare attack me! After all I have done! After what I have offered you. Do you have any idea of what I could do to you? I could crush you like a grape. I could turn you into a gnat. I could turn you to dust and blow you away. I could simply erase you. You would not only not exist, you would never have existed. No one, not even your mother, would remember that you had ever been born.” Adam stopped a moment and composed himself and then turned to Jim tenderly. “But I will not do such things. Such is not my way. I do love you, Jim. I never meant to hurt you. I am so sorry. I thought you would be the one. Even one of my kind can be wrong. You have a beautiful soul. Don’t taint it with hatred. It will be your undoing. As I once told William Shakespeare, ‘To thine own self be true’”. Adam then kissed Jim. “You will forget all about me. Good-bye.” Adam then disappeared and Jim came to and looked very perplexed. “Adam, I’m so sorry,” I kissed his cheek. “What became of Jim?” Adam looked very solemn. “He repressed everything. He became a member of a fundamentalist church and married an overbearing woman. They had two children, a girl who is now a prostitute and a boy, who is serving ten years in prison for armed robbery. He is one of the most miserable people you can imagine.” “You didn’t...” “No, he did it to himself. He refused what he was and could be and instead became a nasty troll.” “Poor thing. I know you loved him.” “It’s all right, Peter. Even I can’t change the essence of a person. There was so much potential for good in Jim, but her squandered it. You, on the other hand, were already so beyond the rest of humanity.” He held me in his strong arms and caressed me gently. “I found someone so much better.” I turned to butter (not literally, of course). I still couldn’t believe all this had happened to me. The evening wear we were both wearing dissolved. We did not need it for what would do. I kissed Adam’s perfectly-shaped right pec: Hard as diamond, covered with just the right amount of silky hair over the softest skin you could imagine. He flexed it and it leapt in return to my kiss. I looked into the steely eyes of the one I love. “No regrets, then?” I asked. Adam smiled, not at all enigmatically now and kissed me. “No regrets!” We missed the theatre opening that night. I was really looking forward to it, but something else came up. I love the theatre, but it’s nothing compared to making love in the clouds.
  6. xythanshadow

    m/m Love Grows

    I’ve always wanted to be big, ever since I was a child and watched cartoons on TV. “Thundercats”, “He-Man”, “G.I. Joe”, “Cowboys of Moo-Mesa”, “SwatKats”, even “Beauty and the Beast”, any cartoon where there was someone muscled, I would watch and be amazed. I always enjoyed seeing the muscles move back and forth, lifting impossibly huge objects and doing things with their huge strength. I didn’t know back then what it meant, but eventually I found out something about myself. A while back, I happen to turn on the TV and caught “Beauty and the Beast”. I decided to watch it again, I always laughed at the scene with the dancing furniture. Eventually, they got to the scene where Gaston started showing off in the tavern. I watched as he flexed and lifted and I started to get hard. I wasn’t sure why, but the whole scene aroused me. I could feel my cock tenting up in my pants, and I unconsciously began to rub it. The scene was over far too quick, but I felt I needed more. So I hopped online and began to look around. I found that there were tons of sites for what I was looking for, and discovered that I was sexually attracted to muscle. I had never thought of it before, but it was nice to find out about myself. I decided then that since I liked looking at muscle so much, why not build up my body so I could always have something to look at. While browsing various web sites dedicated to muscle, I imagined my pudgy 260lbs body morphing into a muscle god. I dreamed of huge bis and massive pecs and striated legs and my hands running all over my body. Before I knew it, I had taken a hold of my modest cock and was stroking it furiously. Grunting as if I were an animal, I saw myself as a huge monster, lifting obscene weights and flexing in the mirror. Each pump of my dream arm brought me closer and closer to the edge, and before I knew it, I had exploded my load all over myself. “I had to have that body” I told myself. That Friday, I met up with my usual crew of around 10 guys and told them that I was going to start working out and wanted them to join me. Most said no, others had schedule conflicts, but one of my buddies said he was anxious to get back in the gym. He was a former Marine and had the look of a jock to him. He was slightly taller than me but a lot denser. He had a gut but his arms were big still, around 16 inches I guessed. Even though he had a lot of fat, he was still jockish and you could tell he could be great. I gladly accepted his offer because I knew he was decently knowledgeable in the gym. We found a gym near both our jobs. It’s cheap and it’s not too big or small. There were some really hardcore lifters in there and I felt comfortable with my buddy. We began to follow a program of his design, and we started eating well. A few weeks passed and we started to see progress. He lost about fifteen pounds like he wanted to, and my clothes were fitting a lot looser. It was around that point we started to spend a lot more time together. We became real close buddies and would hang out a lot, take a few road trips and the like. I lived outside the city, but he lived in, so when we would do something that would keep us out late, I would spend the night at his house. He had only one bed, so we would share it. One night, I woke up next to my buddy. I couldn’t sleep and I turned over to look at him. He seemed massive. He slept in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but his frame seemed to tower over mine. His back was huge as I stared at it, and suddenly I was overcome with a desire to just feel it. I stretched my arm out and laid it across him, hugging his huge torso. My hand fell around his gut and I lifted his shirt to rub it. I took my hand and gently rubbed his belly which had shrunk slightly but was still big. It felt hairy and big. I ran my hand up and down his body while he slept peacefully. I felt kind of weird about rubbing my friend while he slept, but I couldn’t stop. My cock was throbbing like I’ve never felt before and I reached up towards his chest. I rubbed the slight amount of muscle and hair there, feeling what could be with hard work. He began to roll sideways a bit, so I removed my hand. When he finished moving, he was slightly face down and I could see his wide back beautifully. I placed my arm on it, just snuggling closer to him. I glanced over his body, my cock tenting in my boxers when my eyes came to rest on his ass. I was overcome with some feeling, I’m still not sure how to describe it, but I slowly worked my way down to his shorts. He wore a pair of kakis with a pair of boxers underneath them to bed that night. They were looser from the lifting we’ve been doing lately and my hand went down them easily to rest on his hairy cheek. It felt slightly firm from the workout and it was a lot hairy than his stomach and chest. I slightly squeezed his right ass cheek and I felt a wave of pleasure mixed with confusion. Why was I doing this? Why did it feel so good? What would he think if he woke up? Flooded with these conflicted emotions, I withdrew my hand from the captivating position and moved slightly away. I spent the rest of that night just watching my buddy sleep. My head was wracked with questions. Why did I feel like this all of the sudden about my buddy? I watched his back move ever so slightly as he breathed in and out and my cock revealed my true feelings as it bobbed up and down, dripping with pre. At 2:27 a.m. on that Wednesday morning, I realized that I loved my friend. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I lay with my mouth gaping over the fact I’ve never known about myself. During the next few workouts, I felt kind of weird about watching my buddy lift. Even though I knew I loved him, he was straight as far as I knew, and I was as straight as he. We both continued to lift together, and I had to make a conscious effort not to stare at him for too long as he lifted. I eventually learned how to control myself when around him, and workouts returned to usual. That was until about a month later. We were measuring out monthly progress as usual, and what I thought that whole month was proven. My buddy always wore sweats to the gym and usually a t-shirt and shorts to bed. I crashed with him twice in the month, and I could’ve sworn he was growing. His lifts were getting more and more impressive and I was struggling to keep up. We stepped up on the scale and I had lost an expected 20 lbs of fat. I was happy. But when my buddy stepped on the scale, his weight had jumped up close to 60 lbs. We were shocked because it looked like he was steadily losing inches around his waist. So we took out our workout books. On the first page were our measurements from when we started. We grabbed the tape measure and took measurements once again. I had lost a few admirable inches here and there and grew a little in the places that mattered. My buddy cheered as I wrote down the progress in my book. He then took off his sweatshirt and t. I looked up at him and dropped my pen in awe. Where he had a bit of flab before and a protruding gut now stood a faint definition of a six-pack and two rock hard pecs. His arms, which were exactly 16 inches before seemed to be swollen with muscle mass. I gawk at his new physique when he asks me what I was looking at. I respond with a jockish, “Dude, you’re fucking huge. What have you been doing without me man?” He responds saying that he’s done nothing that I haven’t done. We’ve eaten the same things, lifted the same weights and everything. I was completely shocked. I wondered to myself how he could get so big compared to me. It must have been genetics I told myself. I took the tape from his beefy hands and proceed to measure him. As I placed my hands on his huge chest, I could have sworn they were getting hotter, not a burning sensation or a desire from me, but physically heating up in my hand. I focused on the task at hand and measured his chest. I gasped at the number and measured it twice to make sure. My buddy asked me what was wrong and I told him his chest had grown 7 inches in the last month. He exclaimed that it was impossible, but I had measured twice and I was sure. I went through his other measurements, and they all were equally as shocking and that wasn’t the only thing. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that his body fat was getting lower. With him standing still, I could see the beginning of vascularity in his muscles. After getting all his measurements, I felt compelled to feel his massive chest one more time. As soon as my hands touched, I felt his pecs begin to heat up considerably. I asked him if he felt weird or anything and he responded no. His muscles felt like they were burning on the inside, but I didn’t let go. I had wanted to feel him like this ever since that night and my heart was pounding like a bass drum from all the emotions I had bottled up. I stood there and stared at his massive chest and I could see and feel them growing. I jerked my hands away and double checked with him to make sure he didn’t feel anything. By this point, he was getting worried about me and started to ask me if I was ok. I told him what I felt on his chest and he said he didn’t feel anything. I took the tape measure and I re-measured his chest. It came out to be a full 2 inches bigger than just a few minutes ago. I showed him the tape and he stood there shocked. How can someone grow in a few minutes he started to mutter. I also wondered that, but my thoughts were going more towards my feelings for him. I loved him before now, and seeing him shirtless with his massive pulsing chest and soft 6 pack just reaffirmed my love for him. My eyes glossed over a bit as my buddy felt the newly grown muscle that now inhabited his body. My meat began to betray me as it tented up in my sweat pants. I hurried to try and make it less conspicuous, but my buddy slightly noticed. He stopped his self exploration to ask me what was the matter. I looked over my shoulder at him and just thought intensely how much I loved this man. His eyes caught mine and I saw they were soft with concern. I was so afraid to tell him how I really felt. I knew he was completely straight and something like this could tear our friendship apart. But my heart, not to mention my cock, was straining to let him know. I took a deep breath and turned around. I looked straight at him and told him the truth. “I love you.” That’s when he fell to his knees. He started scratching all over himself complaining about how it felt like he was burning on the inside. I quickly rushed to his side and grabbed his shoulder. But soon as I laid my hands on him, I had to jerk them away. His flesh felt like it was searing and it was red hot. I panicked, not knowing what was going on, but then I saw him growing. He was expanding laterally at first, his back and shoulders widening with new muscle. His skin began to get tighter and tighter, revealing muscle and veins that laid dormant under the surface. His back began to ripple with power as he continued to scratch his chest. I stood there amazed as his back transformed, almost as if he was The Hulk. He stood up and started to stretch and his arms began to grow. What were 16’’ guns at the beginning of our journey and 18’’ today slowly inflated as he moved them. They grew and grew until they were football sized mounds sitting on top of his arms. He turned around to me and I could see he was still growing. He wasn’t getting any taller, but he was getting extremely dense. Any remaining body fat evaporated and only shredded muscle remained. He grew against his skin, drawing it tighter and tighter across his muscles to the point where it looked like his skin would tear asunder if he flexed. He continued to run his hands around his body as if he was trying to scratch an itch that wouldn’t hold still. His hands worked down to his sweatpants that he had bunched up to his knees. The muscles in his legs, which were already big, were swelling to enormous sizes. The sweatpants made audible noises as they were slowly stretched to their limits. His huge legs began to tear through the fabric and eventually were forced to release their new masters. His waist also was undergoing changes as it shrunk as the rest of his body grew. His formerly 46 waist shrunk rapidly and the pants fell slightly. When his legs tore the fabric, the pants fell completely off. He wore boxers underneath that stretched with his legs but were evidently falling from his now thin waist. I looked at him as if he were a different person. In fact, he was a different person. He stood before me now as a beautiful, fit bodybuilder with a physique that most people would kill for. Veins stood out all over his body and twitched madly as his scratch fest came to an end. His hair became more evident as it stood atop his glorious new muscles. His stomach, which was a keg, now was a ripped 6-pack of steel muscle. His arms had grown to massive proportions and his shoulders looked like there were pads under the skin. I gasped as he moved slightly causing his whole body to engage in a dance of muscle. He straightened up and felt himself, and the man that I loved now was a muscle god like I’ve been dreaming of becoming for the longest. He looked at himself, then at me and said in a few words what was happening? I told him I didn’t know but after I said that I loved you, you started growing like this. He looked at me and I realized that I just screwed up. Why did I say that? I know he’s straight and now he’s going to stop being my friend. Plus with a body like that he can just find a new workout partner and stuff. I went to apologize, but he stopped me in mid sentence. He approached me and took me in his massive arms, drawing me in closer. He gazed deeply into my eyes and gave me the most gentle and passionate kiss I have ever had. After a few minutes of euphoria, he gently whispered in my ear that he’s always known and that he had feelings for me too. I gasped as I looked into his eyes and he said those words I had been wanting to hear for the longest. “I love you too man.” I dropped to my knees, overcome with a burning sensation before I started to feel myself expand with my lover’s arms wrapped around my shoulders. This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Omiganda

    m/m Power Quake (Re-Post)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Power Quake Part 1 I struggled with the shackles on my wrists as I sat, confined to this metal chair in the dark. Although the chair was uncomfortable, I wasn’t concentrating on comfort as much I was on escape. My wrists were raw as I’d been at it for hours, my ankles and wrists covered in painful looking marks and small bleeding scars. I still couldn’t remember why I was confined to this chair in the first place. I could remember the last thing I was doing before I was captured and dragged into that car. I’d been waiting for my boyfriend to show up at the nearest sandwich shop, tackling a sandwich as I always did. I ate a lot for little guy at 5’8 and 160 pounds. Teddy, my boyfriend, loved to poke fun at me with his ex-football player size. He’d never seen someone eat so much with so little to supply food to. Recently, I hadn’t gotten a chance to see him with all his classes colliding together and giving him only so much time to work, do homework, and then get sleep. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even get to see him home as I’d sit and wait in our apartment, hoping my big 6’3 linebacker would come and get some sleep. This would be the first time I’d get to see him in the past week. I’d just finished guzzling down my diet Coke when several men in dark suits came in. Each one was quite large and uniform as they walked like a military platoon from one of those super villain movies. My goal was to avoid eye contact but that was a pointless goal as they stopped and surrounded the small circular table I was sitting at. It was the one with burning red hair that spoke up. He was quite menacing with the ear piercing in his left ear and the scar across his nose. His red Mohawk like hairstyle and goatee weren't helping as his green eyes looked down and seemed to stab into my soul. “Mr. Collins?” came a rough voice out of the rugged man’s mouth. I hesitated to speak as I looked around my seated position to see the big man that left no openings to escape. The restaurant had been empty for the past few minutes so no one could save me. I choked up the wrong answer. “……Yes?” That was the last thing I said before the mean looking man looked to his side to his right hand man and nodded his head. A second later, before I could react, my head was covered in a bag and I was dragged out to the car outside. After that, I could feel it as I was moved from area to area over the next few days. I’d been in some cars, a few vehicles that roared like armored trucks, and now I was on a plane that was rocking back and forth as I wrestled for freedom. I had to get out. I had to get back to Teddy. I didn’t care about who these men were or what they wanted. I just wanted to get out of this situation. I was in the middle of trying to move my cuffed ankle when I heard a loud banging like a large door being opened and unlocked. I stopped moving completely as I feared for what might happen next. A mysterious clicking could be heard on the hard floor as I stayed silent and listened to my surrounds. It occurred to me that this was the sound of heavy shoes tapping against metal. I felt a chill down my spine as I heard the clicking stop and something near me began to move. One moment, I was looking into the blackness of the bag on my head and the next I’m looking at a shining belt buckle in a dimly lit room. My eyes squinted as I adjusted to the light of the room and started making out my surroundings. As expected, I was looking around to see the inside of a plane with nothing but several circular windows. The person in front of me was moderately large and pretty tall as he stood in front of my chaired position. He had to be at least 6 feet or taller with broad shoulders that pressed into his button up shirt. He was wearing tight jeans that revealed some muscular thighs and a bulged crotch that indicated he had been blessed in his youth with “a lot to carry”. I looked up to see a face covered in darkness. I was could feel eyes on me as I could make out a cowboy hat. “Congratulations, Mr. Collins. You’ve been selected ta participate in my program” he said down to me with a deep bass, Southern accent. “You will be undergoing a sort of…. Camping trip….. as you work to keep our work sustained” he riddled, clearly indicating he wasn’t using the entirely correct words to describe what he wanted. I was so frustrated, I saw through his stature enough to speak. “Where the hell am I?!” I screamed as I restarted pulling on my cuffs. The man chuckled down to me as I struggled. “You won’t be fixin’ to git’ free of those cuffs, boy” he said to me. I looked up to him with hatred. “What the hell do you want from?” I demanded. He looked down at me, his face still obscure, and then walked over to the wall, grabbing what looked like a backpack of covers. I felt a drop of sweat go down the side of my face as the man returned, bent down and then stuffed the pack’s top hook in my mouth, making me bite down on it. “I just want yur’ time, kid” he said before turning and walking away. With what little light was in the room, I watched as he walked off and could make out a pair of bulging melons in his pants that bounced with every one of his steps. The door slammed as he left the room, leaving me alone to my own devices. I began to wonder what was in my mouth when I heard something begin to make a whiiiiiiiiiring sound. The room became more illuminated as the machine like noise continued. I couldn’t see what was going on but I knew what was happening. The hangar door of the plane opened up. I felt the chair beneath me turn to give me view of a massive island. I could see many trees all contained within a beach and a wide, blue ocean. I didn’t get time to view what was happening as I felt the cuffs beneath me unhook. I could finally see what was in my mouth as I felt my grip on the chair fail and I began to fly out of the plane. It was a parachute to save me from the thousand foot fall I was about to experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I found myself trapped on a tree on the edge of a clearing, suspended by my own parachute. My mind was still reeling while my survival instincts kicked in and I tried to free my parachute from the tree I was stuck on. I several feet above the ground, branches curving around as if trying to protect me from the imminent drop. I became scared for my life as I panicked and fought. I wasn’t prepared as I slipped out of the restraints of my pack and began to free fall. I grabbed the nearest branch and hung for my life as I looked down at the closer yet still far grass floor below. Like coming thunder, I suddenly heard a shaking as I felt the earth move. This was my first earthquake ever so it’s understandable that I freaked and held for dear life as the tree shook like a flimsy twig against the power of the quake. I struggled as the quaking progressed and felt my fingers beginning to slip. It seemed like a whole minute had passed before a sudden roar like that of a large lion came and stung my ears with its power. With its call, the quaking immediately stopped and, for a moment, all was calm. I was now holding onto a bent branch that was starting to fail as I persisted to hold on. “Fuck” I said to myself as I watched it snap and tear. I saw my boyfriend’s face as I felt the fall and saw my death coming. I closed my eyes in my last moments were dragged on by the increasing fear. After a few minutes, I was beginning to realize that my fall was taking a good bit of time. The fast moving air had stopped, I could hear myself breathing, and, most disturbing of all, I could hear something else breathing very closely to me. I felt two big forms beneath me, protecting me as I lay in its grasp. I opened my eyes and there he was. Above me was the most beautiful face I’d ever seen. This was a face crafted by angels. Blue eyes concentrating on my little form, shining brown hair with a golden light in the sun, perfect skin that appeared untouched by the forest; the stuff one would think to see in the most beautiful portrait. I found myself lost in the curve of the man’s lips, mischievously curved on the ends with an eternal, seductive smile that allured me. I actually gasped when I saw the lips open to reveal the most beautifully white smile and then a deep voice. “ Are you ok, champ?” I felt so safe and secure and peaceful, I didn’t dare speak up to him. He was just too beautiful. A deep chuckle came from him as he started to shift and I felt the two big forms beneath me bulge and move. I made it down to the ground with a short trip and looked up to see an amazing sight. The face I’d admired was connected to perhaps the largest, most perfectly crafted muscles I’d ever seen. His chest hulked in a sort of way out in front of him, almost blocking the view of the tall man’s clefted chin. I let my vision trickle down the cleavage of those big pecs, both capped by hard, reddened nipples. I wasn’t prepared for the hardness of the giant’s body as he caused an eight pack on his stomach to push out and then pull in. I dared to touch it and felt the steely hardness beneath. Striations and veins trailed down to a pair of shredded shorts that were struggling to contain those muscular hips and thick thighs. I could actually see the bends and grooves of his thigh muscles through the tight pants (along with a massive appendage that was straining against the pouch of his tight underwear). I could make out the head of his thick manly tool that went down and seemed to fill his pouch and then trail down one leg with its length. I was speechless as the muscles continued down his thick, manly calves, covered in brown leg hair that stopped at his ankles just before his thick feet came into view. My own feet were surrounded by his big, muscular feet. I had to guess that, with my own size 9’s, his feet had to be almost twice mine at a rough size 17! I looked back to his face as he moved his towering body. He smiled down at me with a big smile and spoke. “Looks like you’re the one those ignorant fools sent” he said down to me. I’d never been more trapped between fear and amazement. Who was this man? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 A lot less happened than I thought was expected to happen after you’re rescued by a human creature from heaven with the physical prowess of a full grown giant on steroids. The big man looked down at me with an amused expression and moved his beautifully crafted lips to speak. “It seems you require some nourishment and housing, dude” the giant spoke, indicating that he preferred to talk as though he were mixing teenage slang with intellectual words. “I will happily oblige” he said as he grabbed me under the arms, threw me over his arm, held my legs with a big hand and, before I knew it, we were running. I couldn’t believe the speed at which the man’s powerful legs were moving him but I’d seen them already. They were well crafted machines made to allow this man to travel at whatever speed he wished. Trees and exotic fruits passed us by as we moved like a jeep at top speed through the jungle. I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful scenery. ALL of it. Past the low hanging vines, the high reaching trees, the colorful fruits, the sounds of animals, and the dust cloud created by our trek through the area, I was mesmerized by the dance of the giant’s bubbled ass as it bounced with every kick forward. It was a seductive dance that followed with one cheek giggling after kicking and the other tightening as he prepared the next leg to launch him forward. I panicked as I embarrassingly felt myself grow hard against the firm, hard surface of my carrier’s large trap muscle. I was in a relationship! Why was I fantasizing over such a hunk of pure man just because I could watch his ass bounce for hours and see his back muscles contort with rising and falling mountains on his back. I could actually feel him breathing slowly and his muscles lacking sweat as though he wasn’t affected by this high speed dash at all. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy my little nook of the forest” he said as the trees began to thin. The clearing past the trees left me blinded for a moment as my eyes adjusted to the sudden light. “It’s not very festive but I feel this abode will suffice for your simple needs” he said without slowing down or stopping his big, powerful legs. I still couldn’t see for several seconds but, by the time my vision was back, I could make out a large building hidden surrounded by the sunniest field in the world. The building itself was made of shaved wood with holes to indicate windows. The entire thing could have reached 3 stories although it could be seen through some of the larger windows/holes that there was only 1 floor. I craned my neck in my awkward position to see all this but it was still clear to me how peaceful this space was. There wasn’t a churping or hissing or roaring at all nearby. That was when I noticed. There were no birds or animals nearby the house at all. Also, on our way here, the animals had never once tried to attack us. An island like this was bound to have its own ecosystem. What were they afraid of? The man who’d rescued me set me down and then looked up to his home with a big grin. “My masterpiece” he said as though he were referring to the perfect artwork. I was looking at the beautiful sculpture that towered in front of me, his beautiful eyes glistening in the sun light. Looking up at him with the sun perfectly set behind his head, his stature truly did seem large and potentially menacing and yet majestic. I was pulled out of my trance when I smelled cooking meat. The tall man released an immense laugh as he heard my stomach grumbling. “I promised nourishment. It would be rude of me to neglect my obligation” he said amusingly as he moved his large frame around me and walked into the house. I followed him into the large gaping square hole that was considered a door nervously like a mouse coming through a hole in the wall and looked up to see this massive slab of meat. It was blackened with the heat of the fire to the point where even I myself never questioned that it was well done. The slab was so tall it almost went up 2 stories from the thick tree it was perched on the way a meat stick is used. Who could possibly eat this much?! I looked lower to where the root of the slab resided and there, poking the fire with a stick, was the giant man, his ass pushing tightly into the seat of his pants as he bent down to check on the fire beneath. I walked toward the circle of fire and stone and got a closer at the two big melons being protected by the thin layer of clothing. I could see sweat coming from the giant’s hairy armpits as his big muscles made circulation difficult between his joints. He wiped his big forearm over his forehead and continued to check the fire regardless of my watching him. I went back down to view the lines and grooves leading to his perfect ass when I saw a gap in the clothing. A gap that I’d seen once when Teddy had tried to fit into a tux he hadn’t worn in years for his sister’s wedding. A large tear was lined down between the big man’s big glutes that allowed one to see a short glimpse of the tight undergarments he was wearing beneath. My mouth was drooling as I saw the exposed, round flesh drip with sweat and squeeze against the fabric like hams warpped tightly. I was so busy drooling I never noticed he was watching. “ No need to ogle, dude. We can converse over explanations and conflicts in a moment” he said as he did something unthinkable. With his big hand, the man stuck his hand into the fire consumed meat and tore off a big chunk as if it were cotton candy. My eyes bulged out of my head at that. He must have been so muscular and dense, the fire wasn’t strong enough to burn him. My cock was painfully hard at the sight but I ignored it as the man handed me the chunk of meat, its mass still smoking. “Eat up” he said with a smile across his scruffy face. I dared to touch it and was thankful it was warm but not hot. Before I took it from him, I couldn’t help but thank him. “Thank you….uh…” I said, realizing the most beautiful man in the world and I had yet to be introduced. With eyes that glittered in the fire, the man smiled a reassuring smile and gave me my answer. “Thompson.” I had to unbutton the belt to my jeans as I realized the meat I’d eaten was far more feeling than I assumed. In my time of exhaustion, I couldn’t help but look up and see the giant Thompson gnawing away at the expanse of the meat, ignoring its size to concentrate only on nourishment. I’d never seen a man eat like that; and so fast! Within 10 minutes, the meat that had been at least 7 times Thompson’s size had been fully consumed, the giant cleaning out a chunk of meat in his brilliant white meat-mashing teeth. His hard 8 pack abs were unaffected by the size of such a feast. “That’ll do for lunch” he said amazingly as he scratched his hairy chest and stretched a bit. With a long gait, the giant was in front of me in not time and hit the ground with a thud in a cross-legged position, his thighs bulging around his crotch. In the sunset’s light, his muscles were truly something one would expect to see once every lifetime. His pecs curved perfectly and pushed past his biceps like their own shelf as he sat up and looked at me. “ I think it’s time I told you what’s going on before this drags out too long” Thompson said. He seemed to be placing his thoughts for a moment before opening his mouth to speak. “To be begin, the reason I am here is perpendicular to the reason you are here, little guy. I am actually known as Subject T, the first successful subject to ever be given heightened male aspects. Heightened brain function, high testosterone, increased male hormones, and heightened metabolic systems. I was told this by the man in charge of the entire operation, the infamous and pompous Andrew Cassidy. He funded the entire operation, ordering a group of scientists to invent a drug that would make him immortal and, even more so, all powerful. To do this, however, they needed a test subject of sorts. A way to ensure that Cassidy would survive the procedure after being injected. In order to do that, all they needed was a teen at his prime with the perfect genetics to receive the drug. That’s when they found me several years ago. At age 18, I was a puny brat; 120 pounds, 5’5, barely able to lift 40 pounds. I was probably the puniest man on earth but they thought “hey, this kid could be perfect”. It’s not suprising I accepted their offer. At that point I’d just gotten out of high school and was suffering the same level of treatment in college. I needed to get out of my life then. That’s when they injected me. On Day 1, I’d already shot an inch and was gaining mass exponentially. My body reacted like a sponge to every food I ate. My testosterone was rising higher and it showed. It took till day 3 for me to get hairy. That was a year ago. On the way, I started getting big for another 10 months until I just stopped. I’d hit 6’2 and was at the point where I would no longer grow any more. I was able to bench 350 easy and squatted for days. I was at the top of my game and I’d gotten the chance to try some…. enlarged dimensions on some sexual partners.” At this point, Thompson actually dug his hand into the tight space of his pants and scratched as best he could the massive appendage hanging inside, confined to its space but looking strangely bigger than I remember it. “I thought that this was the result of their project back then but I was wrong. They wanted more. Cassidy wanted more. He’d spent his money on becoming an all powerful man, not a mildly strong one. So the braniacs too their time and, with effort, created the drug in a kind of 2.0 version. One that excelled past the safe parameters of the human body. Lucky me, my body took to that like a sponge too but more than the scientists thought. I went crazy for a while, rampaging and fucking people up with all my force. I really couldn’t handle all of the new power I’d been given well. Had my brain not caught up to the experiment, I’d still be mad with power. Once they settled me down, we could now see I’d raised my IQ by an immeasurable amount of points. I began to read books in an hour or less. I’d learned almost all the languages of the world in a day. I could do college level mathematics and statistics in my head after that. It only took a week for me to grasp all of the knowledge within the human race.” As Thompson told his story, I couldn’t help but let my jaw drop. These events he’d experienced were something one would see in some over intense action movie but, right in front me, he’d given me facts AND results with nothing but his words and his body. Thompson continued. “I’ve been here for about 2 weeks after the first power quake struck” he said to me. At this my ears perked. Quake? “My body was starting to solidify with muscle harder than steel. My body was actually adapting to the drag and trying to make it more powerful! I was shocked when I learned I could lift trucks over me and then large boulders. I’d even accidently uprooted a tree. That wasn’t even my most exciting feat as I could run the side of some of the tallest mountains in seconds. That speed we’d been going at earlier was like a brisk walk to me” he said with confidence. “ But I just kept getting bigger and stronger. The quakes were starting to destroy nearby buildings and the government was starting to peek around into the findings. That was when Cassidy thought it was a great idea to send me far far away onto a deserted island where I couldn’t destroy anything except the mountains and trees with my growth.” The last word Thompson said came with a bit of a shaking I think I imagined. “Do those still happen even now?” I asked unsurely as I felt I’d been adjusted in my position on the ground. A wicked smile went across Thompson’s face as another quick shake could be felt. “Everyday now. Getting stronger too. Went up 7 inches last time. Looks like I wont be 7’2 anymore” he said as he stood up with a grunt. I began to freak as I felt the quaking become more frequent. With every other second, a quake would run through the area and I’d be moved as though the earth had moved me. Thompson had his arms in a double bicep that looked tight but big. “Ugh. 25 inch fucking biceps” he growled. I could start to see the space around him look a little bit different as though the pressure were changing. The ground beneath Thompson looked a little bit like it was sinking as his legs suddenly tensed up, veins rising to the surface. “Ugh. So fucking big ” he growled again as he spread his stance wider. I stepped back as I could see the big man’s feet slowly inch out. Those big planks of mass were gaining muscle as quickly as the rest of Thompson’s body, the mass coming from nowhere. Objects near the wall were beginning to fall off makeshift shelves and the building was starting shiver at the chaos. I actually covered my head as a board of wood fell from the ceiling. I could still see past the shaking of my world and make out Thompson’s shoulders broadening and his chest sticking further forward. I was too scared for fight or flight. I had to see this beautiful man become more man than I could ever dream of. I could see that Thompson was gaining height fast as his face appeared to be in a state of constant orgasm. “ I fucking love this feeling” he roared as he began to touch his growing body. He seemed oblivious to earthquake he was creating as his chest spread further out and seemed to get perkier, becoming even leaner than they already were. Everything was getting raised higher and sticking out farther than before, making his super model body type shift to what had to be a bodybuilder like body type. As another thick board of wood fell from above, I I began to question my survive. Thankfully, however, the 10 minutes it took for Thompson to grow finally reached its end and, with a final quake, he was finished. Thompson was like a morphed, heightened version of himself. Everything looked to have changed proportion and gotten harder than before. Thompson had been upgraded to a much larger version of himself. He looked down at me from 8’3 with a big smile. “Guess the cat’s out of the bag” he joked as he flexed a bicep and gave it a kiss. I was starting to see the beauty of his arrogance as he looked longingly at his own muscles. I let my vision slip down the valleys and ridges of his muscles to see what had to be his manly treasure. A long tube of appendage was straining the confines of the shorts he’d been wearing. The sides had tears in them as though all the stitches except several were hanging on. The muscle in his thighs had taken off more of his shorts and made them look like shorts made for someone more than half his size. I jumped when I saw his cock shiver in its position, almost like he was growing again. I was wrong. He wasn't growing but his cock sure was. The long weapon was getting longer, the imprint of his cock becoming more obvious. I could hear and see the shorts strain against the force of his cock and could see the tiny button on top actually tighten in place with all its might. It was futile, however as the button tore and the giant’s undergarments were stretched out. “Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the chemicals and inhabitants around the island to see the extents of the drug. One thing is most certain: The drug gets excited whenever I exhibit sexual energy” he said as he began to palm the growing bulge in his briefs. His cock looked as though it were at least 14 inches and only seemed to get longer and thicker. It looked as though his cock might not even be thin enough to be stuffed into an extra large paint can. “The best way to control it is to pass it on to someone to release it for me” he said with a leer at me. I almost quivered at his gaze as my cock suddenly began painfully hard again. I felt almost a magnetic pull towards Thompson as he looked at me with his seductive eyes. Every part of my being wanted him and there was no debating it. “ All I need is someone willing to excite all the sexual energy within me and I will become a god” he said as he walked over to me and stood within 2 feet of me, his cock still slowly reaching out. “ Pacify my hunger and I’ll consider you the one who gave me power to conquer the world” he said down to me. I couldn’t refuse his offer and was on my knees in seconds, grabbing the pole in front of me with strict concentration. I couldn’t ignore what I was doing right now. I was creating a god. I don't remember what happened last but I remembered it as his long inhuman cock reached high above me and my mouth wrapped about what it could of the biggest cock head on the planet.
  8. rockhopper

    m/m Nephilim

    This was the first story in this series. I wrote it about ten years ago, I guess. All the other superbeings our hero encounters in this series are all based on guys I had crushes on over the years. When I posted it on the old site, I prefaced it with: Okay, guys, this is my first attempt to write in this genre. It's a bit over the top, but most of these stories are. I drew some of my inspiration from Legionxp's fabulous Super Powers Universe stories, but this world is much more benign. Please be kind. My life had become a big blur. I had a job I loved, but it took a lot of my time and energy. I felt I was really making a difference with what I was doing, but it required long hours. I rarely got to spend time with my friends. I hadn’t had a date in two years. Even though I had a gym membership, I hadn’t darkened the door in months. Unfortunately, my body had suffered over the last several months’ neglect. I had gained weight in all the wrong places. I had to buy bigger pants. I getting really down about it. I had always been disposed to chubbiness, but it was starting to get pretty bad. One evening, as I got home at about 9–an all too frequent happening–as I was about to put my key in the lock, the door to the condo next to mine opened. “Hey, Peter! Just getting home?” It was my neighbour Adam. He was a magnificent specimen. Tall, fair and gorgeous, he had the kind of body one might see in the Greco-Roman pantheon. He always seemed to be wearing the tightest T-shirts he could find, showing off every fibre of muscle on his body. He shoulders were nearly as wide as the doorway. His pecs strained against the fabric. His biceps and triceps seemed to celebrate their liberty from the tyranny of sleeves. As muscular as he was, nothing was out of proportion. No monster he. This was perfection. “Yeah, Adam. A lot of work these days.” “I think you need some time off, Peter,” Adam smiled, his chiselled face forming dimples that bracketed his close-cropped goatee. “I sure wish I could take some!” Adam leaned against the doorframe. His triceps leapt up to form an incredible bulge on his arm. “You have to make the time for rest. All work and no play...” he winked. “Maybe soon you’ll have more time than you think. Listen, you need to get to bed, but come on over one evening this week.” “Thanks. That sounds nice.” The next evening I came in at nine again. And, again, Adam was there in another T-shirt that would stop traffic. “You poor thing,” he said sweetly. You give your all to that job, don’t you?” “Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.” “You need to plan an early night tomorrow.” “What?” “Leave work at a decent hour and come over for dinner. I’ll bet you haven’t socialised with anyone outside of work in months.” “Well, I’ll try.” “Give me a knock tomorrow night when you come home.” He squeezed my upper arm with his hand. “I’ll be here!” “Okay, see you then.” I wasn’t sure at the time that I really could get off early, but the thought was certainly attractive. I had lustful thoughts about Adam since he moved in, he was so beautiful. It was then that I realised that I didn’t clearly recall Adam moving in, or, in fact, ever actually meeting him, but somehow, he was the only neighbour I really knew. He wasn’t there when I bought the place, I knew that. Next evening I came home at 6:30. Somehow everything that needed to get done got done and I was able to leave at a reasonable hour. I changed into a sweater and jeans and began to knock on Adam’s door. Before my knuckles could make contact, the door was open and there was Adam in a skin-tight black ribbed T-shirt and black jeans. My own pants seemed to get a little tighter in the crotch area. “Peter, come on in!” he beamed with that gorgeous smile. He gestured into his unit’s living room. It was safe to say that he got the decorator gene, I thought. It was full of beautiful antique furnishings that looked as if they were made to be in that room together. “Dinner is ready. You do like sushi, don’t you?” “I love sushi. It’s one of my favourites.” “Fabulous! I made it myself,” he gestured towards the cherry dining room table, perfectly laid out with traditional Japanese accessories. I had a seat and he poured me some hot sake. “Unagi and maguro are my favourites, so I made more of them than the others, but there’s a nice variety.” He walked over to the table. I loved watching Adam walk. Every muscle in his body rippled with each step he took. I stared at his pecs. I love pecs and have a special fondness for bouncing pecs. As I thought about this, Adam bounced his pecs for no apparent reason. Sigh. As he sat down, I just puzzled over this whole scene. This incredible man whom I barely knew had just made me my favourite dinner–right down to the fact that I like eel and tuna best–and this is not an easy dinner to make! “Thank you, Adam. It all looks wonderful.” This made no sense. He couldn’t be interested in me! He could have any man he wanted inside a minute. I’m nothing special, I thought. To quote Andrew Tobias, “I’m adorably neurotic in the right light”–but not in the same league as Adam. I was kind of paunchy, prematurely balding, on the shorter side of average and pretty nerdy looking. Dinner, of course, was fabulous and so was the conversation. Adam was as brilliant as he was beautiful. He knew about art, literature, music, comics, old movies and classic TV. One thing, though, he didn’t talk about himself. I didn’t know where he was from, where he’d gone to school, or for that matter what he did for a living. Every time I was about to ask one of those questions, he would look at me with those blue-grey eyes and I just wouldn’t want to ask. After dinner, we walked over to the living room and I sat on a lovely little settée. I still couldn’t believe any of this. As he handed me a cocktail, Adam smiled once again and said, “So, Peter, you’re wondering what this is all about.” “Well, yes, the thought did occur to me.” Adam sat next to me. “I’m going to tell you, Peter, but promise you’ll hear me out.” “Sure.” “Peter, there is more to this world than what you’ve been taught. What is the most advanced species on this planet?” “Homo sapiens?” Adam laughed. “Ah, Peter, you are a naïf. There are beings on this earth whose existence, though universally known, is not believed. You have heard the names in legends: Nephilim, djinn, fairies, to name three. These have been thought to be gods, angels, demons, and just about everything in between. These are what protects the human race from destroying itself. These have been guiding humanity since its infancy, inspiring it to reach higher and better itself. The voice is not always heard, but it is always there.” I thought he had cracked up. What was this nonsense? “Nephilim”? I hadn’t heard that word since Sunday school. I started to get up. “Ah-ah, you gave me your word. Peter, how old do you think I am? Don’t be afraid to overestimate. I won’t be offended.” Adam’s age was really hard to guess. His incredible body made him look a lot younger than I thought he was. From his eyes, I guessed him to be in his mid-to-late forties. “Uh, forty-two?” Adam smiled again. “Oh, Peter, when I was 42 years old, Romanesque was giving way to Gothic.” “That would make you at least 900 years old!” “Close enough.” “I suppose you're one of these Nephilim or whatever it is you call yourselves.” “We don’t actually call ourselves anything. Mortals come up with the names themselves.” “Okay, I’ve heard you out. Now I’m heading out.” I got up “You need a demonstration, don’t you?” Adam blew out a gentle breath with which he somehow halted me in my tracks. He then drew a breath in which turned me around to face him. I couldn’t move or speak. Terrified was an understatement. “Let’s see, ah, the settée! We’ll make this fun!” He pointed a finger at the settée his huge triceps leaping as he straightened his arm. Furniture became flesh as the settée was instantly changed into a rockhopper penguin. Adam grinned. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and then–of all things–bounced his pecs and another rockhopper appeared next to the other. Adam then winked and in the next instant he too was a rockhopper. The Adam-rockhopper made a gesture and suddenly I could move again, but the room had become so big. I looked down and realised that I too was now a rockhopper penguin. I tried to speak, but I could only make a sharp squawk. A voice in my head said “That’s enough!” One rockhopper became a settée, one vanished, one became Adam and one become a thoroughly shocked Peter. “Believe me now?” Adam cooed, as he patted my cheek. “My God, Adam! You! That! We!” I fainted. I came to cradled in Adam’s strong arms. He placed me down gently on the settée. “Well, we are easily impressed!” Adam stroked his goatee and sat next to me. “Believe it or not, Peter, I’m rather young for one of my kind. Still, one sees a lot in a millennium or so. I’ve seen empires and kingdoms rise and fall. I’ve witnessed disasters and plagues. In fact, if not for my intervention, the Black Plague would surely have decimated Europe.” “You stopped the Black Plague on your own?” “You still doubt? When did we meet, Peter?” “Ah, I’ve lived hear almost two years. I know you’ve moved in since then...” “We met a week ago.” “Oh, no, you’ve been here a lot longer than that.” “I created that memory for you.” “What?” “I don’t actually live in this condo at all. It belongs to a sweet little lady, Mrs Moore.” “Mrs Moore–I forgot all about Mrs Moore! What did you do with her?” “She’s fine. I’ll bring her back as soon as I’m finished with her place. She’ll never know she was gone.” “But, why, Adam, if that is your name...” “It is.” “Why? Why are you here?” “Peter, I have wandered the earth for centuries. In that time I have been intimate with many humans, but I have always been alone. Such a long time by oneself makes one rather lonely. I’ve grown weary. I can’t go on alone. A suitable companion for an immortal is hard to find. There are not many of my kind. I searched the world over for an unselfish, caring man, one whose soul was already beyond humanity. And that search led me to you.” “What?” Adam placed a large hand on my face. “Come with me, Peter. I love you. I can give you more than you have ever thought possible.” “But what about my job?” “You will be like me. You’ll never want for anything. They don’t pay you enough, anyway.” “But I love my job. I chose my profession so I could help make the world a better place.” “With the powers I give you, you can do far more for humankind.” “I don’t know. I barely know you.” Adam placed his hand on my forehead and we immediately entered what can only be described as a metaphysical communion. I knew, felt and experienced what he knew, felt and experienced. I knew that the void in my life would be filled. It was all true. “But, Adam, you could have anyone. Why me? I’m not that much to look at.” “I see what is inside and you are the most beautiful man I have ever met. In the transfiguration, your appearance will match your soul.” “Transfiguration?” “I will make you like me. You will be immortal and gain all my powers.” “This is all happening so fast. Adam, it sounds wonderful–wonderful, nothing! It’s incredible! Beyond incredible! I don’t know.” Adam got down on his knees and took my hands in his and held them to his chest. “Peter, I can do so many things, but I can’t make you come with me. You must do this of your own free will.” He kissed my hands softly. He looked into my eyes and I saw him shed a tear. “Yes, Adam. What do I have to do?” “Let me do what I must do.” Adam had changed his own shape, that of an object and another person and created a penguin from thin air with little apparent effort. But this transfiguration was another matter. He pursed his lips and a wind came from his mouth. I was lifted into the air as gentle currents swirled around me. The apartment and our clothing dissolved from around us and we ascended into the clouds. Adam and I were both now naked in mid-air. Then the least expected thing happened: Adam began posing! He raised both arms into a double-biceps. I felt my own arms and shoulders begin to swell up. Fat disappeared, to replaced with muscle, and not just any muscle! My arms grew to almost the size of Adam’s. The then raised an eyebrow and winked as he bounced his pecs. My own chest lifted and shaped two perfectly carved pec masses. He turned around and spread his back. My own back tightened and contoured to a “V”. He faced me again and flexed the muscles in his abs, and, sure enough, my belly shrunk and an eight-pack appeared. He flexed his glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves and my lower body manifested a similar effect–all of my lower body! My face also felt tighter. My whole body had changed. I wasn’t any taller–I don’t think Adam or I wanted that–but everything else was as had only dreamed it could be. “Come to me!” Adam called softly. I floated over to him and he took me in his arms and kissed me. As he kissed me, he began to breathe softly into my mouth. I then felt a change a thousand times greater than reshaping my body. He was filling me with his power. For what seemed like a century I floated within his mighty arms, enjoying an ecstasy few, if any had known before. And in the end, I was no longer a mortal man. I was something else. I had been transfigured. “Adam, oh, Adam! I–I feel like I could do anything.” “You can!” “Oh, I have so much to learn.” “I’ll teach you,” Adam whispered as he caressed my now magnificent chest and kissed me. “After all, we have eternity.”
  9. amauiguy

