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  1. LorneLyon

    m/m Family secrets: Strugling

    The first week of summer vacation was a wave of love for Colin and Fred. They sleeped with each other in they parents bed, they walk around in their bodybuilder boxers and Fred fed Colin every morning after breakfast a bit of his milk. Colin enjoyed it very much, and the two could see the results. Colin arms where 30 inches now, his chest 60, his calves 25. With a high of 6,5. The two had become real lovers and enjoyed every moment they could kiss, hold and or just fuck each other. Where people had yelled at them on the beginning they now hold their mouth shut. And they boys knew why, their size and manly voices has given them respect. But, they don’t know they must try reaching things with their muscles. The must try it with care, knowledge and experience. Colin sometimes has tough about how it must go when they should be back at campus. Fred has told him he would like that the two go together to the muscle campus. But Colin knew he should miss his friends. But, when Fred was smiling to him again, he and all his worries melted. It was the begin of the second week of summer when Fred came back with the groceries. Colin was in the garden, enjoying the pool, naked of course. When all of the groceries where putt away, Fred undress himself to and walked to the pool. His feets in the pool and reading the mail for that day. It where letters for his parents, some magazines and a letter in a handwriting Fred knew. He ripped open the letter and start to write it to his brother, who was laying against his feets. ’Hello boys, Here’s your grandfather speaking. I hope everything is going al right into the big city. Here on the farm everything is going well, I still can handle all the work. However, I got some help. I hope you boys want to visit on 05-07 and meet the one who help me. He knows you very well and has some tings to tell you. One other thing. I discover I like being some more naked all around, so if you don’t want, wear as less clothes as you want. And don’t be scared if you see me, I have changed a lot. I hope to see you soon. Greetings, Grandpa.’ Fred looked to his brother. ’Well, that sounds nice. He want us to come tomorrow. What you think?’ ’I think we must do it, and let them see how much we have changed.’ Colin flexed his biceps. ’You look fabulous, my boy.’ The two boys kisses. The next day, on the farm. Tyrone and Robert wake early, like always. Tyrone looked to his father, laying next to him in the big bed. The two kiss and stood up. They dress in their favorite overall, without underwear. And while Tyrone feed the animals, Robert maked an amazing breakfast. During the breakfast Tyrone started to Robert about the letter. ’Thanks that, for writing that letter. I wouldn’t came out of words at my own.’ Robert stroked the hard nipples of Tyrone and smiled. ’That is what lovers do for each other. And I so hope the boys would understand our love.’ ’I think a little bit love in this time is good for them.’ Robert take a sip of his tea and think about one special door, who was locked for as long Tyrone was at the farm. Behind the door was a basement. Filled with the best and heaviest bodybuilder equipment exist. Robert had used it to became big, and now want to share it with his son and his boys. The reason he haven’t show it to Tyrone was that there was something else in the basement. A bed. And not any kind of bed, but a bed for 4 persons. After the first time he had sex with his son, he knows this is what he wants. Loving his family. And he want the boys love him. But, he know he had to take it slow, maybe the boys would become scared. Maybe they are going to hate him and their father for being in love. Robert knew it would be heavy to convince the boys. He don’t even knew if their okay with gay love. ‘Son?’: Robert ask. ’Hmm, yeah baby.’ ’I was thinking about the boys.’ ’Me to, they would be here in an hour.’ ’I know. But I was thinking about how we’re gone bring to them that we’re in love.’ ’Yeah, that would be a hard moment.’ Robert put his hand on that of Tyrone, and looked into his eyes. ’Maybe…maybe…. Dawm it’s so hard to say this. I think it’s better that we’re not sleeping together till the boys are okay with us.’ Robert whispered the last thing, not looking to his son and lover. Tyrone stroked Robert’s hand, being silence for a moment. The big, thick grey hairs of Robert were handing down in front of his face. Suddenly, Tyrone saw Robert was crying. Tyrone stood up and wrapped his arms around his father. His father lay his head against Tyrone thick and soft muscle chest. ’It’s… so hard.’: Robert says stuttering. ‘First I lose my wife, who has given me you, my beautiful son. But you came back, and let me feel loved again. And now… maybe we’re going to lose the boys. Because we are a bunch of stupid fuckers.’ Tyrone strokes his father’s shoulder softly. ’Shhh, you never going to lose me or the boys. I bet they would be happy for us. They good boys. Maybe it’s hard to swallow first. But, with a little bit of time, they should accept it. When they see we love each other really.’ Robert looked up and slowly kiss his son on the lips. They kiss for a good five minutes. ’Thanks love. I feel better. I…just must go threw it.’ ’Come on, let’s prepare for there visit. I should move my stuff for a short time.’ ’I should make there rooms ready.’ Robert walked to the stairs, to make the rooms ready for the boys. Tyrone clear out the kitchen and then goes to the room where he and Robert has made so much love. To pack his stuff and move it to his old room. While the older mans where busy making everything ready, Colin and Fred where riding across the town close to their father’s farm. They know they where early, so they decide to stop at a local restaurant and eat something. It was early, and a little fog was hanging just above the street. The waiter who was taking their order was young and handsome. Like with everyone who was meet them, his eyes became big when he saw the big, young couple. He had made a little surprise when he came back with the coffee for the two. On his tray was balancing a big ice coupe. Made with three kinds of ice cream, fruit and whipped cream. ’My boss is always happy to see hard working man at his restaurant. Most of the young people today don’t know how to take care of themselves. So, this one is on the house.’ He placed the big bowl between the boys and walked to another table. The boys smiled to each other and started eating the treat. Fred had discover that they could eat what they want, as long as they stay drinking the chest milk, there should be no fat. The boys finish there meal, paid and driving the last meter to the farm. When they got the farm into sigh, the two saw two man’s next to the street. Both big and muscular. The two smiled to each other. ’Looks like grandpa got some handsome workers’: Fred said. ’Nice.’: Colin smile ‘Hope they would be in for a good fuck.’ The two parked there car and step out. The two mans walked to the boys and smiled. ’Welcome.’: the older man with the grey hair say. ‘Happy to have you here.’ For a moment, the boys didn’t know what to say. They recognize the voice, but it couldn’t be. Colin saw a parked car and bumped Fred into his shoulder. He point to the car. Fred’s mouth fell open and he looked to the other man. ’D…dad?’
  2. This is the second story, and the first time I use that kind of measure numbers. So please don't be anger if they are to unreal. And maybe give soms tips. While Colin and Fred are having a good time, the father of the boys was visiting his father. He had say to the boys that he and his wife were going on a holiday together. But his wife has her vacation in Italy while Tyrone was sleeping on his favorite place, his old home. The grandfather of Colin and Fred was living on a farm, a couple miles driving from the city. The reason Tyrone and his wife has split vacations was that they were on the edge of a divorce. They hadn’t told the boys, because they wanted to wait till it was all clear. Tyrone knew it was his job to do it. He ha find out his wife was sleeping with other man, from her work, the husband of her friends and even the old teachers of Colin and Fred. He was flipped out when he had found out and threw her out of the door. He knew he didn’t love her anymore, and that the only reason he should stay with her was for his boys. He knew his boys where strong, strong enough to service the divorce. With them most of the year on college they shouldn’t get much of it. He has decided he should tell them when he got back from the farm. But it wasn’t that far yet. First of all, he should help his dad with all of the work on the farm. The farm of his dad was surrounded with meadows, and with the summer it means the grass was grew to hay. And that means Tyrone must help with father with driving the tractor, move the hay bales and picking the fruit of the trees and the bushes. When he arrived at the farm, his father was already waiting. Tyrone’s father was a big, muscular silver daddy. He only wear an overall without, what Tyrone didn’t know, underwear. Robert, as Tyrone’s father was called, enjoys the feeling of his member rubbing against the nail dust. Robert helped Tyrone with his suitcases. When they were on Tyrone’s old room he wrapped his big, muscular arms around Tyrone and pick him up in a big, bearish hug. ’It’s good to have my boy back.’ Tyrone grinned. ‘Thanks pop. I have looked to this moment for the whole summer.’ Robert put Tyrone back on his feets and smiled. ‘Good to hear. So, why aren’t you changed clothes? Then I make a cup of tea.’ Robert leaves the room and closes the door. Tyrone saw another overall hanging on his side of the door. He smiled and walk to his bed. He starts undress him and pick the overall. He put it on. Memories of when he was younger were flying inside his head. He shaked his head and walked downstairs. Robert was sitting on the kitchen table. Two cups of tea were standing in front of his. Tyrone sit down and Robert shove one of the cups to him. He smiled. ’There you go boy. Have a drink, and then we immediately can start with the apple trees.’ Tyrone smiled and blew in the tea. Robert turns himself and opens a door. Behind there, there was a fridge; Tyrone never knew it was there. The fridge was full of bottle of what looks like milk. Robert picked up one of the bottles and put it on the table. ’Here, try this.’ ’Whoa dad. I never knew you had cows.’ Robert smiled in a mysterious way. ‘Just try it boy. You should like it.’ Tyrone picked the bottle and put a little bit in his tea. He stirs his tea and takes a gulp. He immediately feels some warm feeling running across his body. And then there was that sound, like when your standing in a bubblegum factory and the gum was stretching out, only 1000 times harder. Tyrone starts to sweating and looked to Robert, who was only smiling. ‘Dad, what happen?’ Robert stood up, takes place behind his son and unbutton the buttons of his sons overall so his chest was visible, like with his. He placed his hands on his son’s chest, where two, big, meaty, juicy pecs were starting to form. Robert cups the two pecs and whisper: ‘Just relax boy. Your dad is right here, everything should be alright.’ Tyrone breathe heavily, but he knew he had to trust his dad. Robert always knew what the best was for him, so he knew what he was doing. Tyrone looked to his arms. They were growing, like balloons were under his skin. He yells: ‘Fuuuuuck’: when he cock erected and shoot a load, directly into his boxer. ’Hmm, yes son.’ Robert whisper in his ear, still rubbing the growing pecs of his son. ‘Feels the growing heat. I know it feels strange, I feel it to when it first starts with me. But when it’s done, you should feel great, powerful and mighty.’ Robert was right, with the growing, there was a feeling. A relaxed feeling, Tyrone start to lie against the back of his chair. He feels his father massage his pecs, it feels so good. He lay his hand on the had on his father. He looked up, directly in the eyes of his father. ’Thanks dad. I feel so good now. Like when I was young and you always protect me. But now I’m the one who protect his sons.’ Robert slowly kiss Tyrone on his lips, slowly putting his tough into his sons mouth. A French kiss of ten minutes was the thing that happen. Then, Robert let go. ‘What about we measure you?’ ’Sound great dad.’ Robert left the kitchen and came back with measure tape and a paper sheet. He measures his sons new muscles. Arms; 20 Inches, Waist; 32 inches, Tights; 27, Calves; 17,3. Then, the two came by the muscle they have left for dessert, the beautiful, round chest. Robert lays the measure tape around Tyrone and looked him into the eyes. ’Hmm, pretty good score boy. A perfect 55 inches.’ Tyrone wasn’t listening; he looked to the two pointy, silver dollar nipples. Robert saw it and softly strokes the nipples. ‘Something caught your eyes boy?’ Tyrone nodded. Robert takes the face of his son again and gave him a long, passional kiss. ’I got the perfect place for our first time. But first we must work.’ Tyrone nodded and wait for a moment, wondering if he can ask. ’Dad, I love your body.’: he stroke his fathers six-pack. ‘Can we please work in our boxers? I want to see as much from your perfect body as I can.’ Robert grins and takes of his overall, his cock slapping against his belly. ’I got a better idea, we work fully naked. Who care if someone see us. I got you now.’ Tyrone kisses his father in happiness and whisper: ‘Will you please undress me?’ Robert nodded and takes of the rest of the overall from his boy. He looked to the dick and the grapefruit-size balls of his son. He take the hand of his boy and whisper: ‘Come on boy. We’re going to work. I think I attack you with all my lust if I don’t get anything to do soon.’ Tyrone and Robert walked outside, knowing this was the beginning of something beautiful.
  3. Guest

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 05

    Please don't hate me! This one is a bit shorter then previous parts, but Part 6 will be a much longer installment. Also the hate me part will prob come from where I stopped, but if you guys read the original transcript, I'm pretty sure your going to be begging me for the next part! Previous Parts: -Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 5 The Experiment Matt continues to feel weak for several minutes. His mind drifting in and out of consciousness as Andrew’s apology rings throughout his head. He slowly comes to his senses; eyes popping suddenly wide open. Matt sits up, groaning, feeling completely awful. “What the hell just happened?” Matt muttered under his breath. He slowly pushes himself off the floor from between Andrew’s legs. Standing up on shaky legs, Matt staggers away toward the bathroom, having to reach down several times to pull up his shorts. When he finally reaches the sink he hesitates at first before looking into the mirror. What he sees makes his blood run cold. Matt is clearly shorter then what he was before, and his muscles, while still large, are no longer the huge size they were minutes ago. Where his head used to reach to the top of the mirror – now it’s a good four inches lower. He snorts in aggravation, walking over to the scale. As he steps onto it the hand flies to the right, landing on 250lbs. He couldn’t believe it; just last week he stood at 300 lbs. Matt closes his eyes for a moment, trying to think. Something sparks. His mouth dropping as he opens his eyes and spins around heading back to where his brother sat on the couch. “Andrew, I think I know what’s going on. But we need to test it to see if I am right. Andrew looks at Matt confused. “Umm, Ok?” “Something in our cum is doing something to us… Something weird…” Matt turns from his brother, walking into the kitchen, coming back with a pair of cups. He hands one of them down to Andrew. “I want you to jerk off into this, and I’ll do the same with my cup. And when we are finished, we’ll each drink the cum and we will see what happens.” It’s an insane plan, beyond ridiculous actually. But something in the back of Matt’s mind tells him he needs to know if this is what is really going on between them. Andrew continues to look up at Matt from the couch, confused. He’s still shirtless and just in his boxers from the previous encounter, his cock pulled to the left and held tightly in place when his cock begins to twitch a bit in excitement. Andrew also has a feeling that their cum is the cause what is happening to them too. “I don’t think that is a good idea, Matt. I mean, I think this might cause another change.” “I think so too.” Matt looks a bit nervous, but he doesn’t care. “That’s why we need to test it. We have to know if it’s the cum or something else. I have a very good feeling it is our cum that is doing this to us… As crazy as that sounds.” Matt takes his cup and pulls out his cock right in front of Andrew, holding It right above the lip. Closing his eyes he strokes his large piece of meat. Matt can feel it is smaller then what it was, and Andrew notices just by looking it isn’t the massive 10 inch monster he used to be so proud of. Matt’s Legendary 10 inches has been reduced to a generous 8 ½. Matt pumps it slowly methodically, holding it in one hand and the cup in the other. As Matt strokes himself off, Andrew takes notice of other things. His brother’s shirt is no longer as tight as it used to bel the oversized garment hangs loosely off his still-muscular, but significantly-smaller frame. Andrew hesitates at first, but slowly peels the front of his underwear down. His 5 ½ inch cock popping out free, along with his new, massive forest of dark pubic fur. He reaches down, wrapping his hand around his cock, putting the plastic cup between his legs. The head of his cock over the top of the cup as he begins to jerk off his own member. It feels so good in his hand; it’s the first time he has really taken notice to his new size. It’s the first time he’s actually got to handle his own cock this much since this whole ordeal started. Andrew looks up at Matt, noticing his brother looking right at him intently working his own cock over. “Are you ok, Matt?” Matt begins to stroke his dick harder as he looks on at Andrew. Both of them gazing at each other in a somewhat lust and desire. Matt pumping his meat with gusto. With a loud grunt, he exhales, shoots, pumping his load into his cup. Matt breathes heavily as he strokes the remaining dollops of cum from the inside of his shaft, squeezing it and making sure he got every last drop out of it. “Doing just fine, Andrew. Just studying your body. I want to see how you do when you drink this. I’m guessing you’re going to do very, very well.” Matt smiles ruefully down at Andrew. Making magic cum is fine and all, but if his balls churn out this magic growth-cum, why does he keep shrinking? His suspicion, of course, but it’s about to either be confirmed or proven wrong. Andrew continues to look over Matt as he too continued to stroke his own dick. He begins to feel his balls churn, pull up. Andrew leans forward, grabbing the cup between his legs. “Oh FUCK!” He grunts as he shoots, and shoots… and SHOOTS… Andrew begins to pant between his grunts as he doesn’t feel his cock stopping until he fills the cup a bit more then ½ way full. Andrew looks back up at Matt, a quizzical look on his face. Matt’s cup doesn’t have nearly as much as Andrew’s contained. “Uh, you don’t have to drink all of it, Matt.” Matt takes a step forward, handing his brother his cup of spunk that he just produced, taking the cup that Andrew was holding and just filled up. “No sense being a wuss about it now,” Matt said in his old cocky voice. Placing the cup at his lips, he tips it back and chugs the entire thick fluid down. Matt winces, feeling his body react to the bitter substance. The familiar feeling of weakness coming over him again and making him feel… less… than he was before. Andrew just sits back, watching in horror. The cup of Matt’s cum still in his hand as he watches on as Matt begins to shrink right in front of him. For the first time, they can both see what effect Andrew’s cum has over his brother. Andrew puts the cup of cum on the coffee table, getting up, wrapping his arms around his shrinking sibling. “Fuck Matt!” His arms shifting around his brother’s body as Matt’s lats collapse inward slightly. He begins to descend slightly in height. Matt’s body is wobbly as he leans into Andrew for support as his muscular legs feel weaker as he compacts an inch all over his entire body as his body mass loses 10 more lbs of muscle. And his cock, slowly retracting to 8 inches. He clutches onto Matt’s body more tightly. “I can’t drink it, bro!” Matt trembles for a moment, then wraps his own arms around his twin. He’s still bigger, still stronger then Andrew. But he’s quite a bit smaller than he was before. “You’ve got to, Andrew. We need to know. And hey, it’s not so bad, right? If my cum works like I think it does, you’ll get bigger, not smaller. That’s not so bad, is it?” Matt smiles down at Andrew, sadness in his eyes as he knows there is no going back, the only thing they can do now is move forward as he bends his neck down and places a soft kiss on Andrew’s lips. “Come on. Just drink it. It won’t hurt you. A hundred bucks says you’ll feel better afterwards.” He looks at Andrew seriously, and Andrew can see that Matt really wants him to drink down his seed. Andrew hesitates, moves over to the table, and picks up the cup. He lifts it up to his lips, his eyes never breaking contact with Matt as he pushed the cup back and feels the warm salty cocktail that Matt made produced from his manhood slide down his throat. Andrew’s eyes open wide as he drops the cup. A feeling of warmth washing over his entire body as he begins to breathe harder, grunting in pleasure. His body tingling as Matt’s seed begins to fuel his muscles. Andrew’s entire skeletal structure shifts and pops, growing upward and broader as his bones grow to accommodate the incoming new size. His body gaining another inch in height. Andrew’s muscles tense all over, throbbing gently, growing bigger with each pulse of his heart beat as 10 pounds of muscle packs onto him. A moan escapes his lips as his cock and balls tremble and jerk as they bloat a bit larger, fuller, more potent. His dick becoming rock hard, looking a bit over 6 inches now, jutting a bit further out from his forest of pubes he’d grown. “Fuck, it does work!” Matt watches in awe. His clothes even looser as he sees the boxers around Andrew’s thighs pulling even tighter. “We can’t do this anymore,” Andrew pants, breathing hard after this new dramatic growth that they now both know what the actual cause is now. “You’re going to keep shrinking, Matt. And it just feels like the world is changing. I can’t get bigger then you, Matt.” The look in Matt’s eyes though seems to tell Andrew more of what’s going on in his brother’s head. If it wasn’t for his facial expressions, Andrew could easily tell what Matt was thinking by his brother’s growing cock after seeing him change a bit. “Are you fucking kidding?” Matt said, finally back to his normal demeanor as he tossed his empty cup aside. “I have the power to make you bigger, stronger… tougher. Why wouldn’t we do that? I don’t need to drink your cum. Fine. No reason though why you can’t drink mine though!” He looks down at his dick, noting it has boned up to its full hardness again. Matt steps closer, pulling off his shirt and tosses it aside. His torso is still beautifully-muscled, but no longer has its prior impressive size. It’s also completely smooth, missing the carpet of masculine fur that once covered it. He tenses his pecs and abs slowly, making the muscle bulge under his skin. Slapping his flexed abs, striking them like a drum. “Come on, Andrew. You saying you don’t want to get a bit bigger? A bit stronger? A bit sexier?” Matt’s voice trails off into a seductive growl. Andrew places his hand on Matt’s smooth pec, not having to look up as much anymore to see his brother’s face. “I don’t Matt. You make me feel comfortable. I don’t want to lose what we are gaining back after all these years.” Andrew wraps his arms around Matt in a hug. “We need to stop this all together. No more blow jobs. No experimenting. No fucking. If our size difference continues to shift, I won’t see you as my big lug of a hunk brother anymore.” Andrew shifts his eyes downward, looking a bit depressed. “I just wish there was a way we can continue to play without the risk…” To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 06: Risk Takers
  4. geektofreek

    incest The Black Stallion

    Hey guys! This story was supposed to be only a singluar chapter, but the growth scene is getting longer then expected. As usual, I wrote this all on my phone, so please excuses the errors. Enjoy! THE BLACK STALLION PART 1/3 Marcus, took off his shirt in front of me, revealing his totally smooth, yet thickly carved, half-black muscle chest, handing me his smartphone and asking me, his own mother, to snap some pictures of his progress. We stood outside by the pool. I knew it was wrong of me, but I whimpered at nearly every shot. When did my baby boy get so handsome, I kept on thinking, as I bit down on my lips. “Hey, mom!” Now the the boy was even bigger. Standing outside his college dorms, filling up nearly every inch of his college branded hoodie, bloating almost obscenely his once loose basketball shorts. He looked so unbelievably masculine and huge, this big black stallion, I thought, as he stood outside and waited for me handsomely in the rain. “W-Wow!” I stuttered as I got out of the car. “Just look how big you’ve grown!” “Thanks, mom. Sorry about the rain!” “That's Seattle for you!” I tried humorously replying, trying to hold back my motherly whimper, just from receiving the smallest hug. His huge black male muscle cleavage nearly suffocated me, entrapping my tiny white womanly face, between the depths of his musky and incredibly iron carved breast, pungent, even through the outside of his sweater. I squeezed a little tighter, making him squeeze a little more back. I honestly could barely breathe at this point. The powerful wall of his abs, eight huge bricks, combined with his pecs, compacted against my tiny motherly frame, nearly crushing me, with ease, like I was nothing more than some insignificant human grape. “Mind if we go upstairs, for a second, mom?” Marcus shamefully scratched his neck. “I really have to use the restroom.” I figured the poor boy had to take one of his glorious protein dumps, watching him quickly publically scratch his butthole, remembering, with a smile, just how many shit’s he used to take back in high school. It was almost hard to comprehend, just how many he would possibly have to take now, to even sustain such a beastly and huge physique. FARRRTT “S-Sorry, mom!” Marcus stuttered embarrassingly. The smell was nearly unbearable, as I walked closely behind him, behind his monstrous and muscular swampy bubble butthole, up four flights of stairs, up to his dorm room. But that didn't stop me from moving my nostrils any closer. All that was missing was a swinging horse tail and some flies, I queerly joked in my head. That big black stallion ass. He probably could have crushed me up there, if he wanted to. “Here it is.” Marcus said opening the door. “It's pretty tiny.” The smell was even worse in his room, so much overpowering shit and body odor, that in fact, there really was a small swarm of flies in his tiny closet-sized on suite bathroom. Marcus didn't seem the slightest bit phased, opening a window to his room, yes, but only complaining that it was a little hot, and not because of the horrendous smell. “It's cute, sweetie.” “Thanks! My roommate, Carl, just moved out. I don't think he liked that I used the bathroom so much…” Marcus grabbed the base of his sweater. “Oo-OH, well that's a s-shame!” I whimpered frantically, as he suddenly exposed to me every inch of his totally monstrous and muscle bound, now completely hairy, chocolate brown bodybuilder chest. He had pulled up his sweater, accidentally lifting up his t-shirt. There wasn't a single part of my body that could move, so glad that that my little boys face was covered, as I grew so weak in the knees and my panties began sopping wet. “A little help here, mom?” Marcus struggled beneath his own sweater. His beautiful teenage arms had grown so colossally muscular, so overly developed with these obscene black chiseled boulders, that even his t-shirts sleeves became hopelessly caught, the verge of exploding, was more like it. I quickly tried to help, so overwhelmed by his rank manly odor, all the curly and practically afro-thick armpit hair, exploding out into my face. Even I found myself eventually struggling with a whimper, just to help get my baby’s own shirt off, almost afraid that I might slip, fall into the absolute cave of his dark smelly armpit, underneath the mountainous black peaks, twenty-four inches, of teenage bicep, coming down and snuffing me out. “Thanks, mom!” Marcus finally pulled off his sweater. “All my clothes have been getting real tight lately.” He said the words, snapping me out of my daydream, as he raised both arms for a quick flex, proudly and confidentially, high above my small little head. His huge grinning white smile stretched across his black stubbled face. I honestly couldn't hold back this time, as he demonstrated his awesome and titanic teenage muscle strength, to his own proud and watching mother. “OH-OH!” I squealed openly. “Look at the SIZE of my baby’s arms!” “You like these gains, mom?” Marcus flexed a little more. “I really want to get big.” He said the words as if he wasn't big enough, as if the two bowling ball, bigger than my face, skull popping black powerful biceps, weren't enough for my baby’s giant dreaming appetite. I reached up with a gulp, trying so desperately not to show, that at this point, I was on the verge of having some totally out of control, panty destroying, hands-free orgasm. My small white womanly hands, my tiny painted pink fingernails, got nearly lost in the immensity of each bulging muscle head, the sirloin-sized sweaty meat-packs of triceps, dangling from my son’s mammoth arms. They were the biggest arms I had ever felt. FARRTTTT “My goodness!” I yelped. “S-Sorry, mom!” Marcus squirmed, cupping his flatulating butthole. “I almost completely forgot about using the bathroom.” Marcus took a huge couple thumps, turning around and carefully stuffing himself into the tiny closet-sized bathroom. To think, it was just the start of the school year, I lustfully thought. I heard the horrific groan of sewage pipes beneath the walls, the old hardwood floors creak and bend beneath my feet, the walls bow and strain, as he undoubtedly, innocently sat down to go poop. I know it was wrong of me, the smell was so grotesque, but I pressed my ear lightly against the door, imagining the view of my big baby boy, that huge beastly physique, crammed between those small bathroom walls, those massive hairy black bloated muscle thighs, hauling down on that tiny porcelain throne. My baby, must have been pushing over 300-pounds of solid muscle, I delightfully thought, and he was only eighteen years old. What a fucking man! FARRTTTT FARRTTTTTTT Marcus groaned loudly, as the flies began swarming even more, the smell grew even worse. I knew the whole dorm hall, awkwardly, could hear every minute of it, the gigantic muscle man devastation, his huge bull-sized protein shit. Eventually the smell got so bad I had to stand by his bed, or I should say, the airy open window. It gave me a small chance to look around his dorm room. The brand new laptop, grandma, had purchased him, looked fairly untouched, dusty practically. Probably from being at the gym all the time, I gleefully thought. His old roommates empty bed area, was now a stash for all his gigantic tubs of protein powders, towering bottles of supplement pills, and hundreds of protein bars, most of them already eaten and unwrapped. “O-oh my.” I whimpered underneath my breath, fingering, palming, as I squeezed my thighs together, my now completely soaked groin area. “Doesn't my boy want to grow big…” Thankfully, Marcus, was still so preoccupied, as I practically teared from overjoyed pleasure. He would always tell his father, that he never, sadly, wanted to become an actual “bodybuilder”. But now, as I looked even closer between the seemingly endless stash of muscle growth products, I became filled with ecstasy, coming into view of an absolutely pornographic array of fitness and bodybuilder magazines. I always hoped that my little boy would desire more, more than what he actually told people. That he would just keep eating and growing, never stop wanting more, until he transformed, my big black stallion, into the biggest and hairiest muscle-god… “ ever roam the entire PLANET!...” I moaned in ecstasy out loud, just as the toilet flushed. My motherly pussy was on a total orgasmic breakdown. The best part, as I composed myself with his desktop tissues, while he washed his hands, there was this little post-it note that read, “Ask mom for more food money. Get BIGGER”. I was visiting him up at Washington State University, for an entire weekend, visiting from San Diego, and within fifteen minutes, I was already torrenting an orgasm. “Wow, I feel so much better.” Marcus groaned happily, thumping and squeezing his huge shoulders and legs from out between the small-framed door. He quickly then closed the door behind him, still itching his big butthole, but it was because of that I noticed, that at the top of his own global ass, the top of his huge bulging black watermelon-sized muscle glutes, was this entirely gross, shockingly long, dangling piece of shit covered toilet paper, swaggering now behind his big bloated muscle legs and ass, just like a horse, with each thumping step. “Oo-oh, s-sweetie…” I tapped him gently on the ass, so embarrassed to even bring it up, clenching with ecstasy as I felt, just how overwhelmingly powerful, even just a corner, of one of his tremendous, earth-quaking, stallion-sized black buttcheeks were. “Wh-when did THAT get there!” Marcus yelped embarrassingly, making things stupendously worse, as he thumped and hoofed around, clumsily trying to reach the stuck toiletpaper for it himself. It wasn't long, my big little growing boy, soon came to the shocking realization that I soon came to marvel over, that his arms were just too pumped and swollen with muscle, to even attempt to reach the middle of his gloriously huge muscular stink hole. “OH-my-ga-gawd!” Marcus roared in humility. “S-sweetie, just let me help.” I reached around his thumping beast-sized black muscle legs, the beauty calming down the beast, I romantically thought. It smelled unbelievably bad being that close, right after having him taken a dump, but you wouldn't believe the view. His shorts could barely contain, in fact they couldn't, the tremendous size of his chocolate colored, teddy-bear hairy, child-gobbling bodybuilder butt. It was no wonder my baby was having so many growing problems. “WH-WHAT are you doing, mom!?” “Stop fidgeting, Marcus! It's just your own mother!” The words dropped out of my mouth like it was a sin, as I tugged and pulled down the back of his skin-tight red basketball shorts, unleashing, like two air-bags going off, the expanse of his enormous, horrendously musky and farm smelling, black muscle butt. It was even more glorious than I could have ever possibly imagined, the most gigantic, most freakishly muscular bodybuilder butt I had ever seen in my life. Not to mention the fact, that it was slightly smeared with shit. “Ooh, ga-gawd, M-Marky…” I whimpered in disgust. “I'm sorry, mom!” Marcus wiggled and stepped uncomfortably, his big swampy black bodybuilder butt. “The showers here, they're just so small. It's hard for me to clean myself!” It was the perfect opportunity, I gulped, perversely thinking to myself, to finally get some real close alone time with my little boy’s, this stallion-sized, black muscle man butt. I grabbed a washcloth, while he stood there, bending over so obediently, still humiliated, that his own mother was going to wash out, with a wet rag, his own ass, but what choice did he have. “I'm so s-sorry, m-mom…” Marcus groaned, faintly under his breath, stepping and pushing back, his huge shit covered muscle butt, bending over, deeper against my motherly cleaning hand, the large wipes of my warm rough wash cloth, taking tender care of his beast-sized ass. There was a moment where his humongously powerful glutes couldn't stop quivering, flexing, especially as I wiped deep against his tender, I'm sure, teenage virgin male prostate. The more mommy buried my hand, the more my baby tried to fight back his deep grunting moans. “W-W-Wait… M-Mom, stop!” RIIIIPPPPPPP Eventually he asked me to stop, but it wasn't because of my washing. I was confused at first by what had happened, the indefinite sound of fabric tearing, my huge black stallion, heavily whimpering with whispers of embarrassment. He was trying to cover something up, trying to hide something in the front, his massive carved arms flexing to keep it from my eyes. Was it really that big, I devilishly began to thought. I put down the washcloth and began making my way to the front, coming into view of his blown apart briefs... ************************************************************ READ PART 2 HERE ************************************************************ Comments are appreciated.
  5. geektofreek

