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    Looking to connect with other growth obsessed muscle dudes. Love to chat about anything muscle related. Lifting, nutrition, mutual muscle admiration, supps, gear, anything! Would love to share notes on how to GROW HUGE! Also, of course, some mutual flexing, feeling and admiration would be awesome...maybe even leading to other things ;). I've lurked here for years but just recently started participating. I'm a bit of a goofball so I prefer big, buff, muscular guys who aren't too serious and like to playfully enjoy their size and strength! I graduated high school at 130 lbs and have built myself up to as much as 203 lbs. Right now I have more of a powerlifter build but would love to transition to a bodybuilder's physique. I want to be HUGE and RIPPED.
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    Since I'm short I'll say Flex Lewis stats. Dude is a MONSTER! In my fantasy I'm way talller 6'7" and 340 lbs of rock hard beef.
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    "Justin (The Bigger The Better)" by Giantworshipper, "Home From College" by Musclegod300, anything by Sean Reid Scott, Uncle's Jailhouse Muscles, I've been reading growth stories for so long there are too many to list!
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  1. Very cool! I love comparison pics like that. Really drives home just how different they ended up!
  2. I don't know if you heard of the artist Joey Johnson, he also goes by JJ3DArtist, but he has some renders of a hugely muscular older gentlemen character. The character is a good 8-10 ft tall and very much reminds me of Dr. Breneth. If you are curious check them out sometime!
  3. dredlifter

    AJ & Noah

    YESSSSS please
  4. LOVE IT! I want a Mark, lol.
  5. I thoroughly enjoy this world you have created. I would love to have a...um...'chat' with Dr. Brenneth.
  6. Wow! Great story. Mark is truly a fantasy man. I too enjoy the rugged, hands-on, construction type. I was picturing Mark's sweaty tanned muscles glistening as the sparks showered him. And his cocky, fun biceps flexes. Can't wait to read more.
  7. OR... it could be, ya know, that Seth is legitimately trying to do something nice for his best friend. One thing I like about the Elongro universe is that there could be tons of other stories out there with experiences with the drug. Other friends' experimentation with it, as well as future developments with offspring, for sure.
  8. For some reason the edit feature is gone, so a few tweaks I need to make aren't showing up. When the feature comes back I'll fix them. EDIT: Chapter has been edited. Final form complete
  9. Part 14 – Finale Trevor’s hand trembles slightly as he lowers it from the doorbell, standing outside the massive door. He hears the latch crack and the knob turn. As it slowly swings open, he stares forward at what is revealed - what seems like acres and acres of tanned flesh. The flesh is taut like a tambourine head stretched tightly over mounding muscles. The entire doorway, which is oversized to begin with, is filled with this bulging, blemish free flesh. Trevor’s brain has trouble processing the massively statured musculature in front of him. It doesn't even seem human, just a wall of skin and muscle. His breathing slows to faint gasps as he realizes he is staring straight ahead...at an enormous, overdeveloped vastus medialus, the big ball of lower quad muscle that hangs right over that kneecap that everyone calls a teardrop. Trevor’s eyeline is literally just barely higher than Seth's knees! It's a realization that makes Trevor feel more insignificant than he has ever felt before in the presence of another human being. That is, if what you could call before him was a human. The being in front of him just has to be...more than human. Better. The feeling of smallness only grows as Trevor's eyes slowly travel upward, over insane quadriceps muscles that are literally wider than himself...much wider! Seth's quads are so huge that they might even be twice as big around as Trevor's own chest. The size difference from Seth's titanic legs alone is enough to make Trevor's little body tremble. Trevor's gaze rises, only to look UP and lock onto a bulge that could rival a basketball that had been stuffed tightly into some mid-length shorts. Trevor can only surmise that Seth’s basketball shorts were intended to be fashionably baggy, but Seth is so gigantic and muscular that they are rendered into looking like mere square cut boxer shorts, packed to max with quads, glutes and manhood. Suddenly, the massive body moves and takes a step backward. Trevor is reminded of when he visited the circus as a child and rode an elephant. The massive animal seemed so expansive to him then; yet, Seth feels even bigger than that memory. Thankfully, stepping back allows Trevor to be able to view more of the impossibly tall, impossibly muscular bodybuilder in front of him rather than just the wall of quads he could see before. Row upon of row of cinder-block sized abs greet Trevor's astonished eyes. The waist of the giant looks so tight and compact as to be smaller than his quadriceps. Trevor’s brain starts to overload at how someone so muscular can still sport such an amazing Adonis belt, with the sexy V pointing down to undoubtedly the largest cock and balls in history. Seth's abs are so deeply etched and large that Trevor can even make out individual striations of EACH ab muscle! Trevor squeaks as he catches his breath, realizing that even if he were to raise his arms as high as he could...he wouldn't be able to reach the lowest of Seth's abs! Trevor’s neck cranes high and higher. Seth is so tall that it seems like his eyes are making an endless journey upward, discovering new crevices and crags and mountains of muscles on a living Mount Everest. Suddenly, Trevor's eyes meet a change of landscape. A massive overhang impedes his upward gaze. It's the tectonic plates of Seth's chest. Here Trevor's eyes are stopped on their upward trajectory not only because of the massively thick pecs, but also because the man