    m/m Robbie And Roy

    Originally I wrote this story for the Bearhugger site ( Note: Still figuring out the tags... this story has one guy who is significantly bigger than the other, hence the 'macro' tag. A better tag might be 'size difference' since this is within the realm of plausible sizes. If you're looking for mega giants, they're not in this story. Robbie and Roy The afternoon I first met Robbie, I could tell right away that he was special. You might think it's weird for a huge bodybuilder like me to say that about someone as small and scrawny as Robbie, but I swear it was true then, and it still is. I had just finished a fantastic, almost-puke-your-guts-out leg workout, I'm talking massive squats, extensions, curls, you name it. I really pushed myself, and my legs were so wobbly I could barely stand, let alone walk. I was heading home to shower, but it must have taken me ten minutes just to pull on my sweats over my t-shirt and shorts. So here I am, quads, hamstrings, and calves quivering in fatigue, doddering like an old man down the sidewalk. Suddenly out of nowhere from around the corner, this skinny brown-haired kid comes running right into me. He bounced off my bulk and fell to the sidewalk, but my own legs were so unsteady, I land on my ass, too. He pushed his thick glasses back into place, and shook his head and blinked his eyes a few times. Then he realized that he had run into a person. The look on his face was priceless. "Hey, are you ok, mister?" he asked, getting to his feet and rushing over to me, bending down with concern apparent on his face. I started laughing. I couldn't help it. Here was this kid, probably 5'5" or 5'6" maybe 100 pounds soaking wet asking me if I was ok. Did I mention that he's polite, too? Slowly I got to my feet, kind of enjoying the changes of expression on the little guy's face. First he seemed relieved that I could move at all, then happy that I was starting to stand, then puzzled as I rose taller and taller, then totally and completely awestruck when I reached my full height of 6'10". Yeah, I'm a big guy, and I'm used to having people stare at me, but Robbie was so cute, I couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, I'm fine, thanks," I said. I offered my hand, and introduced myself, "My name's Roy, what's yours?" He just stood there, his mouth gaping open, staring at me in wonder. I snapped my fingers in front of his face, you know, the way hypnotists do, and he muttered, "Wha...?" So I held my hand out and introduced myself again. "I'm Robbie," he said softly, reaching out tentatively to shake hands. I think he was afraid I was gonna hurt him or something. He kind of had that deer-in-the-headlights look, especially with those glasses of his. I took his small hand--I swear it seemed so tiny compared to mine, and gave it a firm clasp, but I was really careful not to hurt him. With his eyes practically popping out of their sockets, he said, "Wow, you're huge, Roy." With his tousled hair, he was so damn cute. Believe it or not, not all huge body builders are looking for other mountains of muscle. Muscle is great, but I've always had a soft spot for little guys, especially the types that seemed kind of vulnerable, like Robbie. What sealed the deal with me were the next questions out of Robbie's mouth. First he asked, "How much do you weigh?" At the time I wasn't as big as I am now, but I was honest and told him, "315." His eyes got really big, and then he asked breathlessly, "Can I feel your muscles?" Now, I've gotta tell you, for me, especially at that time, that was the perfect question. Maybe I felt like I needed an ego boost or something, I don't know. But coming from him, and without a hint of fear, I knew he was special. "Sure, Robbie," I said. Before I could say anything more, he reached up to place his small hands on my pecs, and started massaging them. "Whoa!" I said. "Down, tiger." He pulled his hands down and gave me a pouty look, like I'd just taken his candy away. "Robbie, how old are you?" I asked. Sticking up his chin, as if he always got asked his age, he said with a defensive voice, "I'm 22." You can't believe how relieved I was that this baby faced kid wasn't jail bait. Turned out he's a student at the local college. I was 38, myself. I didn't want to take any chances. I let him grope my muscles for a couple of minutes, and we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. It turned out his apartment wasn't far from my house. Then I asked him why he had been running. "Oh crap, I'm gonna be late for class," he exclaimed. "I'll call you later, Roy!" he said, running off. So that was how I met Robbie. Robbie called me early that evening. He didn't mince words, that's for sure. As soon as I answered the phone, he asked, "Roy, can I come watch you pose?" "Sure, Robbie," I said. "I like showing off." "Great!" Robbie said, and immediately hung up. Now was my turn for the "Wha...?" I didn't realize that he meant right that moment. As I often do, I had been lounging around the house naked, so I threw on a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. Sure enough, about ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I opened it to a still-panting Robbie. The eager little bugger had run all the way. "Hi, Roy!" he said excitedly, looking me up and down. "That tank top looks great on you! It really shows how broad your shoulders and traps are." His wide grin was captivating. I felt myself wanting to please him, so I struck a double bicep pose. "Oooh!" Robbie exclaimed, reaching up on tip toes to feel them. I bent down a little, so he could reach. Even with both of his hands he couldn't cover them. I pumped my biceps up and down, and could tell he loved that. "I love the way your flexing makes your veins move," he declared. Then he started running his hands over my shoulders and traps, kneading them, or at least trying to. His small hands weren't really powerful enough to dent them. "Can I see your pecs next, Roy?" he asked, pushing his glasses up. "Sure, Robbie, whatever you want," I answered. I grabbed at the bottom of my tank top and slowly pulled it up, revealing my abs first. Of course I tensed and moved them back and forth, eliciting more sounds of contentment and awe from my skinny little worshipper. I continued pulling the shirt off, tossed it onto a chair, and took a deep breath puffing out my chest to the max. Well, it must have been too much for poor Robbie, because I noticed his eyes start to roll back in his head, but I managed to catch him before he hit the floor. He was still breathing, so I wasn't too worried. I cradled him in my arms, thinking how light he felt. My normal bicep workout started with eighty pound dumbbells, so to me he was light as a feather. "Robbie," I whispered, "Robbie," trying to rouse him. His eyes fluttered open, and a huge smile appeared as he looked into my eyes. "You're massive, Roy!" he exclaimed. Then he realized I was holding him, and he asked, "Can you curl me?" I laughed. This kid was a total muscle hound, but I loved it, too. I walked over to the sofa and gently put him down so I could adjust the placement of my hands. "Try to stay stiff," I told him, as I easily lifted him up. Slowly I curled him, then extended my arms, then curled again, over and over. For me it was hardly a work out, but I was getting turned on by the look of utter bliss on his face. "Ah," he sighed. "This is so hot!" "Good, glad you're enjoying yourself," I replied sincerely. "You're like what, 6'8"?" he asked. "Try 6'10", little man," I answered. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "Can you show me your pecs now? I'll try not to pass out again." This guy was cracking me up. I hadn't had this much fun with a muscle worshipper in a long time. I set him down on his feet carefully, and took a deep breath to expand my chest. "I like hairy chests like yours, Roy," he said. "Your pecs are so massive that the hair doesn't hide their size at all." Robbie reached up and put a hand on each of my pecs and started rubbing them, and swirling the hair with his small fingers. I let him indulge himself for a couple of minutes, and then I decided to have some fun. I started slowly bouncing my pecs. First I'd lift one and hold it, then I'd let that one relax and lift the other. "Oh, yeah!" Robbie declared enthusiastically. You'd think Robbie had just been given a puppy for Christmas or something from the look of delight on his face, especially when I increased the speed of the bouncing. I closed my eyes, and tilted my head back, enjoying the sensations of his hands on my pecs. Well, Robbie wasn't about to stop his exploration, and that was precisely the time he decided to see whether my nipples were connected to anything. "Yow!" I yelped in surprise. With a devilish look, Robbie peered up at me to see if that was a yell of surprise or pain. Quickly determining it was the former, he set to work on my nipples with a vengeance. I'm sure I must have been moaning in pleasure then, but I don't really remember. Let's just say that my nipples definitely are wired, and they run directly to my cock, which was soon fully erect, and quite obviously visible pressing against the light cloth of my gym shorts. Robbie knew the effect he was having on me, and he loved it. "Looks like you're flexing another muscle, Roy," he snickered. I was actually close to shooting my load, so I decided to distract him. I reached down, put one hand on each side of his narrow torso, and then extended my arms, lifting him up in front of me. My house has 12' ceilings, so I lifted him up as far as I could. "You're really strong, Roy! This is fun," he exclaimed. By now it was clear to me that anything involving muscles and manhandling him would probably excite this skinny kid. I lowered him a bit, so that the fly of his jeans was at the same level as my mouth. I could feel the length of his stiff cock sticking up in his pants. Pressing against the fabric, I breathed hot air against his boner. He giggled and twitched. Then I brought him down against my chest, wrapping my arms around him. He felt so tiny. "Oh, yeah, Roy! I love bearhugs. Squeeze me, squeeze me hard," begged my little muscle worshipper. I knew that I would crush him if I squeezed too hard. I also knew that I'd be able to make him cum if I squeezed just hard enough. I pulled him firmly against my furry pumped up pecs, and flexed my big biceps along his sides. Slowly I pulled my forearms toward my chest, just a bit at first. Enough so that he could feel the security of being held in my arms. That was when I leaned my head down and kissed him on the forehead, and whispered, "You're special, Robbie." He tilted his head up and looked into my eyes and said, "Thanks, Roy. In case you didn't notice, I think you're special, too." Then, as I've since grown used to, he broke the romantic mood by taunting me, "You aren't squeezing very hard." I laughed and bounced him up and down in my grasp. "Wait as sec, let me put these down," he said, taking off his glasses. I took them from him and placed them carefully on the table. "Ok, crush me, Roy!" he commanded. Gradually I tightened my hold around him. I wanted him to enjoy it, so I went very slowly. At first giving him a taste of being wrapped up in solid muscle. I started squeezing a little more. He was still breathing regularly, but he was not able to draw in quite as much air with each breath. "These big arms are crushing you now, little man." I continued to compress his torso, loving the way it felt to embrace his skinny little body. He had his eyes closed, and a big smile on his face as he endured my bearhug, his feet dangling high off the floor. "I know you like my pecs. I'm gonna show you just how big they are." I inhaled deeply, expanding my huge chest against his narrow one, forcing him to exhale from the pressure of it. Then I exhaled allowing him to take another breath, and then I inhaled again to force his out. "My muscles are in control of your every breath." Even through his pants, I could tell he was getting aroused by this. "Crushing the breath from you..." I pulled my arms a bit tighter, tensing and relaxing my biceps rhythmically against his sides. "Tighter, and tighter, little man..." He was close to shooting. His breaths were shorter and shorter. With each breath, he was taking in less air than before. "Squeezing you..." I listened, as his breath went in, then out, then in, then out. He was on the verge of climax. It was time to squeeze him over the edge. On the next breath out, I squeezed just a bit harder, forcing the remaining air from his lungs, and then I held him like that. "Nighty, night!" His body went rigid, his bony hips thrusting against my abs as he shot his load. I slowly loosened my grip around him, so he could breathe again, and carried him over and gently laid him down on the sofa to recover. As he lay there, I thought about how sweet he looked, and how I'd do anything to please him. We've been together for a few years now. With his encouragement, and the motivation I get from his near constant worship, I'm close to 400 pounds. That makes both of us very happy. This post has been promoted to an article
  10. londonboy

