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    Since I'm short I'll say Flex Lewis stats. Dude is a MONSTER! In my fantasy I'm way talller 6'7" and 340 lbs of rock hard beef.
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    "Justin (The Bigger The Better)" by Giantworshipper, "Home From College" by Musclegod300, anything by Sean Reid Scott, Uncle's Jailhouse Muscles, I've been growth stories for so long there are too many to list!
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    Giants and Muscles. Size comparisons and light humiliation/domination of the smaller being.

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  1. Searching for Macro Story

    Not sure why it is posting in black text? I changed the color to "automatic", anybody know why it's doing that??
  2. Searching for Macro Story

    Found it via the wayback machine on Expanders https://web.archive.org/web/20091027083700/http://geocities.com/expander11/archive/stories/titans.txt MUSCLE TITANS by Green Dragon ([email protected]) Mark and Sean were sun bathing on the beach one day. Mark was about 6'3" and quite muscular. He had stunning pecs with a very thin layer of light brown hair covering them. He had very powerful looking arms. They were massive. He very rarely wore shirts with sleeves because the sleeves could not contain that much muscle, so he just went without shirts for most of the time. He also had a very nice six-pack going on. Mark did not consider himself to be gay, but he did get turned on when Sean was hanging out with him. Sean was also quite muscular and he also liked being with Mark, but was afraid to tell him. He had a very smooth, rock hard body. He worked out everyday and he had massive arms just like Mark has. Sean was about 6'1" and he was almost identical to Mark other than He had no hair on his chest. As they were sunbathing on the beach they had no idea that someone was watching them, and this person would change their lives forever. Gary was a guy who was a macrophile at heart. He was at the beach standing on the boardwalk watching Mark and Sean. He would picture them in his mind what it would be like if those two were colossal muscle titans; the thought of it turned him on, and he would literally melt inside. "This is the only chance I have," Gary said to himself. He had been working on this formula for almost a year now and he had a good feeling that it would work. He was also very nervous because once the process takes effect, he would not know how easy it would be to bring them back down to normal size after his macro fantasy is complete. He stood on the boardwalk contemplating whether to do it, and how he was going to accomplish this task. "Damn, this is more complicated than I thought," said Gary to himself. He tapped his finger on the railing impatiently. "I have to do it now, when am I going to get another chance at this?" he thought. "Dude, pass me the sun tan lotion," Mark said. Sean passed him the lotion over to him. Sean stood up and took off his shorts, to reveal his very small thong. Sean had a nice bulge and Mark took notice of it. Sean could not tell but Mark was getting a massive hard-on. "Is that one of those tan-through thongs?" Mark asked. "Yeah, it sure is," Sean replied as he grabbed the side of his thong and pulled it out to the side allowing the sun to penetrate through it. "Maybe I should get one too," replied Mark as he was adjusting himself. "Yeah, they are great, and it is also a shape enhancing thong," Sean said as he grabbed his crotch. It was now getting late and Mark had to get to work soon. "We got to get going, I have to be at work soon," Mark said to Sean as he was standing up. "Damn, now I don't have a choice, they are getting up and leaving," Gary said. Mark and Sean were gathering their things and putting them into their gym bags. They both walked to the showers. Gary proceeded to the showers, as well. mark took off his suit to reveal a huge cock about 8" long and it was not even hard. It took Sean quite a bit of strength to fight off his desires and temptations seeing Mark naked. Mark got into the shower and Sean followed suit. He tried not to look at Mark rubbing his hands over his mountainous pecs, caressing his erect nipples. Marks hands moved down his body past his amazing six-pack and started cleaning his fat, humongous cock. Sean took off his suit and walked over to the shower area. "When are you going to get rid of that piece of shit car of yours?" Mark asked as he was lathering up his nice round ass. "I don't know, maybe soon I hope," replied Sean as he was looking at the floor. "Come on over after I get off from work and we'll do something like watch a video," Mark said as he was turning off the shower. "I guess so," Sean said, some-what relieved Mark was leaving the area. Meanwhile, Gary was standing outside the shower building, contemplating on whether to do this or not. Finally, he decided to go through with it, because he had spent so long trying to perfect it, he would not want to blow an opportunity like this. He pulled out a handful of very small pills and walked into the shower building. He heard the showers running, but really had no idea where Mark and Sean were. He looked around and saw their gym bags lying on a bench, and he walked over to them and thought, "How am I going to get them to take these pills?" He saw their vitamin bottles lying near the top of the bags. He quickly opened them both up and pored their vitamins out. He put roughly the same amount of his "special" pills back into their bottles. "Thank God," he muttered, his arduous task was now completed. He had to take a piss so he walked over to a stall and let it out. When he was done he wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked over to the sink to wash his hands. As he walked away, and turned the corner, he bumped right into Mark's colossal pecs. He was scared to death and very turned on by this. Mark already was towering over him. "Sorry about that," Mark said, stepping to the side to let him pass. Mark was only wearing a towel and that proved too much for Gary to handle. He began cumming right in his pants, and when this happened, he began running while holding his crotch. "What the fuck is that guys problem?," Mark thought. Mark went over to the stalls and began to take a piss. Gary came back and looked to see if Mark was going to come after him. He watched the muscleman do his business. Mark reached under the towel and scratched his ass. Then Mark took off his towel and hung it on the top of the stall and continued on pissing. "Holy Shit, this guy is so amazing," Gary whispered to himself. Mark continued to piss and then he farted causing his butt cheeks to ripple. Gary once again could not control himself and began to cum again. Sean was getting out of the shower and was wrapping a towel around himself when he saw Gary jackin' off against the wall watching Mark. "What the fuck are you doing?" Sean said very loudly. At that moment Mark walked around the corner to see what was going on. "This little fuck was jackin' off, watchin' you take a piss," Sean told Mark. Here was Gary trapped between these two hulking, beautiful musclemen. He came only up to the lower part of their chests. Mark grabbed his collar on the back of his shirt and easily lifted him up to eye level. Mark took his towel off and said, "You want to suck my fat cock, little man?" Mark threw him on the ground floor, and said, "Get the fuck out of here you fuckin' queer." Gary got up as fast as he could and ran to the entrance. "Why don't you kick that guys ass?," Sean asked. "That puny little man is not worth it," Mark said as he was opening his vitamin bottle. Mark popped four pills into his mouth. He handed four pills to Sean and he popped them in his mouth as well. They both got dressed and headed for Mark's car. "So, I'll see you tonight," Mark asked Sean as he pulled up into Sean's driveway. "Yeah, sure, I guess," Sean replied. Sean got out of the car and proceeded to his front door. He waved as Mark began to pull away. Inside Sean rapidly took off all of his clothes and stood in the living room and began to stroke his cock. He was thinking of Mark and the way he was cleaning himself in the shower, and the way he lifted up Gary and grabbed his cock. Within a matter of seconds, he began to shooting his load all over his living floor. He sat on the couch and decided that tonight he would tell Mark how he felt. He got up and went to the bedroom and layed on his bed and fell asleep. Mark worked as a weekend security guard for a packaging plant about 60 miles out of town. It was quite a bit of a drive but it was the only job Mark could get at this time. He was kind of annoyed that he had to go to work for only 3 to 4 hours. He continued to drive which seemed to take much longer than usual. When Mark was about a mile from the plant, he began to feel very weird. He pulled over into a rural gas station and immediately went to the bathroom. He walked in and locked the door. He walked up to the sink and turned on the hot water. He began to splash water on his face. All of the sudden he began feeling a tingling sensation all throughout his body. "Hey, I have to use the bathroom," a guy yelled as he pounded on the door. "Hurry up," yelled the guy as he continued to pound on it louder. Mark did not know it but he was getting bigger. He went to one of the stalls and forced himself to throw up. "Fuck, what the hell is happening to me?" Mark thought. Mark was wearing a button down shirt and blue jeans. He filled his clothes very well, and in some places, a little too much. When he was done throwing up, he stood up and walked back to the sink. He looked into the mirror and stared at his beautiful face. He took hands and rubbed them through his short, dark brown hair. "Hey, you god damn fuckin' asshole, get the hell out of there," yelled the guy who was pounding on the door. Mark was getting extremely pissed off now. He began to clench his fists. The tingling sensation was getting much more noticeable. He looked down at his shirt and it was getting smaller and the buttons were beginning to pop off of the shirt. His massive chest burst through, as did his bulging biceps rip his sleeves. His beautiful ass began to rip and tear his jeans. He began to rub his six-pack and worked his was up to his mountainous pecs. His fat cock burst through his jeans and hung between his massive, trunk like legs. The growth stopped for the moment. He stood about 16 feet tall and his head was nearly touching the 17 foot ceiling. "Oh, fuck yeah," Mark said as he examined his bigger body. The guy outside continued to pound on the door and yell for Mark to get the hell out of the bathroom. Mark wanted to teach the guy a lesson. He turned off the light in the bathroom , which made it completely dark. He then unlocked the door and opened it a crack. "Fuckin' finally," the guy said as he entered the dark bathroom. As he made his way past the door , it slammed very hard behind him. "Hello," the guy said very nervously. He reached for the light switch and turned it on. He saw no one. He walked over to the stall and opened it, but no one was in it. "Where the fuck did he go?" the guy said to himself. He then heard very loud thumping footsteps behind him. He turned around to see what it was. He was horrified to see a gigantic muscle-bound man coming right towards him. "Looking for me?" Mark said. Mark walked over to him and towered over him. "You know, I have not had a good fuck in such a long time," Mark said as he was holding his giant cock. Mark lifted up the guy with ease and brought him closer to his face. He held him by one hand and with the other, he began tearing off the guys clothes. "You are a very little man, aren't you?" Mark said as he rubbed the guys cock with his thumb. Another growth spurt shot throughout his body. He grew through the roof of the building, while still holding on to his little captive man. When the growth spurt stopped, he topped out at around 300 feet tall. "Oh shit, I'm fuckin' huge," Mark boomed. The gas station was in shambles around his massive