in front of him had become so WIDE that it is impossible to take him all in with just a forward gaze. Trevor’s eyes dart back and forth from the outer edge of Seth's pecs to the vast valley at the center to the opposite edge, a distance that looks to be wider than he is tall. With a gasp, Trevor realizes that doesn't even factor in the breadth of the lats that loom like sails under Seth's arms...yet still so far above Trevor's tiny head that it would seem to take 2 of him to reach it. As Trevor turns his head and looks out wide to each side, he is greeted by the two most developed arms he has ever seen. The biceps and triceps of each muscle hang there, looking flexed to granite even though they hang obviously relaxed. Like he did with Seth's legs, Trevor mentally compares himself to those arms, and it seems that their size would easily surpass his own chest measurement. He feels even smaller when he sees Seth's manhole-cover sized hands hanging relaxed...yet still looming a good three or four feet above his head! Trevor then cranes his neck, almost painfully straight upward, past the unreal trap muscles and a bull-neck that matches Seth's arms and calves, like a perfect version of a Vitruvian bodybuilder. His eyes then encounter a sharp chin and broad, strong jaw covered in a very short beard, which only accentuates the masculinity of the entity before him. Somehow Seth is even more handsome, with perfect cheekbones and dimples flanking his roman nose. His deep brown eyes and prominent brow seemingly offset what would otherwise be considered a pretty face, creating an overall rugged visage of an extremely handsome man. The man is so overwhelmingly sexy, so powerful, that Treovr expects to see a cocky grin, but he is surprised to see a different expression on Seth. Shock and awe. The two men, if you could still group them in that same category, stare at each other silently in mutual surprise. Trevor, with his head craned so far back that it is as if he is looking up a skyscraper and Seth, with his strong stubbled chin mashed against his pec shelf and slightly leaning forward, the only way he could see little Trevor so far beneath him. Trevor is flabbergasted at how massive his best friend is, which is juxtaposed with Seth's own shock at how another adult male could be so...tiny. Seth has long become used to towering over people. However, his own perception has been warped by his lifestyle. All of the employees at Psylocon are Elongro success stories. Certainly none to the level of his, yet still even the shortest of the women are just over 6 ft tall, while most people were several inches taller than that. Relying on basic life experience, Seth realizes that he had long ago began to see anyone who was under waist height as nothing more than children. When he was in public, it was just too much of a hassle for Seth to see if the tiny people below him were adults or not. And now, standing here in front of him, barely taller than his knees, was a man...a supposedly fully grown adult man. How could this be? Moreover, this pipsqueak is a fully grown man who is his best friend. A man who used to seem so much bigger and taller than he was when they entered college. Knowing that the micro-being in front of him is a man his own age, a man who should be equal to himself, only makes Seth feel bigger and more powerful than ever. The male in front of him just looks so amazing small. So weak and fragile. Almost helpless, if he did not know better. Like his view of other normal people, Seth realizes he can barely make himself think of Trevor as being a man. Seth feels a sliver of remorse at these thoughts, yet he still welcoms becoming a literal giant, savoring the feeling of his size and power. And his frame completely overshadowing the minuscule man down by his knees only makes him feel even more titanic and powerful. Seth LOVES that feeling. He craves it. The feeling of dominance is so sexually overwhelming he can't help but feel aroused. Trevor’s gaze drops to see Seth's bulge shift. His gaze drops but still looks up, yes UP, at the bulge that starts to push outward and upward at Seth's crotch. Trevor whimpers again as he sees that he could now stand under that bulge in a rainstorm and remain nice and dry. Trevor also feels himself reaching erection but Seth would never notice his little pecker swimming in the fabric of his tiny, yet baggy pants. However, it is plainly obvious to both that Seth is, in fact, aroused by their size difference, aroused by the unspoken power that he exerts over Trevor simply by being in his presence. Seth's cock slowly inflates, his basketball-sized bulge becoming beach ball sized and still growing. Soon the ridge of the softball-size helmet of his dick becomes obvious through the fabric. The insanely thick root of his massive cock starts to peek into view as Seth's erection pulls his shorts away from his pelvis. While all this happens, Seth simply stands there frozen with his hands hanging at his sides, engrossed in power as he looms over Trevor. Trevor's watches with rapt attention as the megacock inflates and the bulge above him grows. Trevor lets out a little squeaking, sexual moan which finally breaks Seth from his trance. Suddenly Seth realizes he is boning up. He reaches his long arms down toward his manhood and readjusts himself, his cheeks blushing just a bit in seeming embarrassment by his display. To Trevor, it’s a rare sign of humanity from the god-man that has clearly surpassed the small mortals around him. Seth moves his half-hard cock to the side to rest along his hip. Even half-hard, the dick easily reaches his outer hip and starts to bend around the side. “Oh shit! Sorry bud.” Seth's voice rumbles through Trevor's chest like a passing train, it's so deep and powerful. “It seems like a gust of wind makes me bone up anymore, sorry about that." Trevor finds it incredibly hot that the giant man in front of him blushes. They both know that Seth is lying about his reason for getting aroused, but truly, neither of them cares. Trevor is still speechless, which makes a tiny smirk of memory flash