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  1. MuscleStud

    m/m Muscle Slut Blog #5: Day 2/Night 2

    Link to Muscle Slut Blog #1: Link to Muscle Slut Blog #2: Day 1: Link to Muscle Slut Blog #3: Night #1: Link to Muscle Slut Blog #4: Day #2: Muscle Slut Blog #5: Day 2/Night 2 So the good news is we have two new members of the Mimbo slut family. Aaron and his boyfriend, Jordan, took their first dose after dinner. The bad news is these studs are already sex-crazed, and I have no idea how we will survive them. If I do not survive, at least I will die with a smile on my face from being fucked to death. LOL…. Seriously, they are fantastic guys, and glad they are becoming part of this crazy new extended family that Dad and Uncle Bob created. So where were we with the blog, oh yes we ended it after Sean, and I first fuck in the bathroom. I looked over at Sean and could not believe what I saw. It was Sean, but it also was not. His body has mutated into a super heavyweight bodybuilder with about 5% body fat. He was massive, ripped, and crisscrossed with veins. He was exceptionally masculine and beautiful. Every muscle was perfect and could be seen individually. We kissed as lovers would and enjoyed exploring each other’s new bodies. I could feel the heat and power radiating from Sean’s muscles as my hands roamed all over. The best was when Sean trapped my hand by flexing his right bicep and pinning it against his forearm. I returned the favor by flexing my pecs and pinning his hand in the deep valley between my pecs. We both stepped on the scale, and I was at 267 pounds, and Sean was at 262 pounds. For me, that is a change of 87 fucking pounds. I asked Sean if he had any idea what was going on, and he said hell no, but who cares. He said he loved it, was still horny, and was ready to fuck me again. I agreed with him. Sean grabbed my hands and led me out of the bathroom and pushed me down on my bed. In the bathroom, we fucked like animals, but now it was lovemaking. It was passionate, enjoying the experience, working on pleasing each other, and of exploration. We licked, kiss, sucked, felt, and explored every part of each other’s bodies. We 69’d each other and drank each other’s load as we came together. We wasted nothing as we drank every drop of cum and the kissed to share the gift that was given to each of us. We took turns topping and bottoming as we explored our new masculine sexuality and sharing this incredible pleasure. I realized that I loved both giving and receiving and could not understand why someone would not want to top and bottom. I guess I am just a slut and proud of it. Even with being new at gay sex, we did an incredible job of making each other very happy. We did do some laughing during our lovemaking session. One was when I was fucking Sean and guess we got a little carried away because we broke my bed. I said it was because of our combined weight, but Sean said it was the force I exerted while fucking him. No matter what, we did destroy my frame bed, and laughed at how we would explain it to our Dad’s. Sean suggested that we just tell them that they don’t make them like they used to. I just think it was because they did not design it to support close to six hundred pounds of weight during sex. Sean, being a total nerd, said that we should use some of our physics knowledge and figure out the full force I exerted. I laughed and told him later because his ass was not completely fucked yet. As we laughed and cuddled, my Dad, announced his arrival home by knocking on my open bedroom door, standing in the doorway with a little smile and major erection, and saying something like it looks like you guys have had way too much fun. I am guessing that I turned as bright red as Sean, and we both shuddered to try to get works out of our mouths. Dad just laughed and said to get cleaned up and come down for dinner that Bob should be here in about 20 minutes. And like that, he just turned away and walked down the stairs. I should have been embarrassed and shocked by Dad catching me fucking Sean. I felt delighted about it. I was proud of my body, and the performance in fucking Sean that Dad had to have seen. I am hoping that he saw the entire show because wasting a good fuck is a terrible thing, and it is better when we get to show off. Sean and I lay in bed to catch our breath and talked about being caught by my Dad. Sean was like me and did not care and said that we did find our Dad’s fucking last year, so they have no room to complain about it. We laughed, and Sean said that we should at least grab a shower since we were covered head to toe in sex. I would have been fine going down still covered in sweat and cum, but we could be nice this time. We got up and walked into the bathroom. It is nice that when we built the house a couple of years ago, Dad wanted me to have a master suite like him. The house was set up with a master and guest room for each of us; Dad’s bedroom was on the first floor with the living area, and mine was on the second level. We have a large unfinished basement that we used for storage and a massive garage for all of our vehicles. Guess one of the benefits was that He and Bob could fuck themselves silly, and we would never hear them. Going forward, we will see who makes the most noise now. LOL. We walked into the bathroom and saw the new me in the mirror for the first time that I could comprehend what I was becoming. It was still my old face but slightly different. More rugged and masculine plus a solid five o’clock shadow that I never had before. I shaved this morning and can usually go two days before I need to, but it seems that is not the case anymore. Might have to start shaving twice a day now going forward or get into having facial hair. The body I was looking at was nothing short of an incredibly sexy stud with a massive well defined muscular physique. Every muscle was hyper enlarged from what I was just a day ago. The most massive professional bodybuilder would pale in comparison to me. As I moved and flexed, the muscles would become more enlarged and ripped. I looked more like some of the morphed cartoons that you see on the internet. With the size, I should hardly be able to move, and it was graceful and beautiful. I felt like my body was designed to handle this much mass with veins extending from the muscle that highlighted the definition and size. Before, I had very little body hair, but now I had some it just the right places. Not enough to cover or hide the muscles and definition but to enrich the look and help to make it manlier. My cock and balls were beyond impressive, even with it not fully erect. My cock was as thick as an empty toilet paper roll and appeared to be at least ten inches long in its semi-erect state. My cut head had a big mushroom head that would scare anyone that is about to be fucked by it. The balls were handling low and lemon size that seemed able to produce large about of cum. I was speechless because I did not look like I did yesterday, but I loved what I had become. Who knew what the cause was, but I loved it. I loved the mass I was carrying, I loved the power that I felt as I flexed and saw the muscles expand beyond my belief, I loved the gratification when the muscles were rubbed or caressed, I loved the sexiness that I felt, I loved the pleasure that I gave and received during the sex we have been having with this large cock, I loved the feeling of showing off the body to anyone that I came across. Most of all, I needed to find out what caused this because I never want it to go away. I saw Sean was engrossed in his body and was sure he was thinking and experiencing the same thing as I was. We talked for a while about our love for what we had become, the love that we have shared, and our hope that it will never end. I pulled him close and quietly said how much I loved him, thankful that I was experiencing this with him, and never wanted him or this feeling to go away. Without a word, he grabbed my head, and we met for a deep and passionate kiss. I wanted the kiss to go on forever and wanted to make love but knew if we did not stop, we would never get downstairs. I pulled away and said that we should get busy with getting cleaned up and get downstairs before they come looking and catch us fucking again. Sean noted that finding us would not be a bad thing but agreed only if we could shower together. I said that was my plan all along. We were surprised that we both fit and took care of washing each other and exploring the muscular beasts that we had become. We did have to quickly blow each other and drink down a load of cum because, as we washed, we became aroused and did not want to head downstairs with our cocks fully erected. I enjoyed showering and washing Sean and knew this would need to become a regular thing. Besides the enjoyment factor, our new size made it impossible for us to reach most of our bodies. We finished the shower in less than 15 minutes and started to dry ourselves off. That also required some assistance because we could not reach. We began to laugh at the thought that we were going to need help with just basic things like showering, but then it dawned on me about what we were going to do for clothes. That caused more laughter as we talked because I said we could just go as we were, but I am not sure our Dad’s would be ready for that. We did finally fit into some workout shorts I had, but even that had issues. One is that they barely contained us, so it bordered on pornographic, and the second was if we started to get an erection, our cocks would just ripped through. It was the best we could do and head down. Found them both sitting at the kitchen table with a smile on their faces as we walked in. Uncle Bob said something about what great looking studs we have standing there and for us to grab a seat as we need to have a group talk. We talked about an hour and covered a lot of things. They both admitted that they were bisexual and have been lovers since freshman year in college. Our moms were also bisexual, and the four were involved in foursomes and groups sex starting in college and continued until we were around five years old. Uncle Bob said that his wife left when she decided she would rather live as a lesbian and ran off with someone she met online. We told them about watching them at the motel and laughed and said they realized the curtain was not closed the next morning. They asked why we never said anything, and we said because we knew you would when you were ready, and it did not change a thing. Uncle Bob said we need to discuss the changes you boys are going through. He said that they had given us two doses of a compound called Mimbo Drops that is designed to improve and enhance men. Their workout buddy Kyle works for the lab that created it and wanted to share it with his workout buddies, but they needed some research on the effect on teenagers, so that is why they gave it to us first. The plan was to change us, and then they will complete the process too. They apologies for not asking, but they wanted us to experience naturally and see how we liked it because it can be reversed before the last dose. They gave us the first dose last night, and the plan was to talk today and see if we wanted to continue, but after seeing the changes, they dosed us both this morning. I looked at Sean and smiled and spoke first and said that I love what this Mimbo Drop has done to improve me and thanked the guys for it. Sean said the same thing only he wished we knew so that we could have enjoyed it more. Our dads laughed and said from what they saw; they did not understand how we could have enjoyed it more. They asked if we had any hangups with being gay as the drops do change your sexual orientation. I said that we had that part WELL under control, and all of us laughed. Sean asked for the third dose now so we could get it started on completing our change. My Dad said that we would need to wait until after dinner as Kyle was coming over and needed to get some blood samples and stuff for the lab before we dosed, plus you have to wait 12 hours between doses. I asked them when you guys were going to join the club as I flexed my biceps. They said that they needed to finish up a couple of items related to work and get affairs in order but wanted to do it as soon as possible. Sean stood up and said that we need some new house rules, and one of them is that it is clothing optional as we had nothing to wear, and these shorts were killing him. I agreed, and we both stood up and ripped our shorts right of and tossed them aside. I said to Sean that we need to properly thank our Dads for the gift they gave us as I walked toward my Dad. I picked him up and realized how light he felt and realized what strength these muscles. I told him how much I loved him and began kissing him. I held him close to my body so he could feel the muscles and power and showing him the love I had for him. I told him to explore and enjoy the body that he created twice. Once in the conception of me and the second was him evolving me. While we continued to kiss, I reached down and pulled off the shorts he was wearing to free his ass and cock for me. I so wanted to fuck him but was scared I would hurt him with my massive rod, so I decided that he was going to get the blowjob of all blowjobs. I was laying him on the kitchen table like you would a baby. He had a large, for a normal human cock, and I wanted it now. I sucked, and service his cock with a passion and determination to get him to cum as quickly as possible. I fondled his balls and played with his ass while he screamed encouragement until I felt his balls tighten and cock swell. That is the moment I knew I was about to enjoy the cum that made me. He came forcibly and pumped an excellent load into my mouth. I sucked his cock like a straw to get every possible drop. I cherished it as it flowed into me and knew that I would definitely be revisiting this cock. I was so lost in the moment that I did not realize that Sean did the same to his father and was right next to me. Our fathers were lost in their post-orgasmic bliss as Sean, and I kissed to share the cum from our fathers. That was the moment that I realized my life had changed for the better. I had never been happier than I knew what had just happened over the last 24 hours and only imagining what will come. Once our Dads recovered and thanked us, we decided that food was needed as Sean and I were starving. We sat and just chatted while the dads got dinner going like we usually did. The primary topic was about the experiences we had over the last 24 hours and some of the more exotic sexual activities that our dads have done. I think this is a good stopping point for the blog as I am getting horny and need to see who is around that I can fuck with.
  2. MuscleStud

    m/m Muscle Slut Blog #4: Day 2

    Link to Muscle Slut Blog #1: Link to Muscle Slut Blog #2: Day 1: Link to Muscle Slut Blog #3: Night 1: Muscle Slut Blog #4: Day 2 What a workout and post-workout fucking. We blew past the 600 pounds bench press, and we maxed out at 655 pounds. Sean was able to get three reps, Kyle got to five reps, and I won out at eight reps. It felt incredible to press that much weight and feel of all that blood pulsating in my chest. The pump was so much that the top shelf of my pecs barely allowed me to lower my head before my chin rested on it. I should have measured the valley between the enlarge pecs has I swear it appeared to be four inches deep and my nipples we pointing straight down to the floor. The pump resulted in my nipples becoming hypersensitive to the point that Sean just squeezed one of them, and I immediately blew an orgasmic load in the shower. It was disappointing that we could not have “real” fun in the locker room shower, but too many muddles were around. We just had to hold it together until we got back to the house. It does look like we might be adding to the Mimbo family. Arron, one of Dad’s employees at the gym, has been watching us and asking lots of questions. He is a cute looking college student and was always friendly before we grew. But since then, Aaron seemed preoccupied with our growth and watched every working with details. Sean told him that he could stop by after work that we were just going to hang out around the pool. We did tell Dad that he needs to get moving on the addition to the gym that includes a new locker room for us Mimbo Studs/Sluts. A slut needs a place to take care of business when nature calls. Ok, back to the blog. I came down the stairs and heard them moaning as I walked down. Dad was already in the kitchen as I walked in and handed me a protein shake. He said he knew I was running late and thought he would save me some time. As I gulped it down, Dad said that I looked good, and it seems I hit a “growth spurt” as I seem to be adding some mass. I flexed for him and said I agree and that I had trouble finding something that would fit today. He said that I am welcome to wear any of his clothes until I had time to go shopping. I finished my shake, grabbed my keys, and headed out to my Jeep. Little did I know that dose #2 was in the shake that Dad just handed me. As Dad is a car guy, I received a Jeep Wrangler Soft Top for my 17th birthday. Since it was a warm morning and I felt like showing off, I put the soft top down and took the doors off. For some reason today, I just wanted to let the whole world to see me and my new muscles. I flexed for a couple of people at traffic lights. A few applauded and yelled at me that encouraged and excited me more. I wanted to open my jeans and jack off right there because my cock was becoming hard and uncomfortable from the attention. I was becoming an exhibitionist, and that would have shocked me yesterday, but not today. I pulled up to Sean and Uncle Bobo’s house and started to walk in. I noticed that my dick was creating a good bulge that showed off its size and felt proud of it. Uncle Bob was in the kitchen, drinking some coffee, and said that I looked good today. He had a slight smile/smirk on his face and seemed to be checking me out. I picked up on it and flexed a little for him. I bounced my pecs and flexed my arm as I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator. I even flexed my ass when I was in the fridge. Sean then came into the kitchen, complaining that he had nothing to wear since his Dad did laundry and every shrunk. Uncle Bob said he did not, and maybe it was just a growth spurt since he had been hitting the gym with me. We stood and chatted a little before Uncle Bob got up and started to head out the door. He turned and asked what the plan was at school today. Sean said nothing as exams ended yesterday, and all of the teachers did not want to start anything since spring break was next week. Uncle Bob said that if we wanted that we could just skip school the rest of the week and start our break early. We both were reliable A students, so it would not hurt our GPA. We said we liked the plan and maybe we could hit the mall to get some new clothes to fit. Uncle Bob said it sounded like a plan. He called the school to tell them we were sick and texted my Dad and let him know. Dad responded that it seemed perfect, and we planned to meet at our house for dinner. As Uncle Bob was leaving, I told Sean that I needed to hit the bathroom. I did not need to use the toilet; what I needed was the bathroom so I could jack off before my cock exploded. As soon as I closed the door and dropped my pants, my penis was at full attention, swollen, and the head was a dark purple. My nuts were hanging large and low and tender to the touch. I stroked my cock just a couple of times and tweaked my nipple before it exploded into the shower, as that is where I aimed it to make it easier to clean up. I was able to capture some of the cum to devour before cleaning myself and the shower up. I was worried turning the shower on would alert Sean, but I heard his running, so I figured I was ok. Once back in the kitchen, we decided that we would hit the mall to get some new clothes, hit the gym, and then head to my house and hang out at the pool until the old guys got off work. The trip to the mall was both a hit and a miss. The miss was nearly every place that we usually went for clothing; either someone told us immediately that nothing they had would fit, or we spent time looking and trying on shit and come away empty-handed. One place did send up to the Big and Tall store that did we did get a few things at, but the salesman said that we needed to shop online at one of the sites that specialize in fitness and bodybuilders. Big quads and small waists made finding pants a big failure, and massive shoulders and pecs meant the shirts looked like a tent on us. The hit was we both got our ears pierced. Never thought about it before, but it sounded adventurous, to end our high school years and mess with our fathers. I was kind of slow to agree until Sean said that the worst thing is we let the holes close up. As we walked into the piercing shop, a young guy ran up to us and offered to help us. Sean told him precisely what we wanted, and he helped us out. The poor guy seemed mesmerized at our appearance, and I thought he was going to drool all over us. Sean picked up on it and flexed and teased him to the point that I thought the guy would go crazy. He gave us his employee discount and said he hoped to see us again. He even wrote his name and number on the receipt for Sean. I teased Sean about his new friend, and we both laughed at it. As we left the mall, it was nearly noon and decided that we did not want to hit the gym during the lunch rush. We agreed to head home to grab lunch and catch some sun. As we walked to the Jeep, I said that my shirt was killing me as it was getting a little tight and decided to take it off. Once at the Jeep, I tried to take it off, but it would not move. It was so tight that it was like it was painted on me. I did the next best thing and just ripped it off my body. Like a Chippendale dancer, I slowly pulled and ripped the shirt off. I am sure some of the mothers in the parking lot enjoyed the show. It is hard to describe what I fell. The warmth of the sun shining on my hard muscles, the freedom of not being confined by the overly tight and small shirt, the radiation of sexiness the I projects, and the light breeze caressing my inflamed nipples caused me to nearly blow a load just standing there. It was pure nirvana. All Sean was doing was staring with his wide eyes, and I notice his cock inflating. I asked him what he was going to do, and he quickly ripped his shirt off and did a double bicep pose that was beyond incredible. We did not speak on the way home. Occasionally we would be rubbing our bodies and showing off to people staring at us. I looked over once and saw Sean had his eyes closed and lost in the lust of his body. I was surprised he did not rip out his cock and jack off. Now that would have been hot. Lots of females got excited, but I did not care what the ladies wanted. With guys, I wanted to give them a show that they would remember. They all seemed to enjoy it, especially the one guy in the red convertible that pulled up at a traffic light. He was so engrossed in watching us that he forgot the light changed after we had pulled away. Once we got home and I got out of the Jeep, I felt the pain of the constriction around my legs and heard a tearing sound. The jeans ripped along the seams because they lost in containing the mass of muscle. Sean said he was heading to the bathroom, and I said I would make us a shake since we were starving. I made the shakes and drank mine down in one long gulp. I was still hungry, but it took the immediate hunger pain away. I yelled for Sean but got no answer, so I went to see what was up. I got to my bathroom and heard Sean moaning as he was self-pleasing himself. He remains of his jeans were at his feet and looked like a combination of tearing and pulling to get them off. His eyes were closed, facing the mirror, jacked his cock, and rubbed his pecs and abs. It was the first time I took a serious look at Sean and realized that he was a true muscle god. He was the size of a heavyweight bodybuilder with an erect massive cock that was leaking some serious precum. As I stood and watched, something clicked in the back of my head, and I needed him. I needed his muscles, I needed his cock, I needed his ass, I simply needed him. I walked over and stood behind him and reached around him and began to caress his massive check. I tweaked the hard nipples that caused him to moan as I moved closer to him and began to smell his manly scent and muscular sent coming off his body. I licked his neck as I explored his entire muscular body and even took one hand down towards his cock. I was lost in the moment and wanted it to go on forever. Sean turned his head, and our lips brushed each other. An electric shock hit me, and we both immediately felt the urge to kiss. It was a manly, rough, sexual kiss that went on for minutes. Our tongues attacked each other’s mouths with an aggressive force as we explored each other massive bodies. An autopilot took over and knew what I needed, what I wanted, what I had to do. As we continued kissing, I reached down and ripped what remained of my jeans off of my body. My cock sprang up, fully erected, and leaking pre-cum that was now landing at the top of my washboard abs. I broke away from Sean’s mouth and spun him to face the mirror, so I had clear access to his beautify and muscular ass. I grabbed his ass and pulled his ass cheeks apart as I massaged the rock hard muscles. Without warning and savagely, I shoved my entire cock up Sean’s ass. Seam screamed in pleasure, and I felt a joy I never knew. I paused for maybe a minute but then began to funk his ass with force and determination. I was lost in pleasure and wanted to simply fuck his ass and shoot my seed deep into him. I wanted it to shoot so deeply that it would come out of his nose. All that I remember was us both cumming together with me depositing my load deep inside Sean and Sean, blasting the mirror with the force that some splattered onto both of us. We collapsed onto the floor with my cock still in Sean and basked for a few moments in the glow of the post-orgasmic bliss. Never questioning what or why it happened, just that it was right and incredible and wanting more. Seam moved and pulled off of my semi-hard cock and turned to face me. Grabbing my head with both hands and began kissing me and playing with my nipples. He caressed my muscular body. He explored every vein, every ridge or crevice, and every detail of my body. I remember like it was yesterday when Sean broke the kiss, pushed off of me, and said in a determined way, “Now it is my turn to fuck you senseless.” He immediately moved down and threw my legs over his shoulder, exposing my soon to lose virgin ass. Without warning, he drove his massive cock of steel straight and stopped only when my ass hit his pelvis. Begin unprepared, I expected pain, but I felt incredible pleasure beyond anything possible. I felt full, content, aroused, sexy, horny, and any other possible description. The sensation was mind-blowing as I felt Sean’s mushroom head moving up and down and every vein as it pushed against me man pussy. The only care I had was I never wanted it to end. When I thought it could not get better, Sean began to power fuck me with the strength and energy that no one should be able to survive. I wrapped by massive legs around his tight waist to make sure he did not pull out and reached up to massage his muscular chest. What we were able to say beyond grunts and moans centers on me encouraging Sean and Sean, telling me what a fucking slut I was. It went on for what seemed like forever, but Sean quickly screamed for me to take it like a bitch, and he exploded deep inside me. The sensation of his cock pumping and cum squirting inside me was beyond description and triggered me to cum again and spraying all over us. Before Sean collapsed on me, I collected a handful of cum and shoved it into his mouth. He eagerly sucked and licked every bit of cum off of my finger. Once Sean collapsed onto me, we cuddled and passionately kissed as we recovered from the orgasms and ass fucking we just experienced. I recovered to the point of being able to talk and told Sean how incredible this was and how much I loved him. We talked about the experience and how we wanted more. Never once did we talk about the changes that were occurring. All I knew was that these changes are precisely want I needed and wanted. I knew that my life was far different but did not care; I was beyond happy. I hate to end the blog before getting to where I wanted to, but Dad just called, and we have guests coming for dinner. It seems Aaron talked to Dad after we left the gym and want to talk about becoming a muscle slut like us. He is bringing his boyfriend too so that it might be an entertaining night. I have to help Sean and Kyle get ready for them.
  3. TonnyGiant

    m/m Muscle Daddy

    Muscles Daddy – Part 1 "Oh shit!" I screamed when hot sparks came out of the rusty gears I had attached to the rifle. It was a lifetime's work and I was almost done when one of the little pieces burned. I took a deep breath, both hands squeezing the machine, frustrated. I hit and hit the metal cable of the machine. It was like a big rifle with visible wires and gears. At the end was a disk with a small led in the center that fired a red beam of light. The gun was attached to a large steel rod and pointed at a green apple that I placed in the center of the desk. This whole structure was set up in my room. And everything was a mess. After all I am a science nerd and I was fulfilling the biggest dream of my life: building a ray of growth. I didn't have time to clean my room ... but, I needed to hurry up and clean up the mess. My dad was coming home from work. I respected my dad. He as a hero to me. A retired bodybuilder, with a muscular body, with a belly that resembled the shell of a turtle covered with a fine dark-haired gut. His 26-inch arms were bigger than my head. His thick thighs the size of tree trunks with meandering veins were strong and supported his 7'3” frame and over 380lb. His chest could serve as a good pillow, they were large muscular plates covered with hair. His 15-inch calves connected with 15 feet. Huge feet that when they came into contact with the wooden floor caused a slight thooom and announced that the owner of the house was there. His work boots were so big that once, as a child, my head was buried inside. The smell of leather mixed with sweat was pungent, strong and intoxicating. And he would be home soon. I started tidying up my room by throwing some dirt under the rug. I turned the rifle, which looked like a robot's arm, towards the door. I hadn't yet pulled the power cord. It was an unforgivable distraction. I continued to sweep the floor when I heard my dad's heavy footsteps coming up the bedroom stairs. He opens the door suddenly and in a jump I drop the broom and hit the gun connecting everything. The lights go up, the loud humming gets louder and then a red beam hits my dad right in the middle of his chest. "Holy shit!" Dad screamed and stood in the middle of the door. The beam of red light enveloped his body, from head to toe. His clothes did not tear, his Lakers cap did not move, and even the brooch of the construction company he worked for did not move. Dad was paralyzed, there, at my bedroom door while being struck by a strange lightning that I still didn't know the effects of. And just as it started, seconds later ... it stopped. I quickly pulled the plug out of the socket and turned the gun on, aiming away from my muscular daddy. Panting, my dad's big guy groped his body trying to find any bruises or burns, but nothing. No injuries, no torn clothes. Nothing unusual. With wide eyes, I slowly approached him. Dad was a tall man and his head was almost above the doorframe, he ducked a little and went inside at once. I went over and touched his forearm which was the size of a ham. "D-d-dad ... is everything okay? Oh damn ... I was distracted,” I said in exasperation. Dad relaxed a little, took a deep breath, his chest expanding and relaxing. He clenched his fists, closed his eyes, raised his head and took a deep breath before looking at me. “It looks like I had a crazy pump after a heavy workout in the gym. I feel energized ”he smiled smugly and hit a double bicep pose. "Geez ..." I drooled as I watched my dad hover over me. He was incredible, but ... did my invention work or not?
  4. Trio

    m/m Anídeos-Interlude

    “What have you turn me into, son” said Zeus, in the arms of Saturn, recovering from the mast session. ”We are more than father and son now, Zeus. Deeper bonds connect us. We are brother in arms, no longer humans. I transformed you into a God.” ”Years of research have come to this, son.” ”It was time well spent, but I missed you, dad” ”I missed you too, son.” The new brother in arms embrace each other again, and as they embraced, they realize even further how their bodies were transformed. ”I did a good job, didn’t I, Zeus? For your body is the embodiment of what it is to be a true Man. Your abs are as deep as the canyons surrounding the colony, your chest, so vigorous and powerful” “I like your tattoo, where did you get it?” ”I never had it before, it was another gift from the change, father.” They observed each other, Saturn was emotional and proud to have transformed his father, his new brother. Zeus was thankful and loved his new monstrous being. The need to feel each other invaded their minds, Saturn touched Zeus’s pecs, feeling his strong Modified heart beating. Then he played around with his dog tag, pending on his chest. Zeus touched Saturn’s shoulders, feeling them with proud. Saturn then flexed for his brother, making him even harder. ”You are a magnificent creature, son.” ”You made me like this, and in return I have remade you, father” They were uncontrollably touching each other, flexing and bellowing and soon, father and son were masturbating each other, with vigor. “Fuck” said Zeus “I fucking love you, brother” ”Your need for cumming grew with the transformation, brother, you need this” ”You deserve something too” ”I can feel the need to spread our gift” said Saturn, while caressing the cock of Zeus delicately, They were having the most filled with pleasure moment of their lives. When they came, they softly roared. ”Oh Fuck, growl” After a long and fulfilling masturbation session, they were seen by Geoffrey, a confused Geoffrey. ”What is going on here? Who are both of you?” ”Ah, Geoffrey, welcome” ...
  5. Deathbreast

    m/m Escaping His Grip

    I woke up to the sun shining directly in my face. I looked over at the clock. 7:02. It was too damn early to get out of bed. My boyfriend had me wrapped in his arms. We both loved giving each other physical affection. Every night, and I mean every night we would cuddle up in bed. His 6’2, 245 lbs, hairy frame cradles my 5’8, 130 lbs tiny body. His beard and chest hair brush up against my back. His legs wrap around mine and his arms keep me in place. I try to drift back to bed but I can’t. The sun is right in my face. I try to work my way out of my boyfriends big arms but I can’t. His muscle mass keeps me protected and unable to move. I don’t want to wake him so I have to think of another option. I try to pull one of my legs out but they are locked tight. There is no use I’ll have to stay beside him until my boyfriend wakes up or changes positions. That’s it. I just have to get my boyfriend to change positions. I wiggle my legs to see if he can feel them move. Nothing. I wiggle my arms to see if he feels them. Nothing. I wiggle my whole body and I feel him stir a little bit! Welp! It looks like the only thing that’ll get him to move is if I grind on him. I start to move my butt up and down against the fabric of his cock. I hear my boyfriend moan as I start to go up and down. I can feel his erection grow bigger and bigger. His moans start to become deeper. I feel his body moving. Uhhhhh My boyfriend moans in my ear. His deep groans make me horny. My own little erection starts to stiffen in my underwear. As I continue to grind I can feel his erection starting to grow it’s full 8 inches. “Babe?” he says in my ear. “Yeah?” ”What are you doing?” “I wanted to get up. But I was stuck in your arms. So I thought that I’d try and make you shift your weight.” ”Hmm,” was all he said in response. Then my boyfriend shifted weight. He shifted until he was completely on top of me. His weight crushed me and my erection against the mattress. “Looks like your plan was right. Get me to cum and maybe I’ll shift my weight.” He giggled. I reached behind me and pulled down my underwear and then his as well. I moved up and down as best as I can. But I couldn’t move a lot because of my boyfriends weight. I was having trouble moving his big and hairy frame. “Let me help you,” he said. I felt his weight lift off of me. “Better?” ”A little,” I said. Then I felt his big erection slip into my tight asshole. “How about now?” ”Mm, hmm,” I responded. I felt his weight come back down on me. I started grinding against him and my boyfriend started to move with me. As I grinder my erection was growing harder. Feeling the weight and power of my boyfriend on top of me was so sexy. He is so strong and powerful. The weight of him is crushing me and tiring me. He can throw me around as he pleases and destroy me with his muscle mass. As we grind together I hear him groan in my ear. I shudder more and more as the weight makes me turned on. Together we both let out a groan. My boyfriend cums in my asshole and I on the sheet. I fee his weight come off of me and I can breathe again. “There now you can get up.”
  6. MuscledJunk

    m/m The Police Brute - Episodes I - IV

    Disclaimers: It’s my first story so criticism is welcome While there is not much of it in this episode, there will be A LOT of violence in future installments. You have been warned. The Police Brute – Episode I Life is meant celebrated, to be enjoyed, to be lived. It is the constant pursuit of happiness, the search for a greater purpose, which keeps us going everyday. But what if you don’t believe there is any greater purpose for you, if you don’t think there is any happiness to be found in your life? Then you end up like me. A short, single and skinny gay police man with no friends, who spends his free time thinking about ways of killing himself. I wasn’t always like this. My life used be close to perfect, until I turned 14. That is when I realized I was gay. From there on it was all downhill. First my parents disowned me and kicked me out of the house, when I came out to them on my 17th birthday. After taking one glance at my parents, everyone could have guessed that this ultra-conservative couple would not tolerate a gay son, but I foolishly thought that they would change their views for me, their only son. Being young, dumb and broke I did what I could to survive, even if it meant doing the unspeakable. It started as a job on the side, once every two weeks, but it quickly turned into a daily affair and I have to tell you, being a young gay prostitute was not easy. I got mistreated, abused or just flat out robbed. When I turned 21, I decided it had been enough. The almost four years of hard, dirty work were finally over. I took all the money I had saved during that time and started college. College was another beast which I had to tame, but after what I had endured it seemed like a walk in park. Still I had problems connecting with people, especially men. Sadly college was over before I could learn how to get over my anxiety. Next up was the police academy. The experiences I had made on the street, had made me want to fight the grave injustices of this world. That was another foolish idea of mine. After 20 weeks I finally got my dream job and it was the shittiest thing in the world. I got overworked, underpaid and after some time I even forgot my original goal. That brings me to a day, that started like any other. I got to the station and waited for my partner, so we could start our patrol. He was late so I slowly got bored and started thinking of ways to end my miserable life. In the end I came to the conclusion that I would chicken out of it like usual. After what felt like an eternity, my boss, Alex came over to me and I thought he was going to tell me my partner called in sick or something, but he just stood there for a few moments until he finally muttered:” Pete...he-he got into a car accident last night. He didn’t make it.” I knew I was supposed feel sad or something, but truth is I didn’t really care for him that much. Alex let me go home to mourn for the weekend. Instead of mourning I watched old comedies on Netflix. When I walked into the station on Monday, I unknowingly began a new life. The first sign came when Lenny, our secretary handed me an XXXL uniform. “Um, I didn’t ask for a new uniform. Besides this one is kind of oversized,” I told him, as I tried to hand back the uniform. “The uniform isn’t for you. It’s for your new partner,” he replied. “Not to fat shame, but don’t people need to meet certain health standards to work here?” I asked. “You’re gonna be surprised,” he smirked. “Your new partner is waiting for you in your office, but first Alex wants to see you. In his office” That was the second odd thing that happened, because Alex barley ever let people into his office. A working theory was that he was secretly a cam-guy, but I believed he was just hiding the fact that he doesn’t do any actual work around here. Turns out I was right. But after arriving in his office I was too preoccupied by other things to realize that. Alex was sitting at his desk, his face plain as if he’d just seen a ghost. Or to be more precise, he was sitting in front of what used to be his desk. Now it was split in half, with dents all over it, looking like someone had broken it in half using their bare hands. I took a seat and instantly felt that something heavy had sat in the chair before me. “John I know these past few days have been hard for you with the passing of Pete, but we have already found a replacement,” he whispered, visibly shaken. “Good,” I replied. “Is there anything wrong?” “Your new partner is...intimidating,” Alex muttered. “He insisted on getting you as a partner, because of a...em...special quality of yours.” With those words he escorted me out of the room without saying anything more. Now I was confused. I approached my office with caution, breathing heavily, scared of what awaited me. Once I arrived at the door, I pulled down the handle and slowly started to push it open. Suddenly a deep, masculine and sensual voice came from inside the office. “You don’t have to be scared. I don’t bite,” he shouted. I stepped inside, only to witness a behemoth of a man who was stripped down to his underwear sitting on my chair. He stood up, so that I could see him in his full glory. The 260lbs man had a face that would give most models a run for their money. Lush black hair, sparkling blue eyes, beautiful lips, a sexy five o’clock and the most gorgeous jaw in the history of man kind. It only got better from there. His neck was as thick as some peoples thighs, with veins snaking over his boulder like shoulders, to his biceps. But calling them biceps was gravely downplaying their monstrosity. They were at least 23 inches with peaks worthy of the Mr. Olympia Stage. I was already drooling before I had even seen the best part. His chest was made of two globes, throbbing at every breath, threatening to explode out of their own skin. Hiding underneath the two balloons were eight stone hard bricks. You would think a man this big would have a huge gut, but no. He was ripped to the shreds with veins protruding out of his abs. Then I looked below his waist, a waist that was no wider than my own, and dropped the oversized uniform I was holding in my hands. Between his two mighty legs, which were almost as thick as my body, was an unbelievably huge bulge, almost visible through the giants thinly stretched underwear. He walked up to me, until I was in arms reach of his body. He lifted his left bicep and flexed it, at which point I let out a slight scream. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a faggot,” he said, as a devilish smile crept over his face.
  7. Chesnaughty

    m/m Papá ayudándome a crecer

    • Esta es mi primera historia en este lugar, siempre tengo muchas historias presentes en el día a día, y me animé a probar algo nuevo hoy, espero que les guste y disculpen cualquier fallo que pueda tener en la continuidad, ortografía o en la estructura del texto. Contexto: esta es una sociedad únicamente habitada por hombres, en donde solo ciertos especímenes tienden a crecer en algún momento de la pubertad como forma de garantizar la reproducción, esto pasa de generación en generación y usualmente sucede entre los 15 - 18 años de edad. Si no llega a suceder en esa etapa de la vida del macho, es casi imposible que suceda después. ------------------------------------------- Capitulo 1: Crecimiento tardío Nunca antes hubiera imaginado que me pasara esto a estas alturas de mi adolescencia, en especial cuando todos esperan algo de mi, tan solo una señal para garantizar que realmente estoy sufriendo algún cambio. Soy el chico que está en boca de todos en la comunidad manejada por mi familia, esperan "grandes" cosas de mi. Mi nombre es Erick, soy un joven de 18 años, 1.65 de altura, muy pequeño para el promedio, delgado, enfermizo, y "delicado" según las personas que me rodean, suelo vivir deseando que suceda mi cambio lo más pronto posible. ¿Cuál cambio? La hiper pubertad por la que sufren ciertos hombres. Vengo de una familia de machos alfa que se caracterizan por ser bestias enormes que embarazan a cualquier hombre que tengan enfrente, se dan a respetar, y pueden hacer lo que sea con quién sea y cuando quieran. Mi padre ha sido el macho alfa más grande hasta la fecha, un hombre de 1.95 de altura de piel morena, 35 años de edad (sí, me tuvo a los 17 años, pues su apetito sexual aumentó exageradamente cuando tenía 16 después de pasar por el cambio tan agresivo que es la hiper pubertad) tiene unos pectorales enormes y peludos con los que puede romper rocas como si fueran pedazos de arena debilitados por el agua del mar, puede sacar leche llena de proteínas fácilmente al estimular sus grandes y jugosos pezones, Unos brazos gigantescos de los cuales podría sentirse celoso un gorila lomo plateado con los que levanta ferrocarriles, unas piernas peludas y tonificada como robles, una espalda llena de vellos y musculatura en su estado más puro, un cuello grueso y venoso del cual sale la voz más imponente y grave que puedas imaginar, un rostro con una barbilla cuadrada y afilada, con una barba de candado bien cuidada de color negro, y con esos ojos azules que... Derriten el alma de cualquiera, haciéndole juego esa sonrisa calida y amable que desprende cada vez que me ve llegar a casa. Sí, uno esperaría que un gigante de su talla con tal virilidad y potencia sexual sea agresivo, monstruoso y engreído, pero mi amado padre no era así, era el hombre más bondadoso que jamás he conocido, aunque no todos son capaces de ver eso porque se sienten atemorizados por su enorme tamaño o porque están muy ocupados masturbarse pensando en el. El siempre estuvo allí para protegerme y cuidarme, cuando era pequeño me gustaba esconderme en sus brazos, luego cargarme, y hacerme rebotar con sus pectorales y bíceps duros y bien desarrollados, era mi caballero dorado que siempre me hacía reír. Poco a poco fuí creciendo, y mi padre se preocupaba cada vez más al ver que no mostraba signos de crecimiento ni a los 15 años, ni a los 16, o a los 17 incluso, ahora tengo 18 y sigo sin mostrar signos, falta un mes para mí cumpleaños número 19, significa que si no presento cambios ahora, es probable que nunca pase. Hace tres años, los doctores y especialistas le aconsejaron algo que podría activar una sustancia en mi llamada hipertestosterona de forma más efectiva, darme de tomar leche con sus pectorales directamente en mi boca como cuando era bebé, está idea me gustaría decir que era algo que no me gustaba... Pero me encantaba, no podía parar de pedir cada vez más y más leche de mi papá, necesitaba masajear sus pechos y sacar ese líquido, me encantaba sentir su respiración agitada y escuchar sus gemidos de placer cada vez que salía la leche y yo mamaba su pezón. Así pasaron los años tomando leche de mi padre y no ha pasado nada hasta ahora. --------------------------------------------------- Caminaba por la calle con mi hermano menor, Aza, un chico de 16 años lleno de vida, 1.69, cabello castaño, ojos azules como los de papá, y un cuerpo relativamente entrenado por su actividad física constante, ligeramente mejor que la mía, el no quería demasiada musculatura pues era velocista y siempre mencionaba que si tuviera músculos como los de papá, no podría dedicarse a lo que le gusta hacer, el sabía que no iba a poder ser parte de la hiper pubertad, pues solo sucede con el primer hijo de una familia de machos alfa por alguna razón que no acababa de comprender, aún así, papá nos amaba por igual, y siempre nos cuidaba como cuando éramos niños, al parecer seguíamos siendo sus pequeños cachorritos a pesar de que ya éramos adolescentes con gustos diferentes a los de un niño, y en mi caso, un adulto joven descubriendo sus posibilidades. Aza empezó a hablar sobre la visita de ayer a casa de mi tío, y dijo que mi tío Ronaldo, un hombre de 1.75 (que yo recuerde), cabello oscuro, y moreno (el hermano de mi padre) estaba más grande que nunca, al parecer había estado entrenando mucho, pues sus músculos eran como los de un fisicoculturista (no como los de mi papá, eso está claro, pero definitivamente estaba cambiado según las palabras de mi hermano), estaba desarrollando mucha fuerza en sus brazos de manera acelerada, mi hermanito también comenta su cambio de actitud, el era un hombre serio y poco hablador, pero la última vez que lo vió, notó que ahora es engreído y le encanta humillar a otros con su tamaño, eso era algo curioso. Esto me dejó algo sorprendido, pues sonaba como un episodio de hiper pubertad, solo que mi tío tenía 28 años de edad, por lo tanto era imposible según los registros que pasara por ese cambio y al ser el segundo hijo de un macho alfa era aún más improbable. Volvimos a casa caminando por la avenida principal de nuestra ciudad, y notaba que la gente murmuraba cosas cuando pasaba cerca de mi, escuchaba "no ha cambiado nada,", "seguramente no es un macho alfa o es adoptado", "si fuera un macho alfa y tuviera a ese chico por hijo, estaría muy decepcionado". Esos comentarios me afectaban aunque no demostrara ningún tipo de dolor, y mi hermano lo sabía, solo sentí su abrazo cálido en mi espalda cuando caminábamos, lo cual me hizo sentir mejor instantáneamente, su calor era reconfortante. Hoy era día de lechita, estaba entrando a casa junto a Aza cuando escuché que mi papá se sentó en el sofá, era un crujido algo fuerte, pues los muebles no aguantan el peso de mi enorme papá toro y tenemos que cambiarlos frecuentemente, fuí a verlo y empezó nuestra interacción, el me recibió con un cálido abrazo, "h-hola pequeño, te he estado esperando todo el día p-para tu dosis de amor", en ese momento noté que su voz estaba temblorosa... Cómo si estuviera nervioso o agitado por algo, le pregunté si estaba bien pues se veía agobiado. El me respondió "oh, n-no es nada, solamente ando sensible de mis p-pechos, no creo poder aguantar la retención de líquidos t-tanto tiempo hijo, ¿me ayudas con esto?", Acto seguido, se sacó la playera que llevaba para mostrar sus pectorales enormes y jugosos temblando ligeramente, parecían dos pelotas palpitantes con unos pezones más grandes de lo usual, me empecé a preocupar y le pregunté si el estaba bien, el me respondió con una voz calmada "Solo es un cambio que he estado sufriendo desde ayer, todo está bien pequeño, no te preocupes por tu viejo", esos ojos me llenaron de calma y paz, lo que necesitaba en ese momento. Aza al ver toda esta situación se sorprendió como yo, pues nunca había visto tan hinchados los pechos de papá, papá nos abrazó a los dos y nos dijo que no estuvieramos asustados, esto quitó todas nuestras dudas nuevamente. Aza se fué a su cuarto y yo me quedé con papá, pues ya sabía lo que venía y le daba vergüenza quedarse a ver tal escena tan erótica. Papá me sentó junto a el en el sofá y me dijo "esta vez todo será diferente, he probado una nueva forma de fortalecer la sustancia que sale de mis pechos" Iba a preguntar qué fue lo que hizo para fortalecer sus nutrientes en la leche, pero en ese momento empezó a gemir incontroladamente tocando sus pechos, "¿Papá, qué pasa?" Pregunté alarmado de nuevo, el respondió "s-solo necesito sacar la l-leche de una vez, es d-demasiado para aguantar, no voy a soportar ni un segundo más así, ¿me haces el favor? Te lo su-suplico hijo". Veía como realmente estuviera desesperado, sus ojos ya no daban tranquilidad, era más como si estuviera a punto de gritar por la excitación, así que empecé a mamar sus pezones en el acto. Mi padre empezó a estremecerse agresivamente y cayó al suelo, obligándome a ponerme sobre sus abdominales duros como ladrillos, estaba sudando demasiado, a la par de todos estos movimientos repentinos estaba gimiendo, yo chupaba los pezones como nunca lo había hecho, estaba tardando en sacar la leche más de lo usual, parecía como su hubieran cerrado una puerta con llave. "¡¡Ohhh dios, eso se s-siente bien, hazlo más r-rápido por favor, pequeño!!", Yo obedecí y empecé a jalar sus duros pectorales, al tocar un punto sensible de su pecho mi padre comenzó a gritar y a estremecerse más, parecía que había llegado a un estado de excitación totalmente irreal, se estaba volviendo agresivo, empezó a actuar como un animal en celo. Empezó a gruñir y a decir cosas como "¡los mariquitas como tu les encantan los músculos enormes como los míos, mira que fuerte estoy pedazo de mierda enana!" Dijo esto mientas gemia, nunca antes me había tratado así, ni me había hablado con groserías o gritándome cosas ofensivas, me sentí asustado, pero no me detuve. "¡¡OHH SÍ, CHUPARME LAS MALDITAS TETAS, SACA MI PUTA LECHE DE UNA VEZ ENANO!!", en este punto, ya no reconocía al hombre que estaba en frente de mi, veía sus ojos y no eran los ojos que yo conocía de mi padre, estos ojos no eran tiernos y agradables de ver, eran penetrantes, agresivos y miraban de forma bestial hacia mi, parecía que penetraban mi alma. Miré hacia atrás un momento porque sus piernas empezaron a alzarse del suelo rápidamente, las movía descontrolado, y entonces lo vi, el pene de mi padre creciendo rápidamente, se veía masivo y enorme, poco a poco iba rasgando la tela de su ropa interior negra, dejando ver el pene totalmente descubierto y venoso, palpitando pidiendo que alguien lo chupe, ahora oficialmente estaba aterrado, mi padre nunca había desatado su apetito sexual conmigo de esta forma, todas estas emociones eran nuevas. Volví a ver su cara, y sus ojos miraban había arriba mientras babeaba, su excitación estaba a nieves altos, algo que nunca había experimentado en sus 35 años de vida. Mi enorme padre empezó a temblar, y sus pechos palpitaron fuertemente mientras él encorvaba su espalda en forma de arco, una respuesta involuntaria de su cuerpo al experimentar toda esa adrenalina, realmente mi padre se estaba transformado en una bestia. Sus bolas comenzaron a volverse más grandes, veía como los testículos de toro de mi padre se llenaban de venas y comenzaban a volverse globos de semen totalmente gigantes. Los músculos de mi padre empezaron a crecer a la par de sus bolas, su pecho se volvió más firme y grande, "¡¡oh maldita sea, mis t-tetas están fuera de control, esto se siente tan bien!!", Podía verlas temblar sintiendo como las fibras musculares se rompían y se regeneraban una y otra vez, esto me puso caliente igualmente. Sus hombros se ensancharón, era una pared masiva totalmente descontrolada convulsionando en el suelo, una masa de carne creciendo. Sus brazos duplicaron su tamaño, había montañas en sus bíceps, unas bolas brillantes en su piel morena. Sus piernas no se quedaron atrás, empezaron a crecer junto a sus glúteos que ahora estaban bombeando, sentí como su cuerpo se levantaba poco a poco por la obra de su ahora nuevo culo de monstruo, sus pies ahora eran gigantes, mucho más grandes que antes. La bestia que ahora tenía como padre comenzó a flexionar mientras yo chupaba sus enormes tetas, una posición de bíceps masiva, para luego lazar un poco su culo para meter sus enormes dedos en el, "¡¡¡MIRA ESTOS BRAZOTES, MIRA ESTA POLLA ENORME QUE TENGO, NUNCA HABÍAS VISTO ALGO ASI DE GRANDE ¿VERDAD?, MIRA EN LO QUE HAS CONVERTIDO A TU PADRE MARIQUITA!!!" Empezó a gritarme. Sus pechos dejaron de temblar un momento y... Soltaron la leche como si fuera un chorro a presión en mi boca, el no paraba de tocar la punta de su pene mientras se masturbaba, y a la par del géiser de leche que salía por sus tetas, su pene empezó a sacar cantidades enormes de esperma, cantidades que solo un macho alfa puede producir, el estaba rugiendo de placer en este momento, soltó un "ARRRRGGGGGG" al aire. Yo estaba tragando toda su leche, me iba a ahogar de toda la leche que estaba tomando, sentía como mi estómago se inflaba poco a poco por la el líquido de los pechos de mi papá, empezaba a entrar en un estado de excitación al que nunca había entrado, deseaba que la bestia que tenía como padre me siguiera alimentando de esta forma, todo era tan intenso, tan salvaje, estaba tan caliente en su estómago, no podía evitar tocar de vez en cuando su pene con mis pies. Entonces paró la leche poco a poco, yo estaba lleno, y mi papá me tiró al suelo, se puso sobre mi y ví otra vez esa mirada salvaje y demoníaca en su rostro, volví a tener miedo de el, no sabía lo que era capaz de hacer en este momento. Golpeó el suelo con sus puños y provocó algunos agujeros con grietas en este. Su fuerza estaba fuera de control, el hombre amable que me protegía siempre había desaparecido, y su respiración agitada como la de un toro lo demostraba. El gruñía mientras veía como mi pene se levantaba en mis pantalones, lo que hizo a continuación me sorprendió. El sin mucho esfuerzo, arrancó mi ropa y me puso firme contra el suelo, no era posible que iba a pasar esto, el me quería follar, solo sentía su respiración en mi cuello y empecé a sollozar, estaba asustado, quería a mi papá de vuelta, esto ya no me gustaba, no quería que hiciera esto. La bestia quedó en shock al verme así, un hombrecito con el estómago inflado en el suelo, llorando, rogando para que su papá no lo lastimara, tan débil, tan vulnerable, tan asustado. El entró el razón de nuevo, quedó pasmado por unos segundos antes de poder formular una palabra "y-yo... Yo...", Levanté la vista para ver sus ojos azules ahora asustados y preocupados, entonces, las lágrimas salieron, me abrazó con cariño mientras se ponía de rodillas en el suelo, sosteniendome con sus brazos con mucho cuidado para no lastimarme, volví a sentir su calidez y nos pusimos a llorar los dos al mismo tiempo, no podíamos decir nada por el llanto. Pasaron así unos minutos hasta que el comenzó a hablar entre sollozos "l-o siento mi pequeño, te estuve haciendo daño por no poderme controlar, no puedo perdonarme eso, no podré perdóname eso nunca, disculpame por favor mi niño", yo le respondí "papá, te volviste una bestia incontrolable allí, ¿qué te pasó?", El se quedó mirando a mi estómago lleno de leche y me dijo "estaba buscando una forma de provocar que tú transformación sucediera pronto, y empecé a tomar mi propio semen y mi leche, necesitaba producir hipertestosterona en mi para que fuera efectivo... Pero veo que solo me descontroló", pasó a sentir su nuevo cuerpo, más grande y más fuerte que antes, veo que yo fuí quien creció mientras tomabas mi leche, yo le respondí "eres enorme papá, ¿Puedo tomar tus bíceps?", El me respondió mientras ponía su brazo flexionado en mi cara "es obvio que te dejaré tocarme, necesito que mis hijos me admiren por el gigante que soy", le dije después de escuchar eso "papá yo te admiro por todo lo que has hecho por mi", volví a ver su sonrisa calida y juguetona en ese rostro más masculino ahora sí es que fuera posible eso. Se levantó del suelo, y era la imagen más gloriosa que podía ver de un hombre, me dió la mano para poder levantarme con su ayuda, sentí su fuerza en el brazo y noté que había crecido en altura también, "papá, eres enorme" le mencioné, "estoy seguro que he crecido un poco en mi altura jaja" respondió riéndose nerviosamente, luego recordó a Aza y algo hizo click en el. "Ve a ver a tu hermano, debe estar muy asustado por todo el ruido que hicimos, hijo" dijo con Ian voz amable, yo obedecí y subí al cuarto de mi hermano a buscarlo. El estaba escondido en el armario, al ver qué estaba bien soltó un suspiro, pero se preocupó al ver mi panza algo inflada, yo le dije que no se preocupara por eso ahora, que lo importante es que papá y yo estábamos a salvo, salió a abrazarme y a besar mi frente. Entonces lo sentí, sentí una carga de energía recorrer mi cuerpo, sentí como mis testículos empezaron a temblar y palpitar como cuando mi padre estaba transformándose, podía sentir el calor y el poder que estaba generando mi cuerpo ahora sudoroso, caí al suelo de rodillas con los brazos apoyando mi cuerpo, mi hermano empezó a asustarse "¡¿estás bien Erick?!", Yo podía sentirlo, estaba comenzando mi trasformación, lo que tanto deseaba, estaba emocionado, tan excitado, pero recordé que tan agresivo se puso mi padre, y empecé a temer por lo que le pudiera hacer a mi hermanito. El se acercó a ayudarme, pero yo lo empujé con una fuerza que no podía manejar, tirándolo al suelo, el se veía desconcertado, yo entre los gruñidos que comencé a sacar solo alcancé a decir con esfuerzo y gritando "¡ALÉJATE, N-NO QUIERO HACERTE D-DAÑO!... ¡¡¡ARRRRGGGGGG!!!"...
  8. londonboy

