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  1. queria que meu espanol fosse melhor, para entender melhor suas histórias, porque são muito boas
  2. even tought my spanish sucks, i was able to read it, and i loved it @dangerdanger do you have any intention in making a little diego, big bruno part II ? it's one of my favorite stories ever
  3. would it be this one ? https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/31274-p1.html
  4. I’d like to see more off logan in this final chapter, i real liked his interaction with trevor in the 11 chapter
  5. incredible story, i'm loving the size difference between froy and dori getting bigger
  6. bial123

    Mike n Me

    I love that mike is taller now, i'm hoping to see the other character being intimidated and a little jealous by the height of mike, but still being really turned on and suportive of the growth, but still would like to be a little plausible size difference and not a giant, but one of the best stories i've ever read
  7. bial123

    Mike n Me

    incredible can't wait for more
  8. best story i read in a long long time bruno is incredibly sexy
  9. i'm loving this story so much, i guess is one of the bestest that i've ever read, i just hope u keep a plausizable size diference
  10. adoraria pegar nesses biceps ;P
  11. Welcome to the forums bial123 :)

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