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  1. Ragetiger

    growth w/ effort Muscle Builder Ap

    I am reposting this old favorite, didn't focus too much on the furry side of it, though it was mentioned a couple times. This was based off a game I had used before my phone's anti-malware triggered off it, and the phone deciding to no longer play any sound or noise. Starts with growth with effort ending with growing without effort. I might get around to doing a sequal to it. I was in complete delight. After all the saving, I finally owned my first smart phone. The touch screen was incredible and the ease of use blew my mind. Looking it over carefully I noticed it had a great application on it already, perfect for a growing bull. Muscle Builder was the name of this application, I didn't worry about it cause it was free and already on the phone - on the last flip page. Launching the application turned my delight into a little dread, it wasn't to track lifting progress or anything. It was a simple game, it had a character that was rather skinny looking and not much to look at. It had only a dozen exercises that it could perform, which wasn't bad it did show how the exercise looked when it was being done. While I toyed around with it the top of the game flashed an advertisement that I got a short chuckle from, "The more you play, the more realistic it becomes." It did have credits so when he was getting a little low on the calory count needed to do an exercise, I could get an energy drink to give him the calories needed. It even had some oddjobs so he can earn more credits. "This is pretty fun." I commented. "If only it was that easy to build muscle" The game beeped and a message appeared stating that the character gained a level and to keep up the good work. A few more moments and the energy bar moved slightly on it's own. I thought of something and tried to do an exercise without having enough energy. This gave a different message, this one saying that it takes about four hours to restore all of his energy, to a maximum of two thousand calories. Looking at the time, I put the phone into its standby mode and went to the gym. Like normal, I was in my stretch sleeveless shirt with a loose pair of shorts. I did like to show off, but only the upper half. My mind kept wandering to the game and chuckled as I was now doing a couple of the exercises I had done in the game. First was bench press and a pair of exercises focused on the pectorals, inclined dumbbell press and declined barbell press. Then I did incline rows, lat pull downs and alternating cable rows to put some stress on the back. I felt great and really pumped up. During a pause in my routine, I went back to the new phone. It was to simply respond to a few text messages. I did open the Muscle Builder game once more and looked it over, doing one of the oddjobs that it listed and had the character do some inclined sit ups. Once again, the character gained a level and kept with a positive message of keeping at it. It also said that a couple more levels were needed to unlock a feature, but didn't say what it was. One thing I did notice was that the exercises I had him do earlier were still unavailable to do again. I put the phone back in it's protective case and returned to my workout. A few hours had passed and I was still and sore from hitting the weights harder than I normally do, I was on fire during my lifts. Even a couple regulars had seen this sudden shift in my attitude and was curious to the change. I had told them about the new phone, but not telling them about the game. They figured that I was just excited and it gave me a little boost to my endurance today. After the gym, I did some poking around a few stores. Needed to restock the fridge and buy a few replacement articles of clothing. I also played wit hthe phone again, answering messages and toying with that game once more. The character looked a little buffer as I looked at it. For a human, it wasn't half bad looking. It did have a certain charm to it. I did see that some of the exercises were available again. Some recharged faster than others. It didn't get a level this time from a few exercise choices, but that didn't stop me from wanting to see how far this game will go. I was growing interested in what was to be unlocked. It took a few days of playing but it did get the few levels needed to unlock this special feature and it was something. I could take my own photograph and have it being used as the character model, instead of the human. I just needed to have enough credits so that I can switch the model. Luck had it I saved up those credits, letting him rest instead of tanking up on the drinks. A quick photo and a couple button presses later and poof, I was looking at my digital self. Only thing was that it still had on same red shorts the human model had and a similar build, keeping his human weight. No big deal, it was just a game and the character was growing more muscular the more I played it. I kept playing the game and doing my normal daily routine I just couldn't help but play that game for a few minutes every couple of hours. It was pretty exciting to see this digital version of myself getting bigger. It was nearly matching my size and matching my weight, when another level up screen popped up. I was playing often and gaining levels every other day, but this one seemed a little different. It was another feature it had unlocked, instead of using levels for the body parts, it was going to calculate a measurement for the digital body to make the game feel more realistic. It did warn that it would take time for seeing a difference in the measurement. "Like with growing real muscle, it all takes time. Cannot expect my digital self to be content with level twenty arms and a level twenty-four chest, guess it'll be more fun to see how 'big' my digital self is in real world body measurements. It already weighs as much as me." I chuckled and agreed to open the new feature, just like the photo, it cost some of the credits earned from doing the oddjobs, which I keep saving up. When the game finished adjusting the settings to use measurements, I was shocked to see that they nearly mirrored mine. I laughed again now thinking of how much the digital looked like me, wondering if it was possible to see what the future had in store for me if I kept up my workouts. All I could do was keeping playing and see how far the game would go before it said it had reached the end. The weeks slowly ticked by, I kept working harder and harder, feeling stronger everytime I hit the gym. I could feel the intensity of my workouts and it was playing off as I was gaining size and blowing past some of my old weight platues. I was still playing the game, but this time I only did the exercises that matched the ones I was doing in the gym. It was wild to see that model was keeping pace with me, the measurements kept reading the same in the game as when I measured myself. A few days later I had reached a new level unlocking a free feature, this one allowed the game to autoplay while the phone was in standby. All I had to do was set what exercises I wanted it do to while the phone was in standby, in the order I wanted them to be done as long as I had the character had the energy to do them. For now, I chose to unlock the feature, but not use it right away. I enjoyed being able to choose the exercises while I was active. It didn't take much more before the final feature was unlocked. Now this one excited me to no end. The reduction of the energy needed to do the exercises and a massive increase to the available energy, to mirror a real life body builder or power lifter. To make the feature even better, it reduced the recovery time so the exercise could be done more often and can be done three times before the exercise had to recover. "The more you play, the more realistic it becomes." The ad flashed across the screen again, this time adding "The more you exercise, the bigger you will get." I laughed again and just focused on playing the game. When I first started playing it didn't take more than four exercises to go through all the calories; now I can do them all twice and some a third time before being low on energy. Like before, it took four hours to get back all the energy, however I played it often so the energy was rarely fully restored. It only fully recovered when I slept. "The more you exercise, the bigger you will get." Flashed across the screen's ad space. "The bigger you get, the bigger you will want to get." It was true. The more I played it and watched my digital self grow, the more I wanted to see him grow. At the same time I started being asked what my secret was. I was dumbstruck when they asked me that. As a bull, I was natural to grow big and powerful, my massive frame allowed me to grow massive and quickly. I snorted when I told them to leave me be while I was lifting, they kept wanting to know what I was on and where they could get some. I gave an annoyed grunt as I weighed myself in the gym. That scale had to be off, since it was an old doctor scale that can be adjusted easily. There was no way in less than a week I could gain ten pounds. I thought for a moment and looked at the game, nope the weight didn't match the scale. The game said my digital self was heavier. I paused for a moment then laughed at myself, thinking somehow the game was causing me to grow. I shook the silly thought away and headed back home. I breathed a sigh of relieve once I got home and stretched myself on the bed, the gym really took it out of me today. I looked at the phone and decided it was time to play with this autoplay feature while I took my nap. I set it up so it would rotate the big mass exercises, bench press, squat, and deadlift for three full uses. Then it would do the same for bicep, tricep and forearm exercises. Finally finishing off with the incline rows with the rest of the energy. I was sure to up by then, but I would let it run its course without me interrupting it. After setting it up and letting it go to work, I drifted off to sleep. I woke up right about the time the program should had finished the last exercise on the rotation. My upper body was sore from the days workout, but it felt so much more intense. I reached over and got back onto the phone to disable the autoplay and went about my day. Or least I tried to, my shirts were ripping at the seams when I tried to put them on. Even my sleeveless shirts tore with ease. I saw shocked, they weren't this way before my nap. I looked at the game and checked it's stats then compared them to my own. I nearly tripped over myself when I stepped off the scale. I was the same weight and body parts had the same measurements as in the game. I wanted to test it out, this time doing only the leg exercises. I spent some credits to restore all the energy I spent while I was napping. I turned on the auto play to only work on my legs. I waited a few minutes, patiently watching the game as it did an exercise and paused for two minutes before doing the next. I checked the scale and watched it slowly keep up with the one in the game. I kept having to give a little slack to the tape measure around my thigh as it too seem to grow with the game. "How is this possible?" I asked aloud. "How is it possible for a game to be doing this? It's not possible." As if it heard me, a new ad displayed itself. "The game is a reflection of life. The more you play the game, the more it reflects your life." Then it displayed a level up message. One that puzzled me, it was for another feature. The ability to share all progress with a friend, it was free and was already accepted without me doing anything. The screen flashed one more advertisement before going back to the game screen, "It's always nice to share with your friends." Before I knew what it was implying, I felt my body shift. I had forgotten about the program autoplay feature and my body was steadily growing. Not just my legs, but now my entire body. It was slow, but steady. I watched the scale as it slowly showed my weight increasing a quarter pound every couple of minutes. I thumbed around for a moment and managed to turn off the autoplay feature. After about a hour of fearing the worse, I stood back onto the scale. The weight in the game had stopped increasing as well as the real me. So it seems that the game had me going from the start. I tried to remove the game, but it wouldn't. I tried to change the model back to the human and that option was gone. I was puzzled, even the option to reset was gone. I looked at my reflection in the full size mirror. "You know what? Being this three hundred fifty pound bull isn't all that bad." I commented to myself as I did some flexing and posing. Then I looked back at the phone. "Plus I can always make myself bigger whenever I want to. Just have to make sure I only use the autoplay very carefully, don't want to grow too big too fast. Have to make it seem - screw with natural, I need to be as big as possible as quickly as possible." With that I went back to the autoplay feature and begin to select all the exercises on a rotation. I could no longer resist the urges. I just had to see how far this game could go, how big it could make me grow. I launched the program and let the excitement begin. I rushed as best as I could as a lumbering bull could to get into the biggest stretch clothes I could find. Only a pair of red posing trucks had enough stretch to fit - barely. The time slowly seemed to tick by, slowly adding pound after pound of rock hard muscle. I couldn't help but feel my growing arousal slowly tightening the fabric around my package. At the moment I thought for sure it would snap, the game paused itself. I had hit another level and opened a new feature, they just came coming. This new feature had me confused for a moment - it would allow me to remove the energy required to do an exercise, but it would take longer to go from one exercise to the next. It was also only to be used during autoplay. It cost me all the credits I had stored up and disabled the power to further obtain credits, claiming it was no longer needed. I licked my lips at the thought, autoplay the game and not having to worry anymore about lifting. It was like it read my mind, no longer did I have to make time to hit the gym and build up my body. I could do it while I just sat around the house. Sure I could still go to the gym and make it look like I was building it naturally, but I knew they wouldn't accept that. I was tingling all over when I accepted this new feature and began to run the autoplay feature. No longer was there any need to rotate the parts it was now working every part in an endless cycle. I felt a charge run throughout my body it was like my muscles were being pumped and worked. Instead of the game working each part separately, it was doing them all at once. Each time two pounds of rock hard muscles swelled and pulsed. Thick veins running around my chest, arms and legs. I moan in delight, feeling a growing tightness in my groin. Not only were my muscles growing, but so my entire package. The game beeped and it seemed to start running a new feature. A new ad displayed stating that bigger muscles needed bigger equipment to keep the muscles growing. Then the game resumed the autoplay, I was getting lost in the pleasure of my body growing bigger and stronger. After an hour there was a loud snap, my red posing thong finally had enough. I couldn't help but playfully pet my massive bullhood, feeling it stretch slowly. My ball rest on my massive quads as they kept fighting for space. They ached for a release, so turned on by my growth I gave into my urge. I ended up coating a good portion of my torso with my milky white juices. I rub it into my pelt, like posing oil, only with a strong musky scent. I was losing track of the time, only constantly flexing posing and rubbing out more and more cum. There was like no end to what my body could do. I had to see how big and heavy I've gotten, the game display read a nearly jaw-dropping weight of five hundred pounds and yet it kept climbing. A few more minutes and I had gained another twenty-five pounds. This was getting to be a bit much for me. I reached for the phone to turn off the autoplay and then it happened - it shattered in my hands. I had gotten so strong that even a light touch was too powerful. For a moment everything seemed to have stopped, I breathed a sigh of relieve. I was already bigger than I really should had let myself grow, but I was still mobile to make the best of it. Then I felt that tingling charge feeling again, it was stronger than last time. I grunted as I felt a tug at my groin as my balls and cock suddenly surged in size, nearly doubling in size. I nearly tripped over them as they stretched down past my knees and kept me from falling forward. My muscles quickly ballooned up as the sudden increase of testosterone flooded my body. My body was already massive and growing bigger by the second. My balls kept me from moving forward, till I managed to crawl over them before they got too massive, but my enlarged soft cock caused me to trip and landed directly ontop of it. I felt it pulse and grow along with my muscles, making me stand back up as it stiffened and freeing itself. It stopped short of being as long as I was tall and thick as my waist at the flared head. I moaned as it constantly was leaking a steady stream of cum. My balls were producing so much that it couldn't store anymore and had to keep it flowing. Hours roared by as I kept swelling all over, muscles constantly swelling and pulsing. I flexed the best I could while I had the power to move. My thick cock and balls kept their size, but I was slowly filling the room with cum. More than once, I got so excited when my body seemed to throb, my cock shot a blast that managed to knock a hole in a wall so the room would never completely fill with cum. For that I was thankful, but I couldn't stop the flow it only slowed down shortly after a powerful blast. Even though I was still in a constant state of bliss, I managed to drift off to sleep. Only dream I had were getting bigger and growing uncontrollably. I got so massive in the dream, that my balls were resting on the planet as the planet seem to shrink. A ring of cum swirled around me as my cock kept pumping it out. Eventually even the Sun was tiny compared to me and yet I wanted more. I woke up with a snort. It was about all I could do. While I slept I kept growing. I wasn't any taller but my muscles seemed to have finally stopped growing and my mighty cock and balls settled down. Even though my feet were still on the ground I couldn't take a step, my thick cock prevented my legs from moving forward; my balls kept them from going back. I took this time to think about my new position and how I ended up in it. I didn't regret it and if I had to, I would do it all over again. I gave a light chuckle, there was that one feature that I didn't use. Or did I? For those that read this story, I do hope you enjoy being in the same overgrown position that I am in. It is, afterall, nice to share.
  2. belabarbell