    m/m A Muscle Daddy Built To Order

    Even a sexy bodybuilder can get lonely. Most people think we have it made, our big bodies allowing us to have any guy we’d like – at the gym or in the bar. Yeah, that’s usually true, but sometimes we want more. I get tired of going home with guys that just want me to flex and show off – you know, toss them around the room, lift them over my head with one hand, do push ups with them on my back, and all those things. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find someone that could fulfill me in a different way. It’s not that I don’t love being admired and worshipped, but I just desire something more. So the other night I sat down and made a list of all the things I’d really like to have in a partner. Here’s what I came up with: Handlebar mustache (mainly because I can’t grow one) Mature man (I want him experienced and knowledgeable) As big as me or bigger (I want to be cared for sometimes) Cocky (At times, I want to be controlled) Cute or handsome (To match my hotness) Cultured (I want to learn from him) Loving (I want him to be romantic) I looked at the list a few times and decided I wasn’t asking for too much. I also realized it would definitely be very hard to find someone that matched all of my criteria. I was about to give up when I remembered my crazy Aunt Hildie – the one everyone said was different from the rest of the family and the one I had only met two times in my entire life. For some reason, something she had said to me ten years ago when I was a senior in high school suddenly came flying back into my head. She had told me to make sure I looked her up when I was ready to finally settle down and choose a partner for life. The word ‘partner’ had always stayed with me. I had written it off, though, as just some crazy woman talking, but now I found the invitation curious and finally decided to take her up on it. Aunt Hildie lived on an island off of the southern tip of Florida – a place no one ever visited, but she seemed to like it. I wrote her a long letter and explained that I was gay and now that I was twenty-eight years old I had decided to settle down. I sent her the list of criteria that I required in my future husband. I also forgot about the letter as soon as it was mailed. I continued to screw any cute thing that drooled over my muscles and didn’t think about my list again until a box arrived from Florida. It was from my Aunt Hildie and there were seven vials in the box along with a note. The handwritten message was short and to the point saying, “Jason, these will help your dreams come true. Wait a couple of days between each vial. I’m happy for you. Aunt Hildie.” And that was it. The tubes were labeled with a word from each of my seven criteria. I looked at the note again and just smiled at the craziness – not believing that my aunt could actually help me create the perfect mate. Even though all logic said I was a fool, I grabbed the first vial and headed to the gym. What the hell did I have to lose? I entered the hardcore section of my no-frills club and immediately felt the appreciative stares from half the members. I knew I had the kind of face and body that turned heads and it felt good to know that even after seven years of coming to the place – not to mention having my way with many of the members – I still inspired dicks to spring to life and furtive glances to shoot my way. I gazed around the place with no embarrassment being so blatant in my perusal of every man. I was sure almost every gay man there – and a few of the straight guys – were hoping I’d let my eyes linger approvingly on them for more than a quick glance. There weren’t many guys in the place that would have turned me down for a quickie in the steam room or, heaven allowing, some quality time back at my place. It was well known that I got off on being worshipped and had the kind of body that deserved the special attention. Everyone knew I also had the kind of horse dick that most men loved to feel rammed far up into their ass – each man expecting that the simple act of walking would be a burden for a few days after. The simple fact was that I had never had a complaint about my abilities in bed and beyond. Today, however, I was not looking for a well-built muscle worshipping pig or a virgin ass to plow – I was looking for the right man to become my potential pet project. I still thought it was completely crazy to think the vials Aunt Hilde had sent were going to do anything, but a part of me was so gleefully turned on by the idea that I could create the perfect muscle stud partner that I took my time reviewing the clientele of the gym to make sure I landed on the right person for the task. I ruled out all the guys I had fucked before, which knocked off half the people in the place. I then ruled out the straight guys that would be no fun – I wasn’t into converting men – I wanted someone that knew he was gay and liked all the pleasure that came with that knowledge. I then ruled out the guys that were already huge, knowing that half the fun would come from bestowing on some guy the body of his dreams. It was also easy to disregard the young boys – I was looking for a guy with some gray on him. Damn, the thought of some salt and pepper haired daddy growing for me made my cock twitch wildly. After my prioritizing and weeding out of those that didn’t make the mark I finally narrowed it down to two men. Both of them were in their mid-fifties and each had been stealing glances of me in the mirror ever since I had entered the gym. One of them looked like he was experienced with weights – performing his moves with accuracy that made it clear he knew what he was doing – and the other looked as if he had just recently started coming to the gym. He was pretty timid and looked way out of place in the area with the heavy weights. I chose the latter guy – any man that was so desperate to appreciate huge muscles that he’d embarrass himself in the big-man’s area was the right one for me. I caught his eye and then walked across the floor towards him – noting how he was so shocked he couldn’t move or look away. “I’m Jason, cute fella, what’s your name.” My forwardness and the big hand I held out in front of him made the guy suddenly forget how to speak and he just sat there staring. I let my perfect smile beam down at him as he sat on the bench below my massive chest – I even breathed in a little harder just to make my chest expand more dramatically. It was cool to watch the little guy finally give into his urges as he chose to stare at my heaving pecs instead of my face. It was also cool to cause his mouth to drop in awe just from a quick bounce of my two massive mounds – the guy’s eyes bobbing up and down to follow my heaving meat. All of this made it quite clear I had chosen the right candidate for my experiment. He limply shook my hand and we both noticed how my paw swallowed his. “So, pops, you gonna just stare at my chest all day or are you going to tell me your name.” “I’m Roman.” “Speak up there, man. What’s the matter, something cause your mouth to go all dry?” Roman just nodded his head up and down. This made me smile even more. The guy wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was in awe of my chest – hell; he was probably in awe of all of me. I moved my big frame down on the bench beside him, making sure my body pressed up against his when we were next to each other. I sat a few inches higher than him, so he had to continue to look up to see my face. It was good, though, that he was able to finally look me in the eye again – I’m not sure he could have handled much more of my massive chest. “You look a little lost in the midst of all these weights, Roman. I’m guessing you’re pretty new to all this gym stuff, aren’t you?” “Yes. I just retired and finally decided to join. This is only my second visit.” The idea of this guy being retired in his early fifties made me happy – I could tell by his haircut and clothes that Roman had lots of money. It wasn’t something I desperately needed in a potential partner, but it helped. The thought of someday doing a lot of traveling with my beefed up muscle daddy thrilled me in a special way. My enthusiasm for all that was possible if Aunt Hildie wasn’t crazy made me move straight to the point with Roman. “Well today is your lucky day, Roman. How about I help you with your initiation into weightlifting. I promise to go easy on you and the hazing phase won’t hurt too much. I’m just kidding – there’s no need to make that panicked face! Let me help you with all this stuff, okay. I think you’ve noticed that I’ve had a little success from working out.” “Uh huh.” The guy was so cute! He just couldn’t get over the fact that I was chatting with him. He also couldn’t keep his eyes locked with mine for even ten seconds. He looked at every part of my body – spending a lot of time at my crotch, obviously intrigued by the bulge that pushed my shorts out in a pornographic way. I decided it was time to move in for the final trophy. “So before we begin, Roman, why don’t you drain this bottle of water I brought.” “I . . . uh . . . have my own.” “Yeah, but mine is fortified with some nutrients to help you recover from the workout. I don’t want you to be in a lot of pain tomorrow, sir.” Roman looked at me with a slightly confused face. I held up my bottle and shook it a little – to help the stuff from Aunt Hildie mix in some more. My biceps was much more interesting to Roman and he actually started to visibly shake as he stared at my bulging arm. I flexed a little to keep his mind off the bottle he was presently taking from my hand. I watched with sheer joy as he twisted off the cap and then downed the enhanced liquid quickly – making it obvious that my arm had made his mouth dry up even more. He made a disgusted face after swallowing the entire contents of the bottle – the stuff in the vial was clearly not tasty. He shook his head back and forth a few times and then quickly looked at me – his face turning red. “Um, I’m sorry Jason, but I . . . uh . . . suddenly feel . . . I mean . . . I can’t control . . . I’ve got to go.” Roman’s hands went quickly to his crotch. I suddenly realized that a side effect of the stuff in Aunt Hildie’s vial was an instant hard-on – one that obviously made you need instant relief. Roman was breathing hard and beads of sweat had already formed across his forehead. I placed by big hand on his shoulder, hoping to prevent him from leaving. I wanted to study the effects of the liquid up close. “You can’t go Roman, we haven’t even started.” “Uh . . . I’m about to . . . um, I mean . . . I’ve got to go to the bathroom. Right now.” “Well, can we meet tomorrow at the same time?” “Yeah, yeah . . . I’ll see you then Jason.” Roman then slid his body off the bench and out from under my large hand. He quickly stood up and started running toward the locker room. I watched as he tried to move briskly, but clearly with a raging hard-on that was making it almost impossible. There was something in this immediate reaction to the liquid that thrilled me beyond belief. I suddenly began to think there was something real about Aunt Hildie’s concoction. I forced myself not to follow Roman – knowing that it might make him feel uncomfortable. I saw him leave about fifteen minutes later – clearly still rock hard and desperately trying to cover the humongous wet stain at the crotch of his sweats. He glanced in my direction and waved timidly as he exited. My own cock suddenly sprung to a happy place at the thought of what had happened and what was to come. The next day Roman did not show up at the gym. I waited for three hours, but he never arrived. I was sorely disappointed and at one point I became fearful that I had caused his death. I thought about asking the gym for his home number, but I knew their policy strictly forbade it. I knew I could probably get the information out of Rex, the guy that worked the front desk at night, if I promised to fuck him senseless – something he loved – but I decided to wait. I had already begun to trust Aunt Hildie in a way that was unexplainable. I returned to the gym at the exact time for four more days and waited three hours each time, but Roman never showed. On the fifth day, however, I was taking a break from benching some heavy weights and looked up to see him walk in. What I saw caused my entire body to start quivering and my cock turned into hard stone immediately. The scrawny older man’s body looked exactly the same, but covering the lower part of his face was the thickest and manliest handlebar mustache I had ever seen in my entire life. It was dark black-brown with gorgeous flakes of gray streaking downward. It was the face of a manly biker, a studly fireman, or a muscle daddy of almost any gay man’s dreams. My entire body was on fire with excitement. It was clear the first vial had worked. I jumped up off the bench and practically ran over to Roman. “Hey man, it’s great to see you. I thought we were going to meet four days ago. Shit, dude, what a great mustache! It looks awesome.” “Um, hi Jason. Yeah, sorry about missing you for a few days, but its been because of this mustache. It’s the wildest thing. I shave twice a day, but every morning I wake up with this same look. At first it freaked me out, but now I’ve grown to like it. It means a lot that you think it’s cool. I didn’t know what you’d think. I’m ready to take you up on your offer to help me work out.” I couldn’t stop looking at his face. I had dreamed of a man with that exact face for years. I said a silent prayer of gratitude to Aunt Hildie and then began to smile. I was in heaven – especially since I knew the second vial was in my bag over by the bench we were now walking towards. I suddenly couldn’t remember what my second criteria had been, but I didn’t care. Part Two What is it that makes a man a man? I’ve decided there is no magic answer to that question. It’s like that old saying, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ Well, I also say manliness is in the eye of the beholder. Many people would never say facial hair makes the man, but I was the one beholding Roman’s beautiful full Fu Manchu mustache and, in my opinion, it made him so-fucking manly. I could not believe how stoked I was just from some intense fur around a guy’s mouth, but the sexy addition to the man’s face made my stomach do somersaults and my cock head press up beyond the waistband of my jock. I was very glad that my cotton gym shorts still hid what I knew was a throbbing purple tip to my broad hard dick. The juices running through my body caused me to speak more freely than I had planned. “Damn, that ‘stache is hot, man.” My unexpected comment made Roman turn a little red but he also broke into a big smile. Seeing the thick hair surrounding such gorgeous white teeth made my knees buckle slightly – a feeling that was foreign to me. I couldn’t believe my tree-trunk like legs would wobble just because of some guy’s mustache – but then I remembered that Roman was on his way to becoming my ideal man and realized my reaction was justified. The smaller man just looked up at me with a face full of newly found pride – the guy was obviously happy with my response. I noticed a stirring in his gym shorts, as well. My impatience got the most of me and I quickly moved into action. “Well, sir, I’m doing arms today – so let’s hydrate ourselves and then get going.” “I brought my own vitamin water today – just to impress you, Jason.” “Um, that’s good. Let’s see what you’ve got. Yeah . . . that stuff is all right, but why don’t you let me add some special ingredients to it – a family secret that will help you grow. It’s helped me a lot.” “I’ll say.” It was my turn for my face to shoot a little red. I had no idea why Roman’s praise for my body embarrassed me, since I was certainly used to men complimenting my size and handsomeness, but I quickly figured out it had something to do with the person he was going to become. I was already anticipating the attitude, the body, and the experience that would someday match the testosterone-laden mustache that hung like a horseshoe on his face. “Are you sure you don’t want it for yourself, Jason?” “No, no, I brought it just for you, Roman. Wait, are you saying I need to get bigger?” “Well, there’s no such thing as too big, is there, Jason?” This time the smaller man’s face turned beet red. It was adorable – the guy was feeling comfortable enough to say what was on his mind, but then immediately regretted it afterwards. I was busy pouring the vial into his open container of vitamin water and too excited to respond immediately. I was extremely thankful that I had lucked into explaining the old family recipe for growing muscles – so I could now freely bring each vial to the gym. I smiled at the still red-faced Roman as I handed him the enhanced water. I was distracted for a second because I could not remember what the second vial was supposed to do to the man and I couldn’t make things too obvious by reading what was written on the side of the tube. I simply put the container back in my gym bag and decided to let it do its work naturally. I figured I would know what the vial’s power was pretty quickly anyway. My hard cock danced a little as I watched Roman down the entire bottle of water in a few gulps. “If this family secret made you look like that, Jason, then I’m not wasting my time sipping the stuff.” “Well . . . uh . . . no, you shouldn’t. Good for you, Roman. So . . . um . . . how are you feeling?” “Good, Jason, good. To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a little . . . um . . . I don’t know . . . uh, a little energized – already. Is that possible?” “Well, with that stuff you can never know. Listen, man, if you start to get . . . you know . . . a little, um, turned on . . . like you did the other day, don’t freak out. It’s just the stuff kicking in. There’s no need to leave this place. You can just go into the locker room and take care of things – okay?” “Okay . . . and as a matter of fact I think I might need to head back there right now. Geez, is this what that secret stuff does to everyone? I’ll be right back.” “Sure man, take as long as you need to calm down.” I spoke to Roman as he quickly walked away, but he didn’t hear me. He was focused on one thing and one thing only – making it to a bathroom stall before he shot a major wad. I could not believe how quickly his body responded to Aunt Hildie’s concoction. I took advantage of being alone and grabbed the vial from my bag – noting that it had ‘mature’ written along its side. My heart started racing and my dick twitched with jubilation as I contemplated what was going to happen to my friend in the next few hours. I couldn’t fathom how my aunt’s brew would enhance the already mature daddy-ness of Roman. My anticipation only increased, however, as I tried to focus on doing some curls to pass the time. Because of my distracted thoughts I became sloppy in my form and started swinging my arms a little too wildly. On my third set I heard a familiar voice – but quickly noted it was somehow different. “You might want to hold your arms more stable, Jason, to get the best results from those lifts.” I turned to look at Roman and I was startled by what I saw. His previous gray-flecked hair was now officially daddified – mostly silver with streaks of black here and there. It was the kind of head that immediately spoke of wisdom and experience. His gorgeous mustache was the same. I looked at my new friend’s face and was amazed by the changes I noticed. His skin seemed more masculine somehow – it was tighter and a little weather worn. It wasn’t ugly in any way – as a matter of fact it was a huge turn on. The wrinkles at the corner of his eyes were more prominent and the manly mustache seemed to stand out even more against newly tanned skin. It was the same face of the Roman of a few minutes ago, but it had somehow gained a maturity and ruggedness that didn’t exist before. My heart was beating hard and I found myself staring at the man – while still unconsciously lifting the weights up and down. “You’re not getting the maximum benefit from those lifts, Jason. You need to pay more attention to form.” “Um . . . what? I’m sorry . . . I didn’t hear . . . oh, the lifts . . . yeah, yeah, I know. I just wasn’t paying attention. Here, is this better?” “Yeah, much better. Now squeeze the flex at the top and hold it a little longer. It might be good to twist your wrist a little more, as well. Yeah, that’s it. Look at how those biceps pop when you do the lift correctly.” I was amazed at how Roman didn’t even notice he was easily giving me advice on lifting – something he hadn’t known much about a mere thirty minutes ago. Not only had the vial marked ‘mature’ made him look like an experienced daddy, it had also given him the knowledge and history of one, as well. My dick started throbbing even more from the excitement of how the vials were immediately affecting Roman. It was clear that his brain had merely adapted to his new knowledge as if he had lived this way all of his life. The mature man reached up and pinched his own nipple as he watched me lift. It was a simple move, but it was an action that spoke volumes. My muscled body turned Roman on very much and he didn’t think twice about enhancing how gazing at me affected him. He latched on to his man-nip poking against his shirt and gave himself more pleasure. He just assumed every man in the world would intensify his body’s gratification. I continued to lift, but became distracted by his actions. I began to swing the weights a little wildly again and my friend stepped up behind me. “Son, you’re not listening to me. Let me guide those big guns of yours.” As soon as I felt his smaller body press into my back and then his hand reach out and grab my forearm, I was a goner. My body shook like a child shivering in the snow and my cock started to ooze some pre-cum warnings. I could not believe that one word would make my brain turn to goo so quickly, but as soon as he called me ‘son’ I was teetering on the brink of offering the sweetest and biggest load of my semen to this man. Roman had not spoken in a condescending way – it wasn’t meant to put me in my place. It was merely a term of endearment – a way for an older experienced man to put a younger guy at ease. He had no idea how his comment affected me. He didn’t know that he could have asked me to turn around and suck him off right then and there and I would have gladly done it. I was lost in his innate manliness. I inhaled deeply as soon as he touched me and I could have sworn even his aroma had changed to equal his new found maturity – now a mixture of sweat, intoxicating older man cologne, and something that could only be described as confidence. His hand guided my arm perfectly and I felt my body respond to him like a baby being held lovingly by his father. Roman had his face near mine and the bristles of his mustache scraped against my shoulder as he watched my movements. This caused my dickhead to spit out a few more gobs of pre-cum in adulation of the man. I leaned back a little so I could feel the warm body of Roman pressing into mine. I could sense that the man understood what I was doing – and his release of a slight chuckle confirmed my hunch. “It looks like I’m not the only one that needs to step into the locker room, huh, Jason? No need to be shy about it, son. It’s just what happens sometimes when you’re pumping blood into those big muscles of yours – other things pump up joyfully, as well. The third stall on the right already has some fresh stains all over the wall, so feel free to use that one. I couldn’t control myself earlier and ended up releasing some Pollock-like artwork across the cement. You could just add a load of your spunk to what I started. I bet we could make beautiful artwork together, son.” The freedom to pinch his own nipple was nothing compared to the new way that Roman thought and talked. His comfortableness with his own body and his own masculinity was so obvious that I became speechless. Aunt Hildie’s concoction had truly given him a maturity that was unfathomable. The man now radiated calmness, understanding, and self-awareness that was so obvious it made him seem light-years ahead of any guy I had ever met. I moved my arm in the way he guided me and I could actually feel a new kind of burning in my biceps. I was a muscle monster compared to Roman, but the new knowledge in the little guy was actually helping me to lift smarter. I knew it would be safer if I excused myself to the back and took care of my raging hard-on, but I didn’t want to leave the invigorating closeness I presently felt with the man. Compared to me Roman was a runt, but he now exuded a maturity that turned him into some kind of master and I felt small and weak next to him. I craved his approval and concentrated on my curls more than I ever had in my entire lifting career. The big man began to purr compliments in my ear. “Yeah, that’s it big boy – feel how that lift is making that biceps pulse out even further. You’re making old Roman, here, very proud. I bet if you pumped smarter for a few weeks we could get that gun an inch thicker without any problem. I can tell you like the sound of that – getting that huge body of yours even bigger. Stick with me, kid, and we’ll make you like a god on Olympus.” The insane new pump I was attaining with Roman’s guidance along with the stimulation caused by his ‘stache brushing against my body and his manly aura flowing over me sent me beyond a point of no return. I simply lost control of myself and exploded in my cotton shorts. My cock started thrusting thick cum as my body shook violently. I, however, did not stop curling the weights. My need to make Roman proud caused me to actually allow the lifting to make my orgasm more intense. I squeezed the lift at the top with so much force that part of the ejaculation was a long constant stream instead of a short projection. It actually felt more like I was peeing instead of cumming, but I knew better – it was just my response to Roman. I didn’t even need to look down to see that my shorts had become soaked in hot lava-like thick paste. I also didn’t care. I had a feeling the man pressing his body into mine from behind liked how I offered my juice in appreciation of his guidance. The smaller Roman accepted my uncontrollable actions as a given – and spoke lovingly so I wouldn’t be embarrassed. “Yeah, that’s a good boy, Jason. Look at all that spunk you pumped out just because you’re excited about growing. Big muscle boys like you just have too much juice bubbling up inside their bodies to prevent these kind of accidents. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, son. You needed to let off some steam because you love your big body so much. Feeling those biceps bulging out harder than before was just too thrilling. The big man’s cock has a mind of its own, doesn’t it? Your shocked those big balls of yours are still churning out some more jism, aren’t you. Hell, son, you’re going to start busting thick wads like this all the time, now that you’ve got an elder coach to take you to the next level. I know tricks that will make your muscles grow and your cock spew in new and exciting ways. It’s such a good thing that you’re still open to learning new things, Jason. Mr. Roman was very proud of you for continuing your curls even as your cock spewed with such force. That’s going to help you to grow big – using the tension of an orgasm to pump your muscles even harder. Yeah, you’re a very good boy.” “Thank you, sir.” I responded in a whisper and with a feeling of obedience equal to a schoolboy in first grade. I felt no shame from my accident or from the fact that my cum was now causing the bench to become sticky and wet. It had been a natural response, just as Roman had said, and I felt safe to accept it as part of my muscle journey. The reassurance from the mature man behind me helped me to go easy on myself, as well. I knew if Roman was okay with something - I was okay with it, too. I started to view his maturity as having been there forever. The shy newbie of an hour ago was almost completely gone from my memory. I had already started to think about the next vial and this was causing my deflated cock to become hard again. Roman took the weights from my hands and I noticed he had to use both of his to carry what I had easily lifted with just one of my big paws. “I think you might want to get cleaned up, Jason. You’ve worked hard today and I think we got a good pump in those biceps. Why don’t you head home because I think you’re going to be ready to shoot off like a rocket again very soon. The hot blood racing through your growing body is going to need a way to release some pressure again in about ten minutes. It’s just what happens to big guys like you. I don’t want you to be dripping your juice all through the gym when that happens, son. That’s not considerate of the other patrons. I’m going to finish my own work out and then I’ll see you here at the same time tomorrow. Does that sound good?” “Yes sir.” Roman seemed pleased by my response and he reached up to tousle my hair. This action caused my cock to shoot fully hard and I swear I came close to shooting off again. The fact that the shy insecure Roman no longer existed was still unbelievable. The mature man that stood in front of me was so comfortable with himself that he made me feel secure and somehow more powerful than ever before. I felt an unexplainable respect for Roman that existed in every fiber of my being. The smaller man didn’t demand this from me – he simply deserved it. I needed to make him notice me, to be proud of me, and to love me. Even though I hadn’t taken any of Aunt Hildie’s magic liquid I knew this was definitely connected to what was in the vials. As Roman changed, so did I. I had absolutely no idea how the remaining vials would impact our relationship, but I suddenly became very impatient. I wanted the muscle daddy of my dreams to be complete. I thought about dumping all the vials into Roman’s water at one time. The mature man clearly didn’t know what I was thinking, but he sensed it was something wrong. “Go home, boy. You’re going to need some rest before we start ‘operation grow Jason.’ You’re also going to need to bust a wad soon over the pump you attained in those huge arms. I guarantee it. You don’t realize it now, but you powered those things harder than you have in a long time. As soon as you flex those guns in the mirror your cock is going to be like a fire hose let loose with no husky firemen to hold it down. You’ll probably want to be home for that explosion.” I simply nodded – fully aware of everything the knowledgeable older man was saying to me. I did not want to be separated from him for twenty-four hours, but I figured my body needed that time to rejuvenate and prepare for what was to come. I began to look forward to the third vial’s transformation more than life itself. Vial Three I thought about Roman for twenty-four hours straight. No matter what I did to try and get the guy out of my head it didn’t work. I watched television and thought about him, I took cold showers and remained hard from thinking about him, and I even dreamed about the guy as I slept that night. I jerked off a record four times during the evening – torn between the memory of the mustached mature man giving me advice and the fact that my body actually ached from growth caused by his papa-like encouraging words. I had never known I could desire a guy so much. My cock yearned for the finished product, which I was building in the older man. I seriously contemplated mixing the remaining vials together and giving them to Roman all at one time. I remembered, however, the warning of Aunt Hildie and the stern unspoken discouragement by Roman. It was like he knew what I was thinking, which was crazy since he didn’t even know about the concoction I was giving him in the mineral water. The man just seemed so much more knowledgeable than anyone I had ever met – that is, ever since he drank the second vial. That next morning, I jerked off a full load and then I made a list of the remaining vials, to put it in my gym bag so I could easily remember what each dose did. The remaining dosages include: As big as me or bigger Cocky Cute or handsome Cultured Loving I was so fucking excited about the next vial that I arrived at the gym early. I sat in my car and jerked off again, since I was so juiced up thinking about Roman getting big. I used an old towel to clean myself off and then finally entered the gym a few minutes before the appointed time. To my surprise, Roman was already there and working out in the big boys weight area. This had been the part of the gym the guy had been sheepish around and all but avoided the day I met him, but here he was lifting some light weights proudly surrounded by huge men hoisting a crap load more than he could ever dream of pushing into the air. The mature daddy didn’t care. He was in his own little zone and moving the weights around like a pro. His form was impeccable and the guy lifted like he had been doing it all of his life. His mustache seemed even sexier than the day before and I could have sworn that it was thicker and even more silvery peppered. The handsome face of the man from yesterday was still there and he even seemed to have gotten better looking – or was it just my imagination. I caught his eye in the mirror as I walked up. “Hey, son. I needed to begin before you got here because the weights were just screaming out to me. It’s like all I can think about now is pushing around some metal myself and getting you bigger than you are now. I’m not sure which one thrills me the most. When you lift correctly, boy, the burn and the after-effects are so rewarding that it makes you want to do it forever. I went home yesterday and could only think about getting back here to toss some dumbbells around and to watch you get bigger. I think I’m a little obsessed, Jason.” “I think I know exactly how you feel, sir. I kind of thought about only one thing last night, too. Might I offer you some of my family enhanced water?” “Hell yeah, son, I’ve been looking forward to the explosion that stuff causes all morning.” I watched him down the entire bottle of water in two gulps and all I could think about was the fact the concoction was going to make him my size or bigger. My cock started getting hard, just contemplating looking at a super-sized Roman. He was going to have the mustache, the muscles, and the maturity of a true muscle daddy. It was a trinity of m’s that I liked most in life. I could tell the older man was sitting there waiting for his usual immediate response to the water – like had happened the other two times he drank the stuff. But to his surprise, and mine, nothing happened. We stared at each other for a few seconds and I forced myself to not look at his crotch to see if he was getting super hard. “You need to go to the locker room, Roman? “No.” “You feel okay?” “I feel fine. Wow, maybe my body is getting used to your enhanced water. Usually by this time I am decorating the inside of a stall with enough of my hot cum to cover all four walls. I’m not complaining, mind you, it’s just a little surprising. How do I look, Jason?” “As fucking great as you did yesterday, sir.” “That’s kind of you to say, son. Very kind. So, shall we start our work on chest today? We need to get those humongous puppies of yours even larger, Jason.” “Yes sir.” “I want to show you a couple of things that will really heighten the pump to your pectoral muscles – emphasizing the lift of all that muscle. I think you’ll be impressed and pretty sore for a few days.” As promised, Roman did put me through some intense lifting. I could feel the burn in my chest immediately and I knew I was pushing the weight smarter than I had in a long time. I had never even thought for a second that I had gotten sloppy in my routine, but the improvements the older man was making to my workout was making it very clear that I still had a lot to learn. It was bizarre to watch Roman guide me in movements that would have been totally foreign to him just two days earlier. I had to keep reminding myself that he had not been this confident knowledgeable silver-haired dreamboat for a long time. It also became very clear that his new awareness of things reached way beyond just lifting. “So, those big nipples are probably feeling more sensitive than you’ve ever thought they could, huh Jason?” “Um . . . yes sir. How did you know?” “It’s because that’s the exact area we focused on with these last two moves. Mine are so tender that every time my t-shirt rubs against them a shot of excitement zooms through my body.” “It’s the same for me, sir. It’s also causing a big problem below my belt, too.” “You think anyone here hasn’t noticed, son? You’ve been sporting that loaded cannon for about an hour. That’s how I knew the workout was treating you right. I promise you the thrill of a lifetime if you go home and tease those hard nubs for a few minutes. You won’t be able to hold back for very long, boy. I guarantee it. I plan on pinching mine so hard that I’ll blast a big wad to the ceiling of my bedroom. It’s even more spectacular if you rub an ice cube over them before you latch onto them, son. Just thought I’d give you a little extra punch to your orgasm.” “Um . . . thank you, sir. I’ll try that.” “Okay, big guy, that’s it for today. I’m starting to feel a slight tingling in my balls and I think it’s a little preview of something big that’s headed my way. Mid-way through our lifting the weights suddenly got very light for me. I think my body is about to change and I want to be home so I can watch it closely. You get home, too, son and take care of that big thing between your legs. I have a funny feeling there’s going to be some differences come this time tomorrow – and I think we’re both going to like them a lot. Have fun with that chest, Jason.” “I will sir. Are you sure you don’t need me to come with you and help in any way?” “Naw, boy, I think this is something old Roman wants to experience alone. I’ll have time enough to show off tomorrow when we meet for our lifting. Thanks for the offer, though. I’ll see you here.” “Have a great night, sir.” “I plan on it, boy, I plan on it.” As Roman walked away I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. I still wasn’t sure if Roman’s tingling feelings were a pre-cursor to a change to his body or not, but I hoped to hell they were. It would have been awesome if the change had taken place at the gym, but I also knew, for decency’s sake, it would be better if he were at home. **** I, again, thought about the man all night long – especially each time I felt the pain in my chest. The older man had worked me hard. I took his advice and iced my nipples before I squeezed the hell out of them and shot a huge wad of cum into the air. I got to the gym the next day right on time – eager to see if Roman had changed. I walked into the place and was immediately met with some surprises. No one was at the front counter, there weren’t people all over the space at different stations like usual, and there were cheers coming from a group of people gathered in the free weight section of the big man’s area. I could see that people were gathered around a bench and there was some activity that had everyone’s attention. I pushed my way through the crowd and stopped in my tracks when I got to the front. Everyone was watching one of the huge guys from the gym – a big boy bodybuilder name Jaime – being easily bench-pressed into the air by an even larger dude. The larger man’s form was incredible. The crowd was counting the lifts, now at sixty-two, and showing their appreciation as the over three hundred and fifty pound guy soared up and down so smoothly. That’s when I noticed who was doing the lifting. “Oh my god!” I spoke out loud and Roman turned his now strongly muscled, mustached face towards me, as he lay on the bench. The smile that crept across his face made my knees wobble uncontrollably. The heavy salt and peppered fur surrounding his mouth seemed to glisten in an otherworldly way – his eyes sparkled like he was some beautiful husky Santa Claus. And then there was his furry, grandpa-aged, huge body that glistened with a manly sheen of perspiration. The guy was wearing only a pair of skin-tight cotton briefs – breaking the dress code of the gym - but no one seemed to care. He wasn’t even wearing shoes or socks, his feet obviously three times the size from yesterday. “Hey Jason, how’s it going, man. Jaime agreed to help me warm up today and everyone decided they wanted to watch. I had the best night and morning of my entire life.” To say that the man’s new voice made my balls instantly ache with lust was an understatement. I actually could feel many of the guys standing around me slightly moan in pleasure as the low masculine timbre of Roman’s words penetrated their body. I was not the only guy being turned on by this big muscle daddy’s new thunder rumbling speech. The sound that reverberated in the room was surely the way that mortals had imagined Zeus might speak as he boomed his words form Mount Olympus. I lost focus as Roman conversed briefly with me – my balls vibrating powerfully like I was riding a huge Harley. It was only the sight of my friend’s newly massive arms lifting a huge bodybuilder up and down that brought me back to the reality of what was going on. “I’m beginning to think there’s more to your family’s vitamin water than you’ve been telling me, Jason.” The crowd called out one hundred and Roman brought his arms to the side and set Jaime on his feet. The big bodybuilder looked a little unsteady; obviously he had gotten a little dizzy from the constant up and down motion. Roman kept one of his big hands on the guy’s thigh to help steady him as he got used to being on the floor again. That’s also when my newly huge friend sat up and I gasped so loud that he chuckled at my response. The first thing I noticed was a field of gray hair across the giant expanse that was his chest. The two slabs of beef were so massive and so beautifully hairy that I nearly blacked out. Roman, the elder geek from just a few days ago, was now bigger than me. I noticed right away that the guy wasn’t cut like me or even ripped like some heavyweight bodybuilder, but he was just damn thick – and thick as hell. His muscles bulged in that ‘I can lift a fucking truck’ kind of way instead of that ‘watch me flex’ showman style. Roman now looked like a bull – a bear – a strongman competitor – and a bulging tank all rolled into one. The combination of the guy’s booming voice and the sight of pectoral muscles that each seemed to be as wide as refrigerators was too much for my cock – it shot fully hard in three seconds, causing me to become even more light-headed than before. “Okay, good people, that’s it for today. My friend Jason and I need to work out now. I need to grow this guy’s body even more. Thanks for counting for me. I can see that I don’t need to explain the changes, huh, Jason? Your reaction makes it pretty clear you noticed I’ve kind of grown.” We were now standing there by ourselves. The crowd had dispersed, although clearly disappointed the show was over. I simply continued to stare at the mustached elder Adonis in front of me. The man was simply thick and huge all over. His thighs were pressing against his cotton shorts so hard that I expected the material to explode at any second. His stomach wasn’t ridged like mine, but it was so much more thickly masculine looking that I seriously contemplated switching to the powerlifting look myself. And god, the way his beefy man-tits and bulging arms just ballooned out with so much muscle, it made my mouth start to water and my heartbeat race ten times faster. Hard, hairy meat hung off his body everywhere and made him look like a super-morphed version of his previous self. “Aren’t you going to say something, Jason?” “Um . . . what . . . what was it like?” “The change? It was painful, thrilling, and mega sexually charged all at the same time. It lasted about an hour. I dropped to my hands and knees like some kind of werewolf – right in the middle of my living room – and cried out the entire time. I could hear my voice changing as my body swelled – getting deeper and so masculine that it turned me on even more. I loved watching my chest and arms grow the most. My pecs started to swell up like they were hot air balloons being filled for a morning ride. The feeling was so intense – painful as hell, yes - but so intoxicatingly thrilling that I all but forgot about how much it hurt. Watching my biceps pulse out thicker and thicker is what made my growing cock finally spew like crazy. My arms were so puny before, boy, and look what they became. I now have guns so huge that I can no longer rest my forearms against my sides. And my supersized lats don’t help too much, either, but look at those beautiful things, Jason. I never dreamed what being this big would feel like – it’s unexplainable.” “You are magnificent, Roman.” In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a more beautiful specimen of man that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had created. The elder muscleman sitting before me was something only seen in comic books – a giant colonel-like gramps with a body the size of four younger men put together. It was also the kind of build that dreams are made of – huge thick muscles that just protruded everywhere. He looked like someone had made him angry and he ballooned into a non-green Hulk. Traps bulged, lats stuck out with major mass, shoulders popped out wide, arms hung like sides of beef, and heavy looking pecs rested on a hard dense midsection. His abs looked like someone had stacked a bunch of logs on top of each other. Roman’s muscles were simply profuse beyond belief - everywhere! Quads that swelled so much they almost looked like two short musclemen’s bodies all by themselves forced his legs to spread far apart. Sitting there, the new senior muscle stud looked unreal – like a photograph that has been photo-shopped to death. It was difficult for me to believe and even harder for me to admit, but Roman was definitely now bigger than me. He clearly outweighed me by a few pounds and his hulking mass was definitely taller and freakishly thicker than my big body. It was such a surreal moment – realizing that my dream man was being formed right in front of me over what was just a few days. I glanced at the mature face, the gorgeous mustache, and then back at the huge body – realizing that all my secret desires were slowly turning into reality. “Don’t think this added muscle means I’m not still wildly interested in growing you, son. We’re going to shape you into something perfect, Jason. This new big body just means that I will be able to work you even harder, man. I’ll also be able to keep up with you.” “What . . . sir? I wasn’t paying attention, I’m sorry. Something huge was distracting me.” “It doesn’t matter, son, just know that I’m still here to help you grow bigger. Now, do you have something for me to drink today? I’m really looking forward to whatever you have planned, although I don’t see how you could ever top what you gifted me with overnight. I now understand why yesterday’s drink didn’t affect me right away. My body needed some time to prepare for such huge changes. It was like some pumped up version of An American Werewolf in London in my place last night. I’m sure people in the neighborhood thought I was murdering someone – because of the beast-like moaning. So, how about that drink?” “Um . . . yes sir.” I handed him the bottle of water with the pre-mixed contents from the vial. I knew what this dose would do to the guy and it made my cock jump with anticipation. I couldn’t even begin to think about Roman having the attitude to match his muscles. He had already taken on some of the characteristics of a muscle daddy – mainly because of the stache, his maturity, and his size – but I knew a huge dose of cockiness was going to make him even more my ideal man. I watch as he swallowed the entire contents of the water bottle in one long gulp. I also noticed that the guy suddenly stood up straighter than he had been just seconds before. His shoulders seemed wider in some way and I could have sworn his humongous chest poked out even further. I suddenly realized that this vial had worked instantly. I gathered that since Roman’s body was now massive and thick the vials didn’t cause him to go into orgasm overload as before – and the change would happen with little interruption to what he was doing. The big man’s eyes seemed to become all knowing and a telling smile crept across his face. My massive dick started to harden as I watched this man begin to realize the totality of his potential. For the first time, Roman was becoming fully aware of his new manliness. The guy was beginning to feel every huge muscle of his body – in complete detail. “You okay, there, Roman?” “If I were any better, little man, I’d be fucking myself. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Hell, I haven’t ever felt this good. Damn, son, I may have to find a bull to fuck. All this muscle is making me hornier than a battleship full of sex-deprived sailors. You ever see anything like this body, Jason?” “Uh, no sir.” “That’s what I thought, boy. Just look at all my fucking thickness! Shit, I’m so big I look like a skin covered Hummer. Oh fuck, J-man, look how my cock is filling out these cotton shorts as it grows. It makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?” “Yes . . . sir.” “Hell, it makes my mouth water, too, son. I gotta lift something heavy, man, or I’m going to blow a hole in these shorts from blasting off a heavy load. Gotta work out some steam, J-man. Slap three big plates on that end of the bar. Gonna need to press 600 for starters. Shit, I might not make it through this work out. My cock wants to rip through this flimsy material and be free to grow so big it would blow you mind, man. Your old friend here is feeling pretty powerful and has the monster cock to prove it.” I couldn’t move for a few seconds. The change in Roman’s demeanor was instantaneous. Within two days the guy had gone from a skinny-assed elder dweeb to this behemoth, but the most incredible part of the transformation for me was what had just happened – the birth of the muscle daddy’s cockiness. Hearing the ‘stached giant talk about his own body and, especially, his hardening dick was almost too much. It’s incredible to see a huge man with bulging muscles, but it’s much more impressive and a bigger thrill to hear that same guy talk about his body. I loved hearing him acknowledge his own muscled torso, so it increased the pleasure watching Roman get off on his transformed frame. Seeing Roman tense his arms and chest while staring at himself was such an intense sight that I almost missed what the older man had told me to do. It wasn’t until I saw Roman adding some big weights to the end of the bar that I realized I should be doing the same thing on the other side. “You ever think you’d get your old man this fucking huge, Jason?” “Um . . . no sir.” “Yeah, you love this massive body, don’t you? I’ve grown so thick that you can’t remember what I used to look like, can you? You wanted a big hulking daddy, didn’t you J-man.” “Uh . . . yes sir.” “Old Roman loves how his big body has made you a man of few words, boy. I know you want to see what kind of power this huge body can produce – yeah, it’s written all across your face. Shit, boy, turning you into a muscle monster is going to be easy now that you have my body as inspiration. You want to be huge and thick like this old man, don’t you?” “God, yes.” The huge elder muscleman was now leaning over and resting his thick forearms across the bar. His shoulders popped out on either side like matching mountains – the guy being almost wide enough that his biceps touched the weights on either side. I was mesmerized by the man’s beauty and his size. It was too much for my aching cock and I would have certainly spewed if we had not been in a public place. As it was, big drops of pre-cum were seeping out of my dick slit and causing my fat tip to be slicked up real good. I was in total daddy-worshipping bliss. It was clear that Roman knew exactly what I was feeling and he didn’t care if I exploded or not. I even think he enjoyed watching me struggle to keep my composure. There was a glimmer in his eye that had not existed a mere ten minutes before. The guy seemed more aware of everything now – his huge body, the intense reaction his muscles caused in other people, how I basically now worshipped the ground he walked on, and everything else. It also seemed like he expected this kind of response. It was clear that he felt completely natural being this new giant size – as if he had been this way all of his life. He was staring at me with such intensity that I became a little self-conscious and looked down at the ground. “Do I intimidate you, pup?” “Um . . . kind of, sir.” “That’s a good thing, son. I need you a little scared of me if we’re going to grow you big. I need you to want to follow every fucking thing I say to the nth degree. I want you to have a desire so strong inside that it makes you weak at the knees – that’s the kind of devotion that’s going to help you become everything you’ve ever secretly dreamed of - and more. You want to make me proud, don’t you, son?” “Yes, sir.” “There’s not a trophy or award that could come close to making you as happy or proud as a few affirming words from me would, now is there?” “No, sir.” “And a hug from old Roman would send you into orgasmic heaven, wouldn’t it.” “Oh fucking hell yes . . . sir.” “Well son, know that I only show that kind of affection to pups that work hard – real hard. You’ll make this daddy happy by getting bigger. And if you get big enough – I might give you the hug of your lifetime. You got that, son?” “Yes, sir.” “Now watch this massive old man crank out ten with this six-hundred and then you do the same.” “But I’ve never…” “Did I sound like I was giving you an option, boy?” “Um . . . no, sir.” “I know what you’re capable of, Jason. I won’t ask for too much, but I will ask for all that you can give. I’m going to make you sore, son. It’s going to hurt more than it ever has before, but that’s how we know it’s working. You trust me, don’t you?” “More than anyone, sir.” “That’s good son, real good. Let this muscle daddy lead you to greatness.” I watched as the humongous body of Roman slid onto the bench and then the two monstrous arms reached up, lifted the bar off the rack, and then pumped out the smoothest ten repetitions I’d ever seen – with six hundred pounds! I was flabbergasted. This was the small man from just a few days ago – the timid guy so new to the gym. I realized I was going to have to buy my aunt Hildie the best Christmas present ever – for helping me to create the perfect man. Roman slid off the bench and then looked at me. I saw in his eyes the order to follow his lead. I started to get nervous, but then I felt his hand come up and press against my back in a way that gave me some newfound confidence. I have no idea what it was – it could have simply been being touched by the man of my dreams, but I had a feeling it was more. I slid onto the bench and grabbed hold of the bar. I lifted the heavy thing and then cranked out eight presses without any problem – something that caught me totally off guard. I then began to struggle with the final two, but the elder muscleman was right here to help me. “You’ve got this, superboy. It’s no problem for you. Your daddy says that you can’t wimp out now. I want to see those two final presses right now. Make those weights do your will, son – your will. I’m here for you. You’ll make me prouder than shit if you pump out those last two by yourself.” Hearing the encouraging deep masculine voice of Roman helped me to connect with some untapped strength. My arms wobbled a little, but I raised and lowered the heavy bar two more times and then put it back in its resting place. I felt the pump in my chest, arms, and shoulders more than I ever had in my entire life. I looked up to see the smiling face of my elder mentor and I almost burst into tears. I became choked up because of the pleased look in his eyes. I was caught off guard by my reaction – so incredibly happy that I had made the older man proud. I had watched Roman become the muscled daddy standing in front of me and I was ready for his changes, but I had no idea how the change would affect me. I was not prepared for how I would transform along with the big man. My desire to please him was something similar to how a high school jock wants to please his macho coach – especially when that student has a secret crush on his mentor. I could see the pride in the big man’s face. His entire attitude told me that I had done well – and that made me want to please him more. It also made my cock want to shoot off like a rocket. I slid off the bench and watched as the massive guy cranked out ten more reps like it was nothing. I knew before I even lay down on the bench that I would pump out ten more reps - even if it killed me. I wanted to see that look in the mustached daddy’s face again. It took all my concentration and every ounce of my strength, but I pushed my body like a pro – getting to ten with arms shaking terribly on the last three. Roman had to help me a little on the last lift, but it didn’t matter since it had mostly been me. “Look at how your pecs pop, boy. They look like two massive barrels – bulging out with so much muscle. You made your muscle daddy proud, son. Watching you pump out reps with more weight than you’ve ever benched before was enough to make me harder than granite. You almost gained a hug from this here daddy, boy. That’s how hard I could tell you were working. I’m proud son, mighty proud.” “Thank you, sir.” “Feeling it, J-man?” “My chest hurts like hell already, sir.” “That’s good, really good. I’m whipping you into a real man, Jason. Stick with me kid and you’ll be the biggest fucker on any stage you step out on. Want me to grow you more, son?” “Hell yes, sir.” “Yeah, boy, that’s the right answer. I’m going to put you through a little more abuse on that chest and then we’re going to call it a day. I need to go find something humongous to fuck this evening.” “Um . . . I’m . . . I mean . . . I am available, sir.” “Naw, boy, I can’t pound your ass yet for a couple of reasons. First of all, you’re going to be so sore in about an hour that you’re not going to want to move. Those arms of yours aren’t going to be able to budge an inch and that torso is going to be in so much pain you’ll be cursing my name. Secondly, I’ve got a feeling I have a few more bottles of your family’s secret formula before I’m totally changed, right? I saw a list in your bag a few minutes ago and it looks like there are some adjustments yet to come. Am I right, son?” “Yes, sir. There are three more vials . . . I mean, bottles of my family’s secret liquid.” “Hell yeah, then. I think we should wait for a while before we consummate this budding relationship. I have a feeling that you’re somehow the mastermind behind my changes and I want to make sure I’m the finished model before you get to test drive my body. I got a funny feeling that the first few times I fuck something with these huge new muscles I’m not going to be too gentle. I might even need to start with some inanimate objects or some beast-like animal – like a bull or rhino. It might be the only thing that could live through a pounding from me. Yeah, boy, I can see that thought turns you on. Okay, son, it’s time to work on those mega-pecs of yours. Let’s make those puppies bulge out a lot more by this time tomorrow. You ready to do what this muscle daddy says.” “Yes sir.” And with that simple order Roman took me through about two more hours of the most rigorous workout of my entire life. I was like a soggy noodle by the end of our time together. My body was visibly shaking from the exertion. Roman, on the other hand, was like some enthusiastic college kid about to hit the town for his first night of parent-free partying. The guy was so pumped that his muscles seemed even bigger than when we started. His cotton shorts were stretched closer to the ripping point than they had been just two hours before. The guy had more energy than ever and, yet, I was worn out. I could feel the aches beginning already and I knew that I would need to soak in a hot bath within an hour. Roman was standing in front of me, his thick muscles gleaming because of a slight dusting of sweat. He could tell I was in pain. He reached up with his huge hands and grabbed hold of my giant chest – squeezing hard and making me want to immediately fall down on my knees in protest. The pain was incredible. He began kneading the monstrous meat in his hands and I screamed out loud. “Yeah, J-man, that chest is already hurting something awful, isn’t it. That’s a good sign. Let your old muscleman work those puppies a little – it will help with the pain. You did some great lifting today, son. You made your daddy very proud. Now get on home, boy, before you’re too sore to move. I’ll see you here tomorrow at the same time. It might take you a lot longer to get ready tomorrow, son, because you are going to hurt like hell. Remain faithful, though, and come in to meet me. We need to stay on track for getting you sloppy big. There’s a lot we can do in the coming weeks to guarantee your success. I’m here to make you huge, Jason, and I’m not stopping until we’re successful. Now skedaddle, boy.” “Yes sir.” I watched the big man lumber away like some huge bear – a big bear clearly in heat. His beauty and size overwhelmed me. I felt my body tightening up even more, so I gathered my stuff and left – without even taking time in the dressing room. When I got home I soaked in the bathtub for a long time and was so sore when I finished that I had to crawl to my bed. The only part of my body that didn’t seem to be affected by my tiring workout with Roman was my perpetual hard-as-hell cock that gave away my lustful thoughts about the big man. I fell asleep instantly and dreamt of the huge older man that now controlled even my sleeping thoughts. I couldn’t wait to see how the remaining vials would change the guy that was already the man of my dreams. ***** Vial 5 I was so sore the next day I could barely move without crying out in pain. Only thoughts of muscle daddy Roman empowered me to get out of bed, get dressed, and drive to the gym. Each step I took and every time I moved any part of my body I felt a stiffness and soreness that was completely foreign to me. Roman had taught me so many new ways to isolate muscles when working out that it was like I was doing it for the first time – and I was a freaking pro-bodybuilder. My body may have been muscled and powerful, but that morning I felt like a big wimp. I was surprised to see that Roman had not arrived at the place before me, as he had before. I sat in the middle of the weight area and tried to remain still – so nothing would hurt. Some commotion at the front desk caught my attention. I heard Roman’s deep masculine voice before I even saw him and my entire body snapped to attention, especially my cock. When I glanced in the mirrors I saw Roman entering the gym with the bodies of two huge bodybuilders slung over his shoulders. I could tell that both men were unconscious. The big guy was strutting across the floor like he was some huge hunter that was wearing the fur of bears he had recently killed - and he also had one of the biggest stogies I’d ever seen sticking out from between his teeth. He was puffing away with no concern about the ‘no smoking’ policy of the gym, and no one dared to tell him he was wrong. The room immediately filled with the aroma of the cigar – a smell that made my cock shoot even harder. Roman looked at anyone he passed and did the jock thing where he tilted his chin into the air to acknowledge the lesser beings – not saying a word but smiling at the other patrons as their mouths dropped open wide in astonishment. Roman saw it as gift that he acknowledged anyone and everyone else seemed to view it in the same way. The big man noticed me sitting in the middle of the room and headed straight in my direction. “J-boy, how’s the fucking body feeling today?” “Sore as hell, sir.” “Just like the ass of each of these men, son. I rounded them up yesterday as I was trolling the locker room. They were practically drooling as they watched me shower and it was obvious they wanted to see what some time with a real man would feel like. I kept them up all night as I plowed them over and over, not even stopping when they begged for sleep. They just couldn’t keep up with all this muscle power, boy. Old Roman had more stamina than both of these big fuckers put together. I’m not sure they’ll wake up for our entire time in the gym. I haven’t slept a bit, but I still feel fucking great, son. I’m going to put you through a hell of a workout again today. I’m juiced up on adrenaline like you wouldn’t believe. All that fucking didn’t tire me at all. I’m mighty proud of you for getting your hurting ass to the gym today, son. It shows me that you’re serious about growing. I have a funny feeling that you also dragged your sore self here to see what the next round of your family water will accomplish, didn’t you?” “Um . . . yes . . . yes, sir.” “No need to be embarrassed, boy! I know you like all the changes happening to this old man almost as much as I do. Today, I’m dressed a little more appropriate for the gym because as soon as we got to my place last night I challenged these two guys to a wrestling match - with their clothes being the prize. You can see it’s pretty clear who won. It’s a good thing both of them had some posers to wear today. I dressed their unconscious bodies before we came. I didn’t take either of those skimpy things because the tiny material couldn’t come close to covering up all my massive junk – hell, I don’t think it could even cover just one of my mammoth balls. These shorts can barely contain my monster cock, J-boy. Hell, I’m even stretching this triple large tank so much it practically looks like a man-bra. I think I could rip the thing in two with just one large inhale. We might wait and do that as a little post-workout gift to the guys in the gym – you’d like that wouldn’t you, son?” “Yes sir.” “Um, excuse me, um, sir. You can’t . . . you aren’t allowed . . . there’s no smoking in here.” Roman turned to look down at the nervous gym worker standing behind him, the cigar hanging out of his mouth as big as a small log. The huge man used his teeth and lips to make the thing spin a little in his mouth and then puffed a huge could of smoke down towards the little guy. I heard a soft guttural sound turn into a loud growl as Roman obviously thought about how he was going to react to the order from this dweebish man. For a few seconds I was nervous for the smaller guy, but then Roman merely shrugged the two heavy unconscious men off his broad shoulders and quickly lifted his forearms to catch their falling bodies. He then placed both guys side by side on a bench across from me. The muscle daddy then turned back to the worker, pulled the cigar out of his mouth and crushed the lit end into his other open palm. The sound of fire being extinguished hissed throughout the room. The small guy’s eyes grew extra wide and I could see he was actually shaking in fear. Roman took the cigar and crushed it in his hand. He then took the smashed remains, pulled the front of the workers gym shorts slightly out and dropped the mess inside, making sure to press his open palm into the guy’s crotch so cigar could warm his hard dick. The small guy did nothing to protest the big man’s actions. He just mouthed the words ‘thank you’ and walked away. Roman turned back to me. “That’s a pretty hot ashtray, don’t you think? It’s legs today, pup. You think you can handle it?” “Yes sir.” “Yeah, that’s a good boy. I can already sense what you’re going to look like when your muscles start to pop out even bigger, son. You’re making this old man really proud. Time for squats after you warm up. I jogged over here from my house with both of these sleeping beauties flopping around on my shoulders – so I’m good and pumped for our workout. I’ll load the rack for you. We can work out side by side – I’ll use the two guys as my weights. It won’t be enough, but I can pretend. Using them as makeshift barbells should be fun and I’ll bet it will turn you on in a powerful way.” He was spot on, knowing that I was going to get to watch the huge muscle daddy dipping low with two large and mostly nude bodybuilders draped across his expansive shoulders got me fully hard in an instant. I even forgot about the excruciating pain that was shooting through my body any time I moved. I stared at Roman as he loaded the squat machine with enough weight to cave in the roof of a car, but I didn’t care. I was ready to do anything my mentor told me to. I knew he wouldn’t ask for anything I couldn’t do. I loved how the flimsy tank top was stretched to all hell across his body. I kept hearing parts of the material tearing as he moved. I had a feeling none of it would be left by the time we finished for the day. “Now J-boy remember to bring that ass of yours down low and get a good pump even as you come down. Watch the knees, too, son. We want to get those glutes as big and strong as possible – so they give my cock as much resistance as possible later on. Yeah, I can see the idea of my hefty pole battling your tight hole gets you excited, boy. Look at that bulge I’ve caused in your shorts – that’s a beautiful thank you to your daddy. Maybe we can cause a big old wet stain today, too. Speaking of wet things, how about my bottle of water, Jason? Did you bring something special for old Roman?” “Um, yes sir. I almost forgot.” I grabbed the bottle of water from my bag, noticing the pain in my arms and shoulders as I reached down. I also glanced at the list of changes as I pulled the container out. This vial was going to make him more handsome. That thought was almost too much for my cock to handle and I could feel my body fighting hard not to spew. I looked at him closely as he gulped the liquid down. Roman was gorgeous already – huge everywhere, a slight weathered look to his face that added maturity and grace, a mustache that oozed testosterone, graying full hair that made him look like a modern day Greek god, and an air of confidence that almost physically knocked you over when he walked into the room. I wondered how the liquid could possibly improve on perfection. When the big man handed back the bottle I could sense an immediate change in his demeanor. “How do you feel, sir?” “On fire, boy, on fire. I can sense the world on a whole new plane, now. Damn, that’s some potent shit your family has passed down over the years. Son, I suddenly realize just how special I am. I know that might sound really boastful, but I can’t help it. It’s like I can tell what everyone’s thinking – you know, so I can give them exactly what they want. It’s like I have this sixth sense that helps me know how to please each person individually. Damn, boy, what you want is coming through the loudest and clearest of all. Your mind is a jumble of desires, ain’t it son? Yeah, I know you want some ass-pounding sex – and that will come soon enough - but I can also sense you really want this big man to help you grow, too. Yeah, and man I love how you also desire to be dominated a little. You need a big man to take care of you son, don’t you?” “I . . . uh . . . I guess . . . I mean, um…” “No need to be shy, boy. Roman knows exactly what you want and need. And I’ve got the stuff to make all those dreams and desires come true. Fuck, knowing what would please you is making me hornier than a pinned up bull surrounded by a field of heifers. What’s wild is that I can’t read minds, per se, man; it’s more about what you desire and what would satisfy you sexually. I just know somehow that you are aching for a hug or kiss from this big man – but you still got to wait, son. We have two more bottles of water, if my memory serves me correctly. Whoa, boy, I’m suddenly being overwhelmed by the desires of other people in this place. It’s like my body is sending out some kind of signal that, when it hits people, makes them suddenly ‘in tune’ with me. You’d be shocked at what people desire from me?” “Like what, sir?” “Well for one thing, the big guy Jaime, over there, enjoyed having his big body benched by me yesterday so much that he’d really like me to lift him some more – especially over my head. Yeah, that would make him real happy. Well I’ll be dammed; the little guy at the front desk wants me to light up another stogie, son. He’s got a big fetish for smoking musclemen. He loves watching a huge guy sucking in on a cigar and then blowing big puffs of smoke out – especially if the man is flexing at the same time. He’s still hard as hell from watching me put out my stogie against my palm. That got him very excited. He even left the remains of the thing in his pants. That guy over there on the leg press machine wants me to take his place and as my giant trunks push out insane amounts of weight he’d like to sit on my big cock and feel all my muscles growing beneath him as he gets deeply plowed. Hell, this gift you’ve given me will make me a huge attraction to anyone.” I glanced around the gym and realized that every face in the room was either blatantly staring at Roman or shyly stealing glances at him when they got up the nerve. It dawned on me immediately that the vial for making him handsome wasn’t going to do much to his physical appearance, since he was already the man of my dreams. No, this specific dose of Aunt Hildie’s concoction made the man irresistible to everyone – and not just because of his looks, but mainly because it was clear he was a man that could satisfy everyone completely. Having the ability to know what it was a person desired the most – both sexually and romantically – would certainly make you the most handsome guy in the world. This would be true on so many levels. Roman didn’t need to change at all to be handsome to me, but having a mature muscleman that ‘got’ exactly what turned me on made him the most gorgeous guy on earth – not only to me, though. I could sense that everyone in the place wanted Roman and that was an even bigger thrill for me. “Whoa, boy, you need to turn down your orgasmic drive a little. You’re causing this big daddy to overheat. Yeah, the pup loves the idea of everyone in this place wanting his muscle friend Roman, don’t you?” “Yes sir, it’s fucking hot.” “It is, isn’t it? Well, it’s thanks to your family recipe in that water, boy. Like I said yesterday, I think you have a direct connection to what your water is doing to me. I haven’t figured it out, yet, but I feel it in every one of my huge muscles. I can wait, son. I don’t need all the answers now. I only need one thing – and that’s to make you bigger. We’re going to push those big legs of yours so much today that I may have to carry you and the two unconscious guys out of here, since your trunks will be wobbling so much. Yeah, I thought that comment would please you. Okay, son, get up underneath that bar. Give me some powerful squats. Remember to stick that hot ass of yours way out. Let me first load my shoulders with my big man-made weights.” I watched Roman bend over and flop the bodies of the two unconscious bodybuilders over each of his shoulders. He made it look simple, like he was tossing pillows. I knew, however, that each guy was over three hundred pounds. The giant man positioned himself beside me and we both stared at each other in the mirror. I stared because it thrilled me so much to watch him use two huge guys dressed only in posers as his weights and he stared to make sure I maximized every part of my body during the exercise. He was my coach and mentor above all things. “That’s it, boy, squeeze those cheeks hard when you come up. Pretend like you are trying to protect the entrance to your chute from my huge battering ram. Yeah, son, I love how that thought makes you work even harder. Look at that sweat seeping out all over your beautiful body. That means you’re working J-boy. I know you’re hurting something awful, but look at you go. It’s almost like you’ve been squatting this much weight all of your life. Yeah, you’d forgotten that I loaded the bar with a hell of a lot more poundage than you’re used to. Now your legs are getting a little nervous, aren’t they? Don’t give up, boy. This big daddy will not be happy with you if you don’t give him what he wants. Remember, we’re here to make you so fucking big you won’t recognize yourself. And to give you a little more kick to your lifting, remember that I’m going to be growing right along side of you, son.” I had just squatted down low as he said this and his comment caused the exact reaction he desired. I paused briefly with my ass pushed back and my quads burning with pain. It suddenly hit me that Roman, the man of my dreams, was working out with me and this was certainly going to impact his body at the same time. The thought that the muscle daddy of all my secret desires was going to continue to add more bulges to his perfect body gave me more adrenaline that I had ever thought possible. This was just the response that Roman had intended. I cranked out the rest of my squats like some kind of powerlifting pro. I could tell the man was impressed. I certainly wanted to get bigger – but mainly because it would make my mature friend proud – but thinking about him getting bigger was the icing on the cake. I suddenly wanted to work out for an entirely new reason – to make Roman grow. A newfound energy overcame my body and it was like I had busted past some unseen wall or reached a new lifting plateau. There was a new drive in me that stemmed totally from my thoughts about another person. I had never realized how self-centered I had become, but this desire to watch Roman become even more beastlike than he already was, fueled me way beyond my normal tolerance level for pain. “Damn, boy, I just got a big rush of pure love from you. These last few minutes have probably been the most unselfish moments of your entire life. I almost tossed these big men off my shoulders and wrapped my arms around you in a backbreaking bear hug. I have a strong feeling that you started this little project with the water and me for selfish reasons, but suddenly the coin has flipped to the other side, hasn’t it? You desire old Roman getting huge even more than you desire it for yourself. That’s what makes you special, Jason. That’s why we’re going to wait until the last bottle of enhanced water has gurgled down my throat before we even kiss, let alone fuck. You’re making me into some kind of dream deity for yourself, but today you’ve realized that doing it for me is just as – if not more – important. You’re a fucking hundred times more sexy right now that you were even just ten minutes ago, son. I like what’s happening to your soul as much as I love what’s happening to your body. Here’s the real kicker, boy. I feel the same way about you as you feel about me. Yep, I’ve wanted you from the moment you first spoke to me just a few days ago. I have a feeling my desire is mostly physical right now, but over the next few days I think it’s going to grow into something much more. It’s time to wear out those huge legs of yours, son. We both need to work out some sexual tension.” Suddenly, it was like I understood the word ‘enlightened’ for the first time. I didn’t second-guess anything Roman had just shared. I knew it was all fact – like I knew my legs would ache like hell tomorrow. It was true I had intended on making the perfect man for myself, that’s why I had