    m/m Cumming And Growing

    “Hey Colin, can you come help me get this t-shirt off?” “Dude, I am not your servant. If you’re going to get too big to take off your own shirt, then buy extra ones and just rip them from your body at the end of each day.” “Get over here and help me or I’m going to walk over there and pin you to your bed with only one finger pressed into your back. And you know I can do it. I won’t let you up until you piss on yourself.” It was the same scenario from almost every other evening in this particular dorm room. Joey Tate and Colin Green had roomed together for four years. They had been placed as roomies randomly by the university’s lottery system, but had become best friends within two weeks of their first semester and had been inseparable since. They fully realized that fate had brought them together for a specific reason and now nothing was going to split them up. Colin stepped closer to the muscular senior, who had bent over to make it easier for his friend to pull the super-tight shirt up over his monstrous back and insanely wide shoulders. Once the sweat-soaked shirt had been peeled off, Joey stood back up and Colin had to tilt his head back to look into the face of his roommate. “Anyway, remember, Colin, it’s your fault I’ve gotten this big.” “Are you complaining, Joey.” “No way, man, but you just need to remember that I’m so fuckin’ swollen with muscles that I now need you to do a few things for me – like scrubbing my back, helping me remove shirts, and, best of all, measuring body parts.” “Not to mention doing your laundry, making your protein shakes, and cleaning this shared dorm room.” “Now Colin, you remember the deal we made. It seems to me that you agreed early on that you were getting the better part of this arrangement. I think I remember some moans of pleasure this morning that made it very clear you like your contributions to this relationship.” “Well, yes – yes, I do. I also believe the sounds you gave off at the same time prove how much you like it, too, Joey.” “I wasn’t the one complaining, buddy! Care for a second round? I’m a little juiced up after the gym.” “No sir, we have to stick to our rules. We can only ask our parents for a certain amount of money each semester. Your clothes have to, at least, last the semester. You’ve also already drawn enough attention to yourself - let’s not battle another round of steroid rumors and you having to prove that needles have not been injected.” “There’s only one thing I need sticking inside of me to make me grow, Colin. How about it roomie, let’s make some muscle. I feel like growing some more.” “Down boy. Go take a cold shower. You’re just over-stimulated. You know what lifting does to you.” Joey left the room to head down to the showers at the end of the hall, clearly unconcerned that he was walking around in only his skin-tight boxers. With a body like his it really didn’t matter what he wore – people were going to stare no matter what. Colin missed his roommate’s huge body as soon as it departed the room. He had certainly desired a second round, just like Joey, but he needed to be the clear-headed one in this relationship. Joey tended to have only one thing on his mind at all times – muscles, muscles, muscles – and Colin needed to keep the big man’s urges in check. He started picking up the sweaty clothes Joey had worn to the gym – holding them up to his face to get a deep whiff of the other dude’s raunchy manliness. The stench made Colin hard as hell immediately. His thoughts drifted back to that first semester of freshman year. The two dweeby drama majors had hit it off the first night – even confessing their homosexuality to each other within three hours of meeting. It was clear that both guys wanted to be free of bonds and bullying that had held them down in high school. One thing led to another and before either of them could do anything about it they were initiating both beds by moving back and forth in copulation bliss – multiple times. The sex had been so incredible for both of them they lost count of the times they came and just focused on pleasing each other. The next morning Colin felt like a million bucks, but Joey complained that his body ached like crazy and they both worried he had the flu. By late afternoon he was feeling better and further into the evening he felt so good that they repeated their goal of attempting as many sexual positions in one night as possible. Again, the next day Colin felt like he could run a marathon and Joey had the same flu-like symptoms. It wasn’t until after three weeks of this lustful cycle that Joey’s change started to become obvious. One day he was complaining about how tight most of his clothes had become and how he felt bigger in some way. He told his roommate it was the first time he could actually see muscles on his body – none of them had existed before. This confirmed something else Colin had realized a few days before – that Joey had grown a few inches taler. Neither roommate pursued the conversation after that initial revelation, but it stayed somewhere in the back of their minds. Unfortunately, Joey’s grandmother passed away suddenly and he was called back to his hometown for a week and a half. During this time of separation Colin never woke up with the incredible feelings he had experienced after sleeping with his roommate and Joey didn’t ache in the morning or seem to grow bigger at all. As a matter of fact the now larger man’s new muscles seemed to deflate a little. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening – even though it seemed far-fetched and bizarre. Both men figured out their chemistry, when combined, did something miraculous. They were excited to share their newfound knowledge with each other when Joey returned, but their desire for sex was too overpowering and they spent the first eight hours after his arrival in bed. Colin could remember like it was yesterday the conversation that happened while they lay in bed fully charged early the next morning. Joey’s bluntness didn’t catch Colin off guard at all. “I grow when you fuck me.” “I know. And somehow I get smarter every time I squirt a load inside you, as well.” “Really? Wow, I didn’t realize that. How’d you figure it out?” “After five days of having sex with you I read all three textbooks for my calculus class from cover to cover and understood them completely. While you were away I lost some of the stuff I had immediately known right after our fuck sessions.” “This is totally whacked! Should we go to the doctor or tell someone, Colin?” “Why? Haven’t you always wanted to be huge? That’s what you told me” “Well, yes, but what if it’s dangerous or we’re causing some unknown harm to our bodies.” “The new hardness I feel in all of your muscles tells me we aren’t causing you any damage. As a matter of fact, I think the opposite is true. Our sex simply enhances your growth…” “And my strength! I lift a little heavier weight after every time I give you my ass or I suck you off.” “And I get smarter. I memorized a thousand Google sites in an hour recently. So let’s not tell anyone. Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing. Besides, I’m having the time of my life – aren’t you?” “Hell yes! So, how about you filling my ass for the fifth time tonight, Colin?” “With pleasure, Joey. It’s morning, though.” “Who the hell cares – just make me grow!” And that had been over three years ago. Since then, the two roommates had not been apart for more than three or four nights – ever! They usually had to separate during the holidays, but they had quickly devised plans to work and live together over the summers and they spent all other breaks in each other’s company. Over their freshman year Joey grew bigger than his entire wardrobe by mid-point second semester and that’s when Colin had been smart enough to force some limitations on their lovemaking. They were allowed one fuck session per day and two on special days - like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and the like. Joey complained a lot about the guidelines, but mostly because he was beginning to crave getting bigger and stronger. The guy started to have so much testosterone running through his body that even his little toe had macho swagger. He caught on to Colin’s wisdom, though, after he had to keep asking his parents for more money to buy new clothes and they started complaining. By the beginning of their junior year, Joey had gotten so big and strong that he sometimes easily held Colin down on the bed and sucked him off, rules or no rules. He was that desperate for more of his roommate’s powerful cum. He had learned, however, that this couldn’t happen all the time. Joey was now the star athlete on campus and ruled the weight room – something the theatre geek would have never thought possible when he started college. He also had more confidence that every other athlete put together. The young man wasn’t rude or cocky; he just always exuded this masculine aura that made it clear that people should treat him differently. Colin was clearly destined to graduate with top honors and most of his teachers had already given him so much extra work that they were running out of ways to challenge the student. He would be graduating with three majors – something that was almost unheard of. The couple was dubbed ‘the brainiac and the stud’ by everyone on campus and it was a well-known fact that they were lovers. No one ever bullied them or even talked about them behind their backs – mainly because they were such great guys, but also because everyone knew that Joey was strong enough to rip a car apart. No one wanted to be torn in two so they left the lovers alone – even the hotheaded frat-jocks knew not to mess with Joey. The roommates became campus celebrities and enjoyed their life of sex, growth, and enhanced intelligence. Joey returned from taking a shower, his body still shiny with water and his hair matted down on his head. He had an intense lustful look in his eyes when he closed the door and his cock, which had grown huge with the rest of him, was poking out from his boxers like the barrel of a missile launcher on a battleship. Colin instantly knew that the shower had not been enough to calm the savage beast. He also knew he would need to act quickly or Joey’s need for satisfaction would cause him to forcibly extract cum from the smaller man’s body – something that was always very pleasurable, but not the wisest thing since they had already had sex that morning. “Bring that beautiful thing over here, Joey, and I’ll take care of it for you. How about a blow job that will make your eyes roll back into your head?” Joey quickly removed his boxers as he walked over to his roommate. He then put his big hands on his hips and let his massive cock jut straight out towards Colin’s face. Like some kind of experienced hustler or professional cocksucker, Colin opened his mouth and throat completely and took the monster piece of meat deep inside him. It was clear that the man had become extremely talented at giving his roommate blowjobs – able to handle the man’s hugeness without any problem. It took about five minutes of loud moans and the intense sounds of expert sucking to make the big man explode like a supersized cannon. Both men were shocked by the amount of spunk Joey could release, but when you took into account the man’s size and the enormity of his cock and balls, it made sense. Joey had his big hands plastered against the wall high above Colin’s bed as he continued to shove his rod down his roommate’s throat to release a few more powerful blasts of jism. They stood there – frozen in time for about a minute as Joey’s body calmed down from the volcanic eruption. “I still don’t understand why me filling your little body with my juice doesn’t do anything.” “It’s a mystery, Joey. It is crazy ironic that the little guy needs to plow the muscleman’s ass to make him bigger, don’t you think? I do believe, however, that you have come to squeal like a little baby getting his bottle every time I plug you with my cock.” “It’s true. I used to love it just because I knew it would make me grow, but now I actually crave feeling your hardness inside of me. I wish I could go around all day with your cock in my ass.” “I bought you a set of butt plugs, but you never use them, Joey.” “It’s not the same – they don’t throb like your hard meat. It’s kind of like holding a mannequin’s hand. I crave the real thing. And I crave it all the time.” “Well, at least we can give you satisfaction this way and not have to worry about you bursting out of your clothes later in class or on the field. It wasn’t cool two weeks ago when after an intense sex session your quads burst out of your baseball uniform during a game.” “No, but it felt fucking hot! And it felt great having my dick flopping up and down in the breeze. I think Coach Denton got a little light headed when he saw how huge I was.” “Okay, enough with those thoughts, Joey, or you’ll work yourself up into another frenzy. Let’s not make this a day where I have to meet you almost every other hour someplace private on campus and suck you off. My jaw can’t take another one of those.” “Okay, okay. But I can’t help it if all this muscle and testosterone keep me horned up all the time. I just can’t get enough of my little man to satisfy all this hugeness.” “Yeah, like last week when you stood on my bed and pressed my body against the ceiling just so you could have my cock pointing down when you sucked me off – hoping it would mean I’d produce more cum.” “I believe it worked, did it not?” “Only because I got so turned on when you held me in place with only one hand.” “Well, you have gotten really light, you know.” “I’ve stayed the same, you jerk, and you are the one that’s gotten stronger.” Joey bent down and wrapped his beefy arms around his roommate, pulling him off the bed into the air in a loving bear hug. Collin immediately felt a rush of heaven flow through his body. He, too, could not get enough of his massively brawny roommate, but he was the one with the ability – most of the time – to logically avoid allowing Joey to outgrow the dorm room. He knew the massive jock would have liked to be the largest man on earth, but having a college boy bigger than all pro-bodybuilders and world-class strongmen would be a little too hard to explain to the world. This was especially true since the guy had been only a runt of a guy just three years ago. Joey started rubbing the smaller man’s body against his own; actually using Colin like someone might use a pillow to stroke his cock. Joey sometimes didn’t even realize what he was doing – he was just a huge man who had needs and he looked for ways to satisfy those desires without even thinking about it. “Hey perv, put me down, before that log becomes hard again and sticks out between my legs to become a bench for me to sit on.” “I don’t know why I’m so fucking horny today, Colin.” “You’re always fucking horny, dude.” Joey dropped his roommate on the bed and the smaller man bounced up and down. Without any warning or even caring what Colin thought, the big man started slowly moving through a posing routine in the middle of the room. He kept his eyes locked on his roommate because he knew exactly what his actions would do to the smaller muscle whore. “God, I love how I can flex my body and just know how it’s going to make you react. I begin with a side chest pose and it makes your eyes always grow wider. I then raise my arm into a biceps flex and my other arm goes down to my side so you see the chest and the bulging gun at the same time – something that makes your mouth drop open like it is right now. I then slowly move into a most muscular pose and, sproing, you cock shoots hard. But what I love most of all is when I end with a double biceps flex and your hand moves to your meat without any direct order from your brain and that paw begins to instinctively stroke it in appreciation of my muscles. Damn, I can depend on those specific reactions as much as I can depend on the sun rising in the morning. Now if I was really in an evil mood, I’d come over there and force my ass onto that hard pole, knowing you’d last maybe three tight bounces of my body up and down before you offered me some of your manliness, but I want to show you how I can sometimes be the one in control. You may be smarter than all the people on campus put together, Colin, but when it comes to my muscles all those brains can’t prevent you from having all those natural muscle-pig reactions. You want me just as much as I want you. This time brawn wins out, dude – I’m using all of my strength right now to prevent myself from forcing you to fuck me. See, now aren’t you impressed.” “Yes.” “Aw, the boy can only whisper now because he’s so taken with my body. It would be so easy to send you over the edge. What’s up mister smart Poindexter - is all my muscle just too much for your little body?” “Yes.” “Wow, for such a brilliant man, you sure aren’t one for many words, are you?” “No.” Joey bent down and gave the still hard and unmoving smaller man a kiss on the lips. He then stood back up and crunched his abs a few inches away from Colin’s face. The roommate on the bed reached up and ran his hand along the hard ridges as Joey moved his torso from side to side to emphasize his stomach’s perfection even more. Colin hummed in pleasure as he felt how hard Joey’s abs could become. “Happy Anniversary, again, baby.” “It’s funny how we celebrate our fist date and not the actual day we met and fucked, don’t you think, Joey?” “Oh my gosh, not this again. I’m telling you the days we holed up in here and plowed each other’s holes doesn’t count – it wasn’t until three and a half weeks into the semester that we actually put on nice outfits and went out for a date – to a real restaurant.” “Yeah, but we didn’t make it through the entire meal. We so desperately wanted to have more sex that we fucked in the bathroom stall; having to be quiet each time someone came in for anything. The waiter thought we were going to dine and dash, when it was really we just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.” “I still can’t keep my hands off of you, mister smarty pants, and I say we should use our first date for our anniversary. Let’s not get into this again, please? Now what do you want for your present?” “What were my choices again, Joey?” “Should we write these down, roomie? Cracking a bowling ball, bending or splintering baseball bats, crushing a safe, or poking my cock through cinderblocks – which is it going to be?” “Can I have all of them?” “I told you Colin – at max, two – since I need to save some things for your birthday, as well.” “I hope we are always so poor that we have to give each other hand made presents.” Colin looked up at the crowbar hanging on the wall, which had been bent into the shape of a heart by his huge lover and roommate. He remembered how it had been a special gift since Joey let him actually watch as he easily manhandled the metal into the special design. It was a Valentine’s Day he’d never forget. “Let’s see, if I choose the cinderblocks and watching you do some massive abuse with your cock, you’ll be too horned up at the end for me to convince you that I should just suck you off…” “That will probably happen with any of the choices, Colin. And, besides, it’s a special occasion so I get a second round tonight, anyway.” “So true. I guess I’d like the bowling ball and, for dessert, the thrill of seeing the safe destroyed.” “Excellent choices. I’ll borrow it from the finance office this evening – well, not really borrow since it will be destroyed. I don’t think I’ll be able to return it. And can I have my present now? I know it’s been ready for a while. It barely took you any effort at all, did it?” “No, actually it was harder than I anticipated, but it has been ready for a while. Here you go.” Colin reached down under his bed and pulled out a box, which Joey opened and a used iPhone was revealed. The larger man held it lovingly and looked at his partner. The smile on his face pleased Colin very much. “It’s totally loaded with apps you didn’t have to pay for and trust me, you won’t ever see a bill. I’ve got this thing so beautifully hidden that we’ll be in our thirties and raking in some big money before anyone figures us out. We’ll also get all the automatic upgrades.” “Sweet! Thank you, my smart handsome, boo.” “Anything for you, big man. And remember, I want one more gift. You promised me three homeruns today.” “Hey listen, can we make that two? Coach has been asking me to lighten up a little. The other schools have been complaining that I’m taking all the fun out of sports for the other teams. I think it would be good if I struck out once or just got a base hit.” “What? That’s not fair. You already never swing with your full force…” “Exactly, Colin – and the ball still goes soaring over the entire gym at the other side of the field.” “I love it when that happens. Okay, okay. You’re right. It’s kind of like during freshman year when Coach Denton made you wrestle the assistant coaches of the other teams so you wouldn’t hurt any of the college age dudes. I still remember how shocked those older men would get when you pinned them easily.” “Not to mention how my strength would cause them to get hard-ons whether they wanted to or not!” “Kind of like the hard on I’m sporting right now.” “Colin, stop it. Look who’s getting all horned up now. Let’s wait until this evening. As much as I want more of your super-charged juice right now, I need to get to class. And don’t be beating off when I’m gone. I want you to save that cum for later on this evening. Don’t think that I don’t notice those stains on the wall above the head of your bed. I know you’ve been whacking off thinking about me.” “Guilty as charged! I just have to start thinking about how you have grown over the last three years and I lose control. And usually the explosion comes when I remember those first few strength feats – like the time you hooked one foot under Myron Rosenthal’s chair in Comparative Literature and easily raised his huge linebacker body into the air a few times. With just one foot you lifted all of his three hundred and twenty pounds. And then watching the big jock spring some stiff wood just from you showing off – it was too much. I can still cum instantly remembering that day.” “I am walking out the door right now, for fear that I will stay and we’ll end up not going out for our anniversary later. We tend to stay in bed for at least twenty-four hours when both of us are horned up at the same time. Have a great day, sweetie and I’ll see you at the game.” “I’ll see you then, but you didn’t forget that you promised me a game of hide and go seek with Dale Ewing’s car today.” “You’ll be happy to know I snuck away in the middle of the night and already put it somewhere fun. Oh how I wish I was smart enough to skip my classes and just spend the day looking for a car that my roommate carried off and hid.” “I don’t skip my classes! My teachers ask me to not come so I won’t ask questions that make them look stupid. Did you hide the car so well that it’s going to take me all day like it did last time?” “Definitely. And remember, Dale comes back tomorrow, so I have to move it back to the parking lot this evening. He’s still furious about the time I carried it to the top of the water tower and then forgot about it for a week when you couldn’t find it.” “Yes, we can’t let that happen again – even if I don’t like Dale Ewing at all. There’s no way to prevent him from knowing you did it, since you’re the only guy that could carry a car up a tower. Have a great day, honey.” Again, Colin missed his huge roommate as soon as he left the room. Joey had pulled on some board shorts and a tank top and was out the door after he retrieved his books and sandals. The smaller man’s cock was still fully hard, so he laid back on the bed and let his right hand drift down his stomach to grab hold of the pole, which was sticking straight up. He began to stroke his meat slowly as he imagined his roommate and lover causing a bowling ball to crack with his bare hands and crushing a heavy safe, hopefully by bear hugging the thing into a big glob of metal. A loud moan escaped his mouth from the excitement of the images in his head. Suddenly the door opened and he turned to see his roommate standing there with his massively muscle arms folded across his equally huge chest. “Move your hand away from the loaded cock and don’t put it there again. Don’t make me twist a sheet of metal around your cock and balls to prevent you from touching them for the rest of the day – and you know I can do it.” “You were probably already outside, how did you know what I was doing?” “I heard the moan and shot back in quickly. Remember, my senses are super powered just like the rest of me.” Colin quickly took his hand away from his stiff rod and reached down to grab his underwear off the floor. He pulled them up his legs and stuffed his still semi-hard cock inside. He then pulled on his shorts and looked at his roommate sheepishly. “That’s a good boy, Colin. See you later.” Both men realized it was a good thing that most of the time one of them could step away from the constant need for sex and help keep some order in their lives. It was on the days when both of them lost control of their libidos that the big man’s ass was pounded hard and major growth followed – physically for one and mentally for the other. Part Two It was extremely difficult for Colin not to lay back down on the bed, whip out his hard cock, and return to the thrill of beating off to memories of what his college roommate, and lover, was able to do with his new strength. Colin chose not to do it only because he was scared that Joey’s super senses would either hear him pumping his meat intensely or smell his fresh hot semen as it exploded from his hard dick – even from all the way across campus. Colin knew the big guy could be back in seconds if that happened. He knew, with Joey, everything was possible. Colin was told not to waste even a drop of his precious juice. He also thought about how his own need for sexual release could easily overpower the super knowledge he had attained from fucking his roommate. If the smart man wanted to get his rocks off in a big way, no amount of logic or intelligence prevented him from squirting out some thick milky juice, but the fear of disappointing his big strong man by wasting muscle producing cum was enough to prevent him from dropping his drawers and double fisting his ample pole right there - standing above his bed. Colin decided he needed a cold shower as much as his roommate had just a few minutes ago. He also knew he needed to start looking for the car Joey had hidden somewhere on campus – knowing that it might take him a while because the guy’s increased strength enabled the big man to easily hoist the Toyota Corolla to unthinkable places. Just the thought of Joey lifting a car over his head was enough to make Colin explode, so he knew the cold shower could not come fast enough. The cold water did nothing to calm Colin’s raging hard-on. He was still basking in the afterglow of plowing Joey’s big muscled ass that morning, but was more excited because he knew that the cum he had blasted deep into his roommate’s body was going to make the huge guy grow even more. Colin figured that Joey was in class right now feeling his muscles going through the process of breaking down to then build up even thicker and stronger. That thought made Colin’s cock-head throb with an intensity that quickly told the smaller man to stand still or he was going to explode. Colin was still amazed that Joey’s body was now so big and strong that the guy never went through the post-fucking flu-like pain he had when they had first gotten together. Joey now said he merely felt intense tingling all over his body as his muscles grew – but sometimes it was so intense that the hulking athlete needed to stop whatever he was doing and go shove his cock into a tight place or immediately bring his monster meat to an ‘every part of my body is tensed as hell’ orgasm. Colin loved watching his big roommate’s muscles lose control and every part of him turn to something resembling stone covered in thick veins as he jacked out enough spunk to fill a sink. Colin longed to reach down and grab his cock through his jeans, but he knew he shouldn’t. He looked at the cum stains on the wall above his bed – a constant reminder of the other times he had lost control – and he grabbed his phone and other stuff, leaving the room before he went to a place where there was no turning back. He wanted to save himself for the promised fuck-fest that was going to happen in the same room later that night after Joey and he celebrated their anniversary. Colin looked forward to making the room smell like an entire football team had jerked off at the same time – special occasions for the two roommates usually turned into a sexual free-for-all that lasted for hours. His mind stayed on the wonderful image of Joey’s tight ass opening up for Colin’s hard cock and this caused an obvious bulge in his pants as he travelled across campus. Colin decided to look for the car first near the gym, since that was close to the parking lot where it was usually parked. Meanwhile, Joey was having problems concentrating as he took a test in his literature class. The big man’s ass was aching for more invasions from his roommate’s cum-filled cock. The jock’s body was on fire with change from the fucking he had received that morning. He knew his body would be changing some soon and that is why he had worn a tight t-shirt. When the love of his life and he met for lunch he wanted there to be some rips and tears in his shirt that would reveal the enhanced muscle in a way that would drive Colin crazy. He wanted to make sure that every second they were together this day would be so filled with sexual tension that by the time his smaller roommate plowed his big muscled ass there would be so much juice built up that it would feel like a tsunami was being released deep into his tight chute. Joey craved more muscles and increased power – almost as much as he desired his lover, Colin. Being away from the gorgeous little guy was difficult – Joey wished he could have some part of his body touching his roommate all the time. There was just a sense of security and deep pleasure that came with an embrace, a hand on the knee, or when they were joined by Colin’s muscle growing cock. These thoughts and the effects of the morning sexual deposit his roommate had made in his ass were giving the double-sized athlete a major problem under the table as he took his test. The head of his cock pressed against the bottom of the table like it was going to poke a hole through the wood and granite at any moment. Joey loved how he could hear the heavy piece of furniture creak out loud in protest as he pressed the end of his stiff pole into the wood. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he really wanted to see the tabletop be split apart easily by forcing his hardness through. Joey thought about how disappointed his lover would be if he destroyed the table and brought attention to himself in the middle of class, so he decided to just continue to press with enough force to give himself pleasure, but not enough to destroy anything. He also concentrated on the test. After about an hour and a half Colin’s search for the hidden car was interrupted briefly by the head of the physics department who wanted to ask the young man’s opinion about a difficult equation he had been working on. Colin found it difficult, as well, and the two had sat on a bench in the middle of campus for about thirty minutes working it out. When the solution was found the chair was so excited that she thanked Colin quickly and then ran off to show the other professors in her department. Colin felt some satisfaction about the equation they had solved but he was frustrated that he had not found the hidden Toyota. His roommate had obviously carried the car to somewhere far from the gym, something Colin wished he could have watched. He searched for a little more before he pulled out his computer and quickly hacked into the security system of the university. He wanted to watch the feed from the cameras around the gym. His cock instantly went hard when he saw his roommate walking across the lawn in front of the gym holding the Corolla over his head. He looked like some modern version of Hercules, hoisting the heavy thing in the air. Joey wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing so this made it clear he had, again, worked out a deal with the security guards. Last time he hid the car he had allowed the two burly older men to punch his stomach until they exhausted themselves in exchange for them not sharing any information with me as to where the car had been placed. The guards loved Joey and his displays of strength. He probably could get them to do anything for him if he just ripped something apart that was supposed to be indestructible. At this point, when Colin was worried that he’d have to whip his cock out right there in the middle of campus and beat off to his roommate carrying the car – and even showing off pumping it up and down to work out his arms – Joey put the car down and pulled a folded piece of paper out of his back pocket. He then turned toward the camera and seemed to be looking directly into it. Colin watched as his boyfriend unfolded the paper and held it up, the guards clearly knowing they were supposed to zoom in. As soon as Colin saw what was written he became embarrassed. The sign said, ‘Colin, you’re cheating again!’ The guy turned off the computer knowing that his roommate had realized what he would do even as the big jock had lugged the car around campus the night before. It was late by now and the smaller guy knew he needed to head towards the cafeteria to eat lunch with his boyfriend. He entered the crowded large room and quickly saw his roommate’s immense back in the midst of the lunchtime bustle. He walked over to where Joey was sitting, noticing that he was alone at the table but there were five trays of food – obviously left there temporarily by his lunch mates. Joey saw Colin as he approached “Hey there, boo. Give your muscleman a kiss. He has missed you terribly, this morning.” “Oh shit, look at all the rips and tears in your shirt! This morning’s growth was a little stronger than usual, huh?” “That’s because the fucking was a lot stronger than usual, Colin.” “Crap, I love how your muscles poke through the material and highlight themselves. Look at that mouthwatering nip poking out.” “You want a taste, honey?” “Don’t think I can’t see what you’re trying to do. You’re not going to get me so horned up that we do something irrational and uncontrollable.” “Aw come on, Col, don’t you want to step out into the hallway? I found a janitor’s closet that’s kind of secluded. It’s locked, but a slight twist of my wrist could rip the doorknob off easily. We could step in there and you could fuck me against the wall like there’s no tomorrow. We could live out some kind of prison fantasy scenario since it’s such a closed space. I’m already aching for your cock to be back inside of me. How about it?” “As hot as that sounds, Joey, I think I’ll wait for the big explosion tonight in our room. A little build up will make you even more desperate and it will make my gusher even more powerful than usual. Happy anniversary, again, buddy.” “You too, sweetie.” “Joey, who’s joining you for lunch?” “No one, why?” “Dude, there are four trays in front of you loaded with food. At this rate you are going to work through your monthly allotment for the meal plan in one week. Your parents are going to kill us if we have to ask for more money.” “It’s your fault, Colin. You squirted so much cum up my ass this morning that this is the sustenance I need to keep up with the growth that’s happening right now. I can feel my biceps pulsing bigger even as we speak. If you weren’t so horned up when you’re fucking me, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’ve got to eat to help energize the muscles your juice grows. So, you see, it’s all your fault.” “Man, we have to do something about this. I don’t know if we can afford many more meals like this.” “Not to worry, honey. See Jerry over there at the register – the little guy that keeps staring at me. I just let him cop a feel of my guns every now and then and he only charges me for one meal. I think that’s a fair trade, don’t you?” “Hell yeah, that’s good. See if he’ll give it to you free if you let him grope your chest.” “That’s a great idea, Colin.” “I get them every now and then, buddy.” “Man, Colin, speaking of groping - I’m aching to grope something on you in an awful way, right now. It’s taking every bit of my super strength to keep me from throwing you down on this table right now, beating that cock of yours into attention and then slamming your body into mine from behind. I’m talking about basically forcing you to fuck me. Damn, that would be hot – holding your body with one of my big hands and manipulating you like one of those butt plugs you gave me. Yeah, so fucking hot.” “Calm down there, tiger. Eat some food. That will help. You need to get some calories into that growing body – and fast!” “Yes sir! Come sit beside me and I’ll share some of this grub with you.” As soon as Colin sat in the chair beside Joey the big man reached over and grabbed the side of the solid piece of wooden furniture and lifted it with one hand – taking Colin’s body up in the air with it. He placed his roommate right beside him and then immediately slid his hand down the back of Colin’s pants, making sure his big forefinger snuggled into the warm ass crack. This gave Colin a deep sense of security for some unknown reason and caused the big man to get even harder than he already was because he was this close to the love of his life. A new student – the largest freshman to ever enroll - walked by and looked at the two guys with a face full of disgust. He had not grown used to the two men like everyone else at the university. He was a starting linebacker for the football team and had immediately sensed his obvious weakness when compared to Joey – the stud of all athletics at the school. He decided the bigger guy’s homosexuality was a definite flaw and planned to use it against his teammate. Joey, however, was familiar with guys like this and simply stared him down, while he lifted his other arm into a biceps flex that made it clear his size and power dwarfed the other football player. Joey was so amped up at the moment with Colin’s sweet cum from earlier that day he decided to also emphasize his point in words. “I suggest you move on and let us be who we are, little man, or you’ll quickly find that your eyes are level with the top of your feet. You’ll be seeing everything from your toes’ standpoint if you don’t change your attitude. I’ll smash you like a soda can and make you shorter than my ankle. And look at this here biceps – the size of the thing should tell you that I’d have no problem following up on my little threat.” All color drained from the linebacker’s face as he froze in fear – both from Joey’s words and the size of the alpha’s arm. The freshman kid had never seen biceps so massive. The power in the thing was obvious by its size and the way it rippled as Joey flexed and relaxed. It was pretty clear that the guy was so in shock that he couldn’t move – he didn’t know whether to piss on himself, run screaming from the cafeteria, or apologize to the big man a hundred times. His confusion was not lost on Joey, who dropped his arm and smiled. “You want to see me kiss my boyfriend, don’t you sport?” The linebacker quickly nodded his head up and down; afraid that any other move would anger the giant in front of him. Joey put his hand on Colin’s cheek and pulled his face into his own. They kissed deeply and passionately, Joey moaning out loud to emphasize an unspoken point to the dweeb standing near them. The kiss became even more intense and this caused Joey to press his finger up against Colin’s tensed hole. This, in turn, caused Colin to raise his ass slightly off the chair. The smaller roommate loved Joey’s taunting of the large linebacker, but he could sense that his lover had moved from just teasing to full-blown making out. He feared that he and Joey would end up fucking right there in front of the freshman, so he pulled his face away, immediately missing his roommates hot, wet mouth. Both roommates turned back to the freshman and noticed his face was now completely red and his crotch was bulging with a very large hard-on. When the linebacker saw that the two other men were staring at his crotch he immediately lowered the tray of food in his hands, attempting to cover the bulge in his pants. There was no way he could have covered up the large tool that was obscenely pressing against his pants. He simply let out a little whimper and then turned and quickly walked away, heading out of the cafeteria – embarrassed and no longer in the closet. “Well that was a big surprise, wasn’t it?” “You mean his cock or the fact that he was gay, Joey?” “Both! So let’s eat. I’m starving.” “You’re always starving, big man.” “That’s cause I’m always growing – thanks to your sweet man-milk. That’s another thing I’m always starving for, by the way!” “Like I said earlier, calm down there, tiger. Bite into one of those four hamburgers you got on that one tray. I swear I think you’re going to have to let Jerry the cashier lick your body if you continue to eat this much food.” “I don’t think he’d like the taste of my sweat as much as you do, Colin.” “I especially like it when you’ve just returned from working out and your balls are still damp and the hair is all matted down – that’s when I love sucking on the big things – getting all the salt and some of the testosterone from your body. Shit, I want to bury my face in your crotch right now, Joey. I see what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work. Eat something right now, mister man.” “I’d like to eat that big sausage between your legs, Colin, and I don’t even need a bun.” “So, you have to give me a clue. I couldn’t find the car today.” “Nice change of subject. I’m not giving you a clue unless you step out to that janitor’s closet with me for a few minutes. I can use my cock to shove in the locked doorknob if that entices you more!” “It does, indeed, but we aren’t going to have a quick fuck in the closet. We’re waiting until after the dinner at a nice restaurant, just like you promised me. Here, eat a hamburger.” Colin picked up one of the double burgers and shoved it in Joey’s open mouth. The smaller man knew that when Joey was growing he became like a young child with low blood sugar. If Colin could get some food in him the big guy’s insatiable need for sex would diminish a little. There was just some wild correlation between muscles getting bigger and the guy’s need for more cum – the desire simply took over every part of his ballooning body. This is exactly when Colin liked his boyfriend the most – when his body was ripping the clothes he was wearing as it grew and the guy’s lust was in overdrive. Joey’s insatiable craving for Colin was such a turn on – and something like a security blanket. The smart smaller man knew if he could get Joey to wait until later that evening their fuck session would be like riding a wild bull – just the way Colin loved it. Joey’s huge body would buck up and down uncontrollably as his roommate plowed him hard. This crazy connection brought extreme pleasure to both men. “Chew, muscle head!” Joey bit down on the burger and more than a third of the thing disappeared. For a second Colin worried that part of his forefinger had been bitten off. And speaking of forefingers, the latest round of sex talk had made Joey want to give his boyfriend some well-deserved pleasure. He had allowed his own thick forefinger to push its way into the small man’s hole and was now massaging the inside of his buddy’s rectum. Colin purred like a satisfied cat sitting in the sun, but did not let on in any way that a finger fatter than some cocks was savagely exploring his hole. Colin used his abdominal muscles to help push his ass up and down on his roommate’s hand, which now cupped his bottom perfectly. “Oh Colin, that feels so good. I love it when part of me is inside you – but not as much as I love it when part of you is inside of me.” Colin twisted his body a little to give himself pleasure. Joey moved his finger back and forth to add to the stimulation. The smaller man began to worry that he was going to give in and insist that they go to the janitor’s closet at any minute. He was only saved because Adolfo Rodriguez, a huge senior that was the biggest guy on the wrestling team besides Joey came up to the table and sat down across from them. Joey kept his finger pulsing in the same butt-pleasing rhythm even as he spoke to Adolfo. “Dolf, man, what’s up?” “I’m back for another try, Joey.” “What? Didn’t last week teach you anything? It’s just not possible to beat me, man. You need to get that through your thick skull.” “I think I can beat you today. I’m almost sure of it.” “I’ll only say yes on two conditions.” “Name ‘em, dude.” “First, my boyfriend, here, gets to continue feeding me. You see, I’m growing, Adolfo, and he wants me to stay nourished. I have to do what Colin says.” The big man had already devoured the three remaining burgers – since Colin had taken one – and was now eating a plate piled high with vegetables. The smaller roommate was shoveling the stuff into the big man’s mouth with a fork. “No problem. It’s actually kind of cool watching Colin feed you. Sarah won’t ever do anything like that for me.” “I know, isn’t it cute? And, more importantly – rule number two, you have to use two hands at first and finally you have to put your whole fucking huge body into it. That’s the only way it’s going to be even slightly fun for me. Last week, my biceps didn’t even need to flex to withstand your strength. I’d like to make seem a little competitive, you know, Dolf? Even though you can never win.” “Sure, sure. That’s all fine.” “Then let’s arm wrestle, dude.” Trays were moved in front of Colin, so he’d be able to continue to feed his big roommate. Adolfo leaned in and grabbed hands with Joey. He then placed his other hand on top – for added power, just as promised. Colin noticed that both of the wrestler’s arms put together still weren’t as big as Joey’s guns. The guy’s finger was still playing with Colin’s ass, as the competition got ready to begin. “How about some of that baked potato, buddy? You want anything Adolfo? You might need a little extra strength.” “Naw, I’m good. So, Colin, you call the start!” Colin placed half of the baked potato in Joey’s mouth and then stood up so he could lay his hands on top of the joined power fists in the middle of the table. Joey’s hand was still in Colin’s pants and the finger was still probing. The smaller man could feel the strength from both men - radiating from the tight entwined fingers. He was suddenly very thankful that no body part of his was in the middle of that powerful grip – since he knew it would be easily crushed. Adolfo’s concentration was intense and it was clear that he had been preparing for this day for a while. Joey was pretty sure the guy had been lifting non-stop, probably even skipping classes, in hopes that he could defeat the mighty athlete. Joey began to think it would be nice to let the other man win, just to make him happy, but then he knew he couldn’t lose in front of his roommate and lover – even if it was a kind thing to do. “Ready, set, go!” Colin sat back down and let out a little yelp when Joey’s finger went deeper into his chute from the connection with the chair. At the same time Adolfo let out a loud growl and started pouring all of his strength into both of his bulging arms. Joey’s hard beefy gun didn’t budge at all. The big arm just took all the abuse from Adolfo’s two big fists like it was nothing. Joey’s face registered no strain and no indication that he was even arm-wrestling. He opened his mouth again – to accept another large part of the baked potato that was in front of him. Colin was simply having a blast – watching his lover wrestle another big dude who was using both of his arms and still losing, while feeling Joey’s big finger deep into his chute. “So what kind of clue should I give you about the whereabouts of the car.” Joey’s nonchalant voice and strain-free voice drove Adolfo insane. The big wrestler let out a second yell, doubled his efforts, and actually leaned against his hands with his entire body. The man was now using his entire weight to try and defeat Joey, but the huge muscleman’s arm was still rock solid in its upright position. Colin knew the big boy’s gun was not going to move. He accepted it as fact. There could have been three huge wrestlers pushing on Joey’s arm and it still wouldn’t have budged even a fraction of an inch. Colin loved how Joey could have a normal conversation as what would normally be called a huge behemoth tried to defeat him in a feat of strength. It just showed how his roommate was becoming even more powerful with each fuck session. The smaller man loved knowing his cum could cause the other guy to grow so huge and strong. He scooped up a fork full of spinach and fed it to Joey. “I don’t know – something that’s not too easy. You know I love a challenge.” “Man, I love spinach. I must be like Popeye.” “Well, your forearms are as huge as Popeye’s, but the problem is they look all proportional next to your fucking huge biceps! I think Popeye would kill to have your upper arms.” “Yeah, that’s so true. Okay – so I need to give you a hint about the car. Something that’s hard . . . okay – I’ve got it. The car is filed between A and Z!” “Okay, before I figure out where the car is, can you slide a second finger in? You’ve loosened me up enough, I think. I’d like a little more pleasure before I have to go. Also, take my lead with Adolfo – you’ll catch on.” Joey used his thumb and three other fingers to lift Colin’s body from the chair and then let his middle finger slide into the smaller man’s inviting hole – just as the little guy wanted. Colin’s ass then slid back down to the chair, a long appreciative moan showed how much he loved the invasion of the thick fingers. This sound caught the struggling Adolfo’s attention and he became more frustrated when he realized Joey was giving pleasure to Colin at the same time the muscular dude was easily defeating his own entire body in arm wrestling. Adolfo was now sweating up a storm and gritting his teeth loudly. He showed no signs of giving up, even though it was clear he could not win. Colin tightened his ass muscles around Joey’s fingers and the bigger roommate immediately caught on to what that meant. The huge muscled gun slowly powered Adolfo’s entire body down toward the table – it was such an insane display of power, one arm winning against a huge wrestler’s whole frame. When Adolfo’s shoulder was just a few inches from the table, Colin released his tensed ass and Joey allowed Adolfo to push his giant gun back up to the high-noon position, but no further. There was no way Joey was going to let his powerful arm go beyond the straight-up position, he wanted to show the huge wrestler just how strong he really was – even though he was still only using a fraction of his total power. Joey twitched his fingers a few times inside of Colin’s ass to show his appreciation for how much fun it was to follow his lead. The two roommates continued to play the tensing and releasing game with Adolfo’s body as Colin thought about the clue. “Let’s see – ‘filed between A and Z.’ I know that doesn’t mean the library, because that would be too obvious and you’ve also lugged the car to the third floor before. You typically don’t hide the thing in the same place twice. The letters could have something to do with writing and that might mean you put it somewhere near the English Department, but two months ago you hid it in one of the huge oak trees in the quad near that building, so I think the clue means something else. It could still mean departments, though. Yep, that’s it, A stands for Astronomy and Z stands for Zoology. Those department buildings are right beside each other and there’s just a thin walkway between them. I have a funny feeling no one is able to cut through there right now because a car has been ‘filed’ sideways between the two walls.” “I’ve really got to stop giving you clues!” Colin smiled at his lover – with a face full of pride. He had almost finished feeding all of the food to Joey. Since his little lover had figured out where the car was and would be leaving soon to take a picture of it with his phone – part of the contest so they could keep a scrapbook – he decided it was also time to end his battle with Adolfo. With one slight push of his arm Joey sent Adolfo’s body crashing down onto the table. The big wrestler let out a defeated yell and just lay there heaving because of exhaustion. He stared up at the victor with deep admiration and jealousy. “How can you be so big and strong, Joey?” “Simple, Dolf, it’s from being fed by my boyfriend!” “But we eat the same thing – and almost the same amount!” “Yeah, but you don’t see what my lover gives me for dessert!” Colin stood up a little and let Joey remove the two fingers from his now loosened ass. Both men immediately missed being so intimately close to the other. Colin turned and gave his huge roommate a ‘thank you’ kiss for the finger fuck. Joey kissed back hard to let Colin know how much he looked forward to being truly fucked later on that evening. Colin ran his hands across Joey’s upper torso while they were lip-locked so he could feel the growth that had happened since the morning sex. He also loved running his fingers over the rips in his roommate’s shirt – excited by how his muscles burst through clothing so easily. They finally pulled apart when they heard Adolfo speak. “I wish my girlfriend would kiss me that hard.” “Get her to punch you in the mouth, Dolf, that’s what I beg Colin to do sometimes. It’s a turn on to feel his punches do nothing to my face!” “I’ll try that, dude.” “Well, fellows, this has been great, but I need to go take a picture of a car. Joey, we can’t forget to return it to the parking lot after the game. We’ll just have time to take a shower together at the gym before we head out to the restaurant. I don’t want to be late since we made reservations.” “Relax, Colin. Remember, I can make the game go quickly if I want to. I’ll just either strike every player out or run all over the field to catch every hit. I promise it won’t last more than an hour and a half. That will give us an hour for the shower…” “No, Joey! We will not shower for an hour – I know what that leads to. And besides, you aren’t supposed to dominate the game, remember? I’m bringing my binoculars so just do the one thing I asked and don’t bring too much attention to yourself. Remember, the coach told you to go easy on the other players. Let other schools get some points every now and then. The video of you making a touchdown with five big guys hanging onto you from this past season is still on YouTube. We don’t need anything like that today, okay? Promise me, big guy.” “That wasn’t my fault, Colin! Those guys were so light. I didn’t even know I was dragging them forty yards down the field.” “It was five grown college football players, Joey!” “Well you fucked me so hard that particular morning I was pumped up beyond belief.” “Wait a minute, you two!” We both turned to Adolfo, who was suddenly sitting up in his chair. He stared at us with a face of disbelief. He looked at Joey and then he looked at me. Adolfo began to shake his head and raised his finger, as if he were requesting a few minutes to sort through something that didn’t compute. “You mean to tell me that you, the hulking muscle monster, actually let this little guy fuck you? That just doesn’t make sense! You should be the one on top, Joey.” “Why? You mean just because I’m so big? Naw, man, I love getting plowed by my man. It gives me more pleasure than you could ever imagine. I crave his cock in my ass every second of the day. You should try it some time, man. You might like it.” “Now you’re talking shit, man. There is no way that I’m letting some runt fuck me. Wait, what am I saying? There’s no way I’m letting any guy fuck me. No offense, Colin. Damn, I need to go see my girlfriend.” Adolfo quickly stood up and started walking away. He stopped a few feet from the table and turned around. He looked at Joey with the same disbelieving face from before. He shook his head – trying hard to grasp what had been revealed. He mouthed the words ‘no way’ and then left quickly. It was clear he was going to find his girlfriend so he could re-establish his manhood. He was baffled that a guy as huge and strong as Joey could offer up his ass to a guy as small as Colin. It just didn’t make sense. “I’m still waiting for you to promise, Joey. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself during the game.” “I promise.” “Let me see your fingers – just as I thought, uncross them and promise again.” “I promise, Colin.” “That’s better, my muscle stud. I’ll see you at the field. Make sure you finish your lunch. I can tell you’re still way too horned up for a ballgame and there’s no telling what you’ll do. Get some more food in to stabilize, okay?” “Yes sir. I’ll miss you, man.” The car was exactly where Colin guessed it would be. Joey had brought a couch from one of the dorm lobbies and the front end of the car – which was now sticking straight up in the air between the two buildings – was resting protectively on the piece of furniture. Colin ran his hand lovingly across his hard cock as he took a picture of the car and thought about how Joey had manhandled the vehicle into an upright position and then slid it carefully between the two buildings. Colin quickly looked around to see if a security camera would have caught all the action, but realized this specific spot was not covered. He made a note to himself to make sure Joey allowed him to watch when the car was removed. This was a pretty good hiding place, but not the best one Joey had ever chosen. His greatest job had been when he took the car and made it into a piece of art. Joey placed it in the sculpture garden near the Industrial Arts building and had bent girders, light poles, and other pieces of metal all around the automobile to make it look like a modern statue. There was so much manhandled steel around the car it was almost unrecognizable. It was still unbelievable that there wasn’t one scratch on the thing. It took Colin and other friends three days to find it that time. A huge crowd gathered to watch Joey unbend and rip apart the metal surrounding the car. Colin and many others could still get hard easily and beat off quickly just by remembering the sound of steel being manipulated by Joey’s big hands with such ease. Colin looked at his watch and saw that it was time to go to the baseball game. Part Three As Colin approached the field he saw that Joey was at home plate helping the team warm up by hitting balls to different parts of the field. His muscular forearms glistened in the sunlight and his massive biceps pressed against the shirt of his uniform. The smaller roommate knew that the growth from the morning’s cum upload into the large man’s ass caused the shirt to be so tight that if Joey decided to flex his muscles the thing would be in shreds in seconds. This thought made Colin doubly excited – maybe Joey would offer a private show and flex out of his uniform after the game. Joey noticed his boyfriend walking up to the fence behind home plate. He smiled lovingly at his man. “Hey, honey, did you find the car?” “Just where I thought it would be – you have to let me watch when you take it out, though. I’ll have to film you lifting the thing – that will be so hot. We have to do that before dinner, don’t let me forget..” “ We’ll have to do it before dinner, since I’m sure there won’t be enough time between dessert and carrying you to bed to go undo that great hiding job. I’m still pretty super-charged and I’m sure this quick game is not going to help me let off some steam; so lifting the car will be good. You also better be ready to pull an all-nighter. I need me some Colin juice and I need it badly. Pull out your binoculars – this next hit is just for you.” Colin pulled the item from his backpack as Joey tossed a ball into the air and then hit it a little harder than the ones he had been popping out to the far reaches of right and left field. The other team members started complaining as soon as the ball skyrocketed over everyone’s head and towards the gym. There was a loud popping sound in the distance and when Colin finally zoomed in on where the ball had gone he was able to see that the thing had been traveling so fast and moving so hard that it actually embedded itself into the bricks of the building. The ball had not exploded upon impact – its force was so powerful that it easily busted into the bricks. Colin could hear Joey chuckling as he returned to hitting the ball a lot softer so it would stay within the boundaries of the field. He was making his teammates work hard to keep up with his constant barrage of pop flies and grounders. “Pretty neat, huh Colin? Who knew a ball could have so much force that it would act like a torpedo!” “I’ll say! I’m glad that thing wasn’t aimed at me. Remember when you tossed that football last year for ninety yards and it still knocked Johnny Thompson down and sent him tumbling for ten feet when he caught it for a touchdown. I think the speed and force of that baseball makes that pass look like child’s play.” “Yeah, I remember that. I’m still pretty impressed that Johnny was able to catch that toss – and hang on to it.” “I think he was scared of what you would do to him if he didn’t. Remember Joey, you’re three times the size of every player and about a hundred times stronger than both teams put together. Don’t get carried away, today. I don’t care how horny you are. Make sure you remember that no one can do what you can do and we need to let the other team think they have a fighting chance. The coach does not want to be apologizing for us kicking their ass in an embarrassing way. They have two mean looking coaches. Let them get a few hits, okay?” “I don’t have to let them win, do I Colin? I hate it when you say I have to lose. You know how I love showing off for you. Can we please have a win today for our anniversary? And you mean to say you think those two pint-sized muscle dudes look mean? I could hold both of them down with just one hand. Why do I have to be so nice?” Joey was now playing the part of a whining child. Both roommates knew that the big guy had not lost a game since his transformation. The only thing Colin did have influence over was how bad the other team was defeated. Bargaining a close score from Joey was like pulling teeth. If he had his way every game he played – in every sport he participated in (which was all of them) – would have been a shut out. Part of showing off for Joey was dominating his opponents with mind-blowing power and speed. Colin had finally pulled the plug on this kind of showing off after Joey had finished a full marathon in less than twenty minutes – and that was with two long stops to chat with people along the way. The big college kid was not even winded when he was done – it was so degrading to the other runners. And three straight sets of acing serves and returns made for a very boring tennis match. The officials also began to complain about the number of demolished tennis balls that were a result of Joey’s pounding hits. It had taken Colin a lot of coaching and reprimanding to get his big roommate to a place where he could play well with others. Contact sports, of course, were Joey’s favorites because he loved feeling how his size and strength easily dominated others, but all athletics still thrilled him. Part of the reason for the intense satisfaction was from growing up too small to play competitive sports and the big guy seemed to be making up for constantly being picked last in middle school. “Play nice, muscle man!” “Okay, okay. Just a couple of homeruns and I promise not to knock the catcher and umpire over when I toss the ball home to get someone out. It’s fun, though, to sometimes mix bowling in with this game and pretend two big guys are pins just screaming to be knocked to the ground. And besides, I know it makes you hard when I show off. You love me dominating other guys – like when I lift big wrestlers off the ground with one hand and slam then back onto the matt. It makes you want to squirt – big time.” “Joey, other people are listening!” “So?” “So do you have to make everything about sex?” “Until you fuck me I do – and then that just makes me want to get fucked even more! It’s a vicious cycle.” “You, my big friend, have a one track mind.” “And you, lover, have a hard cock – caused by my lovely comments. And it’s just aching to be milked by me!” Colin was very thankful that the umpire called for the game to begin. He took his place in the stands and tried his to calm his rock-hard cock down. Joey’s super-pumped batting and his lightning pitching did not help to lessen the pressure below. The huge ballplayer’s own piece of meat stayed hard, as well, and snaked obscenely across his thigh underneath the tight uniform bottoms – even smaller than usual because of the big man’s growth that morning. Joey didn’t wear a cup – mainly because he couldn’t find one big enough and also because no wayward ball was going to do any damage if it hit him in the crotch. A powerful smack to his balls would probably only increase the pleasure and destroy the ball. Despite the conversation about playing nice before the game, Joey showed off for his roommate in numerous ways. He thought it would be another fun gift for their anniversary. He would easily jump in front of fast rolling grounders no matter what part of the infield they were sent and then run quickly to first base – actually having to wait for a few seconds before tagging the batter out. Even though he was the pitcher he ran into the outfield three times to catch what would have been home runs if the big man had not leapt into the air higher than the heads of his teammates to catch the ball – usually forgetting to use the hand with the glove. Colin secretly loved watching how Joey’s teammates had become used to the super stud’s antics and actually stopped paying attention to the game. One of the outfielders actually chatted on his cell phone since he knew the big athlete would easily win the game on his own. The coach and the team loved winning so they didn’t mind Joey showing off during games. It was only the other team’s players and coaches that complained – saying it wasn’t fair or just to allow Joey to play. There were, however, no rules against having a super-strong player and the numerous forced drug tests always revealed that Joey was squeaky clean. The final score was embarrassing and Joey had brought in loaded bases three times – twice with home runs that sailed over the huge three story gym across from the field and once with a grounder that was so hard it knocked over the shortstop, the second baseman, and an outfielder who all attempted to stop it. Joey had to kind of half-skip around the bases so he wouldn’t overtake all three of his fellow players. He could have easily beaten even the guy on third base home if he had wanted to. The big man was all smiles when he walked over to his roommate sitting on the bleachers. He gave Colin a big kiss. “Did I make you proud, boo?” “You always do, big man. You, of course, showed off too much, but you know how I love it.” “I wanted our anniversary to be special and, anyway, I’m still raging from your ass pounding this morning. I think I could bring down a building with one strategically placed punch!” “Let’s not do that, okay, Joey? I want to be able to graduate. Oh no, here come the coach and assistant coach from the other team. Not this again! They have bats and they looked pissed. Promise me no broken bones, Joey. I don’t care what you do to the bats, but the guys shouldn’t even have a scratch at the end of this one-sided fight. Promise me quickly, bro! And no finger crossing.” “I promise – but you never let me have any fun! They’re the ones that are going to start the fight. I should be able to do what I want – even if it does hurt them a little.” “And how in the hell is it a fair fight, good sir, when you can easily toss them as far as you hit the ball today or crush their heads as easily as you pop baseballs? You can do whatever you want, but there will not be pain involved. Do you hear me? And remember, we have reservations at seven and I do not want to be late. We also have to take a shower!” “Yo, meathead, what the fuck do you think you were doing out there?” The two men were larger than normal guys, but still definitely dwarfed by Joey. It was obvious that they were pissed and they kept smacking their palms with a bat to try and intimidate the big guy. Colin noticed some doubt in the assistant coach’s face, but the main guy was so pissed that he was completely missing how huge Joey was and had clearly forgotten all the impressive things he had done throughout the game. There was a part of the smaller guy that was excited as hell about what was to come, as long as his lover didn’t hurt anyone. Colin knew that Joey could forget his own strength easily – and his need to show off sometimes got the best of him. The head coach spit on the ground at Joey’s feet. This was definitely one stupid man. He threw out more insults. “My team had a perfect record until today and your steroid-infused antics pissed me off. I think it’s time someone taught your doped-up body a lesson. I also think we’ll do a little number on your girlfriend here, too. You two disgust me with your public kissing.” “Um, coach, I’m going to let you do whatever you want with those bats to my body – cause it isn’t going to hurt me even a little, but if you think I’d ever let you lay a finger on my boyfriend – his name is Colin, by the way – then you are sadly mistaken. That bat will be shoved down your throat so far that you won’t be able to bend at the waist for the rest of your life before you even mess up one hair on his head. Now Colin, here, has made me promise not to hurt you two at all, but everything else is fair game. I strongly suggest you turn around and the pair of you take your handsome, furry-muscled bodies back home before you are embarrassingly whipped by a college boy.” “Who in the fuck cares what that little pansy ass said! I’m going to personally mess up his dweeb face when we’re done with you, dick-face.” “Oh please, Colin, let me punch his face so hard that he’s knocked into next week.” “No, Joey. You promised not to hurt either of them.” “That’s fine, but you’re going to have to fuck me a bunch of times to make up for this, honey. He insulted you and you know how that infuriates me. If you gave me the word, I’d compact this guy’s body so much he’d be able to lick his own asshole. Hey coach, go ahead and take your best shot. I hope that’s not your favorite bat, though, cause it’s going to be a pile of sawdust when I’m done with it. If I can’t crush you I’m going to need to destroy something else to make up for it and that puny thing isn’t going to give me even an ounce of resistance.” Joey’s words clearly infuriated the coach even more. Joey raised his big arms and placed his hands behind his head – teasing the other guy to swing the bat at any part of his big body. The coach was not only stupid, but he was also a dirty competitor. It was clear the aggressor was sizing up where he could do the most damage when he latched onto an idea. “Since you are an abomination against nature because of the ‘roids and your sexual perversion I think it would be best to destroy your family jewels.” After that quick comment, the angered man pulled the big bat behind his shoulder and swung the thing powerfully into Joey’s crotch – intending to destroy the huge cock and balls that were too prominent to miss. Joey moaned out loud in happy pleasure as the wood splintered against his huge rod. The sound of the bat being destroyed was music to the big man’s ears. To Joey, it felt like someone was giving him a hand job – and nothing more. Pre-cum squirted out from his dick slit in appreciation of the gentle tap. The top half of the bat broke off and fell to the ground. Joey leaned over and picked up the shattered piece of wood. He began to crush it in his powerful paw and loved how tiny flecks of dust fell from his fingers to the ground. The shock of what happened, along with the pain caused by the bat being stopped so abruptly, caused the coach to stand there in disbelief, still holding on to the bottom part of the bat. The older man also stared at Joey’s twitching cock – which was only delighted more by the powerful impact of the thick wood. Joey reached out and took the remaining part of the laughable weapon from the coach’s hands. He held the scrap of wood between his two palms and started compressing his hands. The thing just gave into the pressure and turned into small splinters and a pile of sawdust in no time at all. “Damn, coach, they just don’t make bats like they used to, do they?” The assistant coach, who had watched everything wide-eyed, suddenly became empowered and wanted to avenge his older mentor. With a loud yell, the second guy brought his aluminum bat through the air and smacked it up against the side of Joey’s head. The college student didn’t budge an inch. It was like the bat had hit solid stone. Colin could tell the assistant’s hands felt a quick jab of pain from being stopped so abruptly and he could see the bat wobbling wildly as it moved away from Joey’s cheek. The big man turned to his attacker and just smiled. “And just what did you think that would accomplish? Did you actually think it would hurt me, little man? After seeing the coach’s bat breaking in two on my hard cock you thought your aluminum bat would cause me some pain, just by hitting me in the face? Give me that thing!” Joey reached out and easily pulled the now slightly dented tube from the assistant coach’s hands. As he spoke to the guy, the huge jock made his fingers do what his words were describing. It was fun for both of the college boys to watch the eyes of the older men become wider as Joey worked and their angry faces turn to complete shock. Joey was especially pleased at his teasing of the two burly coaches. “You see, to me this thing is like a tube of toothpaste, dude. I can take two fingers and easily flatten it like I’m squeezing out the insides – but look, I’m merely flattening aluminum – there’s nothing squirting out. And look how easy it is – pretty cool, huh? Now it looks like someone ran over your bat with a huge steamroller – but it was really just manhandled by a huge college boy’ monster paw. Man, gents, being able to smash your bat into something as thin as cardboard makes my cock feel like spewing, but I’m saving myself for my boyfriend, here. You see, today’s our anniversary and we’re going to dinner and then we’re going to have some hot, throw-down, man on man sex to celebrate. Hey coach, do you roll your tubes of toothpaste or do you fold ‘em? I fold those puppies, just like I’m doing to your bat right now. Look how easy it is for me to compact this fucking thing into something the size of a wallet. I think I might keep this as a paperweight – each time I use it I’ll remember the looks of utter shock that are now plastered across your faces. You see, punks, you messed with the wrong guy today. It’s a good thing my honey won’t let me hurt you, because I’d have both of you folded up as tightly as this bat if it weren’t for the promise to my baby. So you’ve got him to thank for both of you not feeling a lot of pain right now. Say ‘thank you’ to my boyfriend, boys.” “Um . . . uh . . . thanks.” “Thank you, Colin.” It was clear that both of the older men were desperate to do anything that would please Joey. What he had done to their bats with so little effort had made them disciples of the college student in mere seconds, but it was their fear of what he might do to them that really made them apologize so quickly. The coaches stared at Joey’s hands as he bent the wadded up aluminum back and forth, folding it one last time, so it was the size of a really thick business card. Everyone could clearly see the impressions of Joey’s thick fingers in the compressed aluminum. The display of strength had been nothing to the big man, it was like he was folding a napkin, but the two men knew the strength that existed in this young man’s hands was not normal. This kid was blessed with power that they could only dream of attaining one day. Joey slipped the folded piece of metal into the waistband of his uniform pants, making sure it pressed up against his hard cock – since he loved how the warm aluminum felt next to his throbbing tool. At the same time he flexed his quads to show off for the men. The uniform was so tight that thick veins snaking across his thighs were clearly visible through the material and the guy’s rod was outlined perfectly. The seams at the side suddenly burst open and everyone got a glimpse of Joey’s creamy skin. Colin could tell that Joey was trying to think of a way to punish the two men without hurting them – which was pretty difficult when it was clear that Joey wanted to cause them great pain to teach them a lesson. He also wanted to defend the honor of his boyfriend. “So just because I’m not going to reach down your throat and pull your balls out of your mouth like some kind of demented magic trick, it doesn’t mean that I’m not angry. You guys threatened Colin and you should know that I’d fight an entire army for my man – and I’d easily win. He’s everything that’s good in my life and he fuels me in more ways than you will ever understand. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make this easy on you or I’m going to make it hard – it will be your choice. See how friendly I can be, even to assholes.” Joey reached over and grabbed a pole that was part of the fence that hugged the area around home plate. He ran his finger down the side of the pole and easily snapped the thick wire criss-cross rungs that clung to the pole. It was like someone snapping thread. He then grabbed the pole and pulled it from the ground with a slight jerk of his hand. Colin’s cock started to pulse even harder than it already was when he saw how easily Joey manipulated the long steel pipe – along with its cement base. The smaller roommate’s pleased face made Joey very happy. “You like that, honey? You think of this as an added anniversary gift, okay? I can demolish metal for you any time you like, but this pole is going to be put to good use. Okay, fellows, face each other and wrap your arms around the other like you love ‘em.” “No fucking way, kid.” As soon as the head coach’s words flew into the evening air, Joey held the bar at chest level and started bending the long thing like he was playing with a piece of licorice. It was so easy for the big guy to make steel do his bidding. The sight caused a jolt of excitement at Colin’s crotch. Both of the older men froze for a few seconds as they listened to the sound of metal succumbing to the torture of something much more powerful and then they quickly turned toward each other and quickly went into a manly hug. The fear on their faces was priceless. “Yeah, that’s it gentlemen, grind those hard pricks into one another. Oh, you think I didn’t notice how hard both of you got as soon as I destroyed your bats like they were a toothpick and a pipe cleaner? Trust me, good sirs, when you are as big and strong as me you start to notice all the guys that pop stiff ones when they’re near me. You men love all this college-boy muscle and power. As a matter of fact, I think you both decided to challenge me just to see what I could do. You hear that, Colin. These big men weren’t really angry with me; they just wanted to get me worked up so I’d show off a little. They knew just from my displays of strength during the game that I could easily defeat both of them put together with one hand behind my back, but they wanted to see me prove it. And the way they are rubbing their cocks together right now makes it clear my hunch was correct. I think we’ve got ourselves a daddy coach and his boy-toy – two guys that have been into each other for a while. I bet you guys share a room at every away game and fuck like rabbits, don’t you. “Um . . . yes . . . we do.” “Damn, I knew I was right. Well, this little turn of events makes it easier for me not to punch your faces out your ass, but I still want to punish you. It will actually be showing off a little, so you’ll be happy. Let’s unite you guys in a special way – to signify the secret bond you have.” Joey lifted the bent pole into the air and brought it down around the two guys who were still hugging each other tightly. The big college stud then worked on the piece of steel with his hands until it encircled the guys tightly around their waists. Joey took the two ends and started twisting them together, like it was a twist-tie you find on a loaf of bread. He continued to work the poles together until the thing was so tight that neither man could even think about squeezing out, but he was careful enough to not cause the men anything more than a little discomfort. As easy as if he were working with a little piece of wire, Joey bent the twisted end pieces into a loop. The huge jock then grabbed the ring that held the two men and lifted them both off the ground, easily. Since he hadn’t captured the coaches’ arms under the metal bar, they were still able to grope each other lovingly as they watched Joey manhandle the pole so easily. Both men were turned on beyond anything they’d ever experienced before. They moaned out loud as Joey easily carried their big bodies, joined by the circle of metal, to a nearby telephone pole. Up on the pole, about seven feet high, there was a spike sticking out that was used for climbing. Joey manipulated the loop of the pole until it hooked onto the spike and trapped the two men up in the air. Joey clapped his hands together in appreciation of his handiwork. He stepped back and then looked at Colin. “Satisfied, boss? I didn’t hurt them.” “Good job, Joey, but we can’t just leave them here?” “Sure we can. Their team is showering right now and the bus won’t leave without the coaches. Someone will come looking for them soon and the sad part is that we won’t be here to see the looks on all the players’ faces – especially when these guys try to explain what happened. It’s going to take the fire department to get them down – especially since they’ll need that jaws contraption they use on cars to cut the pole. Did you see how easy it was for me to bend that metal? Pretty neat, huh?” “A fucking turn-on!” Both college students turned to look at the excited face of the head coach as he spoke. It was clear that both older men were on fire with lust for Joey. They were floored by his power and size. Clearly they were also not upset about being tied to a telephone pole with a long piece of steel. They had loved the show so much that they were fine with waiting for their team. The two men continued to rub their crotches together strongly and were still working their hands all over the upper torso of the other guy. Their desire for Joey was being transferred into adoration of each other. “Do we need to leave you two guys alone?” “Yes, please.” Colin and Joey were shocked by the answer from the larger coach. The sexual pleasure Joey’s handiwork created in both older men was so great that they really only wanted some immediate release. It was pretty clear in their present joined position that orgasm was only going to come from each other. It was too difficult to please their partner and watch Joey do strength feats at the same time – they now only wanted to focus on getting off. They probably knew the team would be coming to the field soon and they wanted their cocks to explode before they got there. It was going to be hard to grope and kiss openly when the firemen were working to get them down. The guys weren’t being rude, they just needed to bust big wads soon – the college stud destroying bats so easily and manipulating a steel pole like it was nothing had fired them up too much to hold back from eruption. “Well okay then, we know when we’re not wanted. You two fellas have fun now, you here? It certainly was fun showing off for you. Maybe you can swing by another time and I’ll destroy a car or something for you. Colin, are you ready to have dinner and then fuck a hot guy that just destroyed two bats and pinned two grown men with a big metal pole he easily made into a lasso?” “Not quite, young man. Shower first and then you have a car you need to return to the parking lot.” “Oh goodie, shower time! Maybe we can fit in a quick fuck before dinner?” “You know we can’t, Joey. I just knew showing off your strength would get you even hornier. It’s a quick shower and then straight to the car! I mean it, young man.” The two college students were walking towards the gym when suddenly they heard heavy breathing and grunting like there was a pack of wild animals nearby. They turned around to see where the noise was coming from and could see in the distance that the two coaches were dry-humping each other hard, dangling off the ground where Joey had easily imprisoned them, and it was clear they were near the moment of release. Suddenly the evening air was filled with the orgasmic yelling of both men as they offered their loads to each other. They were sucking face like two lovesick teenagers in between each eruption and after every moan of pleasure. Colin and Joey stood there in awe of the to men and were happy that the big boy’s strength feats had brought so much joy. “Pretty impressive orgasms. How did you know they were gay, Joey?” “They both got hard when I threw the ball to home plate after running out to catch it in the outfield near the fence. I heard the coach tell his assistant how he’d like to see other things that my fucking huge arm could do – and the other guy agreed. Then they started talking about how much my body made their cocks’ ache. I wanted to show off for you today, but hearing how much it turned them on was like icing on the cake. I listened to them talk about me the entire game and did things to make them get harder. ” “You and that super hearing. I’ve got to be careful with what I say – at all times.” “That’s not all you have to worry about – I could sniff you out of a crowd of two thousand – and easily spot you in a stadium from a mile away. I tell you, it has something to do with this incredible bond we have, man. I crave you all the time. When I was bending the shit out of that pole a few minutes ago and when I turned that bat into a pile of dust all I could think about was how much I hoped it pleased you. And I somehow knew that you’d want to see me flatten the aluminum bat before I even began to fold it up – that was all done in hopes that it would make you fuck me like a beast tonight.” “Well it worked, big guy. Don’t worry about that.” “So I made you all hot and bothered, huh, Colin?” “Hell yeah.” “Then how about a quickie in the shower!” “You have a one track mind, sir! No, we must save ourselves for after dinner. I’ll make it worth the wait, I promise.” “You better or I’ll just hold you down with one hand and suck you dry for twenty-four hours. No telling how that much of your spunk would affect my growth. I might end up being bigger than the entire fucking dorm room. I’m going to hold you to your promise of a super fuck tonight, bro.” “Trust me, Joey, I’m going to fill that ass of yours with so much of my cum tonight that you’ll have to walk around nude tomorrow because you won’t fit into any of your clothes. You’ll have to wait until I go buy some new ones for you! I’m going to make you so fucking huge!” “Are you trying to make me throw you down on the ground and sit on your hard cock out here, Colin? Cause I’ll do it right now if you want me to. You have me so riled up now that I could take down a charging bull with one hand or toss a loaded cement mixer a hundred yards with no problem. Name it, honey, and I’ll do it for you.” “All I want right now is a romantic dinner with my man.” “Done. But we’ll need to take separate shower stalls. I can’t be close to your nude body right now or I’ll do something I might regret. Fuck, you make my entire body burn with desire!” “Right back at you, big man, right back at you.” The two students went into different areas of the locker room to shower – even though thoughts of the other guy nude made both men stay rock hard. It was especially difficult for Joey to know that his roommate, the love of his life and the nectar of his muscle, was just eight stalls down – probably soaping us his cum rocket right now. Joey contemplated just busting through the flimsy walls until he was in the shower with Colin. He knew his friend would be impressed and turned on – which might lead to a heavy session of sex, but he also knew that Colin was trying to stay faithful to a plan. The school would also be upset about the destruction. Joey decided to release some of his built-up sexual frustration as he showered, hoping it would keep him calm for the rest of the evening or, at least, until they got back to their dorm room and fucked like rabbits. The big man reached back to his ass and stuck one of his thick fingers into his rectum, immediately pressing against his sensitive prostate. At the same time he shut his eyes and imagined Colin’s cock slammed up inside him – causing all the pleasure. Joey also pressed the head of his own hard dick into the tiled wall, to increase the building eruption. As the big thick finger pressed in and out of his hole his balls started bubbling with increased cum pressure. Joey realized it would take little effort and no time at all to bust a big wad. He increased the rhythm of his probing finger and started jerking his hard cock with his other hand – even as he still bounced its head into the wall. His imagination got the best of him and he ignored anything happening around him. “Oh yeah, that feels nice, Colin, real nice. Fuck me hard, man.” The big guy chose to whisper, so his roommate wouldn’t catch on that he was masturbating a few feet away. Joey would bring his big fist down his huge long shaft at the same time he shoved his strong finger way up into his chute – both feelings bringing him to the edge quickly. He imagined his body being pressed up against the wall as Colin’s hard cock slammed him into the tile with each animalistic shove. Joey loved it best when Colin was rough and fucked him hard, mainly because he thought it made his roommate’s cum have an even higher concentration of whatever it was that made his big body grow – but it was also because Joey just loved getting plowed uncontrollably. Colin was a screamer when they fucked – and that added to the excitement. Joey just grunted and moaned like the huge beast he was – which, in turn, made Colin go wild. The jock bent the tip of his finger as he pushed in and out of his own hole – just to increase the orgasmic jolt to his insides. Pre-cum had already begun to seep down the guy’s big fingers, which worked the hard cock with a fierceness that might have crushed any other man’s cock – but it only brought a lot of joy to Joey. The huge athlete lost control of his body as soon as he reached exploding time. He didn’t anticipate the ejaculation to rock his body so much and didn’t have time to prevent his powerful rod from penetrating through the tiled wall of the shower stall as soon as he started to cum. With a loud growl his cock easily poked a big hole because of its power - tile and cement crumbling away like it was sun-dried dirt being hit by a sledgehammer. “Aw, fuck me Colin – shit that’s nice!” Joey continued to moan and speak in a whisper as he unloaded his spunk into the stall on the other side of the wall, his cock having made its own glory hole. For a second, as his body slammed up against the tile in his euphoric explosion, he was worried his body was going to burst through the entire mass. He was able to control his intensity a little, even as he continued to probe his ass roughly with the big finger. The man was in heaven – knowing he easily burst through the wall with his cock, feeling the joy of spraying a heavy load of cum in the other stall, and having his ass imaginarily fucked by Colin was a close second to the second to the real thing. His cock continued to jerk out a few more spurts of cum and as it did, the steel-like rod continued to crack tile and make a larger hole. Joey loved how his dick was powerful enough to tear through cement without any problem. He thought back to a time when Colin had asked him to make his cock poke through a wood fence on the edge of campus. His smaller roommate wanted to kneel on the other side and suck him off, thinking it would be like some porn movie. Feeling the wood splinter easily because of his cock’s power had been such a turn on for the big man and Colin had loved watching the simple task, as well. Not being able to see the guy sucking his hard cock had been such a kinky pleasure, but Joey had gotten too excited by the blowjob that he ripped apart the fence with his hands, jumped on his roommate, and sucked Colin off without even realizing what he was doing. His need for the guy’s honey tasting spunk had been too much – increased tenfold by the expert blowjob through the fence. Joe’s present orgasm finally subsided and his mind returned to the shower stall. “I see my big boy couldn’t wait, could he?” Joey’s heart stopped for a few seconds as he heard his roommate’s voice from the entrance to the door-less stall. The big man knew he was in trouble. Colin didn’t like it when he jerked off without him or when he destroyed school property without the smaller guy getting to watch. Joey turned his head to face his lover and he smiled weakly, knowing he had been caught red-handed. He pulled his dick from the hole in the wall – knowing it had fragments of cement and tile caked to it. The big man also removed his finger from his ass. He hung his head and turned toward his roommate. “I just couldn’t help myself, Colin. I was thinking about you down in that other stall – totally nude and soaping up that gorgeous dick of yours. You know I can’t make it through images like that – it’s just too much for this big body to handle, thoughts of you fucking me to make me grow or me lifting you up in the air to suck you off. I kind of lost control, man.” “Well the only reason I’m okay with it, Joey, is because I hope it calmed you down a little. You’ve been a huge pile of raging hormones for a couple of days, since you knew our anniversary was coming up. But I can tell by how hard your cock remains, that you’re still horned up in a major way, aren’t you?” “Um . . . yes sir.” “Geez, what am I going to do with you?” “A good fuck would be the appropriate punishment, I think.” This comment made Colin laugh out loud and instantly Joey knew things were okay. The smaller guy tossed a large towel to his roommate and then continued to dry his own body as he stared at his roommates rippling muscles – a sight that always brought him great joy. Colin realized that Joey could not be expected to control his great need for sex or growth – it was too ingrained now in his DNA. It was clear that the smaller roommate needed to be the keeper of rules in the relationship, but Joey spraying a stall with his cum and poking holes in walls was not going to cause any big problems. It was really helpful for Joey to sometimes release the sexual tension that his muscles and power created. The big guy really was one big walking orgasm – caused mainly by his thirst for growth induced by sex. It was actually amazing that the big man controlled his urges as much as he did. It was also clear that Joey’s love for Colin was sometimes the only thing that prevented him from extracting cum from the smaller guy’s body all the time. Colin knew that he would be unable to keep himself from shooting all day long if Joey ever decided to suck him dry constantly or squeezed the spunk out of him by clamping his powerful ass on his growth causing hard cock. Joey’s need for Colin’s love, respect, and affirmation prevented the big man from being a huge beast that fed his urges whenever he desired. It was clear that Joey’s super strength was actually needed to keep the big guy in check – so he wouldn’t become a power hungry hulk. Secretly, Colin longed to help Joey grow into a massive muscle monster. For all of his newfound intelligence and self-awareness there was a part of the guy that completely craved turning his roommate into someone that could crush rocks with no effort or rip apart metal like it was child’s play. Colin loved knowing his cum was creating a superman. He constantly longed to see his roommate’s body burst out of clothes, his cock to slam through metal, or his muscles flex thicker after a great fuck. Colin actually had to control his own urges in the same miraculous way as Joey, but he never shared these facts with his roommate, mainly because he knew it would be the only permission the big man needed to cut loose and grow to insane sizes. Colin thought it was best, for now, to wait before he unleashed the first real superhero on the world. Joey needed to learn how to control his strength some more – he needed to really understand what it meant to be the most powerful thing on earth. “How long were you watching, Col?” “Long enough to see your cock rip through the wall . . . and it was fucking hot, man.” “I know, right? It was almost like I didn’t know I was doing it. I just felt the need to press that big fat dick head against something hard – you know, to make me cum harder.” “I’d say you succeeded – the other stall is covered in your cum, dude. It’s dripping down the wall like someone undid a fire hydrant.” “Yeah, it felt like a shit load of juice.” “Okay, buddy, put on that hot outfit I picked out for you earlier and slap on some of that cologne that drives me wild. You have a car to put back in the parking lot and then I think I’ll make you carry me to the restaurant. I know we said we’d drive, but I think you can work off a little more steam by hoofing it with me on your shoulders.” “Hey, Colin.” “Yes, honey.” “I love you. Happy anniversary.” “I love you, too, big man. Now put that hard tool away and quit trying to entice me into some locker room sex. It’s dinner first, then some heavy foreplay, and finally, for dessert, some muscle growth fucking!” “Sounds like heaven, Colin, it sounds like heaven.”
  11. londonboy

