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    Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Sports and being active, Travel
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    5'7" shorty but a solid 198 lbs. Want to be HUGE though!
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    Looking to connect with other growth obsessed muscle dudes. Love to chat about anything muscle related. Lifting, nutrition, mutual muscle admiration, supps, gear, anything! Would love to share notes on how to GROW HUGE! Also, of course, some mutual flexing, feeling and admiration would be awesome...maybe even leading to other things ;). I've lurked here for years but just recently started participating. I'm a bit of a goofball so I prefer big, buff, muscular guys who aren't too serious and like to playfully enjoy their size and strength! I graduated high school at 130 lbs and have built myself up to as much as 203 lbs. Right now I have more of a powerlifter build but would love to transition to a bodybuilder's physique. I want to be HUGE and RIPPED.
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    Since I'm short I'll say Flex Lewis stats. Dude is a MONSTER! In my fantasy I'm way talller 6'7" and 340 lbs of rock hard beef.
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    "Justin (The Bigger The Better)" by Giantworshipper, "Home From College" by Musclegod300, anything by Sean Reid Scott, Uncle's Jailhouse Muscles, I've been reading growth stories for so long there are too many to list!
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    Chad Ray Martin, early Brand Warren, Caleb Blanchard, Dan Decker, Frank McGrath, Evan Centopani, Flex Lewis, Murat Gonul, Justin Compton, James Llewellin, Steve Kuclo, the new slew of crazy tall huge bodybuilders that are emerging.
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    Giants and Muscles. Size comparisons and light humiliation/domination.

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  1. hi--those EA products any good??

    1. dredlifter


      Well they were, I thought.  They stopped selling SARMS a couple of weeks ago.  But I've never got a bad thing from them so far. 

    2. nycwrestlerguy
  2. dredlifter

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    It's working. Those big veiny legs are fantastic. I always admire guys who don't skip leg day. Big legs are my favorite muscle group to admire as they are the sign a true, serious, dedicated bodybuilder. Keep it up!
  3. dredlifter

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    The bulge is undoubtedly hot... But I'm staring at those legs! My god those muscular legs are amazing *drools*
  4. dredlifter

    Any fellow Christians?

    I'm a non-denominational Christian. Jesus was a cool dude. It's too bad that currently, a huge segment of supposed "Christians" in the USA have completely moved away from the crux of his teachings. The hypocrisy is very depressing. And they wonder why churches are dying. My optimistic hope is that most of the younger Christians I know, those in their early 30s or younger, are rejecting the old-school "Christian" ways of thinking and are much more open and accepting of and want to help all people, ya know, like Jesus really wanted. I bet most Christians have their kinks, but like anything, we tend to hide these kinks from people we know. I will say, in general I'm not a huge fan of the term "muscle worship" because it feels a little sacrilege to me, haha. I prefer 'muscle appreciation'. Cheers!
  5. dredlifter

    Me and Mr. K

    Never stop posting! I always get excited when I see you’ve posted a story because they are always good.
  6. dredlifter

    The Cruise by F_R_Eaky

    This is the best single chapter story I've read in a long time. Loved it.
  7. dredlifter

    Growing others thru curse?

    Found it! Just read it about a week ago. Good premise. http://amalianetwork.tumblr.com/tagged/the-gypsy's-curse
  8. dredlifter