    sci-fi The Takeover

    1. The row of tanks stretched deeply into the cavernous recesses of the warehouse. In each tank, imposing bodies hung suspended in a transparent liquid, each one seemingly larger and more impressive than the last. The man in each tank appeared as yet another perfect specimen of athleticism, vascularity, and dominance. Indeed, this was as it should be, as Professional Solutions specialized in taking men at peak physical condition and improving them so much that the reputation of their three-month intensive program of suspended animation conditioning was known to most athletes in the world and many professional sports teams had sent their top players to the secretive, state of the art facility which no one really knew the exact location of unless they went into the program. Dr. Moravian knew that most of his "boys" returned to their home teams as H.A.M., huge alpha monsters. He had reported all his findings to his alien overlords. He was always rewarded for obeying their orders. They gave him what he desired, what he lusted after: power. If they wanted him to be their dog on a leash, he was happy to do it, so long as he exercised absolute control over his "boys". He had reported the increased vascularity, size, strength and power, but above all their increased performance on the field. Football players once top dog on their teams were now literally machines, utterly focused on their gains and their game. Wrestlers appeared in tune with their opponent and excelled in dominating them, mentally and physically. Their shockingly bulging muscles helped. And they certainly helped PS, whose fame spread around the world as quickly as you could say “this time, you’re gonna swallow.” The overlords approved and prepared their takeover. The plan consisted in releasing a substance containing tiny parasites with swarm consciousness into the bloodstreams of its thousands of grade A athletes and champions, turning them slowly into little else than docile, cum producing muscle bodies, whose cum contained tiny copies of the parasite, which quickly reproduced a clone of the host except more completely bound to the swarm. Moravian was also bound to the parasites, having been the first "victim" (as he liked to see it, the parasites "released" him from bondage). This meant the Overlords could reward him in more direct ways, as well. Moravian, it turned out, had one of the largest cocks on any man in the world, and it was attached to a body only emblematic of the ethos of PS. As he filed the latest updates, just such a "direct reward" was initiated. Moravian's gargantuan cock slithered from between his lab coat and, as if predestined, snaked its way into a receptacle under the terminal he was updating his "boys'" information on. The bulbous tip at the entrance gave way, and the grand cock continued don the warm, wet tube, whose spongy surface continually sucked him further in. A prick on his steely shaft told Moravian the procedure was underway. This prick ensured that his parasite levels were of an absolute high grade: his "boys" always needed him at the top of his game! His muscles bulged even wider, his cock grew larger and longer with the increased parasite load. At the same time, a familiar sensation -- a gentle nudging at the lip of his cockhead. Moravian spread his arms behind his neck as the tube entered his dick. It crawled slowly down into his scrotum, where, as soon as it reached its designated point, a remote program initiated Moravian's orgasm. His parasite laden spunk was taken up by the hose and drawn to the individual tanks, where it entered into the nutritional devices secured to each athlete. As they put this plan into motion and watched on their screens, the muscle flesh bodies occupying the tanks began slowly spasming and releasing blobs out of their dicks. These quickly grew into translucent balls and were picked up by small roving cranes, who moved them to an adjacent room to incubate. Here they quickly grew appendages, and became fully-fledged, yet pliant, musclebound beefcakes in fifteen minutes. These were put to various tasks depending on their particular host’s qualities. The lighter ones, swimmers, gymnasts, soccer players were put to work assisting in the reproduction facility (ie., the cum-draining facility) whereas the bulkier ones set about establishing the foundation upon which the total takeover of the planet would occur. Some went about constructing the facilities which would be used to create further reproduction centers. Others donned uniforms and prepared for a war against humanity. After 48 hours, an army of 10,000 existed. After a week, the army was larger than any in the world. The plan was ready to implement… 2 The Steelers’ state of the art gym was packed. The team’s starting wide receiver, Rodney Vasquez, was finishing up a set of lethal squats when he noticed a crowd gathering near his station. He removed his headphones, silencing the pumping in his ear. He walked over to the crowd, and saw a rather humongous figure at the center of it. Whoever this was, he was huge! As Rodney approached the crowd, he tried to squeeze his way forward to get a better look, which his overdeveloped legs easily allowed him. When he got to the front, he was presented with literally one of the largest and most impressive specimens of masculinity he’d ever seen. Suddenly, the huge figure locked eyes with Rodney, smiled and shouted his name. At this point, he recognized the bassa profundo as a deeper and indelibly richer toned version of his friend Stanley McMichaels, a linebacker who had some months ago been transferred to a training program none of the teammates knew much about, but which they’d all heard amazing things about. And here, in front of them, stood a testament to the wonders the program worked. Stanley was now by far the largest and most impressive player on the team, and his wide girth, huge legs and arms as if cut from granite in fact hid his slightly taller stature. Rodney suddenly felt a huge wave of elation at seeing his friend in such amazing condition. He went to hug Stanley, and as the two commenced sizing another up, Rodney noticed a strange dullness in Stanley’s eyes. He didn’t have long to consider it, though, as the sense of elation he’d initially felt transformed quickly to euphoria. Rodney felt incredibly horny, and his cock quickly expanded in his jock. As he started losing self consciousness, he noticed he was cumming. The cum, much more than normal, quickly dribbled down his legs and formed a puddle between his feet. The puddle morphed into a sphere, and the sphere began rolling towards the trainer’s office. As he looked around in horror, he saw the crowd around him at various points of arousal, many experiencing earth-shattering orgasms as extreme as his own. Stains and puddles were forming all around, and one of his last recollections before becoming a permanent cum dispensary for improved and more muscular versions of himself was that he was growing! The Steelers facility was soon complete, and built according to the blueprints of the alien overlords. The stadium was turned into a breeding ground, with tanks housing all the original players, their trainers, coaches and even some of the male cheerleaders producing a steady flow of mutant musclezombies to feed the growing army. The improved copy of Stanley McMichaels sent to convert the facility looked on in approval. As the huge muscular bodies in the tank churned out more and more cum, he flexed into the heavens. His huge back, traps and lats condensed into an intimidating display of power, and a remote signal sent from the overlords caused his stiff 11 inch member to visibly lengthen. As it did, it stretched upward between his rock hard abs, eventually sidling between his deep pec cleft. As it continued to grow upward, a bead appeared on the head of it. Stanley took his cock head in his mouth as he continued to flex for the heavens. Instantly, his enormous balls began filling his mouth with a delicious sauce that the clone swallowed down. He immediately began to grow, all of his musculature swelling obscenely, until he was nearly twelve feet tall and six feet wide. He continued suckling and growing, greedily receiving his reward from the alien overlords for a conversion complete. His muscles bulged outward,, impossibly dense. As his now 2 foot long cock plopped out of his big mouth, he let out an animalistic roar that could be heard for miles. The city would never know what hit it. 3 Greg Morrison was a competitive bodybuilder who took the “competitive” in his title very seriously. He had dedicated himself without abandon to his craft for over thirteen years, perfecting a technique that was without parallel. At least,until recently. A certain challenger by the name of Pedro Gonzales had appeared at Greg’s local gym, and had, within a few months, busted all of Greg’s old records on the benchpress, squats and anything else Pedro could get his hands, legs or other appendages around. The feeling of being scuttled from alpha dog to just beta enraged Greg, and so it was with a delicious air of inevitability that he latched onto the offer for a “three month intensive muscle conditioning program” that he’d seen an obscure flyer for in the changing room at the gym, at another one of his defeating sessions trying to keep up with Pedro. So Greg had signed up, and in a few weeks he packed his duffel bag full of creams, vitamins, supplements and a few hours’ worth of chicken breast and rice, as he made his way on the train to the location of this “muscle conditioning program”. The prices were outrageous, but he’d heard so many swooning about the supposed results that his envy of Pedro overcame any cost-benefit analysis in this case. His cock was hard the whole way and he rubbed it through his sweatpants, looking idly out the window at the landscape lolling past. He thought of himself being larger and more impressive than Pedro, and this thought pushed all other reservations away for the time being. Once or twice he got awe-inspired stares as other passengers passed by the seemingly dazed muscle man in permanent arousal, overlarge member straining the loose material. Eventually the train arrived, and he called a taxi to bring him to the address he’d been given. Once there, he looked for, and found an entrance, and rang the bell. Two of the most impressive specimens he’d ever seen, much bigger than either Pedro or himself, and yet cut to insane levels of perfection, greeted him. Their faces were chiselled, yet the magazine good looks did nothing to hide the dullness in their eyes. There wasn’t much going on up there, and it was obvious the two spent most of their focus on sculpting an insane physique, and he wouldn’t be surprised if the had trouble spelling “deltoid”. They both wore a “uniform” of what looked like a tight-fitting lycra shirt and compression pants, that did little to hide bulges worth writing home about. The two smiled stupidly at each other and at him, seemingly seeking approval that they were, in fact, “good boys” for having less fat on their bones than a low-calorie yogurt. Hi!” said the one. “You must be Greg!” Greg nodded and the stud was obviously pleased at his discovery, the cords in his neck bulged and his cock stirred a little in its dugout. “Come in, dude!” said the other one, who introduced himself as Doug. The first one’s name was Matt, and the two had been old workout buddies who had joined the program together to advance their gains. The two had gained roughly 100 lbs of muscle in 3 months, they claimed, and flexed for Greg. Greg was especially impressed by Doug’s traps, which literally went to his ears., a huge pyramid to the only god in Doug’s life: muscle. Greg, Matt and Doug joked around in the hallway for a few minutes until they heard a voice behind them: “Boys, do bring Mr. Morrison to my office and don’t hold up his… progress.” The enormous man in the white coat introduced himself as Dr. Moravian, and he generously shook Greg’s hand. Dr. Moravian’s hands were strangely cold, but Greg shrugged it off. Either way, it matched his personality, which was certainly more chilled than the warmth that exuded from Matt and Doug, who resembled two overbuff lapdogs. Dr. Moravian led Greg to a small door on the corner of the hallway, with the wall of muscle following behind. “As you can see from our boys here,” said Dr. Moravian, gesturing to the two muscleheads in the corner, “our results are dramatic and extraordinary. I’m sure these two have informed you of their gains while enrolled in the program?” Greg nodded and the rest of the conversation went by in a blur. Greg agreed to enroll in the program, signing paperwork and nodding occasionally when questions were raised, but never taking his eyes off the delectable duo across from him. Dr. Moravian gave him a glass of something to drink, which he hardly heard him describe the nature of: something-something-electrolytes-something. He downed it, and was just about to put the glass down, when he froze. He couldn’t move! As if on cue, Doug moved over to his feet and began removing his sweatpants, revealing his jockstrap-covered bulge. Matt meanwhile moved over to his torso and applied pressure to his jaw, forcing his mouth open. While he felt something soft, hot and strangely wet on his asscheeks, Matt whipped his horse dick out of his compression pants and began slapping Greg in the face with it. While Doug was rimming Greg’s ass, preparing it for entry, Matt stuck his meat in Greg’s mouth and began pounding it, slowly at first, and then picking up speed. Suddenly, his asshole was exposed, and in one motion, Greg felt himself being speared to the hilt. Strangely enough to him, it didn’t hurt so much as it filled a deep longing in him to have a cock there. Doug began rocking and Matt picked up his pace. The two high-fived each other as they fucked Greg from both ends. Greg felt strangely aroused from the whole experience of being fucked by two ridiculously muscled studs, and his arousal increased as the two neared orgasm. The two came in unison, filling him with a liquid that burned as it spread inside him. His cock stood on end suddenly, and his whole body buzzed. He felt like he had an incredible gym pump, and felt himself swelling a bit. At the same time, his cock erupted by itself, and a hot, translucent goop collected in his corrugated abs. He strangely kept coming, it was the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced -- he didn’t want it to end -- and the goop began running down the table, collecting in a puddle on the floor. Unbeknownst to Greg, the puddle began forming into a blob, and the blob grew as he came more and more. Soon, a replica of Greg, identical in every way save for being much more densely muscled -- and taller --- and sporting a larger cock -- stood beside him. Greg could still not move, and at this point, his improved twin was chatting with Matt and Doug: “Hey, what’s up, dudes?” “Not much, brah. About to strap this sucker in and take him to the tanks. Wanna come?” “Hell yeah, brah. Count me in!” Matt went over to a cabinet and retrieved some folded clothes, which Greg’s bulkier clone put on: the same tight-fitting stretch shirt and compression pants the other two dimwitted musclestuds wore. As Greg II was dressing, Matt and Doug began strapping Greg I to the table, which converted to a gurney, which they pushed down the hallway towards to large doubledoors, from which could be heard a loud mechanical buzzing. They passed through the doors and Greg, still immobile, was presented with an enormous warehouse filled with huge tanks, in most of which huge, strapping musclemen hung suspended in a liquid resembling glass cleaner. Attached to each one were hoses to his face and mouth, and another to his cock, and a third snaked up their asses. All of the men were at peak physical condition and each seemed to spasm every few seconds. Greg was wheeled to one tank that was not yet occupied, where he was unstrapped. A crane was activated that gently lifted the big man like a toy, and he was slowly lowered into the tank. The liquid felt warm, and it seemed to adjust itself to his body temperature. His facial mask lowered and attached itself to his head, and shortly thereafter he began feeling a strange sense of abandon and arousal. Just then, a tube snaked up his ass, which had been loosened earlier by Doug’s big python. It immediately began stimulating his prostate and injecting a special nutritional paste into his ass. He saw another device directing itself toward his cock and balls, and suddenly felt intense pleasure as it locked into place and began sucking him of his vital juices. Just then the parasites entered his mind via the special nutritional paste being injected into his ass and mouth, and he prepared to produce the second (of many) soldier offspring for the alien invasion. Greg groaned in pleasure as he fed the tube what it wanted, bigger and more muscular than Pedro, finally!
  3. Hey, how ya doing. My name is Jeff, I'm from New Jersey, and I am a 23-year-old Professional Bodybuilder. Let me give you some information about me. I am a white male, black hair and blue eyes. I stand about 6'4 and weigh around 278 lbs. My dad started me in the sport of bodybuilding, he always wanted to get into bodybuilding but he was too poor to join a gym and buy all the stuff that is needed when he was a teenager. But now, my dad is a very successful plastic surgeon and has placed his dream of bodybuilding upon me. It was and still is frustrating at times since I never really got to choose this sport and to be this big. He started me in this sport at the age of 11. I agree with you, that's too young. I was the only Junior in High school, well to be exact, the only teenager my age that had competed in a total of 28 contests at my age. All my friends were into sports like football and soccer, but I was too big and too slow to even try-out, but I was the only teenage bodybuilder that had two personal trainers and a choreographer for my posing routines. While everyone else was getting a car from their dad, I was getting enormous calf implants from mine. My dad started juicing me when I was only 15, and he knows that's not healthy, but he's a doctor so I had medical supervision. I was featured in many magazine, esp. since I was the only 18 year-old that competed at a body weight of 235. By my senior year I had 21 inch arm and 31 inch thighs. I was always considered a freak in high school and wasn't too popular. I was sort of shy in school, it didn't help either that teachers would always call attention to my size in class and always have to have a special desk for me so I could fit (if you ever weigh 235 and try and fit in a school desk, you will not succeed) Well, I am in my senior year of college right now majoring in Electrical engineering (I guess that ruins your stereotype of a bodybuilder haha). And I just got my pro card at the NPC Junior USA, where I competed as a super heavy. The good thing is that when you get your pro-card, you can get endorsements, get hired for photo shoots, do seminars, or guest pose at contest. This is where my story begins. This past summer I had the weirdest experience I will ever have. You see, I was just getting off the high of becoming pro and this guy called me and asked me to guest pose for his contest in a small town in the south. I quickly agreed to do it, I was thinking I had hit it big time, no one ever had asked me to do such a thing, and I wasn't about to turn that down. And to think if I did, I wouldn't hear the end of it from my dad. Well I gave the guy some info and he did the same for me. He mentioned that he wanted me to do a posing session for the beginning of the contest and during the end before the placements. I said sure that sounds great, esp. after he told me how much he was gonna pay. Before we hung up, he said he would send me some info about the contest and what they needed from me. After I got off the phone, I quickly called my dad to tell him of the news, he was very excited which I knew he would. He said he would make arrangements to get my choreographer working on a routine and the trainers to get me started. He even said he would make an appointment with a designer to get special posing trunks. You see in Bodybuilding, you try to cover up your dick and balls with as little material as possible, you want to be as naked as you can so you can show off ever muscle. Well, three weeks went by and a week before I was to leave for the contest I got a packet from the guy. I was asking stuff like the food I wanted for the weekend, the music I was gonna use, and then it asked for a complete list of my measurements. There was a drawing of a bodybuilder with arrows pointing to certain areas of the body. I had to have my roommate measure me for that info, I though it was strange to ask but, hey, I have never done a thing like this. However, I was eager to please. My roommate measured my wrists, ankles, neck, arms, chest, and so on. As I wrapped up my last week, I was soon on the plane heading for the contest. As I arrived, there was the guy holding up a sign that said 'Jeff'. I quickly waddled to him: you really can't walk when you have 34 inch thighs and weigh 278. His name was Tom, and was the owner of the gym that was putting on the contest. He quickly drove me to his small town, the ride took about 45 minutes. It was sort of strange, he asked me to take of my shirt and pants. I was sort of uncomfortable with this, but he said he was just wanting to see what he had purchased and with the money he was offering, I wasn't gonna say 'no'. We arrived just in time for the weigh in Friday night. We pulled up to the auditorium and before I had a chance to put on my clothes, Tom quickly said, 'just come on in, in your briefs, I want the guys to see a real bodybuilder." Okay, that made feel uncomfortable, but as I said, he's the boss. When I entered the room all the bodybuilders looked at me, I was easily the biggest guy there. They all gathered around me asking questions, telling me to pose, and wanting a picture. After all that, Tom took me to the hotel. After sleeping late and watching TV all day, it was time to head to the contest. Tom had arranged a ride for me there. As I arrived backstage, I was quickly stripped, covered in tan solution and oiled up by three huge guys, all bodybuilders. It was sort of strange, they didn't speak to me at all and were sort of rough. All of this got me heated, my dick throbbing from all the attention, the rubbing, the oil, and the idea of being nearly naked in front of a few hundred people. I started getting a erect, which was a problem, because in posing trunks, you can't hide your sword. After they had finished with me, they led me behind the curtain, I heard the MC announce me and before I knew it, it was time to pose. The music was loud and kicking. I had chosen my favorite Limp Bizkit song. During the routine, I jumped off-stage and went into the crowd. Walking around in front of everyone, hands grabbing me to touch my muscles, people taking pictures, got me so hard that I couldn't hide my excitement. Then the nightmare happened. Before I knew it, the crowd mobbed me and held me down. Before I knew it, my posing trunks were ripped off and I was tied up so tight, I could even move a finger. Some of the audience picked me up and carried me back to the stage. My heart was racing beneath my huge overdeveloped pecs, that you could actually see my big brown silver dollar nipples jumping up and down. Here I was being lifted up on stage naked and scared. After they got me on stage, a few of the others guys brought out this big metal box. As the rolled it to the center of the stage, the crowded yelled and screamed. To my fear, it came true, as the opened the box, I saw tons of cuffs and fasteners and straps, which I knew were specifically measured to my body. I could run or even scream due to the gag in my mouth. About six men place me in the box, securing my ankles, strapping in my thighs and waist, placing my wrist in the cuffs and even locking my neck in place my this huge metal stock. I must have taken at least 10 minutes to strap me in. However the audience did not tire, all I could see was a sea of clapping hands and flashbulbs going off. After they had strapped and locked me in, they closed the doors of this case I was in, then I felt it, a hand grabbing my dick and balls and pulling them out of the box. Here I was, in this metal case, all that was sticking out was my head and dick, next came the nightmare. As I was there all strapped in, the MC came over the loudspeaker and introduced Dr. Gary Wagner. This guy came up on stage next to me and shared with the audience that he was about to show the latest in bodybuilding supplements. I can't say I really listened due to the humiliation I was suffering, you see, I may be extremely huge and handsome, but you can't cover up a small dick. Before I knew it, the doctor had stuck a needle in my dick and neck. He announced to the audience to just sit back am be amazed. After the injection, that is when it went weird, I started feeling hot and short of breath. After a minute or so, I could feel the straps and cuffs getting tighter. I looked down as best as I could to see my pecs growing before my eyes, and then my dick. I could feel it getting harder and harder, to where the skin felt like it was going to split. As I was growing the doctor and some of the men started undoing the cuffs and straps, soon I was removed from the box. I could now see I was growing huge. My legs started moving further and further apart, my lats and chest grew so big, that my arms were sticking straight out due to the muscle of my lats pushing them out. The crowd screamed and hollered. I became scared, yet so excited, of my new size that my dick couldn't hold the excitement, I exploded. It was so powerful, that I sprayed the first two rows. People went crazy. Then the doctor brought out a scale. He then had some men place me on this time, I was so huge, I couldn't move. The doctor then announced that I had just gone from 278lbs to 450lbs. The crowd cheered some more. Then Tom came out on stage, I could barely move my head due to my trap muscles locking my head in place. He announced I would be on display at the end of the contest. As I was moved to the lobby, I was shackled and tied up in chains, straps, and rope. The crowd came by, groping me, jacking me off, and squeezing me. I went on for all night. Every time someone would reach for my dick, I would try and beg them not too, but the gag held me back from pleading with them. Over and over again, my dick would be lubed up and jacked off. I had been jacked off so many times, that I felt like a dairy cow getting milked. Picture upon picture was taken of me. Measurements were taken, my arms now were a whopping 29 inches, my thighs were 42 inches, calves were 30 inches, and my dick was 14 inches and thicker than a baseball bat. There I stayed tied up so tight I could barely breath. Around 7a.m everyone had left. The doctor and Tom came up to me and thanked me for my services, I tried to cuss them, but again the gag held me from that luxury. The doctor injected me again with a purple looking fluid. Before long, my body started going back to the original form, I had never been so glad to see myself get smaller. Then, my head started feeling light and the light became dimmer. As I awoke, I found myself awake in the airplane. I looked around, no one else was in the plane, how strange I thought. As I arrived back to my dorm room, I found a check amounting to $25,000 in my suit case and a letter that read, "Jeff: Awesome show...let's do that again." It all felt like a dream to me, until I took of my clothes to take a shower. There, hanging to my knees, was the biggest dick I had ever seen. Apparently not all the side affects went away.
  4. musclefan85

    dominance You Need to Pay to Touch (NSFW)