turned to Aunt Hildie, but I had not planned that I would turn into a different man, as well. I was slowly giving up control to this muscle daddy. I had always been the alpha – the dominating one – but suddenly I was learning what it meant to be equals and to actually let someone else lead some of the time. I was beginning to do the unthinkable – love someone else more than myself. And this is what made Roman the most handsome person on earth. For the next few hours, Roman put my thick, skin-covered trunks through the kind of abuse usually reserved for torturing prisoners. I had to stop many times and sit on the bench – completely afraid that my big legs were going to give out at any minute. My huge daddy didn’t mind waiting for me as I rested. He usually continued whatever exercise we were doing – with the added weight of the two unconscious guys and did about three more sets than me every time. Watching the monstrous legs of Roman bulge out with every exercise kept me hard throughout our entire time together. His size was insane – quads and calves that ballooned out way past my muscled legs. I began to become fearful that I would never be able to keep up with this new mega-sized older man. I started to doubt my own abilities – something that had never happened before. My new mentor easily detected my state of mind. “Quit comparing yourself to me, boy. You made me into this fucking huge bull. I think the whole purpose of me growing is to give you inspiration and, hopefully, help build you into something monstrous, too. You need to be patient, pup. I’ve only got one goal in life and that’s to grow you huge, too. There might be quick goals here and there for me, like taking time out to fuck big things, but pumping you up super crazy is embedded in my DNA. My balls tighten and become filled with boiling cum when I watch your muscles straining against heavy weight. I already see what you are going to become, boy, and that vision could easily make me blast a load of my juice across this gym if I let myself be weak. But I’m going to stay strong for you, son - I’m going to wage some hot-daddy war on your body and push you harder than you ever thought possible. You’re going to want to beg me for mercy, but you won’t because deep down you can see where you’re headed, too. You want to grow for your muscled pops so much that the desire is eating you up inside. Hell, you’d lift twenty-four hours a day if you thought it would make me happy – wouldn’t you J-boy?” “Yes sir.” “You get a good picture in your head of your soon to be swole body, son. I want you to latch onto that vision of Jason-the-beast. You’ve thought yourself big for a long time, buddy, but you were just seeing the tip of the iceberg. My fucking huge muscles are here to help you, son. And down the line, when I’m fucking that tight hole of yours senseless, you’ll be awakened to new levels of inner-power, too. I’ll unleash in you desires you’ve never dreamed of, boy. I’m the biggest genie ever released from a bottle – and you’ll have released seven bottles into this daddy by the time we’re done. Today’s water unleashed something powerful in me, Jason. I’ve appreciated all the bottles – but this last one didn’t just change things on the outside, it opened a part of me that would have never even been noticed without your help. I’ve got some kind of direct line now to your deepest desires – to those things buried so below the surface that you aren’t even aware of them yet. I know, instinctively, that rubbing my hard-bristled ‘stache across your inner thighs would make you cum instantly, I know that you kissing your own flexed biceps makes your cock-head ache from need of release, and I know that for the last few minutes you’ve only thought about one thing - sucking on my big hairy balls until you get off. But all of these thoughts pale in comparison to the one basic need fueling you right now, son – to please your huge friend Roman. You want this daddy’s approval so much that you’d do anything and you know deep down that I’d never take advantage of that. I’m going to turn all that burning desire right back into momentum for growing you big. We are both halves of the incredible cycle that completes what you wanted when you gave me the first bottle of water – a mentor, a teacher, a muscle daddy, a boss, a dominator, a lover, a friend, and – most of all – inspiration. I’m all that, J-boy, and then some.” My mind was spinning so much from his words that I merely focused my thoughts on a deep desire to suck his balls – something I didn’t realize existed until he mentioned it and then it was like he had opened the floodgates of my soul. Every atom of my body desired the muscled behemoth in front of me. I wanted his body, yes. I wanted to experience sex with this man, yes. I wanted to grow for the daddy, yes. But there was something else that had blossomed over the last few days and it was the one thing I had never expected when I chose Roman for this journey. I had fallen head over heels in love with the man. And it dawned on me that I was not just in love with the new improved Roman – no, I realized that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had merely unleashed was existed already in this older man. I was seeing what Roman truly was at his core – his life circumstances had just never allowed this much of his true self to materialize. And, in turn, Roman was causing my hidden core to be revealed, as well. We were both becoming what our upbringing and environment had covered up over the years – and it was magnificent. Suddenly, I wasn’t unsure of myself any longer. I could clearly see all of my potential – exactly what Roman saw. I didn’t think of myself as unworthy or not good enough – no, I fully realized I was just a work in progress. That thought released me from so much baggage of my past and caused my love for the muscleman in front of me to deepen even more. “Yeah, my boy is finally getting it. I can sense the new awareness flowing through your body. Aw fuck yes, you are even seeing your full potential now and the thought is making that cock of yours grow harder. You are beginning to open yourself to all of my suggestions and all the growing tips I’ve been giving. Soon, we’ll just work out together and not even need to say a word to each other – we’ll just naturally know how to encourage the other to keep getting huge and more powerful. I may be the one drinking the water, Jason, but both of us are being changed by its power. Feel it, son?” “Yes sir, I do. It’s so amazing.” “Yes it is. I think that we should call it a day, boy. You’ve worked hard, again, today and I’m very proud. I see that the two big boys are starting to come around from their post-Roman fuck slumber and our workout has made me super horny. I think I’ll take them back to my condo in midtown and give them both some seconds. I’m pretty sure they’re going to wake up craving more pounding from my meat. And even if they don’t, they’re going to get it anyway. Your legs steady enough to get you home, boy?” “Yes sir. I might need to rest a little longer before leaving, but I’ll be fine.” “That’s good son. We’ll take a break from working out tomorrow, but I think it’s time you came to my place so we can get to know each other a little better. We’ll meet here at the same time and then we’ll grab some take-out for lunch. I don’t know my way around a kitchen. See you tomorrow, Jason.” “I can’t wait, sir.” Roman hoisted the two awakening bodybuilders back onto his monstrous shoulders and walked away. I watched him leave and marveled at how deep my connection to the man had become. I trusted and loved the guy completely. I was amazed that I felt absolutely no jealousy towards the two men that were about to get to experience the powerful lovemaking of my muscle daddy, but I knew it was just temporary. I knew we had two more vials to go. The big man just needed a way to release the sexual tension that developed every time we were around each other and, especially, after we worked out together. I was also deeply aware of his intense desire for me – something I had not been tuned into before. Today’s vial had been about much more than just making Roman physically beautiful. That was part of the total picture, but he had already been gorgeous to me – the perfect man. The change had been mostly internal for both of us. His beauty clearly radiated from within – his muscles being just icing on the already very tasty cake underneath. I suddenly understood that if Roman went back to being the shy un-mustached skinny guy of a few days ago, I would still love him deeply because I now knew what was buried deep within his soul. I knew who he was at his core. I also knew that I would be able to help him release his inner self, just as he was doing for me. I realized that I would be able to see the huge confident muscle daddy deep in his eyes, even if he didn’t. That’s how Roman could see the huge beast-like body that I would become – even before I could, he knew of my potential because he could see my inner self. Every fiber of my body ached to be held by the big man, but I reminded myself that there were just two vials left. I knew we needed to wait until the finished product was revealed. My excitement about being able to be at Roman’s condo – alone with him for a meal – gave me enough inner strength to wobble my tired ass out of the gym and head home. I was worried that my legs would stop working before I made it to a hot bath, but – as it had been every other day – my cock stayed hard way into the evening. It was a continual reminder of what Roman could easily do to my body. ********** Vial 6 That night I officially became Roman obsessed. My legs could barely support me moving from chair to kitchen since the big man had worked me so hard, but I didn’t care. Every thought and every urge was directed toward the muscle daddy of my dreams. I was still clearly overwhelmed with the effects of the fifth vial – making the man handsome. I don’t know what I had expected from that particular dose of Aunt Hildie’s concoction, but the results had been way beyond my wildest dreams. The man’s muscular tanned mature face was now imbedded in my mind, as was his humongous gorgeous body. I looked at the hulking doublewide stainless steel fridge in my kitchen and it reminded me of the man’s big frame. I tried to distract myself by looking at porn on the computer, but every face seemed deficient when compared to the man lurking in my thoughts. I even found myself looking at heavy pieces of furniture as future things the man might easily lift to show off. Roman was slowly becoming my own personal superhero, if not some kind of demi-god. And all these obsessive thoughts didn’t come close to how I craved sexual pleasure from the big older man. I pinched my perpetually hard nipples and dreamed it was Roman’s teeth nipping at my nubs. I found myself constantly daydreaming of what his thick cock would feel like in my mouth or, better yet, in my pulsing tight ass. Any thought of the big man’s pole actually made my hole pucker with joy – and caused my butt cheeks to squeeze together in anticipation of the overwhelming pain-mixed-with-pleasure when his huge shaft plunged forcefully into my submissive body. Because of these day dreams, I ceased to notice the intense pain that still tormented my body from the recent lifting with daddy Roman. It still amazed me how the man had been able to find ways to push my already huge muscles to new heights. I could feel my big self growing – not just maintaining my size, but actually moving beyond what I thought were my limits. The gray-haired behemoth mentor knew how to isolate parts of my body that I had forgotten existed. It was clearly me having an obsession for the improved daddy since the incredible pain that shot through every part of my body when I moved was quickly becoming a huge turn on. My own cock would shoot harder every time I felt terrible aching in muscles being awakened to new growth, caused by Roman’s expertise in the gym. I stood up beside the chair where I was resting and, while holding on to the arm, I squatted down to feel the mind-numbing pain in my quads and calves – something that actually caused pre-cum to seep out of my throbbing dick head. It was just too exciting to feel this vividly what Roman was causing to explode in my body – both internally and in my muscles. While pushing my wobbling legs back up to standing position, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I was head over heels in love. I was legs “thrown over my shoulders” in love. I was “bend my body” over the nearest piece of furniture and spread my ass cheeks wide in love. So much joy enveloped my huge frame with this revelation that I lost control in many ways – my cock started to spew big gobs of Roman-induced juice, tears streamed down my face, and I was forced to sit down because my legs gave out. Since I had chosen to remain nude for the evening since clothes actually caused my sore muscles to hurt even more, I shot volleys of hot jism all over the coffee table and sofa in front of me. My blissful sobs of joy mixed with pain actually caused me to slightly miss the excitement and pleasure of the powerful ejaculation. I, Jason, the more than handsome bodybuilder and huge cock tease, had fallen deeply in love. It was something so unfathomable to me that it actually caught me off guard. I had always been the guy that broke hearts; never meeting anyone that could live up to my expectations so I had merely closed myself off to the idea of caring as deeply as I now did for Roman. I was the invincible muscleman – oblivious to the sting of cupid’s arrow. How in the hell had I suddenly become this blubbering lovesick mound of aching meaty bulges. The answer came quickly – Aunt Hildie’s concoction. A sudden panic attack happened as quickly as the answer had come. Was Roman’s desire for me and my intense love for him simply because of some potion I had given him? The impact of the man’s expertise in lifting could be felt in every muscle of my body, so I knew that part of the vials’ work was true – but what about the inner enhancements? Were those changes just as true? Did the enriched water amplify what already existed in Roman, as I had thought all along, or did it simply create what I secretly longed for? Was I Frankenstein and Roman was my muscle daddy monster or had I merely unleashed the powerful beast living within the man? My cock was actually still dribbling thick cum as my mind tried to sort through all of these questions. Tears still streamed down my face, but the incredible joy I had felt earlier was now gone. My overwhelming desire for Roman was now mixed with worry and fear – that everything bonding the two of us together was built on something made up and false. I tried to force this sudden doubt out of my mind and re-focus my thoughts on the hot body of my muscle daddy, his fucking manly mustache, and his inner masculine maturity that stoked my fire, but it was no good. A budding fear was slowly creeping into all of my lustful thoughts about Roman. With Aunt Hildie’s help I had created the perfect muscled robot – a guy that had no free will. Roman was forced to want me because of what was in the vials – it didn’t come from a deep place in his soul. I now cried because I suddenly felt very alone. The man of my dreams was an obedient slave – created by a magic potion. I fell asleep in the chair, exhausted from all the mental angst raging through my mind. My dreams, however, were still heaven-blessed fantasies of Roman’s muscles and the big man growing my body even more muscular than it already was. I awoke late in the morning with another aching hard-on. The doubt from the evening before was still present in my subconscious, but the pleasure from a cum-filled cock overpowered all other thoughts. Visions of my final dream before waking still lingered in my head and I started stroking my morning wood as I focused on them. I had been dreaming of sitting in Roman’s lap, with his hard cock up my ass, as we both curled heavy dumbbells to pump up our already insanely large biceps. The big man pulsed his crotch into my butt each time we brought the weights up to the peak of the flex – causing me to get some extra punch to the lift. The big man also kissed the back of my neck each time and spoke encouraging words – commenting on the size of my arms, saying how much he loved being inside me, and constantly complimenting my new size. The sensation of being filled by his hefty meat, the tight pump that I experienced each time my arm tensed upright, and the sweet nothings I imagined Roman was saying to me was enough to send me over the edge. My morning wood quickly became a cannon blasting off a repeat round of thick volleys of cum across the room – streaking the same places as my load had the night before. The magazines on the coffee table were going to have to be tossed in the trash and the sofa was going to need a thorough cleaning. Again, my post-ejaculation glow quickly turned into doubt, my mind now being able to return to thoughts about how the vials had created the man of my dreams and that it was all probably fake. I knew there was part of me that wanted to say ‘who the hell cares’ and go forward, living a life of total bliss with a giant muscle daddy. But there was another part of me that knew how much I had fallen in love and the thought of Roman not loving me in the same natural way caused great trepidation. I wanted the big man to desire me because of the person I was and not due to some concoction I had given him. I wanted our first act of joyful man-on-man sex to be something he chose freely and not because of something he drank from a vial. I wanted to know that Roman truly loved me as much as I loved him. A glance at the clock quickly snapped me out of my venture into doubt and self-pity. I noticed that I had slept a lot longer than I had thought and I only had about thirty minutes before my appointed time to meet Roman. I immediately jumped into action – the thought of seeing the huge muscle daddy overruling any anxiety I was feeling. I ignored the cum-covered coffee table and sofa, jumped in the shower quickly, and was on my way to the gym after taking only ten minutes to get ready. When I stepped into the open area of the gym I was instantly greeted with a vision of the gigantic Roman working out in the middle of the room. It was like a hundred spotlights created a magnetic glow around the man. The first thing I noticed – and it made my cock shoot achingly hard in mere seconds – was that the man had clearly grown since yesterday. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Roman’s body seemed thicker at every mind-blowing bulging muscle. The guy hulked out in a way that was intoxicatingly sexy and super masculine at the same time. And the guy was covered in sweat – his skin-tight wet t-shirt stretched so thinly across his body that I could see the matted down hair covering his chest and bulky abdominals. The word that came to mind was tank – the guy was a sweaty tank with beads of sweat dripping from his forehead and chin. The heavy layer of salty liquid covering his body made his arms glisten like the sun. My mouth went dry from the immediate lust that devoured my body. I found that I was breathing heavier – almost grunting like a gorilla in heat – and my body was actually shaking with desire for the older beast. There were a few holes in the flimsy white shirt and I was positive they had been formed during the workout he was obviously ending. I strolled across the room in my khakis and dress shirt, wishing I were nude so I could entice the huge muscle man to take me right there in the middle of the gym. His body, his gorgeous face, and his perfect mustache made me immediately forget all anxiety and doubt that had crept into my mind over the last few hours. The plain fact was that I wanted this man almost as much as I wanted to breathe. Every fiber of my body – especially my rock-hard prick – craved this older muscle god. Suddenly, I didn’t care if the vials had caused him to want me – I was just happy that the mountain of hard bulges chose to give me the time of day, let alone take me under his wing. I was the luckiest guy in the world and I was about to have lunch with the hunkiest daddy in the world. The smile that broke out across Roman’s face when he noticed me walking up made my legs actually wobble with nervousness. I felt like I was in the presence of a Greek muscled deity. “Fuck, son, you dress up nice. Old Roman could almost eat you up, you look so good. I popped a stiff one just from one glance at your fine body. You fill out a shirt like a man’s suppose to, Jason. Thoughts of you, boy, made my workout for the last three hours so intense that I think I packed on five pounds of new muscle.” “I think it’s all in your arms, sir.” “Yeah, you noticed that, did you? I feel the growth there, especially. I lifted some fucking heavy weight as I visualized doing things to your body that when they actually happen you’re going to feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.” “Gazing on your huge sweaty body makes me think I’m already there, sir.” “Damn, boy, you’ve made my cock pulse up even harder than it was before just from seeing you all dressed up. I’m not sure the clothes I’ve got in the locker room are going to hold a candle to the sexiness you’re blasting off. I may have to buy some new threads to match all of your handsome perfection.” “I think maybe no clothes on you would be perfection, sir.” “You might be right today, J-boy. I lifted enough weight during my workout to equal shoving an entire city block about a hundred feet. I was on fire today, man. I got home yesterday and fucked the hell out of those two bodybuilders again – just because working out with you got me so juiced up. They’re still at home passed out on the bed. They begged me to leave them at home and let them get some sleep. I granted their wish, but only on the stipulation that they’d be out of there by the time I returned for lunch with you. At one point last night, I plopped one big guy on the other’s hard dick and then lifted both men up onto my hard missile – plowing the guy on the bottom so hard that it gave intense pleasure to both men. You should have seen me holding both big bodies up in the air as I stood there pumping my huge rod into that tight ass. My fat balls have become a cum-factory, churning out juice as fast as I can move from one man’s ass to the next. Those big boys probably aren’t sitting down for weeks, Jason.” “I can’t believe it, Roman. You’re just so gigantic everywhere I look.” “Yeah, you like your big daddy’s hot body, don’t you, J-boy?” “Yes sir.” “Well how about I get a little special water from you, son, and then I’ll go throw on my shorts and tank-top and we’ll be on our way to get some grub. How does that sound?” “Incredible. I’m very excited about you having more of my family’s water, sir.” “So am I, son, so am I. I’m beginning to not remember what the vials have done to me, but I know they help me a lot.” I watched as the muscleman drank the bottle of water I handed to him. Droplets of sweat hung off of his handlebar ‘stache and his gray hair was matted down on his head – giving him even more of an older jock-stud look than before. I watched as his muscled neck swallowed the liquid in what was basically one gulp. I imagined the fluid going into his body as my eyes roamed down his mega broad shoulders, over his mammoth pecs, and then down his beautiful solid midsection. I felt myself getting light headed as I took in all of Roman’s beautiful physique and realized that he truly did seem larger. I watched as his face revealed that the water was working its magic. My cock started to stir to attention even more than it already was – something I noticed was happening to his own hefty meat, as well. “That is very good stuff, Jason. Let me step into the back for a few minutes, Jason, and I’ll be ready to go.” “Yes sir.” There was something in the way that Roman excused himself that was totally new and super exciting. I could tell there was a change to his personality, but I didn’t get a good enough glimpse of how the water had changed him to figure out what it was. He still had that unbelievable sexy sparkle in his eye and he carried himself with so much confidence that it bordered on cocky, but there was something definitely different. It was something about the way he carried himself – something in the way he said he’d be ready in a few minutes. I watched every head follow him as he walked by different people in the gym. He caught everyone’s attention and it was clear that each man wanted Roman in a powerful way. As I waited for Roman I began to think it might be necessary for me to beat off before we went to lunch at his place. I had never been so sexually turned on in my entire life. I could not believe that I, a gorgeous hung of a bodybuilder, was head-over-heels in love with someone. It was way beyond infatuation. It bordered on stalker level. I craved Roman on some internal level that I had never experienced before. When I closed my eyes I could picture every muscled curve of his body, every gray streaked hair on his head and mustache, and every beautiful mature masculine part of his face. I began to think that the aches and pains I felt in my body were not from the intense workouts my daddy put me through, but were actually pining throbs of desire for the man. I suddenly started to doubt that going to his condo was a good idea – for fear that I would not be able to wait for the final vial of Aunt Hildie’s concoction before attacking the gorgeous specimen. My erotic dreams of the muscled man were suddenly interrupted when I noticed that the gym had suddenly become as silent as a library. Without even opening my eyes I knew that Roman had emerged from the locker room. I was petrified that raising my eyelids and beholding all of his magnificence was going to make my cock spew with more pressure than a badly shaken two-liter cola. I could not, however, refrain from seeing what was causing the entire gym to freeze in place. What greeted my opened eyes could only be described as what people saw when they beheld an angel in heaven. Standing on this side of the door to the locker room was the beautiful and impeccably dressed body of wet-dream-come-true muscle daddy Roman. The big man was pulling gently on the cuffs of a beautiful light blue dress shirt underneath the jacket of a perfect cream-colored Armani linen suit. The giant man still looked butch as hell, but now there was an air of style and grace surrounding him that made James Bond seem like a hick. My mouth dropped open wide as I drank in all of the man’s tanned hugeness. The handlebar ‘stache looked as tailored as the suit, the man’s head of attractive senior hair looked like it had just been styled by the world’s best hairdresser, and the massive muscled body looked even larger covered by a wardrobe that clearly cost a year’s worth of my salary. When the man finally looked at me it was like lightning bolts shot out of his eyes into my chest – that’s how bowled over I was by his gorgeousness. Clearly defined muscles bulged and relaxed as the man-angel walked towards me. I knew, before he even reached my area of the gym, that the newly improved Roman out-classed me by many levels. I even smelled his incredible cologne before he got close. I had never felt so inferior in my entire life. The only thing that saved me – that made me even remotely capable of speaking to the man – was his intensely confident and inviting smile. “Are you ready for lunch, Jason?” I couldn’t form words for a few seconds. The man was even more stunning up close and personal. I could not take my eyes from his – it was like some powerful light beaming from within him hypnotized me. I closed my gaping mouth, licked my lips, and attempted a smile. By this point I had forgotten he had asked a question. I was simply basking in the beauty of the man – overwhelmed that this god had chosen to speak to me, even though I knew him so well. Roman did not embarrass me by asking the question again or by saying anything. He simply did the polite thing and waited for me to gain control of my body and mind. I suddenly realized that our interaction called for some kind of response from me. I dug deep into my soul and gathered all of my strength in order to offer the only reply that fitted such an astonishingly handsome and well-built classy man. “Yes sir.” Roman bent down and grabbed my gym bag and then held out his hand to me. He held out his beautifully manicured thick manly palm and fingers, causing me to feel like fucking Cinderella meeting the prince as I placed my smaller hand in his. His fingers firmly clasped around mine and his arm didn’t budge as I pulled my entire weight upward using him as my anchor. The man’s massive linen-covered limb stayed in place as my huge body unsteadily stood and pressed into him. As soon as he sensed that I had command over my legs he released my hand and moved his perfect paw to the small of my muscled back to guide me out of the gym. As we walked through the big room I felt a rush of pride flow through my body knowing that everyone else was jealous as hell because I was leaving with this man. I was sure that every person in the place – whether gay, straight, male, or female – wanted to be with Roman. I felt like I had just been crowned queen of some fucking parade and every other girl in town was full of murderous envy. Roman reached out to open the door for me and allowed me to walk through first – a move that was both alpha-cocky and gentlemanlike at the same time. My brain was on stimulation overload as we walked toward the parking lot. In the bright sunlight I was able to regain a little of my own confidence and I stared at my striking friend as he put on what I knew were ridiculously expensive face-complimenting sunglasses. The good-looking mega stud smiled at me and guided me to a dark blue Porshe Cabriolet turbo coup. It was my dream car of all dream cars and the top was already down. Roman opened my door and actually slid his hand down to my ass to half guide-half lift me into the seat. The overtly virile move thrilled me beyond what I could have imagined and my cock actually started to throb achingly from being too hard. “Your obvious arousal, young man, is very flattering. I hope I am not causing you any discomfort.” “No sir.” My answer came quickly because I did not want to disappoint the man in any way. I could not have this hunk of muscle daddy perfection think for a second that anything he did bothered me in any way. That would have made me very sad. I wanted him to sense that I was literally on cloud nine whenever he was around – and even when he wasn’t, for that matter. As he moved around to his side of the car I quickly looked down at myself to make sure I looked presentable for the man. I immediately felt underdressed, not muscular enough, and inadequate in my handsomeness – all new feelings for me, which he must have sensed when he easily squeezed his huge frame into the driver seat. “You look exquisite, Jason.” My heart nearly exploded with delight. Roman had looked deep into my eyes and praised me in a way that melted any self-doubt that had entered my brain. It was a comment that had been mixed with a command, a compliment, and an invitation all at the same time. He was ordering me to be happy with myself – a demand I could not say no to. He was admiring me in a way that thrilled me like a young schoolgirl. And he was requesting that I view myself through his eyes – something that empowered me to rekindle my own self-worth. My cock twitched with excitement – a movement in my pants that did not go unnoticed by my huge date. He smiled to himself and started the car. As we pulled out of the parking lot of the gym I noticed that Roman turned in the opposite direction of mid-town – the area of his condo. “I thought you lived in the opposite direction.” “No, I live at the beach. What made you think that?” “Well yesterday you said . . . um, never mind. I was mistaken. I can’t wait to see your place. Where shall we stop to get lunch?” “I’ve already made lunch for us, Jason. I hope that is okay.” “Oh, yes . . . yes, it’s fine. I just thought you said you couldn’t . . . uh . . . just forget it.” Roman smiled at me – again, it was a smile that put me at ease instantly. I also suddenly realized what was happening. Aunt Hildie’s concoction changed everything – not just the man, but also everything around the man. Roman was not the same guy as the day before. The clothes were different, the car was different, and the house was different – just as his attitude and demeanor were different. I had wanted a cultured muscle daddy and the concoction did not disappoint. This was a little hard for me to grasp as we traveled down the road toward the coast. I knew we were going to what most people considered the ritzy part of town. I was trying to understand how the vials were completely changing the man I had met in the gym just a few days before. It was clear that Roman remembered nothing of his former self and I could not decide if this was a good thing or not. I loved the new improved Roman, but I also had come to love the inner Roman – the original guy I had encountered. I also again wondered if the man I had created only liked me because of the magic in the water. I realized that most men would have said ‘what the hell’ and just accepted things as they were, but I couldn’t do that. I desperately wanted Roman to love me on his own – not because of what I had wished for. Only the big gorgeous body of the elder man sitting in the car helped me to stuff all these feelings deep inside. I wanted to enjoy this day without second guessing everything. I knew the time of reckoning would come with the last vial. I leaned back in my leather seat, turned to look at the smiling face of the man I now loved, and sighed out loud before I even realized what I was doing. It was a sound of contentment and joy. It was also noticed by my huge date for the day. “Happy, Jason?” “Very.” “I’m glad. I’m very happy, too.” “I hope so.” “What is there not to be happy about – I’m tooling down the road with a gorgeous man and the sun is shining brightly. It’s a perfect day.” “I couldn’t agree more. You know, that suit highlights your muscles perfectly.” “Thanks, big guy. I have a gay tailor that seems to only put me in tight clothing. He says when he dresses me it’s like I’m his work of art.” “I’ll say.” “We should get him to make you some clothes. I think he’d love dressing you, too.” “I’m afraid I couldn’t afford your tailor, Roman.” “It could be a little gift from me to you. After all, your family’s water continues to improve my body. It’s the least I could do.” “How much do you remember about your life before the water, Roman?” “What do you mean?” “Well, for starters, how long have you lived at the beach?” “For years. That’s a funny question.” “How long have you been big, Roman?” “Ever since I started working out – in my teens. I mean I wasn’t this big, of course, that’s what your family’s water did to me. It made me get a lot bigger.” “It sure did.” I now understood that Roman was slowly becoming completely the man I had dreamed of when I wrote to Aunt Hildie. Her potion was working perfectly and, yet, I was getting more nervous about its effects. Roman still had free will – since he had not taken the last vial. Since the final drink of water was labeled ‘loving’ and Aunt Hildie had made this liquid for me – it was clear that that dose would make Roman’s huge body, his mature and cocky attitude, and his cultured flair all directed towards me. And while the thought of this made me extremely excited, I began to wonder if it was truly what I wanted. If I was I turning Roman into a robot that automatically became and did everything I wanted, was that truly love? Or was it making him my muscle slave? He clearly remembered drinking the water, but he was slowly forgetting how dramatically it changed him. I must have had a worried look on my face, which Roman noticed. “It looks like my gorgeous boy needs some food, quickly. Hang on there, sport, we’re almost to my place.” We shortly pulled into the garage of what could only be described as the beach house of my dreams. It made sense that the house would be what I liked, since the water was turning Roman into my dream man. As we entered the brightly sun-lit house I recognized a Lucien Freud painting I had always admired, some pieces of sculpture that I had dreamed of owning if ever I won the lottery, and noticed that the place was filled with pieces of my dream furniture. At this point I began to freak out a little. It was like I had created an alternate universe for myself. All of this anxiety disappeared, however, as soon as Roman took off his coat inside the front door. The light blue silk shirt clung to the muscle daddy’s body in a way that was erotically flattering and emphasized the man’s torso perfectly. An overwhelming desire for the muscle god welled up in my body and helped me to forget about being freaked out. I stopped in my tracks and stared open-mouthed at the mustached daddy in front of him. Roman let out a soft chuckle and walked over to close my mouth by placing a thick finger underneath my chin and pushing upward. The physical contact snapped me out of my lustful trance. “I picked this shirt out just for you, sweet boy, so I’m glad you approve.” “What’s not to approve – you look good enough to eat. I think you’ve grown since yesterday.” “I hope so. You’ve gained about ten pounds of muscle yourself.” “No way, I haven’t gained anything in about ten months. I think I’ve hit my plateau.” “Really? Check out the scale in the master bathroom down the hall – I think you’ll be surprised. I’ll pour us some Prosecco and finish getting lunch ready. We’ll eat out on the deck, if that’s okay with you.” “That sounds great. I’m telling you you’re wrong, though, about the added pounds.” I walked down the hall, marveling at every detail of the beautiful home. The master bedroom seemed made for a movie and had all the gadgets and furniture I had ever wanted. I stepped on the top-of-the-line electric scale in the incredible bathroom and was, again, shocked beyond words. I had actually gained about twelve pounds and I instantly knew it was all muscle. Roman’s incredible tips in the gym had worked miracles, even in just a few short days. My head spun in disbelief. I reached out and grabbed hold of the beautifully tiled counter to steady myself. I also let out a gasp because I had thought it impossible to grow any more. Roman obviously heard me, even from down the hall. “I told you so, Jason. Stick with me, kid, and we’re going to blow your mind all the time. Come get lunch.” I was, again, surprised by the changes in Roman when I gazed at what he had prepared for lunch. The day before he had said he did not know his way around the kitchen, but the spread on the table in front of me rivaled anything made by Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. There were some light appetizers, a seafood salad, and a couple of options for dessert. A wine that Roman had chosen specifically to compliment the food accompanied every part of the meal. He explained perfectly how each drink brought out different parts of the dish it was partnered with. I quickly realized that the ‘culture’ vial of water had made the huge man a walking encyclopedia for art, architecture, food, music, and so much more. He had become a true renaissance man with a body to die for. I tried desperately to focus on what Roman was saying as he spoke, but my eyes kept wandering to his fur-covered chest, exposed by the open shirt, and his bulging arms. It became clear that Roman realized what I was doing but he never commented on it – ever the gentleman. The meal was exquisite and I eagerly complimented every part of the meal. Later, after we had rinsed everything and loaded the dishwasher, Roman made a proposal that made my heart stop. “I was wondering, Jason, if you might care to stay the night. I believe it’s okay for me to take the last vial at midnight and we might want to see what comes after that.” We were standing at the edge of Roman’s large deck that stuck out over the ocean. His eyes and entire body seemed to reflect the astounding beauty of the water below. The muscled daddy radiated strength, sensitivity, and manliness – all at the same time. My legs began to wobble from excitement at the idea of spending the night with Roman. I knew the final vial was in my gym bag in the entranceway and, clearly, he did, too. During the meal, however, I had begun to contemplate not giving him the final vial. My fear about Roman not having the free will to choose to love me was causing doubt about finishing what I had begun. I figured I could leave things as they were right now and our relationship could develop naturally. It was clear that we were wildly attracted to each other. My hesitation was not lost on the big man. “What is it, Jason?” “I was thinking you might not want to take the last vial of water. I mean, look at how you’ve changed already. I think it’s enough, don’t you?” “I’m not sure, Jason. I’ve begun to forget what the vials have done to me. I know I’ve taken them and I remember they come from you, but I don’t recall who I was before you shared them with me. I understand, however, somewhere in my gut, that I need to take them all. It’s a packaged deal and we need to trust that. You feel it, too, don’t you.” “No, Roman, I don’t. I can’t explain it all to you, but I think the last vial will change you in a way that’s not good. I originally wanted . . . I mean the original plan was to take them all, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea now.” “I think we should stick to the original plan. You should trust the vials, son.” “How about we don’t make a decision until midnight. Okay, Roman. Let’s just have the evening to ourselves – just as we are right now – and then we can see what we want to do later on.” “If that’s what you want, Jason, then we’ll wait to make the decision. I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind, though. I’ve just got a gut feeling that I need to complete whatever transformation that has taken place.” “You really can’t remember anything, Roman?” “I have a vague memory of growing – both the muscles and the mustache – and I kind of remember having a different personality, but it’s getting more and more sketchy all the time. I just know that you’ve helped me a lot and I want to return the favor by making you grow bigger. I also feel a strong voice in my head that says I shouldn’t be physically intimate with you in any way until after the last vial. My gut tells me that the changes won’t take hold or something like that if we hook up in any way.” Roman’s gut feeling resonated with a similar hunch that was eating away at my own stomach. I had slowly realized that Aunt Hildie’s concoction would only be permanent if Roman drank every vial – but I also had come to understand that the last vial would probably erase all memories of his former self and make him my own hugely muscled adoring daddy boyfriend, but it wouldn’t be his choice. Roman would be responding to the magic of Aunt Hildie’s concoction and love me unconditionally. It was every gay man’s dream - to have a muscle daddy slave - but I had begun to wonder if it was truly what I wanted. I had set out to make the perfect man – and in almost every way Roman had become exactly what I wanted, but I now doubted my dream. I wondered if it would be better to let Roman go back to being the man I had met in the gym a few days ago and love the inner muscle daddy I knew existed inside him - knowing that his mind was clear and his decisions were his own. Or would it satisfy me more to have him be the perfect specimen of manhood now, but understand that he adored me only because of Aunt Hildie’s concoction. I was leaning toward the former because I thought that I would be able to, over many years, release the inner Roman and come somewhat close to what he was right now, but there were no guarantees. “Just because we can’t do anything too intimate until after the last vial, Jason, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun this afternoon.” “What do you mean, Roman?” “I mean a guy can still look, even if he can’t touch. I’d like to see you flex for me, boy. It would be good to see what my training has done to you. And if I choose to get a little relief from all this pent up tension, well, there seems to be little harm in that.” My cock, which had become deflated during my inner turmoil about the last vial, suddenly shot back to being fully hard – achingly hard, as a matter of fact. The thought of seeing my muscle daddy work off a little sexual tension was enough to almost bring me to an uncontrollable explosion. At the same time, though, the thought of posing for my dream man intimidated me. I had been a natural exhibitionist ever since I had added my first few pounds of muscle as a young man. I was a champion bodybuilder that usually strutted through the gym like I owned the place. What was happening to me? Roman, the elder muscle god of my dreams; was making me embarrassed about my body – my huge body. It was just that he was so much larger and muscle-packed than me – it caused me to feel inadequate. I looked down at the ground – torn between intense lust at the thought of seeing Roman pump his huge cock and extreme discomfort at the idea of stripping down to some posers for this gorgeous man. Again, the giant muscle daddy in front of me sensed my awkwardness perfectly. “You have nothing to be shy about, boy. You’re fucking gorgeous. Don’t compare yourself to me, son. We’re going to get you this huge very soon. And right now, you’re more muscled than almost ninety-nine percent of the world. Your body gets this huge muscle daddy worked up more than you’ll ever know. Hell, I’d throw you down on this deck and fuck the shit out of that tight ass right now if I didn’t know it would break the spell you’ve been feeding me in that water. We might be tempting fate getting naked and everything, but I’m just not sure I can take being this close to you and not chugging out a big load. How about I open a six hundred dollar bottle of wine, we get a little drunk, and you show off that fucking hot body for your daddy. What do you say, son?” “I say I’ll get the opener while you get the bottle of wine.” We stood there staring at each other for a few seconds. I was seriously worried that we were going to pounce on each other for some throw down man-on-man sex and forget about Aunt Hildie’s last vial. I’d be lying if I said that part of me didn’t wish that we would, but Roman broke the tension by letting out a loud, somewhat uncultured cowboy yell, pounded his huge thick chest with his fists a couple of times and then backed away to go get the wine - never taking his eyes off of mine until he got to the door. I exhaled loudly after he disappeared and immediately sank into one of the oversized cushioned deck chairs. I felt light-headed – mainly because all of the blood in my body was pumping powerfully into my stiff cock – and worried that I might pass out from the excitement Roman caused in my body. I wanted to feel his huge muscles pressed up against my hard body so badly that I worried I was going to burst into flames from the heat he produced within me. I saw the same exact lust in Roman’s eyes. He desired me as much as I desired him – even before he drank the last vial. It suddenly dawned on me that if I could be convinced that Roman loved me unconditionally prior to taking the last vial then maybe the guilt I felt about turning him into an unknowing slave could evaporate from my mind. If he was already a total lovesick puppy – devoted to me – then I didn’t have to worry about what Aunt Hildie’s concoction did to him. I realized I had already begun to rationalize reasons for giving the last vial to Roman – again, a sure sign I was head over heels in love with him. The big man clearing his voice interrupted my mental revelry. I looked up and gasped out loud when I saw my muscle daddy standing over me holding a bottle of wine and realized he had taken off his beautiful shirt. I had seen his upper body many times before, but the intensified sexual tension between us caused me to take in his massiveness in a new and exciting way. “Somebody was dreaming of his muscle daddy so much that he forgot to get the opener.” “Guilty as charged, sir.” “Not to worry, I stopped by the kitchen to lose the shirt and grab the corkscrew.” “Watch out when you say ‘screw’ big man – I may not be able to prevent myself from attacking you.” “No, no, dreamboat, we have to wait until after midnight for all that touchy-feely stuff. That means we have about eight hours to kill. I’m thinking we can find a lot of things to do to keep our hands occupied until then. Watch this little trick I learned today, sport.” Roman pushed out his monstrous pecs and held the bottle of wine in the deep valley between the hard mounds of flesh. He then tensed his chest causing a ton of striations to become noticeable even through the fur covering the huge muscles. I watched in awe and lust as he dropped his hand and the wine bottle stayed tightly in place. I then loved every second of the show as he took the kitchen tool and proceeded to uncork the bottle while he held it in place with just his pecs. Some of the deep burgundy wine squirted out on his right massive pec shelf as he pulled out the cork and I immediately wanted to lick it up – excited about tasting the mixture of his salty sweat and the sweet wine. Roman shook his finger back and forth at me and shook his head from side to side. “Not yet, sexy big boy. Cool your jets. Did you like my trick?” “Look to my crotch for your answer, daddy.” “Ummm, indeed you did. Care for some wine?” “Only if I can slurp it up from within that big crevice between those massive muscled puppies!” “Maybe later on, boy, maybe later on. Right now, you’ll have to settle for a glass. I also think we should simply sit here for a while and sip our wine – before we start your little show. I think we are both too wired for any kind of stimulation right now. We might not be able to control our hands.” “Or our cocks.” “So true, my young pup, so true.” Roman poured both of us a big glass of the wine and almost all thoughts of sex immediately left my mind after he swirled my glass for a few seconds and then allowed me to sip some of the unbelievable aged vino. It was like having a sweet grape orgasm in my mouth. I had never tasted something so incredible. Roman could instantly tell how much I loved the wine and this pleased him very much. He sat down in another deck chair, across from me, and watched intently as I took my second sip. I was blown away by the taste even more the second time. “He likes the wine. I see my boy has good taste.” “Of course. I chose you, didn’t I?” “Smooth, sir, smooth.” “Almost as smooth as your wine, daddy.” “When you call me daddy, Jason, it takes every ounce of my strength not to leap from this chair and throw my big body on top of you. Who knows what would happen after that.” “Daddy, daddy, daddy.” “You, my friend, are incorrigible.” We both took a long sip of wine and stared into each other’s eyes. It was a natural break in the strenuous work of not attacking each other. The air was filled with the kind of sexual tension that was so palpable we both knew that even a stiff wind could send us over the edge. I wanted this elder specimen of muscled daddiness more than I had ever wanted anything in my entire life. I was lost in his confidence and his masculine beauty. I could not believe I had been granted the chance to create my fantasy man. I mentally stumbled for a few seconds when the word ‘fantasy’ crept into my thoughts. Is that what Roman was – just a fantasy? Had I taken away his ability to choose things for himself and would the final vial seal his robotic love for me completely? Suddenly, my mind was clear and I knew what I had to do. I loved this man too much to make him my slave – even if his new body and his cocky attitude was everything I had ever wanted. I made the decision that would cause me great grief, but I knew it was also the right thing to do. “I need to step into the little boy’s room, sir.” “You’ll find that there’s not any room here for little boys, Jason.” “Well, then I need to step into the big boy’s room, sir.” “No fair jerking off in there, big guy. Save that sweet stuff for later on.” “I wouldn’t think of it, sir.” I placed my glass on a side table and slid off the chair. I had to reach down and readjust my hard cock, so it would be easy to walk. This caused Roman to chuckle slightly. I looked down into his beautiful eyes and I immediately got the sense that he knew exactly what I was doing. I thought I saw sadness in his eyes, but there was also some pride mixed in. I was instantly confused and stopped in my tracks. I must have had a quizzical look on my face. Roman smiled at me and then nodded his head. “A man has to do what he’s got to do.” “What?” “I mean, when you have to piss, you got to piss. Am I right?” “Um . . . yes . . . yes, sir.” I moved away slowly and knew that Roman followed my every step. I got the feeling we had not been talking about bodily functions. It really creeped me out when it seemed that Roman knew what I was thinking. I quickly moved into the house. I walked to my gym bag in the foyer and grabbed the last vial. Once inside the bathroom I stood over the toilet like a frozen statue – torn between what I knew was the right thing to do and what my cock told me was the thing that turned me on more than anything else in the world. I did not want Roman to be a robot. I did not want his love unless it was given freely. I knew what I was about to do would mean that the muscle daddy of my dreams would be back to his original dweebish self by morning. I also glanced around the fancy bathroom and realized the beach home would be gone, too. Remembering that the house was furnished and decorated to my own taste hastened my decision – since it was a sign of the big man’s automatic commitment to me. I opened the vial, sighed heavily, and then poured the liquid in the toilet – and flushed. I immediately felt great relief with my decision, but I had to lower the seat cover and sit down to recover fully. I had basically just given up on everything I ever dreamed of having. I had watched Roman change into the muscled senior stud of all studs and now I was giving it all up. But I realized I was sacrificing my own orgasmic happiness because I loved the man – the true man. I had come to love everything about Roman. I hoped that I would one day help him to once again become his present macho muscled self, but I realized it would be a long process. The man sitting out on the deck existed somewhere within the original Roman – I knew that now - but I also understood that it might take a lifetime to help him reach his full potential. I gathered my strength, wiped away the tears that had begun to fall down my cheeks, and returned the vial my bag as I made my way back outside. I inhaled deeply, to regain some confidence, and stepped back out onto the deck. ********** I somehow felt amazingly calm and collected when I returned to the deck and beheld the beautiful Roman. The heat of the day was causing him to perspire slightly and the light layer of water made it look like he had oiled up his big body. He glistened like the water on the shore of a Greek isle. He was lying there soaking up the rays of the setting sun with his eyes closed as I moved near him. I stood there quietly, staring at the beautiful man. He seemed larger than before. I immediately thought it wasn’t possible, but then I remembered all the things that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had accomplished thus far. Maybe the big man was still growing. I tried to remember what Roman looked like before the transformation – and how he would again look this time tomorrow, but all I could picture was the way he was right now – muscled, mustached, and exuding cockiness and culture at the same time. Actually, even I was beginning to forget the old Roman. I tried desperately to memorize how he looked right at that moment so that over the coming years, as we hopefully rebuilt him to this point, I could remember what each part of him should look like. I doubted we would ever reach the perfection in front of me, but maybe we could come close. It didn’t even cross my mind how hard it would be to get Roman to be as confident and knowledgeable as he was right now, but only time would tell. When he finally spoke, clearly having sensed that I was back, he did not open his eyes. “Did you take care of everything, Jason?” “I’m sorry?” “Were you able to set things straight while you were inside?” “Um . . . yes, yes I think I did.” “That’s good. Now, how about a little flexing for your ole buddy Roman?” He finally opened his eyes. There was a new twinkle there that I had not noticed before. I quickly picked up that it existed because the big man was finally overtly flirting with me. I had witnessed him mesmerize others with his charm and I also saw people follow his every move at the gym, but now the man was focused solely on me – and not like he focused on me when we worked out together. No, the look in his eyes was purely sexual and it made my strong legs wobble. Roman was looking at me with a smile that made it clear he would have fucked me silly right there and then if it had not been for the final vial – the vial that no longer existed since I had dumped it down the toilet. Roman’s lustful staring turned me on in a way that I could not explain. I wanted the man more than I wanted air or water. I needed him to live. “Um . . . I’m sorry, Roman?” “Take your shirt off.” I didn’t fully understand what he was asking, but I began to unbutton my shirt just because he had told me to. I would have jumped off a cliff or in front of a charging bus if the guy had ordered it. I was Roman’s puppy – obedient until the end. I suddenly felt a pang of regret for having gotten rid of the last vial. Being ordered around by a huge older muscle stud was such a turn on – such the fulfillment of all my lifelong dreams, but it was also false coming from this man. Roman’s bravado was created by me – and Aunt Hildie’s concoction. In less than twenty-four hours he would be back to the original smallish man I had met in the gym just a few days ago. My present actions with the shirt reflected a need to satisfy the man sitting in the deck chair in front of me. My mind and heart had already begun to plan how I might naturally build up the guy that had been the original cornerstone – the man I had met in the gym that first day. By this point my shirt lay on the deck at my feet. My upper body was completely exposed. “Damn, you’re a beautiful man, Jason. Your size and definition is amazing. I could gaze on your incredible muscles forever.” Roman’s words turned me on in a way that was unfathomable in every way – I didn’t realize I could become as jazzed about someone as I was about him at that moment. Here was one of the sexiest and most fucking built men I had ever seen in my entire life talking about how beautiful and muscular I was – it was so surreal. I watched in awe as Roman unzipped his pants and pulled out the most mouth-watering plump masculine cock I had ever seen – and started stroking the big thing slowly. The muscle daddy of my dreams was getting his rocks off because of my body. This was something I never thought I would live long enough to experience. Suddenly, the deadline of midnight no longer mattered. I didn’t care that Roman would be turning back to the man I had met in the gym a few days ago – it just didn’t matter. Right now, at this moment, he was a huge guy that found me so irresistible that he had to jerk-off as he gazed upon my body. I started to unzip my pants and push them down over my immense quads without having the stud request it. I wanted to please Roman so much that I merely did what I sensed he desired. I could not have guessed how right I truly was. “Aw hell, boy, you are making me crazy. Just look at those huge legs. You’ve got so much muscle in those quads I think it could take me years to count the striations. And those fucking calves are as big as kegs! Jason, you are the most beautiful man in the world. I hope I can prevent myself from cumming too soon – I want to save myself for you later on.” I was hoping the same thing about myself. Seeing the huge muscled daddy stroking his big meat in the chair in front of me was almost too much. I was as hard as stone and leaking a lot of pre. I forced myself to stare at Roman’s face – avoiding his huge body and the pumping of his cock because I knew it would make me explode. I stood there only in my underwear – but my own pole stretched my briefs out in a way that was both indecent and harmful to the material. I wanted to throw my big body down on the even bigger man lying in the chair before me. I wanted it so much that my body actually ached. I could have initiated sex with Roman since the final vial had been flushed down the toilet, but I waited. I waited to honor the fact that he was being diligent in his own control – but also because I wanted to build up the mind-blowing sexual tension that already existed between us. I knew I would have to tell the guy that the final vial was gone. I knew his disappointment would be great, but I also knew – on a certain level – that he could not remember the man he used to be. I had a feeling he would wake up tomorrow and not even remember that he had been the most beautiful muscle daddy that had ever walked the earth – not to mention the cockiest and most cultured. Tomorrow he would only see that there was a giant stud sleeping next to him that was head-over-heels in love with him. I knew that I would still desire Roman after he returned to his old self – because I had glimpsed what existed beneath the surface. I now knew what the man could become – what was possible within him. And that was enough to keep me committed and devoted to him forever. I was certainly ready to re-build the Roman I knew - when he no longer had the body or the attitude that existed right now. “Flex your guns, boy.” My arms went up in the air immediately and I pumped my biceps hard. I needed the big daddy in front of me to be impressed. The pumping of his cock increased a little and he moaned in what could only be described as pure pleasure. The man was staring at me like I was a tall glass of ice water and he had been out in the dessert without any liquid for days. If looks could have equaled intercourse – at that moment I would have been fucked in every orifice possible. I tensed my arms even higher – desperate to make Roman happy. His leaking pre-cum made the rock-hard huge pole glisten as he stroked himself. It still boggled my mind to know that this giant muscle daddy lusted for me so deeply. Both of us were using every ounce of our incredible strength to not jump the other guy’s body. I swear Roman looked even bigger than just a few minutes ago. I was sure it had everything to do with my own desire for him, but he did look magnificent. I didn’t take my eyes away from him. He, however, was not looking at my face – his gaze was locked on my arms. “You’re just fucking huge, boy, and we’re going to get you even larger. I can’t wait until we have to go and buy you an entire new wardrobe. This daddy is going to make his boy look cum-draining gorgeous. I’m going to have to beat all the boys off of you.” “Something that will be no problem for my big muscled daddy, I’m sure.” “You’d like to see me rough up some young whippersnappers, wouldn’t you, Jason. It would be nice to have me toss some guys around just to emphasize to them that you’re my pup. You like the idea of seeing this daddy in action, don’t you, son?” “Yes sir. More than anything, sir.” “I’m built to put people in their place, kid. I’ve got enough muscle to defeat an army for you – if that’s what you want. You just keep getting bigger and posing that gorgeous body of yours for me any time I want and I’ll be glad to rid the world of anything you want me to. Lose the briefs, boy.” My arms came down and I immediately latched my thumbs underneath the waistband of my underwear. I pulled the material out, to bring it beyond my hard protruding dick and then tugged the things down beyond my bulging quads. I then used my right foot to push them over my calves and release them onto the deck floor. I had never been so proud of my body. Roman let out a huge whistle and increased the motion on his cock – the rhythm being steady and intense. “Turn around and let me see what my fat daddy cock is going to get to plug in a little while. Aw fuck yeah, that is one beautiful muscled ass, Jason. Tense those glutes, boy. Let me see the power you got in those cheeks. Oh shit, that’s nice. Remind me why I shouldn’t just shove this big thing up that tight hole right now, son.” “I really can’t think of any reason, sir.” “Shame on you, Jason, trying to trick me when I’m in such a vulnerable state. I know we’ve got to wait until midnight. I’m slowly forgetting why, but I know it’s important. That last vial is going to cement things between you and me – it’s what your family’s concoction is all about. I won’t forget that important point – no matter how gorgeous your ass is. Bend over for me, boy.” I could not believe how much his talking turned me on. I didn’t even need to look at the beautiful man for him to excite me – just his voice could cause my cock to start leaking even more generously. I leaned over and grabbed my ankles – exposing my puckered hole for the muscle daddy. I heard his big hand cease it’s motion on his hard pole – the guy was clearly too close to eruption and needed a break. Roman also let out a low growl-like sound that made it more than clear he was happy with the view between my muscled cheeks. I was amazed at the self-control we were both somehow able to muster. I started to contemplate what it would feel like to have the big cock that beamed so beautifully from the guy’s crotch. I continued to tense my ass – making sure my tight opening quivered appropriately. Suddenly, I heard a big splash in the pool behind me. I opened my eyes and peered between my muscled calves. I saw Roman’s pants in a heap at the base of his chair and then noticed his head pop out of the perfectly blue water a few feet away. “I needed to calm down, boy. Your ass was sending me too close to the edge.” I stood back up and turned around. Seeing Roman’s gorgeous hair and mustache glistening with beads of water sent me into sensory overload. He looked even more beautiful with his upper torso sticking out from the water at the middle of the pool. The man was still staring at my body and I could see the fat head of his cock still sticking up proudly. The sun was almost completely down now – just an orangish-red glow making everything in the area look as if it were on fire. The reflection on Roman’s body was intoxicating and it somehow made his muscles look even more stunning. I stepped to the edge of the pool and then jumped in. I made sure I ended up a few feet away from the big daddy cooling off. I didn’t want to get so close that we would immediately attack each other. The water was perfect and definitely helped to diffuse some of the sexual tension mounting between us. When I stood up and let the water cascade down over my body, Roman had to immediately close his eyes. “Seeing your muscles covered in water is almost too much, boy. It makes everything bulge out even more. This daddy couldn’t be blamed for ravaging your body when it looks like that.” “Ravage away, sir.” “Soon, son, very soon. I promise I’ll be worth the wait. We won’t be coming up for air until the sun is rising. I can guarantee that. You think my workouts made you sore, Jason? Wait until you’re trying to recover from the intense pain my fucking is going to cause. Hell, son, you’ll be bigger tomorrow morning just because of how much I’m going to make that body of yours tense up with excitement later on. And my muscle daddy cum is going to pump your body up something special, boy. I can guarantee you that. It’s gong to feel like you were run over by a Mack Truck tomorrow morning, but it’s also going to be the most glorious sensation you’ve had in a long time. I’m going to feel the same way, boy. My big body is going to ache too, but it’s going to be such sweet pain.” Hearing Roman refer to how his own big body was going to feel in the morning snapped me out of my lust for him immediately. I started to doubt that my decision to dump the final vial down the toilet had been the right one. Even though he was being turned into the man of my dreams and not necessarily his – did that really matter? Wasn’t he benefitting from what I wanted, too? I forced those doubts out of my head since it was too late now, anyway. What was done was done – the huge man before me would be his original smaller self in the morning. I knew it was just important to enjoy his present huge company for right now – and to memorize what we would attain through hard work over the next few years. That is, if it was what Roman wanted. That was the difference – it would be his choice starting tomorrow and it wouldn’t be me forcing him to become what I wanted – what I desired. I wanted to wade over to the big man and hug him intensely. He clearly sensed my need. “Careful there, pup. We’ve just got a few more hours to go. I know I toyed with our libidos for the last few hours, but that was just some intense foreplay. Two huge strong fuckers like us can hold out for a little while longer. It will just make the multiple orgasms that are going to happen throughout the night that much better. You take a little swim and your big daddy is going to go fix us a nice dinner. Watching you flex your muscled body and edging my cock from looking at your tight hole has made me fucking hungry. I’m going to make you something so tasty that your big cock will stay hard just from the food and not only because our bodies are so hot for each other.” Watching Roman slowly walk up the steps at the shallow end of the pool was like watching Poseidon coming up from the ocean. The man’s body was huge and the wet hail only emphasized his muscles more. I loved how Roman didn’t dry off at all. He simply walked into the big house and turned on some lights. I watched him – my hard-on becoming more intense – as he started working in the kitchen completely nude. His huge body moved around the open space like he was in some kind of domestic ballet. I stroked my hard meat under the water. I stood just like that for the hour and a half that it took the big man to prepare our meal. He glanced at me every now and then – especially when he came outside to set the table on the deck, preparing a beautiful space for what would be our final meal in this place. He called me from the pool once everything was on the table and the wine was poured. I stepped out of the water and moved to the chair on the other side of the table. We both stayed completely nude – the night air causing our nipples to poke out strongly. I could have skipped the entire meal if he had offered one of his nubs for me to suck on. There was, of course, another couple bottles of exquisite wine with the meal and by the time we finished everything we both were pretty buzzed. My inebriation made me a little bolder with the man. I decided to tread in some unfamiliar territory. “What if none of this existed tomorrow? How would you feel, Roman?” “What do you mean?” He was opening a third bottle - a sweet dessert wine - and chose to hold the thing between his monstrous pecs like he had earlier as he pulled out the cork. It was a trick I had come to love. My cock – even in my drunken state – was fully hard. Roman knew exactly what kind of response his actions elicited from my body. He did it just to tease me. I also think it helped him to stay hard, as well – knowing I was so turned on. “What if this house didn’t exist, this food didn’t exist . . . even your body didn’t exist.” “Would I still have you?” His question came quickly, without any hesitation, and caught me off guard. I stared into his eyes and noticed the seriousness behind the statement. He stopped in mid pour and just looked at me with a face full of love. I was almost moved to tears. I didn’t blink at all and answered honestly. “Of course you would – I’ll never leave you now, Roman. I know the real you and I’ve come to realize that’s the most important thing.” “Then none of this matters, Jason. You are all that I desire. It’s been that way since the first time we met – even though I really can’t remember all the details of when we met. I do, however, remember wanting you from the moment you shared your family’s secret water. I could do without any of this if I knew I still got you.” The tears flowed now. I couldn’t control them. I’m sure it was partly the wine, but it was also the words that Roman had spoken. I cried because I felt the same way as he did. I wanted the guy more than anything else in the world – even if it meant he came without the changes that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had caused. Sure he was handsome as hell, muscled beyond belief, the kind of confident, cultured stud I had always dreamed of, and had the facial hair of my wet dreams – but all of that paled in comparison to what I now liked about his interior self. I sobbed a little as the tears continued to stream down my face. I knew, deep down, that a lot of what Roman was saying would be gone as soon as he was back to his original self. I still didn’t know how much of his love for me was caused by Aunt Hildie’s vials. I’m sure there was a basic attraction, but I also knew we’d have to build back up to these intense feelings we now carried for each other. I would be at an advantage because I knew what we could become – what we could be together. I would have to work hard to convince him of all this once it was gone. I was ready for the challenge, though. Roman just sat there as I mourned – for what he and I would lose come the morning. But I also cried for joy – for I knew that our relationship would be built on truth and honesty starting the next day. I could wait as we built him back up to the perfect muscle daddy. It was worth the wait. “I think we need new glasses, Jason. I’ll be right back. This stuff will taste better in champagne flutes.” Roman disappeared into the house – and I realized he was doing it to allow me to have the time I needed to work through whatever was causing me sadness. He was too much of a gentleman to pry or cause me to feel uncomfortable. I collected myself while he was gone and was ready to rejoice when he returned. I loved watching his huge body move back out onto the deck in the moonlight. It felt like I truly had every curve and bulge memorized. I was ready for whatever would come. Roman set a glass in front of me and then pulled his chair around the table so we were sitting closer to each other. He picked up his glass and I knew he was ready for a toast. I raised my flute, as well. “Here’s to the future, Jason – whatever it brings.” “To the future, Roman.” We drank in silence. The dessert wine was exquisite, just like the rest, and I loved how tasting it pleased the big man. He savored the wine and swallowed joyously. We finished our glasses without saying a word and then we both sat back in our chairs. Roman reached out and grabbed my hand. It was a bold move, since we didn’t want to do anything that would make us jump each other’s bones, but it was also a comforting move. I needed his closeness at that moment and I realized he knew it, too. We gazed into each other’s eyes and this made him begin to smile with a face full of joy. I felt complete – right then and right there. Even if that feeling never came again, I would remember that moment forever. He seemed different, somehow – even calmer and more confirdent. “It’s two minutes passed twelve, Jason. Time for that final vial.” My heart sank. I knew it was time to tell the truth. I was ready to face the music. I knew it would be hard for Roman to hear, but I also knew it was the right thing to do. I loved him so much that I realized I had to set him free. I needed him to know everything. I was ready to begin our life in a new way. “I need to tell you something, Roman. I poured the last vial down the toilet. Don’t be angry. I want to tell you a lot of things that you don’t remember – that you’ve forgotten because I have been giving you these vials. I think it is important for you to know the truth.” “I know the truth, Jason. You love me and I love you.” “Yes, that’s true, but there’s more.” “You mean that your Aunt Hildie sent you seven vials to make the perfect muscle daddy? You mean that you’ve given me the vials and have loved all the changes? You mean that the last vial – the one you poured down the toilet – was to make me loving and you panicked because you felt that you were turning me into a muscled robot that had no will of his own? Do you mean the fact that you gave up everything just because you wanted me to have the chance for all of this on my own? Have I summed it up pretty well, Jason?” “Um . . . yes . . . but, but how did you know?” “I didn’t know until about two minutes ago. I caught on earlier that you were feeling a little uneasy about the vials. Maybe your aunt put something in the sixth one to help me have some foresight or something. Anyway, when I went in earlier to get the wine opener I switched out the liquid in the vial. You poured just regular tap water down the drain. When we just toasted with the dessert wine you drank what was in the bottle and I drank what was in the vial. The seventh vial was for both of us, Jason. Your aunt knows you very well. The way to make me completely in love with you – the kind of love that knows no bounds – is to show me some act of selfless love, yourself. You gave up everything you ever dreamed of - for me, Jason. You made yourself worthy of unconditional love. The seventh vial only made me completely aware of everything that has happened and, by the way, gave me the chance to choose it for myself. I have total free will right now, boy, but I also know what you did – what you intended to do. I love you even more deeply than just ten minutes ago. And here’s the best part, kiddo, I’m staying just the way you see me right now. Well, that’s not entirely true. I plan on getting larger – right along side of you.” Somehow, everything Roman said sank into my brain fully as he spoke. It all made total sense and I was amazed by the fact that Aunt Hildie had anticipated everything. I was also thrilled beyond belief that the muscled daddy sitting in front of me was going to be staying the same forever. My heart was bursting with love for the giant. I stood up and moved in front of him. I straddled his legs and sat down. Our hard cocks were smashed between our taut stomachs as I pressed my body into his. I leaned my face down. “That must mean I can now do this…” I kissed Roman hard – harder than I had ever kissed anyone in my entire life. I also smashed my body into his hard torso – relishing every mind-blowing feeling his muscles caused in me. There was no way I could ever have imagined what it would feel like to embrace this muscle daddy for the first time – it was everything I had dreamed of and more – much more. I also knew it was the beginning of a lifetime of exciting moments. I was ready for the ride – in more ways than one. I sent a huge thank you thought out to Aunt Hildie before my mind surrendered to all things surrounding my muscle daddy built to order! This post has been promoted to an article
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    m/m Dominant Muscle Master