    The Librarian - Chapter 3

    Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14262-the-librarian/ Chapter 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14459-the-librarian-chapter-2/ Chapter 3: After his encounter with Ron in the gym posing room, Tom's desire for growth was super charged. For the next week his dedication for growth was unfaltering. His intensity in the gym had been elevated and at Ron's insistence, Tom ended his membership at the small 24-hour gym and signed up as a member of the hardcore Flex Plex. At home, Tom purged his kitchen of all the unhealthy and processed food that remained, leaving him with only top notch substances and ingredients. He dove into videos on cooking and nutrition and learned the best methods to make what would normally be tasteless health food appetizing. At work, Tom was operating on a new level of confidence. With this workouts and improving nutrition, he was lively and energetic. Charming and engaging with the visitors to the library, something that Susan picked up on. “Tom, you sure are happy lately, Boss. But I can't blame you. You look great. You are practically walking around with your chest puffed out. And it has become a very noticeable chest. I think you may need to borrow one of my bras soon.” Tom chortled her remark. “I think I've got a ways before that will be necessary. But yes, I've been making some great progress in the gym lately-” “I'll say! Don't think I haven't noticed those polos looking even tighter lately. It looks like you've been shopping at the Baby Gap.” “Oh stop, it is not that tight!” Tom chuckled, replying in defense. “Hey! Hey! I'm not complaining! And truthfully no one else is either. I don't know if you've noticed, but there has been a noticeable increase in the number of women visiting this branch. Word about the city's hottest librarian seems to be getting around.” “Well that's flattering, but I would prefer to see an increase in the number of hunky young men...” “Oh, I would too, Boss! I would too.” Tom had weighed himself at 226 lbs at the end of the week, another staggering jump of 7 solids pounds of muscle, a number that led to another jackoff session in front of the mirror as Tom admired the burgeoning stud that stared back at him. All he had to think of was his growing muscles. How he was setting new PR's on virtually every exercise, growing stronger and stronger. He recalled staring up at the underside of Ron's pecs as he benched 225 lbs for ten reps earlier that evening and how proud he was. Benching two plates on each side for ten was always a measuring stick for the truly strong, and now he was there. Alas, as exciting as the previous week was for Tom, it was the following week that the struggles began. Even with all the effort he had been putting into his workouts, even with all the motivation, he found the weights he was using were no longer increasing. Here or there he had been managing to eek out an extra rep or two with the help of Ron or another regular member of the Flex Plex yelling him on, but the gains were slowing down. At the end of the week Tom had only managed to put on an addition two pounds, up to 228 lbs. At work, the new branch had steadily been gaining patronage as new people became aware of the new facility. Susan was quick to remind Tom that he had a part in that as well. “Boss, I think our wish has come true! Have you even noticed that a few more young men have started to come to the Library? I'm not going to claim to have serviceable gaydar, but I've caught a few of them staring at you, you know.” Tom, shocked, didn't believe her, “Don't tease me, Susan. I've noticed more people coming and so obviously there will be a few more men but I haven't noticed anything.” Susan rolled her eyes and giggled. “I'm serious, Tom. Cripes, sometimes I don't believe you are gay for as unobservant as you are...” While work seemed to be going great, that week his gym progress was nagging on his psyche. His growth had seemingly halted and as weighed himself he found that he had not gained a single pound nor set any personal lifting records that week. “FUCK!” Tom grumbled as he stepped off the scale. Ron winced at the outburst. “Woah, Dude. What's going on?” “I didn't gain a single pound this week.” Ron chuckled as Tom grumbled. “Damn, Bro, you've been bitten hard!” “Bitten hard by what?” “The iron bug! You've got a case of iron fever as hard as anyone I've ever seen.” “I'm just trying to get bigger. I want to get bigger. I NEED to get bigger!” Tom glowered. Ron rose up his hands in defense and smirked, “Easy, big guy! I want you to get bigger too. You are just hitting a plateau. Every lifter hits one eventually. And let's be honest, it's not like you can grow forever. Look in the mirror, dude. You are jacked!” Ron reached out and thwacked Tom's meaty exposed chest with an open hand. Normally this would've send blood to Tom's package but he was so frustrated he hardly noticed. “It's not enough, Ron! I gained seven lbs a couple of weeks ago in six days alone. Now I've only put on 2 or 3 lbs in the two weeks since! What the hell?!” “Heh heh. You really are becoming a meathead, aren't you, buddy?” Ron reached up and ruffled Tom's sweaty hair. Tom turned to glower at the shorter stud but when his eyes saw Ron's handsome smirking face he relaxed. “Sorry, Ron. You're right. Things have just been going so awesome in the gym and at work that I should appreciate this.” “Yeah you should, stud! Hey man, get this. I heard from one of my gay buddies about this certain 'Hot Librarian” at a nearby branch. You wouldn't happen to know anything about this fella, would you??” “Shut up, Ron. Did Susan put you up to this??” “Who the hell is 'Susan'?” Tom huffed and Ron chuckled. “Hell yeah, man. Look at you! Becoming a known asset in this little city, you are. Seems like many people want a taste of some librarian beef.” Ron, looked around, looked at Tom and then lowered his voice, “...And I can't say I blame them!” Ron winked and reached up and quickly tweaked Tom's nipple, sending shudders down his exposed sweaty torso. Tom grinned back down at Ron. “You better not start something you don't want me to finish.” “Haha. Or maybe I do, Tom!” Ron winked. Fuck, Ron really knew how to get Tom's gears churning. “But, hell Ron. Why have I stopped getting bigger. It feels so damn sudden.” “That typically means you need to change up something. Need to give your body a little shock of some sort. Tell you what. Next week we will change up the weights and rep ranges. You might try mixing up your supplements. The trick with muscle growth is to constantly keep your body guessing. Maybe try some weight gainer powders too. Got any?” Tom thought back to the unmarked tubs of what smelled like chocolate protein powder back in the closet at the library. “Yeah, I think I do.” +++++++++ Tom took Ron's advice to heart. The following day once his shift was over, Tom grabbed one of the unmarked black tubs of powder and took it home. He also committed himself to increasing his caloric intake by another 1000 calories. He went to the store and along with his shopping cart