    penis-growth The Black Stallion - PART 2

    Hey guys! Here is part two of my twisted little mommy tale. Please excuse the errors as this was written on my phone. Enjoy! READ PART 1 HERE THE BLACK STALLION PART 2/3 “P-Please, m-mom, don't look at me that way…” Marcus begged, but even I couldn't stop myself from looking, not this time. My big baby boy, my big black stallion, had been secretly somehow sporting the most disgustingly overgrown massive black cock, ten-inches in diameter at least, growing well over a foot long, throbbing beneath his hands, with still room to grow! What was even better, below it all, was the two most massive bull-sized testicles, two giant semen tanks, testosterone and muscle juice reservoirs, visually churning beneath his hairy dark sack, no doubt preparing for another disastrous load, an inevitably huge mess. One that mommy could clean up. “OOOooo, Marky!” I wailed in disbelief. My pussy was gushing. It was literally all I could say, squealing faint moans under my breath, approaching my erect baby boy, this gigantic black beast, regardless of all the incestuousness, as if in a trance, intoxicated, slowly placing both my small womanly hands against his dark naked and mammothly steel-carved ape-sized muscle thighs. His usual deep teen voice moaned, only for a moment, like a boy again. It was seconds of silence as I worshipped his colossal hairy manly legs, marveling at my own offsprings impressive muscle gains, thinking he could probably lift a car, a small truck, relishing as my tiny pink painted fingers fell between the spectacular divides of his dark meaty-muscles. Oh god I was about to cum again. “M-M-Mom, please stop...” Marcus continued his whimpering, with a few faint moans of continuing pleasure. “You have N-NO idea how BIG it is!” As he said the words, his monstrous black cock began unexpectedly gushing pre-cum, torrenting was more like it, right underneath his “hiding” hands, splurging thick white-goo, right between his black iron blistered fingers. My huge mommy tits got so rock hard from watching the spectacle, the top button of my blouse suddenly popped off, going completely unnoticed of course by my shy muscle giant, my big black stallion, who was cringing like some innocent child with his eyes closed. “P-PLease, mom, for the last time!” Marcus continued to whine. He was still so determined not to give up, to not stop “hiding” his erection from his own mother’s viewing eyes, yet he freely let me continue my slow worship. Rubbing my hands up and down his naked gigantic black legs, bending down and even moving past his knees, rubbing his bloated basket-ball sized calves, which were beyond freaky, the biggest I had ever seen. Finally I made my way back up, in one swift grazing motion, to those fully-loaded teenage cum-tanks, watching the continuing dribble of thick white bull-juice fall down his grotesquely large black veiny shaft. As I reached both my small womanly hands underneath, to cup, his large sensitive horse-sized balls, his gigantic manhood suddenly began to rumble to life. “I C-CANT H-HANDLE it anymore!” Marcus roared, throwing his huge mountain-sized neck back as he groaned, my own beastly son, my big black stallion, gushing a small amount of pre-cum onto a part of my face, right into my blonde hair. He finally released the pressurized cock-head from his powerful dark hands, his giant cum fountain, unleashing, what I could only imagine to be, the world's most gigantic cock, a black monster of its own, finally freed from its cage. My big baby boy groaned even more, thumping the floor as he adjusted his stance, those huge heavy black feet, even wider, making the floor groan, the room practically. That, or maybe it was just the sound of his blood filling every inch of that pussy splitting giant cock. I continued to watch, moaning with disbelief, as the shaft grew past what must have been fifteen-inches, sixteen-inches... “It's g-growing OUT of CONTROL!” Marcus looked down in humility, as his big cum gushing black mushroom head inched up past his fat dark pancake nipples, heaving and and nearly thundering halfway up between his titanic dark male muscle cleavage, literally inching up towards his own face humiliated face. It wasn't long before all that cum-gushing hit the bottom of dark stubbled neck, shot against his chin, splurged right into his whimpering lips. His cock must have measured EIGHTEEN-inches long. “OH-oh LOOK how big my baby boy is!" I moaned in motherly ecstasy, clutching my sopping wet pussy. "And he's making such a MESS!" “T-THIS is why everyone says I'm TOO BIG, mom!” Marcus wailed, uncontrollably shooting more cum right into face, his eyelids, his open whimpering mouth, no doubt oozing down his throat. “That I need to STOP!” “Mommy thinks you should grow even more…” I said continuing to grip my pussy, dig my fingers through the fabric. “WH-WHat!? You DO!?” Marcus blubbered in confusion, like some big little schoolboy, so red in the face from his indecent exposure, as I casually walked over to his roommates old bed, where he kept all those protein bars and shakes, grabbing an unhealthy handful, two handfuls actually, double-fisting about twelve-bars in all. But I knew he wanted it, wanted to eat, wanted to grow. I on the other hand, wanted to see him explode. “W-Wait, Mmpf!” Marcus became muffled, as I stuffed two bars into his mouth, watching him eagerly chew, like he had been rationing them. “M-MOM, these are so expensive!” “Oh don't even worry sweetie. Mommy will pay for ALL of them. Even MORE if you want…” I continued shoving more protein bars into his chomping face. “MMmpf” Marcus groaned happily, opening wider as I even shoved in THREE protein bars, my pretty white hands into his huge black mouth, all at once. “Y-You WILL!?” BURRRPPPP “In fact, you should probably just eat EVERYTHING right now!” “Oh god, you're GOING to make SO BIG mom, MMmpf!” Marcus continued to chomp, as I shoved the remaining bars down his beastly flexing throat. It wasn't much longer after that I began to realize something, something even more exciting than his gigantic cock, his muscles, something that my little baby boy must have been hiding from me for a long time. You see, he apparently wasn't just exaggerating when he said I was going to make him big. Because he was literally growing bigger right before my eyes. “OOOoOooo” My pussy gushed at the site, the view of his expanding black muscle chest. “M-Marky, you should have TOLD me!” “I'm SCARED, mom!” Marcus said timidly. “I just want to grow SO big, MMmpf!” He continued chewing. “MORE than anyone should!” BURRRPPPPP FAARRRTTTTT “And I'm already having so many PROBLEMS!” Marcus continued his excuses, all while his cock gushed torrentially, failing to hide his closeted excitement, to grow into this totally monstrously muscular beast, a REAL black stallion. His gigantic and marbled dark muscle physique continued to slowly grow, swell easily past 325-pounds, maybe even 350-pounds, all muscle! But mommy still wanted to see more. I still wanted to see SO much more. I felt all my womanly juices squirt down both my legs at just the curious thought, how big could I actually make my little boy grow? “W-What are you doing now, mom?” “Just mixing the ENTIRE protein tub…” My big muscle boys eyes bulged, but I knew he wanted it, he wanted it bad. I handed him the mixed up tub of protein, watching his whimpering lustful eyes, the turmoil. He began gulping regardless, drinking, feeding his muscles with all that endless protein. His huge muscle engorged gut, the bulbous twelve-pack of abs, began bloating even bigger like a balloon, swelling into this beastly large roid-gut. GULP GULP GULP FAARRRTTTTTT, BURRRRPPPPPPPP “OH-GAWD!” Marcus wailed while taking a breath. “What am I going to DO mom, I can barely use the toilet as is! MMmpf!” GULP GULP GULP FARRRTTTTTTTT “You don't even worry about that.” I walked around to the back of his physique. “I'll never get tired CLEANING this ASS!” “HOW can you stand the SMELL?!” Marcus squirmed with curiosity, like some big child who had to pee, thumping and hoofing around. “This one girl even SUFFOCATED up there…” My poor baby boy. Dealing with all those amateur woman, those girls. He was so sensitive up his enormous muscle butthole, that even the slightest touch of my hands between his dark hairy ass-crack, the middle of those two gigantic black watermelon muscle glutes, started quaking, quivering with anticipation. The entire room, admittedly, smelled like a barn house, and it was all emanating from this giant swampy cave of muscle and shit. The musk combined, however, was so overpowering. I couldn't stop from drooling, the urge to bury my face and get lost up this gigantic spectacle of godly devastation, suffocate if I have to, just like that girl. “Oooo, I want to LICK my baby's ass so bad!” “You want to LICK MY ASS!?” Marcus wailed in even more confusion. The poor kid must have thought no one would ever go up there again, or simply didn't understand why anyone would want to. I pushed both my small womanly hands, right in the center of his stinkhole, peeling back the huge black marbled flaps of his ass cheeks, using all my strength to open his butthole just a little, just as he let out another small rank fart, blowing my hair back. It was absolutely frightening, the power alone, but being his mother, I still felt confident in going for a little graze. “OH-GAWD!!!” Marcus groaned. “Mmm, SO GOOD!” I on the other hand was tearing in ecstasy, burying my tongue deeper, further. “W-WAIT, mom!” Marcus whimpered with ecstasy, trying his best, squirming, not to hoof around again in confusion, accidentally crush my tiny little face. “B-BE CAREFUL up there!” BURRRPPPP BURRRRPPPPPPP “OH GOD, please!” Marcus preyed. “I think I might be GROWING again!” Marcus continued his warnings. I already knew he was growing. As my small womanly white tongue licked the dark musky-cave walls of his black swampy muscle butthole, I could feel those entirely car crushing ass cheeks, those titanic and powerful muscle glutes, slowly inflate around my head, my own face, inflating nearly endlessly against skull, yet I still dug deeper. Using what little strength I had left, I desperately attempted to peel back those gigantic black ass cheeks even more. I continued pushing and stuffing my eager kissing lips, feeling the walls of his ass close in around me. “MOM, please get OUT of there!” Marcus wailed in fear. “Before it's TOO LATE!” He was being such a baby, but I had a feeling he was right. All the worshipping I had been doing, the digging, the rimming, was giving my big little boy so much pleasure, his gigantic black bodybuilder butthole was literally eating me, slurping up my tiny little womanly white body up, burying me between the huge uncontrollably flexing muscle glutes of my own only son. My pussy, of course, kept gushing orgasm after orgasm. But the truth was I was stuck, yet I still showed no signs of stopping. FARRRTTTTTT POP, THUMP Luckily, just as I was about to draw my last breath, Marcus, my big black stallion, unleashed another one of his explosive protein farts. The sheer force blew my head out, my body, shooting me out his ass like a cannonball to the ground. My face was totally smeared in his filth, his stench, but I proudly licked it up, at least what I could. What was even more staggering than the entire situation, was watching that huge protein tub suddenly fall to the ground, completely empty, and then looking up. “O-O-Ohh, m-my goodness...!" *************************************************** Commented are appreciated. Stay tuned for Part 3.
  6. NYBear

    Lake Light

    In the Beginning... I woke up in a good mood. The forest scent filled my nose with clean air. Grabbing my anxious cock, I had to take a much needed pee, so I walked out of the tent and walked to the edge of the campsite. As a nice thick steam of hot piss fogged the crisp air and cold ground, I watched in disbelief when to the right of me, I saw the huge figure of a man come out of the woods towards me at the campsite. I wasn't afraid of him, but I felt anxious. was something else...I was in awe. This man was not ordinary in any way, he was just huge. His arms looked thick and muscled, but not super cut and his chest was enormous. Each pec was larger than my head. His neck was the biggest I'd ever seen, with enormous traps and shoulders. Still, even with all of his size, he looked strangely familiar and he was wearing my brothers University of Nebraska shirt that I had gotten him. That was a little too odd, but for some reason, it didn't matter. It was tight as hell on the man, and it even had a split up the seam of the right side and around the neck, which again wasn't a surprise, since he was so overblown with muscle. He looked like a pro Strongman, yet he had really boyish features. I continued my piss, never one for being piss shy and actually, as I watch him lumber slowly towards the campsite, I was getting aroused the closer he came. I'm bisexual, but mainly because I had a crush that turned into a relationship with my best bud in college, otherwise I've had girlfriends my whole life. Still, deep inside of me, I always had a thing for power lifters and bodybuilders. If they were big with muscle, my cock went big for them. No one in the family or even my closest friends, knew of my duel identity, but this wall of a stud was getting me hard and any inhibition of showing my gay side was ebbing at lightning speed. I just didn't care what he or anyone that may be passing by saw. In fact, I wanted an audience. I didn't know why, but all I knew was that there a hunger inside of me that was building. I waved with my unoccupied hand and I told him to join us, still thinking that my brother was asleep in the tent. Even though I had stopped pissing, my hand continued to message my growing cock until I was so rock hard, it was hard to fit my cock back into my shorts. The man, smiled and sat down on the make-shift picnic bench that my brother and I had made. Where we were camping, wasn't in some state park or crowded camping park. Our parents had brought us up to these mountains when we were younger and since mom's passing, we thought it fitting to come back to the place we cherished most. Dad, was having a harder time and couldn't join us, because any memory of mom just hurt him too much; even good ones. The forest was very dense, with a lot of wild animals, both tame and dangerous. We had seen bears and coyotes many times, but for some in-explainable reason, they never bothered us. This place was safe and private. Only a few hikers would sporadically come by. The place was peaceful, incredibly beautiful and isolated. It was special. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but when the man sat down that's when I saw the shredded fabric of what was left of the red shorts that my brother had been wearing last night. It couldn't be...It just couldn't. I gave the man I look, that I'm sure was one of a mixture of "What the Hell?" and "If you hurt him...?" I walked over to the tent and pulled back the flap...empty. My heart sank, but then I heard my 16 year old younger brother’s, deepened voice come out of the man. He said that it was him...That he was Jimmy. I whirled around and looked into the man's eyes...and soon realized it was my brother's eyes. He stood back up and then I realized just how tall he was. He must have been over 6 feet and Jimmy was only a scrawny 5'2". I don't know how, maybe it was the eyes, or the voice or the clothes, but I knew this imposing figure was,in fact, my brother, only changed. Strangely, my lust for the beast before me, now my brother, did not lighten, in fact, it continued to build. I was slightly taken aback by that, but not disgusted; not in the least. I asked what had happened to him and he said that he woke up, while it was just beginning to get light out. He said that he was wide awake and felt instantly refreshed as he walked out of the tent and he felt like something was different. He said he felt different, too. He didn't want to wake me, just thinking that he was just being silly, so he decided to go for a walk up to the mountain lake for a swim. He felt like swimming. He didn't know why, but he just did. He said that when he got to the lake, he noticed something glowing in the water about 50 feet out in the lake. At first he thought it was the morning sun reflecting on the water. Then as he waded into the water he knew it was coming from under the water. Since we were just at the lake the night before and there was nothing, he decided to swim out to see what it was. He knew he should have gotten me first, but it was like he was drawn to it. He said that as he swam towards it, he felt the water getting warmer...or was it him that was warming up. He was sure, but then he said he felt stronger and stronger and (blushing) hornier. He still had his boyish charm. He felt pulled to the light as he continued and when he had finally gotten over top of the glow, he said he felt a rush of bliss (again blushing) like he had an orgasm, but it was all over his body and then he blacked out. The next thing he knew he was laying on the beach, his clothes were on but they were dry, tight and shredded, as he pointed to his shorts that now left nothing to the imagination, as his new, well over 7 inch cock and huge balls hung out in the open. Being such a short guy, Jimmy's cock was only 6 inches when Hard; I caught him beating off a couple of times. He said that he saw that he had grown muscle all over and there was another change in him, too. He had a hunger inside of him, but not for food. I told him that he should see his face...that had changed too, that he was incredibly handsome. I told him he had aged about 10 years and he looked like a man in his mid 20's. His eyes widened and grunted deeply in a "whattya know" kind of way. He said that he knew he had to come back and get me, so we could figure this out and so he could....he stopped his sentence, pausing for a few seconds as he looked at me and then he said that he immediately came back to the campsite and this is where we are now. I told him, he looked fucking amazing and he agreed as he looked at his body and began to caress himself, first his pecs, then his biceps, then in a moment a sheer fantasy, he did a double bicep pose that shredded his sleeves as he huge arms exploded in muscle. He looked away from his body and he looked at me, seeing my expression of shock, awe and not surprising....desire. He said, "You like what you see, big bro...yeah...I think you do" then his left hand grabbed his now growing cock. He walked over towards me as I was like a deer in the headlights. I couldn't move as he began to tower over me the closer he came to me. His cock was now over 9 inches and pointing the way to me. My own cock was so rock hard, it hurt. Then he stopped a couple of feet away, but since his body was so huge, his pecs were right in front of my face. I could smell the power in them. I looked up as his shadow covered my body. That’s when I noticed the hunger in his eyes. It was a hunger like mine, primal and sexual. My sweet brother was gone and what had replaced him was a massive hunter. The confidence and the animalistic attitude that poured off of him was incredible. I believed that to him, I was no longer his older brother...I was his bitch. I could feel it coming off of him and…it turned me on...more than I'd ever been turned on before. Normal reasoning said that his should not be, but it was as if we were no longer brothers, but...but an Alpha and his Beta. We just stood there for a few seconds with the lust inside of us building to a crescendo and then we leaped at each other tearing off our clothes as we embraced and kissed. Jimmy lifted me up with one hand and tore my shorts off with one easy swipe of his other hand. Once naked, he put me back down on the ground and I fell to my knees and took him in my mouth. His rock hard cock was huge, at least 11, possibly even 12 inches long and over 7 inches thick. I barely got his cock head in my mouth and only 6-7 of his incredibly thick inches would fit down in my oral cavity. He fucked my mouth like a bull and within minutes I welcomed the warmest and most lavish gush of cum to ever fill me up, but he didn't stop. He grabbed my head and continued his assault on my throat, miraculously pushing another few inches further into me, saying, "I can't stop Ray...I'm not done yet....I've got so much more...Aaaahhh!!" and he came down my throat a second time. I was having trouble breathing, so he pulled back just long enough for me to catch my breath, but then he plowed his huge cock even deeper into my throat. I thought my lips were going to tear it hurt so bad, but at the same time, I didn't want him to stop. And he didn't. He continued his assault as he face fucked me for another 2 massive loads. With each load he pushed further into my throat and by the last gush of cum down my throat, his balls were against my chin. I knew it was impossible. There's just no way I could have been able to take that abuse. I literally should be dead, but it was as if he wasn't human anymore, because no man could do that and at some point, I believe he changed me somehow. Then without even a glimmer of getting soft, he pulled out of my mouth, effortlessly picked me up and turned me around on my hands and knees and he plunged his granite cock into me. Only the head and a few inches were inside, but I screamed so loud, it scared the birds. Even with my cries of shock and pain, he didn’t ebb his momentum though. His grunts and growls only solidified that he was like an animal. A fucking Beast. He continued to push more of him in as tears rolled down my face, then more…8…10 and then I felt his pelvic bone against my ass. He was completely inside of me. That’s when something changed as it did with my mouth. Even though it was still painful, it was a pain that was incredible and sexy. The pleasure overtook the pain and it overtook my body. I didn't know why, but I later learned it was his cum that began to change me. It made me more palatable for him. It made me be the perfect sexual concubine for him. I began to plead for him to fuck me and then fuck me harder…and harder, to which he emptied the first load deep into my ass…and as I felt the warm cum fire into my stomach area, I felt the rest of my body orgasm, then he grabbed my hips, stood up, bringing me with him as held me like a wheelbarrow plowing his huge thick cock into me. His balls slapped my taint so hard I thought he’d bruise me. We continued to fuck for hours as we destroyed the campsite fucking in various areas and positions. I think he had unloaded over 10 orgasms into me, but I wasn't sure as I think I lost count. The tent fell on top of us, then we pounded on the picnic table, braking that and even I came three times before he finally came inside me for the last time with my shoulders on the on the sandy ground as he jack-hammered me, with such force and quantity that even though he had quite literally filled me up inside, the excess soaked the ground below us. When he pulled out of me, he was still hard as a rock and I believe he was still ready for me, but I was a lifeless lump. Completely exhausted, I pleaded for him to let me rest. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t ready for that, "I don't know why, but I can't...I need to take you there....I need you to change so we don't have to stop....ever!!" so he picked up my living, but exhausted body, draping me across his powerful arms like I was dead and he carried me up to the lake. My 16 year old younger brother, was now my master, my guardian, my lover, my Alpha. As I laid, slumped in his arms, I no longer even thought of him as my brother. He was the beginning of something amazing, and I was his first loyal subject. I knew what he was doing and I felt excited inside. I smiled and exclaimed “YES” when I saw the glow as we reached the edge of the lake. The air was different up here, instead of being lighter, it was heavy and you had to breathe in big lumbering breathes. My cock began to rise again has he walked into the water. My brother, pulled me up to him and bent down to kiss me as he said in an even lower and more booming voice, “We’re going to be Gods!” and I felt his cock push on my back under me coating me with his precum. Further and further he walked into the lake and with every step, I felt Jimmy's body react to the water. He was growing. I could feel his size increasing as I was cradled. As soon as my body touched the water, I instantly felt better. My brother held me like a lifeguard saving a drowning swimmer as he pulled us toward the light. I began to feel the strength in me rise and the feeling of power in me was exploding. I began to blissfully growl inside as my strength and power increased. It was as if thousands of hours of working out were paying off instantaneously. We both began moaning, vocally, as we got closer to the light. We weren’t even half way there when I told my brother I could go on my own, but he, told me no as he held me close and I was very glad he did as I could feel us both getting bigger and stronger. The feeling of my own growth was beyond comprehension, but feeling him getting bigger next to me, no human had ever felt such pure bliss before. We felt each other expanding and our lust to get bigger increased. We both had no inhibitions at all about what was happening to us and we welcomed it completely, with every fiber of our existence. At the campsite, my brother was like that of a linebacker, but now he was becoming a one of the biggest bodybuilders on earth. His muscles were growing and he was getting super cut. Thick veins formed on his skin. Hair formed on his pecs and actually all over his body as his testosterone levels must have been going through the roof. I myself, now felt what he must have felt when we were having sex, because I felt that I could go for hours and cum and cum and cum. I felt like I was stronger than most any human on earth and I knew that my brother was even stronger than that. We were still about 15 feet from the light when my brother seemed to convulse as his eyes turned bright blue and then a blue light wave exploded from his body and across the lake. I had know idea what that was about, but immediately, I felt like I could lift a house, with my strength increasing now like a rocket, but my body was still puny in comparison to my bother. I would find out later that at that moment, he had grown taller as well and that he was about 8.5 feet tall and his shoulders were over 5 feet wide. He was the biggest and strongest man on the planet. When we stopped above the light with it surrounding us, we again embraced as we tread water. We must have been out there longer than he was before, because I was now that of a slightly smaller Jay Cutler and he had reached his God status, that the light had obtained for him. My brother was still human, in his soul, but he was no longer a human being, physically and I envied him. His eyes became blue again and he began to chant. The words out of his mouth, seemed almost like the chant of an Indian would make. Then his body seemed to omit, the same light as what was beneath us; a golden hue that was filled with warmth and energy. We also noticed that we did not have to tread water anymore as either the light beneath us or my brother's light was keeping us afloat. Again, we hugged each other, in love, but mostly to feel each other grow. Wave after wave or continued power and strength fed into me, but now it was coming from my brother. I looked at him and into his blue eyes and he leaned in to kiss me. I opened my mouth to receive his kiss and that's when I felt it, one huge blast of energy shoot into me and I exploded in growth and power. I was now almost equal to my brother, but I knew that I would never obtain his status as he was the Alpha. I could feel my own cock growing in size, clearly surpassing most men, but I felt my brothers grow even more and when we let go of our embrace, I was held up by my brother’s cock. I felt it push against my hole and my hole opened for him. There was no pain, only sheer bliss. Again, I felt another explosion of him inside me and then everything went black… When we woke up, naked on the beach, we weren't alone. There were two hikers shaking us, but they quickly backed away when we woke up. Both men were very attractive, fit young men and it was clear to us that they were enthralled with us. We looked at each other and knew that we were going to overtake them and fuck them. They were going to be our newest recruits. They must have known it too and they walked toward their new masters. Both men didn't seem to be in a trance, but they knew that they were there for our pleasure and sexual release. The told us that they wanted to worship us and that they had never in their lives seen anything like us. They stripped off their gear and clothes and when both Jimmy and I stood up, they knelt before their new Gods. Then we all looked out into the water to see the glow still there and calling to us. It was as if the light was telling us to add to our lineage, which we were happy to oblige it by. The hikers asked us if we knew what it was? We did and we told them they soon would, but first, we needed to cum.
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    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 04

    Previous Parts can be found here: - Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Now here is the long awaited Part 04... Part 04 Want Me, Want You Matt pulled Andrew’s warm body into his larger frame. He felt the need to be protective over his much smaller twin. He stared at the TV blankly, not really interested in what was playing on the screen, but more interested in what happened at the gym. After his workout. That shower encounter with Dan. It was frightening and the thought of Dan getting his large paws on him after he grew to epic proportions was making Matt even more fearful. Matt looked down at Andrew, noticing the new muscles on his smaller twin brother. Even thin, the muscles definitely stuck out with great curves and definition for his smaller size. The muscle on Andrew though, just thinking about it gave Matt a feeling of comfort. He slowly closed his eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. *** Dan and Andrew appear before Matt as he stared up at them from his spot on the couch. Both his brother and rival stood in front of him, but Andrew looks much different. He is massive, built like a tank. Both of them with huge giant cocks that were fully hard and being stroked over him. They are so large they literally cast a shadow over the tiny Matt. Matt tries to stand up. He’s fearful of what is about to come, but his legs won’t move. With a smirk on their faces, both large men reach down for Matt and grab him around the throat… *** Matt suddenly jerks awake from the nightmare that was about to unfold. He looks around the room for a moment before looking down and seeing his smaller twin still sleeping by his side. He also notices his own cock is once again tenting visibly in his shorts. Things begin to click in his head; something very strange is going on. If it wasn’t for his cock being a huge distraction, he might even be able to figure out what it might be. Andrew begins to stir awake, stretching his arms out, noticing the hard cock pressing out underneath the fabric of his brothers shorts. They were stretched out into a very large tent. “Hey there, big guy,” Andrew looked up at his brother, sleep still in his eyes. Andrew’s own cock was hard as well, its 5 inches pushing against his tight bathing suit trunks. “You look worried still. Something is not right with you.” Andrew reaches out to touch the highest point of Matt’s tented shorts where a big spot of pre-cum was beginning to form. He moves his hands across the top, making Matt moan a bit before moving his fingers into his mouth to taste his larger bro. Andrew noticed there was nothing to taste, Matt noticed the spot was completely dry where his brother was just touching. Matt looks over his brother. His mouth opening in shock and awe as the blonde hairs on Andrew’s arms and legs began to darken, more and more, until they took on a black color like the hair on his head. Andrew grunts a bit, clutching his stomach for a second. When he moves his hand Matt sees another change, the deep cuts of his 4-pack have now taken on a much more cut look. Four true bricks popped prominently out of his smaller brother’s skin and he wasn’t even flexing them. “You can tell me anything, Matt,” Andrew gazed back up at his brother. “We’re twins. You protected me when you kept on growing. Can’t I protect you, Matt?” “I just had a weird dream, that’s all.” Matt looked down at Andrew bashfully, not sure if he really should say just how weird it was. He felt a bit awkward after Andrew pressed his finger against the wet spot on his shorts, taking his pre into his mouth and watching it completely disappear. Matt noticed his smaller bros own tenting swimwear. Reaching over and grabbing the waistband, he slowly pushes Andrews’s shorts down slightly, just enough for his five inches to bounce free and straight up. “Right now, it looks like you’re the one who could use some help, Andrew.” Matt reaches down and rubs his brothers balls gently, the small orbs rolling around in his finger as he watches Andrew’s cock rise a bit higher as his arousal increases. He slowly moves his and up the shaft, pinching the cockhead, causing a bit of clear pre to seep out of it. Matt brushes the pre off with a fingertip, bringing it to his own lips, before pushing his finger into his mouth. Andrew looks up at Matt. Seeing the finger go into his brother’s mouth was a turn on, but something else was happening. As he continued to watch, Matt’s beard was beginning to get thinner. The hair on his arms and legs began to get a bit less dark. Andrew watched and began to get a bit excited at the sight of this. He reached out to Matt’s shorts, pulling them down, watching his brother’s huge cock finally emerge, free and hard. He was being drawn to the bubbling hot cum emerging from his larger brother’s piss slit and could practically taste the sweet pre-nectar. Matt continued to stroke Andrew, and although Andrew was so fascinated with Matt’s impressive display, the attention Matt was giving him still brought his attention back to himself as he let out a moan of pleasure. Andrew reached forward as his brother continued stroking, touching Matt’s cock juice and scooping up a good amount, bringing it to his lips, tasting it. As soon as it touched, hair began to push out of the pores of Andrew’s underarms; large tufts of hair erupting out of his pits, thickening more and more. Going south down his body, a trail began to grow out of his pubic bush, going straight out of his waist line and attaching itself to his belly button as the start of a treasure trail formed on his body. Andrew lifts himself up a bit, pressing his lips to his brothers as he kissed him as best as his smaller body could with a strong hand still gripping and stroking his cock tightly. “I fucking love you, Matt.” Andrew rubs the side of his cheek against Matt’s bull neck, a slight bit of course skin from him makes Matt shudder and excited as he realizes Andrew has the beginning of stubble forming on his face. Matt growls, pulling Andrew against his body with one hand, using his free hand to continue to grip Andrew’s hard dick. “I love you too, Andrew.” Matt takes one long breath, letting out a low groan of pleasure as Andrew’s stubble continues to rub against his thick neck, driving him even wilder. Matt’s dick surges in Andrew’s hand, rock hard and throbbing; yet it’s not as big as it was before. Although it could be that Andrew has a bit of a better grip on his cock. Matt bends down a bit, bringing his lips down to his brother this time; they slowly kiss, letting the passion smolder hot and low. Matt begins to slowly make his larger hand rise and fall on his brothers cock, feeling Andrew quiver from the hand job he was giving him. Matt reaches over and grabs Andrew by the hips with both of his hands, pulling his smaller brother up onto his lap. Both of their dicks rubbing together; the pre cum from both of them mixing as they kissed. A weird sensation begins to fill both of them as they look on at each other, both of their bodies begin to show differences. Hair begins to rise out of Andrew’s skin more, traveling up his small set of abs and beginning to branch up to his chest. The hair begins to swirl across each pec muscle; its light, but he more contact he has with Matt, the darker and darker it begins to change as the precum continues to flow from each of their hard dripping cocks. For Matt, the changes are the opposite. It almost looks like he has begun to start shaving his fur to make his muscles look bigger. The hair begins to thin out and starts retreating in some places right back through his pores as if the hair was never there. As he continues to watch his chest hair disappear, he gives another glance at Andrew and notices wisps of hair beginning to sprout on his twins chin. Andrew feels the sensation too, scratching at his face, feeling more and more tiny hairs begin to sprout outward and get coarser. Andrew looks up at Matt, seeing his brother’s facial hair begin to slowly retract away as well. “We need to stop, Matt.” He tries to pull away, but Matt is almost entranced by his brother’s changes, holding onto Andrew even tighter. “Mmm… Fuck no, Andrew,” Matt growled, wrapping a huge arm around him, keeping his brother in place as he looks on at the new developing beard thickening on his smaller twin, growing denser and more noticeable with each passing second. Matt is getting more and more turned on watching Andrew becoming increasingly more manly and studly. “I want you so bad, Andrew.” Matt rolls both of them over so that Andrew is on the couch and he is right on top of him, his huge body pinning his twin in place, still much more massive then him. Matt leans down, kissing Andrew’s neck… his collarbone… his chest… and his abs, slowly sliding off down off the couch to kneel in front of his smaller brother. Matt rubs his jaw against Andrew’s thighs, and Andrew notices how Matt’s course beard and stubble are almost none existent; there is no rough and bristly sensation like there should be with a man that has had some kind of beard growth before, they are almost soft by comparison, Matt leans in and gives Andrew’s shaft a few experimental licks, then pulls down Andrew’s swim trunks down a bit further to get access to his balls. Matt licks at them a few times, kissing them, sucking on them, pressing against them with his tongue. Matt takes a quick look up at Andrew and breathes in his scent, sitting there with his legs spread, a new musk permeating from his brothers loins and races up into his nostrils. Matt’s eyes open wider with aroused delight. “Stop? Why would I stop? Are you telling me you don’t like it when I do this?” Matt kisses one of Andrew’s testicles, “or this?” he licks the other one, “or even this?” he runs his tongue up the sensitive underside of Andrew’s shaft, then kisses the cockhead, his tongue darting out to lap up a bit more of the pre-cum bubbling out of the tip. Andrew watches on as the last traces of beard retreat away from Matt’s face. All that remains is his sideburns. Andrew watches, more shocked than ever. The guy who was once the manliest looking man he had ever seen was almost now completely hairless from the nose down. Andrew reaches over and grabs Matt’s jock strap; it’s completely soaked with pre-cum. Or it was, as in a matter of seconds, it’s completely dry. “Oh, fuck!” Andrew looks down at Matt, as Matt gazes up at him. A new lust bleeding out of Matt for Andrew as Andrew’s masculine identity intensifies and it begins to almost pulse off him and pull Matt right back into him. Andrew’s cock begins to get harder than it has ever been. “Well, that answer’s that, doesn’t it?” Matt smirks, moving forward. He engulfs Andrew’s cockhead with his mouth, moving slowly down the hard shaft, until his face hits the new forest of pubes around the base of his brother’s cock. He continues to push forward, not stopping until the tip of his nose touches Andrew’s torso. He then begins to bob up and down on his dick, his huge muscles tensing under his shirt as he blows Andrew as if his life depended on it. Matt runs his hand along Andrew’s thighs, massaging them gently, noting that they seem just a bit sturdier than he last remembered. Andrew just sits back as Matt sucks on his hard shaft. He reaches a hand shakily toward his brother. Matt looks up and sees his arm moving, and he grabs it, placing Andrew’s hand onto the back of his head. Matt smirks a bit like ‘Fuck yeah, little bro! Take charge!’ Andrew swallows the lump in his throat, a bit more at ease as he watches Matt’s head move back and forth along his cock and his own hand rubbing along the top of his brother’s head with the motion, his fingers moving through Matt’s hair as he felt himself getting closer and closer to climax. “Matt… Nnnn…” Andrew begins to grunt a bit. “Fuck, it feels so good…” Andrew reaches his other hand out and places it also on the back of Matt’s head, assisting him a bit more with his blow job. As Matt begins to pull back, Andrew pulls him back towards his deep musky bush of pubes. Matt enjoys the feeling, Andrew pulling him downward onto his dick as he continues to push and thrust his hips up to meet Matt’s face, driving his dick right down his throat. Matt relaxes, letting Andrew guide him, move him, use him as a tool for his own pleasure. The whole time, he wants Andrew to do all of that, to fuck his face with his blossoming manly cock. Matt distantly realizing that’s a very submissive thing to think, and not at all like how he usually is. But right here, right now, at this moment, it seems like the most natural and perfect thing imaginable. So he maintains his suction on Andrew’s dick as best as he can, while letting his twin pull his head back and forth, forcing him down on his cock. Andrew moans deeply, feeling something inside of his ball sack, unlike anything he has ever felt before beginning to build up and radiate from within. He looks down at Matt, moving his hands away from his head for a second to let Matt get a glance at him. Matt still continues to suck though, waiting for his reward. “Matt…. Ahh Fuck… You want this right?” Andrew’s balls begin to churn and ache, but he can’t release just let; something inside is holding it back. “Please Mat…” They begin to pull up; he feels as if the cum is beginning to creep and pump into his shaft, ready to explode outward into his brother’s waiting throat… “Want… Me…” Matt breathes for just a second, just long enough to say, “Want you so bad, Andrew,” before plunging back down onto his brother’s dick, taking the whole five inches in one go, pressing his nose deep into his bush, into the flesh of Andrew’s torso. He can feel Andrew’s dick shaking, quivering, and trembling. He knows his twin is about to explode. Using his tongue, he teases the underside of the shaft, sucking stronger than ever, eager to pull Andrew’s cum right out of his shaft if he has to. Andrew’s hands go right back to the back of Matt’s head. He pushes himself forward, almost leaping off of the couch and knocking Matt over, but Matt makes sure to hold on tight as Andrew presses his pubic bone as far as he could up against Matt’s face. His cock lurching round Matt’s lips, in his mouth, down his throat as he fires the first salvo down into his brother’s waiting belly. Matt has no time to swallow as a second blast fires into his mouth, coating his tongue, followed by a third, a forth… Matt loses count, not knowing when it will stop as he continues to try to swallow it all. In the meantime Matt’s body is undergoing another de-metamorphosis. His muscles begin to shrink in size at a steady rate. Andrew’s cock becoming a bit harder to suck as his body shifts on the floor, losing another inch in height, and then another. Matt begins to see what’s going on, and pushes Andrew off of him. His body shifting more and more laying on the carpet, yet he’s not even moving at all. Matt looks up at Andrew, finding his twin’s eyes. He’s just as scared as Andrew is now. Things are different, and will continue to be from now on. Matt feels weak, and right before he blacks out he hears the calming sounds of Andrew’s voice. “I’m so sorry Matt…” To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 05: The Experiment
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    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 03

