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  1. 3 meals or 6 meals

    Could you show us a sample eating day plan for getting in 6000 cal?
  2. Joint Health

    Has anyone found things that improve joint resilience. I've always had weaker connective tissue than lifting power and can't do skull crushers with any significant weight, but most other exercises are fine although I have to be cautious. Glucosamine and other supplements are claimed to promote joint health, but trials find no benefit.
  3. Hows the ReBulking going?

  4. Pre-Workout: Jekyll

    @Gymaholic84 mentioned liking Jekyll. What effects do you feel from it? I'm not sure if I respond or maybe I'm not taking enough.
  5. Pre-Workout: Jekyll

    I tried Dr. Jekyll by ProSupps which I've heard good things about, but I'm not sure it had much effect. Its one without much caffeine or other stimulants, so maybe my expectations were off. Do you feel the low stim pre-workouts, or only notice the performance gains? I've tried C4, which has a ton of niacin and other compounds that cause a tingling / pricking effect soon after taking it.
  6. Shirtless Workout

    Is a chain or independent? I think the broad trend is more corporate -> more rule enforcement. I got to LA Fitness and can't imagine them ever allowing people to be shirtless. There's a 24 hour Snap Fitness by me, maybe I should join so I can go late nights and do what I want.
  7. Pre-Workouts for Vascular Enhancement

    How much difference does taking a dose of Jekyll make it your workouts? Subjective and actual effects? Can you tell if you get more physically pumped?
  8. Pre-Workouts for Vascular Enhancement

    M5 seems to have disapeared from their lineup. I always liked that Cellucor uses codes for product titles instead of dramtic nonspecifc names. I'm not a fan of Universal nutrition. Maybe I should try using just the components myself.
  9. Pre-Workouts for Vascular Enhancement

    There's tons of pre workout supplements for energy, of varying legitimacy, often stuffed with caffeine or other cardiac stimulants. I'm fine with mental energy in the gym, I don't need a expensive source of alertness. Does anyone have experience with supps for improving your pump while lifting? Bodybuilding brands come and go all the time, and I doubt reviews because of the placebo effect - The most extreme people use the most promising supplements. There are alot of branded ingredients and proprietary blends, but there are some components with a basis for helping strength + gym performance. What have you tried? What has / hasn't made a noticeable difference?
  10. Did you get that compression shirt you ordered?

  11. I'm so enjoying John Krasinski beginning to fill out. He was always skinny with broad shoulders. Now he's only 'Hollywood buff' but the potential is exciting He was considered for Captain America; maybe we'll still see whats possible.
  12. Super Slow = super pumped

    Nice. I'll give it a try on Shoulder/Arm Day. Doing a pump orientated workout without taking peeks at how you're looking then going right to locker room to admire the difference is the best. Is the idea from that book in the first post? Any other uncommon tips you can recommend?
  13. Welcome to the forums quantum31415 :)