full of meats and eggs, stocked up on almonds, natural peanut butter and whole milk. From his internet research he read that these items were great ways to get in additional healthy calories. Tom pulled up to the checkout stall and started loading his food onto the belt. “Did you find everything you were looking for, sir?” the cashier said his rehearsed line. “Yes, thank you,” “Wow, Sir, I can see how you got so buff.” Tom was taken aback as he looked to the cashier, a sturdy, athletic looking high school kid. The kid's strong build seemed to indicate that he was heavy into sports. Tom was briefly at a loss for words as this was the first time a stranger had acknowledged his newly built musculature. The friendly young man added, “I'm trying to pack on some more muscle myself for next football season. I was the backup linebacker last year. Coach told me I need to eat more meat and eggs to put on size. It obviously seems to be working for you.” “Um...thanks. And yes, you gotta follow the old adage, eat big to get big.” Tom puffed out his chest as his confidence grew on the spot. Here was this young stud, looking up to and praising his build. As the teen, Chet, according to his nametag, scanned and rang up his total, he and Tom bantered like two gym bros, sharing their lifting poundages and techniques. Chet was thoroughly impressed that most of Tom's progress has only come in the last couple of months. Tom even found himself giving the young jock some advice on nutrition and lifting! It was all something completely new to Tom. Back in high school he was a beanpole, tall and skinny. He had virtually no experience conversing with a school-age jock in his entire lifetime. Chet rang up the last item and read the total to Tom who whipped out his credit card to pay. “Well, thanks, Chet. It was nice talking to you. Good luck with football.” “Thank you, Sir! As much as you eat I have a feeling I will see you again in here.” Tom thanked the young man and headed to his car, feeling bigger and better than ever. +++++ The following day Tom geared up for an intense leg workout with Ron. Tom dreaded leg days. Being a tall guy, he naturally had an aversion to squatting down low. And Ron, being the hardass trainer that he was, never went easy on Tom. It was good thing in the end and he had been seeing his legs grow like the rest of him, but it was never easy. That morning Tom had made himself a nice homemade gainer shake consisting of whole milk, cottage cheese, natural peanut butter, oatmeal and a scoop of the chocolate protein powder from the unmarked black tub. He topped off the shake with a juicy strawberry to give it a touch of sweetness. As he guzzled down the thick shake, he savored the flavor. The new powder was a nice rich chocolate which went perfectly with the hint of strawberry. Soon after consuming the shake he began to feel a warmth spreading through his body, almost like the feeling he got after drinking a strong nitric-oxide preworkout powder. “Damn, I feel good!” Tom thought to himself. He was feeling so alive and energetic that he debated heading to the gym right then and there, but he knew his workout would be even better with Ron. For the next hour he tried to busy himself with weekend chores, laundry, dishes and paying the bills. But any little task he did seemed to stimulate his body. He almost felt like he was getting a pump just from folding clothes and scrubbing pots. The feeling of blood pulsing through his veins and muscles caused his dick to chub with excitement. It was like his body was on overdrive. Finally, the hour was up and it was time to head to the gym. At the gym, Ron was witnessing what seemed to be an animalistic version of Tom. Tom ferociously attacked the weights with an intensity that the even-keel librarian hadn't really shown before. With every rep he gritted his teeth and roared, sweat pouring down his face. As Tom finished and excruciating set of 25 leg extensions, he flopped out of the machine and fell to the ground, groaning as his quad muscles were bloated with a painful pump. “Damn, bro. What's gotten into you? You are on fire today. I think you've set a PR on every exercise we've done.” Between breaths Tom was able to respond. “I don't know man. I just...I just feel like I have so much energy...my body is buzzing...I just feel...powerful and aggressive.” Tom looked up to Ron and caught his eyes. Ron could practically see a fire in the librarian's pupils. Tom growled to Ron, “...And I like it!” “Haha, big guy. I like it too! You keep working like this and you are going to explode with size. Here let me help you up. Ooof! Damn you are heavy!” Ron grabbed Tom's arm and helped pulled the growing man up onto his wobbly legs. “Woah, easy there! Grab that machine and steady yourself, dude. You better prepare yourself man. You are going to be baby deer for the next of days the way you worked your legs today, fuckin' awesome! Holy shit, man. Pull up those shorts a bit.” Still hanging onto the leg press machine for support, Tom reached down and hiked up the left leg of his shorts. It was then he saw what Ron was seeing. His medialus and lateralis quad muscles were pumped harder and bigger than he had ever seen. New, small veins crisscrossed the pulsing muscle. Ron reached down and poked his vastus medialis as it bulged and threatened to encroach on his kneecap. “Goddamn, Bro! It's like I'm poking granite. Have you always had those veins in your leg muscles?” “Not that I remember, Ron. Jeezus my legs feel so pumped.” Tom straightened his left leg, flexing it harder and his lower quad muscles hardened even further, pushing Ron's pointer finger away. “Damn, Tom. You've got some serious wheel going on here. Hang on I gotta take a pic of this.” “What?! No way, man I'm not like that...” Tom protested. Ron chuckled as he pulled out his phone, “Too bad, man. I'm posting this on my Instagram. If my potential clients see you then I will be getting lots of business soon. Alright, flex that big wheel! Awesome, bro!” Tom returned home and headed straight to the kitchen. As part of his new dedication Tom had been preparing several premade meals when he had time at night. He pulled out three compartmentalized Tupperware containers and scarfed them down within the next 10 minutes. As he sated his hunger he chuckled to himself as he patted his stills sweaty, engorged belly, “Shoot, that was supposed to be three meals worth of food. Now I have to make more.” Tom whipped out his phone and pulled up Ron's Instagram page and sure enough there was his picture with the caption, “My good bro Tom the Librarian got an epic leg day pump today! DM me for training rates!” followed by several hastags including: #legday #squattilyoudrop #datpump #neverskiplegday #nevergiveup and #librarymuscle. The last one making Tom laugh to himself. Tom examined the picture closely and had to admit he'd never seen his legs look that big. He then reached down and pulled up his shorts again and was surprised to see that his huge pump was still there. Ron and Tom only worked out together on the weekends and on Thursday, so for the first half of the