    Edit - Just a warning that this story contains violence, snuff and gore. You have been warned The man was standing with his girlfriend so he clearly wasn’t gay, but it made little difference to me. I wanted him so I would have him and neither his girlfriend nor his sexuality would offer any impediment. I waited till he looked my way once again and then I caught him in my gaze, my beautiful brown eyes boring into his, holding him captive. I walked towards him, keeping my eyes focused on his as I did. “Hi”, I said holding out my hand, “I’m Michael”. I took a deep breath, pushing out my rock hard pecs and tightening my washboard abs, the sight of my perfectly sculpted, muscular body caused him to stammer as he reached for my outstretched hand. “H…hi”, he said, I’m Frank”. I gripped his hand tightly causing him to wince in discomfort. I was using only a fraction of my power and he could tell immediately that my strength was so much greater than his own, as he registered my subtle display of dominance. I turned to the woman next to him and flashed her a dazzling smile, watching as she tried to fight back the lustful feelings my remarkable body was engendering within her. “Are you his girlfriend?” I asked bluntly, although it was clear that they were a couple. She hesitated, taking in the dense musculature of my torso before lowering her gaze to the large, obvious bulge in the tiny trunks I was wearing. If the poor sap hadn’t been standing right next to her she would have denied it, hoping that her availability would give her more of a chance with me, but she eventually nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Yes”, she whispered her voice full of regret. “Not any more”, I said, and her face lit up only to turn to shock as I finished. “Frank’s my girlfriend now”. I turned back, an evil grin on my face. “Isn’t that right little man.” “B..but”, he stammered, “I…I’m not gay”, “You’re dick’s been rock hard since I walked through that door”, I growled, “so don’t give me that shit. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your miserable little life, don’t you. Look at me, look at my muscles, feel my power, my strength. I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. You want to kneel at my feet and worship me with every fibre of your being, don’t you?” It was too much for the man, for any man, my presence was simply to strong, my body to incredible, my dominance to absolute. He was inferior to me in every way and he knew it. He nodded his head. “Yes”, he said eventually, no longer able to resist the inevitable. “Then drop to your knees and worship me”, I said. Without another word he fell to his knees, he reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of my muscle packed thighs. “My God”, he gasped “you’re muscles are like steel” “Kiss them weakling”, worship my body with your lips, your tongue. His ministrations soon had my dick hardening, and it began to push obscenely against my trunks as it grew. “Remove my trunks”, I commanded and he immediately began to peel them off me, freeing my spectacular cock and balls. His girlfriend almost fainted as she watched my dick expand to its full length of sixteen inches. Frank could only stare in awe. He would never have believed that any man’s dick could be so long, so wide, so incredibly hard. He looked down at his own erect dick tenting the front of his shorts, harder than it had ever been and oozing precum, yet its eight inches was insignificant next to my supreme appendage. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, forcing my dick into his mouth. “Suck it”, I commanded, and again he obeyed instantly, cowed into subservience by his now obvious inferiority. The girl watched her straight boyfriend kneel at my feet and suck hungrily on my monster shaft with a mixture of disgust and arousal. She was a beautiful woman with an impressive body and was used to being the centre of male attention, but now she was entirely superfluous. I turned to her, a look of contempt on my face. “You can go now”, I sneered, “I have no use for you”. Without another word I turned back to my new slave. I had already forgotten her and she knew it. Tears welled in her eyes from the pain of my rejection and the betrayal of her boyfriend. She had met me only moments ago, but my body was so perfect my eroticism so all-consuming that I knew my rejection hurt her far more than the loss of her boyfriend. “Frank”, she whimpered, but he completely ignored her. He was in a sexual stupor, completely unaware of anything but my absolute perfection. She called his name one more time before realising that he was lost to her and then she fled. Franks hands roamed up and down my thighs and over my hard muscular ass. His fingers slipped into the crack as he cupped my buttocks and with a cruel sneer I flexed my glutes trapping them in place. He attempted to pull them free but the strength of my glutes was more than a match for his arms. I continued to squeeze, crushing the digits between the hard slabs of my sculpted ass cheeks. His eyes widened in pain as he felt the bones of his fingers grind together but he was unable to scream as my cock effectively gagged him. I increased my thrusting, enjoying his discomfort as I raped his mouth and moments later I exploded in a powerful orgasm, pumping streams of thick hot cum down his throat. He began to gag and I released the vice like grip on his fingers and pushed him away, covering his face with juice from my still pumping cock as he fell to the ground coughing and spluttering. The taste and scent of my cum drove his lust to previously unimagined levels and i watched as his cock twitched involuntary as he released his own load without any physical stimulation. "Is that it", i sneered, "Is that all the sperm your pathetic balls can generate?" Frank had never had such a powerful orgasm, and by the standards of any other man it would have been an impressive amount, but then I'm not any other man. He looked at the wet stain on his shorts and realised that it was a miniscule quantity compared to my prodigious release. I stood over his prone body, droplets of cum dripping onto his stomach from my now limp cock. I raised my arms and flexed in a double bicep pose, causing him to groan in ecstasy as he watched my biceps expand and harden into two balls of unimaginable strength. I began to flex my legs, causing the muscles to swell and recede in a symphony of power. Within seconds my muscle display brought his dick back to life and i reached down and tore his shorts from him as if they were no more substantial than wet tissue paper. I resumed my display, flexing my legs, my abs, my chest, forcing him deeper under my spell with the hypnotic demonstration of my power and control. He lay beneath me moaning softly, so completely in my thrall that he was unable to speak. “From now on you will address me as Master, do you understand?” He nodded at my command his eyes were glazed and a thin trail of drool ran down his chin. "Hey, what the hell's going on here", a voice called out behind me. I continued the erosion of Frank’s free will with my muscle display; my only response was to flex my glutes and back, giving the interloper behind me their own muscle show. The voice walked towards me, "I said what's goi....". As soon as he drew level with me i reached out with one hand and grabbed him by the throat, lifting his entire body off the ground with ease. I turned and locked eyes with the suicidal non entity that had dared to disturb me. It was the receptionist, a skinny teenager that had just recently started the late shift. His six foot, hundred and thirty pound frame looked truly pitiful next to my own, as he hung suspended in mid-air gasping for breath. "You dare to interrupt me, you puny worm", i hissed, tightening my grip on his throat, completing blocking his airway. Within seconds his eyes rolled back, his body went limp and i let him fall to the ground. "Oh shit", Frank said, finally finding his voice. "Is he dead?" "Not yet", i grinned. "Take his clothes off, while i make sure no-one else dares to disturb me". Frank looked as if he was about to question me, until i narrowed my eyes at him. He immediately crawled over to the unconscious body and began to unfasten the boys belt, his dissent completely crushed by my gaze. I walked through the reception and locked the door, it was unlikely anyone would come in now but i wanted to make sure. When i got back Frank had stripped the boy and he was beginning to come round. I stood before him, hands on my hips, my strong, muscular body radiating power and authority. Slowly he stood up and looked at me, trembling in fear. "Please", he begged "Please don't hurt me". He was clearly terrified but my mere presence controlled his body more than his feeble mind could, and i smiled as his cock rose in obeisance to me. "Is that the best you can do?" i asked staring at his now rock hard cock which was barely six inches. "I...I'm sorry", he stammered, "this is as big and as hard as it's ever been". "And yet even limp my shaft dwarfs your pitiful erection", i said, walking towards him and grabbing him under the arms. I lifted him into the air and pinned him against the wall, stepping forward so that he was held in place by my vastly superior body. Anyone standing behind me wouldn't have even known that i held another person pinned to the wall as he was completely eclipsed by my muscular bulk. I took a breath, expanding my pecs and forcing them into his own inferior chest. I could feel his ribs bending against my abs and his sternum make a creaking noise as the thick slabs of my chest muscles crushed against it. I gave the slightest flex of my pecs and he groaned in pain as the pressure increased. No words were needed, he knew i could kill him in the most brutal way with nothing more than the slightest twitch of my mighty pecs. "Please", he whimpered fearfully, although his dick was still rock hard against my abs. I looked down at him my gaze boring through his very soul. I saw his fear and arousal, the only two emotions left to him as i dominated his mind, his spirit bending to my implacable will as easily as his body had bent to my unyielding muscles. I lowered my head and kissed him, my full, pouting lips engulfing his own. I felt his body relax as his fear yielded to his arousal and within moments i felt him tremble as he came all over my stomach. I broke off the kiss and looked at him. The look in his eyes was of absolute adoration. "Did you enjoy that?" i asked softly. He could only nod, to spent from the immense pleasure of the orgasm to speak. "Good", i growled, because now it's my turn. I stepped back and turned him round so that he now faced the wall, handling him as easily as a normal man would handle a doll. I turned to Frank who was watching in an almost trance like state. "Kneel behind me and worship my legs and ass with your lips", i commanded, “i expect to feel them on every inch of skin". I stepped forward again, once more trapping the teenager against the wall. "Please don't" he pleaded, as he felt the tip of my erection against his ass, but it was time to take my pleasure now, so i ignored his pleas and began to push my massive shaft into him. He screamed in pain as i forced my way inside him, slowly stretching his virgin ass to breaking point and then beyond. I clamped a hand around his mouth to stifle his screams, all the better to hear Franks groans of pleasure as he licked and kissed his way up my bulging, muscular calves to my oak like thighs. I noticed that he kept his fingers away from my ass crack, after the last time, but he was diligently covering every inch of my muscle packed legs and glutes with his tongue. I began to pump harder, each thrust driving my immense cock slightly further into the violated teenager’s ass. I also felt a warm spray against the back of my thighs as Frank lost control, and started to cum. Ironically the more damage i did to the teenager the more the blood lubricated the passage, easing his pain a little. The slight reprieve didn't last long of course. A few savage thrusts and i felt his ribs begin to snap as his lower body was crushed against the wall. A few more and my cock was buried deep inside him, destroying everything in its path, his frail body unable to withstand the its sheer size and power. I felt a familiar churning in my balls as my nut sac tightened, and i flexed my pecs, crushing the boy against the wall so tightly that his entire sternum shattered, his body flattening to a fraction of its thickness between the hard concrete wall and the even harder muscles of my body. At that moment i gave a roar of pleasure as i emptied my seed into the now mutilated corpse, my thick creamy sperm mingling with the blood and gore that leaked from his body. I felt another hot spray, over my ass this time as Frank once again succumbed to my immense sexuality, and i was impressed with his ability to keep cuming so often. "Enough", i said to Frank, stepping back from the wall and peeling the remains of the boy from my dick, dropping the shattered almost unrecognisable ruins to the ground. "Go find a mop and bucket, and clean this place up", i ordered, "while i dispose of this". I found a large canvas bag, which was just a little too short to fit the body in, but i soon remedied that by folding him in half, snapping his spine as easily as a dry twig. I also grabbed a couple of fifty pound plates and dropped them into the bag. "Do you have a car here?" i asked Frank when he returned with a mop and bucket. "Yes, it's parked right outside". "Give me the keys", i commanded. He picked up the shorts I had torn apart earlier, found the keys and handed them to me. I hefted the large bag onto my shoulder barely noticing the weight and went out to the car. I noticed there were no other cars parked nearby which meant that the receptionist didn't have one which was good. I dumped the bag in the boot of Frank’s car and headed back inside. It was only then that i realised i had gone out completely naked, covered in blood and cum, luckily no-one had been around. While Frank cleaned up the mess I had made in the gym I took a long hot shower, cleaning the blood and cum from my spectacular body. Once finished a pulled on a pair of black leggings that were stretched so tightly over my bulging musculature that they were practically see through. I often wear leggings in public, I love the way the skin tight material clings to my swollen muscles, hiding nothing of their power and beauty. I usually wear a pair of trunks under them to cover my manhood as the leggings are stretched to transparency, but it was late and I didn’t expect anybody to be around, so I didn’t bother. I covered my upper body with a white compression shirt, my abs, pecs and nipples clearly displayed through the material. I admired myself in the mirror for a few moments, flexing various muscles, threatening to rip my outfit apart with their size. I admired my long thick cock, covered by the leggings, but clearly visible through the material, and then headed back to the gym. Frank had finished cleaning up the mess and had returned the mop and bucket wherever he had found them. I had ordered him to get dressed once he finished and now he stood awaiting my return in a t-shirt and jeans. “Let’s go” I commanded, smirking as I saw his dick press against the material of his jeans at the sight of me. I locked the door of the gym as we left with a set off keys I had found on the reception desk and climbed into the passenger seat of Frank’s car. “Where are we going master?” he asked as he started the car. “The docks”, I said, “just drive, I will direct you”. Ten minutes later we parked outside the gate of the deep-water dock. The gate was secured with a thick chain and a large padlock, but it wasn’t thick enough to prevent my entry, or even test my muscles. “Wait here”, I said getting out of the car and walking to the gate. I grabbed the chain with both hands and began to pull, my biceps bulged, and there was a few moments of resistance before the steel links succumbed to my strength and snapped apart. I dropped the heavy chain to the ground and pushed open the gates, waving Frank through. I climbed back into the car and we drove to the edge of the dock, where I proceeded to remove the bag from the boot and drop it into the deep water. The weights I had added ensured that the bag and its contents immediately sunk to the bottom. I climbed back into the car and Frank had just turned around about to head back through the gates when a police car came driving in. “Shit”, I thought as they flashed us down. They had obviously seen the opened gate on their way past and decided to investigate. I briefly toyed with the idea of killing them; even armed they wouldn’t stand a chance against me, but I knew they would have already radioed back to the station with the car details and license plate. I would have to take an alternative approach, but it would be no less enjoyable. “Stay here”, I commanded Frank and quickly climbed out of the car. I flexed my upper body to the max as I walked towards their now stationary vehicle. My biceps shredded the already overstretched sleeves, my shoulders split through the top of the compression shirt, as rips appeared down the sides and front from my rapidly spreading lats and expanding pecs. The shirt was hanging in tatters from my spectacularly pumped upper body and I simply tore the remains of it from me. The two cops got out of their car and approached me warily, hands on the butt of their pistols. “What’s up officers?” I asked innocently, watching their eyes rove all over my body, trying to take in its absolute perfection. “Jesus Christ”, the older of the two men exclaimed, “you’re fucking huge. Jesus Jack, he’s bigger than you”, he said to his partner, who was obviously no stranger to the gym. “What are you doing here?” the buff cop asked. “I had some rubbish to dump, thought it would be easiest just to dump it in the dock. I know it’s illegal but just saves me the hassle of driving all the way to the dump”. I fixed my gaze on the older cop as I spoke, subtly flexing the muscles in my legs. I could sense he was the weaker of the two, mentally as well as physically. I noticed his eyes glaze over as he stared transfixed at the hypnotic display of pulsing muscle before him. “You cut the chain?” the other cop continued. “Yea, sorry about that”, I replied. “Must have been some heavy duty cutters you used”. “I didn’t use cutters”, I replied. He looked at me quizzically and I raised my arms into a double bicep pose. “I used these”, I continued. “No way” he said, gulping audibly, “that’s not possible”. “Look at me” I smiled, flexing harder, turning my body into a wall of living steel. “Look at my muscles, their size, their hardness. Do you think there is anything my body cannot do?” “I…I..”, he stammered, barely able to think in the face of such extreme strength and power, knowing that no matter how many hours he spent in the gym he could never come close to my size, my density. I turned back to the older cop, who was visibly trembling with desire. “Go to your car and radio the station back. Tell them you have checked me out and everything’s fine, nothing to report.” Without a word the cop turned back to his car to carry out my commands. The bigger cop may not have been as deeply under my spell as his partner, but he was too far gone to question the fact that I was now the one giving orders. I stepped towards the other cop and flexed my bicep in his face. “Feel it”, I ordered. He wrapped his fingers around the rock hard ball of muscle and began to squeeze. I could tell he was putting everything he had into it in an attempt to reclaim some of his masculinity, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent. “My God”, he gasped, “it’s like warm steel”. “Flex”, I commanded him. His body responded before his brain had even registered the command and he raised his arm and flexed it in front of me. I wrapped my fingers around the hard mound and began to squeeze. Almost immediately he gasped in pain as my strong fingers effortlessly overpowered his muscle, crushing into it with childish ease. “Please stop”, he gasped, “Please, you’re hurting me”. “Do I look like I am even trying?” I asked him. “No”, he cried out,” aahh….please… more”. “Do you understand just how inferior your body is to mine I asked”. “Yes”, he gasped, “you’re so strong, so unimaginably strong”. I released the man’s arm and turned to his partner who had just come back. “Well?” I asked. “It’s done”, he replied, “I told them we had sent you on your way and we were resuming our patrol”. “Good”, I responded, “now strip”. Both men immediately began to remove their clothes and in less than a minute they were standing naked before me, their dicks erect. “Kneel”, I commanded. Again both men obeyed me without hesitation dropping to their knees before me. My domination of their puny bodies and feeble minds was turning me on and my dick began to stiffen. I placed my hands on my hips and flared my lats, causing both men to moan with desire as they bathed in the glow of my magnificence. With my hands holding the waist band of my leggings in place, my dick began to press insistently against the black material until it simply tore through it with a loud ripping. The sight of my huge, powerful dick bursting through its nylon prison was all it took to crush the any last vestige of the men’s free will. Unable to control himself the smaller of the two reached out and began to stroke my calves, gasping with pleasure as he felt the hard nylon sheathed muscle beneath his fingers. “Did I give you permission to touch me weakling” I roared. The anger in my voice caused him to instantly pull his hand away, but my reflexes were so much faster. I took hold of his wrist and squeezed it painfully. “Aarrgg”, he cried out in pain “Please, i…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you…you’re just so strong, so powerful, so…so irresistible. “You need to learn your place little man”, I said, “you are nothing in my presence, do you understand?” “Yes”, he groaned. I turned to his partner, savouring the fear in his eyes, and raised an eyebrow questioningly. He nodded his head, confirming that he knew his place. “I am your Master”, I continued, “and you exist only to serve me, you have no will but mine, no desires but mine. You are nothing more than an extension of my consciousness, and as such you are mine to do with as I please. Do you understand your place now?” Both men nodded, “Yes Master”, they said in unison. My huge, beautiful cock was bobbing inches from their faces, the head glistening with precum, and both men stared at it as though in a trance. “Have you ever seen such a large, powerful cock before?” I asked them. The older of the two could only shake his head, unable to speak as my presence overwhelmed his puny mind. “No”, his partner whispered, “it’s incredible”. “You want to worship it don’t you?” I asked. “To pay homage to my incomparable masculinity with your lips. You want to taste my seed, my divine nectar, isn’t that right?” Both men again nodded their assent, groaning in pleasure at the thought of being given such an honour. I released the older cops wrist and began to stroke my member, looking down at the two men. “But I do not deem you worthy of such an honour”, I sneered. I watched impassively as whatever remained of their spirits shattered as I refused them the only thing they now desired. “Please”, the younger of the two men begged, while his partner groaned in despair. “You dare to question me?” I asked threateningly. “No Master”, he whimpered. I was still stroking myself and I could feel my orgasm build. “Despite your insolence and inferiority I will allow you to taste of my magnificence”, I said as I began to cum, spurting thick gobs of creamy sperm over the two men, coating their faces with my virulent seed. The two thralls unconsciously began to lick their lips, tasting my seed, the smell and taste of my powerful ejaculate causing them to respond in kind, coating my lower legs with their own inferior release. I looked down at the creamy goo that now covered my magnificent calves with disdain. “Lick me clean”, I commanded, and both men immediately leant forward and began lapping at my calves, their spent dicks hardening again as the feel of my powerful muscles against their lips enflamed their arousal. I stood before these insignificant whelps like the dominant God I was for a few moments as they greedily swallowed their own cum. “Enough”, I commanded, once they had cleaned off their mess and they immediately pulled away, their bodies instantly responding to my command. They looked up at me, fear, desire, and adoration in their eyes. They would do whatever I asked of them, without question or hesitation. They belonged to me now, their devotion to their Master absolute. “I am finished with you now”, I said, “You may resume your work”. With that I walked back to the car and climbed in. “Let’s go”, I said and Frank immediately drove off leaving the two policemen still kneeling on the ground, covered in my cum. Free from my presence the two men would begin to regain control of their senses. They would get dressed and resume their patrol, but they would never mention what had just happened to anyone. They wouldn’t even discuss it between themselves, shame and confusion over what had happened would make sure of that. Although a degree of self-control would return to them, their lives would be irrevocably altered. Sexual arousal would be impossible unless they were thinking of me, but they would think of me often. I would haunt their dreams, they would wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat their pathetic dicks twitching as they involuntary orgasmed. Forced to live with the knowledge of just how truly inferior they were they would grow increasingly depressed, unable to take pleasure from anyone or anything, the memory of tonight the only thing that would bring them any respite from their despair. Eventually the thought of living like this, in misery and without my presence to console them would prove too much and they would take their own lives. If they were particularly strong willed their will to live might prevail but they would be a shadow of their former selves, barely capable of functioning as a useful member of society, rendered clinically insane. I gave Frank directions and ten minutes later we pulled up outside my house, on the outskirts of the city. “Take out your dick”, I ordered. Frank immediately complied, and pulled out his throbbing erection, which was dripping with precum. I turned his head so that he was facing me and leant forward. “You have done well tonight little man”. Before he could respond I pressed my lips to his, I felt his body immediately relax as he surrendered to my kiss. For several minutes I kissed him, expertly probing his mouth with my tongue. After thirty seconds I felt his body tense as he ejaculated all over steering wheel, but the overwhelming eroticism of my kiss kept him hard and he came two more times before I released his lips. “Will I see you again Master?” he asked breathlessly, his eyes pleading with me to say yes. “If I wish it”, I replied, “Now go home and dream of me slave”. “Yes Master”, he said as I climbed out of the car. By [email protected]
  10. Neverstopgrowing

    m/m The Sygil ( a new way to grow)

    Hey guys. Let me know what you think! Its a work in progress but I think this will set up for a good story. Aaron looked down at me while he was riding me. “Ok Tim, do you see our sygils on our chests.” He said with a devilish grin. “yes I do babe.” I grunted back feeling my cock getting thicker by the moment in his ass. “Oh fuck babe keep edging. I want you to picture yourself. 10 ft tall. Taller than every man ever. Muscular. So fucking huge and muscular. Grown men will only come up to your waist. You will be so muscular that you can lift the reigning mr. Olympia like a toy.” I saw a glint in his eye as I felt my self getting closer and closer to exploding inside him. It’s always been mine and my partners dream to become the biggest men to ever exist. Now when I say biggest I don’t mean just like a large man. Good example. You know ron swanson when he says “bring me all the eggs and bacon you have….. wait What you heard me say is “I want a lot of eggs and bacon”. What I said was bring ALL the eggs and bacon you have.” So now with becoming the biggest men to ever exist. I mean it. I want to be 10ft tall over 600lbs just a fucking goliath of a man. I want grown men to only come up to my waist. So Erin and I are combining forces to make this a reality. We are taking a scientific approach and a magic approach. Hence why Aaron just said focus on the sygil. I look to my right and see the moon gazing down upon the pastures. I look down at my now 5’9 230lb body. I look up at my beautiful man. “I’m ready to accept this growth. I’m ready to be your massive growing daddy. I am ready to accept all this power for good and serve you boy.” With this Aaron began leaking as I watched his tone muscular body begin to quiver. I felt my cock thicken again getting ready to shoot him full of my muscle growth cum. “ WE WANT TO BECOME THE BIGGEST TITANS EVER TO EXIST.” And with that we both came. Aaron all over my chest and me inside my boy. The next morning I woke up feeling alittle off. I was super tired. I stretched in bed and rolled over to see Aaron curled up as usual. He was sound asleep so I quickly got up and ran to the kitchen. I took all my supplements and downed a bang energy drink. Grabbed Aarons cold brew and then ran back to bed to give him the snuggles he enjoys every morning. The morning was as usual. We worked out. Took the dogs on a walk and then took our showers and got dressed. “fuck babe, your ass is HUGE!” Aaron said slapping hard. I chuckle to myself because I’m the top but I got the ass of a bottom for days. “I know babe. God damn these pants are tight! Remind me to let them air dry instead of the dryer next time.” I looked in the mirror and saw my buttons straining. Walked over to Aaron kissed and turned to put on my boots. “OH FUCK!” I screamed grabbing my leg. “Babe? Whats wrong?!” Aaron asked getting up to come check on me. “My leg babe it fucking hurts. Like bad.” Aaron’s eyes get all huge and he starts jumping up and down. “ITS HAPPENING!!! BABE YOU’RE GROWING!” I chuckle to myself “Maybe I am ya butthead but It fucking hurts!” he stops and looks at me concerned. “Wait did you take all your supplements?” I looked at him and smiled. “I did and I took the new one as well. I promised you I would become 10ft tall and the biggest bodybuilder to ever exist. It will happen. It is happening and Its happened.” I grunt and get up after putting my boots on. All day I feel my legs aching but other than that a normal work day. I eat all my meals. I get a text from Aaron. “babe….i’m growing too I can feel it. Lets push hard for work out tonight.” I hear a knock at the door and my employee comes in. “damn Tim you’ve been really working out hard havne’t you. You’re looking shredded.” I look at him confused. Shredded? I haven’t been cutting. Donny was a good looking dude and about 6’. I stand up and look at him.… how am I above eye level with him.I’m staring directly at his hair line. “you ok tim?” OH god stop actin weird…. Oh fuck it’s the shoes. I laugh to myself again. “oh ya just forgot how tiny you were dude!” He laughs and drops off the paper work, then scuttles out of my office. I feel the throbbing return to my legs. Go and sit down. Grab my phone. I respond to Aaron. “babe has any one done a growth spell like this before?” I see the dot dot dot pop up. “not that I know of. Why?” I stop and think Oh fuck its happening. “Babe we need to measure ourselves to track our growth. Lets do that when we get home. I run to the store and grab some food but feeling hungrier than normal I fill a full shopping cart full of meat, veggies, and milk. I guess if we are growing I may need some protein. I run to GNC and as I run into the store I see the wannabe Jeff Seid at the counter. You know the shredded muscly twunk. I walk up and throw 5 tubs of protein on the counter and I look down at him. Wait….he was taller than me. The damn shoes. I gotta stop comparing. Although he is giving me a funny look. “So dude you competing soon?” He says looking up at me. Fuck….it is really hot that he’s looking up at me. “why do you ask?” I grunt. Ok also this twerp was a dick to me last time I came in so he better be nice to me this time around. His eyes widen staring at my bicep. “Uh dude you’re fukcing jacked as hell.” I hear something begin to tear and feel the sleeve on my arm being to get tighter and tighter. I look at him and see him adjust himself. “dude can you flex them? I haven’t seen any arms that big before you’re like a pro size.” I blush hard core and I raise my bicep up and flex. And dude let me tell you the next part shocked me as much as it shocked the little dude seid dude. We both stare as the sleeve rips down the center and this gargantuan bicep shreds out of it. I throw about 300 on the counter grab my protein and dart home. Holy shit what is happening to me? I gotta get to Aaron to see what are stats are!
  11. Herald

    m/m The dominant species (7)

    Two hours later, Matt was walking back to his dorm after an intense workout. His pumped muscles overstretched his tank top. “YO DAYTON!” The harsh sound made Matt turn around. Before he could react, a fist smacked into his face, bruising his right eye. “What the…”, he let out as he stumbled backwards a bit. A second punch hit his nose, braking it with an audible cracking sound. “Augh”, he grunted as he held his right paw against his battered nose and raised his mighty left arm in a defensive motion. The lightning speed of the unexpected attack had totally taken him by surprise: being the biggest man on campus he was used to others avoiding him or staring at his body; no one had been stupid enough to attack him since his growth had begun. “Not so tough now, he pretty boy”, Sean spat in anger at the 80 pound heavier athlete. He knew he had to act fast before his huge teammate would put up a fight. He pulled a baseball bat from his backpack and swung it at his opponent. “That’s for fucking my girlfriend”, he screamed as he smacked the bat at full force into the huge man’s stomach. “Umpf”, Matt let out more in surprise than pain. His eight-pack had absorbed the blow with a fleshy thud and protected him. The impact from the blow made him step back a bit more and he felt the brick wall of the dorm against his back. His bruised eye and bleeding nose sent aching stabs to his brain. “Sean?”, he asked as his good eye identified his assailant. He saw a motion in the corner of his good eye and the next moment another fleshy thud filled the air as the bat hit his stomach again. The second blow into his stomach weakened his abs further and the third and fourth blow smacked through his eight-pack. “Aughn”, he groaned in pain as his abs collapsed under the violent blow. His left arm clawed at the bat in vain: his teammate kept it out of his reach. “Fucking pretty boy with his show muscles that ain’t worth shit”, Sean spat at the huge man trying to grab the baseball bat from his hands. “Feel what a real man’s muscles can do”, he yelled and took another swing at his teammate’s crushed abs. “Aughn”, Matt yelled once more as the bat slammed into his bruised abs again. He bent over instinctively but somehow managed to grab hold of the baseball bat and threw it far away as he tried to recatch his breath. Sean hesitated for a split second as his weapon was tossed way beyond his reach. He noticed the huge man focusing on himself and moved in. “Thought you could take my spot on the team, he pretty boy”, he spat and threw another punch into his teammate’s face. “Then fucking my girl”, he added and his other fist smacked into the way bigger man’s face. Matt didn’t have a chance to put up an excuse of a defense: the quarterback just kept attacking him and held his advantage. The attack had taken him completely off guard and he could only take the hits and try fending off his attacker. He felt his lip burst as another punch landed onto his face. Sean felt all-powerful beating up the way bigger man. He knew it had been a good idea to put some tranquilizer into his teammate’s drink in the gym earlier: the huge man’s reflexes were unusually slow. He avoided the swinging arm and slammed his fist hard into the battered eight-pack. “Umpff”, Matt let out as the fist sank into his aching stomach. The blow did hurt way less than the bat had done. He tried fighting back, but somehow his mighty body didn’t respond to the commands his brain was sending. Sean grabbed his huge teammate’s chin and forced the other athlete to look up into his eyes. A smile formed on his lips at the sight of the damaged face. “I’m gonna destroy your pretty face completely, pretty boy”, he spat out and pulled back his free arm. “Time to put out your lights”, he said and closed his eyes as he launched his fist at his teammate’s face. A fleshy thud resounded and he felt his fist smack into flesh. He opened his eyes to see the result of his blow and a look of terror filled his face: somehow his huge teammate had managed to lift his left arm and had caught his punch in his hand. He tried pulling back his fist, but it was stuck inside his teammate’s paw. His other hand let go of his teammate’s chin and grabbed his big wrist to try and pull it away. Matt felt the useless tugs against his wrist and easily held onto the fist trapped inside his paw. The tranquilizer still prevented him from using his reflexes and strength completely. He began getting up, leaning away from the wall, without letting go of the quarterback’s fist. Sean tugged frantically at the wrist to get away from the 80 pound heavier man. He knew he stood no chance if his huge teammate put up a fight. He pulled back his leg and launched it upwards rapidly, kicking the massive jock hard between his legs. Matt roared in pain as the quarterback’s shin smacked hard into his cock and balls. The explosion of pain made him bend over and the quarterback used it to headbutt him in the face. The excruciating pain from his smashed nose mixed with the stabbing pain from his bruised balls and he released the quarterback’s wrist while he sank down to the ground. Sean retreated, threw a final kick into his teammate’s gut and ran for it. Keith looked aside as his phone went off. He smiled when he saw it was Matt. “What’s up, big guy?”, he asked. “Help…me” Keith shot up from his bed, jumped into his shoes and raced out their room. 10 seconds later he stormed out of the dorm and saw his huge roommate’s form lying against the wall. “Matt! Matt. What happened?”, he asked as he kneeled down next to the massive athlete. “Sean. Attacked me”, Matt let out and tried to smile at his roommate. His face distorted from the pain in his nose, bruised eye and cut lip. “Can you get up?”, Keith asked. He sighed in relief as his buddy slowly get up thanks to the support of the wall. “Let’s get you back to our room. Lean on me for support”, he said. He grunted as the 242 pound athlete wrapped his arm around him and leaned onto him. His knees buckled slightly, but he summoned every ounce of strength in his 198 pound body and the organism had strengthened his bones during their fusion. 20 long minutes later, he had managed to make the huge athlete climb the flight of stairs and opened the door to their room. Matt let his smaller buddy lead him inside and place him atop his bed. He felt his buddy removing his clothes. “What…”, he began as he felt the air against his exposed skin. “Ssshhh, buddy. Let’s get you healed up”, Keith replied and stepped out of his own pants and boxers. Before Matt could speak, he saw his roommate stroke his 8 incher to hardness and somehow a thick cloud blasted from the guy’s cock. More clouds followed and soon enough he couldn’t even see his own pecs through the thick fog that engulfed his mighty body. He looked aside and saw his roommate appear next to him, with his rock-hard cock pointing straight at his face. “Keith?”, he asked. In response a thick, greyish cloud was blasted into his face and he sank down in a deep sleep. “Sleep and heal”, Keith said and gently ruffled his roommate’s hair before getting back into his own bed. The next morning Keith was awoken by the sound of faint grunts. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and saw his roommate doing pushups on the floor in between their beds. “212,213,214…” “Feeling better, I see”, Keith said and sat up at the edge of his bed. Matt stopped his pushups and stood up. “Full of energy. Even my face is totally healed. Like nothing happened”, he replied. “How did ya do it?”, he added and looked down onto his roommate. “You won’t believe it”, Keith said evasively. “Tell me”, Matt shot back and folded his arms in front of his protruding chest, making his biceps dig into the fleshy pecs while he sat down atop his own bed opposite of his roommate. Looks of amazement, disbelief and sheer incomprehension filled his face as his roommate told his story. “And that’s what happened until now”, Keith ended his story. Matt softly shook his head as his mind tried to process the information. “So, ya’re telling me that some kind of organism from Mars took over yar body?”, he asked incredulously and looked into his roommate’s eyes. “Well technically we fused”, Keith replied, “So we’re one. The roommate you knew has been, her well upgraded. Not completely human, not completely Martian. More of a new species.” “Like Venom, then?”, Matt asked, beginning to accept this new, ultra-strange reality. “Venom…”, Keith thought out loud before the memory of his human side filled the blanc, “Yeah. You could say that.” “How come ya didn’t get huge? Ya’re smaller than before. Unlike me…”, Matt stated. “The organism feeds on testosterone for some reason”, Keith answered, “It got inside me and fed on my testosterone, diminishing my muscles. It understood it couldn’t drain me completely or it would kill me. Somehow your body responded on the spores it, or more exactly I produce by producing insane amounts of testosterone. Making you grow. Basically, we need each other: I need your testosterone-charged cum to keep from withering away and you need my spores for maintaining your size.” “So I should thank ya for all of this”, Matt said grinningly and raised his right arm to flex his massive bicep. He groped the 26 inch mountain of vein-choked, hard muscle atop his arm. “Can ya make me even bigger?”, he asked as he stood up from his bed to hit a few poses and showcase his majestic form. “Don’t know actually”, Keith replied and got up from his bed to walk over to his massive roommate. He looked up into the taller guy’s eyes as he let his hands roam across the hard mass and lines of his muscle-crammed torso. Matt’s paws grabbed his buddy’s firm ass and he effortlessly scooped him up. “Imagine me bigger. Unstoppable… untouchable…”, he growled into his buddy’s ear as he felt the smaller guy’s hands grope his muscular back. Keith’s mind filled with the image of his even bigger roommate: an unstoppable mountain of muscle that could protect him against anyone and would supply him with the amounts of testosterone to maintain his state. He brought his mouth to the huge athlete’s ear and whispered: “I want you inside me. Fill me up with your cum and I’ll feed you mine”. Matt grinned in satisfaction at the remark. He marched up toward the wall, trapping his roommate between his own body and the wall and ripped off his own boxers. He then yanked away his buddy’s boxers and positioned him atop the head of his now fully hard 12.5 incher. He looked straight into the smaller guy’s eyes and entered him. Keith howled indistinct sounds as his ass was pushed open. He smacked his fist hard against the meaty shelf of protruding pecs that trapped him against the wall: his fist simply bounced off the concrete-hard surface. He wrapped his legs tightly around his roommate’s torso and let the searing hot pole invade him completely. “Mmmhnn”, Matt growled as the tight ass spasmed around his 12.5 incher. His grin widened as he felt his roommate’s 8 incher smack against his eight-pack. He clenched his abs, trapping the cock inside the deep canyon running down the center of his stomach. “Fuck….”, Keith roared and his 8 incher exploded in a big, thick cloud that was blasted upward in the air. Matt looked down and saw a cloud whirling upward along the mass of his pecs. He relaxed and flexed his abs a few more time, feeling jolts shoot through his roommate’s cock every time he flexed his abs around it. He noted the cloud at the bottom of his pecs getting thicker and thicker as it advanced further upward toward his face slowly. “Ma…ughnt”, Keith let out as he felt his huge buddy’s abs milk his cock for every dose of spores. He felt his body on the verge of passing out when a tingle of energy emerged in the center of his own body: his roommate began leaking more precum. “YEAUGHN”, Matt bellowed as the image of growing even huger filled his mind and sent him over the edge. He let the feeling of orgasm wash over his mighty body while his cock fired its loads into his roommate. He lowered his head and inhaled deeply, absorbing the entire cloud into his body. Keith felt the energy from the testosterone surge through him and looked into his roommate’s eyes as the guy hoisted him from his cock. He could see the energy in his buddy’s gaze as his spores spread through the guy’s blood. Both roommates were breathing heavily as they felt waves of energy surge through their bodies. They grinned to each other as they put some clothes on. “Want to watch me train?”, Matt asked as he put his tank top on. Before Keith could react, the door of their room flew open and four big soldiers stormed in. They scanned the room for a split-second, assessed the size of the huge man in the center of the room and moved in on him. They grabbed his huge arms and struggled to move them behind the massive guy’s back. They quickly felt the resistance fade away and moved the meaty arms behind the wide back, holding them firmly to prevent the beastly athlete from moving. “Professor Shoetz”, Keith said as the scientist entered the room. “Have we met?”, professor Shoetz replied as he inspected the guy. “You conducted all kinds of tests on me back in your lab. Don’t you remember?”, Keith stated calmly. A hint of understanding lit up the professor’s eyes. “So, it is you. The organism.” “I’m more than that now”, Keith spoke, “I’ve fused completely with my host. We’ve become one. A brand new species. What brings you here?”. “The results of the test of the blood sample taken when you had that accident on the field indicated some very strange things. Things not from this Earth”, professor Shoetz replied and then pointed at Matt, “And your roommate’s blood revealed impossibly high ratings of testosterone. Unlike anything I’ve seen before. And we have our share of steroid users in the army.” “And here we are. What do you want?”, Keith stated. “Technically your property of the military. How did you get away from the base?”, the professor said. He listened to Keith’s story, his gaze darting back and forth between Keith and Matt. “The two of you will have to come to the base.” “And if we refuse?”, Keith asked coldly. “Well, these soldiers have perfect control of your friend. And I can put both of you to sleep”, professor Shoetz answered with a grin. “Perfect control, you say?”, Keith asked. He turned his head to Matt and nodded. The four soldiers, muscular 230 pound men, felt the tension going through the mighty arms they were holding. Their faces began contorting as they applied more power to keep the thick arms in place. Within seconds their hold was broken and they were thrown to the floor. Matt bent over, grabbed two soldiers by the neck and smacked their heads together, knocking them out cold. He then repeated the process with the two other soldiers. He took a step closer and stood directly behind his roommate. He folded his arm across his chest, making his thick biceps dig into the protruding shelf of muscle formed by his pecs. “I don’t think you’re the one in perfect control here”, Keith said matter-off-factly and smiled at the look of panic on the professor’s face. “Let’s make a deal.” “A…deal?”, professor Shoetz muttered as he gazed at the knocked out soldiers. “Matt and I will follow you to the base, but we’ll enlist in the army. Picture it: a squadron of men like Matt. Unstoppable”, Keith went on. “Does your ehrm… Can you make other men grow like him?”, professor Shoetz said while his mind processed the idea. “I haven’t tried it yet”, Keith replied, “but it would be strange that Matt would be the only guy on this planet to react to my spores. Especially since he’s my roommate.” Professor Shoetz nodded: he liked the idea. “Join the army? I don’t know”, Matt said. Keith turned around and looked up at his buddy. “Why not, big guy? Think about it: you could train all day without any tasks to keep you from the gym. My spores and training as much as you want: who knows how big you could get”, he said. He noted the hungry look in Matt’s eyes and knew he had convinced the huge man. He turned back to the professor. “We’ll follow on one condition.” “Which is that?”, professor Shoetz asked. “Matt gets command of the squadron of big guys. Make him captain and we have to be roommates”, Keith replied. “I don’t…”, the professor began. “Take it or leave it”, Keith shot back coldly. “I… I don’t have the authority to make that happen”, professor Shoetz replied, “I’ll have to talk to the colonel. Give me two minutes to make the call.” “I don’t think so”, Keith answered, “you just want to make that call to have a special welcome ready for us. The deal stands: accept it or decline it.” Professor Shoetz’ mind raced through the different possibilities. He knew Keith had him cornered. “I… I accept”, he said and shook Keith’s hand, “But you’ll have to help me to persuade the colonel. When do you guys join?”. “Right now would do. What do you think, Matt?”, Keith asked. Matt nodded. He grabbed the knocked out soldiers, tossed two of them effortlessly atop his wide shoulders, lifted the other two in his arm to hold them across his torso and swaggered out of the room. The two smaller men followed him.
  12. MuscleStud

    m/m Muscle Slut Blog #3: Night #1

    Thanks to everyone for your positives comments about this story. I have been a long-term reader but never thought of writing until a story idea popped into my head in the shower. I hope you are enjoying it and any suggestions are welcome. Link To Muscle Slut Blog #1: Link to Muscle Slut Blog #2: Day 1: Muscle Slut Blog #3: Night #1 That was a mind-numbing time fucking and being fucked by Kyle and Sean. Who would have known that sex with other men would keep getting better and better. Sometimes it is raw, aggressive, and physical sex with ass-pounding fucking that you develop a sweat and aggression that no ordinary human could handle. Like today being power fucked with Kyle’s 20-inch long beer can sized cock that he rammed up my ass while Sean and I were 69ing and deep throating. Sometimes our sex is passionate, loving, caring, and you feel like you should continue forever. The caressing of the rock hard muscles, adoring kissing, and post-sex cuddling in the massive arms of someone that just provided you with so much joy and happiness. Other times it is hard-charging, animal lusting, aggressive sex that filfill the basic needs of sex. It is the type that you scream when you cum and that those nearby know what just happened. This time, we started with aggressive fucking to satisfy are basic animal needs and then transitioned into love and passion. Our first phase was focused on self need, but the last phase was on giving pleasure to others. We cuddle and kissed for at least an hour in each other arms. Basking in the post-sex glow, feeling the hyper-human bodies we have evolved into, and the passion we had just shared. Life could not be more perfect and could not imagine being “normal” again. While we cuddled, Kyle said that he felt sorry for the “Muddles” that will never know what we experience. We laughed at him because he is such a Harry Potter nerd and would be the only one to think about using that term. So, I left off before I was interrupted as I had just climbed into bed. I thought I would have had a rough time falling asleep, but I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. It was a strange but very restful night. I remembered some very vivid dreams that night. They were sexual, and muscle focused—dreams about being a massive bodybuilding and showing off my body or wild sexual dream. Unlike my normal dreams, these I remembered in great detail. I guess my mind was telling me about the future. One of the bodybuilder dreams had me on stage wearing a little poser flexing and showing off for a wild crowd. The more they screamed and yelled, the more I showed off. My excitement grew until my cock ripped through the poser, and the cause the crowd to explode in cheers. The most vivid sexual dream was me confronting a teacher after class and forcing him to suck my cock until it blew all over him. He nearly drown with the amount of cum I pushed down his throat. The most vivid dream seemed to be very real. I remember it as me waking up around 3 am being because the t-shirt and boxer briefs I wore to bed being so tight it caused pain plus being covered in cum. I remember getting out of better and walking to the bathroom but not paying attention to my reflection but seeing how tight my bedclothes were. Without thinking or caring, I simply ripped them away from my body like they were made of tissue paper and flexed my freed body from the restrictions that the clothes cause. I had dried cum all over myself but did not care. I simply turned off the light and went back to bed. My alarm went off at 6 am to start getting ready for school. The fact that I had only two days left before Spring Break floated into my mind. I laid there just beginning to wake up and noticed my hand were roaming and caressing my body, especially my dick and balls. I did not concern me that I was nude. My body had grown overnight, but I did not comprehend it yet. It just felt wonderful, and my cock began to come to life and grow. The more it grew, the more excited I became, and the caressing moved into full force masturbation. Within minutes, I had an incredible orgasm and blew a huge load all over me. It felt like gallons of cum exploded from my cock and landed mainly on me. Without thinking, I scooped up some cum on my fingers and moved them towards my mouth. The odor was seductive, and I pushed my fingers into my open mouth and savored on my cum. The taste was incredible and caused an uncontrolled hunger that resulted in me consuming all of the cum that I could collect. I should have been shocked or appalled with this as I was 100% straight yesterday, but now I understand that I was becoming gay. Not only does Mimbo Drops change your body, but it helps your mind grow to be able to enjoy the entire evolution fully. Getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom, I realized that I was different. First, I was naked, and don’t know how that happened, second I was covered I dried cum, and thirdly I had to walk differently because of the increase in my muscle mass and my quads rubbing together as I walked. When I walked into the bathroom and turned the light on, I was shocked at what was looking back at me. It was me, but I was different. I had a lot more muscle than I did yesterday, and the muscle was hard and ripped. Yesterday, I was a typical teenager, but this morning, I had the muscle mass of a gymnast or one of the fitness models on Instagram. Every muscle was more substantial and more defined to the point that I could be used to teach anatomy. I immediately started to flex, checkout myself out, and wondered what was happening to me. I stepped on the scale and saw that my weight was now 212 pounds. If the scale was right, I gained 32 fucking pounds almost overnight. I should have been asking how was this happen, but my mind acted like it was normal. I felt proud and happy with the weight and size gain. I started my usual morning routine, but showering was another exciting experience. When I the shower, the warm water felt erotic, and I went from washing to caressing. The more I stroked, the hornier I became, and the more sexually excited I became. My cock was longer, thicker, and cover with veins that I could no longer wrap my hand around completely. My mind went on pure autopilot, and I began to jack off again. Jacking and caressing was what I needed and wanted. Fondling by enlarged balls, pinching my nipples, and even exploring my ass all occurred. In the first orgasm that I saw since last night, I exploded all over the shower and myself with the incredible force and quantity. It was mind-altering how the orgasm felt. The tightening of my balls, the enlargement of my cockhead, the deep-seated pleasure building from deep within me until it finally reached the point of exploding. I realized that I never wanted the feeling to go away. The only disappointing thought was how I wasted the cum because the water from the shower flushed it down the drain. Getting out of the shower was another experience because, as I was drying myself off, I became aroused again. My cock because hard and started leaking pre-cum. I immediately realized that I needed and wanted, so I began to jack off again. Within a minute, I shot another massive load that landed on the mirror, and I made sure this time it was not wasted. I enjoyed every drop that I could get and even caught myself licking the last bits off of the mirror. Deep down in me, I felt I should have been disgusted in what I just did, but I felt proud. The next challenge I faced that morning was trying to find clothes to fit. Most of my clothe simply did not fit anymore. All but the baggiest jeans would not fit over my quads. The baggy jeans were a pair I bought to ride low, but they now just fit over my quads. I skipped underwear as al were tight and even painful to wear. As for a shirt, I found an XL shirt that an Aunt bought me for Christmas that until today I swam in. It was a little tight around my arms but otherwise fit ok. Not the best looking outfit, but it will have to do. I did one last look in the mirror and thought I was an impressive looking stud. Sexy just popped into my head. It was strange because I never felt or said that before. I texted Sean to let him know I would be over to get him in about 15 minutes and head down the stairs. Well, this is an excellent spot to end. Kyle and Sean are finally awake from a nap after our fuckfest and want to head to the gym. We might be delayed in leaving because they need to shower first since we all are covered head to toe in cum and sweat. It is surprising how much a mess three Mimbo studs can make today. I am sure that is just an excuse for another round before heading to the gym. But then again, do a Mimbo stud ever need a reason to fuck. While I don’t think I can add much more size to our already massive bodies, the feeling of a muscle pump is almost as good as an orgasm. It is chest day, and we all want to see if we can all hit a 600-pound bench for reps. Another benefit of Mimbo Drops has been an increase in strength to match our size growth. Not sure how the others at the gym can handle seeing us lift that amount of weight or our showing off our incredibly sexy muscle bodies, but I sure we will have fun.
  13. MuscleStud

    m/m Muscle Slut Blog #2: Day 1

    Link To Muscle Slut Blog #1: Muscle Slut Blog #2: Day 1 Ok, now that Sean and I have entirely fucked each other to the point that we feel somewhat satisfied, I thought I would get back to the blog and documenting the evolution from a typical and straight teenager to a musclebound, sex-crazed slut that is in love with cock. Mine or anyone else that wants to share it with me. As the transformation started, I was upset that my Dad would do this to me, but now I could not be happier. The only problem is finding guys that have the stamina to keep up or who can handle 18 inches up the ass or down their throat. According to Dad and Uncle Bob, they got a couple of bottles of Mimbo Drops from a workout buddy, Kyle, a couple of days before Sean and I received the first dose. The three of them worked out in the morning, so we had never met him, but Uncle Bob said that was always pushing to grown and pack on the muscle. They both said the first time they saw Kyle after he transformed caused them to be speechless and willing to accept his offer of a couple of bottles to “join the family.” They have not said why they decided to dose us first, but I am thankful for changing my life for the best. It would have been nice to know and enjoy growth and enhancement. So now, knowing that Wednesday night was the night of the first dose. I should have known something was up when Sean and I got to our house and found both are fathers there and had a huge dinner was started. Usually, Sean and I start dinner after getting out of school and hitting the gym, but they said they finished closing on a house to flip and thought they would treat us. During dinner, I noticed that my hunger increased, and I ate more food than I usually do. Sean was keeping up with eating on a plate for plate bases. When finished, I felt energized when I should have been couch-bound from the quantity of food I just consumed. As the night continued, I felt a strange “pump” in my muscles but did not think anything odd about it. We decided to call it a night. Uncle Bob and Sean headed home, and I went up to get ready for bed. I stopped and looked in the mirror and noticed that I appeared to have added some muscle. My tee-shirt filled out more, and the sleeves were tight, showing off a nice arm pump. I quickly stripped, felt the immediate need to explore my body, and became overwhelmed with a new level a pleasure. The more I explored, the more joy I felt, and the more I wanted t to continue. My muscles felt bigger, harder, veinier, and warm to the touch. The thought popped in that something was not right, but it was overruled with the pleasure and excitement. As I explored, I moved to my cock, and the moment I touched it, energy traveled throughout my entire body. I became lost in the need to masturbate and began to caress my cock and balls. Like my muscles, my cock was bigger and harder. My mushroom head was more pronounced, and balls felt like they were full. It felt different than the last time I jacked off, but I did not care. It just felt incredible, and pre-cum started to pour out of it. Lost in self-pleasure, I gratified myself to the point that I experienced the most mind-blowing orgasm I have ever experienced. I shot more cum, with greater force than ever before. I swear I saw stars and colors that I have never seen before. This climax was a mind-numbing, toe-curling, heart-stopping orgasm that most people never experience. The good part for me is mine has done nothing but get better and stronger. My cock was bigger, thicker, and longer than it was yesterday, and I had a sense of pride about it. I am sure that Dad heard me as I screamed as I came, but I did not feel embarrassed about it. Strangely, I felt proud that I had some incredible orgasm. As I cleaned up the puddles of cum, I noticed a strong and pleasant odor that brought immediate pleasure. I masturbated three more times before doing to bed, and each one stronger and more pleasureful than the last. The last two were at least easier to clean up as I shot in the shower. The intensity and pleasure of the orgasms increased every time. I have never done this before, but after the last orgasm, I felt the desire to taste my cum. I took a little off my stomach and brought it up to my mouth. The smell was incredible, and I immediately tasted it. Shocking, it tasted wonderful and something that I wanted more of. I cleaned myself and ate every last drop I could and knew I needed to collect more as I was starting to crave it. I could have stayed up all night but decided to force myself to get some sleep. Never once did I question my extreme level of sexual excitement or how quickly I was recovering from such powered orgasms. Before heading to bed, I stopped and took a long look at myself in the bathroom mirror. While I looked the same, I noticed my muscles were enlarged and showed greater definition. I saw an outline of a sixpack starting, a solid V back, and horseshoe triceps. Overall, I started looking like I had put some serious gym time in and looked like some of the Instagram fitness guys. I climbed in bed and hoped I would get at least a few hours of sleep but fell immediately into a deep sleep. I wanted to finish this blog with the “interesting” experience and dreams I had that night, but that will need to be the next blog. Kyle just walked in the house, and I need his 20 inches up my ass, and he is begging to drink down a load or two. With being a real Mimbo Muscle Slut, I will never turn down a nice ass or mouth.
  14. MuscleStud

