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  1. Its been a while since I've began reading on this site but I never thought I'd be writing a story. It's a first ever. Sorry for the language, not my native one. Thanks for the feedback. Not a lot of growing in this one, more in the next chapter. Find the rules It was the first day of summer in this little village of Sunnyside. The village was known for its beautiful beaches and hot climate. For Jordan, it was the perfect moment to do a beach party. Jordan was 24, sexy, a douche, and he knew it. He had a perfect body carved by the numerous hours he passed at the gym each day. The muscles he prefers on his body was his pecs. They where pushing his shoulders back and it was the first thing entering the room when he walked trough a door. He worked very hard to develop them and to keep his waist cut and small. He had a tiny waist and a sculpted 6 pack and was proud of it, only because it was increasing the roundness of his pecs above. Jordan wasn’t an “upped-body-guy-only” guy. He liked to work his legs and he had really big calfs. Due to them, he had trouble putting on jeans an trousers. He loved his round juicy ass and the fact that it was going left and right when he was walking. Its a shame he had to be clean for the job otherwise he would always be in shorts. Like every douches, Jordan had tribal tattoos. He had and arm completely covered and it was enhancing the roundness of his robust shoulder. Jordan had tough of this summer party all the week. He would make a giant fire on the sand behind his beach house. He would where his favorite speedo and everyone would see his body. It’s gonna be a blast. He had called a lot of people for the occasion. He was eager to see 2 of them. Ryan, his funny childhood friend who he didn’t see for 10 years and Liam, this cute little guy he met last week on Grindr. It could lead to something good in the evening after the party. -You working or dreaming, Jord?!”(eric) -It’s 15h40 Eric. You could be a decent boss for once and let me relax. I brought you 5 clients this week!(Jordan) -I’m kidding. I've been looking at you since 15h30 and you where smiling and pumping your arms. Thinking about a girl for tonight?(Eric) -…Yeah, thinking about tonight. I’m having a beach party for the beginning of the summer. And I just checked, where gonna have a hot night!(Jordan) -Cool. I don’t have the kids this weekend, maybe I’m gonna pass.(Eric) -Be my guess.(Jordan) Eric was a tall dude. He wasn’t fat or anything and he liked to run a lot to maintain his shape. He was a bit muscular but nothing compared to Jordan. Eric had a good job and looked like a giant confident men but inside he was little. He never believed the chance he had to be the boss and he still doesn’t understand why him. Everyday he feared he could loose all he have. If Jordan, he’s best employe, or mister Karl, his boss, found out he was gay, it could break the little less of courage he had. Even now, he can’t explain why he invited himself to Jordan’s party. Maybe it was because he’s been drooling over him for 10 minutes before he had the guts to make a joke. Anyway, now he had to go or he would pass for a liar. -See you tonight Eric. Bring your booze and prepare to have a good night!(Jordan) -See ya. (Eric) My god, even from behind he was sexy. Look at that ass waving. It’s gonna be hard to hide his feelings tonight… —————————————————————————————————————————— Its was the perfect event for this new game, and Liam though it would be cool to bing it. Liam was a real muscle queen. He was a little guy, 5’3, and had nothing in the muscle department himself but would do everything for a muscle guy. He’d talk with Jordan knowing he wouldn’t answer back 2 weeks earlier and he was really surprised of what happened after. He met him last week and, even if he was a pure douche, he was the sexiest man he’d ever met in person. And the best of it, he wanted to see him again tonight at a beach party. Maybe he would see him chest naked! Only thinking about it stirred his cock. He’s been jacking thinking of him every night of the week. Maybe he would finish the evening in his bed. So, the new board game he bought at the nearby sex shop could be useful. Liam’s been attracted to the game in the first 10 seconds he walked into the shop. It was in a beige box and without any explication. The only thing on the backside was a sentence saying: Find out the rules with your partner and have fun. He wanted to ask the clerk about it but he looked like a bit too stone to be fiable. He would find out tonight if it was a god idea. —————————————————————————————————————————— 2026 sandy road. That was it, Jordan’s beach house. Ryan was stressed. It’s been 10 years since the last time he saw his best high school friend. They where always talking via Facebook but now it was gonna be for real. Maybe Jordan wouldn’t remark his weight… It was a battle lost from the start. Ryan had been studying video game making in a Canadian University and never was really good at sport or incline to training. It was Jordan who forced him in school and prevented