following Tom had to workout alone. Everyday Tom would enjoy a meal shake with the mysterious protein powder and every day, even without Ron there, Tom enjoyed the best workouts of his life. The pumps were insane. His joints felt better than ever. Where he was used to feeling little aches and pains, he felt none of that. After after gym session he felt hungrier than ever. He was eating more and more during each meal and was having to prepare nearly twice as much food at nights than what he was used to. But it was worth it. Tom could practically feel himself growing. It was like any pump that he got from the previous workout remained. His swollen muscles never seemed to lose their pump. He felt harder than ever...and so did his cock. Along with the killer workouts his sex drive had ballooned. Tom swore that he had an erection more often then his heavy softie. He found himself making more trips to the bathroom at work to take care of business and relieve some pressure. He hadn't felt this horny since he was a teenager and even then he wasn't sure he as amped up as he was now. With his slowly swelling body, Tom began to notice more and more how little things here and there reminded him of his progress. Simple things like lathering up his face to shave was now slightly more challenging as his plumped biceps impeded him from bending his arms too far. How restocking books seemed to give his delts a good pump. How reaching up to scratch his neck was now more difficult. And the clothes. His clothes were becoming tighter and tighter, something that had not gone unnoticed by Susan. “Boss, you really need to move up a size...it's becoming a bit distracting. You're shirts and pants have gone from fashionably snug to way too small.” Tom glanced at the red, checkered long sleeves covering his arms. They were plastered to his biceps and forearms. The oxford shirt was tight all over and the buttons strained across his pecs. “I guess you're right. I hadn't really noticed how much progress I have made lately,” Tom lied with a smug grin. Susan rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I don't believe that for a second, Mr. Muscles. I admit, you look great, but if you don't get some new clothes soon you are going to burst out of those.” That thought sent a pulse to Tom's cock. “Haha Susan, I've still got to put on a few more pounds before that happens...” As he spoke Tom reached forward to grab a pen at the edge of the desk when a sudden RIIIIPPPPP interrupted the silence. Tom looked over at his shoulder, the seems of this sleeve had torn loose from the shoulder. “SEE!!” Susan shouted. “My goodness, Boss. You are becoming the hulk.” As she spoke, Tom was happy he was sitting at his desk as his cock has shot to full mast. And could it be? Was it possible that it felt like his cock has extended just slightly further down his leg than he remembered? “I guess you're right, Susan. I'll have to hit up the mall this weekend, heh heh.” Tom chuckled happily at his situation. Susan exited the room. Once the coast was clear Tom hurried to the bathroom for another tension relieving jack off session, thinking about how he was literally growing out of his clothes. On Thursday, Tom strutted into Flex Plex and right up to Ron, who gave him a quick once over. “Geez, big guy. Are you wearing a smaller shirt? You look really big today.” With a smug grin, Tom replied. “Nope, just making some awesome gains lately thanks to you!” “I know you have buddy, but I swear you look way bigger than when I saw you last weekend. Shit, dude...” Ron trailed off as he studied Tom's body, which seemed to be stuffed into an excessively tight T-shirt. In the past, as they lifted and pumped, Tom vascularity would increase. But now, even before their workout, Tom's arms were lined with thick, pulsing veins. The duo proceeded to have an epic back workout. For the first time since Tom had known Ron, Ron was rendered speechless as he watched his former protege attack the weights. The formerly quiet and reserved librarian was roaring and yelling as he completed barbell rows, dumbell rows and lat pulldowns, his back pumping and expanding wider and wider. Since this was a hardcore gym, the beastly yelling he was emanating wasn't unusual from the big lifters, but these sounds had never been heard from this new member. By now, Tom was now not only using the same weights as Ron, but was consistently lifting 20 to 30 lbs more than the ripped surfer. “Fuck, man. You are a goddamn beast, dude. You look like you are going to tear out of that shirt,” Ron had commented as they grabbed a drink of water after their last set Tom smirked down at his trainer and almost growled. “I hope I do soon, buddy. Fuck, I just feel so awesome. Like I could just tear down the walls of this place. Like nothing can stop me. The weights have been feeling lighter and lighter. I swear I'm growing by the hour!” Tom punctuated this last statement by bringing his arms up into a double biceps pose, right there in the open gym by the water fountain. Ron had never seen his client pop any sort of muscle pose before with any sort of seriousness. Ron watched as Tom's biceps plumped and hardened. The lump of arm muscle bloated as Tom slowly bent his arms and brought his fists toward his head. With a SNARL Tom reached full flex... RRRRRIIIIIPPPPPPP. Just like the previous day in the office, the sound of tearing fabric was heard. Ron watched aghast as Tom's biceps had torn through the too tight sleeves of his soaked workout T-shirt. “YESSSSSSS” Tom hissed as he flexed and unflexed his burgeoning canons, shreds of fabric hanging from his sleeves. Blood began being redirected to his crotch as his dick plumped excitedly to half mast. “HOLY FUCK, DUDE!” Ron exclaimed. “Those pythons are HUGE! Way bigger than last week. C'mon, bro. We gotta check something...” Ron glanced down at Tom's shorts and noticed the growing bulge. He shook his head, turned and headed to the locker room. “Follow me, dude.” Ron led Tom into the locker room. Tom swaggered as he followed his trainer, noticing just how small that Ron looked. He remembered Ron looking so huge and jacked when they first met a few weeks ago. The guy was still super ripped stud and hot as hell. As he followed Ron he couldn't help but ogle the surfer stud's pert ass, but he couldn't help but grin confidently that it was obviously apparent that he was bigger than Ron. Much bigger. And not simply due to his height advantage. “Alright dude, step up on the scale. You were 227 last Saturday?” “228,” Tom corrected. Tom placed one foot on the scale, then the other and stepped up. With rapt attention the two men stared at the LCD display on the wall. 246 lbs. Ron gasped. Tom just stared at the number. “HOLY FUCK, TOM. That's eighteen pounds in five days!” As Tom processed the number his dick quickly swelled to full mast. At that moment he didn't give a shit if Ron or anybody else noticed the obscene tent in his gym shorts. He was all man. He was a strong, jacked beast. He was the hunky librarian. He was a bodybuilder. “FUCK YEAH,” was all Tom had to say.
  9. Thanks for the follow bud