    m/m Muscle Slut Blog #1

    Author note: One of my favorite stories is the Mimbo Drops growth series by absman420. Being that I needed something to do with being stuck at home, I have been thinking of writing a a story to share and what follows it what came to mind in the shower. Thought a Blog format might be a fun approach. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. I hope you enjoy it, and future installments will have plenty of muscle growth, sex, and other fun stuff. Muscle Slut Blog #1 Yes, I am a proud Muscle Slut and love my new life. Who would not want to be an 18-year-old 320 pound ripped muscle stud with an 18-inch cock and love to fuck or be fuck. It has only been two weeks since I "evolved," and I have no regrets of what my father started when he secretly gave me the first dose of Mimbo, the Muscle Whore Formula, and the life altering change. I thought about starting this blog earlier, but I just now started to be able to concentrate on something besides fucking and muscle. I should start at the beginning. My name is Kevin, and I had just turned 18 years old a month before Dad started to dose me. I was your standard high school senior, but nothing special. I was fit but not a real gym rat at 5'9" tall and 180 pounds. My Dad, Tom, was more of a gym rat and owned a gym that is more focused on those serious about working out. I lifted most days and had a more fit body but had no desire to grow massive or be a muscle showoff, life some of the guys at my Dad's gym. I was a solid student as a senior in high school but was still debating what to do with my life. My Dad and I had a good life together. After Mom died in a car accident about eight years ago, he took the insurance and lawsuit settlement money and started several businesses so that he could focus on me. The companies include the kickass gym and an extensive portfolio of rental properties that allowed us to live a great life. Our house is just outside on a couple of acres that provided privacy and parking for Dad's love of cars. Besides me and being a gym rat, he loved cars and motorcycles, so we have plenty of room. When I say Dad is a gym rat, it is not like he has a large bodybuilder type body, he just wanted to look good and liked to pump iron. He is in his early 40's, and his looks had many people think we were more brothers than father and son. We actually behaved more like brothers than father and son. He trusted me to do the right thing, and I understood what was right and what I needed to do. He was slightly taller than me, around 5'11, and kept his weight around 210 pounds that had some excellent muscular definition. It as just enough to look good on the beach or in no-gym clothes. Before I get too far into this, I should tell you about Uncle Bob and his son, my best friend, Sean. Uncle Bob is not my real Uncle but my Dad's best from high school. They went to college together, met their wives, and move back to start their careers and raise a family. His son, Sean, is only a month younger than I am, and we have been closer than brothers. His wife left shortly after Mom died, and it has been the four of us ever since. The four of us did almost everything together. It was to the point that Sean and I made the suggestion a couple of years ago that we should all move into one house and sell the other since we were always together. Bob is a lawyer, business and real estate law, and helps Dad with his businesses, and they are even partners in some of the real estate projects. Sean is slightly smaller than I am as 5'8" and weighs in at 165 pounds. Like Dad and Uncle Bob, Sean and I were workout buddies. Before going further, I need to say that my Dad and Uncle Bob are lovers. I would never have guessed until a night last year as we were coming home from a beach vacation. Between road construction and heavy rain, traffic was no moving, and we decided to stop for the night and finish the drive home in the morning. The only place we found with rooms available was an older style motel that had the rooms open to an outside walkway. As usual, Sean and I took one room, and Dad and Bob, another. After settling in, Sean made a soda run to the vending machines, and on his return, he caught our fathers fucking each other's brains out. He grabbed me and said I had to see something. The rooms had windows by the door, and they forgot to close the curtains fully, and the gap allowed us to see my Dad fucking Uncle Bob. We watched them for a long time until Dad blew his load in Uncle Bob, and they collapsed onto each other. We talked and were happy that they had each other and decided to not say anything. When they wanted us to know, they would say something, but it was not the last time we noticed them screwing around. While they were discreet, they seemed to fuck like rabbits whenever they thought we were away. The best was school dismissed early due to a power failure and heard them fucking as we opened the front door. We just quietly turned around and headed to the gym, laughing at how they were acting and how they would handle it if we had brought some girls home. Well, I thought I could get more done on this first blog, but Sean is calling that he needs my 18 inches of cock up his ass. The horny bastard is screaming that he is horny as hell, and the only relief is a good ass pounding from a Mimbo cock. Who I am to deprive him of the pounding he wants.
  15. londonboy

    m/m Aged Beef

    What is it about an older guy with muscles? Why is it that seeing some beefed up grampa-looking guy can make one of my hands immediately hone in on my right nipple and the other hand quickly zoom in to squeeze the tip of my hardening cock. Tweaking the nub and the head at the same time can make me gurgle like a little baby and make the vision I’m beholding seem even more powerful. It can also make my eyes roll into the back of my head if the daddy is worth staring at for a long time, instead of just a few furtive glances. I can’t explain it and I really don’t care to figure out what it means psychologically – I just know that seeing some silver-haired guy with crows feet around his eyes looking all buff and bulging out of a tight shirt can make me want to bend over and grab my ankles faster than a dress comes off a certain type of girl on prom night. It’s as natural a response as my leg kicking out when the doctor hits my knee with his little hammer. I just can’t help myself – no matter how hard I try. A senior muscleman is the closest thing to heaven I’ve ever experienced. And that’s one of the main reasons I took a summer job at Home Depot. It’s seemed to be the mecca for all things muscled and gray. Thank goodness I had to wear an apron – since I constantly needed help hiding the college-boy bulge I seemed to sprout continuously. The employee bathroom toilet swallowed up more of my semen in one summer than my bedroom sheets had since my first and subsequent wet dreams. It was like the gay boy’s Disneyland – since it was certainly the happiest place on earth for me. Even on the slowest days I was guaranteed a few gratuitous shots of elderly workmen who seemed to spend as much time in the gym as they did at worksites lifting things in the sun. I was beginning to doubt going back to college in the fall could get any better than five work days a week at the Depot. There was nothing – and I mean nothing – that could have gotten me prepared for what happened my fifth week on the job. Since I was very outgoing and had a pretty good head on my shoulders I had been groomed quickly by my manager as someone that was trustworthy and had potential. Mr. Simmons met me at the time clock that morning and asked me to train a new employee. My own orientation had not been that long ago and I remembered enough of what had happened then that I didn’t think twice about the offer. I was to meet some guy named Liam MacDonald at the front doors and tour him around the store. He was then supposed to ‘shadow’ me for the day. I saw my trainee from about twenty yards away when I stepped out from one of the aisles and my cock spurt out a few drips of pre-cum without even being hard. The man standing in the big open doorway at the front of the store was my version of a wet dream come true. Clearly in his mid-sixties, Liam was as thick as a KitchenAid fridge and if he hadn’t been dressed in skin-hugging clothes the apron would have looked like a smallish loincloth on his big frame. The guy had dark horn-rimmed glasses that highlighted his glimmering slicked-back silver hair in a way that made him look both devastatingly handsome and a little ‘nerdy-cute’ at the same time. We were about the same height – five ten – but that’s where the body comparisons stopped. I thought myself in pretty good shape for a healthy twenty-two year old, but compared to Liam I looked like a stick-figure guy on the cover of a children’s book about wimps. The cuffs of his short-sleeved polo shirt cut into his biceps in that ‘one flex can rip the thing to shreds’ kind of way. I was pretty sure he had ringed indentions in his bulging guns at the end of the day since his sleeves were so tight – but I wasn’t complaining. It was the kind of powerful look that made my nipples tingle with excitement. The dude’s quads stuck so far out that his apron – the same sized apron that wrapped around most of my body – couldn’t come close to covering the curved bulges sticking out on either side. And Liam’s lats ballooned out so far that I knew it was impossible for the dude to rest his forearms against his hips unless he pressed them in with all his might. His arms kind of stayed perpetually bent as they rested on those tremendous supports underneath. My head became a little cloudy and my legs weakened when I gazed on the guy’s perfectly shaped chest. If you had gazed on just that part of Liam you would have said it was the body of a twenty-six year old heavyweight bodybuilder. I could have worked only my pectoral muscles for the rest of my life and they would have never come close to looking like the shelf this man had attained – or been blessed with, it was hard to tell if it was all from workouts or partly because of genetics. The mounds of muscle underneath his shirt shot out like hard cloth-covered mountains that small children could have used to learn how to ski. I was a sucker for a manly chest and Liam had the kind of bulging ape-teats that made me want to sell my soul to the devil for just an hour of sucking. This wasn’t just a well-built senior citizen; he was every god on Mount Olympus rolled into one. I had trouble walking as I got closer to the man and I was worried I was going to pass out as soon as I was close enough to smell what surely was perfect he-man musk. My voice cracked when I spoke to him – they guy forcing me into a second puberty just because of his immense body. “You must be Liam. I’m Makana.” “Hey Makana. It’s great to meet you.” As soon as his hand engulfed mine I lost control of my legs and they visibly wobbled. I struggled hard to prevent myself from collapsing into a pile of mush and concentrated on shaking Liam’s calloused strong manly paw. I couldn’t help myself and I let my eyes drop immediately to his swelling biceps and suddenly extra saliva started filling my mouth. The man’s arm bulged out larger and the sleeve of his polo cut into his skin even more. I think drops of water fell from my tongue, which was hanging out across my bottom lip. All of this was an uncontrollable reaction and I struggled hard to force my gaze back up to his bluish-gray eyes – highlighted even more by his beautiful elder papa hair. I felt like I was having some kind of stroke or something – my mind simply stopped working and I didn’t know how to move any part of my body. If Liam caught on to any of this he didn’t make it obvious. He squeezed my hand strongly and then released – but not before, I had the feeling, he was sure I had fully recovered. The man also continued the conversation for me – a kind gesture that didn’t go unnoticed. “You must have some Hawaiian in you.” “I do. Um . . . most people don’t ever guess that.” “Well, it’s a pretty common name in Hawaii, right? I’ve spent some time there. What island are you from?” “Yeah, lots of people have my name. I’m originally from Molokai.” “A great island. I’ve been there a few times. I even hiked down to Kalaupapa to see where Fr. Damien did his work.” “It’s incredible what that man did. You’re lucky you got to visit there. So . . . um, ready to see the store?” “I sure am. Lead the way, sir.” I couldn’t tell if it was the smile, the incredible dimples, or the strong-as-hell jawline that made me pause briefly after Liam had spoken. I just couldn’t move. The man’s beauty and his warmth demeanor caught me off guard and I had no power to prevent my idiotic reaction. Clearly, the guy was as nice as he was handsome and that made me fall for him even harder than before. I think that Liam wanted to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself so he started walking toward aisle one when he noticed my feet couldn’t work. A soft whimper escaped my mouth and I had to lean against a pile of lumber when I got a glimpse of the man’s humongous back. I got the feeling that if the senior muscle dude had suddenly gone into reverse I would have heard a loud beeping noise to signify something as huge as a semi was backing up. The expanse of his shoulders was incredible and I got the feeling that he was as wide as I was tall. His traps, delts, and lats bulged so much that it looked like there was a mountain range under his shirt. The man blocked my view of half the store. The dude’s incredibly thin waist emphasized the hugeness above even more. I could tell he certainly had trouble finding pants that could fit over his monstrous legs and wouldn’t swallow his tiny midsection. I suddenly realized I was mumbling to myself – simply uttering gibberish because I was so overwhelmed by the new employee’s unbelievable body. And to top it all off and rock all my desires, the guy was clearly in his sixties. I somehow gathered my strength and my wits before Liam realized I wasn’t behind him. I then sort of half stumbled and half walked to catch up with him since my legs were still not functioning well. He turned to look at me when I fell into step beside him. “Um . . . what brings you to work at Home Depot, Liam?” “The truth?” “Yeah . . . I guess.” “Well I retired two years ago at sixty-five and about three months back I realized I was spending about sixty percent of my awake hours at the gym. While that was good for my physical health, it wasn’t too good for me mentally or emotionally. I was also spending a little too much money on new wardrobes every six months. I think I just got bored of being retired and kind of got obsessed about working out. I’m not complaining, Makana, since I’m in the best shape of my entire life at sixty-seven, but I was quickly becoming a gym hermit who had no interaction with other people. The owner of my gym finally set up an intervention for me after I lifted ten hours straight one day, only stopping for meals and to take a leak. It was then I decided to find a job. Since I use to own a construction company that I sold when I retired, I figured this would be a good place for me.” “Well the working out certainly paid off – you look great. I can’t believe you’re sixty-seven!” “Thanks, Makana. I’ve cut back to only two hours, six days a week. It’s still a little obsessive, but I’m actually making time to do other things, as well. As for the age, I certainly don’t feel it – but I’ll be sixty-eight next month. It’s weird to be that old and easily lifting more weight that most twenty year olds in the gym. I’ve always been conscious about my health, though, so I guess it paid off.” I wanted to say, “like hell it did!” or something like that, but I knew it would sound a little weird. I didn’t want to show my crazy eagerness to impress the man or have my need to get him to like me make me look overzealous. I simply nodded my head up and down and tried to hide the intense amazement and lust that was consuming my body. If I had painted a picture of my supreme dream-man I could not have come close to matching what walked beside me. It was like Liam had been magically created to prove to me what a real muscle senior daddy could actually look like. All of my fantasies up to this point in life now seemed pathetic and limited. Liam was definitely making me re-shape images that had helped me to beat off for years. I knew I would probably never think of any other man to reach ejaculation and I was desperately trying to not let that affect how I was acting, but it was incredibly difficult. There was also a tip-like bulge causing my apron to poke out in a very inappropriate way and was even causing me some pain while walking. If the big muscle gramps noticed my raging hard-on he didn’t acknowledge it in any way. I got the feeling; again, that Liam was too much of a gentleman to ever do anything that would cause me embarrassment. “Well, here we are at the Garden Department. Let me show you around.” For the next three hours I was in muscleman bliss. I was able to stay focused on the task at hand and I shared everything I knew about the Depot with Liam. Since the guy had owned a construction business I didn’t need to spend any time explaining many of the departments. As a matter of fact, he shared a few interesting tidbits with me and I ended up being the one that learned the most during our tour. I warmed up to the senior muscleman even more than earlier as we walked around the store. Liam had a certain calmness about him – something that seemed to only come with very large and confident men – that somehow even soothed my raging lust for most of our time together. I couldn’t help myself, though, and stole long glances at the man’s huge muscles every chance I got – thinking I was being careful enough to not get caught. Part of me, however, hoped Liam would notice and that it would flatter him tremendously. If the man did notice, he did not let on at all. We ended up taking our lunch break together and I was surprised to see we had the exact Sur La Table lunch carrier – something that brought me great joy. When Liam pulled out what was clearly a nice meal of leftovers I saw another way to win his friendship. “Someone else likes to cook, I see.” “Yeah, I find it soothing and healthier.” “What did you bring today?” “Just some jambalaya I made on Sunday. And what did you bring?” “Some leftover pan-seared salmon I made for my parents last night.” “Sounds good. It looks good, too. Hey, Makana, thanks a lot for the orientation today. I think it’s really going to help me. I think I’ll like working here.” “I hope so, Liam, and it was my pleasure to show you the place. Do you . . . um . . . mind if I ask you a personal question.” “Uh oh, sounds serious. Shoot away.” “What’s it like . . . to . . . be . . . um . . . so big?” “That’s personal? I think you let me off easy. Wow, I’ve been big for so long I kind of take it for granted now. I don’t know . . . I guess it’s kind of cool. I’ve worked hard to build up my body so it’s neat that I automatically get respect most of the time. I’m sure I intimidate people sometimes, but I don’t mean to. I think people just assume I’m some sort of meathead jerk or something – but I’m not. I can’t lie to you, Makana, sometimes it’s fun to see people’s reaction to my body. Most of the time it falls into one of three categories – people that get a little scared, people that immediately feel threatened, or sometimes people get excited about my size and they ask to feel part of my body. I’ve kind of learned how to deal with each group differently – to lessen the tension, I guess. It’s fun to see people gawk and get surprised when they touch my arm or chest, though. Being this huge can also cause problems, too – like on small airplanes, in tiny bathroom stalls, in cramped theatre seats, or in compact cars. It can be a burden, but most of the time it’s fine. I guess I really don’t think about it at all. Now, can I ask you a personal question?” “Sure, It’s only fair, I guess.” “Would you go on a date with me?” “What?” “I’m sorry, Makana, I asked Sybil, the cashier, if you were gay and she said you were. I just wondered if you’d care to go out with me?” “No, I mean . . . it’s just . . . “ “Am I too old for you? I mean I’d understand. I could be your grandfather, for goodness sakes.” “No, Liam, no . . . I’d love to go out with you. I’m just caught off guard by the invitation . . . by the fact that you’d like to go out with me.” “What? You’re cute as hell, Makana. That dark Hawaiian complexion, those beautiful black eyes, and that tight college-boy body – what’s not to like?” “Um . . . thanks, but you’re just . . . well, you’re huge, Liam!” “I’m hoping you’re one of the people in the ‘I’d like to feel parts of that huge body’ I was describing earlier and not one of the ones that’s threatened or scared.” “I think I’m probably at the top of the list when it comes to being someone that gets into big men, Liam. I also have a special thing for older guys.” “It sounds like we’re a match made in heaven, Makana. Would you be available for dinner on Friday night.” “If I wasn’t free – trust me – I’d cancel whatever was scheduled. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you the entire tour.” “I had the same problem, Makana. Then it’s a date. I’m not sure I’ll be able to last until Friday. It’s a good thing they have me scheduled on the other side of the store this week.” “There’s always lunch, though, Liam. We can put each other through torture for at least an hour every day.” “It sounds like a plan.” Part Two I think I stayed perpetually hard for the next four days. I thought about Liam constantly – at work, at home, even in my dreams – and it was worse because we made sure we got the same lunch break each day. We were inseparable during that brief time in the outdoor eating area. We continued to impress each other with our culinary skills and it was clear we went all out to try and bring something the other person would love. My lasagna made Liam smile from happy taste buds and his flourless chocolate cake was to die for. During those four days my lust for his huge older muscled body didn’t dampen at all. I grew to like his sense of humor, his generosity, and his intelligence – but it was the perfect bulges that made every stitch of his clothing balloon out and ooze with sex that continued to make me weak at the knees. I didn’t let on completely how infatuated I was with his body, but I think Liam was starting to get a pretty good idea. I asked a million and one questions about his exercise routine, how much he weighed (almost swooning when he said three ninety-seven), the amount of weight he could bench, and so much more. It would have probably been pretty clear to even a deaf and dumb guy that I was way into Liam’s body. I shared a lot with him, as well, and loved how focused he’d get when I’d share my dreams and aspirations. I’m pretty sure he understood that I would have thrown my body over the picnic table in a split second if he asked – offering my ass or cock to him without any problem. I continued to jerk off thinking about Liam’s huge arms, his monstrous chest, or his massive quads any chance I got – whether at the store or at home. Finally, Friday rolled around and we were both clocking out. I was barely able to contain my excitement. I was also feeling pretty bold. “I was thinking I could just leave my car here, Liam, so we can ride together.” “I’ve been thinking the same thing. We can swing by and get it tomorrow.” I know my face immediately turned bright red – not from embarrassment, but from the rush of delight that flew through my body when I heard his words. It was perfectly clear what Liam’s intention was – and he knew exactly how it would affect me. I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, mainly because I knew any type of movement might cause my suddenly rock-hard cock to start ejaculating uncontrollably. How was I ever going to make it through dinner? My need for this older man had grown to feverish heights. I literally ached for the man. It also felt like I might pass out from excitement. I gained some confidence and responded, but I could barely muster up more than a whisper. “Or even on Sunday.” “Or even on Sunday, Makana. What a great idea.” Liam’s smile made my legs give out. I fumbled back into the rack attached to the wall that held the timecards. Liam jumped into action and reached out to grab my shoulder before I slid to the floor. As soon as his big hand touched me – the first time we had made bodily contact since our handshake on the first day – I closed my eyes and gasped softly. My reaction made Liam immediately nervous. “Did I hurt you?” “No . . . the complete opposite. I’m fine. Liam. I just need a second to recover from being a little over-stimulated.” This made the big elder man laugh out loud. He still held on to my shoulder - making me feel like it was something small and delicate because of his strong huge calloused hand. I sensed his power – even just through his fingers – and it turned me on more than anything I could ever remember. I wanted to turn my head and bend down to kiss his thick manly paw, but I forced myself not to do what came so naturally. I knew there’d be lots of time for kissing later on. I forced my legs to straighten out and I regained my composure. Liam released my shoulder and my body immediately missed the contact with the huge man, mainly because his power somehow made me feel secure and comfortable. I also suddenly felt cold – the heat from Liam’s huge body certainly warmed my small frame up quickly, in more ways than one. “I like it when you touch me.” “Do you, now, Makana. That’s good to know. I think there might be a lot of touching later on this evening. Maybe a little carrying, too.” “Oh shit, no! Calm down, calm down, calm down. No, no, no! I will not lose it!” “Makana, what’s the matter?” “Shhhhh, Liam. Don’t speak for a few seconds. Please.” The idea of Liam holding my body in is huge muscle arms was too much for my weakened body to handle. I had quickly moved to the edge of release and I knew if the man said anything more to me I was going to pump out a big wad of cum in my drawers. I just needed the big elder god to be quiet for a few seconds. I shut my eyes and leaned against the rack again. I focused my thoughts on anything besides the massive monster standing in front of me. Liam quickly figured out what was happening and stood there – totally silent and completely still. It took almost a full minute for my body to get beyond it’s teetering on the brink of orgasm. I could feel my balls tightening and the pressure building in my cock. I breathed in and out pretty hard – like a woman in labor – and it helped me to not lose control. I was finally able to open my eyes and look upon the senior muscled angel standing before me. The big guy was smiling and patiently waiting for me to return from the edge. “It looks like we successfully avoided an accident.” “I think we also avoided me passing out! Liam, you got to be careful with what you say or what you do around me. You put me in a delicate situation just by being near me. I could easily spill every drop of semen within my body because of you doing something like carrying me. Just the thought of it makes me zoom close to the point of no return.” “Okay, then, Makana. That’s good to know. I think I’ll be working hard to give you some release later on. We could play a game like ‘let’s see how long it takes Makana to explode’ or something like that. But I can wait until we’re in a more private place, I promise, sir.” “That would be great, Liam.” “Ready for dinner?” “And for everything else!” My words brought a bigger smile to Liam’s face and I knew immediately that he was ready for what would come after dinner, as well. I was amazed as we entered the restaurant about fifteen minutes later how everyone stared at the big man. I don’t know why it surprised me, since I found myself staring uncontrollably at him all the time, too. I guess it had something to do with the fact that he was with me – something I still didn’t fully understand. After the meal had been ordered and his wine had been poured, I began to learn a little more about the beautiful muscleman. Liam was clearly in a mood to share. “Um . . . Makana . . . I have a confession to make. It’s kind of embarrassing and I’ll understand if it . . . well, if it turns you off.” “This sounds interesting. Confess away, big man.” “Well . . . I . . . uh . . . I get really jacked . . . from, um . . . being . . . well, you know . . . worshipped. It’s even how I . . . um . . . jack-off most of the time . . . imagining some guy . . . you know . . . worshipping me.” I sat there stunned as I saw Liam’s face turn bright red. Here was this giant getting really embarrassed as he confessed he loved being deified by some guy and all I wanted to do was adulate him twenty-four hours a day. I don’t think he understood the depth of my devotion to muscled older men. I was quite sure he actually thought his confession might make me run away in disgust. His discomfort in sharing his secret was so endearing that it almost made me shed a tear. My mind drifted briefly to the idea of the ‘perfect storm’ – when specific conditions were just right for a weather system to produce something so powerful that it could do intense damage. That’s how this moment felt. The lustful conditions were so perfect that I had a feeling the two of us would still be awake when the sun came up – and we’d still have blue balls and hard cocks just aching for the umpteenth release. If this man liked being worshipped then he had just hit the highest jackpot ever by revealing that little tidbit to me. When it came to worshipping muscle – especially older muscle – there could not have been a more devoted disciple. “In the past, Liam, some of the idols I have chosen to adulate have not been able to stay with it for the long haul. They have ended up being weak and not really worthy of my unending adoration. The older musclemen I’ve dated have actually outlasted the younger lads, but no one has proven a worthy longstanding temple. Are you sure you’re up for the task?” I could sense that my carefully chosen words were causing something almost supernatural to be released in Liam. His body seemed to suddenly pulse with more intensity and I quickly realized it was because every muscle was being powerfully tensed. I saw a look of ‘challenge accepted’ creep across his face and I actually got nervous that I had truly met my match. I had a strong suspicion that this big man’s desire for adoration might just be insanely more severe than my need to worship, even though I had never thought that possible. I was suddenly thankful that we were in a public place because I believed the huge older muscle mountain would have grabbed me right then and there and slammed my face into all parts of his hardened body if he could have. It was pretty clear that I had unleashed a volcano of untapped pleasures within Liam just by making it obvious that his confession only thrilled me even more than I already was – something I had thought impossible. “I always reward faithful subjects handsomely, Makana.” “You already have, Liam.” This comment made the man pause briefly – so caught off guard was he by my confession of presently being very happy. We both knew there was a lot more to come from this hurricane of passion building between us, but Liam was unprepared to hear that I was already deeply satisfied. I saw a look of recognition flash through his eyes, as if he was realizing for the first time that he was being blessed with the proverbial ‘soul mate’ some gurus always spoke about. This intense bond that had been growing between us for the last week was being solidified in a special way and each of us was beginning to understand that nothing would be able to break it apart. I suddenly didn’t care about college. I didn’t care about pleasing my family. I didn’t care about having any future that didn’t involve the giant man sitting in front of me. Many people would have called this feeling ‘love’ – and that was certainly part of it – but it was so much more than just a ‘heart thing.’ Liam and I were moving into territory I was pretty sure neither of us had ever charted before. We were connecting on a spiritual level, an emotional level, and intellectual level, a sexual level, and a deeply demanding level. It was clear we both understood that continuing to fan into flame this connection that was roaring between us would seal us together in a way that was both frightening and completely exciting at the same time. Liam evidently felt it, too. “Now’s the time to get off this wild ride, Makana. If you’re not willing to commit to whatever this is that is about to explode between us, please tell me now. I’ve been hurt in the past and that was by people that didn’t create a fourth of the intense desire you have released in me. If you backed out now it would just be my heart that would be broken, but if we continue and then you decided it wasn’t right I believe my very soul would be extinguished.” “It doesn’t make sense we both could feel this way so quickly, Liam. And for the record, my heart, soul, and spirit already rest in your powerful hands.” “And I’ll protect them with my life, sir, I promise. You know, of course, that it is taking every ounce of my strength not to grab this table, toss it across the room grab you in my arms, and smother you with all my muscles.” “Well, we have ordered and it would be wasteful not eat the meal. Besides, I kind of like knowing I’m causing you to almost lose control. It’s kind of like playing with dynamite. Everyone around us has no idea the potential danger they are in – the possibility of being shocked by some huge muscleman going on a lustful rampage.” “You are an evil, evil man.” “I need to have some weapon that equals what your body does to me – and I think the only thing I’ve got are my teasing words that seem to work you into an intense sexual frenzy.” “You have no idea what kind of ticking bomb you are playing with, Makana.” “That’s what makes it fun, big man, that’s what makes it fun. I’ll quit teasing as soon as you deflate your gorgeous, cock-hardening muscles – it’s the only way we’d be even.” “I’m afraid I can’t do that. You make me want to be even bigger – now that I know my body turns you on so much.” “Exactly! That’s why I choose to tease you with my words, as well. Take a nice cool drink of water, Liam; here comes the first question to push you even closer to the orgasmic cliff. Later on, what part of your body should I worship first?” The big man quickly closed his eyes – but reopened them because visions of what I might be doing came quicker when lids were down. He was visibly shaken by my question – mainly because his mind immediately went to whatever lustful pleasure he liked most. That was the exact reaction I desired. I also hoped he would share the first thing that came to his mind – so I’d know what his favorite form of adoration was. I watched closely as the big man willed his body to settle down and he actually broke into a smile – one that made it clear he was regrouping for this sexual battle that was in full force between us. I got a slight inkling of the power within the older man – he was clearly not a foe to be taken lightly. I needed to prepare myself for the battle I had started – realizing that Liam had an arsenal of weapons – his muscles – that clearly outnumbered anything I had. I was going to have to use my intellect and my ability to subvert his defenses by revealing my lust for his body slowly just so I could come close to equaling his power. I knew deep in my heart that he could win the battle easily by merely flexing an arm or undoing a few buttons of his shirt – and it was clear he knew the same thing – but Liam wanted to make the fun last as long as I did. He also wanted to build the looming explosion below his waist until its release would be mind-boggling and would cement our union in a way neither of us completely understood. “Funny you should ask that, Makana. Before I get down to being worshipped I usually like to pump up my body big – really big – just to make it worthwhile for my worshiper. It seems to add a little fun to the pre-show if I actually use the obliging fellow as my barbell for warming up.” The big tease knew exactly how his words would affect me. I had clearly underestimated his talents for taunting. I needed a few seconds to kick visions of his big arms pushing my body into the air above his head - or even while he lay on the floor - out of my mind. It was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be. I forced myself to look at Liam’s face, just so I wouldn’t see his big arms through his tight shirt and long to be easily lifted by them. I teetered on the edge of a dark chasm, almost giving into my urge to spew Liam-muscle induced cum into my briefs – that’s how turned on I got from being easily tossed around by a big muscle daddy. That’s also how much I longed for the man across the table to show me how powerful he was by pressing me up and down for hundreds of repetitions. For a few seconds I didn’t care about the people around us – I thought about letting my moans of pleasure as my cock pumped out heavy loads of juice fill the restaurant and bring every gaze in the place to our table. I knew that after one good look at Liam no one would have blamed me for my reaction. I, however, like Liam wanted to make the fun last a lot longer. I retreated from the edge and smiled at my adversary. “Touché, sir. I can see I have met a worthy opponent. I will have to re-double my efforts.” “When something is very important to me, Makana, I can unleash stamina beyond your wildest dreams.” “That’s what I’m hoping, Liam.” Luckily, our food came at that moment. I was on lust overload for the larger-than-life older man, so it was good to have a break. I sensed that Liam was just as thankful for the time out. We spent most of the meal talking about ‘first date’ kinds of things – favorite movies, favorite vacation spots, and similar mundane things. We both wanted the conversation to return to other more excitable topics, but we also realized the danger that came with such a move. As I took my last sip of my second cup of post-dinner coffee – ordered because I anticipated being up for a long time – I purposefully moved the conversation back to stimulation ground. Liam had insisted on paying for the meal, citing his age as reason he should be paying. He knew that any reference to him being much older turned me on. He was busy figuring out the tip, with some handsome reading glasses pulled out of a pocket, when I returned to previous conversations. “I think I put on a few pounds from that great meal. Maybe I’ll give you a little more resistance when you’re doing your pre-worship exercises.” I saw a smile creep across the bottom of his face – even with him looking down at the table. He continued to figure out his math, but was not about to let me get the upper hand in this conversation. He chose his words carefully, knowing full well the kind of impact they would have on me. It was like he had lobbed a sexual hand grenade onto my side of the table. “I’m easily benching three eighty five these days, Makana, I don’t think you’ll give me much resistance at all. I just lift guys like you for show.” I was extremely thankful I had swallowed my coffee. I know I would have spit it out all over the table if it had still been in my mouth. Liam didn’t look up – he didn’t need to. He could sense my reaction fully and it turned him on very much. I started calculating in my head and realized he was basically benching what equaled to two and a half of my body’s weight put together. I instantly wondered if that meant he might be able to lift my entire body with just one arm – something that made me shiver in delight. I couldn’t speak for a few seconds – something I had the feeling was going to happen a lot from now on. Liam looked up at me and his face was full of pride. The guy was more than double my age and he was lifting more weight than I would probably ever be able to push into the air – even with a crane. He was also more than twice the size of me. I could see in Liam’s eyes that he knew he was now way out in the lead in our little game of turning each other on. I also knew, though, that the more excited I got - it thrilled him more, as well. It was like a chemical reaction that was ever true or an equation’s answer that never changed. If my pleasure increased his pleasure increased and vice versa. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t think of anything that would top what he had just shared. He was not, however, going to let that be the end of this present struggle. “I’ve lifted guys double your size over my head for a good fifty reps, Makana. I think you’ll have to add a lot of pounds to give me some resistance. Really good form on shoulder presses seems to make a lot of guys happy. It’s always important to me that we’re someplace where the guy can watch my arms and shoulders bulging massive as I crank out my sets. It’s just an added bonus for the fellow as his body methodically travels up and down.” “Now who’s being evil, Liam?” “I believe you started it, young man.” We stared at each other for a few seconds of silence. I was amazed that we had gotten back to this place of heightened sexual tension so quickly. It was going to be difficult for both of us to leave the restaurant without having our crotches reveal the level of our arousal. I was so hard that I didn’t think I’d be calming down for days. I hoped Liam was in the same predicament. “Shall we move on to the next part of the evening, Makana? Or should I say the next part of the weekend?” “I’m more than ready, Liam.” He stood up first and my eyes went straight to the area I had just been contemplating. My jaw dropped when I beheld what looked like the outline of a thermos pressing against his pants. I knew the guy was big, but I had not been prepared for his cock to match the rest of his massiveness. I forced myself to stand up, too, noticed the approving smile I received after Liam glanced at my crotch, and then led the way out of the restaurant after he held out his huge arm in the gesture of a gentleman. I could feel that he was right behind me and I knew he was checking out my backside like a typical construction worker gawking at someone walking by. And then, as if to confirm what I was thinking, he spoke. He did nothing to hide his voice and after noticing the glances from other patrons and staff I knew I wouldn’t be returning to that restaurant ever. “What a nice tight ass, young man.” I felt my face flush red – not from embarrassment, but from the compliment. I had hoped he’d like what I had to offer on my backside – it was one of my best attributes. His approval meant the world to me. I found myself smiling and I got a wink from the hostess – a sign that said she realized how lucky I was to have such a gorgeous man offering me such praise. I smiled even more broadly and stepped out into the cold air. Suddenly, my pants were riding up my ass painfully and my feet were not touching the ground. My body fell forward a little, but a big hand grabbed my shoulder. “I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what’s to come, Makana. I also thought I’d help you to my truck.” It dawned on me that the big man was carrying me with one hand. He had grabbed my belt and the back of my slacks with his right hand, steadied me with his left, and was now hoisting me into the air with no problem. We were still moving forward but my feet just dangled in the air. There was little I could do – Liam was basically manhandling me as if I were a small child. Compared to him, my body was like that of a small child. I was set back down on the ground when we were by the passenger door of his truck. I reached down and pulled the back of my pants out of my ass crack. A big hand immediately slid into place over my butt as soon as I had my pants back to normal. Liam pressed his paw into my muscled cheeks, squeezed hard a couple of times, and then made an approving sound that was halfway between a moan and a big animal purring. “Damn, that feels good, Makana. I’ve been wanting to feel your ass all week long.” I turned my body around and then pressed my back against the door of his truck. I reached out and placed my palms on his massive chest. I made a similar sound to the one he had made just seconds ago. My hands started kneading his hard muscle immediately. I let my thumbs scrape across his jutting nipples and loved how it made Liam close his eyes and coo a little. I looked into his face and smiled broadly. “And I’ve wanted to feel these all week long, Liam. Tense them hard for me, big man.” I’m not sure if it was the way I told him to do it, his eagerness to impress me, or the fact that my hands were working double time on his huge chest, but Liam tightened his pec muscles immediately and I almost creamed in my pants. I knew the guy’s body would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for how powerful his muscles could be when flexed. My fingers were clamping down hard on his pec meat and when everything was tensed they were forced to let go. The strength in my hands was nothing when compared to what his chest could put out. I was forced to flatten my palms and merely press up against the mammoth, marble-like wall of muscle before me. Liam was proudly smiling as he realized what he had made me do – grinning mainly because he knew it turned me on so much. I brought my right hand away from the giant pec beneath it, made a fist, and sent it flying into his tensed muscle. When it smacked into his shirt nothing moved – not his pec, not my hand, and certainly not the body of the huge man. I hadn’t thrown a punch hard enough to hurt my fingers – I was much smarter than that – but I did get the full effect of how insanely dense this guy’s upper body truly was. He was thicker than I was wide. If I had closed my eyes and tried to guess what his chest felt like I would have been saying things like the hood of a big rig, two giant wrecking balls smashed together, or a double wide stainless steel freezer. “You didn’t even feel that punch, did you Liam?” “What punch, Makana?” The big man’s face was beaming at me – he was just so happy to find a guy that seemed to be as turned on by his body as he was. I decided I needed to show Liam that I really liked it when he emphasized his hugeness and his strength, too. I pulled both of my fists back and sent them flying into his chest at the same time. There was still no movement from his body and my fingers actually stung a little this time. My feeble attempt caused the older muscleman to smile even more broadly – showing all of his pearly whites. God, it was sexy knowing he wanted me to get turned on by his power and his huge body. It struck me at that moment that I now had a new path to leveling our lustful playing field. “Damn, big guy, those pecs feel like thick plates of steel. My fingers are still in pain from smacking up against something so hard. You must have some armor on underneath there.” Liam’s reaction made it clear that I had hit jackpot. He had told me earlier he loved to be worshipped, but it was only at this moment that I fully understood what it did to the man. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure, but I think his big muscled legs actually quivered as I talked about his chest. There was also a flicker of worry in his eyes – nervousness clearly caused by the fact that my continued talking about his body in this way could easily bring him to uncontrollable release. I had struck gold. I now knew Liam’s Achilles heel. There was one big problem, though. Talking about his body in this way – especially as my hands groped his muscles – would quickly cause me to erupt, as well. I knew I would have to pace myself. Even though I had found his weakness, it was clear I should not consider myself the victor. Liam still had some tricks up his sleeve and I needed to remember that he was clearly much larger and definitely more powerful than me. I knew that meant he probably had a lot more stamina, too – as he had pointed out earlier. As if to prove that my thoughts were correct, the big man reached up and undid the top three buttons of his shirt. He wanted to make it clear to me that there were no plates of metal under the material – only the steel-like muscle of his gorgeous chest. He also wanted to allow me my first glimpse of the deep valley-like crevice between his two pecs and the dusting of mouth-watering salt and pepper hair covering those mountainous muscles. I realized immediately that the guy was nowhere near down for the count. He was fully aware that showing me just part of his enormous chest – really just a fourth of the entire hugeness – was enough to send me closer to the edge than anything I might say or do to him. He was exactly right. I instantly did what any muscle daddy loving boy would have done as soon as he saw the deep cavity between his mounds of hard beef – I brought my head forward and slammed my face into his inviting half-exposed muscle cave. My world stopped at that moment – everything went on pause. I didn’t care about the people walking by as they left the restaurant, staring at us in disbelief or envy. I didn’t care about the cars driving by, slowing down to get a good look. I didn’t even care if Liam wanted this kind of public display or not. I only wanted my face to be buried between two walls of solid hard muscle and my tongue to lap up any manly tastes his body produced. I’m sure I sounded like a starving wolf that is thrown a raw steak. I kissed and slurped up every inch of that tight space between his colossal pecs. It was pretty clear I didn’t need to worry about Liam not wanting this kind of public display because he immediately put one of his big hands behind my head and pulled it into his body even more. He also continued to flex his big chest just to make it squeeze my face tighter than before. I turned into a wild man on a mission. I reached down and blindly found the belt loops on either side of his pants. I then pulled his big body up against mine, while never moving my face from its perfectly warm and tight position. When my hard cock smacked up against his giant, equally hard log we both moaned like we had been waiting for that specific connection all of our lives. My legs went numb from the excitement and I was damn happy that the pressure from the big man’s body kept me upright and in place. I actually think the intense power from just his pecs squeezing my face could have kept me standing with no problem. If I was now a wild man, then that same state of being was intensified in Liam because of his enormous size. The man was like a wild beast finally let loose from a cage. He pressed his big body into mine – smashing me up against the truck. I could feel the vehicle rocking back and forth slightly as the big man rubbed his crotch up and down into mine. His hands were beyond my waist and kneading my ass – even though they were trapped between my body and the truck door. Liam brought his face down beside my right temple – intent on making this as much about words as it was his body. “Oh yeah, Makana, feel my big pecs smashing your face. Don’t you just love that crushing power smothering you when I tense those big puppies? Doesn’t that feel incredible, boy?” I could only moan my answer – but the sound made it clear I was in muscle heaven. I had absolutely no idea what thrilled me more – feeling his pecs squeezing the hell out of my face or listening to Liam talk about his own body that way. I was entering into new muscle daddy territory – I had never dated an older guy that loved to be worshipped or that loved to talk about himself as much as this elder god. The big man’s words echoed in my ears and I realized hearing Liam remark about his own huge body made all the muscles even more real for me. It was like he was guiding me to whatever part of his body he wanted me to adore next. It was also like our mutual admiration for his gigantic muscles – and him talking about it – could double the pleasure both of us felt. I intensified the work my tongue was doing on the valley between his pecs and the delicious taste of salt and whatever it was that made a real man a man was so overwhelming that I was starting to feel light headed. Of course, it could have been the fact that Liam was smashing the crap out of my face and I found it hard to inhale deeply. Meanwhile, the older muscle man just couldn’t stop talking – clearly he understood what kind of reaction it caused in me. “Yeah, feel how my big body squashes you against this truck, Makana. You starting to feel like a flattened pancake? You love how my hard muscles compress your small frame completely, don’t you? You love how I can easily pin you against the truck and we both know you couldn’t go anywhere even if you wanted to. That make you feel good, sport?” Again, my moans of intense joy were the only answer Liam needed – he was getting off on pleasing me so much. I was using my strong glute muscles and the momentum of my grinding crotch to bang my cock into his as hard as I could. In response, Liam would force his pelvis forward and trap my lower body against the truck and then he would grind his hefty piece of meat into me, making my mind go crazy with a need for more. He’d then release the pressure and allow me to start all over. At that point I think our two cocks were the hardest things in the world – that’s how off the charts turned on we both were. I had placed my hands on both of his hard biceps, loving how the huge mounds bulged and hardened as he kneaded my ass cheeks roughly. I tried to squeeze his upper arms but not only could I not get my hands over the enormous mass I also couldn’t dent the things in at all. There was nothing to grab hold of – just as had happened with his chest earlier. I quickly abandoned that task and sent both of my hands into the back of his pants and ran my cold hands across his hard ass and squeezed. This gave Liam a big jolt of adrenaline and he moaned even louder than me. This definitely caused many people in the surrounding area to turn our way. I wasn’t sure if they were just scared – as if a beast had just cried out in the night – or if they just wanted to find out where the loud noise had come from. I let my fingers slide between his hard muscled cheeks and he immediately tensed his glutes – trapping my fingers easily. I heard the big man let out a menacing snicker – as if taunting me to try and escape. The next time he shoved his crotch forward he also squeezed his cheeks even tighter together and I winced joyfully from the pain, even as my face was still buried between his mega pecs. It was pretty clear – by the throbbing from my own cock and his – that we were both pretty close to orgasm. Without any warning, Liam released my ass, loosened his own butt-grip on my fingers, and placed his hands against the truck to push his body from mine. My hands disengaged from his pants and I immediately missed his hard warm body pressed up against me. I looked at his smiling face – clearly showing him in my eyes that I missed his presence. “Aw heck, Makana, we got to get out of here before I rip every piece of clothing off of that tight body of yours and draw more attention than we’ve already attracted. Unless you want to be arrested for being naked in public you better get in that truck before I can’t control myself anymore. Besides, I’ve got some lifting to do and a Makana barbell is just what my trainer ordered. Care to head home?” PART THREE I was already in the truck before Liam finished his question about whether I wanted to head to his house now or not. As soon as he reminded me about how he liked to lift guys before he let them start worshipping him – either in a bench press or a shoulder press – I was ready to be at his place. I did not need to be asked twice. Liam was kind of shocked at how fast I jumped in his truck and he laughed out loud when I shut the door and looked at him through the closed window. I leaned over and opened his door as the big man walked around the front of the truck. He slid his big body into the driver’s seat and then leaned over – our lips met in what can only be described as a fireworks inducing kiss. His lips felt almost as powerful as the rest of him and his tongue easily defeated mine to dominate our lip-lock. I let my right hand move to his crotch and I latched on to his hard cock – amazed at how huge the thing was. I squeezed hard, noting that like his chest and arms my hand could not dent the thing, and this caused Liam to pull his face from mine. “Careful, boy, that gun is cocked and ready to be fired. You don’t want to be responsible for me busting a hole in my pants, do you? Besides, you got to let me drive. I don’t want to have a wreck and not make it to all that’s promised to us at home. Let’s be ‘hands off’ until we get to my place, okay?” “I’m not sure I can last that long, Liam.” “Okay, let me give you something big to hold onto, then.” Liam had already started the car and we were headed down the street, so he bent his arm closest to me and leaned my way a little. He held his humongous biceps out for me to grab. I reached my left arm underneath the bulging piece of meat and then brought my right hand over to latch onto the mound with both of my hands – realizing I still couldn’t reach around the massive thing. It didn’t matter, though. I could feel the hardness through his shirt and that’s all I needed to keep my cock fully hard for the entire ride home – as if it weren’t going to stay erect for as long as I was near the big muscle daddy anyway. Liam kept stealing glances at me and I swear his smile alone made my cock want to spew. If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships, then this man had a face that could cause world war three. I loved how the crevices across his forehead and around his eyes only made him more handsome – not at all craggily looking. Even through his designer glasses I could see that his eyes were now piercingly blue-gray – a clearness that obviously came from having an incredibly healthy body. The man’s sexy salt and pepper, slicked back hair only highlighted his strong forehead, his muscular cheeks, and his sharp jaw-line even more. I found myself suddenly not focused on his giant body – for the first time all week. His face excited me, too. “God, you are devastatingly handsome, Liam. How can a sixty-eight year old man look so good? You put guys a third of your age to shame.” “I guess it’s just good genes and taking care of yourself.” “I bet couples would pay millions of dollars to have your sperm – just so their babies would have your genes. It wouldn’t matter if they were gay or straight!” “I’m not sure about that, but I will tell you that I wouldn’t mind any child of mine looking like you, Makana. That perpetually tanned skin, those beautiful dark eyes, and that hot little body is what any person would want their son to look like.” “Maybe a mixture of our sperms would create something pretty perfect!” I was making a joke, but the look on Liam’s face told me he thought it was a seriously good idea. I squeezed his biceps hard – not denting it in at all – and that caused him to tense the muscle, which forced my interlocked fingers apart. I tried my hardest to hold on, but the swelling meat pushed my hands apart. It was incredible to watch – even as I desperately tried to keep my fingers together. Liam then flexed his gun a few times just to emphasize its size and power. “Just think about that biceps growing, Makana, as it presses your body up and down in the air. Look at that swole arm, son. You ever see a gun so big? Or felt something so hard?” “Not ever. It’s like concrete or something.” “Here, Makana, let’s allow you to get up close and personal with my big arm.” Liam pushed his big bulging gun into my face – not in a vicious way, but more to allow me to feel the huge thing against my cheek, nose, and forehead. He kept pushing upward and his arm made my head go with it – my neck and upper body were definitely no match for the strength of his one gun. As if on automatic pilot, my lips puckered up and started kissing the hard-as-rock skin that surrounded his mountainous peak. The smacking of my oral adulation rang out through the cab of the truck and Liam started making sounds of approval that almost sounded like a growl. Before I knew it, Liam’s own lips were pressing gently into the other side of his flexed biceps. I glanced out the front window, without even missing a beat of my work on his arm, and noticed we were stopped at the light of an intersection. Somehow, both of us kissing his massive bulging arm thrilled me even more. I stared at the big man’s beautiful eyes over the tensed peak of his biceps. In between kisses, Liam spoke. “Look how my arm is big enough for both of us to have a feast, Makana. It’s like being on opposite sides of a mountain, isn’t it? I can tell you like it when I kiss my own huge biceps. You like me worshipping my own muscles, son?” “Mmmm hmmm” I didn’t need to reply really. I’m sure my face clearly showed how stimulated I got from watching him licking and kissing his giant arm. This was something new for me. I loved rubbing my hands all over a muscled stud and I also loved kissing bulging hard-beef packed on a big body – but there was something about watching this older enormous daddy getting off on his own body that sent my orgasmic meter through the roof. It was clear that Liam wasn’t just ‘acting’ for my benefit or pleasure – he was actually causing his own juices to flow harder and faster by feeling his own lips smash into his hard muscle and by tasting the same sweaty saltiness that was blessing my mouth when we licked the giant mass between us. When the light turned green, Liam pulled his face away from our mutual adoration and began to drive again. He, however, didn’t lessen the flex of his arm or move it away from my face. I continued to feel his stone-like meaty bulge press into my face and it continued to give me a glimpse of his body’s power. I don’t think there was an inch of his big biceps that I didn’t caress with either a kiss or a swipe of my loving tongue. Liam kept glancing over at my expert performance and I could tell he was excited beyond what he thought was possible. I was sure he was beginning to grasp the fact that I was truly a top-notch muscle daddy worshipper. I had tried to tell him that, but I now understood that my actions spoke much louder than my words. I undid my seatbelt and went up on one knee, so I could put my face in the deep recess between his bulging forearm and biceps. I nestled my head down as far as his hard muscles would allow me to go. I then said only one word – knowing it would please Liam completely. His loud moan was the only affirmation I needed. “Squeeze.” Liam tensed his fist and biceps at the same time. This caused my cheeks and the side of my head to be compressed by hard muscle that suddenly bulged out with added power. The big man wanted to make me feel his tightening sinew in a way that I would never forget. He needed me to feel how much strength existed in just his flexing beef. Liam didn’t want to hurt me, but he definitely wanted to give my head a shot of pain – because that’s what he knew I wanted. I suddenly knew what it felt to be a pecan caught in a huge nutcracker. My temples and cheeks felt like they were going to be bent out of shape once he finished his torture. I even got the feeling that Liam wasn’t using all of his strength – and still the pain was incredible. Luckily, the guy knew better than to keep my head locked in his strong vice-like grip for long. He knew I’d either blackout or have a headache for two days if he continued to send pressure into his arm. I didn’t realize how happy I would be once he released my head. I had wanted to feel the squeeze, but only Liam had known how intense the torture would be. He clearly didn’t want me to suffer too much and I was very thankful. I could still feel his muscles pressing into my head even twenty seconds after I had been released from the crevice in his arm. I sat back down on the seat and buckled my belt in silence. My cock was so hard and ready to shoot that I needed to take a long break from touching the elder man in any way. Feeling the power of his flexing arm around my head had simply been so intense that if the evening had ended right then I could have used that sensation to beat-off for the rest of my life. I could tell by Liam’s silence – and the fact that he didn’t look at me once – that he felt the same way. He had to adjust his large cock right after I pulled my head away, the experience of smashing my head with his biceps and forearm was something new for him, too. “That was incredible, Makana.” “Uh huh. I can’t wait until you squeeze my head between those monster quads of yours, Liam. We’ll have to work out a ‘safe sign’ that will alert you when I’ve had too much. And then we can always have fun by you squeezing my face between your ass cheeks, too.” “You’re going to have to be quiet for a while, son. I’m too close to the edge for the hundredth time this evening and I’m not sure I can make it much longer.” We sat in silence for the rest of the trip to Liam’s large Tudor home on the edge of town. It was a big house for a big man. I didn’t really pay attention too much about the place as we entered because as soon as we were in the door I ran and jumped on Liam. He had shut the front door and turned to face me and I simply jumped into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Liam grabbed my ass with his big hands and lifted me higher against his massive chest. He was smiling like the Cheshire cat and it made me feel right at home. “You’ve been planning that for a while, haven’t you?” “Yes sir. I couldn’t wait until you held me with your huge arms.” “Why don’t I carry you around for a tour.” “That sounds great. I think I’ll play with your chest while we go. Do you mind?” “Be my guest.” “Oh yeah, look at those beautiful white covered mountains. I never knew two pecs could look so incredible.” I had unbuttoned the front and had his shirttails pulled from his pants. The shirt was pushed back on his mammoth shoulders and this exposed his chest completely. The pecs were hard, severely muscled, and thicker than huge couch cushions. I wanted to bury my face deep within the crevice between his huge pecs, again, but needing to view the humongous shelf of muscle from my vantage point was much more important. Liam toured me through his entire large house – upstairs and down stairs – as I sat in his giant hands and played with his hard nipples the entire time. I loved how the salt and pepper fur cascaded over his mountainous chest like a waterfall of sexiness. The man’s body was definitely that of someone older, but the muscles and his size made him look super masculine and years younger than he really was. By the time we got to the beautiful master bedroom I had succeeded in abusing his nipples so much that they were red and swollen hard. I longed to suck on one of those huge plugs, but waited, thinking that might be a task for later. Liam had loved all of the torture I gave to his cork-sized nips. He would sometimes stop in mid-sentence as he was pointing out something in his place and need to catch his breath or let out a quick moan when I twisted with all my might or pulled on the hard things. The big man also loved carrying me around his house – like I was some small child being shown his new school. Every once and a while, Liam would easily lift my body higher so my cock would rub against his stomach – knowing that even through the material of my slacks my cock head would get much satisfaction from bumping up and down his corrugated abdominals. His big biceps would bulge out the sleeves of his shirt even more when he lifted my body higher and I’d exhale loudly each time, totally transfixed by how huge his arms were. Liam was standing in the middle of his spacious bedroom and I could tell he was deciding what was next. “It feels good to carry you around, Makana. You feel so small and light in my arms. It’s like you’re content to let this big man take the lead, but I want to make sure you feel like you’re part of this equation too. Don’t hesitate to tell this old man what you want and I’ll make it happen.” I sensed that the muscled hulk was moving back into some unchartered territories. I somehow realized that Liam wanted me to stay the submissive worshipper, but I also got the feeling he wanted to stretch the boundaries of our appointed roles. I felt my body getting turned on in a new and exciting way – Liam wanted me to lead the worshipping. I could tell that this included telling him what to do. I felt a charge go through my crotch that energized me for the task. I had already noticed a weight bench in one area of the room and it had a bar loaded with an insane amount of weights. My mind was racing a hundred miles an hour with some fun times we could have in that part of the room. “Sit on the bench, big guy, with your back against the bar.” Liam immediately moved – a sign that I was correct in my decision to lead – and he sat exactly as I asked. I had to spread my legs a little more to accommodate the width of his massive quads, now on either side of the bench. I was shocked to see that his shoulders just fit between the weights on either side of the long bar and that made me stop in awe at how un-freaking-believably wide the guy really was, something I surprisingly kept forgetting. The huge man’s eager face was almost comical as he stared at me waiting for the next order. I felt this dichotomy in my head – being totally eager to submit myself to this man in any way he asked, but also excited to boss him around as we moved through our worshipping dance. It was clear that Liam loved the contradiction, as well. I became a little more forceful, which caused him to shiver with joy. “Lose the shirt, muscleman.” Liam’s hands left my ass and immediately started unbuttoning his cuffs. Within just a few seconds the button-down was tossed on the floor and I got my first cock-filling look at his naked upper body. His chest had been enough to almost send me over the edge, so nothing could have prepared me for what I felt when I took in his uncovered arms and shoulders. I absolutely loved how his skin looked a little like you would expect for someone sixty-eight, but then when you packed huge bulging muscles underneath it your mind almost couldn’t compute how it was possible to be this big and this old at the same time. Skin and muscles stretching to enormous proportions had ironed out all wrinkles, but there were a few age spots, lots of gray hairs among the black ones, and a weathered look that could only be called fucking sexy. My cock edged closer to spewing that it had all night – but I was able to avoid an accident by giving another order. “Unzip my pants and free the monster that wants to show you how happy you make me.” The look on Liam’s face was priceless. The big man showed so much excitement he looked like a kid that had just been promised a three-scooped ice cream cone. I actually think the man’s hands were shaking a little when he reached out to undo my belt. This giant was just extremely excited that I would so quickly fall into the position of taking the lead. The anticipation was killing him. He pulled the belt away from my waist with one quick pull and then tossed it to the side. He then undid the button at the top of my pants, pulled the zipper down, and then took a big inhale as he grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled it over my raging hard-on. Liam exhaled with a loud moan as he took in my hard pole. “Damn, Makana, that’s just plain beautiful, that is. It looks good enough to eat – like a rock hard piece of long, thick candy.” “Well, I definitely plan on stuffing your mouth with it, Liam, but I’ve got a surprise for you when I do.” “I love surprises, Makana.” “I think you’re really going to love this one. Flex your biceps, big man, and make them extra hard.” “That shouldn’t be a problem.” When Liam raised his arms in a double biceps flex it was my turn to inhale and moan at the same time. I had already seen his guns in a short sleeved shirt at work and watched them bulge nicely in his tight dress shirt earlier in the evening, but seeing his giant pythons uncovered completely was like seeing the ocean for the first time – it made you believe in a god. This man was surely carved out by some lustful deity that wanted to have something enormous and beautiful to watch on a daily basis. I was actually beginning to think that Liam was actually a demigod that was sent down to earth to drive men like me insane. There was no way a sixty-eight year old man should have such massively thick biceps and triceps. His arms actually made his gorgeous head look small – that’s how large the mounds were. The sudden twinkle in Liam’s eyes told me he was proud of how his big arms made me turn into a blabbering idiot. My eyes behaved like I was watching a ping pong match and bounced back and forth from one mountainous peak to the other. His arms had bulges in places where most men merely had skin and bone. I didn’t know biceps could have so many multiple peaks and be covered in so many thick veins. Liam clearly put big men in their twenties to shame. There was just something about all that massiveness on a mature man that turned my crank so much harder and farther than a beefed up young guy. It just felt like Liam would know what to do with his body more than someone less experienced – he could use his body to please both me and himself in ways that other guys half his age could never even dream of. It was all about the wisdom and the experience that came with the age. “The boy likes the ‘ceps, doesn’t he? Pretty huge, huh?” “Yes to both questions. Hold that pose, Liam. It’s time for a little fun.” I moved to my knees on Liam’s huge thighs. His body was so big and so hard it felt like I was merely squirming around on the floor, but it was really on his mega wide quads. I then stood on the bench between his legs. This put me high enough to put my smallish hands on his massive peaks. It felt like I was grabbing hold of giant warm rocks. I then positioned my pointing cock against his lips. Liam responded by opening his mouth and allowing my hard piece to slide between his succulent lips. I immediately pressed hard down on his flexed arms. My body went up into the air as I pushed down. This also caused my dick to slide further into his throat. I then bent my arms and lowered my body down, allowing my cock to slide partially out of his mouth. I was amazed at how easily I found the strength to basically pump my entire frame up and down on his huge arms – and the flexed hard guns didn’t budge at all. I was using his biceps to do dips and allowing my cock to be serviced by his inviting mouth at the same time. Liam loved the action as much as I did and was slurping up my hard tool with moans of pleasure. He even tensed his arms up and down to add to my motion. On the tenth dip my arms began to wobble and the big man could feel the shaking. He brought his hands to my waist and took over. He continued to lift and lower my body easily with his muscled arms and even increased the motion to give my cock greater pleasure. Somehow, Liam sensed I was getting a little too close to release, so he allowed my cock to pop out of his mouth and then he set my body back down on his big thighs. “That, my little friend, was incredible. I like the way you used my biceps to give yourself some convenient leverage.” “I like how your big arms didn’t move at all, Liam. That looks like a pretty heavy weighted bar you got there.” “Yeah, it’s everything I’ve got, I’m afraid, and it still doesn’t really give me a good workout.” I moved off of his legs and then around to stand at the bar. Liam slid his body down the bench and then laid back – his head just below my crotch, with my dick still sticking out from my pants. He was staring up at me – taking in the hard pole and my face at the same time. I reached down and grabbed the bar. I tried to lift it, but the weight was too much. I couldn’t even get the bar to budge more than a little from its resting place. I grabbed the thing from underneath, instead, and it still wouldn’t move much when I tried to lift with all my might. The big man just smiled even more broadly as I desperately tried to move the weighted bar. I finally gave up, having tired myself out easily. Liam caught my attention by clearing his throat – I looked at his beautiful face below. “Want me to give you a little help, young man. It looks like you might need a big old strong man to help you. Why don’t you let this senior muscleman show you how it’s done?” “Yes, please. Please make it look very easy.” My answer thrilled him as much as his teasing words had excited me. I stepped back a little and removed my hands from the bar. I gulped loudly when I saw Liam reach up and place only his right hand in the middle of the bar. He then pushed up easily – with just one freaking hand – and the bar easily came up in the air. He had no problem keeping the heavy thing steady. The teasing senior citizen was chuckling a little as he brought the entire bar down to his chest and then powered it back up into the air and then began again. I stared at him for about five minutes while he handled an insane amount of weight with just one hand for many reps. “It drives you wild that such an old man can do what I’m doing, doesn’t it Makana?” “Yes.” “Even more than if I was twenty-five and still could do it.” “Yes.” “Man, that thrills me even more than you know, son. I absolutely love blasting stereotypes about old men apart and shocking younger fellows at the same time. Your obvious lust for older muscle men just fuels me on, Makana. I don’t think you even begin to understand how much your lustful face and hard cock excite me. Press your body up on the bar, boy.” Liam’s words were making my libido go crazy. I loved hearing him talk about himself – almost as much as he did. I knew exactly what he wanted to do and jumped into action at his request. He had lowered the bar about half way down and was holding it in place with his arms slightly bent. I moved over, spread my legs so I could get closer to the bar, and locked my arms on the bar. Conveniently, this made my ass and balls hang in the air just above the big man’s face. Even though I still had my pants on, I knew there was going to be some extra thrill coming from what was about to happen. Liam pressed the bar up into the air – still using only his right hand. My feet left the ground as the weights and my body went into the air. I bent my legs back at the knees and when Liam brought the bar down, my pants-covered balls came smack down into the big man’s waiting face. His warm mouth and powerful tongue were ready to please me – even through the material. I could feel the warmth of his mouth as he cupped his lips around my two testicles and squeezed them teasingly. My arms quivered a little and my body shook as I pressed myself on the bar. Liam flicked his tongue against the bottom of my balls and I moaned out loud. Suddenly, my body went back into the air as Liam pressed everything easily up with his one hand. “Look how much weight this big arm can lift, Makana – including your tight little body. It’s more fun for me to lift this way – I get to taste and look at something that can spur me on even more. I also get even more strength pumping through this big arm knowing your excitement is now ‘off the charts.’ You just can’t believe that gramps, here, could toss around so much poundage so easily, can you?” “No sir.” “And then when I lower your body like this and teasingly bite at your balls you go even crazier for my big senior muscles, don’t you.” “Yes sir.” “You like adding a little more weight to my lifting, Makana?” “I’d rather be your barbell myself, sir.” “Aw man, that’s the hottest thing you’ve said so far. I think that can be arranged. Time to jump off of this senior daddy’s weights. Let’s have a little direct contact to stimulate us more.” I pushed my body away from the bar as he pushed it back up and then placed it in the rests. Liam then pulled his body out from under the bar and turned it around on the bench, so his head now rested on the other end. I realized immediately what he was doing and it thrilled my crotch area even more. I glanced down and saw that his own cock was looking more like a rolled up beach towel stuffed in his pants and stretching down his thigh. I was so excited that Liam was so turned on. I was desperately trying to think of anything to thrill him more, but then it dawned on me that he would continue to get exhilarated in deeper ways if I simply did things to show my lust for his elder muscled body. My adoration for him was all he needed to get even more excited – and that, in turn, spurred me on even more. I walked to the other end of the bench and let my body fall over into his large hands. I knew it would be easier for my frame to stay stiff like a board if I laid across his palm with my face to the ceiling, so that’s what I did. I also knew it would give him the perfect view of my ass – one of his favorite parts of my body. “Yeah, Makana, thanks for placing that nice ass in plain sight. That will definitely inspire me to crank out some repetitions. Of course, you’re so light I could keep doing it all night, but it will still be fun to lift you in the air this way. I’ll also take some teasing bites at your beautiful butt and that will make you get off even more, too.” My mind went back to the first time I ever rode a huge rollercoaster as soon as he pushed my body into the air and the lowered it again. The thrill of being lifted by this senior muscle daddy was much greater than screaming down the final huge hill of a killer amusement park ride, but it still triggered that memory. I actually let out a soft scream and threw my hands in the air. This made Liam start cranking me up and down even faster – an action that sent me into sensory overload. I didn’t know what it was about knowing that a sixty-eight year old was easily benching my body into the air that elated me so much, but the proof was in the wet stain that was now appearing at my crotch area as I leaked copious amounts of pre-cum. Without even looking at them I knew Liam’s massive arms were bulging into giant hard mounds as he lowered my entire body – light to him – down to his chest and then pummeled it back upward. How I desperately wished there had been a camera focused on us, so I would be able to see how the action looked from the outside. I certainly liked watching guys lift the back end of a car or seeing heavy weighted bars being pushed into the air, but there was just something about seeing a guy totally dominate another man by lifting his smaller or equal-sized body into the air that boiled my juices quicker than anything. I think part of it was how defenseless the guy in the air became as soon as big arms held him overhead, but the other part was how the action made the guy underneath look so powerful and like such a hot dominator. I couldn’t lie to myself; I loved it most when the guy that was lifting the other dude was all cocky as shit and loved getting off on what he was doing, too. Liam clearly sensed this desire without me having to say a word. “Yeah, Makana, I can feel how this gives you an even better picture of how impressive my old man body really is – as if you needed any more proof. You just love how I can manhandle your entire body so easily, don’t you? Yeah, I may be up in my years, son, but I’ve been packing on muscle for a while now. Mature strength is hot to you because you know that along with the insane energy comes some wisdom, too. I’ve got years of experience with men so I know what will make that cock of yours hard faster than anything. I also can hold you in the air for a very long time – long enough to actually wear you out first. I could start spinning you around to make you pass out from dizziness, squeeze you so hard that you blacked out, or just cause you to go unconscious with the most heart-pounding orgasm of your entire life. Not to worry, little man, I’m not here to do any of those things. I just wanted to emphasize I could do all of them if I wanted to. You’re basically at my disposal and I could make you do anything I please. But I grant you free will, son. I just want to watch you get off as I talk about my power over you. The fun is going to come as we explore all this muscle worshipping stuff together. Knowing that I got such a senior daddy loving muscle whore is just icing on the cake. When you get excited about my body or my strength, I get more turned on, as well.” Liam had no idea what his words did to me. I was now a total wreck. I didn’t know whether to let my cock explode in pleasure, cry tears of utter joy at the bond I felt with the guy, or scream out loud in happiness from the thought that a senior muscleman was boasting about what his massive body could do. There were so many emotions running around in my head that I simply chose to shut down and enjoy the ride as the big man pressed me up and down for what must have been the something-hundredth time. I suddenly felt the room moving even more as Liam continued to crank out reps with my body. It took me a second but I finally realized he was easily standing up as he continued to push me in the air. He glided up off of his back and then up from the bench as if he were a kid jumping out of bed in the morning for Saturday cartoons. It didn’t even register to him that he was lifting a full-grown man into the air as he stood. I could sense the new height my body reached as soon as I was up in the air because I was closer to the ceiling. I could feel that Liam had now moved into perfect shoulder presses, and when I glanced down all the furniture looked a little smaller. The guy collecting social security didn’t show any sign of strain or being the least bit weary. My body was so light that he would probably only start to get a pump after lifting me for forty-eight hours straight. The goal of this little change of position, however, was only about moving toward the giant mirrored sliding door of his closet. Liam flipped my body slightly and grabbed me tightly at my hip and my chest, underneath my arm. His big hands easily fit around both parts of my body. He did this to enable me to easily watch what he was doing and I was immediately grateful. It also, however, put me in a total swivet, since he easily held my body on my side. “Look at that, Makana. I can hold your body in the air as easily as you might hold a roll of wrapping paper – although I think your arms would get tired a lot faster than mine. Just look how my big papa guns swell when I hold you like this. I have to tense them myself, though, because you don’t have enough weight to challenge them at all. Just look how massive I look holding you this way. I remember watching Steve Reeves hold guys in the air like this in his Hercules movies, but that was always for just a few seconds and I could tell the men he was picking up jumped a little to make it easier for the actor. I don’t need any help, Makana. I can pump your entire body up and down without any other support than these huge biceps. I like the sloppy mess you’ve made at your crotch, son. Is that what my body has done to you?” “Your body and your comments.” “Yeah, that’s good, Makana. What’s the use of muscle worship without a little verbal encouragement added to the mix? I love talking about and hearing other people comment about my enormity and my strength. It’s almost as good as the kissing, the groping, and the squeezing from a smaller man. You should hear me when I talk to myself working out. I’m my own cheering section – barking out orders, cheering myself on, and handing out the compliments when I flex to show off the results.” “I’d love to watch that sometime.” “I think that can be arranged, sport, I think that can be arranged.” “I think the great thing about being verbal, Liam, is that it can lead to actions that can bring about a lot more pleasure. It’s like an audio map that can help you zone in on fulfilling desires. It’s probably why some people talk dirty when they’re having sex.” “Give me an example, Makana.” We were both staring at our reflections in the mirror. I was focused on him and he was focused on me. I knew he fully understood what I was talking about; he just wanted to have me say some things that would turn his crank up a few more notches. He also clearly understood that it would excite me, as well. I looked at his face and his pretend pleading look, telling me that chatting about his body was going to please him very much. The big man started to pump my body up and down slowly, just to egg me on even more. I chose my words wisely, just to tease him tremendously. “You’re a gorgeous freak of nature, Liam. Most guys your age and even those younger find it completely impossible to do things you take for granted – benching over three hundred pounds, lifting grown men overhead, or flexing what looks to be at least a twenty-three inch arm…” “Almost twenty-five.” “An almost twenty-five inch arm. Most guys take it easy when they go into retirement, big man. Those guys start to slow down and maybe start to turn to flab at certain parts of their body. But look at you, Liam. Your older man muscles bulge out harder and bigger than most young guys on the bodybuilding circuit. And by the way that big log is also bulging in your pants I don’t think you’re in need of any Viagra or testosterone cream. Hell, they probably use your cum to make the damn cream. You’ve been lifting my body for about fifteen minutes and there’s no sign of you slowing down. You’re a freaking senior muscle machine, Liam. You mentioned Hercules films earlier, well who needs a movie about some demigod when you’re around. You’re the real deal and you’re a mature master muscleman, which makes you a hell-of-a lot hotter. It’s knowing that you’ve been building up to this point for many years – packing on muscles on top of muscles so you can be freaky huge and strong as an ox. I love watching younger men get intimidated by you in the store at work. You can walk up to some relatively big guy and ask if he needs help, but when the poor dude takes a look at you it’s usually like the guy’s dick shrivels up inside of him and he stammers out ‘no thanks.’ I think most men don’t want to be seen walking around with you because it makes them look so insufficient and small. And having you be all gray-haired and up in your years makes it even more embarrassing.” “Wow, that explains a lot, Makana. I didn’t realize that.” “How could you, Liam, since you’re usually looking for ways to show off and not focused on what they are doing. Do you actually own any shirt that isn’t skin tight?” “Um . . . I don’t think so. Why would I? I think I need to constantly show off these huge muscles, don’t you?” “Of course I do, but some guys are a little intimidated . . . well, actually a lot intimidated. And then there’s the way you carry most things that other guys put on a dolly to transport – a stack full of lumber, a dishwasher, or a gas grill. You just hoist those things into your arms like they weigh nothing and most of your co-workers and a bunch of the customers get freaked out. They don’t get excited by a jacked up muscle gramps like I do. They first are shocked by your surprising size and strength and then they start to worry that everyone else in the store is comparing them to you. They panic that if they are standing next to you they’re going to look pathetic and weak. They also feel the need to do something to show their manliness, but usually can’t come close to matching things you do. I’ve seen guys try to pick up the dishwashers you carry so easily and they can barely lift an edge of the box off the ground. You pick the entire thing up with one arm, but all they can do is slide it across the floor. There’s nothing that will cool the jets of a hotshot twenty year old guy quicker than being shown up by a man he things should be using a walker. The other day you didn’t even realize that a pile of bound lumber that took four men to carry to the check out line was the same bunch you easily tossed over one shoulder and carried out to the waiting truck. Those four guys were moping around the rest of the day. I’m telling you, Liam, most men can’t stand to be out-powered by someone older than their grandfather.” “Well, I can’t help it if I love lifting things. And besides, why aren’t you intimidated like the others?” “Cause I’m a freak of nature, too, Liam. I am not attracted to some young doofus that thinks he’s a tough guy – no, I’ve trained myself to look for the real deal and I knew you were legit the moment I saw you from across the store. I was more than halfway across the front of the Depot from you and I could tell you were huge. You were like the largest peak of a mountain standing out among all the lesser peaks. Everyone near you looked like a little kid. And then to crank my lust meter even higher, you were a mature muscle master – someone who’s lived a long life and knows much more than the average yokel you might meet at a bar or gym. I’m always drawn to a man that’s probably kissed so many times throughout his life that he’s now a pro – just because of his age. The same thing goes for an older guy when you take him to bed. You know he’s going to know how to please a man. If I have a choice between experience and innocence I’m going to go for experience every time. I don’t want to be teaching some guy how to please me – I want a man that knows it just by instinct – just because he’s pleased a lot of men over the years.” “I have pleased a lot of men in the past, Makana.” “And fuck, if you slap some monstrous muscles on an older man’s body he’s usually going to love being worshipped and showing off. It’s true for ninety nine percent of the senior musclemen I’ve met – they just love it when guys get off on their size and feats of strength. I think it goes back to the idea that they love surprising people with their ‘never would have guessed in a million years’ big bodies. I watch you, Liam. You love coming up behind guys and watching the look on their faces when they turn around. You did it tonight in the restaurant a few times. The host was blown away when you walked in the door and he looked up to find you standing by his little stand. You freaked our waiter out on purpose when you stood behind him after coming back from the bathroom the first time he stopped by the table. And you do it in the store all the time. That poor jock guy named Marco is constantly looking over his shoulder because you always seem to pop up with your big body just to surprise him by being twice his size.” “He does seem to avoid me a lot.” “Because he can’t compete with you, that’s why. He’s probably been the alpha stud everywhere else he’s ever worked or played – but at the Depot he has to play second fiddle to some gray haired man that’s retired and still growing. He has no idea how to process the fact that you dwarf him on every body part. He can’t compete with you in any way. It’s hard to be runner-up when you’ve been first place for all of your life. Damn, Liam, you still look so hot lifting me up and down. I’ve been staring at us forever, but it’s still so freaking incredible watching your big body push me up and down so easily.” “I’m still hard as hell watching it, too, Makana. Looking at your tight body makes me really hard.” “Well, it must be working big time, because you’re hard all over. You entire body must be a hard-on. What part of you isn’t muscled?” “Um . . . can’t think of any.” “I thought so. Hey, Liam, I’m actually getting a little seasick. My legs may need to feel some solid ground for a while. Or, at least, my body needs to lay on something really solid. You got any suggestions?” “I think I must be the most solid thing in the room – so how would that do, Makana?” “It sounds perfect, but I believe it’s time for some full skin-on-skin action.” “I couldn’t agree more, son.” Liam brought his arms to the side and let my feet land on the floor once again. I was a little wobbly after being tossed around so easily for so long. The big man moved one of his big hands to the back of my neck and kept me sturdy by squeezing tightly. Some guys would have complained about pain, but I loved how his strong hand could easily keep me in place with just a little pressure from his huge fingers. It felt like I was wearing a collar made of steel or something. With his other hand, Liam pushed my pants down to my ankles, along with my underwear. I kicked off my shoes, used my feet to push off my socks and then stepped out of the jumbled slacks. I felt like a doll the giant man was undressing. Next, Liam undid his own pants and when he pushed everything down beyond his huge cock and giant quads I couldn’t help myself – I said the first thing that came to my mind. “Oh my god, you’re fucking huge everywhere!” “I hope that’s okay, Makana.” “It’s more than okay, it’s wonderful. It’s the way it should be. A colossal muscle daddy should have a colossal daddy dick. It keeps the universe balanced.” “And it keeps the boys happy.” “I’m sure it does.” Without any warning, Liam cupped his free arm underneath my knees and kept his other hand around the back of my neck. He easily lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bed. He placed me gently on the bedspread and then lay down beside me. I turned to look at his smiling face. “Care to climb on board my big battleship of a body, Makana?” He did not have to ask me twice. In mere seconds I was lying on top of his huge body - my chest pressing into his giant pecs, my abs rubbing against his hard ridged stomach, and my cock pressing into his own giant stiff log. I was, again, in sensory overload because I didn’t know which pleasure point to focus on. I just allowed myself to cherish the entire feeling and lived solely in the present moment. I was taken aback by how he felt like warm stone everywhere my body pressed up against him. I now understood fully why sometimes guys were referred to as ‘hard as a rock.’ Liam was a piece of chiseled aged marble and I loved feeling every pulsating muscle on his body. I squirmed a little just to rub against his bulges even more. This made the big man purr with satisfaction. “My body hard enough for you, Makana? “Yes sir.” “Look how there’s no part of you touching this bed. Your entire frame fits perfectly on my big body and there’s probably enough room for you to have a roommate. Man, I love feeling your small body on top of mine. Your entire weight is on me and I don’t register it at all. Look how your body rises up and down when I breathe – my hardness causing you to move with my chest and stomach. It’s like you have no choice – and you really don’t. I could manhandle you into doing anything I wanted to, Makana. That’s one of the joys of being this big. You just have to follow my body – moving in the ways it tells you to. I also love feeling your small cock pressing against my bigger one. It’s like a mirror image of our bodies – me all big and you’re so small. Even my cock dominates yours, Makana – just by it’s hugeness. Imagine what it would be like if I rolled my big body on top of yours. It might feel great at first, Makana, but after a while you’d find it hard to breathe and parts of your body would start to fall asleep just because you wouldn’t be able to move. And after a while, things would just go black when you passed out. I can feel your cock twitching with excitement at the thought of all my muscles on top of you. That is so hot, son.” “What a way to black out, though. Everywhere my body touches yours, Liam, it feels like stone. It’s so amazing to feel a man’s body so hard that it almost seems inhuman. Your aged body has been worked so hard over the years you’ve become like a granite moving statue. Look how I try to press in the beef of your massive chest and my finger has to bend because of your hardness. Punching you is like punching solid rock. And to think you’ve been huge like this for years – that’s incredible. The majority of the men walking around on this earth will never know what it feels like to have even half the amount of bulging muscles hanging on their body – let alone this much hugeness. Normal guys like me must look like ants to you, Liam. It must be crazy to walk around each day and feel so superior to everyone. I know you aren’t super tall or anything, but your size just makes you seem like a giant – a colossal freaking giant. So, it must be incredible to feel it from the other side. To be able to sense how much larger you are when you’re just standing near a guy or when a guy’s puny body is plopped on your massive chest and you see how small he is. It must cause a perpetual hard-on to compare yourself to the rest of the world all the time and feel deep inside how enormous you are – to constantly experience that kind of size difference. I bet it’s so fucking hot – even without even needing to flex – to cause such intimidation simply by moving into someone’s personal space. It’s no wonder you want to be worshipped, big guy – you merely want to deepen the natural response your body brings out in other men and in yourself. And other guys, whether they truthfully admit it or not, want to explore and worship your muscles – it’s a natural response after meeting you. It’s just something that’s innate in all of us when we are around such massiveness. Some straight guys suppress the desire – it’s what their environment tells them to do – but why do you think they cheer on huge football players or powerful boxers? Every guy on earth is drawn to hugeness and strength – it’s as natural as wanting sex. Your body may intimidate some guys, Liam, but know that the first response to you in any healthy man is the same desire and lust you see in my eyes. Some guys just can’t bring themselves to admitting it. When freed up to reveal our true nature – we mortals want nothing more than to worship a godlike body like yours.” I had spoken from my heart. My intention had not been to increase the sexual build-up in the big man tenfold, but my words had brought him to the brink of orgasm quicker than anything I could have done with my hands or my tongue. I knew that if I had grinded my crotch into his a little or tweaked his big hard nipple with my fingers I would have sent him over the edge and a warm torrent of Liam spunk would have shot out between us – which would have surely caused me to explode, as well. I could see in his eyes that no one had ever described so accurately how he felt. My huge friend had sensed that I was a disciple of elder musclemen, but he had not known the level of my devotion. He clearly had met other worshippers before, but none had been able to so accurately name the desires within his heart as well as being able to describe why they needed and craved big man muscle. I had pierced the core of what drove him to be a huge muscle daddy. Most of the time worshippers got it wrong – they thought enormous bodybuilders wanted to be huge because of low self esteem or a deep need to get attention. That was just a very tiny piece of what drove men to be giant muscle studs. What truly drove men to lift heavy weights until their body bulged out immensely was something pure and much more personal. Huge muscle guys want to worship the body they’ve created just as much as their admirers. They are like painters that love gazing at the beautiful pictures they have created. There are a select group of men on earth that have been given the inherent talent to create muscle masterpieces with their bodies. They have this strong never-ending need to build themselves up so they can perfect their artwork. That’s also why muscled masters turned me on so much – they could create more perfect art because of their experience. A young guy’s body can be huge and beautiful, but he won’t have the knowledge and the years of developing his talent that a mammoth muscle gramps has gained. The hard senior giant beneath me had created perfection over the years – Liam was in a class with Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Renoir, and so many others. He had been searching a long time for the perfect connoisseur of hard muscle and massiveness. He was beginning to realize that - even though I was young – my ‘eye’ and knowledge of his particular gift was above most men. He sensed that I was a true worshipper of all the talents he had poured into his aged beefiness. When he spoke next, there was a vulnerability and honesty that I had never experienced in my entire life. “You see through me, Makana. I’ve searched for someone all of my many years that might be able to understand when I shared what drove me to become so huge – and here you are expressing it before I even get the chance to. It’s true, I’ve grown huge because I love worshipping my hugeness and the perfection I’ve created, but you missed one important part of the process, as well. No painter or sculptor truly wants to create just for themselves – no, I’ve built this muscled temple for both myself and in hopes that I would find someone to share it with, someone who understood and appreciated what motivated me. No one wants to live with a masterpiece that can’t be shared. All those lonely years in the gym were spent in hopes that one day I would find someone that I could tell how much my own body turned me on – how much getting bigger muscles made me want even larger and harder ones. Up until this week no worshipper of my huge body had ever indicated that they could move past their own lust for my massiveness to fully understand or care about what drove me on in my quest. You, however, in the span of just a few minutes have cut to the very center of my thirst for muscle. How did such young man get so wise?” “Probably from hanging around senior musclemen for most of my short adult life. But, Liam, please understand that a lot of what I have shared tonight is a revelation that you have caused. I’ve had a basic understanding of what it means to be a true muscle worshipper for a long time – I was probably born with it – but watching you get off on your own body and listening to your honest sharing has opened the floodgates of understanding. I have come to learn how to be a true admirer of muscled perfection by simply allowing you to teach me. I have opened myself to your years of experience – your countless hours of staring at your own bulging mass and building an incredible love for your body. You have helped me to see everything through your eyes. I certainly bring my own lusts and desires into the mix, but hearing you talk about yourself and watching you get hard just from seeing your own reflection has educated me by first-hand experience. Granted, I was an eager and willing pupil – the first step to lifelong education and muscle conversion – but your daddy-like patience and careful teaching has made me the better student. Just like you, my worshipping is a mixture of desires to please the muscle master and to satisfy my own needs. We have both loved our neighbor as much as we love ourselves and that has made each of us the best master and the best disciple we can be.” “I’m so sorry to be so crude, Makana, but my need to fuck you is so great I think I’ll have a heart attack if you don’t sit on my cock immediately. I need to be one with you more than anything in the world. I need our bodies to be joined as much as our hearts and souls are united presently. I need this union to be perfected right now – but I will not force you. I only want what is best for both of us. Your happiness matters as much as my own.” “I know you know my answer before I even speak, Liam. To have you inside of me would be the greatest gift you could offer this disciple.” I pushed my body upward by pressing my hands against his massive chest. As my body moved away from his and my legs fell to the side of his huge frame my heart swelled with joy. I gazed at his massiveness and knew that this moment was the closest thing to earthbound heaven I had ever felt. I also had a feeling it was the beginning of a life of being in heaven. I knelt over Liam’s huge body, realizing that he was so huge I’d have to actually push my body higher with my legs to move my ass into place. When his cock pressed between my cheeks I felt the presence of so much pre-cum I knew the penetration would be less painful than I anticipated. I moved my hands to his hard nipples and latched onto the big plugs as the head of his huge cock pushed into my hole. “Oh hell, Makana, you are so fucking tight. I’m so sorry if I explode prematurely.” “Hang on there, big guy. The chute is as tight as the opening. You need to feel the complete pleasure-filled package before you unload inside of me. Use that muscle strength of yours to hold on, senior daddy.” “Damn, your ass muscles can put up a good fight, son. My cock is having to work hard to get beyond that puckered opening.” “The better to please you, old man, the better to please you.” Both of us were speaking through gritted teeth – because of the intense pleasure and pain being provided to our bodies from the other man. It felt like the larger end of a baseball bat was being crammed into my ass and I was sure that to Liam it felt like his cock was being pressed into the crack of a cement wall. I had always been complimented on my intense ass strength and tight hole – something Liam was now experiencing firsthand. I also knew I had very little chance of holding out against his power rod for much longer, but I desired to give him as much extreme pleasure as possible until he did break through completely into my compact warm fortress. It was a huge turn on to me to see Liam’s body break out into a light sheen of sweat. The big man could have easily shoved his battering ram into me without any problem, but he wanted to draw out the pleasure as long as he could – for both of us. Liam knew that his cock was sending me through the orgasmic roof. The intense bonding of our hearts had been the most powerful foreplay of both of our lives. Lovemaking was going to be the act of cementing a deep commitment that both of us knew would never be broken. Even before his cockhead penetrated me for the first time I knew I would be with this man for the rest of my life. From this day forward I would never need anyone else to please me in any way. I also knew Liam had a good forty years left in this world – he was just that powerful. I also knew he would be huge for all of those years. I would never look at any other man without comparing him immediately to the senior muscle-packed gramps beneath me. I also knew deep inside that Liam fully understood he had found the ultimate worshipper and partner. My new lover realized he would never have to worry about anyone ever understanding him completely again – he had found the man of his dreams and that guy’s ass was about to be filled by his muscleman big cock. All of this was swirling around in my head as Liam’s thickness was pushing into me slowly. As soon as his fat mushroom head thrust beyond the tight opening of my chute the only words that could possibly encompass what both of us were feeling came out of my mouth. “I love you, my muscle god.” This triggered the big man in a way I could not have anticipated. Instead of answering me with useless words – something that seemed so inadequate – he did something much more permanent and revealing of his feelings. He shoved his full cock into my body with one strong push of his crotch and started ejaculating powerfully into my body. Every single muscle of his huge frame shot into a hardness that was unfathomable to me until that point. It felt like I was sitting on a stone wall with a granite pole up my ass. The powerful roar that the guy emitted was so intense that I believe it was what actually caused me to start spewing cum wildly – instead of because my ass was now filled completely. Liam quickly started bucking his hips up and down as he came – wanting to increase the pleasure of his ejaculation for both of us. And that was exactly the effect his expert fucking had on both of our bodies – we got double the fun. My cum shot out like a blast from a cannon – shooting way past Liam’s head and splattering against the headboard. Even in the midst of intense ecstasy the big man was able to register what his plowing had caused me to do and it encouraged him on even more. He shoved his cock into me harder just to see my next spurt of cum shoot out even more powerfully. We both loved the sound of my thick jism hitting the wood beyond his head. Meanwhile, I was a little worried that my small body wouldn’t be able to handle the giant load of cum his cock was pumping into my body. His cock was so huge he plugged my hole so tightly that nothing seeped out. Even though Liam was much larger and certainly more powerful than me, our ejaculations lasted the same amount of time. I think that was simply due to what the muscle daddy brought out in me. His muscles caused me to be powerful, too. Finally, after what seemed like ages, our heaving bodies stopped pumping out copious amounts of cum. His body softened its tension, but his muscles remained hard as hell. I knew our heavy breathing probably wouldn’t subside for a good twenty minutes. Liam was the first to speak. “I haven’t cum like that for over fifty years.” “Really? I shoot like that all the time.” He knew that I was teasing and he reached up to tickle my sides with both of his big hands – something that made me squirm wildly on his still-hard cock. This was exactly the reaction he hoped tickling me would cause. The added motion caused both of our dicks to spew out a few more drops of our man juice. I was utterly amazed my body had anything left inside of it. Long streaks of my thick cum were plastered across his massive upper torso – some of it sliding down the heavy muscled peaks that were his chest. Liam purposefully twitched his cock within my ass – to show off what he was capable of doing and to thrill me even more. His strong hands were gripping my sides and had clearly kept me in place as he had thrust his crotch up and down. I was pretty sure my ass would be sore later on, but I didn’t care. I had just ridden the oldest and most talented bucking bronco in the stable. I knew I would never ride any other huge dude again. I had become a one senior muscle daddy guy in a matter of a few minutes. Why would I ever need anyone else since I was with the master of all masters? Liam was slowly rocking his crotch up and down to massage my cum-filled insides even more. I think he knew this action would lessen the pain I would certainly feel later – it also brought me great joy at the present moment. It was another sign of his incredible experience as a senior muscle daddy. I loved feeling his huge body rocking mine back and forth as if I weighed nothing. I was like a little toy in his big powerful hands. Liam was staring at me intently and I knew he was about to say something that wasn’t to be taken lightly. “I love you too, Makana. I know it doesn’t make sense after only knowing each other just under one week, but there you have it. I’ve never met anyone that understood me so completely. I’ve also never met anyone that felt so snug around my hard cock.” “You say the nicest things.” “I mean it. This has been the best night of my life – the best week of my life. I knew there was a connection from the moment you started showing me around the store on my first day, but I never knew it would be this intense. I never knew I would want someone so much. I don’t want to come across as a scary stalker, but being near you forever is all I’d ever need for the rest of my life. I’m sure of it. Please, Makana, tell me something I could do to repay you. What could I give you that would come close to matching all that you have given me?” “Well, Liam, there is one thing that would please me tremendously – now that you mention it. It would make me even happier than I am right now. I can only think of one thing I could possibly want.” “Name it, Makana, and I promise I’ll make it happen.” “The only thing I want . . . the only thing I need, my huge muscle daddy, is for you to continue to get bigger. That would make me very happy.” To say my comment pleased the big man was an understatement. I had not only spoken the truth about what I really wanted, but I had tapped into his deepest desire, as well. I had known my answer would affect him deeply, but I was in no way prepared for how much. Suddenly the thick, hard cock – still shoved deeply within my tight ass – started spewing a second time. I had no idea any man could shoot so quickly after the kind of massive orgasm that had come before – but, then again, I was not sitting on the stiff pole of just any man. I was sitting on the pulsating dick of Liam – my giant muscle daddy. His intense orgasm lasted for a while and then he was finally calm enough to speak. “I guess I don’t have to tell you how happy your request made me.” “No, I felt your joy shooting all up inside me! I’m not sure how much of your thick juice I can handle – it’s making me pretty full.” “Yeah, I can see that. Your stomach is looking pretty distended. I can pull out of you, if you like.” I looked down to see what he was talking about and I actually had a belly. The skinny tummy I had for years bulged out a little like I was slightly pregnant. It was amazing to know that Liam’s cum was soaking into my insides as we spoke. It felt too great to have him pull out of me at that point. “No, please stay just where you are. It feels great having your meat plugging me so tightly. Our future anniversary celebrations will be focused on this moment so I want to live it as long as I can. I want to fully remember what your body felt like the first time I lay on top of it and the first time you plowed my ass. And this is for being the most gorgeous senior citizen ever.” I bent down and planted a wet quick kiss on his lips. This made Liam smile, even though I could tell he was still getting over his most recent surprise orgasm – especially since it came so soon after the earlier one. His huge chest was heaving under my hands and the motion made me realize I had been pinching and twisting his hard nubs for quite a while – obviously bringing the guy continued satisfaction. He looked at me with a face full of love. “And what do I get for being the most massive senior citizen ever?” “This.” I bent back down and this time I moved my hands to the side of his face and plastered my mouth on top of his, forcing my tongue in between his warm inviting lips. This time the kiss was hard and masculine. I could feel the muscular force emanating from his body even through his lips. His tongue easily wrestled mine into submission and he invaded my mouth with stronger suction and a thorough probing of my throat. My worn out cock immediately shot back to full mast – merely from a kiss that would have knocked my socks off if I had been wearing any. The sexual experience I had noted in this senior muscleman earlier was evident in his kissing skills, as well. He didn’t just peck a guy on the lips – no, he sucked face like some kind of muscular brute who wanted to dominate a guy into submission just from his oral abilities. It was like there was a direct inner pipeline from my mouth to my dick – and his superior talents with his mouth shot a message to my resting rod and ordered it to hard-on status like a sergeant barking orders to a plebe. My body was on fire with desire again in mere seconds and I was pumping my legs up and down so my ass would slide along his large hard piece of meat. I craved to make Liam come a third time. Pleasing this senior massive muscleman was clearly going to be my life’s goal from now on. And by the way his kiss instantly intensified and became even more powerful I figured I was doing a pretty good job. Liam pulled his face from mine for long enough to say a couple of sentences. “Aw hell, boy, are you trying to give me a heart attack? I’m not sure my cock can take a third orgasm in such a short time.” I pulled his face up off the pillow below it and forced him to kiss me again. I held his head aloft as he immediately returned to dominating me with his powerful lips and tongue. I increased the rhythm of my ass smacking into his crotch and muscled thigh – even as he started to thrust his cock deeper into my hole. The insane intensity of our fucking made it look like it was the first time we had ever made love – and not a repeat performance for me or the second encore for him. We merely turned each other on too much to force ourselves to stop. The kiss also spurred us on – our mouths were joined tightly to match the connection being made by his cock and my ass. And then there was all the muscle – now covered in big beads of sweat – tensed so hard that it made me almost cum from just feeling it beneath me. I could not hold out as long as Liam this time. His masterful plowing sent me over the edge after what was probably his twentieth thrust. It was my turn to pull my mouth from his, scream out loud in joyous ecstasy, and then blast a few wads of thick cum from my now-purple cock. The ejaculation forced my ass to tighten powerfully and that caused his balls to tighten and send yet another big load of his semen into my ass. By this point there was no more room in my chute and I could feel – even in the midst of my release – his juice seeping out my plugged hole. It did feel like I would pass out this time – and I do believe I lost consciousness briefly – but as soon as my cock was finished spewing I fell back down onto the hard body of the big man and his cock popped out of my hole loudly. The room stank of cum, the only sound was that of deep heavy gasps, and I could feel Liam’s powerful heart beating as hard and fast as mine. It was now kind of uncomfortable lying there on his tensed body – he was just so freaking hard. I used what little strength I had left to roll off of his huge torso and fall the surprisingly long distance to the bed below. I kept my body touching his – afraid that being completely separated would have been too abrupt for me to handle. I was now too intimately entwined with this huge senior mass of muscle. It was like I needed him to continue living. I spoke between gasps. “Fuck me, that was hot, Liam!” “I actually think you had me shooting blanks at the end of that last orgasm. Even a big man like me has limits, Makana. I feel like I just finished an intense four hour workout session.” “Hell, I feel like I just ran a marathon! I think tomorrow I’m going to walk like I did, anyway. You must have testosterone to spare to shoot so much juice, big man.” “Just being near you makes me churn the stuff out continuously. I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.” “The same is true for me – but it’s mainly because I’ll be sleeping next to you.” “One night, if it’s okay with you Makana, I’d love to fall asleep with my cock inside of you. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but no one else ever allowed it.” “It sounds like heaven to me, Liam.” The big man had his huge arm underneath my head and he pulled my face into his chest by bending his arm and having his biceps bulging against me. It was his way of saying thank you. I had a feeling that we’d try sleeping with him in me the next night. We both knew we had a lifetime together – to try all the things that were swirling around in each of our heads – but we also knew there were a limitless amount of lustful dreams that we had yet to discover. I was already busy thinking of ways to worship my senior muscle gramps that would make his cock continue to gush like it did tonight. I also knew he was contemplating new ways to show off for me – and to worship himself in front of me. That idea, itself, made my cock begin to stir a little, even though it had shot off so much and so hard that it was going to take a couple of days to fully recover. It was just that being this close to so much muscle made me constantly horny. When Liam spoke next his voice was serious and I could tell he was slowly drifting towards sleep. “You know, of course, that I’m not going to let you go back to school this fall.” “I kind of figured. I can go to the local college. I’m not wanting to ever spend one night away from you.” “Will your parents be okay with that?” “With which – not going back to the university or sleeping every night for the rest of my life with you?” “I guess with both.” “Does it matter?” “No, not really. I just want to make sure this is what you want, Makana.” “Didn’t my ass just make that perfectly clear, Liam?” “Yes, but that was your ass talking, I want to hear it from your lips, as well.” “Listen, big man, this thing between us is some kind of force of nature. I don’t know if it’s because of your hugeness and power or because of our mutual desire for worshipping – but there’s no way either of us could deny this intense attraction. I’m pretty sure it’s even stronger than you, muscleman. I have a feeling you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not and I get the distinct feeling that even if I wanted to ignore you you’d force me into submission with just one hand.” “I’ll never make you do anything you don’t want to, Makana.” “It was just a figure of speech, Liam, and you know it. Quit playing coy with me. You fucking love your muscles, I love your muscles, you love showing off and I love you showing off, so we must be a perfect match for each other. And you better watch out – talking this way is making me hard again. I may want another ride on that huge cock of yours very soon. Your senior muscles may have created a monster, Liam. You may actually end up sending me home before the morning.”

