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Found 20 results

  1. EclipseWing

    m/m Next Level Love: Jailbreak

    Next Level Love Next Level Love: Location Enabled ============================================ Next Level Love – Jailbreak “What the hell?!” Eros screamed into the mirror. “I’m huge!” The once twunk-ish god was now a foot taller and the size of an amateur bodybuilder. His chiton hugged every curve of his body. His once average cock was now a thick footlong sausage, currently getting manhandled by Ganymede. “Apollo’s gonna be so jealous,” Gan drooled. “Let’s not worry about the how and just let me take you for a test drive…” “Gan! T-t-this is serious!” Eros spl
  2. Before I start, I wanted to say that I’ve never written a story like this before. Having been inspired by Maxxxmuscle’s comic Harvzilla. It is honestly like the hottest thing I think I have ever seen, and it’s getting better every time he releases a page. So without further ado, here we go! Chapter 1: Coming out It started like it would with any love story. Josh was in love with his life long best friend, but had no clue how to express his affections. It was painfully obvious for all but Parker who was oblivious to his best friend’s feelings. Parker had his own secret though...
  3. The Prelude to this story may be found HERE The preceding chapter of this story may be found HERE My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Four "No, just the old, dated model. Some of the guys need some initial encouragement to feel the true Hancer urge." "I can't believe, that the old model is still in use. All that debate about safety issues and what it did to some guys' brains." "I'm old enough to have tried it myself." "You are kidding?" "Nah. It was back in the days. I'd worked out seriously for years and tried Tren and Deca and the things that were popular
  4. Natural Nathan, part 3 - Natty No More By Ultrabeef Zack Vasco, former junior bodybuilding champ, had been the straightest guy he knew, dating and fucking his fitness model ex-girlfriend for years, but the transformation he had recently undergone from cute Latino bodybuilder into massive hairy gear-head, had also done something to his sexual preferences. His once big cock has shrunk during the transformation leaving him a hungry bottom and the sight of German physique pro Lukas Daren was all he needed to get him going. The feeling of Lukas’ big German uncut cock pounding his newly
  5. Part one may be found HERE Once and future Part two Mr. Blackadda knocked on the door of the cottage. He was accompanied by his manservant Baldrick, by Padarn and and by Padarn's childhood friend Ruadhán, who had fled with his mother to Anglesey from Ireland when he was a baby nineteen years ago. Someone opened the door of the cottage. It was an elderly man with a long white beard, wearing a sky-blue gown and a peculiar and odd-looking sky-blue head-covering. From his belt hang a gilded scythe. "Sorry. I don't want to buy any dish brushes today. Good bye."
  6. PREFACE Any actual growth will take place in the next chapter. The once and future Part one "It was much better in the days of King Arthur.", Cunedda said. "You use to say that a lot, grandfather.", Padarn answered. "In those days it was easy to get some proper British food, like garum, Cilician and Cypriot wine, olives, kippers and lemons, not these horrendous newfangled European bangers the Anglo-Saxons try to introduce. I haven't eaten proper British olives in years!" "I think bangers are delicious, if you fry them together with kippers and some black pudd
  7. EclipseWing

    m/m Next Level Love: Location Enabled

    After two months of being sick off and on - thankfully avoided the big one - I finally have time to write again. I hope you enjoy! Next Level Love Part 1 ============================================ Next Level Love: Location Enabled “You know Gan, you can type faster if you use both hands.” Ganymede smirked, tightening his grip around Eros’ dick. “Are you really complaining?” “Nah, but I want to get this done.” Eros and his divine other half were spread across their giant bed on a veranda overlooking the gardens of Olympus. Comfy as it was, Eros was still working
  8. Natural Nathan, pt. 2 - Natty or Not? By Ultrabeef 6 months had passed since Nathan Lindy, the popular YouTuber and natural fitness guru had mysteriously transformed overnight into Not-So-Natty Nate, a big, bloated, roid-head freak. At first all of Nathan’s followers, who loved his natural fitness tips and regular calling out of fitness competitors who claimed to be “all natural” but were obviously not, were repulsed by his 180 degree change. The once average looking college guy in decent shape had been replaced with a cocky, arrogant, testosterone filled gear junky who fil
  9. The first part of this story may be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/21053-take-the-lid-off-part-one/ Take the lid off Part Two WIDE! Kevin wasn't able to think clearly or coherently any longer, but it didn't matter. He didn't want to think clearly or coherently any longer -- not if The Treatment were able to overwhelm his consciousness with the physical and mental sensations of becoming ... UH! ... becoming ... WIDE! And it was! Uh! WIDE! His throbbing arms and legs blindly thrashed against the surrounding, and comfortably warm, liquid satu
  10. Take the lid off Part One When Dr. Korsakoff initiated the process, Kevin felt how his arousal intensified, but he also felt a twitch of worry and regret. He blushed. He hadn't been entirely honest with Todd, and married couples were supposed to be honest, weren't they? The humming sound from the Modification Pod slowly and gradually grew louder. Taking the medical aspects of it in regard, when he first heard about it all, he had expected to have to wait for Todd's return from the Treatment at some sort of separate ward or hotel for next-of-kin, but no: Friends or relatives were
  11. MizarAlcor69

    giants A Couple of GHI's (Chapter 0)