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      Sure thing, big guy!  And Likewise.

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    Charlie's Secret

    Love your stories!
  11. dredlifter

    The Librarian - Chapter 2

    Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14262-the-librarian/ Chapter 2: The next couple of weeks seems to fly by with Tom riding high on his gains. It seemed that every workout he was increasing his weights and/or repetitions. Every time Ron was there with him he only felt motivated to push that much harder. And with Ron training him, he was being forced to keep perfect form, taxing his muscles to the brink. During and after his workouts, he felt like he a pump that lasted for hours after. This in turn led to an increasing intensity of his jack-off sessions as he watched his growing muscles in the mirror. After one particular grueling session with Ron, Tom almost couldn't resist taking his cock from out of his shorts on the drive home. It was after a shoulders and arms workout that had his upper body pumped and vascular and his libido had been sent into overdrive by his young hunky trainer. “Dude! Look at your shoulders man! With those veins it looks like you got worms under the skin!” Ron stood behind Tom as he completed his last set of lateral dumbbell raises. He re-racked the weights and glanced at himself in the mirror, sweat dripping of his brow. Ron stepped closer, just behind him and to the side. Ron reached forward and put both his hands on Tom's pumped delts, giving them a squeeze. “Fuck, bro! You look so damn wide and pumped! Your delts feel like boulders!” Ron squeezed Tom delts with his young hands, his forearm muscles dancing as he did so. Ron began to run his pointer finger over each shoulder as well, tracing the pulsating veins just under the taught, warm skin. “Tom, buddy, you definitely didn't have these veins last week! Look at them crisscrossing your delts. Damn stud, you are gonna make me feel small soon, look!” Ron removed his hands from Tom's shoulders, stood back, and yanked off his muscle shirt. Tom's arousal grew as the young stud stripped off and praised him. They again examined themselves in the mirror, Tom struggling to maintain control. “See, man! Even I don't have those veins in my shoulders! I mean, I'm not pumped like you right now, but even I don't get veins like that!” Ron flared his lats and moved his arms to show off his own stunning deltoids, sending Tom into a fever pitch. “Hey, man let me show you how to do a lat spread, then you can really show off that incredible width you are developing.” Ron sucked in his waist, lifted his elbows and somehow made the muscles under his armpits expoded outward. Tom sucked in his breath as Ron expertly manipulated his ripped body. “Holy shit, Ron. How the hell do you that! Damn you look so good doing that,” Tom stammered as he stared his ripped, surfer stud trainer. “I'll show you, Big Library Man!” Ron relaxed his pose and again stepped behind Tom. Once again Tom felt Ron's hands on his body. From behind, Ron placed his hands on Tom's lats. “Ok, big man, these muscles that I'm touching, think in your mind how to flex them and only them.” It took a few tries, but eventually Tom figured it out. As he stared at himself in the mirror he audibly gasped as finally made the mind-muscle connection and flared his lats. Ron chuckled proudly as his older protege mastered the move. “Haha, yeah stud! Just like that! Shit man, being so tall and having such a tiny waist, you have a great V-shape! I'm almost disappearing from view standing behind you, big stud! Look at this wings, bro!” Once he was at full spread, Ron again reached under Tom's arms and gave his 'wings' a good, hard, long squeeze. "Fuck", Tom thought. It felt so good to have this young stud feeling up his own growing muscles. Tom couldn't help it as his dick continued to reel out. Trying not to draw attention, he dropped his arms and turned away from the mirror, trying to angle himself away from Ron. He thanked his buddy. “Wow, Ron. You are teaching me so much. I can't believe I can actually do a lat spread!” “Sure, thing man! You are growing so fast. Damn, if all my clients have the sort of progress that you do I will be in very high demand once I get my certification!” “You are an awesome trainer, man. I've never felt so big and strong in my life!” Tom turned and faced Ron and gave him the lat spread he just learned, not realizing that he was still half-fluffed. Ron gave his pose an approving grin and examined him from head to toe. It was then that Tom realized his state and again turned away quickly. As he glanced back at Ron's face, Ron seemed to be giving him a knowing smirk. It was after that workout that Tom, barely making it home, shot not one, not two, but three loads remembering how his studly, shirtless trainer had his hands all his buffed body and how he only wanted more. More size, more vascularity, and yes, more of Ron's hands feeling him up. .. Back at the library, Tom had been getting more and more attention for his improving body. At first it embarrassed him, but he was slowly learning to enjoy it. Most of his coworkers were female and they were none to shy about commenting him on how his clothes were fitting. This even after he had upgraded all this shirts to size XL. “My, my, boss. If you weren't gay I would be jumping your bones right now,” Susan had said to him one day in his office. Tom sat in his chair and she had noticed how his chest pressed firmly against a new burgundy Oxford shirt he had just purchased. He had even had to leave the top button undone to fit his burgeoning shelf. “Susan, that is not professional.” “Whatever you say, boss.” She replied airily as she stepped out of his office. Tom couldn't help but lean back and clasp his hands behind his head as she left his room. He enjoyed how the fabric stretched tight against his arms. He couldn't bend his arms too much for fear of busting the seams of his new, larger wardrobe. As he lifted hard and grew, Tom continued to utilize the handsome chiropractor from across the street to keep his joints, particularly his back, nice and loose. Dr. Ottoman also couldn't help but notice the gains as he massaged his spine. “Wow Tom, I can really feel all the new thickness in your back. You must be 10 lbs heavier than when you stepped in two weeks ago.” “Fifteen pounds, actually,” he replied. “Holy hell! Whatever you are doing, keep it up. If you keep growing at that rate I'm going to have to get a stronger table!” Tom couldn't help but grin as his face rested on the pads of the chiropractor's table. .. That entire week at work Tom was battling a new problem as well. It seemed along with his improving body we was feeling an increase in his testosterone levels. Consequently, we was constantly finding himself aroused at work. He often had to retreat to the safety of his office as he felt his manhood plumping down the right side of his trousers. Due to his blessed stature, there was little he could do to hide the tumescence once it began to grow in his slacks. The following Friday Ron had invited Tom to the Flex Plex for another one-on-one workout. That day Ron had decided to change things up and they both did something new called giant sets for their legs. As a tall man, training legs was a struggle for Tom. He loved the look of having two, massive, column-like legs packed with quads, hams and calves, but on his long frame he was worried that he would never be able to fill them out like the shorter lifters. Ron noticed his apprehension as they began the workout. “Hey bro! Don't worry. We'll get those wheels massive and jacked! I know how to work legs, I've got some decent legs, see!” Ron has hiked up the hem of his shorts and FLEXED his legs in front of Tom. He had glimpsed sightings of Ron's legs and figured that they were well developed like the rest of him. But the smooth, tanned striated quads that Ron flexed left Tom panting, which Ron noticed. “Hell yeah, man! I've got some great legs, if I do say so myself. The chicks love my quadzillas! All those years playing soccer gave me a good base. Pretty soon your legs will look like mine, just do as 'Trainer Ron' says!” Tom heeded Ron's words and they proceeded to have the hardest workout of Tom's life. Ron had even pushed Tom so hard that halfway through the workout Tom had to sprint over the large trashcan and purge his stomach. “Awesome man! Your first puke while lifting! That means you are gonna be a BEAST!” Tom sure didn't feel like a beast as he upchucked. But Ron's praise gave him comfort as his stomach turned. Once he was empty he washed out his mouth and returned to the weights. Deep squats. Leg presses. Straight leg deadlifts. Walking lunges. Hack squats. All the major movements were performed. Tom was happy to note that as hard as he was working, he was using weights heavier than he ever had on each exercise. His legs were blowing up and he knew it. Once the workout was over the two hobbled into the locker room on their weary legs. They grabbed weight machines and walls as they walked to steady their massively pumped legs. Tom thought for sure he could feel his thighs rubbing against each other as he gingerly walked. Once in the locker room he began to disrobe to shower. Ron, already shirtless, walked over to Tom with something in his hands. “Hey big guy. You ever take your stats? “Ummm...you mean height and weight? Yeah, I track my weight of course...” “Haha, nah man. Your measurements! Chest, biceps, legs, you know?” “No, I haven't.” “Well shit, Tom. I'm a bad trainer! I should've done this before you started turning into He-man. Luckily I got this tape measure in my hand!” he said with a grin. Before Tom could protest Ron had Tom to stand up. Ron reached around Tom and slid the tape around his waist. Tom excitedly realized how close he was to having this ripped, surfer stud giving him a hug with his tanned, muscular body. He couldn't help but feel himself plump a bit as it happened, a recurring problem he was having around his trainer. “Ok, big man, write these down in your workout notebook. Then we can take measurements every month to see your progress. When you stepped on the scale earlier what was your weight?” “It was 219 lbs.” “DAAAAAAMMMN, BRO!” Ron whistled. “You are becoming “Tom the Beast'! Shit, you outweigh me by over 30 lbs now, no wonder I feel so tiny around you!” Tom couldn't help but chuckle. “You feel tiny?! Seriously Ron you are so jacked and shredded it's nuts. Your body is just about perfect and your muscles are so ho...” Tom just barely caught himself before he said something controversial. “You muscles are so hard and ripped. I'm jealous of YOU!” 