feet. Mark remembered the guy he was holding in his hand. He brought his hand up to his face and opened his fist to find the little man lifeless. Mark accidentally crushed him when the growth started again. "Oops...sorry about that," Mark said as he laughed. Mark then tossed the guys lifeless body over his shoulder. Mark began checking out his new "big" body. He began to rub his pecs and started to rub his erect nipples. He was getting turned on by the thought of all the power he had. He raised his foot and crushed a car with a thunderous boom. Now that he could do whatever he wanted, he decided to go show his buddy, Sean, what it is like to be a hot muscular giant and have total power over everything. With thunderous footsteps he walked back to the city. Meanwhile, Sean was just waking up from his nap. He rubbed his pecs as he began to stretch. As he layed on his bed he reached for his underwear that was on the floor. He proceeded to put them on in a lying down position. "What the fuck?" Sean said, noticing the underwear could not contain his massive cock and smooth ass. He sat up, shocked that his head was nearly touching the ceiling. He looked around the room; everything was small. He reached over and touched his dresser. He lifted one side of it and easily tipped it over. "This is so fuckin' cool," Sean exclaimed. "Wait until Mark see's me now." He got off his bed and was in a crouching position. His huge cock became erect. He sat down on the floor and began to stroke it when all of the sudden a massive tingling sensation went through his body. Just like Mark, Sean began growing at an unbelievable rate. The room was getting was too small to contain this growing muscle hunk, so Sean stood up and broke out of the roof of his house. When his growth finally stopped, he towered above at about 290 feet. He looked around at the miniature world before him. He saw the skyscrapers of the city in the distance, and down around the ruins of his demolished house, chaos and panic were spreading. "HA,HA,HA,HA,HA," Sean laughed as he scratched his giant balls. News helicopters were beginning to swarm like bees near him. Sean bounced his mammoth pecs up and down and began to rub his nipples. This was a fantasy come true for Sean. He always wanted to be bigger than everyone else, and now he finally got his wish. He lifted his right foot and stepped on one of his neighbor's homes. He grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Within moments, he began shooting his load all over the neighborhood. He stepped forward toward the street and crushed a couple of people running around. It felt good feeling that goo afterwards. "Well, let's do some explorin'," Sean said. He headed down the street crushing everything that was in his path. Gary had just got home from the store. He lived in an apartment in one of the downtown skyscrapers way up on the 30th floor. He walked in and set down the groceries and sat on the couch. He reached for the channel changer and turned on the television. "Breaking news...This is Chris Mckenna live from Chopper 8...we are currently hovering on the outskirts of downtown and there is a very large man causing chaos and destruction...," the camera pans over to Sean (his cock and ass are blurred out for censorship reasons). "Holy shit," Gary yelled, "the goddamn pills worked. I have to see this better." Gary ran for the door and headed for the stairs. He headed up to the roof to get a better view of the rampaging colossus. When he reached the roof, he ran to the edge and looked around from the right to the left. Then he spotted him. Gary unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and vigorously stroked it. His dreams have finally come true. He watched Sean's muscles move and his cock sway back and forth with each step he took. "Ugh," Sean moaned, "I need to take a shit," he said. Sean squatted down and rummaged through a house. He found a man cowering in an inside room. He picked him up and looked at him. The man in his hand was scared to death. Sean pulled the man's shorts off revealing his smooth ass. Sean took his finger and rubbed the man's ass, and then tried to insert it farther in. All of the sudden, the little man split into two. Sean just flicked his body, not caring at all. Behind Sean, cops and ambulances were gathering. He looked behind him and smiled. The cops and paramedics were trying to help the injured and block the area off when Sean farted, blowing people everywhere. Cars flipped over on top of people, homes were destroyed or damaged, and all Sean did was laugh and put his hand down on a cop car and crush it. He stood up and saw a medium-sized stadium about half a mile away. "That's a good place to take a shit," he thought to himself. He proceeded toward the stadium. As he walked he rubbed his abs and worked his way to his ass and then began to rub his ass. He began to finger fuck himself. The spectators at the stadium were unaware of the giant hunk rampaging throughout the city. The spectators were watching a football game when, all of the sudden shaking and rumbling began. Most people thought it was a minor earthquake, but they were soon to find out how wrong they were. As the game continued, people cheered and soon the players heard screams rather than cheers. The game abruptly stopped and the football players looked in awe as the muscle-bound titan lifted one leg over the stadium. When the foot made contact with the turf, it sent a shockwave knocking most of the football player's on the ground. "Pardon me folks," boomed Sean, "this will just take a second." Sean brought his other leg over the stadium. He walked towards the middle, stepping on a few players. He leaned forward just a little and with both hands he spread both butt cheeks. He let out a fart, which sent football players flying. This goliath was turning on number 37; he began stroking his cock right on the playing field. Sean let out a 30 foot long shit log and it smashed to the ground right on number 37. "AHHHhhh...that fuckin' felt good." Sean said very relieved. He stood there and looked at all of the tiny screaming people. He reached down and picked up a handful of people and brought them up to his face. The group of people were staring at his beautiful, chiseled face. He had a wicked smile on his face. He tilted his head back and opened his mouth. He put his hand over his mouth and opened it. The handful of people fell into his mouth and he swallowed. He patted his stomach and walked over to the stadium seats and punched, kicked, and smashed them down. He knocked part of the stadium down and walked out of it. "I think it is time to pay a visit to Mark," Sean said. And with that he headed to the packaging plant Mark worked at. "Boy, is he going to be surprised," Sean said scratching his ass. to be continued....
  3. The Car Salesman - Chapter 4

    Wow. You have the alpha attitude down PAT and your writing perfectly shows it. I love me some cocky, alpha dominance without excessive cruelty so this is pushing my buttons.
  4. The Librarian

    Wow, who knew there were so many muscle-crazed librarians out there! I hope I don't let ya'll down!
  5. The Librarian

    Here's my next story. I hope you like. If you've read my other stories you know that brevity is not my strong suit. The first part is a lot of setup, but I promise it will lead to good things! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Written for a friend THE LIBRARIAN - Part 1 Tom Kemper exhaled as he sat in his car in the parking lot outside of the newly opened East Branch of the Thomasville City Library. In the last decade middle age had come down like a hammer on the hard working man. During that span, the former accountant had decided to change his career. Giving up a life of spreadsheets and numbers, he had returned to college and picked up a degree in History and Library Sciences. After a few successful years working at nearby local university, his supervisor had recommended him to apply for the position of the branch manager at this new location. After acing his interviews he was promptly offered the job. “Time for a new adventure,” Tom said to himself as he turned off the ignition and stepped out of his car. He opened the back seat door and grabbed a large carrier full of various coffees headed into the East Branch. The modest, standalone building was located at the end of a large parking lot adjacent to a strip mall in a burgeoning part of the city. He made his way up the steps, unlocked the door and headed inside. The other city library staff had already cleaned the building and had began setting up shelves and stocking them with books. However, there was still a lot of work to be done before the place could open next week. Boxes of books were stacked around the walls, waiting to be placed in their respective sections. A few minutes before 8:00am the rest of the staff began to trickle in, 16 in all. Tom had helped interview and hire half of them and the other half were transfers from the other city branches. “Good morning everyone,” Tom said cheerily as his staffed filed in. “First things first, time for coffee!” The others chuckled at Tom's affable nature. Kind, witty and sarcastic, Tom never had trouble connecting with others. Most of the staff helped themselves to one of the cups as Tom sipped his. “I don't know about you, but I can't function unless I have my morning java. The first task for one of you this morning will be to run over to the appliance store and pick up a coffee maker.” Tom led the group in a quick icebreaker. Luckily, most of the group knew each other from their respective work in the library field. Tom introduced the rest of the new hires and then assigned the group to various tasks to get the library up and running. Tom set about to help unboxing the books with half of the group. As he bent down to pick up a box, he grabbed his back and let out a YELP. Susan, one of the new hires rushed over. “Tom, are you alright?” The pretty, dark-complected, 30-something brunette woman asked with sympathy. Tom grabbed his back in frustration as he contorted his face. “Ugh, yeah. I guess I should've lifted with my legs like they always say, damnit.” “Well, since you are the boss why don't you go set up your office. We'll take care of these boxes,” Susan suggested. Feeling ashamed at his lack of physical aptitude, Tom reluctantly agreed and sulked over the office, twisting his torso trying to loosen up the kink in his back. Once he closed the door, Tom grimaced loudly. Another unfortunate side effect of his age was the degradation of his body. Now in his late 40's, Tom had always had a seemingly trim physique, partly due to his height at a lanky 6'3. Although he knew the truth, that instead of trim, he was actually just 'skinny-fat.' Tall, dark and handsome, his age had just begun to show with some lines on his face, although instead of aging him they only seemed to refine his masculine visage. But it disjointed Tom that his body belied his handsome face. As part of this new adventure, Tom had even told himself that he was going to fully commit himself into getting into shape once the library was up and running. But even then, as with most resolutions, at that point he only half believed it would happen. As Tom continued to stretch out, he thought back to the man he had seen at the grocery store yesterday. The man was simply put, enormous. Clearly a bodybuilder, the man's t-shirt was plastered to his protruding muscles. With every step and sway of his arms the flesh underneath the shirt bunched and flexed in an erotic symphony. “I bet that guy would have no trouble lifting those boxes of books,” Tom grumbled to himself. Tom had recently come to grips with the fact that he was gay, something that he had so far only shared with a handful of close friends. Not only had he come to terms, but he fully accepted that he was into a certain type of man. Namely, muscular. Tom was obsessed with huge, bulging, ripped muscle. Not so much the big rounded powerlifter build, but the tight-waisted, wide V-shape of the biggest muscle models, the type of men who dominated the