    New 2-part story, hope you like it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 “You were so desperate to meet me. You were just sitting there, at the bar, all alone, and then I walk in and you just started...drooling! Ha! Man you should have seen the look on your face. It was like a dog begging for a bone, hungry, starving for a good piece of meat.” Those were the first words I remember hearing when I woke up. I had no idea where I was, or what I was doing. All I knew then was that I felt incredibly tired, and the only thing I could see through my eyes was white. The unknown voice continued: “and then I walked over to you, said ‘hi’, put my hand on your back. You started panting then. You didn’t even have to say a word; I knew everything about you within 30 seconds of meeting you. That you had been sitting there for a while, getting nowhere and you were willing to do anything with the first guy willing to talk to you. But it wasn’t just any guy, it was a muscle God. And when you realized that you were practically begging to see more, do more, with this stud. By then I had realized what I had been staring at. It was the ceiling of a hotel room. Some Holiday Inn Express I guess. I was lying on a bed, feeling like I had been tied up, but there was no rope or anything. As far as I could tell, there was nothing on my wrists or ankles and I appeared to be fine – only I was wasn’t wearing anything but my boxer briefs. “Sit up man, you’ll get a better view” I did as the voice commanded, but found I could not move anymore beyond the basic order he gave. As soon as I tried to move again I felt like all energy had been drained from my arms and legs. Again, there were no ropes or anything else to weigh me down, but the pressure I felt on my body was unbelievable. Not painful, but it was as if invisible hands were working hard to pin me down. “So what do you think?” When the voice had mentioned “muscle God” I had no idea what he was talking about. Now I did. Standing at the end of the bed, practically naked, was the most incredible man I had ever seen. Tall, built, powerful, ripped, he was everything a championship bodybuilder would want themselves to look like. His entire frame looked like it was carved out of smooth, tan-flesh coloured stone. Not an ounce of body fat, but no loss in size for his arms, traps, chest and legs. Every breath he took showed contracting fibers, bulging veins and sweat covered ridges as if he had just completed a workout to puff up his body even more. His face? A work of art with short, blond hair and a warm stubble covering his razor sharp jaw line. He flashed his hot white teeth for a moment in a smile that made his oddly purple eyes burn up with car-headlight intensity. My eyes drifted around the mountain standing before me, wandering from head to quads, stopping to notice the pair of short cut Calvin Klein briefs, stretched to the point of straining, trying to contain the heavy muscle placed inside. Whoever this man, this thing was, he was absolutely worth drooling over. “Ah, see, there’s that look again!” he pointed his finger to what was obviously my stunned face. “You don’t need to say anything, I know you like what you see.” I don’t think I could have said anything. My mouth was just like the rest of my body; frozen, quiet, open just enough to breathe. The living anatomy chart started pacing the room, casual as ever, not noticing the slight moan the weight of his frame was causing the floor beneath him to make. “What do you think I should do first? Give you...a little bit of a flex show?” He slowly raised one arm to show off his bicep, but he didn’t finish the curl. “Nah, I think we need to get the important business over with first.” He walked over to a pile of clothes thrown on a nearby chair. He rummaged through the pockets of a pair of pants for a moment before he pulled out my wallet. “This yours?” my silence was the only answer I could give. “I always make sure I get paid first, for security reasons” he said as politely as possible. He opened and sifted through the wallet a bit, counting the bills. “Wow, 500 bucks!” he laughed, “you always carry this much money around with you?” he took the bills and stuffed them in another pair of pants that I assume was his own. “It sounds like a lot of money, but they say it you really want something, you gotta pay for it. Wouldn’t you agree?” Once again, silence from me. “Well now that we got the down payment completed (“down payment!?” my inner thoughts shrieked), let me give you what you paid for.” He did his first pose, double biceps, just like he was in competition. He took a deep breath to hold it in place. “Fuck ya!” he exhaled “just what you wanted man, a muscle stud of your own!” He moved on to side chest next, followed by a lat spread. Each move was taken slowly, building up the peaks, popping out the veins, all done with the ease of someone who had been through this routine many times before. “This getting you excited man?” he looked down at my briefs, before looking back up, smiling with the success of his show. “I guess it is!” Despite my frozen state, my cock was heating up beneath my briefs. They quickly felt very warm, and wet. “Works every time!” the muscle master beamed “but there’s more where that came from.” He grabbed his own tool, working his hand up and down its length, running his finger down the side to show just how long it really was. “Not even hard yet...” my limited breath quickened. He turned around to show the same poses as before from the back. “People often forget about how the body looks from the backside, look like someone who might appreciate this.” His fingers gently pulled the back of his briefs down, showing the hard, full glutes that were covered just seconds ago. He shifted his weight from side to side. “Mmmm, yeah...sometimes that ass needs a hard workout too...think you could help me with that tonight?” The wood itched further up inside my briefs, leaking just a little bit more. He turned around again to face me from the front. “You know this body looks even better up close. Let me show you.” He climbed up on the bed, carefully avoiding contact with my body. He planted himself right above waist, straddling his knees on either side to support himself. The bed groaned, as if with pleasure, knowing this superhuman had chosen to make his base here. He took a deep breath before running his hands up and down his shredded, vascular abs. “Oh yeah, you can really see it now.” He rounded his shoulders and flexed his torso, causing each abominable muscle to pop out even further, and the sweat to slowly run over each ridge. “This is the view you’ve wanted the whole time”. My eyes never blinked as I took in every inch of the brick wall of power before me. I titled my head just low enough to see that the length of his cock-stuffed Calvins were just an inch from touching my torso. By now, my own briefs were soaked. The God showed a victorious smirk “You want this soooo bad, don’t you? Lie down”. Obedient, I lay down flat on the bad. My only movement since his last order. Shifting himself forward, but careful not to come into contact, he slid himself further up my torso. From my new angle, the mountain seemed to tower above me. He let his fingers trace his pecs, his abs, his nipples... “Soon you’ll be able to touch allll of this”. He clenched his fists, popping the veins on his forearms, showing a most muscular right in my face in short, fast, thirds shouting “This alpha! Fucking! God!” I was done. If this guy wanted anything from me, he could have had it. And he knew it. He put his hands on the bed, leaned further, lower, right in my face. His beautiful eyes and lips were inches from mine. “There’s just one thing I need from you first...” He leaned over to my ear, now hot with his breath, pushing, teasing against it. “One. Simple. Thing.” “What? What! I can’t stand it! Just tell me!” The voice in my head screamed as if it were a drowning man, begging for help. He pulled back to my face. “You’re pin number.” Deep, deep from somewhere in the fog of my head, I could tell that something was wrong. He went back to some light, casual flexing. Still calm, still in control “Just that little, 4-digit number of yours. Then you can have as much as you want.” A tiny, little sound from somewhere in the distance was crying for help. “Don’t do it!” it said in muffled, dim tones. For a brief moment, I lost focus on the stranger in front of me, flexing and talking like he was still in control. “Yep, just tell me that number and you can do whatever you wa - shit!” He slipped on the bed, falling on my arm. I thought the weight would crush me, but something else happened. My arm burned not with pain, but with energy, as if it had just been plugged in an outlet and shocked into life. To my amazement, I not only had the strength to lift his arm, but hold onto it too, with a vice like grip that stunned me with its strength. “Let go of me!” he cried with sudden pain and fear. “You’re not supposed to be able to do this, stop! STOP!” But I didn’t, I just held on while he lifted me from the bed with his arm, the electrical charge running through the rest of my body, humming with life and newfound energy. “Please, let go!” his face was losing colour, his voice not as deep. “I’ll let go of you after you answer a few questions...and the police arrive.” My own voice sounded deeper, my body felt heavier with newly born weight. But it wasn’t causing me to be still; it was making me stronger, tougher... “You’re not getting my credit card pin anytime soon.” Continued in Part 2
  5. Don't forget to check out Part 1: Sloan looks up at Brandon and seems a bit scared as to what might happen to him. Brandon grabs a hold of the tech’s shaking hands and squeezes them. He can feel Sloan’s body reacting to the injection as the tech leans into the huge hairy muscleman’s chest. Brandon holds him tightly and rubs his back reassuring him that he will be okay and that Dr. Goldmann will pay for his actions. The hairy beast pulls the syringe in his neck out and tosses it down the stairwell to join with the other one. Sloan’s mind wanders as he feels himself falling asleep. Brandon picks him up and takes him back up into the hallway towards the office and props him up against the wall next to the door to the stairs. When he goes back into the stairwell though, Dr. Goldmann is gone. The anger builds from within the big man as he grabs a hold of one of the guardrails and pulls on it, nearly tearing it completely away from the concrete floor beneath it. After venting for a few moments, he composes himself before walking through the opening in the wall he created. After entering, he hears some rustling from behind the wall close to where he is standing. It sounds like there are two men arguing back and forth with each other about what they should do with the man lying on the floor. It doesn’t take long for Brandon to realize that they are talking about Sloan. He bursts through the side wall and turns to stare at the two men as one of them, a dark-skinned and fairly muscled one holds Sloan in his arms. He quickly runs the other way as the other one stands his ground. This other man is a much smaller light-skinned lean fellow who doesn’t seem all that concerned about the huge naked man standing in front of him. Brandon storms up to him and tries to wiz by to go after the man that has Sloan. The white man manages to knock him down and stomp on the huge man’s back to make him yell in pain. He starts talking to him in a very condescending tone. ‘So… must be Dr. Goldmann’s new pet project. It appears that your first dose has worked out pretty well.’ He stands on top of Brandon for a few seconds before getting off his back and moving his boot down to his crotch to rub it on the huge man’s ballsac. The muscle man groans as the man continues to torture his testicles before rolling his thick cock back and forth. Brandon tries to get up, but the man warns him that he will crush his cock if he attempts to do anything stupid. The man can see that his other associate has made it off the floor with Sloan so he takes his boot off Brandon and starts to move towards the same path. The naked muscleman manages to grab the white man around the ankles and drags him to the ground. The man tries to kick him in the face but barely gets a reaction out of Brandon. The hairy man crawls over to restrain the smaller individual. ‘Who the fuck are you people, what is this place, and where are you taking Sloan?’ The man smiles and seems completely calm with the whole scenario he has been put in. ‘Ohh well you will discover that some of the people you thought you knew may not be who you thought they were.’ Brandon can feel the man’s body starting to vibrate a bit as the restrained man starts laughing hysterically. The man’s polo starts rising on his chest as his muscles swell underneath it. The nude behemoth is taken aback by this and is trying to figure out how this could be happening. The man’s pants stretch to their limits as his growing leg muscles begin pulling the seams apart. He flips Brandon off his chest and into the air as he gets on all fours as his pants continue to shred against his expanding quads. Brandon lands about ten feet away as he cracks the floor tiles with his huge frame. The man looks down at him as his head starts swelling slightly. The man yells ‘FUCK YEAH!’ as his shirt splits down the back as his delts and lower back pull the fabric further away from his body. It also appears that this man is starting to glow a bit as his skin begins changing to a gold color. Brandon can see what is transpiring from where he is and starts to scoot behind him. The man grunts as his entire outfit falls off onto the ground. His small frame is completely swallowed up as his body continues to stretch as his muscles flex and tense bigger than before. His biceps now resemble watermelons as he sits up and throws his mammoth arms up into the air. He gets up and moves toward Brandon which freaks the hairy man out. The bloated white behemoth grabs a hold of him and throws him down on the ground once again as the floor begins crumbling beneath them. The man continues to swell as his sheer size eventually has them falling through numerous floors beneath them. His gold colored paws find themselves around the big man’s thick neck as he tries to strangle the muscleman unconscious. Brandon attempts to kick the massive brute in the balls, but the growing behemoth’s monster crotch hardly feels a thing as they finally hit the bottom level of the facility. The force behind the landing causes the man to lose his grip on Brandon and he rolls to his side. Brandon picks himself up from the rubble and starts to scurry across the room towards a nearby door out of what looks like a security area. He can hear the gold-skinned man groaning under his breath as he proceeds to open the door. He turns to look at him one last time and notices that the man’s cock is stretching even bigger than before. It quickly glides its way past the man’s 12-pack before climbing up between his engorged muscle mammaries. He starts moaning as his grapefruit sized balls twitch several times as they start pumping cum into his two foot python. Brandon can’t believe what he is seeing in front of him as the giant pole pushes its way down the man’s throat. He can hear loud gulping sounds followed by really deep sighs as the man massages the huge rod lovingly with his huge paws. The growth accelerates as he does this which makes Brandon rush out the door and down the entrance hall towards the exits out the medical complex. He can hear walls collapsing behind him as he gets within a few feet from the way out. Earth shattering roars from inside the security area makes the building shake violently as he manages to get through the front doors. He looks up and sees a helicopter 1000 feet above his head hovering as the circulating air causes him to fall over onto a nearby grassy area. Floors are now heard collapsing from inside as the man’s two story sized arms come bursting through the sides of the building. His head follows through the top floor as the whole building is lifted completely from its foundation. The helicopter’s side door opens as the dark-skinned man that Brandon saw earlier peers out from an angle and launches a rocket at the muscle monster’s head. It nails him right between his eyes and knocks him backwards. The building disintegrates before the man lands on the property directly behind him. The aftershock from the destruction sends Brandon into the air as he goes flying into a building across the street from the complex. He loses consciousness for a few seconds before coming to again. He is unable to move at all as book shelves go cascading down on top of him. He can hear the helicopter getting closer to him as he looks over from the corner of his left eye and sees someone jumping into the opening. He can feel the shelves being pushed off him which makes him panic just a bit. As he turns his head to look up, he gets punched in the face several times before he is unconscious again. Brandon wakes up several hours later in a dark room hooked up to what looks like a metal gurney. His arms and legs are bound in three sets of restraints which complete limit his movements. He hears someone whispering not far from him which gets his attention on his left side. The man’s voice seems really weak to him. ‘Brandon……I thought you were dead. The serum you injected into me seems to have worked. They have been trying to make me transform for hours now……but they don’t quite understand…..’ A voice comes over the intercom system in the room. It is calm and collected. ‘Is this true Mr. Blackmon? Wait, what is your name again…..*looks at his list*……ahh yes, Sloan is it? You were supposed to be a good little man weren’t you? Heinrich handpicked you out of dozens of our other new recruits to come work with him on this project. I should have known that you would get cold feet and decide to take matters into your own hands. Now I must try and figure out how to harness that power swimming through your blood now.’ Two doors open from both sides of the room as two large men walk over to where Sloan is and start wheeling him out of the room. He yells at Brandon and tells him that he must find a way out or he will become another victim like the man that ended up growing into a giant. The voice on the intercom starts talking again in the same calm tone as before. ‘So…..Mr. Brandon Fielding is it? It appears that the first stage of your transformation has gone without a hitch, don’t you think? Your body responded as I expected…..ohh and don’t worry, Dr. Goldmann will be back to his regular self again soon enough.’ Brandon grunts several times as his skin gets redder once his anger accelerates. The voice sighs a few times before they start speaking again. ‘Mr. Fielding…..there is no need for you to get all riled up now is there? If you need a little bit of relief, I can come in and help you calm down.’ Brandon stops making noise before he yells something at the voice. ‘Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you going to do to Sloan?’ A door from directly in front of Brandon opens as someone walks through it. He turns to look forward as the figure draws closer to him. With the lights starting to turn on, he can see that it is a man in a lab coat wearing black pants and boots with a headset on. The man stands in front of his gurney and smiles in a very confident way. ‘Who the fuck am I? Why would you talk to me in that manner Mr. Fielding? You are not in a position to really make any kind of demands don’t you think? As for Sloan, he has actually done me a favor or rather you both have done me a favor by mixing normal DNA with the reversion serum I have created. Probably saved me months of research in the process…..hmmm…..I should thank you both.’ Brandon’s anger rises again as he feels his skin turning beet red once more. The man puts his hands on the restrained muscleman’s legs and feels the rage emanating from him. He takes them back off and walks over to Brandon’s right side. ‘You could possibly be going into stage two now Mr. Fielding. That man that you encountered outside Goldmann’s office was Terry Lohman. He was another client of Heinrich’s that was progressing quite well. Unfortunately though, he thought that using several vials of the muscle serum at the same time would help him become the top soldier in my organization. I had to put a stop to that, you know?’ Brandon’s anger subsides once again as his skin returns back to its original coloring. ‘Hmm…..very interesting Mr. Fielding. I wonder how you would react if I stimulated your cock just a bit.’ The man reaches over and pets Brandon’s appendage slowly as it immediately starts to rise. It rubs up against the man’s hands as he continues to massage it. Brandon moans lightly feeling the tingling from inside his body increasing. The man smiles as he continues to speak to him. ‘Ohh my gosh, I forgot to introduce myself didn’t I? My name is Dr. Ross Bloodstone and I am going to be your doctor today. What exactly are you feeling at this moment Mr. Fielding?’ Other entries in the Muscle Doctor series here: The Facility: The Facility Part II: Muscle Doctor Part 1: Muscle Doctor Part 2:
  6. Ragetiger

