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  1. There was this amazing growth story where I believe the narrator is in a Dungeons and Dragons or Yugioh or card tournament of that nature against a big buff guy. With every card the buff card plays, he makes himself grow throughout the tournament, though he doesn't seem to notice. I believe he grows pretty big and breaks his chair maybe? and I believe it ends with the buff guy meeting the narrator back out in the parking lot. Does this ring any bells?
  2. Hey Yall! I love stories where the boyfriend or father or friend is getting more muscular, more aggressive, or more intimidating, and the other characters start getting nervous or intimidated or even scared by the change in attitude and physique. I've read a couple good stories that include this theme but does anyone have any favorites? Thanks! B
  3. I recall a story from a long, long, LONG time ago-- It was something along the lines of.... a computer science-y type guy who develops a "smart home" for himself to force him to workout. The home/house has a mind of its own and, while assisting the guy to grow initially by ordering equipment/supplements, it eventually locks him inside and prevents him from socializing with the outside world. He and the AI can actually talk to eachother. I specifically remember a part where a guy he had met tries to meet up with him outside his house, but the AI locks the door to keep them apart. At the end, I believe the two guys get together and the AI ends up at an airport where the first guy sees it again and says hi. Does this sound familiar at all?
  4. Thank you for letting me know! Did not realize this at all :|
  5. So there's this guy who works in some office, and he's probably in his 30s or so and a little chubby or skinny... just not the best body. Anyway this enormous huge muscle guy of his dreams shows up and rooms with him maybe(?) and helps him get huge too. Spoiler Alert!!!!! At the end, there's this scene where another guy he saw at the office suddenly kisses him because he has become so attractive. However, the main guy still thinks he (himself) is skinny. He ends up going to a computer in his basement which tells him that this huge monster guy who moved in with him was actually all in his imagination. He apparently hypnotized himself to imagine this guy to help him get huge. It's an incredibly hot story that I read a while back so it's probably in the archive somewhere but I don't remember what it's called or where it is.
  6. I remember a fantastic story where it started with boyfriends A and B. A was pretty fit while B was fat. I think B's father was a super high up CEO or something who freaked out when he found out his son was gay and made fun of him for being fat, so they moved away from (NYC?). I think one may have been a teacher also. Anyway B gets into working out and A is in support cause he really loves the muscles. However B continues to get huge and arrogant and eventually fucks the guy working at the juice bar at the gym. He had begun taking steroids and stuff. Eventually A gets super pissed and goes up to B and B is totally dominant and arrogant and gives this amazing speech which had the central theme of "I love muscle, which is why I fuck muscle." and that A wasn't enough for him. Sex up until then had gotten more and more aggressive. Anyway, the ending is that A grows huge but not as huge as B, but they are both happier. Any ideas?
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