    Sorry for the LONG delay. I have been busy. Real life gets in the way some times. And I am also trying to change my health/lifestyle by becoming something like the characters and the big muscle men of this forum (Have a progress thread in the Watch Me Grow section if anyone has not seen that, not the hottest guy yet, but working on it), so please forgive me for the delay... I now present you with the next part of this epic series... Part 03 Gym Time Andrew headed upstairs to take a shower after Matt decided to head out to the gym in a rush. His body was covered with sweat and his muscles and bones ached for some reason, almost like he worked out all day, which he never worked out a day in his life. The weirdest thing though was the stench lingering in the air surrounding him. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was something that Andrew also was not used to, musk. Maybe it was just Matt’s sweat and odor rubbing onto him from the encounter they just shared in the kitchen. As Andrew finished up in the shower he headed to the room he shared with his brother. He made his way to his closet and grabbed a shirt out of it, pulling it off the hanger. As he pulled it over his head there was a tightness around his chest and arms. “Weird,” he pulled off the shirt and grabbed another one, and it was the same tightness. He kept trying on shirts. Over and over he pulled them off till there were a pile of them littered on the floor around him. “What the fuck?!” Andrew drops the last shirt he tried on to the floor, looking down at himself. He finally notices the changes he went through. Abs he never had pushing out from under his skin, not much yet, but there was a definite view of a four pack as he rubbed his fingers across each stepping stone of flesh. His pecs were firming up as he moved his hands to them next, which he then finally noticed a ball of muscle popping out from under his upper arm where a bicep would normally be on a man that had muscle, which Andrew clearly now possessed. Andrew’s cock began to harden. He moved to his dresser and grabbed his swim shorts. “Might as well go for a swim with a body like this,” he pulled them on and headed out to the pool. **** Matt finished up his daily morning classes. All throughout his lecture though he kept thinking back to the morning he just had with his brother. That blow job was intense, nothing like he had ever experienced before. His cock kept getting hard thinking about it, actually popping out of his jock and traveling down the leg of his pants. He had to make several shifts in his seat just to make sure his mighty cock was not seen by his other classmates. Class had ended though and he was at the gym, eager to start his workout and get his mind off of his brother. Matt quickly made his way to the locker room and changed out of his regular casual attire, pulling on a tank top and a gym shirt. They were a bit awkward on his large frame, almost as if they were a bit loose, especially the tank top. Maybe he stretched it out over the few weeks he wore it to the point it was at this loose fitting. Matt headed out to the workout area, eager to finish up before lunch. He threw himself on a weight bench, starting his usual reps but he seems a bit off. Getting up he lowers the weight and manages to do a few before getting tired rather quickly. “Need some help, runt?” Matt’s buddy Dan almost appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the bar right in the center. “Come on, Matt. I’ll give you a spot. You look like you might need a little help today.” Dan was always a bit shorter and a bit less built, standing at 6’4” and weighing 285lbs. Today though, Matt seems to see Dan as a bit bigger than normal, almost as if they are close to the same size. Matt shakes off his delusions and continues his workout as he decides to take Dan’s help for the remainder of his session; spotting one another on their sets, but Matt tires out on each of his sets as the weight is a bit too heavy for him now. Dan wraps his arm around Matt’s shoulder as they finished up their workout. “Bad days happen, Bud. I’m sure you’ll kill it tomorrow.” Matt nods at Dan, a bit annoyed as they make their way into the locker and strip down for their shower. Dan moves under a shower head right next to Matt and turns the handle to start up his shower head. He begins to soap up his hairy, beefy chest with the soap provided by the gym. Matt watches on as the water sprays down on himself, his cock still hasn’t gone down all day from his earlier sexual encounter with Andrew. Matt begins to stroke his cock to try and relieve himself, the steam of the hot water making it hard to see what was going on with the two of them. Dan begins moving the soap down to his abs, when the bar manages to slip and slide across the floor. “Fuck…” Dan bends down trying to feel for the bar with all the rising steam and heat rising to the ceiling around him As Matt continues stroking, he notices Dan’s form on the floor; his beautifully sculpted muscular ass on on fours right in front of him. His ass cheeks parted slightly with a dusting of dark hairs pushing out of his cracks. As he manages to reach it, it slips out of his hands a bit farther across the floor. “Mother Fucker!” As he moves and bends forward, his ass flexing and cheeks opening up a little more and exposing his hairy puckered, spasming hole. Matt and Dan had fucked around before. What once started as bros in the gym quickly became into several sexual encounters, both drunk on their own masculinity and testosterone. Never had the thought crossed Matt’s mind though to do anything in the gym. But that ass, right in front of him, begging to be fucked. Matt’s dick was rock hard and raging with lust, there was only one clear course of action. Matt took a step forward, grabbed Dan’s hips, and slowly pushed his cock into his friend. “NGH, WHAT THE FUCK, BRO?!” Dan started breathing heavy, surprised at this quick action from his friend. He straightens up immediately, gasping in shock, his ass muscles clenching tightly around Matt’s throbbing dick. Matt pushes his cock deeper into Dan, wrapping his powerful arms around him, pulling his friend against him in a crushing grip. “You trying to drive me nuts, dude?” Matt growled in pure bliss. “You, bending over like that? Shoving that ass in my face while I’m hard as a fucking rock and trying to beat off in peace?” Dan snarls in protest. “FUCK YOU, BRO! I DIDN’T…” Matt slams his hips forward violently, driving his cock all the way into Dan with one brutal thrust. Dan gasps, his words dying in his throat. Matt pushes Dan up against the wall and starts pumping his dick into him hard; Dan’s own stiffening member slamming into the tile wall each time Matt crashes right back into him. A low groan of lust escapes Dan’s lips as he begins to enjoy it. “That’s it,” Matt purrs into Dan’s ear. “I knew you’d love this…” he begins pumping his dick faster into him, brutally fucking him against the shower wall, the hot spray of the water falling on them both as they grunt and groan in animalistic passion. Dan’s ass begins to clench tighter around Matt’s cock as a moan finally escapes his lips. Matt’s arms reach around, under him, and lock against his abs. Dan begins to push backwards, pushing his ass onto Matt’s cock as he begins to enjoy as he begins to really enjoy this sexual experience that started with Matt forcing himself onto him. Matt’s thrusts are vicious, like a jackhammer pummeling pavement as he extracts his cock to the opening of Dan’s hole before slamming it right back in like a piston. Each time, they meet each other half way; Matt pushes in, Dan pushes back. Matt’s balls slapping Dan’s cheeks with such force, it causes a slap so loud it can be heard across the entire shower room. “Uhn…FUCK… I… I…” Within seconds, Matt practically snarling and grunting in triumph, begins to fire his hot seed into Dan, driving his dick all the way in to the hilt as his cock literally begins to spasm and go wild, pumping a surprisingly large load of cum into him. Dan begins to tense all over, every muscle flexing as he growls and grunts along with Matt. As Matt holds onto Dan, his powerful arms wrapped around his torso, he begins to slowly feel his arms getting pushed apart. Matt looks down at Dan’s back in confusion; Dan’s traps are flexed hard, throbbing, and slowly growing bigger as they rise into mountains of muscle. Matt’s eyes widen as he watches not only them rise, but the section of his back begins to move upward as well. Not only is Dan gaining more muscle mass, he’s growing taller as well. Matt’s grip around Dan’s torso breaks, his hands sliding farther and farther apart as he lifts his arms up trying to hold onto him. He rakes his fingernails across Dan’s chest, noticing that it fels thicker, fuller. Even Dan’s ass around Matt’s cock feels different, the glutes getting bigger, stronger, the target zone of his ass rising further and further off the ground with each passing second. Dan finally unclenches his glutes around Matt’s cock, making Matt stagger back, pulling out of his friend with a loud pop. Dan stands still for a moment, slowly turning around to face his friend. “How?” He looks himself over. “Did you?” Matt’s jaw drops. Dan is easily three inches taller than he was before, maybe four. Well over 300 pounds of pure masculine beef, possibly 330 pounds, or even more. He smirks at Matt, the hot water of the shower washing over his massive muscles. Dan reaches down for Matt’s body, but Matt shakes out of his daze and rolls out of the way. Dan is much bigger now then Matt, but he is not used to the new size and weight of his body making him a bit clumsy. “Where you going Matt? HAHAHA…” His laugh echoing off the walls. Matt get up onto his feet, backing towards the door to the locker room, not taking his eyes off of his enormous friend. “Ah come on, Matt! Can I fuck you now?” Dan grins from ear to ear, feeling much more confident. He takes a step toward Matt. Matt grabs his towel from the partition wall and holds it against his waist, making it into the locker room as quickly as possible, now filled with more people changing. Matt makes it to his locker, grabbing his clothes and quickly throwing them on as Dan enters into the locker room, scoping out the area for his prey. Dan’s so confident of his new body he doesn’t even care to cover himself. Matt manages to get one last glimpse of Dan now in clear focus; he’s a fucking monster. Cock close to 12 inches long and bouncing like a compass as it sways from side to side as he continues to scout out the room looking. “Anyone seen Matthew?!” People just stare in awe, no one saying a word as Matt manages to slip out the door into the main gym area, fully clothed, as he makes his way to the exit to head home. *** Matt makes it back home, not sure what just really happened back at the gym with his friend Dan. Part of him wanted to believe it was all some hallucination on his part, but he knew better. He did not just see him grow, he had FELT him grow; right under him as he fucked him. The moment after he came into him, he just started to get bigger, and not just a tiny bit, but a lot bigger. Matt began to shudder as he remembered how Dan wanted to fuck him with that huge dick. Dan had never been so large before but now… he tries to put it out of his mind as he gazes out the window to the back yard, noticing Andrew in the swimming pool, his twin’s arms cutting the water with clean strokes. Matt goes outside to get a closer look. He pauses for a second on the grass, noting Andrew’s shoulders, how they looked a bit more defined, a bit more muscular. The wetness of his brother’s skin showing the definition a bit better as the sun reflected off of him. Matt walks over to the pool, setting down his gym bag. “Hey Andrew,” Matt watches as his brother reaches the edge of the pool. “You been swimming much lately? Looks like it’s doing you good.” Although part of Matt was wondering if it might have been something else that was changing his brother. “Nah, Matt. I just felt like going for a swim.” Andrew looks up at Matt from the water, smiling at his bro, placing his arms over the side of the pool. Matt notices the bulges in his brothers arms and shoulders as the water slides off of his brother’s body. “What’s wrong with you though, Matt? You look like you saw a ghost or something.” Andrew propels himself off the wall, swimming towards the other side on his back. Matt notices the definition in his brothers chest and the feint appearance of what looks like the beginning of a set of abs. Blond hair sprouting across his brothers arms and legs. Matt sits down on a chair near the pool, watching Andrew do laps. Noting the new muscle definition, the way the muscles move under Andrew’s skin with each stroke. He remembers that morning, Andrew drinking down his cum, and then thinks about what just happened to Dan at the gym. Clearly there’s a connection, and it seems like that connection might be connected to his cum. Matt stands up and heads inside, taking his gym bag with him and tossing it into the corner of the living room. He walks up to the second floor bathroom, stripping completely, stepping onto the scale. 285lbs… Matt nearly chokes. He was 300lbs yesterday. No one loses 15lbs instantly. Not water weight. Not muscle weight. And not fat. It makes absolutely no sense. Matt put his clothes back on and headed back to the living room. He takes a seat on the couch, staring at the TV, not bothering to even turn it on. Andrew finally finishes swimming and goes back inside, drying himself off as he takes a seat next to his bro on the couch. “Are you ok man? You aren’t acting like your normal self.” Andrew playfully punches Matt on the shoulder. “You came home from the gym, looked at me weird, and then just jetted back inside. If it is something I did, you can tell me. We are brothers.” Andrew places his hand on Matt’s shoulder, moving his other hand to Matt’s fuzzy, bearded cheek, turning his face to look at him. There was sadness in his eyes. “Hey, bro… We were born together. We have a connection unlike other bros unless they were twins like the two of us. Whatever is going on with you, I am here for you, and will always be. Matt looks down at Andrew, smiling softly. “It’s nothing, Andrew. I just had a lousy workout, that’s all. Wasn’t up to my usual weight and reps on anything. So I’m just a bit bummed.” Andrew doesn’t quite know how to take that response. It sounds truthful, yet it also seems like his brother might be holding something back. Matt wraps a powerful arm around his shoulder, pulling Andrew in closer. “Only thing you did was give me a great BJ this morning, okay? So don’t worry about it. I’m cool.” He rubs the back of Andrew’s head affectionately. Andrew leans into Matt’s larger mass, breathing in the musk and cleanliness of the shower he took at the gym. Andrew’s cock begins to stir again, now that he is so close to his twin. “Damn, Matt. What I would do if we were identical twins. I wish I was as big as you. As manly as you… even your scent bro.” Andrew turns his head slightly to get a whiff of the scent of his brother’s armpit. “You really comfort me.” Matt blushes a little, but obligingly lifts his muscular arm a bit, letting Andrew have some access to nuzzle his furry pit. Even though he showered just a bit ago, his manly musk was already coming back, due to how quickly he had to rush out of the gym and also his natural pheromone musk. “If we were identical, I suspect that we’d never get anything done. We’d be busy fucking each other’s big muscle butts all the time!” Matt began to laugh, bringing his arm down across Andrew’s shoulders again. “Since that isn’t the case, we’ll just have to make do, I guess.” Andrew leans into Matt a bit more. His eyes growing heavy from the comforting smell and embrace of his twin as he dozes off to sleep. Andrew content, and happy to know that his brother who he thought he had lost from when they were kids is slowly proving to him that they still are connected. Matt just sits there, listening to the slow breaths of his brother; sleeping in his warm arms, his head snuggling against his inner pec muscle with his large arm wrapped around him… To Be Continued... Coming Soon: Part 04 – Want Me, Want You
  9. Guest

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 02

    Here's part 02... I hope I did this justice. A tiny bit of changes in this chapter. If you read the transcript, I am pretty sure you all know what's coming next! If not, enjoy this chapter for the first time and enjoy this amazing ride! Part 02 First Meal Matt woke up the next morning a bit later then his usual time. The sheets of the bed, twisted around his massive body. With a loud yawn, he sits up; he feels strange, not like his typical energetic self. As he rubs over his eyes with his hand, his large arms brush against his lats and massive pecs, pushing them together. As he pulls the twisted sheets off of his body, grunting in annoyance at how they are wrapped tightly around his thick tree trunk legs, Matt rolls out of bed and staggers over to his closet and dresser, completely naked. His massive cock swinging back and forth with every movement, semi-erect, and quite a bit harder then he’s normally used to. The one thing however that is truly discomforting for him though is his balls. They ache. Like someone hit him hard right between them the other day. It’s a lingering pain that he quickly remembered to the night before, wondering if what happened with Andrew truly did happen. Matt digs through his underwear drawer grabbing a fresh jockstrap and puts his legs through the leg openings and slides it up towards his hips, adjusting the massive bulge in its pouch. Andrew has been downstairs it seems for a good while though. The smell of bacon and sausage being fried in a pan travels up to their bedroom on the second floor. Matt stifles a moan as it’s his favorite type of meats to eat. Its candy to his senses. While Matt finishes, Andrew preps everything for them to have a nice hearty breakfast, it’s a typical morning for the boys as Andrew always makes sure his bigger twin has the right breakfast before hitting up his gym. Matt finds a pair of gym shorts and puts them on as well, enjoying the way they hug his tight, beefy glutes. Not bothering with a shirt, Matt decided just to head downstairs, swinging his huge arms back and forth, stretching them out before his breakfast of champions his bro is preparing him for his typical morning. His nose twitching as he enters the kitchen, doing a couple more stretches. “Cooking already, bro? I like it!” Sniffing the air again, Matt says amiably. He walks over to the coffee pot and pours himself a large cup of Dark Roast brew, adding a bit of cream into it. Next he heads over to his supplement drawer and starts to get out his various vitamins and boosters, gulping them down with his fresh cup of coffee, before sitting down at the table. Andrew grabs a large plate from the cabinet, plating a large amount of Eggs and Bacon, with a side of potatoes. Matt doesn’t like a lot of carbs so he makes sure to give him less potatoes and more proteins to help his bro grow even larger with his workouts. He brings the plate over to Matt before grabbing himself a cup and pouring some juice in it for himself, sitting down opposite of Matt. “I’m sorry about your new supplements from last night…” Andrew looks down at his food, feeling a bit bad at what had happened. “They probably cost you a fortune from what you told me they were.” Matt listened to his twin, but he still couldn’t let what happened to him cause him not to keep his body maintained and get even bigger. He quickly ate his food, making sure not to leave a single scrap behind on his plate. “Well, I’m bummed that they got broken like that, but I didn’t pay for them, so I guess I’m not out much of anything. Although it would have been nice to try them out this morning.” Matt tries to think of last night, but his mind is a bit fuzzy. All he remembers is something gray, skittering around his bedroom, as it traveled up his leg, latching on to his huge cock, before plunging right into his piss slit and filling his balls?! No, that can’t be right. He thought to himself, before another memory starts to plague his mind. Did I fucking blow my brother too?! Matt shook his head. Thinking it must have been a weird dream. It can’t have happened. Whatever he saw last night, the gray and black tentacle things, they couldn’t be real. It had to be a nightmare for sure. Matt looks down at his empty plate, trying to make everything make sense in his head. “I’m bummed, but I’ll just see if my guy can get me some more. You never know, maybe he has another batch.” Andrew reaches his hand across the table, placing it over Matt’s larger paw. Matt looks up at him, confused, but at the same time he feels comforted. “Can we do that stuff again like last night, bro?” Andrew smiles up at his twin, a deep intensity in his eyes. “I miss those moments. It was like we were kids again. I felt like I had my old bro back…” Matt blushes and looks away, “Well, um, I’m not sure. I uh… I kinda thought that was a weird dream, you know?” Matt clutches Andrew’s smaller hand in his larger one, holding it gently. “I, uh, well I don’ quite know…” he stammers, returning his gaze back to his twin, seeing the look of hope and affection that Andrew has for him. Matt’s cock was throbbing from this moment; raging hard in his jockstrap, all ten inches. He chuckles, giving Andrew’s had an affectionate squeeze. “Well, if my cock is any indication, then I’ll probably be saying yes. Fuck I’m horny!” Matt releases Andrew’s hand and stands up, taking his empty plate to the sink. His shorts are tented to the extreme, making his predicament obvious to anyone who would see him at that moment. “Man, I’m going to have to wear different underwear today,” He looks down to the protruding bulge. “I’ve got class, and then gym at 10. But I’ll be here tonight, Andrew. And we will see how things are going then.” Andrew clears his plate, bringing it to the sink. As he puts it into the sink, the fork laying on it falls freely to the floor, clattering between both him and Matt’s feet. They both bend down at the same time to pick it up, but due to Andrew’s smaller height, he reaches the fork first and as he comes back up, his head hits hard into Matt’s chin. Andrew clutching his head in pain as he falls back onto his knees. “Fuck, Matt. You got a thick skull!” He sits on the floor rubbing the pain, with his back against the kitchen sink, his legs apart. Matt rubs his own jaw from the impact several times before realizing he is fine. He bends over and picks Andrew up off the floor and helps his brother to a chair. “Easy there, Andrew. Are you feeling okay?” He holds him steady; his large, meaty hand on one of Andrew’s shoulders. As Matt watches his brother, concerned, the fork in Andrew’s hand clatters back onto the floor again. “Damn Andrew, you’re worrying me…” Matt lets go of Andrew as he bends down and looks for the fork. He has to bend down farther and look under the chair and table and still can’t see where the fork has gone to. Matt decides to crawl under the table to see if he can find it, his massive body making it look a bit funny as he tries to maneuver himself under it. He finally sees it, crawling forward, reaching out and clutching it in his large hand. As Matt backs his way out from under the table, he notices the lower half of Andrew’s body, seated in the chair. Andrew’s legs spread wide. As Matt’s gaze goes up to hand Andrew the fork, his eyes catch a glimpse of something in his twin’s shorts. He pauses, looking up the pant leg, and sees Andrew’s cockhead, pushing out just a little; a little drop of pre cum is bubbling off the tip, and Matt’s horniness begins to return, but this time at an alarming, skyrocketing rate. Andrew watches his bro, reaches down, and scratches at his bulge through his shorts. The mesh of the shorts rubbing against the droplet of pre causing it to create a string of his emission from his piss slit to the bottom portion of his short opening. “You okay, Matt? You’ve been down there for a while.” Andrew asks worried about what his brother was possibly doing under the table, with his other hand still rubbing the emerging bump on his forehead from their little accident. Andrew scoots his chair out a bit from the table, the light from the ceiling fan illuminating his crotch a bit more from where it was originally pushed under the table. “Yeah, I’m good,” Matt responded, his voice distant and unfocused. As if he were in a trance, he inches forward, moving between Andrew’s legs. Matt rubs his scruffy jawline against Andrew’s inner thigh. His head emerging from under the table as it moves towards his brother’s crotch. Andrew can feel the warm breath of Matt touch the tip of his cock as his brother moves more towards it. The fork clatters again to the floor, forgotten, as Matt brings is strong hands up and rubs them up along Andrew’s thighs, his hands going from his twins knees to his hips. Matt reaches under Andrew’s shorts and pushes back the hem until Andrew’s leaking cockhead comes into plain view. Matt moves his head forward, obscuring Andrew the view of his own tool. All Andrew can feel is Matt’s lips press against his cockhead, kissing it gently. He lets out a soft moan, not knowing what else to do, as he slowly moves his smaller hands to the back of Matt’s head, rubbing his fingers through his brother’s hair. Matt stops for a second, looking up towards Andrew; a snail trail of Andrew’s precum connecting from Andrew’s cock to Matts lips as he looks up at Andrew for some sort of approval. The string of precum disconnecting from Andrew’s cock as it swings across Matt’s bearded face and neck; and in an instance, there is not a single trace of it. Andrew looks on a bit confused himself now. Cum doesn’t just disappear. But that isn’t the only concern; the hair on Matt’s face isn’t as thick as it was before. Andrew places his hand under Matt’s chin and leans down. Matt comes up and meets him as their lips touch and they begin a long kiss. Matt rises up more, his back pushing the table away from them as he reaches around his brother, his thick arms wrapping around Andrew’s body. He lifts Andrew off of his chair and stands up straight, pushing Andrew up against the wall behind him. Matt returns a much stronger kiss; it’s deep, passionate, hungry, as he rams his tongue into Andrew’s mouth, sucking his lower lip between his teeth. Matt pulls away, breathing deeply, looking at Andrew with unfocused eyes. His vision begins to sharpen and return as he looks on at Andrew in his arms. “Why… do I want this so bad?” Andrew’s back still firmly pressed against the wall, his cock harder than ever. “I want this too, Matt. It’s not just you… Want me, like I want you bro…” Andrew pushes his face back towards Matt, placing his lips back on his brother, rubbing his back of his brother’s head as he is held off the ground, his arms around Matt’s thick neck, resting on his mountainous traps. Andrew pulls back, looking Matt right in the eyes. “Please Matt! Want me, like when we were teens.” Andrew feels Matt’s cock pulse under him uncontrollably in his jockstrap. It wants to break free. Andrew pushes his own shorts down around his thighs as his 4 inch cock comes free and pulses. He reaches a hand down to it, giving it a hard stroke, getting some of his precum on his finger and brings it up to his lips to taste his own seed. Matt watches as his brother tastes himself, making him even hornier, wanting his brother even more. There’s a fire in Matt’s eyes, one Andrew has only seen when Matt works hard and gets a serious pump going. One that he only gets while he’s on the field or rolling around a wrestling mat. When Matt gets that look in his eyes, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, and he makes sure to get the greatest reward possible. “Fuck!” Andrew moans as he too is getting excited from his brother’s determination manifesting. It’s the way he has been wanting to be looked at for a long time again by his giant sized twin. Matt’s arrogant, jock alpha beast mode was about to be released. Matt pulls Andrew up against him, bringing his brother’s face up against his huge chest. He flexes the massive shelf slowly against his twin, making sure Andrew can feel the thick muscle roll as it tenses. Then he gently guides his brother’s head down his abs, down to his massive cock. Matt grabs the root of the thick beast, guiding it up. The big helmet head brushing against Andrew’s lips. Andrew can smell the musk washing off the cock, the bit of pre gushing out of his piss slit, slick against Andrew’s lips. “So boned, bro… Like, fuck, Andrew. I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I fucking want you bad.” Matt’s head is spinning, more precum emerging from his slit. Part of him wants to reach down and force his brother’s mouth over his cock, fucking his twin’s face until he cums. But another part, an unfamiliar part of him, wants Andrew to do the exact same thing to him. Matt reaches forward, his large fingers running through Andrew’s hair. Andrew looks up into his brothers eyes, licking his lips. He gets down on his knees, Matt’s hand never leaving the back of his head as he continues to massage Andrew’s scalp. Andrew reaches his arm up and wraps his hand around the monstrous shaft. It’s the first time he has seen it this big and this close in so long. Andrew closes his eyes and opens his mouth as he moves his head closer to the giant python sticking right out of his brother’s groin. He pushes his tongue out, it’s the first thing that makes contact with Matt’s cock as he tastes the saltiness of his twin’s precum coming off of the tip. Pushing even more forward, trusting his larger brother with his hand still on his head, the head begins to enter his mouth, followed by the thick shaft, making Andrew open his mouth wider. As the head hits the back of Andrew’s throat, he closes his lips around the shaft and begins use his tongue and inner cheek and sucking skills to pleasure his much larger brother as best as possible. Moving his head back up to the head before going right back down the length, getting into a steady rhythm. Matt moans out in pleasure. The hands on the back of Andrew’s head pulls him all the way as far down his shaft as possible. He can feel his cock hit the back of Andrew’s throat again as he holds him there. Andrew gags once… twice… three times, as he feels his brother’s throat finally open for him as his cock begins to push even deeper. “Oh Fuck!” six inches going down his twin’s throat, then 8 as more and more of his man cock fills his brother’s mouth and esophagus. A Matt begins to start bucking his hips, going back and forth, pumping his huge dick in Andrew’s mouth. Andrew’s lips are stretched around it, and his brother’s teeth grate against the skin of his rod. Matt’s so turned on it just makes him even hornier. Each time Andrew gags, his throat squeezing around his large cockhead, little precum spurts push out of his cock. “Fuck yeah, Andrew! Mmmm… Ffffffuck!... Take that big man cock bro…” his huge chest heaving as he breathes heavily, driving his dick more and more into his brother’s mouth, a trickle of sweat running off of his brow. Matt begins to let out a groan of pleasure as he finally begins to release a load down Andrew’s throat. His shaft going nuts inside his twin’s mouth, spasming violently as he continues to send cum rocketing down his brother’s throat. As his orgasm begins to subside, he pants heavily, feeling Andrew suck the cum right out of his dick. “Oh fuck, that was good bro…” Andrew swallowed it all and his own balls begin to churn. His cock trembles, a pleasant warmth spreads throughout his body, traveling through his bones before settling in his muscles. Andrew feels something going on within him, but isn’t sure what. Little known to him, his height has increased slightly; from 5’5 to now 5’6”. His muscles tense all over his body and quiver for a moment under his skin as ten pounds of muscle was added to his body. Andrew feels strange, but good. Very good. A little bit stronger. A bit more confidence. A bit more capable. Andrew wipes his mouth as he stands up to his full height. His cock has expanded slightly as well, but not by much, as his balls churn from this little scenario they just experienced. Andrew moans, his own shorts still dropped and his cock hanging free and hard. Looking right up at Matt, Andrew’s balls pull up in their sack. His balls begin to fire, large, fast shots. The first one hits Matt right across his abs… the second, his bobbing cock… the third and fourth go right across Matt’s thick thighs and large feet. Andrew pulls away, ducking under Matt’s large arm as his last shot sprays a trail right across the kitchen floor. Andrew turns around for a split second, looking back at Matt. Matt looks a bit less proud, not standing as straight as he usually does. His brother’s traps a bit sunken down. What Andrew thinks is Matt is a bit embarrassed of what just happened, but what really is happening is something completely different. Matt’s body is slowly losing mass as he drops an inch in height within seconds, losing his imposing 6’5” stature that he was so proud to have as he crumbles away to 6’4”. Matt’s massive cock, still hard, but not the hardness that it typically is even after he blows a massive load. Matt doesn’t have his after orgasm hard on anymore. Matt staggers backwards, confused at why he suddenly feels so light-headed. But the moment passes and he slowly recovers. “Fuck Andrew, that was an incredible blow job… you’ve totally blown my mind, bro!” Matt chuckles and reaches down to wipe off the cum that was shot all over him by his brother. But just like before, there was nothing to clean up. Matt shakes his head, pulling up his jock and stuffing his semi-hard cock back into it. His shorts follow a moment later as he looks over at Andrew, noticing that his twin looks a little less thin than he used to and a bit more toned. Matt turns, heading back up the stairs to their bedroom for his books and the rest of his clothes. As Matt leaves, Andrew too notices the changes. His shirt doesn’t quite feel so loose on his shoulders; it doesn’t hang as loose off his thin torso. It’s an odd thought, and one that doesn’t really make much sense yet; Shirt’s don’t just shrink while a person wears them, after all. To Be Continued… Coming Soon: Part 03 – Gym Time
  10. momoware

