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    San Diego
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    real profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Muscle! I'd love to get huge myself! If anyone has any advice/tips/cheats, drop me a line!
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    6'5" 180lbs. Life-long skinny guy.
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    Muscle-- On my guys and on me!
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    6'5" 275lbs of big, solid, dense, symmetrical muscle.
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    I love londonboy's stuff and hardtrainer01's amazing galleries. So many others here, too.
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    Kevin Levrone (perfection, absolute.)
    Dennis Sergovskiy (don't ask me how to pronounce that, tho!)
    Zeb Atlas (this guy really must be a god)
    Carlos Botero, Marcel from vistavideo, Raciel Castro, Jazmany Castellanos, and SO many others!
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    Muscle! lol muscle growth, morphs, dick growth.

    im a tall skinny guy, and I _love_ watching big huge musclegods turn all submissive behind closed doors with a tall skinny dude with a massive cock.

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  1. awesome start and great flow! now give us some more! lol
  2. haha thats exactly what i mean! thanks for finding that, too!
  3. omg omg OMG!! are you guys getting us a muscleboy forum mascot!? *squeee!* one we can all co-sponsor, and chat with, and and and hold him and squeeze him and love him as our very own?? aww, you guys! you shouldn't have! lol
  4. another freakin hot chapter! thanks man! keep em coming!
  5. awesome story! great character development and amazing details. loved it!
  6. omg awesome! thanks for the heads-up!!!
  7. Thanks for the kind comment on my story. There's actually more to it starting with chapter four, although it follows a different set of characters. I hope to keep continuing it, one day, once my life gets a little less busy. 

    1. loveembig


      woo love it! thanks!!

  8. love it! I've always been a huge fan, so I'm looking forward to reading (and re-reading) anything you dig up and decide to bump!
  9. Its admins like you, who sweat the details and are so concerned about their community's happiness, that make me wish there were more admins like you! thanks! as always!
  10. I started working on a redo of the original author's story, too. added a lot more detail and interaction, etc ...
  11. hey Hardtrainer01! Would it be possible to do a brief Original image vs your awesome morphed image series? I'm always so curious what you start off with, material-wise. Thanks!

  12. role-reversal

    omg so HOT!! thank you for writing this!!
  13. Finally getting my tumblr going again: http://love3mbig.tumblr.com/

