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  1. Omiganda

    m/m My Dad's Boy Is A Big Boy

    Part 1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1556-my-dad-is-a-big-boy-re-post/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1569-my-dads-boy-is-a-man/ Part 4: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1595-my-dad-is-a-secret-holder/ Part 5: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1596-my-dad-is-a-cum-fountain/ Part 6: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1606-my-dad-is-a-room-wrecker/ Part 2 The family jet was really comfortable for me. I was amazed by the silk purple carpet, the open mini bar, and even the 5 star cuisine inside that I was allowed to enjoy. Dad was a very rugged man, preferring the most simplistic things
  2. goremeridian

    m/m A Chance Meeting On The D L R

    Experimenting with narrative voice. Hope it's not too odd or off-putting! First muscle growth story. Enjoy - and be nice! A Chance Meeting on the DLR This is a story about two men who were made for each other. There’s a right person out there for everyone. Only some of us are lucky enough to find them. Let's start with Paul. Well, Paul liked massive bodybuilders. You know the type. Waking hours spent masturbating to freakishly morphed pictures of huge, muscled studs. Feverishly jerking his ample cock, he would imagine what it would be like to meet, and – as the train of his libido-fuell
  3. MacroMuscleLover

    m/m The New Kid

    Sorry if the title deceived you guys into thinking this was another muscle growth story. But, it's not. Just my first ever gay romance story. Although, one of the main characters has muscles. So. ya'know... Hope you guys like it? xD Also, I attached pictures of how I envision the two main characters I also had the Kailee but i don't think too many of you would like to see a girl on here right? xD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The New Kid "Sam! Wake up! You're going to miss your bus! Just because you're eighteen doe
  4. Omiganda

    m/m Belly Down Part 2

    I was going to stick to my style of using only one topic to post but I realized that's dumb since I can't get feedback for individual parts if I make stories too fast. This one's coming in pretty quickly just because I desperately need to start on some growing. This part was tough to get through but, thankfully, I thought it would be easier on me and a bunch of you muscle lovers if I dropped in a little German beef. Comments and feedback are definitely welcome! Belly Down Part 2 “Where the HELL have you two been?!” shouted Coach John as Kenny and Casey ran into the gym lobby with thei
  5. MonsterMash62

    m/m Wish Stone - The Rugby Coach

    I recently posted this on my blog, and figured others might enjoy it. ------------------------------------------------------- How was I supposed to know Coach would do that? I showed him my wishing rock and asked him what to do. I figured it was dangerous and I was likely to make some stupid mistake. I wanted to ask someone I knew and trusted to help me figure out what to wish for, and Coach had been so good to me that year. He didn't believe me at first and thought I was yanking his chain. When I wished my hair blond and Coach watched it change right before his eyes, believed me then.
  6. brawnyjock

    m/m Cockring 5 - Setback

    Cockring Chapter 5 - Setback The next morning Brian woke energize and ready for the day ahead. He pulled the covers back to look at the cockring hugging his partial erection. He thought about the play party when it was activated those first few times by others. He didn't realized at first just how much the cockring was contributing to his pleasure until after the second occurrence. But he was totally pleased when the third event produced a huge erection at a time when he thought he really wasn't ready yet. In retrospect, each event had been incredibly super erotic, taking him to new heights o
  7. londonboy

    m/m In Big Trouble - Part Two

    Immediately, both of us needed a break. The room had suddenly gotten very hot and I was worried I was going to pass out if I didn’t sip something cool. I took a long gulp of what did turn out to be whiskey – Irish, at that – and loved how the back of my throat burned. It briefly took my mind away from the burning at my crotch and helped me from spewing uncontrollably. After a few seconds of silence Mr. Hugeness deemed it was time to continue our foreplay. “So, what is it about me that turns you on, little man?” he asked in a low, serious voice. It was clear he loved talking about himsel
  8. Gym Story By Mdlftr {I've been enjoying the stories here for a while. The variety on this site is inspiring, as are the pix at the "Relaxed" site (among others!) Recently, I was inspired to try my hand at a short story...if only real life was like this! Enjoy!) Mdlftr Hi. I've noticed that you've been watching me, so I thought I'd come over and introduce myself. Name's Scott. Whoah! You almost dropped that? Need a spot? Here, let me help you rack that bar. O.k., that's good. You sure you're all right? You look all pale and sweaty. You say you're fine, never better? O.k. if you say s
  9. londonboy