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    A year long wait for Part Six, sorry, school got ahead of me and when I was finally free I wasn't in any mood to write. This part is mostly filler and some plot, more transformations to come in the next part though. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Read Part Five HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Six Chris lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. The room was still dark, but dim light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The light illuminated the cause of Chris’ thinking, a large tent in Melvin’s bed sheet, and two massive feet that hung out the end of that bed. A couple of months ago Melvin had been a small runty nerd who Chris could twist around his little finger, but then Melvin took some of the magical elixir home. Now Melvin was more confident, he was questioning Chris’ decisions more and he was keeping Chris awake with hour-long fuck sessions every single day. The only benefit to being kept up so late is that Chris had the time to think over the events of the past few days. That first day when he found out what had happened to Melvin had been the hardest. Hearing that deep voice over the phone made his heart drop, but he nearly died when he found Melvin. Melvin had directed Chris to come talk to him at some apartment, his nerdy roommate opened the door in just his underwear. He was now tall, built and from the look of the bulge in his briefs, hung like a donkey. Seeing Melvin had only added fuel to the theory that the elixir had a plan of its own, that the changes it caused weren't random. That in fact it mattered on what sort of person you were, an undeserving person would end up as unappealing, but a deserving person, as Melvin appeared to be, would end up owning mouthwatering pecs with big silver dollar sized nipples, abs you could wash clothes on and a bulge that looked like it could feed a small village. The conversation between the two roommates was awkward mainly because Chris could see the four girls who lived in the apartment had been fucked senseless for what must of been several days. From where Chris sat he could see the girls in a sleeping cum stained heap on a bed in a bedroom, the doors having been pulled off its hinges, they all had smiles on their faces. A smile which matched Melvin’s smug smirk, he knew the situation between them had changed. Melvin though didn’t rub it in that he was now a towering stallion compared to Chris, which Chris had expected. Instead he talked about what had happened to him and what he’d thought was going on with the elixir. In the days following Melvin’s marathon fuck session both boys shared their theories on how the elixir affected the user. Chris’ theory that who you were mattered held more water then anything Melvin offered. It was nearly confirmed when Chris and, the now meathead, Melvin found out what happened to the people dosed by the water bottles from the school gym that Chris had tainted. The equipment manager Thaddeus Stern had ballooned into some ebony black beast of muscle and manhood, he was instantly recruited by football team to his own delight. Yuri was also dosed too, and to Chris’ delight he didn't end up huge. Instead the slim swimmer had swelled into some hairy bear. A gut of muscle and fat replacing his toned abs. Melvin didn't think the change was that bad, Yuri looked pretty intimidating, an opinion which seemed to be shared by others. Yuri had been recruited to the football team too. The third person to be dosed had surprised Chris. Coach Peters had changed and it seemed to have knocked him out of the funk that losing his football team had caused. His flabby gut had been sucked in and tightened, his hair darkened and his face lost a good 20 years of wear and tear. The man who now stomped around campus in a sweat suit with a big cigar in his mouth was nothing like the old Coach Peters. Scary was the word that Melvin had used after he'd been cornered and almost forced to join the football team by the new Peters. He was rebuilding the team and taking anyone who even looked like they lifted weights. Chris though was half attracted to the new barrel chested daddy like-coach. He would have expected that Peters to get the bad side of the elixir, but instead Peters’ love and loyalty to the boys on his team had instead made the elixir turn Peters into a better man than he already was. Chris’ reminiscing was ruined by the loud wet slapping coming from Melvin’s bed. The big lug had thrown back his blankets and was fisting his Pringles can cock with both of his meaty fists. Chris just rolled over and buried his face into his pillow hoping Melvin would only jerk off once this morning. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Good workout today man” Thaddeus’ Barry White-like voice said Both he and Sean were standing in the locker room of the school gym, they had it to themselves as the other patrons seemed to flee the room when they both came in sweaty from their workout and stuffed into gym shorts that looked close to bursting. They'd both showered on the far side of the showers from each other, both trying to sneak in a quick wank, though it was hard to keep two massive muscle men jerking wrist fat monster cocks secret. Neither of them brought it up, even thought they’d both cum at the same time. “Yea, good lift” Sean agreed, pulling on his shirt The two muscle men were both buttoning up their shirts, both having the same issue of pulling the shirt together over their pecs. Thaddeus with his glistening ebony pec pillows and Sean with is fire-red furry slab like chest. Sean and Thaddeus had met soon after Coach Peters had recruited them both for football team and they’d become fast friends. Mainly it was due to them being forced together as they were both of similar size, but they shared an intense interest in video games, so a friendship had blossomed. A tv bolted up to the wall loudly played some sporting news show, the announcer worriedly talking about the removal of some big name athlete from the Dallas Cowboys because of some sort of disease. Sean had seen the guys face all over the internet and he’d even jerked off a fair bit to the guys modeling pics. Sean gave up on closing his shirt, his entire hairy pec cleavage on show. The button just below his pecs barely holding the shirt closed. “You coming round mine tonight to game” Sean asked pulling up the zipper of his jeans again Since his last growth spurt Sean had found a guy on Craigslist who was selling a tonne of clothes in sizes that could actually contain him, but now after a couple of months of actually working out, playing football and slowly growing he was beginning to outgrow them. Thaddeus, was himself just stuffing his overpacked undies into some jeans. He pulled the zipper up and gave his hefty bulge a good grope with a big black hand. “Nah man” Thaddeus chuckled deeply “Got a date tonight” Sean laughed “What again… did last nights go so well” Thaddeus left their gaming session last night with some cheerleader under this arm. The big black stud had been grinning ear to ear earlier when they started their workout, so it must of gone well. “Yea, yea, it did, nearly broke her bed” Thaddeus laughed, doing a little thrusting movement with his hips “But its not the same girl… her friend" “Slut” Sean laughed lightly punching Thaddeus’ shoulder Thaddeus packed up his gym bag and seemed ready to leave, obviously eager to get to this date. “Yea pretty much, I used to be some pathetic virgin” the black stud laughed “But since my growth spurt I've been getting pussy every day… even multiple pussies sometimes” Sean felt his eyes roll, Thaddeus just laughed at his reaction. The two friends said goodbye and the black beast thudded out of the locker room, leaving Sean to struggle to get his clown feet into sneakers that were falling apart because they were at least a size too small. The walk back to his dorm room was quick, but it was a constant barrage of stares as he stomped across campus. He knew his heavy bulge was bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step and his pecs were dangerously close to launching the remaining buttons of his shirt across the path ahead of him. Sean was struggling with his keys at his door, his big meaty fingers fumbling over the tiny, little pieces of metal. “Sean” a quiet voice asked Sean turned to look and just saw an empty corridor. Then he looked downwards. A nervous yet smiling brown haired boy stared up at him. It was the guy he’d brought all the old clothes from. A guy of barely 5ft2 who for some reason owned clothes ranging from XXL to XXXXL, Sean didn’t ask why. “Hey... Ben right” he asked, hoping he’d got the name right Ben nodded as Sean turned away from his door to look down at Ben. The smaller guys eyes widening as he stared at the thick overhang of Sean’s pecs. Thankfully his eyes weren’t looking down to the overstuffed bulge of his pants which was shockingly close to Ben’s eye level. They were silent for a few moments, Ben just watching as Sean’s pecs slowly heaved with each breath. Sean broke the silence “So, why are you here” He knew that Ben didn’t live in the dorm. He loved in one of big frat houses on the other side of campus. Ben muttered something, sounded like he was nervously gathering his words. “Just… just... wanted to see if you wanted to hang out” Ben asked, smiling slightly Sean wondered if Ben had actually wanted to ask something else, but the sight of Sean’s hulking hairy form had knocked all the confidence out of the little guy. Sean chuckled slightly “Sure, I was going play some games, but we can hang out” Sean opened his door, the gust of warm musky air washed over them both. Ben actually squeaked in surprise. “It's only a single-player game, but I’m sure we could find you something to do” Sean said, letting Ben pass into the room Sean followed him in, giving his big bulge a quick rearrange before closing the door and trapping the little guy. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Do you have any books on witchcraft” Barrett asked up to the librarian Without even looking pass their glasses and down to the runty Barrett, they muttered a floor number. Barrett had gotten used to being ignored since his fall from grace. He quickly headed up the stairs, taking two at a time, which was a stretch for his short skinny legs. Luckily no one would recognize him, he wasn't the Barrett anyone on campus would recognize. A few months ago Barrett had received an email about his campuses links to magic and witchcraft, since then he’d been researching the subject. He’d read more books and written more down in these months then he’d ever done in his life. It had started as a simple way of passing the time and maybe distracting him from his diminished body and from the housekeeper's son cleaning the swimming pool shirtless, but it had become a desperate passion once AJ returned home. The doctors had said that AJ had a muscle wasting disease, the same thing that the doctors has said to Barrett. AJ had lost his position in the NFL and returned him a broken man. AJ was nearly as small and runty as Barrett was and was getting smaller all the time. His personality shift was more dramatic than Barrett’s had been, Barrett regularly could hear AJ crying himself to sleep. When AJ was a towering beast Barrett had never even heard a single word spoken in a unsure tone, let alone seen him shed a tear. The CDC had even visited the house to check it out for any environmental causes, they found nothing. Just like they’d found nothing at the athletic department on campus. Barrett had actually stopped off to see how things had changed. It was just the same as Barrett had left it, without any reminder that Barrett had ever existed. The CDC had even kept an office on campus, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just some guy sitting alone in an office bouncing a tennis ball off the far wall. The suddenly collapse of his brothers obscenely manly physique and the CDC’s continued inability to find a medical cause had only pushed Barrett closer towards witchcraft and magic. It had knocked Barrett out of his depression, he’d become more active, more set on finding an answer. He’d be researching anything and everything that could link to his and AJ’s situation. Quickly moving away from any sort of scientific explanation and focusing almost entirely on the thin hope that something beyond explanation had caused his and AJ’s predicament. He came to the correct floor, wheezing, he was so unfit now. He moved through the cases and desks looking for some sort of sign directing him to his answer. The floor was pretty much empty of students. Just one guy with long black hair sitting at a desk with headphones on. Barrett stopped to stare at his guy, he was well built. Large pecs straining at his shirt and thick arms gripping the table. Barrett bit his lip, muscle really got to him, his little cock hardening in his pants. The guy let out a moan and Barrett could see a hand was beneath his shirt feeling up his pecs. Barrett knelt down to check under the table, having to look between the legs of chairs and desks between him and the big guy. A blond haired head was moving back and forth between the guys massive jean clad legs. Barrett let out a gasp and scurried between some bookcases. He heard a sloppy sounding slap and a guy, probably the blond, taking in deep breaths. “Zach, did you hear something… I think someone is here” one voice said between deep breaths “No one is here” another deeper voice said “Get back to sucking bitch” There was slapping sound and a return to wet sucking noises. Barrett was sitting on the floor, his back leaning against a bookcase. His cock rock hard at the sound of the blond struggling to deepthroat whatever this Zach had between his legs. Down the line of books, Barrett saw a massive ornate bookcase. Leather bound books of various sizes filled its shelves and a sign above in posh looking gold lettering read. “Tiberius J.J. Haber Occult Library” Barrett jumped to his feet, for the first time thankful that he was small, his feet making no sound as he moved. He ran down the aisle towards the bookcase. As he approached he saw how run down the bookcase was. The golden sign was faded, the wood chipped and in placed moldy. The books were covered in thick dust, but Barrett saw a few finger marks. A couple of books on the middle shelf had been touched recently, but only those books. He strained to reach up to them, again hating how small he was now. “Did you see that guy… getting a blowjob in the library” an insanely rich and deep voice boomed from down the aisle “From a guy…” another voice stated sounding annoyed “Damn” the deep voice muttered “I mean, nothing against gays, Chris, you know that…” The other guy, Chris, just sighed loudly. Barrett fell back to another set of shelves and hid behind them as the two men approached. One was tall with strong features, almost model like in his movements. The other was a brute, towering nearly as tall as the bookcases and nearly as wide as the aisle. The massive dude had a hand down his shorts and was obviously scratching at his balls. Chris though was inspecting the occult bookcase. Chris gently lifted the middle books away from shelf and tapped at the wood behind them. “Good, it’s still jammed” Chris said returning the books to their place “Huh” the big guy said, he’d been busy sniffing his hand after scratching his nuts “The compartment where we found the magic book… we jammed it so we’d know if someone else found it” Chris said, trying not to raise his voice at the giant guy The big guy's viking like face made an expression of understanding. His heavy lantern jaw moving to make an ‘oh’ sound. “It’s still jammed so whoever was asking about witchcraft never found it” Chris mused “Wait… how’d you know someone asked about that” the big guy asked “I paid the librarian to call me if someone did, why do you think we even rushed over here” Chris said smirking arrogantly “We don’t want anyone finding out what we did… well not till I’m your size” Chris gave a playful backhanded tap to the big guy’s abs which were showing through his shirt. The two turned and left, Barrett’s head spinning, could magic actually be real, what where they are hiding. He waited for the big guys wide back to vanish around a corner before slowly he started to follow them. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean was laying on his front on his bed. It was too small for him. His pecs were hanging off the end and he was awkwardly propping his meaty arms on the edge so he could play his game properly. His big mits pressing buttons and his TV loudly sounding out the gun shots of his character. “You ok back there little dude” Sean asked peeking over his shoulder to Ben Ben was laying between Sean’s legs, the big guys legs bent and pressing down on Ben’s back. Ben’s face was pressed between Sean’s rounded muscle ass and his tongue deep between the cheeks. “Just slap my ass once if yes, twice for no” Sean said, trying not to chuckle Ben’s little hand flew up and slapped the rock solid left cheek of Sean’s ass and then fell back to gripping at Sean’s thigh. “Good boy” Sean said returning to his game “In a bit I’m move across to my gaming chair, you can suck or sit on my dick if you like” Sean’s cock was rock hard and laying between his legs and throbbing against Ben’s tummy. “Well you going suck or ride it either way, I’ll let you choose which happens first” Sean’s let out a deep moan and almost crushed his controller as Ben excitedly assaulted his asshole with his talented and surprisingly large tongue. ——————————————————————————————————————————— On opposite sides of campus, two groups of friends were meeting. One a group of young men who were busy planning the next phase of their Homes for Humanity project. The other a group of young men planning which news agency’s website they were going to bring down with a denial of service attack. They were in similar number and a similar makeup of guys, just different in personalities. But one thing that these groups shared was that the refreshments at their meetings tasted weird.
  17. kmxd