across Seth’s lips. He knew this look from the basement of his old college house basement years ago. Seth savored it for a moment before he broke the silence again. “Well c'mon in, Trev! I'm so glad you came to hang out little buddy!” Seth looms over toward Trevor but freezes, unsure of how to give such a tiny person a hug. Instead Seth slightly reaches behind Trevor and pats him on the back. Nevertheless, the force is nearly enough to dislodge Trevor from standing to sprawling over Seth’s foot, even though Seth is using a tiny fraction of his strength. Trevor merely reaches out to the nearest support, Seth's massive shins and knee. Touching Seth actually breaks through Trevor’s haze, and his high pitched, little voice finally sounds. “Seth...you...my god...you are so big...so fucking BIG! You're literally a GIANT!” Seth chuckles down at his little friend. “Thanks buddy! And it's all because of you! And I'll be honest, seeing you way down there by my knees, I FEEL like a giant! You really are TINY, Trevor. I hope you don't mind me saying so.” “It's ok, Seth. I mean, it's true. I'm barely taller than you knees!” Seth steps aside and Trevor steps through the door. They head to the huge open living room where an 84” flat screen is tuned to ESPN. Trevor takes a seat on the couch while Seth sits on a massive wooden chair that reminds Trevor of a throne. As odd as the dichotomy between them is, somehow, the two best friends take up talking as if they had never stopped seeing each other. “Where did you find a chair to fit you in a rental place, Seth?” “Luckily Psycolon takes good care of me. They have to or I would never travel, I'm just too big for comfort in most places. Psylocon has converted an A-330 passenger plane into a private jet that fits me comfortably along with the other employees that travel with me. They also always find me a rental property with extra high ceilings, which are often almost mansions, like this place. But don't worry, Psylocon and Elongro are doing very well. They can afford it. And this chair I'm in, they actually ship it with me to wherever I go so I have some furniture. I've got a break down bed too. It actually folds up like a giant folding chair. I've ruined my share of rental couches and chairs in my days, haha!” “So you are literally so huge that you have outgrown normal life. But Seth, isn't that annoying? Like, don't you think you are too big?” “FUCK NO!” Seth says sternly and forcefully, more like a roar than a voice, causing Trevor to blanch. “Haha, sorry to scare you little guy, I forget that being so big I'm very intimidating when I am serious. I've made some wimps piss their pants in a corporate negotiation. But to answer your question, NO. Trevor...I love being BIG. Those little annoyances you talk about, those are merely situations that remind me that I'm bigger and stronger than literally everyone else on the planet. Maybe everyone else in HISTORY. I fucking love how I've outgrown your tiny world.” “I...I guess that makes sense. I would probably feel that way if I were your size too. You are bigger than us, Seth. Bigger than all of us. Bigger, and stronger and...better.” Seth chuckles and flexes his right arm, “Heh heh. I'm glad you agree, tiny. But yeah, I do have to be a little careful. I can be a bit...destructive if I'm not careful. That's partly the reason I'm only in these little shorts. I try to wear as little as I can when I'm not in public or working. When I am at home, I go naked most of the time. It is just easier. It takes a while to get any new clothes custom-made so I hang out naked to keep from ruining shirts and other clothes. And Stacy doesn’t mind.” Seth can’t help but slightly thump his still half-hard mega-cock. Trevor laughs, “And I'm sure the fact that you look like a giant muscle god has nothing to do with that either?” Seth grins wryly back at Trevor. “Haha. You got me, little buddy. I look damn good so why hide this bod? But really it's true, I can't tell you how many times I've ripped out of my business clothes at meetings. Usually my lats, shoulders or even my arms will just split open. But honestly, accidentally flexing out of my clothes at those meetings probably helps sell Elongro!” Trevor nods heartily in agreement. The two settle in and catch each other up further on each others' lives. Seth is, of course, uber-successful, having already been promoted to President of Business Development and co-CFO of the entire company, rather than vice-president of his division. “So what about you, Trevor? How's your job going?” Trevor’s jovial exterior goes dark and he looks down in shame. He had long got past feeling unnatural shame around Seth’s physicality. But this. This admission is hard. He was tiny in the regular sized world of business too. “Eh, it's going. I'm part of the marketing team at a small fabrication shop. It's not much but I guess it pays the bills.” Seth notices immediately how hard that admission is. He leans his long body over in his chair, reaches out, and easily touches Trevor’s face, making Trevor look up at him. “Well, Trevor, that’s one reason I wanted to catch up with you today. I know what you’ve been going through with your job. I kind of did some checking and normal people rarely tell me no. I wanted to ask if you would like to be my assistant.” Trevor’s mouth drops open. “Are you serious? You are offering me a job.” Seth reaches beside the couch to his suitcase sized portfolio, and unzips it open. He pulls out a contract and hands it to Trevor. “Yeah man! Think how great it would be! We would get to work together and hang out together again, just like when we were in college.” Trevor’s voice involuntarily drops in shame. “And I would be your assistant? Like...your secretary?” He doesn't say it but thinking of being Seth's secretary feels like it would even further emphasize his inferiority to Seth. Seth chuckles, “Naw man, don't think of it like that. You’d have real responsibilities to do in the business, not just answering my cell phones. But yes, you'd be my assistant. Plus...dude. I can assure you that Elongro is doing VERY