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    Muscle Growth, Growth Competitions, Domination, Role Reversal, Muscle Theft, Fantasy Growth, Freaky Growth, Cock Growth, Height Growth, Video Morphs, Audio 'morphs', Picture Morphs, and more.
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    I am 6'1 and 185lbs. Average guy. The photo is morphed obviously, but DAMN I need to get that big!
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    People that are like minded, and I do RP and also do Video Morphs for those that are interested.
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    I would like to be 220 in real life, but my current goal is 200. Fantasy would be 8-12ft tall and FREAKY Muscle Mass!
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    Branch Warren, Jay Cutler, Evan C, and SO MANY MORE
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    Domination, MG (Muscle Growth), Macro, https://www.f-list.net/c/musclegroworship

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  1. musclegroworship


    Well Witcher 3 you could spend time looking at them, and .... yeah that's probably the only one. I need more fantasy element or I'm out.
  2. musclegroworship


    I'm still addicted to Warframe. I don't think I would like Red Dead Redemption 2 .... too western for me. Not my thing.
  3. musclegroworship


    PSN: unusualstar
  4. musclegroworship

    Getting bigger by fucking

    YEAH! That was super hot Domorice!
  5. musclegroworship

    The problem with this site (body dysmorphia)

    Of course it makes you think about it, and it makes you want it more. It's only your own self analytical processes that counter it.... and of course lessening your stimulation to the desire of growing HUGE. Yep. It's true.
  6. musclegroworship

    The problem with this site (body dysmorphia)

    I think you are speaking of your own troubles, and not to those that mask everyone on this site. This site is for muscle growth. The fantasy and the reality. That is not humiliation or sadistic in it's own right. Nor is it masochistic. I understand where you are coming from related to wanting to be bigger, but you are never going to get to that level. The body dysmorphia is a real thing, but I don't think I would qualify it as a masochistic pathology until it impedes yours personal life.
  7. musclegroworship

    Muscle suit version 2

    MMM I like Version 2 better. Muahahahaha Bigger is better after all!
  8. musclegroworship

    Name Recognition

    I have known you by both for almost as long as I've known you... so that's hard to say. I would agree with MuscleBearDaddy though. Put them together.
  9. musclegroworship

    Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?

    I know exactly how you feel. It's hard to find balance when your fantasy is so far to the one side that it draws you out, and it's easy to get lost in the masturbation to those fantasies. I do it... quite often. I have found men that I am attracted to of all shapes and sizes, but the difficulty is that I love muscle growth so much that I often need to think of it if I want to have as heated of a sexual encounter. I have found that I don't need sex as often as long as I have a loving strong relationship, but that doesn't work out for all men.
  10. musclegroworship

    Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    And we appreciate it. You are a handsome growing muscle man.
  11. musclegroworship

    Sugar packets

    Yep. Seriously one of my favorite stories out there. I might have it somewhere, but I'm going to work.
  12. musclegroworship


    YAY!!! I love this thanks! I just had the downloaded one, and this one is more comprehensive.
  13. musclegroworship


    Very well done super man! Loved it!
  14. musclegroworship


    That would be useful.
  15. musclegroworship


    I play Overwatch on Ps4, Eso sometimes, Destiny sometimes, and some PC gaming, but mostly sticking to the remastered Skyrim. Ps4 screenname is: unusualstar

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