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  1. I agree with Wesman123. Not only is the admiration and adoration of the muscle itself exciting and arousing, but the concept of the strength and power possessed in that muscle just as intense.
  2. jojo9

    Personal Training

    I love how you throw in that little condescending and dominating comment at the end. The body swap includes the douche bad personality too. I enjoy that.
  3. Sensational story! I have to admit I didn't even get through the whole story before I lost it! wow!
    Is this your own artwork? Its amazing! Perfectly done!
  4. Well I hope the two of you can come to an understanding on the subject. It seems you two have every different takes on the matter. But I applaud you for putting this much care and effort into finding a common ground. It sounds like a very meaningful relationship.
  5. Well as much and hard as you are trying to accept and understand his needs and beliefs, he should be as accommodating to you as well. This is a big issue and if both of you cannot reach a compromise it could become a source of problems. Being a high passion person as well, I understand you desire and if effects you. I would strongly suggest that the two of you really sit down and try to work this out. You sound like you really respect and try to meets his standards. But you are going to need some of that same understanding in return. You passion is not just going to go away. I would hate for you to just end up frustrated and even resentful of his stifling of your needs. Don't just sweep this one under the carpet. Its too important. Good luck!
  6. Well its good to have you here. I hope you get to have lots of fun and met all kinds of friends and playmates.
  7. I wanted to say thanks for all the likes in my image gallery!

    I really appreciate it :)

    1. jojo9


      You are so welcome. Your artwork is just great and I look forward to seeing much more.

  8. jojo9


    Excellent story! I love the pitting or two close friends against each other. Just how far are people willing to go for their own personal gain?
  9. I hope you're cooking up some more sinister domination and muscle mayhem.
  10. jojo9

    The Product

    I was referring to the level of aggression and dominance of the young bodybuilder; call me Sir and all. The whole over confident and aggressive alpha male attitude made his comeuppance even more rewarding.
  11. jojo9

    The Product

    I love it! The live chat format is excellent, so clever of you. And I love how you use the photos. You make the characters very realistic. I especially enjoy the more extreme extent you took it this time. It was nice and intense. Congrats!
  12. Well I'm not sure what it says about me, but I rather enjoyed the dark, sinister ending. As in life, the good guy doesn't always win. Who knows, sometime down the road, Greg might get his own back when Scott least expects it.
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