    growth Muscle Builder Ap 2

    So muscular that even relaxed I was flexing. So horny I was leaking cum by the gallons. That's how my life became after playing with the Muscle Builder Ap. Seems my growth didn't go by completely unnoticed. A big hole with the constantly flowing cum kept right on pumping out in the yard. The musky smell could be smelt and felt from miles around. No one was immune, just one little whiff and they were in the thralls of climax. The maker of the application was so enthralled that he moved right in. The massive lion was a sight as if he was one of the poor people that were given my "shared" progress. It turned out that some of my close watchers were turned into gigantic mountains of muscles, though not as massive as me. All seems to be in various phases of my growth as well. Least all of them were still mobile, though I don't mind being pinned down by the weight of my oversized cock and balls. To aid in the cleanup from my unending cum flow, my cock was fitted with a massive sleeve to a hose that connected to a series of pumps and tanks designed to take all I can give. Trust me those trucks were rolling all day and night long. Between my normal leaking cum flow, that lion was more than will to worship this massive body I have. "Think I have finally found the remains of your phone." he called out, jogging back into the house. He did find the busted remains of my old smart phone. I did notice that the battery and back of the casing was missing. a sim card was there. "Seems that you did a number on this poor thing." I chuckled, "It's not like I had any control over it, Furor. Even a light touch was too much pressure. Besides I didn't blow up to this size till after it broke." I shifted my weight a little, trying to flex. "Shame there's no way to make me taller so I can least move around." Furor listened to me, before looking back at the phone. "It's a shame we didn't think of that. Didn't think it was possible for anyone to grow this massive. You're like a god of muscle and sex." he purred as he ran a finger over the length of my cock. He felt the heat radiate off it as I blew another load into the tanks. Outside a loud scream or two were heard before the sound of my cum sloshing and splattering. Then there were a series of deep groans, only to have them turn into moans of passion. Another pair of victims to my cum shots. Odds are they grew a little and a lot hornier. I panted for a few minutes. "Need to make sure they aren't loading up before I unload. Don't want to turn everyone into giants. . . yet." I jest a few times like this after learning my potent seed is capable of making others swell. "Good thing the game didn't have a godmode or something like that. Who knows what would have happened." "I can only imagine how massive you would have been." Furor could only purr loudly as he was stroking himself. "So much power and beauty in a tight massive package. Hordes of worshipers savoring their time, trying to earn their god's favor or blessing. All of them. . . bigger than life themselves and yet crave more." He roared as he shot his load all over my swollen cock and balls. I felt the tingle again as if I had gotten bigger, like when the game was running. But as quickly as it started, it ended. Seems every time he came on me, I felt that tingle. It was hard to tell if I was growing or if it was just the feeling I had when he came on my body. Either way I couldn't tell, there was no scale to weigh me, nor was I being measured past the time I was fitted with that sleeve. It was super stretchy and tight enough to ensure my loads wouldn't blast the thing off. At the same time, it didn't feel like anything was on my cock. It was incredible, like wearing some kind of condom. "Damn, I just cannot control myself when I'm around you, you big sexy beast." Furor panted, as he came down from his orgasmic haze. "One of these days, I'll give you all the attention you could ever want. . . and more." he winked as he left the room, heading to take a shower. I collected my thoughts, that lion was one of the few that could keep his cool around my musky scent. More than once, Furor had his way with my massive form. Either pounding my tight ass, which is pretty fun to get at, once I straddle myself on top of my cock; more than one time he wanted to go right for docking. I often worried what would happen to him if he was still in the slit when I started cumming. I enjoyed the way he has to use his entire body just to stroke the length of my cock, the thought making my cock gush more cum, this time no sounds of panic. I drifted off to sleep thinking about how it would be if Furor was as big as I was, could he give me the pleasure he wanted to give. In the morning, Furor walked around like he was a kid in the candy store. I wasn't sure why he was in such a mood, but I didn't want his mood spoiled. He was playing with his phone and giggling. I watched him as he swelled up a little bit, then stopped. The only thing the overgrown cat was wearing was a very tight thong, soaked with his pre. "How do you like this?" He asked me, flexing his newly inflated muscles. "Or maybe I should pack on some more pounds elsewhere." he played with his phone a bit again, this time his groin plumped up. I grunted as I blasted a fresh load into the tanks. "That was incredible. How did you do that?" He showed me his phone. . . it was the Muscle Builder Ap! "Seems the game still works and I managed to unlock a couple new features." He toyed with the phone once more, this time pulling up my profile. "To be honest, it was your profile that unlocked these features. Seems it now added the ability to let anothers growth be controlled." he gave me a sly wink. "and there's one more feature that only you can benefit from." I grew worried, I knew what it did to me and now here it was again, like a repeating nightmare. "Oh don't give me that look. It's perfectly safe, I didn't do anything to control your own growth, though now you can get taller so you can be mobile again." he fumbled with the phone again. He grunted for a moment then sighed. "Seems the only thing it cannot do, is make the person smaller, only bigger." I gave a slight moan as I felt myself being stretched. I was slowly getting taller, my frame adjusted as my limbs and torso began to swell and lengthen. Seem I felt my feet crush the ground as I managed to stand up, destroying the ceiling with my horns and skull. "Holy crap. I can move again." My cock throbbed and quivered in the sleeve as I pumped out another massive load. Free of the house, I can see the massive tanks I was pumping them my cum into. "Enjoying yourself I see." Furor panted, playing with the phone once more. This time my growth slowed to a stop. "Time to check out how good that sleeve on you cock really is." I barely had time to register what he said before I watched my cock starting to plump up and stretch out. My balls already churning loudly as they refilled and expanded. "By the gods. . . I'm getting massive." I felt the balls behind me rest on the ground again and my cock's girth increased. The sleeve held on for a few more moments, before erupting like a hose. "I cannot. . . control myself. so . . . horny." A river of pre was flowing fiercely from the slit. "Now now, don't get ahead of yourself. Kitty wants to play too." Furor purr. "I finally get to pleasure you in the one way I never could." He pawed at himself as his groin swelled up and freed itself from the thong he was wearing. The poor piece of elastic snapped like an old rubberband. "Don't worry about cumming all over me, I set it up so you'll be unable to release for a couple of hours. Plenty of time for me to enjoy doing this." I groaned and moaned as he played and toyed with my massive cock, it throbbed and pulsed with every fiber of my being driven by lust. No matter what Furor did, I couldn't cum. I felt myself getting right to the edge and then it backed off. Even the flow of pre, was down to a trickle. He licked and caressed the slit, I snorted and panted. Then he plugged his massive cock into the slit. I felt the rush! At first, it was a mix of pain and pleasure. This was something I never experienced before - it was a cross being docking and sounding. I felt him thrusting his cock seemed to be growing longer and thicker as he kept going. It grew thick enough that the urethra was completely filled. Still it grew longer and longer, snaking it's way to my base. "Oh yes. . . just a little more. Just a little longer." the lion panted as he worked himself into a fury of sex. "You are going to love what happens next." I felt the massive member throb once then began to unload his hot juices into me. I felt the wave of cum flow though my cock and into my balls. Closing my eyes, I roared out in passion. I thrusted my hips forward without thinking, I felt my body absorbing his cum and begin to swell bigger. "Wha-?" When I opened my eyes, I couldn't see Furor anywhere. My body was still swelling and growing. I kept flexing as my muscles plumped themselves up to bigger and more impressive sizes. I left my feet pressing into the ground again and carving out more earth as they grew. "Furor?" I called out. "Something isn't right. Where did you go? Why is my growth not stopping?" I tried looking around, but everything was getting so small to my view. I couldn't' figure out what was happening. A group started forming around me. I can feel them caressing my swelling body. I flex and pose for them. "You like what you see!" I heard a few moan as they lost control of themselves and came right in their clothes. I must have been close to fifty feet tall by now. I shifted my bulk, my massive cock swinging and snapping and tall building, tree or pole that was close-by. I stepped down with a ground shaking stomp. Only then did I realize the house was underfoot - what was left of it anyways. I shrugged it off and kept entertaining the growing number of worshipers. Some that weren't part of worshiping my growing form were chased off by the mob. A few took it upon themselves to cum over my body, at least the massive feet that was crushing the ground beneath them as I kept growing past the one hundred foot marker with no signs of stopping. The crowd kept swelling as my body did. Bigger and bigger I grew. Taller, thicker, hornier. In the back of my mind I wanted it to stop, but I craved all of this and more. My cock leaking like a waterfall now, I wanted to keep right on growing. Just the sight of my cock growing was turning me on. I looked down to watch the crowd of worshipers, not fleeing from the pooling pre, but swimming and drinking it up. Some even started to grow as well. "That's right mortals, drink in that power. Worship me! Your power feeds me and rewards you." My voice thundered with a deep boom. I gave into my urges, I had to get over that edge where the vanished Furor had kept me from. I had to use both of my hands but still unable to fully grasp my plump cock. I even rocked my hips as I stroked my massive bullmeat. I was in heaven, I craved nothing more than to be muscular and horny all the time. The more I got the more I craved. I felt my balls behind me slapping the back of my titanic thighs. They churn loudly and begin to drawn tightly. I was going over the edge. With a loud bellow that could be heard for miles, my cock twitched then fired a massive volley that seemed to have landed miles away from me. My growth sped up as more and more cum fired from my still twitching cock. I felt the surge of raw power fill me and radiate outwards. My feet were crushing everything in their path as they kept growing. I shot higher into the sky, quickly passing five hundred feet, then a thousand. By the time my climax ended my cock was a little more proportional to my size, though both hands were still needed to firmly grip it. Planes started to buzz around me like gnats. I did my best to avoid swatting at them when they got close. I had no reason to do anything to them, providing they didn't act aggressively towards me. One got too close, and slammed into the wall of muscle that was my left pec as I got another surge in growth. I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't tell if the crowd was still gathering, scattered for safety, or crushed when I started my growth. I didn't care. I roared out in lust as I begin to flex and pose again, not caring where my massive feet crushed under them. My cock spraying streams of pre everywhere. When I go to the most muscular pose, my cock being to unload more cum making me swell up even faster. "That's right, mortals, make me cum!" I bellowed as my growth quickly took me over a mile in height. "You cannot get enough of your muscled up horny bull of a god! Succumb to my will and worship me and my growth." It didn't take much to reach the California coast. So many tall sky scrapers - least they would be if I wasn't there - standing there as if calling out to me. I managed to pluck one of them, with a twisted grin bit down and ate the stony structure. A second one I gave a little more thought on it's fate. I pushed it into the growing slit of my cock. Once it started its way in, my cock did the rest. I chuckled as I cock-vored a second a third building. My balls churned and throbbed as it swelled with each building. I moaned deeply, unable to aim into the air, I cummed hard on the ground, completely filling the major city is cum that nothing was left untouched. Buildings were blown off their foundations or were completely drowned in unimaginable amounts of hot bull cum. I took a few moments to clean it up, by licking up every tasty morsel. I wasn't about to leave this mountain of cum just sit and cool. I felt my size increasing, my growth getting faster, my body growing even stronger than before. I arched my back, bellowing as I reached another powerful climax. Every muscle in my body swelled with power. I wanted more I wanted to fill the world with my muscle, flood it with my cum, then consume it. I was too big for the mortals to stop me - I was too big for myself to even want to stop. I didn't think for a moment before leaping into the inviting ocean. I'm not sure what will befall those near the coasts, but I was only interested in my wants and desires. I bursted over all, swelling while i was submerged in the sea water. I didn't rise out of the water, I grew out of it. most of my growth was now focused in my cock and balls. As soon as my cock crested from the waters I began to blow another powerful load, watching the seas turn a pasty white. My balls stayed in the seas as if drawing in the water, so I could really fill the seas in cum. I kept growing till I saw the curvature of the planet. I thought crossed my mind, at this height I shouldn't be breathing, but yet I was still alive. I thought back to when I was talking to Furor. . . did he enable some kind of godmode on me. I looked around and thought that it was the case. No other way to explain being so tall that I'm bursting out of the upper atmospheres without collapsing from lack of air. I was growing ever bigger, I can feel the planet starting to give under me. I might had been at least 100 miles tall by now. I crouched a little, preparing to jump. My muscles pumped up as if they are willed to my desires. I leaped with all my might, then finding myself floating in space, hovering over the planet. "Much better, free of the mortal bonds that kept me bound to your ever shrinking world." I boomed, flexing as my body seemed to grow even faster that I was freed of the planet. Lucky for me, the earth was between me and the sun, so my impressive size didn't block out the sun for them. "Time to show what I'm about to do . . . to you." I plucked the moon and held it like it was a baseball. To me it was about the right size. "Watch as it becomes a part of me." I moved the baseball sized moon towards my cock, a big glob of pre formed. As I placed the moon against the glob, it spread, coating it completely, then it began to be pulled into my cock. My cock started to thicken as it began to swallow the moon. My balls followed, then my muscles. I roared out as I swelled out in all directions. The tiny earth shrank to be about the same size as the moon was a moment ago, from my perspective. "Now, it's your turn. This time I won't use my hands. Do not fret my loyal worshipers, I feel your power and hear your pleas, I will not harm you as you become a part of me. You will be reborn as will your new home, once I finish." I slowly backed myself and positioned my cock to swallow the former earth. Like before a glob of pre formed at the tip. I moaned lustfully as my cock grew to meet the tiny planet. As before, as my cock swallowed the planet, my entire body swelled and expanded. I craved more. I wanted more. I can hear the worshipers calling out, demanding more. More they shall have. I drifted out, plowing the asteroid belt. I didn't spot Mars, and didn't waste time with such a tiny thing, I wanted something bigger. I slowed as I approached Jupiter, I glared at it. It mocks me, still much too big. . . for now. I felt myself still growing as I went towards my first gas planet, Saturn. I pondered for a moment, it was huge, compared to me still. I rubbed by stomach as it growled. I cock vored a planet and it's moon, I wanted to savor the flavor of this one. I began to inhale, drawing in the famous rings. Unlike when I used my cock to swallow, everything I was swallowing was going right to my gut. I rubbed it as the muscles then began to bulge and push outwards. I was slowly starting to go from body builder to powerlifter. The rings were gone, then I did the same with the gas giant itself. I watched as the gassy surface began to pull off the sphere and into my sucking maw. My body kept growing, my muscle gut was sticking out almost as far as my pecs where. My cock throbbed and twitched with excitement. "One gas giant down. . . one more to go." I roared triumphantly. I returned to Jupiter. My growth made me so gigantic that it resembled a multicolored basketball. Like Saturn's fate. I began to inhale, drawing in the mighty gas giant. My body grew the more material I was swallowing. Even after it was gone I kept swallowing the multitude of tiny moons the giant had. Even built as a monster powerlifter with a massive muscle gut, I craved more. Something wasn't quiet finished. I stroked my mighty planet voring cock as a new prize glowed in the distance. The sun. . . I needed that power. I drifted towards it, it's power drawing me ever closer. I felt the asteroid belt once more and Mars crash into my body, becoming part of it. Venus and Mercury were knocked away by my cock as I began to circle around the sun. I was nearly the same size as it. My cock formed a glob of pre and my maw drooled. Endless power was nearly at my finger tips. My cock began to draw in the sun's fuel from it's southern pole as I was licking, slurping and sucking down the fuel from the northern. Like two massive blackholes, my mouth and cock drank it the sun's raw materials, growing even bigger than before, dwarfing the sun, till it was gone. Darkness for a few moments, before my body began to shine. I managed to flex one last time into a double bicep pose. my cock so massive that it kept my legs apart. Balls so massive they were pulled behind me and my tight glutes were resting against them. I could feel the power constantly building up, it excited me. I was a true muscle god. The thought pushed me over the edge, my cock throbbed then began to fill the space out and around me with thick globs of cum. No matter how much I came, I kept pumping out more and more. I couldn't stop it, nor did I want it too. It took a few years, but my climax did end. The massive globs of cum slowly began to form into spheres and orbited around me. I was now the center of this new solar system. They did become planets formed from my hardened cum. Soon I can feel the presence of the new planets life, worshiping me. Those that were a part of me were now reborn and worshiping me all the more, in their new life as muscle giants.
  7. CardiMuscleman

    The Power of the Titan : Part Three

    After what seemed like hours, Porthos’s body was racked with pain. His arms and legs were on fire, his chest was heaving and he was breathing hard. His heart was pounding and he was sweating like a pig but still he was denying the Cardinal his triumph. Another bolt of pain produced another scream and Porthos could feel his arms and legs burning in pain. He knew that he could never give up and yet in the back of his mind he wondered if he should die, but realised that would give the Cardinal his ultimate triumph. Another bolt of pain woke him up to the fact that he had to escape. However as he was planning on his escape, the Cardinal entered. “So” he said, “do you have anything to say?” Porthos closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. “I defy you!” he grunted and with that he pulled on his restraints. Slowly but surely, the wheel at the top of the device started to turn and despite the torturer’s best efforts, the pain in Porthos’s arms and legs started to recede and as it did, Porthos’s strength increased. The Cardinal realised that unless he did something and quickly, the giant would be free and so took a flaming torch from one of the walls and held it aloft. “You will die!” he said, and with that lit a rope. Porthos watched the rope caught fire and followed it to the end and gasped as he saw the ceiling was full f spears all attached to a frame so that when the rope burnt through it would pierce anyone on the rack. Porthos knew it was a race against time and redoubled his strength. As he pulled against the restraints, a bulge developed in his loincloth. The bigger the bulge got, the more intense Porthos’s breathing got, the more intense the breathing got, the harder Porthos pulled. After a few moments, the loincloth gave up it’s struggle and ripped to reveal Porthos’s own spear which was already tipped with a dribble of liquid. The sight disgusted the Cardinal and he left the room, but the torturer was intrigued and gingerly touched the spear. Porthos moaned and his pull relaxed. He had never experienced these feelings before. He felt powerful, weak, strong, timid and aroused all at the same time. The torturer grabbed the spear and started to rub hard. Porthos's mind whirled with images of Hercules breaking free of chains, Samson bringing down the temple and even his own incredible feats of strength. The faster the torturer rubbed, the harder his spear got and the harder his spear got the stronger he got. Porthos suddenly roared and pulled the restraints so hard that the rack broke under the strain and Porthos was free. He jumped off the rack and wrestled the torturer to the ground just as the rope snapped and the spears crashed to the ground. Porthos rolled onto his back to find that he had crushed the torturer who was lying on the ground, clearly in agony. As Porthos was about to leave, the torturer gasped, “Hail Porthos, the strongest man to live!”. *** Porthos reported his tale to Captain Treville who noted his report with concern. Whilst he was pleased that Porthos had escaped and not revealed any information, the fact that the Cardinal was now willing to use torture was a frightening development. Porthos replied with a smile saying “Whilst I am a Musketeer, no one will be able to beat us!” with that he thumped his chest, saluted and walked out of the Captain office looking for D'Artangan, the newest recruit to the King's Musketeers and a man almost as much in awe of Porthos's strength as Porthos. As he did, he felt his spear start to bulge and hoped that the new recruit would not be frightened of his request which he repeated in his mind over and over again. "Punish me, D'Artangan. Punish me and reveal my strength!" The End???
  8. The walk that the lady led the Titan on was almost like a dance. As she took decisive steps forward, the Titan, now slobbering like a dog, followed with stumbling steps, almost constant burbling and inane smirking. Porthos had no idea who this lady was, but he was falling head over heels in love with her. As she opened the door to a house and gestured the Titan in, it was clear to all that he had one thing on his mind as there was a noticeable bulge in his breeches. Ma maison est ta maison, ma rose est ta rose, mon amour est ton amour!" For the first time in many a year, Porthos felt weak at the knees. The personwho he had found out was a Countess, has showered Porthos with gifts, food and was now lying in his lap with her eyes closed and her mouth pursed as if expecting a kiss. "Madame" said Porthos, gently moving the Countess, "I regret that I am already married to the nation. You honour me with your confessions of love and yet, I must refuse!" "I understand" she said, and stood up, "but please, allow me to witness the power that a living Titan has in his body!" Porthos chuckled as he stood up. Everyone wanted to feel his strength, men, women and there was that occasion when a small boy squeezed his arm and said "Bigger than my father's!" so Porthos consented and bent his arms causing the shirt he was wearing to tear along the seam. The Countess gasped in admiration and instantly followed the tear with her finger, prodding the muscle that had created it. "And how strong is that?" she asked "Stronger than any man on earth!" Porthos smiled "Please, my lord" she said, "please, show me the strength that makes you a Titan!" Porthos looked around the room and found a very large oak cabinet, filled with various wine glasses and plates. He stepped over to it, squatted down, placed his hands underneath it and grunted. He slowly stood up, taking the cabinet with him and then removed a hand. "The power of a titan!" he grunted as he lifted the cabinet with one hand. The Countess moaned at this display of power and after Porthos lowered it back to the ground, she pounced on him and grabbed hold of his shirt. She ripped it open and pounded his chest. Porthos was suprised by this, but had to admit that he was enjoying all this attention and so flexed his chest. This caused the Countess to moan even more and so he breathed deeper causing the chest to heave and as it did, a stain started to appear on his breeches. He was just about to kiss the Countess when she shouted "NOW!" and jumped down. Porthos turned round and registered another man bringing a cannonball down on his head before blacking out. *** "I AM A TITAN!" roared Porthos as he broke the chains holding him to the steps of a temple dedicated to the Greek gods. As he collapsed to his knees, breathing hard, Hercules clapped his hands. "So, the Frenchman thinks he's better than me, does he?" and so saying launched himself at Porthos and two were involved in an epic Greco Roman wrestling match that if any man had witnessed it would have had them loosing their trousers within seconds. After nearly thirty minutes of man handling and feats of strength that would have left men, women and even children speechless, Porthos lifted the now limp Hercules over his head and roared "THE TITAN IS DEFEATED. LONG LIVE THE TITAN!" and threw him down the stairs and flexed every muscle in his body to prove his power *** Porthos groaned as he came to from the cannonball impact. As he opened his eyes, he could see the Countess in front of him who started to chuckle and then laugh. "So the titan thinks he is a god, eh?" she said and turned her back on him. "My lady, I..." started Porthos and then suddenly realised that something was wrong. He couldn't move his arms or feet. He opened his eyes wide and gasped. He was strapped, naked save for a loincloth, to the one thing he feared the most, a rack. The only thing that could make this situation worse was... "Ah, Monsieur Porthos, glad to see you back in the world of the living!" "Cardinal!" sneered Porthos as the French First Minister and advisor to the King entered the room. "Good, I am glad to see that you haven't lost your memory. Shame though, all that strength would be useful for my Guards. I assume you know Milady de Winter!". The countess bowed and when she stood up removed her disguise causing the giant to tug at his restraints. "Now then" said the Cardinal, "just tell us what we want to know and we'll let you go!" "I will never betray the confidences I have in me!" Porthos grunted. The Cardinal nodded and a bolt of pain shot down Porthos's spine causing him to scream in agony. "Now" he said, as Porthos started to puff and pant, "I wonder how many of those the famed titan can take before he begs to tell us everything? Milady?" and with that he left the room as another bolt shot down the spine of the giant causing his screams to resonate throughout the chamber.
  9. momoware

    m/m FANTASY FUTURE MUSCLE Cheapter 3

    Just another warning/reminder that there's some "weird" stuff here: bodybuilders birthing bodybuilders out of their nutsacks and violent sex scenes/language/imagery. Enjoy! -------- Each time a new muscle baby had been born into the room in a pool of ejaculate they were taken backstage, shaved and tanned appropriately, for showing off during the progeny round. This round basically reflected the results of the domination round, in that it ranked competitors based on the quality of their muscle babies that had been birthed in the show. The victor of the domination round had surprisingly been Martin, who, spurred on by his defeat of the gigantic Wyman, had scored a full 119 points, having pinned down, penetrated and deposited a muscle baby in every one the evening's finalists. In second place was Wyman, who had scored 17 points with every competitor except Martin, who you remember overcame him after being unsuccessfully pinned down. The top three performing men were called out; Wyman, Martin and Chen Xiao, who had produced four muscle babies that night. They were each followed by their muscle children onto the stage, once gain dressed in the respectful black speedo that was the equivalent of black tie at these events. The muscle babes were all roughly the same height, around 7', although they would continue growing for quite a long time, with the exception of the vascular, ripped beast birthed to Wyman by Jean Marie, who having accelerated his growth at an unbelievable rate now stood sixteen feet and eight inches tall, his head touching the banner that hung from the roof of the vault. It was the first time in history that a muscle baby had exceeded its father's height in such a short space of time, and he was even larger than the dozens of Wyman's other muscle babies that sat in the audience. He had been weighed earlier at 2100 pounds, and now that the thick mainly hair had been removed from all over is body his incredible definition showed. The grooves between each of is abdominal muscles were deep enough to run a finger through and his chest was the size of a car, inflated to twice its size when he inhaled. He never stopped panting and sweating, and within minutes of his all over shaved thick patches of sweaty hair had already reformed under his massive arms that rested almost at 90 degrees due to the vast, sweeping lats that exploded from the side of his body. The hormones that Wyman fed himself in abundance had been even more strongly transmitted to his muscle baby to the end that whilst everybody else on the stage was dressed in their regulation speedo, he was fully nude as he simply never ceased to masturbate. The power of is sex drive was such that his erection was constant, and his cock so heavy that it hung down even when erect. Assistants on the stage were given instruction to constantly be pumping the huge nine foot long cock to prevent his balls from swelling up. Every two or three minutes his abdominals would begin to pulsate rhythmically and a deep moan filled the stage as two thousand litres of cum poured out of the giants balls. The scoring of this round was a foregone conclusion- the presence of this one muscle baby that had surpassed all known norms and expectations granted Wyman a certain win. Whilst Wyman's muscle babies all had the angry, fierce and chiseled face and strong rugged jaw of their father, Martin's were far more handsome and had delicate features, a small nose, long eyelashes and beautiful green eyes like him. Their body hair was very light brown and a huge tuft stuck out over their speedos. I looked forward to meeting them all and worshipping those bodies. However there was one thing I wanted that was purely for myself. Ever since seeing the massive muscle baby of Wyman's suck up the semen from the ground and grow at such a stupendous rate, I was desperate to do the same. Clearly the high-testosterone hormones in Wyman's semen had caused this, and I figured in the muscle baby’s semen the level would be even higher. The audience had dwindled to around fifteen people- the rest had exhausted themselves fucking during the domination round. So I took advantage of this opportunity to get down on the ground and drink as much of the muscle babies jizz as I could in the interval as the muscle babies were escorted off the stage. I filled my water bottle, again, and again, and again. I had drunk eight litres of the 22,000 that had been spilt, and my stomach began to bloat, enough is enough for now, I figured, and went to the bathroom. Whilst in there I encountered Jean Marie, the extremely handsome French bodybuilder who, after being almost ripped apart by Wyman's muscle baby, had birthed two more on behalf of Chen Xiao and Martin. He seemed close to passing out, but was polite and friendly, and I confided in him my theory regarding the muscle baby cum. He seemed open to the idea of ingesting some but was not lucid enough to engage in real conversation. He sat down opposite the wash basin, his massive cock and balls slumping down to the ground, weighing down their latex prison and invited me to sit next to him. My immersion into this underground bodybuilding world had only started a couple of months prior, and I was still a nube weighing only 420 pounds at 6"8, but I suspected that Jean Marie was happy for some company that was not likely to overpower and fuck him to the point of near death. He held me in his big strong arms and both our cocks rose to their full glory as we began to massage each other and slide into blissful orgasm, covering ourselves in gallons of hot creamy seed. He licked some from the tip of my cock as it continued to pour out, his rugged facial hair becoming matted in my sticky man juice. As we rested for a moment, Mustafa ran into the bathroom, totally unsurprised by what he saw to inform us that Wyman's big muscle baby had begun to spasm uncontrollably after having gown to beyond thirty feet tall, weighing in at 6430 pounds and that he had had to be tranquilised with drugs intended for whales. He was effectively dead now, as without consciousness there was no way for him to recover from this state. Mustafa ran out as he had taken it upon himself to spread this very unusual news. I smiled and began to laugh, and Jean Marie asked me why I was so amused. "You see, the muscle baby you birthed is now dead, and the only person who consumed his cum, full of those magical growth hormones, before it was too late, is me! My hormone makeup is changing as we speak, I can feel it, and I'm going to become the biggest man that ever lived! Let's go see what's happening to that baby!" I said, grabbing the Frenchman’s hand and running out of the bathroom.
  10. momoware