    m/m Sex Makes The Muscleman

    Every time he fucks me I grow bigger. It seems the harder he fucks the bigger I become. His semen is so full of something miraculous – like a kind of super-charged testosterone - I add about a pound of muscle every time he chugs a big wad up into my chute. That first week he was pounding my ass three times a day, so I grew a lot. It took me a while to notice since I was so confused about what was going on. I was also becoming addicted to him plugging my tight hole so hard it felt like a charging elephant. Early on, I could only fit the tip of his monster cock in my ass, but now I’ve gott
  10. elysiumfields

    m/m Mardi Gras Muscle

    From my files.. MARDI GRAS MUSCLES I stood on the porch corner of Main Street and La Salle Avenue as the heavy throng of Mardi Gras revellers milled down the wide streets of the Club District of Port Talbeirt Resort,enjoying the music and partying all around me,and in some areas where they congregated in large groups,namely around the open fronts of the bars and clubs that lined the streets,the crowd flow was restricted to where people had to squeeze through to get past each other. Main Street had some bars that also offered accommodations in rooms above in their French Colonial style 3
  11. msclvrtoo

    worship Angel: A Sequel - Part 5

    (Author's note: Important background of lust filled muscle worship (and who Grant really is) is in Parts 1 - 4 at the Bee Keeper's site under "msclvr". I wanted to help inaugurate this new site with Parts 5 and 6 of this story...plenty of "sizzle" in these two parts. Angel: A Sequel – Part V By [email protected] Introductions All Around (Things Start to Heat Up) Reluctantly, I ditched fantasizing about Grant and all the would-be muscle-heads in the gym so I could focus on driving and parking. Jeez, Grant is such a distraction for me. I’ve got a constant hard-on. And, we’re partner
  12. zangetsu

    m/f The Traffic Jam

    The Traffic Jam Half a dozen drivers angrily honked their car horns in frustration at a young man, as he walked through a slow moving traffic jam. He stopped in each lane and refused to move until a blue Subaru, managed to merge into said lane. The pair repeated the process several times, until they reached the rightmost lane and exited the freeway. "Pretty sure we are not supposed to do that, Spencer," said the driver. "Come on Jacob, did you really want to wait for a two mile long traffic jam to clear up?" "Well no." "So now we're out. No harm done to anybody." "I guess." "Du
  13. Baring Bones: A Halloween Story - Chapter 3 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4 (and Bestiary Notes) ------------------------- I gradually regained some sense of self, feeling suspended in darkness. It was like being under water, except it lacked the joy I’ve always experienced swimming in pools or riding the waves in the ocean. Instead of that buoyancy, the weightlessness I was experiencing felt heavy, immobilizing me instead of enabling me to move in three dimensions. Nothing was visible except my own body, drifting helplessly. A sudden fear struck me. “Am I… dead?” Instantly the darkness boom
  14. Previous Chapter: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1318-transformation-part-i-mutation-chapter-four/ CHAPTER FIVE The vast granite face along the northern edge of Yosemite Valley towered over 2000 feet overhead. I could easily see the top through the breaks in the snow-laden canopy of the forest. The sky was clear and blue though the morning sun had not yet touched the valley floor. The snow, which blanketed the ground in all directions, nearly reached my knees. I was completely nude and the dark skin of my massively muscled body stood out in stark contrast to the field of white. Althoug
  15. brawnyjock

    m/m Cockring 4 - Adjustment

    Cockring Chapter 4 - Adjustment The alarm rang at 4:30 in the morning starting another busy week at work. Brian rolled over on his side, as he reached over to reset the alarm, and his hard cock made its presence known. He sat up on the edge of the bed and slowly stretched first one arm and then the other over his head, touching the opposite shoulder working the kinks out. Then he stood up, running his hands across his chest, down his abs and lightly stroking his unrestrained cock. He always slept in the raw, disliking the confines of anything against his skin while he slept. He stepped out th
  16. brawnyjock

    m/m Cockring 3 - Adapting

    Cockring - Chapter 3 - Adapting Brian woke up Sunday at his usual time, showered, shaved and got dressed for the day. Then he made coffee, and read the paper. He delved deeply into those sections that usually were of interest to him and skimmed over those which were held little interest. Today an article in the Life Styles section caught his eye. It was about 'glow in the dark' ink being used for tattoos. He read the article with some interest. The article was mostly dealing with the ink used to make them glow but it also covered other topics. 'Ten questions to ask yourself before getting a t
  17. brawnyjock

