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  1. EclipseWing

    m/m Next Level Love

    So, stop me if you've heard this one before: long time lurker, first time poster. With all the free time from the quarantine, I've been trying out some new things. Since I've enjoyed the stories here so much, I thought I'd try writing one of my own. I hope you enjoy it! ============================================ Next Level Love Dylan sighed as he walked back to the dorms. It was the beginning of the new academic year at his university, and everyone seemed to be already paired off. For years he didn’t mind being single, but it was starting to wear on him. It didn’t help that he was relatively average all around. Not big, not small, not thin, not fat. Nothing really to catch the eye. “Oof!” He stumbled for a moment and looked up into the warm chocolate eyes of Kyle. “Oh, hey, sorry about that.” “My fault,” the jock smiled back. “Wasn’t watching where I was going.” Kyle was a jock with the body to show for it who, according to the rumor mill, modeled on the side. Just standing next to him made Dylan nervous, not only from the sheer embarrassment of being a nerdy twig but also from fear of popping wood next to the big man on campus. After the two were paired up for chem lab last year, hardly a night went by where Dylan wasn’t imagining a long steamy worship session. Dylan didn’t just admire him for his body though. Kyle was a great study partner back in class. He always brought snacks when they had to cram for tests in the library. Best of all, Kyle was always the first to say “Hi” to him, and he always asked how his day was. “So,” Dylan ventured, brushing some hair back over his ear. “Heading out to class?” “Football actually. Coach wants one more practice before tomorrow’s game. Our offense could use a little work.” Dylan tried to keep his eyes off Kyle’s solid chest that seemed to bounce on its own. “Oh cool.” He swallowed hard, slowly moving his backpack to cover his crotch. Inwardly he sighed, knowing there was no way to seduce his crush. The guy was way out of his league. “I-I-I need to get going, test tomorrow. So, uh, good luck!” “Thanks, you too!” “Yeah,” Dylan murmured, watching his crush walk away. ============================================ Kyle kicked the ground, grumbling. “‘You too’? Could’ve said anything and just ‘you too’?” He hissed. “C’mon and grow a pair, Parker!” He had his eye on Dylan all last semester, trying to find some way to get close to the little guy. The nerdy twink could calculate molecular weights in his head and made O-Chem is bitch. The way his eyes sparkled when he got excited always made Kyle smile. He was smart, dedicated, nice… really nice. He’d give you the shirt off his back. What did Kyle have? Sure, he had some muscle, but it wasn’t like he was big enough to really turn heads. Nothing like the bodybuilders he idolized. He was a quarterback, sure, but he was only on the JV team. Even the “game” he mentioned was just a team scrimmage. Was that even worth bragging about to a guy like Dylan? It’s not like Kyle ever had problems with getting girls and guys in the past, but the little guy completely disarmed him. When it came to guys, he tended to go for muscle daddies and gym bunnies for hookups, but Dylan was boyfriend material. He never had a boyfriend before, and he couldn’t fuck this up. This was no wham, bam, thank you Sam, he wanted Dylan to be his. Kyle groaned. “Who am I kidding? If I was bigger, I bet he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off me.” He tried to clear his mind before getting to practice but he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out, but it slipped and cracked on the ground. “Shit!” he muttered to himself. The screen was filled with static. It tried to load something but instead buzzed one last time and went dead. ============================================ Dylan sank into his desk chair, trying to will his boner to go away. Lucky for him, his roommate was out of town for the week. His phone buzzed with the arrival of an email. “Perfect, a distraction,” he muttered to himself. It was another request for closed beta test. It was a quick and easy way for him to pick up extra cash, even if the games were usually garbage. This time, the app was a bright pink icon with bubbly teal letters “NLL” pierced by a golden arrow. Upon opening, cartoonish hearts with candy-like shades of pink and purple filled the screen. A stylized cartoon twunk in a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts popped up. “Hello there! Congrats on being picked for the closed beta of Next Level Love. We’re sure you’re gonna love this app. Just give us a sec to finish loading.” A progress bar with a winged hourglass popped up, and Dylan felt his interest start to drain. “This is one of those micro-pay gacha games, isn’t it?” The mascot popped back up. “Hiya Dylan, I’m Eros, your guide here in Next Level Love. Hope you’re ready to have some fun with your new love life. We’ve located your potential soulmate, but it seems like his phone isn’t working at the moment. Not to worry though, you can still use the app.” Dylan groaned. “I swear, ever since Undertale everyone thinks they’re so cool for reading local data.” A greyed-out outline of a vague human shape appeared. “So, where’s my soulmate?” “I bet you’re wondering where your soulmate is. Don’t worry, we’re keepin’ an eye on him. We could tell you, but where’s the fun in that? That’s where the game comes into play. As you do stuff in your own life to take care of yourself, you gain points to find out more about him. When you level up, you can even buy special perks for him.” Dylan raised an eyebrow. “How’d it know I’m gay?” “Let’s try it out! Here’s a point to start. Now tap the store icon.” “Yeah, here we go, you’re gonna ask for my credit card.” Dylan tapped the shopping bag in the top right corner. Eros appeared again, but now in an apron with a heart on the chest. Across the top read “Perks!” with two sub-tabs reading “Soulmate” and “Dylan”. To his surprise, there were no prices. “Here you’ll be able to buy stuff for either you or your soulmate. Love is about giving, so why don’t we give something to your soulmate?” Dylan tapped the “Soulmate” tab and there was one option. Lover’s Embrace Your Soulmate will feel you in their arms each night, helping them get a peaceful night’s rest. “Sounds good to me,” Dylan said, who usually needed three cups of coffee by ten in the morning. He chose the option and suddenly a fanfare played, and confetti fell on the screen. The screen jumped back to the main menu. “Congrats on your first level up! You get experience by completing your to-do list in real life, like working out, getting a good grade, or finishing our tutorial.” Eros winked at him. “Each time you level up, you unlock more options in the store and get more points to buy enhancements and perks for you and your soulmate. You also get a hint to your soulmate’s identity.” “Huh, that’s kinda cool, I guess,” Dylan murmured. He looked at the clock. “Getting late, guess I should sleep for that test.” ============================================ The next morning, Kyle woke up more refreshed than ever. No soreness, no pre-game anxiety, just calm, clear focus. He reached up to his cheek. It was warmer, as if someone’s hand had been resting there. He looked down to see his morning wood harder than ever. “Hey! Did someone come over last night?” he called to his roommate. His roommate called back from the bathroom. “Nope, but you were muttering a bit in your sleep. Seemed really into someone.” “Huh…” Kyle rolled out of bed, unable to shake the uncanny feeling. ============================================ Dylan’s phone buzzed like a hornet’s nest the second he got out of class. The test was killer, but he figured he did a passable job. He fished his phone out of his backpack, seeing a ton of notifications from that game again. “Ah, what the hell, why not?” He opened it up to see a list of the day’s activities preloaded from his to-do list app scroll by. With another fanfare, he leveled up. A whirlwind of text flew by, describing the experience point breakdown for each task from getting up on time to finishing the test. “Congrats on the level up!” Eros popped up again in another shower of confetti. “Since you’re now Level 3, you get to pick two perks! There’s new stuff for sale, and we have some juicy insight into your soulmate!” On the screen, the grey outline was still there, but there was now a little notebook icon. Dylan tapped it and a little note was added: Likes to play sports. “Eros, you and I have different ideas of ‘juicy insight’,” Dylan laughed, but he still wanted to play along. He opened the shop and scrolled through the options, choosing one he thought his supposed soulmate would like. Jock Envy Your soulmate gains a significant boost in muscle. His reflexes are also a bit quicker. “That’ll help him out, right?” Dylan thought aloud. He scrolled through and saw another perk. Medical Miracle Your soulmate will never get sick. Dylan looked back to the experience checklist. Since everything came from his productivity apps… “I wonder,” he muttered. He hurried back to his dorm room to begin his experiment. ============================================ “I swear I caught that stomach flu from Chris. Been feeling like shit all day.” “Dude stay away from me. Kyle, you alright?” “Never better!” Kyle was filled with energy, ready to kill on the field. The only strange thing was that his clothes felt tighter than normal. He shucked his shirt and reached for his pads. “Dude! You look huge!” Kyle looked down. His normally loosely etched abs were now a model worthy six pack. His pecs and arms were swollen like he had just finished a workout, and his quads looked ready to crush with a single flex. Even his calves were starting to show a split. “What the hell?” he murmured to himself. “Hey meathead,” one of the wide receivers snarked, “how about spending more time on the field instead of the gym?” “At least I go to the gym. You call those toothpicks arms?” he called back, tossing up a double bi. A ripple of laughs passed through the locker room and the conversations moved on, but Kyle was still shaken by the sudden growth. ============================================ “Ah-ha!” Dylan shouted in triumph. His level was rocketing up on the screen. A little flaw in the code made it so that each time he checked off an item on his to-do list, he got experience points. If he unchecked and rechecked it after a minute, he still got the points. He filled his list with fake tasks and spent a few minutes grinding his way to infinite experience and infinite perk points. “Okay, let’s have a little fun.” The notebook of his soulmate had filled up with a few more hints. Plays football. Bisexual Has a sweet tooth “Oh, lots of date ideas there then,” he said as he scrolled through the shop. “Okay, what perks are best?” Obviously, the character was fake, right? He just wanted to win the game. “Wonder what the max level is- oh hey! This is perfect!” Move over Montana A new legend is born on the field! Your soulmate is especially gifted in football. He’ll never fumble, and every throw is a perfect spiral, right on target. “Hmm… what else…” He poured over the list. “I guess I could give you the Barry Allen perk for running, but that won’t help much if you’re a center. Maybe it’ll tell me what position you are later. At least you’re a shoo-in for the pros now.” He looked down and snorted with laughter, instantly choosing the perk. Packing Heat Your soulmate gains an extra inch in length and an extra half-inch in circumference on his “weapon” “I mean, what guy doesn’t want a little extra?” Dylan then saw some new notes got added. Average student, but wants to excel Enjoys being on both ends of muscle worship sessions “Okay, you really are Mr. Perfect. Then, hmm, what to choose? Oh, if only you were real…” ============================================ “Down! Set! HIKE!” The center snapped, and Kyle launched it downfield. “Smooth as butter,” he grinned to himself, watching it fly with the best spiral of his life straight to the wide receiver in the endzone. As they moved up for kick, he reached down to adjust his cup. The snug protector was usually a perfect fit, but today it was as if it had shrunk. Suddenly, a tingle passed through his body. The feeling of two worshiping hands passed over every muscular curve. He could feel his waistline tighten and his glutes fatten. His chest pushed out, his pads creaking in protest until finally the string snapped. His tights began to split along the seam near his quads. As his calves pushed his socks to their limits, another tear started along his sleeves. A soft moan escaped his lips. His feet forced the cleats to stretch just shy of the breaking point. Most uncomfortable of all, his jock was definitely now too small. It felt like he was trying to squeeze into his gear all the way back from junior high. “What… the fuck?” He panted. He was living the best pump ever, every bit of him swollen and heavy. He wanted nothing more than to sneak back to his dorm and explore his new body. “You okay, Kyle?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” It would have to wait for now. ============================================ Super Soldier Your soulmate is the envy of militaries across the globe. He’s blessed with perfect proportions and could easily win a Men’s Classic competition. Bonus points, he’s faster, heals quicker, and is hyper-virile with genitals that would make a horse jealous. Note: Proportions may be overridden by other perks. Dylan was proud of that one. “Now if you get hurt playing football, you’ll heal up in no time. Might help your workouts too.” He sighed, scanning the list of perks. “So, you want help with your classes… wish I could tutor you myself, but the Quick Learner should help you out until then. Don’t think you’d want the Himbo perk. I mean, it’d be hot, but that’s kinda the opposite of what you want. I just hope you’re okay, wherever you are.” Dylan stopped and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What am I doing? The guy doesn’t exist. It’s a Friday night, I should be out doing something.” He looked back at the game. “But… I can always dream right?” His heart fluttered as he found a few more perks. Single Digit Club Your soulmate’s fat percentage will never go above 9% regardless of diet Gift of Gab Your soulmate knows just what to say, especially if it is going to turn you on. No rock kissing required. Friend of the World People have trouble finding faults in your soulmate and generally see him for the likeable guy he is. Accidents and weird changes are honest mistakes and won’t affect his relationships with others. T++ Your soulmate produces far more testosterone than most men. Expect a deeper voice, larger muscles, stronger musk, and more body hair. Most of all expect a higher libido. “There babe,” Dylan whispered with a content smile. “Now you can eat whatever you want, and you don’t have to stress about body comp. You can negotiate your way through anything so no one’s gonna question why you grew. Plus, you’re gonna be the manliest guy on your team, no one is gonna mess with you.” He paused and added one more. Contest Ready No body hair below the neck and an automatic tan. “Okay, a little selfish I admit, but I’ll change it if you want! Just come find me.” He looked to the door, hoping for a knock. All that he got was the sound of people heading out to the bars. “Of course, I can dream.” He said again, frowning at his phone. ============================================ The team was in an uproar once Kyle got close. “Dude, did your jersey shrink?” “I knew you were on something, but…” “Guys,” Kyle soothed, as he raced to come up with an excuse. “It’s nothing. I just… I just decided to take up bodybuilding! Guess the gains are starting to show, huh?” His teammates all stared back until the normally quiet tight end nodded. “Seems legit.” “Yeah bro, you’re lookin’ really swole!” “For sure! No homo though.” Kyle faltered, surprised it worked. “Um, yeah. Thanks guys. How about we take a water break?” “Great idea, dude!” Kyle let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. As his teammates dispersed, he wracked his brain. Nothing was making sense today! Not that he was complaining of course, but guys didn’t usually just start growing into their fantasy body. “I bet Dylan would know how to explain this,” he muttered, but he barely finished saying it before another ripple passed through him, twice as strong as before. His jersey tore clean down his chest to the top of his abs. His swelling traps and delts double-teamed his pads, cracking the plastic frame. His cleats tore open, letting his feet stretch and spread. He could feel the elastic in jock starting to give up. “God… more, don’t stop… feels so good,” he thought as he bit back a moan. Just as he felt the swelling sausage between his legs start to pre, the coach started to head his way. “Shit!” “Parker!” The coach shouted. “What are you doing playing in a small uniform?” Each step closer, Kyle could feel another stitch on his pants snap to make room for his quads and hamstrings. The coach’s stern look faded and he put a hand on Kyle’s shoulder, leaning in close. “Listen, I won’t get mad. You’re our star player, but you gotta help me help you. What are you on?” “Coach, I swear I have no idea what’s going on.” “It’s okay Kyle, you’re like family to me. I’ll take care of you.” The coach’s other hand made its way to Kyle’s chest. With a mind of its own it started to rub in tiny circles. “Yeah… let Daddy take care of you…” “Coach?!” The coach was not so much speaking as babbling to himself. His eyes were glassy, and a little drool was starting to form. Kyle broke away. “How about I just hit the showers?” That seemed to break the spell. “You’d better,” the coach muttered, red as a rose and keeping his clipboard in front of his shorts. ============================================ “Okay, I might have gone a little far in a few places, but I wanna make sure you’re the muscle god you want to be. Sure, the mind-warping pheromones might have been a bit much, but y’know.” Dylan reasoned out loud to no one, accidentally adding another perk. “Oh shi- oh… yeah that’s fine.” Seizing the Means of Production Your comr- err, soulmate produces and ejaculates five times the amount of a normal healthy adult male. He then hovered for a moment over the Confirmed Bachelor perk but held back. “No, he’s bi, that’s part of him, and it’d be wrong to change. Besides, if we’re soulmates, who cares?” He stopped for a moment. “Should add this just in case something happens before we’re together though…” Woohoo! Your soulmate can only impregnate when they consciously choose to do so. Dylan frowned. “I’m spending way too much time on this.” He was about to lock his phone when Eros popped up, looking more than slightly salty. “You’ve leveled up quite a bit lately. You also seem to not be getting much for yourself…” “I don’t want perks for myself,” Dylan said. “If this guy is mine, I want him to be happy.” “It sounds like you just want to change him to fit your fantasy.” “No, I want him to be happy, seriously!” Dylan shot back, not realizing he was now arguing with an app. “He wants to be good at football, so I gave him those perks. I also made sure he’d be popular, never get sick, eat what he wants…” “Look, I get it. It’s nice you’re thinking of him, but he’ll be happy if you take care of yourself too.” “I guess, but what do I get myself? I want to make sure I get something that he’d like on me. If I could just unlock more of his likes, then I’ll make myself like that!” “That’s not the point! He’s your soulmate, and he’ll like you for who you are, not someone who tries to be perfect for him. I swear, humans today…” “Fine,” Dylan murmured. “Wait, what was that last part?” “Nothing!” Dylan shrugged and scrolled through his side of the store for once. Suddenly, his cheeks burned. “Oh crap, should’ve gotten these a while ago.” Mr. Fantastic You can stretch to accommodate any size without pain, and you will always feel perfectly tight to your soulmate. Fanfiction Logic You never have to prepare to receive during anal intercourse. You are also instantly lubed. Don’t ask questions, we don’t know how it works either. Eros rolled his eyes. “You’re hopeless.” Dylan however didn’t even hear him as he was already trying to decide what to give his soulmate next. ============================================ Kyle stood in the stream, letting the showerhead blast him with ice cold water. It had no effect, he could have drilled a hole in the wall with how hard he was, and he swore the water began to steam as it hit him. “What the hell is going on?!” He slammed his fist on the wall, cracking the tile. “Damn it.” He already tore off a locker door and then ripped the towel rod from the wall, now he was about to punch it down. That said, it’d be a lie to say he didn’t enjoy it a little… He ran his hands down his new shredded eight pack and fondled his monster cock, now just shy of a foot long. His testicles were the size of eggs. He could practically feel them vibrate and churn. All the hair on his body had mysteriously disappeared when he stripped, leaving him smooth as silk. At first, he was mad, but when he caught a glimpse of his reflection, he couldn’t help but beat off to his new body. Twice. Now, here in the shower, his cock hadn’t softened at all. He took a quick peek to make sure no one was coming. Then, he started to stroke again with one hand, letting the other wander across his chest, playing with his downward pointing nipples. He moaned, his normal voice now a deep rumble that only turned him on more. “So big, so manly… so hot… yeah, won’t be able to keep your eyes off me now Dylan… fuck yeah, you can grab whatever you want. Bet you’d love to suck this monster. I’m gonna give it to you. Gonna make you mine and pound you so hard you won’t be able to think about anyone else… FUCK!” A pint of steaming cum splattered against the shower wall. Suddenly, Kyle realized what he had been saying and turned bright red. “Where did that come from? Ugh, and that isn’t gonna wash down, is it?” ============================================ “Why wasn’t this an option before?!” Dylan shouted. Not the Droids You’re Looking For Chances are your changes are going a bit overboard. Not to worry, use this perk to bend reality and no one will question any changes to you or your soulmate no matter how bizarre they are. Of course, both of you will still notice. “Sorry!” He shouted to his phone, again forgetting it was a game. “Hope no one has given you any problems. I’ll make it up to you, promise!” He turned to the notes section and poured over the information he had gathered so far. New bullet points had been added. Main fetish: Muscle Growth, no boundaries Preferred Dom Top “You’re my soulmate for a reason!” Dylan cheered. His cock was at full mast as he imagined the scene about to play out. He began stroking furiously as he scrolled through. “Here you go, my beastly love, I hope you enjoy it! Just please, find me soon.” USDA Grade A Beef Your soulmate has muscles that are the upper limit of what is humanly possible, including with steroids and hormones. His genitals grow to proportionally match. This enhancement is not recommended without perks such as Mr. Fantastic or Porn Physics 101. Rocket 69 Your soulmate’s ejaculation is inhuman and strong enough to shred condoms. Not recommended for casual hookups with women without the Woohoo perk. ============================================ Kyle roared as he pumped out another gallon of cum into the shower. The drain was completely clogged now, but he didn’t care. All he could do was enjoy the ride. “Oh shit… another growth wave?” This time, he could feel his body stretch out, a gentle blissful pull at both ends as the floor got farther and farther away. His head peeked out over the stalls, putting him at seven feet tall. His ass swelled outwards. His tight waist could no longer remain small and trim and inflated out as muscle piled onto his abs giving him a proper thickness, while his chest forced his shoulders out. He looked more like a T than a V, complete with mountainous shoulders and deep splits in his traps. His skin was stretched paper thin revealing all striations and veins. His balls were now baseballs, forced forward by his redwood thighs. Even his calves kept up with the growth, far thicker than his teammate’s arms. Hell, they were thicker than some of their waists! Kyle, now feeling more than a little claustrophobic, knocked out the stall divider into the next shower and stretched. “Fuck yeah! I’m a living hulk!” He flexed as hard as he could, his cock twitching with need, ready to explode. He couldn’t hold back and grabbed it with both hands and repainted the ceiling. He didn’t have a chance to enjoy the afterglow. “What the fuck? Something just dripped on me!” Kyle spun around to see the team in the locker room, half of them covered in his cum. Before he could say a thing, one of them spotted him. “Kyle, hey, did you get something on the ceiling?” The question was surprisingly innocent. “Um… I… don’t know?” Kyle choked out, suddenly noticing his voice had dropped again into a rumbling baritone. He then saw a bunch of hungry eyes looking at him. “Dude, when did you… when did you get so hot?” “Yeah, it’s like I never noticed before… don’t go hidin’ from us now.” One of them tore away the shower curtain. Kyle slowly backed up. “Guys, you’re kinda scaring me.” “Nah man, we’re just enjoying you. We wouldn’t do anything to hurt our boss, our… alpha.” Suddenly, a linebacker jumped on him with a tape measure and a very noticeable hardon. “C’mon let us measure you, please?” Cheers went up and half of the teammates, already naked, were fighting to get closer. Kyle fought to hold back another explosion, but with the team looking at him – no, worshipping him with their eyes, all standing around him – he coated them all in another giant load. A chorus of moans echoed through the room as the mass of zombified teammates moved on him, desperate to touch the massive muscle beast. ============================================ It’s Turning the Frogs Gay! Contact with your soulmate’s cum will convert any straight male to a gay male. “Huh,” Dylan said, looking back at his phone as he wiped the excess spunk off his hand. “Don’t remember clicking that one. Guess I better add this just in case. Don’t want anyone getting hurt.” Porn Physics 101 Class is in session and logic doesn’t matter. Your soulmate can fit in anyone, regardless of size. The receiver may feel some, but manageable, pain without the Mr. Fantastic perk. Your soulmate also cannot catch or transmit any disease, infection, or other health condition through intercourse or related acts. He then popped open the information tab again. This time, the app decided it was time to share some stats. “Oh man, I’m gonna cum again!” Height: 7 feet Weight: 635.2 pounds Chest: 95.9 inches Biceps: 38.6 inches Waist: 47.7 inches Quads: 48.2 inches Calves: 37.5 inches. “But,” he said mid-stroke, “you probably want to be a little bigger…” ============================================ “Fuuuuuck,” Kyle groaned, pulling his still diamond hard cock from the center’s ass. The rest of the team lay in a heap in the locker room, fucked silly and covered with his cum. Even the coach joined in at the center of the dogpile. “What am I doing here? I’m huge! I could totally ask Dylan out now…” he trailed off. “But… what if he thinks I’m a freak?” A shiver shot down his spine, and the air grew heavy. The team began to moan around him, those few who were conscious now worshipping his mighty legs. Suddenly he felt something wash over his mind like a warm bath. All his fears evaporated. A cocky smirk blossomed on his face. “No, Dylan’s gonna love this,” he growled. “He’s gonna be mine. Boys! Make a path!” Kyle stomped down the aisle as the team squirmed out of the way. Without the least bit of effort, he tore a bank of lockers from the wall. He folded the sheets of metal as if they were thin as origami paper into a makeshift belt. He tore the shower curtains and hitched them to the belt into a simple loincloth. “What do you think? Am I presentable for my future husband?” He was answered by a collective moan and a few stray cumshots. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He smashed down the wall and walked out into the night. He bounced his pecs, laughing. “I’m unstoppable! I should take Dylan down to the train station and throw trains for him. Bet that’ll make him cream himself.” ============================================ Alpha Dream Your soulmate has unstoppable confidence and mass-produces pheromones that influence others to follow his will. For you, it is an aphrodisiac instead. Priority over all other perks. Eros glared at Dylan as he scrolled back through the perks he applied. “Okay, okay, I’ll admit, I officially went too far.” “You think?!” “Hey, don’t point fingers, it’s your game!” “I’m not the one who decided to cheat the system.” “You asked me to beta test.” “That’s a good point.” Eros shifted his glare away. “All of this would’ve been fine if jock-boy didn’t drop his phone. You guys would’ve at least traded perks then.” Dylan sighed, looking back at the perks and full stats. Height: 8.2 feet Weight: 1019.2 pounds Chest: 110.1 inches Biceps: 44.2 inches Waist: 54.7 inches Quads: 55.1 inches Calves: 44.1 inches Penis Length: 20 inches The new description of his soulmate sounded more like an oversexed superhero he’d read about online. “Yeah, I guess I should’ve added more for me too. I mean, if a guy like this really existed, he wouldn’t look twice at me.” A thundering knock came at the door. Dylan jumped, nearly dropping his phone. He shoved his dick back into his boxers and yanked up his pants. “Who is it?” “Kyle,” the voice called back, though it really didn’t sound like him. “Hold on a sec,” Dylan shouted back. “You okay? You sound really-” He cut himself off as he threw open the door and looked up… and up... “Hey Dylan,” the beast purred. “Sorry, would’ve stopped by earlier but I got held up.” Dylan made a few noises that didn’t quite approach a coherent sentence. The man before him, if man was even the right word anymore, was far larger than anything he had ever seen, save for morphed pictures. It was as if someone had photoshopped the best assets of the bodybuilding greats together and multiplied it by ten. The quarterback couldn’t stand straight in the hallway. “So, you like what you see? Because I like what I see.” Dylan whimpered, feeling his already sensitive dick shoot again into his pants. The smell… the smell coming off Kyle was foreplay by breathing, each breath a sensual caress down his chest. “May I come in?” Dylan nodded furiously. Kyle somehow squeezed through the door and shut it behind him. His monster was barely concealed behind the shower curtain thong. Dylan sat in his desk chair with a squeak, feeling smaller than ever. Kyle paused for a moment to search for his words when he saw Dylan’s phone on the desk. “What’s this?” “I-I-I…” “Breathe buddy, not gonna hurt you – unless you ask.” He added with a small rumble of a laugh. He picked up the phone and carefully scrolled through the list. “You… you did this?” The dam broke. “I didn’t mean to! Well, I mean… I did but I thought it was a game! It said it was for my soulmate and – well – I guess I chose it because you liked stuff like that, so I wanted to make you happy, but I didn’t know it was you, you know and-” Kyle pressed a finger to Dylan’s lips to shush him. “But you did do it? Can you show me?” Dylan swallowed hard and carefully took his phone back. Kyle sat Dylan on his forearm so he could watch. “So, like… there’s these and…” Dylan quickly tapped three perks, not paying attention, but immediately paled when he saw what he chose. Quick Reload Your soulmate has no refractory period. Missile Silo Your soulmate has a monstrous weapon of “ass” destruction… Not all puns have to be 10/10, y’know. What is a King to a God? Your soulmate has transcended humanity and their physique is beyond mortal capability. His titanic body is completely flexible and does not tax his internal organs to maintain at all. Kyle let out a combination of a growl and a moan as his cock tore through the makeshift poser. It rose proudly like the cannons of a battleship, reaching just below his collarbone. Almost immediately a river of pre began to fall from the tip. Kyle’s growth wasn’t done though, as his body became packed tightly with as much muscle as it could possible hold. He panted, holding in another orgasm and looking at Dylan like a starving man. Dylan remained frozen, unsure of what the muscle god would do. Kyle shut his eyes and focused on breathing. Finally, he managed to ask, “What about you?” “What?” “Why didn’t you use it on yourself?” Dylan tried to manage his babbling, but words were pouring out faster than his brain could process them. “I… I didn’t really want to use it on me when there was stuff I could do to fulfill your fantasies, at least to start. I knew you wanted to be good at football, so I picked stuff for that and… it kinda got away from me. I thought it was a game – not to say I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was you! You’re were already great to start with though, so it’s not like I had to change stuff. I mean, you’re perfect, or you were perfect, but I think you look really hot now! I should stop talking.” “For me?” Dylan was taken aback by the surprise in Kyle’s voice. “You… like me?” “Of course!” Dylan bubbled. “You’re so talented at sports and you’re really nice! You’re a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. And… you were always friendly to me, always checking in on me and making sure I’m alright.” Dylan took a deep breath, now looking embarrassed. “It’s why I’ve been wanting to ask you out ever since the beginning of our classes together, but I got scared I’d lose what we already had.” Kyle frowned. In one swift motion, he flipped Dylan into his hands and pinned him – not roughly but firmly – to the bed. “You’re telling me,” he growled, “I could’ve been in here with you every night for the past semester?!” Dylan was petrified. “What?” Kyle suddenly realized what he said. “I… fuck it. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask you out for months! But now, this happens.” He laughed. He pushed his face into the crook of Dylan’s neck, rewarded with a symphony of sweet sounds. “But… I…” Kyle silenced him with a deep kiss. Dylan nearly melted in his arms, feeling like his soul was leaving his body. His hands wandered the mass before him, squeezing but not even denting Kyle’s 747 lats. “You’ve got too many clothes on.” Kyle rumbled and before Dylan could protest, they were in tatters on the floor. Dylan wrapped his way around Kyle’s battering ram, kissing the head softly. Now it was Kyle’s turn to be surprised. Dylan curled up and started sliding onto Kyle’s cock. Kyle could hardly resist, all he wanted was to fuck hard, to claim Dylan as his. “How are you taking all that?!” Dylan laughed nervously. “I might have had a few prep perks.” Kyle snorted a laugh as his control crumbled. He began pushing the massive log inside the twink’s perfect ass. Dylan’s tight muscles milked his dick, pulling it in farther. At halfway, he couldn’t hold back anymore. In one swift punch, he hilted Dylan. The twink’s eyes rolled back in his head as he shot across Kyle’s abs. The spasm shook him to his core, sending a little vibration down Kyle as he began to plow hard. With each smack of his hips against his soulmate, Kyle felt his cock swell, already pumping Dylan full of pints of pre-cum. He pressed Dylan into his chest and kept pounding away, shaking the bed. Suddenly, the mattress fell to the ground as the iron frame finally gave way, but neither man noticed. All they cared about was the other. “Gonna… cum…” Kyle finally said. Dylan could only nod, already feeling another load building up. In one final roar, Kyle slammed into Dylan, burying his cock as a tanker load of cum flooded his ass and shot out the sides. He shoved his tongue into Dylan’s mouth, and kept him tight together. Dylan could only moan in bliss, unloading again onto Kyle’s rocky abs. Five minutes later, Kyle finally finished cumming and withdrew. Dylan finally broke the kiss and gasped for air, looking lovingly at the god he created. “Oh my god, that was worth the wait.” “Hell yeah,” Kyle laughed. “Ready for round two?” “Round two?” Dylan groaned. “I need a break!” “Okay a little break, but you’re not leaving this room until you’re milked dry. Give me your phone.” “What?” Dylan squeaked as Kyle tossed him over one arm and lumbered to the desk. “Just a little thank you gift for my man,” Kyle purred in his ear. He held out the phone to show Dylan the new perk. Sharing is Caring All active perks will apply to both of you. Dylan felt his dick shoot back to life as tingles began to spread through his body. ============================================ Eros hammered away at the computer. “I should have expected someone would do that,” he grumbled tapping away. “Ah well, what is it humans say? Find a bug, fix a bug, find twenty more." “That’s why it’s still in beta,” the voice of Ganymede came form between his legs. “Told’ya we should’ve done more bug testing first.” Eros purred feeling the prince’s mouth envelop him. “Hey, at least it worked out in the end. Modern problems need modern matchmaking, right?” Ganymede laughed, teasing the god’s balls. “Yeah, which means you deserve a break.” “Gan, c’mon. If I finish the app, it does my job for me, and we can have all the fun we want. I just need to make a few more cha- oh!” “Later,” came the possessive growl. “My turn now.”
  2. muscleaddict