well. Whatever you are getting paid right now, whatever it is! I'll top it 40%, with full benefits the same as mine.” Trevor sits there in shock. Here is his idol, his crush, offering him a chance to make more money than he could dream of AND to see him every day. “Trev, buddy. I know it's a lot to take in. I really would love to have you work with me. Take a few days, read the contract, and let me know. I drafted it myself so I promise you it is everything I said.” “Ok Seth...wow. Man, that is a great offer. I'm definitely leaning towards it.” In his mind Trevor has already settled on the decision. How could he possibly resist Seth in any way. Seth lays on the charm, knowing it will press Trevor’s buttons just a bit. “It would be a great job, little bro. Business is growing and growing fast. I’ll have us Fortune 100 in a year. It is the next BIG thing on the market. Just like ME! Haha.” Seth punctuates his statement with a quick double biceps and muscles fill Trevor's vision to overflowing. “Well, Seth, if business is growing like you then I would be stupid not to take the job, wouldn’t I?” The two laugh. “Speaking of...okay, Seth, I've been dancing around it, mostly in shock. How BIG are you?? You are way bigger than when I saw you at your wedding. I thought you were done growing.” Seth grins in pride, “I was almost done growing back then. ALMOST. It seems I had one final growth spurt. I shot up an entire 18 inches in one month. Dude, it is fucking awesome. Even that far outpaced my doctor's guess. I just kept getting taller...and TALLER!” Seth stands up slowly, emphasizing his size. Ages seems to pass as he continues to rise higher and higher, seemingly never reaching his zenith. He just keep standing up and up and up as Trevor's heart flutters. Finally, Seth is fully standing, leaving sitting Trevor underneath the level of his knees, level with his mid calves...cavles which are bigger than the largest muscles on Trevor's little body. Seth takes a step forward and leans over his pecs looking DOWN at Trevor as he has to sit back to look up at Seth’s smiling face. “I just kept GROWING, watching the little people like you get smaller and smaller. And shit, dude...you are like the smallest of the small!” “Seth, you are so much bigger than me it's hard to comprehend. Tell, me...gulp...how tall are you?” Seth smirks, relishing his size and power. “Well sadly I did stop growing...but not before topping out at TWELVE FEET, TEN INCHES TALL!” “FUCK!” Trevor shouts as his little cock surges to its full, pathetic length. “That's right Trevor. I'm fucking 12'10. That's over TWICE as tall as you! No wonder you barely clear my knees. I mean, I thought the other Elongro employees looked short and most of them are around 7 ft...and then when I saw you on my doorstep. It made me so horny seeing you so tiny and weak compared to me. That may sound cruel and I'm sorry about that, bro. But it's true.” Seth takes another small step forward, relishing being open about how he sees Trevor. Trevor admits what they both know. “I get it Seth. And it's true, everything you are saying. I am nothing compared to you. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to be so big and strong like you. It's almost impossible to compare my body to yours. And I can tell you aren't just taller, you're even more muscular too, aren't you?” “Ah bro, thanks for noticing the gains! Yeah, when the doctor told me I wouldn't grow any taller, I doubled my efforts in the gym. At least I can still grow these MUSCLES! My doc says the Elongro has altered my physiology so that I can still pack on a lot more mass than I have even now.” No way, Seth! You already look so HUGE, so buff! You're muscles are gigantic. Even if you were normal height you look bigger than the pro guys!” “Hell yeah, man! And no bubble gut here. Just 4.6% body fat!” Seth crunches his magnificent abs into an impenetrable wall. “Hey, I got an idea. I'm actually going to be at the Mr. World Bodybuilding Show next month. Elongro has a booth. And get this, I'll also be doing some guest posing!” “Seriously? That's awesome man! Fuck, dude. You should probably be competing, you'd blow those other little runts away!” “Haha, yeah man, I KNOW I would. But I've agreed to stay out of the show. Maybe in the future though. But anyways, would you want to see my posing routine?” Trevor's mouth goes dry. A close up posing session from his Goliath bodybuilder best friend might put him over the edge - into accepting the job and otherwise. “Erm...uh...yeah. Yeah man.” Seth grins knowingly down at Trevor. He wants to rock the little guy's world. “Ok bro. Sit tight, I'll go put my posers on for ya!” Seth stomps away as Trevor tries to compose himself. He turns to watch the 84” TV. Seth had been watching sports news and the show is just changing to commercial. Some soft, upbeat music plays showing the body of a bulging, ripped muscle-model type guy. It must be a commercial for a workout program, Trevor thinks. In the next scene the camera pans away from the what must be the same man, now clad in a sexy, body-hugging business suit. The scene changes again, the same man is in a crowd, and he TOWERS over those around him. Trevor gets a look at the man's face...it's Jack. A soft female voice speaks in the background touting the benefits of Elongro. Scene after scene shows eight-foot tall, super-sexy, muscular Jack dominating normal life. Looking huge, sweaty, muscular and hot in the gym doing a bench press with an ungodly amount of weight while other muscular, yet much smaller guys cheer him on. None of the other men can hold a candle to him. A scene of Jack with his arms around a gaggle of giggling, busty, tall, beautiful women. Jack, in just some short trunks jogging along the beach as others watch on enviously. Jack, again, suited, leading a business meeting, standing proudly and cockily at the front of a huge mahogany table in front of a screen full of rising graphs. The other business folk rise and clap for him, though none of them even reach the height of his shoulders. "If you are between the ages of 18 and 24, ask your