'Nice save', he thought to himself, unconvinced that is was. In the mirror Tom was sure he could see a smirk on Ron's face. Was it possible that Ron was catching on to his deepest secret? “Well, thanks bro! But seriously, brah, you aren't far behind me on the ripped-ness. And you obviously got me in size you giant 220 lb monster! Alright, hold your hands up.” Ron slid his hands up Tom's torso and pulled the tape taught around his pecs. “46 inches, not too shabby! Ok, Tom, now flex that huge python. Damn bro, it feels like granite! And look, you've even got a natural split in your biceps. Fuck dude, as they grow you are going to have some incredible peaks.” Having Ron squeeze and measure his biceps was once again sending his libido into overdrive. The young trainer's infectious praise, combine with his exposed torso were sending pulses of blood to his crotch. “17 inches. Awesome man! Anything over 16 inches and people will notice big arms. Mine are 17.5 inches, they may look a little bigger than yours because I have a smaller frame, but yours are right there behind mine. Check out these canons, Big T!” With that Ron bent up his right arm and FLEXED his glorious peak right in front of Tom. As if in a trance, Tom reached out and felt the muscle. It was euphoria. The warm skin felt stretched over the hot surfer's softball size lump of muscle. He exhaled as his fingers squeezed the mound with no hope of causing any indentation. It was the first time he was ever felt another man's muscle and his brain was in overdrive. More blood rushed to his cock, he could only hope that his baggy gymshorts and the fact the Ron was mostly behind him would hide his state. Ron dropped his arms and slid the tape down to Tom's waist. “34.5 inch waist, nice and tight. We'll see if we can shrink that down a bit. And I can see the abs starting to show up, dude! Ok now, let's check out those wheels!” Tom panicked. Ron grabbed the tape and started to step around him to the front. As Ron did so, Tom quickly reached down and hiked up his gym shorts, simultaneously holding his lead pipe cock to the side and using the bunched fabric to obscure it at his waist. “Tom, bro! I can see that leg pump in your legs. Wow, for a tall dude you've got some great legs. When these monsters start to fill out say 'goodbye' to jeans!” Ron sat on the bench in front of Tom. With his hormones raging, Tom's mind raced as he noticed the sexy surfer kneeling in front of him, imagining the scenarios. Ron wrapped the tape around his thighs, just under Tom's hands. “A nice set of 25 inch thighs, bro. Mine are 26 and a half. One of the few advantages of being shorter, makes your legs bigger. But, those are great measurements, big man! You can let go of your shorts, now!” Tom froze. Luckily, he was already covered in sweat from his workout as his sweat glands went into overdrive. Ron stood and looked Tom straight in the eyes, and repeated with a sexy grin, “You can drop the shorts...stud.” Time seemed to freeze as Tom stared down at the sexy jock in front of him. He slowly released the leg of his shorts, which fell. Then, Ron grinned, reached forward and down and wrapped his right hand around the unmistakable cloth-covered erection. Ron raised his eyebrows as his hand found the shaft. “HOLY SHIT, TOM! Haha, you are already a big fuckin' beast down there!” The flood of emotions was threatening to crash his central CPU as he comprehended the situation. He couldn't help but think that Ron was messing with him. As a man of an older generation, he couldn't help but think of the bullying and general persecution he knew his type had endured throughout his decades of life. Tom quickly stepped back from Ron. Ron just chuckled. “Hey buddy, Tom, it's ok. I know how you feel. Working out and getting jacked, it's the hottest thing in the world to guys like us. I've seen a ton of guys with boners in here. All the serious bodybuilders are so jacked up on hormones that they often throw wood after a killer workout. Of course, hardly any of them have wood the size of yours, you lucky dude, haha!” Just then they heard voices entering the locker room from the main floor. Ron quickly instructed Tom to follow him. They walked to a door a the opposite end of the locker room. “Posing Room ” was written in large block letters. They entered and Ron quickly shut and locked the door. The room was small, about the size of a typical bedroom. There was a small sink, a trashcan and a shelf with a stereo on one wall and another wall was completely covered in mirrors. “There we go, safe and sound. This is a posing room. There's great lighting in here so you can get a great view of your muscles.” Ron looked in the mirror and began to contort his body into various poses, keeping Tom's rod at full mast. A double-biceps pose. An abs-and-thighs pose. A side chest pose. Ron grinned back at Tom. “It's also a great place to...relieve pressure.” With that Ron turned and began to slide down his own gym shorts, leaving him in some straining black spandex Under Armor briefs. Ron was aroused as well. Tom just stared in lusty awe and complete silence. It felt like it had been hours since he had last spoken. “C'mon man, you better join me. I don't think that thing is going to go down soon unless you take care of it.” Ron then grabbed his tight briefs and yanked them down. He stepped out of his garments leaving his entire fitness model physique exposed to Tom. It was, in a word, beautiful. Ron's own impressive cock quickly filled out to a full, thick 7 inches. It was cut and perfectly shaped, just like the rest of him. Ron stepped forward and yanked down Tom's shorts, who was still in his zombie-like trance. Ron then hooked his fingers in Tom's own workout briefs and slowly pulled them down. This time the large cock inside offered some resistance. Ron had to the pull the fabric out away from Tom's pelvis to clear the large tube and balls. Eventually the large shaft sprang out and thwacked against Tom's waist. This time Ron couldn't hide his awe. “Holy fuck, dude. You've got a huge cock. I get no complaints, by you got me beat by at least an inch. And you look even thicker than me.” Finally, Tom's over-stressed brain rebooted. Unbelieving of the fantasy-like situation he found himself in, he asked, “Ron, are you...are you gay?” Ron chuckled, unable to hide his amusement. “Gay, straight, bi, does it really matter? Are YOU gay?” “Um...uh...yes. Yes I am.” Ron could see the struggle in Tom's eyes as he admitted. “Hey man, that's cool! I know lots of gay dudes. People of your generation get so caught upon labels. Don't get me wrong bro, nothing gets me off like a smokin' hot, fitness model chick with a tight waist, long legs and some full, round, natural tits." Ron thrusted his hips, pantomiming fucking, causing his engorged cock to bob. "But I've have my share of fun with some bros as well. I don't think it's possible to be into the fitness and bodybuilding world without having an appreciation for the male body. Now come one, big guy, join me in releasing some tension.” Ron slowly began to jack his own dick, standing right next to Tom. It was the hottest thing Tom had ever seen. So much better than the muscle guys he had seen jacking off on cam on the internet. Right here in front of him was the real thing. Tom began to masturbate his own superior dick, watching sweat trickle down the young jock stud's chest and into the deep groves of his abs. He watched how the veins in Ron's biceps and forearms danced as his hand manipulated himself. Ron gave him an approving glance. “Fuck, yeah Tom. Jack that big dick of yours. A fucking growing muscle beast stud. Soon you are going to be a huge, sexy bodybuilder with a big cock. You are going to drive all the little men crazy with your huge muscles and cock.” Ron suddenly picked up the pace and quickly ejaculated, shooting a jet of jizz a couple of feet up in the air. Tom admired the sexual strength of the young stud as he himself edged closer and closer. After he finished, Ron stepped closer to Tom. “Jack that big dick stud. I'm going to turn you into the muscle monster I know you want to be. Soon you will have arms even bigger than THIS!” Ron quickly flexed a titanic double biceps right in front of Tom. “And your will pecs like these monsters!” Ron then alternately bounced each pec. While jacking with his left arm, Tom instinctively reached out his right hand to cup the mass of Ron's right pectoral. “Yeah, Tom. Feel that mass. That is mass that you will soon have. A chest shelf so huge you can rest a book on them!” Ron ended the statement with a most muscular pose, baring his teeth and growling with masculine intensity. Tom felt the chest muscle in his fingers instantly tighten into hard granite. That did it. Tom threw his head back as three ropes of cum exploded from his firehose cock and right onto the buff surfer's abs. Tom put his hand on Ron's shoulders to balance himself as he finished the most powerful orgasm he had ever had. As he came back to earth Tom caught his breath and rested his hands on his weary legs. He then looked up to see Ron, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Ron looked down at his wetted abs and flexed them even harder and deeper. He then reached down and scooped up some fresh jizz with his finger and brought it up to his mouth for a taste. “Damn, Big Tom. You even taste good!” He said with a wink. The sight nearly made Tom's cock re-inflate instantly. "That was fun, big guy. I'll go check the locker room to make sure the coast is clear." As Ron stepped away Tom could only hope for more situations like this that his growing body was bringing to him.
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    Searching for Macro Story