    m/m My Roommate's a Were-Hulk

    I haven't posted in some time. I'd like to get back into writing these stories more regularly, though. Anyway, onto the story. Forgive any errors. Disclaimer: the Incredible Hulk is owned by Marvel. I do not claim ownership over the character, and this story is not meant to infringe on their copyright. Table of Contents: YOU'RE HERE: Chase and Jakob, Pt 1 Chase and Jakob, Pt 2 (Coming soon) If you'd like to support my writing, feel free to buy me a Ko-Fi. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Chase and I always had a good relationship. We were friends since high school, sharing the same math class in freshman year before hitting it off and becoming best buds. And that was despite how different we were: he was 6’0”, short brown hair with an undercut, bright brown eyes, lean from his years of playing sports (and he seemed to gain more muscle recently), and he was seriously attractive. I was Jakob, just an inch taller, but much more scrawny than him. I had medium length blond hair, blue eyes with it, and I had an affinity for photography. Nonetheless, we were closer than we were with our other friends. It just so happened that we were going to the same college. Us being roommates was a no-brainer. And now we’re in our second year of college, sharing an apartment. “Hey!” He pulled out a beer can and tossed it to me. He was wearing one of his homemade cut off shirts like usual, along with a pair of black and purple shorts and some socks. I caught the can, noting how just the way he threw the can showed off his athleticism and his muscles. “Thanks,” I said. “How’d you get all this again?” “Got it from Bryce in ATO.” Chase grabbed his own beer and opened it up. He chugged some of it before continuing. “Said he didn’t care as long as I didn’t say anything.” It was Sunday. If he wasn’t getting stoned with friends and I wasn’t busy editing photos, we’d just chill and drink a beer. Sunday nights were our thing, and we’d never missed it. He seemed kinda antsy for some reason, though. We were probably gonna play something on his Xbox, but I decided to take a look outside. “Dude, look. The moon’s fucking huge tonight.” I pointed outside to the full moon hanging in the sky. It had taken on an orangish hue, so I was guessing we had a harvest moon. Chase started to walk over to take a seat next to me on our couch. He laughed as he looked up. “The moon’s fucking what —” He stopped in his tracks as he saw the moon through our large window. His eyes widened as he stepped back. “Is that a full moon?” “Uh… yeah,” I said. Chase was definitely acting a bit off. I decided to joke about it. “What, are you a werewolf or something?” “No, just… shit, I thought I marked it.” He pulled out his phone, frantic. “No, no… This is… Ugh, getting dizzy.” Chase suddenly groaned. My danger signals were going off. I looked toward Chase more attentively, concerned. “What, what’s wrong?” I watched my friend slowly get more and more disoriented, but not bad enough that I felt I needed to get up. “Fu… Fuck,” he let out. He lowered his voice to a mutter, but I could still tell his voice was breathy. I watched Chase dropped to his knees, his whole posture changing. He grabbed ahold of his head, and it was clear that something was wrong. “What’s going on?” I asked. Worried was an understatement — for a second I was afraid my friend was about to have a painful stroke. But Chase was very competent, only in pain. His breathing was getting heavier and more intense, and as he lurched forward, he took his hands away from his head and put them down against the floor to support himself. It looked like anger was taking ahold of him, judging from the look on his face. He turned to me and growled, “Get away!” Oh god, I thought, my roommate’s actually a werewolf! Everything suddenly made sense: his sudden leaves, his disappearances during full moons, and his increased aggression recently. But then he shut his eyes tight, like he was trying to painfully suppress something inside, before his eyes shot wide open. His eyes… they went green — an almost glowing, radioactive, volatile green. But werewolves don’t have green eyes. Do they? I was frozen on the couch, watching Chase writhe in pain as a precursor to what I realized was a transformation. I felt like I should’ve run away, but… I couldn’t help but just watch — a gross, strange curiosity — and I let myself stay in place. “Go!” Chase bellowed again. His voice dropped down an octave or two. That’s when I realized he wasn’t in pain; he was struggling to restrain the transformation. It became more obvious as his grunts weren’t ones of pain and sounded more like the kind of grunts you make when trying hard to hold something back. He punched the tile on the floor (I heard a small cracking sound) as his lean arms started to grow. Chase’s biceps, triceps and deltoids became larger and more pronounced. The change was dramatic as I watched them bulge. The fact that they were already exposed made it more amazing. And for some reason hot. Between the deep groans and huffs, his eyes kept locking with mine. He rose from the ground and a wicked, cocky smirk crept across his face, unlike the friendly grins that he usually wore. He stretched his arms and fingers and spoke again. “I told you to get away… I gave you a chance… But if you don’t want to, then let me put on a show.” Oh fuck. At that point I finally stood up from the couch and slowly backed away. There was an obvious shift in the way Chase was carrying himself. He acted more cocky, more confident. This wasn’t the Chase I remember, but it’s the Chase right in front of me. He raised his arms and flexed them in a double biceps pose. His muscles expanded further, with his skin getting a greenish tinge. His shirt was starting to look even tighter than before, straining against his growing, muscular frame. Before, it hung a bit loosely on his body. Now, his pecs were ballooning, becoming more defined. The smirk on his face remaining, Chase leaned forward and hit a most muscular pose. The flex was obviously going to push the fabric on his torso to the limit. Chase growled and moaned, then yelled as he grew even more, him gaining height, his shirt starting to rip apart. From where I was standing, I could see his shirt tear straight down the middle as his back widened. Traps grew around his neck as Chase stood straight once again, causing his shirt to stretch and rip again. This time he decided to grab the shredded shirt and rip it off his body, exposing his well-defined, slick-with-sweat torso. And it definitely wasn’t just his upper body getting the Hulk out treatment. Throughout that whole change, his legs stretched and grew as well. His quads and calves pushed out and became more defined. His thighs gained a good amount of mass, along with his glutes, now straining his also once-loose shorts. It’s like every day was leg day. As he added up another 7 inches in height — his feet widening and growing, ripping through his socks to accommodate his new musculature — his skin color continued to shift to that emerald green, as his now-messy hair darkened to a shade of green as well. And slowly the transformation, Chase’s hulkout, slowed down as he seemed to reach his final form. Where my friendly, casually athletic best friend once stood was now a huge, cocky, green, presumably gamma-powered Hulk that towered above me. His body would definitely rival any bodybuilder in the gym now, but his huge muscles were less bulky and more brawny. This Hulk was still distinctly Chase, but I was scared by the change. “Oh you liked that, didn’t you Jakob?” Chase taunted. His eyes were directed towards my lower regions, to which I realized I was very hard right now. Despite the fear of my friend changing into this huge Hulk, I was aroused by that very same thing. “If you liked that, you should like this too.” I looked back up at Chase, and it was clear that his own dick — at least 6 inches already — was hardening also. “The change is like a full body orgasm bro. God I wanna nut so bad… but not yet.” Chase was rubbing himself through his shorts before he slid his right hand down his pants and pulled it out. To my surprise and amazement, Chase started to stroke himself in front of me! He worked himself until he was fully hard, his girth and length beyond anything I’d seen or even heard of. Even though we were close, we’d never seen each other this close up. And now he’s stroking and approaching me practically naked. Wait — what? “Chase… Chase, what the fuck are you doing?” I yelled at him. I backed away from him until I felt a wall behind me. I looked at him, and his eyes, full of the most insane lust, were focused directly on me. I was not gay, and I thought neither was he, but now my best friend is jacking off in front of me! “Come on, Jakob,” Chase said. “You didn’t run when I gave you the chance. You know you want this. My strength.” He lifted and flexed his free arm and admired himself. He looked down at his bicep rising then looked at me. His stroking steadily got faster. “When I’m like this, I’m a fucking god, bro. And I know you fucking want this.” “What are you talking about? You gotta stop, calm down or something,” I pleaded. As he came closer, I got a whiff of musk. He must’ve been giving off some kind of pheromones, because it only made me more horny, even if I was scared. “Calm down? Not happening bro,” he said. I tried to move away, but before I knew it Chase was right up against me. Still stroking, his huge pecs started to slowly push up against my face as he looked down on me. He leaned forward and pushed against the wall with his free hand. Again his strokes got faster. “This is the only way.” I was confused. Horny and confused. “Chase please, get away from me man.” I tried looking away, but Chase had me up against the wall. I knew I couldn’t fight him, he was probably three times stronger than he ever was. More of his scent filled my nostrils, but I didn’t want to admit this was turning me on. “Come on bro,” he said again. He suddenly slid his left hand down my shorts and started stroking my cock. I yelped a bit, surprised, but started moaning as I pushed myself against the wall. One hand on the wall, the other tightly gripping the side of my shorts. This felt wrong but at this point I didn’t care. I was about to blow. I leaned forward and grabbed Chase’s muscular shoulder. Panting, I finally looked up at him, and he looked back at me with the expression of an alpha who knew exactly what he was doing. He picked up the speed of his strokes on both himself and me, his breathing also picking up. “Chase, please,” I said. “Please, I’m… I’m about to…” I gasped suddenly and moaned loudly as I emptied myself straight into my boxers. My release, with the musk of my Hulked out friend, made it the most euphoric orgasm I’d ever had, and he kept jerking me off as I orgasmed. I lost all grip and as soon as he let go off my dick I slid down to the floor, exhausted. Chase finished soon after, his huge cock shooting load after load of his off-white cum onto the wall while he stepped back. I was still below him, so I covered my face. He yelled, almost roared, as he came and it was like his orgasm was better than mine. It felt more massive, more pleasure-inducing. I watched as his whole body involuntarily flexed, his muscles flaring, as he shot his last load. Then Chase finally seemed to calm down, slowing his breathing as his skin and hair color returned to normal and his body and muscles shrunk down to a more familiar size. He was breathing heavily as he sat himself down with his knees up. No longer were his muscles huge — they were normal. The expression on his face softened. He looked at me with his still bright-green eyes before they faded back into their normal brown. He looked exhausted. He rested his arm on one of his knees and gripped his head, the same way he’d do if he was embarrassed. “Holy shit,” he whispered. “That was… I’m sorry.” I wasn’t sure what to say. I was at a loss for words, still enjoying the strange afterglow of what happened with my friend. We cleaned up. Didn’t say anything about it to each other that night. Someone came by our door asking what all the noise was about, and I lied saying that we were arguing about crafts. Yeah, right. Eventually I found out, though, that this… condition of his was a new one. Chase was a were-Hulk, hulking out during full moons, but also when he was angry or extra horny. It’s spread through a bunch of ways, his way being that he accidentally consumed the cum of a Hulk. He kept it from me because he was scared, but now I help him deal with it in more ways than one. The funny thing about it is who turned him into a Hulk: Bryce from ATO. I guess it’s a campus-wide problem.
  18. lowillia

    m/m Powamet stories: Rescuing the Hulk

    This story is set in an imaginary Cape Cod small town where anything can happen. I have written a lot of stories about things that happen there. *** There was a thunderous crash, and the whole house shook. Nate looked up from his manuscript, startled. Then he sighed, smiled to himself, and wondered what piece of mythology or literature had come to light this time. He listened intently, but there was no sound from outside. Cautiously he rose from his chair and moved slowly toward the door, not quite afraid, but wary of the peculiarities of Powamet. The outside yard was dark, and the trees were swaying dimly in the silence. But there was something, or someone, lying near the road outside. Nate came closer, and heard a quiet moan. He took another step and saw a man - a huge man - lying moaning in his yard, face down. He was hurt, and barely able to move. Nate hurried back into his house, fumbled through the bathroom closet until he found bandages and antiseptic, and carried them back out again. Another groan greeted him, and a turn, and a thrash. It’s okay, Nate whispered. I just want to help you. He soaked a cloth in the antiseptic, laid it on the man’s arm, and watched him twitch, then calm. He continued salving and bandaging for a few minutes, trying to do what little he could, and only half understanding what was going on, and at length he could tell that the huge man was noticeably eased. He relaxed after a bit, and his moans became quieter, and his breathing eased.. Nate managed to get the huge man to his feet, panting. He was well over six feet tall, and hugely broad and muscular. He was able to walk, but he was staggering, and Nate could tell that the behemoth was barely conscious. Nate led him into into his house. I’m gonna try to make you comfortable, Nate said to the giant. The huge man looked down at him uncomprehendingly - But he touched Nate’s face very gently, then took his hand away. You are much too big to fit in the guest room, Nate said softly. Is this couch okay for you? The big man nodded wearily. Nate fetched some blankets and pillows. Suddenly the big man groaned: What - where - Those were his first words and Nate was glad. The huge man was conscious, and able to speak. You need to rest, I think, Nate said. I think you’re probably okay otherwise. There was a long pause. The big man reached out one big hand and touched Nate’s face again. Okay, he whispered. Nate watched for a while, and saw that the big man seemed - really - okay. His bruises were already better - could that be? - and his breathing slowly turned to a low sleepy rhythm. Nate sighed finally, and went to bed. He woke suddenly during the night. The huge man was standing beside his bed. He looked up at the big man, and the big man looked down at him. They were both sleepy and half-aware. Finally Nate pushed the sheets aside a little bit, and the big man reached down and pulled them down a little more, and crawled down into bed with him. They cuddled one another. The big man was very warm. He put both arms around Nate - very strong, but very gentle. Hmmm, he growled, but softly and without menace. With a few quick movements he twitched off his trousers, and Nate could feel the big man’s huge hard cock under the sheets. They played and slept and drowsed like that for the rest of the night. Nate woke suddenly in the morning to find himself staring into angry eyes. He struggled a little, but the big man just growled and pulled him closer. I’m all healed now, the big man said in a subterreanean voice. Look at me. He looked down at his own bulging arms and chest, and pulled Nate into an even tighter embrace. You helped, he whispered hoarsely. Why did you help? You were - hurt. I tried to make you better. The big man shrugged and tightened his huge grip. Better now. I always get better. He paused. But you helped me. The big man’s grip was so tight that Nate could hardly breathe. Nate gasped: I tried to help - The clench loosened. Sorry, the big man rumbled. I don’t mean to hurt you. He rolled back, his grip more gentle. I really don’t want to be mean to you, he whispered in Nate’s ear. Got to be careful. He squeezed Nate’s body against him again, not painfully, but warmly. You helped me. He released his grip slightly, but Nate felt the big man’s chest expand, his abs harden into granite. I’m stronger than you are. You sure are, Nate said. Yeah, the big man said. So don’t try to get away from me. His tone was light, almost joking. Nate said, finally: Let me touch your chest again. And your arms. Okay, the big man said. Do you like that? Oh, yeah, Nate breathed. His arms and hands freed from the huge man’s crushing grip, he explored the big man’s massive powerful torso, his amazingly developed arms. Daring himself, he lowered his head and kissed the big man’s armpit, in a place where the muscles joined and knotted together. And the big man groaned and sighed. They spent the morning and afternoon together in bed. The big man, for all his strength, was wonderfully gentle. He groaned with pleasure when Nate touched him, and he was careful when their play became more animated. He seemed especially to like being on the bottom, on his back, with Nate lying on top of him, rubbing his torso, kissing him, massaging his cock with his hands. As the evening deepened outside, they retreated under the sheets, holding one another. But very distantly there was an occasional thundering noise: a faint BOOM. Nate didn't notice it much, but the big man stiffened. Something’s coming for me, he grunted. I gotta go. Hey, Nate said sadly, quietly, as the giant unfolded himself from the sheets and stood up. You can stay here as long as you like. Yeah. The big man listened to the noises outside for a moment, then turned back to Nate with a sad smile. I’ll come back when I can. I like you. I don’t have very many friends. He tugged on Nate’s hand. Come outside with me. The big man pulled on his ripped trousers, and Nate put on his clothes, and they went outside in the twilight. BOOM, something whispered far away. I gotta go, the big man said urgently now. I don’t want this guy to come here and find you. Okay? He wrapped Nate in an urgent powerful hug. I’m your friend, he said. I’ll always be your friend. Okay? And he drew back, and LEAPT - And he was gone. Eh, Nate muttered, and was startled to find that his eyes were watering a bit. And then he muttered to himself, very quietly: He’d better not forget he said that. The big man did not forget. It was a month or two later, early evening, a still evening in early autumn with a hint of moisture in the air. Nate was lost for a moment watching the stars come out one by one, when a BOOM happened, and the ground shook. Nate turned, and there was the big man, strong and happy and gentle and smiling. I don’t have many friends, he said. I gotta keep the ones I have. He scooped Nate up in his massive arms and carried him into the house. You bandaged me up, the big man said quietly. You brought me into your house and gave me a blanket and a pillow. He carried Nate up the stairs, smiling down at him, brought him to the bedroom and laid him down on the bed. I thought about you a lot. I thought about how you were nice to me, and you didn’t even know who I was. And then I got in bed with you - like this - The huge man straddled Nate, his gigantic hands holding him gently, and looked down at him. Just like this. And you trusted me, and we held each other. He moved his hands to either side of Nate’s head. His chest, his arms, his shoulders, were enormous. You weren’t afraid of me. And you trusted me. You’re brave. And I thought about you, and I came back to see you. The huge man smiled almost timidly. Are you glad to see me? Yes, Nate breathed. He put his hands up on the huge man’s shoulders. Thank you for remembering me. You’re welcome, the big man said simply. The big man rolled over, and they were together, and there was a happy silence for hours, with only quiet breathing, and an occasional sigh, and a moan . . . I know about you, Nate said later. I knew who you were right away. Yeah, the big man said slowly. I thought you didn’t like people very much, Nate said. That was the only reason I was a little afraid. The big man was silent for a moment. Then he said: I don’t like being around people when they’re afraid. Maybe you were afraid, but I couldn’t tell. I was tired, and you were helping me. And then you brought me into your house. You were nice. And then I woke up, and I was cold, and alone, and I found you, and you were there, and I got into bed with you. Like now. I held you, and you trusted me not to hurt you. Even though you knew I could hurt you. And - Long pause again. And Nate finished simply: And it was wonderful. And I love you, big man. The man folded him into his huge arms and pressed him tightly. I like that name, he said. Big Man. I’m very big. He sighed suddenly, almost wistfully. I just want to be nice sometimes. Not always hitting and smashing. Sometimes I just want to use my muscle to do good stuff. And sometimes I like to make somebody like you happy. He leaned back, his arms folded behind his head, and his biceps were huge, and his shoulders bulged enormously, and his chest was a brick wall, and his abs were like stone. He looked at Nate innocently, lazily, with a smile. Do you like that? I came shudderingly, just looking at him, my hand on my crotch. He laughed, and grabbed me, and held me, and kissed me deeply, and I came again. You’re funny, he said. You do just exactly what I like. He pulled me into himself and kissed me again, deeper. You are so fucking sweet. So are you, I gasped as we pulled apart. Strong and nice and sweet. He reached down, pulled on his own enormous cock, and closed his eyes. His huge pecs and abs flexed, and I felt him suddenly cum against me, in a gigantic pulse. Jesus, he said, tensing against me, his muscles corded and incredible. I wish I could come inside you. But I think it might kill you, little man, if I did that. I wish I could feel it inside me too, big man, I gasped. He pulled me around to face him, and - We both laughed. He comes around more often now. He’s gentler now. He likes to show me the place on his chest that I bandaged that first night, and I always kiss it, and he growls with pleasure. He hugs me so warmly and powerfully, and we love kissing one another - he’s a great kisser. But there’re always that damned thunder that makes him get up and move to the window, and then leave. Someday I’m gonna have a word with that thunder guy, I said one evening, cuddling my big guy. I hate him taking him away from you. And suddenly I heard a BOOM outside. BOOM BOOM BOOM - Hey, sweetheart, my big guy said, kissing me on the cheek. I think you are going to get your wish. And I gulped.
  19. dangerdanger

    m/m Tomás [ESPAÑOL]

    UNO Conocí a Tomás durante las vacaciones de verano. Yo acababa de recibirme de profesor de Matemática y como el resto de mis amigos había tenido que ingeniármelas dando clases particulares. Por suerte para mi frágil economía el asunto resultó bastante bien y en poco tiempo, gracias a la ayuda del boca en boca y la suerte de encontrar al "Peor Curso de la Historia de la Humanidad", en poco tiempo me encontré dando clases particulares todos los días. Así que cada día visitaba una casa diferente donde encontraba los mismos chicos y chicas que no entendían nada de nada, que si les hablaba de ecuaciones podían llegar a decir que ellos no querían estudiar química y que si por casualidad se me ocurría preguntar que era lo que no entendían largaban respuestas del estilo: —De mitad de año en adelante nada. Así fue como una tarde particularmente calurosa conocí a Tomás. Su mamá me había contactado por recomendación de la mamá de un amigo de él. Tomás tenía diecisiete años y al parecer las matemáticas no eran su fuerte. Lo que primero me llamó la atención fue el tamaño de la casa. Mi padres no eran pobres, ni mucho menos. Tenían su departamento y su casa de fin de semana en el country, pero yo nunca había visto una casa de semejante tamaño en medio de la ciudad. ¡Ocupaba media cuadra! La madre le pidió a una de las mucamas (tenían mas de una) que me llevara al estudio del fondo y se fue ella misma a buscar a su hijo al segundo piso. Atravesamos la casa y salimos al jardín más grande que vi en mi vida. Tenían una pileta olímpica y una cancha de tenis que solo ocupaba menos de la tercera parte e todo. En pocas palabras: una mansión. La mucama me abrió la puerta del estudio y me pidió si me podía traer algo para tomar. Le pedí una limonada. Lo que sucedió después me resulta medio confuso ya que no estaba preparado. Había dado clases a chicos de esa edad y más grandes también. A mis treinta y cinco ahora me daba cuenta de los chico que había sido a mis veinticinco aunque yo en esa época no me daba cuenta. Quizás por eso no asocié lo que estaba viendo con nada más. Un hombre salió de la cancha de tenis después de hacer frontón durante un rato. Llevaba puesto solo un pantalón debajo del cual asomaban unas piernas enormes, largas y musculosas que se tensaban con cada paso que daba. Se podían ver la forma de los músculos con cada movimiento, así como la casi inexistencia de grasa. Eran unas piernas propias de un hombre... y que hombre. Por sobre el pantalón comenzaban los abdominales más grandes y perfecto que hubiera podido imaginar sobre los que sobresalía un pecho enorme y poderoso que brillaba con cada rayo de luz. Todo ese cuerpo de hombre era coronado por unos hombros del tamaño de melones de los que salían dos brazos más poderosos que había visto. Era un cuerpo que emanaba una fuerza impresionante. Una musculatura que parecía estar empujando por crecer todavía más. Se tiró al agua antes de que pudiera ver su cara. Nadó hasta el extremo cerca de donde yo estaba y solo con la fuerza de sus poderosos hombros se elevó hasta salir. Fue la muestra de lo que un hombre era capaz si se proponía crecer, volverse fuerte y solo eso: seguir creciendo. Se elevó en toda su increíble altura y pude ver el rostro de niño de diecisiete años. Agarró una toalla y se acarició apenas cada parte de su enorme y poderoso cuerpo. Todos sus músculos exhalaban juventud, fuerza y una potencia sexual de la que yo ni siquiera había tenido una pizca. Me tendió la mano. —Vos debés ser Diego. Su mano era enorme y fuerte. Sus dedos eran los dedos de un hombre desarrollado y poderoso. Tomó mi mano entre las suyas y al saludarnos pude ver el imposible bicep de su brazo marcándose con el menor movimiento. Yo estaba tan anonadado que un hombre pudiera ser tan joven y tan musculoso que no pude decir nada más que: —Si. Tomás me sacaba más de una cabeza de altura. Era un hombre joven y poderoso. Lo más parecido a un semental salvaje y brillante. La cercanía con sus músculos enormes brillando cerca de mí me hizo perder el hilo de la historia que me había estado contando. Se puso la toalla sobre el hombro y se fue a buscar una remera. Yo quise ser esa toalla.
  20. Ultram0th

    m/m Eric's New Sponsorship

    [This is a new series that I’m starting, in which Eric Janicki is turned into a slutty himbo! Also, I’m moving my work to my new Tumblr at ] Eric Janicki relaxed into the leather chair inside the small office. As he mindlessly scrolled through his phone, he couldn’t help the bright smile that formed on his handsome face as the notifications kept popping up on his feed, letting the bodybuilder/fitness trainer know that his latest gym selfie was popular. It’d been a nonchalant pic of himself in the mirror, with his blue tank riding up the smallest bit to offer the viewers a sneak peek of his chiseled abs which had a light dusting of hair covering them. The 6’1’’ bodybuilder knew that he was attractive, to both females and males, the latter of which made up a majority of his fanbase. Although he was straight, Eric knew that he could keep his follower count up on his online profiles and the lucrative sponsorships coming if he offered enough content that showcased his flawless musculature. The 28 year old man had spent years developing his flawless physique and it was obvious. Even as he was now: donning a dark blue button down and black slacks, his muscles were clearly evident. The buttons on his shirt seemed to strain to keep his powerful pecs covered and his biceps looked as if they could split the sleeves apart at the seams. His slacks showed off every contour of his large thighs and helped to showcase his muscle butt that was the star of many of his posts online. Eric knew that he was hot and he wasn’t shy about using his body, but he was always careful to only offer a sneak peek and not the whole thing. It was tactic employed to keep his gay fanbase drooling over him while asserting that fact that he wasn’t attracted to other men. It didn’t hurt to allow them to pretend, he figured. Eric knew that it was because of his perfect musculature and loyal fanbase that he was in contact with H-Boost, which was some unknown workout supplement company. It’d all been a stroke of luck, honestly. Eric had been at the gym, working on his triceps when an older bodybuilder, Larkin, had walked up to him and had asked if he’d be interested in posting some content about the supplements since the company was looking for an image that apparently he fit. Eric had jumped at the chance to get more sponsorship deals for his social media, which would hopefully cause a domino effect where he’d gain more followers and thus more offers, both of which equals more money. Eric knew close to nothing about the company; but after a quick Google search, he found that it was pretty underground and run by a man named Hank Williams. The picture and bio on the small company website had showed that Hank was an avid weightlifter and that he tended to be more into men— thus the tight-fitting clothes that Eric was dressed in, hoping to score this sponsorship deal. The door to the tiny office opened up and Eric put his phone away, getting up onto his feet to shake Hank’s hand as he entered. “Good afternoon, Mr. Williams,” he said in a polite voice. “Thank you for meeting with me today.” The older man was a solid wall of muscle. It was clear that he’d been a bodybuilder back in his prime. Now the fifty-something year old man hadn’t been following a strict diet as was evident by the large muscle gut that his bulging pecs rested on. His beefy arms struggled to be contained within the fabric of his dress shirt, and his thighs were so thick that the man’s walk resembled more of a waddle. His shaved head gleamed underneath the florescence in the room and his goatee was black, tinged with flecks of gray. Still the strength behind his handshake told Eric that the older man could easily hold his own. “Please, call me ‘Hank’,” he smiled warmly. “And thank you for meeting with us.” He walked around the large, wooden desk that was in the room, setting himself down into his own chair which creaked under his weight. Eric sat back down and straightened his posture, making sure to pull his shoulders back the smallest bit to push his powerful pecs forward. He fought to hide the smirk that was framed by his trimmed beard when he noticed Hank’s brown eyes hone in on the straining buttons. Eric knew that the older man found him sexy, so he figured that obtaining this sponsorship would be no problem. Hank looked at the computer screen that was in front of him, typing away as he read over something. The whole time he typed, his eyes would occasionally flick over towards the chiseled pecs on the straight bodybuilder’s chest. “Well,” he hummed, “Larkin gave you raving reviews and it looks like you do have a pretty impressive social media presence. But, I’m just not sure right now…” Trying to maintain his cool, Eric fought the frown that almost formed on his face. “What do you mean?” he asked. He flexed his arms this time, his large biceps moving like large bowling balls underneath his shirt sleeves. He was always used to just flexing here and there, or maybe flashing a coy smile for the camera. That’d always worked. However, the muscle hunk was floored when he heard that he might not have been what the company was looking for. Hank continued to type away before he opened up one of the drawers on his desk. He pulled out a small plastic pouch, about the size of a condom wrapper, and tossed it onto the desk. One side of the plastic was see-through, showcasing a small pink capsule pill. “This is one of our products that we’re looking for someone to advertise for us,” Hank explained. “It’s supposed to give men a certain kind of boost that a specific audience is interested in. Looking at your posts, you seem to be very dedicated to your fitness. While it is impressive, I’m just unsure if you’d be the right fit for our product.” Eric shook his head slowly back and forth, a little confused by what the older bodybuilder was saying. Sure, Eric was very into fitness, it was obvious by his social media accounts. However, the driving factor behind his desire to land this deal was the way his friend Larkin had boasted about the massive amount of attention and followers people tended to gain once they’d been sponsored by H-Boost. Although he’d never seen any himself, Larkin had never lied to him before. The cocky stud crossed his buff arms in front of his massive chest, simultaneously flexing his biceps and pecs to look much bigger for the gay man. “I’m sure I can handle it,” he smirked, putting on his crooked smile that made the ladies’ hearts melt. Hank’s eyes conspicuously ran up and down Eric’s muscled form. He clenched his stubble-covered jaw before nodding, pushing the pill forward across the desk. “You already posted a selfie today,” Hank explained, “so we can use that as a before. After you take the supplement, we ask that you take a picture every day to show your progress.” As Hank went over the terms, Eric fought to maintain his composure over the fact that he’d landed such a sponsorship. All he had to do was take a pill and then post pictures, and then the money would come rolling in. It was no-lose situation in his mind. “…all it takes is just one dosage,” Hank continued. “So if you’re sure, you can take the pill now.” He pulled out a water bottle from his desk and slid it towards the stud. “Just one?” Eric repeated, thinking that it was too easy. Still, he shrugged his broad shoulders and ripped open the package. He tossed the pill to the back of his throat and chugged down the entire water bottle to make sure it went all the way down. “Great!” Hank cheered as he stood up to shake Eric’s hand once more. “I have a feeling that this going to be a great sponsorship for you. We can email you the contract later. In the meantime, don’t forget to take pictures of your progress and to tag us in them.” Eric gratefully shook the older bodybuilder’s beefy hand. “Absolutely,” he agreed, standing up from his seat and walking out of the small office. There was a light swish to his walk, and Hank couldn’t help but admire the way the stud’s muscled globes seemed to dance back and forth as he walked away. He made a mental note to thank Larkin for sending them Eric, who would without a doubt be a perfect spokesman for Himbo Boost, or H-Boost for short.
  21. lunette

    m/m Rebirth of a Great Evil

    A short story I came up with recently for my new characters. Cropped illustrations of the characters are included in this story, but full-sized photos can be found on my page at the Artworks/Morphs section here: LINK. Disclaimer: This story contains depictions of rape and/or mildly violent scenes. Please do not read if you find such content distasteful or offensive. Mero glided through the air over the area where he last sensed Promena. Given the strict rules they had to abide by throughout their training to join the ranks of the Seraphim Royal Army, the two rookies had gone out of their Enclave secretly earlier that afternoon to enjoy some time out. Training was getting stressful especially since both Mero and Promena were having difficulty passing through their most recent tests. At the rate they were going, they would never qualify to join the most prestigious order in the army that is the Dawnbringer’s Order. Ever since he was much younger, the now-74 years old Seraphim had always dreamt of being one of the Dawnbringers. They inspire awe and respect from all Fey races wherever they go, even among their fellow Seraphims. In fact, they are regarded just below the royals in Seraphim’s social hierarchy. Of course, Mero and Promena have a long way to go still. Their current age may be considered old by human standards, but for Feys those between 50 to 100 years old are equivalent to human teenagers. As he spread his 16”-span wings wide and floated above the wind, Mero closed his eyes and focused his mind on locating his friend. He was starting to feel that something had gone terribly wrong, and that their decision to sneak out of the enclave was a grave mistake. It took him almost a whole minute before he could sense Promena’s soul presence again. Soul presence is unique for every being as it is their personal connection to the Aether. Those with the knowledge and practice can easily sense and identify the soul presence of sentient beings in their vicinity. Familiarity and emotional connection with another, as was the case between Mero and his friend Promena, can even allow one to locate the other’s soul presence from far distances. Promena’s presence was faint, but it was enough for Mero to ascertain her approximate location. She’s alive, and close...Please be safe, Mena. The young Seraphim offered prayers for his friend’s safety to Cetnea, the Goddess of Protection. Promena’s soul presence brought the golden-haired Seraphim to a small, human town about three hours of flight from the enclave. The town was close the edge of the plain, at most a mile from the point where the vast Dhijarhe Desert begins. Mero circled the seemingly empty town high in the air a few times, surveying it for any sign of life. But it was clear to Mero a few minutes later that he and possibly Promena were the only two detectable soul presence there. Confident that there was no visible threat in the area, Mero descended swiftly and landed in the middle of the abandoned town’s small square. The young Seraphim folded his white, feathery wings and willed them to meld into his back, forming golden tattoos on his skin. Wing-melding was one of the basic life skills taught to all young Seraphims, alongside flight itself as well as beginner-level healing and protection spells. It makes it easier for them to move about when they are not in flight. Standing still in the middle of the square, Mero observed the empty buildings around him. He had never ventured this far out in his life, so the town was not familiar to the young Seraphim. A few looked like they were in need of maintenance, but overall, none of them were in particularly bad conditions. Something bad must have happened here, thought Mero. Were they raided by the Orcs? Unlikely, because even Orcs would leave trails behind. Mero closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on finding Promena again. It seemed like her soul presence was growing weaker by the minute. Mero was so focused on his task that he did not sense nor hear the magical portal opening nearby, and the two figures stepping out of it. A sudden, paralyzing pain throughout his whole body jerked him out of his concentration. The blond Seraphim shrieked in pain as he fell to the ground on his side, his lithe body shuddering uncontrollably. He managed to turn his body on his back just as two figures appeared casting shadows over his quivering figure. “What luck do we have today, Master Nacul?” asked a sultry, female voice to his left. “Two of these precious, winged Seraphims in a single afternoon!” The female being laughed with wicked glee. “We are lucky indeed, Svana. We already have enough for our work here, but who’s to say we shouldn’t have more,” replied a raspy male voice. Mero could almost visualize the wicked grin on their lips. In between the paralyzing pain and the bright sun behind the shadowy figures, Mero could only make out their shapes before he began to lose consciousness. Demons, he thought. He knew he was in deep trouble. * * * A waft of something cold with the unmistakable smell of Sulfur brought Mero back to consciousness. His head felt heavy as he groggily opened his eyes. The first thing to greet his return to consciousness was a pale-skinned woman’s face, smiling widely at him. A waft of smoke was being produced by whatever she was holding in her cupped hand, which she had placed in front of his face. Her bright, nearly glowing red eyes and the pair of inch-long fangs caused Mero to pull his head backward abruptly. His reaction brought a cackle of laughter from the three-century-old demoness. The blond Seraphim tried to move only to learn that he was completely immobilized. He dangled nearly a foot over the floor of a rocky cave – or dungeon, he couldn’t tell – brightly lit by torches along the wall. His arms and legs were spread apart and chained to a pair of stone pillars set nearly seven feet apart. “Welcome back!” the demoness who Mero’s quickly recovering memories identified as Svana said mockingly. “I hope you had a good nap, pretty one. And hopefully we didn’t cause to much pain. We didn’t mean to harm you. Not yet, at least.” She said as she caressed his fair-skinned face with her right hand. Mero nearly flinched when he saw that her skin from her wrist to the end of her fingers was completely black, in stark contrast to her otherwise deathly pale skin. Her hair was dark, and her lips much like her eyes was blood-red. She ran her fingers, each of which had at least two inches of sharp nails at their end upward through his thick golden hair. She gripped the back of his head to keep him from moving and brought her face and body closer to his. As she did so, she pressed her huge, naked breasts on his bare chest. Seemingly undisturbed by the action, Svana moved her nose downward to his neck. There she stopped and inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of his blood through his skin. In his mind, Mero cycled through the different types of demons he was taught during his lessons back at the Enclave, and she reminded him of the Malcarri, servants of the Archdemoness Malcanthet. Similar to their queen, Malcarri is an entirely female demon subspecies, renowned for their allure, illusion magic, deceitful nature and thirst for blood. When she began to moan while licking his neck as if she was tasting him, Mero closed his eyes tightly, waiting for her teeth to sink into his fragile neck. The sound of metal clanging on the stone floor caused the demoness to stop and promptly released her hold on Mero’s head. She turned to face the newcomer just as Mero opened his eyes. “You’re back, Master Nacul!” she said as she walked – no, glided across the floor – toward the other person, who had walked in from another part of the chamber. Master Nacul, as Svana called him, had the appearance of a hunched, elderly male human perhaps a hundred years old or so. He wore a plain black, hooded robe and in his left hand he wielded a spiked staff made of reddish metal. He could pass as a human albeit an incredibly old one, but Mero knew that this was not the case. For one, he had a similar soul presence as the Malcarri. Secondly, she seemed to regard him as her superior, which meant that he has either enslaved her through magical means, or he possesses powerful arcane powers. Either way, Mero knew he was in deep shit. Mero doubt he was capable of dealing with the one Malcarri, let alone two seemingly more powerful enemies. His frightening situation reminded him of his friend Promena, which caused the young Seraphim to look at his surroundings frantically. Taking in the sight around the huge, circular-shaped chamber, Mero’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when he realized that there were half a dozen other nude figures hanging or chained around the chamber just like he was. However, unlike him none of them were conscious. The stone pillars where Mero was bound to were also located on a higher surface, about three feet higher than the rest of the chamber. Mero took his time identifying the other figures. He noticed that each of them was of different race. There was a human to his right, then an elf, followed by a 7-foot tall orc, an equally large and hairy minotaur, a 4-foot dwarf, and finally Promena. Mero wanted to call out at his friend, but he knew it would be in vain. Her head was down, and her long brown hair covered her face. She looked largely unharmed Mero knew she was far from it. A demonic pentagram had been carved on her torso, exposing bits of flesh even though no blood came out of it. Similar carvings had also been done on the other five captives. Some on the chest like the human, and others on their forehead like the dwarf. Looking at the floor Mero was aghast to see a huge, intricate pentagram drawn using massive amount of blood connecting the six unconscious captives. Mero may not know much about the dark arts, but he had a feeling that his evil captors are preparing for a grand spell. Mero strained his neck to look up, and his heart sank when he saw how deep the chamber was. The only opening high up looked like a well opening considering its perfectly circular shape, and it seemed to be at least 200 feet above the underground chamber’s floor. Mero figured he would need his wings to escape. But first, he needed to free himself from the metal chains. Seeing as the sorcerer and his demon assistant were occupied with scrolls of paper that were spread across a table at the other end of the chamber, Mero figured there would be no better time. He closed his eyes in concentration, focused on gathering mana from deep inside his being, and whispered the incantation for the spell to break the chains and free his limbs. “Bazyudava!” Mero felt the familiar feeling of mana flowing through his body, but instead of seeing the chains falling apart Mero felt a deep, searing pain on his back as if someone was pressing a burning-hot metal brand on his back. The pain took him by surprise and Mero cried out loud, causing his captors to look at him in amusement. “An infernal arcane seal, my naïve Seraphim,” Svana yelled from her position across the chamber. “I etched the seal into the skin on your back myself. It’ll prevent you from casting any magical spell or even unfold your wings.” Mero could only grunt as he stifled his groan. The demoness moved towards the center of the chamber and gazed upward toward the darkening sky. It seemed like she was discerning the time of day, and a few seconds passed before she turned toward the old sorcerer and said, “The time is near, Master Nacul. You should prepare yourself.” Nacul looked up from his scrolls to his demon assistant. “Indeed, I should. Thank you, Svana.” He rolled the scrolls up and carefully bound them with a string of rope. While he was getting prepared for whatever horror of a spell they were about to cast, the demoness decided she would taunt the blond Seraphim again. “Aah, how lucky you are, Ceyafra,” she said teasingly, referring to him using the common tongue’s word for adolescent Seraphim. “Master Nacul has decided that you will be the witness to his awakening and ascension as the 10th Archdemon. How amazing is that?” “The 10th Archdemon…?” Mero said with unconcealed incredulity in his voice. There has not been a “10th Archdemon” in centuries, ever since the second planar war when the power-hungry Archdemon Trirkahnan tried to invade the Prime Material realm and was ultimately defeated. “You must be mad! I may not know much about demons or whatever magic you two wield, but you’re clearly human,” Mero spat in the direction of the emaciated-looking sorcerer, who was making his way to the center of the pentagram. “There is no way you can become not only a demon, but an Archdemon at that!” Mero considered the six helpless figures including Promena who will be part of the spell in some way. Even if he used these six as some sort of offerings or sacrifices…but turning a mere human into an Archdemon? Impossible! It must be impossible! doubt the young Seraphim. “Oh, but I am already a demon, young one,” the elder sorcerer said, adding more to Mero’s shock. “At least, I am presently half-demon. I am the offspring of a demon father and a human mother, both of which I barely knew. No matter, though. They’re irrelevant. My beautiful Svana here will help me to rid myself of my humanity, and this staff,” he held the spiky metal staff up high, “will grant me powers beyond the demon who sired me.” Mero stared at the metal staff with confusion which did not go unnoticed by his two captors. “I’m sure you’ve heard of the Archdemon Trirkahnan, but I wonder if you know the full story of how he was defeated?” Nacul asked. “Everyone who cares about the history of this plane does,” Mero responded brusquely. “He was an egomaniac, arrogant and greedy beyond measure. He was powerful, but his vices were also his downfall. Trirkahnan and his army tried to overtake this plane, but they were defeated by the Prime Coalition. Forces of good from this plane united to defeat the Archdemon and his army.” Mero cited as he had learned back at the Enclave. Svana sneered at the young Seraphim, while Nacul responded with a chuckle. “Is that all your history book says about Trirkahnan’s invasion?” the demoness asked. Mero was about to retort when Nacul said, “It’s what they want everyone to believe. Even themselves. At least so they can pretend they’re superior to us demons.” He then pointed the staff to the sky, and without so much as a word a red bolt of lightning shot out, striking the evening sky and caused a reverberation of energy throughout the chamber that lasted for nearly half a minute. The blond Seraphim expected the staff to be magical, but that single lightning bolt shook him and caused the hair on his arms to stand on its ends. “This is the Staff of Trirkahnan, young Seraphim,” said the sorcerer when the rolling thunder has eased in the sky far above. “The only reason the Archdemon was defeated, was because he was not of this plane. Demons are native to the Infernal Plane, so their essence can never last for long in this plane. Perhaps it was indeed arrogance, but Trirkahnan thought he had more time to conquer this plane. Unfortunately for him, he was attacked in a particularly rare moment where his essence has weakened, and the unified forces managed to destroy his physical body. Even then they couldn’t destroy his soul for he was a very powerful being. The best they could do was to trap his soul and all his powers into an enchantment. And that is this staff you see before you.” Nacul drove the base of the metal staff onto the chamber’s stone floor causing sparks to fly. The ringing noise it caused echoed for a few seconds before it dissipated. Svana then continued, “That was centuries ago, and even an Archdemon’s soul can’t survive that long in this world. I’ve been here for three days but I could already feel the strain on my physical body and my soul. But Trirkahnan’s power, it resides within that staff. When Master Nacul takes control of that power, he shall be the new 10th Archdemon, and I shall be his consort.” Mero was not even surprised at the last bit. He knew the sorcerer must have offered her something in return for her services. Seems like this demoness Svana was more than happy to betray her mistress the Archdemoness Malcanthet. “Enough talking, my beautiful Svana. It is time,’ Nacul said as he gestured for her to take her place. It was dusk, judging by the violet sky color as can be seen through the well opening. “Let the young Seraphim witness my ascension by himself. Then we shall continue.” The pale-skinned Malcarri moved swiftly to stand at the edge of the large pentagram, directly facing her new Master. Meanwhile, the old sorcerer took off his dark robe and let if fall on the floor. He stood in the middle of the pentagram, his heavily wrinkled skin exposed for Mero and Svana to see. Mero thought of calling his friend one last time, but he knew it would be in vain. Svana waved her clawed hands around, shaping and bending her mana for the spell she was about to cast. Nacul too was completely focused on the staff in his hands. Red and black mana appeared like mists around Svana, which she waved around in a circular motion before she finally uttered the words, “Izvandr Yatsin!” The ring of red and black mana immediately shot out to engulf the six unconscious figures. Their bodies glowed momentarily in response, followed by a shudder as if they were having a brief seizure. A bright red puff of smoke then emerged from their mouths. The smoke formed into strings and began to flow toward Nacul in the center. Nacul himself must have casted another spell, as red and yellow sparks danced along the staff and around his body. As the cloud of red smoke continued to flow and grow in size, Mero noticed that the captives’ body seemed to be shrinking proportionately. It was as if Svana’ spell disintegrated their flesh and muscles, leaving only a bag of skin and bones behind. Within a few minutes, the last bit of the red smoke had left the captives’ bodies and Mero realized that they were now truly dead. Their vacant eyes and mouth opened wide. His eyes watered at the sight of his friend, Promena, or at least of what was left of her. He silently vowed to avenge her death, even as he was hanging there hopeless and powerless. The red smoke had by now completely engulfed the sorcerer. Nothing was visible of him except for frenzied sparks of lightning from within the thick sphere of smoke. Then, faster than how it started, the thick, red smoke suddenly collapsed toward its center and revealed a changed Nacul. Where a shriveling old man once stood was now a mighty looking man, his frail body replaced with one that exuded physical strength and power. In his hands Nacul held an ordinary-looking metal staff, stripped of its mysterious reddish color. The sorcerer had grown not only in his muscularity, but also in height as he now stood nearly a foot taller than the lanky Seraphim. In between his thick thighs, his enlarged genitalia measured nearly ten inches completely soft. He has really grown all over, thought Mero. Nacul moved his arms, his eyes savoring the sight of his now improved and huge physique. A thin covering of hair sparsely matted his whole body. When he looked at his remaining prisoner, Mero could see that he now possessed a pair of glowing, red eyes just like a demon. Svana cooed at her new Master and unofficial consort. “It seems like the spells worked perfectly, Lord Nacul. How are you feeling?” Nacul closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before he answered, his deep voice creating reverberations in the air. “I feel…immense. I can feel the ocean of power inside me.” To demonstrate this power, the newly awakened demon extended one arm with a clenched fist and without needing to utter any incantations, his fist glowed bright red and in seconds a ball of lightning appeared surrounding it. He then willed for the lightning ball to dissipate, and it disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. A tingling feel on his back caused the demon-sorcerer to intuitively flexed his back, which then caused a pair of leathery, black and gold wings to unfurl. When spread wide Nacul’s large wings easily spanned as wide as Mero’s feathery one. The sorcerer spent the next few minutes admiring and flexing his new physique, while Mero and Svana looked on, one with contempt while the other with adulation and a sense of submission. When he was finally satisfied with his inspection, Nacul decided it was time for further demonstrations of power. The demon-sorcerer flapped his powerful wings once, and it was almost like he disappeared into thin air, only to appear directly in front of the bound Seraphim. Mero instinctively jerked backward in surprise, though his movement was greatly restrained. “Now,” began Nacul. “I think I should get to know you first, Ceyafra. What’s your name?” He said as he brought one hand up to cup Mero’s chin and held his face in his hands. “M-Mero Thyridas,” the Seraphim answered suspiciously. He could sense that the demon-sorcerer has something evil in mind. Nacul smiled. “Mero Thyridas. I’m feeling generous today. I don’t need to kill you, so how about…I reward you, instead.” Mero refused to respond, so instead he gave the demon-sorcerer one of his stony glares. Whatever this new Archdemon has in mind would not end well for me, he thought. “What do you say to a taste of power, Mero?” Nacul continued. “Perhaps I can entice you with a small dose of my essence.” Even without the sorcerer saying the word, Mero knew exactly what was implied. The Fallen. Blackwings. Dark Seraphim. Those are the few among many other names used to describe a Seraphim who succumbed to infernal persuasions and defiled their own nature. A Seraphim who voluntarily allow themselves to be tainted by demonic essence will forever be changed into a perverse, destructive and cruel version of themselves. Their white wings will turn midnight black – hence the name Blackwings – and their powers will be enhanced manifold, at least three times stronger or so Mero has heard. This was why demonic power was considered During the first planar war over nine centuries prior, a band of the Fallen was responsible for more deaths and destruction on the Prime Material plane than the demon armies. Some even led armies of demons in the battles against the old Kingdoms of Seraphim, humans and elves. Supposedly, the gods and goddesses themselves had to interfere to prevent the Infernal forces from winning the war. Nacul knew a Fallen by his side, especially one he sires with his own Archdemon blood would make for a very intimidating and powerful assistant. Perhaps he would appoint the young Seraphim as his general once he has raised his own army. “NO!” Mero responded without the slightest hesitation. “I would rather die than be one of your minions!” He then spat on the Archdemon’s face for good measure. Nacul smiled as he wiped the spit from his nose and cheek. “So clueless. So defiant. There is one way I can persuade you, young one. Make you submit to me. Yield to me and become my angel of death.” Before Mero could even start wondering what he meant by his remark, Nacul had reached down and grabbed his loin cloth with both hands. As if tearing a piece of paper in two, the sorcerer easily ripped the wool cloth away, freeing the Seraphim’s genitalia. Mero had always considered himself amply endowed, but his 7-inch meat looked small when compared to the sorcerer’s bigger organ, especially when Nacul’s tool was slowly growing erect. As he began to touch and slowly massage the young Seraphim’s cock, the sorcerer also worked himself to full arousal. Svana on the other hand was enjoying the show of temptation and dominance being presented in front of her. “Look at the size of my cock, Mero. Wouldn’t you agree it’s as much a weapon as my nearly limitless powers?” the Archdemon asked, though Mero remained silent. “Last chance to submit, or should I show you the damage this weapon of mine can inflict?” Still the young Seraphim remained defiant. “Very well. If that is your choice, then let us see just how long you can resist me. The Dark Goddess knows I haven’t had this pleasure in a long time.” The muscular Nacul grabbed Mero’s semi-aroused meat in one hand, while the other hand he used to stroke and massage his own painfully erect organ. It didn’t take him long to bring the blond Seraphim to full erection, though the latter had closed his eyes tight, trying his best to suppress his growing lust. Mero simply refused to admit this inexplicable attraction he felt toward Nacul. He knew it was not so much the physical attraction, but more toward the raw power he could feel being in close proximity to an Archdemon. Nacul brought both cocks together in his two hands and alternated between stroking and squeezing the two organs. Mero could feel the heat coming off from the aroused Archdemon. Soon even Mero could not stop himself from moaning in pain and pleasure. “Listen to my voice, Mero. I can give you power and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t you wish to be the strongest Seraphim there is? I am the only one who can give you that power.” “NO!” roared the blond Seraphim. “I- I don’t need your power, you filth!” Nacul’s face hardened as Mero rejected his offer again. “Then I will let you experience real pain. Perhaps then you will change your mind!” Nacul carefully aligned his cockhead between Mero’s widely spread legs, and in one swift motion pressed his thick shaft into the young Seraphim’s tight hole. Nacul’s foot-long meat was like a burning-hot iron pike, and Mero felt every inch of the meat being driven into him. His first instinct was to clamp his hole shut, but it was in vain as the demon was too strong. Mero felt pain unlike anything he has ever experienced before as his anal tissue was being torn by the demon’s vicious and raw thrusting actions. He felt like the Archdemon was trying to split him in two. He was sure he was bleeding by then, though no blood seemed to have leaked out of his hole which was plugged tightly shut by Nacul’s tool. Mero started to grow even more frantic as Nacul’s pumping grew in intensity. He squirmed even harder, trying to free himself from the chains and the vicious rape to no avail. “Do you feel like giving up now, Mero?” Nacul said while he continued to pull nearly all of his meat out save the bulbous head, and drove it back in angrily. Mero ignored his torturer, his eyes tightly shut due to the pain that he could feel throughout his whole body. His own 7-inch cock was rigid, and painfully so. The pain and strange pleasure flooded his mind with confusion. He had never experienced male-on-male sex previously, even if it was not forbidden among his people. The torturous experience was driving him wild and still, the young Seraphim steeled his resolve and refused to give in. Mero’s defiance was causing the Archdemon to become increasingly frustrated despite himself, and he paid for the frustration with more relentless pummeling. It was as if Nacul was rushing towards a climax. He has not experienced any sexual fulfilment for nearly a century, the price he paid for magically prolonging his previously human life. The need for sexual gratification clouded his mind, and unbeknownst to him or Svana, his greed for sexual release would be his downfall. As he went on inflicting more damage and pain to the young Seraphim, Nacul could not stop himself from reaching the point of no return. He knew he now possesses such power that he can incinerate lowly mortals without much of an effort, but dominating the chiseled-face Seraphim was driving him physically mad with lust. Seconds later Mero felt a sudden surge of flooding cum deep inside him as the Archdemon reached his climax. Instead of pulses upon pulses of violent eruption as he’d expect, the demon began blasting a powerful, steady stream of cum inside him. Nacul moaned loudly in pleasure and satisfaction. His moans of pleasure were echoed by Svana, who was driven to an involuntary orgasm merely by being in the vicinity of the Archdemon. Nacul then casually grabbed the waist of the skinny Seraphim and began driving the young, lithe body up and down his throbbing meat. As he did so, even more of his orgasmic fluid blasted out into the near-unconscious Seraphim, and the pleasure it gave him was indescribable. Several minutes has passed and his seemingly endless climax surprised even the Archdemon. He wondered if there was no limit to his libido. Even Svana the Malcarri was growing weak from the series of orgasms she was experiencing. She might be a sex-demon by nature, but even she could not match an Archdemon. Nacul closed his eyes and threw his head backwards as he roared loudly, drowned as he was in new heights of sexual euphoria. It was only when he noticed the fast-growing weight on his pulsating cock that he opened his eyes again, and the sight that greeted him caused his jaw to drop. Several feet away, Svana was slumped on the ground but her eyes were transfixed on the growing figure impaled by her Master’s still-throbbing cock, pure shock and fear reflected on her face. Black veins bulged and ran all over Mero’s rapidly growing body. While this was happening, Mero himself seemed out of it with his eyes closed and his head hung heavily backward on top of a thickening neck. Bulges upon bulges of muscles appeared on his violently spasming body. Nacul’s great orgasm finally ceased, and his spent cock slowly slipped out of the growing Seraphim. The first thing Nacul noticed was how significantly weaker he felt. His sense of despair worsened when he realized he could no longer feel the ocean of mana he had felt moments earlier. The changed Seraphim’s body suddenly felt too heavy for Nacul to hold that he had to step back and release the hold he had on him. Mero’s body slumped to the floor on both knees, with his head hanging lazily forward and his hands dropped on his sides. Nacul instinctively reached out to touch Mero’s now-mountain traps with his hands. He tried to squeeze the hard muscles in his hands only to find that the transformed Seraphim’s body was so dense that he could not even dent it. Stepping a few more feet backward, the demon-sorcerer turned to his stunned assistant. “What’s happening here, Svana?!” Meanwhile the demoness’ eyes were transfixed on the prone hulking figure. She hesitated before she answered, “I- I think you’ve just transferred Lord Trirkahnan’s powers to the Seraphim, Master Nacul.” “How is that even possible? My spell freed his power from the binding enchantments of the staff. And I absorbed it into my body.” Deep down Nacul knew the answer. He has made a grave mistake by not letting the Archdemon’s power time to fully assimilate with his being. As such, the power that should have been his now belonged to someone else. “You did, Master Nacul. But…but it seems like his power has somehow chosen the Seraphim as its vessel...” Svana’s voice trailed off as she considered what she had just said. The Dark Seraphim in the first planar war were created by a touch of demonic powers and they were already capable of so much destruction and feared by many. It was the main reason the Archdemons gave them merely a touch of their essence. But one imbued with an Archdemon’s full power? Her thought was interrupted when she noticed the huge Seraphim had stirred awake. Her eyes grew wider when Mero rose on his feet and he easily towered over her demon Master. Nacul himself stared similarly wide eyed with awe and fear. Mero on the other hand seemed temporarily oblivious to the other two. A strange sensation traveled across his morphed body as he absorbed the last of Trirkahnan’s essence. He felt invincible. His lithe, slender body had transformed into a mind-boggling collection of bulging and striated muscles. He lifted his right arm and the extended, vein-lined muscles looked as though they would burst through his skin. He brought his left hand up to feel the weight of his mammoth chest and traced his fingers over the swollen areolae that crowned it, which elicited a soft moan from his lips. He moved his eyes downward but found that most of his lower body was hidden underneath the thick overhang of his chest muscles. He would have to crane his neck and lean forward to see past his bulging pectoral muscles. For the time being, the muscular giant ran both of his hands over his abdomen, feeling the hardness and the contours of each vascular block of muscles. His downward travelling hands soon reached the base of his enlarged cock, its new thickness demanded that he uses both hands to completely encircle it. Mero hefted his man-meat in his hands, and their sheer size and weight caused him to grin with a new sense of pride. Even soft it was more than a foot long. Nearby, Nacul and Svana were caught in a trance as they tried to comprehend the embodiment of power before them and the overwhelming aura his body emanated. His heavily muscled back rippled with every little movement that he made. A dark, metallic tattoo has also replaced the golden tattoo on his back. The Dark Seraphim suddenly raised his head, and his bright blue eyes bore into Nacul’s smaller figure. The muscular yet smaller demon felt like a prey that has been cornered by a vicious predator. For once, Nacul felt real fear. He doesn’t need any confirmation that the being standing in front of him now was a Fallen of unprecedented powers. When Mero suddenly unfurled his great, black wings, both Nacul and Svana wasted no time and tried to escape. Nacul had barely managed to spread his leathery wings when Mero’s powerful hand grabbed hold of his neck and held him in place. The demon-sorcerer flapped his wings frantically to no avail. He screamed in pain and fear just as Mero’s dark shadow engulfed his figure. * * * The newly created Dark Seraphim hovered low above the abandoned town, his powerful wings easily holding his massive body afloat in the air. As he looked down at the dull, empty town below him, Mero felt an uncontrollable desire to destroy it, just as he had felt toward the two demons earlier in the underground dungeon. The sensation was new, but Mero had enjoyed destroying them immensely. Both the demoness and the demon-sorcerer had tried to run away when Mero spread his 20-feet wings wide, but a mere sweep of his left wing as he turned on his feet, and the demoness’ upper body disintegrated in a shower of blood and gore. Even Mero himself was pleasantly surprised by the destructive force a simple movement had caused. Each of his quill was like an indestructible blade despite their feather-like appearance and the demoness’ body shattered like a brittle sand sculpture against them. Nacul the sorcerer had tried to fight him as Mero held him by his neck, his feet dangling over a foot above the ground. He had thrown spells upon spells that simply dissipated uselessly on the Dark Seraphim’s great, muscled body. Mero had then remembered his promise to avenge his friend Promena, so he had the sorcerer slowly dismembered limb by limb, before crushing the dying demon underneath his foot. Now relishing the same desire for widespread destruction, Mero brought his right hand up in front of him and willed his unlimited energy to start flowing and spread wide, before he clenched his hand into a fist. It was his first true demonstration of power when all the energy he had released rushed back and collapsed inward, disintegrating everything within a five-mile radius and leaving nothing but dust in its wake. Smiling at the magnitude of devastation he could cause with such ease, Mero lifted his head and stared at the horizon, thinking of what destruction he would wreck next.
  22. lowillia