doctor if Elongro could work for you," The female voice states . The camera then follows Jack, now at a bar, looking sleek and relaxed and casual, his muscles barely contained in a skin-tight polo shirt. Jack walks up to trio of beautiful women who are talking to another handsome man, though the man seems to be of average height. Jack, carrying his drink, walks right up next to the man, looming massively over the poor guy who is down near Jack's chest. He grins cockily down at the man, who looks back at him, scared and defeated. The camera quickly shows the women's faces looking upward at the giant stud, desire unable to be hidden on their expressions. A smirking Jack then take his eyes off the women and looks straight into the camera. He smiles confidently and speaks, his deep voice testing the base of the TV's speakers. “Ask your doctor about Elongro. Because the only people who say size doesn't matter...don't have any.” The commercial ends as intense wave of jealousy sweeps through Trevor. Jealousy mixed with arousal. However, his arousal only intensifies as he hears heavy thumps approaching, reminding him of those famous scenes from Jurassic Park. Seth rounds the corner of the room … looking godlike in just a pair of shiny metallic blue posing trunks. Even though he has already seen 90% of Seth's body, the new parts exposed by his posing trunks, or in Seth's case, emphasized by them, were nothing short of astounding. As Seth approaches, he has that signature bodybuilder waddle, his quads so large and developed that he has to swing his legs outward and around each other. Not to mention, his massive legs had to leave some space for that titanic posing trunk-clad BULGE. That glorious bulge. It was obscenely big. The bulge of Seth's posing trunks look like they could hold one of those bosu balls you see in the gym. The contents of the poser, so thick, so full, and so large, combined with the fact that Seth's legs were so developed that there was absolutely no space left in between them, simply pushed the 2-foot diameter pouch out in front of Seth. Trevor briefly wonders how Seth would even be allowed to pose in these, as ridiculously pornographic he looked at first glance. And yet...while the size of the posers was obscene, when Trevor was finally able to tear his eyes from it and take in the rest of Seth...it strangely wasn't obscene. It was...fitting. Proportional. The rest of Seth was so huge, so amazingly overdeveloped with muscle and brawn, that his overdeveloped crotch seemed to work in perfect harmony with the rest of his body. His proportions were perfect, what Trevor had lusted for when he first bought the Elongro in school. Not to mention, the fabric of the posing was thick enough that you were unable to make out the individual cock and balls encased within, keeping him decent.It all created a spectacle of masculinity that was unmatched, not just in the present but in all of history. “Ahem.” Seth clears his throat and Trevor looks far up into his handsome, smirking face. “I know, it's a lot to take in. Ready to see me pose?” Trevor just nods his head. “Awesome, can't wait to show you my routine. But...hmmm.” Seth looks around. “I'm worried that you won't get the full effect, being so low on the ground. Here, let's do this.” Seth reaches down and grabs Trevor at the waist. His gigantic hands easily encircle Trevor's tiny waist with finger length to spare. Seth chuckles to himself at just how light his tiny friend is. Trevor's feet rocket upwards and his head passes Seth's quads, the enormity of his bulge, row by row of abdominals and finally stopping near Seth's chest. Seth turns and steps toward his special chair and sets Trevor's feet down on the seat. Trevor examines the giant's chair, taking in it's enormity. The seat level is nearly the height of Trevor. If Trevor sat against the backrest, his feet wouldn't even reach the front edge of the chair. While standing on the chair, Trevor's head is at the level of Seth's nipples. Even elevated so high off the ground, he doesn't come close to matching the height of Seth. From his new perch Trevor fully takes in Seth's body. His breathing rate increases as he examines his musculature, there is so much to take in. “My god Seth. You are so...fucking...BIG! How...how much you weigh? I can't imagine what you must weigh. This is so embarrassing for me to admit. But Seth, I only weigh just under 100 lbs.” “OOOOOOhhhh.” Seth throws his head back and moans in pleasure, his bulge bounces as some enlarging blood pumps into his cock, feeling aroused as he considers his size advantage. “That's IT?? Fuck, you are TINY! My gawd man. I bet my dick and BALLS weigh more than you! Get this, if I were a pathetic short 6 ft tall man with my current stats, I'd weigh 340 lbs. Which at my height means I weigh over THREE THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED lbs!” “OH MY GOD!” Trevor squeals in terror and also arousal. “FUCK YEAH SHRIMP! I weigh THIRTY THREE times as much as you. YES! I'm so BIG!! GAHH!” Seth launches into his posing routine, beginning with a lat spread. He places his hands on his hips and slowly expand his back muscles, seemingly growing wider and wider...and WIDER! “Seth! At full spread your lats are WIDER than I am tall!” “YES! I LOVE BEING WIIIIIIIDE!” Seth turns and performs a side chest pose, his massive pecs shelf flexes upwards and crashes into his chin. As he smashes his biceps and triceps against his lats, they grow even wider. And fuck, Trevor salivates as he sees Seth's crotch BULGE out so far in front of him, even further than his pecs shelf. Meanwhile, Seth is totally getting into the flow of his routine, which he happily narrates for Trevor. “Check out these pecs, your runt! My chest measures 134 inches around!! Does that make you feel SMALL?” Seth roars in laughter still holding the pose. “I bet it does. If I were 6 ft, that means my chest would be 62 inches!” Seth turns again to face Trevor and steps close to the chair. With Trevor’s eyes totally filled with pec muscle, Seth grins and growls, “BOOM BOOM BOOM!” as he bounces his pecs. "Even