    NB- I've put a "weird" tag. on this and I should warn in advance there's a few very unique but overall very unusual feature of this series that I've written- it involves bodybuilders being able to impregnate each other with clones. It really gets me off, but if the idea grosses you out, you've been warned! There's one or two violent sex scenes in this chapter too. _________ David Wyman, the larger of the two American competitors was visibly relieved to hear this and grabbed his huge balls prior to removing his speedo. His balls then hung almost his knees, and his gigantic cock two or three inches past as he waited for his fellow competitors to do the same. Chen Xiao's speedo was simply torn off by his rapidly expanding cock, whereas Martin, still flaccid, had to tweak his nipples for a moment in order to cause the groundbreaking boner that caused his trunks to fly into the audience in three pieces. I too was naked at this point, having soiled my trunks with semen, gradually the whole auditorium removed all of its clothes, creating an incredible smell that made the air feel heavy and wet. The eight men stood now fully naked, before a room of naked bodybuilders, eagerly waiting the orgy that was coming up next, the Domination Round. This round, in contrast to the previous one that awarded aesthetics, instead awards strength and brute power. Each competitor faces their opponents in a series of head to head wrestling matches. Pinning your opponent to the ground is awarded with 2 points, penetrating him anally with 5 points and reaching full climax whilst still in control 10 extra points. What made this round so bizarre but also amazingly erotic was that due to the genetic enhancements that these men received, they were capable of producing all the necessary hormones to deposit a fertilized egg, and whenever the loser of one of these bouts was fucked up the ass, they would become impregnated with a pygmy muscleman, who would grow to adulthood in their ball sack over around an hour and be born at full sexual maturity in a monstrous pool of ejaculate on stage. In the audience around me I saw five or six of what I assumed to be Wyman's muscle progeny- identical to him in every way except their size and the fact that they had no speech capabilities or free will, they were giant muscle robots in effect, who would continue growing indefinitely, unlike their father. Wyman, the American I mentioned earlier, had won this round the previous year with 109 points and his cock and arrogant smirk buzzed full of excitement for this round. His first bout saw him face Jean Marie de Villiers, who at 710 pounds was much smaller than Wyman, and his fear showed. They stood on two 'x's six feet way from one another- the distance was just enough that when Wyman stretched out his massive arm, the Frenchman was just out of reach. Wyman was the biggest man in the contest (although Mustafa al-Asghari, his fellow American was roughly the same weight but one or two inches shorter) at 970 pounds and 8'7, but whilst this section of the competition was a sure win for him the earlier posing rounds did not always score him highly as during the run up to competition he would sacrifice form and muscle definition for gaining extreme size with massive rations of food and of course, his growth hormone that was obtained by a special pharmacological unit from bull elephant seals. As I watched him standing on the spot, ready to jump the Frenchman, I could certainly see elements of the bull seal in him, he panted and drooled from his gigantic chiseled jaw all the way down his rock hard sculpted body as his entire being shook maniacally waiting for the whistle to sound . And the whistle sounded. Wyman leapt towards Jean Marie, who jumped several meters in the air, sending the American tumbling over the stage. As the Frenchman landed he seemed pleased with himself; however this greatly angered Wyman, who picked himself up off the ground and stormed over to Jean Marie, making the whole auditorium shake as his size 32 feet pounded the ground. He stopped just short of the Frenchman and roared intimidatingly down at him, the two feet that separated their eyelines seeming like the gap between a giant and an infant. "YOU DON'T MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL YOU LITTLE FRENCH CUNT! I'M GONNA RAPE YOU GOOD BOY! YOU'LL SEE, AND WHEN MY LITTLE BOY COMES CRAWLING OUT OF YOUR NADS, I'M GONNA TEACH HIM HOW TO FUCK A LITTLE RUNT LIKE YOU TOO!" The poor Frenchman had no recourse, he stood glued to the spot waiting for the onslaught. Wyman bent down and grabbed his huge balls in his even bigger hand and lifted him above the ground before slamming him down viciously. "Two points!" Yelled the tanoy He then put one arm round each side and flipped him over, then used his two index fingers to spread apart his buttocks, spitting into the tight hole, and then onto his monstrous cock before thrusting the giant pole inside the black void. "Five points!" "You know what I'm gonna do boy?" Wyman whispered into Jean Marie's ear whilst fucking him, "I'm gonna squeeze out my biggest, strongest spunk to make sure that you end up carrying my biggest, fiercest muscle baby ever. He'll rip your little cock apart when he comes out, I swear, YOU'LL. REGRET. HUMILIATING.ME!" As he sad those last four words he stopped fucking so regularly, and delivered four final gigantic pummeling thrusts, as his giant balls pumped cum into the Frenchman’s exhausted ass he cried tears of pain and fear, and when Wyman pulled his cock out, the Frenchman simply collapsed and had to be removed from the stage, litres of thick smelly semen leaking from his devastated hole. "Wyman with the full seventeen points!" I was fascinated now to watch the Frenchman from this point, as I had never witnessed a "birth" yet. He was taken over to an area with hammocks in place of chairs (there was no way he would be able to sit down for quite a few days after the pounding he received from Wyman. He lay down starting to recover from the pain of the fucking, but mentally preparing himself for the pain of a small bodybuilder erupting from his cock in the coming hour. His ballsack had expanded, and in between his drooping testicles a third round lump had formed, about two feet in diameter and it was bulging and stretching aggressively. Wyman had promised that this would be one of his most impressive muscle offspring, and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what it was like. In order to make sure that the loser of the bouts in the domination round did not suffer serious injury in the competition, it was winner stays on, and Wyman was looking forward to taking on the remaining six. Chen Xiao was next, seventeen points to Wyman, followed by Mustafa, who in spite of being similar in stature was no match in strength, seventeen. Then came Martin van Santen, my gorgeous little man, and I felt for the first time fear and concern over the wellbeing of a competitor. I didn't want to see him impaled on a monster dick, howling in pain whilst the giant American degraded him. Sadly though within moments he had obtained the first two points for pinning Martin to the ground. Whilst on the ground though, Martin surprised the entire audience and delivered a powerful kick with both gigantic legs into Wyman's chest, throwing him 80 feet across the stage, to land on his back. Nothing like this had ever been seen before. "Now, two points to van Santen!" Turned on and motivated once more by the sheer power his legs had demonstrated, van Santen leapt up to his feet and stormed over to Wyman who was lying in pain, having landed on a pile of chairs that broke his fall but left his stomach and back badly bruised. He stamped on the American giant's stomach, causing him to cough up a small amount of blood onto the stage, and then with the same foot he rolled over Wyman’s body so that he was facing the floor, and then grabbed the hair on the back of his head, lifted him slightly off the ground (which was a challenge for the smaller, shorter Argentinian) and jammed his cock into the waiting ass. He made sure to finish quickly as he did not want the American to regain his strength and turn on him. With a resounding howl, he ejaculated and let Wyman fall to the ground, to be taken, unconscious, over to the hammocks. It was the first time that Wyman's ass had ever been penetrated. The contest stopped then for a break, as it had been around an hour since the domination round began and Jean Marie, Chen Xiao and Mustafa were expected within moments to be birthing Wyman's gargantuan kids. Whilst Chen Xiao and Mustafa were carrying a three foot wide spherical pouch in their ballsacks, poor Jean Marie looked like he was about to give birth to a full grown man, the lump had grown and was now six feet long and standing upright. Even through the scrotum you could see the embryonic bodybuilder flexing his giant, ripped muscles. In order to end the torment of having this giant growth in his system, Jean Marie began pumping his massive cock shaft with great gusto. Some assistants brought over buckets of lube to help the situation as well as to stimulate the huge balls and Wyman's muscle child. Gradually the large, elongated lump in the ballsack began to ascend, and Jean Marie screamed in pain and pleasure as his dick widened enormously to squeeze out the giant, and with one more tremendous push he ejaculated spectacularly all over the stage and well into the front rows of the audience. No less than two hundred litres of semen flooded the stage and as it began to become less and less, his dick hole expanded to several feet wide to squeeze out a full grown muscle beast that emerged covered in sticky fluid, strutting around the stage, consuming the semen from all over his massive body and picking up gloopy handfuls from the floor and ingesting it. The semen he ate ravenously made him increasingly aggressive, it compounded the high level of bull hormones in his already testosterone pumped up blood. He roared and bellowed louder than any human ever had before, and he flexed his gigantic muscles in a virile display of aggression. Whilst his father and the their competitors were shaved and tanned for competition, this muscle "baby" was not prepared in such a way, his entire body was covered in thick, black glossy hair, unsurprising for someone with such high levels of male hormones guaranteed by his parentage. He marched across the stage, growing almost an inch in height with each footstep (Wyman watched in awe, impressed by the potency of his own man juice) and when he reached the wall he punched a hole in the concrete and began fucking is hole in order to satisfy his carnal urges. Each thrust was accompanied by deep roars as well as rapid growth spurts, until he finally reached climax and screamed, pulling his cock out of the wall, he turned to the audience with his hands held either side of his head and spewed gallons of warm cum onto the stage. The entire room was left speechless by this monster, who now stood two whole feet taller than his father. Wyman however had nothing to fear- the muscle babies always deferred to their fathers, and the American wandered onto the cum-covered stage, still sore from his fucking from Martin and caressed his giant child. "Hey there big fella, I'm your daddy!" He said affectionately, rubbing the giant’s big hairy chest and making his six inch nipples stand erect to attention. He wiped some semen off his newborn son's chest and used it as lube to start massaging his own cock as the muscle baby watched. His was now the second biggest cock in the room, now standing erect two or three inches away from his eyes. He pumped the six foot long shaft repeatedly until he reached the point of climax and erupted a third batch of cum onto the stage. His humongous balls shuddered as they pumped four hundred litres of spunk out in a steady thick stream that hit the roof of the auditorium and splashed in every corner, followed by the birth of Martin's considerably smaller muscle baby that Wyman caught in his arms and placed on the ground. Three feet tall and two feet wide, covered from head to toe in thick rippling muscle that spasmed uncontrollably as he flexed and wandered around, gathering his bearings. He grew at a similar rate to the muscle baby that came before, although he was much less hairy and his growth slowed down after he surpassed about six feet. In the next five minutes both Mustafa and Chen Xiao expelled Wyman's two remaining muscle babies, who were equally hairy but thankfully for their hosts smaller and less painful than the beast that Jean Marie had popped out. The domination round recommenced, this time on a stage that was no less than two feet deep in huge bodybuilder cum. One hour later another break was taken to expel the new round of muscle babies. Several hours later, the domination round had come to an end and the ritual of bringing out the muscle babies began.
  11. Behind the Counter Bennett is a loyal patron of the local coffeehouse. He enjoys the casual atmosphere because the neighborhood is so peaceful and it is located really close to his job. The one thing he likes the most about it though are the baristas behind the counter. The guys are ruggedly handsome and extremely friendly. They always seem to be in a good mood when he walks into the shop. There is normally about four of them during the morning shift and two during the evening hours. He always goes in during both times of the day and all six of them are great to look at. Most have obviously worked out before, but are different shapes and sizes. He has a boyfriend at home and does care about him a lot, but both have had a hard time lately seeing eye to eye. When Bennett goes to this coffeehouse, he is put at ease by the guys that work there with their charm and great conversation. He sometimes fantasizes about them being behind the counter and suddenly growing massive with their clothes straining to be relieved. One evening in particular, while he was just minding his own business in the coffeehouse, a hulking figure sits down with him in the booth and starts writing something on a napkin. It slides it over to him and when he looks up, it is gone. The writing on the napkin tells him to order a coffee concoction that they have never served before and that they must drink all of it. (The six baristas on both shifts) He is mystified by this strange request, but is also compelled. Since it is on the evening shift, he knows it is about the two guys, Sonny and Lewis. He orders the ingredients as they both stare at him in bewilderment. After he pays one of them, he tells both of them to go ahead and drink it. They look at him with a puzzled look, but they like him a lot so they guzzle it down sharing it back and forth. Both of them look like they are going to pass out as they sit down for about a minute or two. As they both get up they appear to be fine afterwards. Bennett is convinced now that whatever was on that napkin was a ruse cooked up by perhaps a coworker or something. He turns to leave the coffeehouse until he hears the bigger barista of the two Lewis make a strange noise. ‘Uhhh *stretch* what is happening…..(voice deepens)… me….*rip*’ Bennett turns to see the beefy man’s back busting its way through his uniform. His muscles glistening as he gets wider. Sonny looks in awe at what is transpiring to his coworker that is until he grabs his stomach and doubles over in pain. ‘Ahhh damn, my stomach…..what the…..(voice deepens)….OHH SHIT…..*stretch*’ Bennett looks over the counter and sees the skinny man filling out and stretching the material on his uniform. His arms swelling into huge cannons as his face changes to look more chiseled. His cute features are now more defined. His bright green eyes along with his pale skin bring out his Irish ancestry moreso than before. He smiles up at Bennett as pushes his chest out to make the fabric split and his dark furry pecs more visible. ‘Mmmmm Bennett, you like what you see? Why don’t you come behind the counter so I can help you with your order.’ Meanwhile the growing Lewis is groaning louder than before as he gets taller and his shoes disintegrate under his massive size. His 220 pound frame has increased to nearly 300 now as his thick beefy muscles shine. He turns around and pulls the tattered fabric off of him. His underwear hangs on by just a few threads as his huge prick stands on end. ‘GET OVER HERE DUDE AND SERVICE ME! IT’S MY TURN TO BE WAITED ON!’ Knowing that he may be in some trouble, Bennett tries to leave the coffeehouse, but is stopped by both men. Lewis grabs his legs and pulls him down on to the floor. Sonny rips his uniform off now and plugs his cock into Bennett’s mouth. Despite his efforts to break free, he gulps down the Irishman’s member and starts sucking. Lewis works his hole over as he teases it with his 13-inch rod. ‘*lick* YEAH DUDE, YOU SMELL FRESH…..*lick*. YOU WON’T FORGET MY ORDER.’ He puts his cockhead into Bennett’s hole which makes him squirm and laughs as it tickles. He pulls it out just long enough to drizzle a long strand of precum on to the entrance of his hole. ‘I KNOW YOU WANT THIS DUDE! THIS WON’T HURT YOU A BIT!’ Lewis slowly pushes his way back in this time spreading Bennett open. His hole responds as it swallows his cock. He moans as he keeps sucking Sonny feeling the huge beefy stud twisting and hurdling his way further in. The Irishman pulls out of Bennett’s mouth to start jerking. He starts moaning louder as he begins to sway. ‘Mmmmm Bennett I have something you might want, but you will have to be willing to drink a lot more than you are used to.’ Sonny yells as he shoots huge ropes of cum on to Bennett’s face and body coating him. At the same time, he feels Lewis’s flood cascading inside him making him lose his inhibitions. He spurts a huge amount of cum himself onto the floor as it rolls. Knowing that he has both loads inside him, he panics and attempts to break free again. They let go of him and start to make out with each other as he runs back towards the door again. Before he can grab the handle, he feels sharp pains traveling up his back and into his head. He grabs it with both hands and yells. He fears that he will no longer be able to control anything as this pain continues to intensify. Whatever is growing inside him now is meshing with the cum from the two huge baristas and it may even dwarf them. The Bucket List Hussein is a volunteer at his local nursing home. He earned a license to go work for a place to take care of people in need when they are hurt or require some sort of medical assistance. He is also quite strong and it shows even though he tries to be coy about it. He tries to cover up his muscles the best he can because he doesn't want to stick out like a sore thumb in the facility. The green outfits available don't quite fit right so he is allowed to buy his own. He has been assigned two residents in particular, a man and a woman. The woman, Emile, recently hurt her back when she went into the greenhouse located at the back of the complex. He normally has to carry her to her chair or her bed whenever the time comes during his shift. She is not as old as the man is, but she likes to take advantage of Hussein quite a bit because she thinks she is the boss. He puts up with her antics mostly because he knows that she will get better in a few weeks. The man, Curtis, is a lot older and could be considered elderly because his body is getting brittle. Despite his physical ailments though, he has a great outlook on life itself and strikes up great conversations with Hussein. Curtis enjoys it when he talks about his workout routines and how the other guys in the gym look at him. The elderly man admits that he wishes he focused on his body when he was younger because he did too many bad things and didn't care about the consequences. Carrying the man around is like carrying a small chair around because he is light as a feather. Unlike Emile, the man feels his strength when he carries him and it makes him feel safe. After putting Curtis in his bed one night, he had to go get his meds. At the medical bay, he spots a huge figure going through the medical cabinets. Hussein instantly goes to stop it and ends up being frozen in place. It waves its finger at him and points to a small cup with a pill in it. Then it directs him to go to the elderly man’s room. At this point, the figure vanishes and he is free from his spot. He stares at the pill, but doesn't really question its use. When he arrives to give Curtis his pills, he waits to give him the cup after a little chit-chat. The elderly man takes the pill once he is given the cup and swallows it before lying down. Hussein is puzzled as to why that pill was given to him in the first place. He notices this time how the man is sleeping and it seems slightly different. He is very calm and appears to be sleeping quite well. The big Arab weightlifter decides to sit beside him for awhile to observe. He hears Curtis whisper things occasionally in his sleep. ‘Uhhh, I don’t want anymore pills…..I feel fine. See I will show you I’m fine.’ He moves his frail arm and tries to make a muscle. The spindly strands of muscle start to fill up with blood and swell making the skin look fresher and more youthful. The same happens with his other arm. Hussein looks completely shocked. The process continues as Curtis tries to flex his chest. His loose gown is now getting noticeably tighter as his chest swells and fills in every gap. His face gets younger too as the wrinkles dissipate and he starts to look more manageable. Before long, it moves all the way through his entire body as cracks, pops, and stretching skin are seen and heard all over him. The former 100 pound elderly man has nearly doubled in size and looks more like he is in his 50s. Hussein can’t believe that this has happened. The man’s gown shreds along his pecs as two cinnamon colored boulders fall out. Curtis awakens and smiles at Hussein as he sits up. With only a gown on, the man’s cock is completely visible as it grows to its appropriate size. ‘Hello Hussein, I dreamed about you a lot and now that I am my true self, I want to reward you for helping me all this time.’ He stands to walk over to the big Arab and puts his cock in his mouth. Curtis starts to rub his beard as he fucks his face. They both moan as the male nurse pulls his thick cock out of his pants to stroke it. His love for older men comes out as he sucks harder on Curtis’s juicy rod. ‘Mmmmm, I love the taste Curtis. I really want your seed daddy.’ ‘Just a little more Hussein and you will get it.’ After a little more coaxing, Curtis unloads into his throat as the big man swallows every drop. He feels himself getting close as the middle-aged muscleman moves down to catch his spunk. Curtis sticks his tongue out to catch the thick seed as it sprays his face. He licks it off his new beard and rubs some of it on his huge nipples. He tells Hussein to come over and sit by him so they can cuddle a little bit. They start kissing passionately as they partake in each other’s company. Hussein admits that he imagined that this would be the way Curtis would look if he did indeed workout when he was younger. He just had no idea that it would come to fruition. His cinnamon body hair has flecks of grey and his muscles have just slightly wrinkles in them. Hussein can’t help but to embrace him and rub his thick chest and arms while stroking his cock. ‘I want to feel you inside me now big man. You like this daddy, now make him feel special.’ Hussein’s hazel eyes widen as he turns Curtis over and plows straight into him. It seems these two will continue to enjoy each other’s company for quite some time.
  12. The Night to Remember Cameron and a few of his friends have been invited to a club where shirts are optional. The catch to this invitation is that they all must sign a contract and agree to not leave if they are allowed to enter. He finds this contract to be a tad strange, but his friends are all for it. He has a week to decide if he is going to sign the contract or not. Four of Cameron’s friends are invited to go, while the other one was not. This particular one, Jefferson, is actually fit, but ran his mouth too much because he mentioned to the man handing out the contracts that he was straight. Cameron in particular is of a small stature, but is well-toned with curly blonde hair on his body and head. He also has green eyes, pale skin, is quite smart, but likes to think that he is private. His slightly overweight buddy, Kenneth, has long black hair, dark-colored eyes and a slight tan. Dennis is a very well-built guy who works out daily and has a shaved head, an extremely hairy body, hazel eyes, is bisexual and is quite tanned. Finally there is Lorenzo who looks like a powerlifter, is known to work out at least three times a week, is red headed, has no body hair, isn’t tanned whatsoever, and has secret feelings for Cameron. Lorenzo is also Cameron’s best friend and has been trying to get him to sign the contract for three days. The event at the club is only two days away and he hasn't decided to go yet. Both Kenneth and Dennis turned their contracts in and are prepping their pick-up lines in time for the event. It is on the day before the event that Cameron finally gives in and signs the contract. Lorenzo is so happy about it that he has sex with him. Cam never thought about his powerlifter buddy up to the point, but after they have sex, he can't stop thinking about him because of his powerful body and loving nature. He promises to stay by his side once they finally get into the club. The day arrives and all four men get to the club. The bouncer at the entrance already knows who they are and just looks the other way. Cam cannot believe it was this easy, but it happened like it was no big deal. Once they go inside, Cam and Lorenzo are shocked to see the large amount of men there. They both remember that the event brochure stated that they are to be shirtless once they enter so it doesn’t take long before both of them take their shirts off. The atmosphere is teaming with huge amounts of testosterone. Cam’s other friends have already started mingling with the men there. Before long, the host comes out from the back and starts talking about the main event. Cam and Lorenzo are surprised to hear about a surprise water show taking place later on and why something like that would this be at a club. Once the host concludes his introduction, the two friends get drinks and start talking to the other club goers. Cam recognizes one guy in particular because he is somebody that he works with at his job and is quite easy on the eyes. Drew has a hot body with a perfect 8-pack and a nice ass. Lorenzo smiles as he sees that Cam is quite fond of the man so he tells him that he will be back in a while. They start talking about general stuff for a few minutes and then decide to slow dance out on the floor. While they are dancing together, they feel a small mist of water hitting them on the head. They immediately look up at the ceiling and notice that there is a sprinkler system dropping water on top of them. It is at that moment that every man in the club starts feeling sensations moving down from their head to their feet. Cam looks directly at Drew and notices his chest starting to grow along with his shoulders. Lorenzo comes up behind him to put his arms around his waist and he himself grows wider. Cam has started to swell himself. He feels his chest starting to balloon out away from his body and watches his abs make big popping sounds quickly revealing a nice 6-pack. They look around and notice the same thing happening to everyone in the club. Kenneth is transforming into a decent looking guy now since his muscles have swelled up so that the fat looks healthy on him now. Dennis’s transformation is perhaps the grandest one of all as every stitch of clothing he is wearing is completely shredded and falling off. With their hormones now running wild, men are starting to worship each other and start fucking. Cam suddenly feels the urge to rub his big growing cock against Drew’s hole and pushes it in. Drew moans as Cam humps him vigorously moving in and out. Still keeping a hold of him, Lorenzo pushes his massive member inside of Cam’s hole and begins pumping him. Kenneth and Dennis meet up and begin fucking each other too. The water eventually stops pouring down on them and the growing stops, but not before giant puddles of goo start to move across the floor as guys start spraying their jizz on top of the slippery surface of the dance floor. Cam pumps his load into Drew’s hole while Lorenzo does the same to Cam’s hole making the men yell in ecstasy. The feeling makes them shutter so much they all fall into the cum lying the floor. They laugh as their bodies look all shiny and wet. They rub their hands in it and sling it at each other playfully. Kenneth and Dennis seem oblivious to everything around them and are constantly fucking back and forth until they shoot their loads multiple times on to each other. It isn’t until the doorman walks into the room that every guy gets quiet. He is holding a large bucket of water it appears and dumps it over his head. With his huge arms out beside him, he growls as he transforms in front of everyone. The immense stretching and popping sounds coming from him make the guys moan as his muscles blast through his tight outfit as he continues to grow wider and wider. It dawns on many of the guys in the club that this may be a bad thing and they start to run for the exit. The massive monster growing in front of them stops them in their tracks and begins to beat them to death. Cam, Drew, and Lorenzo decide to find another way out to avoid this mega man. The behemoth eventually sees what they are doing and charges after them. Lorenzo turns to fight him off and drags him to the ground. The monster’s mammoth prick finds his hole and starts to maneuver its way in. Lorenzo yells in pain as his hole is being split apart. He eventually loses consciousness and is pushed aside. Cam and Drew manage to get out at the back of the building and start to race for a nearby car. Before they get in, the monster grabs Cam and pulls him into his arms. Drew starts punching the behemoth trying to get him to let go, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Cam is being squeezed to death by his enormous pythons. Trying to save his friend, he attempts to knock him over by tripping him. Before he falls into unconsciousness, a shotgun is heard from behind them. The bullets go flying into the mammoth’s back and he falls over dead. Cam rolls out of his arms to his side and appears to be lifeless. Drew notices the man with the shotgun and it appears to be Jefferson who just learned a few minutes before that the club was not what it appeared to be. Drew races over to check on Cam who awakens in severe pain. Jefferson goes to check for other survivors since Kenneth and Dennis have seemingly disappeared. Ambulances start showing up a minute later as the carnage looks to be subsiding. Welcome to the Main Event The time has arrived finally after so much preparation, dieting, bulking, cutting, tanning, and even fitting for the big moment in the spotlight. Lucas has started getting ready for this event for three years. He is one of those guys his friends have always talked about. His body has always had no problem responding to the different phases of his training. He isn’t necessarily the biggest guy in his circle of friends, but his is the one with the most definition. Speaking of friends, one of them, Jesse, has decided to join him in his upcoming event just in the last year. He certainly hasn't trained as long as Lucas since he doesn't look as cut or developed, but his insight into his friend’s training had helped him a lot. He always looked up to him when they were both younger, he may have even held a slight crush for him. Lucas has suspected that for quite some time, but didn't want to jeopardize their friendship in case he was upset about it. The closeness they have had lately to each other may make it a little more difficult to hide though. He tries to keep it professional, showing him how to pose, what muscles needs more work, what he needs to eat to look leaner, and how to look harder on stage. While Lucas is a bit shorter, he looks much bigger since they are both in the same weight class. They will be competing against eight other men, two of which they both know. One in particular, Maximo, has been a thorn in Lucas’s side for years because he also competed against him in not only bodybuilding, but also in sporting events in college. The guy loves rubbing his ego in his face every chance he gets. He used to bounce his pecs and flex his arms every chance he got because he always thought he was never going to lose to him. The other man, Zane, is less aggressive, possibly because he is also a lot older and wiser. He views him as a threat only because he has such maturity. He showed up to a previous competition unbelievably big and hard and won the overall easily. So here we are, the day of the main event. It is now that both Lucas and Jesse are prepping for the stage. Both think they look pretty dang good, since their muscles are harder than ever. While Lucas’s nerves appear to be quite low, Jesse seems a bit scared since this is a new experience for him. He reassures him that if he does his posing routine correctly, he will do fine. The other eight men are also prepping themselves as they pump themselves up. The order is selected and all ten of the competitors get in line to wait their turn to get on the stage. After each individual posing routine, the ten competitors are sent out on the stage at the same time. They are all supposed to do posedowns and try to outmuscle each other. Lucas gets on one end of the stage, while Jesse is on the other. The heat on the stage is starting to get unbearable because of the body heat being produced by all of the muscle gods. Jesse is the first competitor to bend over to take a break from the heat. It isn’t long before the guy beside him has to take a breather too. Then the guy beside him does the same thing. Lucas looks over and wonders what is heck is going on. Whatever is happening is starting to spread across the stage. Maximo though seems unfazed and continues to pose like he just won the event. Lucas finally stops posing to go to check on his friend. Jesse says he feels a little better now and gets back up from the floor to continue his posing. Lucas stays beside him to keep him company and starts posing again too. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices something strange occurring to his friend. He can see Jesse’s body starting to grow. He isn't the only one there with the same predicament either. The growth seems to be continuing on nearly all of the guys there. Lucas, Maximo, and Zane seem to be the only three on the stage to be unfazed by this phenomenon. The other six competitors seem to be accelerating their growth cycles since many in the audience seem to be hearing the stage beginning to buckle. Jesse has probably grown an extra 100 pounds at this point and doesn't seem to be stopping. Lucas is in a state of shock at what is happening to him. His friend seems completely oblivious to what is happening to him and is still trying to do his posing routine. Many in the audience have all started racing out of the building due to the impending carnage that is about to happen to the complex. The other two guys that were not growing, Maximo and Zane, have managed to leave without being noticed. Lucas remains with Jesse who is still growing rapidly with the other six men beside him. His growth has gotten so extreme now that he is falling through the floorboards of the stage. His posers are ripped off and his cock is swinging violently since it is probably about two feet long now. His mind appears to be gone since he now looks at Lucas with lust instead of concern. He tries to run from the giant but can't get very far. He realizes that he will pay dearly for staying with him this long. This growing beast grabs a hold of him and slams him to the ground. He attempts to crawl away from him, but the stage crumbles around him as he goes down with it. Lucas is unconscious by the collapse. The six growing giants are not fazed by the collapse and push their way through the debris. As he lies there unable to move, he will be violated by the giant that was once Jesse. He grabs Lucas’s lifeless body and rips his posers off. He squeezes his monstrous cock into his small hole and starts to slowly fuck him. He picks his tiny body up with his cock and moves to a clear spot away from the crumbling building. He loosens him up enough to push more of his girth into him. He draws a bit of blood now as it starts to drip from his hole. The huge creature doesn’t even notice this and continues to fuck him. His brain appears to be on lockdown as his ultimate goal is to pass his power on to Lucas. It is at that moment that he comes to his senses and awakens to feel nothing but unimaginable pain. He has managed to squeeze even more of his cock into him now. He realizes now that he is being raped by this giant as he tries to move, but it is like he is in cement as the behemoth is starting to lie on top of him. He screams in agony as the giant pushes nearly a foot of his cock into his anus. The hulk is starting to push his weight on top of him and is slowing suffocating him. Lucas tries to motion for him to stop but eventually goes unconscious again. The giant man is now starting to pump his thick ooze inside Lucas. With him being crushed slowly, it will take a lot to revive him. The other giants there have started to disperse through the crowd of people still in the building and found victims to penetrate. The cum is now flowing through his body filling up his intestines and even moving into his stomach. He lies there motionless underneath Jesse as his body begins to change as the spunk is absorbed. The hulk begins to feel his ass pushing against his cock as Lucas’s hole starts to widen. Muscles start exploding in size as they widen and swell up into enormous balloons. His back stops getting crushed and grows as muscles bunch up on top of each other. He manages to gain nearly twice his body weight as the hulking brute on top of him starts to groan at what is transgressing beneath him. Lucas still hasn't awakened yet, but his breathing is improving as his body’s organs are recovering rapidly with the new growth cycle. Jesse now pushes his cock all the way in and pumps even more cum into his body. Lucas grows again as he gets taller and taller going beyond 8’ feet and growing past 500 pounds. His increasing size is now surpassing Jesse. When Lucas finally awakens, he feels as if he has been born again. Interestingly, his mind is clear and not jaded like what happened with Jesse. He feels his cock still residing inside him and quickly scoots forward to get it out. Both of their enormous sizes have actually made a crater in the ground beneath them. As the freshly grown Lucas becomes aware of his surroundings, he tries to get up and stumbles into a tree, completely knocking it over with his might. He quickly turns to see Jesse getting up from his position and running towards him. Instead of running himself though, he stops dead in his tracks to clash with the now smaller hulk. The sound of the two behemoths colliding is enough to shatter the glass in the surrounding neighborhood. The complex where the bodybuilding event was held is now rubble. The eerie moans coming from the giants are heard coming from the middle of the debris. Their victims are metamorphosed into growing beasts themselves now as clothes are being shredded and muscles are popping and growing from every aspect of the complex rubble. It is not known how far this will go as a couple of men escaped the fury.
  13. Weremuscle