    Not sure why it is posting in black text? I changed the color to "automatic", anybody know why it's doing that??
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    Searching for Macro Story

    Found it via the wayback machine on Expanders https://web.archive.org/web/20091027083700/http://geocities.com/expander11/archive/stories/titans.txt MUSCLE TITANS by Green Dragon ([email protected]) Mark and Sean were sun bathing on the beach one day. Mark was about 6'3" and quite muscular. He had stunning pecs with a very thin layer of light brown hair covering them. He had very powerful looking arms. They were massive. He very rarely wore shirts with sleeves because the sleeves could not contain that much muscle, so he just went without shirts for most of the time. He also had a very nice six-pack going on. Mark did not consider himself to be gay, but he did get turned on when Sean was hanging out with him. Sean was also quite muscular and he also liked being with Mark, but was afraid to tell him. He had a very smooth, rock hard body. He worked out everyday and he had massive arms just like Mark has. Sean was about 6'1" and he was almost identical to Mark other than He had no hair on his chest. As they were sunbathing on the beach they had no idea that someone was watching them, and this person would change their lives forever. Gary was a guy who was a macrophile at heart. He was at the beach standing on the boardwalk watching Mark and Sean. He would picture them in his mind what it would be like if those two were colossal muscle titans; the thought of it turned him on, and he would literally melt inside. "This is the only chance I have," Gary said to himself. He had been working on this formula for almost a year now and he had a good feeling that it would work. He was also very nervous because once the process takes effect, he would not know how easy it would be to bring them back down to normal size after his macro fantasy is complete. He stood on the boardwalk contemplating whether to do it, and how he was going to accomplish this task. "Damn, this is more complicated than I thought," said Gary to himself. He tapped his finger on the railing impatiently. "I have to do it now, when am I going to get another chance at this?" he thought. "Dude, pass me the sun tan lotion," Mark said. Sean passed him the lotion over to him. Sean stood up and took off his shorts, to reveal his very small thong. Sean had a nice bulge and Mark took notice of it. Sean could not tell but Mark was getting a massive hard-on. "Is that one of those tan-through thongs?" Mark asked. "Yeah, it sure is," Sean replied as he grabbed the side of his thong and pulled it out to the side allowing the sun to penetrate through it. "Maybe I should get one too," replied Mark as he was adjusting himself. "Yeah, they are great, and it is also a shape enhancing thong," Sean said as he grabbed his crotch. It was now getting late and Mark had to get to work soon. "We got to get going, I have to be at work soon," Mark said to Sean as he was standing up. "Damn, now I don't have a choice, they are getting up and leaving," Gary said. Mark and Sean were gathering their things and putting them into their gym bags. They both walked to the showers. Gary proceeded to the showers, as well. mark took off his suit to reveal a huge cock about 8" long and it was not even hard. It took Sean quite a bit of strength to fight off his desires and temptations seeing Mark naked. Mark got into the shower and Sean followed suit. He tried not to look at Mark rubbing his hands over his mountainous pecs, caressing his erect nipples. Marks hands moved down his body past his amazing six-pack and started cleaning his fat, humongous cock. Sean took off his suit and walked over to the shower area. "When are you going to get rid of that piece of shit car of yours?" Mark asked as he was lathering up his nice round ass. "I don't know, maybe soon I hope," replied Sean as he was looking at the floor. "Come on over after I get off from work and we'll do something like watch a video," Mark said as he was turning off the shower. "I guess so," Sean said, some-what relieved Mark was leaving the area. Meanwhile, Gary was standing outside the shower building, contemplating on whether to do this or not. Finally, he decided to go through with it, because he had spent so long trying to perfect it, he would not want to blow an opportunity like this. He pulled out a handful of very small pills and walked into the shower building. He heard the showers running, but really had no idea where Mark and Sean were. He looked around and saw their gym bags lying on a bench, and he walked over to them and thought, "How am I going to get them to take these pills?" He saw their vitamin bottles lying near the top of the bags. He quickly opened them both up and pored their vitamins out. He put roughly the same amount of his "special" pills back into their bottles. "Thank God," he muttered, his arduous task was now completed. He had to take a piss so he walked over to a stall and let it out. When he was done he wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked over to the sink to wash his hands. As he walked away, and turned the corner, he bumped right into Mark's colossal pecs. He was scared to death and very turned on by this. Mark already was towering over him. "Sorry about that," Mark said, stepping to the side to let him pass. Mark was only wearing a towel and that proved too much for Gary to handle. He began cumming right in his pants, and when this happened, he began running while holding his crotch. "What the fuck is that guys problem?," Mark thought. Mark went over to the stalls and began to take a piss. Gary came back and looked to see if Mark was going to come after him. He watched the muscleman do his business. Mark reached under the towel and scratched his ass. Then Mark took off his towel and hung it on the top of the stall and continued on pissing. "Holy Shit, this guy is so amazing," Gary whispered to himself. Mark continued to piss and then he farted causing his butt cheeks to ripple. Gary once again could not control himself and began to cum again. Sean was getting out of the shower and was wrapping a towel around himself when he saw Gary jackin' off against the wall watching Mark. "What the fuck are you doing?" Sean said very loudly. At that moment Mark walked around the corner to see what was going on. "This little fuck was jackin' off, watchin' you take a piss," Sean told Mark. Here was Gary trapped between these two hulking, beautiful musclemen. He came only up to the lower part of their chests. Mark grabbed his collar on the back of his shirt and easily lifted him up to eye level. Mark took his towel off and said, "You want to suck my fat cock, little man?" Mark threw him on the ground floor, and said, "Get the fuck out of here you fuckin' queer." Gary got up as fast as he could and ran to the entrance. "Why don't you kick that guys ass?," Sean asked. "That puny little man is not worth it," Mark said as he was opening his vitamin bottle. Mark popped four pills into his mouth. He handed four pills to Sean and he popped them in his mouth as well. They both got dressed and headed for Mark's car. "So, I'll see you tonight," Mark asked Sean as he pulled up into Sean's driveway. "Yeah, sure, I guess," Sean replied. Sean got out of the car and proceeded to his front door. He waved as Mark began to pull away. Inside Sean rapidly took off all of his clothes and stood in the living room and began to stroke his cock. He was thinking of Mark and the way he was cleaning himself in the shower, and the way he lifted up Gary and grabbed his cock. Within a matter of seconds, he began to shooting his load all over his living floor. He sat on the couch and decided that tonight he would tell Mark how he felt. He got up and went to the bedroom and layed on his bed and fell asleep. Mark worked as a weekend security guard for a packaging plant about 60 miles out of town. It was quite a bit of a drive but it was the only job Mark could get at this time. He was kind of annoyed that he had to go to work for only 3 to 4 hours. He continued to drive which seemed to take much longer than usual. When Mark was about a mile from the plant, he began to feel very weird. He pulled over into a rural gas station and immediately went to the bathroom. He walked in and locked the door. He walked up to the sink and turned on the hot water. He began to splash water on his face. All of the sudden he began feeling a tingling sensation all throughout his body. "Hey, I have to use the bathroom," a guy yelled as he pounded on the door. "Hurry up," yelled the guy as he continued to pound on it louder. Mark did not know it but he was getting bigger. He went to one of the stalls and forced himself to throw up. "Fuck, what the hell is happening to me?" Mark thought. Mark was wearing a button down shirt and blue jeans. He filled his clothes very well, and in some places, a little too much. When he was done throwing up, he stood up and walked back to the sink. He looked into the mirror and stared at his beautiful face. He took hands and rubbed them through his short, dark brown hair. "Hey, you god damn fuckin' asshole, get the hell out of there," yelled the guy who was pounding on the door. Mark was getting extremely pissed off now. He began to clench his fists. The tingling