new classic physique division of bodybuilding shows. This was the type of man Tom wanted to be and be with and provided another spark in his commitment to get into shape. Remembering the hunk from the store allowed Tom's mind to briefly forget the pain in his back and he felt a swelling in his groin. One place the new library manager had never been lacking was downstairs, as he looked down at the unmistakable bulge in his pants. He chuckled at his reaction, “I guess I'm not going back out there for a few minutes.” Once the pain subsided, Tom began organizing his office, being careful not to bend over. After an hour or so of organizing Tom noticed a door in the back corner of his large office. He rightfully assumed it was a closet. As he went to open the door he found it to be locked. “Well that's odd,” he grumbled. Grabbing his key ring that came with the new office, he noticed a small, brass key. Trying it in the door, he was relieved to see the door swing open into a long narrow closet full of steel shelves. He stepped into the room and took note. The long shelves on the side walls were empty, but the narrow back wall shelves were stocked full with various sized plastic bottles and tubs. As Tom inspected them closer he realized they were various nutritional supplements. Protein powders, fat burning pills, energy mixes, you name it. “Man, whomever worked here before me was quite the gym bunny.” Then he contemplated all that happened recently. The new job, telling himself he would get into shape, the huge bodybuilder in the supermarket, tweaking his back lifting a heavy box full of books and now a room full of workout supplements. It's like the universe had acknowledged that Tom had decided to make a change to his body and was providing all the extra motivation. And the universe had handing him nice free gift. He surmised that he likely had over a year's worth of supplements in front of him. As he continued to take stock he noticed two large black tubs with no labeling in the middle of the protein powders. He took one down and unscrewed the cap and noted the dark brown powder inside. “Must be more chocolate protein powder, like the other tubs.” He set the unmarked tubs back on the shelf and headed back out of the closet to assist his workers. After work that night Tom headed to the chiropractor directly across the parking lot from the soon-to-open library. A handsome man in his late 20's greeted Tom as he entered. “Hello there, what can I do for you?” the man said as he looked up from the reception desk. Tom gave the man a once over and was impressed. He had close cropped brown hair, a full round, cleanly shaven face. Even though his face seemed slightly pudgy, the man was anything but. About 5'10” or so, his thick, stocky musculature filled the polo shirt nicely. While certainly no muscle bunny, the man clearly knew his way around the gym as displayed by his sturdy build. Tom replied, “Oh I tweaked by back today, I was hoping you could help me work out the kinks.” “Of course! Backs are my specialty. I saw you walking over from the building across the lot. Do you work there?” “Yes, we are opening a new library branch in that building. I'm the new branch manager, Tom Kemper, nice to meet you,” Tom said as they shook hands. “Nice to meet you, Tom. I'm Taylor Ottoman. And that's cool. It will be nice to have a new library in the this neighborhood, my kids will love that.” Tom shook his head, silently disappointed at the confirmation that this hunky chiro was straight. “That's a quite a difference from what that building used to be.” Tom cocked his eyebrow curiously, “Oh, I'm sorry I'm new to this area. What did it used to be?” “It was a small, very hardcore gym. I used to see some really big guys go there. A couple of the patrons used to stop in here to get adjustments. These men were massive, like pro-bodybuilder sized. I used that gym a few times but I got intimidated and started going to a Y that was close to my house. I mean these guys were seriously intense in there.” Tom listened with rapt attention and took the opportunity to compliment the man. “Oh wow. They must have been really big if you were intimidated. You look like quite the sturdy man yourself, Taylor.” Taylor smiled and chuckled, “Well thanks buddy. I like to think I'm ahead of the curve, but that place was something else. I didn't see a ton of guys go there, but the few that did were huge. Word around the strip mall is the owner got busted selling the illegal gear and that why it closed up shop a few months ago. As huge as those guy were I have no reason to doubt it.” To Tom, the room full of supplements now made much more sense now. Tom then filled out the appropriate forms for Mr. Ottoman and proceeded to have the stocky man work on his back. Twenty minutes later, he paid Taylor and left feeling much better. With all the signs the universe was sending his way, that night he joined a small, nearby 24-hour fitness gym and had his first workout session, a light 15 minute ride on the recumbent exercise bike followed by some more stretches for his back. He left feeling refreshed and that night enjoyed a one of the best nights' sleep he had in a long while, excited for the his new adventure. +++++++++ A week later all the books had been properly sorted and stacked and the library finally opened. The city had a nice small ceremony with the mayor even participating in a small ribbon cutting complete with cheesy, over-sized golden scissors. Tom and the rest of the staff were excited and relieved to have everything in place and finally allow the public in. During the past week Tom had become particularly close to Susan, whom he found could match his sharp wit with gusto. After that first day he and Susan had decided to share a celebratory glass of wine at the nice Italian restaurant just down the street. “Great job getting everything up and running, boss,” Susan praised as their wine glasses clinked together. “The rest of the staff really likes you too. I think we're all going to get along very nicely.” Tom grinned, “Well thank you, miss. I really enjoy your company as well. I honestly enjoy that you aren't afraid to tell me when I'm doing something stupid. Just because I'm your boss doesn't mean I want to be unapproachable.” The two chatted with each other some more, enjoying each others' company as they learned more about each other and laughing at each others' jokes. Tom even noticed Susan seemed to be checking him out. “So, Tom...is there a Mrs. Kemper in your life...” she coyly asked, eyebrows raised. Tom sighed and set his glass down. Susan immediately became worried. “Oh no. I'm so sorry if you are involved. I didn't mean to come onto you, Tom. I-” “Susan, relax. Actually, I...I'm... Well, I don't play for your team if you catch my drift.” Susan sat that pondering what she had heard before realization crept across her face. She immediately chuckled and took a big sip of wine. “Well DAMN! Of course you are. You are good looking, thin, smart, charming. Damnit, why are they always the gay ones,” she huffed and Tom snorted laughter. “Sorry, Suzy, you're just not my type. But, ah, I haven't told many people, so I would appreciate if you don't make a big deal of this.” “Oh of course, Tom! I would never. In fact, I think I love you even more now! So tell me, Tom, what sort of man catches your eye? Let's dish!” Now that his wheels had been greased, Tom played along. “Well, handsome, charming, fit-” “Oh so you are in love with yourself!” Both adults roared in laughter at Susan's joke. “Well, not quite haha. I'm working on the 'fit' part, especially after throwing out my back last week. Damn, that was embarrassing. I like a little bit more meat on a man's bones. Some steak if you will.” Susan cast him a knowing glance, “Ahhhh so you like the big, strong type, huh. Like, say, a big strong chiropractor type?” Tom's eyes widened. “Oh yes Tom, I've seen you head over there to see Dr. Ottoman a couple of times last week! I've been a client of his for a while, I admit he's easy on the eyes.” Tom rolled his own eyes. “Well, you're getting closer. Dr. Ottoman has a nice build, but maybe a bit soft. And I've been going over to get my back fixed!” “Sure, boss....sure...” Tom just sighed. “But, I am looking forward to getting back into shape. This 48 year old body isn't getting any younger.” “You are FORTY-EIGHT! Wow I'm stunned. I would've guessed you were about 40. You look great for your age. And I sure don't blame you, women say all the time they don't want a guy with big muscles, but that's bullshit!” she said with a laugh. “I completely agree!” Tom said as they cheersed again. “I appreciate the compliments, ma'am. And believe me, if I were straight, I would gladly take you out to dinner.” A couple hours later Tom made his way to the gym and enjoyed his nightly workout. He had been going every night for the past week and every workout had been going better and better. Every workout he had more energy and seemingly was able to lift heavier weights, thought the amounts he had been using were still modest by any weightlifting accounts. 90 minutes later, with his shirt drenched in sweat he made his way toward the front, waving to the attractive, fit young desk clerk with shaggy blonde hair, Ron. Clad in grey gym shorts and blue sleeveless Nike gym shirt, Ron had a golden tan to compliment his blonde locks, giving him a lean, surfer boy look. “Another good workout Mr. Kemper?” “You bet, Ron! I'm really enjoying these starter gains, is that what you called them?” “Beginner gains, man! And yeah I can tell. You look like your energy has tripled since the first time you walked in last week. Keep it up! And hey, I'm currently studying to become a personal trainer. If you want, I'd be happy to come up with a workout plan for you. Also, I could help show you some more moves if you'd like. No offense man, but I can tell this gym thing is new to you, bro. AND, for my classes I need to log 20 hours of practice training so I'd be happy to help you out, free of charge. Dude, from your intensity I can see you have the drive to keep at it.” Tom's face lit up, “Really!? That would be awesome, Ron.” Tom spent the next 20 minutes discussing his goals with Ron, who Tom found out was just 20 years old. When the subject of size came up Tom couldn't hide the fact that he wanted to be big. Like really big. “Oh, so you wanted to be Mr. Olympia, Bro! Haha, don't we all!” Tom's face went bright red as he revealed his previously hidden desire for the first time. Ron noticed, “Hey man, don't feel bad. I'm going to give you all the basics to start becoming the muscle beast I know you want to be. What is your diet like?” Tom relayed to Ron his normal diet. While not unhealthy, Ron let him know it needed an overhaul. “So here's where you need to make a big change, Mr. K. You're diet isn't half bad, but you are not eating nearly enough to get big. I can see why you only weigh 175 lbs. “Not a bad weight, but based on what I'm hearing you are probably eating only about 2000 calories per day. Being a tall dude at 6'3”, you need to be eating about 4500 to 6000 calories to get big.” “Seriously, Ron? I have to eat twice as much as I am now?” “Yup! Two to three times as much, dude. Gotta eat big to get big!” With that Ron raised his right arm and flexed. Tom practically drooled as a nice lump of tanned muscle sprang from his arm. It was impossible to miss that Ron was in shape but his biceps surged when flexed. “I eat about 3500 calories per day and I'm 185 lbs at 5'10, so that gives you an idea of how much you need to eat.” Ron agreed to meet up with Tom tomorrow evening to give him some pointers on setting up a proper workout split. “You want to work each muscle group every 4 to 6 days for optimum growth,” Ron had said. After Tom left, glad to have made a new friend to encourage him on his quest, he promptly drove the grocery store and completely loaded up his shopping cart with all sorts of growth promoting foods. Eggs, chicken, steak, fish, spinach, celery, oatmeal, you name it. All the food that Ron had mentioned. The following day, Tom made his way to the health section of the library. His discussion with Ron last night had only piqued his interest further. In the small section he found what he was looking for. Some books on exercise and nutrition. Then he saw it. “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Feeling slightly nervous, he grabbed the book off the shelf and took it into his office where he would proceed to read it during his down times. That evening he made it back to the gym and greeted at Ron. “Hey buddy! Ready to get big!?” Ron cheerily stood and slabbed Tom's back. He handed Tom some papers with a full blown six day routine. Ron then lead Tom through he first days routine, which focused on back and biceps. “I saw you doing chest yesterday so I moved that a couple days out.” What followed was the most intense workout of Tom's life. He was glad his gym was a this little used 24-hour gym, otherwise he would've felt ashamed that such light weights were kicking his ass. Ron wouldn't let him go heavier unless he performed the movement with near perfections. “Getting big is about working the muscle, not just moving weight, bro,” Ron would chastise when Tom tried to grab the larger weights. “Shit, Ron. I'm just so damn weak. You are using the same weights just to demonstrate the movements that I am for my lifts.” “HEYBRO! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Ron snapped at Tom. At that moment Ron seemed 15 years older and far more mature than his young face belied. “No negativity. You've only been lifting for a little over a week now. The size and strength will come. But it will come a lot faster if you do everything correctly and don't get injured. Got it, dude!?” Tom sighed and grinned. “Yes sir, Ron SIR! Man...I can't believe I'm letting a young whipper-snapper like you boss me around.” Ron chuckled and grabbed Tom's meaty shoulder. Tom admired howt he veins danced on Ron's rippling forearm. “Damn, right old man! I'm the boss! Now back to those rows!” Tom awoke the next day feeling like a freight train had hit him. He practically crawled out of bed aching. “Holy crap. If this is what it take to get into shape then I may not be cut our for this.” Heeding Ron's advice, he whipped up a large breakfast consisting of 5 eggs and bowl of oatmeal. For him this was a very large breakfast but he managed to choke it down. Next he made into the bathroom for a nice warm shower. As the rivulets fell over his body he felt his aching joints and tight muscles begin to loosen up. His hand began to creep down his torso where he found his prodigious cut cock. He was pleased that one place he knew he didn't need improvement was his thick, long, 8” dick. Thinking back to Ron's flexed biceps brought him to full mast in just a couple of seconds. As he worked his soapy hand up and down the shaft he thought about Ron's tanned, smooth body, the way the sinews danced up and down his arms. The way his golden biceps practically exploded from his arms when he flexed... “UGHHHH!” That did it. Tom unloaded his heavy balls under the warm shower with a deep moan. Turning the shower off and drying himself off, he realized all the tension was seemingly gone. A nice hot shower and jerk has completely refreshed his aching body and he felt like he could tackle the world. ++++++ And so it went for the next few days. Library, food prep, gym, home, sleep. It seemed repetitive but Tom was feeling better than ever. Every workout kicked his ass, but after fueling up and showering the following morning, he felt revived and ready to go. He noticed that he seemed to have more energy for the entire day whereas before he would be dragging through the afternoons, relying solely on his cherished coffee. At first it felt masochistic, but he was loving looking forward to his sessions with Ron. Tom continued to soak in the knowledge he was gaining from reading Arnold's book, having read through over half of the book by the end of the week. On Friday afternoon, Susan walked in on Tom with his nose buried in the book during his break. “BOSS!” Susan had practically yelled causing Tom to snap his head up. “What the heck are you reading that you are so engrossed in?” Susan reached out to look at the book. Before he could pull it away, she got a look. “The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding? My goodness, you sure are taking this seriously. Is that really want you want, to look like one of those huge freaks?” she asked. Embarrassed and blushing red, Tom pulled the book away. “NO!” he said a bit too defensively. But this book has some great information on getting into shape. I just want to put on a little muscle, that's all.” As Tom voiced this he knew he was lying. He didn't want a little bit of muscle. He wanted A LOT of muscle. To be a walking powerhouse of dense, thick undulated beef. He absolutely wanted to look like one of those 'freaks'. He just wasn't quite ready to share that fact yet. Susan stared at him unconvinced. “Well, Mr. future muscle-man,” she teased, “whatever you are doing, keep it up. I know you've only been working out for a couple of weeks but you are looking good. You have a healthy glow to you and you look trimmer.” Susan winked and walked out of the room. Tom couldn't help but chuckle to himself as she left. After embarrassing the hell out of him she left him feeling more confident than ever. On Saturday, Ron invited Tom to join him at the Flex Plex as his guest, to introduce some heavy compound movements into his routine. The Flex Plex was a hardcore gym that Tom had never heard of. Ron greeted him in the parking lot. “Ron, I didn't know you lifted here. I thought you lifted at 24-hour.” “Haha. Dude, don't take offense to this, but that place is more for the beginners. I just work there to help pay the bills.” They headed into the gym and Tom was immediately awash in the smell of sweat and iron. It wasn't a bad smell, if anything it was intoxicating and he felt his bulge surge a bit as he inhaled the masculine aroma. He immediately noticed the difference in clientele as well. These men and women were serious lifters. Armor plated pecs pushed against shirts. Thick veins snaked across plumped biceps. Huge quads filled short gym shorts. Tom was in heaven, he had to think of baseball to keep his cock from engorging any further and becoming completely obvious. Ron signed in Tom as a guest and led him to the locker room. Tom was already dressed so he hung out while Ron changed. Ron stripped off his shirt and and Tom nearly choked on his spit. Ron had the most amazing, deep set, tanned abs he had ever seen. He couldn't help but comment, “Shit, Ron. If you can get me abs like that I will give you anything you want!” “Hey thanks, Bro! My abs are my pride and joy.” Ron raised clasped his hands behind his neck and clenched his torso down. He undulated his hips showing off the deep canyons in between each biscuit sized lump of muscle. Tom stared in rapt attention, unable to breathe. “We'll see what I can do to get you on my level. Strip off your shirt let's see what you got.” “What!?! No, thanks. Let's just go lift,” he protested as Ron rolled his eyes. “Dude, I'm working to be a trainer, I've seen WAY worse people than you. C'mon, we need to take some stats anyway. Strip of that shirt, bro before I tackle you and yank it off myself.” Inwardly Tom considered resisting as the thought of being tackled by this surfer adonis was quite alluring. Tom raised the shirt and set it on the bench. Ron gave him a look over. “Nice, dude! For an old guy you look great. You've even got some faint abs showing. And you were all embarrassed? Take a look man!” Ron pulled Tom over next to him and they checked themselves out in the mirror. At first Tom couldn't take his look off Ron, but as he examined himself closer he could see it. Perhaps it was shame that kept him from really looking at himself in his home mirror, but damn if he didn't look noticeably fitter and tighter all over. While the abs where not obvious, he could make out two faint columns. And where before there was basically no transition between his pecs and abs, now there was a definite separation between the two features. He was still somewhat soft all over, but the fluffiness he had seen before wasn't there. Had he really made that much progress in just two weeks? “Alright, big guy, stop gawking at your self and step up on the scale, haha! Nice, Dude! 185 lbs. I thought you said you were 175?” “I thought I was, Ron. Guess I started out a little heavier than I thought.” Feeling empowered, Tom followed Ron in another brutal workout that consisted of nothing but the core lifts and perfecting his form. Squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press. They finished with some abs which left Tom's core screaming in pain, but it was a good pain. It felt like progress. It felt like strength. It felt like growth. Ron and Tom walked to their vehicles in the hot sun as Ron brought up some more advice. “You're getting the lifts and the nutrition down, if you want to take this even further you might consider adding some supplements.” Ron gave Tom a new paper with a list of supplements for Tom to check out. “Do you know where you can find these things?” Thinking back to the store room full of supplements at the library, Tom replied, “Sure do, buddy. Thanks for everything man. You are going to be a great trainer.” Tom signed Ron's trainer log and the two parted ways for the weekend. “Thanks, bro! Have a good weekend. I've got a hot date tonight with a smokin' hot Latina with some big round tits. I gotta get home and get ready for a night of action! You keep building that bod of yours and you'll be getting the same action in now time!” Tom chuckled and waved off Ron, amused by his dude-bro antics. Taking Ron's list, Tom was able to find the supplements easily from his library office closet. There were so many additional supplements in his office that weren't on Ron's paper that he decided he would take it upon himself to learn about them an incorporate them into this diet if necessary. The next couple of weeks seemed to fly by. During his next workout Ron couldn't help but comment on his progress, “Dude, you have been making some amazing gains. I remember your first lifting session you were struggling to bench the 35 lbs dumbbells. Now, look at you dude!” Ron said as he clapped Tom's shoulder. Tom looked down at the 65 lb iron weights that rested on each of his knees. He hadn't even considered that the weights he were now using were nearly double that of when he started just a few short weeks ago. He couldn't help but suppress a grin, which Ron noticed. “Haha, yep dude! You are becoming a beast. And don't think I didn't notice that meaty delt that I just slapped. Dude, you are always wearing those baggy shirts in here, hiding that progress. What's going on under there? Don't think I haven't noticed those shirts not being as baggy. C'mon bro, show me what you got!” Tom smirked, pleased at the praise his hot young surfer dude buddy was throwing his way. “Well I haven't weighed myself in a couple of weeks. I guess it's time.” The two made their way to the back of the small, long weigh room to the scale. Tom stepped up on the platform and Ron began adjusting the sliding weights. “Dude...you've put on 16 lbs more! You are 201 lbs. Shit man, I'm going to have to up my game, you're bigger than me! I'm only 185!” Tom stared at the weight at Ron spoke. He couldn't believe it. He knew his clothes had been getting tighter and more snug and he knew he put on weight, but he would've guessed it was more like 5 lbs, not 16! Tom smiled excitedly and stepped off the scale. “Wow man, and I owe most of this to you, buddy! Thank you so much.” Tom couldn't help but reach out and quickly hug his young hero, enjoying the way the young man's taught body felt against his own improving one. He released Ron before it became to obvious he was feeling up the young buck “Wow, I never ever thought I would've been able to pass 200 lbs!” “OOF! Easy big man!” Ron exhaled as Tom released him. “You are going to blow past 210 at this rate! Fuck man you are making me feel small!” Tom