    m/m A Big Helping Hand

    It was my first day with “Meals on Wheels.” I had been looking for a way to do some community service and a friend suggested I might like to help take food to people who were sick or elderly. I had delivered four lunches so far and I was on my last visit. It had gone pretty well, but I couldn’t prevent myself from becoming a little sad after seeing four consecutive frail women in their eighties, especially when I knew I would be the only person to visit them for the entire week. I could feel my brain wanting to finish the last stop quickly and then head home for some processing time. I walked up to the craftsman looking home on the outskirts of a pretty nice neighborhood and knocked on the screen door, noting that the heavy wooden front door was wide open. I didn’t think it was a good idea for an elderly or sick person to leave their home open like this. I made a mental note to mention it to my supervisor. “Yeah, who is it?” came a voice from somewhere in the back of the house – it sounded strained and a little winded. “I brought your lunch um . . . uh . . . Mr. Gaw.” I looked at the name on the sheet. “It’s about time, I’m starved.” “Yes sir. I’m sorry. I had four other stops today. Can I come in to bring it to you?” “You must be new, boy.” The way he said boy made me roll my eyes. Another elderly gentlemen that built his ego up by making others feel inferior. For a second I thought about just leaving the food on the porch, but knew it wasn’t right and I did so want to make a good impression on my first day. “Yes sir, it’s my first day.” “I’ll be danged, I knew it - mainly because no one ever wants to come in. Yeah, bring the food to the back room, straight down the hall.” I entered the house and prepared myself for the fragile state Mr. Gaw was probably going to be in – since he couldn’t even come to the door. I also heard some heavy breathing and what sounded like grunts, as if he were in great pain. I walked down the hall and followed the sounds. I told myself that I would make it a quick visit – walk in, drop the food, and leave. I turned into the last room on the right and immediately dropped the bag of food I held in my hands. It made a loud noise as it connected with the floor. In the center of the room was a huge beefy guy in gray cotton shorts and a white tank top laying on top of a industrial strength weight bench pressing into the air three bars clamped together with what looked like huge keg-sized concrete blocks cemented onto it. The ends of the bars bent so far down it looked like the frown of a huge emoticon. I gasped out loud as two unbelievably large arms swung the huge weight back into a makeshift stand at the head of the bench. It looked like someone had taken two steel girders and had them shaped into v-like supports and I instantly realized those beams would be the only things strong enough to hold the enormous homemade weight set - that is, besides the dude laying on his back. My chin fell downward as soon as the big man on the bench sat up, the sturdy looking piece of metal furniture underneath cried out from the strain as his body moved. The first thing I noticed about the man was the shocking white-haired crew cut and the thick matching goatee. I then noticed the tanned face with crow’s feet around the piercing blue eyes, heavy wrinkles at the side of a supple looking set of lips, and the manly crevices across the forehead. The man must have been in his late seventies or early eighties, but his body was huge and looked much younger. It was hard to prevent my gaze from traveling straight to the thick-as-hell bull neck that supported the elderly masculine face, which was now looking straight at me. I had only a few seconds to contemplate how it was possible for a neck to look so powerful before the booming voice of Mr. Gaw – now unstrained because he wasn’t lifting what looked like a few tons – spoke to me. “Yeah, the boy’s surprised to see such a huge fucking grandpa, ain’t he?” “Yes.” My answer was weak and feeble. “Yes what, little squirt.” “Yes sir.” “Nice answer. I bet you thought you were going to find some weak looking skinny man barely able to get out of bed, weren’t you now, tiny.” My mind couldn’t even register the insulting words he was using to refer to my body. I was too dumbfounded by what appeared before me. This was a guy surely in the senior part of his life and yet he was bigger than a doublewide refrigerator. I waited too long to answer and this made Mr. Gaw stand up. I cried out like a baby as I gazed upon his full size and then I fell against the side of the doorframe. “You thought I’d be some half-dead, skin and bones dweeb, didn’t you, puny man?” “Yeah.” Again, my voice sounded faint and breathy. “Don’t make me come over there and beat some manners into ya, youngster. You answer your muscle granddaddy like you should, boy.” “Yes sir.” “Yeah, I can see the new boy learns fast. That’s a good little tike. Master Gaw is going to like breaking you in. What’s your name Mr. Teeny lad?” It had finally sunk into my overwhelmed brain that the muscled senior citizen in front of me was letting insults about my size fly as if he could care less about my feelings. I certainly wasn’t as big as him, but I was a decent five eleven and weighed about two hundred pounds. I was in no way what most people would consider small, but this just didn’t register to my huge client. I began to think he might be suffering from dementia or something. “Mr. Gaw, I’m not that small and my name is Kevin.” This caused the old man to smile at me, like he knew a special secret that I didn’t. He stood there for a few seconds and then his gaze turned into something that resembled pity. He made a little tisk tisk sound with his tongue and shook his head. The man reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled off the sweat drenched tank top in one fluid movement – even though I could tell it was hard for him to get the thing over his wide shoulders and big arms. I sucked in air audibly when I got my first glance of his uncovered torso and this made the man smile even more. He walked over to me and I realized immediately that, while I was easily standing inside the door frame of the entrance to the room, the elder man’s shoulders stuck out much farther than the even the molding that surrounded the doorway. The behemoth surely had to turn sideways any time he came into the room. The same was probably true for all the doorways in his house. He puffed out his chest and squared his shoulders even more, simply to emphasize their insane width. I also noticed that I had to tilt my head back to look up at his face – the man was enormous, probably over six-five. He was looking down at me with his evil grin and ocean colored eyes. Mr. Gaw then snorted out a short little snicker and stepped to his right. He leaned his body to the left a little and brought his arm level with my chest. The man started laughing a little harder as he raised his forearm and started pumping up his biceps in front of me. “Holy fucking shit!” That was the most intelligent thing I could muster as I watched the massive peak of his arm thicken and rise in front of me. My entire view of the rest of the room was blocked by his monstrous gun, which was covered in leather like tanned skin. There were layers upon layers of muscles packed into his gigantic biceps and his forearm was covered in thick white hair. “Hey Minnie man, look how my gargantuan flexed arm stretches from your chest to way higher than your head.” My head didn’t move but my eyes looked upward so I could see how high the top of his biceps went. Because he had his arm so close to my head and because the fucking thing was so big I could not see the peak. “Just the fucking arm of this elder giant is bigger than a fourth of your entire body. I’d say that makes you teeny weeny, Kevin. But let’s get one thing clear; you’re mainly small because I say so. Got it, little whippersnapper? “Uh huh.” I gulped deeply after I answered. Mr. Gaw stopped flexing his arm and brought his big palm to the top of my head, easily wrapping his thick long fingers around my skull. He straightaway started squeezing hard and a shout of pain escaped from my mouth. To emphasize his point the big man simply shook my head a little with his fingers as he spoke. “I know you forget to pay me the proper respect mainly because you are so overwhelmed by my muscles and size, junior, but you really need to start minding your big daddy mentor. I would hate to have to carry your small body over to that bench, throw you across my knee, and make you piss in your pants from just one powerful whack of my hand. A spanking from me is kind of like getting hit by a speeding SUV. I think you must be forgetting your proper place in this new relationship. You need to remember you’re nothing but a little baby next to this big daddy. Maybe if I cradle you like a little infant you’ll remember your true position. Or maybe there’s a better way for me to remind you of your status when we’re together.” Mr. Gaw was holding my head completely still with his giant hand. At the same time he had brought one of his thick pecs to my face. I had to look cross-eyed since he was so close, but I could see his hard chunky nipple jutting out level with my nose. I licked my lips as I gazed on the tufts of thick white hair surrounding the juicy looking cylinder of meat. Mr. Gaw moved his chest from side to side causing the erect man-teat to brush roughly across my nose. It actually hurt, but getting the chance to feel the big bull-of-a-man’s body so close made it bearable. The smell of his pungent sweaty pits filled my nostrils and caused my mouth to salivate. I longed to taste the saltiness of this man’s perspiration. “Look at my little baby frothing at the mouth for some of this muscle tit. Yeah, I thought you were a little chest pig the moment I saw you. Here, suck on this for a while, boy. Make your old man’s cock get hard.” The powerful Gaw pressed his hard nipple against my lips and shoved his chest into my face. He used so much force that my mouth had to open and I parted my teeth to welcome what felt like a cork-sized heap of man beef, along with some of the solid muscle of his pec. Using the strong grip he still had on my head the man bounced my face into his super-sized pectoral, which triggered me to start sucking like a wild man – both to give him pleasure and to get air into my lungs. The elderly man tensed his chest just to intensify the pain as my face slammed into his skin. I, however, chose not to shut my eyes – mainly because I wanted to look at the brawny striations across his chest. It looked like tiny farmers had cultivated numerous rows of muscle underneath his skin. When he flexed it was as if waves of pec meat was rippling toward the ocean of abs beneath the cliff-like edges of his chest. “Yeah, that’s a good little boy. You suck grandpa’s tit and suck it hard. Maybe you can get a little of my man milk and maybe it will help you grow big and strong some day. I can tell you’re still shocked as hell by this old man’s body, aren’t you, son. You never thought a senior citizen could get so big and strong, did you?” In between sucks and when he wasn’t shoving my face into his chest I was able to respond. “Yes . . . sir . . . how . . . sir?” “Shit, boy, before you were even sperm I was lifting heavy things. By the time I was twelve I was way bigger than you are right now. I grew up on a farm and my father was larger than I could ever hope to become. Yeah, I felt your entire body shake just now when you thought about the size of my daddy. Hell, he’s still alive, little man. Yep, he’s over a hundred years old and he can still lift a small car. He’s the only man that’s ever beaten me at wrestling. You’ll have to meet old man Gaw when he comes into town. He like’s playing with pretty boys. Damn, he and I could toss your puny body back and forth like a Frisbee. You’d like me to get my super senior daddy to show off for you, wouldn’t you, Kevin.” “Yes . . . sir . . . please sir.” “Nice son, that’s a good boy answer. You are learning so well. I think you can advance a little in your lessons now. It might be time for you to move beyond the diaper stage. Well, maybe not, since I think you’ll soon be losing control of that cock of yours and definitely making a big boy cum mess. It won’t be your fault, though. Your little body just can’t handle being this close to huge daddy muscles – now can it?” “No sir.” Gaw pulled his chest away from my face, which was now raw from his abuse, and he let go of my head. He backed up a little and then reached out and grabbed me by the ass. He latched on hard to my glutes and squeezed, causing me much pain. I went up on my tiptoes and again shouted out loud. This made the big man laugh as he easily shoved my entire body toward the back of the room. He gave my ass a hard tap as I moved away. The smack echoed loudly in the sparsely furnished room. “Yeah, that hurt like hell didn’t it, Kevin? And that was just a light little love tap. That should give you an idea of what a real whopping from your granddaddy Gaw would feel like. I bet you’re going to do as I say now more than ever, aren’t you.” “Yes sir.” I was rubbing my ass furiously, trying to lessen the intense stinging. I figured I was going to have an imprint of the big man’s hand down there for a few days. I quickly anticipated beating off in the coming week just from lowering my pants and looking at his paw print on my aching butt. I kept moving further into the room, nervous that Mr. Gaw was going to smack me on the ass again. He sauntered into the room a few steps behind me and I could see that two things were causing him to walk a little stiffly. First of all, the insides of his thighs pressed his legs apart making it almost impossible for him to walk without waddling. And secondly, there was a fire hose sized cock stretching obscenely across his thigh and pushing his cotton shorts out like the giant pole in the center of a circus tent. My eyes widened as I began to fathom the dimensions of his rod and my ill-mannered gawking was not missed by Mr. Gaw. “Too much man meat down there for you, too – huh, little man? It’s not nice to stare now, Kevin, but I know you can’t help it. You’re just trying hard to grasp how big that python is, aren’t you? Guess what, boy? It’s not even fully hard yet” This caused me to start coughing – it was like I gagged on just the thought of trying to get his penis in my mouth. I quickly braced my body on the nearest thing – which ended up being one of the large slabs of concrete implanted on the ends of the combined bars the guy was lifting when I came in. After catching my breath I finally looked at where my hand rested. The block of concrete was so large that it almost touched the ground even as it rested in its girder-like holders. I quickly figured out that the large pieces of stone were bigger than half my body – they were way over four feet high and the same width. I turned to the smiling face of Mr. Gaw. I was too flabbergasted to make a coherent sentence. “How . . . much, I mean . . . what’s the . . . how much does one of . . .” “Don’t ask, son. I stopped using conventional weights in my thirties. Nothing was heavy enough. I started using trucks and big pieces of machinery, but most of the time I demolished them by gripping too hard or letting them smash into the ground when dropping them at the end an intense set of reps. People stopped letting me use their vehicles or other items because I destroyed too many. That’s when a contractor friend volunteered to make me some mega-sized weights. He poured those small things for me to use in the house. He also gave me two steel girders so I could bend them into shape to hold the weight. Shit, boy, there’s nothing hotter than taking a big thick girder and molding it easily with just your hands. I’ve never weighed those things, so I don’t know how much I’m lifting. I do know, however, they’ve become too light. I can toss them around for hours and not feel a thing.” “You said these are small, sir?” “Oh yeah, real small. My friend used some big Jacuzzi’s as molds for my outdoor weights. He just poured the cement in and then let me bust the fiberglass rims with my hands. He used a streetlight pole as the bar. The big ones are in the back yard. That’s where I do most of my hard ass workouts. These things in here are just to keep the blood pumping in my guns during the day. And to impress the shit out of little dweebs like you.” I ignored the dweeb comment, mainly because I was running my hand over the huge lump of concrete in front of me. I put both of my hands against the side of the stone and pushed with all my might. The damn thing didn’t even slightly move. I pushed harder, thinking that with a little leverage I could at least make the weight bars move a little. It was no use. I quickly realized that three of me put together would not be able to budge the bulky mass. “Don’t strain yourself, puny man. We want you to be able to have some more fun with your muscled elder. You’re no good to me if you’re hurt or even just plain tuckered out. You need to save all of your strength to keep up with me - even if it’s just for a little while. Grab one of those blocks in the corner and bring it to daddy. Let me do something to pump some more juice into that hard cock of yours. I want to intensify your upcoming explosion to a higher level. We might get you scores of nine or a perfect ten, even from the Russian judge, when I allow you to finally shoot your wad.” I looked to where he pointed and saw there were some huge cinder blocks, the kind used for the construction of large buildings, laying in the back corner. They were the big concrete gray bricks that had big holes in the middle – used for wires or pouring in cement foundations. These looked bigger than the ones I had used in college to hold up my bookshelves. I could have probably fit one of my legs into the middle of these thick blocks – or even my entire body. I also noticed there was a pile of sand in the corner, as well. I figured Mr. Gaw was filling bags for something. I reached down to lift one of the blocks off the ground and was surprised as hell when it only came up about a half of inch. I tried to lift it again, using a lot more of my strength and the thing only raised into the air slightly more. I turned to look at Mr. Gaw, ready to ask him for help. What I saw almost made me instantly shoot my cock’s building load. The older white-haired Samson was curling the triple-barred massive manmade weight – with just one hand! I fell backward in shock and was thankful I was so near the wall. It broke my fall. I started to cry out like a shocked child but no sound could escape my mouth. I was simply too astounded by the man. I watched closely as he executed perfect one-armed curls for ten repetitions and then tossed the monstrous thing in the air and caught it with his other hand. He then repped out ten lifts with his other arm. His biceps were suddenly what seemed to be twice the size they had been when he measured them against my body. I knew a small child could easily hide behind this senior’s bulging guns. He dropped the weight back into the holders and the room shook from the jolt. I took a few seconds and focused on the girders that held the united bars. I could see finger indentions on the sides of the steel beams and got a little light headed thinking about Mr. Gaw bending the things with just his hands. “Yeah, boy, I’ve got these guns pumped up something nice for you. We’re going to have a little fun now, son. Don’t try to lift those things, Kevin. You’re too weak for that. Just slide the things over on the floor. I can’t begin to remember what it feels like to not be able to lift a bunch of tonnage. I feel sorry for you. My cock, alone, could lift four of those cinder blocks put together boy, and yet your entire body can barely get one an inch off the ground. It must be difficult being so small and feeble, Kevin. Here, you thought you were going to come in and help a frail old man by giving him lunch, but you had no idea that your body would end up being so scrawny and powerless compared to mine. Come on little man, put some force behind that cinder block. You’ve barely moved it two feet.” Mr. Gaw was right. The fucking thing was so heavy that I was wearing myself out just trying to slide it across the floor. It was even larger than I thought. The outer ring of the block was probably about a foot thick, leaving a hole in the center that was definitely as big as my waist. I could tell that metal had been mixed in with the concrete ring, as well. This added to its strength and weight. The elderly muscle man had obviously grown tired waiting for me, so he walked over and grabbed the cinder block between just the pinky and ring fingers of his right hand. He lifted the block up like it was a feather. He then wrapped his other hand around my waist and easily lifted me into the air. Being cupped in the big man’s sweaty armpit was like winning a thousand lotteries. I felt his huge pumped-up biceps against my body and his muscle packed chest pressed into my side at the same time. He squeezed so hard that all the air was instantaneously forced out of my lungs. I could not take a breath because his grip was too damn strong. I was thankful when he dropped me on my feet as soon as we were back in the middle of the room. I inhaled deeply. Mr. Gaw snickered at my misfortune and then brought the cinder block to his chest level. “So, Mr. Delicate, let’s see what kind of damage your big grandpa can do to this flimsy light thing, okay?” I stared at the man and, even though my body was still in pain, I was excited beyond belief. I could not wait to see what the guy chose to do to this heavy piece of concrete. “Yes, please sir.” “You have done so well at learning your manners today, Kevin. I am so proud of you. It’s time to reward you a little and then we’ll work at pleasing me. I bet you never thought you’d end up the plaything of some monstrous eighty-year-old man, did you? But that’s just the way life goes sometimes. Let’s not mess up those pretty clothes of yours. Undress boy.” It was certainly not a polite request and I did not need to be told twice. I had quickly learned that my new daddy boss did not feel he should ever have to repeat himself. I kicked off my shoes and socks, peeled my shirt from my upper body, and then pulled down my pants and underwear at the same time. I placed all of my clothes on the concrete block, still resting in the hand-molded holders. I was happy to notice that my body made Mr. Gaw smile. He nodded his head up and down in approval. “Yeah, boy, that’s a real nice body. And I can see why you might have thought you were big before you met me. But take a look at your body son, and then look back at me. Go ahead. Yeah, that’s it. Get a good long look. Now look at me. It’s kind of hard to miss me, huh? Tell me what you notice Kevin?” “I notice that there’s no comparison, sir. I feel small and weak next to your gray-haired super-strong huge body. I see skin weathered with time, but still gorgeous and vibrant. I see hands with calluses bigger than my fist, sir. That hard skin on your palms is from years of lifting weight that all other men could only dream about moving - weight that even most bulldozers would have trouble budging. I see the most beautiful muscle daddy that has ever walked the earth.” “Well son, truer and finer word have never been spoken. Your Mr. Gaw is going to reward you handsomely.” The giant man took the cinder block in one hand and slid his other forearm into the hole. I watched as Gaw slid the cement ring up his arm – having to push it hard to get it over his thick biceps. I was amazed that his skin didn’t tear – but then I quickly figured it must be as strong as the rest of him. The man simply turned the cinder block into an armband. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. He then raised his arm – leaving it outstretched at his side, with the block hugging his gun. “You don’t touch your cock until I say you can, is that clear little fellow?” “Yes sir.” “I bet you have beat off for years watching men bust their biceps through the sleeves of their shirts, haven’t you boy.” “Yes sir.” “Well let’s put a new twist on that image, shall we, son? From now on an arm ripping through a shirt isn’t going to impress you at all.” With that, Mr. Gaw started bringing his forearm up slowly and methodically. I watched as the man’s big solid biceps started expanding and filling in every possible space within the block. I was amazed to see his skin push out over the sides of the block, because it couldn’t go anywhere else at first. For a few seconds I thought nothing was going to happen and then the room was filled with a popping sound that made the walls reverberate. Chunks of concrete came flying off of the edges of the cinder block. I could feel tiny pebble-like pieces hitting my body, but I didn’t dare take my eyes from Mr. Gaw’s biceps. The man was barely straining and intensified the pump of his biceps even more. Suddenly the entire block exploded from around his swelling arm. It was like watching some guy’s arm busting apart a plastic armband but it was also a hundred times more powerful. Seeing his biceps obliterate heavy concrete was beyond orgasmic. I moaned out loud as portions of the block flew across the room and some big lumps fell to the ground. I desperately wanted to grab hold of my cock and pump myself to orgasm, but I remembered Mr. Gaw’s order and there was no way I was going to disobey him. The big man’s biceps was bulging in front of me and looked even more glorious than before – probably because I had just witnessed some of its incredible power. “Fuck, that is so hot every time, little man. I’m proud of you for not grabbing that cock. Most men can’t make it through that easy display. You’ve got some stamina and I like that – even in someone as small as you. Not to worry, son, we’ll be getting you off soon. Let me just clean up some of this mess.” The big man reached down and grabbed a couple of the big chunks of concrete from the ground. He stood back up and held the two pieces in his right hand – with his left palm open underneath. I heard a high-pitched squealing sound and saw his fist grow tighter around the stone mass. I cried out in pleasure as soon as I saw a steady stream of sand descending from his clenched fist into the waiting palm. It was taking no effort for the big muscled daddy to mash the concrete into nothing. My legs began to weaken. My moaning got louder and my body began to shake. “Hold on little man, your big daddy wants to give you one more thrill to send you catapulting over the top.” Mr. Gaw reached out and grabbed my tense body. Feeling his sand covered hands against my skin made his recent display of strength even more real and my toes began to curl tightly in anticipation of what was coming. He quickly brought my weakened body up to his chest and let my stiff cock nestle into the deep valley between his pecs. The strong man then merely lifted my body up and down while he squeezed his powerful chest together – surrounding my hard cock with hard warm sweaty muscle. It took only a few times of jerking my dick up and down in between his mountains to send me over the top. I threw my head back, screamed like some kind of wild animal, and then released my powerful eruption into the cavernous division between Gaw’s huge pecs. I could tell volumes of cum were being released from my body, mainly because I felt it deeply, but also because I saw a bountiful amount of cum shoot out lava-like over the huge chest in front of me and then flow downward over the bulging muscles. My body continued to shake uncontrollably for a few minutes and I knew it would be hard for me to ever again spew forth that much man juice, but then I quickly began to think about all the other things Mr. Gaw might do to show off and I started to get excited again– even before I had fully recovered from his small display of strength. [Part Two for Tumblr] “That sure was pretty, boy, but we’re not done. It’s time for this old colossal man to get off.” I was carried easily over to the end of the bench. Mr. Gaw sat down and then worked both of my legs to either side of his big trunk-sized thighs. He manipulated my body around like I was some kind of doll. Then, without any warning, he slammed my ass down onto his waiting cock. My eyes rolled into the back of my head from the pain and I opened my mouth wide, but, as before, no sound came out. “Sorry, tiny man, but there’s no way I could slowly introduce my large tool to your hole. Trust me, the quick way is the best way. Now I’ll just twist your body a little so you can get used to having a fire hydrant up your ass.” This made Mr. Gaw laugh out loud and then he did, indeed, turn my body to the left and to the right to make it nestle down on his cock even more. It felt like someone had shoved a flagpole up into my body. The pain began to subside and Mr. Gaw, knowing how much it would please me, leaned in and kissed my lips hard. “That’s for being a good boy. I’m going to now start using your body to jerk off my cock, son. Don’t worry, it will give you pleasure, too, but know that a big man like me can’t stop himself when he gets going. I won’t hurt you much, you can count on that. Just squeeze your ass as tight as you can and we’ll both get along fine. Here we go – get ready for the ride of your life.” The big hands at my waist grabbed onto me even tighter and then Gaw started propelling my body up and down on his hard prick using just the strength of his arms. I tried to squeeze my ass as tight as I could – partially to prevent some of the pain, but also to give Mr. Gaw more pleasure. From the way he was moaning and breathing heavy I knew it was working. The man thrust my body up and down so fast that I began to get a little sick. The room was just a blur now. I could feel the old man’s stiff cock getting even firmer as he abused my ass. Finally, the man raised me up on his cock and then slammed me down with enough strength to knock the wind out of me. It didn’t matter, though, because suddenly I felt his huge penis begin to throb hard, I watched his abs concave in, and I heard what can only be described as a beastlike yell. Then hot cum, not just warm juice, shot up into my insides. I figured if I looked down at my ass I would surely see steam rise because of the heat emanating from my hole. I wondered if the temperature was mostly caused by the inertia created from his strong arms or was it because the man was so masculine that even his cum was insanely powerful. Either way I knew I had just been fucked by what was surely the most masterful daddy alive. I looked into his beautiful rugged face and my body tingled all over when I saw the huge muscle man smile at me. The gentleness I was feeling didn’t last long. The man lifted my body off of his cock and then dropped me on the floor in front of him. He grabbed me by the hair and then proceeded to wipe up his cum-covered balls and cock with my face. I was certainly not complaining – getting to feel his hard dick up against my face and to steal tastes of his man milk was awesome– but it did seem like his actions were from someone that only cared about dominating and conquering. I wasn’t sure Mr. Gaw was capable of much generosity or gentleness. After his cock was cleaned and glistened from the saliva of my tongue bath, the man released my hair. He again lifted me into his lap – this time holding me like a small child, my upper body held aloft by one of his meaty arms and my legs draped over his opposite big thigh. I could feel his semi-hard wet cock pressing into my ass and lower back. The big man began to stroke my chest and stomach lightly. His actions made my eyes fill with water and Mr. Gaw noticed as he gazed down at me. “I have to be tough son, so you’ll appreciate it when I’m kind. I have to be the disciplinarian as well as the protector. Understand boy?” “Yes sir.” I said through my tears and tried hard to stop crying. “It’s fine for you to cry, boy. You’re not used to being around such size and strength. It’s hard to get your mind around all that my body is capable of – the destruction it can cause, the heavy stuff it can lift, the good it can do, and all that. I represent so much for you, boy. You desire a protector as well a dominator. You want me to treat you both rough and gentle. You like me when I’m mean and you like me soft. I deserve to be your master, boy, and you know it. I’ve learned a hell-of-a lot in my time on this earth. I know you now won’t ever look at elderly people the same way, son. That’s why ‘Meals on Wheels’ hired me.” “What sir?” “That’s right, boy. See, the program uses me to test their new male volunteers. I give them a big helping hand, so to speak. If men still want to serve after visiting me, then they become part of the service. I’m used as a tool to weed out the weak ones.” “I still want to serve meals, sir, but on one condition.” “You think you’re in a place to give me conditions, boy?” “No sir, it’s just that I think you’ll like this condition. I’ll be glad to serve many meals to the sick and elderly if my last stop can always be here.” “Hell, son, no one’s ever asked for that. That sounds like a great plan to me. Give your big gramps a kiss.”
  12. elysiumfields

    m/m Diving School Muscle

    Another of my oldies.. Diving School Muscle Elysia bobbed up and down on the gentle ocean waves,anchored above the sight of the sunken wreck of the freighter Hephaistion, resting on the ocean bed at around 100 feet down. I sat in the cabin of the Elysia, monitoring the progress of the team of divers i had brought out to the wreck on my boat,catching a chance to relax and enjoy the warm sunshine and the calm shallows 4 miles out from Bermuda's Maritime Point. It was a good business ferrying divers to and from the Hephaistion and to the Sargasso reefs, and i had formed a close freindship with Alex and Jamie, two American buddies, who had just set up a Diving School together just outside of Hamilton and who had saved me from nearly drowning while snorkling near Devils Hole....'Damned Sea Turtles can be so alluring to watch!'. As a thank you to the two young guys for saving my life, i had formed a partnership with them as the boat operator with hopes of furthering their business and lining my pockets too. The wreck of the Hephaistion was a main pull for visiting divers. It had sunk nearly 29 years ago in heavy seas after an apparent disastrous fire in the engine room,and i think the main lure for divers to its grave,was the fact that it was rumoured to have had a crate of precious stones in the hold, but did'nt every shipwreck have some hidden treasures in their dark interiors!. As i expected, nothing had ever been found. Then there was the local lore that when the Hephaistion had gone missing in 1973 for 3 weeks,southeast of Bermuda in the Sargasso sea, it had been sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and not because it suffered damage in a storm. I had heard an urban legend, that if you stood at the very eastern tip of the island, at a turret in the National Maritime Fort,your watch would stop and run backwards for a while..'Bullshit!'.. i had tried it and nothing happened. One or two old maritimers had even said that the Hephaistion was deliberately sunk because the real killers of the islands Governor General back in 1973 were on board,and that the two men executed in 1976 which led to violent racial riots on the island,were innocent,and the British government and its Bermudian puppets, wanted to cover it up. Conspiracy theories bored me..As long as i had my boat and my beautiful idyllic life, i was fine.... Well,at least the Greek owners of Hephaistion had a sense of humour in naming it after Alexander the Greats gay lover...Full of happy sailors i guess,laughing to myself. I just sat in the cabin,my legs stretched out on the sideboard,taking in the sun and tranquility as the Elysia swayed gently on the ocean. Jamie and Alex had taken a group of 6 divers down to the wreck..All rich male college students from Boston on holiday, just a few years younger than my two buds, and all eager to learn how to dive. They were in two groups of 4 and had been down in the depths for a fair while now. I had a communication link to both Jamie and Alex,who had connections with the rest of the group,and both had undersea cameras with them,but i could not exactly retrieve a perfect signal on the monitor from them all the time.Too murky at times,other times too blurry,but sometimes i could see what they were doing crystal clear. I looked at the clock..2.50pm and then at the counters that kept an accurate digital reading of the air the group had in their tanks.They were going to have to come up soon. I picked up the microphone and sat forward to look at the monitor as it switched between Alex and Jamie. "Jamie,you'll have to come up soon,'ll be running out of air." After a few moments of watching Jamie swimming along the freighters barnacle encrusted hull,he crackled back a response. "Yeah,no probs,Gilligan..i'm just looking for Hayden and Greg and we'll start back up." I gritted my teeth because i hated Jamie for keeping calling me Gilligan..joking about being shipwrecked on some desert island with some professor..I had not a clue what he was going on about?. 'It was Gilliam, and even better, just Gill !' . Jamie turned the camera to point at his face,and gave me the thumbs up, his sparkling blue eyes framed by the clear goggle mask, nearly the same colour as the sea. I checked upon Alex. He was swimming close behind two of the other college students.I could see their flippers waving up and down as they swam in front of him. "Its nearly time to come topside,Alex" "Yeah,i know." he replied, then a Barracuda suddenly swam close through his camera view,startling both Alex and myself. "Fucking fish..i nearly crapped in my suit" Alex said. I stifled a laugh as i got up to prepare to help the guys up on board. "See you in a mo.." muffled Alex. I acknowledged him as i walked to the back of the boat. Suddenly,the boat rocked heavily on a swell that seemed to come out from nowhere, and i nearly fell over the side,clinging hard on a side rung to stop me from going overboard. I stood up as the boat settled back down again, but at least 10 feet or so from behind the boat,i could see a wide circle of foaming,bubbling white water as if there had been an undersea explosion,..or the beast from 20,000 fathoms was about to rise its head out of the water! I felt my ears pop as if there was a sudden change in pressure,then a brief spell of dizziness,that i had to sit down to allow to pass. 'What the fuck was all that', i was'nt the one diving up from the depths and at risk of experiencing pressure change?. I watched as the foaming maelstrom on the ocean surface broke and dissipated as quickly as it came, returning to its tranquil rolling calm. "Oh shit..the divers!" i remembered. I rushed over to the monitor and literally shouted into the microphone. "Jamie,Alex, are you guys all OK down there?" i said with clear alarm in my voice. A few seconds of anxious waiting and for the camera footage to clear from a murkiness into dappled light, and Alex crackled onto his mike. "Yeah, why,..whats up?" Alex seemed calm as if he had'nt experienced anything that i had just gone through. "I just experienced a heavy wake as if something had happened down there with you guys.I nearly went overboard!". "Nah, nothings happened down here,not even turbulance of currents..Mind you,my wetsuits feeling a little tight though.." I sat back on the seat,both relieved that everything with Alex and his team seemed Ok,but perplexed by his odd comment on his wetsuit. I had helped him, and all the others into their neoprene wetsuits after applying the lubricating wax over their bodies, and being openly gay,i must admit i had found it mildly erotic rubbing the lean muscles and trim torso's of the better looking guys in the group. I shuddered myself out of an image of Alex peeling off his wetsiut to unveil his muscular smooth torso,before i got an erection. Jamie came on over the mike.."Whats up Gill, not becoming seasick after all the time in your boat,are ya?". "Very funny" i replied, as i watched him focus his camera a little too long on the firm arse of the student swimming close in front of him. "Why you looking at his arse,Jamie. I'm the gay one here?". "He's got such a nice full muscled butt, and i dunno why i ain't noticed how a guys butt looks so sexy in the first place!". I thought the camera was playing tricks on me as Jamie followed the guy upwards towards the surface,intermittently telling him and the others to ascend at a calm pace to avoid the bends, but it looked as if the young mans arse was expanding in his tight wetsuit.. The vision fuzzed as i caught a glimpse of the hull of the Elysia from below,the surounding surface waters dappled in sunlight. I got back preparing to haul up the divers onto the flat back deck of the boat. There was a break in the waters near the bow and a head popped up. It was Cody,one of the student divers. When i reached down to haul off his oxygen tanks, i could not help but notice that he seemed much broader in the shoulders and the arms much thicker beneath the sleek skin tight long sleeves. I shrugged it off as just tiredness as he clambered onto the boat, followed by his bud,Hayden. I scooped off the owygen tanks and secured them into a nearby racking and offered a hand down to pull up the cute young college jock with the golden blonde hair, azure blue eyes and tanned surfer boy looks.'Shit!' he felt heavy that i had to grip the side rungs to help him up. "Cheers bud" he said,grinning a perfect smile at me.his black and blue wetsuit looking un-naturally tight on a too thick physique. He had'nt been this built before he went into the water,..surely? Then Jamie surfaced and helped himself up onto the deck. I saw a definate change in his physique. He had been tall and thin when he had gone down to the wreck. Now he returned,still standing his 6 feet,but his wetsuit filled with a bulging curved shape of a powerful chest, and thick bulging arms. He looked at me staring at him and raised his arms up in a double bicep, the skin tight neoprene conforming to biceps that if it were possible,were expanding and stretching his long red and black sleeves."You like what you see,Gill?" he said teasingly. My cock stirred in my khaki boardshorts. There was a creaking groaning sound coming from my left, and i turned around to see Hayden with his arms up and hands clasped behind his head.His lats were swelling out a little too rapidly beneath his wetsuit and even the strong neoprene could not contain his burgeoning muscles as they grew bigger and bigger to the soze of a bodybuilders and then beyond!. His biceps really showed their growth,filling up his black sleeves making them look like bowling balls forming into fat near spherical mounds squeezing against thickening delts and traps.The sounds were coming from a rip spreading from under his arms,showing off the hairy arm-pits. I caught sight of another head rising out from the back of the boat. Greg..The short red haired and freckled kid. He rose up out of the water like the kraken at the end of Clash of the Titans,throwing his mask onto the deck, already huge with muscles,already his black and blue wetsuit ripped by biceps bulging through and rippled with veins, and heaving swelling pecs splitting open the front and busting the zipper,matted with thick stubbly red tinged hair.As he rose up,the strap over his shoulder,holding his oxygen tanks,snapped, and they tanks clanged onto the deck. I was too distracted by the huge thick shape of what could only be an oversized cock pushing his crotch obscenely.Turning to look at Hayden,then Cody, i could see huge bulges bloating their crotches as obscenely as Gregs..and Jamies. My own cock responded by throbbing into a prominant erection leaking pre-cum as i gazed upon them with fear mixed with lust. Jamie stomped towards me,just as Alex surfaced,again his yellow and dark blue wetsuit showing signs of a body growing massively muscled. Jamie blocked my view,glaring at me with glazed hungry eyes and groping an inhumanly large bulging cock. "Looks like something definately did happen below,..hey Gilligan".,emphasising the name to try an annoy me,but his growing size intimidated me more like!. The other guys laughed behind him,as i heard the sounds of their wetsuits ripping from swelling muscles. Jamie kept advancing towards me and i backed towards the steps and nearly fell down them if it had not been for Jamie to catch me in his powerful hands and lift me up by my waist as if i weighed nothing. "You ain't got nowhere to hide little man." Truth is, i had nowhere to hide.I was stuck on my boat 4 miles out from Bermuda in open sea.! Jamie carried me back outside,ripping off my clothes like they were made of paper and slumped me down naked with my pathetic little 6 inch erection,onto the deck. The Diving team had all come up now and had hauled themselves on board my boat. Each and every one of them, now grown or growing still, into hugely muscled hunks much more bigger than even the biggest bodybuilder. And they gathered around in a circle like hungry giants ready to eat me up. Crouched on the deck in the centre,i could only look up at their huge pecs bloated and filling out their wetsuits like painted mounds or ripping out of them,so big that it partially blocked the views of their grinning faces above. "How about a circle jerk over this little wimp" grunted Ben,once a tall wiry muscled student and now hulking over me,his massive chest densly covered with dark matted hair,heaving with each breath. I watched in mixture of desire and fear as the guys fumbled desperately with their obscenely stuffed crotches and whipped out huge fat cocks,as thick as beercans and all pretty close to,or over two foot in length.. Alex moved a little closer to me,grasping his gigantic pre-cum slick cock with both hands and began to beat off hard,grunting and huffing loudly,the fat flaring red cockhead already oozing pre-cum in thick globs. Matt,another student quickly joined in and began to beat his cock furiously,spitting and grunting like an animalon heat,his cock shaft throbbing with pulsing veins. Jamie spat on his hands and then pointed his huge vein streaked cock very close to my face and then banged away on it as wild as the others. I just sat there,naked and stiffly erect and began to stroke my own little dick,looking up at the hunks,their massive biceps flexing and bulging from ripped wetsuits,pecs heaving and juddering as they wanked over me bukkake style. Greg slapped me across the top of my head nearly sending me flying if it had'nt been for Hayden propping me back up. "Open your mouth Gill..,time for a cum shower." I lifted my head upskywards and gaped open my mouth just as the first of the muscleguys climaxed.Cum rained down impossibly thick globs and spattered into my mouth, signalling for the others to cum too. I gulped and swallowed as much as i could as i was literally soaked by their abnormally heavy loads. Ben and Alex leaned in towards each other and began to kiss passionately as they continued to whack off over me. Through cum soaked hair matting my face, i saw Jamie glaring down at me,his cock still spewing cum in torrents onto a slick deck.. "Its just us out here so why don't we have a little fun with you before we head back to port., hey Gill.!" I was at their mercy..but there was something else.... I had not noticed that my watch had stopped,or that the compass on the Elysia was going all haywire.. Are we gonna be out here for 3 hours or 3 weeks..? It seemed that the ghost of Hephaistion was laughing in the depths below.. THE END
  13. MrLemur

    growth The Iceman Cometh (Part 1)