    m/m Cockring 2 - Realization

    Cockring Chapter 2 – Realization Chad woke early the next morning totally horned up with a raging hard on. His thoughts flashed back to last night and the wild sex he had in the shower. "Shower, yeah, guess I need anotherone." Once under the water he stroked his hard dick as he worked his fingers between his tight ass cheeks. The water steamed down his firm tan body as he mouthed kissing Brian. Remembering the unusual second arousal, its' intensity stronger than the first one. He remembered Brian holding him tightly restrained as they kissed deeply. Feeling that monster cock stabbing his abdo
  18. FREaky

    m/m Pleasure Growth 6

    Pleasure Growth 6 by F_R_Eaky Part 1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1116-pleasure-growth/ Part 2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1117-pleasure-growth-part-2/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1118-pleasure-growth-part-3/ Part 4: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1256-pleasure-growth-part-4/ Part 5: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1257-pleasure-growth-part-5/ Aaron, felt his cock stirring again, so soon after his last blown load. He didn't know why he felt so incredibly, uncontrollably horny, but he was pretty sure he didn't need to trigger another growth spurt. Looking down a
  19. MrLemur

    growth The Iceman Cometh (Part 3)

    After an insane day of travel and hot phone sex with Jake I was ready for bed shortly after 10. I drifted off easily and had the most amazing dream. There I was standing naked in the middle of this beautiful, tranquil valley. The gentle breezes swept around me stirring the tall grass and my brown curly hair. Despite being so exposed I felt at peace. Then the ground began to tremble under my feet, subtly at first then stronger as the mini quakes grew louder and closer together. The sound of trees falling and cracking caused me to turn. Something was coming at me through the woods only a short
  20. AT2000

    m/m Hulk Smashed

    Here is a story I posted on the old forum. I'm re posting it here in preparation for posting a multi-part continuation I started called "Containment", which I don't think I ever got around to posting on the old forum. I'm having issues with formatting (took forever to whip this post into shape) so when I finish fixing the continuation, I'll post it too. Part 1 Bruce Banner watched cautiously from concealment. He was just inside a thickly wooded, dark forest that appeared to border a public park. Minutes earlier, he had awakened nearby on the forest
  21. Previous Chapter: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1194-transformation-part-i-mutation-chapter-two/ CHAPTER THREE I passed through the entrance to the Eagle as I had dozens of times before. The bar was dark and quiet – naturally as it was late on a Sunday night. The urgent, throbbing beat of tech house music mixed through the alcohol and sweat laden air. My cock twitched in my skin-tight jeans. I could feel my balls pressing against the denim. I was there to fuck. The downstairs appeared empty save for the bartender across the room. His broad back was turned to me. Long, dark hair spille
  22. MrLemur

    m/m The Iceman Cometh (Part 2)

    It was so hard thinking about work. I normally looked forward to Mondays. Sphye was a great place to work. Every day had potential to be “The Day” we made the next big break-through. I guess the saying of “do what you love and the money will follow” is true, at least for me. Despite loving my job this morning was filled with nothing but distraction. All I could think about was the weekend I spent with Jake. After having the most satisfying sex of my life on Saturday night, Sunday held several encores. Jake even humored me by going down to the park and playing soccer for while. I needed to re
  23. FREaky

    m/m Pleasure Growth Part 5

    Pleasure Growth 5 by F_R_Eaky Part 1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1116-pleasure-growth/ Part 2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1117-pleasure-growth-part-2/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1118-pleasure-growth-part-3/ Part 4: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1256-pleasure-growth-part-4/ Once back home, Aaron truly felt like he was in solitary confinement. His parents gave him work and chores to do on the ranch but only things that were light for him, even if they were quite the daunting task for his brothers. His brothers had started to make all sorts of comments, poki
  24. FREaky

    m/m Pleasure Growth Part 4

    Pleasure Growth Part 4 by F_R_Eaky Part 1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1116-pleasure-growth/ Part 2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1117-pleasure-growth-part-2/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1118-pleasure-growth-part-3/ Aaron woke up the next morning stiff and crampped in a make-shift bed. He doesn't remember how he got there, but somehow he was in his dorm room. Zeke was there too. He apparently moved furniture around so he could place his bed and Aaron's end to end so Aaron had enough room to stretch out, but being as they were both twin sized beds they weren't
  25. Previous Chapter: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1131-transformation-part-i-mutation-chapter-one/ CHAPTER TWO Matt and I were still blocks away from my studio apartment when we walked in front of a vacant storefront with large plate glass windows. “Wait,” he said. We stopped. “Look at yourself.” We stood side by side and appraised our reflections. I did look huge – massive and ripped. I not only felt as if I had just finished an intense full body workout and was completely pumped, I looked like it. Once again I grew hard, but this time it was because
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