if I were short like you, these muscles would totally dominate you! I would weigh so much more and be so much stronger than you!" Seth bounces his titanic pecs, his massive beach-towel sizes muscles flex and bulge up and down right in Trevor's face. Trevor's dick is rock hard as he longs to shove his face in between the muscles, to feel their power. Seth turns around and re-performs his lat spread, showcasing a back that Trevor could literally project a movie on. “He's so big. So wide.” Trevor mutters as he hears Seth chuckle at the praise the little one is throwing his way. Seth looks over his shoulder at the small man, “Don't forget to check out the glutes and hammies, squirt!” Seth re-positions his feet and brings up a back double biceps pose. Bulges and ridges, hills and dales, mounds and valleys of muscle erupt all over his back, shoulders and arms. And those glutes. So huge, each the size of a medicine ball, seem to swallow the butt of the posing trunks, nearly turning them into a g-string. It's the world’s most perfect ass, blown up to four times the size of an average-sized bodybuilder. Seth turns around and brings up his hands behind his head. He sneers down at Trevor as he crunches his abs down, flares his lats, and tightens his legs in a titanic abs-and-thighs pose. The image conjures up a cobra that has mated with an anaconda to Trevor. Just pure, wide, muscle. “Check out these muscles, little man! All these ripped abs to go with my SIZE. My waist is 64”, but if I were 6 ft tall, that'd be just 30 inches! The beauty of having just over 4% bodyfat!” “GEEZ Seth! My waist is 30 inches!” “HAHA you serious? I'm literally 33 times as big as you and we have the same waist proportion? Man I truly am JACKED! And check out these quads! Watch me roll them back and forth and the FLEX them into TITANIUM hardness. Each of my quads are over EIGHTY ONE inches around! That would be 39 inches on a 6 ft dude. I LOVE my huge legs. How much POWER they give me. How they push out my cock and balls so far. Don't think I haven't seen you staring at them you scrawny, kinky, fuck, haha.” Trevor gulps, “It's...um...kind of hard to miss, Seth!” “It's sure is! You ready for my signature pose? My double biceps?” Trevor gulps. “Haha, this might make you bust your tiny nut, little dude. You've been rubbing your little crotch the entire time I've been flexing.” Trevor hadn't even noticed, but Seth was right. He looks back up at Seth, embarrassed. Seth smirks and rubs his own poser pouch. “It's ok, little fella. It turns me on too that all this mass, all this muscle, all this height, overwhelms you. Go ahead and strip down, dude. I'll help you take care of that if you want. All part of the service, runt.” Trevor nervously strips off his shorts and underwear, his little rock hard dicket sticks straight out just a few short inches. Seth merely grins as it pops free. By this time, Seth himself is half hard, and what looks to be the upper six inches of his thick dick now shows as his cock pulls the posers even further away from his body as his cock grows. Seth grins and starts his final pose. “I fucking love my arms, bro. They are so huge, even on my body. Even if I were a short 6 ft tall man they would dwarf the current Mr. O's arms. Check these out.” Seth smiles in total domination, as he lets the silence bring Trevor even closer to the edge. “BOOOM!” Seth brings his arms up into the most colossal front double biceps pose in history. The peaks ERUPT upward and seem to grow even further as he clenches and flexes harder and harder. Striations criss-cross the biceps and triceps. A sheen of sweat now makes his entire body glow. Trevor shudders but miraculously doesn't explode as he takes in all of Seth's body. It's like his body is made up of a combination of the best all-time bodybuilders' body parts. Lee Priest's arms. Dorian Yates' back. Tom Platz's legs. Arnold's chest. And an overall symmetry of Bob Paris. And after that you had to add another 25 to 30% of pure MASS. Seth comes right up to Trevor, as close as Jack ever did and leans down and over, putting his mouth to Trevor’s ear. He whispers, but still almost talking to Trevor’s hearing, “You like my arms, little one. They are huge. They currently measure over 57 inches! But I want soooo much more. You know how big that would be if I were 6 ft? Over TWENTY SEVEN inches! HELL YEAH! YOU WANT TO TAKE IN THESE MONSTER GUNS, TINY!” “You are a god, Seth!” Trevor almost yells. “Show me your muscles! Uhnnn!” Trevor is furiously stroking his little dick at the display of giant muscle power. However, before he can finish Seth lurches sideways and forward, sliding his right forearm between Trevor's legs, and lifts the runt high into the air so he's straddling Seth's arm. Trevor's bony little butt rests in the crook of Seth’s arm and his dicklet is pressing against Seth's biceps! Seth raises him up into a one-arm biceps pose and flexes and unflexes his biceps against Trevor, stimulating the little man. “You like you that, you tiny runt? You like my giant biceps pressing you into my forearm. Fuck, I can barely feel you are so light and tiny. I could crush you and not even know it.” “FUCK, Seth! You are so powerful!” Trevor humps his dick against Seth's biceps. Suddenly Trevor hears a tear. He looks down at least a good six feet below and sees Seth's cock has torn free from his posers, now at full erection. “HAHAHA! Look at that, Trevor. Look at my COCK. That is a cock of a real man. It's so much bigger than your little penis. Fuck, not even a penis. That is a little dicklet, holy hell bro! I think the striations in my BICEPS are bigger than your small manhood. You like thinking about that? How much bigger I am than you! How my cock is a massive THIRTY ONE INCHES LONG! That would be FOURTEEN INCHES if I was a pathetic 6 ft tall man. But I'm NOT that pathetically small. I'm nearly THIRTEEN FEET of MAN AND MUSCLE WITH A TWO AND HALF FOOT LONG ALPHA-COCK!” “Holy damn, Seth! You are a GIANT. And you make me so HARD! UNNGG!” Trevor increases his humping, hugging the flexed biceps of Seth and grinding his