    (Note: this is from the wayyyyy-back machine of my writings. More chapters are ready to go. Maybe I will finish it this time.) It was a perfect Saturday evening in December, and my best “straight” friend Todd had taken me to a Mariner’s game for my birthday. In case you don’t follow sports they’re the local Hockey team. Todd and I go way back. We were both on the Soccer team at Chawtock University, and have stayed close ever since. Now, despite all my secret wishes - Todd remains a committed heterosexual. I guess Pamela has a lot to do with that. They met in college too, and married shortly there after. I must say I can’t blame him. Pam is smart, funny and makes J.Lo look like Barbara Bush. Oh, I guess I should tell you my name – Emmett, Emmett Lange. Anyhow, the Mariners were kicking the Raiders’ asses, and I was having a great time. If it weren’t for Todd I don’t know who’d go to these games with me. None of my gay friends cared much for sports - let alone Hockey. As a sport columnist Todd got free tickets to just about all the games and as an added bonus Todd told me he had a surprise for me afterwards. When the final buzzer went off, I was practically hoarse from screaming my head off, and Todd told me to follow him. We worked our way through the maze of the sports Arena and soon I began to realize we were headed for the team lockers. “No way!” I said as loudly as I could, but it only came out as a whisper. “Yes, way!” replied Todd. “I figured you’d seen them all from the bleachers enough times to earn an up close look. Anyway, I need to get a couple of Mariner quotes about the game for the paper, so you might as well tag along.” He continued. Todd held up his press pass and we were both let in with out any questions. Okay, needless to say this had to be just about any gay mans dream to see all the athletes in nothing but a towel, or less. ‘Now, don’t go and embarrass me – okay?” Todd chided. I meekly nodded my head thankful for this wonderful gift. Todd made it all look so easy. He just wandered in making small talk with these mostly (and occasionally completely) naked men. I just tried not to stare. As we went further back the air got warm and steamy as we got closer to the shower stalls. “Hey Jake!” Todd called out, and in reply this one really big guy turned away from the shower entrance to face us. We stepped closer and Todd spoke. “Jacob Wyzkowski, meet my friend Emmett Lange – he is the Mariners’ biggest fan. Emmett this is Jacob.” I tried to speak, but all I could do was gulp. I meekly held out my hand to shake his, and he grabbed it so hard I almost winced. He pumped my arm several times up and down. “Nice to meet you Emmett – feel free to call me Jake – only my mom calls me Jacob.” He said, his New England drawl as thick as the jet back hair that covered his chest. “I think you’ll have to forgive Emmett, he’s still a little hoarse from yelling during the game.” Todd inserted trying to make up for my stunned silence. “Oh, so that was you?” Jake said with a smile. “You seem a bit uncomfortable in here Emmett. Do locker rooms bring back bad memories for you? Get tossed in the shower one time too many after dressin’ out?” I remained silent. “Now, you aren’t no Homo or nothin’ are ya?” Jacob said his voice dropping to a disapproving tone. My heart sank. Here I was in this room full of jocks, and about to get my ass kicked. What the hell was Todd thinking bringing me in here? “Hey boys!” one of the other guys shouted from behind me. “You hear that? We got us a fag-boy in our locker room!” At that point I wanted to run, or at the very least turn invisible. Why didn’t Todd say something, anything? At least help me make a break for it. Then just as I was about to try and make a run on my own I heard. “Aw, Hell – is Jake brining his boyfriends in here again. Now Jake, I thought we had a talk about that? Jake started laughing, “Aw, come on Chuck – I get so little action as it is. My boy Toddy here is tryin’ to hook me up with this little cutie.” If my face wasn’t red before that moment it sure as hell was now. I turned to Todd and stared daggers at him. “You could have said something – asshole!” I hissed. He only slapped me on the shoulder and said – “You can thank me latter.” Jake catching on spoke; “Hey, I’m sorry about teasing you – I thought you knew I was gay too. I guess Toddy wanted that to be a surprise.” “Surprise isn’t the word for it,” I spoke in my raspy voice. I was so beyond embarrassed. “Listen Jake, I’m sure you’re a very nice guy, but I have had about enough excitement for one night. I can barely talk as it is so, I think I’ll just be going home.” And with that Jake tossed his towel to a hook on the wall. “Aw, be a sport. Let me just hop in the shower and get cleaned up, and then I’ll take you out for coffee or something. It’s the least I can do for embarrassing you.” So there I was - mouth visibly hanging open staring at by far the biggest dick I had ever seen hanging off this black haired, hunk of a man with the prettiest, blue eyes and all I could say was, “Okay.” One of the guys around me teased – “Aw Hell Jake, quit showin’ off.” “Why, don’t you wait for me at the east entrance to the Arena – think you can remember what I look like” Jake asked. “Sure” I said. “You might want to get a better look at my face – just in case. I’ll be wearing clothes then.” How many more times would I be embarrassed tonight? I quietly sat and waited on a bench out front for about a half an hour. I almost got up a few times to leave, but my memory of that member held me fast. In my mind I went over every inch of Jake’s body that I saw back there. It wasn’t so much that he had one of those underwear model type bodies all cut-up with definition, or that he looked like some big wrestler type. He just had that natural, corn feed, strapping kind of body. The kind that says he takes care of himself, and could play just about any sport. His shoulders were nice and broad, his legs and ass thick and meaty, showing his obviously Polish heritage. His arms were strong as were the lines of his face. I barely knew him and I was falling hard already. When Jake did come out the doors of the Arena I knew right then and there why God made blue jeans. I was always proud of the way my own bubble butt filled out a pair after years of playing soccer, but seeing Jake made me realize he was in a completely different league, and the way he made that zipper bulge was almost more than my heart could take. “So, I guess I didn’t completely scare you away back there?” He said as he drew closer. Watching him walk I couldn’t help but notice his limp. “You okay?” I asked, “You mean this” he replied slapping his thigh. “It’s nothing. Sometimes my knee decides to get a little stiff that’s all. I guess it just comes with the territory of turning 40 – playing hokey doesn’t help much either.” He said with a wink. “You’re 40? No way!” was all I could say, and I meant it. “I guess it’s like Indiana Jones said; ‘It’s not the years honey, it’s the mileage.’” Jake quipped. “So, would you like to try the Starbucks on East Avenue, Washington Boulevard, Charles Street, or Arlington Avenue?” Jake asked. “Which ones closer?” I said shrugging my shoulders. “Sadly they’re each about two blocks away depending which direction you head.” Jake said. “Well, I hear the one on Washington has cuter waiters.” I said laughing. “Oh, a funny guy? Just for that I’m taking you to the one on Arlington – nothing but chicks work there.” He said wagging his finger at me. “Big meany” I said. “Well your half right” Jake shot back. By the time we had walked to the Starbucks on Arlington Jake’s limp had become worse. I could see him wincing sometimes through his smile, and it made me feel sad inside. Here was this gorgeous guy, this amazing athlete, and a simple two-block walk was killing him. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked again. “Yeah, I’ll be fine once we sit down. I guess I hit the wall one time too many tonight during the game.” After getting our coffees we sat down and chatted. I found out we graduated from the same college - only he did so five years before me. I talked a little about how I knew Todd, and how he helped me get through Creative Writing and I helped him through Chemistry 101. I told him about my work at Sphye Pharmaceuticals as a chemical engineer. “Oh a geek,” he teased, but I could tell he didn’t mean it. Despite our tough first, few moments he turned out to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Now, normally I am not the super-promiscuous type, but before I knew it; “So, would you like to go back to my place. Maybe carry on this conversation?” I asked. “Pfff, yeah, right – conversation! You know you just want to get in my pants.” He replied. “So is that a no?” I asked. “Not exactly, but I gotta warn ya’ many a size queen has begged me into their boudoir, only to run screaming once this bad boy reached full mast.” He said leaning into me. And, that was it – the gauntlet had been thrown down, so what could I do but pick it up. We left our half drunk coffees and managed to hail a cab. Jake was walking a little better now after having rested his knee. We were practically heavy petting by the time the cabby dropped us off in front of my brownstone apartment building. The heavy kissing continued through the elevator ride and all the way to my front door. Once inside I lost all inhibition and started peeling off my clothes as fast as I could – leading Jake to my bedroom all the while. As Jake pushed me down onto the bed I reached into the nightstand and pulled out a condom. Jake pulled it out of my hand. “I’m afraid this won’t do” He said as he reached into his back pocket. God, I love a man who comes prepared. “Why don’t you help me put his on?” I took the package labeled XXL (geez they actually make these? I thought to myself) and tore it open. Jake had already removed his sweater and un-did his belt and top button on his jeans. His cock needed no further prompting to spring forth the head slapping against his stomach just below the sternum. I stretched the condom over the cock-head as big as child’s fist, and pulled it down as far as it would go – only three quarters down the shaft. “It’s not to late to back out fella – you wouldn’t be the first.” Jake said. “Are you kidding,” I replied. “This is a fantasy come true – you aren’t going anywhere.” I said with all the bravado I could muster. Jake gently moved me to the center of the bed and began needing my eager ass with his meaty palms. He slowly rolled us both over so I was on top of him. He spit on his fingers and began to work them into my twitching hole. My own cock was rock hard now, and while hardly half of Jake’s length I was proud of its thickness. As I began to leak pre-cum in anticipation Jake reached around and grabbed my cock hard. “Mmmm, a nice thick one you got there Emmett.” He said as he squeezed it even harder forcing more pre-cum out – taking it and spreading it on his own cock-head. As he pressed into me it felt more like an arm trying to penetrate me than a cock. Despite his size and strength Jake kept his movements gentle and slow until his cock-head was in me. I let out a gasp and bit my lip trying not to scream. “You okay?” Jake asked. “I’m fine, Jake, just fine – I want all of you inside me.” I begged unsure if I could even do it. It took some time, but finally I felt Jake’s balls press against my ass. The pressure inside me was as strong as him, but I loved it. As he pulled back out I felt emptiness, and was eager to ride back down Jake’s monster tool. Slowly we built a rhythm and soon Jake was pounding my ass so hard I began crying out in ecstasy. The constant force against my prostate became too much to bear and I exploded like a broken fire hydrant. As the muscles in my ass convulsed it was apparently all Jake needed to reach climax too. It was with shock I felt him erupt inside me – he came with such force the condom didn’t stand a chance – so much for caution. After finishing the long ride I collapsed on to him, exhausted. Jake held me tight and whispered; “Now that’s what I call workin’ it like a pro.” “Told you I could do it,” I whispered back as we nestled together and fell asleep his cock still inside me. My slumber was broken by the sunbeams warming the skin on my face. I decided to quietly roll out of bed and make breakfast in bed for my newfound hunk. Naked I scurried about the kitchen when I heard Jake stir in the bedroom. “I’m in the kitchen making us some breakfast.” I called out to him, “All right!” Jake replied with a slight groan. I went back to the bedroom to find him standing naked in front of the window – stretching letting out one groan after another. “You gonna be okay big guy?” I asked. “Yeah, I’ll be fine – nothing a little Vioxx won’t cure.” Jake said. “I guess it would if it were still on the market – are you taking it?” I asked. “Not anymore. Now I just have to put up with this shit!” Jake grumbled. “Listen Jake, I realize we barely know each other, but maybe I can help you.” I said. “What? You a doctor too? I thought you where a chemical engineer or something?” he asked. “I am, but at Sphye we’re in beta testing for a new drug that will do away with the need for products like Vioxx. It doesn’t just mask the pain of illnesses like Arthritis, it repairs the damage caused by them. It has the potential for rolling back the body clock for some patients. While you’re a little young compared to the rest of our test group I think I can make a case to test it on younger patients – would you be interested in giving it a try?” “Emmett, if it will take away this pain and let me play hockey like I was ten, twenty years ago - I’ll try anything.” Jake said with a sound of resolve in his voice. “Good then, it’s settled. I want you to come to Sphye offices tomorrow and fill out the paperwork. Now, how about some breakfast?”
  14. NYCBlackMuscle

    m/m The Trials And Tribulations Of A Male Witch

    Here's an old story of mine from way back which will be my first post on the new forum. Please let me know what you think. -------------------- The following work of fiction portrays men in sexual situations. Please do not read if you are not interested in stories written for erotic purposes, if you are not of legal age, or if it is illegal for you to read sexually explicit material in this format or through this medium. All characters in this work are fictional. As such, they are immune to any and all types of infectious diseases, including the AIDS virus. You are not fictional and therefore you are not immune. Follow safer sex guidelines or risk having some brainless disease write the ending of your life story for you. Copyright 1998 – 2014 by [email protected] Trials and Tribulations of a Male Witch My grandmother was a witch. Not the cauldron stirring, wart-nosed kind you read about in stories but the laid back kind you'd pass on the way to the store and not even notice. She knew how to do things with herbs and the odd salamander tongue that would blow your mind. When I was a kid I used to stay at her big, old Victorian house for the summer. She taught me how to mix up potions and brews of my own, though as I matured and my natural tendencies came to light she laughed at the things I tried to stir up. Me, I think being gay comes from the genes because I never felt anything for girls but I was attracted to guys before I even knew what my dick was for. Not just any guys, mind you. My tastes always tended towards the big ones. I can remember being mesmerized by a big delivery man who delivered a couch to my parents’ house but as I got older my tastes became more focused and I realized that I was specifically attracted to big muscular guys. By my late teens I discovered bodybuilding magazines and spent much of my free cash and time buying them and jerking off to the pictures of massive, oiled up hunks that filled their pages. I realized it was all about size - the bigger the better, and if possible, bigger still. The summer after high school was the last one I spent with my grandmother. Neither of us realized it but she would die the following winter after an unexpected heart attack. Throughout those hot months we hiked the hills around Jacksonville, the town where she lived, and she pointed out all the natural elements that would be useful to me in my career as a male witch. After gathering plants and the like we would return to her home and mix potions and tinctures in a stainless steel pot on her gas range. Our hobby might have been ancient but our tools were modern enough. Sometime in July, after hinting around and skirting the issue, I finally came out and admitted to Grandmother that I wanted to mix a potion that would cause my thin, bony frame to fill out and become more athletic. I didn't have any desire to be a huge muscle-stud myself but I knew that that if I wanted to attract the kind of man I was interested in I'd have to be in better shape than I was. Grandmother just laughed at my request and told me that when she was younger she'd tried something similar on herself. She was still chuckling when she pulled a book down from the top shelf of one of her bookcases and opened it to a section on transformations. With the help of the book and Grandmother, when I headed home to my parents I looked a hell of a lot different than the kid who had left home only three months before. My 5' 10" frame had grown to a healthy 6'. What's more I had gone from a skinny 140 pounds to a buffed out 185. My biceps and triceps were now strong and striated, stretching the sleeves of my old T-shirts. My hairless torso was packed with ripped, defined muscle while my waist had barely expanded from the tight 29 inches it had been before. My ass, with a little judicious experimentation, had become as rounded, high and tight as was possible within the laws of physics. My legs, meanwhile, had grown longer and stronger, with powerful thighs sweeping down into bulbous calves. With my blond hair and blue eyes I was looking like quite the stud. My parents were astonished at the change but I just told them that a long summer of hard work, and a late puberty shock, had worked wonders. Dad shook his head but accepted my explanation. I think Mom was a little more suspicious, having a better idea what Grandmother was capable of, but she let it pass too. I headed off to college that September and found that my new physical attributes were more magnetic than I could have imagined. There were plenty of girls that tried to catch my eye but I ignored them, preferring to concentrate on the studly men that seemed to come at me from all sides. Even though I smiled and flirted with a lot of them it was only the big guys, the ones who had already put a couple of good years in at the gym, that I spent any time with. While the potion I had created insured that I stayed in great shape I spent a lot of time at the gym scoping out the overbuilt football players and wrestlers that kept my cock up and hard all the time. One guy in particular really caught my eye. His name was Tyrell and he was a receiver on the football team. Most receivers tend to be smaller than their teammates on the line because they need speed and agility in order to catch passes and run their way through the opposing team. The gods must have been kind to Tyrell because even though he was one huge motherfucker he was as quick and as fast as any receiver they'd had at the school for years. I used to watch him working out with his teammates at the gym. He was a big, black stud, somewhere around 6' 4" with a handsome face and a shaved head. In the gym he wore an old, faded tank-top and long shorts but these did nothing to hide the amazingly built yet cut body he'd managed to sculpt. He must have been around 230 pounds of dark, sinuous muscle that only got bigger when he lifted. I'd watch while his teammates, some of whom I'd already slept with, spotted him while he pushed out rep after rep of bench presses until his pecs bulged like two mountains under his tank-top. It was enough to get me hard. I just wished I could see him in the same condition since the lump in his shorts already looked impressive soft. Unfortunately he wasn't interested in me. He had a girlfriend, a blonde cheerleader, which made me think that he at least he was attracted to people with my coloring. Unlike some of the other guys, though, it looked like he only went for girls because he never returned any of my looks when we passed by each other in the gym or on campus. Damn it was frustrating. Despite the fact that I could usually get the guys I was interested in I started losing interest in anyone other than Tyrell. The frustration lasted through Fall term and the end of the football season. We did OK, and Tyrell did great breaking the school record for number of receptions, but the team didn't make it to the playoffs. Campus broke up for Christmas break and I headed home to my parents. A couple days after Christmas we received word that Grandmother had died. The heart attack that killed her struck when she was in town shopping and no one could save her. My parents and I went to Jacksonville for her funeral and then spent several days together before they had to fly home and return to work. They left me at the Victorian to get it closed up for the winter before they returned in the Spring and decided what to do with the old place. I had volunteered to stay behind and told them I'd just fly straight back to college after New Year’s. That gave me just about a week to whip up a little holiday gift for Tyrell. I pulled the book down from the top shelf and went to work only without my grandmother's guiding hand to help me. It was tough because what I wanted to create I couldn't test on myself and while it would have been fun to try on others, even some of the local yokels, I didn't have the time. I flew back to school hoping that what I’d developed would do the job I wanted done. With football season over a lot of the players took time off from the gym counting Spring term as a needed rest. Tyrell didn't, though, and I saw him there as much as ever. Now he was working out alone, a condition that mirrored his situation outside the gym as it became apparent the love affair between he and the cheerleader hadn't survived the football season. That was a good sign so a couple weeks into January I put my plan into action. It was a Friday evening and the gym wasn't particularly crowded. Tyrell was there giving his arms a major workout. By 10:00 PM, about the time the gym was supposed to close, everyone else had left, he was pushing out a last set of preacher curls, and I was trying keep my dick from getting rock hard at the size of his pumped up biceps. He finished his set and dropped the straight bar onto the stand with a crash that reverberated around the gym. Flexing his arms, he (and I) admired the peak on his sweating biceps in the mirror, before pointing both arms straight out from the shoulder in a stretch and then bringing them back up to flex again. By now I had strategically positioned myself by the drinking fountain so when he strutted over to get a drink I was able to look up and casually say, "Hey, you're Tyrell Davis, aren't you?" "Yeah, that's me," he replied glancing at my outstretched hand for a second before taking it and almost crushing it in his powerful grip. "Dude, I saw you play this year. You were awesome." "Thanks, man," he said and made as if to head past me to the drinking fountain. "Thirsty?" I asked, handing him one of the two bottled waters I held. "Go ahead, I've got an extra one." He shrugged and took the bottle, nodding his thanks. Thankfully his thirst overpowered any curiosity he might have had about why the cap on the bottle was already loose and he drank the whole thing down in a couple seconds. It was more than I had hoped for. He thanked me again and I started up some small talk waiting for the first effects. Grandmother's spirit must have been with me back in Jacksonville because right on schedule he blinked his eyes and began to sway a bit. "Hey big guy, what's the matter?" I asked. "You feeling OK?" "Yeah, sure, I'm fine," he replied, his voice already beginning to slur. "You don't look so good. Maybe you'd better rest." He blinked again and then nodded his assent, his docility being a temporary effect of the potion I had slipped him. With a little prodding he went with me to the locker room where we gathered our stuff and headed out of the gym. As a freshman I was still obliged to live in the dorms but I knew he lived off campus. As luck would have it, not only was his apartment nearby but he lived alone. It was your standard college pad, pride of place given to his bed and gaming console set-up. The former was what interested me and while he stood in the center of the room, swaying slightly, I laid back and feasted my eyes on him. God he was hot, even with his clothes on. He'd be even better without them. "You look a little warm, Tyrell. Why don't you strip off those clothes?" That suggestion was all it took for me to be treated to one hell of a show. In seconds he was entirely nude, and more impressive already than I could have dreamed. Except for his pubes, he was as hairless everywhere else as he was on his head. He even shaved his armpits. His big, black body was flawless. From his thick neck down through his massive torso and ridged, fatless stomach he was a built and cut as any pro-bodybuilder. His arms were massive, pumped with blood from his recent workout, while his legs showed the muscular strength necessary to move a man of his bulk at speed down the football field. And hanging between his legs was his long, thick, dark cock, the massive head swinging slightly in the air. As he was he would have satisfied the craving of almost any muscle addict. Any addict but me, that is. I reached into my gym bag and pulled out another bottle of water. "You look pretty thirsty, Tyrell. You'd better drink all of this." He took the bottle without comment and quickly sucked down the contents. This was the exciting part because while he had been docile to this point I had no intention keeping him that way. I wanted him to take charge. Tyrell shook his head and let the bottle drop to the floor. He put his hands to his face for a moment and then pulled them away, looking around the room as if surprised to find himself at home. When he caught site of me a dumbfounded look spread across his face, but that expression quickly shaded into anger. I sent a quick prayer to Grandmother which she must have heard because before he could react any further he suddenly cried out in shock and pain. Maybe because he just gotten through working out his biceps they started growing first. They were big guns already but within seconds they started growing larger still. We both looked with awe as his upper arms began to expand, the amazing growth quickly spreading to this triceps as well. "What the fuck?" he gasped, flexing his arms in wonder, whatever pain he had felt already fading. He was so engrossed in his arms that he failed to notice at first that the rest of his body was getting bigger as well. His already massive neck was stretching out further and further, as his cannonball shoulders swelled ever larger. His pecs seemed to expand like balloons, becoming so enormous and pumped that the skin grew glossy and looked as if it would split trying to contain the tremendous amount of muscle underneath. His back was obviously growing too as his v-shaped torso expanded like a cobra's hood. Before long his massive lats forced his increasingly freaky arms up and away from his torso until they were held almost straight out. His abs seemed to be fighting amongst themselves for space, twitching and growing under the tight skin of his stomach. As for his legs, the thighs, previously more cut than huge, became in the space of a minute tree trunks that any professional bodybuilder would have killed for. I watched he was forced to shift his stance again and again as the sheer mass of his growing quads and hamstrings made it impossible for him to hold his legs together. Even his calves, oftentimes the least developed muscles even on the big boys, got into the act, growing and swelling beyond belief. The growth didn't stop there though. Even as his body grew larger and larger his dick started growing too. For a moment I saw what it must have looked like hard before the change and that was impressive in itself. But before long his cock and balls began to expand further, his nuts churning in their sack, becoming more and more massive, hanging lower and lower in front of his powerhouse thighs. His dick, already as hard as a rock, began expanding in length and thickness, its eye seemingly pointed straight at me. While I had purposefully made this one of the effects of the potion I had given him I was soon wondering if I hadn't gone too far as the growing, black dick went from big to huge to monstrous in a few short minutes. All this time Tyrell was gasping in either pain or pleasure, though I suspect the latter. He kept running his hands, themselves growing larger, over his expanding body, flexing first his arms, then his chest, then his back and then his legs. Catching site of his more than massive cock he let out a hoarse shout and wrapped both mitts around hit, fighting to get his freaky biceps around his huge pecs. As large as his hands were becoming they were losing the fight to cover his dick, which was growing even faster and soon extended more than a hand's width beyond them. There's an ongoing debate on the bodybuilding forums as to whether size or symmetry is most important. For me it's never been a contest. Freaky is what turns me on and here in front of me was undoubtedly the freakiest man who had ever lived. When Tyrell's growth finally stopped all I could do was slide off the bed and fall to my knees, massaging my cast-iron dick through my workout shorts. Here was the man I had always dreamed of, so massive that he put all the heavyweight pros to shame. Whatever he did to me it was worth it just to be able to see such development. Panting as if he'd just finished a marathon, Tyrell finally let go of his dick and his eyes focused on me. He stepped forward and I felt through the floor the shudder caused by his amazing new size. Standing above me he seemed even more huge and I whimpered as he bent down and hauled me to my feet. Back at the gym I had come up to his nose. Now I barely came up to his shoulder, and I realized that if he had also grown taller then his size was even more astonishing. He lifted me up off the ground by my T-shirt until my face was directly before his. I could feel his big dick slip between my legs to stick out far beyond my ass. Even as his eyes stared into mine I took the opportunity to run my hands across the rounded muscles of his arms and shoulders. "You did this to me didn't you," he growled, his voice even lower and sexier than before. All I could do was whimper again, half in fear and half in almost painful desire. "Turned me into a fuckin' freak, man. You're gonna pay for that." Then he raised me even higher with one hand while the other pawed at my body, effortlessly ripping of my clothes. They say you should be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it. I have to admit that's how I was feeling at that moment. I was trapped in the grip of the biggest, blackest musclestud imaginable, a man who obviously wouldn't be able to walk down the street without drawing gasps of admiration and disgust, and I wasn't sure if I should yell for help or cum right there just from the sheer size of him. He didn't give me much chance to decide, though to be honest I don't think it would have been a tough decision. In seconds he had literally torn the clothes off my body, including most of my T-shirt causing the collar to rip apart in his big fist. I fell to the floor, my rock hard dick slapping against my stomach, and lay at his feet trying to somehow make sense of the colossus that stood above me. With an unintelligible grunt he bent down again, picked me up and tossed me like rag doll onto the bed. The strength he displayed, and the fact that I was so obviously in his power, was such a fucking turn-on I couldn't help moaning with lust. A second later the air was forced out of my lungs as his huge body fell on top of mine, pinning me to the mattress. I struggled to pull my arms out from under his bulk so I could feel the massive, overbuilt slabs of muscle that were weighing me down but he had other ideas. With one hand he grabbed one wrist and then the other, yanking my hands above my head. It felt like they were chained in place and as my eyes followed his amazingly thick arm, his biceps and triceps together as large as my leg, up and over my head I knew I had no hope of breaking free. A moment later my face was wrenched back down by his other free hand which grabbed me by the jaw and forced my mouth open, a waste of effort since I would have done it gladly of my own free will. Next thing I knew his mouth clamped down on mine and his tongue forced its way in and was heading for my throat. The rough thrust of his tongue made it feel like he was raping my mouth, totally disregarding any desires of mine. Ironically, that was my desire, to submit totally to this overdeveloped monster I had created. Even as he took my mouth I felt one of his mammoth legs forcing mine apart. His torso was much longer than mine so his groin was positioned somewhere around my knees. Even so, his iron dick ran all the way up past mine, his huge head mashed by his body into my torso. As he made his goal clea, the hand on my jaw moving down to force my left leg up and over his shoulder, I fleetingly wondered if I'd be able to take him without being permanently damaged. It looked like I was going to find out. He face pulled back for a moment and he stared fiercely into my eyes as he brought up his right thumb and forced it into my mouth. I sucked at it slavishly, my eyes holding his, mesmerized by the strength and power apparent in every inch of his body that touched mine. After I had gotten it wet with saliva he removed the oversized digit, and with a cruel smirk shoved it without warning up my twitching asshole. I gasped in pain and pleasure as my ass was lifted off the mattress from the strength of his arm. He watched me as he dug in, grinding his hand against my ass, opening me up for his planned assault. It felt like he was pushing it all the way up into my intestines and this was only his thumb! My dick was jerking in time to his thrusts, shooting precum onto my stomach as I rode the sensation. My eyes rolled back into my head and I could only moan as the probing of his thumb fed my desire to be filled by the massive tool that was throbbing on my stomach. Suddenly, my ass was empty, and at the same moment his other hand let go of my hands above my head. Seconds later he grabbed both my ankles and lifted my legs up and out, so that I was bent almost completely in half, my ass upraised and ready for his attack. I opened my eyes but for a moment could see only his huge cock which was so long that it went through my legs and thrust straight into the air above my face. I was eye to eye with its big head and watched as his precum pulsed from the tip, hitting me on my nose and forehead. His dick pulled back and until I could feel the head running over my balls and then down my asscrack. My eyes refocused onto his face and gigantic torso which I could see through my outstretched legs. Open mouthed, I watched him watching me as his dick head slid around my hole before finally catching my already abused assring. With a feral grin he punched forward with his lower body and I felt his head force its way inside me, driving further and further inside while my body convulsed from the pain. He gave me that entire, huge cock in one shove, and I almost passed out before I felt his groin smash up against my ass. For a moment he just held it there while my brain tried to sort out the pain from the pleasure that was washing over my tortured body. I could feel his heartbeat as his dick throbbed within me and I realized my mouth was moving and that I was trying to speak. "F-f-f-fuck me," I panted, "Please fuck me," and I trailed off into a low moan. "Yeah, I thought so, pussy," he growled, as he pulled the unbelievable length of his dick back until the head was lodged within my anus, stretching it open. Then he rammed the huge fucker all the way into me. He let go of my ankles and fell forward, his huge pecs engulfing my face and the very width of his torso forcing my legs far even further apart. I felt his cannonball biceps digging into my back as his arms engulfed me, crushing me to his body. All the while his pelvis was pulling back and then thrusting forward, driving his massive dick deep into my body, forcing the air out of my lungs. I felt surrounded by his bulk which was coming at me from all sides, even inside. The bottom of my head only reached his chin in this position but I could hear his hoarse grunts and growls which gradually turned into a low chant. "Take it fucker - yeah cunt, fuckin take that dick." The first time I came I passed out, unable to hold on when the sensations in my ass pushed me up and over the edge. I felt myself shooting for what seemed like forever, the cum from my dick forming a slick sheet that his muscular torso spread between us. After that things went black for a time. When I came to he was still pumping away and my dick, if it had ever gone soft, was hard and leaking again. He released me from his grip and with obvious ease rotated my body on the column of his cock, turning me so that my back was pressed up against his mountainous torso. His arms tightened around me again so that one massive bicep crushed my abs while the other cut across my upper chest, just below my neck. All the while his groin kept slamming away, slapping my ass while his dick had its way with my insides. I came twice more before the increasing speed of his thrusts made it apparent that he was going to cum too. His arms and legs grew so tight around my body that I couldn't breathe, and he began to roar, his dick seeming to expand even further inside me. I could tell when he began to shoot, the feeling of his hot cum actually soothing inside my battered rectum. Groggy as I was, for a moment I feared that I had lived through the fuck only to die during the contractions of his bulging muscles, which threatened to tear me apart. Somehow I survived and his grip gradually relaxed as he shuddered and panted above me. After a couple minutes he rolled away from me, his still hard dick taking forever to pull completely from my ass. I lay there trying to gather my strength while he got up off the bed and thudded from the room. I managed to turn my head and see that he had stepped into the bathroom, his bulk seeming to fill it to overflowing. I could tell he was trying to see as much of himself as possible in the ridiculously small mirror over the sink. He ducked his head and stepped out of the bathroom, his oversized legs giving him a rolling gate as he headed back across the room towards me. Despite what we'd just been through I still found his size almost incomprehensible. He was bigger standing there relaxed than any pro could have dreamed of being when pumped up and flexing. As he stood above me, one big hand ran over his pecs, massaging the overhanging shelf of muscle. "How'd you do this," he asked, his tone making it apparent it would be in my best interests to answer. "I'm a witch," I croaked. "I mixed up a potion and gave it to you in some water." His face split into a grin, the first I'd ever seen on him. "I'm kinda thirsty," he said. "Got anymore?"
  15. elysiumfields

    m/m Boat Race Muscle

    Another quickie mass muscle growth short from my archive.. REPOSTED from the 'defunct' MGS Multiple Muscle Growth/Reality shift BOAT RACE MUSCLE I rushed down the southern embankment close to Barnes Bridge spanning the River Thames,hoping to catch the last stretch of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.Surprisingly,even though it was a gloriously warm and sunny day,the crowds,though numbering in the thousands along the length of the race,where thinned and stretched out along the banks leading up to the finishing point,and thus i managed to get perfect view from the rivers edge just as the two teams of 8 crew,spurred on by their cox's, sitting so low in the boats that they could just barely be seen, came cutting through the water,cresting literally neck and neck towards the winning point. I peered through my binoculars at the two crew,seeing the strain on their faces and their lithe muscles aching with each frantic pull of the long oars.These boys must have gone through some serious training prior to the race to cope with stroking through the hard waters of the Thames,and i could see the results under the tight lycra singlets they wore - light blue for Cambridge and dark blue for Oxford.. Lean muscled physiques,oars,strong powerful arms and broad shoulders to pull hard at the oars,along with firm muscled chests,thickly muscled thighs and wide rippling backs..Yes,they definately kept in shape.I could see clearly as they came closer,still head to head despite each effort both teams tried out. Only a few hundred yards now.. 'My,these guys are certainly well built!' i thought ,admiring them as they started to go past my vantage point. I could not take my binoculars off of them,noticing their rather thickly muscled torsos straining seemingly pumped from their exertive fight.'And look at those biceps!' i exclaimed inwardly,catching a glimpse of bulging biceps that looked the size of coconuts on the curly blonde haired guy at the front end of the Cambridge boat.'He must of hit the gym pretty hard toget guns like that!' i thought. I lost sight of both boats as the view was blocked by a small group of spectators,giving me chance to refocus the binoculars as i saw the teams again,now coming up to the finishing line and causing the crowds cheering to rise in pitch. Cambridge was in front by just a fraction but i could not be sure. When i raised my bino's again,i nearly dropped them!. The Cambridge team looked as if they were sitting a little higher in their boat,but i soon began to realise that impossibly,they seemed to have grown in height,but the poor cox squatting just in view at the end of the boat now looked dwarfed by his team mates. I glanced around at the spectators around me trying to gage any reaction to what i was seeing,but there was just normal cheering and waving. Another peer through the bino's and i was astonished to see that not only had Cambridge grown,that they also seemed to be swelling up with bigger muscles with every stroke of the oars.Their light blue lycra singlets were definately becoming packed with more shapely and thicker pecs, and their arms becoming rippled with sinewy muscles,short sleeves burgeoning with fatter bloating biceps and forearms bulging powerfully. One glance across to Oxford and the same was happening to them, and neither team seemed none the wiser to their sudden inexplicable growth.Only the cox's seemed left out. I peered up at the sports coverage helicopter buzzing above and whether they or any of the thousands of viewers were noticing what i was seeing too.!A rise in the cheering indicated that the teams were reaching the finishing line.I raced along the embankment,like many others were doing, running as fast as i could to keep up with the rowing teams. The added muscles were also increasing the strength and stamina of both teams,and the boats cut faster through the water,almost like speedboats.I reached the end line just as both teams looked to have crossed dead level. Both teams carried on rowing,such was the sudden pick up of speed in their rowing before they realised that they even crossed the winning line. The crowd grew a little more dense here,and i could not see either Oxford or Cambridge clearly,but what i did see, it seemed to me that they nolonger showed the exertion that i had earlier seen on their faces.Eventually i broke through the crowd to see the teams. gliding back towards the boat house not far away.There was no slumping back in exhaustion,panting and red faces.Both teams just sat in their boats almost emotionless and every once in an often i could see them flexing a bicep or puffing out their big bulging pecs.They had apparently reached the pinnacle of their incredulous muscle growth,sitting ungainly in boats that now looked like child-like canoes.Biceps way bigger than coconuts,more like bloody watermelons!.Thick swollen pecs so big that they looked as if they had stuffed pillows under their near bursting singlets.Wide rippling lats that made their backs seem three feet across. I was starting to get an erection at this sudden display of huge obscene muscle..'Holy fuck..this definately turned me on sexually!'. After quite a while where the judges were trying to fathom who had exactly won,and with me getting steadily sexually aroused by the sight of 16 burly university students unable to resist flexing bloated biceps and groping their pecs and then feeling up their team mates muscles,almost as if they were getting horny just as i was getting,..the announcement came,that for the first time ever,both teams had tied dead equal. There was some consternation from the supporters of either team at the result,but no alarm bells ringing about their sudden muscle growth,which totally baffled me as to why i seemed to be the only only one to notice. The rowers themselves did not seem to care less. I watched as they rowed up to the sloping jetty of the boat house,and clambered awkwardly out of the boats. The poor cox's,small like racing jockeys to begin with,now totally dwarfed by the huge guys. Now i caught sight of the handsome young guys in all their muscular glory. With the massiveness of their huge muscles,they did not look too much increased in height but still stood at impressive 6.5 to 7 feet. Yet it was their obscene oversized muscles that was the real size to them...and there was something else.! The crotches of their singlets were literally bloated by impossible bulges caused by a truely shocking growth in their genitals. I could see the definate outlines of huge fat juicy cocks looking as fat as my forearm and pressed out towards their hips or very close towards their knees. And their balls looked bloated and full like ripe grapefruits heavily laden with gallons of hot man cum. The sight of their overfilled freakish bulges nearly made me cum right there on the riverbank in my pants,and i had to support myself against a tree to let the orgasmic feeling subside.I fought to keep myself under control as i watched the two teams be presented with their joint trophy and then go through the necessary interviews.Eventually,the teams headed for the boat house,deciding to share changing rooms.I noticed some of them touching each other erotically,groping each others firm round butts or flexing biceps or even kissing.And i nearly came in my pants again. 'Shit,..i wish i was in the changing room and showers with these guys!' as i watched 15 guys go in to the boat house.Then i felt an immensely muscled arm wrap around my waist from behind, and i was lifted easily off the ground,carried towards the boat hose under the strong thick arms and the bulging lats of the 16th rower like i was loot claimed by a rampaging Viking invader..I glanced nervously up into the beautiful face of the blonde Cambridge rower i noticed earlier. "I saw you react to us when we got out of our puny boats..and i want you to be our sex slave..." My cock grew painfully erect and i could no longer hold back my orgasm, creaming my pants with slimy cum...
  16. xythanshadow