    Serving Muscle Daddy chapter 1

    I wrote this story today and I've wanted to for ages, based on a guy in his mid-50s I know who recently got into competitive bodybuilding. He's so gruff and manly and when we see each other in the street or in town he slaps me on the back and I wish I was one of his sons. This is what I imagine he and his grown sons get up to behind closed doors. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave looked really good. He had turned fifty a nine months prior and had never felt better. Life seemed to be back on track for the guy, who had not had the easiest of times. His high school sweetheart Angela, with whom he had sired two sons, had been gone from his life for twenty six lonely years. His love for her had been so profound that he had never even glanced in the direction of another woman since her passing. Until her death he had been a keen gym goer and amateur bodybuilder, and she loved when he would bounce his meaty pecs or flex his powerful arms for her. It made her feel safe, and him feel masterful and strong, like a trusty protector of his beloved treasure. After she was gone he stopped paying attention to this aspect of his life, turning his attention to being a dutiful father for the lads and working hard to provide for them. It was as he approached the milestone birthday that he caught a glimpse of himself in the shower, his shoulders still broad and his waist still trim, that the idea crossed his mind to head to the home gym in the basement and see if any of his formidable strength remained. He was to be pleasantly surprised as he loaded up a squat rack with heavy weights, dropped to ground with them over his shoulders and bounced up effortlessly. The adrenaline was instant and a rush of excitement coursed through his body. After this exercise his quads were bursting with veins and pulsating wildly. “This is definitely something I could get back into.” He pondered. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, as Dave sat by the fire in the living room with the newspaper and a glass of wine, his bulging muscular frame filling the armchair his sons entered the room. “Ah there you are boys! I was wondering where you’d both got to. Come and join me on the couch.” The beast of a man stood up, his mass eclipsing the two smaller men who had sprung from his seed. He sat in the middle of the sofa and was joined on either side by Andreas and Robert. He put his arms around their necks and brought them in to nuzzle his huge, hard chest and they obediently and adoringly rested, each head gently placed on one solid pec. Dave began to rub his sons’ backs gently, and then not so gently. After not long his arm extended further and further south and was massaging their buttocks. Massaging them hard. The boys each began to squeeze one of their dad’s thick nipples, which immediately began to get thicker and harder. A small moan came out of each of their soft mouths as a large middle finger entered their rectum. “Shhhhh boys, don’t respond, just let it happen, ease into it.” Upon their father’s instruction their anuses appeared to relax and their expressions of anguish turned to beaming smiles and Dave began to thrust his finger in and out of the tight holes. “Boys I never imagined we’d have such a happy Christmas after your mother died. This is such a delight, I love you both so much.” He then began to passionately kiss Andreas, thrusting his tongue down his son’s throat. “Daddy we love you too. Every day that Andy and I stay home to look after all of your needs is a dream come true, we love our daddy!” purred Robert into dad’s ear. This pleased Dave and he flipped his body over, leaving Andreas to catch his breath, and began thrusting his giant body against Robert’s slight pudgy build. Robert moaned as Dave bit down on his lower lip before digging his warm wet tongue into his mouth. “Robbie you’re so tasty, just what I needed after a big dinner!” Dave ripped off his sweater showing a distended, but nonetheless ripped, belly from the aforementioned meal. The trousers came next and his gigantic throbbing cock made quick work of tearing through his tight boxers. “Andy, worship my body like a good boy while I smash your brother’s arse open!” Andreas didn’t need to be told twice and he got down on the floor, licking his father’s toes and then moving up the rippling legs, first kissing and groping the calf muscles that jutted out like coarse diamonds and then moving his head up between the beefy red hot thighs. He kissed the insides of his dad’s quads as Dave tightened his grip on his son’s head as his pleasure intensified. “Come on Robbie, time to see if I loosened you up enough.” In less than a second he undressed his son and turned him over, burying his handsome face in the asshole, excavating the deep crevice with his tongue. “Mmmmmm Robbie you taste so good! You’re truly the fruit of my loins, I can’t wait to get you properly lubed up to take daddy’s pillar of flesh!” Robert was in a trance, so thrilled to be dominated by his possessive, caring daddy and immediately widened his rectum, knowing that an enormous and powerful force was about to enter, and would not be soft or gentle. Having been widened by his father’s loving tongue and finger there was no difficulty slipping in his member which glided beautifully in and out of his son’s snatch. Dave beat his chest as he pounded his son’s ass and grunted primordially like a wild animal as he felt the throes of orgasm approaching. He tightened his grip on Robert’s waist as he pumped his cock into the little man’s ass three more times, unleashing a flood of semen which flew up Robert’s ass and began leaking a steady warm ooze down his thighs and onto the floor. It was so warm that it began to steam as it made contact with the winter air outside. Whilst Robbie lay on his back on the couch, continuously dripping from his asshole, Dave was not yet sated. He looked over to Andreas, his more muscular but still diminutive son and indicated that it was his turn. Andreas removed his shirt and pants and stood looking up to his father in just his underpants. Dave wrapped his arms around Andreas and began to feel his body up. “You two boys remind me of your mother and myself years ago. Robbie you’re lovely and soft, smooth all over. Putting my dick in you is like sticking it to your mum’s tight wet pussy, and you scream and howl like she used to, like you can’t decide whether you’re on cloud nine to have my godly dick inside you or whether you’re terrified it’s going to rip you wide open. Andy,” he said, caressing his son’s chiselled face “you’re like me when I was in my 20s. Tight abs, nice pair of pecs and wide shoulders. Still a baby compared to me, but I love seeing the little similarities between us. And the way your six pack is always covered in stubble from you shaving that stubborn hair that won’t stop growing. Just drives me wild, let me stick my head in there!” He proceeded to motorboat his son’s pecs. He stood side by side next to his son, spread his legs slightly, and lifted his arms in the air, bringing his large hands into fists next to his head forming an impressive front double biceps pose. Andreas followed, the arrogant smirk on his face warming Dave’s heart. He put his hands around Andreas’ left biceps, squeezing them with ease. The two continues to pose down as Robert crawled over to the two of them and began worshiping them. Sucking his father’s still erect cock and working Andreas’ with his hand. “You really are just like your mother Robbie, such a good sucker. Once you’ve made me cum a second time I’m going to reward you by letting you come to bed with me.” Robert began to suck even harder and faster, he loved going to bed with his daddy, and he would lay in his daddy’s arms al night jerking off again and again, the two of them waking up in a sticky pool of both of their discharges that flooded over the edge of the bed and all over the floor. As his father shot his load down his son’s throat, Robert blacked out, probably deprived of oxygen and enjoyed several hours of comatose muscle worship dreams.
  11. Wicked

    Winter Break, Part 2

    Hopefully I am posting this right. . . here is part two to my story (link the previous one in case you forgot about it). Sorry it took so long and hope you guys like it! Winter Break, Part 2 I was breathing heavy. I could still feel my dad’s cock inside me, throbbing strong, even after it had just filled me to the brim with hot muscle cum. I stared up at my father, my back pinned to the wall. I had never been more turned on in my life. He was covered in sweat, his massive hairy pecs glistened with the moisture. He just stared down at me, as his cock held me off the floor. His hands were wandering over my newly expanded body. “I can’t believe my cum made my boy grow like that,” he said with a smile. His hands went under my arms and lifted me off his still throbbing cock. I hated the feeling of his dick leaving my hole. I felt so empty. I was addicted to the feeling of him inside me already. It was like my entire being was craving him. As my feet touched the ground, I looked up into his eyes. “I love you Dad.” I couldn't stop myself from saying. “I love you too Son.” he said with a smile as he kissed me hard and deep. Our tongue wrestling as I moaned into his mouth. “Now turn around, look in the mirror and flex for your daddy.” As I turned, I stared in amazement at my new muscle body, and the shreds of my shirt still wrapped around my arms and torso. My dad grab the shirt and ripped it off with ease. I know I grew taller, but seeing my father standing behind me, made me feel small. He was easily a foot taller then me. Clearly the workout of fucking me had helped him grow even larger. I lifted up my arms and flexed my biceps. “Holy fuck!” I muttered. My arms had clearly grown to 19 if not 20 inches. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I lowered my arms and began bouncing my newly massive pecs. I couldn't get over their definition. I reached up and started playing with my nipples. It felt so good to play with them that I let out a slight moan. That’s when I felt my dad push up against my ass. His hands roved over my new bubble ass, his cock leaking all over my crack. He pushed his fat cock into the valley between my muscle cheeks and began to kiss my neck as I continued to stare and flex. His hairy pecs felt so good against my back. “You are so incredibly sexy son.” he whispered into my ear as his tongue traced the out line of my ear. I let out another moan as I began grinding my ass back on him. My arm reached up behind me and grabbed my father’s head. I started playing with his hair as he started grinding a little faster and harder into me. “Daddy, I need you… I know you just came inside me, but I need more,” I panted out, already short of breath. It was like my dad’s mere presence was intoxicating. All I could think about was pleasing him, milking more and more of that muscle cum out of him. My cock was at attention, throbbing harder and thicker than I had ever seen. My other hand reached down and started to stroke it. Its girth was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe it was my cock. My daddy’s hands found their way to my pecs. He was massaging them, pulling on my nips, and twisting them. As his fingers danced across them, I moaned louder and louder, grinding even harder back on his steel rod of a cock. His muscle cock was like a faucet of pre cum. He took one hand off my pecs to stroke the head of his cock, which was mid way up my back. My father wiped up a large amount of his pre and held it in front of my face. I gripped his wrist and started to feverishly suck his pre cum off his fingers. It tasted like heaven and made me moan even more. One hand was feeding me pre as the other played with my nipple. My cock was now the faucet. I barely leaked any pre before my daddy filled me with his cum… now there was a puddle on the gym floor showing how excited I was to please him, to taste his sweat and cum. My dad looked down at it and let out a laugh. “Damn, my baby boy is excited for more of me, let me get a taste of that!” I let out a small squeal as my dad flipped me around and lifted me effortlessly up off the floor again. I didn't realize what he was doing until my head almost hit the ceiling with was 10 feet. He had power cleaned me clear to his shoulders. My back was against the wall, with my legs on his shoulders as my fat cock slid right down his throat. I thought I was moaning loudly before. As my dad’s tongue played with my swollen head, I screamed out in pleasure. That’s when he slid a finger into my cum filled ass. His finger was the size of a normal man’s cock. I was squirming on his shoulders as he found my spot. the pleasure sent shockwaves through my body as he finger fucked my hole. My cock throbbed over and over in his mouth as he sucked on me. It was the best head of my life. I was seeing stars, uncontrollably moaning and screaming, begging for more. My dad slipped another finger inside me, fucking me hard and deep, nailing my spot over and over again. My back arched, eyes rolled back in my head. I was in pure bliss. he grabbed his cock and lubed up his fingers with all that pre cum and slammed back into me. I couldn't hold back anymore. “FUUUUUCKKKKK DADDDDDDYYYYYY! I’M GONNA CUM!!!!” I screamed out. It only made my father suck on my cock harder. I unloaded the biggest load of my life. Not a single drop escaped my dad’s mouth. He was as greedy for my cum as I was for his! That’s when I felt the ceiling get a little closer. FUCK! Can my cum make HIM grow!? I thought in amazement. Before I could even process that thought I was being thrown to the ground. “Fuck boy! All that cum has turn me on so fucking bad!” My dad said with a grunt. He grabbed my head and slammed it into his crotch. My nose was smashed into his gloriously hairy balls. I took a deep whiff of his sweaty manly scent. It was the greatest thing I had ever smelled. I couldn’t get his balls in my mouth fast enough. “Fuck yes boy! Worship your daddy’s balls!” my dad moaned. His hand never left my head as he rubbed my head over and over into his sweaty crotch. My tongue worshipped every inch of his balls as I stroked his massive shaft with both hands. I looked up at my glorious muscle daddy. I could barely see his face past the two giant mounds of hairy muscle that were his pecs. He was playing with one nipple as he humped my face. “Fuck boy…. I love the feeling of that tongue on my balls.” He moaned out. “Fuck you make me so god damn horny!” He pulled me off his balls and stared down at me. I watched as a smirk crept across his face. He held my face back, one hand on my chin, the other on my forehead as he spit into my open mouth. It was the hottest thing I had ever done. “You’re mine now boy.” my dad said as he gripped his foot long cock and started smacking my face with it. He smeared pre cum all over my scruff. “Now you're marked.” He smirked again as he slammed his gigantic dick down my throat. I choked, and gagged on its mass but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I ate his cock like I was starving. In fact I was. I needed that massive cock. I wanted that muscle cum. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to please my muscle god. I wanted to grow even bigger, to be just like him. My daddy let out moan after moan, grunting as he fucked my face without mercy. Tears were welling up in my eyes as he pounded my skull. He was raping my mouth. I tried to make him slow down but his hands were like a vice. He was 100% pure primal fucking my face. His cock felt like it was swelling even bigger with each thrust. I didn't know whether to be scared that he was about to crush my skull or so turned on I could cum without touching my cock. It turned out to be the latter. His alpha essence pushed me over the edge. My cock started to explode as he cock filled up my throat. I tried to moan but couldn’t get out much more than a gargle. My father looked down as he felt my hot cum shoot all over his leg. “FUCK BOY! TAKE MY CUMMMMM!” he grunted and slammed his cock deep into my mouth. His cock flooded my throat with hot sweet cum. I managed to swallow the first few shots but the shear volume overwhelmed me. It started leaking out of my mouth and down my chest as he shot stream after stream into me. I hurried to swallow over and over. The sounds that were coming out of my dad as he unloaded where nothing short of animalistic. I felt his cum warm my stomach. I felt the warmth start to spread again. I looked down as my arms and pecs began to swell again. I fell onto my back as the warmth engulfed my body. I moaned out and squirmed on the floor. My dad was still cumming, squirting more and more muscle cum onto me. I rubbed my expanding body, feeling the growth. I rubbed my daddy’s cum into my pecs as I felt them compound under my hand. It was making me so hard. The power, the strength. It was amazing. I looked up at my father, I couldn’t help myself, it was like his cum was viagra on steriods. I started jerking my cock at my daddy’s feet, covered in his cum, muscles growing. He stared down at me. “Fuck boy, you’re growing even more!” he smirked. He started to flex for me. I felt my lats expanding, my shoulders getting broader. “My godly muscle cum is doing wonders for your son. Maybe one day you be this big.” He said as he flexed a most muscular for me. I exploded all over him. I didn't stand a chance seeing that and not cumming. I just laid there at his feet, panting, covered in sweat and my daddy’s cum. I couldn’t believe it. I was hopelessly devoted to this muscle god. I couldn’t get enough. My dad extended a hand and I grabbed it. He lifted me off the floor with ease and pulled me into a hug. He pressed me against his hairy boulders of pecs. “Sorry I got a little rough there. I don’t know what came over me.” He said with a blush. “I loved it daddy,” I beamed with a smile. He kissed me deep, with passion only a father has for a son. He held me. I felt safe and warm in those impossibly strong arms. It was as though his essence engulfed me. I never wanted to leave. I looked over in the mirror. I was amazed at my transformation, but my father was on a completely different level. He was at least 7 feet tall now. His delts and shoulders looked like a literal mountain range. His biceps were the size of my head. “Daddy you’re huge!” I gawked. I stood back and just stared at him. He smiled down at me and raised his massive arms and flexed his mountainous arms. I grabbed his bicep with both hands i couldn't even come close to encircling it all. “Look at how huge your father has become!” he said, as he flexed a most muscular. I swear I saw him grow even more as he flexed those gigantic muscles. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was absolute muscle perfection. “How is this possible dad!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining,” I said as I admired my own newly enlarged bicep. “Well I found this at one of my work site’s at the end of the summer,” he said as he gripped his ancient looking necklace. I remembered how it felt hot against my skin when he was fucking me. I took it in my hand and rubbed it. It still felt hot to the touch. “Any time I lift when I’m wearing it, it makes me stronger and grow bigger. It never made me grow this much before. But when I saw you looking so sexy in that tight shirt, it’s like I lost all control and the necklace fed off my lust for you. I could feel it feeding off the sexual energy. It was so intense, all i wanted to do was lift, grow and fuck! Just thinking about it again is making me…. “ I looked down as the necklace started to glow, and my dad’s cock harden. I quickly lifted the necklace over his head. The action snapped him back to reality. “Are you ok dad?” “Yes boy, thanks. I needed to take it off, I don’t know how I’m going to explain being this big… but the feeling is so addictive.” I smiled up, “It is an amazing feeling daddy! I don’t know how I’m going to explain this either. I am definitely as big as Mitch now, if not bigger!” My dad’s face instantly changed. “I need to meet this Mitch. Invite him over. I need to show him what real muscle is. He needs to know you're mine now, not his.” he said in a deep growl. “But… Daddy he's straight. Him and I have never done any….” “NOW. Boy. I need to show him what a true muscle God looks like." My father said with such force I knew there’d be no debating with him. He flex his massive frame as he towered over me. I stared up at his muscles as the veins bulged. I had never seen anything like it. It made my knees weak. He truly was bigger than any bodybuilder I had ever seen. He pointed at our pile of shredded clothes. “Get your phone and call him now.” I scrambled to rummage though the clothes as quickly as I could. I was shaking. I didn’t know why but I knew I had to. He wanted it, so I had to make it happen. He put his gigantic arm around me and pulled me into him as I scrolled through my phone to find Mitch's number. My father bent down and started sucking on my neck as his hands found my ass. I was intoxicated by his touch.... I was forgetting what I was doing... All I could think of was his cock inside me again. ''Dial the number," my father whispered into my ear as he lifted me off the ground again. His strength engulfed me. I couldn't believe how easily he picked me up. His muscles were so hard... So strong. The warmth of his body made me want more... No need more. I pushed send as my daddy's cock slid inside me again. "Fuck I love the feeling of my boy's tight warm hole," he whispered as he filled me up. His presence inside me was overwhelming, it pushed me to the edge of bliss but Mitch's voice snapped me back to reality. ''Hey buddy!"
  12. leogrando

    Magic Orb (Dave Pov)