    m/m Powamet stories: Doyle and Heilmar

    This is another Powamet story. *** "Come stay with me," my friend Nate said. "I have a nice place over the garage, like a mother-in-law apartment. Your own bathroom, and a little kitchen. You can come and go as you like. And it's free." So I decided to spend my vacation on the Cape. Nate's house was in a little town I'd never heard of called Powamet, over on the ocean side of the Cape, way out toward Provincetown. The village was sleepy and calm, and I liked it. Nate took me to lunch at a place in town when I first arrived. "Are all the guys here so big?" I said. "Jesus. They're huge." "Don't be intimidated," Nate said. "They're peaceful. Most of them. Hup –“ Nate was suddenly lifted out of his chair by a monster with a dark bristly mustache "Hey," the monster growled, crushing Nate in his arms. "Bonfire tonight. Want me to come get you?" "Yeah," Nate panted, struggling feebly in the huge man's arms. "Dom, this is my friend Doyle, he's spending a couple of weeks here - " The big man put Nate gently back in his chair and turned calmly to me. "Hi," he said, thrusting his hand out and smiling down at me. He was heart-stoppingly handsome, very big, very powerful. "Dom Perkunas. Good to meet you. Make sure Nate brings you to the bonfire tonight. We always have a good time." Dom turned away. Nate had a faraway smile on his face that I understood. So you evidently have a good time here, I said. I swear he blushed a bit. Dom's - special, he said. We're not getting married anytime soon. But we like each other. There was a knock at my door that evening. I opened to find Nate, with Dom and another huge guy. Nate smiled and raised his eyebrows apologetically. You know Dom. This - he gestured to the other vast smiling bearded giant - is Oscar. We walked down to the beach together. Dom and Nate were ahead of us, talking and laughing. Big Oscar, hands in his pockets, a giant surfer hippie dude, slouched along beside me, smiling, looking at me sidelong. Vacation? he said. Yeah, I said. For a little while. This is a nice place, Oscar said, squinting into the fading sunlight. You'll have a good time here. Everybody here is good people. You'll see. He gave me a sly look. Maybe you'll meet someone. You never know. Look at Nate and Dom. He gestured with a nod of his head. Dom had one big arm slung around Nate's shoulders, strong and protective. They don't look like they have much in common, but they managed to work it out. They're pretty good together. Neither one of them wants to admit it, but they’re pretty much married. Aaand - here we are. We camer around a corner, and we saw a swarm of people gathered around a big blazing fire on the beach. Someone was playing a drum, someone had a fiddle. Someone was singing. Children were running in and out of the group, excited. Why is everyone so big here? I asked Oscar. I feel like a kid. I know I'm small, but - Oscar laughed. Well, yeah. You're shorter than Nate, I think. Five-three, I said. I know. But usually I feel - Oscar patted me on the shoulder. Don't even think about it. Everybody fits in here. One of the few places in the world where everyone fits in. You're gonna be fine. Nate and Oscar and Dom introduced me around, and I met dozens of people. It was a pleasant warm blur, the fire leaping up in the background, the whisper and crash of the surf, the cool breeze of sunset. A small group of people stood looking westward, watching the red disk disappear into the Atlantic; when it finally disappeared completely, they applauded, and a massive handsome blond man in an partly-unbuttoned shirt lifted one hand and gestured out toward the sea. That's all, folks, he said in a deep resonant voice. More tomorrow. And then, for some reason, everyone applauded again, and the blond man bowed . . . Everyone drifted and chatted. A cheerful Asian man handed me a beer, and it was the best beer I'd ever had, and he and I laughed and talked for a while, and I had no idea who he was. It was, as Oscar had promised, a wonderful time. After a while I decided just to sit on a big driftwood log, watching the scene, feeling very warm and content. And then I wasn't alone anymore. A tall thickset man - shaven head, bushy beard, small round glasses - leaned down over me. Can I sit here? he asked in a deep raspy pleasant voice. Here next to you? He had a light accent, perhaps German. Please, I said. He settled down next to me, sighing. He was as big as Oscar or Dom. He was wearing jeans, a dark t-shirt, a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up. His massive forearms were tufted with hair. I don't know you, I think? I am Heilmar. I’m Doyle, I said. We shook hands. Doyle, he said. That is a very nice name I don't know that name before, I think. He had a shy apologetic smile to go with his massive body I have a shop in the town - newspapers, milk, you know. I see all kinds of people, all the people in the town, but I think I have never seen you yet. I'm just visiting, I said. Vacation. He nodded. You like our town? I do. I laughed. I've never heard your name before either. I like it. Heilmar? I've never heard that name either. He smiled shyly. Old name. Very old. Sort of family. You know? All right. Now tell me: why is everyone so big here? I keep asking everyone. Even - He laughed too. Even me? I suppose so. He patted my hand. Not everyone, anyway. Sometimes smaller people come here too. Like you. He leaned his head close to mine. Small people are nice too, I think. You remind me of someone I knew a long time ago. You are very much like him. His eyes met mine. They were pale blue behind the round lenses of his glasses, shining dimly in the firelight. His hand was still touching mine, and it was very warm. All at once a little girl ran up to us. Heilmar, she said in a brisk businesslike voice, holding out a tangle of string. I was trying to wind my kite string. Can you - Give, Heilmar said gravely, taking it from her. Patiently but with great skill he untangled and rewound the string in his big hands. Now take. He patted her on the head. I don't charge you nothing. She smiled up at him. Thank you, Heilmar. Welcome, he said gravely. And she ran away. They like me, I guess, he said thoughtfully. We sat side by side in silence for a while longer. His hand stole over and touched mine again, and I rubbed my fingers against his, and I heard him sigh again, a happy little sound. Finally he said: I go home now. But - maybe, if you like - you can come too? With me? I thought for only a brief moment. Let me go tell my friends where I've gone, and I'll come back to join you. He nodded, smiling his shy smile. All right. Nate and his big friends Dom and Oscar were near the fire, slumped together, leaning on each another's shoulders. Listen, I said. I met somebody, and he wants me to - I felt suddenly shy. Nate smiled. Who is it? Who's the lucky guy? His name is Heilmar, I said. He said he has a store in town - Nate smiled a little more broadly. Dom guffawed, and Oscar leaned out to give me a pat on the shoulder. Good man, Oscar said. Heilmar's a fine man. You go have fun. I went back to Heilmar. He was sitting on the log, hunched over, but he was looking up at me, and his eyes were glowing in the firelight. You look - my voice was choking in my throat a little - amazing. I can't tell you how powerful you look right now. How strong. He rose to his feet. He was well over a foot taller than me, and four times my bulk. And he smiled. You like that, Doyle? How big I am? How strong I am? I can show you. He put his hand on my shoulder. Come on. My car. I take you to my house. We walked out together away from the beach. Heilmar paused by the rocky ledge that stood against the shore. Doyle? he said softly. Look. He put his hands on the rock, and tore a chunk of it away, just as easily as I'd have made a snowball from a snowbank. He lifted the football-sized chunk of stone between his hands. Look, Doyle, he said softly. Look what Heilmar can do. He put his hands together, and the stone pulverized, crushed into fragments. He put his hand on my shoulder again. The dim light glinted on the lenses of his round glasses. Doyle, I am stronger than you know. Stronger than you can imagine. His voice was soft, but I could tell he was excited. Do you like that? Heilmar, I said unsteadily. That's - I didn't finish. I put my hand on his, and brought his hand to my mouth, and kissed it very gently. He engulfed me with his arms, and he covered his mouth with mine. His body against mine was solid and warm. We kissed for a long time. We went in Heilmar's car. There wasn't much conversation between us; his hand stole over and took mine, and we held hands for most of the ride. His hand was rough, and he squeezed mine. Back at his house, the lights were very low. His voice was even more hushed, soft and gruff. He loomed over me in the dark. Just friends tonight, he said quietly. Just play. His big arms wrapped around me in the dim light. His hands undid the buttons of my shirt, and I put my hands under his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. I felt his breath on my face, and he leaned forward and very gently kissed the hollow of my neck, and his beard was soft. My hands moved across his enormous chest, bushy with hair. Feel me, he crooned. Feel me all over. So nice, your hands on me. Do you like my nice strong body? Nice strong hairy body. Touch me all over. Here - he took my hand and put it on his chest. Feel what I can do. He pulsed the muscle under my hand; I felt the hardness of his pecs undulating like a wave. So strong. Do you feel that? I feel it, I said, trembling a little. His arms wrapped around me very tightly. I like this, Doyle. Feeling you in my arms. Making you safe. Protecting you. He lifted me, took me to his bedroom. We lay together, touching one another, exploring each other's body. His blue eyes were deep and very pure. Just touching, he said in his soft deep voice. Some other time we will do more things. Just be warm together tonight. Is that okay? Yes, I said, trembling a little. He ran his hands over my body. I like you, Doyle. Small. Very - neat. Easy for me to hold in my arms. Easy for me to hold like this. He wrapped his arms around me very tightly, just for a moment, and my heart jumped. You feel? he said, his voice little more than a rumble. Feel how strong I am? Yes, I said, finding my voice. I feel you. My hands found a chain around his neck, a thin silver band with a small medallion. I touched it with one finger. His hands found mine, and he fondled them, and he touched the medal too. This is magic, he said with a quick smile. I keep it on most of the time. Maybe some other time - well, you will see. Maybe. We didn't have sex that night. We rolled and played like puppies. I ran my hands over the beautifully powerful contours of his shoulders, his chest, his stomach, and I marveled at his strength. I kissed his chest and the dark hairy space under his arm, and he growled with pleasure. Sometimes he rolled on top of me and pretended to struggle with me, hold me down. Then he'd lower his face and kiss me, once, twice, three times. I felt his cock hard in his pants, and I squeezed it through the fabric. He laughed. Hard, he said. Like iron. You make me very hard, Doyle. Maybe so hard I burst right through. I rolled on top of him. Hard like the rest of you, I said with my hands on his chest. Grm, he rumbled, reaching up for me, smiling. Hard like ten times steel. Hundred times. I could feel it, a big rod bulging through his jeans, thick and hard as a crowbar. Be careful, he whispered. Maybe I get too strong. Then I am a monster, you know? You see what I can do. Playfully he reared back, flexed his muscles. Like I crush that rock, back on the beach. That's why we just play tonight. Just gentle for tonight. I bit his nipple, and he sighed and stroked the back of my head. Nice, he muttered. Very nice. I shivered. You're unbelievable, Heilmar. You must be the strongest man in the world. Your body is so hard - He smiled again, and flipped me on my back, and held me down by the wrists. Like a wrestler, maybe? Or maybe like this. He turned over again, lying on his back, put his big hands around my waist and lifted me into the air. Like a big weightlifter. But you're too light, it's not fair. Yes, wrestler, I think. He brought me down into his arms and wrapped his arms and legs around me, squeezing me with what was evidently the tiniest fraction of his strength, and he knocked all of the breath out of me. With my big body like hundred times steel, he growled in my ear. Nobody can beat me. His hairy body prickled against me, and there was something - the smell of him - like health, like a happy memory. He was warm, and playful, and very kind. But then, suddenly, he shuddered and pulled back, and something like a troubled look was in his eyes. Doyle - he said - you're not scared? Scared of me? I sighed. No, Heilmar. Then I saw his concern, and that it was real. I'm not afraid of you at all, I said. Why - ? Because I'm very strong, he said in a low voice. Sometimes I worry. I might hurt. I do not want to hurt you. I sighed again and rubbed his furry chest. You're not hurting me. You're making me feel - wonderful. Finally he smiled again. We played and dozed for a long time that night, and finally we both fell asleep in each other's arms. Early in the morning he roused me. I go to open the shop now, he said in a whisper. I take you home. And maybe later you would like dinner. All right? All right, I said. I'd like that. He smiled his shy hopeful smile. Come see me in the shop, he said. Maybe six o’clock this evening. I saw Nate later that day. So? he said. How was Heilmar? I sighed. He's really amazing, Nate. Do you know him well? I know him, Nate said. The little store in town. Everybody likes him. His last name is Wolf, by the way. Heilmar Wolf. He smiled strangely, as if enjoying a private joke. Well, we're going out to dinner tonight, I said. Nate turned away, still smiling. Good for you, Doyle. Heilmar always seemed like a real sweetheart to me. Gentle, you know? Not the way he looks at all. He's very gentle, I said. Nate raised his eyebrows. Uh-huh. He looked thoughtful. He's remote. He's very nice, and pleasant. But I never got any sexual vibe from him at all. He must really like you. Yeah, I said. I think he does. I met him at six o'clock that evening at his store. He was wearing a black shirt with short sleeves, big and handsome; but it didn't disguise the massive contours of his big powerful muscles, his thick arms and big chest. He kissed me very lightly on the cheek. Just dinner, he said. And then we can go to my house again, if you like. I like, I said. The restaurant was dim too. We had seafood, and each of us had a glass of wine. Are you German? I asked. Your accent is - kind of German. He shrugged and smiled and looked into my eyes. Maybe a long time ago. Not now. I live here now. He closed his eyes. My life was not very good over there, you know? Better here. I have friends here. He put his hand on the table, grasping mine. I would like us to be friends too. It is a long time that I don't meet someone I like so much as you. I liked you right away. I saw you sitting in the firelight, and I felt a funny feeling. Like I knew you already. I liked you too, I said. Right away. His smile broadened. Even your name. Sometimes, you know, you think you hear something and it's good luck. I liked your name. It was new. Something new. I felt a hand on my shoulder suddenly, and I looked up: it was the Asian man from the bonfire the night before, the one who'd given me a beer. He grinned and mouthed hello and moved away. I looked around, and I realized that people in the restaurant were looking at us and smiling. I turned back to Heilmar, a little embarrassed. This is quite a town, I said. Everybody seems to know everybody. It's like - Family, Heilmar said softly, still smiling. Yes. Nice big family here. You know? And everyone likes you already. His fingers enlaced mine on the table. I like you too. I looked down at our hands together on the table. Like waking up with amnesia, I said. Surrounded by people you don't really remember, except that they remember you, and after a while it begins to make sense. A family reunion with people you barely remember. You think too much, Heilmar said mildly. Don’t. Enjoy. After dinner we went back to his house. He took me to his bedroom and we sat on the bed. Sometimes, he said, drawing patterns on the bedspread with one big finger, I like to play a game. It's not a bad game, not a game of hurting, okay? But it makes me excited. Fun. I like to play it with someone like you. I can show you, if you like. He kissed me very seriously. Maybe you'll think it's strange. But don't be afraid. It's not hurting. Okay, I said, my heart pounding a little. If it’s not - if it’s not hurting. He rummaged in a drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. These are real, he said. Here, you take them. Put them over there. He stood up, towering over me. Now help me undress, he said. All naked this time. He was magnificent. His body was perfect, hugely muscled, rippling with power. He was hairy all over, his shoulders, his back, his belly, his chest, his forearms. I sat on the edge of the bed looking up at him, and he looked down at me. His hairy chest jutted out, a sculpted mountainscape of brawn; then his torso tapered down to a thickly-sinewed belly. His eyes were strangely sad. I kissed his hairy stomach, and touched his thick cock, and he smiled a little. Not yet, don't get me too excited now, he said. Wait. He turned and knelt on the floor with his broad back to me. Come around. Put the handcuffs on me. Just snap them. That's right. See? Now - He turned and looked at me owlishly, his glasses a little askew, his hands clenched into fists. Now, he said in a whisper. I'm a prisoner. My jailer beats me, he is very bad to me. But he doesn't know how strong I am. How very very strong I am. And what I can do to him if I break loose. And then you come and find me, and I am here in my dungeon, and my hands are tied. Suddenly I realized there were real tears in his eyes as he spoke. He held his hands up toward me, cuffed together. You see? I knelt and kissed his fists, rubbed my cheek against them. I want to help you, I whispered. Help you go free. How can I help - A tear rolled down his face, and I kissed the wet track it made down his cheek. You can help me be free, Doyle, he said. Please. You see the chain on my neck? Take it off, Doyle. Take it off me. Help me, please - I fumbled with the clasp of the chain around his neck. I felt his warm breath on me, my hands shaking in my haste. Sweet Doyle, he rumbled. Helping Heilmar. Heilmar is so powerful, he will be good to you - The chain unlocked. I took it from around his neck. Now what can I do? I said breathlessly. Do I - Heilmar was looking at me with an intense burning regard. He was smiling - He was smiling hungrily. He held up his handcuffed hands again. No key, he growled. Heilmar does not need a key. Heilmar is strong - He pulled his arms apart with a jerk, and the chain holding the cuffs together broke. Heilmar is powerful - He swelled, somehow. His arms bulged with power, and with his left hand he tore the cuff from his right wrist, and with his right hand he tore the cuff from his left wrist. He crumpled the metal cuffs in his massive fists and dropped them with a clank to the floor. And he rose. I was still kneeling. He was bigger, somehow. The muscles of his arms and shoulders were suddenly swollen with power. Veins throbbed along his iron-hard biceps. His broad chest was even broader. His body pulsed with strength, and I felt heat on my face. Heilmar is free now, he growled as he lifted me. All my strength is coming back to me - He tossed me on the bed, and leapt on top of me, straddling me. Fight me, he rumbled in my ear. Here. Put your hands in my hands, yes, struggle with me - ah, you see. I am too strong for you, Doyle. Now I am free. Grrrr - We rolled on the bed, and he bit at me playfully, held me down. Here, he said darkly. See what the jailer did to me. He stroked his big chest with his hand, and I could see pale marks, like scars. They beat me. He slapped his shoulder with his hand, hard, with a loud smack. They hurt me. I was in awe of this giant, who had been so much stronger than me, and who was now superhuman. Heilmar, I said. You're so strong. You can do anything you want. His eyes narrowed, and he smacked his chest with his hand again, harder this time. He beat me, he growled again. I want to kill him, Doyle. With my hands. I can crush him with my hands. I can make him take my cock in his mouth, force him, and fuck his mouth - so hard, Doyle - until his jaw breaks. And then I will break his arms, and tear him apart - His eyes were hard and dark now. I struggled under him, my hands on his body. I felt his strong chest with my hands, his hard torso, and then I stroked his hard cock. I'm your friend, Heilmar. He calmed down a bit, kissed my cheek, gentle again. Doyle. You freed me from the chain. Now I will take care of you, make you safe - He knelt over me. I put his cock in my mouth, and he pulsed it it the way he'd pulsed the muscles of his chest before, and I felt it throb and harden in my mouth. He stroked my hair and rubbed my shoulders. Then he picked me up, turned me, and with a single hard push he was inside my ass, and I gasped. It was ecstasy. His cock was alive inside me, throbbing, pulsing. His hands gripped me. Doyle is so small, he crooned. And I am so big and strong. He turned me again, laid me on my back, lifted my legs in the air, and with a powerful shove he was inside me again. This time he straddled me, his fists clenched, and he flexed his enormous biceps like a massive bodybuilder as he drove his cock into me. I know what you like, Doyle. You like my muscles. I felt your hands on me last night, feeling my muscles. So nice. I felt you feeling me, how strong I am, how big my muscles are. I can give you my muscles to touch and feel. Feel my big powerful hairy muscles, Doyle. Look at them. Look how big and strong I am. Bigger and stronger than anyone. He fucked me so hard that my head swam. Then, suddenly, he looked at me with those blue eyes, and there was a struggling wary look there. Doyle, he said. Help me. Please. Anything, I said, almost weeping. What - He got up and then knelt on the floor, his head lowered. The chain. Put it back on me. Please, Doyle. His voice was almost a growl. Put it on me - I reached, fumbled on the bedtable, found the chain, clasped it around his sinewy neck again. After a moment, he sighed, and he looked up at me, his eyes calmer and softer now. Do you see now? he said. What happens? It helps me - um - control. I am so powerful. Maybe sometimes too much. The chain makes me - um - control. I kissed the small silver medal, and the deep sinewy hollow of his neck. Thank you, Heilmar, I said. Thank you, Doyle, he said. And we lay back on the bed, our arms around each other, kissing and holding one another, until the first light of the sun came through the window. I put my head on his chest. You're very strong, Heilmar, I said. Even with the chain. He ran his fingers gently over my face. Yes. Strong. Very strong. But you saw, when the little silver charm is gone, what happens. I am a monster, Doyle. I can tear apart mountains with my hands. I can split the world with my fists. I am fearfully strong. He turned me over so that we were face to face, our cocks touching one another. I cannot take the chain off, he said. Someone has to take it from me, the little charm. And then - in a flash I was on the bottom, and he was grinning down at me, holding my hands back on the bed in a steely grip. After the chain is off, there is nothing I cannot do. I am stronger than a mountain, Doyle, stronger than ten thousand men. But you were kind to me. I asked you to help me, and you helped me. And then I was free, and I showed you everything, all my strength. Yes, I said, trembling. And I asked you to put it back on me, he said, a little more quietly. And you did. Some time soon, Doyle, some time soon we can play again. And you will release me from my prison. And I will be so strong for you. I will show you power. I will tear mountains apart with my hands. His grip tightened around me. Doyle. If anyone ever hurts you, come to me. Please. And I will kneel and you will take the chain from my neck. He pulled back one arm, showed me his clenched fist. And my strength will come back to me, and I will make him sorry, that man who hurts you. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the chest of this huge man, and we slept for a little while, until he roused. Time to open the store, he said sadly. Come see me again, Doyle. I would like to see you again. And he kissed me on the back of the neck. That day I went to see Nate again. He was sitting in his living room, his laptop open in front of him. Okay, I said. Spill it. There's something peculiar going on in this town - oh, I'm sorry - A big blond man was sitting quietly on the couch next to Nate, quietly paging through a coffee-table book. He looked up at me placidly as I stood in the doorway. Nate glanced over at him and smiled. It's okay, Doyle. This is my - um - neighbor, Mike. He and Mike shared a complicitous glance. He just came over to say hello. Mike got up - another giant, a blond colossus, vaguely Scandinavian-looking, with gigantic shoulders, windblown hair like a surfer and a ruddy outdoors complexion. He shook my hand. Nice to meet you, he said in a soft subterranean rumble. I didn’t mean to interrupt, I stuttered - It's okay, Nate said. No interruption. Is there something you wanted to ask me? He asked it with an impishness that told me what I needed to know. There's something going on here, I said warily. I don't know what it is. I actually like it. But for god's sake, Nate, what is it? What's the deal with this place? There's something going on - Peculiar, Nate finished for me with a limpid smile. You figured that out, huh? Well, hold onto your hat. He looked up with a glint in his eye. You're human. So am I. But quite a few of our friends here are not. Not - human? I faltered. I knew it, of course, but hearing it out loud - Not human, Nate said. He glanced over at Mike, who was watching us both peacefully. Mike's my neighbor, all right. He's your neighbor too, Doyle. Mike, tell Doyle where you live. With a serene smile Mike pointed over his shoulder, out the patio door, in the direction of the yard. What? I said. That's just the ocean and the yard, and the tree - Not 'just' a tree, Mike said with dignity. That's me, Mister Doyle. I sat down heavily and ran my hand over my forehead. Don't worry, Nate said. It's all fine. Mike is - he looked over at his friend with fondness - well, he’s the oak tree in the yard. He's one of my best friends here. He's a fine man, and he happens to be a fine tree too. Pretty good tree, Mike muttered in his deep voice, trying to hide a pleased smile, still pretending to read his book. Not just 'fine.' Nate reached over and touched my hand. I can't explain it, Doyle. Everything comes together here. It's not even supernatural, because it's completely natural here. Bits and pieces of mythology, nature magic - I don't know. My doctor's a pre-Sumerian deity so old I don't even know what he was called. He has horns, for god's sake. Dom is - well, you've seen him. Dom? I said waveringly. He's - what? Nate closed his eyes. Dom is - well, I don't even like to say it out loud. It sounds silly. He's a god, Doyle. He's an old Lithuanian sky god. He's the god of thunder and lightning and rain. That's why he's so goddamned big. We get along, for some reason. He likes me, and I like him a lot. And - he shivered, I could see it. There's the other thing. He's a god, and I'm a worshipper. So that works too. Dom's a pagan god, I said numbly. Okay. That makes sense. Then Heilmar is a - Not quite the same, Nate said.. He's - well, what did he tell you? There was a story last night. I cleared my throat. I don't really understand. He's incredibly powerful, I know. He showed me. But then he was a prisoner - Nate nodded somberly. That's my understanding too. He's - something, Doyle. A nature spirit, I think. But very powerful. Maybe not a god, but he may as well be a god. Somehow he was captured and held prisoner for a long time. Beaten, mistreated. Held in chains he couldn't break. I don't know when or where. And he escaped somehow. And now he's here - Nature spirit, I said. Like - like Mike? Mike was listening with interest. Not like me, he said thoughtfully. Not too much. I'm just here. Just this tree, you know? He broadened his shoulders impressively. Pretty big and strong, though. Big strong oak tree. Showoff, Nate said reproachfully. Mike narrowed his eyes at Nate. Stronger than you, little Nate. Much stronger. He looked thoughful again. But Heilmar is different. Bigger. A lot stronger than even me. He looked sad. He's lonely, you know? I feel that from him. Trust Mike, Nate said. He knows about these things. He got up and joined Mike on the sofa, his arm around him, and Mike put his arm around Nate. This is like heaven, Doyle, Nate said simply. I don't know what I ever did to deserve this. But the gods walk and talk here, and the trees drop over for conversation. It's why I invited you here. I didn't know if you'd see it or not; some people come here and never notice a thing. But you noticed right away. I figured you'd fit in. When you noticed right away how big everyone was - well. Be quiet, Nate, Mike said peacefully in his deep voice. You talk too much. Big stupid tree, Nate said, laughing. Little stupid human being, Mike said, smiling, wrapping both thick arms around Nate and holding him trapped. Trees know how to be quiet. And how to listen. Mike turned to me. Mister Doyle: go talk to Heilmar. Tell him what we said today. And then listen to him. Mike, Nate groaned. You're crushing me. Yeah, Mike said. Crushed by a big stupid tree. A tree that’s much stronger than you. I left them struggling and laughing together, my friend and his huge blond neighbor, who happened also to be the oak tree in his back yard. Later, sitting next to Heilmar on the sofa in his living room, my arm around his waist, I told him: Nate told me you really were a prisoner once. He rubbed his beard against my cheek. Yes, he softly. Silver chains. They put me in the dungeon. They beat me. Sometimes they brought me out. I was still strong, I could fight, but the silver chain they put on me made me weak. They made me fight, then they fed me, then they beat me. And threw me back in the dark. I tightened my arm around him. The huge man shivered, remembering. One night, he said in a hushed voice, someone came. Someone who saw them beating me, someone who felt bad for me. He talked to me through the door. I talked to him, and he rescued me. He unlocked the chains. He paused. He looked like you, Doyle. He knelt in front of me, and I wept, and he wept too. He kissed me. And he took the chains away from me. A long pause. What did you do? I said. He was shaking now. I broke down the walls, he growled. I tore the doors away. Nothing could hurt me. I am so powerful, Doyle, so powerful, when I do not wear the chain. I tore the pillars out of the ground and broke their fortress down. I tore their castle apart. I took their bodies in my hands and crushed them. I ripped them into pieces. I - I was shaking now. We were both hugging one another now, facing each other. He held my head in both his big hands, gently, looking into my eyes. No, no, he said, quieter. It was a long time ago. Only the bad people, the people who hurt me. I let the rest go. The man who let me go, and the rest. But I ran. I was tired of being beaten. Just a quiet place, Doyle. And finally - I am here. And I have my shop, and the people come to me, and the children, and they like me. He fingered the silver chain around his neck. This makes me - almost human, Doyle. And it reminds me of my chains in the old days. I don't want to forget. His eyes grew misty. I think, Doyle, you are that man. The man who wept, and who freed me that night. I never thanked him. I think about him every day, that man who kissed my face, and who took my chains away. We sat quietly for a few moments. I have to go soon, I said. Just a few days more. Then, Heilmar said steadily, in his warm raspy voice, we enjoy the rest of our time together. He picked me up in his arms. I touched the silver medallion at his neck. Let me - He brought his face down and kissed me. He carried me to the bedroom and lay me on my back on the bed, and he crouched over me. Take it off, Doyle. Take my silver chain away. Let me go free. I kissed the hollow of his muscular neck, and slowly I undid the clasp and took the chain away. And I watched the flare of power in his eyes, and I felt his body bulge and swell with strength, his chest expanding against mine, his abs hardening into a steel wall. He clenched his fist, brought his arm up to show me his massive biceps, crevassed with huge veins. He brought the muscle close to my face. Kiss my strong arm, Doyle. Kiss my big powerful arm. Tell me how strong I am. Stronger than a thousand men, I gasped. Ten thousand men. Stronger than stone, than steel. Oh Heilmar - He gave me that wolfish smile. Maybe, he said, I make you stay here. He caught both my wrists in one of his big hands and pushed me back onto the mattress. Now I make you my prisoner. Little Doyle, little weak man. Helpless. He tore my clothes off, pushed into me, and fucked me with abandon. I lost consciousness for a while. His power wasn't just physical strength; it was an overwhelming aura of force, of pure dominance. But there was no pain, no anger, no fear. I heard him muttering as he pushed into me, hammering me with his cock like steel: Make you stay. Make you stay with me. Keep you with me. But after a while his eyes softened and he pulled back. I can't make you prisoner, Doyle. You go when it's time. I know it's time soon. But maybe you can come back and see me? He tore my heart. He was in the glory of his full strength, a force of nature, power personified. But his eyes, perfect blue, were sad. A tear came down his cheek, and I kissed it. Heilmar. I will come back for you. If you want to see me. I kissed his broad chest. My ten thousand times powerful Heilmar. My beautiful Heilmar. He smiled finally. He put his arms around me and held me against his furry chest, and I felt the subtle movement of those steely muscles. I will wait for you. He shifted against me, and his eyes softened. Put my chain back, Doyle, he said softly. Please. Or I might not be able to let you go. He held his head back, and I put the silver chain back around his powerful sinewy thick neck, and he sighed. I love you, I whispered to him. I really think I do. I know it’s only been a few days, but I really think I love you. I know, he said in his low husky voice. And I love you too. And I know it. I left shortly after. *** I hear from him every day. He sent me - look - this picture of himself, standing outside his store, smiling. And this one he took in the store. Look: it's nighttime. He's naked, standing in his store, and there's a bit of dim light on his face and his strong hairy body. He's perfect. He's reaching up, fingering his silver chain . . . He'\s reminding me. Next week I'm going back. Nate says we can work something out. People who move to Powamet always figure something out, he says. I haven't told Heilmar yet. I want to surprise him. I want to see his face when I take his chain from his neck and set him free again. ** Nate here. Doyle came back. I picked him up at Logan, and we drove to Powamet together, and Doyle was very nervous. Don't worry, I said. Things happen in Powamet because they're supposed to happen. You're doing what you have to do. Don't be scared. You'll see. Heilmar was looking the other way when we walked into the little store; he was talking to someone. I could hear the deep raspy buzz of his voice. Timidly Doyle stepped forward and cleared his throat nervously, and Heilmar turned - They were on each other in a moment. Heilmar crushed Doyle to himself in those terrifyingly powerful arms and lifted him off the ground. Never, never, never let you go, Heilmar rasped. You need to be free, Heilmar, I want you to be free, I want you to be happy - Doyle was gasping and sobbing. They were oblivious to me. They were oblivious to the whole world. I saw Doyle fumbling up at the chain around Heilmar's neck - After a moment I left them there, together in Heilmar’s shop. I walked down the street, a little dazed in the light, a little dazed from what I'd seen. One of Powamet's mammoth shapes came up out of the glare and took hold of my shoulder and steadied me. You okay, Nate? It was my doctor, Mike, a pre-Sumerian beast god in a white lab coat, off on his lunch break. He peered down at me, a big bearish mustached muscled gargoyle, horns curling from his dark hair. Watch where you're walking, man. You nearly tripped. That's why I like living here, I said giddily. There's always someone to catch me when I fall. He smiled and put his arm around me. Sometime, he said, we need to have a talk. We like you guys, you know. That's why we're here. We . . . get a lot out of the relationship. Us too, I said quietly. I'm glad, he said, and grinned his pre-Sumerian monsterish grin. C’mon. You want to grab a burger? Yes, I said. Yes, I do. Let’s get a burger, Mike. And the huge Sumerian ram-horned mustached beast, with the body of a god, asked with a grin: Is McDonald's okay?
  23. musclelover15

    m/m Serving my two alphas

    (Story created with AI Dungeon, there were some typos, but it's understandable anyway, Enjoy!) ________________________________________________________________________________ There you were, Corporal Taros, running as runners do when summoned from the furthest corner of the forward base to the private quarters of their immediate superiors. The flaps of Major Brawn's huge tent barely moved as you barrelled through, snapping to attention without so much as a skip in your step and puffing your massive chest muscles outward, just as the Major liked. "Sergeant!" he bellowed, "What brings you here?" You paused for a moment, looking at him with wide eyes. You had been summoned by his superior officer to report on what was going on within the camp. To report on the recents of the camp, sir. "Sir," you replied, "I'm here because I've heard that the enemy is attempting an attack." The Major frowned. "And how do we know this isn't some trick? They could be making up stories about what they're doing to throw us off." > You say "We have comms from the main tower confirming this, sir" "Sir," you say, "We have comms from the main tower confirming this." The Major pauses, before barking a laugh. "Ha! Excellent! Excellent! It seems that the information that was passed on to us was completely accurate. Well done, soldier." > You say "My honor, sir. Is anything else i may serve you with sir" The Major pauses, before barking a laugh. "Ha! Excellent! Excellent! It seems that the information that was passed on to us was completely accurate. Well done, soldier." You pause for a moment, trying to think up of more questions to ask. > You stand still and puff out your chest. "My honor, sir. Is anything else i may serve you with sir?" The Major pauses, before barking a laugh. "Ha! Excellent! Excellent! It seems that the information that was passed on to us was completely accurate. Well done, soldier. > You alter. The Major pauses, before standing up, "actually, yes, soldier, there is something else you may serve me with" the major then looks at me with a smirk The major then proceeds to look me up and down as he begins to unzip his pants. He leans onto his desk and says "Come closer soldier" You pause, and look at the man beside you, your rifle only a few feet away. "Sir?" The Major stops unzipping his pants and looks at you, "What? Don't tell me you haven't heard that one before." > You say "What do you want me to do sir?" The major pauses, before smiling, "Well, if you must know, I want you to do what you're good at" He grins as he reaches down and begins to push your head down towards his cock. I eventually give in, and kneel in front of him, facing his crotch directly. The major says "Soldier, you have been doing an excellent job so far, i want to give you a reward" with a lustful grin on his face. You hesitate, before the man grabs your head and pushes it down on his crotch. You try to resist, but the smell and the size of the manans~surely you have dealt with something similar before. You smell the man's crotch as he puts your hand on his bulge. With my hand on his crotch, i can now feel the heat and power emanating from his manhood. You hear the major begin to groan as he begins to push you down towards his crotch. He forces your head down, making you take a deep breath, and your mouth goes straight for his dick. > You give him a blowjob. You feel the major begin to push you down onto his cock, making you choke as you struggle to hold back. You quickly begin to realize that this is true power, and you're being forced to deepthroat a cock. "Yeah that's a good boy" the major says, with his hand pushing my head deeper into his member. I put my hand around the base of his dick to try and stop myself from suffocating, but he's much stronger than me. I gag on his inmense penis, it must be at least 9 inches long, and put it in my mouth. I'm unable to do anything except push my head up and down as I try to breathe, eventually gagging again as his cock enters the back of my throat. i look up, and watch the face of my major in full pleasure, you can tell he loves being blown. His nostrils begin to flare as he begins to thrust harder and faster. "Oh yeah, that's it... that's what I'm talking about" he groans, as his eyes roll into the back of his head. > You play with his cock. You play with his cock, you put your lips around the head and slide them down the shaft, before returning to deepthroat his powerful member The major pushes me away from his cock, and points at his desk and says "C'mon soldier, bend over for your major and show me what you got" he says, grinning from ear to ear. You look at him nervously, and begin to bend over, your ass in the air and your hands on the desk behind you. "Damn, baby, you got some fucking toned legs" i let out a moan as i feel the major rim my butthole with his tongue. "Mmmm yeah, you like that don't you?" i nod my head slowly, as the major begins to tongue fuck my asshole. "I knew it, straight boy, begging for dick" > You moan and push your ass towards him. You moan and push your ass towards him, he slaps you hard and spanks you, making you yelp. "Begging isn't going to get you anywhere, you need to take what you want" the major slips two fingers into my anus, i let out a scream of pain, but he quickly muffles my scream with his hand. "Scream all you want, I got what I want" he says, before licking my ear and biting down on my ear, sending chills down my spine. His fingers move inside my rectum, sending shivers across my body "are you ready to become a man soldier?" The major asks as he continues to play with my now dilated asshole. "I'm ready sir" "What was that soldier?" He screams at me as he slaps my ass hard. "I'm ready sir!" The major slaps you hard across the face, you yelp and look at him. "Excellent, now get on the floor and lick my boot, worm" he orders me, and i have no other option to obey my sergeant. You quickly crawl on the floor and lick his boots, before he orders you to bend over on the floor. "I'll make you mine on this floor, soldier" > You bend over and arch your back as much as you can. You bend over and arch your back as much as you can, hoping to show off your ass the best you can. The major begins to enter you roughly, he grabs your hair and forces your head up as he rams himself deep into your ass. "AARGH FUCK!" "That's right soldier", he says as he slaps my ass "dont be a pussy and take my dick like a man" He begins to rhythmically push in and pull out, as you try to keep your balance. > You whimper. You whimper, you hate how rough he is being being, but you need to stay in control of yourself The major notices your hesitance and laughs. "Cant handle the pain slut?" > You say "yes sir" "Quit yer bitchin'" he says and slaps you in the face "The pain in your ass is nothing compared to what I'll do to you if you dont obey my orders" the major rams his entire length inside me, making me scream in pain and pleasure. He begins to rhythmically push in and pull out, as you try to keep your balance. "Yer ass is tight, but not as tight as mine" he laughs as he begins to smack my ass hard. "Beg me to stop" stop sir, please > You moan and whimper. "Please sir, I'm begging you, please stop" "Good, good, I like this attitude" he says and slaps you in the face "I'm gonna make you my little ass whore, you're gonna like it" i go blank as he fucks me relentessly, i cave in on the pleasure of having a powerful alpha male inside me, and begin to moan incoherently "Oh yes, fuck, oh fuck, sir I'm gonna come if you keep this up" "Come on bitch, scream for me" You scream as he cums deep inside you, as you struggle to hold on to your knees. > You scream for more. "Oh yes, yell for me, beg for my dick" he whispers in your ear as he cums inside you. The major pulls out of you and orders you to turn around. "Wipe yourself" "youre mine now boy, you'll be my personal toy for as long i want, understood?" "Y-yes sir" "Good boy" He turns around and leaves the room, leaving you there with your knees hurting from being pressed against the floor for so long, and your ass sore from the hard dick that was forced into it just a few moments before. > You begin to massage your wrecked asshole and taste his cum. You massage your wrecked asshole as you try to remember every detail of the night. The major was a bit too rough with you, but hell, if that's what it takes to become a merc, you'll endure it You'll become a merc, and this is just the beginning. > You stand up, and ask the major if theres anything you may serve him with. "Fucking idiot, if you were any sort of soldier you'd know that in this situation you immediately take out your dick and start pissing on the enemy!" The major screams. > You say "i dont want to fight anymore sir, i just want to be your boy pussy for the rest of my life" "You do realise that that is the stupidest thing you could've said right?" "Well what else could i say sir?" "I don't know, how about you go gather the rest of the boys and gents and we'll have a chat about this situation." > You say "i apologize master, ill obey" You take a knee and begin to wait, the major storms off and you hear him yell at several other soldiers on his way to you. Soon, he appears in front of you. "You and i are going to have a chat later, for now get back to you position, soldier" > You go back to the barracks. You return to the barracks and go to your bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. You wake up to a soldier shaking you. "Wake up, we're moving out" he says. "Where are we going? "I don't know, where do you think? The allied army is being pushed back further and further, we need to keep up the morale." > You say "alright, but ill take a shower first" The soldier nods and leaves. You take your time in the shower, enjoying the hot water over you, you remember yesterday how you became a fuck toy for the major, and the thought of his roughness arouses you in the shower After an hour of cleaning, you're wearing a clean uniform and you leave your room. You see the same soldier who woke you up standing there. "Come on, we have to hurry, they're waiting for us" You nod and follow him. You head to the conference room, where dozens of other soldiers are waiting. > You sit down and loook at your surroundings. The room is long and rectangular, with a large table at the front, and several chairs by each of the walls. The walls are covered with various medals, citations and photographs. You see a few famous faces, generals and whatnot. As you take your seat, the major walks in. The major walks past you, and you can smell his scent, that same scent that filled the room when you became his property. He sits at the head of the table, several seats away from you. Soon, the door opens, and the soldiers stand at attention. In walks a man, in his late 40's or early 50's. He's of average height, though his muscular body is filling out a military uniform. He has fair skin and blonde hair, and is clean-shaven. The look of this unknown alpha man begins to arouse you, you hide the erection with your backpack. "At ease" he says, and the soldiers relax. "Gentlemen, and lady" he says, looking at you. "I'm Captain Krozer, and I'll be leading you on this mission." He pauses, looking at you. "I see one of your men came begging to join us" he says. "Yes captain" you say, feeling your dick go soft. "Tell him he's free to come back to the barracks, his skills are needed here." "Yes captain" The captain sits down. "We're heading out in an hour, and I'll be keeping this base running while you're gone. Good luck." He looks at you, and begins to slowly stand up. "And show him what we can do, boys" i get a shiver down my body after the captain winks at me after he said those words. The other soldiers begin to stand up, saying their goodbyes. You stay seated, waiting for them to leave. Then, it's just you and the captain. He approaches you, and you can feel the heat between your legs to intensify the captain orders me to stand up with a commanding, deep voice. He walks around me, inspecting me. "Well structured bone structure, great skin, strong jaw" he says. He takes out a notepad and begins to write down numbers and facts on it, while still staring at me. "Height, weight, chest, arms, legs, neck, teeth, hair, eyes... are you familiar with the perineal nerve?" he asks. "No, sir" He scoffs and proceeds: "As you may know, soldier, our actual situation requires for special measures, one of them being havinf extreme precaution with who we pick for our army" He stares at me, and I begin to feel very uncomfortable under his intense gaze. The captain looks me dead in the eye and says: and that means we hace the duty to pick out the best of the best specimens of men available. Strong, intelligent, mature, and fit." He pauses, staring at me. "However, we don't want to pick out some elitist, so we offer these positions of choice to the men who serve their country." He flips his notepad and shows me a small picture. The picture is an anatomical sketch of the reproductory system of males and females. The captain begins to describe it as he sketches the picture: "This system, located here," he says, tapping on the belly button, "is what creates life. When a man thrusts deep inside a woman, it creates a child." "But that child will be a teenager, and for that man to become a man, and join the elite of men who serve for us, he needs to pass a... certain test" The captain smiles as he flips through his notepad. He shows me a picture of a man spreading his legs wide open, exposing his sloppy and reddish asshole. "This is the prostate and perineal nerve... The ultimate activator of manhood" The captain says. > You look at the picture. "Do you understand where i'm going with this, soldier?" The captain says, smiling. "Well, yes sir" The captain puts the pictures away. "Then you understand, that in order for you to become one of us, you need to prove you're worthy" > You nod your head. "Good. The plan is simple: you need to get fucked by everyone here, and let them cum inside your ass. Can you handle that?" You pause for a moment, looking at the men, who all return your gaze. Then, you nod your head slowly, smiling. "Yes sir." The captain grins, as do all the men. The captain turns to leave, when he looks back at you, a serious expression on his face. "I know this is hard, but don't fail us, kid. You're the future of our kind." The captain leaves the room and i notice the major looking at me from the corner of the room, i wonder if he was always there. The other soldiers begin approaching you, touching your shoulders and your arms. The major says "dont worry boys, im pretty sure he'll do good, i tested it out myself last night" letting out a laugh. The rest of the soldiers begin approaching me. Soon i find myself in the middle of a horny group of military men who are exploring all parts of my body with their mouths and tongues. I can't avoid to feel like im getting abused, but i'm in complete ecstasy at the same time. As they all line up to penetrate my body, one of them says: "Alright, boys, let's do it! Ooh, yeah!" as he approaches my ass with his dick. Then, all of them begin to thrust into me. I begin to cringe from the pain of the sudden penetration, but soon enough one of the soldiers beginf fucking my mouth with this thick cock, and all pain dissapears in an instant. I begin to feel the pleasure of the first man's load, and i enjoy the feeling of the men all cumming in my body. i ride the men's cocks in multiple positions, i pass out a couple of times from the power and aggression of these men towards my body, but i wake up to continue being fucked, in a world full of them. After some time, the men begin to stop coming inside me, and leave one by one. As they leave, each one looks at me with a hungry expression, ready to attack my body again at any moment. i lay on the floor, exhausted after hours of being the sex toy of dozens of horny and fertile military men, i feel my guts flooding with semen. But, the captain smiles at me, and he looks delicious. "Well, little one, you're one of us now. But there's still one test to go" > You look at the captain. The captain looks at you, grinning. He begins to unbuckle his belt, and drop his pants. "Come on, darling," he says. He kicks off his shoes and throws his shirt to the side. "Prove to me that you're a real man." i get up, and approch the captain who is now sitting in a chair smiling at me. Slowly, he slides his cock out of his pants, revealing that it is, indeed, real. Long, veiny, and throbbing. He grins at me, and beckons me with his index finger. he introduces his index finger in my mouth and plays with my tongue "Nice work you do with your mouth boy, i'm gonna have fun with you" he says and then introduce his entire hand in my mouth. i begin to feel a little sick, but i love the feeling of being dirty and used, so i'm not complaining. The captain laughs as my face, and then begins to unbuckle his belt, dropping his pants. He pushes my face onto his cock, a huge and veiny monster of raw power, that smells of iron and manhood. "Suck it, boy" he orders, and my tongue begins to dance on his cock. I push my head forward, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, as far as i can take it. "look at me while you worship my cock, son" he commands, and my eyes meet his. i can see the lust and hunger in his eyes. His pupils are black and empty, like two holes in an otherwise normal eye. I love looking into them, as they are all that is left of his humanity left. He is not an "angel" or a "demon", but a man, with flaws and desires like everyone else. "That's it, darling" he says, and holds my head as I take him into the back of my throat. I gag slightly, but the captain just laughs. "I'll make sure you get used to it, boy" he says as i continue to worship his cock. Soon, he begins to moan, and i know he is about to release into my mouth. I love it when he does that, so i'm not complaining. He begins to pump my head up and down, as he releases his spunk into the depths of my mouth. As he begins to unload his powerful, salty sperm into my mouth, i feel a pair of fingers playing with my sloppy, almost numb asshole. The fingers enter, and begin to fuck me hard. "The major told me of your talent, son. Now service both of us" I look back and find the major playing with my asshole, with a lustful grin on his face "S... sir" "What did i say, boy?" "To service both of you" "Good... that's good" the major says, before laughing. i soon find myself being plowed from both ends, im exstatic as i feel the two powerful men take control of my body and serve themselves like i'm a toy for their pleasure. As the major begins to spray his seed into my throat, the captain begins to release in the major's hand. The major milks the captain for all he's worth, but doesn't miss a drop. "rim my asshole boy" says the major. "You want me to fuck your ass?" i ask, unsure of what to do. "If you want to be a real man, you'll rim my ass" he says, as if it's the most normal request in the world. "Do it, darling" i begin to work my tongue on the hairy, smelly tight ass of the major, tasting the pure taste of testosterone. The captain also begins to tongue fuck my sloppy hole, as i'm put in my position. The major begins to moan, as the captain begins to fuck me harder than ive ever been fucked before. "Major, put that pretty throat of yours around my cock, and let me finish in that pretty little mouth" the captain says, as he unleashes his man seed all over my throat. The major roars as he releases into the back of my throat. soon i find myself gurgling with the potent seed of the major and the captain, i look up, as the look down on me caressing my hair. "Good boy" they both say in unison, before they begin to laugh. The major picks me up, and hugs me. "Now, darling, you're a man" Soon after, my training begins. A year passes... It's been a year since my initiation. We've won the war, i ascended to the post of major, and i became a muscular apex military male, but i still know my place is to serve and offer my body to my major and captain from time to time. It is a glorious life. Every day after training, and every night in between, the major makes sure my body knows its place. i enjoy worshipping and receiving major's cock, and sometimes he brings other military superior for me to offer my body to. The captain, on the other hand, is a lot more violent. He has much darker desires, and often punishes me for failing to perform to his liking. The first time he gave me a hard beating, for not pleasing him enough. i enjoyed though, as i felt for the first time the power of an alpha male. He was harsh, and took what he wanted, but in the end, he made me feel like a true man. And for that, i will always be thankful for what he taught me... sometimes, i leave my bunk's door open, to allow the captain or major to come and take my body whenever they feel like it. I have been blessed, and i will make the most of it. my asshole has gradally taken the shape of a pussy, like it could understand its true goal. meanwhile my penis has shrunk and is only useful for peeing now. I will keep this body for as long as possible, the only thing that is certain is my life as a serving man, my life as a bottom, my life as a slave. Slave to my two alphas.
  24. Newmassaddict

    m/m Become One - Epilogue - added 12/25/19

    Here's another new story. This one had been inspired by a new friend on this forum who's encouraged me to write about those men who want to grow well beyond what is thought to be possible. They desire to not only grow but to become truly grotesque muscular creatures. I hope you enjoy. Become One Chapter 1 I shouldn’t be here. I look up at the large banner hanging from the ceiling of the convention room that reads “MuscleFest Fitness Expo”. I have barely taken two steps into the room and I’m already overwhelmed. So much jacked muscle and that’s just the people walking around the expo. I worry I’m going to loose my mind when I see an actual professional bodybuilder. I contemplate just turning and walking away but I take a minute to calm myself down. I start to walk around the room, passing the first few booths and realize that I’m practically invisible in this crowd. The only people getting any attention are the legitimate bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. That both settles my nerves and makes me feel pathetic all at the same time. The place is packed with people and on more than one occasion, I’m bumped in the shoulder by a far larger individual who probably didn’t even notice me. At 5’9” and 175lb, I’m hardly a formidable presence in this setting. I see a seating area off to the side and decide to sit down for a bit and try to relax. It took three years to work up the courage to finally buy a ticket to this expo and here I was, too scared to even enjoy it. This was a dream come true for me. I was in the presence of all the bodybuilding stars I’ve admired my whole life and I was messing it all up. I know I’m being hard on myself but I can’t shake the feeling that I don’t belong here. I sure all the people only see a skinny, gay, muscle obsessed loaner. I sink deeper into the chair and pull out my phone. I bring up Instagram and instantly I’m confronted by a constant stream of muscle. But it’s not your run-of-the-mill bodybuilder muscle, it’s the most extreme muscle. I scroll through images of the biggest, most incomprehensibly massive men on the planet. These men have biceps bigger than people’s waists, chests as thick as they are tall and quads so gargantuan, they can barely even waddle, let alone walk. It’s been this way for me for as long as I can remember. While I appreciate big muscle in all its forms, I’ve always been drawn to the more extreme level of muscle mass. I’m both fascinated and aroused by the men that have taken their muscle obsession to the absolute limit. I scroll past numerous high quality morphs that have artistically enhanced already massive beasts well past what is considered possible. I pause when I see a new post from the person who is the real reason I’m finally here appear on my screen. Alan “The Destroyer” Wilson. I feel my mouth go dry as I stare intensely at the image. At only 5’8”, Alan is the epitome of extreme muscular development. He recently posted that he weighed 325lbs with 7% body fat. To say he was big would be a complete understatement. I can only describe Alan as a grotesque abomination of what is considered normal, even by bodybuilding standards. In the image, he’s standing by a fan while they have their picture taken. The poor soul standing by him almost looks scared to be so close to such a massive creature. In most circles, the fan would be considered a jacked up bodybuilder, but next to Alan he looks weak and pathetic. While a number of inches taller, he pales in comparison. But it’s Alan that I’m focused on. I almost have to stifle a moan. I stare at his quads and calves first. He’s wearing sweat pants but rather than being baggy, they are stretched so tight I can see thick veins running in every direction. His feet are spread very far apart to accommodate his barrel-thick thighs but Alan’s calves appear to almost be touching. Each muscle is so enormous they expand numerous inches from both sides of his shines. I can’t see Alan’s knees because the meat hanging from his quads totally eclipses them. My eyes travel up the quads and marvel at the level of definition I can see through the thick fabric of his pants. It’s obvious that one of Alan’s quads is twice as thick as the fans legs combined. I snicker as I look at what Alan is attempting to wear on this upper body. I say attempt because it’s virtually impossible to hide the terrifying mass he processes. He’s wearing a shirt so huge it looks like it was once a blanket that he’s cut a hole for head to fit through. The billowing fabric cannot hide the sheer volume of his pecs, shoulders and arms. The hole is cut wide enough to allow his traps to be completely visible. I bit my lip as I stare at the cable-thick trap muscles erupting from the sweater. They encompass his head to such an extreme degree, Alan does not appear to have a neck. I wonder how he can even move his head with so much muscle surrounding it. I finally settle on Alan’s face. There is nothing most people would consider attractive about it. The extreme quantities of chemicals Alan has poured into his body for years has caused his facial features to become as distorted as the rest of his body. His jaw is square and so thick, it looks like he’s chewing on a cinder block. His forehead protrudes far beyond normal and he is completely bald. The most shocking feature of Alan’s face and head are the veins. Thick veins criss-cross most of the surface, only enhancing his grotesque appearance. While most would consider him downright hideous, I only see the side effects of his dedication to become a monster and I cannot look away. To me, he’s the most beautiful specimen on the planet. I take a screenshot of the image and file it into an album titled “Freaks”. I slowly scroll through the collection of images I’ve accumulated over the years. While most of the images are of Alan, there are many other massive bodybuilders and ever more morphed images. I finally tear myself away from my phone and glance across the expo floor. The different supplement and clothing brand booths stretch as far as I can see. I feel my heart skip a beat when, not more than 50 feet away, I see the same logo that is displayed behind the image of Alan I was just looking at. The absolute epitome of all my muscle fantasies is somewhere over there. My palms start to sweat as the reality of the situation sinks in. I consider just bolting for the front door. Suddenly my mind is racing with a thousand thoughts. Why haven’t you gotten serous about the gym? Why are you such a creep, looking at pictures of huge men but not doing anything to build your own body? You know everyone here thinks you’re a joke. Before I know it, I’m walking in the opposite direction of the booth I know Alan is located at. I feel sweat on my forehead and the crowd suddenly seems to grow exponentially. I’m being shoved by people twice my size. My heart is pounding in my chest. I see an exist sign and partially run towards it. I find myself in a dim hallway where I lean against the wall, pull my legs to my chest and rest my head on my knees. I feel like crying but I try to ficus on my breathing instead. After a few minutes, I’m feeling a little calmer but I decide that this was huge mistake. I stand up and start walking further down the hallway, looking for an exit door. I turned a corner and grab the first door knob I see. I open the door a walk through hoping I’ll step onto the street and get a lung-full of fresh air. Instead, I stop dead in my tracks because two feet in front of me is Alan “The Destroyer” Wilson.
  25. Trio

    m/m Anídeos-Part III

    “Who are you both? I ask again” Geoffrey was more confused than anything else, seeing both very muscular naked men, the embodiment of masculinity, in front of him. ”I should call for Dr. Anthony” ”No need, Geoffrey. I am Dr. Anthony. Or I used to be, I was reborn as Zeus a bit ago, your brother, Grant, was somehow transformed, and he gifted me his new powers.” Geoffrey was listening, even if he couldn’t understand. ”You are not Dr. Anthony... dad? This is... impossible” ”It used to be, son, but years of research have brought its fruits. The world will never be the same. Our world will never be the same. Me and the scientists have been working for the development of the serum for years, and it is a success! Not only one specimen, but a whole family!” ”No, this cant be! How did you both... I am too tired for this”. ”Not for long, brother. Our family is torn apart, we don’t share the same DNA anymore. But you can change this. Join us, brother, join us and be transformed.” ”I am too tired to deal with this, I’m leaving for a walk” He was reaching again for the door, but as he was walking outside of the lab, Zeus pressed a button, and the door was shut down. ”We need to discuss this in depth, son. You can’t turn your back on your family, your future brother in arms! You shall transform” ”No, I won’t, whatever is happening here, I am not taking part of this.” “Brother, you already are, you are stepping in our seed, which is everywhere on this lab. It will break through your shoes and enter in contact to your skin, transforming you. You can go the slow way, or let me offer you my gift” ”I am fine with my shoes, thank you” But the shoes were being eroded, and as he made another step, he slipped on the lake of cum on the lab, and fell on the floor. The cum entered in contact with his skin, causing a massive amount of pain, he screamed. ”GAH! This burns!” ”It is happening, brace yourself, you are about to turn into a sublime soldier” ”GAH! No! What... is... happening to me?” As his face and hands were covered in cum, his transformation was happening. He got into his knees and cried for help, but father and son were roaring with every cry. His body was growing, the thin angelical body of Geoffrey was metamorphosing. His abs came to life, so did his chest, his heart was beating strongly and he was still crying as his shirt was being torn apart by his growing muscles. ”GRAAAAAAAAAAAH” he shouted a deep gutural roar as his hair was burning with the cum in it, the cum covered his whole body, head to toe, passing through his nose and mouth, his eyes were burning as well, being remade. Zeus and Saturn watched with pride their new creation, the birth of the new brother in arms. ”So you are my father” said Geoffrey with a thick deep voice, still transforming, “Grant, whatever happened to you, fuck, this is good” ”You are turning into a God, embrace it” ”Roar, ROAR!” The transforming Geoffrey bellowed. His skin was being reformed, his muscles were at the height of his power, being transformed into a huge machine of war. His shoulders alone could sustain the whole world, his abs going as deep down to his cock as they could. And his fucking cock, stretching thick and powerful, reducing to nothing what was left of his shorts. ”I...... am... remade! How is this possible?” Geoffrey couldnt believe it yet. His whole body was covered in his new metalic skin, he was feeling a pleasure he never felt, and still, he couldn’t believe it 100%. He roared and bellowed as he was discovering his new body, touching himself and masturbating, cumming and passing his cum through his body. He was even stronger and more vigorous than Saturn. This was the birth of Apolo. Soon, his family greeted him, after he finished his pleasurable moment. ”We are one now. You joined us, the family is reunited”. The three roared, and proceeded to explore each other’s bodies in celebration. The soldiers were here, stronger than any scientist could ever dreamt of. Life would never be the same, neither for the new Men, neither for anyone else. But for now, pleasure reigned supreme in the house of Anthony.