    macro Beyond Humanity

    Darren is a veteran of the Evolution Forum and a regular poster. He enjoys it when other members post pics and videos of their favorite bodybuilders and athletes. After being a wallflower for quite some time, he decided to post pictures of himself. A handful of guys posted comments on his thread and praised him for his accomplishments. After a couple of days, the thread blows up and he begins to realize that he is quite popular because of the way he looks. Two guys are so smitten with him that they send him PMs on the site. One of them, Allan, has a secret that he wants to reveal to him in person. Darren is quite apprehensive because he doesn't really know the guy very well. Allan is fairly new to the forum and hasn't participated all that much. The other guy, Kory, is a buddy of his that is really taken aback by his body lately and really wants to meet him in person. Darren tells him about Allan and thinks it would be fun to meet this guy at the same time because of the secret he wants to reveal. Kory eventually comes around to Darren’s suggestion and they set up a date to meet him. Dar has seen pictures of Kory before from Yahoo and is remarkably surprised by how sexy he is when they meet. Their eyes meet and they both kiss very passionately. Both receive texts in the middle of their meet and greet from Allan and meet at the local hotel. When they find his room, he opens the door and reveals that he is a massive bodybuilder with a really hairy body and a well-kempt face. He invites both of them in and begins to study each and every part of their bodies. He senses their attraction to each other and wants both of them to just relax and 'get into the moment'. They both begin kissing again and feel like the air around them is actually getting tighter. They feel compelled to take their clothes off and continue to make love. Allan takes his pants off and sits back in a chair as he concentrates on the two men. Darren is so into Kory that he doesn't even notice that his cock has actually lengthened by an inch. Kory's cock has also lengthened an inch and is wrestling with his friend’s cock. With Allan looking on in his chair, he manages to extend Darren and Kory's cocks by one inch. The air around them is beginning to change their hormonal levels to the point that their bodies are beginning to expand. As Darren thrusts his huge cock into his buddy, his ass flairs outward and his legs begin to swell up to the point that he can actually hear the bed starting to creak. Kory's body is also beginning to change as his ass expands along with his asshole. His abs pushes upward and forces his legs outward due to his new size. Darren’s chest swells up to the point that he loses sight of his buddy. Kory also swells up huge breaking the entire bed in the process. Allan is swelling himself as his clothes start shredding and his chair breaks. The growth doesn't stop either as all three of them grow beyond human proportions. As Darren cums inside Kory, Allan walks over to both of them and adds his cum to the sexcapade by spreading it on the other two growing giants. The growth continues to accelerate as the three men defy logic with their growth cycles. Despite Allan's best efforts to advance his own agenda, Darren and Kory successfully decide to restrain him and control his own growth. With this extreme cycle continuing, they decide to rebel and steal away his powers. They have figured out that his cum contains enough fuel to make them both grow exponentially. When he cums however, his power is minimal and he can't grow anymore. With both of them stronger than him, he cannot escape either of their grasps. Darren manages to tie him up several times with the sheets and bed covers from the broken bed as he lies on the floor. They both start working his cock and turning him on against his will. They have to be careful to only arouse him in spurts as he will grow if they do it for too long. While Darren strokes the base of his cock, Kory is stroking the head and working up a good rhythm too. Allan begins oozing precum which slides down his shaft and coats both giant’s hands. While the man's precum isn't extremely potent, it does have an importance. They both feel sensations moving up their bodies that eventually end up in both of their cocks. Their massive members are growing even bigger as Darren watches his cock lengthen as it snakes its way towards Allan's mouth. Unfortunately Kory's is doing the same thing. This puts a smile on Allan’s face as he takes both cocks into his mouth, slurping away at the juices flowing inside his mouth and down his body. Despite the fact that this is exactly what the tied up man wants, they both can't help but to enjoy the sensation coming from his insatiable sucking. The precum gets thicker and changes to a very smooth honey texture that the man laps up like it is the last meal he will ever have. Darren and Kory are feeling unbelievably great and can feel their bodies slowing growing again. Allan will get his revenge on them though as the two giant’s precum begins to change its texture to pure sweet and sticky cum making this man grow into something else. The two giant’s inch closer to the ceiling as the other man continues to drink up their cum loads. He laughs at both of them as he explodes in imaginable growth. His arms and legs that are bound are unleashing their fury on the knots and sheets holding him in place. Darren and Kory turn to look at him and notice his legs tatter the knots and his forearms expanding to the point that the veins begin to look like garden hoses. He destroys the sheets in a matter of seconds. He grows so fast that the hotel room may not exist once he stops growing. The giants are so shocked that it is pretty much too late to run. They do manage to get out of the room in time before it implodes under his size. They are fairly big themselves but they still resemble humans. Allan must be about 15’tall now and appears to have a vendetta for both men. Both of the smaller giants stand outside the crumbling hotel in awe of what this gargantuan monster has just achieved. He must weigh nearly a ton and his tool dangles dangerously close to both of their heads. The two of them combined probably top about 800 pounds. After they look at each other for a few seconds, they figure out that perhaps if he drips precum on top of them, they both might be able to drain his energy somehow and even grow bigger themselves. They both rub his insanely large balls and manage to get their hands around his shaft to rubbing very rapidly. Allan’s moans shake the ground and start shattering glass in the buildings around them. When they feel him starting to tense up, he attempts to crush them knowing what they are up to. Kory barely avoids the monster’s feet and feels a mist coming from his giant cock head. Darren watches as his buddy starts growing again adding an additional 100 pounds to his frame. He is clearly much stronger now and strokes even harder and faster. Again, the monster tries to crush both of them, but is unsuccessful. They both begin to notice that he is slowly starting to shrink as he appears to erupt any second now. Darren starts to see a white ocean flowing out of his cock head as Kory keeps stroking. They both dive straight into the huge white river as it continues to flow freely. It isn't long before the entire planet begins to tremble as the two smaller giants begin their otherworldly growth cycles. They both roar with excitement as their strength and power explodes. They absorb all of Allan’s cum as their muscles grow beyond the limits of humanity. The other monster can't help but to watch in disgust as the two behemoths soar into the sky and squash him like a bug with their immense feet. They both no longer function as humans as their humanistic traits disappear. The only thing they can do now is have sex with each other and destroy everything in their sights. Eating each other’s cum will have no effect anymore as they grow to their biggest potential. Growing bigger would most likely suffocate both of them to death since there is no more air beyond the clouds. The real question now is what will happen to the two of them since they are now the biggest creatures on the planet?
  14. Weremuscle