    Hello this ismy first story in this forum so please critique and comment if you want some continuation... DAVE POV Hello My Name is Dave and i’m 21 Years Old and my Brother Todd 25 years old. We are moving together to a brand new house since our parents kicked me away, because i’m gay. My brother meanwhile are okay for me being gay. So there’s that. I’m just an average guy with an average life, but with a little bit of gayness. I love my brother, he is very kind, funny, and awesome guy. Also he is actually super hot and ripped, because he’s a part time trainer in the nearest gym. But i don’t have such an obsession for my brother because i prefer a more big and muscular who can protect me. Sorry everything start normally, we move in, unpacked our stuff, explore the place and suddenly… “Bro! Look What do i found!” Todd I rushed up stair to the attic and then saw my brother holding some dildo. “What the Hell are you doing bro!?” Me “Relax Bro, Looks like someone left someone happy toys” Todd “Dude, They are used toys, we don’t know who use it” Me “Yeah, but look there is a lot of them, like this double dildo, this beads and…” “How do you know all this stuff?” “My-ex have some of these, and this weird cristal ball?” “Uhm, anyway i will continue unpack and you do you okay don’t do anything stupid’ “Yeah…” After saying that i leave the attic, while my brother still staring at this amber colored Crystal ball. He looked into it very deeply, but i leave the attic and left my brother. I continue to unpacked my stuff. A couple minutes later, I hear screaming from the attic, I drop everything and rushed to the attic. And then i saw it My Brother on the ground, without any clothing, only his hand covering his Erect penis and his clothing as a pillow. I quickly rushed to him “Dude what the hell are you doing?” Me “The Orb, I want The orb” Todd “The Orb?” Todd I Looked around for the orb and it was nowhere to be found. I Touch my Brother fore head and it felt very hot like burning hot. Without thinking any further, I try to carry him into his room and cover him up as much as i can. And try to calm the fever. When i try to make him drink some water he suddenly move erratically and scream. “GOD!! MY ASS!! MY ASS IS BURNING!!!” Todd Shocked, I quickly take the bed cover and touch and see his ass,there was nothing there. It does feel a little bit hot and his skin is turning red. He is still moving frantically, so i moved into his bed and hug him and pray lord to stop the torturing in my brother. I keep hug him and cuddle very hard, even though he is trying to break it. I pray for my brother, because i don’t have any family that truly love me aside him. Around 5 pm, he start to calm down, the fever is down and he is a sleep. So i quietly move from the bed and let him sleep. “Don’t Leave big bro, Fight the Torture” Me I shut down the light and close the door The next day, I wake up and do my morning routine, showering, brushing, jerking,etc. I checked my brother room and he isn't there. Then i smell some egg and quickly run to the kitchen and i found my brother. But I was shocked. “Yo Little bro! Do you want some breakfast?” Todd He is my brother, but dude his body isn't my brother’s, this body is bigger, veinier and more ripped than my brother’s. His pec looks more meaty, more firm and look mor define.His biceps look bigger, alot bigger and those thick vein. Finally his abs are more defined and filled and those thick vein leading to i presume a big bulge because the counter is blocking my view. I stared to his body to long. “Earth to lil’bro? Earth to little bro? Comin?” Todd “Uhm, Sorry. I just.. Hmmm…” Me “I ask do you want some breakfast or do you want to taste some of this?” Todd He is doing the Double biceps pose and i stare, Deeply stare. “So which one do you like little bro?” Todd To be continue….
  13. Chapter 5 – The Recruitment of Gods. October 5th (Today): Sam smiled broadly at seeing the two massively thick men that stood up ahead. The anticipation in him was overwhelming. He had been waiting for months to see this day come. As he drove the patrol car closer, he was able to make out which one was his brother, Lloyd. He was so happy that Lloyd had completed his task as well; really well in fact as Steve was such an amazing specimen of his new self. The broken up cop car splashed through the white glowing puddles of liquid as if the clouds had just burst uncontrollably, only it had not rained in over a week. The intensely strong smell of sweat and sex in the air was so overpowering that with every breath Sam took in, his cock lengthened and rose up toward his chest. He looked over at his 2 hour old, new lover, Jake, who was fast asleep, resting from the incredible excursion that he had just gone through. Sam smiled even broader at the beauty of Jake. He remembered how only a few hours ago, everything was different since Jake and Steve hadn’t come into their own. He remembered when he himself first had the change and how much he wanted to have his partner by his side. He remembered how Uncle Matt had told him and his brother, Lloyd, that they were the ones who would bring the “New Breed” (as he called Jake and Steve) to life and begin a new colony. Both men were not only changed, but had become their lovers. He remembered all of Jake’s feelings and thoughts and all that he and Jake had gone through to get to this point. He looked at his watch…8:28pm…yep right on schedule. 6:14 pm, (the same night): It was just after dusk when Jake and Sam had pulled behind the bush-covered guardrail to set up their radar. Their little speed trap had become quite successful. Lately there had been a lot of traffic on the old country road of 35 mph that was going well over 50. The mayor and sheriff had ordered the speed trap in hopes that it would slow everyone down, by the quick word of mouth that always was around town. But to Jake it seemed that it wasn’t the town folk that were doing the speeding, it was only a few travelers. Most of the time, the partners would just sit there and talk about their lives. Every now and then they would get to pull someone over for speeding and Jake really enjoyed it when they would pull over a huge hulking man from that farm over the mountain and across the county line. Their body frames were enormous and positioned on bikes that could barely contain their massive weight. Jake loved pulling these huge men over and always would be semi hard, by the time that he would walk up to these gladiators of steel. Some of them would check out Jake’s own nicely worked out body and flirt with him. He loved their attention and he LOVED men that had huge thick muscular bodies. Lately he had been hitting the mother load; especially with his partner. March 4th (7 Months ago): Jake was new to the town and the job. He had moved from Louisville about 6 months ago. Right before moving, or rather part of the reasons for the move, his now ex-girlfriend left Jake for some trucker she had met at the diner she worked at. Thus, Jake had just graduated from the Louisville police academy and had seen that a position for a cop had opened up about 20 miles out of city, in the town of Flatbush. He also found only one apartment that was available in town. He immediately called for the apartment and talked to a guy named, Zach. Zach told him the place was only a small one bedroom place with not even a full kitchen, but Jake told him he’s take it. Then Jake called the station’s Captain to talk about the job. Without even much effort, Jake got the job. So he packed up his stuff and headed for a new adventure. Jake had always thought himself to be bisexual. He had had sex with guys and girls, sometimes at the same time, but he realized that they guys that he wanted always seemed to be huge and muscular. Even as a child, Jake had always felt a certain…closeness to bodybuilders and superhero types of men. Women were okay and basically were safe in a conservative town as Louisville was, but Jake always knew that huge muscle was what he desired. When Jake arrived in Flatbush, he noticed how everything was really neat and tidy in the town. He noticed that there was no trash in the streets and everyone there looked happy and healthy. Some actually looked “Really” healthy, like fitness models. No one seemed overweight and if they did look big, it wasn’t because they were fat. Everyone was very friendly and when Jake stopped at the local bank, he asked the teller if there were any places that he knew of where he could get a good workout. The teller told him that there was a gym in town, next to the barber shop and that is where most everyone went to stay fit. He also mentioned a farm on the outskirts of town, but that not many people went out there, since it was a little far out. When Jake arrived at the apartment building, which was above the gym, the teller told him about, he met the landlord, Zach at the door. Zach was a small skinny, pre-Captain America Steve Rogers type of guy. Even though he was small and thin, he looked very healthy and Jake couldn’t help notice the enormous bulge in Zach’s pants. Oddly, this stirred up Jake’s hormones. Zach had not only owned the apartments upstairs, but he owned the whole building, including the gym. They went into the apartment and it was perfect. Just the right size and it was just as neat and tidy as the rest of the town. Zach invited Jake to his place, down the hall for some coffee and they could go over rent and stuff. Zach and Jake talked about the rent and the town some, but then the conversation shifted to their personal lives and family. Jake told Zach about his ex and Zach said what a shit ass punk she was, which made them both laugh. Then Zach started talking about his family and he said that all he had left were two brothers. One of them had left the town and he thought that he was living out on a farm of one of his friends. The other brother, Sam, just happened to be one of the cops that Jake would be working with. The police force for the small town was very small itself as there wasn’t much going on in the town of Flatbush. But, that there always seemed to be a lot going out on the outskirts of town. After about an hour, Jake got the car and trailer unpacked and he was moved in within a few hours. That night, Jake had the most restful sleep that he could remember in a long time. The next morning he was to report to the station and start his new job. The first time Jake saw Sam, was at station when the captain introduced Jake to the officers in the department. There were only 15 total including the captain and Jake. Jake noticed, though, that he only counted 14; 12 guys and 2 girls. He also noticed that almost every male on the force looked as beefy as most men in the town, but none of them were huge, just built a little bigger than most, like a cop should be. That’s when another figure came into the building from outside. Jake’s mouth went dry, his knees went weak, and his cock started to involuntarily grow. Sam introduced himself in a low commanding voice and walked…no swaggered over to shake Jake’s hand. Sam smiled as he could see that Jake was visibly shaken by his size. Sam was all cop, with his jargon and lingo and the way he was so hyped up about “catching the bad guys”, but physically, he looked like he had played for a professional football team all his life. He stood a little less than 6’8” and was enormously proportioned. His whole body was thick and big. He looked like a cross between a Viking and Scottish Highland Strongman. When Sam and Jake met face to face…rather, face to chest, Jake could hardly think straight. Sam noticed Jake’s staring but to him it was only admiration in his new partner’s eyes, instead of the lust that Jake had felt. Being a straight guy, Sam took it was one Hell of a compliment coming from a good-looking guy, like Jake. Sam had a girlfriend that he loved and they had plans to get married. Even though he loved his fiancé, it didn’t stop Sam from being a chauvinistic jerk as he was always talking about how much she loved his super thick 10” cock ramming her wet pussy. When they were on patrol, just the two of them sitting in their cruiser, Sam would get as graphic as a porn novel telling Jake his escapades with Lucy. Jake could tell that Sam would also get turned on by his own stories. Sometimes as he talked about it, Jake would notice Sam’s huge pant snake start to burrow down his partners leg. Scared of Sam noticing his own impending 9”er making a pants tent, Jake would cover his lap with the ledger for the day. Then after every shift, he would go back to his apartment and beat his cock for hours imagining Sam’s huge body pressed against his and causing him to have some of the most powerful orgasms of his life. Lately, it was becoming almost a daily ritual and Jake really never thought about girls much anymore. It was beginning to be all about Sam. Jake and Sam had been partners for about 3 ½ months now and Jake was feeling his way with his new partner. He fantasized doing that literally, feeling all over Sam’s big muscular, thick body, but he knew Sam was homophobic, so he had to take it easy with any hints or allegations. Sam was always talking about how disgusted he’d get seeing two guys kiss. He said that he would never let some guy kiss him. He’d rough ‘em up good. Make them pay for being such a pansy. Once he talked about how he’d fuck the hell out of em, just to teach those “fags” a lesson. The idea of Sam fucking Jake to teach him a lesson, made Jake almost cum in his pants. As their time together on the job progressed through the months, Sam’s stories of the past chicks he had banged, plus his girlfriend’s ability to deep throat him and getting his cock so wet she never needed lube, seemed to get more intense, and more off the straight and narrow. Sam seemed to be getting turned on more and more every time he’d talk about it. At first it was all about the girl’s breasts and tight asses, but slowly the details of the girl’s bodies changed as it got less and less about their bodies, and more about how he loved watching his cock, seeing it growing and cumming in buckets when he was filling up the bitches. Once Jake thought he heard Sam almost cum in his pants, as he was really getting into it, talking about his muscles, body and cock so much that his breathing became heavier and heavier, till he seemed to moan under his breath. It was really dark in the car, that night, so Jake only was able to hear Sam, which actually made it worse for Jake, since he almost came himself at the lusty sounds of Sam right next to him. God, he wanted to touch his godlike partner, so bad, but he knew that it was impossible. August 5th: Then it happened, Sam came into work that day and he looked like something was on his mind, but he also looked relieved. As they were changing in the locker room to get ready for patrol, Sam told Jake that he left Lucy. He said that she wasn’t satisfying him like she used to and that he needed something…more. He said that after he told Lucy, she freaked out and went ballistic. He pulled down his pants to show Jake his thigh, where he said that Lucy had taken a salad fork and tried to stab him with it. Jake looked at where Sam said she stabbed him, but he didn’t see a mark. All he saw was the biggest most scrumptious thigh he had ever laid his eyes on. He asked Sam, where did she stab him and Sam quickly pulled his pants back up and said that she was such a weakling that she didn’t even give him a scratch. He said that for the past month he had been getting stronger and stronger and that he had no use for her pathetic ways. As a matter of fact, Jack thought that Sam actually did seem to be getting larger every day, growing from that thick mass to a chiseled muscle god. They both worked out together at Zach’s gym, but Sam seemed to take off like wildfire, getting all cut and growing even bigger, so much so, that it made his uniform skintight and strained the fabric to the point where you could see every nook, mound and crevasse of his tightly muscled frame. At the gym, there was a height tape against one of the walls and one day Sam happened to be standing next to it. Jake’s eyes bugged out as he saw that his partner was over 7’ tall and barefoot, nonetheless. In fact he was 7’ 3”. Most men increase their size slowly, but Sam was packing on 10-20 pounds every week. He had to get several new uniforms. This growth spurt started about a month before, after Sam went camping up in the mountains with his other brother and two of his buddies from out of town. Jake also noticed how different Sam acted around him since the camping trip. It was almost like he was flirting with Jake at times, but that was impossible, with Sam being such a homophobic dick. Jake had met Sam’s other brother, Lloyd and he was just a big as Sam was when they first met. Lloyd lived on a farm with a few of his friends. In the past month or so, Sam’s brother, Lloyd, seemed to be gaining a lot of mass too, as did their two buddies, Carlos and Penn, both of which were smaller than Jake a month and a half ago, but now they were visibly larger than him. All of them seemed extremely touchy-feely with each other as well. It was getting to be more than Jake could take. He wanted Sam so bad, that he started to bone up every time he saw the man. There were days that Jake would jerk off 2 or 3 times, just to get his hardon to go back down. September 20th: Then two weeks ago, the two of them were at their normal “speed trap” spot when Sam had an idea. He said that they should bust a bunch of those “fags” at the local rest area on the other side of town. He said he knew that men frequented that place a lot at night and there never seemed to be any chicks. The thing that was strange to Jake was that Sam was the one to come up with busting the place in the first place. Sam knew right where it was and what took place there, but Jake hadn’t ever heard of the spot being cruisy, much less had been there for some cock, himself. The only time Jake ever got sucked off in public was in the local Wal-Mart restroom. Sam seemed actually excited at the prospect of rounding up some “faggots”. At first Jake thought that maybe Sam had been propositioned there and wanted to get even, but he questioned that later, too. The two of them caught about 6 guys there, that were fucking and sucking, but as they were handcuffing them, 2 of the purps got away. Sam ran after them. Jake finished cuffing the other 4 and strangely he knew every one of the 6 guys, a couple were from the gym under his apartment. After Sam took off after the 2 escapees, Jake apologized to the other 4 and “accidentally” let the men go free. One of them was one of Jake’s best friends from the big city. He told the guys to stay away from there since the cops were on the hunt. The men thanked him and took off, leaving Jake alone. While he waited for Sam, he heard what sounded like trees snapping and the ground seemed to shake. Then there was the sound of what he thought were animals attacking the men, but it was over too quickly to warrant him to chase down the sounds. Still, Jake still was worried about his partner. So what if the guy was a muscle god, he could have still gotten in some type of trouble. He started to walk into the woods just as Sam started showed up with the two purps over his shoulders. Their pants were around their ankles and each had huge hard-ons with bodies that were all red and appeared swollen. Neither one looked upset, but rather content and satisfied. Their bodies were almost thick, which was strange since one of them, Joshua was the local barber and had always been quite thin. Jake saw Joshua, just about every day, since the barber shop was right next to his building. Sam set them down on the ground and without a word; both men pulled up their pants, gave Sam a strange look and freely got in the back of the patrol car. What shocked Jake even more was that Sam himself looked bigger, everywhere. His uniform was slightly torn and tearing more, since it was so extremely tight on him. The men had a fluid of some type that glistened in the moonlight, all over their faces and bodies and the inside of the car smelled like sweat and bleach. Sam told Jake that he had caught them in the act and that they put up a good fight but of course they were no match for him. Jake pointed at Sam’s crotch as he looked at his partner huge wet mound of fabric around his cock area. Sam replied, “Hey, since I dumped that bitch, I guess I need to get somewhere. Heh. Oh well.” Then Sam finally noticed something was missing and quickly changed the subject. “What happened to the other 4?” “Oh they got away. I guess I didn’t have them restrained as well as I thought?” “Oh well, at least I got two more of them for my trophy case.” Sam laughed hard and loud. “Yeah, I guess so? Bet you want to mount em, huh?” Sam threw Jake an evil look that told him to take that back. “I’m sorry dude, I was just kidding.” “No harm, let’s get these two back to the station.” Both men got in the car and Jake suffered a massive hard on the whole way, smelling the mixture of sweat and what he now realized was cum. The rest of the night was surprisingly uneventful and Sam kept pretty much to himself, which certainly wasn’t like him. After the two were released from jail, Jake never saw them again. It was if they had just disappeared. That was only two weeks ago. 6:14pm, October 5th (Today): Tonight though, just like clockwork, they had set up their speed trap and were anxiously waiting the night’s “kill” as Sam would call it. Strangely though, they hadn’t seen a car for over an hour. The only passing vehicle was a pickup truck that had Sam’s brother Lloyd, driving and a kid in the passenger seat that Jake thought he recognized but wasn’t really sure about. Still there was something about the young kid that made Jake’s cock jump and throb. There was something strange going on in Lloyd’s truck as they passed. It was all too quick, but it looked like the kid was rising up and down as if getting fucked from underneath. It was really weird but extremely erotic looking at the same time. In fact, there was something about tonight that had Jake’s libido supercharged. It was almost like the air that he breathed could turn him on. The patrol car was getting really warm inside and as usual, Sam started talking about getting his big cock getting wet, but this time, he never spoke of a girl; his girlfriend had moved out back in early September. No...all Sam would take about if he was referencing someone other than himself was that they were just a “hot hole”. He was getting into such detail this time; visually describing his horse cock to such extend that Jake was so hard and in pain from the pressure he had to physically hold down his clipboard to his lap to hide his excitement. Sam kept hinting to the fact that his story telling to Jake was making himself really horny, causing Sam to constantly and blatantly grabbing his crotch. Jake began to sweat as his own hormones raged for his partner. The sexual tension in the car was becoming completely overpowering, more-so than ever before. Sam began to slowly and erotically rub his massive legs, going down toward the knees on the outside of his giant quads then rubbing even slower up his inner thighs brushing his lengthening cock like it was a magic wand of power and lust. Over and over he did this as he very descriptively told Jake just what his cock could do to a person. He talked about the power it had like a mighty warlock’s scepter that caused anyone it gets in contact with to do his will. The more Sam talked about his cock, the more Jake’s breathing became incredibly deep and strong. Jake was starting to lose himself in Sam’s story and the scene that was playing out. Then, just as Jake thought he could take no more, Sam started to tug on his massive cock. Harder and harder he began to grab it and move the fabric of his pants over his cock. With every squeeze and pull Jake could see it thickening and slithering down Sam’s muscular thigh almost to his knee. At this point, Jake figured that if Sam was going to put on a show, who was he not to sit there and watch in enjoyment, but he was still very worried that this was a trap and Sam would beat him to a pulp if he found out how much in lust Jake was for him. His barrier was breaking down very quickly, though. “God this fucking feels good. I’m sorry dude, but I just can’t stop it. You can join in if you want. Go ahead and work that pipe of yours, partner. I know I got to work mine. Mmmm yeah…God I’m so fucking horny!” Still hesitating, Jake started to involuntarily rub his rock hard cock in his pants, but he kept the clipboard over it as he stared, mesmerized by Sam’s blatant display in front of him. Sam switched on the interior light and he looked up from his own lustful indulgence of his cock and over at Jake, “Look at that thing buddy, what hole wouldn’t love having that huge pipe opening it up. Tearing into it and filling it up with my fantastic spunk.” Sam squeezed his rod hard and almost instantly there was a huge wet spot where precum shot out from the piss hole soaking his leg and pants. He shook it some as if to wave it at Jake. “Damn, I’m so fucking horny tonight, I think this cock really does have a mind of own cause it wants to fuck and get sucked anyway it can. I really want to get off tonight. I’d let anyone that wanted it, have it.” Jake knew words out of Sam’s mouth were like that of a bad porno, but it seemed natural coming from him, since he loved to always talk about his sexual life. Jake looked up at Sam’s face with that last comment and Sam was looking straight at him, licking his lips and motioning with his eyes, for Jake to look back down and marvel at his God Cock. “So Jake, do you think I could make a cave outta someone’s tight hole? Make them never want to stop having me fuck them and give them a gift like no one has ever given them before?” With that comment Jake noticed Sam’s pants start to rip apart slowly where the wet spot was as if his cock wanted free from its prison. In fact most of his pants were straining to start ripping apart, ever so slowly as this God of a man began to grow. Jake couldn’t hold out any longer as he blurted out, “Damn, Sam you are the most impressive man I’ve ever met. You’re like the fuckin’ Hulk. I…I bet anyone would love having your ramming them. I know I…” Sam interrupted Jake before he could finish what they both already knew, but Sam wanted to play with Jake a little longer, “Probably any guy, too. What do ya think? You think some faggots ass could take my super dong. I bet a man’s rock hard muscle ass could take my giant cock easier than any nasty pussy could, huh? I'd make him cum without even touching himself, don't ya think?” “I…I dunno. Maybe, it could.” Jake was still playing along as well, even though he didn’t consciously want too. “Because right now; I just want to get off. I don’t care who I’m with. I just want a warm body with a tight hole to fill with my super cock and its special sauce. Like I said, I’d let anyone do me right now. Whattya think, partner? You know of any takers, or maybe you think you’re up to it…” Sam toyed with him. Still guarded, Jake said, “Why are you asking me?” “No reason, just thought…well…you might want to…at least…see it…maybe I can show you something even more amazing with it?” In a last ditch effort to hide his true desires, Jake said, “What are you crazy? I think I’ve seen plenty, already. I’m done with this, I’m no fag!! I’m sure some girls gaping gash would be just fine…” As Jake said the words out of his mouth, he turned away and grabbed the door handle, hoping to make a quick escape, before he gave into the lust that was inside of him. His heart started pounding as hard as his cock. His head was reeling and reality was dreamlike. He was fighting his desires as best he could, but deep inside, he knew it was a losing battle. For a moment, Sam was alarmed. “HOLD ON, DUDE!! It’s okay, seriously. I don’t think you’re a fag, man, but I know you’ve got to be curious. I know you are, everyone’s always curious. Lately, there have been a lot of people that have wanted to see it. Even some of the other guys on the force have seen it and almost all of them that have seen it were glad they did. They all said the same thing that you just said, but once they saw it, they knew they had wanted to see it all along, even if it was just for the penis envy and curiosity alone. Hell, until a month ago, I would’ve said no fucking way and kicked the piss right outta them, but lately I’ve seen a new outlook and it’s fucking awesome. Come on Jake; it’s cool. No one’s going to know. Hell, you should know by now, how much I enjoy the attention from you. I’ve noticed how you look at me with admiration and longing, but tonight...tonight buddy, you have a hunger in you, I can tell you are just full of desire and that's cool. That's totally cool. We’re just two horny guys showing off what we’ve got. I’m sure your cock is really nice, too. By the looks of your pup tent, I’ve noticed that you have a pretty big package as well, especially when you try and cover it up when it gets hard during my stories. Yeah, I’ve noticed it all the time. And in some weird way, it makes me even hornier when I see that you are all horned up over me. You always get really excited when I talk about fucking and all the sex I have. It’s cool, dude. I bet you jerk off thinking about me. I do. I fucking love myself and I love getting off on myself. I love you getting off on me too. So....let’s just show off what we’ve got to each other and get all this chicken shit out of the way” Sam could tell, Jake seemed a little more at ease. He tried a friendly challenge next. “Still you’re no match for my monster, but you look really good all hard and shit. Hell, I bet other guys are jealous of you too.” Jake looked embarrassed and turned his gaze away. Sam continued, still afraid that he almost lost Jake for a moment, “I know you’re not a fag, man. Anyone would get hard listening to my porn stories. Besides, you’re a guy, and guys love to see what someone else has, don’t they? Hell, I've had guys ask to suck it, too. And I don't judge, I just love getting off. Here, just take a look at how big, thick and long it is already here in my pants and I’m only half hard.” “HALF HARD!!” Jake thought and he turned back to look at it and he could clearly see that Sam’s cock must have been well over 10” now. “What does he mean only half hard.” The two words and the sight of Sam’s growing cock made Jake even more intrigued and horny. The voice in his head said, “I thought he was only 10” long, period.” Jake was embarrassed but kind of relieved that Sam knew he got hard during the sex stories. He was happy that he wouldn’t have to hide his rock hard cock anymore, but he still was extremely leery that this was a trap that Sam had set to bring him out. So he apprehensively said, “I don’t know, Sam. This is pretty weird. But…” “But what?! What’s the big deal, bro? I know you’ve GOT to be curious. You have to be. It's okay...I wanna see yours too.” “Well, maybe…” “You want to see my big shaft, don’t ya? Everyone does and I’m happy to oblige. They’re always very satisfied after they see it. I make sure of that. All I need is for you to tell me that you want to see it in all its glory.” Sam’s voice deepened and softened to the point of a low grumbled whisper, “Tell me, Jake. Tell me that you wanna see my huge cock. I know you do. Let go of your fear, Jake. Let go and give in to me. Listen to my voice...Listen to my cock telling you to want it. I’ve known you’ve always wanted too, haven’t ya? I’ve known that for a while now. My brother showed me a better way and now I want to show you. I know you love my massive muscles and I can feel your desire for it. Your body's on fire for me. Look at your own cock. It’s going to bust through your uniform, you want it so bad.” Sam pointed down to Jake’s throbbing crotch that was now wet with his own precum. “I…I guess I am. Maybe it would be cool to see what you’ve been talking about for the past 6 months. You always cover it up in the lockeroom.” Both men chuckled. Jake’s mouth was dry, but his lips and jock strap were soaked. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He was finally going to get to see what Sam had been teasing him with for the past 6 months. He knew he had to keep his cool, though, but he wanted to see that cock in “all its glory” as Sam put it. Hell, he wanted Sam in all his glory too. Jake’s asshole began to throb and pucker. His cock ached in his pants. He was so hard that Sam was right in assuming that it felt like it would bust through his uniform. God, what he wouldn’t give to be able to do that. Still, he was embarrassed that Sam had seen his trouser tent, but he thought, maybe it’s for the best since Sam was clearly interested in Jake seeing his monster. He knew he wanted to say yes. Yes, to see Sam’s incredible body, Yes, to Sam’s incredible cock. Yes, to whatever may happen. Maybe Sam would let him play with it, he thought. God, that would be a dream come true. Just the thought of that made Jake’s cock jump and shoot some more precum into his already drenched pants. He wanted that huge cock in his hands or better yet in his ass, which was puckering up even more. But he was still unsure if Sam were testing him and that he would kick his ass, if he tried anything. But now Jake’s passion had gone over the threshold. His inhibitions left him like a new morning. He felt free and clear of the barrier that was holding him back. Sam had got the best of him and he blurted out, “Yes, Sam, show it to me. Show me your big fucking cock. I want it!! I fucking need it!!! Give it to Sam. Give me your huge cock!!!” Sam heard the words he longed to hear from his partner, which caused a burst of energy inside him and suddenly there were more rips in his pants, not only where his cock was, but in the thighs, calves and ass. Sam’s whole lower body seemed to be expanding inch by inch. Soon Sam would not be able to control the growth in him and it would take over his mind and body and he would only be able to go along for the incredible ride. Since his change at the farm, he would long for the growth to hit him every day; sometimes 2-3 times a day. His training was finally over and he was able to finally control his body and its growth. There were times, such as now, that the growth would begin to get away from him, but he would regain his hold on it as best he could. The growth was like a drug and he was hooked. Now he was about to have the ultimate high, since he was going to feel the growth but as well, he would have the love and lust he had felt for his partner. It was time to bring Jake into the family. Jake’s mouth dropped open and began to moisten as he could clearly see his partner growing. It was as if Sam’s body were a balloon of muscle that was slowly getting blown up, expanding and the muscles getting larger under the stretching skin, becoming more pronounced as they grew. His shirtsleeves began to rip. A few buttons popped off. One cracked the plastic glass covering the speedometer. Sam slowly worked the split open in his pants, but instead of using his hands, he let his cock control itself as it tore through the fabric like a wild animal slowly escaping its cage. Jake could see that the naked monster pushing itself free as it was actually pulsating now, expanding and contracting through the confines of its imprisonment. He was in awe of its ability to tear through Sam’s trousers. It shimmered with all the precum and sweat that had enveloped it. Yes, it was huge, but he thought that it was the most perfect and beautiful thing he had ever seen. Envy and curiosity were true understatements for what Sam said other men must have felt, for Jake was in complete admiration and yearning. He knew it needed his worship. Thoughts ran through his head as if it seemed to call to him, telling him to want it, to treat it as an Idol or a God’s tool for which he was to serve and please. He started to become hypnotized by it. Inch by inch he could see the beauty of it come into view. He started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. His palms were sweating, as was his forehead. He felt a hunger for it in his stomach and his asshole started to twitch uncontrollably. His cock was almost continually leaking precum in his jockstrap, soaking it. His eyes were wide and his chest heaved as his breathing become increasingly deeper and stronger. He developed a thirst in his mouth and throat to coincide with his mounting hunger. Jake was completely enthralled now, but he still had his wits about him. He knew, or rather quietly prayed that this cock that grew before him was going to be his to play with and to serve as was the growing man before him. Sam was right, it WAS bigger than 10” now, and in fact it was almost 14” and still growing. It was incredibly thick, too; like a baseball bat. There was a thick vein snaking all the way from Sam’s thick forest of pubic hair to under the hood of the massive cock head that looked like a fully ripened, delicious apple. It was as if a snake was crawling out from the bushes to engulf the forbidden fruit. Jake could see the movement of life fluid through the massive vein, giving Sam’s super monster all the nourishment it needed to grow and extend into its God-like status. As the huge appendage came more and more into Jake’s view, more and more of the real world melted away and all that Jake could think or want in this life was Sam and his giant cock. With every deeper breath of air into Jake’s lungs, he could smell the pungent aroma of Sam’s fuckpole; sweat mixed with pre-cum and Sam’s pheromones. With each whiff, Jake felt more alive and went deeper under Sam’s spell. His own way of thinking was gone, now and all Jake could think and pay attention to was Sam’s humongous cock and body expanding for his own private show. The lust in him rose with every thread of fabric that tore away. He had never in his life been more turned on. He began to hit a constant state of euphoria. Sam could tell that just as all the others, Jake was almost completely conquered to be his disciple of servitude and to become a muscle god himself. Sam knew he had to start the process of sealing the deal that Jake was unknowingly starting to sign. So, in one swift move, Sam took his hands and quickly tore his pants completely off and down over his huge column causing it to spring up to an almost 90 degree angle standing straight up at over 22” long and 9” around. This happened in just a matter of seconds and it was fully hard enough to stand more rigid than a steel pipe. There was so much precum already spurting out like a fountain from the nickel sized piss slit that when it sprung up, it shot large globs all over the car and one in particular flung over onto Jake’s face partially covering his right cheek, chin and lips. Jake felt it tingle on his skin and he left it there as he was now completely under Sam’s power. There was a large vein on top of Sam’s cock that was almost ¾” thick and pulsating with waves of a dark purple fluid flowing through it. The precum flow began to slow as it came out like a leaky pipe cascading down the shaft, completely covering it like posing oil for a bodybuilder. Jake felt his own cock jump hard in his pants and he had his first orgasm as it shot so much cum that it felt like he’d pissed himself. His voice cracked, “Oh God, I’m Cumming. I can’t help it…Jeeeezzzzus. Holy Shit!!! God, you’re so fucking huge and beautiful.” Sam let Jake have his orgasm and after it subsided he said, “It is, isn’t it? It feels so good to let it out. It loves being free from the confines of my uniform, where it can breathe. So what about you, Jake? Let’s see your cock buddy.” “I’m…I’m nothing like you, man. I’m just a little over average.” Jake moved the clipboard away from his cum soaked pants and pulled down his zipper. Normally he would have never been so blasé about showing his cock, especially since he had just filled his pants and he imagined he would begin to go soft, but not tonight. Tonight, he stayed rock hard and he was too far under Sam’s domination now. He dug down and fished out his normally impressive 9” cock, but, like he said, it was rather insignificant, when compared to Sam’s snake. To another normal man, though, Jake was very ample in the cock department. He began stroking it while looking at Sam’s anaconda that had consumed him. The pleasure running through him was so strong he began to softly moan. Only a few more strokes and Jake would have his 2nd orgasm. “STOOOOOOOOOP, DON’T CUM AGAIN,” Sam commanded. “I want this to last. Take your hand off your cock and close your eyes.” Jake did as he was told. He could feel his cock pulsating and pleading for the release of an orgasm. In fact, he was stalled at that state of euphoria just before your sperm comes rushing out of your cock. Sam knew that Jake was completely his now, but he still loved to play the game and in order to take over Jake and help him start the change; Sam had to get Jake into complete submission, first. He slyly spoke, “So Jake, very nice piece of meat there, buddy. You’re doing really well. I want you to keep your eyes shut and remember what my cock looks like in your mind. Remember its sheer beauty and size and tell me what see? Do not, I repeat do not hold back. I want your true feelings: Your true desires.” “I see something more beautiful than anything I have ever laid my eyes on. I see sheer joy and ecstasy in your cock, Sam. I see an Idol of worship attached to a God of a man that I have longed for and needed and wanted to worship and be with since the very moment I met him walking into the police station. I see my complete longing and desire for you. I see a life dedicated to you and I see that I WANT YOU.” Those last three words came out of Jake without any remorse or fear of being outted. Jake, finally gave Sam all he needed to hear. Now it was time for the “kill”. “Open your eyes and look at me.” Sam commanded. Jake opened his eyes and looked over at Sam. Every fiber in his body longed for the Man-God and his gaze showed every facet of complete submission. “Go on and touch it if you want, partner. Don’t worry about it. I don’t care. Everyone wants to touch it. Once they see it, they have too. It calls to them, just like it’s been calling to you. Don’t fight it, Jake. It wants you to feel it, to worship it, to make you one with it. Take it in your hand and feel its awesome power. It wants to give you its power and strength. It wants to make you huge.” Jake shook his head in agreement, casting his gaze back from Sam’s dark blue eyes to his giant pole and Jake was thrilled that he no longer had to hide his feeling for Sam and he would never again have to deny how bad he wanted the man of his dreams. A tear slowly crept down his cheek. He would never have to forgo his primal desire again: A desire that he was no longer in control of but it was now in control of him. He was happy to be completely in Sam’s control. In fact he was getting off on it. “You want it. You want to feel how heavy and huge it is. I know you do. In fact, Jake, I know you always have. I knew even before the night my brother and I changed your friends at the rest stop. Yes, you were right in suspecting me. They hardly put up a fight when they saw my cock. It called to them, just as it is calling you now. At that time I wasn’t fully able to change them myself, so my brother had the honors and they are reaping huge rewards for receiving our gift unto them. They are well on their way to becoming more than just great men; they are becoming GODS, like me. Go on and give in to it. It needs your worship. It needs your lust. It needs your hunger. I want you to be part of it. I want you to be a part of me. I want you to become a God, Jake.” Wide-eyed and trembling, Jake looked up from his gaze at the huge fuck pole due to that last comment and looked into Sam’s eyes. Tears were now streaming down his face. He was completely happy and relieved. He was more turned on then he had ever been in his life: Mainly he finally felt, free. That was the last moment that Jake would ever remember being a normal human. He was on his way to being one of Uncle Matt’s Godlike men. His hand trembled as it moved toward Sam’s giant cock. The monster glistened in the moonlight as Jake touched “glory” for the first time. He wrapped his large hand around Sam’s cock and still his fingers couldn’t touch due to the thickness of it. He began to slide his strong hand up and down feeling the power of it. Jake could tell that its weight was well over 15lbs. It was rock solid and throbbed of life. The precum covering it was like sheer seethe of thick oil that actually made Jake’s hand tingle and become increasingly warmer. Saliva escaped out of the side of Jake’s mouth. Then he realized how hot the side of his face was remembering the glob of precum that had hit him just moments before. He rose up his other hand, collecting some of Sam’s incredible potion mixed with his own tears and licked it with his tongue as he brought it into his mouth. He swallowed and a bolt of electricity immediately shot through him. Waves of a powerful new feeling and sexual highness more intense than he had ever felt before poured through him like an internal orgasm and he lost all control as he lunged at his idol of worship. With a deep breath, Jake took the entire head of the monster in, stretching his mouth to its limit. His lips cracked at the edges and started to slightly bleed. Sam yelled out. “FUCK YEAH, JAKE, SUCK DADDY’S HOT POLE. I’M GONNA MAKE YOU AMAZING. I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU A FUCKING TITAN.” Jake swallowed as much of Sam’s mammoth rod as he could, which at first was only a mere 2 inches, but with every push of his mouth down, it seemed easier to go further. Sam’s endless supply of precum was mixing with Jake’s own bodily fluids of saliva and blood causing his change to begin. Soon he had over half of Sam’s gigantic cock down into the back of his mouth and beginning down his throat. With every suck he swallowed more precum, energizing him even more and helping his body become more elastic to take the huge prick in him. His entire body was warming up and feeling more energized. “Yeah, Bitch, Dammit Mother Fucker, swallow my cock. I’ve been waiting for over a month for this. You are going to be my best. You are going to be colossal.” With that, Sam grabbed the back of Jake’s head and simultaneously rammed his hips up and his partner’s face down shoving all 20 inches of God cock into the back and then down into his new bitches’ throat. “Fuck yeah, bitch, you are going to make Matt one very happy man.” Jake was so into Sam’s cock; he thought Sam had said ME instead of Matt. Little did both of them know that this was just the beginning of Uncle Matt’s master plan. You see, Jake and another of Uncle Matt’s men were to meet later and change mankind. But good things come to those who wait. Jake was amazed at how easy it was to take all of Sam down his throat and how good it felt. He felt that god cock pulsating in his throat as it continued pumping Sam’s muscle juice into him. His body took over, beginning with his throat as it massaged Sam’s huge cock on its own. Jake felt consumed with lust and the need for more from his partner was becoming overwhelming. Just when his mouth seemed to stretch wider and his mouth cavity was even fuller of cock, something more began to happen. Was it his imagination or was Sam getting bigger, AGAIN? Another large stretch and Jake noticed that even though he hadn’t moved up or down on it, there was an added 4 inches from his face to Sam’s pelvis. Then Sam screamed and the whole car jumped as Sam’s orgasm began, flowing huge amounts of cum deep into Jake’s gullet. So much cum was pouring into the smaller man’s body that it began to flow out of his mouth and all over them and the inside of the care. Sam’s massive cock seemed to continue to grow inside and down Jake’s throat as his body seemed match his cock growing at a fast rate as well. Jake held onto Sam’s cock the best he could and then he began to realize that it wasn’t only Sam’s body that was increasing. Wave after wave of Sam’s cum flowed into Jake, continuing the process of Jake’s transformation. His body was on fire and his skin felt like it was soaked in sweat and cum. Suddenly, his clothes felt extremely tight. So much so that he felt the ass of his pants rip with force up the center and continue to rip completely around the waist and down the right side first and then the left of his legs till they fell onto the seat below him. His socks and his boots started to rip off of him. Then his shirt and the rest of his pants literally exploded in the car, shattering the passenger window with his holster. Meanwhile, Sam was accelerating in his own growth and beginning to lose control as well. He realized that if he didn’t maintain himself that they would both grow to insane proportions and quite literally be unable to function, let alone return to a normal human like size. In a desperate attempt to stay in control, Sam quickly unbuttoned his shirt before he ripped through another one. He usually was able to control the speed and mass of his size, but this time even he was almost out of control as his new subject was. He had been yearning to get his partner to join him as a huge muscle god since the day after he had become one himself. That was when Lloyd, his brother, took him by surprise one evening after they had closed up the gym. He had been working out extremely hard that night in anger and frustration, due to his girlfriend’s cold, rigid attitude toward sex with him. She said he was getting to rough and when he fucked her it hurt instead of arousing her. Lloyd took Sam’s frustrated body to the message room to “calm” him down. Sam was so horned up that even his brother’s touch got him hard. Lloyd told Sam to hold on for a moment as he made a call and in about 15 minutes later, there was a knock at the gym garage door. Lloyd answered the door and Sam saw what looked to him like a human wall. Within seconds, this beast had Sam’s cock in his mouth causing Sam to go into overload and the next thing he can remember from that night was waking up the at Uncle Matt’s farm with his huge hard cock and his body completely massive beyond belief. The next day he learned how to control his morphing and began his training as well as helping to recruit others for the farm. Within a few weeks he had recruited more men than anyone else, combined; over 57 men were given a new life because of Sam. Now, 2 months later, his lust for turning Jake was so much that he, again, was going into sexual overload and knew he couldn’t control himself much longer. He got the shirt off just in time as his chest and arms expanded to Herculean proportions, causing the roof of the car and the driver’s door to bend up and outward. He knew he had to move quick or his already 8 foot high massive frame could inhibit Jake’s newly developing body if they stayed in the police cruiser much longer. Since his partner was over the top of his pants with his growing cock filling him up, Sam just let them rip to shreds. He loved the feel of shredding his clothes; his favorite moments were the initiation of a new member and exploding out of his clothes with his massive body. There wasn’t much room left for Sam and Jake to grow in the car so he tore off the car door and pulled his cock out of Jake’s hungry mouth leading him out of the car like a dog to a bone. Jake had already grown over a foot everywhere and was shredded from his own clothes. Sam was almost completely naked too, with only tattered pieces of fabric hanging off of him, but he knew they were too close to the road and would be noticed, so he led his prey into the woods. The car on the other hand, looked totaled. It wasn’t going to be easy to explain that to the captain, but he shouldn’t mind, since he went through the change last weekend. Once he felt at a safe distance from the road, Sam grabbed Jake’s expanding body by the ankles and pulled him up so they were at a vertical 69 position and Sam inhaled Jake’s own throbbing and growing 11” cock. It had grown 2 inches in a matter of minutes. For a moment Sam let go of one of Jake’s ankles and realized that due to both of their incredible strength, they were able to sustain this position without holding on to each other by their arms, hands and legs. All they need to use was their super strong suction and jaws. Both men were well over 10 feet tall now and Sam decided that he himself was tall enough, but to let Jake continue to grow. It took almost all of his concentration to stop his own growth. They held on like this long enough for Jake’s expanding body to grow well over 12 feet tall, causing Jake’s head to reach the ground, Sam’s eyes widened in awe as Jake’s massive growing frame lifted Sam off the ground as it continued to gain height and mass. Jake’s cock had now also surpassed his mentor and was a good 22” long and over 9” around. Sam began to gag some and again was in awe at this since he had never gagged on another cock. Just when Sam felt that he either would need to begin to grow himself or die from suffocating on Jake’s humongous cock, Jake stopped growing. His body immediately started to convulse and thick gushing streams of cum poured down Sam’s willing throat. Sam drink and drink for what seemed forever until Jake’s giant orgasm’s finally subsided. Sam could hold out no longer and he erupted so much cum out of his cock that Jake felt as though he were drowning. This was the point when Jake passed out and both men fell to the ground causing a minor quake to rip through the forest. As they were unconscious, they proceeded to change back to their normal states, but for Jake his normal state was now that of one of the largest bodybuilders in the world. Twenty minutes later, Jake woke up in the arms of the man he had secretly loved for over the past 6 months. He looked over at Sam, who was still out and kissed him on the cheek. He realized that they were both naked and then every memory of his change came rushing through him as he saw his new “normal” body. His new massive godlike body was somewhat equal to his partner’s but his cock was noticeably larger. He quietly released himself from his sleeping lover, standing up and began to feel what yearned to have his entire life: A God’s body. Sam woke up shortly after and both men kissed. They walked back to the car. As soon as they reached the car, the ground began to shake and from over the hill that was part of Uncle Matt’s Farm, they saw a shock wave barreling toward them. Both men instinctively knew the cause of it and instead of shying away or hiding from the impending burst of energy, they embraced it and faced it head on with their arms outstretched behind them and the welcomed the approaching blast. As it leveled trees and most everything it came in contact with, the two men were in their instinctive trance and ready for the next phase of Uncle Matt’s plan to begin. The shock wave hit them both head on, causing the patrol car to overturn and the billboard sign along with most of the trees around them to be mowed down. Neither of their super strong bodies flinched, all that they felt was what was needed for the continued genesis of the evening. Both men instantly came as the rush of euphoria unlike anything they had ever felt passed through them. Visions of two colossal men who they both recognized as Sam’s brother Lloyd and his passenger, changing into God’s even larger than they had become. When the shock wave passed, each of them walked over to the car, Sam picked it up and turned it back over as Jake watched in amazement. Sam told Jake to try and lift the car, which he easily accomplished, sending a rush of sexual excitement through him. With the roof torn off the car, the both got it, started the car to their amazement and drove to the epicenter of what would be the beginning of a new race on Earth.
  14. Wicked