rolled his eyes down at Ron. “Oh stop. You are still way bigger than me. Remember, I've got like 5 or 6 inches of height on you. And you felt rock solid when I hugged you. Uh...sorry about that...” Chuckling, Ron replied, “Dude, no worries. I'm happy for you. And your progress is really inspiring me to continued my training. I love helping people out. I bet your abs are killer, c'mon dude let's see.” “What?! Right here in the open gym?” “Yeah dude, no one else is here. Here, do you need some motivation?” With that Ron whipped off his shirt once again causing Tom's eyes to widen at the hot tanned abs. “Off with it, big guy...” Ron said as he grabbed at the hem of Tom's shirt. Reluctantly, Tom raised the shirt and set it to the side. Ron stared at him wide-eyed. A thunderous silence began to make Tom nervous. “Dude...” Ron began. “I've seen beginner gains before but this is incredible. Fuck, bro. You look amazing. I can't believe you've only been working out for a month or so.” It was then that Tom turned to the mirrors and began to look at himself next to Ron. He was stunned. While Ron was still in fitness model shape with deep cuts, sinews and veins outlining all his taut, tanned muscles, he saw that he wasn't that far behind. Their torso's were remarkably similar, except it was like his body was just Rons but just stretched taller. While Ron still had very low bodyfat, likely down around 5 percent, it looked like Tom was approaching single digits. His abs were clearly apparent but without the deep ridges that Ron sported. Tom noticed that every muscle of his was also apparent. The separations between his delts and biceps was evident. There was a clear line of blossoming cleavage between his pecs. His forearms, which had always been lean due to his long-time thinness, now had even bigger and more abundant veins crisscrossing them. “Tom, seriously, dude, You're progress is amazing. You must be doing everything perfectly right with your workouts, nutrition and supplements.” “Wow, Ron. I mean I've noticed the changes in the mirror at home. But to see me next to you just confirms it. Man, when I first saw you without your shirt at the Flex Plex I never thought I'd be in the same league as you man...wow.” “Big Tom, if you keep going like this, I am going to be out of YOUR league soon!” Ron playfully smacked Tom's abs and Tom did all he could to restrain his excitement, not just from from Ron's touch but from acknowledging his newly pumped body. It was on Thursday of the following week that Susan asked to speak to Tom in his office. They walked in there and Susan shut the door. “Tom, my dear friend, we need to have a little chat.” Tom looked at her confused. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? You are bulging out of your clothes so much that you are nearly indecent.” Tom looked down and examined himself. He had continued to notice the snugness of his clothes. In fact, it excited him. It was confirmation that his efforts were paying off. He chuckled at Susan, “Well, I know I've put on some muscle, but I didn't think my clothes were that tight!” Susan rolled her eyes, “Boss, you're half right. Honestly, you look amazing in your shirts lately. Nearly every woman who has come in here in the last couple of weeks has asked me about the 'hunky librarian from the back office',” she said with finger quotes. Tom couldn't help but smile with pride. Susan leaned in closer, “But I'm not necessarily talking about your shirts... It's um...your pants. Your butt has also been attracting a lot of attention, but it's pulling your pants so tight that...your BULGE is becoming quite evident,” she said with a blush. Tom's eyes went wide. “...oh,” he said, embarrassed. It was Susan's turn to chuckle and grin, “Well, trust me, BIG boy, you've got nothing to be embarrassed about. But you've been giving some of the patrons and your workers fits trying to avoid staring are your crotch.” Susan fanned herself jokingly. “Believe me, if you weren't gay...” Tom busted out laughing. “Well sorry to disappoint you, Miss, heh heh. But I appreciate you letting me know. I suppose it is time to invest in some new clothes.” “Yes, my dear boss, it is. You have made tremendous progress. You are becoming a full blown stud. You know, I've noticed a tick up in the number of middel-aged women coming to library, I think word of mouth of your hunkiness is spreading throughout the women of the area” Chuckling, Tom replied, “Well that's flattering, but I sure would like it if some hunky men would notice and stop by.” “Oh you and me both, Mr. Hunky Librarian! You keep putting on muscle like you have and you will be in high demand soon.” That night Tom stood in his bathroom examining his body in the mirror before taking shower. Taking Susan's words to heart, he couldn't help but feel pride as he stared at his body. He had just weighed himself at 208 lbs. About one full pound of muscle gained every day. Even for beginner gains this was A LOT. Smirking at his reflection, he raised his arms and gave himself a double biceps flex. His large prodigious cock shot to full erection as he stared at his arms. “Damn,” he thought to himself. “My arms are nearly as big as Rons! Maybe bigger since I'm taller!” He considered his weight. 200 lbs had always seemed like a milestone number. Regardless of height, anyone over 200 lbs who is in shape is a big man. “And that's me. A BIG man now. And I'm only going to get BIGGER!” he said to himself with a growl. He reached down and began to jack his plumped cock. It felt so conceited to be jacking off to his own image, but he couldn't help but admire the newly muscular man in the mirror. Certainly no-one would think of him as a bodybuilder yet, but the man in the mirror was clearly a gym rat. And if anything, he had also lost some fat in his face, making his solid jawline even more pronounced, enhancing his handsomeness. He couldn't help but agree with Susan, the man in the mirror was a hunk. Tom ran his big left hand up and down the thick shaft of his cock as he flexed his right biceps and growled. He brought right hand down and began to play with his nipples. Fuck, he could even feel new heft within his pec meat as he pinched and his sensitive nipples. The sensation caused his knees to slightly buckle. This only caused the new definition to make itself known on his quads. Tom moaned loudly noticing the pump in his legs. No wonder his pants were so tight, he actually had 'wheels' now as Ron had called them. His breathing picked up pace and he jacked faster and faster. He noticed the feathering in his delts as his arms worked harder. With one final flex of his right biceps his big dick erupted with the most intense orgasm of his life. Spurt after spurt exploded high onto the mirror in front of him. His body rippled and trembled from the pleasure. A couple of minutes later Tom chuckled in post orgasmic bliss. “Wow,” he thought to himself. “Getting into shape even makes whacking off feel better. Tom then climbed into the shower and enjoyed lathering up his newly pumped body. The simple act even causing his dick to inflate to it's full size once again just minutes after his hard blast, which also surprised him. It's seems his sexual stamina had picked up pace with his new body. He couldn't help himself. He masturbated one more time in the shower, not losing any of the pleasure of force of his first orgasm. He couldn't wait to continue this adventure of growth.
  6. Competition between rivals / friends

    That sounds like a story from the Outgrown Yahoo message board. It's more a height growth story if this is what you were looking for. Hot stuff, of course I prefer there be some muscle growth too Friends Height Rivalry by dotslashbot I had these 2 friends, Ken and Dan. It was like they had a rivalry about who was taller. It was almost if they were trying to outgrow the other. This "rivalry" started in elementary school and went on through high school and even college. I don't know how this "rivalry" got started. The first I remember was when we were kids and Ken and Dan were arguing about whose Dad was taller. I don't really remember the arguement. It was just stupid kid stuff I think. However, these boys did have tall dads (and moms). Dan's dad and mom were 6'3" and 5'9". Ken's dad and mom were 6'5 and 5'11". Until 8th grade Ken and Dan were the two tallest kids in our class. At any particular time one was taller than the other. Starting 8th grade Ken was 5'5" and Dan was 5'4". That year Dan had a growth spurt of 8 inches. Dan was 6' when he started high school, but Ken was only 5'7". Dan really rubbed it in to Ken especially when Dan made the basketball team and Ken didn't. However Ken then had his own growth spurt 7 inches. By sophomore year Ken was 6'3" and Dan was only 6'2". Ken along with Dan made the basketball team that year. Both were on the team their junior and senior years as well. By junior year Ken and Dan were both 6'4". Between then and graduation Ken grew to 6'6" and Dan stayed where he was. I thought that was end of it until a party at the end of my freshman year of college. Ken, Dan, and I went to the same college. I knew both Ken and Dan would be there. I met Dan first. Ken wasn't there yet. Dan looked huge obviously. He was sitting down, and we started talking. Dan said that he was hoping that Ken would be here. I wondered why. Dan stood up and he was as tall as the doorway! Dan said that this was why. He had grown 4 inches to 6'8. Dan went on to brag about his height talking about how he was glad that he was moving out of the dorms because he had outgrown his bed, the showers were too small. He even complained that the ceilings were way too low. Dan sat back down, and Ken showed up. They shook hands. Dan called Ken shorty. Ken was like what's wrong with you Dan because he believed that he was taller than Dan. Dan then stood up, and he was taller than Ken. Dan started rubbing it in about how he was now 6'8" and had to look "down" at Ken because he was so "short". I could tell that this devastated Ken because he thought that he would be taller than Dan forever now. It was impossible to talk to any girls at that party because they were only interested in the two giants. More girls were interested in Dan than Ken. I thought that would be the end of it once and for all, but I was wrong for the second and final time. Ken had joined a frat and had both me and Dan come to a party they had. Ken was sitting on a couch that was obviously way too small for him. We shook hands and started talking. I had asked him why he wanted Dan to come to this party. Ken said that despite the fact Dan was "as tall as a door", Dan was still a short runt that needed to be put in his place. I said to Ken that he couldn't back that up with Dan being two inches taller than him. Ken said you mean 4 inches shorter. I was like what? Ken stood up, and it seemed to take him forever to stand up. He walked to the nearest door and Ken was taller than the door! Ken said that runt is going to learn how small he is. Dan showed up, and Ken sat down. Dan found us, and Ken started laughing. Dan asked what could a shorty like Ken could find so funny. Ken stood up and was taller than Dan. Dan couldn't believe it claiming that it was a trick. They decided that each of them would get measured to find out who was taller. I got to do the measuring since I was impartial. The three of us went to Ken's room in the frat house. Ken got a tape measure, and I measured Dan first. Dan said that Ken better find a ladder since a shrimp like me is never going to be able to measure a giant like him. As much as I hated that, he was right. Ken found a ladder and I measured Dan at 6'8". Next was Ken, and he legitimately was 7 feet tall. Now, Dan was devistated. Ken realized it was his turn to rub it in talking about how the most manly of me are seven feet tall and that doors are short like him and that he had tiny feet. Both Dan and Ken had huge feet, but Ken's feet were clearly a few sizes bigger. After that neither Dan nor Ken grew anymore. I see them occasionally but seperately since Dan stays away from Ken now.