    m/m Deano's Summer: A Muscle University Story

    So those of you following my "Muscle University" thread will know that I've been working on this - a spin-off story featuring and told from the point of view of the Deano character. For anyone who needs a recap, Deano was the antagonist of that story who spent most of his time harassing Woody for things like flirting with gay dudes on Instagram and wearing pink trunks to Posing Practice 101. But while Woody was reluctantly falling for this new roommate Luke, it turned out Deano was secretly harbouring secret for Woody. This takes place over the summer following the lads' first year at Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness, where Deano goes back home to help out as his dad's infamous hardcore bodybuilding gym with Woody and Luke and the events of the first story very much still on his mind. I've also set up a Twitter account in Deano's name here and I've been posting and interacting with some lads from here as Deano. I'll also be tweeting the events of the story as I post chapters. Thought it would be a fun extra thing to do to go with the story! DEANO’S SUMMER (A MUSCLE UNIVERSITY STORY) One I can’t stop thinking about it. It just keeps going round and round in my head. The image of the two of them together. Why the FUCK did I go to the Watson House gym on the last day of term? I was doing fine before that. Honest I was. I hadn’t been thinking about him for half as much time as I used to. But now, as I’m on the train from London to Brighton - the last leg of my journey home, all I can think about is what I saw yesterday when I walked into my favourite gym at university. Sebastian fucking Wood in that black vest he always wears, playfully knocking his shoulder against Luke Henderson’s. I know it doesn’t sound like much. But it just did something to me. The way Woody was looking at him. (You should have seen the way he was looking at him.) The grin on his face. And the way Henderson was looking back at him. It’s like the image is ingrained in my memory. Every time I think about it, it feels like someone’s twisting all of my insides. I’m so fucking glad my first year of university is over. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved being a student at the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness (or Muscle University as a lot of us call it). I get to train and study all things muscle-related with a whole school of fellow meatheads and bodybuilders. What the fuck’s not to love? The teachers are awesome (some more so than others). I get to hang out with other budding bodybuilders all day. And I’m one of the best lads in my year. At least top five anyway. But the last few months have been a bit weird if I’m being honest. There have even been times when I’ve found myself looking forward to the end of term. To going back home to Brighton for the summer. I guess it all started when Johnny Hoxton forced me to do an assignment for the end of term bodybuilding show with him. Sebastian Wood. With his big, thick pecs which hang over his perfect, blocky abs. And all of his shiny posing trunks. (Why does any bodybuilder need THAT many pairs of trunks?) And that smile. That jawline. And the way he’s just sickeningly good looking. Like he doesn’t even have to try. And the way he fucking struts around campus like he’s God’s gift. Mr fucking Perfect. The dude even smells amazing. And all of his twatty put-downs and one-liners which he thinks are SO fucking funny, when most of the time they’re not. Who the hell is Chris Hemsworth anyway? And while I’m thinking about it - what kind of twat name is Sebastian? What kind of twat name is WOODY? Sebastian “Woody” Wood. The bane of my Muscle University life. He didn’t even bother me that much to start with. Okay - I thought about him. Like, a lot. I even thought we might become friends at some point. I kept imagining how that would happen. Like, one day we’d suddenly start talking and just hit it off and that would be it. We’d be mates. We’d hang out. We’d go to the gym together. He’d come round to my dorm room. In that black vest, he always wears. And those skinny jeans which look painted on. His thighs bulging underneath the denim material. His big arse barely contained by it. But then he showed up. Luke Henderson. The biggest fucking joke to ever set foot on campus. I’ll never forget that first Posing Practice 101 when I first saw him. I couldn’t believe they’d let him into the uni. That was definitely Johnny Hoxton’s doing. There’s no way Mike Hancox would have let Henderson in. Hancox is definitely the best teacher at Montgomery. He used to compete in the nineties and early noughties and he’s basically a fucking legend. I can tell he doesn’t really like Woody either. Unlike Johnny Hoxton, who practically lives up his arse for some reason. Hancox’s face when Henderson rushed into that first lesson wearing that stupid Lego t-shirt was fucking hilarious. The dude looked like he’d barely seen the inside of a gym. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. He definitely had some muscle on him. But a student at a university for bodybuilders? What an absolute joke. He wasn’t even wearing posing trunks for fuck’s sake. The one and only requirement for Posing Practice 101. He had to do the whole lesson wearing his boxer shorts. And not just any old boxers either. Bright yellow Harry Potter boxers! The weird thing is, at the beginning, Woody seemed to have a real problem with him as well. Hancox forced Luke to do a pose off with another student and Woody volunteered. He really fucking showed him up. I think I started to like him even more after that. But then something even weirder happened. For some reason, they became friends. Woody and Henderson. I suppose it was because they were roommates. Spending all that time together. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if me and Woody had been roommates instead. Whether we would have become mates. Or maybe even something more. Anyway, everything changed after that. For some reason, the fact that they were friends really bothered me. And then I took the piss out of Henderson because he was trying to hit a most muscular in Posing Practice (I mean … you should have fucking seen him!) and Woody just flipped and went mental and pushed me really hard and we kind of had a bit of a fight. And then Johnny fucking Hoxton made us do that stupid joint assignment together for the end of term bodybuilding show (which I’m still pissed that I didn’t get to compete in) and that’s when things got kind of complicated. My train is slowing down on the approach to Brighton station. People around me are starting to shift in their seats, grabbing their bags and luggage and putting their jackets on. I always feel this kind of poignancy whenever I come back home. I guess I feel kind of safe here. Or at least safer than I do when I’m at Montgomery. In moments like this, when I’m looking out at all the buildings and houses and I know the sea is behind them, it’s easy to forget that things at home aren’t exactly perfect. I don’t know what it is about Brighton. There’s a sort of energy to the whole town that I’ve never felt anywhere else. I love the way all the lamp posts and railings on the seafront are painted green. And the way the streets and roads dip up and down. And the sound of the seagulls wherever you go. It feels like everyone is here because they really want to be. I feel strangely proud that I was born and raised in a place so many people seem to be drawn to. (To get an idea of what Brighton looks like… ) I notice a few people looking at me as I walk through the train station. I suppose it’s not every day you see a tank sized junior bodybuilder casually walking (okay - it’s probably more like waddling) with a suitcase dragging behind him. I’m pretty decently dressed too. My body’s covered up by my favourite black Montgomery University hoodie, which I’m now regretting wearing, because I’m pretty fucking warm. Apparently it’s gonna get really hot this week so I guess I should get used to this kind of attention. I swear it would be worse if I wasn’t only five feet, five inches tall. Someone like Woody must get gawped at wherever he goes. Ugh. Fucking Woody. And now my insides are clenching again as I think about my fellow Montgomery classmate. What are the chances he and Henderson will decide to drop out and not return to Muscle University for our second year? God - that would just solve all of my fucking problems. There’s the usual line of taxis at the front of the station. I get this weird feeling when I spot my brother’s red Ford KA. Like I’m both comforted and guarded. I guess there’s a certain version of myself that I adopt when I come back home. Or more so, when I’m around my brother and my dad. I throw my suitcase in the back seat and then climb into the front. “Alright, twat face!” Josh says to me with a big grin. I smirk and do my belt up. “Managed to get through a whole term without getting suspended this time?” he jokes, as we pull away from the station. My chest tightens. I give him a fake sarcastic smile and look out of the side window. He blasts the radio up. Some dance tune is playing and he’s singing and bopping along. Josh never changes. He has this kind of larger than life energy about him. It’s like he only has one setting. And it’s always “on”. Sometimes it’s contagious and charming. Other times it's just bloody annoying. “You do know dad’s not gonna let you just bum around for the summer?” he says. He’s got this smug smirk on his face. Josh always seems to get some kind of satisfaction out of my misfortune. I pull a face. “What’s he expecting me to do?” “Help out at the gym!” For fuck’s sake. I guess that was a given. I hate how my dad just expects me to help out at his gym. It’s not the worst thing, to be honest. But … I don’t know. I guess I had thoughts of maybe doing something different this summer. “I was actually thinking of looking for a job,” I tell Josh. I don’t know why I’m nervous to confess that. I shouldn’t be nervous. Josh immediately screws his face up. Like it’s an absurd notion. Me actually getting a job and doing something away from him and dad. “Why? You know Dad’ll pay you!” Ugh. That’s really not the point. “I know that!” Josh still looks completely baffled by the idea. “Anyway, what would you do?! I mean … who’s gonna employ YOU?” he teases, with a smirk. I flash him another fake, sarcastic smile. “Maybe you could be one of those naked butler dudes?” Then he gasps. “Or a Dream Boy? Nah - you have to be good looking for that!” I shake my head and roll my eyes. “Now I could be a fucking Dream Boy!” I fold my arms and look out of the window again. My brother’s now crossed the line into “bloody annoying”. “Maybe one of those gay clubs on the seafront will hire you as a go-go boy?” My stomach clenches. I don’t respond or look at Josh. I just keep looking out of the window. “Jesus - what’s wrong with YOU?” he cries, hitting me on the shoulder. “I’m tired. And you’re annoying the FUCK out of me!” This big grin emerges on Josh’s face and I can’t help but smile back. Here’s the deal with my brother. I love him and everything, but … God - let’s just say it wasn’t easy growing up having Joshua Watkins as my older sibling. Josh was that guy at school that ALL the girls fancied. No matter what year they were in. He was like a fucking celebrity, for God’s sake. And he’s only gotten more handsome with age. He’s got this part bad boy, party pretty boy thing going on. A shaved head. A ring in his nose. And he’s got these big puppy dog eyes. He got those from our mum. He’d probably fit in in a boy band just as much as he’d fit in in prison. He’s done a few bodybuilding competitions too, so he’s pretty big, but he doesn’t take it as seriously as me and dad do. He’s too much of a party boy. I don’t know where he gets his height from. Me and dad are both short arses, but Josh is six foot tall. So yeah - I was pretty jealous of him growing up. The number of girls who were shocked when they found out we were brothers. I’ll never forget that one girl from the year above when I was in the school canteen that one time. “YOU’RE Josh Watkins’ brother?!” she cried, with her face screwed up. She obviously couldn't believe that demigod, boyband member worthy Josh could be related to me. “Oh - Smithy’s having a birthday thing tonight. You’re coming, right?” Ugh. “Mmmm. I dunno!” “WHAT?!” Josh cries. “Fucking YES - you’re coming!” Smithy is one of Josh’s old school mates. Something weird happened when I started going to the gym, packing on the mass and competing as a junior in bodybuilding competitions. Josh and his older mates all suddenly wanted me to hang around with them. I guess it was kind of cool being initiated into your older brother’s friend group. Most of them are decent lads. Some are pretty beefy too. Okay - most of them are pretty beefy. I think they respect me cause I’m Josh’s little brother. Oh - and I’m a tank sized pocket rocket bodybuilder with biceps bigger than ALL of theirs. Honestly - I like hanging around with them, but they’re all just so full on. I’m really not sure if I’m in the mood for that tonight. “I’ve just spent, like, eight hours on three different trains!” I protest. “Don’t be a fucking pussy. It’s your first night back.” Josh turns the music up. I roll my eyes, but this unexpected feeling of excitement rises up in my chest as I look out of the side window again and see the sea past a row of differently coloured houses in a street that feels like it could only be in Brighton. I mostly just want to go back home, collapse on my bed and watch TV all night. But there’s this other part of me that really wants to go out with Josh and his mates tonight. With anyone in fact. Maybe this is what I need. Maybe this will take my mind off Montgomery University. Make me forget what happened yesterday at the Watson House gym and what has been going through my mind over and over ever since. “Fuck it!” I say to Josh. “I’m in.” “Good lad!” he says, slapping my shoulder again and cranking the volume of the music up even more. I slump down in my seat and close my eyes. Taking the music in. The sound of seagulls in the distance. Thinking about tonight. Only tonight. And absolutely, unequivocally, not thinking about the way Sebastian Wood was smiling and looking at Luke Henderson in a way that no one has ever looked at me before.
  3. GiganticBeast

    m/m Caffeine

    HEY FOLKS! I am DELIGHTED to share with you, not a work of my own creation, no, but instead one from an incredible friend who doesn't crave the limelight. Still..this is AMAZING. The only way I can describe it is, it FEELS like the stories I found when I was first sneaking on the muscle growth forums as a not quite old enough teen beast it makes my heart race the same way and I LOVE every SECOND OF IT! It's a nostalgic throwback full of incredible growth descriptions and AMAZING characters. ENJOY! Three years of trial and error, of hardship and ridicule from other co-workers. More than seven years dedicated to study and reinvention of biological chemistry. When bosses give him project after project, he works on a side one. Something just for him, something to keep him sane, despite the workplace and workload. He can’t really talk to his co-workers about it, so he tends to talk more by himself. They murmur behind his back, call him mad, “not right in the head”. The higher ups move him down, floors away from the others. Away from the light and the sun. Into a hole in the ground, deep in the basement; a sub basement. Thrown into a room with vats of storage tanks of chemicals. Huge tanks of liquid nitrogen to cool down samples, it keeps them safe for use and inspection. Old heat tanks moderate oil for the winter, many pipes run off to the different boilers in the room. The pipes knock, bang, clank as they violently change temperatures. They whistle different noises. Dim lit old fluorescent lights, that haven’t been changed out in years, still hang on for some unknown reason. They flicker and blink. That is, if he can see them though all the pipes that run around the ceiling twelve feet up. Don't forget the dull hum of traffic about 26 feet above him that travels down the pillars scattered throughout the room. The door opens, a wave of pungent chemicals assault his senses. If he weren't used to them, he might have turned around and headed right back out the door. The temperature is moderate, except for the cloud of haze, which hangs in the air. That dense, cold vapor makes it hard to see things clear. He makes his way further to the back of the room. He notices failed or broken experiments littered on the ground, and rusted old tables from years past deposited down here, forgotten about. Hazmat suits, gloves, and lab coats lay coated, crusted, and burned with chemicals haphazardly strewn on back of old chairs, or on the edges of their old tables. There, in the corner, is his work. His own special project. He’s halted any assigned tasks, not like his bosses ever check in on him anyways. This was all that mattered right now. A caffeine additive for a workout supplement. Distillation beakers slowly drip a heavy, viscous, yellow chemical liquid. Stupid company, they couldn’t see the value of the supplement, they couldn’t see it as the gold mine it was! Instead they put him on a dead-end task to combat some super-flu. Their pipe dream project was all they seemed to care about, all they’d approve funding for! He could be, should be, spending more time on his money-making caffeine additive. So he could quit this lackluster, crap factory job. So he can earn the respect he deserves. Months of test samples from patients around the world. Test this sample, test that sample. More, and more still, are carried in larger quantities during endless hours of the day. This is a more recent sample from a middle age Russian lifter, that undergoes hormone treatments for depression. He neglects to tell his doctors that he was also experiments with Human Growth Hormone, and testosterone boosters. The scientist’s company takes interest in the lifter, because as to record, he has become the largest specimen in the world due to the super-flu. The largest specimens are quarantined to a remote island in the southern pacific. They prevent boats and vessels from reaching inland due to the jagged, dangerous cliffs and rocks. “How is my little baby doing today?” The scientist murmurs to no one as he observes the distillation process. “At this rate it'll take another week of processing. Yes, yes!” As he rants on to himself. “But then we can leave this horrible forsaken job and move, move far, far away from these horrible little people.” *Knock-knock-knock,* echoes around the large room. “My door, someone is at my door,” he spits to himself in disgust. He slams the sample beaker down, it skitters and rolls across the table. It bumps the other caffeine beaker out of the way. A yellow drip falls into it. The knock returns, more rapid this time. “YES! FOOL, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE INTERRUPTING!” he bellows, then throws the door open. He stands on the other side, he leans on a mop. It’s the janitor, dressed in a brown twill coveralls. His frame is large and heavy from years of lifting. The coveralls zipped half way up, unable to close all the way due to a heavily sculpted and overhanging upper body. A dungy grey undershirt covers what it can, it stretches thin over his heaving pecs. Titanic hands are covered in veins and hair, dense callouses from lifting his entire life. He inhales, his pecs push up into a properly kept beard, thick. It’s salt and peppered to match his head hair. Gray hair sprinkles with white and black hairs. Hair thins going up, fades completely at the top. A matching gray till military flat top cap lays on top of his pumped head. Glasses sit on the bridge of his nose. He peers over the tops of the thin rectangular metal frames. He chews bubblegum, a thick chin and jaw undulates under strong face muscles somewhere beneath that big beard. “What?! What, what what what… wwwhhhhaaaaatt!” spittle foams in the corners of the scientist’s mouth. “I need to snag some tools that I left down here from servicing the boilers earlier,” states the muscular janitor. They stare at each other without an answer. The silence is uncomfortable. Janitor chews his gum loud, he pops some bubbles, twirls the mop handle, waits for an answer. He watches the scientist sour into irritation. “Who is this guy? Doesn't he know who I am! Doesn't he know what I’m trying to accomplish? The audacity of this, this, this…” he mumbles aloud. “Janitor Bruce,” the older gentleman blurts out. Not as an answer, more of an interruption of the rambling thought process, as Bruce barges through the door. He heads towards the back of the room where he’d left his tools.The crazed scientist runs after the janitor, to catch up with the janitor's long strides from his massive, long legs. Colossal feet shoved into some galoshes. They scuff against the floor, footfalls audible. The scientist still mumbles, and follows the janitor around like a security guard that tails a troubled patron in a sensitive high-end electronic store. His grumbles are low enough this time that the janitor can hear his chatter, but can’t tell what he is saying over the noise of the his massive self, and subsequent movement of himself. “Can't let him see, can't let him touch. Too early, too soon. But need subject to test, yes. Yes! A subject, can skip rat test. Nasty, bitey, small, troublesome things.” the scientist deduces. He fumbles his hands, runs over them in manic thought. Then the janitor stops and turns a bit, then lumbers to the nearest boiler next to the beaker table. The scientist shuffles past while the janitor squats next to the hot boiler. He collects his tools that have been strewn about by the scientist. Small scamper sounds probably indicates some big rats, or feral cats that run around down there. The scientist walks up to his liquid experiment. He grabs a canister of distilled water. He snags the beaker that collects another drop of caffeine derivative and pours in the water. He whirls it with a glass stirring rod. He scurries back over to the janitor, and holds out the beaker. “Water!” he squeaks flatly. “Hot, hot, hot down here. There, around here, heaters, boilers, bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Have to drink. Drink! Hot! Must, muuuusssttt drink.” His nervous twitches are prominent now, as if to conceal something, as if he were inspected by someone. The janitor bends down, crouched. His bags are almost packed, the janitor grabs the beaker, “Oh, yeah. Thanks.” He ignores the scientist, and downs the liquid. “BLECK! What in the hell was that shit?! Bitter lemon something… Ugh that was awful!” The janitor grimaces in disgust. “Drink, drink, energy drink. Citrus derivative. Must need more glucose, fructose, sugar, sugar. Bad, bad bitter, too bitter. Bad for business.” The scientist grumbles. He smacks himself in the head and table. He bangs on the table, until he hears a crash on the ground. The scientist scuttles around to the other side of the table to view what fell. “No, no, bad, bad. Bad taste, bad business. Such a mess. Mess made on the floor, mess made. NO! WHAT?!” He suddenly realizes the mistake, eyes widen to shock. Suddenly the scientist screams in terror, “OUT! YOU! YOU MUST GET OUT! OUT NOW!!” The janitor stands up. He’s collected all his tools now in his large canvas bag. “Yeah, yeah just let me get my bag and I’ll be out of your hair. You should treat your elders a bit better…” The janitor states cooly. He bends back over to pickup the bag… There’s a loud RRIIIIPP. The janitor wasn't shocked or startled, unlike the scientist. He jumps at the noise, and scuttles behind one of the closest pillars. “Well there goes another set of coveralls, here I thought I was cutting down. Guess it’s bulking season, huh youngin’? Phew, it's getting a little warm in here. I think I should service a few of these boilers, check if they run properly. You know, with all those world issues, with that growth flu… I've been working on this old body for years! Lifting, working out, keeping in shape. It's getting harder as the years go by. Then these lucky so-and-sos just get this immense size! What this ol’ grandpa wouldn’t give for some of THAT!” Bruce turns, and looks for the scientist. He gives his arm a flex, observes the sleeve fill up bigger than even he was used to. “Maybe I did more work than I thought today. Gramps got a really nice pump going, come ‘ere and, and… Where you go, little guy?” He searches ‘till he spots the scientist. He hides behind some junk. “Come on out little guy, gramps won’t hurt you. Much.” He smirks with a double bicep flex. With a double rip noise, janitor gramps gawks with mouth agape, as he stares at his busted cloth. It hangs in shreds from his arms. “Something isn’t right here. You. What was in that drink you gave me.” He beelines right for the scientist cowering behind the pillar. Footfalls are much heavier than before. Outlines of his feet and toes showing in the rubber as they've grown inside. The tips look striated. His legs kick the junk loitered around, meaty hand grabs a table and pushes it across the room as he heads right to him. The scientist ducks behind the pillar, as grandpa reaches around it like a hug. His arms having lengthened, grabs the scientist. Bruce hoists him up by the coat. “Tell me what you’ve done to me! NOW!” Grandpa Bruce demands through gritted teeth. The meek scientist squeaks and stammers. He can’t form words. He struggles, and grips the hairy, thick, muscled wrist of the growing elder before him. The older gentleman smirks as he watches the lab rat struggle. Not because of the growth or power that's happening to him, but because of the tent popped in the scientist's trousers. He pulls him in closer, face to face. The scientist closes his eyes tight and flinches. He hides his head as best as possible, and grips the janitors wrist even tighter. He expects a beating, or worse. The scientist is shaken to his core. He doesn't realize the janitor has put him down until the elder speaks, “It’s alright son, this grandpa won't harm a hair on your head. Open your eyes, and gander at what you helped create! I know you like what you see.” Bruce smiles. Warmth radiates from his muscles. “I’m REALLY enjoying it too! I think whatever you've done has made me a bit bigger in that manly area too. This suit is getting really snug down south. I think I've grown some. Look at these legs. Look! They are getting big!” He flexes his legs. The scientist can see the fabric stretch thin. Each muscle group bunches up. Thick and fibrous like a sculpted bodybuilder. More solid than the proudest strongmen. The scientist finally opens his eyes. The first thing that smacks his sight is a thick, bulbous, bulging, growing groin of the elder gramps in front of him. His eyes widen, they full on stare right at the throbbing erection. It forces itself out of the zipper teeth. It snakes around his waist. Two lemon sized balls fall down each pant leg, fill up, and pound larger with each heartbeat. They all push forward by his muscled thighs. The growing elder rumbles, “Go ahead and get your little hands full of this elder muscle man.” As he pulls both breast coveralls apart the zipper breaks apart showing off his chest and muscled gut. His bloated jock spills out. Yes, the drapes match the carpet, which seems thicken with a bushy treasure trail. The thick unkempt hair runs up and gets hidden beneath the undershirt, which has now ridden up to show off his fuzzy, tight navel. The scientist reluctantly reaches out a trembling hand to the jock and touches the sausage. It throbs and grows. It pushes out slow, like a water balloon that fills up steady. From its central area it billows out like a rippled pleasure wave as it fills the janitor, he surges in size. “Oh yes, yes! That’s it. Use those little digits of yours to explore your growing gramps. Dig in deeper, reach under that package and grab those balls. Give them a tug. My god this feels incredible! I feel so strong, so energetic. I feel like my heart is racing, like it's going to thump out of my chest.” As he grabs the scientists smaller hands and brings them up to his chest, right above his heart. The scientist squeaks again as his torso presses against the hard and striated chest. For an older man's chest, it doesn't feel aged or flabby. There below his hands, thumps his powerhouse of a heart. It pushes growth hormone and testosterone laden virus into his veins.Tissues overflow with power and strength, he de-ages, becomes virile again. The chest heaves under his touch as the scientist feels the fabric stretch over the expanding muscles. The neck of the undershirt sags larger, the bottom hem rises. It flashes an inflating, cobbled muscled stomach. It’s now at the scientists eye level. The scientist’s arms stretch high, his hands slip down over the janitor’s chest as it rises taller. He pushes himself into the janitor’s own stomach, the pouch of the growing grandpa giant spills out with the jock holds. It provides no support. Creaks, stretching rubber noises rend the air with an explosion. The galoshes that were on gramps feet blow out like an exploding tire. It scares the scientist, who hightails behind a pillar with a stung leg from rubble cracking onto it. Big gramps also jumps from the noise. Startled, he bumps into the steam pipes above. He breaks and bends them some. He dips back down. This causes hot steam to billow into the room at uncontrolled rates. The elder crashes to the ground. Pipes, scraps of junk, and the metal tables go flying. He splays out like a marionette puppet with its strings cut. He bursts in snorting, booming, chuckle. Spooked from the surprise yes, but he wasn't hurt or cut at all. On the contrary, Bruce is perfectly unharmed. “Look at this. LOOK AT THIS! All this, hard, hairy, strong muscle!” He rubs his hands over his chest and abs. He grabs his thickening nipples and gives them both a twist. A deafening growl emanates deep within his large chest. Another snap. A long wet slap echoes, the few strings which hold the jock together breaks. His thick cock slaps up between his pecs. They lodge in its deep crevice. Wiring hairs curl over the depth of the cock pillar. A large stream of pre flies in an arc over his shoulder. His soccer ball sized testicles spill out onto the cold concrete floor. “Ugh fuck, fuck, I’m so god damn horny. Even my cock and balls are growing! Mmm, m-more bigger.” His hands move down to stroke his shaft and grab at his balls. His strokes cause more grunts and groans. They deepen as his whole body slowly expands. The temperature in the room grows hotter. Steam fills the room with thick heavy air. Droplets of water drip from the broken pipes above the giant man, drip on his hairy frame. Between the water and sweat drops, his body shines in the low light. The scientist finally peeks out from behind the pillar to see the grown janitor surge in small spurts. He watches gramps flex, as Bruce rubs his own hairy body. He writhes in pleasure, breathes deeply with growl, and talks about how it all feels. Thick gray woolen socks stretch, he watches the gramps frame enlarge. Toes flex on each stroke of his cock. His heel widens and frays the back, toes bunch up then stretch and rip though the top. He makes his way back over to the elder and even while he sits on the cold ground. Their eyes are level. “Why don't you help out your gramps and get to worship this body, boy. Start with those growing feet that scared you away! You always stare at the ground, so I know you like em!” The elder says with a lustful command. “RUB!” He growls. The scientist jumps right into it and bends down, hugs and rubs the big, swelling feet. They stretch to the length of the scientist’s thigh, toes that are as big around as his thumb curl and spread. The foot continues to grow, inch bigger and bigger! The last remnants of the sock jerk off, Bruce exposes his bare feet to the air. The scientist gets up and straddles the shin, sits on it. He watches the veins grow, travel over the foot. Patches of hair thicken on the tops of the feet and toes. The steam in the air becomes opaque, as it sizzles even hotter in the room. The boilers kick into high gear. They try to supply more heat to the build, with nothing in return. “Suck on those toes, I can feel your throbs on me. You just started. Maybe you can get that little toe in your mouth.” The pumped elder says with his eyes closed in self worship. Just as the scientist sucks on the toe a staggered groan comes from the elder. The leg the scientist sits on shakes as it swells in a small burst of growth. It bucks the scientist back, he lands against the groin. He watches as both legs stretch and swell. Feet expand, legs lengthen, muscles bunch and grow; you can hear the fibers and bones stretch and grow. The fabric on his legs blow apart like a balloon pop, shred like cheese. Thighs widen and trap the scientist between them. Junk gets kicked away from the feet that send them hurdle across the room in wrecked heaps. Spurts of pre land on the scientist in ropes, as the chest rumbles behind him. The scientist can't handle it, he covers his hands over his cock and cums in his pants. The expanding god surrounds him. Legs three times as long as his body have grown out from the giant. The grandpa’s thigh is now longer than the scientist. “Uh, h-Here we gggGGOOOO AGAIN!” The janitor growls. With a body flex the coveralls tear asunder. He reaches up to the last remaining piece cloth. The grey undershirt miraculously still holds together. Gramps grabs at the neck. He rips the shirt off his torso with a, “GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOWWWLLL!” His cock fires, stream after stream of pre volleys on to the hot floor. Each time it lands farther and farther away, thicker and more voluminous spurts each time. Tatters of cloth fall down on the scientist, as pre streams down to soak him. The janitors balls lurch and push the scientist away as they take up more space. Coco nuts, bowling balls, watermelons, beach balls shove into the scientist. He watches hair prickle and grow from them. After all, godly grandpas must exhume power and manliness. That doesn't happen with smooth balls! Too enraptured by the growth, the scientist doesn't notice himself pinned to gramp’s inner thigh, squashed under those wiry wrecking balls. He looks back to the scene before him, the biggest cock he's ever seen throbs inches away from his face. He looms in its shadow, as it stretches so high. Thicker than gramp’s waist, he watches as the head flexes and gobs spurt across the room into furniture. Musky smells of sex waft all around him now, they grow stronger, opaque. The janitors arms stretch up, too short to reach the tip. Hands even for him, too small to reach around… For now. Drool drips from the janitors mouth as he strokes his cock, it elicits a growl on each stroke. “Rub grandpas balls little man. He’s got a load brewed to show the world! While you can still reach ‘em.” The behemoth lustfully insists. Grandpa’s pace quickens with furiously long strokes. Each breath his chest rises and doesn’t fall back down. His torso thickens, widens, grows up. Muscle piles on top of muscle as the grandpa’s head pushes higher. Neck muscles thicken and you watch his Adam’s apple bounce with each gulp of air. The chin squares and deepens. It becomes more masculine, thick stubble spreads over, down his cheeks and neck. His cheek bones sharpen and become pronounced features. The nose bridge thickens. The tip becomes a bulbous sphere without loss to any angular sharpness. His engorged, creased head grows along with the deep and powerful voice of the elder. Shoulders push up against the ceiling as the overhead pipes rip out of their wields and anchors, from each of the boilers now. “I’m sitting and I’ve reached the ceiling, AGAIN! So big, but I want so much more! Bigger, yes… BIGGER,” Bruce’s lips drool with lust. Each one commercial boilers kick into higher gears to supply heat to the build. The air is thick and heavy on the lungs, from the amount of hot steam. Glowing flames pierce through the steam from the grates of the boilers. They cause yellow, orange, and auburn lights to dance on the giant’s frame. Titanic shadows adorn the walls of the room show the cacophonous lust of the giant, of the man, of the god. His arms grow to match his torso. Biceps that would dwarf a VW beetle. He throttles his biceps again. His arms grow so much taller, his head in pushes into the pecs. Meaty lips swim with beard and chest hair as he licks the droplets of sweat and steam from his hairs. Bruce leans back against the floor as his feet push into the wall at the end. The floor cracks into spidery webs as he splays out against it. Great big calloused paws, mitts, bearish hands still try to wrap around the tower of his cock. As big as he himself has become, his cock and balls have outclassed him. So much pleasure has built up, his whole cock flares. It pours out a stream as big as a 5 gallon bucket of pre. "Ohhh Fuck the growth is getting stronger! My body feels like it's going to explode with mass. Yesss! Keep growing, don't ever- FUCK, stop!!” The giant’s body quakes with power. He pushes his hands into the ceiling as a surge of growth overcomes his entire body. Bus sized feet and boulder soles crash, push into the far concrete wall. Hiis head and shoulders squash in between both boilers and one another. His fingers larger than oil drums flex like biceps, and dig into the ceiling. “Too much, TOO MUCH POWER! IM GUNNA… GUNNA. W-WATCH ME…” A roar that would shake the building plus few blocks around escapes the maw of the muscled janitor. He thrusts his cock between the ceiling and his pecs. He grinds his obelisk against the squarish slabs, against his corkscrew hair, against the concrete as it crumbles away. A flood of cum erupts from the beastly muscled gramps. You think this story would end here. But oh no… Just as there is more white than any color on the page you read now, there is a hundred times more white expelled from Bruce’s cock. It wasn't even done growing. It’s barely even started. As much cum is it expelled, it didn't end. It only refilled more. Those balls make cum faster than that bludgeon pillar of a cock could expel. So the janitor does the only thing he can, he grips that ceiling and pushes that cock though the ceiling to the floor above. Thrust after thrust, he unloads into another boiler room above. It’s just as empty and desolate as the one they were in. A whole room that would be destroyed by the jets of cum, rocket out of his cock. A room, whose pipes would break again, snap and fray. A room and hallway whose temperature skyrockets, with hot, musky steam. Heavy hot breaths fill the room below. Inaudible growls of lust wrend the air in quakes, as balls slap up and down splinters of concrete. The scientist escapes behind a far pillar in time, before he can be crushed. Drips of sweat, steam, and sex echo though-out the room between howls. Levels of cum rise. They fill the room as the glory hole in the ceiling cracks. Alternate surges of cracks pour down cum, then thicken as the growing cock plugs it back up again. The scientist feels doomed if he stays here much longer. Either the rise in heat would burn him, or building collapse above will bury him alive. It’s time to flee for his life. He trudges through the viscous cum and exits to the world above. One last glance back over his shoulder, he cums again in his pants. He leaves his precious research behind. He ascends the stairs to pull the fire alarm, to get everyone out. Fifteen minutes later, the building is surrounded by police and firemen. EMTs respond to to call. There are murmurs about the heat. How it’s either too hot or too cold. How they all felt a minor earthquake. A few of the patrons described how it smelled like a gym. Firemen gather at the utility stairs to the sub basements, but can’t budge the door. It seems to have been blocked off by a collapse of the foundation. A slurry pumps out from the cracks of the door. This causes some of the firemen to sport erections. Just as they turn around to head back to the truck, an aftershock hits, the stairwell collapses. The ground undulates and cracks. People flee from the underground park area. The firemen run and push people out of the building. Some stand around the exits of the lot. THOOOOOOOOOMMM Something enormous bursts through the ground in an explosion of grey dust and smoke. It crashes up though the car park into the build above. More bursts from the ground. It tears apart as people run away from the building. Windows bust out from the bottom floor up as smoke billows out. Every now and then rubble and office furniture tumbles out. A few minutes of this go by, when a rumble grunt overwhelms the emergency lights and sirens. “UUNNNGGHHHHHH!! OUUUUGHHHHHH!!!” It’s so loud. It pierces everything. The bass howls shockwaves. Birds flee and take flight from around the building. It is so guttural and low. Those close enough fall to their knees. Maybe in disbelief, maybe out of fear, but the way their eyes roll back in their heads tells other tales. The scientist steadies himself against a tree, across the street in a small parking lot. He huffs. He glances upwards, and stares towards what he hopes can’t happen. It can’t be what he thinks it is. “No no no no. This can't be happen… It can't be!” He yelps to himself in disbelief. It can’t be who he thinks it is. Another aftershock hits, the scientist falls to his knees. His eyes widen as an immense figure bursts out the top of the eighteen story building. The giant speaks in a lust addled deafening voice, “"Awwww Shit this feels so DAMN GOOD!!! Grow FUCKIN' HUUUUGGGEEE!!! C-c-can't s-stop. MMOORRREE!” He flexes his upper body like he reaches for something tangible above. With a surge, his body grows in an epic spurt. The building cracks apart, as chunks fall down. Bystanders run and scream as some of the firefighters and men stay, watch, transfixed. “OHHHHNNNGGHHH. FFFFUUUOUGHH FUCK. That's it body, I can feel UNGH, another HUGE GROWTH SPURT COMIN' ON, MAKE THIS MATURE MUSCLEFREAK INTO A GIGANTIC MUSCLEBEAST. C'MON BODY...GRRRRROOOOOOOWWWWW G-GRRRR-GRROOWWWWW!! AAAAGGGNNNNHHHHHHHH!!" Everyone gapes toward the growing giant. He expands up and out into a supreme god as the building crumbles around him. Eventually caught in self pleasure, a tremendous hairy thick base of a cock peeks up out of the rubble flanked by monstrously thick muscled thighs. It quickly chubs up, as it pushes out of the building by its own power and growth. The cock head lands in the street, almost on top of the park. The giant’s eyes flutter with pleasure. The building now in shambles crumbles all around. It sends a dust cloud everywhere. The giant stands there in the cloud. Bruce feels himself up, flexes, growes, growls rumbles. "HOLY FUCK MY COCK IS COLOSSAL!! And it's still G-GROWING BIGGER!! Never imagined my body would get so massive if I caught this growth flu, but UNNGGGHHH I don't want to stop growing! I need more size, more muscle, NNNGGHHFFFF, more cock!! RRUUOOAAUUNGHHHH! SO FUCKING HUUUUUGE!!!!” Huge balls swell with vast reservoirs of manly cum. An audible a water balloon noise being filled violently. Creaks that snap the air like distorted drums. The scientist spots the janitors balls swell. They expand so fast they hit the ground with a shuttering force. The earth below quivers. The giant, addled with lust falls forwards over his convulsing member. The janitor’s bloated hands fall on either side of the park, his face hovers over the scientist. Bruce lays on top of his shaft, his hairy muscled chest traps it below. The janitor sees his little scientist on his knees. The scientist looks up at him and grabs his groin. “Hey there Mr. Scientist. You know, this BIG grandpa should give you a big th-thanks.” As he starts to thrust his row-house sized cock. The janitor digs his hands into the streets, he balls up fistfuls of asphalt like sand. He slams his cock out, and drags it through the street. He howls and growls. Saliva foams, drips from his mouth. It splats next to the scientist. Knowing what’s to come, the scientist books out of the park as fast as he can. As he exits he hears a blast of clear pre take out the tree he used to lean on. It rips through buildings and roads in the path of the stream. While Bruce’s beast jets pre and floods the area, his body pulses larger, bigger, wider. Bruce towers over down-town buildings while he lays on his cock. The monster has decimated city blocks as his fists alone crush a block with their explosive growth. Booming mountain sized feet plow behind the giant. What’s not getting pushed away or destroyed by his feet and legs are getting crushed by the immense balls. They flatten the skyline. Streets flood as the grandpa’s growth accelerates. His accelerated growth fast eclipses buildings with just a finger. Unlimited muscle, power, and lust cascade through his python veins. Nay, his subway sized network of veins. Sweat drips down his hot body. It spreads like a cloud of sex over the city. “Awwww Shit this feels so DAMN GOOD!!! Growing FUCKIN' HUUUUGGGEEE!!! My balls are so fuckin' heavy and massive, I can feel all the cum brewin' in 'em, gonna...HNNG...GGNNNFFFF....HUGE LOOOOAAAADD!! UUNNNGGHHHHHH!! GOTTA PUMP-PU-PUUGHHHH HU-HUGERR!!! Muscles pump and swell. They surge so fast it pushes into his neck and head, his whole face swells. He has to stand up or be choked by his own muscles, the city cracks under his feet the size of a county. The ground buckles under his tremendous weight as his cock surges above his head again. It’s wider than his body as it erects skywards. The gramps stands miles high, the colossal god has to steady himself between his cock and balls. He grips his cock that flows with an immeasurable amount of pre, right before it stops. His balls pull up against his body. The god tries to put a choke hold on his own cock to no avail. "THIS GIGANTIC GRANDPA'S GONNA PUMP OUT THE BIGGEST LOAD THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN...GONNA COAT THIS STATE IN MY THICK MUSKY LOAD!! HERE IT...HHNNNURRRGGGGHH… CUMS. OH FUCK MY MASSIVE BALLS ARE CHURNING SO LOUD AND...GGNNHHHH… FFFFUUUCK FRRRUGHHHH, SHIT SHIT OH FUCKING SHIT HERE IT COMES, IT’S COMING, IT'S BLOATING UP MY GINORMOUS COCK SO FUCKING BIIIIGGGGGGG. NGGHHHHOOOOOAAAAHHHHFUUUUUCKKKKK! HOLY SHIT, AWWW FUCK YEAH CAN'T STOOOOPPPP CUUUUMMMMMIIIINGGGGG!! YES YES YEEEEEESSSSSSSS! OOOHHHHHHGGGGGGG SO MUCH FUCKING MUSCLE CUUUUMMMMM!!! M-MORE MORE CUMMMMM!!!" Clear across the country, out of a gym, walks Scott and Will. They just met in the gym. Will gave Scott a few lifting pointers. Will isn’t a trainer, just a guy. If someone needed help he’d offer them his know-how. They exchange numbers outside when a meteor shower starts above. That’s weird… It was so bright during the day, they just stood there in awe. Until ash started to fall, they decided they’d better get home. Neither of them drove. No taxis were available on the apps, so they decided to walk home fast. They share almost the exact same route most of the way. After a good two miles they rushed to Will’s place. Instead of parting, Will decides he would instead invite Scott inside. A rainstorm hits. Perhaps it had something to do with the meteors. Scott decides with the rain he better take the invite and heads inside. “Oh, you can call me Brawn by the way,” mentions Scott. His friends call him by that nickname. He shakes hands with Will. Just as they turn towards the house, they hear.. “BIGGEST FUCKING Grandpa on the planet!! C-C-CAN’T s-stop CUMMING!!!! GOD DAMN it’s SO GOOOOOOOOD!!” It rolls like thunder from a distance.
  4. Herald

    m/m The dominant species (7)