    muscle-growth Winter Break

    This is my first attempt at a story.... Giganticbeast convinced me to post. I wasn't looking forward to entering the house I had grown up in. My mom had divorced my dad suddenly and disappeared to "travel the country." I hadn't seen my dad my whole freshman semester. I had become great friends with my roommate, Mitch. He was the only freshman on our colleges division one football team. The dude was a beast. 6'3, 220 pounds of pure muscle. Tan skin, bright blue eyes and light brown hair. He was an Adonis.... And also one of the nicest guys I ever met. We hit it off once we first met. I had always been athletic but nothing compared to Mitch. He took it upon himself to personally up my strength and conditioning. I was 5'11 160 of tight athletic muscle going into college. Thanks to Mitch, his training, and all his supplements, I had gained close to 30 pounds of muscle. All my shirts were tight across my new pecs and wide back. With my increase in size, came an increase in attraction from the girls on compass. Mitch was practically swimming in pussy. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was gay... Or that I jerked off thinking about him at least twice a day. He had become my best friend and I couldn't stand the thought of losing him. That was the main reason I had been dreading my 2 hr drive home to see my dad.i missed Mitch already. It was pathetic I know but the man was perfect. I talked to my dad about once a week. I loved my dad. We had the same humor and he was fascinated at my new found love with lifting. He told me I had inspired him to start working out and getting serious about lifting again. My dad, Steve, owned his own construction company. He had always been in shape, one of those thick beefy muscle guys. He was 6'2 with dark almost black hair, dark brown eyes and always scruffy. He was slightly over weight but also had thick muscle arms and a big chest to distract from the little beer belly he had. I had always admired his broad frame and manliness. His pecs were perfectly hairy as were his arms and legs. After a mind numbingly long drive, I was so happy to be pulling into my old drive way. I have to admit I was excited when I saw my dad's giant company truck in the driveway. He hadn't seen me since I packed on all this muscle and I knew he would be so proud of me. I had purposely picked out a shirt he had gotten me. It was for his construction company. It was a medium light weight grey shirt. It use to fit me perfect, was one of my favorite shirts. Now, my shoulders barely fit in it, my biceps stretched the fabric to the limit and my pecs bulged out like two giant slabs of beef. It barely reached my waist. I felt so sexy in it, knowing I had grown so much I was almost hulking out of it. I couldn't wait to surprise me dad. I ran up to the door and rang the door bell. I didn't know that when that door opened, it would be my jaw hitting the floor. Standing in the doorway was my dad.... Only it didn't look like him. My working out clearly INSPIRED him. My dad looked amazing. He was always a beefcake but damn. He looked like a body builder now. He had on a white v neck under shirt that was stretched to its limits over huge mounds of muscle pecs. I could see their outline perfectly, with his nipples at attention straining the shirt even more. Dark chest hair dusted the top portion of his pecs that were filling out the v neck like cleavage. He was wearing an old looking necklace I'd never seen on him. It was a bronze chain but it was tucked into his shirt so I couldn't see the rest. When I finally tore my eyes away from those monster pecs I stared at my dad's face. He was beaming a perfect smile at me, his eyes traveling up and down my body. He was scruffy as usual, with a buzz cut of his dark hair but looked ten years younger. He was only 42, he had gotten my mom pregnant when they both were 18, but he looked so much better than I remembered. I couldn't stop myself from checking my dad out. My eyes trolled over his body, and I had to stop myself from drooling. He's arms looked massive, they had to be at least 20" flexed, and I was dying to see them flexed. They were covered in veins and his forearms were covered in hair, again more then I remembered. And I swear I could see a six pack through the t-shirt. My gaze traveled further south. My dad had on short gym shorts that had huge hairy quads bulging out of them. His quads looked like they were as thick as my 30" waist with calves that were equally as impressive. His feet even looked bigger. Then my gaze traveled back to his crotch. The bulge in the shorts was borderline obscene and I was suddenly dying to know what my dad was packing. I know I shouldn't even be considering it but his bulge was memorizing. It looked like a banana and two eggs were shoved in the front of his pants. I think I started to drool when my dad finally snapped me out of it. "Damn son!!!! Look at you! You've turned into quite the stud! " my dad said to me as he gripped my shoulder. "Dad.... I..... Er....... I ...... Wow" is all I could muster. He laughed so deep and hard. "You like what you see son!? Your dad has been hitting the iron hard!" He said as he flexed his bicep. My knees went weak. I've never seen a bicep that big in person. He just kept flexing. "Look at how big your daddy's become!" He said with a smile. He almost seemed turned on by his own strength. He started flexing his other arm, doing a double bi pose right there for me. That's when I noticed that my dad seemed taller then he use to as well. I swear his bicep was getting bigger as he flexed. That's when his shirt suddenly ripped at his lats. I couldn't believe my eyes. My dad just laughed. "That keeps happening to me." He said with a shrug. "Come give your old man a hug!" My dad pulled me into his massive arms pushing my face into those massive pecs. I tried to reach around him but when my hands found his wide lats, I couldn't stop feeling them. They were so thick I felt the strength and power radiating off them. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "I'm so glad to have my boy back home with me. I've missed you so much. There's so much I want to show you." He just held me. I was engulfed in his strength and warmth. I had never felt anything like it. He pulled me into the house, locking the door behind us. He stood there rubbing my shoulders as he looked me up and down. It took everything I had not to get hard as I was staring at the muscle god that was formally my father. He had a huge smile on his face and I don't think I've ever seen him look more proud. "Come on, show me all that hard work!" He said as he effortlessly pulled my shirt off up over my head. "Flex for me boy." I followed my father's command. I started flexing, showing him my 18" biceps, bouncing my pecs, flexing my abs. He stared intently at me as I showed off for him. If I didn't know any better I'd say there was lust in his eyes. Finally I stopped and my dad snapped out of his trance. "You look amazing Asher. I'm so proud of the man you've become. Looks like that Mitch guy knows what he's doing!" My dad said beaming. "I thought he knew what he was doing, but he has nothing on you dad! I can't get over your size! You've packed on so much muscle! How!? You have to tell me!" I said as I stepped closer to him. "Whys that boy? Like what you see? You'll never be as big as your daddy." He replied with a smirk. "I don't want to be bigger than you dad, you are a muscle God now!" I said in awe. "Not yet Asher, but soon I will be... Let me show you something." My dad took my hand as I put my shirt back on and lead me to the basement. Where his old man cave use to be, was now packed with weights, and machines, rack after rack, bench press, squat, preacher curl. My dad had every piece of workout equipment imaginable down there. They room was covered in mirrors. I saw our reflection, I looked so small next to my dad. There was so much weight on the bench press I thought for certain he had just loaded it up to impress me. He walked over to the Dumbbells and picked up 120lb Dumbbells like they were pieces of paper. He started to curl them right in front of me. I watch as his biceps filled with blood and pumped up. Further and further they grew. I could actually see them growing! 10-20-30 was impossible for anyone to be that strong. He threw the weights down with a roar. I just stared in awe as he flexed again, his arms looking even bigger. He walked over to the bench and called me over. "I've never curled that much before! What a fucking rush!!! Spot me now boy." He commanded. I stared at the impossible amount of weight on the bar. "Dad! You can't do this! You'll hurt yourself!" I exclaimed. "I've been waiting for you to get home just to see how much I could lift. How far I could push myself." He said with a smirk as he laid down on the bench and put his hands on the bar. I was certain he wouldn't be able to lift it off the rack. He had 400lbs on the bar. He pushed up. I stared down as his pecs rippled. He lifted it up, one rep, two..... Then it seemed like it was getting easier as he pumped out one after another. Were his pecs getting bigger?!? He racked the bar. "More weight!" He demanded. I hurried to throw on another 90lbs. It wasn't enough. He wanted more. I piled on weight until I hit 585lbs. He started to lift it before I even got into position to spot. He was covered in sweat now as he struggled against the weight. One rep..... Two reps...... Three..... This was impossible. I was hypnotized by his strength. Then the sound of a rip snapped me back to reality. I watched as my dad's v neck gave way and ripped half way down his torso as his pecs bulged out. His glorious hairy pecs exploding out of the fabric. He was growing alright. Right in front of me. He let out the deepest sound I had ever heard come from a man in the form of a primal growl as he pumped the massive amount of weight over and over. He racked the weight and stood up. His chest was heaving from his powerful lungs. His pecs completely exposed. Gigantic slabs of pure power. Dusted in a perfect amount of dark hair. Silver dollar nipples hard as a rock and begging for attention. He stared down at me from a new height. He was easily 6'4 now. That's when I noticed his necklace again. It look old, ancient old. I reach out and touched it. It was hot to the touch, hotter than it should be. My hand wondered over to my dad's huge pec. I couldn't help myself. My dad had become a muscle God in need of worship. I began rubbing my hand through his chest hair, feeling every inch of his pec, my other hand joined in on the other. I couldn't bring myself to look up at him but he wasn't stopping me. I was in heaven feeling those massive muscles. I almost started drooling. That's when I felt my dad's hand on the back of my head, pulling my head to his nipple. Fuck! Was this really happening!? "Yes boy. Worship your muscle god daddy !" He demanded as he slammed my head on to his nipple. I had to comply. My tongue began flicking his nipple. The more I played with it the more my father moaned. My hands were drawn to his massive pecs. I began to massage them as I sucked on his perfect nipple. My fingers digging deep into the massive muscles. I swear I could feel the striation. "Fuck yes boy. That feels so fucking good. I've been dreaming about this for so long." He moaned out. I was so turned on by hearing this muscle god utter that. He made me completely forget about my roommate Mitch and how I felt about him. The more I touched him the more I needed my father. He pulled my face off his chest. I tried to resist, my mouth didn't want to leave that perfect form. He held my head. One hand on holding my jaw, the other on my forehead. He stared into my eyes. His dark brown eyes felt like they were piercing my soul. It was like he was willing me to love him more. To be more devoted to him. I just stared at his gorgeous face, his strong jaw line, thick lips and scruffiness that was almost a fully trimmed beard now. "I love you dad," I blurted out. He smiled the sexiest smile I'd ever seen as he drew me in closer to him. The warmth of his muscular body overwhelmed me as he pushed his lips against mine. Electricity shot through my body. It was the most pleasure I'd ever had. I needed more. It quickly escalated to us kissing hard and deep as my dad's tongue over took mine. He easily lifted me off the ground and pulled me in closer to him. He held all my body weight like a was nothing more than a child. He walked me over to the wall and pinned me against it. He began to kiss me more aggressively as I moaned out in pure ecstasy. I was punching and pulling on his pecs. Working over his nipples as he gnawed at my face. His one hand was on my back while the other rubbed my pecs through my shirt and slowly moved up to my neck. He's grip tightened around my neck as he pulled me off his lips. I moaned out in protest. "You're mine now boy. I'm going to fuck you so hard and so deep you'll never forget it. And when you're filled up with my cum everyone will know who you belong too." He told me with such domination. I stared at him with wonder, and all I could think about is how much I needed his cock inside me. My legs were wrapped tightly around his waist as he pushed me against the wall. His hands moved down inside my pants. That's when I felt it. There was a massive hard pole pushing up against my ass. It felt massive. He effortlessly ripped my pants in two leaving my ass completely naked pinned between a wall and his massive frame. "Fuck me daddy. I need you!" I moaned out. I stared at him begging him for it. I had never wanted anything more in my life. He smirked as I heard a rip and felt his cock suddenly flop against my bare ass. I could feel it leaking precum all over me. It felt like a fountain. I was dying to see. I kept trying to look down at it. "You want to suck that cock don't you boy!?" My father asked me as he grabbed my chin again. I nodded. "You want me to smack that pretty face with my monster dick don't you boy?" I nodded again. "And smear all that daddy juice all over your sexy lips." I nodded again as I began to drool. "You're dying to taste daddy's seed, aren't you boy!?" "Yes daddy! I need it! I can't wait! Please let me have it!" I said as I tried to struggle against his grip. He didn't budge. He easily overpowered me. I never help so helpless... Or turned on before in my life. I had forgotten about my own cock, but it was throbbing and leaking all over his hairy abs. He reached down and wiped up some of it and licked it off his finger. "Mmmmm my boy's juice tastes delicious," he said with a smirk. He reached past my leg and began jerking his massive pole. More pre streamed out onto my ass. He wiped up some on two thick fingers. He brought it up to my mouth but held my head in place with his other hand. "Now now boy. You'll eat when I tell you," he teased as he held it closer to me. He teased me over and over again I moaned and squirmed, begging him to let me taste it. I could smell it, the manly musk overtaking all my senses. Finally he let go as I grabbed his wrist and sucked his massive fingers in my mouth. The taste was amazing. It was the embodiment of his sexual energy. I couldn't believe it. He smirked as I cleaned his fingers. "My boy is so eager for his daddy." He said with a cocky grin. "Now you will be mine." He stated as he slammed his cock into me. His hands were like vice grips on my hips. The surprise made me squirm to try and avoid that gigantic intruder. It was no use though. His cock throbbed as he pushed deeper and deeper into me. I let out the loudest moan of my life as his cock filled me. The pleasure had my toes curling, my eyes rolling back and head tossed back against the wall. He let out a primal growl as his balls pushed up against my ass. "Fuuuuuck boy!!! Your hole is so fucking tight and hot! It's perfect for my cock!" My father growled out. He pulled out the entire way and slammed it all back in. I had no idea how big it was but I had never felt anything like it. "Fuck!!!! Fuck me daddy!" I screamed out in pure bliss as I shot the biggest load of my life all over his hairy pecs and up blasting him in the chin. I had no control and kept unloading stream after stream as he pumped his cock into me. He held me against the wall as he fucked me over and over. My legs still wrapped around his waist as he pounded me, my back slamming into the wall over and over. He let go of me and started to flex as his cock throbbed inside me. It felt like I was bobbing up and down with every throb and flex of his massive cock. I was mesmerized again by the shear size of his arms. "Grrrrrrr! Look at all that fucking muscle boy!! It's pure strength! Feel it! Feel how hard your daddy is!" I reached out and rubbed and worshiped him as his cock pumped inside me. He flexed over and over in my hands. The necklace he was wearing began to glow again and as he flexed I was feeling him getting bigger in my hands! "Holy fuck!" I screamed out "dad you're growing!!!" "Fuck yes boy! I'm literally becoming the strongest man on the planet! Soon I'll be the biggest too! I will truly be a muscle god!" He growled. He was staring at his bicep as he contracted them so hard it looked like he was lifting. They grew slightly with each pump. I was so amazed it took me a while to realize that each time his cock flexed and throbbed inside me, it felt like it was taking up more and more of my hole! I looked down and was about to say something as my dad stopped flexing and returned to pounding my hole. He was raping me against the wall. I couldn't move as I came again. Another huge load exploding all over my dads perfect hairy pecs. He wiped it up and licked it up as he slammed harder and deeper into me. He kissed me again, hard and deep, letting me taste my own load as he fucked me. "FUUUUUUUUUCK!!! I'M GOING TO BLOW!" He screamed out as he thrust his cock so deep into me. I felt it flex and throb so intensely I nearly came again. Then it began to pump cum into me. It felt so warm, almost hot as it filled me up. I began to feel the heat spread through out my body. I began to sweat and my shirt suddenly felt tighter. He pumped more and more into me as he screamed out in ecstasy. What was wrong with me!? My whole body was tingling and warm, it felt like his cum was spreading every where inside me. I looked down at my chest, and saw my pecs stretching my shirt more and more. I was growing just like my dad had done. His cock was still unloading inside me and I felt hotter and hotter, like I was burning up from the inside out, but the pleasure... It was pushing me over the edge. I looked down at my cock and watched as it grew longer and longer pushing to my dad's belly button, then further. It was throbbing so hard, and leaking more pre then I ever had before. The mushroom head of my cock was swelling to a new girth. My own cock was turning me on. I felt heavier... And stronger. I flexed my arms. I stared in amazement at their size just as my shirt sleeves ripped. The sound snapped my dad out of his pleasured state. His eyes stared at me in a mix of lust and wonder. He was staring at my chest. I looked back at it. My nipples were pushing out more than before as the fabric was stretched so thin. My pecs were bulging out further than I ever thought possible. Is my dad's cum making me grow!?!? With that thought my shirt gave way. It ripped down the center to reveal huge pecs, lightly dusted in dirty blond hair, much more than I had had before ... And I'd shaved clean this morning. We both stood there, breathing heavy, covered in sweat and cum. I stared at my father in utter disbelief. He just smiled at me, and kissed me with a new found passion as his cock was still throbbing inside me.
  15. Hey guys, Thanks for bumping up the story, it got me inspired to continue. I hope you enjoy this chapter! Cheers and thanks for your support! A.O.M.G. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Sire and Son Larry Durham’s passion for weight training started back at 1971 at the early age of 14, when his 16-year-old cousin Freddy got a home-gym equipment and both teenagers spent many afternoon hours working hard to build their physiques like the astounding bodies of Mike Katz, Frank Zane; Dave Draper and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fred started out bigger and taller than his younger cousin Larry, but he clearly lacked many of the skills that bodybuilding required such as focus, determination and discipline. Skills that Larry, even at such young age, already displayed and only got him more excited about the sport. Soon, the skinny average looking Larry gained much more precious pounds of rock hard muscle than his older cousin and everybody at school asked him to flex and show off those vigorous youthful teenager muscles. By the time Larry was a freshman at High School, he had totally outgrown Fred’s humble home gym, and since the owner himself had long ago given up on bulking up his physique, Larry joined the local gym and he quickly became one of its resident hardcore member. In addition, he also grew to be one of the biggest guys around, regardless being one of the youngest members. The feeling of having huge, hard, powerful body that girls coveted, while guys both admired and envied was just one of the many aspects that Larry loved about bodybuilding. He actually enjoyed the idea of controlling the development of his own physique above everything, rewarding himself with such vigorous look after so many extenuating hours, not to mention the grueling but necessary rigorous dieting periods. For such reasons, Larry got truly passionate about bodybuilding and changed his young body into a temple of masculine perfection during the following years. At his High School senior year, he was already a two-time junior bodybuilding champion and with the impressive frame of 5’11”, he hit the mark of 225 pounds of hard powerful muscles, with great potential for promising professional career goals in the early future, but life does not always go as planned. Larry lost his father a few weeks before he graduated at high school. As the eldest, he felt responsible for providing for his mother and three younger sisters. Therefore, the young man started working while he also prepared to join the Police Academy, which happened before he turned 19 years old. Soon Larry Durham became the most respectable police officer of the district. After all, a 5'11” 250 pounds off-season bulky handsome muscular office with a well-groomed mustache “Tom Selleck.” mustache along with his tanned skin and manly rugged jaw was simply impressive. Throughout his outstanding career, Larry’s great physique and impressive strength proved valuable at the line of duty. He soon rose into higher positions still keeping in great shape for the following years, spending his precious free hours at the gym, participating in amateur bodybuilding shows, which secretly kept his fantasy of becoming a professional bodybuilder, especially after he saw his fellow police officer Ronnie Coleman becoming the contender with most wins among the pantheon of Olympia champions. In the meantime, Larry got married to his wife Rachel in the summer of 1990 and Larry Junior was born in the spring of 1992. The muscular police sergeant was happily proud of his healthy baby boy. Their family lived happy until the death of Rachel in a horrible car accident in the year of 2002. Since then, Larry became solely responsible for his precious young boy, who quickly became the greatest fan of his father’s exciting amateur bodybuilding career. Larry Durham Junior was going to bodybuilding shows since he was a toddler, and as a little boy, he was the most enthusiastic fan. Always cheering to his father from the first rows, giving him “tips” and commenting on his pose in real time. It was very cute to see the young boy thrilled during his massive father’s posing routine. Of course, Junior was very passionate about it and never liked when they did not announce his dad among the top five contenders. At first, he cried aloud, but soon he learned the politics of sportsmanship and got his opinions about the poor judging to himself. Junior loved when his dad was onstage receiving the trophy because he would always take his time to come and pick him up, lifting his body in those massive arms and pose for the pictures carrying him – his biggest and most important trophy. People loved when Senior and Junior posed together, the massive contender and his cute young boy. Over the years, Larry Senior realized that his secret fantasy about becoming a professional bodybuilder would not come true. Junior was getting older and he needed to get extra shifts to pay for his boy’s education. On the other side, he truly hated dieting for competitions and in several shows he got mediocre results for not being able to cut down more efficiently. But everything got better as he decided to join Master’s division – his great bulk and powerful stance made him look much better than the other competitors. In fact, Larry was the most famous Master’s amateur bodybuilder of the region, until the phenomenon Steve “the Rock” Finnegan blew him out of the water. Steve was ten years Larry’s senior, which put them in separate Master’s divisions. Although Finnegan competed with a much lighter weight range than Larry – who struggled to keep his onstage weight under 220 pounds –his condition was impeccably phenomenal, which, added to the fact he had started bodybuilding at the age of 54 years old only contributed to make him won successive overall titles in the master’s category. Larry was indeed amazed with Steve’s impressive stats, especially how he managed to keep in such great shape throughout all the year. The two bodybuilders actually developed a very synergetic camaraderie. Steve followed Larry’s advises to strengthen his shoulder and back while the younger veteran tried to keep up with Finnegan’s energetic posing technique. Larry still wished he could at least win one overall against Steve but the guy’s physique was just outstanding. Of course, that was before the SMM revolution. Even the great Steve was not immune to their arrival. If they once stood as bastions of mature manliness, now people regarded as just “old little guys”. Larry Durham got frustrated when guys he knew suddenly grew into humongous sizes and had more strength than a dozen of younger guys at their prime. Why couldn’t this happen to him? He wanted to show these youngsters what a true man was. Larry started to feel his own son was disappointed at him for not being able to grow like that. He barely managed to continue his preparation for the last show, thus resulting in a poor fifth place, which made him even more depressed. Larry Junior drove his car down the road with one single thought in his mind. He had to make his father grow like he made Steve Finnegan grow. He needed to do it for his dad, his father, his ultimate hero. Junior became a police officer because he wanted to serve his community like his father served for so many years. Durham Senior was indeed very proud his boy finished Police Academy at the top three percent of the class. Meanwhile, Durham Junior has always been extremely proud of his father. Every boy wants to brag about his father’s strength and prowess but few actually could tell other boys that his father was indeed more muscular and much stronger than the vast majority of fathers in the world. Junior loved to cheer for his dad in the shows, but he loved even more to watch his dad posing at home, looking at the mirror and asking him how he looked. In time, they became best friends and gym partners. Junior devoured everything about bodybuilding and was eager to follow his footsteps in the sports as well. Although his own physique inherited most of Senior’s great genetic makeup, Junior soon felt he wouldn’t develop the same kind of physique. He didn’t want to eclipse his father’s amazing body. He wanted him to look always bigger, so he never became a contender, rather an enthusiast, a connoisseur dedicated to support his impressive father in everything he needed. The police officer parked his car and entered his father’s house. He knew exactly where to find his muscular dad. Larry Senior was just finishing reading the morning news at the kitchen. “I am right here, son.” Not many 58-year-old fathers wear golden thin framed reading glasses have 250 pounds of muscular early off-season bulk and Larry Durham Senior looked especially thick that particular morning. The young officer entered the kitchen, with his uniform all wrinkled and barely unbuttoned, without his hat and sunshades, visibly sweat and very excited, which instantly made his father worried. “Is everything alright, son? What happened to you?” Senior said standing up and quickly approaching his son to check on him. “Steve Finnegan…I just saw him…he is HUGE! He turned SMM too!” Junior managed to say between breaths, but he noticed right away those news made his father immediately sad. “Oh…so it finally happened to him huh? Well, he wanted it so bad…” Larry said as he tried to return to the table, but clearly shaken by those news. “No wait…dad…you don’t understand. He is immense! I saw him and he looks humongous, so massive and muscular, and…I made him grow even bigger out of thin air!” Junior said holding the strong hard forearms of his own father. “You? What are you talking about? You said he was SMM when you saw him, how did you make him grow? Junior you’re talking nonsense now…” Larry Senior felt a chill going down his spine now, like he had butterflies in his stomach. If Steve Finnegan already became SMM how could his son make him grow even bigger? “I know, but he told me that I have the ability to make guys grow into SMM just like the other kid he had with him. It doesn’t have to be just one guy, many others can do the trick too, and I made him grow dad! It was amazing!” “I am happy for you son, Steve is a great guy and I’m sure he’ll treat you right as his…trigger” Larry Senior still didn’t know exactly how to behave. He wanted to seem supportive but he was devastated on the inside. “Dad…you don’t get it. He said I could be his trigger if…” Larry Junior looked at his father’s noticeably disappointed expression and felt miserable. He didn’t want him to feel that way, he had such good news, his own father could become SMM, he just needed to take whatever it was inside his very son! “I can make you grow too dad…I know I can, I saw…Steve grew huge, he ballooned right in front of me…It was so intense, it felt so good. I want you to have that power, dad…I want you to grow…”Junior hugged his father and held his muscular arms, kissing his cheekbones. Larry Senior closed his eyes and whispered. “I want to grow to son…I wish you could make me huge like those guys!” Their hug was intense; the mutual complicity between father and son was just one of the many layers of their deeper relationship. Junior was still hesitating, but his father’s mustached lips soon reached for the younger man’s lips and they kissed passionately. The bond was finally sealed and the power unleashed. Larry Durham Junior came and Larry Durham Senior became SMM in that exact following second. “I can feel it son!” The father exclaimed as he felt his boy moaning and his own youthful cock spewing its contents inside his pants. His body seemed to convulse and bulge as if it was bubbling from the inside. He moaned and groaned in loud guttural sounds. His already impressive muscular frame expanded further. Fortunately, Senior had taken a protein feast for breakfast with 2 dozen egg white omelet, protein shakes and tuna burgers. All the food seemed to be converting into immediate super muscular augmentation. “Grow daddy…please grow huge…you gotta grow for me!” Junior said, feeling his cock growing harder again as his father’s augmented masses forced their way against the fabric of his clothes. Junior loved the feeling of the expanding width of his father engulfing more of his body in that manly warm embrace. He felt safe, protected, confident and so happy. His power seemed to intensify and Senior’s growth increased its pace. “Fuck…it is getting more intense son!” Larry Senior said as he flexed his now 25 inches biceps, which had augmented tremendously in the span of a few seconds; his chest ballooned and his shoulders widened and thickened. Even his legs seemed to be growing longer, but his quads were shaking with new layers of denser and harder fibers, while the amazingly thick calves increased on girth, pumping more muscle growth back into his upper body. The huge turtle shell 6 pack stomach popped into 8…and then 10 incredibly developed knots of muscle that looked even better in the slightly distended stomach, which only made his waist look smaller as the rest of the body continued to grow and develop further. “Did you grow Finnegan like that?” Senior asked holding his son’s head gently higher to look into his eyes. Junior shook his head in denial. “No…it was awesome, he grew huge, but NOT like you are growing right now…you…are my hero dad…I love you, I have to give you my best, you deserve nothing less!” The young officer closed his eyes and hugged his growing father even tighter, focusing his mind on his greatest wish, hoping his heart would help him in the task of making his father grow into a true SMM! “Holy shit!” Senior exclaimed as his body was taken in another tidal wave of growth that caused his expansion to get even more intense. The shoulders and deltoids increased their thickness and girth, the biceps expanded while the two thick veins crossing their rugged surface split into 4 then 8 and they engorged as the muscular tissue expanded underneath it with such hunger for growth. “You are my hero, I love you dad…You have to get huge! You have to become massive! You are going to show them who’s the real SMM!” Larry Junior kept his eyes closed and screamed at the top of his lungs, as his father grew even bigger. The worshipping hands of the son slipped as the expansion of the muscles in the humongous father increased continuously. The mustached man moaned as his jaw grew even broader and his neck thickened with new layers of powerful muscle, his mountainous chest plates inflated with the new size, the sound of his ripping clothes filled the room, while he continued to expand beyond his wildest dream. “You are my boy, my son…Fuck you just never cease to make me happy boy!” Larry Senior picked him higher and kissed him once again. This time, his achingly hard cock erupted from the confinement of his underwear. The glorious uncut 12 inches monstrous cock had grown 25% bigger in a matter of seconds, and throbbed majestically pressed between their bodies. Senior groaned as he ripped the clothes of his son and in one single, slow, and yet very sensual movement, he inserted the immensely huge head inside his son’s smooth anus and pushed it inside. They both screamed because it was then that Durham Father’s growth reached its peak. The muscle growth spasms increased tremendously and at each time, Senior pumped his cock deeper into Junior’s butt he grew bigger, wider, thicker. His muscles seemed to grow in the same vibration, pumping bigger and harder, his body developing, his frame expanding. Junior moaned, his butt ached, it hurt like hell, but it was so amazing at the same time. He never felt so manly before, he could make his father grow into a monster of inhumanly huge senior muscles. Truly monstrous and massively powerful. He deserved that, anything he could do to provide that was still a low price to pay to make his father’s dream come true. The feet of the son were not touching the ground, because they were actually fucking mid-air while the growing behemoth father provided all the sustentation strength they needed to keep pounding and fucking like the passionate lovers they became. “I am growing so huge…getting massive for you boy! You will never need to look to another guy again! Your daddy is going to be the biggest of them all!” Senior said into his son’s ears, holding the arms of the boy with just one hand while he flexed his now 30 inches monstrously huge biceps and his cock grew even harder and longer inside his boy’s hole. Junior smiled as he tried to clench his own anus as tight as possible to make his dad feel even more pleasure. They both were dripping sweat, but the father never felt tired, he let his boy slide down to the base of his cock and kept pumping him with nothing but the strength of his hips, bouncing the man into his enormous phallus while he flexed his arms. Senior threw his head back as his first orgasm exploded inside his son’s butt. The thick globs of cum were flying all over the kitchen area as he managed to keep pounding, his cock was never soft, it only grew longer and harder. The monumental augmentation of the monstrous senior muscle men continued, perfected, developed while Larry Junior felt his own body filled with fresh manly hot cum. All of a sudden, Larry Senior realized his mind opening up to a completely new world. He could feel his son in a deeper level, he could actually feel exactly what the young lad felt towards him, how much pleasure his body received and how powerful their bond was in reality. “Thank you, Junior…you are my greatest gift indeed.” He said as he held the boy firmly in his arms, feeling their hearts beating together. “I’m yours daddy…” “Oh…in more ways than you can even imagine, boy…” He chuckled, kissing his lips and enjoying the uncanny sensation of his marvelous augmentation. Meanwhile, Larry Junior was so lost in the blissful orgasm he felt his body going numb and very sleepy. Larry Senior nested his son’s sleeping body around his monstrous shaft. He was still cumming inside the boy’s ass and still growing bigger. “You were right Steve, SMM fucking rule!” End of Part VI