    macro Hypnosis Does A Body Good

    A C has been pumping iron for years and is pleased with his progress. He started out as a skinny 18 year old and continuously grew from that point for about 6 years. His strength tripled with the help of a lot of supplements and hard work, but he has to work on his diet too. His stomach is an eyesore and doesn’t like to go shirtless despite the fact that he has 22” arms and a colossal barrel chest. He has been working on his legs extra hard lately to get them up to the size of his upper body. They don’t look ripped, but the thickness of them makes him feel really good. The redhead doesn’t shave his body hair either and likes to stay au natural despite a lot of the ladies opinions. He admits that he doesn’t have time to date to his friends on occasion because he wants to focus on growing even more. He recently added hypnosis into his routine to see if it would help him work harder on making new goals and to possibly help with his diet to reduce his gut. He heard from some guys at his gym that it could actually help him grow bigger after taking the class, but the results would vary depending on how much he wanted it. A C has attended every class over the last several Mondays and is about to finish up. He isn’t as tired anymore after he leaves the gym from an intense two-hour workout since he started taking the hypnosis course. His muscles feel pumped to the max and he can get an erection from the sight of seeing himself in the mirrors. His energy level has increased since then too. The instructor always does one-on-one sessions with the athletes to customize their needs and wants. With the last session this Monday night, A C is extra motivated. He decides to get his workout in before the class in case afterwards he wants to do something else to celebrate. For the last session, the instructor puts him under and asks him very specific questions about his goals and why he feels the need to get bigger. A C tells the instructor that it is his destiny to be huge and powerful and he won’t stop until he gets there. After this admission, the instructor wakes him from his coma and the session ends. A C feels like a ton of stress has been lifted from his conscience and leaves the facility to return home. Still feeling pumped from his earlier work out, he rubs his hairy chest and flexes his thick biceps feeling the soreness running deep inside. He almost feels horny from the touch; he loves being big and only wants to be bigger. He has never been satisfied with his 6’1 height, but to be wide and powerful would more than make up for it. He gets home a few minutes later and walks into his bedroom. Every morning he would always get up to walk over to his body length mirror to examine himself and flex. Now for the first time ever, he would do it at night. When he stands in front of it, he is wearing a white tank with Labrada Laboratories on it. He still has on his grey shorts and black boxers. The flip flops he is wearing are black with a green stripe on the sides. He starts to smile and do his normal posing routine: double bi, back, crab, and whatever else he learned from his trainer a few months back. The posing actually makes him feel more confident than before since he can’t keep his eyes off of his pumped chest. He pulls the tank off to stare at his huge hairy pecs bouncing up and down and getting all pumped. He feels them jumping around in his hands and it gets his juices flowing throughout his entire body. He starts flexing his biceps and can feel the testosterone starting to increase. The overwhelming sensations make him want to dominant someone and tell them to worship him. Since no one is around though, the only person he can do that with is himself in the mirror. He starts to trash talk his reflection making himself feel incredibly powerful. Now dripping with sweat and getting a lot warmer, A C strips off his grey shorts to check out his huge quads. He flexes them taking in their diamond-shaped beauty and attempts to make them ripple. As he does so, he starts to implore his body to react to his demands. The tingling sensations he has been feeling for the last twenty minutes have now moved deeper into his body as he feels the soreness in his muscles beginning to subside. He can’t get over the fact that he isn’t sore anymore, but his muscles are remaining so pumped. A C feels his heart pumping harder than before as the blood starts circulating through every inch of him. He looks down at his hands hearing an odd sound coming from them. Are they growing? The sounds they are making are actually the fingers stretching and making more room to accommodate the added weight. It is not a painful feeling, but rather it itches. He laughs at what is transpiring. He feels his blood inching up to his wrists making them swell exposing the veins that will start the trail up his arms. He moans as he feels them pulsate and grow larger under the skin. The sensation gets stronger as he notices his forearms thickening up and making all kinds of stretching sounds. With the feeling now moving up to his biceps and triceps, A C begins to roar in anticipation as he watches intently as he 22” guns shine in the light. The big vein sitting on the peaks of both biceps begins to stick further out and appears to be growing larger. He feels the blood rushing through both of them making him bounce his biceps. He starts to agonize as the decent sized horseshoe in his triceps pulls wider and bigger taking up more space than before. The veins grow from what were straws into small garden hoses. The pleasure he is getting from his growing arms is sending his cock into a euphoric state as he starts to leak precum in his boxers. He laughs as he watches his biceps popping not once but twice growing larger, thicker, and wider. It has now moved to his shoulders making him go absolutely wild. He has cannonball sized shoulders to begin with, and can now feel them filling up with blood. He looks from side to side as each fiber expands and stretches bigger and bigger growing into his delts pushing higher than before. His blood has now made its way into his neck where his carotids begin to stick out further than before. The huge veins start making more space inside for more blood to flow. A C can feel every single change occurring. While he has some hair on his head, what is there is starting to fall out as he feels his head literally swelling up and getting thicker. He moans in agony as not only the sound is overwhelming but the feeling of the muscles in his head thickening up makes him nearly fall to the ground. He manages to keep staring into the mirror to watch what happens next. His neck continues to stretch and widen making bull necks look tiny. He knows now that it will start moving down his chest. After finishing its trip inside his neck, his blood starts to travel slowly down the ridge above his huge pecs all hairy and soaked with sweat. He loves the feeling of his pecs all swollen and sore, but this is unlike anything he has felt before. The sensation is beyond ecstasy as his chest heaves in and out with anticipation of its growth cycle. He feels his pecs expanding outward pushing his massive arms out further than before. His nipples drape even further down with this change. He squeals in delight as his nipples are being manipulated, growing wider. The hair on his chest is falling off because of his excessive growth. His cock shoots a thick white load into his boxers as his nipples expand. The thickness of each pec creates shadows under each curve. Tears stream down his face as he feels his gut starting to morph. The fat around his middle is beginning to dissipate as he feels his waist tighten to a level he has never felt before. It frightens him at first until he feels every single muscle in his abdominal cavity start to thicken and harden. He watches as his obliques, stabilizers, and abdominals start popping growing with each sound. He rubs each individual ab feeling the fibers swelling up into thick marble slabs. His legs are unable to support his weight and they buckle on him, making him fall to the ground. This makes his house shake to the point that it leaves cracks in the floor. He laughs and wants so much more. His blood starts to move to his back. He can feel his lats starting to react so he spreads them. The tingling sensation makes him squirm as he hears them stretching, growing bigger, thicker, wider. His back cracks making his spine stretch. He can feel himself getting taller. He yells as his traps make an explosive sound and start growing bigger and bigger making him have to put his hands on the floor to handle the extreme changes. He hears multiple pops moving down his back as the muscle fibers around his spine swell and stretch growing massive. The area at his lower back stretches tighter making his waist look smooth and fibrous. The blood is now moving further down into his pelvic region. He tries to stand up, but the weight of his upper body prevents it so he just stares into the mirror while on his knees. He rises up enough to pull down his boxers to where he can see his pelvis. The fat pocket that was there before has disappeared revealing tighter almost veiny muscles that are pulling his pubic hairs out. He feels his ass starting to thicken even more. His hard butt is stretching further away from his body. He turns to his side and sees his boxers being stretched to their limits. Each individual seam is literally being pulled apart by his growing ass cheeks. His boxers eventually fall off of him revealing his throbbing cock now engorged with blood. It is hairless now with his transformation. He can feel more blood moving down insides his legs into his quads, hamstrings, and calves. The anticipation makes him start growling uncontrollably. He loves the feeling he gets when he works his quads anyway and this will heighten his pleasure. Each individual muscle fiber in his quads have started to pop and pull their way up and out swelling up even more. He feels both quads stretching, growing further outwards getting thicker. His cock immediately points up at the mirror and squirts a huge rope of precum on to the mirror. He moans as his hamstrings swell bigger and bigger pushing him further off the ground. He is able to stand now and take in the rest of his changes. Now his calves have started to react, stretching further beyond his fibulas. They grow to nearly twice their size and glisten in the light. It doesn’t stop here as the blood finally meets up with his feet while he is still wearing his flip-flops. He looks down to watch his toes swell thickening up and crushing his footwear. The change is almost complete as he growls staring at all of his new equipment. He feels incredibly horny after this incredible experience and feels all kinds of tingling sensations starting at the base of his cock. A C was decently equipped to begin with, but with his massive growth, his penis suddenly looks smaller. The tingling moves into his ballsac making him squeal in delight. It feels so good that he wants to cum a thousand times, but can’t do so. He watches in the mirror as his testicles start filling out and growing bigger making more veins and capillaries to accommodate their new size. His sack is now stretched tight where it was loose before. He can feel the overwhelming sensation of his prostate being stimulated by his testicles creating more cum. He shoots another rope of precum coating the mirror again. He wipes it with his huge hand and gives it a taste before moaning. The blood inside his penis finally makes its move and begins to transform it. After hearing it pop, A C agonizes as his cock starts to stretch and thicken getting wider and harder than before. He can feel it lengthen from the inside added several inches. He was never hung before, but after this change, his cock can now bob up and down with each contraction. Raging with sexual lust and power, A C wants more as his mind intensifies its need for additional stimulation. He continues to leak more precum into huge puddles on the floor in front of him. The sequence he just went through must have added at least 50 pounds to his 260 pound frame. While he has been able to channel his emotions well, his need for more muscle is stronger than ever. He manages to get back into position in front of the mirror and does a most muscular. The veins and arteries on his entire body start to bulge and fill up with extra blood. He senses the hair on his body beginning to grow back. It starts on his head and moves its way all the way down. The bristling sound it makes sends him into another round of ecstasy. His reddish brown body hair comes back in thicker than ever covering everything. He strokes it lovingly as he looks at the dark reddish brown facial hair forming a beard on his face. He smirks noticing how perfect it looks on his chiseled face. His eyes have even changed to a golden brown color which he admires. He feels the short stubbly hair on his head and glides his huge hands across it looking at its red tinted tips. He finds himself incredibly attractive at this point, but he can’t help but to want more. He rubs his hands together to prep himself for the next phase. A C takes a deep breath and tenses his body. He flexes his neck and chest like he is trying to lift a car and looks up in the air. His 6’5 frame starts to make sounds that he has never heard before. He yells in pain as he feels himself growing taller again this time moving faster than before. His huge back pops multiple times making him rise higher and higher. His voice is now getting ridiculously deep as it rumbles the walls in his bedroom. They shake to the point that anything on them falls to the ground. His pain goes beyond what he is feeling now and instead is replaced by constant tingling. His normal human proportions are going to end if he doesn’t stop. He goes past the 7’ mark and realizes that he no longer cares if his house exists anymore. He reaches his hulking arms out to touch the side walls that are now getting closer and closer. His hunger makes him shoot the load sitting in his growing balls on to the mirror. It falls and shatters into hundreds of pieces. His muscles continue to stretch and pull their way out further from where they were before. He laughs as his growing frame runs into his bed pushing it towards the wall. He knocks over the lamp on his side table and puts his fist through it. It is like paper crumbling as the drawers disintegrate and the underwear inside it just goes flying everywhere. His bed finally reaches a wall and starts to buckle making the wood start to split. It finally breaks as his immense chest goes through it. He feels himself getting close to the ceiling which means he has to be close to 8’ now and nearly 600 pounds. The floorboards in his bedroom start to break under his weight. He can’t help but to shoot another massive load hitting the back wall and putting a giant hole in it. Incredibly he is still coherent inside his gigantic muscular head. He wants desperately to bust through a wall or maybe the ceiling. His growth seems to have stopped too as the strange sounds have ceased. A C is practically immobile since he is now underneath the floorboards. He tries to climb out of his trench, but just breaks more in his path. This makes him a tad irritated even though he wanted this more than anything. He starts making his way over to the corner of the room busting up every floorboard and piece of furniture in his way. A C grabs a hold of the bottom edge of the corner and starts lifting up. His 35” cannons flex making beach balls look small. He feels the side of the room starting to creak as he pushes the house away from the foundation. The walls begin to fall apart as he hears his bedroom windows starting to break. This makes him start to precum again as his two foot schlong lies in a giant puddle of goo. He roars as he launches the wall up into the air sending debris everywhere in his yard. His bedroom is almost nearly destroyed except for the closet on the other side of the room. He attempts to run towards it making a path all the way there under the floor. He manages to get underneath the carpet beneath his entire closet to get his gargantuan back into position. When he is ready, he moves up on it like he is using his closet as a press. The sound of wood and nails breaking and flying is heard through the neighborhood. He growls as he is able to detach the entire closet and throws it down. The feeling is enough to make him moan as his cock sprays the grass now in front of his massive feet. He remembers that his house is not on the foundation anymore and attempts to push it completely off. A C manages to get free from under the floor and waddles over to the corner where his kitchen is on the outside of the house. He puts all of his strength into it and starts moving it. The sound of stuff crashing through the house is enough to make him growl as he watches his one story house crumbling with each inch he moves it. He can’t help but to be aroused uncontrollably by this. He shoots multiple ropes of hot sticky cum all over the siding showing his dominance. He wonders what will happen now though since he just destroyed his own house. What will the neighbors think? Check out the sequel story here:
  15. C J is a small guy that has a tremendous talent in drawing muscle growth on paper. This is a talent that he has honed over several years growing up as an outsider in not only school, but in society as a whole. His parents could never understand why he had no interest in ever finding someone to be with in real life. All he ever cared about was drawing whatever fantasies were in his head on paper. This infatuation with muscle growth would escalate into him actually attempting to inflate himself through various means by way of vacuum, air, water, or whatever he could find to manipulate his body. The swelling of his body makes him feel powerful, even though it is extremely temporary. He would look at himself in a giant mirror in his bedroom as his clothes would expand with whatever he could put inside them. One day unexpectedly, a hulking figure appears on the other side of his mirror. It speaks to him and says that it would like to fulfill his desire, but that he must give up his innocence to do so. He is puzzled as to what the humanlike figure is talking about. It walks out of his mirror and is an amazing specimen to behold. It touches his head as he feels an unreal rush of excitement racing through him. The feeling disappears once the figure turns back around and goes through the mirror. Without ever uttering a word, he makes a deal with the Muscle Genie. He is actually a very modest guy. He lives alone because he doesn't really identify with anyone. He does however talk on chat groups on his laptop since that is where he gets most of his ideas for his drawings. His obsession with inflating his body may become a major part of his life from this point on. As he goes to lay down for the night in his bed by the window, he feels a sense of ease as he tries to compile more ideas. He falls asleep after a few minutes and begins to dream about inflating his body again. With his extensive experience of stretching his skin for temporary periods of time, C J would have no issue with doing it again. Coming through the mirror, the Genie walks over to his bed and climbs in with him. It smiles as it moves in close to where he is sleeping. It uncovers him and pulls his boxers off his crotch. After looking at his flaccid cock for a few moments, it touches it and makes it jump slightly. C J moans and tries to move to his side before the Genie rolls him back over. It puts its other hand on his head to keep him calm. C J sighs as the feeling is so soothing. After keeping him motionless, it rubs his cock to wake it up. Incredibly, it starts stretching and pulling its way from inside his body getting longer and thicker. Once it is done growing, it has surpassed a foot in length. ‘Mmmmm that feels so amazing…..I want more.’ The Genie smiles again as it leans over and licks his stomach to make it react. C J grabs its head as he feels his abs and obliques pulsing and quivering. ‘Ahh yeah feels so good…..I want to feel them swelling.’ It obliges as extreme popping starts with each individual abdominal forcing their way out from his core. He moans as they start bloating themselves into distended shapes resembling more of a belly than muscles. ‘AHHH YES…..GIVE ME MORE! ! ! ! !’ It starts to move its way up his chest to his pecs which are starting to swell. C J moans uncontrollably in his slumber as he feels them starting to touch his chin. His nipples are now blowing up beyond silver dollars and continuing. The Genie can see now that he craves this more than anything since he is starting to spill precum all over his bed. It stands in front of him now and begins to rub its hands together. It makes a strange motion and points at his arms and legs. C J moans louder now as his arms blow up into huge vascular poles and his legs turn into massive tree trunks. His bed disintegrates under his weight as he continues to grow wildly. ‘*very deep voice* OH FUCK YEAH…..I WANT IT ALL! ! ! ! !’ His tiny head begins to swell up itself as the muscles start swelling bigger than before making his facial hair disappear under the pressure. He is hairless now as his skinny body has inflated into superhuman proportions. Instead of disappearing after this monstrous transformation, the Genie waits for C J to wake up to witness his changes. ‘Uhhh *he awakens*, WHA! *notices his voice change* OH MY GAWD! *stares at his hands and notices his beastly pecs and nipples* HOLY FUCK!’ He looks up and sees the Genie staring him in the face. It wants him to try and stand. It puts its hand out to grab his and pulls him up. He stumbles a few times after learning that he needs to conform to his new size. Each step he takes makes his apartment shake as stuff hops on the floor. The Genie opens a window for him to try and get through. When he tries to go through it, he ends up breaking the whole frame and it crashes down on him. The Genie grabs him quickly and pulls him away from the building. ‘Uhhh, that hurts a lot’, as he pulls huge glass slivers out of his back. The Genie tells him to stop moving so it can help ease his pain. It places its hands on his back and quickly heals him. When they get to an empty field, it stops and makes him stand motionless. It directs his eyes to stare into its own as it begins to inflate itself. Its original 7’ height is now beyond 9’ and continues to climb as it grows more muscular filling out more and more. ‘WOW MAN, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.’ C J is blown away by the Genie’s ability to grow. It eventually gets to 15’ before some people start to notice something going on. While the being’s body is outrageous by C J’s terms, the young artist is no slouch either. His 6’5 440 pound frame will be hard to contain. The Genie eventually stops growing once it gets to 18’ and 10,000 pounds. It looks down at the tiny humans and smiles before evaporating into thin air. C J falls to the ground and lies there unconscious shrinking with each breath. Was this all a dream or did the Genie really bestow this gift to him? Perhaps one day he will know for sure. The Field Where I Grew ‘Ohh damn, my head hurts.’ CJ awakens back inside his bedroom as he hears someone unlocking the apartment door. ‘Hey there stranger, how’s it going…..WHOA Corey you look amazing. Did you decide to take in some gym time while I was gone?’ ‘Huh? Wait what……’ CJ looks down at his ripped muscles and smiles as he realizes that what happened a few hours ago really did happen. ‘Seriously Corey, you look great. Let me come over and take a closer look at your hot self.’ The surprised black man walks over and sits down on the bed to give his partner a nice rubdown feeling his hard muscular chest. They kiss a bit as CJ uncovers his lower body revealing his hard cock. ‘Did you miss this Colin? I know it has missed you quite a bit.’ ‘MMM Corey, you know how to entice me.’ He leans down to swallow CJ’s rod as the black man takes his jacket off to get more comfortable. He moves rapidly up and down on his lover making him writhe in pleasure. CJ makes him stop after a few minutes though to tell him something. ‘I want to tell you how my body got this way Colin, but you may think I am crazy. While I was toying with the idea of inflating myself, some strange alien came by and turned me into a huge muscle giant. It was awesome. I guess that as a result, I was able to keep some of this muscle.’ ‘Uhh alright…..I know how much you love to manipulate your body CJ, but this seems a bit strange. Anyway, can I finish sucking you off babe?’ CJ sits back and gets a look on his face that confuses Colin. ‘Wait Colin, I have an idea. Let’s go to the place where this happened. I want to see if it will happen again.’ Colin seems irritated by this especially since he just wants to relax and have a little fun with CJ. ‘Hmmm well for you babe I guess I will go along with it. It isn’t necessarily my thing, but I will do it for you.’ ‘Great, let me grab a t-shirt and some pants and we will go. You may love this more than you think sexy.’ CJ and Colin arrive at the field about ten minutes later. The confused black man watches as his lover rushes over to the spot that he is talking about. ‘Here is where it happened Colin. Now if only I could do it again…..*grabs his chest*…..OH SHIT!’ CJ begins to feel a rush of adrenaline passing through him as he feels his body starting to react. His muscles start to double up on each other as his shirt and pants completely shred to pieces. He feels himself rising as his feet and legs begin to push him higher into the air. His muscles nearly grow out of his skin as they make stretching and inflating sounds. Colin’s mouth gapes open as he witnesses his lover growing rapidly. ‘COREY!? WHAT THE FUCK…..IS HAPPENING TO YOU? HOLY SHIT MAN…..*sees this giant muscleman growing in front of him*…..THIS IS UNREAL!’ *deeper voice* ‘OHH YEAH COLIN, AND THIS TIME IT FEELS INCREDIBLE! LAST TIME THERE WAS PAIN, BUT THIS TIME I DON’T FEEL ANY OF THAT. FEELING MY MUSCLES GROWING WIDER AND WIDER IS MAKING ME SO HORNY! GET OVER HERE SO I CAN WATCH YOU BLOW UP JUST LIKE I HAVE! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT BLACK MUSCLES EXPLODE IN MY HANDS!’ Colin feels his cock growing in his pants hearing CJ talk so dirty. He walks over slowly since CJ has now grown to over 300 pounds. Once he gets into the area of where his lover is, he can feel his own body reacting to some strange force. ‘OH MY GAWD MAN…..*voice deepens* *RIP…..RIP…..RIP* SHIT……*STRETCH* *SHRED*……FUCK YEAH…..*voice gets deeper*……MMMMM I FEEL SO FUCKING HORNY COREY……YEAH I WANT TO FUCKING GROW EVEN MORE…..*STRETCH*……’ Colin’s clothes rip completely off as his muscles explode in size. CJ finally stops growing once he passes 400 pounds as he sees his once small black lover growing in a huge Nubian giant. His skin has trouble keeping up with the pace of his growing muscles as he cups his own pecs in his hands feeling their massiveness nearly making him fall over. He begins to rise higher into the air just like CJ did as his feet and legs begin to grow longer. His arms continue to grow even after his massive quads and chest stop. He laughs as he watches his engorged biceps swell up bigger flexing them and feeling them rise above his head. CJ grabs him and starts to kiss him feeling his black lover expanding in his arms. Colin slaps his cock against his white lover’s legs as the two behemoths start making love again. ‘OHH COLIN…..FUCK MAN YOU HAVE NEVER LOOKED HOTTER! I TOLD YOU YOU WOULD LOVE THIS!’ ‘I HAD NO IDEA COREY THAT THIS WOULD FEEL SO INCREDIBLE! GAWD I CAN’T HELP BUT TO SUCK ON THESE HUGE BICEPS! *licks and sucks them* FUCK I CAN’T HOLD MY CUM IN BABE!’ CJ comes up with an idea. ‘HEHE LET’S SHOWER THIS WHOLE PARK WITH OUR SEED COLIN, IT WILL BE FUN HOT MAN!’ CJ strokes himself a little faster making his balls start to swell up. Colin sucks on his huge nips making his white lover yell as his voice echoes over the entire area. ‘SOUNDS GREAT TO ME BABE. I AM ALREADY LEAKING ALL OVER THE GROUND.’ CJ gets down on his knees to lap up the river flowing from Colin’s cock and moans deeply making the ground shake. With just a few strokes, the black giant rears back and shoots numerous rockets of white jizz all over his lover and the park. The goo makes the ground look like it just snowed. CJ decides to get up and strokes himself harder to join Colin in his ecstasy. ‘OH YEAH COLIN HERE COMES MY CONTRIBUTION!’ CJ shoots his massive load over the trees and into other parts of the park as him and his black giant lover continue to coat the park in white jizz. They both turn to look at each other and make out before falling to the ground to start taking turns fucking each other. Various emergency vehicles are heard in the background which does little to detract from the two behemoths love making. As they feel more cum building inside each other, they shoot more cum all over the park and even on each other as they swallow several gallons before passing out from the sheer exhaustion of the experience. After they fall asleep, they both shrink back to their original size and lie in a huge pool of cum. The emergency personnel find them unconscious and wonder what the hell happened to the park.
  16. geektofreek

