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    Powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, feats of strength.
    I'm a competitive powerlifter: 5-11", 275 pounds, 52c, 20a, 30q, 38w, 21ca
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    5-11", 294 pounds, 54c, 20a, 30q, 39w, 21ca
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    Chat, camaraderie, and real-life meetings with others who have similar interests. Big arms are my kryptonite!

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  1. Hey strongman. mind if we connect on Skype?

  2. Thanks for the follow, big guy.  Nice profile you have...esp. the strength interests.

  3. Hey HugeMuscleGeek -

    We had to ban you from our site for trying to seduce our models.

    Had it occurred to you to ASK us first?  We'd be very happy to help another small start-up cam site.  We are actually very nice that way, and not at all like other sites out there - but ASK us, work something out site us.  Engage in our community. 

    Don't just try and steal our guys.  That wasn't cool.

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