him from being a fat teenager but when he moved away alone in another country, nothing and no one was forcing him to train or to eat good food. He was 170 pound when he went away and now, Ryan weight was near the 300 pounds… He wasn’t proud of it but he was hiding behind the best mask of all, humour. If he laugh of himself in the first place, no one would talk about it afterward. Why did he accept Jordan’s invitation… at least he had a new short-like swim suit. Who’s wearing speedos anyway! Lets put a smile on this round face and have fun for the night. —————————————————————————————————————————- Jordan was ready. He went to the gym 1 hour to pump his pecs an his ass and now he was wearing his favorite speedo, camouflage style. It was a little bit to small so his cock was really visible and his ass looked like it wanted to burst out of it. To Jordan, it was perfect! He started the giant fire on the beach and opened a beer. He turned around and saw at the side of the house the fist guess. He didn’t know who it was but it was someone massive. He had trouble walking because of his large legs and his belly was gigantic. Jordan found it kind of sexy. Mass is mass and muscle or fat, when fucking from behind, it was fun to look at it move. A fat ass was appealing as much as big tights and a wide back. Jordan just didn’t remember inviting a sexy fat men to his party. Wait a minute, is this… -Hello Jordan, long time no see.(Ryan) -Ryan, is it really you!(Jordan) Jordan was gigantic! He was cut when Ryan and him where in Highschool but now it was something else. He’s got giants pecs. Bigger than his head. And this speedo his revealing a lot about his cock… It looks so big, can you imagine hard! Ryan was even more uncomfortable with his body now… -Yeah, more of me, more to love! haha. You’ve got an incredible place(Eric) -My god Ryan, it’s been what, 10 years? What happened.(Jordan) -I fell in a Crisco container, haha! I’ve been putting some weight and working on my curves. But what about you, you’re ever bigger than I thought. Watch out, you could blind someone with those nipples, haha. You must have every women at your feet.(Eric) -I can’t complaint about my sexual life, that sure. Make yourself confortable. Did you find a good hotel?(Jordan) -About that, I have a reservation problem tonight and…(Eric) -No problem dude, you’re staying right here!(Jordan) -Thanks! You’ll see, I don’t take a lot of place, haha!(Eric) -Cool! Do you want a beer?(Jordan) Little by little, people where arriving. Jordan loved the way everyone was looking at him. First, they looked at his pecs. Then, their eyes went down to his cock and after, he would propose a beer, turn around and they would look at his ass. He called it the triple menace. During the night, he would pretend not having enough space to pass and he would rub his cock on the guys he liked. Even his boss was acceptable. He didn’t like the teenager look, high and skinny, but he’d always had pretty eyes. Faces where Jordan weak points. -Hello mister boss!(Jordan) -Jordan, in this circumstance, you can call me Eric, haha.(Eric) -Have some fun, drink a beer, it’s not gonna kill you!(Jordan) Even if the guy wasn’t his type, a pretty face would always deserve a pec bounce of a biceps curl. Thats why he could resist Liam. He was the prettiest person he’d ever see. Wonderfull green eyes, a big mouth with juicy lips and incredible white teeth. -Hello pretty face. So happy to see you.(Jordan) -Fuck you’re sexy.(Liam) What the fuck! He was even sexier than every porn of his portable. Liam couldn’t talk, he could only look. He wanted to grab those giant pecs, than the cock, back at the pecs, giant shoulders, pecs again and this ass. My god, he wasn't ready for this. He was sure his erection was clearly visible in his swimsuit. -Tell me something I don’t know. I’m sure you wanna touch.(Jordan) -You could’ve warn me about the speedo. I’m not even sure I can walk now.(Liam) -Grab a beer, I think you’re sleeping here tonight right.(Jordan) -If you insist.(Liam) Everyone want me, its the best party ever. I’m having fun, and Jordan so sexy, it’s a cool party(Ryan). So happy to be out of the house. And I’m drinking with friends. What a party, and my god, Jordan’s a beast(Eric). Best party ever, and I'm gonna fuck with the sexiest man on earth. Time to try this game(Liam) _____________________________________________________________________________________ It was 3 am. Everyone was gone except Ryan, Eric and Liam. Eric is gonna sleep in my friend room, Liam’s gonna sleep on my cock! And Eric is really really drunk. He doesn’t drink that often. -Hey Jordan! Would you like to play a game before we go to bed!(Liam) -A game? What sort of game?(Jordan) The box looked ordinary. Nothing’s written on it. -A sexual game. I bought this stinking of you and I wanted to play tonight. It’s supposed to be fun with a “partner”(Liam) -Cool, lets try, but don’t except me to retain myself.(Jordan) My god he was cute. He winked, opening the box and that made my cock move a bit. -We’ll have to go fast, My cock won’t stay in this speedo long.