sensation was getting much more noticeable. He looked down at his shirt and it was getting smaller and the buttons were beginning to pop off of the shirt. His massive chest burst through, as did his bulging biceps rip his sleeves. His beautiful ass began to rip and tear his jeans. He began to rub his six-pack and worked his was up to his mountainous pecs. His fat cock burst through his jeans and hung between his massive, trunk like legs. The growth stopped for the moment. He stood about 16 feet tall and his head was nearly touching the 17 foot ceiling. "Oh, fuck yeah," Mark said as he examined his bigger body. The guy outside continued to pound on the door and yell for Mark to get the hell out of the bathroom. Mark wanted to teach the guy a lesson. He turned off the light in the bathroom , which made it completely dark. He then unlocked the door and opened it a crack. "Fuckin' finally," the guy said as he entered the dark bathroom. As he made his way past the door , it slammed very hard behind him. "Hello," the guy said very nervously. He reached for the light switch and turned it on. He saw no one. He walked over to the stall and opened it, but no one was in it. "Where the fuck did he go?" the guy said to himself. He then heard very loud thumping footsteps behind him. He turned around to see what it was. He was horrified to see a gigantic muscle-bound man coming right towards him. "Looking for me?" Mark said. Mark walked over to him and towered over him. "You know, I have not had a good fuck in such a long time," Mark said as he was holding his giant cock. Mark lifted up the guy with ease and brought him closer to his face. He held him by one hand and with the other, he began tearing off the guys clothes. "You are a very little man, aren't you?" Mark said as he rubbed the guys cock with his thumb. Another growth spurt shot throughout his body. He grew through the roof of the building, while still holding on to his little captive man. When the growth spurt stopped, he topped out at around 300 feet tall. "Oh shit, I'm fuckin' huge," Mark boomed. The gas station was in shambles around his massive feet. Mark remembered the guy he was holding in his hand. He brought his hand up to his face and opened his fist to find the little man lifeless. Mark accidentally crushed him when the growth started again. "Oops...sorry about that," Mark said as he laughed. Mark then tossed the guys lifeless body over his shoulder. Mark began checking out his new "big" body. He began to rub his pecs and started to rub his erect nipples. He was getting turned on by the thought of all the power he had. He raised his foot and crushed a car with a thunderous boom. Now that he could do whatever he wanted, he decided to go show his buddy, Sean, what it is like to be a hot muscular giant and have total power over everything. With thunderous footsteps he walked back to the city. Meanwhile, Sean was just waking up from his nap. He rubbed his pecs as he began to stretch. As he layed on his bed he reached for his underwear that was on the floor. He proceeded to put them on in a lying down position. "What the fuck?" Sean said, noticing the underwear could not contain his massive cock and smooth ass. He sat up, shocked that his head was nearly touching the ceiling. He looked around the room; everything was small. He reached over and touched his dresser. He lifted one side of it and easily tipped it over. "This is so fuckin' cool," Sean exclaimed. "Wait until Mark see's me now." He got off his bed and was in a crouching position. His huge cock became erect. He sat down on the floor and began to stroke it when all of the sudden a massive tingling sensation went through his body. Just like Mark, Sean began growing at an unbelievable rate. The room was getting was too small to contain this growing muscle hunk, so Sean stood up and broke out of the roof of his house. When his growth finally stopped, he towered above at about 290 feet. He looked around at the miniature world before him. He saw the skyscrapers of the city in the distance, and down around the ruins of his demolished house, chaos and panic were spreading. "HA,HA,HA,HA,HA," Sean laughed as he scratched his giant balls. News helicopters were beginning to swarm like bees near him. Sean bounced his mammoth pecs up and down and began to rub his nipples. This was a fantasy come true for Sean. He always wanted to be bigger than everyone else, and now he finally got his wish. He lifted his right foot and stepped on one of his neighbor's homes. He grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Within moments, he began shooting his load all over the neighborhood. He stepped forward toward the street and crushed a couple of people running around. It felt good feeling that goo afterwards. "Well, let's do some explorin'," Sean said. He headed down the street crushing everything that was in his path. Gary had just got home from the store. He lived in an apartment in one of the downtown skyscrapers way up on the 30th floor. He walked in and set down the groceries and sat on the couch. He reached for the channel changer and turned on the television. "Breaking news...This is Chris Mckenna live from Chopper 8...we are currently hovering on the outskirts of downtown and there is a very large man causing chaos and destruction...," the camera pans over to Sean (his cock and ass are blurred out for censorship reasons). "Holy shit," Gary yelled, "the goddamn pills worked. I have to see this better." Gary ran for the door and headed for the stairs. He headed up to the roof to get a better view of the rampaging colossus. When he reached the roof, he ran to the edge and looked around from the right to the left. Then he spotted him. Gary unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and vigorously stroked it. His dreams have finally come true. He watched Sean's muscles move and his cock sway back and forth with each step he took. "Ugh," Sean moaned, "I need to take a shit," he said. Sean squatted down and rummaged through a house. He found a man cowering in an inside room. He picked him up and looked at him. The man in his hand was scared to death. Sean pulled the man's shorts off revealing his smooth ass. Sean took his finger and rubbed the man's ass, and then tried to insert it farther in. All of the sudden, the little man split into two. Sean just flicked his body, not caring at all. Behind Sean, cops and ambulances were gathering. He looked behind him and smiled. The cops and paramedics were trying to help the injured and block the area off when Sean farted, blowing people everywhere. Cars flipped over on top of people, homes were destroyed or damaged, and all Sean did was laugh and put his hand down on a cop car and crush it. He stood up and saw a medium-sized stadium about half a mile away. "That's a good place to take a shit," he thought to himself. He proceeded toward the stadium. As he walked he rubbed his abs and worked his way to his ass and then began to rub his ass. He began to finger fuck himself. The spectators at the stadium were unaware of the giant hunk rampaging throughout the city. The spectators were watching a football game when, all of the sudden shaking and rumbling began. Most people thought it was a minor earthquake, but they were soon to find out how wrong they were. As the game continued, people cheered and soon the players heard screams rather than cheers. The game abruptly stopped and the football players looked in awe as the muscle-bound titan lifted one leg over the stadium. When the foot made contact with the turf, it sent a shockwave knocking most of the football player's on the ground. "Pardon me folks," boomed Sean, "this will just take a second." Sean brought his other leg over the stadium. He walked towards the middle, stepping on a few players. He leaned forward just a little and with both hands he spread both butt cheeks. He let out a fart, which sent football players flying. This goliath was turning on number 37; he began stroking his cock right on the playing field. Sean let out a 30 foot long shit log and it smashed to the ground right on number 37. "AHHHhhh...that fuckin' felt good." Sean said very relieved. He stood there and looked at all of the tiny screaming people. He reached down and picked up a handful of people and brought them up to his face. The group of people were staring at his beautiful, chiseled face. He had a wicked smile on his face. He tilted his head back and opened his mouth. He put his hand over his mouth and opened it. The handful of people fell into his mouth and he swallowed. He patted his stomach and walked over to the stadium seats and punched, kicked, and smashed them down. He knocked part of the stadium down and walked out of it. "I think it is time to pay a visit to Mark," Sean said. And with that he headed to the packaging plant Mark worked at. "Boy, is he going to be surprised," Sean said scratching his ass. to be continued....
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    The Car Salesman - Chapter 4

    Wow. You have the alpha attitude down PAT and your writing perfectly shows it. I love me some cocky, alpha dominance without excessive cruelty so this is pushing my buttons.
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    The Librarian

    Wow, who knew there were so many muscle-crazed librarians out there! I hope I don't let ya'll down!