    This is my first piece of...anything after lurking on this site for a few years. Fair warning, this story is just a piece of work that is entirely self-indulgant, and made by a guy who has no understanding on how to write erotica or stories in general. … Anyways, Enjoy! (Also please give me any criticisms or thoughts you have. If I'm making horny garbage, I want it to be good horny garbage) (Also also, this chapter is pretty much just exposition, sorry.) ----------------------------- People are weird. More specifically, their tastes in
  12. Preface I used to think I understood the world. I went to work, I enjoyed my friends, I loved my husband. The world was small and manageable. I liked that world. But that world was a delusion. Reality is so much bigger. So much bigger. Before it all happened, I didn’t really know my brother, my coworkers, or my husband. I didn’t even know myself. Now I know enough to know how little I know. But I know enough. I know the seductive power of being the largest man in the room. I know that o
  13. Dylan’s Muscle Growth BY LORUS My name is Dylan. Dylan Mass. Can you actually believe that’s my surname? What were my parents thinking? My dad took part in some secret government experiment back in the early ‘90s and changed his surname from ‘Grady’ to ‘Mass’ in anticipation of “big changes” to come. Alas, the experiment was a failure. Or so the powers-that-be initially thought. One hundred men signed up for the trial of this serum connected to Area 51, or some shit like that. I don’t have all the details, as all records of the program were destroyed when the secret f
  14. Yachirobi

    Life Changes

    Some quick smut I banged out today. Give it a like on my Tumblr if you're so inclined. Inspired by a photo Michael Kidd, shot by Rey Rey's Photography. He is not the character, this is fiction, you're an adult so you know the drill. Please, don't sue me. I'm poor. *** Dad wouldn’t tell me what he was up to but he was bigger. The way he filled his shorts in was obscene. He said he was just working out harder. Right. It had only been a month since mom left him and he’d grown. He been growing. He kept growing. My father got visibly larger every day. We’d worked out together before.
  15. MuscleBearDaddy

    m/m Yeah Homo

    This was a one hour writing prompt that just scream to me after the hour was finished. Hope you enjoy everyone. Watching the male cheerleaders workout and do the flamboyant routine of the cheer squad, Lyon whispered to himself, "Homos, they don't even get that they have prime chance to feel up some of the hottest women on the school ground but they never take those chances." What the watcher did not see was the head cheerleader that just came out of the locker room when he said that. She dabbled in witch-craft and smiled as she cast a small spell on Lyon. She tapped him on the sho
  16. beastcz

    m/m Mysterious Stranger

    Legends told, in a public rest room not too far away. A mysterious stranger occupying a stall. He's muscular and strong, broad shoulders and thick arms. Shapely pecs, stocky core. Thunder thighs and bubble butts. His face, what can be seen under his concealing hood, has rugged strong jaw and manly hair. Sometimes, it's a handsome scruff. Sometimes, it's a full thick beard. But the most notable features of his, people whispers, are his thick cock and bull balls. Don't be mistaken, their size are impressive, but not exceptional. What make these so special is the propert
  17. My Celtic Cross Tarot Reading I was walking around a Renaissance Faire one Sunday. I barely get any time off, and it seemed like a fun way to spend a day off. At least it would get my mind off of life. I reached a little tent as I walked down a trail, seemingly away from all of the festivities. It didn't even seem like it was part of the faire. Maybe one of the actors lived on site. I called hello a couple of times as I approached, with no response. I just wanted a quick peak inside before heading back. I got close and gently lifted the tent flap. You could hear a pin drop, I
  18. elysiumfields

    On A Cold Winters Night

    Just re-posting my old story from yuletide years past,just in time for this christmas.. On A Cold Winters Night : A Christmas Tale. Part 1 Daniel Crown had been reclusive since the sudden tragic death of his beloved husband Jeff.. Ever since the state passed a legislature allowing gay marraige,both men,who had loved each other for close to twenty five years,and had the potential to grow old together,bonded in a lavish civil partnership ceremony. But fate dealt a cruel hand, and Daniel,now 50, was left to grow old alone.The pain was too much to bear for Danie
  19. elysiumfields

    Rush Hour Muscle

    iHi folks. A few members recently requested an interest in one of my old reality shift muscle growth stories. So here it once again for old times sake. RUSH HOUR MUSCLE Travelling on a bustling city subway train during a working weeks evening rush hour,can be particularly irritable at times,especially due to the fact that you've got to cram yourself onto a stuffy train carraige,overfilled with commuters who are just as irritable as you..and unwilling to yield enough space so you can squeeze in before the door slides shut. In my case..on my 25 minute journey home,i have to contend wit
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