(Jordan) He was right. Liam could already see the point of his dick. It was monstrous. He use every inch of his will power to continue without jumping on Jordan. There is a board and dices. Look like we have to go to the centre. Take you’re pawn.(Liam) What are you guys playing. (Ryan) Incredible. Jordan’s cock was even bigger than Ryan thought! And this ass… Can I play with you?(Ryan) If you wanna finish in my bed, no problem(Jordan) Mmm, could be a possibility. You’re friend’s bed is a bit small for me.(Ryan) Every bed looking small for you!(Jordan) -There’s another pawn. We could play with you’re other friend, what’s is name, Eric?(Liam) -I like games, did someone say my name?(Eric) -Mmm. He’s my boss. But I think he's too drunk to remember. Good Idea (Jordan) For Jordan It was gonna be a really good night. 3 guys to worship him and his muscles. -How do we play? (Said Jordan, playing whit his cock. ) -I don’t know. There no instruction…(Lia) -Let’s put our pawns on a track and roll the dice than. (Ryan) Jordan began. He rolled a 9. So he moved his pawn. -So, what now? (Jordan) -Look, a text is appearing on the top of the box.(Ryan) -Passing through will be difficult. What the fuck?(Jordan) I don’t know men. On the side of the box it’s written: Find out the rules.(Liam) It doesn’t make any sense. (Ryan) Why don’t you play, we’ll see after(Jordan) Ok(Liam) Liam rolled a 3. -The more you go, the more the flow.(Liam) -Maaan, and don’t understand a thing about this game.(Jordan) -I’M PLAYING OK.(Eric) Eric rolled a 12 -Face you’re fear, I'm gonna help.(Ryan) -THE GAMES TALKING TO ME. (Eric) -I don’t know. I think you payed for a bad game Liam.(Jordan) -I’m gonna play at least and we’ll see afterward.(Ryan) Ryan rolled a 2 -Your reputation grows as the world knows your name.(Ryan) -Thats it, its not gonna do a thing.(Liam) Jordan, while everyone was talking about the stupid game, was looking a Liam’s face and Ryan’s gut. My god, he couldn’t control himself anymore. He jumped on Liam, bumping the game in the corner of the room at the same time. Liam could see Jordan’s cock, pumping under his perfect 6 pack. He was taking of his shirt and didn't have the time to take off his short, Jordan just ripped them before he could. And before he knew it, Jordan was sucking his cock. It was exhilarating. He was so sexy. In the position he was, he could see Ryan taking off his pants, stroking his dick and licking his lips. Jordan’s ass was calling him. He couldn’t stop himself. He had to put his dick between those two perfect orbs. Ryan then took Jordan by the tight and gave a hip thrust to move his belly on top of his ass. He then fucked him and it was a liberation for his cock! Jordan was sucking Liam when he felt Ryan’s fat gut on his back. He then felt his cock in is ass. My god, he had to retain himself to cum. It was so good. He could feel his cock coming back and forth and his bell slapping on his ass. Liam was in paradise. The most sexiest muscle man with pecs to die for was being fucked by the fattest man he ever met. He could take it anymore and summed in Jordan’s mouth one, two, three times. Jordan a too drink everything because he could move, Ryan was to heavy on his back. My god, a little man can produce a lot! Don’t stop Ryan, you’re so fat and sexy (said Jordan, while wiping his lips.) In a last movement, Jordan sensed Ryan’s dick thickening. How could he do that! That was the last of Jordan control. He came in the face of Liam. At the same time he felt Ryan cumming in his ass. Ryan felt something strange before he came but it was so hot, he didn't had time to think about it. He took his cock out of Jordan. It’s been so long since he last made love, and with his gut it was difficult seeing his cock, but it felt incredible. -My god, that was fast, but perfect!(Jordan) Jordan swiped his cock on the side sheets of the bed and went to take a glass of water in the kitchen. Ryan went to sleep, Liam waited for Jordan. When he came back it was strange. It was like he was bloated from something. Must be the booze and the cum. He did cummed a lot, it was the first time he came like that. Jordan lied down in the bed and Liam went to do the big spoon with him. From behind, his giant ass felt even bigger. That was a Wonderfull night. If only the game had been fun.
  2. I know it's not muscle growth, but I like too read this story and to look at those comic strips at the same time!!!!! http://metabods.com/mb/index.php/Jason%27s_big_problem#Part_9 http://myreadingmanga.info/keishin-kiseki-1st-jp/ http://myreadingmanga.info/kisekaesense-comic-omake-jp/ http://myreadingmanga.info/keishinkondou-yoshinori-scrum-jp/
  3. I'm looking for a story where there is 3 guys taking a picture with a cursed camera. After that they are gaining muscle one of theme can't stop sucking his dick. Anyone? Haha, found it 3 secondes ago: http://metabods.com/mb/index.php/Say_cheese_and_grow
  4. I really really love it! It's incredible. Can't read it until the end, impossible... http://shld0n-hcks.deviantart.com/art/Colossal-Cards-488989740 Praise to the author!
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