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  1. Nice, always hot to see a story bout mature muscle man.
  2. So, where here at the conclusion. I'll be honest, I liked it. Especially the scene where Seth gives a pose down for Trev. Also, while there's still some jab at Trev for his size, it did't come out as mean spirited or humiliating like in older chapters. Maybe its because its just the 3 of them and Trev accepts that giant people turns him on while Seth and Stacy know about it and they indulge Trev in this. Thanks for that jab at Jack when it turns out that Stacy is taller then him (inches I know but still, its something). Also nice that Seth invited him so he can help him, not jut tease him for his size or like others were saying, that he just wanted to crush Trev by saying that he is no longer his friend. The fact that he propose to give him a job at his side is a nice gift for Trev for all whats he been through. While I did hoped that maybe Seth was going to give him some kind of news that they can grow Trev back to his old self and more, I can see how it would cheapen out Trev's change in personality. However, that does not absolve Seth in my eyes. I still believe he's an asshole for all the humiliation he put Trev through ( I don't care if it was unintentionall, he still did) and should get AT LEAST a kick in the balls via crowbar or maybe some verbal leash out from Trev. Overall, nice conclusion. Its not gonna be my favorite story of yours, cause of the anxiety I get by reading some chapters but still, good addition to the muscle growth (and macro if you want to look at that point) forum. Thank you and have a nice day.
  3. This is my first time giving a review like that and by all means I understand its your story and you decide how it goes. Neverless I still want to give my subjective opinion. I do like some things in it like the description of muscles on Seth and Jack, the diffrences between them and Trev and overall Trev subbmision to the muscle giants. However there are 3 things that made me not enjoying the story that much, actually 4 but its about females growing huge which is just a personal preference so it can be ignored. One is the constant humiliation. I get that it can be good and heck I do enjoy some of it but there's just too much. Almost every chapter theres alway a moment where Trev is humiliated, taunted or insulted. Its like watching someone kicking a puppy and you can't do anything about it. I waited for a moment where Trev would at least stand up for himself, where he proved that yeah, he is smaller but he's still a person. Two is Jack. Again he's a jock asshole guy. I get, I don't mind it. But again I was waiting for a moment when he would be kicked a notch from his high place. Maybe a situation when he would actually hurt Trev via broken arm or leg. And maybe people, and himself realize what an ass he is. He may even cut the teasing a bit and maybe even start treatng Trev a little better. Three is Seth, especially in chapter 10 and 11. Like, he says to Trev that he is his best freind and all and will have is back but the second people start humiliating Trev, he's nowhere to be found. Heck he does it himself. No offence but fuck that kind of friend. I get he is big and he likes the size diffrences, I get it. But still there's a line being a friend who teases you and an asshole who just pretends to be your best friend. Those are the 3 thing that made me not enjoying this. Again, I understand its you story and don't want you to take as a personal attack or something. Its just my opinion and believe it or not I do look forward for the last chapter. Good day and thanks for writing, Dreadlifter.
  4. Welcome to the forums Lambert771 :)

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