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  1. Absolutely! Even before the hulk I remember seeing the scene in the movie Twins where Arnold flexes and rips his sleeve. Didn't quite understand what was going on in my pants...now it's one of my biggest turn ons.
  2. My moment for the hulk was an episode where he gets trapped in an elevator and while trying to lift he begins to hulk out. There is a part where his belt snaps...mmmmm. Been trying to find the clip.
  3. ripping00

    UK teens getting massive

    Wow to that wingspan.
  4. ripping00

    For other females on here

    I'm not even a female and I'm sure I'd be making the same face.
  5. ripping00

    UK teens getting massive

    Love me some Jed Hassell
  6. Welcome to the forums ripping00 :)


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