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  1. Loving this story. Can’t wait for this next part
  2. New writer here... had an idea for a story and figured I might as well take a stab at it. This is just the beginning so not a ton of muscle growth yet, but don't worry, it's coming! All feedback is welcome and appreciated OH HENRY - PART 1 Henry’s meaty hand grabbed the blender container off its base, swishing its contents around to make sure they’re thoroughly liquified. Taking the lid off, he took his first chug of the mixture - a thick shake of boiled chicken breast, milk and bodybuilding supplements. Blender container in hand, he walked to his calendar on the wall, hung between a photo of his beloved grandmother and one of his parents. With the pen hanging from a string on the calendar, he placed a giant black ‘X’ on today’s date, August 19th. His brown eyes looked intensely at the following day, August 20th, which was circled in red with thick permanent marker. Henry took another swig of the protein mixture, filling his muscular stomach that strained against the confines of his white tank top. Tomorrow would be the day he would rejoin the rest of the world. Tomorrow would be his fresh start. — Henry’s parents passed away when he was only eleven years old. As Canadian oil magnates, they died in a car crash on a business trip to Kuwait, leaving him with his grandmother who nurtured him through his troublesome school years. Even her love and care, however, could not get him through these teenage years unscarred. Henry was your stereotypical gay teenager - lithe, 5’ 7” and 110 pounds soaking wet, he excelled in school, loved musical theatre and sucked at sports. At Mackenzie High School, he stuck out like a sore thumb and was bullied non-stop for it. At school, most of Henry’s time outside of class was spent either in choir practise or in a locker or dumpster that a bully had thrown him in. At home, he would spend time gardening and cooking with his grandmother, and at night, just like an gay teenager, released his pent up sexual energy by jerking off to fitness models on Instagram. Coming home to his grandmother gave him comfort that everything would be okay. While school life was hard, he was a gentle soul and found comfort in the fact that one day high school would be over and the real world wouldn’t be so bad. Henry’s life changed in his senior year when one day he received a call to come down to the principal’s office. His grandmother had had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital but hadn’t made it through. Just like that, his only remaining family and support network had disappeared, leaving him alone in the world. Her funeral was the worst day of his life, as Henry had grown to know and love his grandmother more than his parents. In the days that followed, he met with his grandmother’s lawyer to work through the will. In it, she had left him everything she had - the house, a massive trust fund with more money than he could imagine and a handwritten note. “Oh Henry, you know I love you more than words can say. When the time comes for you to read this, let this be what you need to start fresh in the world. Love, your grandmother.” Tears slipped down Henry’s face as it struck him, for the last and final time, that he would never see his grandmother again. This would be the inspiration that would change his life forever. — Henry finished off that senior year of high school, gaining acceptance to some of the best business schools in the country, including his dream school, Harrison University. It had a gorgeous campus and was in a college town halfway across the country. It was the perfect place for a fresh start. Beyond a new school and new city, Henry was determined to give himself the best chance of success at his new school and new life. That meant shedding his status as the high school runt. Alone and with no one to stick up for him, he refused to enter university as the 5’7”, 110 pound weakling he was today. Moreover, as a gay virgin coming out of high school, he hoped a physical transformation might give him a new sexual lease on life. As an 18-year old now on his own, he decided he would defer his spot at Harrison University until next year, when he could come back as a new man. Until then, he would lock himself in his house and focus on this physical transformation. Henry scoured the internet, looking for trainer who could take him on. It was on a local bodybuilding forum that he found Brandon Brown, a former army sergeant turned heavyweight bodybuilder. Standing 6’2” and 275lbs, Brandon was a black Hercules with the mass and muscle definition only seen in ancient Greek statues. His body was a showcase of excellence in the gym and in the kitchen and could make any gay man’s cock stand at attention. Henry shot him an email, and within days, Brandon had set up a full gym in the basement of his grandmother’s house, stocked his fridge with food and cabinet with supplements and started Henry on daily workout plan. Brandon was fascinated by his client’s dedication to growth (and his resources to support it) and quickly recognized that this could be a transformation for his record books. — Henry chugged the last of his shake and placed the empty blender container on the counter. He heard the toilet flush in his washroom and turned to see Brandon emerge, zipping up the fly on his tight jean shorts which hugged his tree trunk legs. “Didn’t leave me any?” Brandon asked, placing his hand on Henry’s shoulder, still pumped from their workout just now. “I’ve got one day left! I need all the protein I can get” Henry objected. “Want me to make you another one?” “No worries Henry, I’m just teasing you,” Brandon said with big smile. “Tomorrow we get to show you the fruits of all your hard work. I hope you’re excited. I’ll see you in the morning” And with that, Brandon let himself out and Henry jumped in the shower to wash off all the sweat from his training session. His fingers lingered over his body, feeling the pump in his pecs and shoulders from the gruelling workout with Brandon. While he could see and feel that his body had grown, he had no clue how he truly looked. At the beginning of his transformation, 427 days ago, Henry had all the mirrors removed from his house. He knew change would take time and didn’t want to get discouraged by slow progress. As he slipped into his pyjamas and crawled into bed, his mind agonized over what kind of transformation (or lack thereof) he might have gone through in the last year and what waited for him in the outside world.
  3. Compliments on the build!  Very nice pic and profile, both.  Love to chat muscle and strength, both, with you sometime.   Love your look, bud.

  4. Welcome to the forums Telster13 :)

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