    Two hours later, Matt was walking back to his dorm after an intense workout. His pumped muscles overstretched his tank top. “YO DAYTON!” The harsh sound made Matt turn around. Before he could react, a fist smacked into his face, bruising his right eye. “What the…”, he let out as he stumbled backwards a bit. A second punch hit his nose, braking it with an audible cracking sound. “Augh”, he grunted as he held his right paw against his battered nose and raised his mighty left arm in a defensive motion. The lightning speed of the unexpected attack had totally taken him by surprise: being the biggest man on campus he was used to others avoiding him or staring at his body; no one had been stupid enough to attack him since his growth had begun. “Not so tough now, he pretty boy”, Sean spat in anger at the 80 pound heavier athlete. He knew he had to act fast before his huge teammate would put up a fight. He pulled a baseball bat from his backpack and swung it at his opponent. “That’s for fucking my girlfriend”, he screamed as he smacked the bat at full force into the huge man’s stomach. “Umpf”, Matt let out more in surprise than pain. His eight-pack had absorbed the blow with a fleshy thud and protected him. The impact from the blow made him step back a bit more and he felt the brick wall of the dorm against his back. His bruised eye and bleeding nose sent aching stabs to his brain. “Sean?”, he asked as his good eye identified his assailant. He saw a motion in the corner of his good eye and the next moment another fleshy thud filled the air as the bat hit his stomach again. The second blow into his stomach weakened his abs further and the third and fourth blow smacked through his eight-pack. “Aughn”, he groaned in pain as his abs collapsed under the violent blow. His left arm clawed at the bat in vain: his teammate kept it out of his reach. “Fucking pretty boy with his show muscles that ain’t worth shit”, Sean spat at the huge man trying to grab the baseball bat from his hands. “Feel what a real man’s muscles can do”, he yelled and took another swing at his teammate’s crushed abs. “Aughn”, Matt yelled once more as the bat slammed into his bruised abs again. He bent over instinctively but somehow managed to grab hold of the baseball bat and threw it far away as he tried to recatch his breath. Sean hesitated for a split second as his weapon was tossed way beyond his reach. He noticed the huge man focusing on himself and moved in. “Thought you could take my spot on the team, he pretty boy”, he spat and threw another punch into his teammate’s face. “Then fucking my girl”, he added and his other fist smacked into the way bigger man’s face. Matt didn’t have a chance to put up an excuse of a defense: the quarterback just kept attacking him and held his advantage. The attack had taken him completely off guard and he could only take the hits and try fending off his attacker. He felt his lip burst as another punch landed onto his face. Sean felt all-powerful beating up the way bigger man. He knew it had been a good idea to put some tranquilizer into his teammate’s drink in the gym earlier: the huge man’s reflexes were unusually slow. He avoided the swinging arm and slammed his fist hard into the battered eight-pack. “Umpff”, Matt let out as the fist sank into his aching stomach. The blow did hurt way less than the bat had done. He tried fighting back, but somehow his mighty body didn’t respond to the commands his brain was sending. Sean grabbed his huge teammate’s chin and forced the other athlete to look up into his eyes. A smile formed on his lips at the sight of the damaged face. “I’m gonna destroy your pretty face completely, pretty boy”, he spat out and pulled back his free arm. “Time to put out your lights”, he said and closed his eyes as he launched his fist at his teammate’s face. A fleshy thud resounded and he felt his fist smack into flesh. He opened his eyes to see the result of his blow and a look of terror filled his face: somehow his huge teammate had managed to lift his left arm and had caught his punch in his hand. He tried pulling back his fist, but it was stuck inside his teammate’s paw. His other hand let go of his teammate’s chin and grabbed his big wrist to try and pull it away. Matt felt the useless tugs against his wrist and easily held onto the fist trapped inside his paw. The tranquilizer still prevented him from using his reflexes and strength completely. He began getting up, leaning away from the wall, without letting go of the quarterback’s fist. Sean tugged frantically at the wrist to get away from the 80 pound heavier man. He knew he stood no chance if his huge teammate put up a fight. He pulled back his leg and launched it upwards rapidly, kicking the massive jock hard between his legs. Matt roared in pain as the quarterback’s shin smacked hard into his cock and balls. The explosion of pain made him bend over and the quarterback used it to headbutt him in the face. The excruciating pain from his smashed nose mixed with the stabbing pain from his bruised balls and he released the quarterback’s wrist while he sank down to the ground. Sean retreated, threw a final kick into his teammate’s gut and ran for it. Keith looked aside as his phone went off. He smiled when he saw it was Matt. “What’s up, big guy?”, he asked. “Help…me” Keith shot up from his bed, jumped into his shoes and raced out their room. 10 seconds later he stormed out of the dorm and saw his huge roommate’s form lying against the wall. “Matt! Matt. What happened?”, he asked as he kneeled down next to the massive athlete. “Sean. Attacked me”, Matt let out and tried to smile at his roommate. His face distorted from the pain in his nose, bruised eye and cut lip. “Can you get up?”, Keith asked. He sighed in relief as his buddy slowly get up thanks to the support of the wall. “Let’s get you back to our room. Lean on me for support”, he said. He grunted as the 242 pound athlete wrapped his arm around him and leaned onto him. His knees buckled slightly, but he summoned every ounce of strength in his 198 pound body and the organism had strengthened his bones during their fusion. 20 long minutes later, he had managed to make the huge athlete climb the flight of stairs and opened the door to their room. Matt let his smaller buddy lead him inside and place him atop his bed. He felt his buddy removing his clothes. “What…”, he began as he felt the air against his exposed skin. “Ssshhh, buddy. Let’s get you healed up”, Keith replied and stepped out of his own pants and boxers. Before Matt could speak, he saw his roommate stroke his 8 incher to hardness and somehow a thick cloud blasted from the guy’s cock. More clouds followed and soon enough he couldn’t even see his own pecs through the thick fog that engulfed his mighty body. He looked aside and saw his roommate appear next to him, with his rock-hard cock pointing straight at his face. “Keith?”, he asked. In response a thick, greyish cloud was blasted into his face and he sank down in a deep sleep. “Sleep and heal”, Keith said and gently ruffled his roommate’s hair before getting back into his own bed. The next morning Keith was awoken by the sound of faint grunts. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and saw his roommate doing pushups on the floor in between their beds. “212,213,214…” “Feeling better, I see”, Keith said and sat up at the edge of his bed. Matt stopped his pushups and stood up. “Full of energy. Even my face is totally healed. Like nothing happened”, he replied. “How did ya do it?”, he added and looked down onto his roommate. “You won’t believe it”, Keith said evasively. “Tell me”, Matt shot back and folded his arms in front of his protruding chest, making his biceps dig into the fleshy pecs while he sat down atop his own bed opposite of his roommate. Looks of amazement, disbelief and sheer incomprehension filled his face as his roommate told his story. “And that’s what happened until now”, Keith ended his story. Matt softly shook his head as his mind tried to process the information. “So, ya’re telling me that some kind of organism from Mars took over yar body?”, he asked incredulously and looked into his roommate’s eyes. “Well technically we fused”, Keith replied, “So we’re one. The roommate you knew has been, her well upgraded. Not completely human, not completely Martian. More of a new species.” “Like Venom, then?”, Matt asked, beginning to accept this new, ultra-strange reality. “Venom…”, Keith thought out loud before the memory of his human side filled the blanc, “Yeah. You could say that.” “How come ya didn’t get huge? Ya’re smaller than before. Unlike me…”, Matt stated. “The organism feeds on testosterone for some reason”, Keith answered, “It got inside me and fed on my testosterone, diminishing my muscles. It understood it couldn’t drain me completely or it would kill me. Somehow your body responded on the spores it, or more exactly I produce by producing insane amounts of testosterone. Making you grow. Basically, we need each other: I need your testosterone-charged cum to keep from withering away and you need my spores for maintaining your size.” “So I should thank ya for all of this”, Matt said grinningly and raised his right arm to flex his massive bicep. He groped the 26 inch mountain of vein-choked, hard muscle atop his arm. “Can ya make me even bigger?”, he asked as he stood up from his bed to hit a few poses and showcase his majestic form. “Don’t know actually”, Keith replied and got up from his bed to walk over to his massive roommate. He looked up into the taller guy’s eyes as he let his hands roam across the hard mass and lines of his muscle-crammed torso. Matt’s paws grabbed his buddy’s firm ass and he effortlessly scooped him up. “Imagine me bigger. Unstoppable… untouchable…”, he growled into his buddy’s ear as he felt the smaller guy’s hands grope his muscular back. Keith’s mind filled with the image of his even bigger roommate: an unstoppable mountain of muscle that could protect him against anyone and would supply him with the amounts of testosterone to maintain his state. He brought his mouth to the huge athlete’s ear and whispered: “I want you inside me. Fill me up with your cum and I’ll feed you mine”. Matt grinned in satisfaction at the remark. He marched up toward the wall, trapping his roommate between his own body and the wall and ripped off his own boxers. He then yanked away his buddy’s boxers and positioned him atop the head of his now fully hard 12.5 incher. He looked straight into the smaller guy’s eyes and entered him. Keith howled indistinct sounds as his ass was pushed open. He smacked his fist hard against the meaty shelf of protruding pecs that trapped him against the wall: his fist simply bounced off the concrete-hard surface. He wrapped his legs tightly around his roommate’s torso and let the searing hot pole invade him completely. “Mmmhnn”, Matt growled as the tight ass spasmed around his 12.5 incher. His grin widened as he felt his roommate’s 8 incher smack against his eight-pack. He clenched his abs, trapping the cock inside the deep canyon running down the center of his stomach. “Fuck….”, Keith roared and his 8 incher exploded in a big, thick cloud that was blasted upward in the air. Matt looked down and saw a cloud whirling upward along the mass of his pecs. He relaxed and flexed his abs a few more time, feeling jolts shoot through his roommate’s cock every time he flexed his abs around it. He noted the cloud at the bottom of his pecs getting thicker and thicker as it advanced further upward toward his face slowly. “Ma…ughnt”, Keith let out as he felt his huge buddy’s abs milk his cock for every dose of spores. He felt his body on the verge of passing out when a tingle of energy emerged in the center of his own body: his roommate began leaking more precum. “YEAUGHN”, Matt bellowed as the image of growing even huger filled his mind and sent him over the edge. He let the feeling of orgasm wash over his mighty body while his cock fired its loads into his roommate. He lowered his head and inhaled deeply, absorbing the entire cloud into his body. Keith felt the energy from the testosterone surge through him and looked into his roommate’s eyes as the guy hoisted him from his cock. He could see the energy in his buddy’s gaze as his spores spread through the guy’s blood. Both roommates were breathing heavily as they felt waves of energy surge through their bodies. They grinned to each other as they put some clothes on. “Want to watch me train?”, Matt asked as he put his tank top on. Before Keith could react, the door of their room flew open and four big soldiers stormed in. They scanned the room for a split-second, assessed the size of the huge man in the center of the room and moved in on him. They grabbed his huge arms and struggled to move them behind the massive guy’s back. They quickly felt the resistance fade away and moved the meaty arms behind the wide back, holding them firmly to prevent the beastly athlete from moving. “Professor Shoetz”, Keith said as the scientist entered the room. “Have we met?”, professor Shoetz replied as he inspected the guy. “You conducted all kinds of tests on me back in your lab. Don’t you remember?”, Keith stated calmly. A hint of understanding lit up the professor’s eyes. “So, it is you. The organism.” “I’m more than that now”, Keith spoke, “I’ve fused completely with my host. We’ve become one. A brand new species. What brings you here?”. “The results of the test of the blood sample taken when you had that accident on the field indicated some very strange things. Things not from this Earth”, professor Shoetz replied and then pointed at Matt, “And your roommate’s blood revealed impossibly high ratings of testosterone. Unlike anything I’ve seen before. And we have our share of steroid users in the army.” “And here we are. What do you want?”, Keith stated. “Technically your property of the military. How did you get away from the base?”, the professor said. He listened to Keith’s story, his gaze darting back and forth between Keith and Matt. “The two of you will have to come to the base.” “And if we refuse?”, Keith asked coldly. “Well, these soldiers have perfect control of your friend. And I can put both of you to sleep”, professor Shoetz answered with a grin. “Perfect control, you say?”, Keith asked. He turned his head to Matt and nodded. The four soldiers, muscular 230 pound men, felt the tension going through the mighty arms they were holding. Their faces began contorting as they applied more power to keep the thick arms in place. Within seconds their hold was broken and they were thrown to the floor. Matt bent over, grabbed two soldiers by the neck and smacked their heads together, knocking them out cold. He then repeated the process with the two other soldiers. He took a step closer and stood directly behind his roommate. He folded his arm across his chest, making his thick biceps dig into the protruding shelf of muscle formed by his pecs. “I don’t think you’re the one in perfect control here”, Keith said matter-off-factly and smiled at the look of panic on the professor’s face. “Let’s make a deal.” “A…deal?”, professor Shoetz muttered as he gazed at the knocked out soldiers. “Matt and I will follow you to the base, but we’ll enlist in the army. Picture it: a squadron of men like Matt. Unstoppable”, Keith went on. “Does your ehrm… Can you make other men grow like him?”, professor Shoetz said while his mind processed the idea. “I haven’t tried it yet”, Keith replied, “but it would be strange that Matt would be the only guy on this planet to react to my spores. Especially since he’s my roommate.” Professor Shoetz nodded: he liked the idea. “Join the army? I don’t know”, Matt said. Keith turned around and looked up at his buddy. “Why not, big guy? Think about it: you could train all day without any tasks to keep you from the gym. My spores and training as much as you want: who knows how big you could get”, he said. He noted the hungry look in Matt’s eyes and knew he had convinced the huge man. He turned back to the professor. “We’ll follow on one condition.” “Which is that?”, professor Shoetz asked. “Matt gets command of the squadron of big guys. Make him captain and we have to be roommates”, Keith replied. “I don’t…”, the professor began. “Take it or leave it”, Keith shot back coldly. “I… I don’t have the authority to make that happen”, professor Shoetz replied, “I’ll have to talk to the colonel. Give me two minutes to make the call.” “I don’t think so”, Keith answered, “you just want to make that call to have a special welcome ready for us. The deal stands: accept it or decline it.” Professor Shoetz’ mind raced through the different possibilities. He knew Keith had him cornered. “I… I accept”, he said and shook Keith’s hand, “But you’ll have to help me to persuade the colonel. When do you guys join?”. “Right now would do. What do you think, Matt?”, Keith asked. Matt nodded. He grabbed the knocked out soldiers, tossed two of them effortlessly atop his wide shoulders, lifted the other two in his arm to hold them across his torso and swaggered out of the room. The two smaller men followed him.
  5. TimHayes90

    m/m Muscle cum pt5

    Tim looked at the Zac Efron lookalike in the same way a tiger looks like meat. Zac, actually called Dan, took out a syringe with shaky hands. “What the fuck is that?” “Erm,,,,, you wanted roids to bring down that pillar.....” “You think ONE little dose will do anything for MEEEEE. Let me tell you what this super body is you pathetic little twink. Im 400 pounds of total steel, with boulder arms of 31 inches, a 30 inch waist, and quads of 40 inches around”. Tim’s testosterone was making him so horny and angry that he was becoming delirious again. He roughly picked up Dan by the shoulders. “Stuff me full of those yummy roids. Help me hulk out and destroy this pillar. Then...... aggggggwwww then (he was trying so hard not to cum) then I will mmmmmmmmmmm, then I will let you get off in my mouth. Then the real growth begins”. Dan was terrified and turned on in equal measure. Was this guy for real? He wasn’t going to turn down someone who seemed on his way to be a true MG beast. Dan grabbed 6 needles. 1 in each bicep, 2 in the abs, and 2 in the ass. Tim grabbed an extra and plunged in right into his now 11 inch throbbing cock. “AWWWWWW YEA. THIS IS THE LIFE. LETS GET FREAKY”. The whole gym looked so afraid, and started to stink like sex as more and more guys started to jerk off at the teen titan. Tim approached the pillar...... —————— Jake was back at his house, waiting for his escourts. He was in the right head space. He needed cum from muscle dudes. He needed to get beyond buff like Tim. He then needed, more than anyone needed anything, to teach Tim a lesson. The very idea of being big enough to take Tim down made him hard. Tim has broken him mentally, and Jake was so glad for it. He would use it to get BIG! The door opened as 6 hunks strolled in. All stretching out polos and such shirts. All clear gym bunnies. Not super huge, but certainly boner material like a heavyweight version of Tom Holland. “Hey guys. Erm this is my first time doing this” “No worries man”. A blond preppy guy stepped forward. “Payment has been done. You just take a minute to relax, tell us what you like so we can start to..... “No! Let’s just all get down to it. But there is just one rule. I need every drop of cum. You all need to jizz at least twice, and not a single drop spills!” Jake started to strip off with the beefcakes, and then suddenly thought. Tim only drinks the cum. Would it need fuse better with the body if it was blasted onto his ass, and not just into the stomach???????? Almost in a trace, Jake bellowed another order “there are 6 of you. I need 12 loads in my fucking ass before this hour is up!” ————— Tim stomped back to the pillar and wasted no time in grabbing it. The roids pumping through his system like thick pipes pumping hot water. “awwwww fuck yes. I can feel it. Pump me up. Give daddy what he needs”. He was now totally addicted to his own power and muscle. Tim could hear the beautiful sound of the pillar groaning more and more under his power. “Mmmmmm yes. That’s it. This is what I need. What I’ve needed to be!” Tim was now not just forcing the pillar to bend and snap out of his fixtures, but he was rubbing his dick up and down on the cold steel, so turned on by his own power. He drunk in his own strength as he looked down at the hundreds of new veins erupt on his arms, arms that would destroy anything. With one mighty heave that made 3 gym dudes cum their pants, Tim wrenched the pillar out, and tossed it 10 meters across the room. “IM A FUCKING GOD! UNSTOPPABLE!” Dan slowly walked to the bar, and saw something so mind bending that it almost made his mind snap. With a shacking hand, he pointed at a large deep groove in the metal. “I .... I think..... oh my god,,,, I think you massively dented that metal with your cock” Tim stood there frozen. Confirmation that he was now so jacked that he was hardly human. He exploded into the most gruesome most muscular in history. “ROAORRRRRRRR”. His hands free cum shot knocked Dan off of his feet. Breathing deeply, Tim looked over at the dudes left in the gym, flexing his cannon of an arm. “I hope you have juice left in your balls. Because it’s time for me to really overdose”. —————- Kyle was still being fucked without mercy by Jamie. He had, in just 50 minutes, become an utter power bottom. After each load, using his internal muscles to keep the cum from running out. His mind warped on one thing - absorb and get huge. “Fuckkkkk. He can take a pounding. Such a tight muscle ass!” Exclaimed one of the nameless twunks. “Why so much punishment man?” Kyle said nothing. He just had a manic grin on his face as he took his pounding and stared longingly at his home gym kit.
  6. Musclesaber

    m/m Spice Up Your Life (Part 3 Added 7/3/20)

    Hey y'all. Long time reader. First time Writer. Here's a little story I've been working on while I'm bored in quarantine. Part 2 will be coming very soon. Hope y'all enjoy. Chapter 1: Making Plans It had been a long quarantine for Collin and Sam. With all of their classes being moved online and them being locked in their tiny house together, they were getting a bit stir crazy. With Collin being at high risk with his asthma, and Sam wanting to protect his friend and roommate, the two of them hadn’t really left the house except for groceries and the occasional errand that Sam would run. Each of them had enrolled at the local college and met their freshmen year. They met at a party one night and started talking and became fast friends. Every year since then, they had been roommates together in a small house they rented. Now, juniors in college, they are stuck in the house with each other. Luckily, it was looking like their long quarantine would be coming to an end. The governor of their state had slowly been reopening stores and restaurants. With the country appearing to go back to normal, they thought it was appropriate to have some friends over at the very least. “Oh, come on Collin. I know you are worried about this pandemic, but we have been cooped up in this house for over three months. With everything reopening, I think that we can at least begin to see our friend group again,” said Sam trying to convince his roommate to let his friends back into their life. “It doesn’t even need to be the whole group. It can just be a few of them.” Sam walked into the kitchen of their small house to grab a snack. “I don’t know Sam. I’m just worried about the possibility of any of them bringing the virus to us,” said Collin as he sat down on their couch in the living room. “We are going to be exposing ourselves to whatever they have come in contact with.” “But you’ve already been exposed to the outside world,” said Sam as he sat down in the chair facing Collin. “I go to the grocery store once a week or so and then I come home. How is me going shopping less dangerous than our friends coming over to see us?” “You’ve been staying safe. You don’t leave the house besides going shopping. We don’t know where they’ve been. They could’ve gone to restaurants or bars for all we know. I trust that you’re being safe. I don’t trust them.” Sam leaned back in his chair crossing his arm. Clearly disappointed by his friend’s aversion to the slightest bit of human contact. Sam’s face lit back up with an idea. “What if we can make sure they social distance for at least two weeks? The 4th of July is coming up two weeks from this Saturday, if all of our friends could social distance for those two weeks, could we have a barbeque?” Sam gave Collin the biggest puppy dog face imaginable. Accentuating his big blue eyes to drive the point home. He knew Collin couldn’t resist the face. After a moment of thinking, Collin finally surrendered to his roommate’s begging. “Ugh, fine. If you can get all of them to social distance for two weeks, we can have them all over for the 4th.” Sam jumped up from his seat with glee. “Woohoo! You won’t regret this bud! We are gonna have so much fun!” Sam gave Collin an excited side hug and ran into his room to get his phone and texted everyone who was still in town. Collin watched as Sam ran off to his room with a slight smile on his face to see him so happy, but it faded into worry for what might happen if his friends fail. Sam presented the obstacle to the group and they were all on board. He took a head count and requests from everyone for what they would like served. Sam said that he would cook everything and they’d Venmo him their share. This way there would be less people preparing the food. A couple weeks went by and Sam went out the Friday before to get all of the food they were going to need. With twelve people to cook for, Sam would have his work cut out for him. On the menu were burgers, chips and dip, mac n cheese, jalapeño poppers, and Sam’s homemade chocolate pudding. He bought everyone a few different types of beer and some seltzers for the nonbeer drinkers. He wanted to go all out for this get together if it was going to be the first one after months of isolation. As he was shopping for ingredients for the dishes, he came across a fun spice kit. It was a six-piece spice set that read “Spice Up Your Life”. None of the spices seemed familiar to Sam but he thought ‘What the hell? With the way my life is going, I’m gonna need all the spice I can get.’ He grabbed the kit and continued shopping. He arrived home and started unloading the groceries. “Hey Collin!” Sam shouted from the kitchen. “You mind running out to my car and grabbing the rest of the groceries?” Collin groaned in protest but reluctantly got up from his bed and came out to help Sam. Coming into the kitchen, he saw all of the food that Sam had already brought in. “You have more food in the car? This is enough food to feed a village for a week and we’re having 10 people over for one afternoon,” Collin said with shock. “We can have leftovers if we have to,” said Sam, getting out various bowls, plates, and cutting boards for the preparation of the food. “Besides, you could easily eat all of this food by yourself in one sitting,” said Sam gesturing toward the slight gut that his friend had gained since the quarantine began. “I haven’t put on that much weight, have I?” Collin looked down at his slightly bulging belly and rubbed it. “Well there is a reason why I have to go to the store every week instead of waiting longer.” Sam walked over and smacked his friend’s stomach and watched it jiggle a bit after. “But there’s nothing wrong with that. You normally live in the gym and eat the same diet while we’re in our normal life. It’s just your calorie needs have gone down, but your intake hasn’t,” said Sam with more sincerity in his tone. “I guess you’re right,” Collin said with a bit of sadness for his lack of gym routine. He normally was a buff stud. But he had put on that COVID 19 and his muscles have deflated a bit from his normal jock physique. He sulked for a second and then proceeded to go get the rest of the groceries. “Hey, don’t get down about it bud. I’m gonna tell you the same thing you told me the night we met. “I always love a little more cushion for the pushin’”,” said Sam with a wink and slapped his roommate’s ass. “Now go get the food. I have a lot to do if we want everything ready for tomorrow.” Collin smiled and grabbed the rest of the groceries. Sam had wished he could repeat the night they met. But he knew not to get his hopes up too much. Sam carried on cooking and prepping for the barbeque. He was going through his groceries and saw the spice kit he had randomly thrown in his cart. He opened it up and saw the six spices. Each seemed to have their own specific color of the rainbow for each flavor. Sam divided each flavor up to a specific dish that he’d prepare. But that left him with one spice left over, purple. He didn’t know what to do with it. So he stowed it in the pantry for another day. After what felt like hours of preparing, everything was ready to be cooked tomorrow. Collin walked out of his room to see all of the food. “Ooooo is that your world famous homemade chocolate pudding?!?” said Collin, reaching out his finger toward the giant bowl only to have it batted away by Sam. “Yes, it is, and you can’t have any. It’s famous for a reason. Everyone loves it and I want to make sure everyone gets some tomorrow.” “Oh come on Sam. Just a little finger? Pretty please?” Collin said trying to use Sam’s own begging trick against him. Trying to slouch down to Sam’s shorter height to really sell it. “Hey no fair. That’s my trick,” said Sam with a bit of a chuckle. “Alright. If you really want some, the spoon is sitting over there on the counter. Just finish up before I put everything into the dishwasher.” Collin beamed with delight. “You’re the best.” He walked over to the counter with joy in his steps. He picked up the spoon and sat down at their dining room table. Licking the spoon and loving every second of it. “Mmmm. You really should make this more often. It’s become one of my favorite desserts ever since you’ve started making it.” “I know. Everyone loves it, but it just takes me forever to make it.” Sam began washing the dishes while talking with his roommate. “Yeah, but you won’t let anyone help you since it’s your family’s secret recipe.” Collin standing up quickly from the table feeling a bit of heft to his body that he was not used to. He walked over to put his now spotless spoon in the sink for his roommate to wash. “And it’s staying that way. If you wanna try and recreate it, be my guest.” After Collin put away his spoon, he began grazing the counter for any other treats he could snack on. He saw that Sam had already finished making the dip for tomorrow. He reached into the pantry and grabbed some chips. Shoveling out the dip and into his mouth. Letting out the occasional “Mmm”. “Hey. The dip might not be as well renowned as the pudding, but I’d still like to serve it tomorrow,” said Sam grabbing the dip and hoisting it in the fridge. “You’re no fun.” Collin put his chips back in the pantry with defeat. “Can you at least make me something that I can eat?” “Do I look like your mother? No. You’re a grown ass man. You can cook your own food,” said Sam as he went back to cleaning the dishes. “Pleeeeeease Sam? I’m letting you have this barbeque. Just make one sandwich for me.” Collin again went down to Sam’s level and gave him the puppy dog face. Quivering his lip every now and then for dramatic effect. “You’re getting way too good at that. Fine, I’ll make you a sandwich.” “Again, you’re the best.” “Yeah yeah yeah. Just get me out everything you want on it. I’m almost done with the dishes and then I’ll make it.” Collin grabbed bread, cheese, and butter. He was wanting a grilled cheese, but not your average one. He also pulled out some jalapeños, some bacon and even grabbed a spice that Sam was using before. “Got it. Now what?” “Why don’t you start cooking the bacon and slicing the jalapeños? I’m almost done with the dishes and I’ll cook it for you after that.” Collin did as he was told. Frying the bacon and dicing up the jalapeños while dashing bits of spice onto them. “Alright everything’s ready. Done with the dishes yet?” “Almost. Why don’t you grill it and I’ll eat it when I’m done?” “You’ve been done with dishes for a while now, haven’t you?” Collin said while throwing his sandwich on the skillet. “And you didn’t cook all day, did you?” “I retract my previous statement. You are no longer the best.” He picked up his sandwich and took it to the dining room “Nope. I’m better.” Sam walked in and joined his roommate with a banana to eat. “So how has everyone done in terms of keeping their distance?” asked Collin between bites. “From what I can tell, good. I don’t have ankle bracelets on them so there’s no real way to know, but from what they’ve said, they have been.” “They’d better.” Collin said getting up to put his plate away. As Collin got up, Sam noticed his shirt was riding up a little more on his belly. Nothing too severe, but it definitely bulged out from his body a little more. Sam followed him into the kitchen and threw his banana peeled into the trash. “Need anything else before I head to bed?” “Maybe just help me put everything away,” said Sam as he walked by his roommate to make room in the fridge for everything he’d prepared. He turned around to grab the food only to see his roommate’s pecs right in his face. ‘That’s odd. Normally I’m eye level with Collin’s chin.’ “Hey Collin, did you get taller?” Collin looked down at his roommate. He’d always been a few inches taller than him, but Sam was looking particularly small tonight. “I doubt it. I stopped having growth spurts a while ago. Maybe you just shrank?” laughed Collin, ruffling his roommate's hair. After the kitchen was completely clean, Collin started walking toward his room. “Night tiny.” Sam rolled his eyes. “Night big guy.” He watched Collin walk away. His eyes lingering on his fat ass. I looked like it was pushing those poor shorts to their limit. Watching it wobble from side to side. Each cheek looked like a soccer ball. Sam knew what he’d be jerking off to tonight. He headed to his room and shut the door. After a quick jack, he went to bed, excited for their get together tomorrow. For more updates, story ideas, or general MG stuff, Follow my twitter:
  7. Supercrav