    m/m Aphex

    Aphex was the greatest super hero of our state. Everyone loved him. And who could blame them. He was beautiful and gentle, heroic and respectful. He had everything a guy could want and women loved. He was 6’6’’ tall and had to be at least 400 lbs. He was ripped beyond all definition. You could see his abs and chest strain against the sleeveless spandex he wore as he flew across the city. His back was wider than most doors, and he had to be careful entering rooms because he could easily take chunks of the door frame out. His arms were like bowling balls, huge and powerful, squirming like living creatures when he lifted a bus that would be in danger. His legs were like the columns of city hall, thick and titanic, bulging against the pants he wore, threatening to rip them to shreds every time he squatted. And I loved him. Not the kind of love that passer byes had, enjoying his feats of heroism. No, I loved every inch of his body. I loved the way his jet black hair flowed in the wind as he flew. I loved the black stubble that constantly adorned his face. I loved how his muscles rippled with power as he did nothing more than breathe. I loved his beautiful green eyes as he gazed into the video camera. And I loved how he saved my life one night. I’m just a normal guy and, long ago it seems, I had no life. I went to work, went to the gym and went home. And I was so very lonely. Some people, myself included, couldn’t understand how you could be alone surrounded by people, but I was. I never connected with people at work, I was shy and timid around the guys at the gym, and I was gay and afraid to admit it to myself. I trudged about my daily life, each day the same as the last, and I became more and more lonely, more and more depressed. Finally, after spending tons of time in the gym, making no progress, and reflecting on what there was for me in life, I decided to end it. I made my way to the roof of my building, 20 stories above the city streets. Sighing my last breath, I stepped off the roof and closed my eyes. My story should have ended there as I plummeted to my death, but fate intervened. Aphex flew by and caught me about 5 feet before I would have hit the ground. I didn’t know what had happened and opened my eyes to see the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. He had me cradled in his giant arms looking gently at me with his sparkling green eyes and said to me, “Why did you do that? Don’t you know you have a lot to live for?” I couldn’t look him in the eyes after that. I just started crying. Me, a grown man, 25 years old, was in the arms of this walking, or should I say flying, dream crying like a baby. He stopped flying along and began to hover. “What’s wrong?” he asked me. I didn’t know if I could tell him the truth, but as he hugged me tighter, pressing my head against the pillow of his hard chest, I felt more safe and loved than I ever did in my life. I told him of my problems, my thoughts and most importantly, my deepest fears. He listened and hugged me closer and I felt as if nothing else mattered. He whispered in my ear “Sometimes everyone feels like that. Even I do sometimes. But the biggest thing is that you can’t give up. You have to be strong because there’s someone out there for you, someone that would miss out on you if you ended your life here.” “But I’m not strong!” I cried. “I’m weak and pathetic, a fat slob with no one in my life to share it with. All the things that I do each day for what I want seem to do no good. What’s the whole point?” He loosened his hug and again I felt weak and unprotected. But he drew me up towards his eyes, holding my 270 bulk as if I were a feather. “You really are sad, aren’t you? Why is that? Why don’t you have anyone in your life, why do you do things that don’t bring you joy? What is the real reason behind it all?” I gazed into his eyes, then down his square jaw, over his humongous traps, his giant arms, his beautiful chest and his amazing legs. A couple of tears fell from my eyes and I shut them out, trying to keep the pain away. He drew me in closer and whispered, “Ahh, I see.” He rubbed my crotch which was by this time throbbing with such fury, it would’ve hurt if I hadn’t been spilling my emotions everywhere. “And who have you told about you sexual preference?” I didn’t respond. “Ahh, are you really that scared of what people might think?” Again, I couldn’t respond. We began to gently float downward to a nearby building. “You know, there’s tons of people that are like you out there. A lot of guys that you might not even recognize feel just like you. You’re not alone.” He set me down on a roof, floating gently above my head like a muscled angel. He flexed his arm for me and said, “Some are a lot closer than you think.” Taking my hand in his massive paw, he guided it down his ripped chest and let it settle on his meat. I never noticed, but it was swelling against the pants he had on, pulsing like an angry snake, stretching down to his knees and there I realized that there were people out there like me, and here was one of them. Sirens began to blare in the distance and I turned to see smoke on the horizon. “I haffa go now. Promise me you won’t kill yourself.” I looked up into his blazing eyes, and feeling the throbbing of his crotch, I muttered, “I won’t.” He smiled at me and started to float back a bit, “That’s a good man. Well, I’m off to save the day again.” He chuckled and few off like a rocket. I stood on that roof for hours watching the blaze in the distance. Even though I felt cold and alone, I had made a promise to him. Plus, I came to the realization that I’ve never felt so protected or warm as when I was gently floating with him, wrapped him his strong masculine embrace. It was then and there that I decided I wanted to have him or a guy like him. And I would have to live and adjust if I were going to be able to get one.
  17. xythanshadow

    m/m Aaron And Tank

    Aaron and Tank had worked together for almost eight years. They both were in construction and good friends, but they looked the exact opposites of each other. Aaron was around 5’2’’ tall and chubby, weighing in at around 225 lbs. Tank was massive, 6’3’’ and 250 lbs, but all ripped muscle. Unbeknownst to Tank though, Aaron was gay. Tank was a proud musclebear and he worked nightly at the local gay strip bar, ironically called “The Cave”, but Aaron held on to the illusion of being straight, fearing ridicule and isolation from those he admired. Each day coming into work, Tank would stride up wearing close to nothing and he and Aaron would start to work. “Morning Aaron,” Tank says with a smile. “Morning Tank,” Aaron turns slightly to catch a glimpse of Tank’s body. It’s massive and hard, befitting a man of his genetic gifts. Tank is wearing no shirt, allowing his massive arms, swollen pecs and cut abs to be warmed by the morning sun. As he walks, Aaron sees Tank’s muscles bounce and flex, glistening in the light. Aaron adjusts himself slightly, trying not to get aroused by the sight of his fantasies. Tank stands next to Aaron, stretching out his massive muscles, preparing for today’s work while Aaron begins the conversation. “So how are you doing today big man?” “Pumped and hard as usual. Had a good night at the Cave last night.” “Really? I hear some interesting stuff happens down there.” “Yeah man, the stories I could tell you. You should come down and visit one day. I know it might not be what you’re into, but I guarantee it’ll be fun.” Aaron laughs, “Maybe one day man. I usually just go home after work and hit the gym at my house, then cook and stuff. I don’t go out much.” “Really? You’re working out now? How long have you been at it? A couple of months?” Aaron looks away from Tank and sighs. “What’s wrong man?” Tank leans over to his friend. “Oh nothing, hey man, you want a soda? I don’t drink them anymore and I have a ton.” “Sure man, I’ll take one. Why don’t you drink soda?” “I got some advice a while ago and I’m trying to stick to water and protein shakes.” Aaron pulls out a pre made shake and a Mt. Dew and tosses it up to Tank. Tank’s chest ripples a bit as he reacts to grab the soda. The two unlikely friends chat and work until they hear the lunch bell for their section. Tank is up and out like a flash, leaving Aaron behind. Aaron looks around and quickly picks up a sweat-stained towel used by Tank. Aaron sniffs the musky man-scent of Tank and sighs, instantly becoming hard. He quickly stuffs his treasure into his pack before grabbing his lunch and following Tank. Tank is already at the machines trying to decide what to eat. He’s dripping with sweat and is scratching his head, flexing the beautiful ball of muscle that resides in his arm. Aaron’s cock throbs a bit as he takes in this beautiful specimen of man that stands before him. Aaron looks around and notices no one else is there. He remembers that it’s Wednesday, and most of the crew heads out to eat. Aaron quickly shuffles to his seat, taking care to not expose his meat to Tank, who is busily mumbling about not enough meat in the vending machines. Aaron starts unpacking his lunch which consists of a few well grilled steaks and a protein shake. “Hey Tank, you want some of this?” Tank turns around and sees the huge slabs of cow sitting there and responds, “Sure man, if you got extras.” “Yeah man, I had left-overs from last night so I brought them to work. I know how much you eat so I knew I could give ‘em to ya.” Tank sits down opposite of Aaron as he slides over a paper plate and another soda. Tank tears ravenously into his hunk of meat while Aaron eats and drinks a little slower. “So, what kinda things happen at the Cave?” Aaron asks. “Oh you know,” Tank responds with a mouth full of beef, “you got your little guys, swimmer type builds, then your average guys, then people like me.” He flexes his arm in a single bi. “Some of the guys there like my type, big hairy and muscle-bound. But I’m not the biggest one there. There’s a guy that’s called Hammer. Dude’s friggen amazing. He’s almost 7’ tall and outweighs me by almost 75lbs. He’s saved me from a few ‘situations’ before.” Aaron stares at Tank as he goes through his tale. His modest 5’’ cock is throbbing hard, but is not visible beneath the loose clothing he wears. “What do you mean situations?” “Well, in clubs like that, you have a back room area. Well there was a guy bigger than me. I doubt he was stronger 'cause he did have a bit of fat, but he was incessant about getting me back there. He probably would’ve had his way if Hammer hadn’t stepped in. They eventually made their way to the back room. Boy, did they make some noise too.” Tank laughs and Aaron thinks about two mammoths fucking like that. If it was possible, he was getting harder. “I bet you make tons of cash between the floor and the back room.” “Oh no man, I don’t do the back room much. I know I could make a lot of money screwing the guys, but I’m just not into that. Besides, I make a lot just by waving the big guy around.” He smiled as he adjusted his package. Aaron remembered that The Cave is a full nude bar, and once again, his erection became painful. Aaron tried to focus on his meal, tearing away small pieces of the steak. “So what do you do after you leave here man?” “Hmmm?” “Well, you don’t hang out with any of the guys here, and I never recall you talking about a chick or anything. So what do you do with the rest of your time?” “Oh, well, I usually go home and cook up some food. Then after that I hit the weight room in my house. Then I shower and hit the bed around 9.” “That’s all man?” “Yup, that’s been the routine for a while now.” “Fuck man, you should get out and do more stuff. You have got to be bored out your mind.” “Not really, I just decided a while back that I was going to work toward a goal and not let myself get distracted.” “A goal? What is your goal that you can’t relax every once in a while? Aaron looks at Tank and sighs internally. Quickly changing the subject, Aaron asks, “Hey Tank, you want to come by my place this afternoon? I’m going to be grilling some more steaks and I wouldn’t mind sharing some with you. I know you got to go to the Cave tonight, but I could offer you a free dinner.” Tank scratches his head once again, absent mindedly flexing the huge 22’’ ball of muscle in his right arm. “Sure man, that sounds good.” “Good, I can get rid of some more of those sodas. 7:00 sound good for you?” “Yeah man, that sounds great. We better get back to work soon.” Aaron finishes up his steak, then tosses the two plates in the trash and washes out his glass. Tank was already walking back to their station and Aaron turned around to catch the beautiful bubble butt bounce back and forth, teasing him so much. “God, he is so perfect. I wish I was worthy of having that. But I’m too much of a fucking fat ass.” Aaron punches his left palm, but regains his composure and follows Tank back to work. The rest of the day is occupied by Tank’s stories of his time at the club. One particular story that keeps Aaron aroused is how Tank comments on how a large portion of the club follows him to the restroom every time he goes to take a leak. Aaron laughed at the joke, but internally lusted to see how thick the meat Tank was packing. His tight shorts revealed much, tracing an outline of a soft cock that was bigger than Aaron’s when he was fully hard, but Aaron was curious to see its full majesty. At then end of the day, Tank patted Aaron on the shoulder and leaves his station. Aaron sat and thought a little, looking around for anything left by his dream muscle guy. Seeing nothing, Aaron rushed home to clean up, prepare the grilling supplies, change and start his workout. Tank arrives early, around 6:30. He knocks on the door, bellowing his hellos. Hearing no response, he gently pushes the door. It is open, so he enters the house. He remembers how the house looked from the Christmas party Aaron held the year before, so Tank works his way to the living room, constantly saying, “Aaron, where are you buddy." He hears some music coming from a nearby room. Tank walks toward the sound and enters the doorway of Aaron’s weight room. He stands there as he watches Aaron lying on the bench press, attempting with all his might to eek out a couple of reps with a weight of 135lbs. Tank hears Aaron grunting and screaming, “Damn weights! You will not beat me! Fuck!” Tank speaks up a bit saying gently, “Aaron?” Aaron focuses on the voice of his idol and loses concentration on the weight he’s struggling with. The weight starts coming down and he is unable to really control it. “FUCK!” he screams as his arms give out to fatigue. In an instant, Tank is behind the rack and has a hand on the bar, curling it up. Aaron lies on the bench, exhausted and dejected. “Thanks man. I didn't want you to see me like this.” “It's fine...I'm used to seeing guys like this all the time,” Tank says as he easily racks the weight. “Yeah, but I bet they're not struggling with a weight you can lift with one hand.” “Nah, I've done this more than one time. Not all the guys are as big as I am” “I'm probably the weakest guy at work. You just don't know how that makes me feel.” Tank shrugs, “...I guess I don't...” He steps back a few paces. “I didn't mean to lash out at you man, it's just I saw Don, you know, little Don, at the gym the other day and he was benching 400. He's a fucking 18 year old and I'm 25 and can't do half that.” “It’ll be ok man, you’ll get up there eventually.” Tank pats Aaron on the shoulder and says, “So what’s for dinner man, I’m starving.” Aaron perks up a bit and says, “Got some nice T-bones man, the grill should be nice and warm right now.” The duo goes out to the kitchen, then to the backyard. Tank notices that the weight room seems to have more stuff in it than the other rooms combined. “This is where he spends his money,” Tank thinks to himself. They chat and grill four large steaks, and Aaron leads them back into the house. He places the seared slabs of mean on his round oak dinner table that seats four people, and then heads to the fridge as Tank sits down. “Care for a brew or a soda?” “I’ll take a soda man, better stay away from the brews until after work” Aaron grabs a soda from the fridge, and another pre made shake before sitting down to dine. Tank engages in most of the conversation, continuing his many tales from his job down at the Cave. “Want another steak man?” ”Sure.” Aaron slides the plate with the remaining two T-bones towards Tank, and then he gets up and places his plate in the sink. Before Tank can ask, Aaron states, “I know you’re a big guy, I made extra for you. One steak and one protein shake are enough for me.” Tank nods and goes back to eating as Aaron says, “I’ll be in the weight room, feel free to come in when you’re done. “Such a huge guy. I want him so bad, but he could never want me,” Aaron says to himself as he enters the weight room. He picks up the 20lb dumb bell and start struggling with bicep curls. Tank finishes eating and puts his plate in the sink. He then goes towards the weight room to join Aaron saying, “All done.” Aaron is too focused in struggling with the weight and talking to himself to see Tank at the door, “Gotta get big. Gotta be stronger. Gotta lose this fucking gut and put on some muscle. No one wants to fuck a fatty like me. Gotta get big” Aaron continues to chant the little mantra as Tank walks in slowly, “I finished...” Aaron looks at him with his eyes slightly watering, trying to curl the weight some more. “...are you okay?" Tank walks toward Aaron. He drops the weights on the floor then drops to his knees. “Aaron?” “I can't do it.” Aaron mumbles. “ what?” “I can't get big. I can't get strong.” “Yes you can...” “No Tank, I can't. I've been working out for 9 years now and haven't made any progress. You said it yourself, it looks like I've only been at it for a month.” Aaron lays his head on the floor. “I'll never be muscled and I'll never be able to get someone like you.” He starts to cry slightly while kneeling on the floor. "...what?" Tank quirks his eyebrow a little, walking toward Aaron again. Tank kneels in front of Aaron, lifting his head up to meet his gaze. “What have you been doing here man.” “Look at me. I'm just a short fat guy. You're like a god, huge and muscled. I've always wanted you but I'm too fat, you could never want me.” “...oh, why's that?” I smile a little “Ever since I met you and saw you lift that huge pallet up, I've wanted to be with you. So I started to work out, trying to get a little stronger. I knew I wouldn't grow like you, but I could get there. Then when I saw little Don at the gym, remebering the little kid that I helped get his ball from the tree lifting more than twice what I could, I knew I couldn't do this anymore. I didn't want you to find out like this man.” “ don't haffa impress me to get me to like you...” “Look at me though.” Aaron takes of his shirt. “There's nothing here but fat. I can poke my finger in my gut and never hit muscle.” Tank pokes Aaron’s stomach, “Well I think it's cute.” “You're just saying that to make me feel better.” “No, I'm not,” Tank says as he smiles at Aaron “Really?” Aaron looks Tank in the eyes. “Yea, really.” Aaron wipes away the tears a bit. “Thanks. But I still want to have more than what I have now. I just don't know what's wrong. When I said that all I do is lift and work, I was serious. I come straight home from work and work out until midnight, but I have yet to see results.” "Well it's not all about working out..." Tank comments. "Can you think of any reason I can work out for 8 years and not see any improvement?" “Have you been going out and having fun regularly? Not to mention ya gotta make sure your little buddy's getting some playtime” Tank smirks a little "Well no. I haven't even had sex or jerked off since I've started working out." "Dear lord!! No wonder..." "What?” “It helps to get the testosterone flowing, builds up the muscles bigger” “I've never thought about that. I just lifted every day and tried not to think about you.” "Yeah, that's why yer not getting any progress" Tank laugh a little “Boy do I feel silly. I've been trying to keep the little man down all these years.” “Well, now you'll hopefully start getting progress” Tank smiles and laughs a bit. “Ummm,” Aaron looks down at the floor. “...yes?” “Well, I don't know how to really say this...” “Go for it” “It's just that I, you know...” “...yes?” “ about you.” “You and all the customers down at the what?” “I seriously doubt they are like me.” Aaron points to a back room in the gym. “What?” Tank looks at it closed off room. “I don't know how you are going to feel about this when I show you” Aaron leads the way into a large back room and turns on the lights, revealing photos and other items that Tank owned or had. “I...I...uh...” Tank looks around, a bit taken back and stunned. “I knew I shouldn't have shown you,” Aaron quickly exits the room and heads back to the gym area. "Wow..." Tank stands among his shrine, shocked. Aaron sits on the bench and places his head in his head again. Tank turns back and looks at Aaron, “Trust me, you aren't the first” “I saw that look, you were horrified. You must hate me now." “Dude...I don't hate you. And believe me, there have been worse pictures of me,” Tank laughs a little and walks toward Aaron. “I've always have been into you. I tried not to show it, but I have always been entralled in your muscles. I would collect things you had, like this towel.” Aaron reaches in his bag and pulls out the towel he acquired earlier. “I would just sniff it, smelling your wonderful scent and then I would put it in the back. But I wouldn’t jack off. I wanted to grow huge so I would be deserving of you. I’ve never told you all this, but I’m gay.” Through the whole conversation, Tank listened intently. Aaron poured out his heart to him, telling him secrets that he had kept inside for years. After listening to him, Tank pulls him closer, embracing him in a huge hug. He feels Aaron rub his face into his barreled fur covered chest and he says, “It’s ok man, I know. I’ve always have liked you and I kinda suspected you were bi or gay. Don’t worry. I don’t think anything you’ve said is weird. I just wish you would’ve told me sooner.” “I didn’t think you would want me. Look at you. You’re a muscle god. I’m just a short fat guy.” Tank stands up and rips off his shorts, revealing his massive throbbing cock, then leans to pick up Aaron, “If I didn’t want you, would I be doing this?” And with that, Tank thrusts his tongue into Aaron’s mouth. Overcome with a wave of emotions ranging from fear to joy to lust, Aaron succumbs to the pleasure he found in Tanks massive grip. They explore each other’s mouth, Tank’s tongue overpowering and wrestling the more passive tongue of Aaron. After about five minutes of overwhelming passion, Aaron pulls back a bit and whispers, “I want you.” Tank lets Aaron go and sits down. Aaron goes up to Tank and ravenously begins to attack his muscles, licking and nibbling on them. He starts at the arms, licking the thick layer of hair that covers them, enthralling himself on the marble like muscle found beneath. Tank flexes a few times, making the muscles jump and Aaron whimpers in delight. Aaron then works his way to Tank’s chest. Aaron kneads the mounds of flesh like soft dough until Tank flexes, turning the flesh into hard muscle. Aaron gets even more aroused and starts to gently bite the beautiful quarter size nipples. Aaron’s cock throbs as he hears a moan escape Tank’s lips. Aaron continues to nibble as he runs his hands around Tank’s body, exploring his shoulders, arms and abs. Aaron looks up at Tank and sees pleasure in his eyes. Aaron decides that he wants more of this muscle god and goes to grip the iron shaft that he possesses. Placing one hand on it, he realizes he can barely grip the throbbing piece of meat. Not to be denied from his fantasies, Aaron grips the fuck pole with both hands, sliding them up and down. He thinks in his mind about how long the shaft is and comes to a conclusion that it has to be around 11 or 12 inches. He looks up and sees Tank enjoying himself greatly, so Aaron decides to continue. He places the tip of the head in the mouth, and clumsily at first, begins to work the head with his tongue. Aaron uses Tank’s moans and grunts as a guide and works hard to pleasure his muscle bear. Aaron is leaking pre cum in amazing amounts and his dick is throbbing relentlessly. He takes off his pants and shirt and resumes working on Tank’s cock. Tank leans forward and rubs Aaron gently and approvingly. Aaron tastes the sweet pre cum leak from Tank’s cock and he stops sucking long enough to say, “I want you to fuck me please.” Tank looks at Aaron, naked and begging to be fucked. “Are you sure you want this?” Aaron whimpers and nods. Tank gets up and picks up Aaron, lifting him off the ground with a passionate kiss. “I’ve wanted you for a while too. I’m glad you feel the same way.” Tank lays Aaron on the couch sliding his ass over the arm rest. He slowly works the butt muscles, loosening and relaxing them before slowly sliding a finger into his waiting hole. Aaron moans a bit, never experiencing anything like that. Tank slides two, then three, increasing the pressure and stimulation. Aaron wiggles slightly, his cock throbbing from years of pent up sexual repression. Tank then slides his fingers out and rubs his cock a bit, smearing his pre around for lubrication. Slowly but firmly, Tank guides the giant shaft into Aarons waiting hole. Aaron feels the huge meat penetrate him, and while it’s painful, it also feels so wonderful. Tank continues to apply the perfect amount of pressure to stuff Aaron full of his fuck stick while not hurting him. Soon, Aaron’s virgin hole is completely filled and Tanks massive balls rest upon his cheeks. Tank leans forward and kisses Aaron gently, whispering into his ear, “How does that feel?” Aaron leans back into Tank’s massive chest, whimpering delightful murmurs at Tank. Tank grabs Aaron by the shoulders and slides his cock out slowly, before forcefully ramming it back into Aaron. Aaron’s cock, which has been leaking this whole time, stands even firmer as the thickness and length of Tank pleasures him in ways he’s never felt. Tank spends an hour, slowly working over Aaron, fucking him in ways he’s never felt before Aaron and Tank could take no more. With one giant thrust and a roar that shook the walls, Tank shoots his load into the waiting ass of Aaron. Feeling himself fill with Tank’s super manhood, Aaron could no longer hold back the dam that has been building for 9 years. Aaron roars like Tank and tenses up, unleashing an enormous torrent of built up sperm. Tank pulls Aaron back to him, hugging him tightly as he shot load after load. But something was different about this. Tank swore to himself that he was feeling Aaron grown in his hug. Looking at his little buddy, he sees that with each clench of his ass as he shot built up sperm, it looked like the muscles were expanding, the fat melting and the skin was tightening. Aaron shoots and grows for almost 5 minutes, covering the couch with a such a thick coating of jizz that it look like someone spilled gallons of paint on it. After Aaron came down from his erotic high, he looks back at Tank who was looking at him curiously. Aaron says, “What are you looking at man?” Tank smiles lovingly at Aaron and says, “It looks like all you needed was a little release man.” Aaron stares confused at Tank as Tank leads him to a nearby mirror. Aaron jumps in shock when he sees himself. He stands now a hot ripped bodybuilder, his former size of 225 of fat seemingly melted away to reveal a cut and toned body, rivaling his idol Tank. Aaron flexes and poses, seeing how his new body reacts to it all. Tank stands behind him and leans over, grabbing Aaron’s cock, “That’s not the only thing that’s grown about you man.” Aaron looks down and sees his cock and balls, surprised at the amount they have grown. Everything about Aaron is bigger and better and he can barely control himself. Tank leans over and whispers in Aaron’s ear, “I think The Cave has just found a new dancer and I have a new on-stage partner.” Aaron’s cock twitches in response and a smile creeps across Aaron’s face.
  18. xythanshadow

    m/m Choice

    Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain,something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law ofEquivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one,and only, truth.— Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist Choices. That’s all life boils down to. Choices. If you had mentioned anything like this or the law of Equivalent Exchange long ago in my ‘old life’ as I like to call it, I’d say you were crazy. But that was before I met Kaos. I used to be a loner. At the age of 15, I ran away from home. My parents were these conservative, mundane people. My father was an overbearing man, wanting me to do everything he never did. So even from a young age, he had me playing every sport under the sun. I ran, played baseball, football, soccer, hockey, martial arts, boxing, you name it. But I was small back then, thin weak and pathetic. My father hated that. Maybe he was seeing his disappointment about his life in me, but whatever it was, I took the brunt of it. I was abused whenever I failed at a task. If I didn’t hit the ball hard enough or run fast enough or beat my opponent, I was beaten at home or just yelled at. My mother just watched it all but didn’t do anything about it. I guess she was disappointed in me also. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stole my old man’s savings and ran. I found this guy selling this old hog, and I bought it. I hit the road and never looked back. I rode all across the country, never even thinking about the next day. If I needed money, I found some menial task that needed doing. I was a decent fighter, so that gave me money a lot, but I had no qualms about doing any hard work. Whatever you needed I would do. That’s how I lived my life for years. I didn’t even think there was another way to live until I met him. He was in this bar I was stopping by. I just got finished fighting for some cash with this biker gang and they invited me out to this place. Nice bunch of guys, real friendly and hardcore. Fucking huge too, the smallest one of them towered over me by almost a full foot. Although that’s not saying much, seeing as how I was 5’6’’ on a good day and maybe a wiry 150 lbs. Maybe that’s why I impressed them so much. I fought like a wild animal because I had to. So, we get to this bar and it’s damn hot. Everyone’s sweating like pigs and we order some cool brews. I’m looking around and there’s no one near my size. Everyone is huge compared to me, sitting in their sweat drenched shirts. I enjoyed seeing muscle in action, but I wasn’t gay. I just envied the huge guys. In truth, I wanted to be huge so I could really show my father who was in charge, but eventually I forgot all about vengeance. I desired the massive power and respect those guys had. I had to fight hard for mine while theirs came with the right glance. Now, I didn’t hate them at all for that though, it was more of envy between friends. Then I saw him. I didn’t know who he was, but he looked like a biker. Except he was titanic, bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen or would see. He was looking at me with a pair of inviting eyes. I stared at him for a few moments, taking all of him into my memory. He looked tall, even when sitting, and wide enough to take up two seats at the bar. His face was gruff and stern, with a 5’o clock shadow that would make any man proud. His neck bulged with veins as he knocked back a mug of beer. My eyes naturally led down to his arms which were just freaking amazing. I doubt I could fit both of my hands around his guns, no cannons. They were veiny, just like the rest of him, and looked like they could curl anything in the place without a struggle. He wore no shirt so I could see the shelf that was his chest. His massive pecs were covered in a large amount of hair and moved in and out as he breathed. He twisted slightly and I could see his massive lats and his abs ripple with supremacy. He smiled at me then flexed one of his massive arms. The veins jumped to attention and squirmed violently and I gave an approving ‘thumbs up’. He beckoned me to come over to drink with him and I humbly accepted. I sat down a few chairs away from him, not wanting to impose on his space and set down my brew. “’Sup little man,” he said with a voice that echoed in my head. This guy was like the manliest man I’ve ever met. “Nothing much bro. Tell me man, how in the hell did you get so huge?” I asked. “You like this muscle do you?” He flexed his huge gun and his massive pecs a few times as I respond, “Hell yeah man, I’ve always wanted to be huge.” “I know John.” I froze. “How in the hell did this man know my name?” I immediately stood up and started to back away, but my feet stopped moving. The massive man stood up, towering over me and I began to panic. I looked around the bar and it had seemed time had stopped for everyone. The pool balls on the table had stopped in mid-collision, the wild cheering of the other guys at the ball game, even the beer tap had all seemed to be frozen. I screamed at the giant, “What the fuck is going on!” He grinned at me and clapped his hands. Everything went black for a brief moment, then I found myself in an office type area. He was sitting behind a huge desk and I was in a comfortable chair. “I’d like you to watch something John. Just a little intro to what I’m about to tell you.” He turned on this TV near me and began to comment. “My name is Kaos,” he said as this anime music played. “I am an avatar of Chaos and I’m here to spice up things around here. Wait, here’s the part I want you to hear.” I listened to the TV as this kid’s voice said, “Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth.” I looked back at the giant man with a look of confusion on my face. “We don’t know how the creator of this series got the idea for that law, but it’s highly accurate. Hell, one of my fellow avatars might have given it to him. But basically, I’ve come to offer you a deal.” I immediately said, “Hell no, I’m not going to have no deals with you evil bastards.” He chuckles a bit and responds, “You foolish mortals and your views of Good and Evil. Don’t you understand that Order and Chaos are not bound by those simplistic rules. Order and Chaos simply exist. We are neither good, nor evil. What I’m offering you is simply a chance to change your existance. We’ve done this for many people in the past, and we’ll continue to do it for people in the future, regardless of what you choose here today.” “Allow me to explain how everything works. The law of Equivalent Exchange, as that anime so quaintly puts it, is how everything is handled. We give people what they have desired most of all, but they have to give up something of equal worth. For example,” he says as he points to the screen, “Alexander gave up a life of old age to become a great conqueror. Most of the great professional bodybuilders gave up massive IQ’s to get their huge size. Even some of the bikers you met tonight gave up some things to get to where they were. Now, I offer the same to you. I can give you this body if you’re willing to give up what you hold most dear to you.” I examined his body for a few moments. He was the perfect speciment of man, standing at a even 7 feet tall. Ever muscle was standing at full attention with him doing nothing to stimulate them. Veins snaked down his entire body as he slowly ripped away his pants.His arms seemed colossal hanging from his expansive shoulders. His chest stood barreled before me, his pecs sitting upon it sculpted marble. His forearms were huge, fitting his upper arms well. They were vascular and hair flowed down them in a perfect manner, almost as if an artist specifically designed it. The same applied to his whole torso. It was covered with a layer of hair, not thick, but very distinct. It flowed from his arms down his chest but then narrowed at his perfect abs, which then led down to his huge cock. The beast he possessed seemed to still be sleeping, but hung at least 11 inches flaccid. This was also complimented by his massive legs. They seemingly guarded his massive meat like two giant pillars. They also were completely ripped and had little to no fat on them. Everything thing about him seemed to fit and it seemed that he was a perfect example of what I truly wanted to look like. Everyone would respect me then. No one would dare give me shit about any damned thing. I looked into his eyes which seemed to know what I was about to say. I asked, “And what do I hold dearest to me? I’ll be glad to give up my intelligence for a massive body like that.” “No, you don’t hold your intellect as your greatest treasure. I’m sorry my friend, for this, you will have to abandon the freedom you’ve come to love.” I stared at him in wonder, “So you’re saying I’m going to be in prison or some shit? I can handle that if I’m that size.” “Not quite. Here is the full deal. In exchange for this perfect physique, you will be bound to a man for all of his days. He will have complete dominion over you, and you will want to succumb to his every whim. He will be nice and gentle to you, and you will be respected by everyone you meet, but your inner most desire will always be to please him first. You will have the strength to do anything you want or anything he wants, but you will never be able to break the bond between you. You will have the strength and the power, but he will control you. You will remember this deal and all the details of this life, but you also will have memories for the new life I will give you. Oh, and if you didn’t catch it, you will be totally gay for him.” “He will be the master and you will be the slave. That is the price for this.” I gazed at him in complete shock. “Is that a fair deal,” I ask myself repeatedly. I sit for what seems like an hour contemplating my past and my future right now compared to what it could be. “I’ve never given a second thought about being gay, but if I was that size, what would it matter if I was gay. No one would say shit to me. Hell, guys and gals would be all over me. Isn’t that what I’ve always wanted? To be loved and respected. Yes, that is what I want. I always wanted to be loved.” The realization of that simple fact shocks me back to Kaos and he smiles as if he knows what I was thinking. I ask him, “There are no other strings involved, is there?” “No. That is the whole deal. Nothing more, nothing less.” “Ok. I accept your terms.” “I knew you would.” He clapped his hands and immediately my body began to tremble. The first thing I felt was extreme pain. It felt like I was being stretched to my limits. My bones felt like they were about to snap and I doubled over and fell out of my chair in agony. But even through the anguish, I could feel myself growing. My bones were growing longer and thicker, and even though the pain was imaginable, I was getting kind of anxious. After a few minutes of unending torture, it came to a sudden stop. I returned to a standing position, amazed at my new height. I looked down at my body, but it was even less than what I started with. My proportions just seemed elongated and at this 7 foot height, I looked like a distant cousin of a telephone pole. Kaos smiled, obviously examining the height increase before he clapped his hands again. This time, I felt my muscles beginning to swell. This feeling was amazing, like I was working out and getting the most amazing pump man has ever imagined. I could not help but flex my various muscles and feel them as they grew. Every motion provided more sensations and I soon found my arms feeling around my engorging muscles. I ran my hands across my arms, my favorite part of the human body, and felt as power was being driven into them. They swelled like balloons being slowly inflated with air. I felt my skin tighten as veins I’ve never seen started to thicken and work their way to the surface of my skin. My body began to take a slightly darker shade and became blemish free. Veins began to pop out all over my body as my body hair dissolved into nothingness. I did a double bicep pose, feeling even more swelling take place. Hair started to regrow in the exact pattern Kaos showed me, and I felt as it swirled around like an artist’s brushstroke. I felt my balls starting to get heavier and I looked down to see what was formerly a garden snake become a huge anaconda. My pride and joy was growing faster than my body and my boys became two huge mounds of testosterone producing machines. I felt my voice becoming deeper as I continued to grow and I let out a primal bellow. Soon, I had finished growing to my new size and I allowed my hands to explore as Kaos looked over his work. My hands found all new surprises as I felt every crevice, contour and indention in my now perfect body. I felt my head, now cut short with a buzz cut, then slowly worked my way down the trail of hair that followed my arms, my chest and down to my sculpted abs and smiled. Everything was more than perfect. I was damn sexy and huge. I hefted my meat in my hands and stroked it hard with a smile on my face. The monster grew and grew as it filled with blood, extending its influence to what seemed to be two feet in length. I laughed at the whole experience; I was more man than anyone could ever dream of. I flexed and posed, feeling myself with newfound admiration. Kaos stood there while I grew accustomed to my new body before interrupting me. “And now, for the exchange.” He clapped his hands one final time and my head started to burn as if someone was driving searing needles directly into my brain. My head started to flood with images of my new life and my master. My mind shifted to an extreme love of this man who was not even half the size I was. I knew that I loved him immensely and I loved his cock in my ass. I had memories of me carrying him around on my shoulders, lifting cars for him, uprooting trees, demolishing 12 guys that looked at my master wrong and hour long posing sessions before he would reward me with a good fucking. Even though his cock hard was only as long as mine was soft, I loved every moment of his gentle and brutal ramming of my ass. Closing my eyes, I took it all in, knowing that this was to be my new life. Kaos then transported me instantly into my new life and I never saw him again. Now, flexing here on this bear rug, waiting for my master to reward me, I think back on it all. Choice. It all came down to choice. That’s all there is to life, just a series of choices. If I had to make the choice over again, knowing what I know now, would I do it? Without a doubt. This post has been promoted to an article
  19. xythanshadow