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    This is a good place: https://tallguysfree.com/index/category/muscle
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    Holy shite that is some hot writing.
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    You post some of the best stuff man. Every time I see you post one of your short stories I get excited. It's completely understandable. Hell, I'm a shorter guy who has put on some good muscle size and strength over the years. Even I get excited when I see how much bigger and stronger I am than some of the guys in my gym. And to think these guys you are describing are like that but on a level 2 to 3 times my own, having all that power and size has to be intoxicating.
  10. Kindle books

    While there's no growth, any story by Sean Reid Scott is FANTASTIC muscle fiction. I think he is the best at writing stories with muscle admiration and worhsip. He doesn't really do growht, but all his stories involve a stud who is nearly inhumanly muscular and strong. I bought them all (except his historical fantasy story, the historical pieces don't do it for me), and I re-read them often. He has a few free stories here if you want to see if his stuff is to your liking. http://musclestimulus.com/
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    That is such a great story! I love CharlieJack's stories. He's all into the macro muscle.
  12. The Giant Football Coach - Chapter 8

    https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12573-the-giant-football-coach-chapter-1-2/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12587-the-giant-football-coach-chapter-3/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12662-the-giant-football-coach-chapter-4/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12823-the-giant-football-coach-chapter-5/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13046-the-giant-football-coach-chapter-6/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13442-the-giant-football-coach-chapter-7/ Chapter 8: The Big Game The next morning my teammates and I awoke and made our way to the team's cafeteria for our typical pre-game breakfast. We noticed that strangely, most of the assistant coaches were not there enjoying breakfast with us. In fact, I saw a couple of assistants hustling quickly down the hallway as I walked into the cafeteria. I didn't think much of it, since, of course, this would be my first ever collegiate football game and being the first game of the season, I expected there to be some hectic surprises. The rest of the day the team hung out at the athletic center. As the game neared, I was becoming more and more nervous. Some of the upper-classmen noticed and did their best to give me pep talks and calm me down. Being just a freshmen, I appreciated the support, but it didn't calm my nerves much. Early in the afternoon we gathered in the players auditorium to run through our game plan with the assistant heat coach. Obviously, Coach Wood's massive leg wouldn't have fit in there, much less his entire impressive physique. Thus, Assistant Coach Harvey came in and led us through the game plan. At the end of the run through, Jamal asked. “Is Coach going to be on the sidelines with us?” Jamal and some others had also sensed some unease among the athletic staff throughout the day. Coach Harvey looked over the crowd of players, we could tell he was a little bit nervous, and spoke, “I'm positive he will be. I'll be frank with you all, The College Sports Association was offering some concerns about how to allow a man of Coach's size to be on the sidelines and it seems they attempted to force the school to disallow him to be on the sidelines.” A murmur wafted through the large crowd of amped-up young jocks. Coach Harvey quieted us and continued, “But, as our athletic staff has been researching, there's no rule against a giant man being on the sidelines so we don't see any reason why Coach won't be at the game. We are actively discussing with the Association and will confirm our stance with them. In the meantime, don't you worry about this matter. You young men have a huge opening game against our bitter rivals, the Monroe Mauraders. You focus on that, that's what Coach would want, got it!?” We all shook our heads and broke the meeting. After hanging out in the recreation room and eating another pregame meal fuel up, it was finally time to head to the locker rooms and get ready. The dozens of men around me began slipping into their pregame rituals. We had about 45 minutes before we had to be out on the field to warm up. Many of my now scantily clad teammates put in noise canceling headphones to zone out to their favorite warmup music. The jokesters of the group wandered around making fun to break the tension for those of us who were nervous. The Senior captains, clad only in football pants, their ripped upper torso's exposed, came around to quickly speak to each player and offer words of encouragement. The environment was brimming with amped-up testosterone waiting for competitive release on the gridiron. Soon we were suited up and ready to head out on the field. Assistant Coach Harvey came in to give us a little speech to pump us up some more. With and excited grin, he assured that our Giant Head Coach would be out there with us. This caused a raucous roar of approval from the team of young Brutes. Clad in our cleats, pants and undershirts, we each grabbed our shoulder pads and helmets and started for the exit of the locker room. The locker room wasn't directly connected to the stadium, we would have to cross a small, off-limits parking lot to enter the small stadium. The lot was specifically for the vising team busses, refs, and other College Sports Association (CSA) officials. As we headed for the door we felt a rumble on the ground. Jamal spoke up, “Awesome! The crowd must already be here, even for warmups! We don't usually feel the ground start to shake until the pregame show when the crowd is going nuts. Damn, I love our fans!” This further excited the rest of the team. We exited the door and began trotting down the soft carpet to the stadium entrance. We noticed it was a bright, beautiful, sunny, late summer day. I noticed we were bathed in shade, which was odd since there were no tall buildings or trees nearby. Then we heard some deep, deep rumblings that shook us to our core. I turned my head to my left, as did the rest of my team, and froze. My mouth hung open as I stared at the most magnificent, most awe-inspiring, yet terrifying sight I had ever seen. There, standing in the parking lot was Coach, clad in his normal outfit, sans shirt of course. Only he was bigger. Not just a little bigger. MUCH. MUCH. BIGGER. Whereas before the tallest members of our team reached the bottom of his tremendous diamond shaped calf muscles, now we didn't even clear the tops of his sneakers. The deep rumbling continued as we realized Coach was chuckling at us. The giant man leaned forward to address us. His upper torso was so muscular that he would have had to stand well back in order to see us over his monumental pecs without leaning forward. The monster muscle man opened his mouth and spoke. “HELLO DOWN THERE, BOYS. BOY, MY BIG STRONG BRUTE MEN SURE ARE LOOKING AWFULLY TINY LATELY! BUT DON'T WORRY, EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING LOOKS TINY TO ME LATELY, HEH HEH. WOW, YOU LITTLE GUYS DON'T BARELY REACH TO THE TOPS OF MY SNEAKERS, AND YOU ARE SOME OF THE BIGGEST MEN ON CAMPUS. YOU GUYS REALLY MAKE ME FEEL BIG!!!” Coach quickly stood straight up and reached HIGH into the sky. From our comparatively minuscule vantage point it looked like he could reach up and grab the sun. He then brought his arms down into a mind-blowing double-biceps pose. I'm sure the approaching fans got an amazing view. But, for us, he was so damn HUGE we could really only see the hulking triceps of his under arms, which were so pumped they hid his peaks from our eyes. He dropped the pose and again leaned forward, quickly adjusting his unavoidable bulge. “WHAT DO YOU THINK, BOYS? DO YOU THINK THERE WILL EVER BE A BRUTE AS HUGE AS ME!!” Myself and team began to overcome our natural fear and awe and happily shouted up our praise. A chorus of “No way, Coach!”, “You are the biggest Brute EVER!”, “A fuckin' MUSCLE GIANT!” and other similar platitudes emanated from my awestruck teammates. Coach grinned at us from far above. “SORRY I MISSED THE TEAM MEETINGS TODAY. I JUST COULDN'T FIT ALL THIS MASS IN THOSE TINY, ANT SIZED BUILDINGS.” He smirked down at us and continued, “YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THE POWER WENT OUT LAST NIGHT. I WAS HEADED TO THE DEAN'S OFFICE WHEN I WALKED INTO SOME POWER LINES. DAMN THINGS ARE SO TINY TO ME DIDN'T EVEN SEE THEM AS MY LEGS CRASHED RIGHT INTO THEM. THE PHYSICS DOC SAID THE ENERGY WAS GREAT ENOUGH TO CAUSE ANOTHER GROWTH EPISODE. HE SAID I AGAIN DOUBLED IN HEIGHT! ISN'T THAT AWESOME, LITTLE MEN. YOUR COACH IS NOW A 100 FT COLOSSUS OF HUGE BODYBUILDER BEEF! GRRRRRRRR!!!” Coach growled and crunched into a most muscular pose above us, shielding us from the sun above and filling the entire team's vision with rippling, vascular, shredded, prodigious musculature. His growl was so ferociously loud we all shirked. Coach immediately noticed and quieted himself. “OOPS. SORRY LITTLE MEN. I'M SO HUGE THAT EVEN MY VOICE IS OVERPOWERING!” The players and myself began walking around Coach, examining his towering frame. Coach, pleased as peacock, simply stood still with his hands on his hips and with a bright handsome smile on his face as he looked down to us. We stood next to his sneakers, hardly able to comprehend the size of his footwear that were each the size of vans. We marveled that even at our highest reach our hands were far under the heavy sagging meat of his Fankhouser-esque calves. Jamal looked up and shouted up to our leader, “So glad you could be here, Coach. Coach Harvey said the CSA tried to keep you away.” Coach leered down to us with an ominous grin. “OH, THEY TRIED TO KEEP ME AWAY. A COUPLE OF GOVERNMENT GUYS CAME BY TOO AND TRIED TO GET ME TO GO WITH THEM. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? SOME TINY LITTLE "OFFICIAL" RUNTS TRYING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO?” Coach leaned over, brought up his left arm and FLEXED his awe-inspiring biceps to full peak. Simultaneously, he reached over with his right arm and pointed at the boulder sized muscle. This time he angled himself forward so we could see the enormous mass bulge up from his arm. I remember how Coach had earlier said that he thought he was still growing slightly more muscular along with his sudden spurts of height and I could clearly see this in his arm. His astounding arm looked like it could've now been 26 or 27 inches around if he were at his previous mere moral height of six and a half feet. His biceps was so large that when he flexed, there was virtually no space between the mounded biceps muscle and thick elongated muscles of his forearm. “ALL I HAD TO DO WAS POINT AT THIS MUSCLE TO THEM KNOW WHO MAKES THE RULES. I TOLD THE LITTLE SHRIMPS THAT NO ONE IS GOING TO KEEP ME FROM COACHING MY BRUTES TO A VICTORY TODAY. AND THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO TO STOP ME. HELL, AT MY SIZE NO ONE COULD STOP ME FROM DOING ANYTHING IF I DON'T WANT THEM TO!” Coach sneered cockily as he relayed his story to us. It was impossible not to sense a bit of fear from his attitude. I imagined the CSA and government men pissing their pants as they tried in futility to tell the biggest, strongest, most powerful being on the planet what to do. Coach was an intimidating man at just 6 ft 6 inches tall. At 100 ft, that intimidation factor was magnified exponentially. Coach, sensing our unease, softened his expression. “SORRY IF I SCARED 'YA, LITTLE MEN. IT'S JUST THE THOUGHT OF NOT BEING ABLE TO COACH YOU MAKES ME VERY ANGRY.” Coach snickered and repeated that famous line from the Hulk franchise, “AND YOU WOULDN'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY!” Coach then looked over his shoulder down at the parking lot. I wondered what he was searching for when I saw it. A small white sedan with the “CSA” logo painted on the side. Obviously the car used by the CSA officials to oversee the game. “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY MAKE ME ANGRY!!” Coach raised his huge left foot, the fibers of his exposed quads firing as he moved. He was so large that he just had to lean over a bit to his left where he let his colossal sneaker SMASH down on top of he doomed car. In a millisecond the car was flattened beyond recognition. Unlike when Coach slowly caved in the news van from a couple of days ago, with his newly doubled size his massive shoe completely covered and obliterated the small car. We all jumped back from the sudden show of power. After a couple of seconds of stunned silence, my teammates began to shout more cheers and praise up at him. “Damn, Coach Brute! That was awesome!” “Yeah, Coach, show them CSA pussies who is in charge!” “Man I'm sure glad you are our Coach! You are like a god to the little people!” “Haha you made smashing that car look easy! You are so fuckin' powerful!” “Nobody tells you what to you, BIG COACH BRUTE! Especially not those tiny government boys!” Coach beamed with pride as he heard us, feeding his ever growing, yet deserved ego. Even with the frightening display of masculine power we just witnessed, we knew it had only been brought out because some foolish officials were trying to keep him from coaching us today. With a 100 ft tall overdeveloped herculean man watching over us, nothing could take us out! “WELL BOYS, IT'S TIME YOU HEAD INSIDE THE STADIUM TO WARM UP. BECAUSE I'M SO DAMN HUGE AND MUSCULAR, I'M GOING TO STAND OUT HERE TO COACH. OTHERWISE, WITH MY HUGE LATS, HALF THE STADIUM BEHIND ME WOULDN'T GET TO SEE YOU GUYS KICK SOME ASS.” Coach punctuated this statement with a titanic lat spread. The wing-like lats under his arms spread out to what looked like 25 yards across...then 30...then 35!! Coach's lats were so magnificently built, that when it looked like he couldn't get any wider, his enormous back muscles unfurled even further. The v-shape he demonstrated as he expertly flexed was nearly incomprehensible, seemingly extending his upper torso to three times the width of his chiseled abdominals. Coach chuckled some more as we stared up at him, again in awestruck silence. He broke the pose, allowing our brains to regain function. “YOU BOYS KEEP STARING AT ME LIKE THAT AND IT'S GOING TO GIVE ME A BIG HEAD, HAHA. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GET WARMED UP! GO!” His sudden demand caused us all to hustle onto the field. As we entered the field it became clear that Jamal was right about one thing. Many of our fans had showed up early and even with 45 minutes to kickoff the stadium was about 75% full. The crowd cheered us on as we entered the field, but as soon as the cheering died down I noticed that all the spectators had turned their heads toward the South end of the stadium. The South end was adjacent to the maintenance parking lot and at only about 30 ft tall, was the lowest part of the stadium. Thus, everyone could see the magnificent bare-chested giant bodybuilder standing behind there behind. He clapped as we entered, each time his hands connected it sounded like a large firecracker exploding. After Coach's news conference it became clear that so many people arrived early so they see the largest man in history with their own eyes. A few minutes later the visiting team entered from the opposite end of the stadium. I chuckled as the entire visiting froze as soon as they caught sight of our coach. Once they had got their wits back, they filed onto the field and stretch as well. The visiting Marauder's head coach, Thomas Morton, a well-known portly man who was known for his bombastic attitude and arrogant demeanor, trotted out onto the field and too became paralyzed with awe. Coach, with his hands on his hips in a powerful stance, quickly spotted the overweight opposing coach at the other end of the field. “COACH MORTON! WELCOME TO OUR STADIUM. I'M EXCITED FOR A GOOD GAME BETWEEN OUR SQUADS. BUT I MUST SAY, COACH MORTON, YOU'VE REALLY LET YOURSELF GO! HOW CAN YOU BE AN INSPIRATION TO YOUR PLAYERS TO GET BIGGER AND STRONGER WHILE LOOKING LIKE THAT? ONE THE OTHER HAND...” Coach spread his arms out wide and looked cockily down at his own torso. He alternately turned each arm, admiring the size of the unflexed muscles covering each appendage. He bent down and felt up the massive individual muscles of his quadriceps and then looked back at Coach Morton, “...ON THE OTHER HAND, MY BOYS SEEING ALL THESE HUGE MUSCLES OF MINE EVERYDAY ONLY INSPIRES THEM TO LIFT HARDER AND GET BIGGER AND STRONGER THEMSELVES!” Coach Morton had never felt so emasculated in his life. He just stood there, frozen, looking like a man whose entire dignity had been stripped away. He lowered his head and headed over to his sideline, looking defeated before the game even began. Something Coach obviously saw as he continued to address Coach Morton. “AND DON'T THINK I DIDN'T SEE THAT PRESS CONFERENCE YOU GAVE LAST WEEK. HOW YOU SAID YOUR TEAM WAS GOING TO CRUSH OUR TEAM. HOW YOU WOULD SHOW NO MERCY AND HAVE NO HARD FEELINGS ABOUT RUNNING UP THE SCORE! HOW ABOUT I SHOW YOU WHAT A REAL 'CRUSHING' WILL LOOK LIKE!” Coach looked down and to his right and reached down with both hands and picked something up. As he rose it became clear that he was holding each end of Morton's bus. In his hands it was no bigger than a loaf of bread. And with no more strength than a normal man would required to squeeze that loaf of bread, our giant coach bared his teeth and CRUSHED the ends of the bus together like an accordion. The windows shattered and fell to the parking lot. Loud distinct pops could be heard as the tires blew. The high pitched squeal of twisting metal pierced the air. “THIS IS WHAT REAL CRUSHING IS. AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE THIS POWERFUL. IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE BIG THREATENING WORDS, PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE THE MUSCLE TO BACK IT UP! HAHAHA!” Coached laughed and let the crumpled-up mass of metals crash to the parking bellow. Coach Morton gulped in fear at what he had just seen. “OH, AND COACH MORTON, I CAN TELL YOU AND YOUR BOYS ARE SCARED OF ME AND TO PLAY AGAINST MY MEN. MAYBE EVEN SO SCARED THAT YOU ARE AFRAID TO WANT TO BEAT MY TEAM. WELL, THAT IS EVEN IF YOU COULD BEAT MY TEAM. IT'S UNDERSTANDABLE, I'M A REALLY, REALLY BIG STRONG MAN. BUT TRUST ME, IF YOU GUYS SLOW PLAY THIS GAME AND DON'T TRY YOUR HARDEST, THEN I ASSURE YOU I WILL BE VERY, VERY ANGRY. I WANT TO SEE A GOOD COMPETITIVE GAME, FULL OF EFFORT FROM BOTH SIDES, GOT IT?” Coach finished his statement by ominously cracking his knuckles. Ever the sportsman, he did not want us to win simply due to the other team's fear of his imposing body. He wanted us to EARN the win against a worthy opponent. I shuddered to think what would happen if the other team just flat out gave up and didn't give us any fight. Coach Morton dramatically shook his head up and down, notifying our Coach of his understanding that he wouldn't hold his team back. Forty minutes later the game began. Obviously, our head Coach couldn't perform all the duties typical of a mortal-sized coach so Assistant Coach Harvey took over for that. Still, as we had many hand signals, he was able to communicate sufficiently with us what he wanted on defense. For the first half the game was relatively tight. We never led by more than 10 points and after a successful long touchdown pass, we went into halftime with a three point lead. I could easily tell why the other team was one of the top in the nation. They were very good, very big and very strong. Not to mention the fear of invoking OUR Coach's wrath likely had them playing harder than they ever had. The giant man behind the South stadium provided us with excellent calls, motivation and inspiration. There was nothing like seeing his huge jacked body and handsome smile beaming proudly down at us after we made a good play. While the visiting Morton team was good, they were still no match or our own superior skill, size and strength and we began to slowly overpower them. Early in the 4th quarter we were nursing a seven point lead. The Marauders had the ball and were driving the field against us with some trick plays that caught us off guard. They were only 15 yards away from the North end zone. Before the next play, I looked up to see Coach signaling an outside blitz from me and I relayed the play to the rest of our team. The Marauders snapped the ball and I broke and made a beeline to their QB. As I closed in on him, I could see the surprise in his eyes. I saw him cock back his arm and start to lob the ball over my head for a screen pass. In a flash I read the play and leaped straight up as high as I could. I saw the ball just above my head, reached up and snagged it out of the air. INTERCEPTION! I landed and took off sprinting towards the opposite South end zone. As I ran as fast as I could, I saw Coach waving his beefy arms to me in a “come here” motion. I had never seen him look so excited before. I made it to the 50 yard line, then the 40, then