    m/m A friend at last

    I wanted to start a short something, but it's already starting to draft all over the place... So here's some beginning, why not sharing? I almost haven't proofread it, hope it's readable. Don't hesitate to correct me, please, again ************ They didn't know it was love at first. But at the moment their eyes met both got struck by a feeling they never had before. Gunther was on his way back from the gym, and Jack was smuggling cigarettes on the sidewalk. Gunther was already a pro bodybuilder, living in his bubble, the shy 7'2 giant had no friend to speak of and his life was nothing but bodybuilding discipline. The smaller, scrawny Jack made a joke about Gunther as he was passing by. It was late and there was only the two of them on the street at that time. Gunther looked at the guy, the spell caught them, and Gunther laughed a little, as the joke wasn't insulting, and actually fun and smart. Jack, who had never seen a man so colossal, gorgeous, powerful in his life, quickly fired another witty line, as he was determined to try to extend this moment in the presence of the sublime God for as long as possible, maybe even interact with him. Even if it would be lasting a handful of seconds, an encounter of such mind blowing proportion was a chance of a lifetime. The conversation started, the wise and clever Jack skillfully extruding every single concentrate drop of his natural charm, and it worked quite well, as Gunther was amazed at how effortless and comforting it felt to socialize with the little bandit. Meanwhile, Jack started clearing his merchandise out of the ground. When done he put his backpack on, and naturally they started walking as their pleasant exchange went on. Jack was supposed to go in the opposite direction, but doing so hadn't crossed his mind the slightest : not a thing in the world could beat the necessity of drenching his own soul in the violent, intense flood of pure extreme maleness projected all around his body by the superhuman next to him. Not to stare drooling out of his fallen jaw at the miraculous demonstration of nature's infinite greatness walking by his side, Jake mostly looked at the floor on the way. Are that feet ? Oh gosh, that's... insane, I never thought feet could get so big. I could put a skateboard with each of his sneakers. Hell, he's almost bursting through them, I can see the muscles of his feet bulging through the fabric as he walks. Jake realized that he still hadn't seen the hands that went with it. Gunther had his hands stuck in the pocket of his huge parka all the time. He would try to fix this at the next intersection. " Gunther tell me, I'm rather new around here, St Charlotte station is over this way, right?" Bingo, Gunther took out one hand to point at the right street. As he was giving Jack directions, it occurred to him that he wasn't listening a single word, he was aghast, eyes popping out, stunned by the size and bulk of the hand up there. Gunther stopped pointing and exposed his hand flat in front of his new friend's face. " Yes, I know, I'm a freak." And put his hand back in his coat. Jake poked fun at him. " Oh my poor man, you're as tall as it gets, built like a barn, packed with fucking humongous muscles overflowing everywhere, the idol of millions of people, the dream of every woman, and your hands are too big what a shame. - Hehe, oh, OK, forget it." Now he had a smile on his face. Cool. Jack had never felt attracted to a man before. Not sexually attracted mind you, but this went way further than likeness and early friendship. Along with a loud and raspy cloud of solid body odor you could cut through. There could be no one else on earth but Gunther, this grotesque overload of explosive male power to unleash a stench of this amplitude over his surroundings. Jack was floating in a daze from this exquisite, divine perfume. In front of Gunther's house they said goodbye, exchanging their numbers. Once inside, Gunther stared at the note and he felt bad. He didn't want to let Jack go. It would have been kinda weird to invite him in his house. Around 1 AM, as he couldn't sleep, Gunther was staring at his phone. He wasn't sleeping, in fact, because he had been hesitating to call Jack for the last three hours. And now it was far to late to call him anyway, so that was a blunt point. Yet, every fiber of his muscles was dying to call and talk to Jack. Waiting even more would make things even worse... OK he had set his mind now, he feverishly dialed Jack's number, and when he pressed the call button the phone started ringing. With the same number on the screen... It was Jack calling him. They spent the night over the phone. Gunther called jack again just before noon after his training, during three hours, and around 7PM Jack called Gunther, until 11:17, when his battery went dead. They became inseparable. Jake stopped his wheeling and dealing habits as Gunther didn't like it so much, so he found a job in a e-cig shop. The cool thing is he had found a way to modify his shift schedule so Gunther could come have lunch with him every day, and after work, if went to Gunther's gym and waited for him outside. Then they would usually spend the evening at Gunther's home. Jack once told Gunther that if he didn't take his shower at the gym, it would shorten his wait. Gunther really didn't feel like changing his routine, as the routine was all he had in his life before Jack ; but that question was a no brainer, if something could please Jack in any way, Gunther would instantly comply and do whatever it takes to make it happen, so that slight change wasn't a big deal. Not a big deal for Gunther, but that was a smart move from Jack, if a bit slyly : this way, not only he could enjoy the full intensity of his friend's muscle sweat smell he loved so much on the way home, but also, having Gunther showering at home led every night, to the most amazing, exclusive, breathtaking event that could ever exist, the emergence of the greatest and disturbingly monumental celebration of the supreme magnificence that could only be obtained by the male bodybuilder featuring the most revolting abuse of muscular hypertrophy overkill, emphasized by the fantastic pump provided by the unreal workout that ended minutes ago. The giant's powerful and respect commanding bare feet, deeply planted in the soft thickness of the room's carpeting, that was sprinkled, in a large area around them, by water dripping from the soaking wet and glistening body gloriously naked except for the small towel he held around his waist. As Jack's gaze lingered upwards, relishing the divine accumulation of muscular heaps, each more fascinating and delicious that next, the formidable Gunther waited patiently for his deer friend to fully feast his adoring eyes and slobber over all of this overwhelmingly luscious and monstrously abusive muscular profusion. When Jack's stare finally reached the head that was almost at the top of the mountain of muscle, he was rewarded by the perfect, broad smile that was up there for him, on a face that was so manly, so powerful, so handsome that it was also unreal, and the kindest look in the eyes of his beloved Gunther, who then said something in the like of "It really feels great, thank you buddy !" - and then went back in the bathroom putting on fresh clothes. Soon, the evening at Gunther's went from being a regular occurrence to an every day routine, as they became more and more intimate with each other, Gunther bothered less and less to get dressed after his shower, and went directly sitting on the couch next to his little friend, and the towel never stayed tied around his waist for very long, and they spent hours every night watching stuff on TV, but chatting mostly about nothing and everything, sharing, laughing, and opening their hearts. Offering the contact of his naked body to Jack, as he was sitting next to him, felt a bit weird to Gunther the first few times. And it had to be this way, as Gunther's body filled almost all of the couch when he was sitting in it, so there was no way to avoid physical contact even if they had tried to. But Gunther made that move because he was loving his friend Jack so much. Jack had lit up his life, he even wondered how he could have been making through it before meeting him. Gunther had always considered himself uninteresting and bland as a person, unworthy of anyone respect not attention, and clearly that was his motivation when he dedicated his life to hardcore bodybuilding, he wanted some people to notice him, and exist. It never really worked, as he was still withdrawn socially. He thought it would make him a King, popular, and get lots of girls, but it didn't work that way. Sure, he was considered the King of bodybuilding, the God even, and he was happy to have achieved it, yet it resulted more in contractual obligations, uncomfortable situations with a spotlight that wouldn't go away, and unwanted attention. Sure, a few girls would be all over him more often than not, in these kind of annoying, stressful events especially, but, they are so aggressive and demanding, he satisfied a few in the beginning, as they questioned his virility to get their ways, but he didn't fall for it anymore. He got to the conclusion that maybe he wasn't interested in girls so much, it seemed. So, that intense, profound friendship he had with Jack, something he had never felt before, and the best feeling he ever had, was so unique and miraculous, Gunther was terrified at the idea of loosing this. He knew, and there was no way around it, it was bound to happen, and he was baffled that it hadn't already, some day Jack would realize how uninteresting, shallow, unworthy and utterly stupid Gunther was, and then move on and set sail. Jack was so smart, quick, fun, charming, Gunther had no idea how to keep up with Jack, and didn't what to do. Jack was politely having conversations with him, but Gunther knew that he couldn't contribute much, there was no way anything he would say could be anything but laughably stupid and boring and useless, as Jack enlightened and impressed him every second. Sometimes Gunther thought of something to say that might be of interest, or a relevant question, but didn't dare to let it out, as it would certainly have the opposite effect and expose his stupidity and ignorance even more. Jake could feel that Gunther was uneasy and nervous at these moments, and tried to encourage the man to share his thoughts. Not pressing him by any means, but through a comforting, welcoming attitude. And each time Gunther finally expressed thoughts about the subject at hand, Jake listened attentively, and showed great interest in Gunther's input, praising the wisdom and pertinence of Gunther's observations. Gunther didn't really believe that Jake was mocking him, although he couldn't help considering the eventuality ; or if Jake was probably just being the adorable, delightful, delicious man that he was. Yet Gunther felt inadequate, useless, unable to please Jack. On the other hand, Gunther had noticed some strange behavior Jack had sometimes... He would have his eyes almost popping out of their sockets, a trickle of saliva continuously pouring down his dropped jaw, his hands wildly shaking, awestruck when Gunther was kinda close to him. From there, after hours and hours of intense reflection, Gunther had a stroke of pure genius. The most clever idea he had ever come up with. Gunther, his brain severely aching from processing all the data involved in this incredibly complex, intricate enigma. He decided to take a chance on the mischievous course of action he had in mind. Gunther didn't want to trick nor deceive Jack in any way, he respected and cared about him so much. But as Jack's patience and kind tolerance was about to wear off any second, he had to do something, anything, even if it sounded crazy. Or at least far fetched, as this was Gunther's plan : someway, somehow, he had to find a way to keep strong this improbable, unexpected bond linking him with that man. But how could it be possible, with no brains to speak of, and being as uninteresting as it gets? Suddenly, in the middle of a legs extension set, after days of relentless torture over this question, the solution sparked into Gunther's mind.
  8. I am reposting my first series. It can no longer be found on the site (i tried to find it). There are 19 chapters.. Here are the characters and their story titles (they will appear in others stories for plot points etc.). Just an FYI, some guys listed have not appeared in the stories I have already posted, but are in stories I am working on for this first series. Jay (Jason) and Max – Worship Session Jay – 6’3”, 250, Blonde, Blue eyes Max – 5’11”, 165, Curly brown, Brown eyes Eddie, Ian, and Colin (Ian is G1 and Colin is G2) –Gingers Eddie – 6’2”, 235, Blonde, Grey eyes Ian and Colin – 6’, 190, Orange, Green eyes Ty (Tyler) and Davey – New Gym Ty – 6’2”, 220, Black, Brown eyes Davey – 5’11”, 175, Brown, Brown eyes Ming and Cam – Toy Time Ming – 5’6”, 150, Black, Blue eyes Cam – 5’7”, 170, Blonde, Green eyes Stu ad Kenny – background guys – no story of their own in this series. Stu – 6’0”, 185, Black, Brown eyes Kenny – 6’1”, 185, Blonde ponytail, Green eyes Paulo – future character – no stand-alone story in this series. Paulo – 6’1”, 230, Brown, Brown eyes The ‘Bad Guys’ Ron – Davey’s ex. Shaun, Bull, Ash, and Larry – Jay and Max’s nemeses. Willie – future character Others - some of these appear in the 2nd Series. Roman – Ro – Max’s 17-year-old brother Schaefer – Shae – Max’s 15-year-old brother Evan – one of Ty’s former boyfriends Gran – Jay’s grandmother Franco – one of Ty’s one-night stands Simon – Cam’s first love ** Enjoy and let me know what you think. ** He held me close, his left bicep flexed. My left arm wrapped around his thickly coiled neck for support and closeness. My right arm holding onto his flexed forearm encouraging him to flex his bicep harder. My tongue running along the flat face of the arm, the light tan hair on the muscle moistened by the saliva of my gentle kisses. He moaned, I moaned in response. His bicep was not obscenely large, but just big enough for my tongue to be able to wander around and trace lines on the protruding veins which gave us both the pleasure of knowing the strength it possessed. I switched my attention to the top of the bicep which was a rounded mound and was split into two heads. I upped the intensity and planted sloppy wet kisses on the whole muscle. He twisted his arm to allow me greater access to it. I moved my right arm to the valley between his forearm and bicep in response to the new position. I kissed the top of his bicep ravenously, like it was going to be my last kiss with him. His right hand on the back of my head, gently but forcefully maneuvering it back and forth, encouraging me to worship the entire top of the bicep. My tongue swept through the valley between the two heads. He playfully flexed the muscle, gently trapping my tongue for a brief second. While it was trapped he took the moment to gently blow warm air into my left ear. He used his tongue to caress the outer ear and softly engulf the lobe. The sensation caused me to spurt some pre-cum. It dribbled down my shaft and spilled onto his leg. He felt the moistness and flexed harder knowing he had hit my sweet spot. He lifted his arm up over his head and his triceps were on full display. I re-wet my tongue and went to work. Gently at first, licking from his hairless armpit up the length of his arm to the elbow and back again. He moaned again when my tongue washed over the sensitive short hairs along the bottom of the muscle. I let my tongue linger there, quickly remoistening it and pursing my lips against the hard muscle and hair. I moved my right hand from his elbow to his bicep and began to joyfully massage, egging him to flex it harder, knowing it would cause his triceps to be flexed as well. He responded eagerly. My fingers slid over the wet surface of the bicep squeezing the mounds gently at first then more intently. My tongue on his triceps and right hand on his flexed bicep, my brain was going into overload. More pre-cum escaped my dick and trickled down. When he felt the new moisture on his leg he let out a soft giggle and pushed his tongue back into my ear. This time he had wet his tongue. He swirled it around the cartilage of the outer ear before plunging it into my inner ear. He brushed across the short sensitive hairs and lapped at them. I squirmed but he moved his right arm around my waist holding me tightly to his body. I tried to move my left arm from around his neck so I could create some room between us, but he trapped it there with his shoulder muscles. I tried to roll my head away but he kept pursuing me and eventually he pinned my head to my right shoulder. He playfully pushed his tongue back into my ear and continued to caress the short hairs with his tongue and warm breath. My tongue had come off his triceps due to the new position of my head, but my right hand was still groping his bicep. He lowered his arm but kept it flexed. I applied more pressure to see if I could dent the muscle in any way, but could not. He sensed my intention and my need to feel his strength. He un-flexed and straightened his arm out. I let my fingers caress the length of his arm, from shoulder to forearm. Gently at first. First trip down, my fingernails barely touching the arm, on the way back, a light touch, stirring the short hairs, he squirmed. Next trip down, the back of my fingers touching the skin and drawing zig-zag lines on the muscles. On the way back, my fingernails to gently rake his skin. He shivered and plunged his tongue back into my ear causing me to quake. He kept at it, I kept at it. We both knew we had pinpointed each other’s sweet zone and we were going to do our best to make the other suffer with unfathomable pleasure for a long time. Next trip down I used my finger tips to gently massage the bicep and triceps muscles. Lingering on them for a few seconds, tugging at the skin and hair. On the way back, I was at full force, completely and unashamedly applying full force thru my fingers. He started to flex and I could tell he was smiling. He enjoyed being worshipped and really enjoyed showing off his muscles and strength. He pulled his tongue of out my ear, relaxed the pressure on my trapped left arm and pulled his left arm into a full flex. I moaned aloud and he shifted his legs and jostled his dick higher into my ass. I was in heaven. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. My head rolled on my shoulders. We turned to face each other. His bright blue eyes piercing my dark brown eyes. His tanned skin, and dirty blonde hair complimenting his appearance. He smiled and jostled his hips again to show me his strength. I wrapped both arms around his neck and slowly moved in to kiss him. My dick trapped between the two of us, now steadily leaking pre-cum causing his abs to be sticky. He maneuvered me up and down by using his hips so as to spread the stickiness over all his abs. His left arm was still flexed. Now he was just showing off to get me off. I smiled and just before our lips met, I licked his nose. I laughed, he smiled warmly.
  9. The Wall I’m a successful Wall Street executive. My life is good. In fact, sometimes I think it is too good. I don't complain. My office is in the city, and I have a nice home on Long Island from which I commute to work every day. My work days are long and sometimes stressful, but I enjoy the challenges, and I decompress by obsessively working out in the gym and working in my garden. The garden is beautiful, but I always thought that it was lacking a few defining structures; so, when the idea hit me that a beautiful stone wall would create the backdrop it deserved, I hired a reputable landscape contractor who could make my ideas into reality. I was so excited. Monday was to be the start of the new wall project, and I had been thinking of little else for weeks. Unfortunately, the garden, where usually I love to entertain, was about to become a construction zone. So, the weekend before, I decided to invite my friends John and Ernie over for lunch by the pool and an afternoon swim. They accepted and had asked if they could bring couple of their friends along that they thought I would enjoy. You see, John and Ernie are toned and attractive enough, but they know I what really like is muscle -- lots of it. I get off on big, beefy, masculine men - physical men who enjoy rough housing and showing off. Nothing turns me on like a big man who’s willing to rip off his shirt, wrestle me into a bear hug and show me that he’s at least a strong as me. I work out a lot myself, and at 6’2” and 245 lbs, I make a worthy competitor. I like feeling the strength of other men, and I love being tested and felt up and appreciated by big men even more. I had left a note on the front door for Ernie and John and their friends to let themselves in and meet me on the terrace by the pool. They arrived single file down the garden path - first John with a big hug and a whistle, and then Ernie with pat on my rump and a tousle of my hair. Then, Ernie made his hands into fists and started pounding on my pecs. “Someone’s been working out!” Another whistle. Then with a squeeze, “You’re gonna need a binder for these things if they get any bigger, Max.” Then Ernie doubled back for grope of my arm and said, “Oh wow! I can’t get my hands around it. You may be getting too big, or is there such a thing?” Now Ernie and John know I love a little admiration and that I don’t really have a limit for too big; so, I knew they were up to something when they started fawning over me and teasing. I also know that Ernie and John are aware that throwing a little admiration my way goes straight to my dick, and I was just starting to chub up a bit when their two friend showed up next, sending me straight to full mast steel in seconds flat. John said, “Maxie, if you’re not careful, you may get as big as our friends Eric and Lars here.” Gulp... “Max, meet Eric and Lars. Boys, this is our host Max.” Oh my God. Two men of my dreams, Eric and Lars were big and tall and looked like superheroes in shorts and polo shirts. Eric was fair skinned and dark haired, and Lars was golden all over – hair, skin and eyes - like a lion. I was slack jawed and salivating, and they looked pretty hungry for me as well. With a firm squeeze of my rump Ernie said, “Well, isn’t anybody going to say anything? Hellowwww? Gentlemen…?” Knocking on the top of my head, “Hellowwww... Is anybody in home? ... Earth to Max!” Startled back into civility, I offered my greeting to both Eric and Lars, and we said our polite hellos while continuing to survey each other’s physiques like hungry wolves eyeing fatted lambs (or in our case, like other hungry wolves. I couldn’t stop staring, and I couldn’t seem to maneuver my hardon into a less obvious position. It was straight up, hard as a rock and going nowhere. The attraction was so strong, that I think it was actually uncomfortable for Ernie and John, although, Ernie could always come up with a quip or a bitchy remark to lighten the tone. “OMG, you three! get a room! Or should I just jerk you off right here so we can get that lunch we were invited for today. AND DRINKS! I'm sure we were promised DRINKS!” Then nodding to the iced pitcher by the grill, “Maxie, my dear, get it in gear. Those margaritas are not going to serve themselves!” Long story short, the afternoon was fantastic. Besides being absolutely gorgeous hunks of prime muscle beef, Eric and Lars were also interesting and witty and delightful. They were just so damn sexy that I couldn’t stop staring and fantasizing. Every hearty laugh expanded a massive chest. Every lift of a fork flexed bulging biceps. A twist and stretch near the end of the meal made Eric’s shirt rise up above his navel, exposing the base of a rippling 6 pack. I stayed hard for 2 hours. When lunch was through, I offered the pool to my guests and indicated a changing room just off the deck. Eric and Lars acknowledged acceptance with a nod and set off to get changed, but John and Ernie declined, saying that they had eaten and drunk too much and needed a nap instead and would just head home early if I didn’t mind entertaining Eric and Lars for the afternoon. John gave me a wink and a peck on the cheek, while Ernie just groped me in the crotch and said, “I’m sure you three can find something fun to do without us,” and then, “I hear Lars is quite flexible.” A few minutes later, Eric and Lars emerged from the pool house, and I didn’t know if I would pass out right there or just cum in my shorts. My God, those boys could fill out their speedos. And talk about perfection, each in his own way the definition of what manliness should be. Eric was fair with a swirling pattern of dark hair on his chest, a defined trail down the middle of his abdomen, with more abundant hair over his thickly muscled legs. Lars was golden all over, with honey colored skin and a light dusting of golden hair all over his chest, forearms and legs that shimmered in the sunlight, making him look like a salted caramel ready to be sampled. Both of them were hugely built. Eric had absolutely enormous legs, butt, back and arms. Lars had the biggest pecs hanging over the tightest abs and most defined atlas belt I had ever seen. I was slack jawed, and they were all grins. I think Ernie and John must have alerted them ahead of the game that they could have some fun with me, and when they dropped their towels on the chaises and started rubbing suntan oil onto each other, then I had to get in on the action. I walked over, and Lars started flexing his pecs, bouncing the huge slabs up and down and saying, “Hey, Eric, have you noticed how Max can’t stop staring at my pecs. I think he might be a chest man. What do you say, Max? Do you want to help Eric put some sunscreen on my chest?” Before I could reply, Eric said, “No, Lars, I think he’s an arm man. Look how his dick twitches in his pants when I flex like this.” Eric flexed a huge arm in front of my face, and true to form, my dick twitched and pumped out some precum that made a wet spot on the front of my shorts. Lars then said, “You know, I think John and Ernie said that more than anything else, Max would like to flex for us. I could definitely go for that. Why don’t we get him out of those clothes and see what he’s got. From the tent in the front of his shorts, I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.” Eric then grabbed my shirt by the hem and pulled it up over my head while Lars unbuttoned/unzipped my shorts and pulled them to my feet. It happened so fast I could hardly react, but my dick responded, all nine inches of it, throbbing straight up toward my pecs and leaking copious precum as my guests made their inspections. Eric let out a low whistle and moved close behind me, pushing his own hardon up against my butt while reaching around me to rub sunscreen onto my chest and shoulders. “Hey, Lars, his chest is almost as big as yours, but I think you should get closer so that we can more easily compare.” Lars nuzzled up front, grinding his still speedo-covered erection into my hardon while flexing his pecs and his abs. “Hey Eric, he does have an amazing rack, but I think I’ve still got him beat. What about his arms? They look pretty big. Why don’t you each flex a biceps for me so I can decide who’s is bigger?” Eric’s right arm appeared in my peripheral vision and flexed into an enormous peak just beside my right cheek. I couldn’t help but turn my head and begin licking it, and I thought I might cum right then. Lars interrupted, “No! No! No! Do not cum yet. You may not cum until the comparison is through. Okay, Max, flex that big arm for me and let me see how yours feels compared to Eric’s.” I flexed with all my might, turned on like I had never been before and somehow willing myself not to come until permitted. “Oh, man, Max, your arm is as big as Eric’s, but I think his peak is still higher." My dick was shuddering like crazy, and the precum was leaking in a continuous stream. "Yeh, big man, you and Eric are close in the arm department, but his back and ass are like nothing you’ve ever seen and can't be beat by anyone. Turn around, and Eric can drop his trunks and you’ll see what I mean.” With that, still sandwiched between the two musclemen, I turned around and then watched as Eric took a step back, turned around and raised his arms into a double biceps. My hands were instinctively all over his arms and shoulders, and my cock was shuddering but somehow still under control. “Rear lat spread,” commanded Lars, and Eric complied, lowering his fists to his waist and forcing the wings of his back to spread as wide as any back I had ever seen. Then, while Eric was still flexing, Lars reached around and pulled Eric’s speedo to the ground. That ass was magnificent. High, tight and covered with a light dusting of hair. As Eric shifted weight from one foot to the other, the landscape of his gluteus muscles flexed and rolled. I could see some glistening sweat and a tuft of slightly thicker hair at the base of his spine, disappearing into the top of his ass crack, and I nearly blew my load again. I had never seen and ass that beefy and beautiful before. I needed to be inside that ass, and I needed it right then. Seeming to sense my need, or maybe revealing his own, Eric leaned over and grabbed his ankles. Then Lars grabbled a glob of precum from my dick and lubed Eric’s hole. Then Lars commanded me to flex my own double biceps pose while he positioned my dick at Eric’s hole. He then shoved his own 8-inches into me, which in turn forced me to enter Eric with a single thrust. Mphggh! It was pleasure beyond anything I had ever dreamed. With Lars fucking me and squeezing my biceps while I was fucking Eric and feeling his big muscle ass, I finally came, buckling over Eric at the same time that Lars came and buckled into me, and Eric came and nearly buckled to the ground. I must have pumped a gallon of cum into Eric. Lars was still feeling my arms and my pecs and ramming my ass, and I just kept cumming and cumming, worshipping Eric’s huge muscled body from behind while myself being worshipped the same. Finally, we were done and exhausted and laughing and lightly wrestling and flexing and feeling and then doing it all over again in the opposite direction and several different combinations. Eric and Lars stayed for the night and most of the following day. Then we said our farewells, and they were gone. Like I said, the weekend was relaxing. Now it was Sunday evening, and I needed to get ready for the week. Let me know if you enjoy the story so far. I can continue it if you like.
  10. muscleterry

    m/m Oh Henry = Part 2

    I wrote Part 1 of this story years ago and only recently remembered that I'd never posted Part 2. Hopefully it won't take me as long to write Part 3 . Hope you enjoy. Link to Part 1 Part 2 Henry woke up well-rested, his chest heaving and blocking the view of his lower body. For better or for worse, today was the day that he’d finally get to see the results of almost 15 months of work with Brandon, the trainer guiding him on his transformation from teenager to man. He eagerly swung his feet off of the bed and walked to his closet to get dressed. Hanging there were dozens of the same white t-shirts and grey shorts, ranging from size small to x-large. He shed his pyjamas and slipped on an x-large t-shirt, which he had just started wearing last month, a pair of medium shorts and a pair of white athletic socks. Moving to the washroom, he began brushing his teeth while glancing down at the tensed bicep of his left arm with which he grasped his toothbrush. The solid arm strained the sleeve of his x-large shirt; however, it was hard to comprehend just how large it was, with no mirrors to view it properly and put it in reference with the rest of his body. He thought he remembered this sleeve being loose just a few weeks ago, but his mind could just as well be playing tricks on him. Keeping track of gradual changes had proved almost impossible without photos, measurements or mirrors - all things he had abstained from as per his and his trainer Brandon’s mutual agreement. After rinsing his mouth free of toothpaste, Henry glanced at the digital clock resting by the sink. It was 8:03am. Brandon would be arriving in just under an hour. Excited for what was to come, and, in an effort to kill time, Henry decided he would fit in one last workout. In the basement, Henry sped his way through a full body workout and in no time, almost an hour had passed. As he progressed into his final set of Romanian deadlifts - his favourite exercise - he heard the bell ring and the front door unlock. Brandon had let himself in and descended the stairs with a duffel back over his shoulders and a massive fold-up mirror in his arms - the tri-fold kind that you see in clothing store dressing rooms. Brandon leaned it against the wall and came over to the weight rack as Henry pumped out his final reps. “Couldn’t resist getting one last pump in, eh?” Brandon teased. “You know it,” Brandon smiled, contracting his hamstrings for one last deadlift before dropping the weights to the floor. “Go jump in the shower and I’ll get things set up down here. I’ll fix you up something to feed those muscles as well.” “Sounds good, coach.” Henry responded as Brandon turned around to start unpacking. As Henry headed upstairs, he couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of Brandon’s bulbous glutes fighting for space in his tight jean shorts, feeling a stir in his crotch as he thought about it. — Zipping open his duffle bag, Brandon unpacked a collapsable black back drop that he set up in the basement, just behind the room’s main pot lights. In front of it, he set up the tri-fold mirror. He shut off the rest of the lights in the room aside from the pot lights and returned to the posing station he had set up. Brandon stripped off his white Gold’s Gym tank top and wriggled his tight jean shorts down over his thick quads, revealing an overflowing pair of red posing trunks. He decided to give his set-up a test and strike a few poses. He started with a most muscular pose, triggering the flow of blood to every one of his muscles before shifting into a rear lat spread and admiring the width of his frame in the mirror. Like a pro, he transitioned to a side chest pose, appreciating the extent to which his hefty bulge jutted out from his muscled silhouette. This was no doubt thanks to the complete lack of thigh gap to accommodate his generous genitalia. Feeling the blood rushing down to his groin, he grabbed his bulging package and let our a loud “grrrr” as his massive ebony frame flexed and glistened in the mirror, popping against the black canvas two feet behind him. Giving his make shift posing station a nod of approval, he slide his clothes back on, grabbed his duffel bag and headed to the kitchen. Pulling a fresh carton of eggs from the fridge, he cracked all twelve of them and whisked together a massive omelet for Henry. As it cooked in the frying pan, he filled the blender with Henry’s post-workout shake essentials - two scoops of protein, a litre of milk, boiled chicken breast, his usual cocktail of supplements and two drops from a unmarked vial he had pulled out of his duffel bag. After blending it altogether, he took the entire container and set it on the placemat next to where he’d soon place the He-Man sized omelette. — Upstairs, Henry peeled off his sweaty clothes and tossed them into his bedroom hamper. His legs, pumped from his final drop set of deadlifts, forced him to waddle a bit to the washroom where he then jumped in the shower. As he lathered himself in soap, he marvelled at his pumped up legs, caressing his quads and glutes with his hands. His cock swelled to attention and in response, he slid the shower handle to cold to rid himself of his semi hard-on before stepping out and drying himself off. After quickly blowdrying his hair, he slipped on a pair of fresher boxer briefs, his standard t-shirt and shorts uniform and hurried down the stairs to the kitchen. “Eat up, Henry,” Brandon motioned as he delivered the freshly cooked omelette to the table. “Thanks for whipping this up for me, Brandon,” Henry said, sitting down to the massive shake and omelette. He grabbed the blender handle and took a large swig of the post workout shake. “I don’t know what you’re putting in here, but your shakes always taste so much better than mine,” Brandon said as he wiped excess protein shake off from his top lip. “Can’t help you there, it’s always going to taste better when it’s made by a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder,” Brandon chuckled as he flashed a quick double biceps pose. “By the way, you’ve got mail.” He pointed to an envelope on the table, addressed to Henry and branded with the Harrison University logo. Henry opened it, quickly reading the one page letter. “It’s an official reminder that school starts in two weeks. They’ve also given me the name of my dorm roommate… guess I’ll have to reach out to him and start some planning.” “Exciting stuff, Henry. Once you finish up with breakfast, come downstairs but knock on the door before you enter the basement. I’ve got a little surprise for you,” Brandon instructed him as he slipped some of the dishes into the sink. “I’ll meet you down there.” Brandon headed downstairs as Henry continued making progress with his breakfast, switching between forkfuls of his twelve-egg omelette and gulps of his massive protein shake. Within five minutes, he had finished it all and started making his way down the stairs. “I’m ready,” he called to Brandon as he arrived to a closed door at the bottom of the stairs. “Hold up, I’m coming to get you. No peeking.” Brandon carefully opened the door and slid into the stairwell without letting Henry see into the basement. “Take this and put it on,” he said, handing over a black blindfold. “Alright, but this is weird.” “Trust me, Henry.” Brandon grabbed Henry’s hands and guided him through the door, towards the make-shift posing station that he had set up in the middle of the dark room. He placed his hands on Henry’s shoulders, rubbed them gently and then remove the blindfold. ‘Alright Henry, take a look at what 428 days of hard work looks like.’’ Henry slowly opened his eyes. Very quickly they were forced to adjust to the dark room around him, save for the pot lights above that illuminated the spot in which he was standing. This created a black canvas against which he could examine his body which he had not seen in a mirror in over a year. In the mirror stood a person Henry did not recognize. Henry was a boy, but this was no boy. This was a mass of a man whose reflection occupied the entirety of the trifold mirror that Brandon had set up. Henry stood frozen in disbelief. He looked at his hand and raised it to his face, observing the reflection do the same. Whether he believed it or not, the man that looked back at him in this mirror was, without a doubt, Henry. The once narrow, fragile face that Harry had known for so long was no more. A strong, wide forehead, mighty cheekbones and a new, muscular jawline framed his gentle brown eyes. His former sunken cheeks and thin lips were now full and luscious. His complexion, albeit pale from the lack of sunlight, beamed with a healthy, youthful glow and smoothness only seen on magazine covers. Lowering his hand from his cheek, Henry caressed his Adam’s Apple that now protruded from the thick podium of muscle holding his head up. His neck, now as wide as his skull, pulsed as veins carried blood up to his head to prevent Henry from fainting in shock. Jutting out not from his neck, just below his earss, lay two hulking traps that made it look like Henry’s head was perched on a triangular pyramid of muscle that strained the ribbed collar of his white t-shirt to the max. Henry’s gaze slid down from his bull traps to his shoulders that extended out of view from the middle mirror panel. He took a step back, bringing his whole, hulking frame into perspective. Connected to his traps were two massive cannonball shoulders, hidden beneath his white cotton t-shirt. These spherical deltoids stretched his shirt to an almost cartoonish level, giving Henry’s frame a width that would rival most doorways. Now he understood why he was having to angle himself through his bathroom and standing shower doors - a problem he never experienced just a year ago. Henry turned his head to face one of the side mirrors, admiring his massive left shoulder in detail. He looked like a knight wearing shoulder pads beneath his t-shirt, but it was pure, dense muscle rounding off his frame like a suit of armour. Below his shoulder cap, the sleeve of his t-shirt sat scrunched up, not even attempting to stretch over the obscenity of an arm that hung to his side. A massive, bulging bicep pushed against his left pec, its sheer size competing for space along the side of his body. The three heads of his tricep formed a horseshoe so big, it would fit on the hoof of a stallion. Combined, his bicep and tricep made for an arm that rivalled the size of his head. Henry raised his hairy forearm for a bicep flex and his arm ballooned with power, instantly gaining a couple inches in circumference. As he flexed his left arm in the mirror, Henry’s right hand caressed his bicep, tracing a thick vein that snaked around its peak. He felt the back of his tricep, tracing the shredded ridges of its horseshoe. He tried to wrap his fingers around the entirety of his arm, but it was so big it felt like he was holding on to a football, albeit a smooth, warm one that throbbed with strength. “Don’t worry, little man. Don’t be shy,” Brandon walked over to Henry and placed his meaty, calloused hands on his shoulders. “Get these pythons up and let’s see a double biceps pose,” he said as he tapped the back of Henry’s arms, as if signalling them to flex. Henry didn’t know what a double biceps pose was, but somehow, his instincts told him to raise his arms up above his shoulders, turning his palms inwards to flex his biceps. Looking in the mirror, Henry tried to bend his elbows further but couldn’t, because the sheer size and roundness of his bicep peaks pushed back against his forearms. His massive triceps rounded out what looked like volley-ball size mounds of muscle to his sides - visual confirmation that his arms were indeed as big as his head. “Let’s take a look and see how these pythons compare to mine,” Brandon announced as he took his position behind Henry, raising his arms into the same double bicep pose. While it was clear that Brandon had a few inches of height and width on Henry, both men were surprised to see that they were equals in the arm department. Henry’s arms completely eclipsed Brandon’s. “Woah, Henry. “I’ve gotta say, you’ve got mad arms for an 18-year old. Don’t think I’ve ever seen tris like yours before. Looks like your trainer’s done good,” Brandon professed with a wink. “Now I want you to try something different,” Brandon directed, as he motioned Henry to lower his arms to his sides. “You see these muscle titties,” he said, patting the two mounds of meat sitting below Henry’s collar bone. “We’re going to make ‘em jump. Now I want you to breathe in and focus on your upper pectorals and mentally pull them up, taking the rest of your chest for a ride. Just like this.” Brandon, standing close behind Henry, flexed his pecs in unison. They jumped out inches from his body, gently thumping Henry’s back as they popped. Henry closed his eyes, thinking about the mind-muscle connection he channeled for every rep of his weekly chest work out. Gently he clenched his pecs, feeling them frolic slightly within the confines of his tight white t-shirt. He repeated this over and over again, feeling the rise and fall of his chest become more significant with every flex. Henry opened his eyes to a sight he never thought he’d see. His chest, covered in his white t-shirt, looked like two giant white pillows, pumped and bouncing at his mind’s command. Each time his pecs jumped, they almost swiped his chin. Every time they fell, their size and heft kept them jiggling as they came to a full stop. “There you go, little man. You’ve got the hang of it,” Brandon smiled, bouncing his own barrel chest in unison with Henry’s. As a trainer, it made him so proud to see his client experiencing the fruits of his labour. “Now let’s ditch this shirt, Henry, and see all of your hard work.” Brandon grabbed the back of his white t-shirt and ripped it down the centre. Henry jolted at this, surprised and excited by Brandon’s forwardness. Brandon walked around to face Henry, who was frozen in place. He pulled the ripped ends of the shirt towards him to get it off Henry’s body, but he couldn’t get the sleeves over Henry’s massively muscled arms. “You’ll have to help me out here, Henry. You stay steady as I yank this shirt off of you.” Henry anchored his legs to the floor as Brandon grabbed the ends of his t-shirt and pulled with all his might to get it over Henry’s arms. It was like Brandon was playing tug of war with Henry’s bulging biceps and triceps. Brandon tightened his core and gave it one final pull with all his might. He flung backwards as the sleeves ripped around Henry’s arms, leaving the t-shirt shredded in pieces on the ground. “We’re going to have to get you some new t-shirts,” Brandon pronounced as he picked the shreds up off the floor. This whole situation had Henry’s heart beating a mile a minute. Had he just learned how to bounce his pecs? Had his trainer Brandon just rip his shirt off of him? The thought of having to size up to XXL was incredulous to him as just last year he was swimming in small t-shirts. As he refocused, his thought process was instantly interrupted by the herculean torso staring back at him in the mirror. He was impressed with his chest before when it was compressed within the confines of his t-shirt, but now that it was unleashed, its magnitude was overwhelming. Unlike Brandon’s pecs which were rounded and plump, Henry’s powerful, square pecs matched those of comic book super heroes. The tectonic plates of muscle jutted out from his collar bone by a couple inches and from the top of his midsection, casting a small shadow onto his abs. Henry stuck his fingers beneath the bottom shelf of his pecs, playing with his nipples that now faced downwards due to the extreme musculature of his chest. After toying with his hard nipples, Henry slid his hands along the grooves in his rock hard eight pack. Each abdominal muscle was as thick and defined as a brick. He traced the deep ridges between each square abdominal and caressed the cords of muscle which formed a thick and pronounced Adonis belt above his hips. “Turn around and check that back”, Brandon encouraged. Henry pivoted and turned his head over his shoulder, admiring his gigantic back extending from his tight waist like a bouquet of flowers extends from the opening of a narrow vase. North of his 30” waist, his massive lats sprouted from his lower back, pushing his powerful arms upward and outward. Just like his front delts, his rear delts protruded from his cannonball shoulders and his towering traps formed a mountain peak leading to his head. More impressive than his sprawling back, Henry’s eyes shifted down to an imposing bubble butt that stretched the limits of his grey sweat shorts. The heft of his ass weighed his shorts down, exposing the top of his bulbous glutes and an inch of his butt crack. Together, these two massive glutes formed a shelf of muscle that swelled almost a foot outwards from Henry’s lower back. “Now that’s an ass,” Brandon proclaimed, slapping Henry’s bottom and chuckling as Henry jumped in shock. Henry twisted his head around to admire his backside in the mirror, rubbing his hand over his bubble butt which would make even the most bootylicious of women jealous. “Drop trou’ and let’s see those legs,” Brandon commanded. Henry pulled his grey sweat shorts off, revealing a pair of bulging white boxer briefs and two enormous tree trunks legs, still pumped from his morning workout. Thick and sinewy, his huge quads swept out from his hips and the mass of muscle protruded several inches out from his knee. Turning sideways, Henry flexed his giant hamstrings that hung heavy from behind. His monstrous legs fought each other for room, leaving zero space between them. This forced Henry into a wide stance, creating a classic ‘X’ silhouette in the mirror. All that muscle between his legs also pushed the contents of his white boxer briefs outward. From the side, it looked like Henry had two pairs of sports socks stuffed in them. Henry dropped his right hand to his crotch and cupped the bulge that sat low and heavy against his legs. Henry had always dreamt of filling out his underwear as well as the models on packs of his Calvin Klein briefs. The bulge that he saw reflected in the mirror would be too obscene to ever feature in ad. Instinctively, he slid his hand under his waistband and pulled it down, freeing his constrained genitals. “Woah, Henry!” “Shit, sorry I totally forgot you were here, Brandon!” Henry apologized. “Nothing to apologize for, son. Looks like you’ve grown everywhere, Henry. I had no idea you were packing all that meat.” Thick as a kielbasa and covered in veins, Henry’s soft cock was a symbol of masculine virility. His two peach-sized balls pushed his cock outwards, its head hanging several inches past them. Over the last year, his family jewels had clearly gone through a growth spurt, but the small changes day to day were difficult to notice without a mirror and without locker room comparisons. While Henry’s hulking body would make even a generous endowment look average, it was clear in his reflection that this cock was outsized even for him. Truth be told, the genitalia in the mirror looked like they’d belong to a bodybuilder porn star. “I thought those triceps were unreal, but it’s clear to me which muscle’s grown the most,” Brandon said, chuckling aloud. Henry, realizing he had just spent a good minute checking out and fondling his genitals in front of his trainer, blushed in shame and jerked up his boxer briefs. His heavy, flaccid penis got caught on the waistband and he maneuvered it comfortably back into his underwear, tucking it along his right leg. His face was red with embarrassment as Brandon stood there, smirking to himself. “My bad, Brandon. It’s a bit overwhelming, this whole experience…” “Henry - you’ve nothing to be ashamed of,” Brandon said, shaking his head and putting his hand on Henry’s meaty shoulder. “Take a look at the man in the mirror. That’s all of your hard work staring back at you. Your grandmother would be proud.” Henry looked into the mirror, face to face with the new him that he was still struggling to process. He reminisced about his grandmother and her final message to him. While she was not by his side, he knew that she would be happy for him and he was glad he had not passed up her suggestion of a fresh start. “Thank you, Brandon, for all of your help. I could have never done this without you.” Henry threw his arms around Brandon in a hug, though they did not make it far with both of their muscular chests in the way. “My pleasure, Henry,” Brandon said, reciprocating the hug of his trainee. “Before I forget - we’ve one last order of business.” Brandon walked over to his black duffel bag and pulled out a scale and a tape measure. “Time for a few quick measurements! Stand up against this wall for me, will you Henry?” Henry walked over and turned to stand up straight against the wall, his muscled ass and back making light contact with it. Holding the tape measure by Henry’s head, Brandon extended it until it reached the ground. “Six feet even. That’s five inches you’ve grown, Henry.” Henry had suspected he’d grown quite a bit in height, but the prospect of being in the six footer club excited him. That was the height of a man, not a boy. “Now let’s get you on this scale.” Brandon motioned Henry over to where he’d set the scale by his bag. With nothing but his boxers on, he stepped on the scale and watched the numbers rise before settling at 221.2 pounds. “Holy shit. That’s double my starting weight,” Henry declared, rattled and excited by the numbers he saw on the scale. “Good math, my man. Looks like you're a numbers guy, eh?” Brandon smirked, staring down at the semi hard-on that was forming in Henry’s pants. Feeling even more embarrassed, Henry grabbed his shorts near the mirror and put them on, hoping they’d help contain his growing erection. “You’ll get used to that,” said Brandon, as if reading Henry’s mind. “It doesn’t take much to get bulls like us going, with all that testosterone flowing through these muscles.” “It looks like my work here is done for today, Henry,” Brandon stated as he began dissembling the backdrop and packing up the equipment he had brought. “You’ve got two weeks until school starts. I’ll see you for your daily workout until you head off, yes?” “You bet,” Henry confirmed as Brandon picked up his packed duffel bag and walked towards the tri-fold mirror. “Brandon, think I could hold onto the mirror? “Consider it yours.” Together, they marched up the stairs and exited the front door of the house. After a quick goodbye hug on his porch, Henry waved to Brandon as he got into his car in the front driveway. Two women walking on the sidewalk did a double-take as they passed by Henry’s house, no doubt sneaking a second glance at Henry’s shirtless, muscular torso. It was attention that Henry was not used to getting, but get used to it he would. Henry returned to the kitchen and retrieved a marker from his drawer. He drew a large ‘X’ on August 20th, the date circled in red on his calendar. This was the date he had told himself he would rejoin the world, after over 400 days of investing in a new beginning. He wasn’t exactly sure where to start, but he had a few ideas…
  11. alexrif

    m/m Sharing superhero story : Capes

    Hi, I recently discovered this superhero story, very well written and containing all elements : muscle/spandex/superhero/transformation sadly they are few stories like that... Enjoy!
  12. TravRamsey