  16. Hey Guys, here it is, the last chapter of Hard Mountain. It feels really weird putting this up. Thank you for everyone that's liked and commented, it's meant a lot. This started off as something a lot shorter and, like a muscle, the more I worked on it the more it grew. So thank you for reading, enjoy the last part. It's a bit of a wrapping up kind of thing but hopefully it'll satisfy. I'm working on another long story but it's nowhere near ready yet, though I have a story to put up next week that you should enjoy. Anyway, here we go... Chapter One Chapter Two Chapters Three and Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapters Seven and Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Hard Mountain - Chapter Fourteen: The week before we headed back to campus, I had gone home early to see my family. Danny had driven me back and was heading to the apartment we’d found off-campus to get us set up. Most of his belongings were in Jack’s jeep that had driven up behind us the whole way. My Stepdad was at work and my sister was back at college so only my Mom was waiting for me. I knocked on the door as Danny drove off and soon Mom had answered. “Hey Mom,” I said, nervously. “Sam?” she said, looking me over. “You’ve… grown. When did you get so tall?” We both chuckled and she led me inside. I took a seat in the living room and she brought me some water, sitting next to me on the sofa. “You had a good time at the cabin then?” she asked. “It was incredible,” I said, smiling. “You remember how big Danny was? Well his dad, Jack, is a big guy too. They got me off my ass and I started hitting the gym. I think I had a bit of a late growth spurt out there, my jeans started getting a little high on my ankles but Jack was really nice and bought me some new clothes. They both… they really helped me out there. I managed to start coming to terms with Dad’s death. They… they helped me talk through it.” Mom smiled, taking my hand in hers and squeezing it. “I always worried about you when you were younger,” she said. “You… you held your father so highly. He was your hero, you would literally be stuck to him like glue every minute you could. You probably don’t remember but you refused to see him when he was really sick. Even when he died, you refused to go to his funeral but I made you. It was heart breaking, seeing you like that.” “I know,” I said, sadly. “I’ve regretted it though. But with Jack and Danny’s help, I’ve started coming to terms with it. I’m beginning to move on. Danny lost his mom too, when he was six, they had some good advice. They… listened. I miss him, Mom. I’ve missed him everyday since he...” I started crying and Mom pulled me into a tight hug as she cried with me. We just let it all out. “So,” she said after a while, wiping her face dry. “What did you get up to? I want to hear all about it.” “Well we went hiking a lot,” I said. “The cabin is out in the middle of nowhere, beautiful forest. We explored caves and I even climbed a mountain.” “Well, look at you!” she laughed. “It really did do you some good. I remember a time when I would read report card after report card detailing the many ways you were cutting gym class.” “Well, people change,” I said. “Well it’s a good change, for sure,” said Mom. “Did you and Danny find an apartment yet?” I nodded. “A pretty good one, actually. And… Danny and I… we’re dating.” I thought it best not to mention that I was also sleeping with Jack. Nonetheless, Mom smiled. “Well I never suspected he was… you know, but it’s good you’re seeing someone like him,” she said. “He’s a very nice boy, hopefully you’ll bring him over for dinner again? I’ll remember to make extra portions.” I spent the rest of the afternoon at home catching up with Mom about what had happened while I was gone. When my Stepfather came home I gave him a tight hug and told him how much I loved him, how much I appreciated him as a father figure. After dinner, I feigned sleepiness from my long journey home and hid up in my room to check a whole summer’s worth of posts. My yahoo lit up with dozens of messages from friends asking how I was and where I was. I began a topic on the forum and began to write, adding some photos I’d taken of myself at the cabin. Hey guys, sorry I’ve been gone so long! That cabin I told you I was going to had no internet! L I have a lot of catching up to do but first I thought I would tell you everything that has happened over the summer. Remember my roommate I was telling you about? Well, his dad? HUGE! 365lbs of beef. They had their own gym out there and… I started using their stuff. I placed a photo of myself from before the summer into the post. This is what I looked like before I went. Yeah, I was skinny. But while I was out there… I got bit. Bit by the lifting bug. Now look at me: I placed a photo of myself from last week in the post. I worked like a beast and now I’m nearly 170lbs. I feel incredible; they really pushed me hard out there. Speaking of my roommate… we’re now dating. I am now dating a real muscle guy. He told me that he had been working hard during our freshman year so that he could impress me and we finally admitted that we liked each other. His dad is cool with it too, which is great. I became really close with his dad too. I need to talk to them about posting pics because I’m not sure how they’d feel about it. I want you guys to see what I was living with over the summer but we’ll see. My boyfriend knows about the site though but you’ll probably be seeing more of him anyway as he wants to be a pro bodybuilder. We have a plan too, he’s gonna enter some local comps and we’ll see how things go. I’m really, really happy. This summer has changed my life completely and everything feels right. I’m gonna continue to lift and get bigger and I have a beautiful man to watch get bigger too. He’s put on some mass over the summer as well. He’s just under 275lbs right now (and he knows how to use it ). I’ll post some more updates in the future but for now, I gotta run. Talk to you all soon. -- Hard Mountain - Epilogue: Five Years Later: “And the winner of this year’s Mr Olympia is… Danny Maine!” I jumped from my seat and screamed as Danny walked across the stage, holding his trophy aloft in triumph. At 6’2”, 390lbs and 2% body fat, Danny’s golden and oiled monstrous muscles looked incredible under the stage lights, making his body bulge as he screamed in victory. Jack pulled me into a tight hug, wiping tears from his eyes. Danny had the biggest, most vascular and perfectly symmetrical body of all the competitors, plus his bright blue posers had the biggest bulge too. We headed backstage and Danny pulled us into his huge chest and we squeezed each other tight. Danny was crying, I was crying, Jack was crying; we were all so happy. “You did it,” I said. “I knew you would!” “I’m so fucking proud of you, both of you,” said Jack. Jack tapped on the medal of my chest; I’d won the Mr Olympia Men’s Physique competition earlier in the day. I was now 210lbs even, 5’10 and 3% body fat. Danny pulled me into his body and kissed me, his huge pecs pressing into mine. I could feel my cock starting to get hard, as was Danny’s and we both blushed and giggled. “Boys, save it for when we’re in the hotel,” whispered Jack. We walked out onto the floor where people were taking photographs of Danny. He flexed and showed off his trophy as journalists shouted questions. “Danny! How does it feel to win?” “What’s next for you?” “Are you planning to compete again next year?” “Guys, please!” said Danny, smiling. “One at a time. I’m very proud of myself today but I couldn’t have done it without my Dad who raised me alone most of my life and my beautiful partner, Sam Richter. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.” He waved us over and we stood on either side of Danny. We held up our medals and trophies and Jack grinned with pride. Danny kissed me again, cheekily cupping my big, bulbous glutes in my posing shorts. “Sam! What does your win today mean for your career as an author?” “Danny, will you and Sam be getting married?” “When’s the next book out Sam?” “Is it true you’re studying to be a lawyer, Danny?” Life was good. Danny had won a bunch of amateur and national competitions whilst we were at college and I spent every summer with him and Jack at the cabin, while Danny spent Christmas and thanksgiving with my family. When we graduated, the three of us went to Europe and Danny competed in some international competitions to great success. I’d written a novel in college that had been released last year to good reviews and even won a couple of small awards. I’d recently finished my follow up and it was being released in the next few months. I’d spent the last year competing too, winning some competitions but I wasn’t looking to make a career of it. I did it because Danny and Jack had encouraged me to take a chance. Jack was a great guide for us, always happy to dispense advice and help, and he’d begun to work from home more so he could spend as much time with us as he could. Once a year, no matter where I was in the world, I would make my way to climb Hard Mountain on the anniversary of my Dad’s death. It was a journey I would take alone and I would get into the pool on the top of the mountain and I would see him there. We just talked, I’d ask him for some advice but mostly I would just listen to him talk. Once our time was up, I would make my way down the mountain back to the cabin where Jack and Danny would be waiting. We’d converted mine and Danny’s old rooms into one big bedroom so the three of us could sleep together on a specially built bed. This was our home now, the three of us together, with no one to disturb us. The End --
  17. Hey Guys, sorry there were no chapters last week. I had a personal issue that had to be taken care of so I took a break from the forum. But now I'm back and you better get ready. There are only a couple of chapters left to go and as you didn't get two last week, I will be posting the rest of Hard Mountain over the course of the week. Either daily from today or every other day, depending on how busy I be. I know some of you were expecting a little more growth wise but I said in the beginning there wasn't much in terms of muscle growth, but I like to think as this more of a human growth story. But the one shot I have ready to post once Hard Mountain is complete will, I think, more than make up for it. Bon Appetite! Chapter One Chapter Two Chapters Three and Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapters Seven and Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Hard Mountain - Chapter Twelve: Jack and Danny had set up a small camp on the summit so we stayed the night. I’d been exhausted from the ordeal of climbing Hard Mountain so I’d fallen asleep very quickly, the two of them spooning me from both sides, but I was refreshed in the morning. The next day we headed back to the cabin. Unsurprisingly it was faster on the way back and we got home in half a day. I went straight to my room while Danny and Jack got the cabin back in order. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, trying to get used to who was looking back at me. I cupped my genitals in my hand, feeling their new weight. Walking with them had been a strange experience, as I wasn’t used to the extra size and weight; I’d had to adjust my stance and walk. There was a knock on the door and Jack entered, a huge bag in his arms. “Hey, just bringing your clothes back,” he said, putting them on the bed. “Listen, Sammy, I hope you aren’t angry at me or Danny for making you climb the mountain the way we did.” I turned and smiled at him. “I was angry at first but in the end, I’m glad I did it. At first I didn’t think I could, and there were times that I thought it was the end. But the further up I went, the more I learned about myself. Sure I almost died a few times but it doesn’t matter now, I did it and… and I finally got to get some closure over my Dad.” Jack pulled me into a gentle hug, kissing my forehead. “I was so worried the whole time we were waiting for you,” said Jack quietly. “I kept thinking the worst was happening but in my heart I knew you could do it.” He kissed my forehead again and it felt nice, comforting. “So I wanted to ask you if you felt like staying here the whole summer, not just for another couple of weeks,” said Jack. “Now that you’ve been given the gift of the mountain, I think it would be essential for you to start working on your body. Danny and I would be more than happy for you to stay and we have everything we need here to get your bigger and stronger. What do you say?” “Of course!” I said instantly. “I’ll need to let my family know though.” “Absolutely,” said Jack, grinning. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll take you into town. There’s cell signal there and you don’t have anything to workout in so we’ll pick you up a few things. I don’t think anything I have would fit you.” I got dressed (though I took a few moments to marvel at how my underwear bulged obscenely with the pouch full of bigger meat and the back filled out more with my bubblier ass) and Jack drove us to town. It was going to be an hour drive but seeing Jack squashed into his jeep, muscles bulging and demanding room even with the seat all the way back, was a hot sight to behold. Such a big man in a small by comparison vehicle that was bigger than any car I’d ever been in, an interesting juxtaposition. “Can I ask you something?” I said. “On your journey up the mountain… who did you see? You don’t have to say, I know it’s probably very personal.” “No, it’s okay,” said Jack. “When I climbed the mountain, I was in a very bad place. It had been a month since my wife had died and I was overwhelmed. I had a six-year-old kid to look after, alone, while I had to work and I was still grieving. All her things were still around the house and I couldn’t touch them, but they reminded me of how much I missed her. It was getting to be too much. My father suggested that I take some time to myself, agreed to take Danny for as long as I needed and I came out here. It didn’t help that I was alone, left with my thoughts. To be honest with you, Sammy, I wanted to die. “I missed Sarah so much, we had been childhood sweethearts and gotten married after college. She had been the love of my life and I just couldn’t go on, even for my little boy. But I remembered the stories my father had told me about the mountain and I had nothing left to lose in my mind. I climbed Hard Mountain and I saw her. I saw Sarah in the cave, her body… well, you can imagine what a car accident looks like.” Jack wiped some tears from his face and cleared his throat. I put my hand on his leg and gently stroked it. “So when I reached the top, she came to me,” continued Jack. “She told me that even though she was gone, I would find love again in ways I would least expect it. She said there would be two people in my life one day that I would love like I loved her. One, she said, I wouldn’t understand but that I couldn’t stop it. That was Danny when he was sixteen, that moment I told you about. The other person would be close to the first but when I met them, I would know, even if they hid their own feelings. That would be you. “I told her I couldn’t, that I wasn’t strong enough for this. All she said to me was that I needed to channel my pain into to something that would benefit me, would benefit my mind and body. After that day, I felt something deep inside. I gave up drinking, smoking, started eating right and began working out. Lifting made me feel good, it was addictive and I felt like I was unstoppable when I lifted heavier and heavier. “I’ve been 365lbs for the last couple of years. My body reached its limit, I think, but I keep getting stronger. That was her gift, the strength to carry on and the strength to carry others. I was more active and when I wasn’t at work, I focused on bringing up Danny. Though everyone has needs and I would go out, try and find someone. No one ever… clicked. I dated a few women but it never felt right. Once I was getting bigger, really filling out, men started giving me attention and I found myself attracted to them. I tried dating a few but it never went beyond sex. That is, until Danny went up the Mountain by himself and came back. When he started touching me… I felt it again. Love, but not a fatherly love. Something deeper.” “And then you met me,” I said, smiling. “Yeah, then I met you,” chuckled Jack, putting his hand on mine. “The moment I saw you, I felt it again. When Danny called and said he was bringing you to the cabin for the summer, he said we had to take you up the mountain.” “He did?” I asked. “Yeah but I was against it,” he replied. “You were the first friend he’d ever gotten close to so I didn’t want to ruin it. I actually thought you were pretty hot when I first saw you. And that ass…” I laughed but Jack’s crotch was bulging more than usual in his jeans. We reached town and I called my Mom, explaining that I would be staying the summer with Jack and Danny and she understood. I also talked with her about Dad and how I started to deal with losing him. It was an emotional conversation and she cried a little but she was happy I was finally accepting it. When the call was over, Jack took me shopping for workout clothes. I wanted to pay but he insisted that he did and that I could choose as much stuff as I wanted. Not that I minded, I was a student with hardly any money to my name. I picked out some stuff but Jack made some suggestions. I ended up with tank tops, shorts, sweats, jockstraps, shoes and a hell of a lot of Under Armour base layers. Jack said they were essential but I suspected he had ulterior motives, though I couldn’t wait to put them on. The bill came to a couple hundred dollars and I definitely felt glad I hadn’t been paying. We also made a couple of stops at the supplement store to stock up and then to Costco to stock up on enough food to feed a platoon. All in all, Jack must have spent nearly $1000 but he wasn’t fazed by the amount at all. When we got back to the cabin, I got changed into a compression t-shirt, a jock and some loose meshy shorts that just showed off my ass. It was time to start working out. Jack, having changed into a tight tank and some sweats, led me to the basement where Danny was already covered in sweat and finishing up a workout. Danny’s tank was sticking to his pumped chest and his shorts were bulging at the crotch as blood pumped through his veins. “Looking good,” I said to Danny. “Look who’s talking,” said Danny, running a finger over my compression shirt. “Now boys…” said Jack. “Remember, the basement is a sex free zone. The only thing you do in here is workout. Save it for later, after I’m done with him.” Jack slapped my ass with the back of his hand and I blushed. Danny stayed to encourage me while Jack showed me the different equipment and lifts, how to do them correctly. The moment I took the bar in my hand to do some curls, I felt my body quiver with excitement. I was feeling this incredible drive to lift, to grow, to be stronger. The more I lifted, the more I wanted to keep going. The feeling of my muscles getting pumped up, pressing against my clothes, was erotic yet powerful. After a set I would go up to the wall sized mirror and flex the muscles I’d just worked on, seeing them swell and bulge bigger than before. By the end of my workout, I already looked bigger. My tight shirt bulged from my pumped muscles, soaked in sweat. I peeled it off and flexed, my skin flushed with blood and veins poking up under my skin. The workout had been incredibly intensive, my muscles were pumped bigger than ever and my body looked solid. I’d never lifted anything as heavy as some of the weights in my life. My chest looked fuller, shoulders a little wider, my abs beginning to set in more, legs flush with bulging quads, swollen glutes and hard calves. My cock was rock hard too as I marvelled at my body; I was by no means the next Olympia but it felt good to see my body. Danny handed me a protein shake and we went upstairs for a post-workout meal. I was starving, my muscles demanded to be fed and I ate the most I’d ever eaten in one sitting. Four large chicken breasts and a big pile of veggies were in my belly and it felt good. I felt incredibly horny too, my cock straining the large pouch of my jockstrap. “Man,” I said, once I’d swallowed my last mouthful. “That was incredible. I feel so… different. Fuck…” I flexed my arm again, gazing at the small but hard lump sticking up, the slight vein poking out over the peak. Jack laughed and gave it a squeeze. “It feels good though, right?” he asked. Jack stood behind me and started kissing my neck, pressing his hard crotch into my lower back. Danny was pawing at his own crotch watching us, licking his lips. “Yeah, it sure does,” I replied. -- Chapter Thirteen: Summer can never last forever, but there is still plenty to learn before going back to school...
  18. Hey Guys, here comes another chapter. There's only one more to go after this one but no need to worry, you won't have long to wait. I've started writing a new story and I have a oneshot ready and waiting which I think I'll post next week. I was about to post this chapter today when a sudden wave of... inspiration hit so I added a little something (well, I say little...) Anyway, enjoy! Chapter One Chapter Two Chapters Three and Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapters Seven and Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Hard Mountain - Chapter Thirteen: “Fuuuuuuuck! Harder!” I moaned loudly as Danny followed my order and began slamming into my ass harder and faster. We were lying in the clearing where he had told me he wanted to be a bodybuilder and he’d been fucking me for nearly an hour. I’d already shot twice but Danny was building his up. Summer was almost over and in the weeks since I’d climbed Hard Mountain, my body had really changed. I was now 170lbs, almost all muscle. Daily cardio workouts had reduced my bodyfat down so my skin was tight over my muscles. I’d grown a little taller too; I was now 5’9”. My shoulders were wider, waist trimmer and my legs were slender yet solid with muscle. I flexed my solid six-pack and thick bubble ass each time Danny thrust powerfully inside me. He was bigger too, 272lbs and growing; he’d really intensified his workouts and had put on some very noticeable mass and his thrusts were much more powerful than the beginning of the summer. “Danny,” I panted. “Danny… oh fuck… FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUCK!” I shot my third load all over my pecs and abs as Danny growled, forcing his cock all the way inside me and he exploded, his cock recoiling deep in my ass as he shot a heavy barrage of cum. My sex drive had gone through the roof since climbing the mountain, though Jack and Danny had more than kept it sated. We’d had an interesting arrangement, the three of us; sometimes I’d sleep with Jack, sometimes with Danny, sometimes they would sleep together and every so often the three of us would fuck altogether. But as summer was coming to an end, Jack had sat us both down and explained that he was happy for us to continue sleeping together without him when we went back to college. I’d really worried about it but Jack had just smiled and said he was happy we’d have each other, though he promised he would visit. Danny pulled out of me and we curled up, wrapping our arms and legs around each other, softly kissing. “I love you, Danny,” I said, smiling. “I love you too,” he said, smiling in his goofy way. We relaxed in the shade of the trees as the cool breeze washed over us, cooling our sweaty bodies off. I would miss this place, the cabin and the forest. It was so peaceful and I could just relax without worrying about a single thing. Danny lay on his back and put his arms under his head, so I curled up against him and stroked his pecs. “Danny,” I said. “What did you see when you climbed Hard Mountain? You’ve never talked about it, I was kinda curious. I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now.” “I was wondering when you might ask me that,” he chuckled. “Dad used to tell me stories about the mountain when I was a kid and when I was sixteen, I just decided I would climb it like he told me he’d done. No clothes, no nothing. He didn’t even tell me to go, I just went and did it. I think I wanted to prove myself to him, he was fairly big then and I hadn’t been lifting for very long. When I got there… I saw my Mom.” He paused, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. I gave his pec a gentle squeeze, kissing his bare skin. “She looked beautiful, I couldn’t believe it was her,” he said. “I told her how much I missed her, even though it had been years. She told me that I had to start letting go, to start accepting her absence. I’d been keeping myself so close to Dad because I wanted to protect him, because I didn’t want to lose him like I lost her. She told me that Dad was more than capable of protecting himself, that I should start letting him protect me, let others protect me. She knew my secret, that I was attracted to Dad. I like girls too but Dad… I jerked off thinking about him, his big body, the way his muscles felt. I felt so ashamed, I’d been hiding it for so long but she told me it was okay. She told me that, no matter what, Dad would love me for who I am. I just wanted to be like him so bad; Dad was always so confident and strong and handsome. She told me that I could be too with the power of the mountain, but that there would also be someone in my life who would make me want to push myself harder and harder.” “Three guesses who that might be,” I chuckled and Danny laughed. “Yeah, I know,” he said. “From the moment I met you, I felt something. The way you would look at me made me want to work harder, lift heavier. I wanted to impress you so much but I was too shy to tell you how I felt. I would lie awake at night jerking off, thinking about kissing you and touching you. And now I can. Well, you know, minus the jerking. Though you do give excellent handjobs.” He leant his head down and kissed my lips deeply, pulling me on top of him. His hands trailed down my back until they reached my ass, giving my glutes a squeeze. “I like this,” said Danny huskily. “Can’t wait to see how big this gets.” “How big do you want it to get?” I asked. “I don’t know, how big do you wanna get?” asked Danny, tracing a finger up my spine. “Well, I like how big you and Jack are,” I said and I felt Danny’s cock grow hard again. “But… I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.” “Don’t feel pressured into getting huge,” said Danny. “Be who you wanna be. You’ll be beautiful no matter what.” I nodded, leaning down to playfully flick his nipple with my tongue. Danny sucked in his breath but chuckled, stroking the back of my head. “Careful,” he warned in a purr. “Sorry,” I giggled. “I just can’t help it. I love your body so much.” “Have you always liked muscle?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said, blushing. “My Dad used to be big guy. I guess… as I got older, I used him as a reference for what men should be like.” “Understandable,” said Danny. I paused and then stood. Danny looked confused but he stood up too. “I wanna show you something,” I said. We walked back to the cabin and I led him to my room. I pulled out my laptop and began to show him my collections. Pictures, videos, screenshots, stories, some of the conversations and role-plays I’d saved with guys online. I explained my obsession with muscle and growth, how I had found like-minded guys online at the muscle growth forum. Danny asked questions about certain aspects and I would explain them to him. “Wow…” he said when I finished explaining it to him. “So… Hard Mountain is kinda like one of these stories of yours.” “Yeah, in a way,” I said, chuckling. “It’s kinda weird, right?” Danny frowned. “You know you can’t tell anyone about the mountain, right?” “I know,” I said, sighing. “It would make a lot of guys happy if they could come here but… some things are best kept a secret.” Danny gave me a one-armed hug and stood up off my bed. “Bear with me a few minutes,” he said, with an impish grin. “Just wanna grab something.” He left my room and I waited patiently on the bed. He was gone for over ten minutes and when he came back, Danny was wearing a fluffy bathrobe covering his body. He threw a bottle onto the bed in front of me and I picked it up. “Body oil?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “You were saying earlier about muscle worship, well…” said Danny, slipping off his bathrobe. “I’d love it if you would do me the honour, cutie.” My mouth curled into a grin as I looked over Danny. He was a little sweaty and his muscles had a slight pump to them like he’d quickly lifted a few weights and he’d put on some black posers that left nothing to the imagination. I’d worshipped his body a little over the summer, but that was during sex; this was a little different. I got off the bed and walked over to him. I squeezed some body oil onto his thick pecs, the liquid dripping down over the bulging meat slabs and running into the crevasse between his pecs. I began to rub the oil on his pecs and he instinctively flexed them for me. Fuck I loved how hard his muscles felt, and rubbing the oil over them to make them shimmer just… needless to say, despite cumming three times earlier, I was hard again. Once I’d rubbed the oil in enough, I ran my tongue over his left pec while my hand groped the right. The oil was flavoured and I could taste banana on my tongue. It seemed oddly fitting for Danny, not because it was a phallic kind of fruit but despite the hard skin, the inside was soft. Danny was all rock hard muscle but he was really just a massive goof and very affectionate. “That feels nice,” said Danny, softly. “Keep going.” I applied the oil to other parts of his body, Danny leading the order. After his pecs, I went down to his solid abs, up to his arms, around to his lats and back, across his traps and delts then down to his quads, hams and calves. As I covered every inch of him in the oil, licking and kissing as I went, Danny would flex each muscle. The more I touched him, the more he would moan; his cock grew hard and pulled the pouch of his tight black posers away from his body. “Fuck this is so hot,” moaned Danny. I stood up and lifted up his arm, burying my face in his armpit to lick the smooth skin. Banana and sweat, it tasted so good that my tongue was really getting in deep. “Shit… you like that?” moaned Danny, surprised. “Fuck, do the other one.” I obliged as he lifted up his other arm, my hands exploring every muscle they could reach. Danny was enthralled by my worship, egging me on more and more with every aroused whimper. There was a sudden snap and we both looked down. His cock had torn one of the tiny straps on the waistband of his poser, his cock now free and standing to attention. “Oops…” I said, giggling. “Never had that happen before,” said Danny. “ Guess I’ll need new ones.” “Get some blue ones,” I said. “They’d bring out your eyes.” Danny smiled and kissed me softly, my hands continuing to explore his body. “I think you missed a couple of spots,” he whispered between kisses. “My glutes feel a bit dry.” I chuckled and grabbed the oil, pulling his broken poser down his legs. I got on my knees behind him, rubbing the oil over his muscle ass. He flexed and bounced each glute as I licked the big globes of his ass, occasionally biting down on the rock hard meat. All of a sudden, Danny spread his legs out and leaned forward, resting his hands on his knees. His glutes spread open, exposing his hole. “You still missed a spot,” he said, grinning, shaking his butt in my face. I bit my lip. I dribbled oil down into his crack and rubbed it in, making him moan as my thumb brushed over his hole. The oil ran down to his taint and I rubbed it in with my thumb. I reached around to rub oil along his hard cock as I gently but slowly rubbed my tongue over his taint. Danny whimpered, his legs starting to shake and his cock swelled in my hand. “You like that, big guy?” I asked, flicking my tongue on his taint. “Yes! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck yes!” hissed Danny as he spread his legs wider and pushed his ass out further. I licked his taint slowly. It was strange to see Danny so overcome, how his big muscular body would shake and quiver at my touch. When I’d decided his taint had received enough punishment, I licked up into his crack and began to tongue his hole. He moaned even louder as my tongue pushed against his hole, his sphincter squeezing tight and dilating as rimmed him. I pawed at his hard glutes, pulling them apart wider so I could run my tongue against the skin around his hole. “What are you two up to?” Danny stood to attention at the voice, his cock exploding violently and thick ropes of cum splattered onto the hard wood floor. I peeked out from behind Danny’s butt; Jack was standing by the door, his arms folded across his chest, making his t-shirt bulge. I hadn’t even noticed him come in. Jack had been in town conferencing with his office all day. God knows how long he had been standing there for but his jeans were tented. “Danny, why are you covered in oil?” Jack asked with a bemused expression. “Well, uh, we…” stuttered Danny, turning bright red. “We were… we were just…” “Oh I know what you were doing,” chuckled Jack. “But now I’m here.” Jack pulled off his shirt and walked over to us. He took the bottle of oil and squirted it across his massive pecs. “Worship these muscles boys, I hope you’ve got enough oil left.” We weren’t inclined to say no. -- Chapter Fourteen: Sam's amazing and life changing summer comes to an end...