pelvis into the warm, tight skin covering the same mass. Seth groans deeply while his uses his opposite hand to stroke his monster dick. He looks straight into Trevor eyes with a glazed, commanding look. “Do it, Trevor. Blow your essence on my biceps. Give your giant muscle god your blessing.” “BLOW!!!” Seth commands. Seth flexes harder, mashing Trevor harder into his bicep with his forearm. Trevor feels his breath constricted as he shudders and unleashes a tiny eruption on the surface of Seth's arm. “SETH!! You are the hottest man in history. So BIG! So TALL! So STRONG!!” “FUCK YEAH I AM, RUNT! I'M A BODYBUILDING GIANT!! UNNNGAHHHH” Seth himself explodes, dumping pints of superior jizz on the tile floor below. ++++++++++++++++++ Later than evening Stacy returns to the condo after meeting some of her old gym friends. As usual, she looks like a giant goddess as she greets Trevor, and he notices something off. “Hi Stacy. Wow you always look so good. Wait a minute, are...are you taller? Seth said you had stopped growing before your wedding.” “Well that's what we though because I didn't grow at all for like eight months. But it turns out I had one last growth spurt left too! I'm just over eight feet tall, thank you for noticing! I love it. Plus, since this big lug here,” Stacy and Seth smile to each other, “...since this big lug’s grown again I needed that extra size. Let's just say things we were...getting extremely tight.” Stacy blushes. “My last growth spurt makes it easier for Seth and I in the bedroom, hehe.” Trevor just shakes his head. Even this eight foot tall woman struggled taking Seth. It was emasculating and so arousing at the same time. “But you are done growing? Wow, eight foot tall. You have to be the tallest woman ever.” “I sure am, Trevor. Perfect to go with the biggest MAN ever.” Trevor agrees. “Wasn't Jack like eight foot tall?” Stacy gins brightly. “Yep! Just over. I'm actually taller than Jack by a full inch!” That vicarious thought of revenge makes Trevor smile. Later, the trio sits down for a nice meal that Stacy has prepared where they enjoy a night of camaraderie and entertaining chatter. After a few glasses of wine the inhibitions of the trio have loosened considerably. As Stacy finishes off her sixth glass, she grins to Trevor. “So, Trev, I know Seth told you how we like to have fun with others sometimes. Especially, smaller people...how would you like to have some fun with us?” “I...uhhhh.” Trevor watches her, stunned. Seth plants his big hand on Trevor's shoulder and smiles excitedly, “Just relax. You're gonna love this, bro.” Stacy grins and begins to perform a slow, sensual striptease. Though Trevor has long learned to embrace his gay side, his straight side revs up quickly as the eight foot tall, busty blonde goddess sultrily strips down. Once her massive tits are exposed, she leans down and into Trevor, letting them rest on his face. He groans. “You like my giantess tits, little Trevor? They are so big and perfect, don't you think?” Stacy stands back allowing Trevor to see and talk. “I know you like our size, little guy. And fair is fair. Why don't you try my husband’s muscle tits too?” she coos. “What?” Trevor asks confused. While Stacy has been teasing Trevor, Seth too has stripped naked. Trevor turns as Seth again lifts him up by his waist and sits him on his bulging forearm, like how a father carries his toddler. Seth brings him up and forward to his pecs. “Yeah, little man. You got to motorboat my wife's boobs, try my pecs too!” Seth cradles Trevor’s head with one hand, while he presses Trevor’s face into the deep ravine between his chest muscles. He flexes and relaxes them, letting their mass envelope Trevor. Stacy coos, “Oh Seth, that's so hot. You completely dominate little Trevor. You like that baby? How about you Trevor? Let's say we all head into the bedroom?” Seth carries Trevor into the bedroom while Stacy follows. Once inside the two giants easily strip off Trevor's clothes. Trevor gasps, once again fully aroused and fully exposed in front of the two most perfect beings on the planet. “Oh Trevor,” Stacy swoons. “Your little dick is so adorable.” She licks the end and uses just two fingers to stroke Trevor while Seth continues to hold him up, but facing away from him now, with Trevor back against Seth's pecs. “Trevor, I wish you could fuck me with that, but I'm afraid you might just be too small,” she giggles sexily. Seth speaks up, “Stacy, babe, should we show Trevor how giants fuck?” “Let's do it, Seth. We know he wishes he could be a giant like us. But he's not. He's a runt. Not like you, babe. My giant hung bodybuilder stud. A tall Amazon goddess like me needs the biggest man. A man with the biggest muscles, the tallest man, the man with the biggest COCK for my deep pussy.” Stacy then lays back onto the bed and spreads her legs, showing her inviting snatch to Seth and Trevor. Trevor glances down and see's Seth's 30 plus inch dick rise in between his feet. Then in a move that feels rehearsed the giants continue their foreplay. Stacy lifts her legs wide and moans. “Seth, how about we give little Trevor a real closeup of what it's like to be a giant sex god, like you.” Seth, still holding Trevor in front of him, agrees, “I bet this little guy would love that, wouldn't you little man. You are can be our adorable little audience participant.” Slowly, Seth lowers Trevor, rubbing his back down Seth’s rippling torso. The majestic monster cock rises in between Trevor's legs, splitting them and spreading them wider with it's coffee-can thickness. Soon, Trevor's ass is sitting on the root of the beast, and Seth's removes his hands. Stacy coos, “Oh my god, Seth! Trevor is sitting on your dick with no support!” Seth grins and takes the opportunity to perform a double biceps pose, with little Trevor resting on his cock. There is a mirror on the far wall and Trevor sees himself mounted on Seth's cock, his feet hanging far above the ground and Seth's flexing his magnificent biceps high above him. Trevor himself groans and fights the urge to blow, overwhelmed by the image, along with naked