    m/m Travis Ramsey's One-Shots and Collabs

    Grow Up! A collaboration between myself and Aardvark. This story was altered from its original form and updated. – “Porter!” Silence. “Porter!!!” Silence. “HEY!!! PORTER!!!!!!” “WHAT?!” Porter appeared at the top of the stairs, staring down in anger at his little brother Bode at the foot of them. “WHAT, BODE? The house better be on fire!!!” “I wanna play the Playstation.” “You have seen me set it up for you ten. Thousand. Times. Why can’t you do it yourself?” Porter said with a huge amount of annoyance as he trudged down the steps. “I always mix up the cables,” Bode shrugged, completely without remorse. The family entertainment center was a bit out of date. The amount of cording behind the television was enough to confuse even the most adept of techies. In the bedroom, Freddie rolled his eyes and set his phone on the bed. He and Porter hadn’t really been doing anything. Just laying back and shooting the shit about what they wanted to do over their last summer before senior year. So far, the only exciting thing was Harry Greco’s big party this Saturday. Because of Bode, they couldn’t just do whatever – he couldn’t be left home alone. Seriously, if the kid could just be a tiny bit older, Freddie and Porter’s lives could be so much easier. Walking into the living room, Freddie saw Porter wrestling with the entertainment center. Freddie arched a blonde brow as he assessed everything. “Your family does know that HDMI cords have been invented, right?” Porter snorted. “You think my father knows anything about technology other than Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer? He’d look at this and say, ‘Oh, it’s not that bad, Port! Get in there and help your little brother!’” “He’s right!” Bode chirped from his position on the La-Z-Boy near the television. “When are they coming back?” The venom exuding Porter’s face could have dissolved solid stone. “They told you literally yesterday. You seriously don’t remember?” Bode shrugged. “Nope.” Freddie facepalmed. “Two weeks. They said two weeks.” “Oh. ‘Kay. Are you done, Porter?” Before Porter could answer, there was a loud crack and a shower of sparks and the brunette leapt back from the television. Bode yelped. Porter hissed and made sure he was uninjured while Freddie checked the television. “This,” he announced, “is dead. Looks like your dad’s modernizing whether he likes it or not, bro.” “I’m telling mom!” Bode announced, hopping off the La-Z-Boy and making for the phone. Freddie ran after him. Porter groaned and put his head in his hands. “I’m in so much trouble now.” “Bode, put the phone down,” Freddie commanded as the younger teen approached the family cell phone. “Porter broke the TV and I want them to buy me a new one so I can play games while they’re gone! I can’t use the one in their bedroom, you can’t plug anything in cause it’s on the wall!” Bode reached for the phone but Freddie batted it away. “Ow! You shocked me!” “It’s your fault he had to tinker with it in the first place!” Freddie snapped. “You have a laptop, play games on that! Stop trying to just fuck up Porter’s life for no-” “That’s a bad word!” Bode gasped. How could anyone be so innocent at this age? Probably because his mother babied him so much. “-FOR NO REASON,” Freddie continued. He gave Bode a light nudge as he held the phone up out of the other boy’s grasp. “Grow up!” “No! I wanna play games!” “GROW UP, BODE!” Freddie said again with another light nudge, except this time Bode went sailing across the room as if he’d been shot out of a cannon. “Holy…” Freddie said, jogging over to the younger boy on the floor. Porter showed up then and saw his friend crouching over his little brother. “What’d you do?!” “Nothing!” “It was… it was nothing…” Bode said, sitting up and giving his head a shake. “I was being rude.” He looked up at Porter. “Sorry, P. I know you were just trying to help me out. I won’t tell on you.” “Uh… thanks.” “Maybe I…” Bode stood up and smoothed down his rumpled sweatpants. “Maybe I should buy us a new TV.” “You? You don’t have that kind of money, Bode, TVs are expensive.” “I have… some money…” Bode said, in a vacant voice. “Yeah… I’ll go upstairs and look at some TVs online.” Porter and Freddie watched Bode walk back up the stairs and to his room. “That was weird,” Freddie murmured. “Least he’s out of our hair for now.” Upstairs, Bode shut the door to his room and groaned, running a hand over his forehead. “Weird… I didn’t… didn’t feel sick when I… uh… oof…!” He put a hand over his stomach, which let loose a rumbling growl. “Unnnh…” he moaned, grimacing. He staggered for his bed, flopping onto it and idly pawing around for his laptop. His hand felt weird. Like it was too big… What was going on here? This was bizarre. “I… I need to get…” What? Get what? His mind grasped for the end to the statement, but found nothing except… workout techniques? What the-? The feeling of too-bigness crept up his arm, and he groaned. This wasn’t right. He rolled over and grunted, as his crotch began to feel tight. He tried to loosen his sweatpants, but the bulge was already there, growing larger and lewder by the minute. “F-Fuck,” Bode murmured, now unconcerned whether it was a bad word or not. He tried to put it out of his mind, though he kept absently pawing at his cock, which ached inside his underwear. To distract himself, true to his word, he opened up his laptop and went to the Best Buy website to search for TVs. Some of them were pretty expensive, but Bode was excited to see a 4K one at a holiday discount with all the trimmings, including everything he needed for gaming. It was $800 – Bode knew that was a lot of money for a TV, but it was worth it. He rummaged through his backpack… why did this darn thing have so many pockets? Finally, he found a Velcro wallet with Bart Simpson on it. It had once been Porter’s when he was Bode’s age, and had gotten passed down. Their mom didn’t like Bart Simpson because he was rebellious, which made Bode like the wallet more. He pulled out his school lunch card, an unused movie pass he was saving for the next Spider-Man movie, and finally found what he wanted: his American Express Platinum card. He wondered if he had enough reward points stored up to get the TV for free. And how to get it? In-store pickup? Bode wasn’t sure if he could drive. He didn’t have a license. Did Porter have a license? Nah, he’d just have it delivered. With a few more clicks and a number typed in, the TV was headed their way. Bode smiled to himself and sat up. His stomach still ached and gurgled with a ferocity the likes of which he’d never experienced before. Maybe he needed some Coke. The carbonation would settle his stomach. So Bode went downstairs, calling out “TV’s on its way” as he turned to go into the kitchen. In the living room, Porter called back, “Thanks, kid.” Kid? Bode didn’t like that. He wasn’t a kid, was he…? Well, yeah, he was kind of a kid. So why did he feel so much older? Ugh, this made his head hurt. He opened the fridge, grabbing for a beer… Wait, beer? No, a Coke. Red can, swoopy-swirly logo. Can in hand, he headed into the living room. “So what are we doing?” he asked. Freddie and Porter regarded him as if his appearance – a teenager with the arms and hands of a seasoned stevedore – wasn’t unusual. A collective “nothing” met his question. “Hmm. We could… I dunno, play charades until the TV gets here?” Bode suggested. Freddie and Porter stared at each other for a moment. There wasn’t anything else to do, they figured, so why not? “I’ll go first,” Bode said, hopping up in front of the entertainment center. He thought for a moment. Scratched his chin. Then he raised both his arms out to the sides and slightly above his head, flashing a double peace sign and a big fake smile. “Arnold Schwarzenegger!” “Popeye!” “Hulk Hogan!” “Um… uh… Gaston!” Bode’s brow furrowed. He’d thought it was super obvious. “John Cena!” “Hercules!” “The Rock!” “No!” Bode said, dropping his arms in annoyance. “Richard Nixon! The V-sign! He made it when the Vietnam War ended!” Porter and Freddie stared up blankly at him. “Sheesh, you guys have never heard of Nixon?” “Was he a bodybuilder?” “No, he was the president!” Bode grew more exasperated. “A bodybuilder? Why on Earth were you guessing wrestlers and Hercules?” “We thought you were flexing.” “I just have big arms,” Bode shrugged, and it was an understatement to say the least. Biceps as big as cannonballs had wedged his sleeves up under his arms. His upper arms – massive, veiny – looked to have roughly the same circumference as his waist. It looked freakish. “You go, I guess I’m not good at this,” Bode barked to Freddie. Freddie leapt up immediately and Bode smiled, reaching up to rub the older teen’s hair. An odd gesture, but no one mentioned it as Bode sat down cross-legged on the floor and folded his gargantuan arms over his chest. Freddie went, almost bending in half and moving his legs to make a sprinting motion. Bode grunted and adjusted his legs a bit “An ice skater!” “A sheep!” Freddie looked at Porter like he’d grown a second head and signaled a “no.” Porter kept shouting out increasingly outlandish answers while Bode grunted, pushing out his legs. They pulsed and throbbed, and the feeling of too-bigness crept down them until there was a tearing noise. His sweatpants had burst! And yet Freddie and Porter didn’t notice! Bode looked down to see two redwoods jutting from his pelvis. Enormous thighs, swollen with fat, meaty muscles which would have been rubbing together if his enormous package wasn’t separating them. It strained against his undies, which looked like they’d give way at any moment. Bode idly massaged it as he flexed his enormous calves. After a minute, making sure not to pop a boner in front of the boys, he looked up. “Usain Bolt,” he called out. Freddie hopped into a normal stance, grinning. “That’s right!” He returned to his seat. Porter stewed as Bode strode up. “Alright, you go, sport,” Bode said, noticing Porter’s irritation. He chuckled fondly and shook his head. No one noted the “sport” comment, and Bode plopped down next to Freddie. He looked the other one over and took in just how fit Freddie was. It looked good. Really good, in fact… Bode had never noticed how handsome Freddie had become. Freddie and Porter had been friends for years, thick as thieves, so Bode saw Freddie almost daily, which had made Freddie’s puberty seem less abrupt. But the boy next door had grown up beautifully. He had a strong chin, a broad chest that Bode knew would eventually get a lot thicker, wide shoulders, and a nice deep voice. Bode imagined an older, bearded Freddie wearing a suit and tie and reading the news. He’d be good at that. And when that tie came off, the neck muscles underneath… the top of that muscular chest on view… Out of Porter’s view, Bode’s hand wandered up to the middle of Freddie’s back and began rubbing. He felt Freddie’s sharp intake of breath, and the neighbor boy’s blue eyes widened slightly, but he didn’t pull away or look over. Bode’s fingers were stretching across Freddie’s back, his palm widening, his knuckles popping as big as quarters. More muscled bulged its way out of his arms, spreading up into his shoulders, and the crew neck of his t-shirt started to pull apart as Bode’s collarbone began extending, eventually bumping him into Freddie. Freddie didn’t move as Bode’s shoulders forced them to snuggle together, growing massively broad, twice as wide as Freddie’s. Bode slid his huge hand down to Freddie’s lower back, and his pinkie rubbed along waistband of Freddie’s underwear. He smirked. “Are you guys paying attention?!” Porter snipped. “Sorry P!” Bode said, his voice cracking. “We’re lookin’.” Bode grunted, adjusting his stance some more. He felt broad and kinda heavy, but not especially thick. Mm, he’d have to fix that… He took a deep breath and turned to watch Porter, who was standing bow-legged and had his hands out before him like he was trying to hold a large gut. Hmmm. “The Fatman?” “The what?” they asked. “Oh, I guess neither of you were around for Jake and the Fatman, were ya,” Bode muttered, not even sure he was around for that show. “Keep going.” Another deep breath and he found himself groaning as his shirt was pulled out. He tugged at it to no avail and grunted again, only succeeding in tearing the shirt off. Muscles bulged underneath his just-short-of-ponderous gut. Abs formed, and he rubbed it. All solid muscle. This was so strange… “A sumo wrestler?” Freddie called. “Right!” Porter called out. Bode clapped a hand to Freddie’s back. “Good job, son!” he enthused. Freddie blushed. “Thanks, Mister Arnell,” he said, getting up to take his turn. ‘Mister Arnell’? Since when did Brode qualify as a mister anything? He wasn’t… he wasn’t old enough, was he? Brode frowned as Freddie began to pose and flex before the TV. The teenage muscles bulged and Brode grunted uncomfortably as his loins responded perhaps a bit too favorably. Freddie had been held back, so he was 18. He was legal. But… this was his son’s best friend. They were practically brothers. And wouldn't getting with Freddie be unfaithful to Alan? Wait. His son? Alan? What the hell was he thinking? His frown deepened as he looked back up to Freddie, who was now doing a pec bounce. Brode belched, feeling Coca-Cola bubbles simmering in his throat. Brode arched his back, his mouth dropping open. His chest felt so tight. He rolled his shoulders back, extended his arms a little, trying to stretch it out. But the muscles didn’t feel like they fit correctly under his skin. He could see little stretch marks forming around his shoulders and under his nipples. He hiccuped, and his chest heaved up, but it stayed raised and began to swell. His view of his lap and stomach vanished. Brode looked down agog at his pecs as they inflated, and suddenly they began bouncing in rhythm with Freddie’s. But now they were much bigger than Freddie’s, and growing still, stretching out enormous and thick like a couple of car tires. “It’s uh-” he said, staring at Freddie. He cupped his hands under his pecs, their weight now so ponderous that he was irrationally scared they were going to fall off. Freddie was making some odd gesture around his neck, little flicks with his fingers. “He’s, uhhh, wearing a necklace?” Porter asked. Freddie shook his head no. Brode felt a tickle and looked down to see hair suddenly flowering out over his pecs. He grinned. Long curls erupted through his skin, covering it in a healthy coating of fluff, just enough to poke through all his collars. He liked being hairy. Freddie raised his arms high above his head. “I think,” Brode said, easing up onto his feet, “that you’re impersonating me!” And as he announced it, his body began stretching upward, muscle exploding out of his mountainous frame, until his chest was eye-level for Freddie – no mean feat, seeing that Freddie was six feet tall. He stared down at the neighbor boy with a grin. “Pretty good, kid. I liked the chest hair bit.” He scratched at his furry pecs and bounced them for Freddie, who stared hungrily. “I love your-” Freddie started to say, before realizing what he had almost admitted in front of Porter. He went crimson and sat down, leaving Brode towering over the two older teens. He looked down at them – but couldn’t see them. All he saw was his chest. Unsure of how to continue, Brode tried to tap his chin as he pondered, but as he did, his lats exploded out, and his arms couldn’t quite move to meet his face. He grunted in irritation and stepped back a bit. Freddie was staring up at him adoringly. Brode grinned at him salaciously before his face fell. A tearing noise stopped everything else dead and he felt his big, fat dick slap his thighs. “Dude!” Porter yelped as Freddie moaned. Brode didn’t stick around to find out what he was moaning about, and beat a hasty retreat upstairs. His cock grew the whole way, hardening and snaking up to fit the underside of his musclegut. Thick, prominent veins snaked along its length and even fully hard the foreskin clung to the swollen head. It stopped around his bellybutton and as soon as Brode entered his room and plopped onto his bed, it exploded, shooting cum all over his tremendous ball gut. He bellowed in pleasure, tweaking one of his prominent nipples and leaning back, one hand furiously jerking his meat. Good God, this felt divine! After almost a minute of unloading, Brode fell back, panting and chuckling as he felt the cum on his hairy gut. Incredibly thick, sticky, and piping hot. God, he was a virile sonuvabitch. But… something felt wrong. This all felt wrong. The more he thought about it, the more wrong it felt, and his mind was soon reeling. He tried to marshal his thoughts. His name was… Brodae. No…? Wait… maybe? It might be Brady… He decided he’d come back to that. Age. Right, that was easy: he was, uh… 20? 30? No, wait! He was 45, definitely. Had his kid at 28. Wait, kid? Since when did he have a- oh, right, Porter! Good kid, made his old man proud in and out of the gym. But why couldn’t he shake the feeling Porter was his older brother? Shit… why was he so sure Porter was from his ex-wife Sheila? He tried to remember, and all that came to mind was a hard-fought custody battle, winning sole parental rights when Porter turned six… then Porter, himself, and his then-boyfriend Alan going out for a celebratory pizza. Porter had eaten until he’d gotten a tummy ache and Alan had held him all night long. Brodae chuckled at the memory, and gasped when he realized how deep his voice was. Loud and booming like a foghorn. It felt wrong. But why? WHY!? “Nothing makes sense anymore!” Brodae snarled, rubbing his bald head. Wait, when did he lose his hair? He had a full head of it… well, wait, he did, up until two years ago when Alan… oh. Oh, god, how could he forget his husband getting cancer? Brodae had shaved his head in solidarity once the chemo started, and kept doing it even after… after Alan had passed away. He and Porter still had nightmares about it sometimes… Brodae sat back, rubbing his eyes as they watered. It still hurt. It still didn’t feel entirely real. Had it really happened? He shook his head. Even if it wasn’t real, which he was sure it was, he couldn’t waste anymore tears on it. Moving forward. That’s what he had to do. No doubt he’d meet someone with as good as he looked! Wait, how did he look? The titan staggered to the mirror and gaped at his reflection in shock. Why did he have some kid’s face!? He moved his hands back up to run them over his smooth head. This gesture pushed his pecs up against his chin, smushed his deltoids against his cheeks, and exposed his furry pits. Another shot of cum splattered over the mirror and onto the floor. He had two voices in his head and both told him he wasn’t supposed to look like this. One was talking about his body – the hundreds of pounds of muscle – and the other was talking about the smooth baby face on top of that mountain of virility. He and Porter had both gotten so much bigger after Alan died. They’d taken their grief out on the gym. They still cried together, sometimes – Porter had come into Brodae’s bedroom just last week in the middle of the night, his handsome face wet with tears like a child’s, and he’d spent the night in Brodae’s embrace. They hadn’t mentioned it since. Brodae knew his boy wanted to be a strong man, but even strong men just needed to let it out now and then. “M-Mister Arnell?” Freddie’s voice was on the other side of the door. “The TV’s here…” Brodae opened the door, his naked body on full display. Freddie took a nervous step back. “I’m sorry, sir-” “Don’t apologize, son. Does Porter need me?” “I don’t think so,” Freddie said, walking into the room and shutting the door behind him. “I think he’s got… everything under control…” Freddie’s nose was almost buried between Brodae’s hairy pecs. He began kissing them. Brodae rubbed his head. “Thanks.” “I wanna… I wanna be just like you…” Freddie gurgled between kisses. He wrapped his lips around Brodae’s nipple and sucked as the big stud guided him over to the bed. Brodae stroked his dick and felt a rubbery texture. A condom. He pulled on Freddie’s shorts and yanked them off, and the teen fell back on the bed with a gasp, spreading his legs wide, staring up at Brodae’s angelic face, moaning and mewling with desire. Brodae groaned back, his jaw cracking. “Fuckin’ Christ!” he swore, rubbing it. It was now comically square, and it didn’t quite fit his face at all. He began to thrust into Freddie’s hole, and the teenager moaned his appreciation. Brodae’s face continued to change. His nose was wide and thick, jutting out and bending in the middle. Most would call it a hawk’s beak nose, but Brodae always thought of it more like an eagle’s beak. Big, majestic, and possessing impressively broad wings – just like Brodae (well, he had impressively broad lats, but the principle was similar). His lower lip plumped up a bit more than his upper one and his lower jaw jutted out a bit more, too. Combined with his heavy new brow and thick eyebrows, he’d look classically brutish if it wasn’t for his jaw and newly clefted chin. He looked downright superheroic. His thrusting was picking up speed, and both he and Freddie were moaning and hollering fit to bring the house down. It was a wonder Porter hadn’t run in with all the noise. Finally, with a roar that would make a gorilla duck for cover, Brodae came hard into Freddie’s tight hole. He shot rope after rope of thick cum deep inside his younger lover, then collapsed onto him, bringing him in for a kiss, his thicker stubble rubbing against Freddie’s. “This is wrong,” he rumbled, running a hand over Freddie’s hair. “Then I don’t wanna be right,” Freddie replied. It was cheesy, and they both grinned. “I just wanna be yours, Brodan.” “Son, you’ve been mine for a long time,” Brodan growled back, cupping the back of Freddie’s head with one hand and kissing him again. They laid like that for a little while, just cuddling and kissing with Brodan’s enormous prick lodged in Freddie’s hole, until Porter walked in. “Dad, I- WHAT THE FUCK!?” Brodan leapt up in surprise, pulling his dick out of Freddie so fast that the blond teen yelped. “Port!” he grunted. He’d… he’d forgotten… he was stark fucking naked… Brodan grabbed around for something to cover himself with. He found the only piece of fabric in the room big enough to cover him – a bedsheet. As soon as he swung it around his hulking form, it tightened around him like a cocoon, stitching itself together until it had become a men’s dress shirt, the same navy blue Brodan’s sheets had been. The buttons over Brodan’s chest fell open, displaying his hairy chest, while they pulled too tight over his bulging stomach. The shirt was tucked into a pair of gray trousers with a higher waist than any pants Brodan had worn before, but since he was a man now, this was how he would dress from now on. He was even sporting a nice pair of brown wingtip shoes all of a sudden. As lines webbed out around his eyes and a pair of trendy eyeglasses fell onto his nose, he looked every inch the superheroic dad he had molded himself to be. Porter blinked at his new father. Hadn’t he been… naked a second before? But no, that was silly… what had he and Freddie been doing…? He’d felt so embarrassed, but now that was only because he’d barged in. “Sorry, guys,” Porter said, “I should’ve knocked.” “S’fine. I just, uh, needed advice about something,” Freddie said, still feeling confusion over his newfound homosexuality. All he could think about was standing up and unbuttoning Mr. Arnell’s shirt and kissing him, worshiping him, sucking his enormous, porn star cock… And he looked at Porter, and Porter had that same chin, that same beefy chest that made his shirts too tight… fuck, Porter was so hot. Had he always looked like that? “You okay, buddy?” Brodan asked his son, with a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “The – the TV is here, they’ve set it up, you just have to sign for it.” Porter said. “No problem,” Brodan said, walking down the stairs, opening another button on his shirt and wiping some sweat off his gleaming bald head. “You Mister Arnell?” the deliveryman asked, dwarfed by Brodan’s immense size. “Call me Brogan,” the bodybuilder said, his pecs vibrating a bit bigger. He took the clipboard the deliveryman offered and signed. Another button popped off of Brogan’s shirt. The titan chuckled. “Sorry about that, brother! I lose more good shirts that way.” The deliveryman muttered something about a “freak” and ducked out. Brogan smirked at that. Yeah, he was a freak, and he loved every minute of it. Freddie and Porter entered as the door shut. “Niiice!” Porter declared, gazing at the television like it was his new best friend. Brogan laughed, but was cut off by his text jingle before he could reply. After a quick glance, he clapped a hand to Porter’s back. “I gotta run,” he grunted. “Work needs me. You be good while I’m gone, alright, big guy?” “Aren’t I always?” Porter replied, before hastily adding: “Don’t answer that. Have fun at work, pops.” “I always do. And don’t stay up all night watchin’ TV. You’ll rot your brain.” Brogan kissed his son’s forehead as Porter made token protests, then wrapped an arm around Freddie’s shoulder. “C’mon, kid.” “Wait, what?” Freddie asked as Porter did the same. “You wanted to be just like me, right? Well, you can start now. Besides, we should spend some quality time together, sport,” Brogan replied with a significant look, and Freddie picked up what he meant, nodding. He fell into step with Brogan and they were out the door before Porter could say any more. They hopped into the huge emerald green F-250 in the driveway – the same color as Brogan and Porter’s eyes – and roared off. The massive DILF glanced over to Freddie as they drove. “About what happened in the bedroom…” “It feels like a dream,” Freddie murmured. “One of the best dreams I’ve ever had. Whatever it was, I’m happy with it happening a lot more often,” Brogan rumbled. Seeing Freddie’s face light up, he laughed. “On a couple conditions, son.” “Name ‘em.” “We keep it secret until next summer and you make good on becoming just like me.” “Deal!” Freddie agreed. “I’m so excited! Like, you don’t even know, sir!” “Simmer down, sport,” Brogan chuckled, turning out of town. Freddie looked confused and Brogan’s smile broadened. “You thought we were going to the gym, right?” “Uh, yeah…” “Well, tough luck. Actually, we’re starting on my other job.” The F-250 pulled into the parking lot of a brick building bearing a pink neon sign. It read “Poker in the Rear” and a man’s hand poking a woman’s shapely rear end. Below that read: “Saturday: Gay Night! Sunday: Lesbian Night!” Freddie blinked a few times before turning to Brogan with a broad grin. “Oh, hell yeah!” Brogan laughed and gave Freddie a deep kiss. “That’s what I like to hear, my love. Now c’mon, I’m on in 20 and you got a front row seat.” “Sweet. Can I maybe get a private lap dance later?” Brogan smirked at Freddie. “You have to ask?” – Well, with Tumblr deciding it knows better than consenting adults a few years ago, I figure it was high time I posted all my stories from there – and some new ones! – over here on MG. I do plan on continuing my Sean series as well, if only for the novelty of fanfiction about other series in the community. Well, that, and I have had that planned out with varying levels of detail for years now. That said, if you enjoyed this story then like it, upvote it, or gimme some thanks. If you wanna be in my good books, maybe even give me some feedback! Also… remember the name Harry Greco. This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of that party. - Trav
  13. CardiMuscleman