  19. Hello again muscle lovers! It's a new week and a new chapter. So enjoy yourselves again, keep dropping comments and keep flexing! Chapter One Chapter Two Chapters Three and Four Chapter Five Hard Mountain - Chapter Six: Jack froze at my question, his muscles tensing. “I heard you both on the first night here,” I explained. “I didn’t know exactly what you were doing but I could hear something. I’m not as heavy a sleeper as Danny thinks, he was kinda loud when he jerked off in our dorm room at night.” Jack was still tensed, his eyes filled with panic, like a child caught red-handed after trashing the kitchen. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone,” I said, leaning up close to Jack’s face whilst still jerking him off. “I kind of understand it if you two have sex. I can tell you two are so very close.” Jack stopped my hand and sat up, rubbing his bearded chin, so I moved to sit in front of him. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed. “Trust me Sammy, I never, never wanted him like that,” said Jack. “I didn’t do anything with him when he was little, I swear. But one day, we were out here when he was sixteen and… well, it just happened. He was filling out more and more over the summer and we were here, at the stream, just horsing around. One minute we were splashing each other and then the next, he just took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. I asked him to stop and he told me he couldn’t, that he wanted it. “It had been a long time since I’d felt any kind of need like that, not since before my wife died. I felt awakened by his touch and I gave into it. I love him very dearly, it’s hard to explain it Sammy. No one else has made me feel like he does, not even my wife made me feel this way when she was alive. I’ve tried to be with other women, other men, but they do nothing for me. Just Danny, and for some reason now, you.” “I turn you on?” I asked. “Yeah, like crazy,” he chuckled. “I spoke to Danny about it on the first night but he said you couldn’t possibly be gay. So at first I chalked up the way you looked at Danny and me as just being in awe. Sounds a bit egotistical but let’s be honest, not even Arnie looked this good.” Jack raised his arms up into a double bi, kissing each peak, and I laughed. “Come here,” he said softly. I crawled over to Jack and he grabbed my shorts, tearing them clean off me like paper. Jack spooned some of his copious precum from his cock onto his fingers and then slowly began to push one digit into my hole, gliding in deep and brushing against my prostate. My body trembled at the immense pleasure, my whole body felt like it was ready to explode. Soon Jack was adding each finger into my ass, stretching it open, until he had all four fingers and his thumb in my ass, pulling them in and out slowly. My ass had never felt so full before and he only had his hand inside. “Fuck!” I moaned. “Please Jack…” “You’re still really tight,” Jack whispered, kissing me. “I don’t wanna hurt you.” “You won’t,” I begged. “I want you inside me.” Jack smiled and laid me on my back, pulling his fingers out and my legs up to my chest. He slicked up his cock with his pre and leaned over me, sandwiching my legs between our chests. His cock rested against my hole, lubing me up more with heavy squirts of precum. He took my hands in his and pulled them up over my head. “If it hurts, just tell me to stop and I will.” As Jack’s head began to push its way through my hole, despite how much he’d prepared me, it felt like a battering ram was being pushed inside my ass. My hands squeezed his so tight at the pain that I thought I would break his bones, but Jack didn’t flinch and kept his up his slow entrance into my body. I could feel my ass tremble as the head finally popped in and Jack let out a low growl. Inch by inch, Jack pushed his massive cock inside me, his hard and heavy body pinning me down to prevent me thrashing around. Soon Jack stopped and I realised it was because he was completely inside me. My mind was so overwhelmed that I hadn’t realised it. I tried to squeeze my ass around him but he was too big, too thick to even dent it. I opened my eyes and looked into Jack’s bright blues watching me with concern; they were glinting with the flames of arousal. I tried to speak but I couldn’t find my voice, I managed to let out a whimper. Jack leant in to kiss me, gently flexing his cock inside me and making my hips buck. Jack slowly started pulling out and I almost passed out. The overwhelming sensations clouded my mind; it felt like my body was being pulled apart until Jack started pushing back inside. “Fuck, you’re tight Sammy,” moaned Jack. Jack’s rhythm began to build, alternating between fast and slow thrusts. Jack had a lot of power behind his monstrous cock and he knew when he was being too rough. I pulled my hands free and started to grope at his huge pecs, so thick and swollen that they dwarfed my hands. He flexed them for me, pushing my fingers open. He buried his cock all the way inside me and pressed his pecs into my face, flexing them so hard that I could barely breathe, but Jack’s smell of sweat and raw muscle was intoxicating. I felt like I was breathing in the strongest poppers on the planet. Jack picked me up so he could kneel down on the ground, my ass completely impaled on his cock. He ran his thick, powerful hands down my sides; his touch was so light for someone so strong; it was like to him I was made of porcelain and if he touched me too hard, he might break me. I looked into his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, and I felt… safe. I’d been with a few guys during my adolescence but it never felt like this. “Are you okay, Sammy?” Jack asked, his cock flexing inside me with each beat of his heart. “Am I being too rough?” “N-no,” I breathed. “It feels so good… Please, keep going.” Jack smiled, kissing me deeply. I felt his hands gently hold my waist and they lifted me up his cock. I moaned into his mouth, my hands reaching to his biceps, feeling them bulge as he lifted me up and down his cock at a steady rhythm. My own cock was rubbing against Jack’s hard abdominals, a solid eight-pack with deep separations, smearing a constant stream of my pre all over his tight skin. My balls began to swell and without warning I shot my load all up Jack’s stomach and over the underside of his pecs. Jack’s eyes rolled back in his head as my ass clamped down tight on his cock, his rhythm growing faster. I was being curled on a man’s cock and he was getting faster, his strokes harder. My ass slapped against his huge quads in rapid succession. I leaned forward and bit down on Jack’s right trap and he growled with primal delight. “Fuck yeah Boy, you fucking came for Daddy,” growled Jack. “That tight little ass is getting me close. You want Daddy’s cum, don’t you? Want me to show you how a real man cums, huh?” I bit down harder but it was pointless. My teeth lost grip as he sharply pulled me all the way off his cock and then slammed back all the way down hard. He let out a roar like a lion, squeezing his eyes shut tightly, baring his teeth. His cock flexed deep and fast inside me, his pecs heaving with every sharp breath as his orgasm built to breaking point. The thick pole swelled and I felt a deep wave of warmth spread inside me, Jack’s cock flexing rapidly and powerfully as he shot his load hard and deep. His body bulged profusely as the veins and muscle fibres looked set to tear his skin open, his orgasm thundering through his mountainous body. I kissed his lips and he reciprocated, running a shaky hand along my spine. “Fuck me…” he finally managed to say. “You got some ass there, Sammy.” “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sit down for at least a month,” I mumbled, panting, a wave exhaustion hitting me. Jack chuckled, patting my back. He stood up and carried me into the stream. He slowly removed me from his cock and I felt empty without it inside. Jack made sure my sphincter wasn’t torn and washed us both with the cool water. I felt so exhausted that I was barely keeping my eyes open. Jack was more than happy to dry me off, put my clothes back on and carry me in his arms back to the cabin. When we got back he took me to my room and laid me on the bed, drawing the sheets over me. “Sleep well Sammy,” he said, kissing my forehead. “You were really strong today.” I mumbled something incoherently and he chuckled. My eyes closed, unable to keep them open any longer. -- Chapter Seven: It's the day after and Danny's back!
  20. Hey everyone! I thought I'd give you guys a treat today with TWO chapters. Not one, but two. I'm really thankful for the response you guys have given the story so far. AND I'll still be posting the next chapter sometime this week. I hope you guys enjoy, and as always comments are appreciated (even bad ones!) Chapter One Chapter Two Hard Mountain - Chapter Three: The next morning my mind was still reeling from what I’d heard in the night. I couldn’t believe they had been having sex. Masturbation I might believe, despite how weird both them doing it together would be, but fucking each other? I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t hear any other other noises except for their voices, no thudding or creaking furniture, so it seemed a more plausible explanation. As I went downstairs, they were both in the kitchen in sweaty gym gear looking pumped. Jack was cooking while Danny was eating a breakfast of bacon, sausage and egg whites. Danny looked up as I entered, smiling. “Morning Sam, how’d you sleep?” asked Danny. “Uh, great, thanks,” I replied. Jack turned around with a skillet from the counter in hand as I took a seat at the breakfast bar, loading food onto a plate. “Hope we didn’t wake you earlier,” said Jack, putting the plate down in front of me. “E-earlier?” I stammered, trying not to blush. “Yeah, we get a little rowdy when we’re working out,” said Jack. “Oh! No, I didn’t even hear you get up,” I said, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief. Glad that they didn’t suspect I’d heard anything last night, I spent breakfast covertly observing the two of them. They acted like any other father and son, nothing suspicious at all in terms of body language. Nothing to suggest their relationship was anything other than familial. After breakfast, I helped Jack pack up our lunches (more meat and veg) while Danny packed up some gear for our adventure to the caves. As the morning went by I began to relax a little more. Jack walked ahead as Danny discussed all the upcoming Marvel films with me. He looked great in a tank and shorts, Jack was wearing something similar, and it complemented their great bodies. Sometimes I’d glance down at the ground to watch Danny’s calves bulge with each step, though at one point I wasn’t paying attention and tripped on a root. Danny caught me, luckily, saving me from embarrassment. The caves were amazing and pretty deep, and thankfully not too tricky to traverse. Though at one point I was having trouble climbing up a high part and Jack lifted me up like I weighed nothing, making my tight briefs even tighter at the show of strength. Eventually we came to a sizeable part of the cave with a small lake, dimly lit by a few beams of sunlight that had managed to get through. The air was cool which felt pleasant after walking in the hot sun all morning. Jack pulled a big lamp out of his bag for a little more light and settled down for lunch. Jack and Danny talked about some of the other times they’d gone exploring and I listened, enraptured. They had some great memories together and they were always funny. I even shared a few vacation stories of my own, including the time my sister managed to get lost in Paris and we found her a few streets away, eating ice cream with some French drag queens who’d been fussing over her like mother hens. “I’m gonna go for a swim,” said Danny once he’d eaten. “Anyone wanna join?” “No thanks, kid,” laughed Jack. “That water is gonna be freezing and I like my junk toasty.” Danny looked at me but I made a face, I wasn’t keen. “Suit yourself,” shrugged Danny. He shucked off his clothes, even his boxer briefs and walked to the water. My cock was desperately trying to escape my briefs at the sight of Danny’s naked back, his glutes and legs coiling and flexing with every step. It was like watching one of the ancient Greek statues in motion, and I found it hard to look away. “Not a skinny dipper?” asked Jack, bringing me back to reality. “Uh-um, n-no,” I stuttered. “I’ve never done it.” “Well there’s no shame in that,” said Jack. “I prefer going in the stream not far from the cabin because it’s warmer.” “Oh, cool,” I said. “I kind of want to, it’s just…” I looked down at myself, drawing my knees a little closer my underwhelming chest. As much as I drooled over the bigger men, I felt incredibly self-conscious about my own body. I avoided gyms because I felt like everyone would laugh at me. Danny had even offered to workout with me, give me pointers, but my anxieties made me feel like everyone would look at him, then look at me and then feel pitiful at how much smaller I was. I never tried because if I did and failed, I would feel weak. “Hey, Sammy,” said Jack, soothingly. “There’s no need to feel modest. We’re all guys here, nothing we haven’t seen before. No one’s gonna judge you.” I felt Jack’s big hand rub my back comfortingly and it felt nice. “Danny and me, we’re big guys,” said Jack. “It’s just how we are. But there’s no shame in being smaller or feeling awkward.” He smiled and it was infectious because I smiled back. I stood up and undressed, walking to the water’s edge. Danny was swimming about and I dipped my toe in the water. I cursed under my breath at the wave of cold that hit me. The water was freezing and I wanted to go back. “Just get in!” shouted Danny, who could see all of me fairly easily as my hands were tucked in my armpits. Luckily the cold had shrunk my boner. I took a deep breath and practically ran into the water. “FUCK!” I exclaimed as cold took over me. I waded further in and began swimming toward Danny as my body started to adjust. We started splashing each other, which soon became a game of grab ass. Jack watched from the shore, smiling. Our games in the water got very hands-on. Sometimes my hands would brush against his body and I’d feel the hard bulge of muscle pushing against Danny’s skin. Even with those brief touches, I marvelled at how solid Danny was. The water would just fall perfectly down his smooth body, manoeuvring through the ridges of every muscle group. Even just watching him breathe, his abdominal muscles contracting with every breath, was a beautiful sight. At one point Danny came up behind me and wrapped his body around mine to pull me under the water. I could feel his soft junk pressed against my ass and I fought every urge to get hard, to moan at the touch, feeling his hard muscles pushing against me as he held me tight. After a while we were both getting a little tired and we still had to get back so we made our way over to the shore. As we got closer and the water was only up to our calves, my foot suddenly slipped and I stumbled. I managed to grab Danny to stop myself from falling but my ankle was throbbing, pain shooting up my leg. “You okay?” asked Danny, a little panicked, his hands steadying me. “Ye-yeah I think so,” I said, wincing. I took another step but as soon as I put weight on my foot there was more pain and I couldn’t help but wince again. Within seconds Danny had scooped me up and was carrying me to the shore where Jack was now standing. “I think it’s his foot,” said Danny to Jack, his voice full of worry. Jack grabbed a towel from one of the bags and put it down so Danny could lay me on the ground. Danny looked incredibly worried but Jack kept an air of calm. “I don’t see any blood or cuts, which foot is it?” asked Jack. “My left, it’s my ankle,” I hissed. Jack took my ankle in his hands and gently squeezed, sending pain back up my leg. I managed to hold back a sob. “Can you move it?” asked Jack calmly. “Just wriggle your foot for me.” I managed to move it but it hurt to do so. Jack sighed in relief. “It’s alright Sammy, you just sprained it, nothing broken,” he said. “Danny, pass me the first aid kit.” Danny did as he was told, almost never taking his eyes off me from worry, and Jack grabbed a roll of bandages and wrapped my ankle up. “There we go, should be good as new within a few days if you keep your weight off it,” said Jack. Danny handed me another towel so I could dry myself off. They both helped me get my shorts back on. I felt so pathetic and weak; only I would manage to sprain my ankle deep in some caves. I felt even more pathetic when Danny hoisted me up and carried me on his back on the way out. Jack thought it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to even try and take the way out of the caves with my ankle and Danny just picked me up without a word. I felt bad because Jack had to carry all our bags but they both kept the mood light. It felt nice to be carried by Danny, another show of incredible strength and endurance, he didn’t even stop once. At one point my hand brushed his tank top covered pec and it flexed on instinct. Thankfully my throbbing ankle kept anything else from throbbing. -- Hard Mountain - Chapter Four: It had been a couple of days since my epic fail at the caves and my ankle was definitely feeling better. When we got back, Danny played nurse and brought food to my room and even helped me into the shower in the morning. After the first day, I could get around pretty much by myself but Jack insisted I stay in bed. They even unhooked the big TV in the lounge and brought it up for a movie marathon. After three days I could walk pretty much fine and took my bandages off, joining them for breakfast. “Feeling better?” asked Jack, putting a big plate of meat and egg whites in front of me before I’d even sat down. “Loads,” I said. “Sorry for being a cripple.” “Nonsense, these things happen,” said Jack. “Danny used to get all sorts of injuries, always tripping over something.” “He still does,” I chuckled. “On our first day of college, we’d just picked up breakfast from the food hall and Danny managed to trip over nothing. His tray went flying, the food went everywhere and it was hilarious. I don’t think Vanessa Carmichael has ever liked you since you got milk and cereal all in her hair.” Jack let out a roaring laugh and Danny playfully pouted. I was definitely getting more comfortable with Danny and Jack, plus I hadn’t heard any more middle of the night noises from them. “So boys, I need to head into to town today to pick up a few things,” said Jack. “I’m all out of beer because some thirsty asshole has drunk most of it.” Danny pretended to look innocent. Over the last few days, I found that Danny could knock back more than a few beers and not even feel it. Even I was drinking more, though not too many. “Anyway, anything you guys want while I’m gone?” We both shook our heads and Jack went up to go shower his workout sweat off before he left, so Danny and I cleaned up. “You think you can manage a walk today?” Danny asked as I was putting dishes away. “Yeah,” I said enthusiastically. “Great, we won’t do anything too strenuous,” said Danny. “There’s a great little place nearby in the forest and it’s all flat ground.” We finished up, packed a little lunch, Danny showered and changed before went out. Danny led us to a small clearing with plenty of shade only half hours walk away and we sat down on the ground close to each other. “Are you having a good time here?” asked Danny. I nodded. “It’s been really nice, and your dad is great. He’s really cool.” Danny smiled happily. “I’ve never invited anyone up here before. I’m glad I get to share it with you. And I really hope we can get a good apartment off-campus next year.” “Me too,” I said. “You’re pretty easy to live with. Though it’ll be weird when we graduate. My sister said it took her a while to get used to things once she went onto her masters and her old roommates had left, she’d gotten so used to living with them.” “Yeah, I can imagine,” said Danny, a little quieter than usual. He was silent for a few seconds, pulling at the grass before he spoke again. “So what do you think you’ll do when you graduate?” “I dunno,” I replied. “I’ve not really thought about it. You?” “Well, I’ll probably take my LSAT and go to Law school,” said Danny, sighing. My eyebrow rose. “But isn’t that what you want to do?” “I do, but…” Danny paused. “I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. But… I know this sounds so stupid but I when I finish undergrad, I kinda wanna go to Europe.” “Europe?” I asked, smiling bemused. “Why’s that stupid?” “It’s not, I guess,” replied Danny. “I just… I’ve been in education almost my whole life and I’d like a break, you know? Take a year off and go to all the capitals in Europe, see something different and new.” “Have you talked to your Dad about it?” I asked. Danny shook his head. “I know I should but I don’t want him to say no. I think he’ll just say I should go to law school first, but if I do then I’ll have to go straight into a law firm and start working and then I’ll never be able to go until I’m older and have a ton more responsibilities. I’d never be able to really enjoy myself that way.” I put my hand on his knee comfortingly. “Plus… I do want to be a lawyer but I also want to…” said Danny, before stopping. It was weird seeing Danny so unsure of himself. Despite his odd clumsiness, Danny practically exuberated confidence. It was a sight to see such a big guy, who’d normally held himself like a pillar of strength, picking at grass and wildflowers in frustration. “Want to…?” I encouraged. “Come on Danny, I’m not gonna judge you. What do you want to do?” Danny sighed and looked up at me, looking a little embarrassed. “I wanna… I wanna be like one of those pro bodybuilders,” said Danny, blushing. “You mean like those guys who go on stage and flex their muscles?” I asked, feigning any knowledge of bodybuilding, though my cock was growing hard at the thought of Danny in skimpy posers. “Yeah, I wanna do that,” he said, hanging his head. “You think it’s stupid right?” “Absolutely not!” I exclaimed. “I think that would be awesome!” “Really?” asked Danny with a small smile. “Yeah, I mean, look at you!” I said. “How many nineteen year olds are as big as you are? You could probably start doing it now, you’re pretty big as it is and I’m sure there’s some local competitions by campus.” “But Dad… he said…” said Danny. “In the past he said those things were stupid. I know he’s a big guy and when I was growing up, I asked why he didn’t do it as he just kept getting bigger and bigger and he said that it wasn’t a real job, that he didn’t need to prove himself that way.” “But I bet he’d be happy for you if you wanted to do it,” I said. “I’ve only known your Dad a few days but I can tell he just wants you to be happy. You won’t know that unless you talk to him.” Danny nodded. “Thanks Sam, I’m so glad you understand. I’ve never told anyone that stuff before. It… it feels so good to get it off my chest, you know? You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.” Before I knew what was happening, Danny had pulled me into a tight hug. His hard muscles pushed into my body and warmth emanating from under his skin that felt so good to be enveloped in. He smelled so good and I wanted to kiss him so badly. But I couldn’t, because if I was wrong then I knew I would lose him. We headed back to the house later in the afternoon. Jack hadn’t come back yet so we hung out in my room. We took the lounge TV from my room back downstairs and then spent an hour talking about Danny’s trip to Europe. I’d been to France and Italy so I told some anecdotes from my vacations there and Danny hung on every word. “Maybe if you time it right, and you do well at some comps here, you could enter some European competitions,” I said. “Really build up your profile overseas.” “Sounds like a good idea,” said Danny, smiling excitedly. “And you would come with me, right?” I paused at Danny’s question. My family didn’t have that kind of money to pay for me to live abroad for a year. What savings they had went on paying for college tuition and living expenses for both my sister and me so we wouldn’t be in debt when we graduated. “I don’t know,” I said honestly. “We’ll see.” “If it’s the money you’re worried about, don’t be,” said Danny. “I have a trust fund I get access to when I’m twenty-one. It should cover us both.” “You don’t have to do that!” I protested. “But I want to,” said Danny, smiling. “I want you come with me. It would be boring if I was by myself and you’re my best friend, so we’d have a ton of fun. Whaddya say? Come and keep this idiot company?” I laughed, shaking my head. “Fine, fine,” I said. “But you’re not an idiot, Danny. You’re a decent, intelligent guy. A little clumsy sometimes but no one’s perfect.” “I’m really glad we’re friends, Sam,” said Danny. “You just… get me. You don’t think I’m weird and it’s been so easy to be open with you, which is something. I’ve never met anyone I could be myself around without feeling awkward, I find it hard to connect with people and all through school I closed myself off and pushed people away. Living with you has helped me open up more and I’m really grateful for that, Sam.” “To be honest, when we first met I thought you were a meathead,” I said, which made Danny laugh. “But I guess the old saying is right, never judge a book by its cover. I’ve never clicked with someone so quickly before either.” Danny smiled his goofy smile and we got talking about bodybuilding. I asked him a bunch of questions, pretending I knew nothing about it so I could hear Danny’s thoughts on the subject. He liked a lot of the bodybuilders I did and the way he described them made my cock throb. “Okay, so I need an unbiased opinion,” said Danny, getting off the bed. “I’ve been practising a routine when you’ve been at your book club thing.” “Literary discussion group,” I corrected him. “How many times do I have to tell you?” “Yeah, that thing,” chuckled Danny. “So like I said, I’ve been practising a routine and I just want an honest opinion. Do you mind?” I tried not to turn bright red but I had no idea if I succeeded. “Sure, show me what you got,” I said, nervously. Danny pulled off his t-shirt and pushed his shorts down his legs until he stood in his boxer briefs. I didn’t know where to look, especially trying to avoid his bulging crotch, but I had to keep my eyes on him. He pulled the bottoms of his underwear up and tucked them into the waistband so he could show as much skin as possible. I could feel myself getting warmer and I put my hands on my lap to hide any signs of tenting. Danny began his routine, sucking his breath is and flexing each individual muscle group as hard as he could to make them stand out to the max. I gulped, swallowing down saliva, watching him flex. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to run over and start groping his big, flexed muscles and run my tongue over them. My fantasies were coming true, being in the unfettered presence of real, near-naked big muscles. But it was like visiting the Louvre, you could stand close to beautiful pieces of art but you just couldn’t touch it. Danny finished his routine with a most muscular and I clapped. I didn’t even realise I was doing it but he enjoyed it, finishing the pose and bowing. “So?” said Danny, out of breath and sweaty. “What d’you think?” “Wow,” I said, taken aback. “You looked great!” “Anything I could do better?” asked Danny. I ran over the routine in my mind and bit my lip. It made me look like I was thinking, but I was trying to stop myself from moaning. “If anything, you looked good; certainly showed everything off,” I said, clearing my throat. “But it’s a little all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but maybe just have a little more… natural progression. Like… your upper body is probably your best area, it had the best definition. So maybe start from the bottom and work your way up. That way you’re drawing the eyes up. Danny nodded in understanding. “I’m gonna work harder on my legs, really get them standing out,” he said. “They look amazing already,” I said, blushing. “Thanks, Sam,” said Danny, sitting on the bed and putting a hand on my shoulder. “It’s really helpful to know these things, and I’ll keep working hard until you think it’s perfect.” “Glad I could help,” I said, glowing red by that point. “I think you’re gonna do really well.” “I know I will, because you’ll be there with me,” he said. “Every step of the way. I want you there cheering me on.” I nodded. “Absolutely!” -- Chapter Five: Jack takes Sam to the stream and his junk definitely doesn't shrink...
  21. Hey guys, here is chapter two of Hard Mountain. Not gonna lie, this story is a slow burner and not much happens but only Monday 'til the next part. So please enjoy, comment, send me cake... and stuff... Chapter One Hard Mountain - Chapter Two: By the time Danny and I had spent a couple of hours hiking around the forest, the sun was starting to set and the smells of cooking meat filled the air. Jack had set up a barbeque on the back porch with an array of meats grilling nicely. “Enjoy your walk?” asked Jack, who was now wearing a tight grey tank top with a beer in one hand and a spatula turning the food over in the other. “It was great,” I said. “It really is beautiful out here.” “We went out to the valley, got a great view of Hard Mountain,” said Danny, taking a seat on one of the benches by the fold out table. “It was breath-taking,” I said. “I’m surprised there aren’t more people out here.” “Well not a lot of people know about this place, it’s not as noteworthy as most places,” said Jack. “Though Hard Mountain does have an interesting history. Some people have said that the mountain is cursed so a lot of people avoid it these days. Though it’s said that supposedly there used to be a tribe of Native Americans who lived in the valley at the foot of the mountain. They were some of the greatest warriors, never lost a fight, but generally kept to themselves. Well, until the colonials came with guns anyway. But the stories say that when the men of the tribe came of age, they would have to climb up to the peak of the mountain with nothing but the skin of their backs to prove they were worthy, that they were strong. Many never made it but those who did would become great and powerful warriors. Pretty awesome story, my grandfather used to tell me it when I was little, though no one really knows about it or if it’s even true.” Jack began to pile cooked meat onto a plate and placed it on the table. There were chicken breasts, bacon, beefsteaks, turkey burgers… a whole lot of meat. Danny and I politely waited as Jack went into the kitchen and returned with a big bowl full of veggies and a couple of beers. He placed the bowl down and handed Danny and me a beer each. Jack noticed my hesitance, raising an eyebrow as I slowly took the bottle. “Not a drinker?” “Uh…” I mumbled, blushing. “I never had alcohol before. My family don’t really drink, except for wine at nice dinners but me and my sister were never allowed to have any.” Jack smiled sympathetically. “Well don’t worry Sammy, I won’t tell anyone. And you can trust me; I’m a lawyer. I can get you some bottled water if you’d prefer?” “No, no!” I objected, blushing even redder. I hated the name Sammy because it brought back a lot of bad memories from when I was younger. But when Jack called me that it felt kind of nice, like I was part of the family. “Beer’s fine. Thank you.” Jack took a seat next to Danny and the two burly men began piling meat and veggies on their plates, enough food on each plate to feed a family of four. I took what was left after they had raided what they could, a chicken breast and some of the veggies. I felt incredibly awkward at my meagre in comparison amount of food. I knew Danny was a big eater but this was the most I’d seen him have in one serving, even the sons of lawyers had to live on a budget at college. “So Sammy, Danny’s told me a little about you but I’d like to know more,” said Jack, taking a break from eating huge mouthfuls of meat. “Tell us a little about your family.” “Well my Stepfather’s a doctor and my Mom is a grade school teacher,” I said. “My older sister is taking her PhD, she wants to be an oncologist.” “Following in his footsteps huh?” asked Jack. “Just like Danny here, he wants to be a lawyer like me.” “She’s really nice,” said Danny. “She was there at Christmas. Sam has a really nice family, they’re really supportive of him.” I nodded. “They’ve always wanted what’s best for us and do what they can to help.” “And what about your biological father?” asked Jack. “What does he do?” I paused for a second, frowning at the mention. “He’s… not around.” Jack nodded in understanding, sipping his beer. I followed suit. It was a funny taste but it wasn’t unpleasant, some nice imported kind. “What are you studying at college? What are you hoping to major in?” asked Jack, thankfully changing subject. “Uh… English lit with a minor in creative writing,” I said. “Ah, so you wanna be a writer huh?” asked Jack. I nodded. “I’ve always liked writing as a kid so I hope one day to be published. I’ve had little things published in competitions and things but it’s always been my dream to be a published author.” ‘Not to mention the dozens of muscle growth stories I’ve posted online…’ I thought to myself. “That’s great, I hope I get to read something of yours someday,” said Jack, smiling. “Back at the house I have a pretty nice collection, I’m sure you know that Danny’s not much of a reader by now.” “Hey!” chuckled Danny, playfully punching Jack’s thick deltoid. “I read!” “Yeah, if it has pictures and cartoons in it,” retorted Jack, grinning. “They’re not pictures, it’s manga,” Danny protested. “And you can’t talk, you like it too.” We all laughed. Jack and I started discussing our favourite books and authors, he told me about some of the rare first editions he had collected and I was practically drooling, more than how I was drooling at his incredible body. The conversation then turned to some of the experiences Danny and I had had as freshmen with Jack recounting his own funny college stories, most of them on the wrong side of the law. The sun got lower and lower as the evening went on until only the moon, stars and porch light lit the table. “Well boys, it’s getting late,” said Jack. “You two go to bed, I’ll get this cleaned up. I’m thinking we hit the caves at the foot of the valley tomorrow so you should rest up.” We wished each other goodnight and I went back to my room, Danny insisting he help clear the dishes away. I got undressed once I was in private and climbed into bed, lazily playing with my cock. I felt exhausted from the walk, the warmth of food and my one beer I spent hours nursing in my belly. But I couldn’t sleep, it was still kind of warm out and everything from today was at the forefront of my mind; Jack, the forest, Jack in a tank top, the cabin, Jack talking about books, Hard Mountain, Danny, shirtless Jack. Naked Danny and Jack. This was a very different world to my own, my hosts having a very different father-son relationship to my own. My father wasn’t around and my Stepfather, as much as he loved me, was a very distant man with me. When he wasn’t working, he was playing golf or having dinner with colleagues. When I was growing up I spent more time with my Mom. She was very attentive as a mother, taking me to the library or bookstores. She even took some friends from high school and me to, as my sister would call it, a “Geek Convention”. My Mom spent the day staring at scantily clad and weirdly dressed people with no clue what was going on but she’d been very flustered when she found out she could take a photo with Brent Spiner. She’d always had a soft spot for Data. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep. But not for long… I was awoken by a loud moan, and then another. Immediately I recognised the voice belonging to Danny. He moaned again and my cock sprung up. I quietly got out of bed and put my ear to the wall. “Shh… you’ll wake him up,” I barely heard it but knew that voice belonged to Jack. “It’s okay,” whispered Danny breathily. “He –ah– he’s a heavy sleeper. T-trust me—OH FUCK!” “Cum for me boy,” said Jack in a growl. “Come on…” I sprang back from the wall as Danny let out another loud moan. ‘Are… are they?’ I thought. ‘No… they can’t be…’ I kept still for a few minutes and then I heard Danny’s door open and close quietly, followed by another. ‘What the hell?’ -- Chapter Three: The trio explore a cave and things get wet.