    m/m Daddy And Son

    He was by far the woofiest bear at the party, at least in my eyes. He was about 5’6’’ tall but he has the most beautiful powerlifter build I had ever seen. He had to be a good 325 lbs of bear muscle. Although he was showing some signs of old age, he still possessed huge guns for arms and a beautiful powerlifter gut. My eyes went down his body, absorbing how he looked in his white tank top and his Hawaiian shorts. His legs were even beautiful, thick and very defined. All the other bears faded away as I admired this man. This was my first ever bear party. Even though I was 26 years old, I had always been closeted, even to myself. Finally, I just admitted to myself my true desires, and started to slowly come out. Some bears that were in the Gay Pride parade earlier that day hosted this party. I had finally built up enough courage to attend a public event, and was I glad I chose this one. I stayed close to the bears I had met earlier. These guys looked nice and friendly, but I was shy and had problems breaking the ice with new people. So, when I caught a glimpse of this guy, my heart jumped into my throat. I looked him up and down, memorizing every feature about that guy. “Umm, Bob. What’s that guy’s name?” I asked the host. “Oh him, that’s Gregg,” he responded before returning to the grillwork. “Gregg. Mmm,” I whispered. I stood there for close to ten minutes, just watching him chat with a small group of bears. I didn’t know it then, but I fell in love with him then and there. I smiled when he smiled, he laughed and it lit up my heart. This man was a perfect bear. But I couldn’t approach him. I was too scared. I wasn’t anything even close to worthy of someone that beautiful. So, I just watched until the host tapped me on the arm and said, “Can’t have you standing here all night, let’s go introduce you to the fellas.” My heart threatened to beat out of my chest. Thankfully though, we didn’t go towards the object of my fascination just yet. We rounded the pool with Bob introducing me to everyone. As I suspected, everyone was more than nice to me, a new cub in their midst. I was beginning to feel more comfortable when we started going back towards where Gregg was sitting. Again, my heart lodged itself in my throat. Bob introduced me to the other bears first, but their names slipped through my memory quickly as Gregg approached. I was in heaven when our hands touched. It was calloused, from what I presume was years of lifting weights, and a firm, but gentle shake. I’m sure my smile covered my face as I shook this bear’s hand. The host quickly vanished to take care of his duties, leaving me in the care of this group of guys. I was more than content to sit there most of the night. Sure, I stepped away to swim a little and grab food, but eventually, I always made my way back to the group and him. I was still shy, but I opened up to him and his cub from England. I told him some stuff about me and they told me stuff about them. I left the party that night feeling euphoric and wishing I could be with the big bear a lot more. The next time I saw him was over a month later. By this time I was a bit more active, checking the bear lodge’s website for events. I noticed that there was a dinner for my area at the same time that there would be a large gay event at Disneyworld. So, since I wasn’t doing anything that weekend, I decided to attend the dinner. I knew the restaurant that was hosting and it was very good food. I went there with no preconceived notions about what was going to happen. To me, it was just going to be a decent meal with some bear friends. So, imagine my surprise when a certain bear walked through the door as sexy as ever. Again, my heart jumped into my throat, which almost caused me to choke on the tea I was drinking. They joined us at our table, and to my disappointment, Gregg sat on the end so he could have a bit of room. But that didn’t stop me from admiring him throughout the meal. I engaged in conversation with the other guys, all who were very nice and good looking in their own right, but my attention kept being drawn back to Gregg. Dinner came and went, and before I knew it, it was time to go. But it was still early in the day, and it was suggested that we visit one of the bear’s house to go swimming. Gregg’s group said yes and my heart soared. Everyone separated to their various vehicles and I smiled to myself for the habit of keeping an extra set of gym clothes in my car. We followed the lead of a very nice looking muscle bear and his cub back to their house and all parked in the yard. I was surprised to see that a party of fifteen bears had dwindled down to around eight. But Gregg and his two friends were there and again butterflies invaded my gut. I quickly went to their pool house and changed into my shorts. I was still kinda shy about taking off my shirt, as I wasn’t the most attractive bear cub. But since the other guys were, I left my shirt with my bag and hopped into the pool. I tried to not think about how pudgy I looked. My self image wasn’t good. I didn’t take care of myself as I should’ve, and to complicate matters, I was extremely attracted to massive muscle guys, specifically powerlifter and linemen type builds. However, even the little time that I’ve been ‘out’, I’ve learned that people with those types of builds seek out guys with the same type of build. These thoughts ran through my mind as I saw the other bears around me. Some were bigger than me, some were more muscled, some were more furry, and in my mind, they all looked better than me. That was another problem I had; I couldn’t see the good things about me. I was chunky, but not as fat as others. I had decent sized arms, very good legs and an innocent smile, but I could only see my faults. “My gut was too big, my pecs sagged, I didn’t have enough muscle. There was no way I would be able to get close to any of these sexy bears. Why did I come here?” All this was running through my mind unwanted and uncontrolled as I slowly swam around the pool. I waded around for a while, wondering why Gregg wasn’t getting into the pool. The other bears didn’t come prepared, so there were a lot of guys in boxer shorts and briefs in the pool, but the sexy bear just sat near the pool side. I finally gathered the courage to go sit next to him. I pulled up a chair next to him and he spoke to me in a voice I found so erotic, “How’s are ya cub?” I knew from the first time I came out to myself that I had a less aggressive personality, but those words from him made me want to be his cub forever. “I’m doing ok big bear. How about yourself?” I responded, trying my best not to become too aroused. “I’m doing good, cub,” he responded. God, that voice! It was like he was reaching out and caressing my ears with liquid sound. I asked, “So papa bear, (yeah, I could see him as my papa bear) why aren’t you in the pool?” The response I got almost floored me. “I’m a shy bear.” I couldn’t believe someone that attractive could be shy. I couldn’t see why. But, as sure as I was ashamed of my physique, this man was shy. I could see it in his beautiful blue eyes and his coy, bearded smile. Although I didn’t understand, I accepted it and decided to sit with him. Even now, my heart soars as I think about that day. We chatted the hours away. I moved closer to him as we talked and eventually laid my head on his heavily muscled shoulder and arm. The day slowly gave way to dusk and my feelings for this man grew and grew. I couldn’t help but be aroused by the position I was in, but it wasn’t concerning me. I was simply enjoying the conversation. Then he did something I would’ve never guessed. He called me ‘son’. For those of you who aren’t familiar with bear-cub relationship dynamics, I’ll fill you in. There is a subset that focuses on daddy-son relationships. It’s about nurturing and caring, loving and teaching...not only sexually but mentally and physically. It is a learning experience for not only the son, but the daddy also. The daddy teaches the cub maturity and the cub in turn keeps the daddy young, both mentally and physically. It’s a give and take relationship as all relationships should be and comes from a deep level of trust on both parts. The daddy guides and teaches the son and the son obeys his father out of love. For him to call me ‘son’ implied that he was more than willing to be my father figure. My heart found a pair of wings and took flight. Never before in my life have I felt like that. It was if the sky opened up and heaven smiled down on me. Just that one word tossed me so deep into love that I would never be able to come out. His words wrapped around me like a handcrafted woolen blanket, surrounding me in warmth and security. I’m pretty sure that if it became pitch black at that moment, you would have been able to see me glowing. Dusk gradually turned into night, and while I should have been cold sitting there in my slightly wet boxers, I had never felt so good or warm. He began to gently scratch my head affectionately and I tumbled deeper and deeper into love with this man. But sadly, that moment couldn’t last forever. The hours flew by far too quickly and soon, it was time for them to travel home. He stood and motioned for me to give him a goodbye hug. I stood, not aware of how I looked or worried about anyone else’s opinion and went to embrace this bear of a man. My arousal did not go unnoticed though. My dad, as I now saw him as, smiled and pointed down. I noticed the tenting of my boxers and smiled back at him. He then approached me and gave me the best bear hug I’ve ever experienced. How I wished that time would have froze there, but it didn’t. The hug ended sadly and he left, leaving me there stunned and euphoric. The next few months were amazing for me. My dad and I talked quite often through instant messaging and webcams. My eyes lit up every time I saw him or thought about him. Even without the prospect of ‘hooking up’ with him, I couldn’t wait for the next time I could be with him. Over that time, there were a few events where we had to be low-key with our affection. Public situations require a bit of caution when it comes to gay males. But even then, he showed me how much he cared with a quick grab here and a playful touch there. Then, when we were alone, I would lean against him and he would rub my head with a loving touch. Eventually, I told him more about how I felt about myself and how I felt when I was around other people. I told him how ashamed of my body I was and how I wished to look like him. I revealed several of my secret fears and dreams as I scratched his fur covered belly. He listened to me intently as I poured my heart out to him. Finally, I had to come out and say it. “I love you dad.” He responded with his shy smile, “No you don’t cub.” It didn’t even take me a moment to think of an answer. Immediately, I replied, “No dad, I love you. I know I’m young, but I can tell I love you. Other guys I get aroused when I see them, but you are so different, there are barely words to describe how I feel. My heart soars when I see you. I get glazy eyed when I think of you. I don’t even care about sex or anything when you’re around. All I want is to be able to be your son for the rest of my life. I am happy just to be able to lean against you and have you rub my head. I may not have a lot of life experience, but I know that I’ve never felt this way about any person before. I just hope you will have me as your son one day.” I started to cry after this. I didn’t want to, but the tears came flowing on his white tank top. He held me closer to him until my tears stopped. I could hear his heart beating slightly faster and I could feel his chest expand as he breathed deeply. Terror struck me as I thought of how my life would be if I were to lose this bear. It scared me so much that I gripped him in a hug, hoping I’d never have to let him go. He then relieved all my fears with ease. He leaned down and gently kissed me on my head and said, “I’m glad you feel that way son.” I didn’t know how to take it, but I knew that I made my dad happy, and that made me happy. I spent the rest of the party cuddled in his embrace, safe and contented. Again, the night ended far too quickly, but I left the party secure in the knowledge that I got everything off my chest. Whether anything came of it, I wasn’t sure, but at least he knew how deeply I cared for him. A few days later, I received a call. When I answered the phone, I almost jumped for joy hearing the words, “Hello cub.” My dad had called me. I was so excited I almost missed his question. “Are you sure you want to be my son?” “Yes sir, without a doubt.” “Ok, I want you to drive over here as soon as possible. Pack a bag of sleep clothes and workout stuff.” He then gave me directions to his house. I hung up the phone and looked around my room. Although I wondered what he could have in mind, I didn’t hesitate to pack a bag with my workout clothes, jock strap and shorts to sleep in. I hopped into my car and sped to his house about an hour away from me. His place was very nice. It wasn’t too big or too small and defiantly looked like a bear’s home. He had several sculptures and pictures of bears all over and around his house. He was standing on the porch in a pair of loose blue jean shorts and a tight t-shirt that accentuated his powerlifter belly and muscled body when I arrived. Again, I started to float. This was becoming a Pavlov’s dog reflex for me. I’m sure he saw it too as he was smiling when I got out of my car. He hugged me then led me into the house. He took my bag and set it aside, then turned to me. “Are you ready to change your life son?” he asked, his brow furrowed. “I don’t understand dad. All I know is you wanted me to come down so I came as fast as I could,” I replied. “You said a while back that you wanted to be my son. I’m ready to help you do that. I know how you feel, you’ve told me so many times, and I’m prepared to help you with it all if you trust me and do what I say.” “Anything that is in my power to give dad, it’s yours. I’ll do whatever you ask of me.” I responded with confidence. “Ok then, I want you to change into your workout clothes then meet me in the room at the end of the hall on the left. Today we’ll see if you can handle being my son.” He pointed to a changing room. I grabbed my bag and almost ran to it, my heart bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean. But my head was running through the possibilities of what his statement meant. Could I handle whatever was in store? I was a virgin in almost every sense of the word when it came to matters of ‘beardom’. I didn’t understand much. But my heart was sure of one thing. I loved this man more than anything. I had to try. No, I had to succeed. I couldn’t let any fear or hesitation stand between me becoming his son. I may not know anything else, but of that one simple fact I was certain. I would do almost anything he asked. I walked down the hall, trying to calm myself by breathing deeply. But in doing so, I caught the most erotic fragrance. It wasn’t perfume or cologne though. It was the smell of my dad. But it was stronger than I’ve experienced before. It was the smell that a man emits after he’s worked hard and has sweated. It completely overwhelmed me and got me so aroused, it was hard to focus. However, when I turned the corner into the room where he was, I was almost floored by what I saw. There he was, in the middle of a room full of various free weights and dumbbells was my dad. He had shed his shirt and shorts and was standing there in a pair of compression shorts. He was warming up with a weight that I could have never squatted. The amount on the bar was mind boggling to me, but there he was, squatting it like it was a feather. I had to lean against the wooden door frame to keep my balance as I watched him with supreme control slowly lower and raise the weight. My eyes were fixated on his bulging quads and calves as they tensed and relaxed as they worked. He racked the weight after twenty reps and then turned to see me in the door. “You are so beautiful dad,” I croaked, my mouth dry from the amazing demonstration of strength. He approached me and gently rubbed me and my legs gave way. I wasn’t worthy of this guy. I didn’t have the right to be his son. My head fell forward into his stomach and I began to cry again. I was so afraid that I would fail him. The thought of him being unhappy with me was just too much. He engulfed me in a hug though, his massive arms wrapped around my head and shoulders and asked, “What’s wrong son?” “I’m afraid I’m not going to be good enough for you dad. I want to, but I’m scared.” He patted my head and responded, “Don’t worry cub, you’ll be ok. Just do what I say, OK?” I dried my tears and stood up, still unsure of myself. But my dad’s warm smile brought me up from the depths of my fears. He led me over to the squat rack and told me to warm up while he changed out the weights. I followed his instructions while I watched him load the bar. It was a good bit of weight and I could probably do it, but it was going to be tough. After my stretching, dad strapped a weight belt on me. I noticed how much tighter it was compared to when I did it, but it didn’t hinder my movement. “Now, I want you to do 15 reps son,” he commanded. I warily approached the bar, still unsure I would be able to do it. Even though I had my doubts, I unracked the weight and started squatting. After ten reps, my fears returned as my legs felt like they were going to give out. Dad saw my distress though and moved in to spot me. He growled into my ear, “Keep pushing boy, lift the weight for me.” Hearing those words sparked something deep inside of me. This wasn’t about me. It didn’t matter what I felt. I had to do it because dad wanted me to. I couldn’t disappoint him. I wouldn’t let myself stop. I had to do it. The last five reps were excruciating, but I blocked out all my senses. I focused on only pleasing my dad and screamed out the last rep. He helped me rack the weight and almost immediately, I felt like I was going to vomit. But that feeling soon passed and my dad was beside me. He patted my back like a proud coach and said, “I’m very, very proud of you son.” That day changed my life. He ‘adopted’ me and I moved in after leaving my job. He taught me so many things about how to be a bear and a cub. I learned so much I can’t even begin to talk about it. It was as if he revealed to me mysteries I didn’t even know existed. Plus, he gave me confidence in myself. He trained me up in the old school powerlifting style and I seemed to take to it like a fish to water. He would take me to the various bear bars and show me off. At first it was weird, but after I saw how many bears and cubs admired my dad’s work, I fell in love with it. I finally was proud of how I looked and I told my dad that every night. I grew into a real muscle bear. I had a hard belly just like my dad and a pair of huge 21’’ guns. My legs really responded to his training as they grew into huge tree trunks and my calves were like diamonds. I was constantly told that I could compete professionally, but I didn’t. I just enjoyed the fact that I got those compliments and it was all because of my dad. I loved the man more than words could say and I knew for certain he felt the same way. When we made love, I felt his pride, love, and joy in every moment and I returned it with everything I had. We still live together to this day. We work out every night refining our bodies and redefining our love towards each other. Plus, at the bar last night was a guy who reminded me so much of myself years ago. He was so cute and shy standing in the corner staring at us. Seems we might have to adopt another cub soon. This post has been promoted to an article
  20. xythanshadow

    m/m A Christmas (Muscle) Story

    David had spent the last thirty-five years alone for the holidays. A combination of circumstances caused him to become a recluse during this time. First, his mother died during this month, and then his father caught him around the age of 18 jerking off to bodybuilder magazines. His father, a former collegiate ballplayer, was never really proud of his son, a thin geek. After his mother died, he started to treat him like he was worth even less, and the possibility that his son might be a “gay queer” was the last straw. Two weeks before Christmas, one year after his mother died, his father kicked him out of the house saying he never wanted to see or have anything to do with him again. So, it’s easy to see why David always spent the holidays alone. He hasn’t come out of the closet to anyone because he’s still scarred by the incident with his father. He’s tried dating women, but they just don’t satisfy his needs. He could never keep a relationship long. He would try to please them sexually, but his small 3’’ pencil dick wouldn’t hold their attention too long, and he was still too geeky to engage in conversation about mundane topics. A few years back, David resorted to drinking. He found that he could find some relief at the bottom of a bottle. But every time he would see a bodybuilder magazine in the grocery store, his cock would stir a bit, and he’d get depressed once again. This time of year made him drink even more, and years of abuse gave him a hefty beer gut. Soft and flabby, it only got bigger each year as David fell more and more into self-loathing. It was a week before Christmas and David sat in his below average apartment. Just getting back from his annoying job, he sat at the computer with a bottle of Amstel Light. Turning on his comp, he opened his e-mails. Filtering through the normal spam, he saw something that caught his eye. It was titled “Holidays got you down” and it was sent from “Your Personal Santa.” Snickering at the e-mail, he deleted it. Then he went to his explorer. His favorites were in as much disarray as his current life. Half of the links were to heterosexual porn; the other was to gay muscle. He surfed first to the lesbian porn, willing his shaft hard. He stroked it back and forth, trying to reaffirm himself that he was normal. He continued this charade for about 10 minutes before his cock went soft. Taking a giant swig of his Amstel, he looked around his empty apartment. Sighing with frustration, he surfed over to one of his most viewed muscle sites. This site was full of images of massive bodybuilders and their huge cocks, fucking smaller bodybuilders in various positions. His cock immediately sprung to life and David sighed. “I’m not gay. I just want to have that kinda muscle,” he lied to himself. He subconsciously reached for his throbbing meat and made contact, sending waves of pleasure pulsating through his body. He jerked his hand away and closed the window. “Stupid gay fuckers,” he shouted to no one in particular. He went to shut down his computer when he noticed a new e-mail. It looked almost exactly like one he deleted earlier that caught his eye, but this was slightly different. It said “Holidays got you down David?” He was unsure how his name was in the e-mail. He never used his real name online and his coworkers didn’t care enough to ask. His curiosity got the better of him and he opened the e-mail to see a red and green text message. It simply said, “Be true to yourself.” He snarled and tossed his bottle against the wall. Jerking the power supply out, he laid on the couch. Mumbling words of hatred, he fell from his drunken stupor into a deep slumber. He tossed and turned for a few moments before he started to dream. He dreamt of a Santa figure. He knew he was dreaming, but couldn’t wake himself or control anything in the dream. Santa walked up to him and said in a booming voice, “Hello David. I know you know that this is a dream, but what happens here can change your life forever.” Santa walked closer and David could see that the Santa towered over his 5’5’’ frame. He looked very festive in his red suit just like he thought Santa would look, minus the hulking 6’5’’ frame. Santa pointed his hand off to his left and materialized a woman, beautiful by any standards. She stood naked as the day she was born and had a body that would make most men cum on the spot. She stood 5’5’’, exact same height as David. Her skin was soft and silky and her breasts stood firm and young. Her hair was long and flowing in a breeze he could not feel and her face was that of a goddess. Her smile was brilliant, able to light up a dark room and her eyes glistened with wonder and femalely love. She was tapered in the hourglass type body style, and her buttocks were supple and perfect. She walked up to David and draped her hands around his neck, pressing her body against his. David kissed her gently and she returned it with all the passion she possessed. David rubbed his hands through her hair as she rubbed her body against his. After a few moments, she broke the kiss and looked gently into his eyes. David looked back into them, seeing nothing but pure intentions, and then he looked down at himself, seeing his cock painfully soft. He turned to Santa and said, “She’s perfect, just not for me.” The woman smiled and dissolved into mist. David’s sleeping body tossed and turned then tumbled to the floor, but his sleep was undisturbed. In his dream, Santa resumed talking to David. “So David, if that perfection of feminine beauty wasn’t what you wanted, what is?” David looked up at Santa and said, “I don’t know. I’ve just never been happy.” He looked down at his naked body. “David,” Santa said. David looked back at Santa’s face. “Is this what you’ve wanted?” Santa did a most muscular pose, bursting out of the coat he had on to, causing it to fall to the floor in shreds. David’s jaw dropped as his eyes ran over Santa’s body. Santa had a physique that would rival most bodybuilders. Under the layer of warm fabric hid a bounty of muscle. His arms were giant snakes and his pecs were slabs of rock sitting on his meaty chest. He had the most amazing roid gut and abs that look carved from stone. His chest was manly, covered in white hair leading down to his abs and into his pants. Santa did a squat motion, causing his calves and quads to flex and burst free from their constraints. That simple motion made the veins in his thick legs come to attention and throb, sending life-giving blood to every fiber of his massive muscles. Santa grabbed the waistband of his once fluffy pants and ripped them outward, causing them to fall in tattered pieces. Beneath the pants was an extra large jockstrap, overstuffed beyond what David could possibly imagine. Santa shook then flexed each leg, causing the muscles to dance and shake. He then tugged on the jock, stretching it to slide over his mammoth quads. After getting them sufficiently low enough, he released them, allowing them to fall to the floor and his anaconda-like penis to flop out. It hung low; almost reaching his knees with a backdrop of grapefruit sized balls resting against huge ripped muscle. Sprinkled around his crotch was the same white hair that was on his chest. David’s cock sprung to attention as Santa flexed a few more times, increasing the pump to his muscles. David’s cock was leaking pre all over his floor where he slept and he thrashed about a little more as his dream continued. Santa flexed and turned while David stood rigid, his cock harder than it ever has been. “So David, is this what you’ve wanted?” Santa asked. David frantically looked around his dreamscape and said, “I don’t know. I don’t know what I want?” David dropped to his knees before Santa. Santa leaned in and whispered, “Be true to yourself.” David looked up with tears flowing from his eyes at the gentle sculpted face of Santa. He reached up and grabbed his thick wrestler-like neck and said, “I’m gay Santa. I’m really gay.” David embraced Santa and gave him the most passionate kiss he’s ever given, man or woman. In his apartment, it looked as if he was kissing the floor where he laid, but other changes were happening. His messy apartment was slowly morphing into a clean room. The trash that was lying around vanished and his ratty couch disappeared. Glass shards from his shattered beer bottle floated up and created windows. His room was slowly changing, the walls going from dirty brown to a clean white. All his furniture faded from view, and after the apartment was emptied of trash and other items, leaving a sleeping David in the middle of an empty room, the building began to morph. It changed from a 5 story building in the middle of a bustling city to a 2 story ranch house in a typical suburb. David rolled over in the middle of his empty floor and his dream continued. Santa stood up while David continued to kiss him. He used his powerful tongue to explore David’s mouth while David rubbed the back of his neck. Santa then stopped the kiss and pulled David away, holding him in mid air, feeling no strain on his powerful arms. David looked at Santa with disappointment in his eyes when Santa said, “This would be easier if you were taller, wouldn’t it.” As soon as he said that, David’s body seemed to stretch towards the floor until he was the height that Santa could release him and still look him in the eyes. David smiled and went back to his embrace with the big man. In David’s new house, other changes were being played out in real time. His body floated above the floor and a beautiful King sized bed materialized beneath him. He seemed to stretch in mid air, twisting and turning and extending as Santa made him grow in his dream. Soon, he was 6’6’’ and he floated down until his back was laid comfortably on the new bed. Santa ran his fingers through David’s balding head and said, “Let’s do something about this.” He ran his palm over the receding hairline and slowly growth returned to the area. David then ran his fingers about his head and smiled. Santa asked David, “What color hair do you like the most?” David responded, “Jet Black. I always thought it looked manlier than my dirty blond.” Santa turned David around and showed him a mirror. David looked into the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see his head now fully covered with a layer of black hair and he was no longer balding. Santa stood behind him like a backdrop of muscle and said, “I think you would look good with a nice beard.” Instantly hair sprouted along David’s face, swiftly thickening into a luxurious beard. David reached up and touched his face, feeling the coarse softness of his new beard and smiled. Santa continued, “But what is a manly face without the body fur to go with it.” Santa positioned himself closer and ran his fingers on an outline around David’s chest and abs and in the area he outlined, thick hair sprouted and filled in. “And of course, we need to do something about this beer gut,” Santa said. Santa applied one firm hand and pushed David’s stomach in, molding it like clay until it was a flat surface. “In fact, why don’t we just change your whole look? I think you would be nice if we put some muscle on you. You wanna look like me?” David smiled and nodded yes, he knew it was always his dream to be a hulking monster of a muscle man, and since this was a dream, he could indulge himself. Unbeknownst to David, his body was laid spread eagle on his new bed, completely nude. As Santa was shaping David in his dream, David’s body did the same outside it. Already the hair had grown and changed color and his stomach disappeared. Then what followed was his body flexing and relaxing as if it were working out. Each muscle tensed, grew and stretched the skin to where the veins pulsed and threatened to rip through the flesh. In his dream David inflated at flexed in the mirror, looking more and more like the big man behind him. Santa smiled and said, “Now, just a few more things.” David took his eyes off his growing muscles long enough to turn around and see Santa’s huge tool swelling with blood. David was filled with conflicting emotions. Part of him was still fighting to hold on to the illusion that he wasn’t gay, the other part wanted to stop the charade and give in to his urges. David’s eyes were locked on to the awakening beast and his mind was raging in conflict with each other. When Santa’s cock became full mast, pointing slightly upward towards his rippled chest, David made a decision. “I’m tired of playing this game Santa. I’m tired of not enjoying the company of others because I’m afraid of what they might think. I’m tired of coming home every night and fighting against what I really want. I’m tired of being alone and I’m tired of my bastard of a father still having a hold on me after all these years,” David proclaimed. David dropped down to his knees and took hold of Santa’s massive cock, his small penis throbbing in pleasurable pain. He took a deep breath and began to suck Santa off as well as he could. Santa smiled and rubbed David’s head, “Are you happy now David?” “Yes Santa.” David mumbled in his sleep. His body had finished growing and his cock was throbbing, leaking pre over himself as he worked Santa in his dream. Santa allowed David to enthrall himself on his tool before he stopped David’s service. Santa stood David up and turned him around. Bending him over, Santa grabbed David’s waist and leaned in, whispering in his ear, “Are you ready to change your life forever?” David knew what was coming, but he didn’t care. “Santa, I trust you. I want my life to be different.” Santa smiled and slowly grabbed his shaft, guiding the swollen head toward David’s virgin ass. David moaned and grunted in his bed, twisting and turning before smiling as he was penetrated in his dream. Santa had finished inserting his massive penis into David, not without some difficulty, but David was determined to have this pleasure he’s denied himself for so many years. Santa began to thrust in and out of David leaning over to whisper things into his ear that he couldn’t hear. The thrusts began to increase in speed and power and David began to moan. If someone was watching this, they would’ve seen David bouncing up and down on his bed due to some unknown force, but in his dream, David was receiving the first and most pleasurable fucking of his life. Santa came closer and closer to cumming and reached around and grabbed David’s penis. Tugging on it roughly, Santa stretched it to match his size and girth. Each thrust of Santa’s hips in the dream was accompanied with David’s cock growing outside of his dream. Finally, Santa exploded in David’s ass, and David exploded across his chest and bed. Santa stood David up and faced him to the mirror. David smiled as he gazed upon the reflection. Stood before him was a rugged man, everything he’s ever wanted to be. His face was bearded and tight, no fat to be found. The beard was trimmed and his head was full of hair. His shoulders were as broad as a lineman’s and his chest was chiseled and covered with a thick layer of manly fur. His arms were huge and veiny, pulsing with power that led down to his Popeye sized forearms. His abs were six bricks covered in a light layer of hair and his crotch was amazing. He gasped as he looked at his new cock and balls, as large and as beautiful as Santa’s, surrounded by a tangle of black hair. David hefted his new tool and fondled it gently before letting it drop with a thwack on his power tree-trunk legs. David took the whole image in and sighed with love. Santa rubbed David’s head once more and David grabbed him in a giant hug. Santa returned the favor and whispered, “Ok David. It’s time for you to wake up.” David looked back shocked at Santa, “Please no! I don’t want to leave you or this behind.” “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright,” Santa said as David’s dreamscape began to fade. David started to wake up, almost about to cry when he noticed something was wrong. He remembered falling asleep on his couch, but now he was in a bed that he’s never felt before. He also felt something grinding on his crotch and his cock up someone’s ass. He opened his eyes to see the back of some guy’s head. He looked down to see his meat shoved firmly up this young bubble butt. He started to get hard and his partner began to wake. “Mmmmm, I love when you wake me up like that husbear” a voice whispered. David quickly got out of bed (and the ass) and got up. Looking around frantically, he saw what looked like a bathroom and ran in. He gazed at the mirror and saw what wasn’t him when he went to bed. He reached up and touched his face and instantly the dream flooded back into his head, along with memories of a new life. This wasn’t David. This was Mitch. He was a semi-pro bodybuilder and lawyer for Gay Rights. He had a loving family who he came out to many years ago and stood behind him. He also had a cub that he was with for five years now. Conflicting thoughts of David and Mitch flowed through his head. He splashed his face with some water, trying to discern the truth when he heard a familiar voice from the other room. “Mitch, are you alright? You never leave me with an unsore ass in the morning.” Dave/Mitch’s cock began to thicken and he ran his hands across his body. This is what he’s always wanted: A caring and understanding family, a good career and most importantly, a love of his life. Memories of Dave faded into non-existence and he stood tall and proud, like Mitch always does. He opened the door to the bathroom seeing his mate Gary lying on the bed. “Grrrrr. Everything’s just fine cub, except one thing.” “Oh really? What’s wrong?” Gary responded with concern in his voice. Mitch smiled and growled, “Your ass isn’t sore yet cub.” And with that, Mitch pounced on the bed. This post has been promoted to an article
  21. xythanshadow

    m/m Tow Truck

    It was days like this that I hated my job. As the lead technician and the only one who knew the company’s software in and out, it was expected of me to handle all the troubleshooting whenever problems came up. The only problem is, the company had offices all over the state. So, yours truly was the lucky one who had to drive all over the place whenever someone did something stupid and deleted a database or if someone was promoted and no one knew how to enter information anymore. Everything was going well for the most part until I got on the final leg of my trip. Returning home, I hit the interstate and quickly got to max speed. My car was an old, beat up Volvo, but I owned it for so long, I didn’t want to get a new one. The air conditioning didn’t work too well, but as long as I could go 75 miles an hour down the road with the windows down, I was good enough. The day was a scorcher though. Even at full speed, the heat was still affecting me so I knew it had to be a good 100 degrees plus. Then the worst thing that could happen did. A tractor trailer in front of me had one of its tires shred and fly back at me. I had enough time to swerve and miss most if it, but one huge chunk of it landed under my right side. I cringed as I hit the rubber and I knew almost instantly that something was going to break. Sure enough, I could hear the thud of a couple of flats and some other noises that I knew were nothing good. Quickly, I pulled over to the side of the road and got out to look. The heat from the pavement slapped me in the face as I looked at my tires. Both were shot to hell. In addition to that, there were marks all over the car and the muffler looked like it got hit good. I muttered under my breath at my bad luck and went to my glove box. I swore that I was going to demand that they do something so I wouldn’t have to drive all over the place again as I got out my AAA card. The lady on the phone had some decent news as she took my information. Seems there was tow shop fairly close and it would only take them ten minutes to get to me. She told me to stay with the car and someone would be with me as soon as possible. The wait was horrible though. Sitting in an old car, baking in what felt like 120 degree sunlight in the middle of a summer afternoon did nothing for my mood. I was constantly wiping my brow with my t-shirt and had already taken off everything I could to stay cool. I sat there, counting the minutes, hoping the truck would get there as soon as possible. I knew I would have to get a rental car and my car would probably be in the shop for a while. I muttered constantly about my bad luck when I finally saw the tow truck pull up behind me. I looked down at my watch and saw he was over fifteen minutes late. Feeling frustrated beyond belief, I was preparing to chew him out about how I had to suffer in the heat. That is, I was until I saw him get out of his truck. This man was, for a lack of a better word, huge. He stepped down from the cab of his vehicle and I was awestruck. The man had to have been 6’6” and over 300 lbs easy. He was wearing a pair of coveralls that most mechanics wear, but I’ve never seen anyone make them look so sexy. He was practically bursting from his clothes. The front zipper was only pulled up halfway up his massive torso. From what it looked like, he wouldn’t be able to completely zip it up even if he wanted to. His shoulders and chest were so huge that they pulled at his clothing. I could see that he was obviously working hard that day because I could see the dirt, grime and sweat on his clothing and hands. Speaking of his hands, they were also wonderful. They fit him so well; meaty and huge with thick fingers. Then I glanced at his face and cursed under my breath. He had such a handsome face, I would’ve killed to look like him. His eyes were squinting in the bright sunlight, but even like that, it was still wondrous. He had a full beard of black hair with some grey sprinkled. It ran down his neck, which had to be bigger than my arms, down to his chest and, hopefully, everywhere else. In short, he was a walking fantasy for a guy like me who loved big muscle daddies. He walked up to my car with a walk that looked like pure sex to me. His quads were so meaty that they rolled around each other, a sign of a truly huge man. He got to my window and stood there for just a moment, allowing me to catch a quick glimpse of his package. The sight of it nearly knocked me out. He was obviously wearing something under the coveralls, but I still could clearly see the outline of something huge. It was as if someone rolled up a few pairs of socks and stuffed them into his briefs. I had to stop myself from reaching out and touching it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he leaned over and said, “Got some car troubles?” I almost creamed myself. His voice was to my ears what water was to a dying man. I could have died right there and been happy after hearing him speak. It was such a masculine, powerful voice, but it also had an essence of comfort and gentleness in it. And it was so deep it made the baritones in my local gay choir sound like altos. I couldn’t say anything back to him so I just nodded. He continued, “You’re sweating like a pig. Why are you just sitting there without running the a c?” I weakly replied, “Doesn’t work” and he smiled. “Well man, how bout you go hop in my truck while I see what I can do about your car.” He gave me another smile that made me melt and went backed away from the door. I slowly got out of the car, trying to adjust my raging hard-on before he could notice. But I somewhat unsuccessful as I noticed how much he towered over me. As I stood near him, I felt miniscule compared to his massive body. At this range, I could see how strong and powerful he looked. It wasn’t the type of body you built in a gym. His muscles were huge from hard work. He might not have had the definition of a body builder, but his mass and size, combined with the beautiful chest hair he had, made him sexier than any pro I’ve ever saw. As he walked around my car, I followed like a lost puppy, mesmerized by his muscular ass and the unearthly legs that threatened to burst free from his coveralls. I sighed to myself in lust and went to his truck. The thought of jerking my cock once I was in private flashed through my head, but I pushed it away out of fear this monster might come and catch me. So, I sat there and watched him work. It was great. He was obviously a lot stronger than I thought. He stood next to the car, and with one massive hand on the side, tilted it upwards a few inches off the ground. His brow furrowed and he gently let the car return to the ground. He started to walk back to the truck and I tried to make it seem that I wasn’t looking. He knocked on the window and I opened the door. “Hey man, can you pop your trunk real quick. I wanna grab your jack.” I nodded and handed him my keys. He flashed me that smile again and I melted. He quickly closed the door, leaving me to cool in his wonderful ac and went back to my car. He opened the trunk and looked inside, moving various things around before finally getting the jack out. I was slightly embarrassed at the disarray my vehicle was in, but it was far too late. With the skill and speed of an expert, he had the car jacked and was under it looking at various things. He got off the ground and lowered the jack, then dusted his back off. I moaned at the sight of how the tight fabric moved along his beautiful butt. The coveralls were beginning to become soaked with sweat, and with that, I could see his body better. I saw through the moist fabric some of the beefiest arms I had ever seen in my life. If I didn’t see the muscle through top, I would’ve thought he had footballs shoved in his sleeves. I drank in the utter splendor of his body as he slowly walked over to his side of the truck and got in. “Well, I got some bad news for ya kid, that car ain’t going nowhere for a while. I’m going to haffa call a flat bed from the shop to come and pick it up. You’re welcome to wait in here with me. I don’t know how long it’s going to take though.” I nodded and replied solemnly, “That’s ok, I don’t have anywhere to be.” In truth though, I couldn’t have been happier. Every moment I could spend with this monster of a man was a moment well used. He got on his radio and called his shop. I couldn’t understand what was being said except for one part about it being thirty minutes before someone got to us. He put the mic back on its stand and told me what I already knew. He then lowered the zipper on his coveralls slightly to allow more of his massive chest to be exposed to the full blast of cool air coming from the vents. “This is great man. If you didn’t have this great truck, I’d have to be sitting in that furnace of a car of mine. I don’t know how to thank you man.” I said as I stared at his huge chest heaving up and down as he breathed. He turned to me and said, “I know of a way that you can thank me.” I glanced up at his face, seeing a mischievous grin. He then looked down toward his crotch, then back at me and grinned again. I sat there dumbfounded as he did the motion with his head again. “I saw the magazines in the back of your trunk. I bet you love guys my size.” I was about to deny everything, trying to think of a way out of this situation, but he continued, “Don’t worry man, I’m not going to hurt you for being gay, even though I could.” To emphasize his point, he flexed his arm just slightly. The bicep bulged against the blue fabric, threatening to burst from its confines. “I’m gay too, and I love it when guys like you get off on my body. I have a feeling that you would do a great job appreciating all this daddy muscle, am I right?” I was dumbfounded that a man like this was actually offering to let me service him. It was unbelievable. “But, if you don’t want to, I won’t mind” he mused. I saw the giant cock that was in his pants stretching down his leg, fighting the pants to get rise up, and I almost jumped across the truck to get to it. He zipped down his coveralls a bit more to reveal the rest of his beautiful body. He was even bigger than I thought. The coveralls were a thin fabric, but his mass was thicker than I could imagine being on someone. His entire torso was evenly covered in the same perfect salt and pepper hair that I saw earlier. It wasn’t too thick, nor was it too thin. It was the perfect length to make him look even more beastly and beautiful. His chest was barreled like something I’ve only seen in magazines and the mounds of his pecs sat atop them like two rocks with perfect silver dollar nipples pointing downward. They guided my eyes to his rock hard belly. It wasn’t a six-pack or anything like that, but it was solid and just as beefy as he was. Finally, my eyes rested on a jock strap. It was made out of a black mesh fabric and held a cock that made my heart jump in my chest. I could tell he wasn’t fully hard, but the rod that he possessed was utterly amazing. It stretched down, tugging forcefully at his jock. I gently pulled the fabric away and unleashed his beast. It sprung up with such force that it slapped against his stomach and bounced off. I couldn’t believe someone could have a cock that huge. It seemed to be over a foot long and thicker than anything I’ve seen. It was beautiful too. The base of it was surrounded by a thick bush of coarse black hair and the shaft seemed to rise from it like a skyscraper rising against the horizon. It was as thick at the base all the way up to the top. Veins lined the shaft pulsing with blood from the root all the way to the tip that was capped off with a mushroom head, built for powering its way into someone’s mouth or ass. I felt that his cock alone was stronger than most guys. I was drooling at the sight of it all when his beautiful voice broke the silence, “Well, are you just going to stare at it or are you going to make love to it?” I took that as my cue to start doing everything I wanted to. I began by licking the head of it while my left hand explored his chest. From the moment I touched his hairy mounds of muscle, my cock felt like it was going to explode. I had been with a lot of guys before and there were both good and bad things about them, but this was a perfect man. His chest barely moved as I rubbed it due to the powerful muscle that I was feeling. He rested one arm on the door and the other on my back, stroking my hair as I serviced his amazing cock. My hands ravaged his body as I worked earnestly on his cock. I felt his thick chest, his huge arms, his meaty legs, his massive balls, and everything in between all while sucking on his cock as if my life depended on it. And as far as I was concerned, it did. I wouldn’t have minded sitting there for the rest of my life sucking down that meat. Thankfully, the truck was high enough that no one could see me servicing this huge man, but the way I felt, I don’t think I would’ve cared if it was being broadcasted during the Super Bowl. I could hear him moan and grunt softly as I worked on him. He would flex the part of his body that I touched, which sent shivers of pleasure down my body. I could feel his cock swell slightly and his balls pull tighter towards his body as I worked hard on showing him how much I appreciated him. The more he moaned, the harder I worked to swallow his cock. I could taste his precum flow from his dick like a leaky faucet and I lapped it up as if it were the nectar of the gods. I could tell he enjoyed what I was doing because he started to gently push my head downward and fuck my face. Even though his cock was so huge that I couldn’t swallow the whole thing, I did my best to stuff as much of it down my throat as I could. His motions became more powerful but that did nothing but make me work harder. Then, it happened. I felt all his huge muscles tense up at the same time and the floodgate was broken. Waves of this muscle man’s juice began to flood my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could. Shot after shot entered me and I couldn’t do anything but enjoy the taste and the power of his enormous load. Finally, after about what seemed to be twenty huge shots, he relaxed a bit, but his cock didn’t soften in anyway. In fact, I bet he was already prepared to have another load for me to swallow. “My god,” I thought, “this is a beast of a man!”. “That was real nice boy. You made daddy feel real good. Haven’t had a blow job like that ever.” I looked up at him, his thick cock still stuffing my mouth and smiled. “Looks like you enjoyed that too.” I then realized that I had orgasmed just from servicing him. I didn’t mind though, it was well worth it. A truck horn honked and I sat up to see a big flatbed truck pull in front of my car. My muscle daddy slowly stuffed his huge cock back into his jockstrap and smiled at me before zipping up his coveralls a bit. “Looks like we’ll have to do something about that,” he said as he glanced at my soaked pants. “How bout a shower at my place once we get your car to the shop. Then, maybe you can thank me some more?” he said with that beautiful grin of his. I smiled and replied, “How bout I thank you every day from now on?” This post has been promoted to an article
  22. xythanshadow

    m/m Bear's Bar And Brews

    Mark's fingers drummed along the steering wheel of his Lexus as he headed home. He hated working in the gay district. He didn't know exactly what he did to Cheryl to gain her ire, but he had to fix it as soon as possible. She assigned him to this district for the next few months and he was long pass hating it. It didn't help it that he was another hour from his house. "Stupid gay bastards," he said to himself. He was hit on four times that day and if he knew that he could've kicked their flamboyant asses without getting fired, he would've. "I need a drink," he grumbled. He glanced out his window longingly. Even though he knew he was still deep in "gay-town", he was hoping to find somewhere to at least get a beer. As he drove, he started to lose hope as he passed by shop after shop proudly sporting rainbow flags and other gay paraphernalia. But luckily, before he lost all hope, he saw a black building sort of off the road that had a sign that said, "Bear's Bar and Brews". He slowed down and looked around the building before pulling into the parking lot. He saw a few Harley Davidson bikes, and most importantly, nothing that screamed gay. He parked and headed inside. As he entered the dimly lit building, his lungs were filled with cigar smoke. He smiled, thinking to himself how gays didn't smoke cigars, only fruity cigarettes. After a turn out of the foyer, he saw the bar at the back of the room. Above it were a trio of t.v.s showing various games. He smiled again at the site of football and rugby on the screens. Behind the bar was a burly man, covered in hair and wearing a leather vest washing out a glass. Near him was another big man, mature and also hairy, with a beard that would make Grizzly Adams envious. “What kin I git fer ya?” said the bartender in a gruff, raspy voice. Mark smiled and quickly took a seat at the bar, “What do ya have on tap?” The bartender smiled and grabbed a frosty mug. With a practiced motion, he started to fill the mug with a deep amber ale. “You don’t look like yer from ‘round here,” he said as he slid the beer to him. With a smile, he accepted the beverage and replied, “No, I live on the north side. Just had to come down to the queer side of town for work and I was so pissed I had to find somewhere to drown out today. Just had to put up with so many guys hitting on me today. I swear, if I didn’t have to worry ‘bout losing my job, I would have knocked one of those dick-loving fags out today.” The bartender simply nodded his head as he listened to Mark. He took another swig of his beer and continued, “I never liked them anyway with their floating around like the little fairies they are, talking about pop music and shit. I mean, I don’t have any problem with someone being gay, just them flaunting it around like that. I mean, men should be men and women should be women.” He set his empty mug down and the bartender grabbed it, refilled it and set it back down in front of Mark. “What would you do if you saw a gay guy that didn’t look gay?” the man near him asked. Mark took another huge gulp of his beer and responded, “I don’t give a flying fuck man, as long as they aren’t being all gay around me, hitting on me and shit. I’m a strict vagatarian.” Mark laughed loudly at his own joke. “Vagatarian, huh?” the big guy next to him said as he took a swig from his mug. “Yeah man, I can't get enough of some good pussy, ya know what I mean?” Mark said with a slight slur. The bartender muttered quietly, “Yeah, some boy pussy.” The big guy laughed at the joke while Mark looked around in confusion. “You know,” he said to Mark, “I can tell why everyone was hitting on you. I mean, look at you.” Mark glanced down and looked back at the huge bartender, “Whhaaat aaaaarrree yaaa talkin' bout?” Mark shook his head, wondering why the beer was affecting him like that. He usually could hold his alcohol but there was something weird about this beer. Weird, but it tasted so good he thought as he took another swig. “No offense man, but you look like one of those guys. I know it's popular to be 'metrosexual', but is that what you really want? I mean, look at me, none of those little twinks come in here and hit on me, same with ol' Humphrey there.” Mark looked closer at the two. He could tell what he meant. The two guys were big, burly men; the type you see in biker gangs or doing construction work. They both had really big chests and arms and both were covered in hair. Humphrey had a huge full beard while the bartender had a well-kept handlebar mustache. Mark rubbed his face in thought, feeling how bare and smooth it was. He had kept it that way for years, but maybe the guys had a point. Humphrey then flexed his arm and Mark was blown away. He thought he had a good physique, but seeing Humphrey flex just showed him that there was another whole level of size and strength. Mark though, “I bet those gay guys don't even think about talking to him with an arm like that.” He leaned forward slightly, suddenly feeling dizzy and started to fall. Humphrey reached out and grabbed him, his massive arms barely registering the movement. “Woah boy, looks like you had a little too much.” “I'm not as think as you drunk I am,” Mark slurred before it clicked in his mind what he said. He tried to regain his balance but his body didn't respond. “It's ok boy, I got ya,” Humphrey said with a smirk. “Hey Damien, can you 'take care' of our bud here?” Damien smiled and said, “Sure thing, let's take him to the back room.” The two big men helped Mark to a room in the back of the bar. Mark's head was swimming, but he saw the dimly lit room and the bed in the middle. There was a lamp next to the bed on a nightstand and a radio, but besides that, Mark didn't notice any other furniture or windows. They gently lowered him on the bed and Humphrey turned to leave. Damien reached over and turned on the radio and said, “Ok, go to sleep and when you wake up you can go back to your place.” Mark was too drunk to argue, so he simply nodded. Damien smiled and walked out the room, closing the door behind him. When the door was shut, the room plunged into darkness. Mark rolled over in the bed and tried to get comfortable as the sounds of ocean waves filled the room. He listened to the waves crash against an unseen coast, and as he listened, it felt as if all the tension in his body melted away.
  23. xythanshadow