    m/m The Titan and His Apprentice : A New Journey

    Chapter One "You really do like tinkering with that machine of yours don't you? What does it do now? Turn people into the smartest men alive? Turn them into the dumbest jocks in existence?" As James chuckled he smiled and said "Actually, you could say all of the above!" and with that placed an arm around Larry's shoulder and took him to their bedroom where he reached under the bed and took out a laptop. "I guess it all started back in the 1970's for me" smiled James and with that mused for a moment, "Amazing" he said, "here we are, 2035, I'm in my fifties, you are now in your eighties and yet we look like brothers" and with that carried on with his explanation. "One of the bugbears of school life for me was my health. I was always catching things. Colds, flu, you name it I got it! Back in 1974, I caught a real doozy of an infection, laid me up in bed for the best part of four weeks, but on the plus side I did have a small television by my bed and one day, I caught this" and with that clicked the play button on the online video sharing site and asked "Recognise this?" "Is that??? No, it can't be? Buck Rogers, the Republic serial from the 1930's? Goodness, I remember watching that when I was a child!" "It certainly is and to be honest I didn't think much of it, I mean, call those rockets. However, a few moments later that opinion changed completely!" "When I saw that the first time, do you know what I did?" Larry shook his head. "I came!" replied James, "to see a man's mind wiped, just like that, it stimulated me for the first ever time and from that moment I was hooked. When the Daredevil comic had him having his brain emptied a few weeks later, I came again" "From then on I couldn't get enough, everytime the words brain drain or mind transfer were mentioned in a comic strip or on a television show I would just come. Be it Mighty Mouse in the 1980's, the Turtles in the 1990's, even Stargate SG-1 in the millennium. I couldn't help myself" "So" chuckled Larry, "I'm not the only one with a fetish then!" "True" replied James, "but in the last few years they have actually tried to make it work, all theory of course, but I took their work and applied it to my machine and I think...I think...I think I have done it. I think I have made a working mind transfer machine!" and with that he moaned as a damp patch appeared on his pants. As he recovered he added "and I want you and Francois to be my test subjects!" "Me?" exclaimed Larry, "have my mind residing inside Francois's bulging muscular body?" "No" chuckled James, "your mind residing inside Henri's bulging muscular body. I want Francois to know what being a Titan really meant and what better way then to send his mind back in time to Porthos's body and Porthos's mind into Francois's body. Of course, he'll need someone there to help him and who knows more about the Musketeers than you?" "You just want to worship Henri, don't you?" smiled Larry "Am I that easy to read?" chuckled James as he e-mailed Francois with "a unique offer to live your ancestor's life in the flesh, and I do mean, flesh!"
  14. "Hey sexy man, how are you this morning?” He coos to me with his sexy brogue as he leans up on his side of the king-sized bed. He’s facing me, leaning on his left elbow, with his palm on his jaw, propping up his head. His 20 inch unflexed biceps right in front of my face. “We certainly set off quite a few fireworks last night.” He says grinning at me. I smile back at him. “What do you want to do for the 5th of July?” He slyly asks as his right hand is casually tracing a line from my rock-hard abs down to my pajama covered upper thigh. As he comes north, his right hand brushes my semi-hard dick thru my PJ’s. His pinky nudges it as is passes. My unit spasms due to his familiar touch. His fingers then play with the drawstring untying the knot. As they move further north, his fingertips caress my goodie trail and then linger over my bellybutton, teasing the light hair there. I glance up and down his 250-pound taut muscular body. I see he is still completely naked. Cum drying on his hairy body from our session a few hours ago. No PJ’s for my sexy beast. His unit, at a wonderful 6-inches flaccid, lies limp on his vein covered, muscular, hairy left thigh. A gnarl of curly orange hair surrounding it. One of my rules for my sexy muscle man is that he is not allowed to shave his balls and crotch area. I have too much fun with his hairy area, which includes deeply inhaling his incredibly sexy musk as he sits on my face and I lap at his balls and hole. He shaved it once, during an especially hot and humid summer and I had to withhold sex from him and forbid him from jerking off until it grew back to a length, which I deemed acceptable. For 2 months, my man had the worst case of blue balls ever. At the end of the two months, I carefully inspected him and approved the denseness and coarseness of his area. My fingers rolled his hirsute balls and gently massaged his skin. My nose inhaled his sweat and musk. I licked my lips. His joy and excitement at my touch showed on his face like a 16-year gay boy’s, as they watched Ridder Rivera ravage a twink on X-tube. As he sat on my face, I latched my hands to his hips and pulled him down onto me, so he would not be able to lift himself off me, but given his excited state, I doubt he wanted to. My tongue savagely washed his hairy musky balls. He yanked his unit like there was no tomorrow and came within 2 minutes spraying his load on the headboard of our bed. Then I moved my tongue to his hole. I inserted it, he was hard instantly, and due to my ministrations, he blasted another load within 3 minutes of the first. I let him rest for 2 minutes while I toyed with his tangled mess of chest hair. I climbed up his body, latched my mouth and teeth onto his right nipple and sucked. He started to writhe with pleasure. I wrapped my left hand around his unit, and using a mere fraction of my strength, jerked him and then squeezed to prevent his impending load from erupting. As his agony grew, I stopped sucking him, looked into his pained green eyes and gently asked, “Will you be shaving your body again without my consent?” He quickly nodded no. I released my grip on his unit just enough that his load shot out like a geyser thru a pin hole. His groaning was a mixture of intense pain and even more intense pleasure. He came for 4 full minutes, his muscular body thrashing around the bed, and spraying both our bodies with a load he has never matched. We spent the next hour in the shower cleaning each other. I maneuver my right hand to his face and gently stroke his neatly trimmed, luscious orange beard. His dark green eyes look into my brown eyes with love and excitement. He continues to move his hand tenderly up and down my mid-section and thigh. He winks at me. I lean up and we kiss. Soft. Tender. My clean-shaven face against his beard. My unit spasms again. He senses it. I rest my head back onto my pillow and move my right hand to the back of his neck. I pull him closer to me and down on top of me. He slowly lowers himself. He outweighs me by 100lbs. He curls his left hand under my neck and I rest on his muscular forearm. He moves his other hand under my knees and effortlessly lifts me off the sheets of the bed. He winks at me and I smile back. He proceeds to curl me like a straight bar. He easily does this 50 times, no sign of strain or fatigue. I am aroused at seeing his arms bulge and chest heave, but concentrate on keeping my unit flaccid. His, on the other hand, I can feel poking my back every time he lowers me. After he does his reps, he brings me in for a kiss. I see a bead of sweat on his furry face. Before we kiss, I lick the salty sweat off him and savor his taste. I moan to myself. He lowers my body back to the bed and his hairy chest rests on my hairless chest. My super sensitive nipples are protruding and poking into the hair covering his muscular pecs. He flexes his pecs and they become hard as granite. He rubs them against my nipples, knowing the eroticism it causes me. The nerves in my nips send shock waves to my brain. I kiss him harder and pull him closer. He responds by slipping his right hand under my PJ’s and playing with my scant pubic hair. His fingers rake the hair. My unit jumps again and I feel him smile through our kiss. His fingers encircle my hardening steel unit and jerk it a few times. He flexes his bicep and tries to bring my cock perpendicular to my body, but I twitch it and slam it back into my abs, trapping his hand. He outsmarts me by using his thumb to massage the top of my unit. It runs across the pulsing veins and light hair causing me to moan. I release my hold on his hand and he continues to jerk me, bicep flexing the whole time. We come up for air. He leans back a bit and continues to smile at me. My right hand moves toward his abs. Boulder like and covered in the same orange tangle of hair as his groin, chest, and face. My Irish muscle God. I stroke his hairy abs. His unit bobs up and down with anticipation. He flexes his abs and I run my fingers thru the cervices between each one. Now it’s my turn to smile. He pulls his arm out from behind my head and moves to straddle me. He puts his paws on either side of my chest, lifts his right leg over my body, looks down at me and grins. It’s my turn to wink back to him. He’s as ready for part 5 as I am. He lowers his bulk onto me. His 250lbs presses down on my abs and body. I tense them and his movement stops. His full weight being supported by them. He sighs, leans his head back, and lets out a roar that will surely wake our neighbors, if they haven’t been up all-night listening to our shenanigans. His unit continues its ascent, protruding from his gnarly haired groin. He reaches his hands behind him and grasps my PJ’s to pull them off me. I buck my hips up, easily lifting his bulk into the air. He uses one hand to hold my rigid unit down and gently pulls the PJ’s down my legs, exposing my dick. I let him think he’s holding it down. I love my sexy muscle God, so I treat him well. Once my unit is free, he lets go and I jerk it to an upright position and starts to grow on its own accord. I gently thump it against his hairy lower back. My muscle man got all the hair I did not. He rests his body back down onto mine. I sigh. Next, he lowers his chest to mine. I let his weight sink us into the soft white sheets of the bed. He leans down and starts to kiss me again with sloppy, saliva filled kisses. His unit tries to expand, but is crushed between our bodies. I wrap my wiry thin arms around his bulky lats but cannot join my hands as his body is too huge and muscular. I decide to gently apply pressure to his lats, squeezing them together. My hands finally meet and I lock my hands with each other. I squeeze again and he lets out a moan. I cannot tell if he is in pain or experiencing an intense amount of pleasure due to the pressure. Until he tells me otherwise, I’ll assume he’s enjoying it. I tense my skinny arms again and my biceps start to expand, growing to their full 10 inches. I sigh and take a deep breath, sucking the air from my beast’s lungs. He struggles to suck some air back into his body. I feel him start to shake and gently exhale into his mouth. My warm breath fills his lungs and his chest expands. His huge pecs rub against my sensitive nipples again and another shock wave travels down my body to my ever-growing unit. It now stands at 11 inches. Pre-cum oozes out and snakes down my cylinder. I flex my unit toward my abs and it hits his lower back with an audible thud. I will my dick to move left and right and I slather his body with copious amounts of pre-cum. It’s warm, sticky, and flowing from my body at a constant rate. He feels my python and the new found treasure I am depositing on him. He pushes his face to mine and ravages my lips and mouth. I allow his tongue to enter my mouth. He lashes it around, left, right, up, down, leaving more saliva as he goes. I moan to myself and feel his unit try expand. I hug him a bit tighter, squeezing his body closer to him, halting its expansion. He groans in agony. I’m just saving my sexy beasts load for the appropriate time to be released. He loves when I control his releases. He may be 100lbs heavier, 6 inches taller, have more visible muscularity, and be the object of everyone’s ogling, but my sexy man knows who’s in charge at the end of the day. When we met for the first time at the bar, he walked in with all the swagger and bravado of a well-known porn star. Him, in a bright blue tank top two sizes too small, with his Joey Sullivan sized arms hanging off his lats, his meaty chest and protruding nipples oozing out of the strained material, bouncing as he walked, and his black nylon gym shorts leaving nothing to the imagination as to what he was packing below the beltline. He walked up to me, introduced himself as the man of my dreams and proceeded to sit next to me. He started off by flexing his left bicep. I ran my fingers over it, and played with the hair which covered it. I feigned amazement at its size and rubbed it lovingly. He winked at me and flexed it harder. To my amazement, the arm got bigger. He put his left hand on one of the legs of my bar stool, smiled at me, and lifted the chair up. His arm swelled. I touched it again and felt the heat radiating from it. I caressed it as he started to lift and lower it, like he was curling a 125-pound weight. I thought to myself, I’ve found my new muscle beast. After 40 reps, he set my stool down and I could see sweat dripping from his shoulder, down his arm. I had to refrain myself from tackling him off his stool and licking every part of his body. He saw me eying him up and he tried to shove his huge knee between my legs. I let him have some fun by letting his leg part my thighs. When he was about half way up, I tensed my muscles and his leg came to an immediate stop. His face contorted in pain as I applied a bit of pressure. He looked into my eyes and I winked at him. His left hand fell to my right thigh and he felt my muscle. He could feel the strength I possessed as he tried to dent my leg. His eyes grew wide as he began to understand who was really in charge. He was mine and he knew it. We left the bar, went back to my place, and I ravaged him like he had never known. He runs his hands thru my crew cut brown hair and massages the super sensitive area behind my ears. His fingers come forward and caress my jaw line and cheeks with such amazing softness, which, if I didn’t know he could crush steel bars with them, would think they were kitten’s paws. We kiss again. Long and heavily. Our bodies roll around on the bed. The springs creaking due to our movements. He’s on top of me with his arms wrapped around my back. He is nibbling my neck and I’m running my hands thru the knotty hair on his head and then down his muscular back. I lift my right leg and bend it at the knee. I brace it on the bed and push, rolling us over so I’m on top. He smiles, knowing what is next. He releases my body and I move down his, licking, sucking, pulling on every crevice and pore I come across. I can tell his body is overly excited and he is waiting for my approval to blow his load. I suckle a nipple, lap at it with my coarse tongue. He shivers. I move lower and coat his hairy mid-section with copious amount of spit. Once he is sufficiently wet, I move to his belly button. I love that he has an innie. The night after our first meeting, he showed up at my door with a 50lb weight and a smile. He already had a massive hard-on and his blue nylon shorts were tented to the point of tearing. I eyed him up and down as if I were bored it was him at the door and not the pizza guy, but was secretly excited he came back. I’ve scared too many muscle guys off when I show them a bit of my power. Not this stud. He’s back for more. I leave the door open and walk away. I sense he’d hesitated, waiting for my approval for him to enter. I turned and nodded. He entered. He followed me. I led him down to my basement workout and pleasure room. He did not get a chance to see it yesterday. I stop in the middle of the room and hold my hand out. He puts the weight in it. I drop the weight and grab his t-shirt which has a picture of the Hulk on it. I think to myself, cute. I tug on the shirt and pull him towards me. He’s looming over my body. I grab the shirt again and raise it up his body, revealing his hairy body. He takes ahold of the shirt and I spread my fingers out on his body, gently caressing the hair, luxuriating in its softness. He moans with pleasure. I move closer to him and breath in his sweaty smell. My man went to the gym today, I can smell it and approve. My unit twitches. I lap at the area under his shelf-like pecs, pulling hair into my mouth, pulling his sweat off, dampening it with my spit, and letting is slide out. I feel like I’m marking my territory. I move south and almost lose my load when I see his belly button. Hairy as the rest of him, but a deep cavernous hole. My tongue swirls around the outside edge, enjoying the rough manly skin and soft hair. I feel him remove his shirt. I let my hands wander up his body. They latch on to his nipples and gently twist. He groans. He puts his hands a top of mine and increases the pressure. Ah, he also has sensitive nipples, file that away for later. Back to his navel. After depositing a copious amount of spit in the area, I dip my tongue into it. It seems like a bottomless pit. I’m in heaven. I push further in, still no bottom. I press my face to his rock-hard abs, and then some, forcing him to relax them or get hurt. I finally bottom out. My unit swells. He lets out a loud groan of pleasure. I maneuver my tongue around the entire area, pushing more spit into it, and then scooping it out and swallowing the mixture of sweat and spit. My unit is quickly growing. I release his nipples; he groans at the loss. I lower my shorts and free my monster. I grab his shorts and, as gently as possible, lower them. No underwear, good man, make my job easier. I keep moving my tongue in and out of his navel. He’s put his hands on the back of my head and is forcing me to dig deeper. I tense my body and he can no longer move me. He releases my head. I go back to bobbing back and forth. I curl his balls in my left hand and judge their weight. Not too bad. I feel a heavy load in them waiting to be unleashed. I start to massage them, while finishing up with his belly button. I extract my tongue, look up to face him and see his eyes have glassed over. He sways a bit and starts to topple. I release his balls, and quickly catch him in my arms. He doesn’t notice. I kneel onto the floor and lay him on the ground. He’s still foggy. I spread his legs and move between them. I lift his balls and place my unit at his hole. I gently push. He immediately comes out of the fog, looks down his hairy muscular body at me. I wink and smile. He smiles back and flexes his biceps. I lick my lips. I push harder, but he’s still tight. I take his balls back into my hand and gently roll them around. I also lean down and swallow his 10-inch unit to the hilt. He moans loudly, melts due to my touch, and his hole opens. I push my 11-inch steel pipe into him in one fell swoop. He grunts when I bottom out. Now the fun begins. I tense my body and lean back. His back comes off the ground. His eyes go wide. I continue to fall backward onto my hunches and he’s now at a 30-degree angle. I’m smiling. He’s got a scared smile on his face. I wink at him and blow him a kiss. I put my hands under his lower back to make him feel secure, then I stand up. I’ve got my muscle man in a suspended congress position. I love it. He seems to be terrified. I can sense his questions, how, why, HOW? I gently grip his lower back and begin to thrust him back and forth, like he’s my own private flesh light. My body does not move. His is now wildly gyrating on my steel bar and his eyes are manic. His head is swiveling around looking for a place for him to put his arms for stability. My sexy boy doesn’t get it yet. I flex my dick and move him from a 30-degree angle to 45-degrees. I keep moving him off and on my bar. His unit swells and I can sense he’s close. He’s still staring at me. I decide this is as good a time as any for him to erupt. I want him to get a better sense of my power. I release my hands from his sides and move them into a double bicep pose. It’s nothing special compared to his boulders, but it does the trick. I thrust my hips once more, bottom out, and his cum explodes out of his body. His dick thrashes all over the place, like a wild fire hose. Cum lands everywhere, me, him, the floor, and a few splotches on the ceiling. I hold back my load. His eyes glaze over again after his 2 minute eruption. I lower him back to the floor and carefully extract myself. I walk over to a steel reinforced bucket I keep in the corner of the basement, pick it up, put my dick in it and yank it twice. Cum rockets out, denting the bottom. After a minute I finish. The bottom third of the bucket is filled. I set it down for later. I walk back to my stud. He’s up on his elbows and grinning at me. Guess he saw my release. I shake my head no. He frowns. I pick up the 50-pound weight, toss it in the air, catch it, and proceed to close my fist around it. I compact the weight to the size of a lacrosse ball. He cums again just watching me. I toss the weight back to him and smile. I move my face lower and bump into his unit. I nudge it aside. I inhale his groin musk. Sweat and cum, ah, the nectar of life. I go to work dampening the whole area. My tongue works overtime getting him sufficiently wet. I push my index finger into his waiting hole. He’s nice and loose from last night. I wiggle it around and he squirms a bit. I take his left ball into my mouth. It’s as big as a lemon. I slurp on it, pulling the hairs with my teeth, nibbling on his sensitive skin. He squirms again. I release the left and take the right one into my mouth and do the same. He’s beginning to writhe around. I put my left hand on his dick and gently tug the swelling unit. He calms down. My fingers play with his piss slit and I coax a dollop of pre-cum out of him. He sighs. I release his ball from my mouth and move the pre-cum coated hand to it. I slurp my fingers, pulling every drop of his fluid into my mouth, but do not swallow. I remove my finger from his hole and climb up his body. I straddle him. He smiles. I lean down and he willingly opens his mouth. I shove half the load of pre-cum into his mouth. His tongue laps at mine for more. I grin at his need. He swallows what I allow him to have. His eyes plead with me for more. I scoot my body down his, his sweaty hair getting my body wet. I reach his unit and grasp it. I look up to him and his eyes light up in anticipation. I slide further down and off his body. I’m between his legs again. I easily lift them up. He reaches his huge hands down and grabs his ankles and pulls back, lifting his backside up off the bed a bit. This gives me easy access. I’m at full mast, but keep it bent downward for now. He winks his hole at me. I look up over his balls and down his body, past his heaving chest. He’s smiling. I wink at him and bend back down. I carefully place my hands on his quads and lower my mouth to his waiting hole. I lap at it. He sighs. I coat his whole hairy hole with enough spit to fill a canteen. Some dribbles onto his back, some towards his balls. He’s moaning the whole time. The third night after we met, I surprised him by showing up at his condo. I knocked on the door, but he did not answer. I tested the knob and found it to be locked. I thought maybe he isn’t home. I pressed my ear to the door and could faintly hear him. I knew what he was up to. I grabbed the knob again, looked around, did not see anyone, and twisted. The knob and lock caved to my power. I gently pushed the door in and once inside closed it and twisted again, smashing the lock back into place. He’ll need to replace it before he moves out and in with me. I casually walk around and check out the recent bodybuilding magazines he has on his sofa. I see a few photos of Jeff Nippard too. God, that Canadian bodybuilder is a stud. Muscular, smart, and an absolutely gorgeous beard. The fun I could have with him. I start to tent, but remember, my muscle beast is here somewhere. I check the kitchen because you never know where some people prefer to rock their boat. Not there, nor any of the downstairs rooms. I head up the steps. I see his bedroom door at the far end of the hall and it’s closed. I pad down to it and put my ear to the door. I hear heavy breathing and the springs on the bed are creaking. Yup, my hairy stud is in there. I listen for another second and hear a second voice moaning. Hmmm, wonder what’s up. I quietly open the door and there is my Irish God, going to town on another stud. I watch from the door. I get hard. Two studs. The muscles, the strength, the hair. Number 2 is black god with huge biceps and dreadlocks cascading down around his face. I can see chest hair and a full black beard. My unit immediately tears thru my shorts and pre-cum is dripping out. I groan. They both turn to me. Irish is shocked, but a smile quickly comes over his face. Black stud just stares at me with a ‘who the fuck are you?’ look. I wink to them. I wander over and grab the black stud’s 9-inch cock. I grip it with the slightest pressure in my right hand. His eyes bulge out and his face shows immediate pain. Both his hands move to my one in an attempt to pry it off. No go. Irish just smiles and keeps pounding, sweat coating his hairy muscles and dripping onto the black muscle stud. The black beast attempts to lean up and move. I place my left hand on his chest and push him down onto the bed and hold him still. He’s groaning with fear. I release some of the pressure from his chest. He nods in appreciation and removes his hands from the one I have on his unit. I jerk him gently. His eyes glaze over. He involuntarily flexes his right bicep and my mouth waters. My left hand reaches out and caresses the muscle. He flexes harder. I continue to massage it and my fingers wander over the prominent veins. I softly squeeze and his muscle instantly caves to my power. Damn, I thought he would have move resilience. He stares at me with a ‘what did you just do look’. I shrug my shoulders. I release him. His body relaxes. I move to the end of the bed and gently pull my Irish stud out of him. He does not resist. I then reach a hand out to the black stud and as he grabs it, I pull him toward me. I gesture for him to stand up. He does. I maneuver both studs so one is on either side of me. They’re looking at each other and then down at me. I rub their impressive abs and smile. I move my right hand under Irish’s balls and caress them. I move my left under Black’s and do the same. They moan, lean to each other, and start to kiss. After a few minutes of warm up, I move both index fingers to their holes. Both are loose and wet which makes the next part easy. I insert and wiggle. They moan louder and kiss each other harder. I feel slobber dripping on my head. I like it. Their units start to bob wildly. The next part should send them over the edge fairly quickly. I bend down a bit, splay my hands so I create a nice base for their asses in the palm of my hands, push my fingers in to the hilt, then stand up. I hear them both let out an expletive. I sense they are looking down at me. I start to gyrate my fingers in and out of the holes, slowly at first, but quickly increasing the speed. I hear them kissing again. Their magnificently hard steel rods are bobbing around my face. I turn and catch Irish’s first. I bob on his hairy 10 inches a few times to lather it up. I release, catch the other guy’s 9 inches, and do the same. Both studs are moaning and I can tell they are close. I move my arms from my sides to the front of me. The boys are now in front of me and are still kissing, but are now hugging each other. Both rods are right in front of me. I raise my arms a bit and they are now at mouth level. I bring my arms toward my body and when the studs are close enough, I inhale both rods at the same time. I just stretch my jaw to accommodate both. A 9-incher and a 10-incher. Their girth is nothing to sneeze at either. They stop kissing and look down. I glance up and wink. I wash my tongue under both units at the same time and rub the prominent veins a few times. They go back to intensely kissing each other. I apply just a bit more pressure and boom, they both let out deep long groans and reward me with mouthful of thick salty cum. I open my throat and let it slide down. Now it’s my turn to moan. It’s a low guttural moan. My body shakes, causing theirs to shake too. I savagely pump fingers in and out of them and am rewarded with another, weaker, load from both. To say these muscle studs look tired, would be an understatement. I walk to the bed, bend down a bit and set them on it. I extract my fingers and hear them groan at the vacancy. I climb onto the bed with them and get between them. They turn so they are facing me. I glance down at my 11-inch rod and both guys get the hint. I close my eyes and next thing I know; I have four hands massaging and caressing my dick and balls. I can feel their units start to expand. I curl my arms under their shoulders and bring them closer to me. We are one big messy love sandwich with me in the middle. My studs keep yanking me like there is no tomorrow. I just let them have their fun. After 5 minutes, they begin to slow. I can sense their units are fading. It’s time to reward my beasts. I buck my hips twice and they jerk me harder at the prospect of me finishing. I turn to kiss them one at a time. I then hug them fiercely, roar, and let my load explode out. I take control of my dick, flex it upward a bit, and shoot the load over our heads. It splatters into the wall behind us almost at the ceiling. I continue to cum for over a minute. As my last shot is rolling up my tube, I exhale, flex my abs and push the load out just hard enough to impress my studs. It flies thru the air, hits the wall, and I can hear the drywall crack. I smile and release the hug. I feel wetness, glance down, and see my muscle studs have cum again. I gently kiss each one in appreciation. I carefully insert my tongue. Don’t want to bruise him there again. I push in and out a few times. He immediately loosens up. I dive deeper, he moans. I massage the inside edges of his hole. My nose is right there and I inhale his scent. My dick throbs. As I maneuver my body over his, he releases his ankles. I put my left hand on his lower back, keeping his body crunched up so we are in a modified 69. I force my dick to flex down toward his waiting mouth. My mouth now has easy access to his 10 inches, his balls, and his hole. I feel his tongue lap at my piss slit. I allow a drop of pre-cum to boil up my rod and seep out. I feel his body lean up and his mouth attaches to my unit and begins an intense sucking motion. He bobs his head as much as he can. I continue to have fun with his bottom area. I insert my right pinkie and thumb into his hole and very gently widen it. He tenses with pain and releases my unit. His body becomes rigid. I ease off and feel his body relax. His mouth comes back up to my unit. I lower my body to meet him. He inhales me and starts suck again. God he’s good. I put only my right thumb in his hole and move it in a circular motion, widening him. He moans, but this time in pleasure. I stop the circular motion and start to push in and out. He moans and it vibrates around my unit. I sigh. I’m doing something right. Stud is getting me close. I think I’ll let him enjoy my load today. I dip my tongue to his hole and insert some spit. I keep my thumb in him and continue to pound him. He groans and his body tenses. I lick his balls and feel his load travel out and down his tube. I quickly grab his iron rod and move my head to inhale him. I get it just in time. His load explodes into my mouth, with some dripping out onto his fur covered body. I pull my thumb out of him and his legs fall to the bed. I continue to suck him as he does me. I gently push my unit further into his throat and soften it just enough so it can fit the contours of his throat and slide down. He doesn’t choke or gag. My stud. I release his cock and move to his hairy abs and start to lick up any cum that dripped out of my mouth. I run my hands up and down his hairy abs and sides. I see a few drops in his bellybutton. I dive in. My brain goes into overload. I inhale his scent again, snort a few drops of cum by accident, let my body loosen, and release a load for him to enjoy. I make sure it does not rocket out of me and hurt him. It’s just forceful enough to push him down into the bedding. He moans again and slurps down every drop. When I finish, he sucks me feverishly for more. I allow a partial load out and hear him sigh with gratitude. He rubs my back with love. I feel his unit jerk and spasm. His body tightens. I hold him and his load sprays my hair and face. After we’ve both calmed down, I twist around and lay next to him. I lean over and we kiss. He puts his hand on my cheek and pulls us closer together.
  15. Trio

    m/m Anídeos-Part I

    He was just getting out of his teenage years, but still was on his youth, Grant. Was young and had a delicate face. His life on the planet was an average one. Most people are homeschooled in this new world, so was he, and he grow to be quite the smart kid. Of course, with the father he had, the scientist, a brilliant one. But he didn't know much about his father's work. Anthony worked in the military facility of the Colony, there was much to be done. The human soldiers were powerless on this new environment, and the sooner the leaders of such colony realized that, they decided that only genetic engineering could save them from the hostile alien fauna, the miasma, and the other colonies. For many years, the project was based on creating enhanced humans from scratch. Since they were babies raised to be special soldiers, with special abilities. Anthony was from day 1 involved in the project, so he settled in the military district with his family. It was an irony that Grant and his brother grew on such environment, they could be further from soldiers, his father didn't want them to go on his direction, neither his mother, neither Both of them, dedicated to knowledge and culture from the Old Earth. Such was life for them. First the scientists tried to raised the would-be-enhanced-soldiers, but that turn to be extremely expensive for the colony, only 3 specimen survived the childhood, and neither of the 3, with their strong free will, wanted to go on the military path. This was not a dictadorship, so the enhanced humans grew to be scholars such as their "parents", the scientists. Then they decided to harvest them like crops, the enhanced humans, to skip childhood and teenage years, straight to mature soldiers ready to serve. This was more successful, though still incredibly expensive, and that didn't bare many fruits, something was missing, Anthony knew that. After many trials, for him, an idea started itching his mind, a dangerous one: to turn regular humans into super soldiers, sublime ones, even. He brought the idea to the council, and it was vividly debated. But even if it was being considered, something was missing: how to transform one into such creature, flawlessly? Genesis was the missing link. When Anthony heard of the story of the creature that came to visit its old base, that claimed to be the soldier once known as Topher, but that suffered such a transformation it became unrecognizably powerful, more than a man, a God, he had to go there and study the creature. Anthony quickly traveled to the location and talked to him, to Genesis. They had a revealing conversation, where Genesis told him that he was blessed by the planet on such way he was forever changed. The more they talked, the more Anthony gathered information, and a plasma sample from the God amongst them. It was revolutionary. The missing link provided the scientists with precious information for their studies, everything was held in secrecy, with key scientists being the head of teams of research. Anthony was one of them, his house became a secret lab, while Grant and his Brother lived there, the mother was gone at this point, she unfortunately was deceased at this moment in time. Anthony dealt with the grief by focusing even further on the studies. Thanks to his dedication, everything was advancing very fast, and by each passing week a milestone was reached. At one point, one prototype, a very delicate and secret machine, was brought into Anthony's lab, and entrusted to him. This is where this should end. But it's now that the story begins. Life shifted for Grant when his mother died and his father became further and further invested into the secret project. Anthony became increasingly alienated from his family. Grant and his brother, a younger version of him, called Geoffrey, were friends, but they missed their father. Once upon a time they were allowed to visit the lab and even to study there, a couple of years have passed and that was not the case any longer. Grant and Geoffrey missed their father. They were living under the same roof, but they barely could see each other. The situation was weird, and became unsuferable for Grant, who decided to investigate why such secrecy, even if his brother Geoff told him not to put his finger on stuff that could be potentially dangerous, Grant didn't listen to him. One day, for whatever reason, his father had to leave the laboratory, and forgot to close the doors. He wasn't expecting what happened next. As soon as Grant discovered that, he knew this was his chance to start investigating, he went to the lab and saw how things changed there, it was a darker place, packed with papers and formulas that he didn't want to touch, of course. Too much information for him at the same time. Then he saw it, the machine. It was glowing a blue light, and it consisted of a very heavy cilinder of the size of a grown man, it was begging to be analised closer, Grant, still studying the papers, went for the machine, he put the papers on the bureau closer and entered in it, studying it. He didn't know, slowly, the doors of the machine were shut, and he was trapped. He was a calm guy and didn't panic, but he tried to break free, and he could not, he could do little, anyway, as soon as the doors were closed, a voice said "specimen detected, starting process". More curious than scared, his scientist side were at a hundred miles now, he observed as the chamber was filled with a very thick liquid. He was properly dressed, but when the substance reached his skin, it hurt like hell and he screamed. Now his scientist side was shut down, and he started to scream for help, beg for mercy, and to cry of panic, the liquid was rising slowly, and the process was agonizing for Grant, as he slowly observed the chamber being filled with the liquid and he skin burning with it. It was like the hair of his body was on fire with the contact with the liquid. When he was fully covered, Grant was convinced he was doomed, he was preparing to die. But he didn't die, even if it was still burning, he noticed, once the chamber was filled with the liquid, that he could breathe in the substance. Also, he couldn't see the exterior surroundings any longer, being like in front of a huge mirror. He could see himself and his clothes floating, and started to notice that his clothes were starting to dissolve, very slowly. It was like the machine was trying to convince him to be calm. Then it happened. A strong voice filled the chamber and a text was displayed on the "mirror", the voice said as it follows, over and over, louder and louder: YOU ARE AN OBEDIENT SOLDIER YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED YOU EAGERLY ACCEPT THE CONDITIONING YOU WILL BE REMADE YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT WORRY YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WILLINGLY YOU ARE EAGER TO BECOME AN ENHANCED SOLDIER YOU ARE PROUD TO BE ENHANCED YOU WILL SPREAD THE SEED YOU EMBRACE THE CHANGE WITH PASSION YOU WILL ROAR ... Meanwhile, electric shocks stroke Grant over and over and he transformed, too much information at the same time, he screamed in pain, in anger, in reject to every sentence the voice said, and he was being transformed, he felt pain as his muscles came to life, his weak body was slowly but surely replaced with the body of a monster. His pecs inflated vigorously, becoming enhanced by every minute, they became strong, large, imposing, defined, sculpted, and so did his abs, all 6, no, 8, no, 10 abs came to life, begging to come out of his skin, his burning skin, he smelled flesh as he was reformed, all of his body was enhanced by the transformation, his arms became huge and powerful, like the arms of the strongest soldier, his shoulders came to life too, becoming rigid and gigantic, his neck had to fight to survive on this environment, being swallowed by its pecs and shoulders. His face became enhanced, his delicate completion was no more, being replaced by a strong chin, powerful nose, vibrating eyes, square jaws. His hair did burn, and was reduced to a buzzcut, a very rudimentary one. Even his penis grew, because his production of testosterone was dramatically increased in order to sustain such body. His clothes were gone, he was a powerful machine of war now, in everything but his mind, as he refused to let the program in. But to his surprise, it was not his instinct who capitulated to the transformation, but his intelect, he thought: I am transformed. I am remade, I am no longer Grant, whether I like it or not. Look at my body, this is not what I wanted, but it's a gift from my father nonetheless. Look at my body, wow, look at the abs, at the pecs, at the arms, at the biceps! I'm not even flexing! Fuck, yes, fuck, I am a soldier now, I can swear all that I want. I feel... free! Look at my fucking cock, look at my fucking manhood! My balls, they tremble with sperm, my seed, ready to be released. I will spread the seed, since there is no way I can resist this change, it is done, forever, engraved, I shall embrace it with passion! In order to maximize my performance I should be an obedient soldier, I should be proud to be enhanced! Yes, this is my destiny, this is who I am now! I accept you, transformation, turn me into the beast I'm destined to become! And I will transform others too, I have the power to do so. The transformation ended, the liquid was absorbed by his body and a new strong skin was formed, covering his body like a soft blanket. The chamber was opened, and he roared in satisfaction, and not being able to contain himself anymore, he grabbed his cock and slowly masturbated, masturbated like he never had done in his life, he was free to do whatever he desired. He was thinking only of his new body and his vigor, his horniness, he was transformed, he masturbated, and then he came, gush after gush of cum came out of his cock, covering his body and the lab, the gush was strong, and the cum was thick and silver, he roared and licked the cum, as if believing that would enhance his new powers. His father returned to the lab and saw the creature he unwillingly created. The creature then said, on a deep thick voice: "Hello father".
  16. Neverstopgrowing

    m/m Amos' Boy

    I had fun writing this one and thinking of making it a series. Let me know what you think. “I want to be the biggest freakiest bodybuilder to ever exist.” I muttered to myself as I dozed off to sleep. I was abruptly awoken by my alarm and quickly jumped out of bed. I grab all my gear and hit my injections first off. I mean I’m a solid 220 and at 5’9 that’s pretty impressive. The guys at the gym definitely take stalk in who I am, but I really just want to be a freak. I grab my mass gainer shake and chug it down. The squeeze into my gym shorts and tank and off I go. I get to the gym and I’m definitely feeling leg day. I start heading to the squat rack when I see Jake one of the jocks that works out at my gym. He smiles and waves. “Hey Jay! You going to get freaky today?” he chuckles. Instantly I get hard. I don’t know hwat it is about me growing and getting huge but its all I want. “Fuck ya Jake! Can’t be a little twink like you!” I laugh and kept walking. I get to the squat rack and start loading on the weight. 1 plate. Then 2 on each side. Then 3. And I begin my working set. Getting low and deep feeling my ass spread when I hit the bottom of the hole. I squeeze on the way up knowing the my ass is growing along with my legs. “thank you for the muscle growth I’m receiving. Thank you for making me the biggest muscle freak of all time.” I repeat to myself as I rep out 10 solid reps. I go to rack my weights when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Excuse me?” a deep voice grumbles behind me. I turn around and see the biggest and tallest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He looks like a muscle morph and my head only came up to his top row of abs. “uhhhhh ya..” I said nervously. “I heard what you were saying. Is it true?” he growled at me and looked me deep in the eyes. His eyes were gorgeous an amber brown with flecks of green. “I’m sorry what was it I was saying?” I asked trying to hide the erection happening before me. “You want to be the biggest muscle freak of all time?” he grinned. Holy fuck even his teeth were flawless. Pearly white and perfectly straight and his lips were so perfect. He smiled even more seeing me blush and then licked his lips a little. “I’m Amos.” He said “I want to make you the biggest muscle freak ever. Even bigger than me.” What the fuck?! I thought to myself. He has to be 6’9 and 390lbs. How the hell is he going to make me even bigger than him? “I’m 7’4 and 465lbs to be exact and I can make you even bigger. Only if you want it thought. I can’t have someone say they want it and then not be willing.” He said gazing into my soul. I felt my whole body twitch. His amber eyes almost glowing as he smiled the most beautiful smile. “Yes sir.” I said instinctly. I couldn’t think of anything else to say to him! Yes your majesty. Yes your pefect god of a man. What would I say. Amos chuckled to himself and looked down at me again. “get under that weight, but I want you to drink this first.” He handed me a milky shake. “Just a sip.” He smiled but something in me had to prove myself to him. I grabbed the shake and chugged it. It was the sweetest shake I’ve ever had. It tasted like nothing I’ve ever had. A dribble of the milky shake went down my lip. “You passed the test.” Amos grinned at me “Hold on.” Amos said leaning in and licking it off my face. I about fell back wards, until my brain switched. “lift the fucking weight jay.” I said to myself I got under the weight. “give me 20.” Amos growled. I felt his hand sliding down my back and onto my ass. I felt his massive paw squeeze my bubble ass and my whole body began to feel instantly pumped. I see in the mirror all my veins beginning to burst through my skin. My brain just shuts off. I look up behind me and see Amos smiling his beautiful smile. I see him mouth “LIFT BEAST!” and I start pumping the 315 squats. 5…..10…..15……20..35….50…100! I rack it. I look in the mirror. My shorts are so tight that the seams are starting to stretch. I squeeze my legs hard seeing the striations starting to come out. Veins popping all over. I look up into the mirror and notice my look is more animalistic and sexy. I hit my front quad again and I hear the rip on the side of my shorts. Amos pulls me close to him from behind. “bathroom now.” He growls. I quickly obey and get to a private bathroom. Amos walks in behind me locking the door. “this is the beginning my beast. Do you know what that shake was made of?” Amos says slowly undoing his shorts. I shook my head no, whatever it was though was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. He takes out his keys and tosses them on the ground. “pick those up for me boy.” I turn around and bend over hearing the loudest rip. I quickly get up and seeing Amos licking his lips behind me in the mirror. I’m beat red, but something takes over me. I squeeze each glute. Feeling them bounce up and down. Then I hit my hammies stretching down. I reach around and feel each muscle popping out. “Oh fuck you’re perfect.” I hear Amos groan. “You….oh god…..fuck…. Jay…. Fuck…..” I hear him grunting from behind me. I turn around and see his shorts straining against the biggest cock I have ever seen. “GET ON THE SCALE I MUST KNOW!” Amos yells. I obey quickly and get on the scale. I slide the scale to 220 and its to light. 230……still to light… finally I hit 243….. scale levels out. “YOU’RE THE…..OH FUCK…..ONE….OH FUCK….JAY QUICK!” Amos is leaning back not even touching himself. “you must suck down every drop.” Amos grunts grabbing my hair and pulling me towards him. I rip his shorts down and am instantly smacked with the thickest longest cock. Veins snaking down it. At least a beer can thick if not more and so long. It had to be 16 inches. I see the thick pink head leaking cum. “I’M GUNNA BLOW SUCK!” Amos screams. I latch onto the head of his cock only getting a few inches in when I feel the same familiar taste of the shake from earlier. My body goes into an instant craving and I begin licking and sucking harder and faster. “OH FUCK JAY OH FUCK! Say youre mine.” Amos begs. Having his cock in my mouth I swirl it with my tongue. I look up. My eyes locking his. “I’m yours, master.” And quickly I slide the mammoth member down my throat. “FUUUUCK!” I hear him roar and I feel torrents of cum shooting into me. I don’t even gag because his cum is so amazing. Its silky almost and tastes so sweet. I need more. I begin sucking harder and harder. Grunting breathing heavy. Feeling my body pulse as I suck more of his godly cum down my throat and finally I feel it come to a stop. I lick the last few drops of cum off his mammoth cock. I lick it off my face. And stand up looking in the mirror noticing every vein in my body is bulging out. “you’re mine now.” Amos said reaching around and pulling me close. I feel his hot breath near my ear. “you want to be mine don’t you?” I moan hearing his growl so close to me, but something hits me and I turn around. “Not as bad as you want me. Daddy.” I look up at him and grin devilishly. “oh fuck you’re perfect.” Amos chuckles. “You have to earn me as your boy. Make me a freak and we will see if you get to enjoy yourself like that again. Understood?” I say to him. HOLY FUCK WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME! Hes utter perfection but I can tell he’s loving every second of it. “Understood my boy.” Amos smiles. I turn to leave and feel him jerk me back and locking my lips kisses me so passionately. “I’ve looked for you for my whole life. I won’t let you go.” He whispers while I feel his tongue dance with mine. “then don’t.” I whisper back.
  17. Trio

    m/m Becoming 0605

    Hello to you who may read this story, first of all I would like to thank Hialmar and DieselMass for the wonderful pieces and for inspiring me to write this homage to their style. Second, I was torn between making the story a full dialogue or fully description based, this is the final result, let me know if it is confusing, but well, hope you enjoy it ——————————————————— He wakes up on this cylinder, naked and there is this dog tag posing on his pec, with the number 0605. Panic rises fast.. -Hey? What is this? Why am I trapped here? What is this on my neck? Why am I naked? Let me out! LET ME OUT! PLEASE! SOMEONE!- The place appears to be desert, he keeps on screaming for help even so. Soon the cylinder starts to be filled with a thick liquid, the contact with his skin hurts him. -UGH! AAH! THIS BURNS! LET ME OUT LET ME OUT! He keeps on screaming and the liquid slowly fills the chamber. This one is dense, at a certain point it becomes hard to move, the substance slowly burns his skin and he keeps on screaming until the chemistry on the substance makes him quieter. The room is quiet now, he is floating on the center of the cylinder. It’s like he’s back into sleeping, but he’s wide awake. It all happens on his mind, where his ears start to capture sounds. -INTERNAL DIALOGUE- ”You have been selected for the program”. What do you mean, selected? I want to get out. ”Negatory, you will be made useful by the process.” Process? ”You will obey” I don’t want to obey. ”You soon will obey” I doubt that. Ah this hurts! “The process is being felt by 0605, it begins” This hurts so much! Agh! What is happening to me? My whole body, I feel stronger! My muscles, I feel them. ”You will be made present” What do you mean? Ahh! My pecs! They burn! My skin! If I could just move! Ugh! Ah! ”You will be remade” My abs! What is happening? What is this?! It hurts! Ahh! ——————————————————— He feels pain as his body transforms, and the voice keep on going. He feels pain, as his pecs expand, his abs come to life, his traps are remade, his quads become stronger. He is transforming. Ah! This hurts so good! Aahh!!! Aaaaahh!! Aa augh ”You enjoy the procedure” This is starting to feel good! Agh! My pecs, they are getting bigger! If only... Ah! My abs! I wanna feel them! ”You become the soldier” I become the soldier? ”Reprogramming your mind” Agh! This is getting better! I must... I must fight this! I need to return to... my life! Ugh! Such... pleasure! My penis is getting... is it expanding too? Ugh! It feels... stronger now! I am... a soldier! With a body like this... I should... Gah... indeed be a soldier... it’s getting... It’s getting better! Must... fight... Look at my arms! My arms! So big! So strong! Ugh! Ugah! Oh... I am... a soldier! Oh Fuck! Look at my... cock! It’s huge! I want to... fuck! My abs! My fucking cock! I need to... transform. My body! Ugah! Uhh! Uhh! UHH! I WANT MORE! I WANT TO GET BIGGER! I’m becoming... a fucking God! Tremble... humans! YES! I WANT MORE! I WANT... 0605 WANTS FUCK!!! LET ME FUCK! ”iniciating metamorphosis” WHAT THE... AAGH!!! FUCK! MY SKIN! BURNS! AGHHHH!! BOILS!!! Reform. My bones, AGAH! Expanding! Must, be, more. Must, be, monster! 0605 wants fuck! ——————————————————— He is transformed, his body is expanded, his muscles are glorious, his horns are powerful, his metallic skin increases his potency. Only one desire on his mind now: to masturbate, and masturbate others. The liquid soon is absorbed by his body and the cylinder opens, he is able to move. He jerks off furiously and groans on a thick dense voice. UGHH UGHHH FUCK MORE! 0605 A GOD! UGH UGAH! He masturbates strongly and when he comes he roars vigorously, after that, he licks every drop of cum he can, like a starving beast. He is reformed, and ready for action. He is Soldier 0605
  18. Trio