Stacy, Seth's power and how pathetically small his little nub of a dick looks while resting on top of Seth's mega-cock. Trevor feels like he's straddling a tree branch. "This huge cock can easily hold him us, Stacy. Because he's so small and I'm so BIG and POWERFUL! All this MUSCLE makes it easy, watch this Babe!” Seth flexes his dick and Trevor feels himself bobbing up and down. “OOOOHHH That's so hot, baby! My big muscle stud husband. Fuck me, Seth! I need you!” Trevor feels himself moving forward as Seth approaches Stacy. He can feel the vibrations of Seth's feet hitting the floor, thumping under his 1.5 ton weight. Trevor soon realizes what is happening. Seth intends to FUCK Stacy while Trevor straddles his cock. The two giants are acting as if Trevor is not even there, as if he's insignificant...which he is. “Put that big cock in me, Seth. Breed me!” Stacy moans. Seth steps up and places his cock head at her pussy's entrance. Trevor looks down and has extreme doubts that it will fit. Seth reaches his long arm forward and pushes the head down, where it makes contact with her opening. Stacy suddenly shudders in pleasure. With a slight thrust, the giant cock head pops inside Stacy, her pussy seemingly expanding and accepting the giant appendage like a snake swallowing an egg. “OH FUCK, SETH!” Stacy shouts. “I can never get enough of your big cock!” Behind him, Trevor feels Seth's chest rumble as he groans. “Oh Stacy, babe. You are so tight. Your pussy fits me like a glove, it feels so good. I love you, babe. You are the only woman big enough to take me. My hot giant wife.” Seth pushes in another few inches. Trevor finds himself rubbing his on dick while watching the scene, humping it against the column of Seth-cock between his legs. His back is slick with sweat, sweat that has started to accumulate on Seth's body and that is now dripping onto Trevor from above. When Seth is about ½ way in, Stacy screams and shudders, wailing in pleasure. Seth chuckles deeply. From above he speaks into Trevor’s ear. “That was my wife having her first orgasm of the night. That is the power in my body, Trevor. Power that you don't have and will never have. The power to cause a woman to erupt just from putting my dick halfway in her.” Stacy regains control and looks back to Trevor and Seth, “Thank you Seth. I love you too, my giant hunk. That was the first orgasm of MANY to come. Now FUCK ME! OHHHHH!” Seth pushes forward and sinks in deeper and deeper as Trevor is also shoved toward Stacy. He is amazed that she can take so much, even being over eight foot tall herself. The scene is incredibly erotic. Stacy continues to groan and shudder as she is invaded. Soon nearly two feet of Seth's 2.5 foot cock is inside her. Now the two giants are close enough that Trevor's little dick is near her massive, yet tight entrance. Trevor feels Seth lean down and speak sultrily into his ear. “We've got one last surprise for you, Trevor. Look at Stacy, isn't she hot. Yeah, she is, isn't she. Instead of just watching us giants fuck, how would you like to join us?” Trevor breathing quickens even more as he shudders himself, yet fends on orgasm. “Hold on just a little longer, buddy. You'll love this. I bet it's been a long time you fucked a woman, being so small and weak. How could you even satisfy a tiny woman? So how about tonight I let you fuck my wife...along with me.” Trevor moans, “Oh fuck Seth.” Stacy smiles and responds for Seth. “I think that's a yes. C'mon Trevor. For tonight, you can pretend that the giant cock you are sitting on is yours. Fuck me Trevor!” Seth pushes forward, sinking the last few inches of his dick into Stacy. Simultaneously, Trevor pushes his little dicklet down so it enters her pussy with Seth. Stacy screams, “Fuck YES TREVOR! YOUR COCK IS SO BIG! IT'S SO DEEP! YOU ARE MY GIANT GOD!” Seth leans forward, smashing Trevor between his and Stacy's abdomens. Using his titanic glutes, Seth's makes small thrusting motions to further stimulate all three. He leans over and kisses Stacy. Trevor feels Seth's bulk completely surround him in a cocoon of muscle power. He sees the enormous biceps and triceps flexing on either side of him as Seth holds himself up. He feels Seth's giant pecs and nipples pressing against his shoulders since they are so much wider than his own thin back. Trevor realizes Seth can't make long thrusts or else his tiny dick will quickly pop out of Stacy. But the overall sensation quickly brings him to finality. Trevor shouts his finishing thoughts. "FUCKKKK! SETH! STACY! YOU ARE MY GODS! MY GIANT MUSCLE GODS!” Seth's power causes all three to orgasm simultaneously. The three quivering bodies all moan as they finish. Little Trevor relishes his first fuck in a couple of years, not only his first fuck in a long time, but with two of the hottest people on the planet. Seth leans back up, freeing Trevor who simply turns and looks up at Seth, past his impossibly huge pecs into this smiling, spent, handsome face. “Seth, I'll take that job.” ++++++++++ The End. That's it! Hope you liked it. It obviously wasn't for everyone, as evidenced by much of the discussion. The humiliation aspect caused some controversy and that's ok. It's not for everyone. I find it hot, and I know many others do to, so I was happy to post this series. I also have to give a big shoutout to jsmith230, my original RP partner on this. Being and RP, he basically provided about 50% of the plot. I simply took our RP, expanded upon and put it in a story format. Also, to good friend Brad for helping with some editing. Take care! and GROW!
  10. Can never get enough stud coach stories.
  11. Wow. You have a way with words. That sex scene was incredible.
  12. I though this guy would be good to post here. Czech daddy Slavoj Bednar: He has the rare look where I think he actually looks better in on-stage condition in his posers:
  13. Awesome job. These characters are so likable. And I actually like the little breaks in growth where they enjoy their current size for a while... ...of course, I hope they keep growing too
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