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  1. Sensational story! I have to admit I didn't even get through the whole story before I lost it! wow!
    Is this your own artwork? Its amazing! Perfectly done!
  2. I wanted to say thanks for all the likes in my image gallery!

    I really appreciate it :)

    1. jojo9


      You are so welcome. Your artwork is just great and I look forward to seeing much more.

  3. jojo9


    Excellent story! I love the pitting or two close friends against each other. Just how far are people willing to go for their own personal gain?
  4. I hope you're cooking up some more sinister domination and muscle mayhem.
  5. jojo9

    The Product

    I was referring to the level of aggression and dominance of the young bodybuilder; call me Sir and all. The whole over confident and aggressive alpha male attitude made his comeuppance even more rewarding.
  6. jojo9

    The Product

    I love it! The live chat format is excellent, so clever of you. And I love how you use the photos. You make the characters very realistic. I especially enjoy the more extreme extent you took it this time. It was nice and intense. Congrats!
  7. Well I'm not sure what it says about me, but I rather enjoyed the dark, sinister ending. As in life, the good guy doesn't always win. Who knows, sometime down the road, Greg might get his own back when Scott least expects it.
  8. jojo9

    Poker Face

    I've just read it today, and loved it. You are really good at these kinds of stories. I look forward to reading more and more of your work.
  9. Awesome! Another example of your creative and ingenuity. Its a unique format. I love the inclusion of the images and live chat excerpts. You are a good! Oh, and I agree, this story deserves a part two!
  10. jojo9

    Poker Face

    I loved this story! And the open ending up for interpretation is a great concept. You are very creative and inventive. Personally, I like the idea that the former nerd stays at the jacked alpha and takes advantage of the former alpha. I think its very devious to tease him with the hope of getting to have his former self back and then trying to convince him it just false memory. Brilliant.
  11. Hey gorgeous. I've noticed you've been very quiet and laying low lately. I certainly hope everything is alright and that you and you man are well and life is good. I have to say I do miss getting to make witty, flirty comments on your pictorial updates. ;) 

    1. jhanley1


      Hey Jojo, I'm here, don't worry. Just been laying low for a bit. Took a couple months to rest up, but back at it. I'll be ready to start posting again in a few weeks, lol.

    2. jojo9


      Good! We can't wait!

  12. Thanks for following me.

    1. jojo9


      Sure thing big man

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