    m/m Anídeos-Part II

    His father returned to the lab and saw the creature he unwillingly created. The creature then said, on a deep thick voice: "Hello father". "WHO ARE YOU?" "I am your son, Grant, or I used to be Grant, I'm not sure of my new name, now, I can't possibly go as Grant after this change, this metamorphosis. Thank you, Father, you did this to me, and I, in return, will transform you" "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" "I must spread my seed, and you are bond to become my father and brother. I will transform you and you will become like me, only then can we become a family again. Only then can we be as equals. This research project is over, is a success, we will have long years to catch up, and this will be a new beginning, prepare yourself." Anthony first instinct was to run, and run he did, but Grant was faster. Grabbing his father, he gave him a hug, as if prepping his father for the upcoming transformation. Grant roared and siringes came from his nipples and into the body of Anthony. Much to his horror, the cock of Grant also injected his seed on Anthony's scrotum. It was painful and Anthony felt many things at once, as betrayal, confusion, anger, disgust. He wanted this to be over. It was a long minute, after that, Grant released his father, and said "It is done, you shall transform" And he did, Anthony couldn't handle the pain and went on his knees, crying, begging for mercy, asking why this was happening to him, Grant observed proudly. "You will enjoy this. Embrace your new being, father, you and I will be one!" The muscles of the man came to life, his pecs inflated, becoming like balls of so big, so strong, so powerful, so did his abs, every single ab enhanced and sculpted in a raw masculine way. He was roaring now, feeling pain, and resisting the pleasure. "FEEL THIS, FATHER, BECOME A GOD, EMBRACE THE TRANSFORMATION" The muscles of the man were a wonder to behold, his clothes were ripping now, slowly revealing an extremely powerful body, even more powerful than of his son. He was roaring, resisting as he could, but he knew it was a lost battle. His dogtag was revealed in the change, was hidden beneath his disappearing clothes, ripping sheets covering his powerful muscles. "YOU SEE THIS TAG, ANTHONY YOU ALWAYS WANTED THIS, EMBRACE, BECOME ONE WITH YOUR SON, WE ARE BROTHERS" "AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! UHHHH UGAH!!!!!!!!!!! I AM BEING REFORMED, I CANT RESIST ANY LONGER" "YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED" "I WILL BE TRANSFORMED, SON" "DONT CALL ME SON, WE ARE NOT FATHER AND SON ANY LONGER, WE ARE SUBLIME SOLDIERS! CALL ME SATURN" "I WILL BE ZEUS" "YOU WILL BE REMADE" "I WILL BE REMADE" By each passing sentence, the voice of Anthony became octaves low. "YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE" "I WILL IMPROVE MY PERFORMANCE" "YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT WORRY" "TRANSFORMATION, I DEPOSIT MY LIFE IN YOU, CHANGE ME, I WANT MORE" "YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WILLINGLY" "I SHALL TRANSFORM" "YOU ARE EAGER TO BECOME AN ENHANCED SOLDIER" "I AM A SUBLIME SOLDIER, AND I AM ZEUS, UGAH!" "YOU ARE PROUD TO BE ENHANCED" "I KICK MY CHEST WITH PRIDE, AND I EMBRACE YOU, SATURN" "YOU WILL SPREAD THE SEED" "I WILL SPREAD THE SEED" "YOU EMBRACE THE CHANGE WITH PASSION" "I EMBRACE IT WITH PASSION" "YOU WILL ROAR" "GROOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLL" "ROOOOOAAAARRR" He tried to resist but he could not, and Anthony turned into Zeus. The transformation was over, and former father and son first bumped their chests in salutation, then hugged each other. They were reunited. Saturn knew Zeus had to release himself, so he dedicated of turning this into a rite of passage for his former father. Grabbing his huge cock, he masturbated his father with vigor, as he roared almost breathless, when he came, he licked his father seed, feeling stronger with every gulp.
  19. **Note from Author: hey everyone, this is my first ever story on the forum, so be easy on me. I’m heavily inspired by @dredlifter’s hot stories, and I wished there was more content like his, so I decided to start something. Let me know what you think!** “Colton!!” My friend Shawn barrels down the hall, hugging me tight. I had just finished moving my stuff back into my dorm room for my Sophomore year at college, and I was very excited to be living on the same floor as all my best friends. I hadn’t seen them all summer, and to be honest, we weren’t very good at keeping up via text, but I knew we would be able to pick it right back up. “Hey Shawn!” I say, settling down from the hug. “How has your summer been?” “Great!” Shawn says, running his tan fingers through his blonde hair, which has grown out a little bit longer from what I remembered. “I have been skateboarding a lot this summer, and just spending a lot of time exploring the city. You’ll never guess what I..” At that point, our friend, and Shawn’s roommate, James comes out of the floor elevator, arms full of stuff and yells over at us. We run over and start helping him out. We head down to his car, and realize he has at least 4 more loads to bring up, even with all of us helping. “James, I didn’t realize you had so much shit!” I say, lugging a oscillating fan over my shoulder. “Whatever,” James snarks, “You’re young, and you guys are in shape, you can do a few loads.” “In shape” might have been somewhat of an overstatement. I’m about 6 feet tall, 190ish pounds, some of it is muscle, but I definitely like to eat a little more than I like to go to the gym. Shawn and James are about the same height as well, but they’re quite a bit skinnier than me, at about 155 pounds. I was always jealous of their metabolism, but I am proud of the few muscles I have that they would never be able to have. “Yeah, this isn’t gonna be a big deal.” Shawn says, grabbing one of the bigger suitcases and carrying it back towards the dorm. I never really thought Shawn could carry something that heavy, but I’m glad to not have to carry that up later. After a couple trips, we’re pretty sweaty, covered in August sweat, with a few more trips to go. James whips off his shirt, revealing his slender body, and Shawn and I follow suit, although I am always somewhat hesitant to strip, as I’m a little uncomfortable with my extra fluff. I look over at Shawn, and he’s tan as hell and, although still thin, has the ridges or abs and the start of some pecs and biceps balling up as he moves around. “Damn Shawn, you been eating like crazy this summer?!” James notes. “Something like that!” Shawn says, dismissively, as he jokingly flexes at us, his newly existent biceps popping up. He grabs a bottle of water, and I look at Shawn directly for the first time since we have gotten back. Is he a little taller than me? I mean, we’re 20, so he might’ve had some puberty left in him. I hope I’ve got that coming up soon too... He looks good. I guess I’ve always thought he looks good. His blonde hair, his smooth, thin body, and his pretty big dick, which I’ve seen in the dorm showers quite a few times. He’s not shy. Maybe I’m just more self conscious than my friends... I only recently have come to grips with the fact that I am gay. You’d think I would know that, what with all the gay porn I’ve watched since I was a kid, but it took a lot of therapy to undo the religious guilt I felt. I know Shawn isn’t gay, because he’s pretty obsessed with this girl Izzy from his Bio class last semester, and he’s not afraid to share all the details with us. I haven’t told Shawn and James that I’m gay yet, it felt weird to text them over the summer, but I plan to soon. Maybe later this week. Before school ramps up, for sure. We finally finish unloading all of James’ stuff, and we chill in their room for a little while, just catching up about our summers. “I mostly just worked,” James shares. “My dad’s bakery has been booming, and I needed the cash. I’ve gotten pretty good at baking though! Too bad we have to live in the dorms for two years here.. I guess I may not be able to maintain my skills!” “I bet we could bake at Izzy’s place!” Shawn says. We look over at him, surprised. “Oh, haha, I guess I forgot to text y’all, I had my internship here over the summer, and she was actually one of the other interns. We got to talking, and we’ve now been dating for a few months now!” “Congrats man!” I say, crossing my legs, trying not to plump up think of Shawn’s now-wiry body pulsing next to Izzy, “She lives close?” “Yeah, just across the street. You’ll probably have the room to yourself quite a bit, James.” Shawn laughs, and nudges James, winking. We roll our eyes, and James asks, “It is too bad Alex has to drop out over the summer. Do you know who your new roommate is?” I had been planning to room with our friend Alex this year, but a few weeks ago his Mom passed away, and he had to take a gap year. I had hoped nobody else would sign up for my room, but a few days ago someone named Kyle showed up on the housing website. I tried looking him up on social media, but all he had was a Facebook account that hasn’t been updated in 4 years. The profile picture wasn’t even a picture of him, just some artwork from a video game I didn’t recognize. “I don’t know him, but his name is Kyle!” I say. “He seems like a nerd, so we will probably get along, I hope.” “Oh cool. ” James says, “I’m surprised we haven’t seen him moving in yet!” “Yeah, but we have been in here a little while. You guys want to head back to my room with me, and see if he’s in there?” “I’m actually gonna shower up, and head over to Izzy’s place.” Shawn says, “I want to have some ‘quality time’ before we start feeling the stress of the semester. She had something she wanted to give me too, but she said it was a secret.” “Huh.” I say, “You will have to keep us in the loop. What about you James, you in to meet my roommate?” “Nah, I’m pretty pooped. I think I’m gonna crash for the night. I’ll meet him tomorrow!” “No worries. Probably better to not swarm him all at once anyways.” I head out of their room, and head across the hall to my room, the door propped open. I look in, and on the other wall of our room is a giant pride flag, with the correlating desk covered in Drag race stickers, pride kitsch, all the works. “I guess Kyle’s gay too,” I think to myself. I hope he’s hot. Or maybe I don’t. I’m still figuring out myself as a gay guy. Even if he was hot, available, and wanted to fuck his roommate, I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I piddle around the room, setting up my desk just the way I want, anxious to meet my roommate. After about 20 minutes, the door creaks open more, and a little guy, wrapped in a towel, furry chest on display, comes in. “Oh hey! You must be Colton!” He says, “I’m Kyle! Nice to meet you. Sorry I’m just hopping out of the shower. I have been moving in for the past little while!” “Nice to meet you too Kyle!” I stand up, walking over to shake his hand. As I walk over, I realize just how short he is, his eyes about on level with my collar bones. After I shake his hand, and we chit chat for a bit he starts getting dressed, changing locker room style, keeping the towel on even after putting on shorts. He’s a shy little cutie, but not really my type. I’m relieved. I think we’ll get along, and it will be good to have another gay guy around as I work on coming out to everyone. It’s a small school, so I haven’t known any other out gay men. Not that I have been looking, before now. After we settle in, he starts playing league of legends on his computer, headphones on, and I start playing the FFVII remake I tried to finish before school started. Just as I’m getting in the groove, there’s a knock on my door. “Come in.” Kyle shouts at the door, not looking up from his game. “Hey!” Shawn peeks in, “I’m Shawn, one of Colton’s friends. I live right down the hall. I just wanted to swing in to see if Colton wanted to come workout with me in the morning, before classes start.” “Workout?! Since when?” I say. “Just a few weeks ago,” Shawn says, blushing. “Izzy was telling me that she likes her men buff, so I’m trying to fulfill the fantasy.” “Ah! That’s why you look the way you do. I’m in, having some accountability should help me stay to a regimen. What time?” “Pretty early, like 6?” “Yeah, sounds good.” I reply. At this point, Kyle pulls his headphones down and looks over, “do y’all mind if I tag along? I just transferred, and I don’t really know anybody.” “Yeah, totally.” Shawn replies. “Our friend James might eventually join us too, but when I asked him, he looked at me like a maniac. His loss, when the three of us are jacked, he’ll be struggling to keep up!” I find myself crossing my legs once again at the thought of a jacked Shawn, but I laugh, and tell him to have a good time with Izzy. As Shawn heads out, Kyle wraps up his game, and pulls his headphones off and looks over at me. “I don’t mean to butt in, I hope I’m not crashing the party by asking to come along to the gym!” “No way,” I say, adamantly shaking my head. “Why would you even say that?” “I just don’t mean to.. intrude.” He pauses, “I know how it feels to have interrupted time with a crush.” “A crush?” I ask. “Oh!” Kyle asks, “I guess I misread the situation. I just felt some chemistry between you two.” “Well, to be honest, you’re not wrong.” I admit. “I have had a little bit of a crush on him, but I only recently even realized I was gay. I planned to come out to my friends tonight, but it just didn’t happen. I don’t think they’d care, but they’re also somewhat aloof. How’d you know?” “Call it men’s intuition,” he says. “You’re cute. You should be more confident. I mean, he seems straight, so maybe a confident crush on someone else?” “Haha, thanks for the advice, gay oracle.” I joke. “I’m just telling it like I see it. Do you know if there are any cute guys that will be at the gym tomorrow?” “Not sure, I never really go to the campus gym in the mornings. I’m more of an evening workout guy.” “Well, I’ll dress up, just in case.” And with that, Kyle puts his headphones back on and starts up another game. I grab a seltzer out of my fridge, play a little more of my game, and start wrapping up for bed. I’m wiped from the day, and end up turning in for the night pretty quickly. I fall asleep fast, not even disturbed by the clicking of the mouse echoing from Kyle’s rig, which would usually keep me up. I wake up around 5:45 to my alarm, and see Kyle already up and ready, stretching in some tight little shorts and XS JJ Malibu tank, showing off his tight butt, and surprisingly wide back. “Oh hey!” He says, seeing me get up and changed pretty quickly. “Do you want to head over to Shawn’s room, or meet him there?” “Let’s head across the hall. I’m about ready.” I say, slipping on an old t shirt, while brushing my teeth. I leave the room, Kyle following behind, and we head to Shawn and James’ room. I jiggle the handle, the door unlocked like usual, and there was Shawn, ready to go, in a shirt that looks just a little too tight on him, mixing something into a cup. “Hey guys,” he says, keeping his voice low to not wake up his roommate. “Izzy gave me some protein powder last night that her dad’s company makes. Do you want some?” “Nah,” I say. I always feel like my metabolism can’t keep up with the extra calories, I do my best to keep from gaining weight. Maybe protein would help, but I have just never felt comfortable with it. “I wouldn’t mind some!” Kyle pipes up, “I wouldn’t mind bulking up a bit. Maybe I can make up for my height with some more width!” Shawn whips up a water bottle for Kyle, and we head down the stairs and towards the campus gym. A perk of such a small campus is just how easy it is to walk everywhere. We get to the gym and head to the weight area. Shawn and Kyle look a little lost, I know Shawn has never stepped foot in this gym, and Kyle is probably looking at the early morning gym bros. They’re there en masse, the gym is much more crowded than I thought it would be. At least there’s views, and I look over at Kyle, who raises his eyebrows at me, gesturing at all the buff men, giving me a big thumbs up. I gesture over to the dumbbell rack, and start warming up with some 25 pounders. Shawn comes up next to me and warms up with some 10 pounders, and Kyle heads straight to the squat rack. I quickly move up to my max, this summer I was able to curl the 40s for reps, which I have been pretty proud of. I was surprised to see Shawn not far behind, curling the 30s with quite a bit of fervor. I go through my workout like usual, and Shawn follows behind me, obviously copying my workout. I don’t mind, and it feels good to be lifting more than him. Although, not as much more as I thought I would be. He’s only about 10-20 pounds behind me in most lifts. He must’ve really gone for it over the summer, getting those beginner gains before we got here. I look over at Kyle, and he’s talking to a few other guys at the squat rack, his shorts riding dangerously high on his ass, while a few others around him look on. He’s a bottom on a mission, and he’s letting the whole gym know. After about 45 minutes we wrap up with some stretches. Kyle starts talking to Shawn, “that’s the best I’ve ever felt during a workout. That protein powder was great!” “Yeah, Izzy said that it’s a new experimental protein. I didn’t really understand everything she was saying, but it has some preworkout components to it, so it just jazzes you up.” “I definitely feel ‘jazzed up’, but I thought it was just the men in there!” Kyle says, laughing. I laugh too, but I take a quick glimpse at his shorts, noticing he’s sporting a noticeable semi, as is Shawn. Welp, look at that, so am I now. We head down to the showers, and Shawn strips naked immediately. He looks great, his pump making him look even bigger than he did yesterday, and... do I find myself looking up into his eyes? I mean, I guess I noticed that he grew yesterday, but it’s even more noticeable now. I try not to look down, but there I go anyways, and I see his dick, still somewhat hard, looking as great as ever. I quickly head over to a shower stall and lock it, hoping I didn’t stare too much, or my erection was too noticeable. Him and Kyle follow shortly behind, taking the stalls to my left and right. The water starts flowing, and I get in and out. As I walk back to my locker, I notice that Shawn didn’t quite close the stall door all the way, and he’s straight up jerking off in the stall. He’s playing with his nipple while he leans against the wall, and looks like he is in pure ecstasy. Filing that away for later. I change, and, not wanting to wait around too long, head back to my room on my own. About 20 minutes later I hear some laughter coming down the hallway, and Kyle joins me in the room. “Hey Colton! Where did you go?!” “Oh, I just didn’t want to wait around for y’all. I take quick showers.” “Yeah, sorry about that. I usually do too, but I was just so horny, I ended up jerking off in the shower! It’s like I had to!! I have never felt that way before. I’m telling you, Colton, that protein powder is something else. I feel great too!! I mean, look at me! This is the best I have ever looked!” With that, Kyle flexed his arms, and he looks notably more muscular than he did this morning. I must not have been paying attention. I mean, his gym clothes are VERY tight. It is strange that both of them were jerking off in the showers, though. Must be some horny goat’s weed in that experimental mixture too. I may have to give it a go the next time we head to the gym.... To be continued!
  20. momoware

    Fantasy Future Muscle Chapter 4

    Standard forewarning: violent sex scenes, birthing etc...enjoy! ______ Backstage dozen of spectators had gathered, having heard to the news, to see the lifeless corpse of the biggest, most muscular man that ever existed (for now). It was a mountain of hard flesh that elicited sighs of awe from the onlookers. There was muscle on every toe, on his elbows, even the brow of his face had developed a thick muscular cover. The display of shock and reverence was shortlived, and within moments worshippers had begun climbing onto the body and fucking every hole and crevice they could find. Giant bodybuilders, including Wyman, thrusted their dicks in between the massive pecs, under his armpits, between his fingers. It was an orgy unlike anything ever witnessed before. I made the most of this, and headed back onto the stage, that was now empty. I decided to gather as much of that muscle baby's semen as I could find before it became useless. It was easy to identify, as he had become so large after a certain point that the individual sperm cells were around two or three inches long and swam around, lost in the auditorium. High on testosterone and my own future enormity, I caught as many of these spunky, hormonal fish as I could and devoured them, as I began to feel my body undergo a big change. I woke up in my hotel room three days later. As my eyes opened, the rest of my body coursed with blood, and I attempted to control my new muscles. It wasn't easy, but I figured that my own body could only evade my control for a short time. I rolled over out of the bed and rose to my feet. The ceiling that I had called extremely high and daunting when I arrived at the President Hotel, now barely covered my head. The testosterone production process in my body had sped up dramatically, and the sheets of my bed were soaked with my jizz, and thick hair, much like that of the muscle baby I had to thank for tis new body, covered my entire being. My first task was to shave. As I entered the bathroom I saw the scales on the floor next to the doorway. They were scales without an upper limit, which was necessary as this hotel hosted the largest men on earth whenever the Mr Planet competition was in town. I remember standing on them when I first arrived, they read 415 pounds, a measurement which at the time turned me on beyond words. I now stood at 13"5, almost twice my previous height, and with great excitement I placed my huge, strong, hairy feet onto the scales. 1337 pounds. I instantly ejaculated, all over the scales, all over the bathroom floor. The flow was too great and it flooded into the bedroom, over the balcony and I would later discover a pool of my ejaculate that had poured over the edge and into the ornamental pond of the hotel's grounds. Like the muscle baby whose semen I had devoured a week before, in spite of being 8 feet in length, my cock was so heavy that it hung to the floor even when totally erect. I began to run the shaver all over the acres of furry muscle and an hour later I was cleanly shaven and ready to be worshipped. The thick, matted, sweaty hair I had just removed from all over my body now filled the bathtub, and I left it for the maid to fix, not knowing really what to do myself. 3 in the afternoon, and I received a knock at the door. I was thrilled, I had arranged a worship session that only I was in on. It was with Martin- I had anonymously invited him to my room, with the intention of him falling over at the sight of my magnificent new body. I bent down to open the door, but when I did all I could see was a gigantic foot and the start of a leg. I was speechless, clearly I had been mistaken in assuming that I was the only one to drink the muscle baby’s potent semen. "Hey Franco!" Martin's voice boomed as he greeted me. So he knew it was me, I thought, I guess he saw me in the audience, or Jean Marie told him about me, "I don't think this is going to work, we should head down to the auditorium." "Agreed!" I replied, attempting to gently burst through the wall, but instead ripping the entire fourth floor of the hotel apart. We marched side by side, two giant men looking forward to our reunion in the underground vault. We arrived down to the auditorium where one week prior we had witnessed the Mr Planet competition. The drama of the event and the damage done to the arena by the muscle baby had remained, it had actually been decided to abandon this venue and seek another one for future expositions. The spunk on the floor had evaporated and there was a crumbly crust of dead sperm all over the ground. Martin told me that in the statistics compiled after the contest, it stated that 140,000 litres of spunk had been expelled onto the stage that day. We turned on all the lights and then finally got to see each other eye to eye. He stood opposite me, truly magnificent. I don't need to describe every detail, you know what a bodybuilder looks like. I gazed in adoration at those calf muscles, that even in the competition had been magnificent, but now were totally absurd. The lower portion of his leg was twice as wide as it was long, and the muscle jutted out in several directions like a gemstone. His quads at their thickest point were three times the circumference of his slim waist, and he, like me, stood with a giant cock facing the ground. His ballsack was so heavy with balls the size of children that it touched the ground, and dragged as he walked. I was lucky as my scrotum was not loose but instead hung tight, just under my cock. Our huge, virile bodies produced testosterone at such a rate that we, just like the muscle baby responsible for our growth, were in a constant state of arousal, and whereas the muscle baby was constantly masturbated by a team of assistants, we managed just whacking it very three or four minutes. Needless to say, behind us was a river of no less than one hundred thousand litres of spunk from our half hour walk down to the auditorium. "I arranged for a friend to meet us here," Martin told me, as we walked nearer to one another and embraced, "Wyman thinks he’s coming down for a rematch. Silly little man."
  21. Herald

    m/m The Dominant Species (6)

    Keith laid passed out atop his bed. The action in the shower had proven too much for his still weakened body. Inside him, the organism let the Matt’s cum fuel itself for the final phase of the bonding process. It sensed that the organ inside its host’s head that seemed to control its host’s entire being was still weakened by the impact from the bigger male the day before. The organism sensed that the energy it would pull from the huge male’s spores combined with the vulnerable defenses of the soft organ would finally allow it to complete their fusion. It amassed every drop of energy it could pull from the hot liquid inside its host’s stomach, connected with the nerve system inside its host’s spine and let its tentacles shoot up toward its host’s head. Keith’s eyes shot open as he felt a heavy electric discharge shoot through his head. Instantly, his eyes closed again. The organism tapped onto the knowledge inside its host’s brain as it fused with the soft organ, gaining full and complete control of its host. It seized entire command over every cell inside its host’s body as it fused completely with him: their separate personalities merged into one as the organism implemented itself as the more dominant species of the two. It gained knowledge of how the body of this species, ‘humans’ as it called themselves, functioned. Combined with the personal memories of its host, ‘Keith’ apparently, it understood its place. It know also comprehended the running around with a ball on the grass: football was one of the popular sports and it excelled at it. It also recalled the clash with the bigger man, ‘Sean’, and that its own body was too weak to defend itself against the bigger guy. The safe feeling inside the arms of the large male popped up next and it knew what had to be done. He yanked down the boxers and willed the organ between his legs, ‘cock’, to harden. Within seconds the organ pointed straight up and he began stroking it. A first cloud of dust blew up into the air. An hour later, Matt stumbled back inside the dorm room. He inhaled sharply, still sweaty after his second workout of the morning, and walked over to his roommate’s bed. Keith was sleeping soundly. Matt stripped off and went into the bathroom quietly to take a shower. Keith heard the water running and slowly sat up atop his bed. After the fusion with the organism, his body felt completely better. He got up and began making a protein shake. “What are you doing out of bed?”. Keith turned around and saw his roommate coming from the bathroom. “A bit hungry. Made myself a shake. You want one too?”, he asked. “Nurse said ya should rest. Back in bed. I’ll make my own shake”, Matt replied and forced his smaller roommate to get back atop his bed. He prepared himself a triple dose shake and drank it down in four long gulps. “Glad ya’re feeling better, man. Well, I’m off for class. Ya keep in bed, mister”, he said as he grabbed his bag and left. Later that night, Keith laid atop his bed and stroked his cock violently, filling the air of their room with the clouds of dust he now produced. A week later, Matt sat at his desk doing an assignment that was overdue. His miraculous growth had hit another pace and the guy had somehow managed to add a whopping 39 pounds of pure muscle to his frame. He now stood a towering 6’8 and weighed an intimidating 322 pounds. Matt’s concentration kept turning away from the assignment to his own body as his left hand traced the lines of his abs through his skin-tight tank top. He couldn’t believe himself just how big, no massive he’d gotten: his muscles seemed ready to break free from his paper-thin skin. The tank top he was wearing clung to his chest, but couldn’t contain the entire mass of the massive pecs: almost half of his pecs spilled out from the sides along with his freakishly wide lats at the back to create a deep, dark armpit. The armor-like slabs of muscle atop his chest overstretched the tight fabric of the tank top that seemed ready to rip to shreds any second. His shoulders had morphed into freakishly thick, canon ball-sized orbs of muscle that were wider than most doorframes; coiling veins snaked along the front of the clearly separated heads of his humongous delts; beneath them, his arms were plain massive, decorated with a web of veins that crisscrossed along and across them onto his thick forearms filled with corded muscle. Matt tossed down his pen in frustration. Keith was lying atop his bed, reading a book. The symbiote was trying to acquire as much knowledge of this new planet as possible. He heard the frustrated grunt of his massive roommate. “What’s wrong, big guy?”, he asked as he put aside his book. Matt turned around in his chair to face his buddy. “Some stupid, useless assignment. Man, I could be in the gym lifting weights.” “Matt, you already went to the gym today. Twice”, Keith added. Matt ignored his roommate’ remark. “Should be forbidden to keep a body like this from the gym”, he said and brought up his arms in a double bicep pose. His biceps exploded into perfectly round, bowling ball-sized orbs of vein-choked rock-hard muscle as they swelled to the 26 inches they now measured. Keith looked in awe at the incredible sight. The organism that now fully controlled him was pleased with the changes it had invoked in the other male: he was now the biggest guy on campus and always protected him. “Biggest arms on the team. Impressive, man”, he said. Matt noted the look of admiration of his buddy and grinned at his remark. “ This is nothing. Ya should see me without my shirt”, he added and stood up. Keith inhaled sharply as his roommate grabbed his tank top at the bottom and pulled it off over his head. It was a spectacular sight to see the guy shirtless: his meaty traps mounded savagely atop the strong line of his shoulders; his shoulders looked even more intimidatingly round without a shirt; his huge pecs, bloated with swollen muscle formed a thick shelf that cast a shadow over the top half of his eight-pack and made his nipples point down to the floor, the separation between the two mounds of muscle was so deep Keith couldn’t see the bottom of it; his grooved eight-pack rippled with every breath he took, making the deep valleys between the brick-sized abs deepen rhythmically; his huge upped legs filled out his shorts completely, making them cling to the thick quads and hamstrings. “Can’t believe it myself, either”, Matt said at his roommate’s awe-filled look, “Feels like I have energy of five men. Like I’m exploding with muscle”. He hit a few poses to emphasize his point. Keith stared as his roommate’s massive muscles bulged and flexed from the movement. No one will touch me from now, he thought. “Check out my back, man”, Matt stated and turned around. He flared his lats, almost doubling in width and then pulled his arms back into his sides, making the surface of his broad back explode in a relief of hard, mounds of muscle that bulged into each other. Keith had gotten up and marched toward his roommate. His hands grabbed hold of the thick traps and clamped down hard onto them. The rock-hard muscle beneath them didn’t even budge an inch. “Its like your made of concrete, man”, he let out in pure amazement. Matt felt his roommate’s fingers test the hardness of his traps and grinned as his rock-hard muscle easily withstood the groping hands. He turned around to face his buddy. “Feel my pecs, Keith. There twice as massive than last time ya felt ‘em”, he let out. Keith stared at the thick, protruding orbs of hard meat atop his roommate’s chest.” Bigger than most girls boobs”, he said jokingly while he brought up his hands. He felt the heat radiating from the monster pecs as his slightly trembling hands almost touched them. A faint grunt escaped his lips when his palms made contact with the hot, hard surface. He weighed the slabs of beef, that made his hands look almost childishly small compared to their humongous size. He tested the muscles’ resistance and as with his roommate’s traps, the pecs didn’t budge under his grasp. Matt enjoyed his buddy’s reaction, feeling a jolt shoot through his cock inside his boxers. He bounced his pecs, making them dance under his roommate’s touch. Keith blinked as his fingers were pried open by the bulging pecs. His thumbs played with the hard nipples that pointed straight down. “Mmm”, Matt rumbled as electric shivers of pleasure shot through his nipples and a responding jolt through his hardening cock. “Feel my abs, man”, he added. Keith followed his 124 pound heavier buddy’s instruction. His fingers pinched the nipples a last time and slid down onto the corrugated landscape of the fantastic eight-pack. “So… perfect”, he mumbled as his fingers caressed the deep grooves separating the brick-sized abs. Matt grinned at his roommate’s remark and flexed his abs, sending his eight-pack into an even more intimidating display of ripped muscle. More blood flowed into his cock and the thick head pushed itself above the waistband of his boxers. Keith’s fingers continued their exploration of the now flexed eight-pack, sliding down onto the third row of abs. His right thumb bumped onto the fat head of his buddy’s still swelling cock. Keith stared up into his roommate’s eyes as he brought his right thumb up to his own mouth and licked off the salty precum. He eyes travelled down along the mighty torso and zoomed in on the hardening cock. He licked his lips in anticipation and made his move down. “No” The command made Keith freeze in his tracks and look up quizzically into the huge man’s eyes. “Ya always suck me off, man. My turn to give ya some pleasure”, Matt said and threw a most muscular. Keith and the organism that was now one with him marveled at the sight, but didn’t get what his roommate meant. Before he could ask anything, the huge man grabbed his armpit and put him up against the wall, making him face the bricks. “Hey”, he said as his roommate ripped away his shirt, pants and boxers to expose his own body. He heard another ripping sounds as his buddy ripped off his own boxers. “Place yar hands against the wall. Ya might need the support.” Keith obeyed the command. He shivered as he felt his roommate’s hot breath against the back of his own head. He also felt the heat emanating from the huge body as the massive man closed the distance between them. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt ya.” Keith felt his roommate’s mighty arms wrap themselves around him, embracing him. A feeling of complete safety filled him. He shook slightly as he felt the rock-hard cock rub against his ass. “Ssshhh”, Matt rumbled into his roommate’s ear as he felt the smaller guy shiver slightly inside his grasp, “We’ll go easy. I’ve saved myself for ya: ya’ll be the first to have my grown dick inside. Every 12.5 inches of it. I’ve never done it with a dude, but I’m so fucking horny I could fuck the wall right now.” Keith felt his ass draw together at his huge roommate’s remark. “Here we go”, Matt rumbled and positioned the head of his 12.5 incher against his buddy’s ass. Keith inhaled a bit shallowly as his roommate’s right arm unwrapped itself and his paw grabbed hold of his shoulder, capping his muscular delt completely. “AUWHGN”, he yelled out as the thick head of his buddy’s large cock entered his ass. His back arched, his toes curled into the floor and his hands clawed at the bricks of the wall in front of him as more of the 12.5 incher invaded him. “Easy, buddy. Calm down”, Matt whispered into his roommate’s ear as he momentarily stopped entering him. His left arm, still holding the smaller guy against his body, let go of the other guy and he moved his left paw up, gently stroking his buddy’s hair. Keith did feel his body relaxing from the soothing words and the gentle strokes atop his head. “There ya go”, Matt let out and eased deeper inside the smaller guy. “Mghpnfgh”, Keith groaned softly as the thick 12.5 incher invaded him teasingly slowly. He felt his roommate’s protruding pecs shove against his own neck and then, the tickling sensation of the huge man’s pubes brushing against his own ass. “So fucking tight”, Matt rumbled as he felt his buddy’s ass spams around his cock, “Feels so great”. His roommate’s lust-filled moans only excited him further. “Ya like this too, don’tcha?”, he whispered into the guy’s ear before he licked his earlobe. Keith felt electric shivers shoot through his body as his roommate teased his ear with his tongue. He felt his roommate’s right paw place itself atop his right hip and shuddered as the other paw gently pinched his nipple before it slid onto his shoulder. He felt the 12.5 incher retreat from his ass and a strange, almost bleating sound escaped his mouth as the cock was entirely pulled out of him. He inhaled deeply and before he could breath out, the hefty cock was repeating its invasion. It felt less painful than the first time. “Better this time?”, Matt asked while he eased deeper into his roommate. “Perfect”, he said at his buddy’s nodded reply and he pushed completely inside him a bit harder and faster. His powerful paws grabbed the smaller guy tightly and made him move on the rhythm of his motions: as he drove forward, he made his buddy move backward. His own breathing began going faster on the rhythm of his fucking. Keith’s vision began filling up with white explosions and dancing black dots as the 12.5 incher kept pumping back and forth inside him. Every time his roommate’s thick cock was completely inside him, it hit a point that sent waves of electric, pleasure-filled shocks through him. It was as if his roommate’s 12.5 incher had become the entire center of his existence. Somewhere in the midst of what seemed like an ocean of pleasure and lust, he felt the paw atop his hip move down. “What do we have here? Seems like ya’re enjoying this as much as me”, Matt growled into his buddy’s ear. Keith felt the huge paw wrap itself around his own, throbbing 8 incher. His roommate’s thick thumb, almost as thick as Keith’s cock, brushed the sensitive head of his cock as the other fingers pumped his achingly hard shaft. “MAAAATTUGHN”, he yelled out loud in a sound that seemed not from this earth as his balls clenched together and blasted out a thick cloud of spores. Matt felt his smaller roommate shudder against his body and heard him howl his name as the guy orgasmed. Keith blinked as his roommate pumped his 12.5 incher fully inside him again and he felt he cock jolt inside him, forcing him to stand on his toes. The paw pumping his shaft withdrew and he felt the left arm wrap itself tightly around his abs, pulling him into the hard torso. The paw grabbing his shoulder withdrew too and placed itself against the wall, making the horseshoe-shaped tricep jut out thickly from its back. “YEEAAUUGGHHNNN”, Matt roared in a deep, rumbling sound that thundered through the room. His arm tightened around his smaller buddy, digging into the guy’s muscular body without effort and his 12.5 incher began spewing out its loads deep inside the other guy. Keith peeped as he felt the anaconda-like arm dig into his own body. He felt the hot liquid filling him up and the heat spreading through his body. Instantly, the feeling of the hot semen filling his intestines, energized his body. His own 8 incher blasted out two more thick clouds of spores as his huge roommate kept squirting his loads into him. The mighty arm crushing him relaxed its grip as his roommate’s orgasm began wearing off. “Fucking great, man”, Matt growled into his smaller roommate’s ear. As he lowered his face to reach his buddy’s ear, the now large cloud of spores hit his nose and he inhaled it. He grabbed the other guy’s armpits and gently withdrew from him. As the spores were processed through his system, he felt a wave of energy flood his mighty body. “Feeling so much energy”, he said and flexed his pecs, “Gonna hit the gym”. Keith watched as his roommate put on his workout gear, blinked at him and left him in their room. “Go. And grow some more”, he said to the closed door.
  22. This is based on a role play I had - - I only deserve half the credit but I'll take all the blame if you deliver it with a flex... He is known as a dangerous hit man. I think I see muscle and power under the leather jacket, but it's so big I can't imagine someone actually fills it with just muscle. He must be thick with a 'protective layer' over the muscles that were primed a decade ago. I'll have to think of a way to talk him out of that jacket and see for myself. I understand he is usually paid for his services by billionaires. Fat, ugly older men lusting for his body - but he only sells death. Believe me, I've checked. I'm no billionaire, but I have nice clothes, a great car and a very expensive watch that shows both taste and affluence. I'm sure he won't be impressed as he is big enough to take what he wants even if it isn't a toned body. Weight and height still equal control in most situations. But I'm the kind of handsome that is cute. I can turn as many men with my looks as he can with his size. I've got to try if he can't be bought... I feel like he keeps looking at me. Am I piquing his interest? Nah - he looks more like a thug wanting to hustle my watch off of me. I'm drawn back to the size of that jacket as it spreads and creaks against his back. Quite a few beasts must have given their pelts for that thing. One moment I think I can see his is really muscular, the next I think it's a trick of height, thickness, leather and positioning. Either way he is good looking enough to try. A slightly receding hairline which shows maturity. I get so tired of 'kids' that think they're the shit. Nice skin, but not unaffected by time and weather and maybe even some smiles. Oh, God - he just looked at me and gave me one of those smiles. He looked squarely at me, raised his drink (a cocktail, mind you, not some stupid cheap beer) and fucking smiled. He's standing up. Definitely a solid man. Perhaps six two or better? Gotta be tipping over 260. And now that he has unfolded from his small table, there's clearly no belly, so maybe he IS jacked?!! "It's really hot in here, and you are under the only air conditioner. May I?" He was indicating his jacket and the chair at my table. He didn't wait for a response to either. He just peeled it off. None of this slow, teasing crap. He just stripped out of the jacket, gave a little bunch of his muscles like feeling free, sat quickly and pulled his chair closer. Looked me in the eye. And then pulled closer again so our thighs touched and I had to turn sideways. It happened so quickly I could hardly process. He wasn't as tall as I thought. There were boots. That made the mass more impressive. The t-shirt certainly clung. I expected a roid gut but didn't see it. This was what a real life Thor or Hercules must feel like up close. Only very real. And so close. "Yeah, I'm big." I was excited before, but mister show off without showing off found a particular button of mine. Proximity. Shit - I hate being so easy a mark. "I believe you are looking for me. Hired me for a job, correct?" He picked up a decent sized stone used on the table as a paper weight for the menus. He just cracked it with a squeeze and dropped the pieces in front of me, put his forearms on the table, which creaked under the weight as he leaned on it, indicating the pieces. "That is what you buy. Destruction power." "That doesn't impress me Jimbo, or Butch, or whatever your name is. If you don't want to do as you're told, we have no business to discuss," I say while purposely keeping my eyes on him rather than the broken rock OR his corded forearms he obviously wanted seen. "Choose to stay and obey or walk away now." He looked at me deeply, kind of scrunched his nose and tilted his head with a look of incredulity that turned to a smirk that landed in pursed lips and a nod of OK.He put his arm around me and pulled me even closer. I kept looking forward. He came terrifically close to my ear and whispered, "I'm staying. You get one painful death of the societal asshole of your choice for your fee. And my name is Mark. Are you scared I might snuff you instead, little man?" "Welcome to a night you might really enjoy, Mark. I'm Max. I'm not a bit afraid of you near me. I like the heat you emanate and I'm very attracted to well-built men. But I didn't hire you because I want to slather you with compliments or act like a size queen. I have much better ideas than that." I know he wants to show off. I know he likes o hurt people that deserve it. And I'm dick-hardingly afraid he might like doing it to anyone he chooses, too. A cash payment through a surrogate already happened, so what would he care if I disappeared. "See that guy over there at the end of the bar? He enjoys touching his nieces after his workouts. He makes them do things no woman should have o do unless she chooses. He fancies himself a pretty big man and doesn't seem o care if folks know. He beat the hell out of his brother when he confronted him about it. I hired you to make an impression on him. Literally. Leave a mark he can't erase." He pulled from me mid description and created space between us and the table as though he wouldn't wait for me to finish. "Dead or alive?" I stand and straddle him in the space he created. He doesn't flinch. I take his face in my hands and turn him from the asshole to look at me. "I want his straight, abusive ass to fear you and still cum because he wants you. Impress me, Mark." I move to kiss him, but instead, pull his attention deeper into me through his eyes and just give him a wink - - then pull my scruff across his face as I move in to his ear and whisper, "I'm going to make YOU cum before the night is over. But if you refer to me as anything but an equal again, I'll kill you." I stand up and give my hand to pull him up. He takes it and lets me help. He smiles at my boldness, winks back, rolls his shoulders with a tiny pec bounce and flex. He heads to the end of the bar. The man there sees me as he gulps another beer. Mark exchanges a few quiet words with the man. I couldn't make them out. Mark wraps his arm around the fucker's shoulder and gives him a squeeze. I see the lowlife recoil at being embraced and then watch him try to release himself and then wince in pain. He goes pale as he looks up at me as he was certainly told to do. Mark moves him from his chair without releasing the hold and brings him to my table. People around the bar don't seem to notice, but I see his feet barely touch the ground. He is slammed into the bench along the wall across from me. "This is my boss, Max. He says you're a very bad guy, friend. Why don't we start with a nice, heartfelt apology, asshole?" Mark said this almost cheerily, with encouragement in his voice. The target tries to jump free of the the table. I think he might make it past Mark, but Mark was letting him think he had an out. Mark uses one arm to contain the escape, let's him struggle and even punch him right in the face twice and then just opens his paw and shoves the man back down. He touches his face to make sure there is no blood and all the while the smaller man is staring at Mark's arm. I notice he's kind of keeping his own hands on the gigantic arm. Not a direct fondle, but more of a check of size and ability. But he is afraid and impressed at once. He makes one more pull on that arm with all his force, sure he's going to move it and Mark just takes the big, oak table with his free hand and pins the punk against the wall. It takes his breath and he releases his grip and nearly screams, "Who are you!? What do you want from me!?" Mark puts his arm on the table and flexes it. The dude instantly shuts up and looks at the sinews or the biceps and the impossible size of the triceps. That isn't an arm. It is an entity. The abuser stares slack-jawed. Mark flexes and relaxes it a few times, moves a little closer and opens for a gape of the forearm, flexing it into more width than a bowling ball. He slides closer to the man and clenches his fist which his admirer cannot avoid looking at. He then pulls slowly into one more biceps pose, lifts his elbow from the table so it brings the arm right under the man's nose. He tries to look away but is only able for a fraction of a second. Mark moves his peak to touch the tip of the man's nose. After staying there for longer than even I felt comfortable - with the inferior man panting and trying to pull his head back further, Mark simply said, "Look," and he flexed like he hadn't actually been flexing before. The head split right under the man's nose and grew so much it pushed his nose up. It made him inhale and I believe the pheromones from Mark's underarm hit. The man looked dizzy. I realized his arms were pinned by the table. He was STRAINING to touch the prize now. He began to mumble words like amazing and big and huge and hard and good and such. Mark turns to look at me while leaving his arm in place. He starts to push backward like he's doing a rear deltoid fly and I see he's really putting pressure on the man's head. "This dick has a weak brain. He's easy to control. You, however, have power Max. I can tell you are turned on by me and you can handle yourself in my presence." Mark took his free hand and pulled the table back from nearly slicing the man in half and his arms immediately flew up to the arm. He was both flailing to end the cranial pressure and groping the very tool being used to punish him. Suddenly, Mark let him go and said, "I told you to apologize to my master." The perpetrator gained quick confidence from the air in his lungs and said, "The fuck I will," and swiftly lifted an arm to swing at me. Mark grabbed his hand before he swung and simply shook his head as they locked eyes. The man so angry and Mark so calm. "Wrong answer." Mark squeezed and breaks the mans hand. He slides over fast and throws and arm around him and catches his mouth just as a scream of pain started to escape. It ended up sounding like a big laugh to others, I bet. The dude looked at me with his eyes full of terror and then bit Mark's hand. Instead of pulling away or calling out or becoming rougher, Mark gritted his teeth and moved his hand from the man's mouth to his forehead to pull his head back to the wall. He let his own blood drip down the man's forehead and just left him huffing in anger, pain and frustration. "I'll ask just one last time." The lesser man looks up at Mark with tears in his eyes. I start to wonder if I should have hired Mark for this. I mean, I'm not really into pain, but he seems to be. Both giving and receiving. It seems second nature. I get lost for a moment thinking where he must have come from? I quickly return to the moment remembering he said master. That's when I realized my pants were wet with pre-cum. I get even more excited that he seems impressed with my mental control. Perhaps I can please him? I suddenly make a move because I want Mark's attention. "He's not going to apologize for shit, " I say. "Damn...right...mother...fucker," he manages to gasp out softly but with defiance. I see Mark's eyes go wide. "Are you calling him that, or me, little man?" "You' Big...asshole...small dick." A pause as he tries to free his head. " other...wise." That's it. Yes, I'm happily bisexual, but who wouldn't be attracted to the gravity of a specimen like this, I'm thinking. And he just showed he is VERY desirous to see more of Mark. "The best part of this moment, prick, is you will both pay for your crimes against decency and manhood, and the last thing you'll remember before you die is how this man - this incredible mountain of a man - made you cum in lust without your ability to resist. You will want him, fear him and obey him and hate him before the night is over. He will enjoy it and you will orgasm in awe and respect. Then he'll snuff the life out of you...mother fucker." I had moved close to his face and nearly whispered the last two words and spat in his face. He started to react violently and I see Mark move lightening quickly and stop his forward momentum by his throat. Holding him back while he swings at us both - connecting with Mark and being prevented from doing so to me - Mark leans across the table in front of him and I rise up to meet him and we kiss right in front of him. "This is going to be fun," Mark declares.
  23. Psuace