    m/m Here To Help

    I though it was going to be another normal day at the gym. I was beginning to get frustrated with the whole ‘lifting’ thing. I had been working out for over six months and I had nothing to show for it. But I had kept coming, kept lifting, and kept hoping that something would change. I had loaded the bench with a 45lb plate on each side. I was happy that I could do that, but disappointed that I was stuck at that weight for so long. Then, before I could lie down on the bench, I felt something. A presence if you would. I turned to see a man that if I saw him in a picture, I would’ve said he wasn’t real. The moment I turned, my gaze hit his chest. And my god, what a chest it was. The blue Underarmor shirt he wore did nothing to hide the massive pecs that lay underneath. It was slightly sweat-stained at this point, obviously from an amazing workout because I could see the striations of his colossal chest. I could even make out the veins pulsing underneath the fabric. His chest wasn’t the only thing that hypnotized me. My eyes went down before they went up and took in all his magnificent physique. He had a V-shape to his torso that would’ve made most professional bodybuilders jealous. His chest and lats spread out so far that I doubted I could reach around to his back and tapered down to a waist that looked so narrow, I wondered how it could hold up his enormous chest without breaking. The shirt was stretched to the point of deformity around his chest but sagged at the point where it was tucked into his shorts. My eyes continued to drift down and caught a glimpse of his beautiful legs. They were clad in matching Underarmor and I knew that this man’s physique was what they had in mind when they designed the clothing line. His quads were amazingly developed and had the size that most people couldn’t even begin to dream about. The shorts hugged every contour and indention of his meaty leg, doing nothing but enhancing the overall beauty of the gigantic muscle. His calves were just as stunning as the rest of him. They weren’t the classic diamond shape, but they were remarkably thick, befitting the rest of the leg perfectly. I finally looked back up at his arms. Arms are a favorite body part of mine and he had by far the best set of guns I have ever seen, even counting the dozens of morphs I’ve seen in my life. They were, for lack of a better word, awing. I know my jaw hit the floor when I saw those pythons. I could see why he wore a sleeveless shirt. At least twenty-four inches of pure, unadulterated mass hung from his beefy shoulders. The bicep that crested the top of his arm was so huge and developed, it had to come from the depths of someone’s fantasy. The Clydesdale horseshoe that was suspended from the back of his arm looked like it was sculpted from marble and was in perfect proportion to the huge bicep that was opposite. Even his forearms were massive, writhing with veins and covered in a beautiful layer of black hair. I finally looked at his face and was stunned. When God created man, he must’ve made him look like what I was seeing. It was perfect. His face was so defined, so masculine, I wanted to touch it to see if it was real. He had a jawbone that exuded power and authority, covered with a full black beard that made you think he had to be either in construction or a lumberjack or any of the real manly jobs. He had a few scars, but they did nothing to detract from his appearance. They only added to the natural ruggedness that was already there. And his eyes were amazing, jade green, so deep you could fall in them and never come out. He smiled at me and said, “Let me give you a hand, I’m here to help.” I felt like I was melting at that point. His voice was like the finest silk being drawn slowly along my ears. I could do nothing but nod in agreement. He strutted towards me, smiling a perfect grin as he came. He stood behind the bench where I was planning on working and waited for me. I snapped out of my daze and lay down and placed my hands on the bar. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to lift with this beautiful man standing over me, but I tried. For some reason, the set felt easier than normal. He didn’t do much to help me, just kept his fingers under the bar, staring at me, whispering encouragement as I lifted. After the set, he walked around, grabbed two more 45s and put them on. When I was about to get up and help him, he simply smiled and told me to stay where I was. Not wanting to disobey him, I watched as he increased the bar to double my max weight. I assumed he was going to work out with me, but when he got back behind the bench, I realized he wanted me to lift that. “I can’t do that!” I said in shock. He simply smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’m here to help ya.” I stared at him in disbelief, but he simply nodded and smiled again. With a deep sigh, I lay back down and wrapped my hands around the bar. He helped me unrack it and immediately I felt the pressure of the weight. It almost came crashing down on my chest, but he was right there spotting me. “C’mon man, you got this shit. This is easy weight.” I didn’t believe him, but I put everything I had into pushing it up. Slowly, the weight began to rise. Then, I lowered it again and pressed it up. As each rep passed, it felt easier and easier to lift. Soon, I had done ten reps with a weight I never would’ve been able to do alone. I racked the bar with a growl. I felt amazing. I was about to jump up from the bench before he stopped me. “Don’t move,” he said, his low voice cutting through to my soul. He added two more 45s to the bar and told me to lift. We went through the same thing that happened before. First the unrack, then the feeling like it was going to be impossible, then the slow realization that I could do it and then doing it. We did that three more times with me ending up benching 405 lbs. I couldn’t believe it myself, but when he allowed me to stand up and see myself in the mirror, I could see why. My chest had grown to be huge. It was sexy yet comical at the same time. My pecs had grown to be almost as large as his, yet they looked completely out of place on my body. I looked at him and said, “What in the world is going on!” It wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful; it was that I was completely amazed and somewhat scared. He simply ignored my outburst and said, “Think it’s bout time for you to hit legs.” Part of me was in shock. It wanted to run as fast as I could, fearful of what could happen. The other part of me was in lust. Lust for a body that far exceeded what I had. And by some stroke of fate or luck, here was my chance. The brass ring was right there. All I had to do was reach out and grab it. So, I headed to the squat rack with the big man right behind me. I loaded it up with 185 lbs and he went ahead and added two more 45’s. I looked at him in disbelief again, but he simply laid his huge hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. I’m here to help.” Again, the weight felt like it was going to crush me. I could see my back snapping under the strain, but somehow, I got back up from the squat. Then another rep, then another. Before I knew it, I had done fifteen reps and racked the bar with authority. He added a couple more plates and ordered me to lift. I did so willingly. I didn’t know why, but I knew that I could as long as he was there. Soon, I was squatting 585 lbs. The bar had a slight bend from the weight as I lowered myself to the ground before powering back up. It felt great to do that. My legs felt so strong, almost invincible. Then, the big man took me by the shoulder and showed me the mirror. My legs had inflated to mammoth proportions. They now matched the chest that had been built earlier. I could call them tree trunks now. They were so wide I had to adjust myself a bit. The shorts that I had on had ridden up my legs to the point that they looked like bikini briefs and no matter how much I tugged on them, they refused to go an inch down my massive legs. I sighed with content as my eyes traced the valleys and contours that now etched my immense limbs. Before I could say anything, I felt his hand again. “Arms now.” I gladly followed him to the dumbbells, and soon, I was curling like there was no tomorrow. I’m not sure how much time had passed. I was too enthralled with the workout this giant was giving me. I did a full body workout with him there to help me the whole time. Every set was heavier than the first, each exercise completely destroyed what I thought were my maxes. By the time it was all said and done, I was completely exhausted. My clothes were drenched with sweat, but they also were skin tight. I looked at the big man expectantly. I couldn’t wait for what he had planned. But he simply smiled at me, turned me towards the locker room and gave me a gentle push. “Time to shower up,” he said with his deep baritone voice. I headed straight to my locker and, after a quick change, headed to the shower. It was a big communal one, left over the past that reminded me so much of high school. I never liked showering here unless I was alone. Looking around quickly to make sure no one was around, I turned on the spray to full blast and hot. Soon, the room was filled with a wonderful heated steam. The water on my skin felt amazing. Not only did it relieve the tension I was feeling, but it also accentuated the feeling of my new body. I took time to explore each and every crevice and new muscle. It was all like some dream, an unfulfilled fantasy that I’ve always had, now made real. I started to touch my hardening cock when a deep voice said, “Let me give you a hand, I’m here to help.” I spun around to see the huge guy that I knew caused all this standing before me, gloriously naked and soaking wet. The water made him look even bigger and sexier than I could’ve imagined, and when my eyes saw his meat, I almost choked. It hung low on him, almost to the middle of his quads against a backdrop of egg sized balls full of his super spunk. It was so much bigger than mine, I wondered how it would feel to have it in my hands, or better yet, be impaled on it. He reached out and grabbed my cock. Instantly, I felt like I would cum. He simply smiled and gripped it tighter, somehow stopping what felt like an inevitable orgasm. I could do nothing but stand there and let him manhandle my dick. He was obviously a master. His hands were rough and calloused from all the obvious lifting he did, but that only served to heighten the pleasure I was feeling. He continued to stroke my cock, slowly at first, bringing me close to the edge, then bringing me back. He changed speeds, tightened and loosened his grip, and did so many other things I would’ve never thought of, each time, taking me closer and closer to exploding. Finally, the tempo increased to the point where I knew I was going to explode. He gripped my dick tight, and with one final stroke, I came. I came and I came and I came, it was so powerful I felt like everything in me was draining out through my balls. My orgasm was so intense my body fell against the wall and slowly slumped to the ground. As soon as I hit the floor, I blacked out. I woke up a moment later to find that the big man wasn’t in the shower anymore. I hopped up, but was thrown off by something. Everything felt wrong. Then I realized my center of gravity was different. I walked out of the shower and stopped by the nearest mirror. When I got there, I was completely stunned. I was amazing. I had gotten huge, even bigger than when I was working out with the giant. Obviously, I was a bit taller, and every inch of me was covered with muscle. I flexed a few times, getting a feel for my new body and of course, seeing how hard and unmovable I had become. All these new experiences was getting me excited and my gaze fell to my cock. I stopped breathing all together from the shock. If I had a trouser snake before, what was hanging from my crotch now was a full grown anaconda. It was huge and thick, so meaty I couldn’t grip it completely with a pair of balls that could’ve substituted with golf balls. I had to thank the guy who somehow did this. I ran to my locker to find something to wear, hoping that my shorts were still able to at least cover my new package. When I opened the door, I saw that everything I brought was gone. In its place was a wrestling singlet, a new gym bag and a pair of chrome shades. I smiled again and quickly put on the singlet. It felt erotic having the fabric rub against my new furry, muscled body. I had to concentrate on not getting another hard on because it would have definitely shown. After getting dressed, I quickly went out the locker room and looked around. There was no one around that was even close to his size, so I went to the closest person and asked, “Hey man, have you seen a guy come out here, bigger than me, built like a brick shit house, black hair, green eyes?” The guy looked at me like I just beamed in from another planet, “Dude, I’ve been here for a few hours today and a few years at this gym and I’ve never seen anyone near as big as you.” I smiled. I wanted to thank him for the amazing gift he gave me. I didn’t even know his name, but I knew he changed my life permanently. I had to think of something worthy to do. Looking around the gym, I saw a guy that was a lot like me a few hours ago: Obviously been in the gym for a while, little but determined, yet making no progress. He was about to start benching when I walked up, put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Let me give you a hand, I’m here to help.” This post has been promoted to an article
  24. incognitotie

    Growing To Fit (Chapters 1-3)

    Moving this over from the evolution forum. Started this some time ago and kind of... Petered out. Not sure why I stopped (college might have something to do with it), but I hope to start it up again! Without further ado, here is the story of Ev, who's life is taking a series of strange turns. Some of them bigger than others. CHAPTER 1 Ev shrugged his gym bag off his shoulder, the small thud echoing through his empty apartment. Trudging towards the refrigerator, he flipped on the TV for some background noise while he made dinner. A news anchor in a red pantsuit appeared on the screen as Ev rummaged through leftovers and new groceries. "-the company has voluntarily issued this recall. The company issued it so quickly, in fact, that most stores hadn't even shelved the product at all. The product, an after wor-" Ev cut off the woman's story by flipping channels, eventually settling on a rerun of some sitcom. He sat down with a lukewarm chicken breast and some questionable, canned vegetables. About to lose himself in the protagonist's latest struggle, Ev gave a small, frustrated sigh and stood back up. "I almost forgot to take that after workout drink I got today," he mumbled to himself. Rummaging thought the gym bag, Ev pulled out a small, purple bottle. BULK OUT! the yellow label seemed to shout. He was pretty sure this was some new gimmick for gains, but at this point Ev was desperate. After years at the gym he had managed to lose almost all of the fat on his body, but his muscle gains were practically nonexistent. No matter what new workout trend or new weight gain diet he tried, nothing worked. His body seemed determined to stay at 130 lbs. And at almost six feet tall, that left something to be desired. When he would complain to his friends, they'd shrug him off. You're fine, they'd say. You have good looks. Ev had learned the hard way, though, that guys didn't want you if all you had to offer was a decent face set with green eyes and framed with dark brown hair. Not to mention when your 'friend' was a little smaller than average. It seemed he was doomed from adolescence though. All of his clothes were always too big on his frame. His parents hoped he would grow into them, as did he, but that never happened. Shaking the negative thoughts from his head, Ev twisted off the cap and downed the thick concoction. The foul taste only registered after most of it was down his throat, and he struggled to swallow the rest. After drinking heavily from the glass of water he poured for dinner, Ev sunk back into the couch to drown the lonely Friday night in the dialogue of a sub par program. At around midnight, he shut off the TV and trodded down the hall to his bedroom. Shucking off his shirt and pants, and nearly losing his underwear in the process (a daily occurrence when you have no ass to speak of and a small waist), Ev slid into bed. Within minutes he was snoring softly. That night, Ev dreamed, for the first time since he was a teen, that he was growing. He laughed as his muscles gained definition, as his frame became wider and larger. His joy turned to pleasure as his muscles grew slightly, giving him the athletic build he had always wanted. He trailed his hands across his abs, his pecs, his arms- anywhere his hands could reach. His grin grew wider as he noticed his newly bulging package, apparently having grown to a respectable size as well. Euphoria still buzzed in Ev's mind when he woke the next morning. Slipping out of bed, he noticed that he felt slightly... off as he moved towards the bathroom. His underwear did feel a little tight, so maybe that was it. Probably shrunk in the wash, he thought. Wouldn't be the first time. As he moved to relieve himself though, Ev froze. The bulge in his boxer briefs was definitely not the one he had gone to bed with. Slowly pulling the waistband down, he looked at his member. It was no longer sub par by any standards. In fact, it was slightly above average now, if anything. Very slowly, Ev raised his gaze up towards the mirror, afraid that he might be wrong about his expectations. His eyes met a set of well defined abs, followed by two pecs that looked to be the product of a hard year or two at the gym. His breath hitched. This couldn't be real. It was too good. Too perfect. Yet his hands affirmed his solid pecs and firm abs, as well as some respectable arms. Looking past his package, Ev saw that his quads and calves hadn't been spared either. After some celebration in with his morning shower, he toweled off and went to get dressed for the day. His joy was briefly dampened when he saw that the only pair of underwear he had clean was the pair he had gotten for Christmas last year. They weren't the brand he usually bought, and although they were his size (small) they ran a little bigger than his usual. He was pleased to find that they actually fit fairly well. They did seem a little loose, but at least they didn't constrict as much as his shrunken underwear did. Dressing completely, Ev left for some morning coffee, like he did every Saturday. Latte in hand, Ev sat at a small table in front of the coffeehouse and enjoyed the morning air. The pleasant cool morning would soon fall to the scorching summer heat, and he wanted to take full advantage of the pleasant air. Looking across the street, Ev almost spewed his coffee. A man with auburn hair and an athletic build was walking out of a small tea shop. The face was so achingly familiar, Ev could swear it was... "Ev! Everett!" It was him. The man he had crushed on all throughout college. Bron. He strode across the street, his sky filled eyes hidden behind Ray Bans and his smile fringed by the perfect amount of stubble. "I thought it was you, Ev!" Bron exclaimed. "I'm glad to see you." "Same," Ev replied. It was all he could seem to get out of his mouth. Luckily, Bron did most of the talking. Ev found out that he had just moved to town for a job opportunity, and was looking for a place to stay. His original plans for an apartment fell through when the landlord accidentally leased the apartment he had reserved to a nasty old woman who refused to give it up. The landlord couldn't force her out, and he couldn't kick her out for another month. "You can crash at my place if you'd like." The words just tumbled out of his mouth, unbidden. Stupid, Ev, he thought to himself, that was too forward. Now you've probably ruined any chance you had with him and he'll- "That'd be great, Ev. Thanks!" He couldn't believe it. Bron was going to be living with him! In a numb state, Ev gave him his address and told him he could come by later that afternoon. Walking back to his apartment, Ev was overjoyed. His body had somehow become the product of his dreams, and the man of his dreams was moving into his apartment. I don't think that today can get any better, Ev thought. CHAPTER 2 As he fished through his pockets for his apartment key, a flash of heat shot through Ev's body. A light sweat broke out over his body, and he began to feel a little light headed. After he locked the door behind him, Ev rushed to the bathroom. Hoping to cool himself off, he splashed cold water on his face. Rivulets of water streaming down his face, Ev looked into the mirror at his slightly flushed face. I hope I'm not getting sick, he thought worriedly. As if in response, the heat that had been surging through his body vanished. Before Ev could wonder why, a tingling sensation, somewhere between when a body part falls asleep and when you brush the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue, washed over his body. Ev gave a small groan and closed his eyes. His head tilted back in pleasure. The tingling feeling was all throughout his body but it was the strongest in his main muscle groups. Ev didn't know how long the feeling lasted, but after a time he realized that the tingling had disappeared. Slowly opening his eyes, he realized immediately that things were slightly off. The angle of his reflection in the mirror seemed to show a little more of his lower body, and he felt... pumped up. Somewhat like someone had left an air hose in his body for slightly too long. Ev's eyes widened as he finally looked down at his body. If he had been a division 1 athlete in college, this is what he would have looked like. Pecs that formed a small overhang above a chiseled six pack. Biceps that balled up so big he couldn't even touch the shoulder of the same arm. His calves had developed a definite diamond shape, and his quads and hamstrings gained a size and definition previously unknown to him. And his package, well what a package it was. It bulged nicely from his now very snug boxer briefs, and if it had been questionably above average before, there was no doubt now. After testing out his newly improved member, Ev was engulfed by a sudden wave of sleepiness. He was barely able to make it back into the bedroom before he passed out. A knocking from his apartment door eventually woke Ev up. After laying groggily on the bed for a moment, a jolt of realization cleared the sleep from his head. Bron. Only after he had thrown open the door did Ev realize that his shirt hugged his torso, and that it barely reached the waistband of his shorts. His shorts were pressed tight against his legs, and his package bulged out almost obscenely. Trying to appear as nonchalant as possible, Ev cleared his throat. "Let me help you bring your things up," he offered. With every box he hauled up the stairs, Ev could feel Bron's eyes on his back. Or, more accurately, on his ass. After he set down the last box, Ev turned around to see Bron leaning on his counter, temporarily focused on a small potted plant. Ev found his eyes roaming across Bron's body. To Ev, the man in front of him was perfect. Slightly tanned. A stylish swoop in his hair. A body that didn't speak of brute strength, but of agility, grace, and poise. To another observer, Bron would probably seem to be relaxed, if not a little distracted. But to Ev, he was a panther: lithe. At ease. But ready to pounce. Bron turned to look at him, and Ev snapped from his reverie. "Can I offer you a drink?" Ev asked, his face reddening slightly. "I don't have any beer or anything, but I have soda and maybe some orange juice." "I am thirsty," Bron replied,a small smile forming on his lips, "but not for any of those things." Ev's reply was lost in Bron's mouth as it pressed against his. Ev recoiled in surprise, but then returned the kiss enthusiastically. The pair gradually moved towards the bedroom, their clothes being shed along the way until they both fell onto the bed in nothing but their underwear. Hands began to roam across one another's bodies, and then their bodies pressed together. The pair laid in the afterglow for a while, basking in the feeling. Eventually, Bron turned towards Ev. "Are you going to share how you grew since I last saw you?" He prodded, only half teasing. " Both since two years ago and this morning?" Ev's smile faded slightly. "I'm not sure you'd believe me," he answered, gauging Bron's response. "You can tell me, I'll believe you." "Well..."Ev began, then stopped. After searching for the right words for a moment, he began again. "It's like this. Yesterday, after my workout at the gym, I bought a new post workout drink. I'd never seen it before, so I thought I'd try it. This morning I woke up and my body looked like a person who'd been going to the gym for a few years. Then, after I came back from meeting you at the coffee shop this morning, I had a hot flash and I grew even more. After that I fell asleep, woke up and let you in, and now here we are." After a moment of silence, Bron spoke. "Do you still have the bottle that the drink came in?" Ev was slightly taken aback. "You mean you believe me?" He asked, a hint of incredulity in his voice. "What I told you is basically crazy." "We'll, I don't see another explanation," mused Bron. " Besides, what reason would you have to lie?" Giving a small grunt of agreement, Ev got up and went into the kitchen, returning a little while later with the purple bottle and handing it to Bron. Bron's eyes widened a little when he looked at the label. "Have you looked at the news lately?" Bron asked, worry creeping into his tone. "No," Ev replied, "why?" "Because the company that made this recalled the drinks almost as soon as they'd reached the stores. Said that there was something wrong with the ingredients and that it wasn't safe to stock them. I'm surprised you even managed to buy one. Most places didn't shelve them at all, or pulled them as soon as they heard about the recall." "We'll there sure was something up with whatever ingredients they used," Ev commented, "but I'm not complaining." "I'm not either." And with that, Bron pulled him back onto the bed, pressing his body against Ev's. CHAPTER 3 Ev and Bron remained entangled for the rest of the afternoon, but the persistent growl of Ev's stomach eventually forced the two of them to get up and order pizza. After Ev made the call, and for two extra large pizzas no less, the two sat on the couch together. "So how are you going to explain this when you go back to work?" asked Bron, gesturing at Ev's new body. "We'll it actually works out perfectly," Ev replied with a slight grin, " because I actually start a new job on Monday. Nobody there knows what I look like." "Good for you," Bron teased, "because I'm not sure they'd buy the whole a-post-workout-drink-is-causing-me-to-grow-randomly thing. Speaking of which, you have any idea what's triggering your growth?" Ev frowned slightly. "No clue. There's no pattern that I can see, at least not yet." At that moment there was a sharp knock on the front door, and Ev realized he was wearing nothing but a rather tight pair of underwear. "Shit," he cursed, "that's probably the pizza guy. Can you dig some money out of my wallet while I find something to put on?" Running into the bedroom, Ev quickly looked for any article of clothing. He quickly put on the shorts he had been wearing earlier that day and moved to do the same with the shirt. In his haste though, he tore the seam at the armpit with a loud rip. Throwing that shirt to the side, he then spotted his sleeping shirt. It was ratty and too big, having been won in a contest a few years ago. Throwing it on, Ev noticed that despite his growth, the fabric still hung somewhat loose on his body. Hurrying quickly out of the bedroom, he grabbed the money from Bron, who was moving out of sight of the doorway, and opened the door. He was met with an extremely annoyed teenage girl, holding the pizzas and leering at him with absolute resentment. "Sorry about that," Ev apologized. "I was trying to find enough cash for the pizza." The girl quickly exchanged the pizza for the money, and was striding away down the hall in moments. With a small shrug Ev closed the door and opened one of the boxes, his stomach grumbling on anticipation. After 10 minutes of what can only be described as a pizza massacre, Ev sat back and let out a small belch, a vague sense of contentment settling over him. Bron just sat across the table looking mildly impressed. After all, he had only eaten two slices while Ev had devoured the rest. "So, my big man," said Bron, his voice growing increasingly sultry, "How about we move back to the bedroom?" Ev didn't need to be told twice. He followed the hypnotic roll of Bron's ass back into his bedroom. Bron turned to face Ev, a mischievous light in his eyes. The next second Ev found himself bouncing lightly on the bed, Bron on top of him. With a seductive smile, he moved down Ev's body, tracing a hand beneath his hefty pecs and then down the ridges of his abs. Bron's fingers soon found their way to Ev's briefs, strained by both the muscles and package they contained. He gave the waistband a playful flick before continuing down, tracing the quickly stiffening member with the tip of a finger. The front of the briefs grew wet as precum began to flow. "It looks like someone wants to say hello," Bron murmured. "Let's let him out." But just as Bron hooked his finger on the waistband Ev let out a deep groan, his eyes rolling up slightly. Bron watched in fascination as the muscles in Ev's body twitched and grew. His already large pecs surged out and created a defined shelf above his stomach, all of which could be seen through a now snug T-shirt. His arms now looked like coconuts had been stuffed under his skin, and it probably felt like it too. Massive thighs went from small ham to Thanksgiving turkey size, and his calves reminded Bron of chunks of flagstone from his brief employment as a landscaper. What Bron most noticed, though, was the bulge pushing against an ever-straining set of boxer briefs. The fabric had already ridden up over his expanded thighs, and the ribbed material was already stretched to the max in the front. The shaft of his member grew increasingly pronounced against the thin fabric. A small succession of pops was heard, and now Bron could see that the seams between the leg and the crotch had torn on both sides. The tears grew increasingly larger, to the point where Ev's balls we're beginning to spill out, until the fabric gave out with a surprisingly loud rip. Freed from its confines, Ev's member stiffened to about a foot long, to Bron's pleasant surprise. Surveying the changes, he noticed that Ev's shirt had survived, although it looked like it couldn't have stayed together for much longer. "You feeling okay?" Bron asked as Ev sat up. "I think so," he replied. "Actually, I feel pretty good, and I - ohshit... " Ev was staring in shock at the remnants of his underwear, now just an elastic waistband and some strips of cloth, and his tight shirt. He slid off of the bed and thudded into the bathroom. "Holy shit, I'm huge!" Ev exclaimed. "Yes you are," Bron said bemusedly. "I think that is undoubtable, really." "Where am I going to find clothes?" lamented Ev, returning to the bedroom. "The Big and Tall store should have some things that will fit you," said Bron, "but I don't think you're going to be able to go anywhere, unless you used to dress in very large clothes for shits and giggles when nobody was around." Ev's unamused expression was enough of an answer. "I'll go over there right now, since they're closing in a little over an hour," Bron decided. "Alright," said Ev, giving an exacerbated sigh. "Could you get me a dress shirt and some dress pants? I don't think mine will fit me now, and I can't show up to work half naked." "Sure thing, and I'll get you some casual clothes too, alright?" "Sounds good to me..." A loud grumble suddenly filled the room, and Ev blushed. "... And do you think you could bring back some food too?"
  25. ploder4

    m/m Close Encounter: Part 1

    Close Encounter – Part 1: Eyes in the Dark Ben awoke to the feeling of someone invading his space. He opened his eyes to a dazzling display of lights streaming in through the windows. His eyes ached as they tried to get used to the bright flickering lights and violent contrasts between the lights and the dark spaces between them as they flung themselves all around his room like disco balls gone mad. Ben looked around quickly, still feeling the same intrusion but seeing nothing. The room was completely silent, eerily silent. The room was so silent Ben could hear the blood swishing in the veins and arteries around his ear. Suddenly one of the bright lights landed at the side of his bed and morphed into a humanoid shape. The figure was of average human height but its body was extremely thin and almost twiglike. Big, dark, black eyes stared back at him attached to an oversized head with grayish skin. It finally registered in Ben's mind that this was one of those aliens you see on those paranormal documentary shows, and this was real at least he thought it was. The eyes seemed to look deep within him. As soon as he made this contact he felt a small itch on his side. That itch came from a big gun like object poking into his thigh. As soon as Ben saw that the pain of the instrument rushed throughout his body. Ben felt an additional strange sensation inside of him. It was as if something was crawling inside of him and it started from the spot where he was stung and looked up the barrel of the gun to see a large multi-vial chamber. Three vials were emptying one white, and one greyish. The other was filling up with what looked like his blood. His head was grabbed lightly and directed back into the alien's eyes. The pain died down almost instantly to a small itch. Ben's body seemed to be locked in position. He couldn't move at all. Panic began to set in Ben's brain and the pain came rushing back with equal intensity. The alien tilted it's head diverting Ben's mind back to it. The pain dulled to an itch again. It was then that it made sense to Ben that it would hurt much less if he concentrated on the Alien. The Alien smiled. Was it reading his mind? It was a repetative dream that Ben would wake up to at least once a month. The dream was creepy and yet somewhat exciting at the same time. A close encounter with an alien! It was the focus of all of his life. Posters of aliens and spaceships lined his walls when he was younger. Ben had countless books, newspaper clippings in a scrapbook, and many documentaries on UFOs. Ben was virtually an alien geek. Now that Ben was much older at 18, his fascination for aliens had waned but never completely disappeared. The obsession was pushed to the side by life in general. The alien posters were gone and the walls were painted a semi dark blue-ish. The whole room was converted into a more adult like abode. The only remnants of his alien obsession lie on his computer. Ben got up and did his everyday morning routine. Ben would turn on his computer and gather his clothes as it booted up. Once booted, Ben was greeted to the sight of an alien head on his desktop. Ben opened up his file manager and looked up a folder named MM. Inside MM, was a library of pictures and more folders amongst them. Ben clicked on a subfolder called MMP. All the pictures were porn, specifically, muscle man porn. Ben had known and accepted that he was gay since he was fourteen. He came out to his parents at sixteen and since then he had collected a massive library of muscle, cock, and gay sex images and videos. But there was that other folder inside. Ben scrolled down to a folder named UAMM. Ben smiled thinking upon the names of the folders as he double clicked on the folder for "Unidntified Alien Muscle Men." The window opened up another set of erotic images. This time, those images were of various aliens all pumped up to massive bodybuilder proportions or bigger. Ben's cock bulged as the images of his obsession and sexual fantasy had merged in his mind. Ben began stroking his cock slowly as he clicked through the various images of the massive muscle men with alien heads. Each picture he clicked through made his cock harder and harder. Until he came upon his favorite picture. An alien that was truly a muscle god. Its muscles looking as large if not larger than some of the erotic massive muscle art he would collect. The biceps flexed and the huge muscled body bulged to proportions that seemed to swallow the tiny alien head. It was this image that he would cum to everytime. Ben would buck and writhe in his seat as the image induced an orgasm in him that consumed his whole body. Cum would spurt out in loads significantly bigger than normal from his cock. After a couple minutes the orgasmic seizure would lessen and Ben would clean up his mess. After that Ben made his way to the bathroom working out some of the post sex bliss that remained giving him a kind of drunk like state of mind. Ben reached the bathroom and flipped on the light. Looking in the mirror Ben noticed himself staring back. He wasn't a bad looking teen. His body was considered above average in height and muscle. Ben however just barely approved of himself since he had such an obsession for muscle. Ben flexed his arm and watched as a respectable 15 inch arm bulged a bit. The urge to pee quickly took his attention off the mirror and toward the toilet where he lifted the lid and relieved himself. After Ben was done, he went back to the bedroom noting that it was still dark outside. Ben got back into bed and looked at his clock which glared a bright red 2:30 back at him. Ben sighed and laid back putting the covers over his head ready to go back to sleep. Ben laid in his bed looking at the ceiling in the dark for a while. For a brief moment, Ben wondered if he would have that odd alien abduction dream again. Continuing to look at the ceiling his mind got bored and started noting little discomforts of his body. Ben's neck was uncomfortable just below his head so he lifted his head up and patted the pillow briefly to fluff it up. After laying his head down Ben noticed some twinges of light pain in his legs and moved them a bit to relieve that. To Ben this was unusual, maybe restless leg syndrome like advertised on some of those pill commercials. Ben briefly closed his eyes. In an instant Ben heard nothing, it was as if something had sucked all the sound out of the room. Ben knew this lack of sound distinctly. He was in the dream. And as if on cue of his thoughts the room lit up brilliantly with a bright whitish light. But something was different about this time. He could feel it as he noticed the light was different, dimmer. Ben looked to one of the windows and saw a massive shadow blocking out the light from it. This was very different. In this case, the massive shadow was trying to enter. The lower and upper panes of the window were suddenly crushed into the sill as a massive arm pushed them up and poked through into his room. Ben stared in awe as the massive arm was followed by the other equally as big and then a torso that had to slide through sideways, and even them the massive scraped both back and ches against the sides. That was followed by an incredulously thin waist leading to a crotch and bulge that would make a horse jealous. And finally two massive legs propelled their way through the window. The massive form landed on the floor with barely a sound at all the rumble died down along with the light. It was dark again in his room, but Ben could hear the sounds of a shifting form and footsteps getting closer to him. The footsteps stopped at the corner of the foot of his bed. "You are awake." Something said in Ben's mind. It was a deep masculine voice similar to that of the aliens that have visited him in his dreams but much deeper. Ben shivered with fear as he tried to speak but no sound came out. "Calm yourself. I mean you no harm. I will reveal myself to you if you agree to remain quiet." the voice in his head said. Ben could only shake his head yes. In the blink of an eye the lights came on in his room revealing the form that was speaking to him in his mind. Standing at the foot of his bed was a massive and definitely masculine creature. The head was that of the alien he had seen many many times in his dreams but this one had the typical large cranium and the big black eyes but the face was much more sharply defined and the jaw squared off to match the superheroes in the comic books. As massive as the head was, it paled in comparison to the massive muscular form that supported it. The alien's head was almost touching the ceiling which would put him almost at 8' tall. The neck was as big as Ben's thighs and the traps bulged up to what would be ear level on a human. Shoulders were twice and a half wider than an average door. The arms on this extraterrestrial were almost as wide as his body and the legs were twice that size. The abs were thick and hard cobblestones on an almost comically thin waist. And just blow that was a bulge that stood out at least a foot from the massive form as the mighty shaft was pushed out and bowed back in by what looked like a tight pair of boy shorts. Ben gasped as the lights came on and revealed the extraterrestrial in it's massively muscled glory. A once expressionless face soon gave way to a raised eyebrow and half frown as it acknowledged the sudden sound Ben had made. Ben quickly put his hand to his mouth as he realized what he had done. The alien nodded his head and the slight frown gave way to a smirk as he looked down to Ben's crotch. It was then that Ben realized that he had a raging erection from looking at the hulking space alien. "You like looking at me." The alien spoke simply in his head. Was there a hint of smart ass in that comment? Ben quickly covered up his hard cock in embarassment which caused the alien to let out a small chuckle. "There is no point in hiding your sexual arousal. I have already seen it and noticed it in your vital signs as I was entering." The alien mentally commented. Ben continued to stare at the massive form watching his massive chest heave as it breathed. The alien continued to smirk as his dark eyes stared intently at him. Then the alien smiled a little bigger and slowly crossed his mighty arms upon his chest followed by another raised eyebrow. Ben stared on in complete awe of the amazing extraterrestrial adonis in front of him. This was definitely not the same dream as he had before. Was this the same alien? "I can guess what you are asking yourself and chances are I would be right." The alien spoke in his head again. "You are wondering if I am the same one that had visited you before when you were younger. I will affirm that to you." "You're the same one?" Ben suddenly blurted out his question that it almost took the alien by surprise. "Yes I am." "But... but... you're.... HUGE!" "Yes, my appearance has changed." "Why?" "I was looking for a solution to a problem in my home planet's population. A disease has spread amongst my kind and I was looking to other types of life forms to study their DNA and make comparisons. I would use that DNA to try and fix the problem. Human DNA has had some interesting results." "Human DNA?" The alien opened his arms out and smiled. "I mixed human DNA with my own. I was altered into what you see me as now." "So human DNA made you huge?" Ben asked still aogog at the massive alien. "Specifically my DNA and your DNA have complimented each other. Although I am feeling some notable side effects." "Side effects?" "I experience changes in personality and mood which are more dynamic than I am used to and I grew genitalia and sex organs to which you humans use to create offspring." The alien then looked off to the side as it thought out loud. "Natural copulation versus cloning, an interesting theory." The room became unsettlingly quiet as the alien seemed lost in thought. "What is your name?" Ben blurted out the question nervously breaking the silence. The alien looked at Ben quizzically for a brief moment and then smiled again. "My name is Sirrelliac." Ben looked at Sirreliac and it was his turn to smile. "Can I call you Sir?" "Interesting." Sir projected into Ben. "What?" Ben replied out loud. "You are willing to call me 'Sir' melding my name with your English word recognizing a master from a subordinate which is much used in many variations including sexual." Sir stated simply. His words seemed near emotionless and clincal but the context was almost clear "Do you see me as your superior?" Sir asked looking thoughtfully at Ben. Ben looked back at the alien for a moment and then smiled proudly. "What made you think it was sexual?" Ben asked in reply with a flirting undertone. Sir's face suddenly dropped into befuddlement. To Ben the effect was comical and he began to giggle. Sir quickly shook his head and scowled at Ben. "Puny human! Am I your superior?" Sir mentally yelled at Ben as he reached out a massive muscled arm and grabbed him by the neck and lifted him of his bed high in the air. "Yes! Yes you are my superior Sir!" Ben squeaked in sudden horror as airway was nearly choked off. Ben grabbed at the alien's muscled arm noting how big hand hard it was. Sir's face was hard and angry but after a few brief seconds morphed back into befuddlement and then a flash of fear. Sir unceremoniously dropped Ben back to his bed and walked to a corner shaking his head. Sir's movements were animated and his footsteps banged on the floor as his heavy frame paced. Sir seemed to be thinking out loud as he arms flailed as if he were having an angry conversation with himself. Some of it seemed to slip out of his head and into Ben including "... why I was exiled," and "...they were right." "Who was right?" Ben asked Sir out loud. Sir's movements and pacing froze. "You said you were exiled. Why?" The room was silent for a good ten seconds before Sir replied. "I owe you an apology." Sir stated out loud with his deep voice resonating in the room. Sir did not look at Ben. "Accepted." Ben replied quickly knowing that Sir was obviously disturbed by what he had done to Ben. Ben now felt sorry for the space alien. He could only assume based on what he heard that Sir did something to cause his exile. Something which Sir may not have been in control of. Ben got up off the bed slowly approached Sir. "It is illogical to accept my apology so soon after what I did to you." Sir replied again out loud still not looking back at Ben. "Humans like me are sometimes illogical. It's how we adapt in some cases." Ben said as he placed a hand on Sir. Sir twitched at sudden contact. Ben noticed Sir's forearm and bicep explode in size as his arm flexed. Ben jumped back as Sir did. Sir stared at Ben intensely. "I'm sorry, sir." Ben replied calmly. "You touched me. You are not afraid of me?" Sir asked almost meekly which usually isn't possible from such an intimidating figure. But Ben was not shaken now. "No. Because I think I understand." Ben added. "You experimented on yourself and you are experiencing side effects. Your sudden emotional responses are something you said you were dealing with. You also said you were exiled." Sir looked down at the floor when he heard that statement reflected back at him. "Your friends don't like that you experimented on yourself. You're now a freak to them." Ben paused and then added, "It's not hard to deduce." Now it was Sir's turn to be speechless for a brief moment. "You are somewhat correct." Sir admitted after a long pause. Ben walked over to Sir. "Somewhat correct? How so?" "I did the experiments because I was hearing intelligence that there would be an invasion of our home. I felt that our planet needed protection. So I did the experiment on myself." Sir looked down at the floor. "When the invasion happened, I was ready for it. Even though I was only half as big as I am now. The invaders came, and I defended the planet against the whole armada." "Wow! You were like a hero." Ben said with a squee. "Maybe to you, but the elders didn't see it that way. They saw me as a threat. I was too big and powerful for them. They wanted to control me, but I resisted. They sent me away in exile. My only solace was coming here since I had been here before." Sir disclosed with a quiet sadness. "But, how do you feel?" Ben placed a hand up on Sir's mighty shoulder again. "That question is too broad." Sir replied. "Okay, considering the experiment in my opinion seemed to be a great success, do you feel any different, better or worse?" Ben asked more specifically. "They don't know what it's like to be like I am. There are so many things that are new to me just because I can see them differently. Athough I was afraid when I saw what I had done to the invading armada, I was proud of the fact that I had defended a planet from being conquered or worse." Sir brought his hands up and squeezed them into fists, his arms flexing into huge masses of power. Ben saw Sir like he saw some of the superheroes in comic books in that brief moment. "I feel good, I feel like I am better than I was before, like I have evolved into the next generation of my kind."