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  1. Chimewolf

    Mystery Project

    Sound effect section (like the gallery). where we can hear muscle growing... and other accompanying sound clips like (and to) our favorite audio fantasy stories.
  2. Chimewolf

    Take on an empty stomach

    ok. thank you. I couldn't find an answer anywhere. well not one that makes sense.
  3. Chimewolf

    Take on an empty stomach

    A supplement says to take on an empty stomach. But your throat is like mud/dry and can't swallow the pill(s). it gets stuck in throat. So is taking a sip of water before/with the pills still considered "on an empty stomach"?
  4. Chimewolf

    12 workout tips for newbie(especially for skinny)

    Don't forget Gym etiquette rules! Wipe don't the equipment you used after you're done (you may also want to do this before you use it too. I've seen this rule broken frequently) Put away any weights you used! (this tells other patrons that they are available for them to use. another rule I've seen broken frequently) Unless you use your phone for music or tracking your workout leave it in the locker. (you're there to workout not talk to Grandma) Disrespect the weights and they will crush you! (ie don't damage them they may brake and hurt someone) There are probably a few others I'm missing but a lot of people mistreat their gym and other patons badly.
  5. Chimewolf

    weight lifting gloves recommendation

    ok. got some lifting wrist straps. Going to take a bit to get used to them though.
  6. Chimewolf

    weight lifting gloves recommendation

    it's mostly to protect hands. But I will look up Liquid Chalk though. who knows if I find a good price I might start using that. Thank you for the suggestion.
  7. Chimewolf

    weight lifting gloves recommendation

    Any recommendations for weightlifting gloves that are XXL size or larger? My last pair had to for lack of a better expression be surgically removed and are no longer usable. (they were a Go! Fit! brand XL size I bought at Walmart) So I'm trying to find a pair that should fit better. I found a general glove sizing guide and found I have XXL sized hands and all the stores I can think of only had XL at largest. Now I've found 3 different pairs at Bodybuilding.com: Harbringer: Training gloves with wrist wrap. Bioform Gloves Gorilla Wear: Hardcore wrist wrap gloves. not limited to them but they are the ones I've found that might fit. and Gorilla Wear has one that goes one size larger but I don't know how good they are (can't find any reviews). So any recommendation or suggestions?
  8. Chimewolf

    Should I Go, Or Should I Wait?

    I went to a bodybuilding show once. I had to take the bus and had to be back before midnight or have to pay an extra $50 just to get home. Too bad they Men's bodybuilder competition wasn't until after midnight... I caught everything else though. Even got to meet a couple competitors, one from the women's figure competition and one guy from the men's figure competition overkill on the fake tan stuff, I could see the lotion lines too clearly. and some of the audience members weren't too bad looking either. Never got to go back, no time. but I would recommend going, Just factor in you will not be back until like late the next day. and remember to pack snacks. -CW
  9. Just looked at the Video StormWeaver found of a Big guy Splitting his button up shirt from flexing "Hulking out" ( http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2745-impressive-hulk-out/ ) And It got me to thinking, Which Way is more impressive: The Shirt Splitting from the back and watching the guy just balloon up from there or seeing the shirt split from the front with the buttons popping off (if applicable) and seeing the guys facial reactions to the growth? I feel watching from the back it's like an Awe inspiring tease But watching from the front is more like flat to raging to explosive inducing coma. So Which way do you think is more impressive the shirt exploding from the front or the Back?

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