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      Help contribute, donate via PayPal or join with a monthly Patreon contribution.   01/01/17

      To help raise funds I've introduced a monthly contribution option called Pateron. This service allows you to pledge a monthly contribution plus allows me to offer you some rewards for your contribution. If you have any questions you may PM me. If you'd like to make that contribution please click on the image below:      
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      NEWS: Discord Server & Clubs (aka Groups) are back!   08/19/17

      Hello everyone I'm back with a couple big updates! Firstly we now have a Discord server, this is a real-time chat messaging client you can run on your phone, desktop, or anywhere. It's a pretty powerful desktop application that enables people to chat together, and with multiple channels you can find people interested in what you're interested in. If you don't already have a Discord account it's pretty easy to get one, just click the following invite link to get started: https://discord.gg/Ahzu9jC Secondly I'm proud to announce the return of Groups, it's been renamed to Clubs and is now available here: https://muscle-growth.org/clubs/. This system is entirely user generated and allows users to create groups of their own based on any subject they want. Go ahead and try it now, visit the link above to get started if you want to create or join a group!   As always thank you to all of our donators and Patreon contributors who keep the forums going! 


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  1. sup muscle how ya been

  2. Jeff: Ab workout

    This was amazing as normal. I just love how you depict Jeff as not even knowing his own limits, as freaky as he already is I am boning up just thinking about what possible muscle group will be next
  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20160616183649/http://silicondog.buffmuscles.com:80/stories/Steve and the Three Tests.txt I have never in my life been boned up so much by a story only a handful of others have came close, but nothing beats the raw primal will power that the character in the story shows ( what's even what's insane is that apparently these are real life events) {This is not my story, credits go to the Creator}
  4. Happy birthday man. Here to a year of muscle and growth. 

  5. Jeff's Shredding Freakshow

    wow robert was right... he not a human he is a fucking god i would have blew my wad in his skin HAD ripped apart , and when his muscle started to GROW! my god! ....the only way that it could get crazier is if e could hear the bone and muscle literally ripping it self to shreds .only for jeffs own amusement
  6. Welcome to the forums 6eyedwolf :)

    1. 6eyedwolf


      umm yeah thanks ^^ this is the first forum that iv seen like this