  14. muscle-growth

    (A little quickie update ... sorry I haven't been working on this as much as I wanted to!) Dazed and frustrated, I took a bus back to the house. I felt ... different, now. I felt like a toy in their hands. I realized, no matter where I ran into the big hulks of muscle and sex-- home, class, where ever, there was now a high probability that i would catch them in some form of sexual congress. Just thinking about watching Billy or Nick, or even Chris, in "fuck on" mode again would cause instant hardness in my pants. I still wrestled with my desire for them, and, looking back now, I realize this is around the time I began to change inside. I mean, just for me to be with -any- guy I had to be drunk or very high, but now every wet dream, every jerk off in the shower, every quick fantasy scene between classes, was all about their muscles. I always came the hardest when my internal spank bank featured Nick slapping me in the face with his monster cock or Bill making me slowly worship his body. I was starting to feel guilty about my lust-filled fantasies of my three roommates. These jerk-off sessions were admittedly consuming WAY too much of my free time, but, then again, everyone else around them was acting just as obsessively horny as I was, weren't they? Wasn't I allowed to have some "personal time" dedicated to explosive, muscle-based ejaculations? I mean, I wasn't throwing myself at any of them like the rest of the basic whores hovering around them. And, I was probably around the trio like twice as much as your normal joe. I should get some credit for that! And, come to think of it, since when is enormous muscle, like, everyone's turn on?? Maybe more than just their muscle growth was enhanced by that weird light. Maybe they now had some supernatural sex appeal, too! ... Man, I could've had all that, too, if I wasn't such a god damned wuss! As I walked back from the bus stop, I looked at the sky and saw that was indeed full moon. Funny. I would have been a bit more interested, except for the fact that Nick's big, little show had left me dizzy, disoriented, and really tired. I fumbled around with my key in the main door back at the house. I pretty much fell inside once the lock finally relented and stumbled even more because the lights were all off. I grumbled to myself and felt along the wall for the big, push-button antique switches, but froze when i felt something behind me. I started to turn towards the huge thing i felt towering over me, when I felt a long, thin ... thing ... strike the side of my face. Panic-- but then a relaxed exhale as I realized what it was: that damn snake of Chris'. But how was it up high enough to touch my face? Freaked out again, I popped on the lights only to find Chris standing right in front of me. He wearing a red shirt and had his monstrous snake around his neck. “What the fuck, Chris!? You fucking scared the shit outta me!” I pushed him with an angry, playful shove, but he didn't budge. He didn’t say a word, just stared at me. His pectorals were inches from my face and my brain started backtracking and focusing on the masses of muscle my hands just felt. He sneered a bit and I looked down to see he was holding an empty bottle of vodka. He was only in his briefs and a tight shirt, crammed to overflowing, like Bill or Nick. My jaw involuntarily dropped open, and I noticed the huge lump in his boxers start to move as it swelled in size. I stepped back. I hadn't seen Chris in the flesh for several weeks. Seeing him made me realize that he had to have been growing faster than either of the other two. He was a total twig in the beginning, like me, and now he was ... well ... huge! His guns were easily twenty inches! He had been avoiding me as much as I had been avoiding him, I guess. But, apparently, he had decided it was time to change that. Chris dropped the empty bottle and patted the big yellow snake on the head. He stepped closer to me, sending the bottle spinning off into the darkness where it struck something and smashed apart. I was suddenly, genuinely scared! I turned to go back out the front door, but Chris reached over me and slammed it shut in my face. I turned back towards the monster of muscle, full of fear and full of lust. I backed up against the door as he took another step closer, his huge dick sticking straight out in front of him, leading the way. His muscled forearm still held the door closed over my shoulder, and he used his other hand to pull down on his giant pole while taking another step into me. He let go of his dick as he pressed against me, making it whap my nuts hard between my legs. I gasped as he pushed upwards against me, letting me, no, making me, feel the absolute enormity of his body and the solid mass of strength that his dick had become. A bear-like growl, a bass-only "mmmmmm," escaped from his lips and he ground his massive frame against my fragile body. Our eyes were locked, though mine were full mostly of fear, while his were filled with fiery animal lust. I couldn't control myself anymore, and found my hand reaching down to explore the solid manhood between his-- our legs-- the manhood that was pushing up, hard under my own, and almost lifting me off the ground. His other arm slammed against the door behind me, bracing himself against the house, but also trapping me in a human cage. My brave hand made contact with the base of his unbelievable cock, causing his slitted, hungry, animal eyes to open a bit, reviving his humanity. "Chris..." I eeked out as I made contact. "Oh, my fucking God..." followed, as an unwanted whisper from my wet lips as I realized the fingertips of my big hand we nowhere near connecting. I strained, stretching my hand around his impressive steel, but no go. I was really unable to completely grip his cock. It was at the point, also, that I realized his dick had literally torn through the front of his boxers, leaving the fabric remains in shreds. I shuddered. He grinned. A droplet of drool rolled down around and off my lower lip. His breath reeked of vodka and his swollen body oozed alpha pheromones as he pressed into me. On auto-pilot, my hand pulled slowly, but forcefully, down the length of his dick, my grip widened by his size along the way. My eyes must have glazed over into pure lust as I continued to feel out his organ, because his body relaxed quite a bit, stepping down from animal attacking to animal mating. My hand reached the point where his insane manhood pressed up into my nuts and I realized I was harder than I'd ever been in my entire life. I grabbed at my own dick and pushed it down hard against his, amazed at the unbelievable difference in size. I wasn't huge by any standards, but I was still happy with my 7 inches... until now. Granted, I couldn't see the whole thing, but his dick looked like it was twice the size of mine-- length AND girth! The big yellow and white boa had been making its way down his back and finally met the floor with a thud. One danger out of the way! My eyes moved back up from the floor to his and he puffed out his already huge chest. God he was gorgeous. Why hadn't I noticed this before?? Beautiful, sparkling blue eyes, deep like the ocean, straight, bright white teeth, angular, model-like jaw and cheek bones-- Chris suddenly moved one of his arms from over my shoulder and flexed a bicep right in front of my face-- right in front of my mouth. Time froze. My eyes widened. His grin reappeared, cocky as ever. His bicep twicted almost imperceptibly an inch or three from the tip of my nose. "Chris..." I somehow said, finally, annoyed and surprised how my drooling mouth had suddenly become so bone dry, "... shit... the size of it..." I wanted so bad to reach both my hands up and feel every inch of the super-heavy bodybuilder's-sized bicep right in front of my face, but i was afraid-- afraid of chris' drunken anger and afraid of my overwhelming lust. Chris grunted and his cock thrummed against my nuts. I took that as the go-ahead to touch. I palmed the enormous peak with one hand and smacked up against the huge tricep with the other. I came. Hard. Yup! Right then and there, I unloaded in my pants, just from touching his swollen, hard bicep. But! In my defense, this was insanely hot scene! And, I really had held off for an impressively long time, considering! Chris had managed to trigger so many of my hidden fetishes, scenes from my Porn To-Do/Wish List, and muscle god fantasies, that he made me unload like a week's-worth of jizz, right in our foyer, while fully dressed, and without a single finger of my own anywhere near my dick. But I think what really sealed the deal for me, was the sheer amount of bicep that remained uncovered by my oversized hands. There were actual inches of muscle untouched between my two thumbs, with zero chance of them meeting over the mass. As my jizz soaked my pants, I suddenly got very embarrassed. I couldn't think straight. I was vulnerable, exposed. I bolted. My hands actually left the rock solid, warm bliss they were holding onto and I ran. Ducking under his massive frame, I squirreled my way back and around and behind and up the stairs towards my room. My heart was absolutely pounding and the adrenaline super-charged my escape. Up. Up. Up. Top. Quick right. Run run run run run. Right. Hallway. Door! I made it! I slammed my bedroom door behind me as hard as I could, locking the flimsy little bolt, and slid down to the floor, panting, reeling. (contiuned....)