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    looking for guys to have nice chats with
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    for now: 90 kg (~198 lbs)
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    big hairy pecs<br />
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  1. musclepecadmirer


    Wow! That was amazing! I'm loving it!
  2. musclepecadmirer

    The Dildo of the Demigods

    OMG! I just love it!
  3. musclepecadmirer

    3 rings

    Yes that's it! Thank you!
  4. musclepecadmirer

    3 rings

    Hey, I'm looking for a story where there are 3 rings, one is the ring of vitality, one is the ring of strength and there's another one...someone trys to gather the 3 rings...later on he goes into a temple where there is a pool filled with a liquid that makes him grow...sorry for the vague description but I don't remember that much more... I hope that I'm not mixing up two different stories....and I also hope that someone knows what story I'm talking about...
  5. musclepecadmirer

    Lex Luthor Story

    sounds interessting, does anyone know where to find that story?
  6. musclepecadmirer

    Stories with magic or superpowers involved

    Story 3 could be this one: http://metabods.com/mb/index.php/Temple_of_size
  7. musclepecadmirer

    The Impossible Discovery

    Thank you SeaMusc for another great story. Can't wait to find out how this continues. I just can't find the words to describe how awesome that story is. Loved it. It's amazing how you get the emotions of your characters across. I literally can feel what they are feeling. And again I coulnd't stop reading even for a second. The part with the journals is brilliant. Normally I don't like that "journal style" of writing, but here I had no problem with it. It was perfect for this situation, because you didn't skip the events in prison and you also did not go into detail about the time in prison too much. Furthermore, with the characters describing their feelings themselves, it felt more realistic. I just love it. So thanks again
  8. musclepecadmirer

    Shane: Complete (pts 1-3)

    This is probably the best story I ever read on this site! I got totally lost in it. I couldn't stop reading for even for a second. At one point I felt totally connected with Shane (the part where they found Cliff). His feelings were so real to me. I could almost feel every single emotion of him myself. SeaMusc, thank you so much for this incredible piece of art!
  9. musclepecadmirer

    Happy Birthday, CMiller!

    Happy birthday!
  10. After choosing "mirror" for the first time there is a line saying <<print>> bad expression: missing ; before statement. Good work so far

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