    m/m/f Outgrowing The House

    Hey guys! Hope everyone has been enjoying the new forum like I have. If you haven't already bookmarked my brand new website, I posted this story earlier today. It's been a long time since I've written a macro story, and while it still mostly focuses on muscle, I'm sure there is going to be something for everyone in this story. Enjoy! ******************************** It was strange to say that someone would want to outgrow their own home, but high school senior Zachary Parker wanted exactly that. He stood there naked in the bathroom, a giant of nothing but muscle and young teen sweat, eyeing his shower like it was the competition. He knew today just had to be the day. The young teen was teetering on 400 pounds of solid muscle after this mornings workout. His body felt so incredibly pumped, so unstoppably huge. He knew immediately as he put one foot into the shower that things were definitely different. The small growths that he had been experiencing were nothing compared to the explosion of muscle that had happened earlier. There was no telling how huge he had grown this morning (with a smashed scale now sitting in his bedroom). All he knew was that the shower began to make this horrific cracking noise, the pipes inside the walls strained, and even the tiles began shattering like glass. “It’s finally happening...” Zach snickered. It was actually almost hard for the muscle teen not to get aroused at this point. He had been fantasizing about this moment for so long, he almost didn’t even know where to start. He figured he would do something that would typically be innocent, washing his body for example. There was almost that sinister chuckle as he popped of the cap. There was no way the shower going to hold, just no fucking way. As he began lathering up his mountainous hairy pectorals, the first bolt blew off the wall, bouncing off his 70 inch muscle chest. Zach just laughed and continued casually washing his chest, hearing the strain of the metal framework, the impending destruction of the all the grout and plaster holding everything together. With a flinch of his giant hairy legs, a flex his mountainous arms and barndoor-wide back, he triggered another small growth. It was almost frightful how comical the young god thought the whole thing was. There was such an overwhelming amount of joy he felt feeling his body squeeze and fill the tiny space, just like when he had outgrown the houses small door frames. With barely any effort, and what felt like pounds of muscle packing onto his frame, his shoulders and legs become wedged and almost stuck between the showers bending frame... STRRRAIIINN CRACK Zach watched in amazement. The cheap walls around him collapsed to the floor like they were nothing to him; childrens architecture in the face of a real god. With his body now totally unleashed, completely exposed, there was almost a part of Zach that wanted to just keep growing until the he filled the entire bathroom. A fun thought, bringing him a small chuckle. He figured though he should probably wait, he wanted to enjoy every minute of this. He arrogantly stepped on the broken shower door and crushed the plastic frame beneath his feet. After the shower it was onto the clothes, his third favorite part of the morning. Everything he wore was a size XXL and up, yet it still seemed to be no match for his hulking muscle boy body. The once super sized varsity football tank barely even reached the upper part of the teens hairy brick plated abs. It was all caught between the teens boulder sized hairy pecs which seemed to almost stretch over a foot off his breast cage, nipples the size of fucking pancakes, the most immense canyon of hair and muscle. Next came his fully tailored briefs, white just the way he liked them. The pouch was specifically designed for the teens heavy nut suck and enormously large foot long cock. Truth be told though, as crazy as it sounded, his manhood was almost starting to look comically average when compared to the size of his gigantic muscle body, small even. Even though Zach was a little disappointed that it had seemed to stop growing like it once did, there was a small satisfaction knowing that he managed to make MELON sized testicles look small. By the time Zach got downstairs for breakfast, he was the definition of obscenity. After his briefs, the giant teen had somehow manage to squeeze himself into his last remaining pair of custom 46X38 jeans. His dad nearly choked on his coffee watching the morning news. Even though he lived with the giant muscle teen twenty four seven, nothing could have prepared him for the way that Zach looked this morning. “You see something you like old man?” Zach taunted, flexing one his gigantic arms. He knew what his dad was looking at, it was the same thing he was always looking out. While his father was mostly straight, he recently learned that the man was a total fag for big muscle arms, and now that his monster teen biceps were a record breaking 28 inches in size, chiseled like some hairy fucking mountain of muscle, engorged in the most disgusting display of vascularity, he knew there was no way his dad would stand a chance. Zach just arrogantly whiffed his own pitts, watching his father's crotch bulge between his jeans. It really was only a matter of time before the old man would crack. Eighteen years old and he was already among some of the biggest muscle studs in the world. He was literally a factory of testosterone, dripping with power, effortlessly packing on more muscle and hair then most bodybuilders could ever dream of. "How b-big are they now s-son...?" His dad could barely ask the question. Zach menacingly thumped a little closer. It must have been his undersized white tank and swollen blue jeans that was making his dad really whimper today. He knew it really was the perfect choice of outfit to show off his unstoppable growing teenage physique. He never understood why so many muscle men hid beneath their baggy gym clothes all day when they could look like this. The clothes were so tight, so painted onto his super roided out muscle-boy body that you could even see detail in his rock hard nipples and firehose sized cock. After all It was because of this his own old man was literally sitting there in his recliner with a full on erection beneath his jeans; no remorse, no hiding, he had totally lost it over his big muscle boy. The drool just wept from his dad’s lips like an endless river, I mean school girls had more control than this. That’s not to say there wasn’t a small part of Zach that was totally getting off on this moment. After all what son doesn't look forward to totally dwarfing their dad when they grow up. “Why don't you take a guess" Zach finally decided to start, raising one of his meaty muscle boy arm. His triceps hung there like huge hairy slabs of meat, while his bicep, it was like looking at a mountain of muscle, swelling bigger with every passing second. The young teen smirked as his unmatchable and magnificent muscle peak went flexing past his own eye level, swelled beyond his own head, squeezed into his own face. It was long until the freaky mammoth peak reach it's full and daunting size of 28 inches. “O-oh my g-god, LOOK at it!!” His father stuttered pathetically "Ooooh yeah that's right, biceps bigger than your fucking waist!” Zach squeezed his bicep that much bigger. It was then he looked down with a sneer and watched it happen like clock work. His fathers cock, like every other man’s, began throbbing faster and faster between his legs; the size of his young muscles, the enormity of his pits, the sheer stench of his musk, even the straightest of men couldn’t handle it. His dad just shamefully began blowing what had to have been the biggest load of his adult life, right in between his own jeans. He clenched the sides of his armchair as he continued to look up, struggling to hold back his cries of pleasure. "You know I'm going to outgrow this entire house right dad?" “Breakfast!" His mom shouted "Yes!!" Zach said with excitement. The teen rested his giant arm, leaving his now humiliated father to soak in his own shame. The entire house now made that daunting thump as he took each hulking step towards the completely loaded breakfast table. His mother like most mornings had prepared a meal large enough for a whole feast; pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon, potatoes, all piled up like endless rolling hills, enough for ten people at least. Zach felt his large cock bloat between his monster legs like it always did before a feast. The notion that every bit of this food would soon turn into raw muscle was such a get off. He couldn’t wait to get in there and stuff his face so he could grow even more. “Thanks for breakfast mom” Zach gently kissed her on the forehead "w-wow just look at you this morning" Just like his father, his mom seemed to have an extreme attraction for certain parts of the male physique. For years he had been catching her stare down at his monster muscle thighs and epic bubble butt, but just like his dad, this morning she couldn’t resist from full on “deer in headlights” mode. She was especially glancing at his hefty horse-sized teenage package. Zach smirked having to admit his lower half was ridiculously gigantic, in fact it was almost becoming a struggle to walk. He figured, in the same unorthodox fashion as earlier, that he would give his mother an equally as impressive show. “You like these legs mom?” Zach widened his stand, slowly beginning to flex his guerilla sized thighs. It was only a matter of seconds before the blue denim began to snap and tear along what was probably the most muscular legs in the human race. Zach eagerly watched her awestruck face as the first tear had formed along his right leg. The denim fabric was practically painted onto his skin at this point. You could see everything, absolutely every freaky detail of his monstrously out of control thighs. There wasn't a single doubt that they had to 38 inches of bone crushing hairy muscle, yet there they were growing bigger, beefier! SNAP “Ooooh yeah…” SNAP “Get a load of this mom!!” Zach chuckled like a kid at Christmas. Both seams had blown open, relieving only momentary pressure. Lucky for him though, it was far from over. As the arrogant stud flexed even further, It wasn’t long before the rest of the blue denim threads began snapping away off his jeans like power-lines in a thunderstorm. His mom squealed and covered her mouth as the most monstrous hairy thighs began squeezing out of his large denim jeans. Zach had to keep adjusting his stance wider and wider to accommodate the irregular amount of size his ultimate leg flex was taking on. They already had to be a freaky 39, maybe even 40 inches of solid muscle, biggest on the planet! Within his own two feet spread almost further apart than he could bare, the large bulging zipper that contained his jaw breaking cock BURST open. THUMP His mom fainted. “Is she ok!?” His little brother spoke up, watching the whole spectacle from the large breakfast table. When Zach finally turned around, his little brother could see why there mother fainted. Between his barely held together jeans was the teens giant manhood stretching his white briefs between the gaping zipper hole. The poor kid couldn’t even grasp how anyones cock could ever achieve such size. The enormous and freaky cock head looked bigger than his own fist, a piss slit so huge you could stick your tongue down it. “You know I’m starting to think my clothes aren’t going to last through the day...” That’s all Zach said. He knew his giant cock was tenting his briefs through his jeans, exposed for his little brother to lay his scrawny virgin eyes on, but he didn’t care. He looked back down at the opulent breakfast feast and felt his stomach rumble with immense hunger. He began walking forward, feeling the house truly thump this time. Dishes in the cupboards rattles, the floorboards beneath his giant feet almost bent. He knew colossal thighs must have been approaching near the immobile territory. There was such strain and heft to his footsteps, enough even to make Zach wonder just how much bigger he could grow. As he pulled out one of the chairs, even attempting to sit down almost seemed to be struggle. His thighs were just swollen against one another. He widened his stance once more, wrapped his legs around the specially reinforced seat. You could hear his remaining clothes crack and strain. It was always the sound people heard before the teen would burst through his own clothes, before thousands of more dollars would be spent trying to keep him looking somewhat normal and decent. "How much you want to bet I could eat this whole thing Jeremy?" He said with a cocky grin, watching his little brother poke away at small plate of food. With one of his huge burly hands he lifted one of the serving plates up to his face. His monstrous cock just bulged even bigger underneath his briefs as he gazed his hunger upon 24 deliciously scrambled eggs. With one of the now seemingly small forks on the table he began wolfing them down his throat. Only a few minutes later he moved onto the meats, the potatoes, and finally finished off with the pancakes. Of course with all this new fuel being added to his body, Zach started to slowly grow once more. As he consumed what must have been over 20 pounds of food, what remained of his jeans began tearing away hopelessly. He didn’t even have to flex this time, even move, he was just getting bigger! RIIIIIIIIPPPPPP "Fuck yeah, look me grow little bro!" Zach was so unapologetic. He continued to eat like a beast, packing on muscle faster and faster, scarfing down every last bit of food on the table. He even grabbed his brother left overs and lifted the plate to his mouth, dumping the food into his mouth like some dump trunk, finishing it all off with one loud gulp. SNAP The chair collapsed. With his now unimaginable weight, it sounded as if a bomb went off as he went crashing to the floor. His little brother just squealed as the hardwoods beneath his global butt exploded upward, the dust and plaster from the ceiling went falling to the ground, and the walls and windows surrounding the kitchen cracked; It felt as if a fucking 6.0 earthquake had just hit the house, yet It was really just one teens accidental destruction. Zach just laughed arrogantly, slowly picking himself back up. His tank had ripped free during the incident, and what little denim remained on his legs soon began to rip free as he stood up. Standing there now in just his barley strapped on briefs, Zach looked around realizing he must have now stood almost 7’5”! “I think I’m going to have to start thinking of a new goal with the way this house is shrinking so fast...” Zach laughed deeply. The excitement of his impending demolition of his childhood home was getting him so rock hard he couldn’t bare to stop. Jeremy nearly pissed his pants as his own gigantic brother raised both of his large arms in the air. So powerful they seemed, yet you could tell there was significantly more of a struggle to move then there was before. Zach knew within an instant that extreme immobility was beginning to take place. There was no longer a space reserved for the him to wash his hair or even scratch his neck. It was just muscle swelling into muscle. Zach teased though anyways, playfully trying to demonstrate a simple crab pose from his onlooking kid-brother. He barely got half way before his biceps squeezed into his face, his elbows bumped into the ceiling above. His biceps had to to be well over 34 inches at this point, so big in fact they threatened to crush his own face like a grapefruit. Unlike most men though who would cower in fear over this situation, Zach just snickered, and reached his tongue out for one massive worshipping lick. "You know I think I can guess what muscles you like most..." Zach sneered down at his brother “... you like my pecs don’t you?” Zach thumped closer, towering over two feet taller than the barely adolescent teenager. With one of his big hairy knuckled hands he relentlessly squeezed one of his boulder sized furry pecs like some crazed muscle worship video. He almost felt bad taunting him like this, the kid was always so nice, so supporting of his insatiable desires. The fact was though, even a boy of his age wanted to see something like this. “You know I can barely see below them...” Zach chuckled “That’s not to say I don’t want them bigger though” Zach gripped his fist together in front of him, purposely ballooning his mountainous pectorals almost two feet off his breast cage. With the small whimper his brother seemed to release, he knew this was his muscle of choice. It was only a few seconds of growth before Zach literally couldn’t see below them. He grinned with a freaky satisfaction knowing that he would no longer be able to see his own two feet, suck on his own cock, do anything remotely normal. He just proudly kept on growing them until they became so enormous, so astronomically huge, that even his own chin helplessly started to be pushed up. “Are these big enough for you yet little bro!?!” Jeremy whimpered. He had always admired the superheroes in movies with a nice thick set of pecs, but this was taking things to a whole new level. Massive rolling hills of hairy muscle, bigger then fucking tires, now hung from his macro-addicted big brother’s chest. He wanted to lick and worship every inch of this chest, suck on those rock hard freaky sized nipples. As he thought about this though, he heard the strain of something below. He gulped and slowly looked down, not wanting to almost see what he knew had been growing... “Ooooh yea, DIG IT little brother” SNAP Zach’s briefs went exploding onto Jeremy’s head. The poor kid whimpered as the most horrendously musky and pre-cum soaked fabric covered his face. The smell that crept into his young nose was intoxicating, so musky and yet sweet he almost didn’t want to stop smelling. After what must have been finally a few minutes, Jeremy reached up pulled down the yellow cum stained fabric, witnessing the tremendous thump of his brothers head hitting the ceiling. Zach casually reached up and pushed his hands against the ceiling. There was that extra moment you could tell he thought about it, what he was really doing. It was short lived, because only a few seconds later, that thought turned into delightful chuckle. “It’s time the world witnesses a new god...” And with that, Zachary, outgrew his house.