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    Bears, Muscle, Hair, Balls, Cock, Growth, Transformation, Giant Growth (Up to Hulk size maybe a bit bigger.), Mutual Growth
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    6' 200 pounds, hairy, average build
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    Roleplay, Chat, Writing, Locals
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    As big as fucking possible.
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    Growth, Muscle, Leather, Superhero, and more just ask ;)

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  1. While working out, PecLover beefs up immediately into a massive powerhouse with a 48 inch dong, and flexes himself larger.
  2. Sounds hot let me know if you find it
  3. hey man great avatar pic! love those massive guys

  4. Anyone here a PC gamer that is playing Dead by Daylight?
  5. I've read the You and I stories and The Invisible Kid and I love those kinds of stories. I was wondering if y'all knew of any other stories based around suggestion.
  6. Anyone here play Overwatch on PC?
  7. Wow, extremely hot picture! :o

  8. Graduated with my BA! Time to start bulking up so I can become a giant!

    1. SeaMusc


      Ya Buddy. Get it!

    2. GAMuscleFan


      Congrats man! Get HUGE!

    3. HavelRockSolid


      Congrats dude!

  9. Been running 40 minutes a day, trying to get toned :D

  10. I gained so much weight over Spring Break need to work it off!

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