    m/m Muscle Worship, Series 2

    Hey guys, I took some time off from writing after I finished the first series, which you can find under my page. There were 19 chapters and a separate page with identifying the different characters. I had so much fun with the guys in that series, I decided to continue on with them. Hope you enjoy. As always, any feedback, positive or not, is welcome. Ace. Part 1, Back to the Beach We lay on our bellies on the gold and blue blanket with a hexagon pattern, under my blue umbrella. The mid-day sun is beating down on the sand around us, causing heat waves to shimmer off it. We’re both in board shorts. His, a solid navy blue one fits like a second skin on his 6’3”, tight, muscular body. Mine, a bright green one, fits perfectly over my 5’11” body, which is nothing to sneeze at either. I’ve slowly gained about ten pounds of muscle over the past 9 months and am very proud of myself, but my 175 is nothing compared to his 240. I’m making gains with my biceps and chest, which is what I want to do, but my abs have always been my best feature. This is due to years of sports in high school and college. Keeping them tight and visible has been my top priority. They are a complete six pack with inroads towards an 8 pack. I’ve kept active with sports after college, meeting Jay, and getting my job. I play tennis, beach and grass volleyball, disc golf, and some touch football. Jay likes some of these activities, but is mainly a weights guy. We hit the gym on a regular basis, but go our separate ways once there. I’ll never be in his league, weight lifting wise, but I do pretty well for a guy my size. I have a nice deep dark tan thanks to my Italian heritage, but the damn public beach and their ‘no nudity’ rules keep me from getting an ‘all over’ tan. Jay on the other hand, with his Scandinavian background and blonde complexion, burns just walking from the house to the beach, which is only a 5-minute walk. He needs to be fully clothed and wearing a hat. I do enjoy spreading lotion on his large muscled body though. We’ve gotten plenty of cat calls and whistles, and a lot of people staring and/or leering at us while I apply the SPF 100 lotion to him. We both take it in stride and Jay seems to have fun playing it up when some whistles at his body. He’ll throw a double bi or most muscular just to put on a show. The deep blue ocean is spread out in front of us. It’s high tide and there are a few white caps, but nothing to keep us from going back in for another swim. We got in when we first got here a few hours ago. We splashed around for 30 minutes or so and then got out, gingerly walking over the shells and stones at the water’s edge. We toweled off, and lay on the blanket. We had some light snacks and talked about Cam and Ming, Davey and Ty, and Eddie and the twins. Everyone seems to be back on track, which is good. Jay’s enormous right arm is draped over my shoulders, holding me securely, yet gently to his body. His right hand casually playing with my curls. I’m getting a woody just from the feel of his fingers running along my scalp and through my curls. It’s an almost unconscious act on his part, but it means so much to me. Blue skies, salt water smell, an ocean breeze, and my Jay next to me. Today is the perfect day. I lean over and give him a kiss on his cheek. He’s attempting to grow a beard and hasn’t shaved in two weeks. I can grow a full beard in about a week thanks to my Italian parents, but his Northern European roots mean he can barely grow stubble, much less a beard. I poke some fun at him, but encourage him all the same. I like the new look. It gives me something else to play with. I twist under the weight of his arm. He senses I want to move and lifts it up a few inches. I turn over and lay on my back. He lets his arm down again and it pins me to the blanket. The weight makes it hard for me to breath. I tap it a few times and he lifts it off me and sets it between us. I rub my fingers along the short hair he has on his arm and he moans. Yet another area where my touch arouses him. I drift for a few minutes, close to sleep, when I sense movement. He rolls onto his side and moves closer to me. I look into his clear blue eyes and see excitement and mischief at the same time. I have an idea of what he wants to do, but I want to make him work for it. Add some spice to our lives, not that we need it. “You look gorgeous.” He says to me. I smile, put my left hand on his face, and gently rub his stubble. “You do too buddy.” I lean over and give him a soft kiss on his lips. He reciprocates. He puts his right hand on my butt and forcibly moves me closer to him. I can feel his erection under his shorts. I start to get hard as well. He feels my response, smiles, and pulls me in for another, longer kiss. Keeping his hand on my butt, he slowly rolls onto his back and pulls me on top of him at the same time. My added weight is nothing to him. I seductively slide my body up and down his midsection and he groans in utter pleasure. The hair on my chest and abs rubbing against his smooth skin turns us both on. I can feel both our erections getting harder. We’ll need to take care of them at some point soon. He moves his hands behind his head and does a slow double bi flex. I stare at them. There are veins crawling all over them. Their denseness and their size still astonish me even after all the years we’ve been together. I stop my movements and lean down and start to kiss him again, more fervently now. I put my hands on his biceps and start to massage them, enjoying the feeling of the solid, rock hard muscle. Jay knows I love his arms and tenses his muscles even more as I rub them. I let out a guttural moan and increase the pressure on them, hoping to dent the muscle, even just a bit. Jay breaks our kiss, looks into my brown eyes, now surrounded by my curly hair, and teasingly says, “I’ll let you have what you want, if you let me have what I want.” He then winks at me and exhales a gust of air that pushes the curls off my face for a few seconds. When he’s done, they float back down and encircle my face again. I lean back down, but don’t kiss him. I go to his ear, blow some warn air into it, lap at the lobe for a second, moistening it, and coyly say, “Well Muscles, we can’t do it here on the blanket. Ocean or house?” I nibble on his lobe a bit more and before he can answer I move my hands to his chest and push myself upright. I’m still sitting on his midsection and quickly move my hips back and forth a few times, just to make sure he’s still hard, which he is. I stand up, quickly adjust myself, wink at him, and head to the ocean. “You going to join me?” I say over my shoulder as I walk away. I get to the water’s edge when I finally feel him coming up behind me like a thundering herd of wild elephants. I feel the sand pounding and see his shadow over take me. I brace myself for what is coming. Whoosh. He picks me up in his arms while in a dead sprint. We travel into the ocean until he is calf deep in the water. He slows and spins around twice. I start to laugh and he joins me. He pulls me in for another kiss and just before our lips meet, he pulls back and says, “Time to get wet again Max.” He effortlessly tosses me 15 feet into an oncoming wave. My arms and legs splay out in different directions, all of them looking for solid ground but not finding any. I splash thru the wave and pop up on the other side spitting out salt water. My curly hair is plastered to my head and my hard-on is plainly visible as my shorts are now glued to my body. I grin and see Jay moving towards me again. The water is waist deep, crystal clear, and in the upper 60’s. He easily slices through the water and walks right to me. He bends over a bit, puts both his hands on my ass and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, even though I know I’m secure in hands. Now comes the real kiss. Long and sloppy. Passionate and sensitive. Loving and carefree. I’m sure people are staring at us, but we don’t care. Life is too short to worry about what others think of you or how you express your love. As we kiss, he walks us to deeper water. Before I realize it, the water is chest high on him. He stops and plants his feet in the sand. He winks at me and I know we’re not going anywhere unless he wants us to. No wave, no matter how strong is going to move us one inch unless Jay allows it. I grow harder just at the thought of his strength against ocean water. A shudder runs through me. Jay feels it and grins. “Just what I wanted.” He says softly and moves back in to resume kissing me. I feel his bulge getting larger too. He jostles me in his arms and makes sure my legs are secure around his waist. He releases his left hand and brings it out of the water and flexes the bicep right next to our faces. I don’t see it until he turns our heads towards it. “Hmm, is that for me?” I whisper. My erection knows it is and responds before he has a chance to answer. “Well, you have been a good boy recently, so yeah, you can have it.” He whispers back. I release my right hand from his neck and curl my fingers around the top of the muscle, feeling the expanse and hardness. My erection grows harder still. He extends his arm, relaxing the muscle, and I get a good grip, knowing what he’s about to do. When I have my finger planted on the muscle, he slowly, painfully slowly, starts to curl the muscle. My fingers grope the muscle unabashedly. As he continues to flex it, he pulls it closer to my face. So, while my fingers are mashing at the hardening muscle, I wet my lips in anticipation for them getting in on the fun. The moment they meet, I swear sparks flew between his muscle and my lips. I feel a shock in my spine and it energizes me. I pull myself closer to Jay, my erection is pushing against his brick wall of abs through my suit. I squeeze my legs tighter in an attempt to stop myself from blowing my load too soon. I use my left arm to pull myself up another inch, and then close my eyes for a second to prepare myself to attack his bicep again. I open them to see, the veins are pumping, the striations are prominent, and the short blonde hairs are standing on end. He is just as excited as I am. I re-wet my lips and go at him like a baby to a bottle. My fingers claw at the muscle trying to make a dent in the now fully flexed, rock hard bicep. My mouth covers the face of the muscle and my nose smashes into it as well. I feel like I am trying to lick the last bit of chocolate off a candy wrapper and no one can convince me the job is done and there is nothing left. Then I feel it. Jay very subtlety relaxes his arm the smallest bit and my fingers dug into the muscle. I moan. The sensation of feeling his muscle, the fibers, the blood coursing thru it, the pulse, send me to a new high. My erection is pulsing to new levels, which causes Jays to grow as well. He tightens the muscle back up, then relaxes it again, just a bit. This time my teeth nibble on the loosened skin, my tongue brushes over the hairs wetting them sloppily, and my lips are pursed and kissing the vein running across the face of the muscle. He pulls me close and licks my ear around the outer edge. He whispers into my ear, “Third time’s a charm sexy boy.” He flexes and slowly relaxes for a final time. I dig my fingers into the muscle like they are trying to get a grip on a smooth mountain wall. My mouth continues its assault. Then I sense he is hardening the muscle and just as it gets rock hard again, I blow my load into my shorts. As I spurt, I released my fingers and mouth, turn to face Jay, and bury my head into his shoulder and let loose a long pleasurable moan. He knows what was happening and steadies me with the arm still around my back. After what seems like an eternity, I take my head off his shoulder. I look into his clear blue eyes, see the playfulness and love, and move in for a thank you kiss. We break the kiss and he says, “We’re just getting warmed up Curly.” I smile and nod in agreement. “Back to the house?” I nod yes eagerly. He turns and walks us back to the shallow waters where he puts me down. I’m still partially erect so I wander back into waist deep water, turn away from the beach, make sure no one is watching, and quickly adjust myself. When I turn back, Jay is staring at me with a huge dumb ass grin on his face. I walk up and past him and sternly say, “Shut it.” He chuckles and just shakes his head. We get back to the umbrella and towels. We throw some t-shirts on and I start to gather the trash and put it in a bag. Jay grabs the umbrella, pulls it out of the sand with a quick yank. He rolls it up and puts a bungie cord around it tightly. I shake out the towels, careful to not shake sand onto the people near-by. I stuff them into a backpack and toss on a baseball hat. I hand a hat to Jay too, and his sunglasses. We load everything into the cart and start back. The sand is blisteringly hot, but I have my mind on other things, so I don’t let it bother me too much. Jay takes the lead with cart in tow. I follow, making sure nothing falls out, oh and so I can get a good look at his shapely ass. His legs are doing all the work in the soft sand. His calf muscles explode with the workout of pulling the cart and digging into the sand. He seems to enjoy it. As we get closer to the cart path, the sand is more compact and firmer. I catch up and walk beside him, reaching my right hand out for his left. At the break between beach and path, we pause to put our flip-flops on. We start on the path between the dunes to the house. It’s still a gorgeous afternoon. A stray cloud floats by, a few seagulls sit on the dunes, calling at us for any spare food we may have. I shoo them away, but they return quickly and resume calling at us. As we walk along the path, I mention that Shae and Ro want to Skype with him soon. Their lacrosse season is starting soon and they are looking for some workout tips to build stamina. He says ok, he’ll call them in a few days. He mentions his Gran want us over for dinner. We have not seen her in a few weeks. I say ok. Jay says he’ll call her too and set it up. We walk on for a bit. A few people pass us on their way to the beach. These late comers will set up and stay until dusk, enjoying the fading light and heat. There are dunes on both sides of the walk with grass and small flowers shrubs to help keep the dunes from washing away during storms. I hear Jay quietly ask, “Still in the mood Curly?” He squeezes my hand gently and caresses his thumb along the top of my hand. I release his hand, walk in front of him, turn to face him and press my hands to my upper thighs, stretching my board shorts flat, showing off the erection, which I’ve been maintaining. He smiles an evil smile and says, “Nice, can’t wait.” His tongue flicks out and licks his lips. I turn and pick up my pace. I want to get back to the house first. I hear Jay behind me quicken his pace too. I glance over my shoulder and see he is practically running. I slow to let him catch up. When he’s about 10 feet away, I casually say, “Your backpack bounced out back there.” I nod to it about 20 feet behind him, “You should take more care. You cannot afford to lose your lotion.” He turns, sees it, and groans. He drops the cart handle and jogs back to the bag. I take the opportunity and sprint to the house. There’s a slight decline in the path and it helps me put some distance between us. I hear him yell to me, “Two can play at this Max. You just wait.” I wave a hand at him as I go down the small hill. I get back to the house first. I wait at the bottom of the ramp at the house. I see his head rise over the small crest of the hill. He sees me waiting for him and smiles. I smile back. As he gets closer, I open the gate door and let him enter first. I swat his ass as he passes. It’s like slapping granite. Once on the deck, we take everything out of the cart. I shake out the blanket and towels more thoroughly and spread them over the deck railing to dry in the gentle breeze. Jay takes the umbrella out and puts it in the closet next to the house. I grab the outdoor hose and rinse the sand off the cooIer. I unlock the sliding doors and set it inside the door. I grab two towels from a chair just inside the door. “I’ll shower first.” I say to Jay as I walk to the outdoor shower on the side of the deck. He raises an eyebrow. I reach an arm into the shower and turn on the water and put both towels on a hook on the inside of the wooden contraption. He walks over to me, untying his shorts, “We could shower together and, you know, get all the sand off each other.” He winks at me and gives me another devilish grin. I feel the water again and it is just the right temperature. I raise my eyebrow and say sarcastically, “Muscles, you know we both don’t fit in this little box, given all the times we’ve tried.” He laughs. “Plus,” I add, “I want you to think about what you’re waiting for.” And with that, I quickly step in, shut, and lock the door. I know I won’t have much time, so I drop my shorts and quickly grab the bar or soap and get to work. I lather up my face, arms and chest. Jay comes up to the door, knocks, and politely says, “Open the door Max, or I won’t huff and puff, and blow you.” I pick up my shorts, hold them under the shower head and rinse as much as sand out as possible. I toss them over the wall to him. “What am I supposed to do with these?” He asks. I grab the shampoo and put some in my hair. I say, “I can’t hear you; I’ve got shampoo in my hair.” “Funny Maxwell…” I hear him shake the wooden door tentatively, “Max, if you don’t open the door, I may need to withhold sexual favors from you.” I lather up my legs, groin, and ass. “Just a minute please.” I say politely in a sing-song voice. I hear him gently rap on the door again. I step under the shower head and let it wash over me, cleaning the soap, sand, and shampoo off. I turn the water off, shake my curls out, grab the towel and quickly dry off. I unlock the door and Jay is standing right there, with his left forearm over the door frame. “Jeez dude, couldn’t wait 3 minutes for me?” I pat him on the chest and duck under his arm. He turns to grab me, but I scoot away. “Stay away sandman.” He looks at me with an astonished look on his face. “Your turn to shower. I’ll be upstairs…” I eye up from toe to head and pause at his midsection and whistle. He turns and quickly gets into the shower. I walk to the sliding door into the house and consider locking it, just to piss him off a bit more, but decide not too as he may break the glass to get in. I carry the cooler to the kitchen sink and put it in. We can deal with emptying it later. I head upstairs to our bedroom. The room is painted a light blue and has wooden floors covered with an area shag rug which is dark blue with white tassels. The king size bed has a yellow and green comforter with a floral print. The pillows match. There is a stand-up bureau, and some side tables and chairs, all with a nautical theme. There’s a 46-inch widescreen TV on the wall opposite the bed. There’s a ceiling fan over the bed, which is never really turned off. The windows open to the ocean and I look out to see the blue water. I glance down to the deck and can just see the top of Jay’s head. He seems to be moving quickly thru his shower. I head to the attached master bath. There’s a huge walk-in shower and all the regular bathroom amenities. I glance at myself in the over sized mirror. I look pretty good. I run a hand thru my chest hair and groan. I need to trim it up again, which means some manscaping down below too. I shake my head, things I do for my boyfriend. I turn on the radio in the bathroom and tune it to the local Alternative Music station. Cage the Elephant’s ‘In One Ear’ is playing and I sing along. One of my favorite songs. I grab a towel off the towel rack and put it over my head to dry my curls. This is the part I hate about having curly hair, drying it. I’ve thought about cutting them off, but since it was done to me previously without my permission, I quickly put that idea out of my mind. I bend over and start to dry, rubbing the towel around. I feel another pair of hands join me in the job. I think, ‘He got done his shower fast. He must be really anxious to get going.’ I say aloud, “Wow Jay, fastest shower on record for you.” There’s no response. I lean up and realize, the hands are too small and bony to be Jay’s. Suddenly the person grabs the towel and twists it around my head and neck, cutting off air and blood. I cough and choke. Breathing gets harder due to the towel being wet and part of the towel cutting into my windpipe. I flail my arms in an attempt to hit the intruder, but they dodge the swings. At one point, they grab my left arm and twist it around and pin it to my lower back in a hammer lock hold. I reach my right hand up to the towel and try to pull it away from my neck. The person kicks me in my right knee. I start to stagger, but the person keeps a tight grip on the towel. He increases the pressure and I feel woozy. I can still hear the radio, but the song is muffled. He drags me backwards into the bedroom and I continue to struggle. The towel covering my bottom half comes lose and falls off. He leads me to the bed and leans me over, face first onto the mattress. He pushes me face into the bedspread in an attempt to suffocate me. I kick backwards with my left leg, but he raises his leg to block it. He puts more pressure on my head and I feel him practically get on my back. I can feel he is wearing jeans and there is a belt buckle poking into my lower back. I continue to struggle, and try to roll side to side, but it is getting harder. I make one final effort and jerk my head upwards and hit him right in the chin. I see stars and moan at the pain I feel in my head. He grunts in pain and let’s go of my left arm and rabbit punches me in the side a few times. I let out a howl of pain through the towel. He then punches me on the side of my head. I go slack. In the encroaching darkness, I hear Jay’s voice yell, “Max? Are you ok?” I kick my right leg back and connect with my assailant’s knee. He lets out another load grunt and I hear Jay start running up the steps. His heavy footsteps are my only salvation at this point. I hear a picture fall off the stairwell wall and the glass crash onto the steps. We continue to struggle, twisting and turning. We slide off the side of the bed and I land on top of the intruder. He quickly scoots back so I am between his legs. He still has a hold of the towel. I hear Jay enter the room. He angerly says, “You? How? You should still be in jail.” I feel my assailant pin my left arm to my side, and he reaches into a pocket and pulls something out. I hear a quick flip and realize he’s opened a switchblade. I feel the pointy object on my left rib. “Not another step Asswipe or your boyfriend buys it.” I think to myself, ‘No way. How’d he get here?’ I feel the blade push further into my side, but it hasn’t broken the skin yet. I try not to flinch. With him holding the blade to my side, his right hand has loosened its grip on the towel around my neck. I can breathe a bit easier but am still in a fog. I’ve got to do something to give Jay time to get to me. I debate on whether to jab him with my right arm or go for his hand holding the blade. I’ve only got one shot at this. I can hear Jay and the man still yelling at each other. I can faintly hear the bathroom radio playing ‘Natural’ by Imagine Dragons but am in my own world and their voices and the radio are just background noise. I try to concentrate on my assailant and my situation. I can feel the blade. The pressure lessens then increases as he and Jay argue. Every time he yells at Jay, he leans forward and the pressure increases. When he takes a breath, it eases off. I stay vey still. He yells at Jay, “Back off, dude, out of the room. Nice and slow. I don’t want my hand to slip and the blade to puncture your boyfriend.” I feel the tip break the skin. I grunt. Jay snarls back, “You hurt him, and I’ll make our last meeting look like a walk in the park.” The guy grunts and lets out an ugly laugh. The blade backs off as he starts cursing at Jay again. Now’s my chance. With his attention distracted from me for second, as quickly as I can, I reach my right hand for his left. I miss, but still manage to grab his wrist. I try to push it away, and it moves an inch or two, but then he pushes back, and I feel the blade enter my side and then come back out. He releases my left hand. Surprisingly, I don’t feel pain. I reach my left hand to where I think the blade entered and feel something wet and a bit sticky oozing out. I distantly hear Jay take two steps to me and feel a breeze as his fist goes past my face. I hear it connect with the person behind me. Immediately the tension on the towel is gone and the person falls backward. I also fall backwards onto the guys stomach. I feel a pain in my upper back and wonder about it. Darkness is encroaching. Jay is yelling to me, but it is getting fainter, “Max, stay with me buddy, stay with me…” I feel the towel being untwisted from my head and suddenly there is a blinding light in my face for a split second and then Jay’s beautiful blue eyes are looking right into mine. He’s still talking to me, but it’s getting fainter. As I fade out, I hear him yell, “Larry, you’re….”
  24. Shawn1978

    m/m Eric and Seth

    Hey guys, here's the first chapter of the new story I'm writing. Since it's not a story already finished or anything, the chapters will be released as I go. Im sure the story will have it's flaws and possible mistakes in it, since it's been a while since I've written anything, since my last story, titled "My Everything" which you can find on the website, if you'd like to read it. That one is not finished, but I hope you enjoy that one, as well. Now on with my new story! Chapter 1 Eric was sitting, at his desk, in his private dorm room, at San Diego University, browsing the internet for more information about farms, on his laptop. Eric was a very kind hearted guy, with light brown hair, and the most piercing blue eyes you ever saw. At least when he was not wearing his glasses which was not that often. Eric stood about 5'11" and at 22 years old, was generally, a very active young man. Eric was also smart, but yet very sensitive, as well. His brow was furrowed, in frustration, as he looked over, his search results on farms. He had chosen to use the subject of farms for his college essay, and so far was having trouble, finding the right information he needed to begin writing his Essay. As he was wondering what to do next, he heard a knock on his dorm room door. He walked over to it, and opened it, revealing a very pretty girl, with brunette hair, on the other side of it. "Hi, Amy!" Eric said, warmly, smiling at her. Amy smiled back at him. "Hey, Eric!"Amy replied back, cheerfully. "Are you busy right now?" Eric ran his hand through his light brown hair, obviously frustrated, which Amy could clearly see. "Is something wrong?" She asked him, showing concern. Eric nodded. *I'm having trouble starting my college essay, for Professor Mastrian's class, and I could use my best friend's advice." Amy smiled, with a nod of her head. "I'd be happy to help you, any way I can, Eric." "Come in." Eric say, opening the door further and stepping aside. Amy walked in and turned back to face, Eric, just as he shut the door to his room. "What can I help you with?" Amy asked. Eric walked over and sat back down at his computer. Amy grabbed a nearby chair and sat beside him. "I chose to write about farms for my college essay, and I'm having so much trouble finding information on what's it like to run a farm. I mean, I see all the equipment, that you use for farming, like the tractors, and work supplies, and stuff like that, but I have no idea how to use that to get my essay even started. Amy nodded, understanding his frustration. She reached over and caressed his arm, affectionately. "I understand your frustration, Sweetie." She said, softly. "But if you want to know more about what's it like to run a farm, the only thing you can do is work on one. Get some hands-on experience. And as you experience it, firsthand, you can write about it. Keep a daily journal of your experiences, good and bad, that way it'll be easier to remember when you go to complete your essay. Eric nodded his head. What Amy was suggesting made a lot of sense. Which is why he truly appreciated having her for a best friend. He smiled at her, as he brought his hand behind her head and kissed her on the forehead. "Thank you, Amy." Eric said, warmly. "I'm glad I can count on you." Amy smiled. "What are best friends for?" She asked him, then added. "That's my job." Eric laughed, showing off his cute smile and beautiful white teeth. "Yeah, well, unfortunately, you're not being paid for it." Eric joked, earning him a slap on the knee, from Amy, which made him laugh harder. "You know money can't buy friendship!"Amy exclaimed, feigning shock, but grinning widely. "Besides our friendship is priceless!" " I know, I know!" Eric said, leaning towards her, and hugging her. "I wouldn't have it any other way." "Thanks."Amy said, as she pulled back from their hug. "Neither would I." Eric knew how lucky he was to have a friend like Amy. He had known her ever since freshmen year of high school. Since then, they'd become fast friends. Amy had been the first person Eric had told that he was gay and she had hugged him and told him that it didn't matter to her and that she was still his friend. Eric then remembered something. "Amy? Why did you come by, other than to help me with my essay?" Eric asked her. "Oh, right!" Amy exclaimed, remembering. "I just wanted to know if you wanted to join me for an afternoon workout. Yoga and cardio?" Eric beamed. If there's one thing he loved, it was working out. Especially when he was with Amy. "I would love that, right now." Eric said. "That'll take my mind off of this essay for a while." "Cool!" Amy said, standing up. "I'm going back to my room to pack my gym bag. You wanna meet outside the campus in 30 minutes?" "Sounds like a plan! Eric said. "In the meantime, I'm going to run out and pick up a newspaper from one of the stores, near the campus. "Alright then." Amy said, giving him another hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I will meet you, at the gym." Amy then headed for the door and left Eric's room, closing the door behind her. Eric took that moment to shut down his laptop, and close it. Then he closed his notebook and put it in his desk drawer. He then proceeded to go to his closet to pick out his workout clothes, as well as a fresh change of clothes. As he looked through his closet, he decided on a Nike tank top and a pair of Nike athletic work out shorts. He took them off the clothes bar and set them down, on the bed. Next, he picked out a solid light blue v-neck T-shirt and a pair of Levi jeans, that fit his toned body very nicely. He returned to his bed and dropped his clothes on it. He turned back to the closet and got out his gym bag and checked it to see if he had his spare deodorant in it, which he did, so he brought the bag back to the bed, and proceeded to pack his things in the bag. He ran to the bathroom to grab a fresh towel to pack in the gym bag. After finishing up, he grabbed his car keys and exited his dorm room, locking the door, behind him. He walked through the busy college halls, observing the students, walking around, some heading to their classes. Others were standing by the walls, talking amongst each other. As he was nearing the door, Eric heard a voice shout out. "Yo, Eric!" Eric turned towards the owner of that voice and saw his friend, Will, running towards him, from behind him. "Hey, Will." Eric said, "Nice to see you, man! "You too." He said. "You want to hang out with me and my girl tonight? We're gonna have pizza and rent some movies to watch on DVD." Eric wouldn't have minded the idea, except that he'd already had plans to stay in his dorm tonight and work on his essay. "Sorry, Will, I can't tonight." Eric told him, politely. "I have to work on my essay for Professor Mastrian's class." How about a raincheck?* "Sure." Will said, understanding, but still looking slightly disappointed. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" "To the gym." Eric said. "I'm meeting Amy there for a workout, but first I have to go pick up a local newspaper to browse through later." "Oh, Ok." Will replied. "I've got to get to my psychology class now, anyway. Call me, later, alright? "Absolutely." Eric nodded. "See you later, man." Will left to head to his class, and Eric walked over to his red Nissan Altima and got into it. He started the car and headed down the street to the local supermarket to pick up the newspaper. He pulled into the parking lot and walked into his local Whole Foods Market, to get the newspaper. He grabbed the newspaper off of the news stand shelf and then decided that maybe he'd better pick up something for both he and Amy to snack on, after their workouts. He headed down towards the snacks aisle to see what they had there. Eric browsed the shelves and his face lit up when he saw some "Oats and Peanut Butter" squares and decided on those. As Eric turned to walk to the check out counter, he accidentally bumped into someone, who was also heading down the snacks aisle, for something, and his snacks and the newspaper fell of his hands, "Whoa!" Eric heard a man's voice say, as they collided. "Shit!" Eric cursed, as he bent down to pick up his things, not even looking at the man. "I'm such a klutz! I'm so sorry, sir!" "No, I'm sorry, man!" Eric heard the man, reply. "It was my fault, I shouldn't have been walking down the aisle as fast as I was." Eric was just about finished picking up all his stuff, just as the man finished saying that, but as he reached out to pick up the last box of snacks, his hand came in contact with the other man's, hand, since he had knelt down to help Eric pick everything up. It was then that Eric looked up at the man and found himself staring into the most beautiful ocean blue eyes he had ever seen! The man in front of him, was gorgeous! Not only did he have beautiful eyes, but he also had beautiful golden blond hair and a very chiseled face and jawline. "Are you ok, man?" Eric heard the man, ask. Eric snapped out of his trance and started to get up. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." Eric stammered. "Thanks." As Eric stood up, so did the handsome gentleman. Eric's breath also caught in his throat when he noticed something else, about the man. Eric saw that the man was wearing a sleeveless red and black paid shirt with some light blue jeans. But what amazed Eric even more was how muscular the man was! Eric could see how big his pecs were, since the shirt was unbuttoned down to his sternum. Eric could see a slight hint of abs, and knew without a doubt, this man definitely had a ripped six pack under that shirt. And the man's legs, as Eric observed, were massive. Just one of the man's legs was as big as Eric's torso. Eric could see the handsome man's quads, filling out his Levis to form. "Wow." Eric said "You're a big guy!" The man laughed. "Yeah, I get told that, a lot." He said. "I can understand why." Eric said. "You're built like a bodybuilder." "Actually, I used to compete,but I don't anymore." The man said. "How come?" Eric asked, frowning, in confusion. "Too expensive." The man replied. "Having to go through all you have to, just to win a bodybuilding statuette, is just not worth it to me, anymore." "I understand." Eric said. Then he realized that he hadn't introduced himself to the guy. "By the way, I'm Eric." Eric said, extending his hand out to the man. I'm Seth." The handsome man said, as he grasped Eric's hand. "It's nice to meet you." Eric and Seth shook hands, and Eric felt like Seth's hand lingered on his, longer than usual. Or was that just him? "Well, I'd better be getting going." Eric said. "I have to get to the gym and get my workout in, before I head back to campus to work on my essay." "Ok." Seth replied. "It was nice meeting you, man." "You too." Eric said, feeling disappointed that he had to cut their conversation short. But he knew that Amy was waiting for him, at the gym. "Take care." Seth said, lightly slapping Eric's shoulder and strutted off towards the meat department. Eric couldn't help himself, at that moment. He turned around to look at Seth again as he was walking away and saw just how tight those jeans really were on him. His big muscular ass, hamstrings and calves filled them out nicely. "Damn." Eric said, to himself. "He is literally the hottest fucking stud I have ever seen!" He turned and started walking towards the checkout counter. "Too bad I'm never going to see him, again." Eric said, to himself, sadly. Little did Eric realize how wrong he would be. Well, that's all for this chapter. Let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome, including criticism. I will use all feedback, in order to try to improve, my writing, as the story progresses. Thanks for reading!
  25. Thedemon1906

    My gigant roomate pt3

    Marcos had just woke up. He was lying on his bed confused. He felt the heat of the huge body next to his own. This was the first time he woke up and John was still there… sleeping. Slowly he turned his head and faced the back of the giant. His right hand touched the hard wall of muscle that was his back. It was twice as big as his and huge amounts if power surged from it. John's body wasn't covered by any blanket and by any clothes. For Marcos (that after all is a straight man) it was a beautiful sight, a kind of admiration someone has to a well done painting or a gorgeous statue. An aesthetic appreciation, but Marcos was starting to feel something else that he couldn't quite figure out. Marcos took out his hand and continued to look at the giant. His eyes wondered through John's entire body. He already knew his roommate was tall, but seeing himself side by side to the giant it made him feel small. -Are you going to take shower?- Marcos felt the bed bend as John turned around his massive body. When he finished the little guy was facing to monstrous pecs twice as big as his hands. - Yes… why?- His eyes and John's met when he said that. The little guy had forgotten how gorgeous he was. -I have to take a shower too- he said quite demanding -well… but i have to get to school and- John grabbed Marcos’ right hand and his left arm and pinned him down. He put himself on top with only one meter between the two. Marcos was surprised by the move, he now had the giant on top of him, completely dominating him. He could see his gigantic arms tensed keeping his body up but that wasn't the weirdest thing. John moved forward closing the gap between him and his submissive friend. Marcos could feel the one feet cock of the muscle beast pressing his abdomen. ------------------------------------------------------------ Marcos could hear the running shower as he got undressed. His body had changed the last few weeks. He had gotten much leaner maybe with a little bit less muscle. He had an athletic body thought. Perfect cut muscle with thin arms like the ones you see in models. But his bulging physique had disappeared as all of his body hair. All is all, it would seem like he shaved all of it away. Although all of these changes are really noticeable the most prominent feature of his body was now his ass. A perfect bubble butt with round gorgeous cheeks. His pants now stretched obscenely every time he walked and the street. He opened the shower curtain revealing John's body at its peak. Water runned through his huge muscle and 8pack. To his lemon size balls and tree trunk legs. Marcos got in the shower pressing himself to the giant's abdomen. -this thing is getting huge- the rumble of his low voice made everything trembl as his huge manly hands grabbed Marcos’ ass. His hands ,that were as big as the little guy's cheeks, pulled up the small body without effort till the two of them were face to face. - You need to learn to obey- Marcos felt a thick finger enter his ass and he grabbed to John's shoulders for support. - You are my tiny bitch- as Marcos cummed all over his roommate a little smile appeared in John's face.