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    Muscle Growth, Macrophilia, Cock and Ball Growth, Super Strength and Super Powers, Musclefurs
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    Stories and Artwork related to my interests
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    The Transform/Muscle Club/Muscle City stories by AKA. The Journal by Braun1. The MassX Series and Musclove, Texas by Max Mann
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    Steve Kuclo, Roelly Winklaar, Fouad Abiad, Brandon Curry, Victor Martinez, Jay Cutler,Tom Prince, Paul DeMayo, Mike Francois

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  1. Brawnophile is a good judge of man-muscle.

  2. That's what I am hoping for as well. Looking forward to reading about Owen's growth and new life with Elliot and the other studtrucker buddies very soon. Don't let us wait too long Ploder.
  3. Brawnophile


    Hot damn, that was a great start to the story. I just love "accidental" growth and especially when it's an older guy. Can't wait to see Uncle Roy get even BIGGER and more powerful and hopefully Jack and Dr. Brawn get the chance to grow massive as well. I just love your multi part muscle growth stories, they get my cock hard like nothing else and I can't wait to read the next parts of this new saga.
  4. Awesome start. Hopefully soon we get to see how Brian initiates Nate into Muscle Club in a big way.
  5. Thanks for keeping MGS alive. Looking forward to all the massive growing muscle stories and art.
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