the 30, I could feel the defenders on my heels. As I kept running Coach started JUMPING UP and down! I could feel the tremors rumbling the ground as his muscular tonnage pounded the ground. His massive pectorals bounced hypnotically as he himself bounced on the ground. The tremors were strong enough I almost tripped up! But I kept my balance and finally made it the the end zone! It was an 85-yard, pick-six interception! In my first collegiate game! I was so excited as my teammates caught up and mobbed me from behind that I barely noticed how winded I was from sprinting 85 yards. As the team cleared away I looked skyward to see Coach beaming proudly at me. Remembering that day in the weight room, I smiled up to him and gave him my most imposing most muscular pose, clenching my fists together in front of my waist. His grin widened more and he laughed. He then smirked, hunched over and returned his own far more impressive most muscular pose with a cocky smile. The crowd went wild, not only from my touchdown, but from seeing Coach FLEX his titanic muscles. In one play, I had turned the game from a tight contest into a dominating win for us. I had never felt so proud of myself in my life. With the momentum on our side, we dominated the rest of the game and ended up winning by three touchdowns. As the teams left the field, Coach addressed Coach Morton. “GOOD GAME COACH. WE'LL SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR. OH YEAH, REMEMBER WHAT I SAID, YOU WOULD REALLY SHOULD GET YOURSELF INTO THE WEIGHT ROOM IF YOU WANT TO COMPETE WITH THE LIKES OF THIS! HAHAH!” Coach laughed as he flashed the opposing coach a quick double biceps pose. As we exited the stadium we gathered around Coach's shoes. I noticed the car sized lump of twisted metal that was formerly the Morton passenger bus nearby and could hardly comprehend the power it would take to do that. Coach grinned down at us. “YOU LITTLE BRUTES SURE MADE THIS BIG BRUTE VERY PROUD TODAY. THAT WAS A CHAMPIONSHIP EFFORT. NOW, THERE ARE STILL 11 MORE GAMES IN THE SEASON SO DON'T THINK YOUR WORK IS DONE. YOU ALL NEED TO KEEP PRACTICING HARD AND LIFTING HARD AND IF YOU DO YOU HAVE A GREAT SHOT TO MAKE IT TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP COME DECEMBER. NOW HIT THE SHOWERS. AND CAPTAINS, OLDEST TO YOUNGEST, MEET ME EVERY 15 MINUTES IN THE FIELD HOUSE FOR A POST-GAME DEBRIEFING STARTING ONE HOUR FROM NOW.” After showering up and enjoying a nice post game meal, I soon headed over to the field house. The sophomore captain was just exiting as I entered the building. I walked in and there was Coach, standing up, the top of his cap dangerously close to the rafters of the field house, filling my view with fuzzy, rippling, golden MUSCLE. “THERE'S MY STAR OF THE GAME!” He said excitedly as I entered, filling my heart with pride. “GREAT GAME, JACKSON. THAT LONG PICK-SIX BASICALLY SEALED THE GAME FOR US. I BELIEVE YOU ARE A STAR IN THE MAKING, YOUR READ THAT SCREEN PASS BEAUTIFULLY, JUMPED UP AND SNAGGED THE BALL AND RACED BACK TOWARD ME...MAN THAT AWESOME.” “I owe it all to you, Coach! You called that blitz for me, it was the perfect call! That QB never saw me coming!” “I GUESS WE MAKE QUITE THE TEAM, YOU AND I, MY LITTLE BRUTE!” “Yes we do, my BIG COACH BRUTE!” I lowered my voice and shouted, trying to sound big, Coach chuckled at my playfulness. Coach then slowly crouched and sat down on his big bulbous ass. He put his arms beside him, palms flat on the turf, triceps flaring, and stuck his LONG legs straight out, straddling me. On each side of me were the world's biggest and most muscular thighs and in front of me was the worlds most packed crotch, trapping me in a virtual cocoon of manhood. Even with him sitting slowly, a big tremor rumbled through the ground as his hulking tonnage rested on the field turf. “THERE, MUCH BETTER. YOU LITTLE GUYS ARE BASICALLY SHRINKING TO ME. I DON'T MIND STANDING UP AND TOWERING OVER THE OTHER PEOPLE, IT REMINDS HOW HUGE AND POWERFUL I AM. BUT I DON'T LIKE INTIMIDATING MY OWN LITTLE BRUTES, HEHE.” “It's ok Coach, you really can't help it! Haha, even with you sitting there your head is FIVE stories above mine. I could practically HIDE under your pecs even with you leaning back. Your massive quads are so huge I would need a rope to scale them, it's like I'm flanked by two massive, golden tanned beefy walls of POWER. And your crotch...Coach, your shorts are looking tighter and tighter!” Coach smirked with satisfaction as I praised him. “HEH HEH. JACKSON, YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS BIG BRUTE FEEL GOOD. REALLLLLL GOOD...” Coach leaned forward and brought one hand forward and began to palm his crotch in front of me. “AND YOU ARE RIGHT. LIKE I SAID, ALONG WITH MY HEIGHT SPURTS, I SEEM TO BE SLOWLY GETTING BIGGER AND MORE MUSCULAR...” He smirked down into my eyes and added, “...AND MORE HUNG!” By now I was rock hard as well, watching the monster in Coach's packed shorts grow. “Wow, Coach I can see that. OH MY GOD COACH!” I shouted in surprise and his monster dick began to extend out PAST the leg of his khaki shorts, pressed up tight against his left inner-thigh. “YEAH, LITTLE GUY. LOOK AT THAT. THAT IS A REAL COCK RIGHT THERE.” In complete shock and awe, I could only nod in agreement. “JACKSON, I HAVEN'T TOLD ANYBODY ELSE YET, BUT I HAVE AGREED TO LET THOSE GOVERNMENT BOYS RUN SOME TESTS ON ME. THAT MEANS I WON'T BE HERE FOR PRACTICE FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS.” My face fell as I looked up him disappointingly. “I KNOW, I KNOW. AND I KNOW I TELL YOU BOYS TO NEVER TAKE ANY GAME LIGHTLY, BUT YOUR NEXT GAME IS AGAINST A TEAM THAT WAS WINLESS LAST YEAR, SO I HAVE COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN COACH HARVEY TO LEAD THE TEAM.” Coach's face turned stern, “AND TRUST ME, THERE IS NO WAY I'M GOING TO LET THEM KEEP ME AWAY FROM YOU GUYS FOR TOO LONG. IF THEY DO...THEY WILL REGRET IT.” Coach was so huge that it was easy to see all his muscles and tendons tighten and flex defensively, all his massive firehose-sized veins erupt as he considered what he would do if anyone tried to keep him away from us. “NOW, BEFORE I TAKE OFF TOMORROW...” Coach reached down his huge hand and began rubbing the now exposed cock head, “HOW ABOUT YOU JOIN ME IN ONE LAST BRUTE JACKING SESSION?” He grinned at me seductively, there was no way I could resist. I striped off my clothes and stood there naked and rock hard in between the giant man's legs. “OH YEAH, LOOK AT THE HOT JOCK STUD BODY. YOU LOOK SO GOOD, LITTLE BRUTE.” Coach's dick began to thicken and lengthen even more! Quickly I heard the unmistakable sounds of ripping. His cock was so huge and powerful, not to mention his now proportionally larger glutes and legs, that his khaki shorts could take to no more and began to tear at the inseam! Coach reached down, lifted his ass slightly off the turn and proceeded to finish TEARING his shorts off with a ear-piercing RRRRIIIIIPPPPPPP. He wasn't wearing underwear, and his rock hard cock sprang up like a trebuchet, thwacking his abdomen well above his navel. “AHHHH THAT FEELS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER. I OUTGREW MY UNDERWEAR A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO, IT'S NICE TO BE FREE OF THE LAST RESTRICTIVE PIECE OF CLOTHING! LET ME FINISH UNDRESSING LITTLE BUDDY!” Coach leaned way forward over me reaching his long arms behind me. He lightly bent his legs, reached forward and slipped off his shoes and socks. A warm smell of musky, jock feet crossed my nose. But it wasn't rank, just another pungent smell of ultimate masculinity. I looked straight up and saw each car-sized abdominal muscle hovering 30 feet above me. The valleys in between each ab was so deep they could've served as small canals. Coach leaned back and began to take off his hat and whistle. “Coach, wait!” I shouted. “Um...would...would yo mind leaving the hat and whistle on?” You look like such a huge jock muscle stud with them on!” Coach chuckled deeply. “YOU GOT IT, LITTLE MAN. TELL YOU WHAT, SINCE YOU WERE THE STAR OF THE GAME, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO?” He asked with a smirk. I thought about it for a few exciting seconds. The possibilities I could dream up with him seemed endless. “Um, would you mind setting me on your belly, and then laying down with your hands clasped behind your head? I just want to explore your giant body, Coach!” “MMMMM JACKSON, I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK.” He slowly reached forward and gently lifted me up with his incredible hands. Each finger was a long as I was. For a second I was worried he would accidentally crush me, no doubt he possessed the power to do so. But, he proved to be perfectly gentle, lifting me up with and depositing me on his titanic stomach, right now to the mushroom head of his monster cock. The massive beast had to be 15 feet long now and over four feet in diameter. He smiled as he leaned back and clasped his hands behind his head with a happy smile. His chest pulled up and his massive lats flared out, exposing his DEEP hairy armpits, again sending my sense of smell into overdrive as his sweaty musk permeated the air. Wow. Standing on his abs, I looked left, then right. There was SOOOO much super-developed man flesh spread out in front of me. I noted how his elbows were out so wide they were nearly brushing each side wall of the field house. I began to walk forward, noting the taught hard skin and enormou lumps of abs. I layed down on top of the upper most right side ab and just felt the hard, warm mass underneath me. I couldn't help it as I ground my hard cock into the taught, tough skin. “MMM EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE SO TINY I CAN FEEL THAT, JACKSON. FEELS GOOD.” I got back up and walk up to the shelf of his pecs. I traipsed over to his right nipple, the size of a beach ball and began to knead and punch it. Suddenly the ground below began to tremble. “OH DAMN, JACKSON, FUCK! MY NIPPLES ARE SO SENSITIVE. YOU'RE MAKING ME LEAK!” I glanced being me and sure enough, the huge cock head was dripping pre into a kiddle-pool sized puddle on his abs. After playing with his nipple I climbed up onto his pecs, now allowing me to see Coach's handsome face with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of a tiny man exploring him. “Wow, Coach, your pectorals are so massive I could build a house on each one! I can see each sinewy fiber under your tanned skin. Your chest hair is so soft, it's like walking through a wheat field. No one on earth has BIGGER or MORE MAGNIFICENT pecs than, you do, Coach!” I feel the ground rumble underneath me as he moaned deeply from his sternum. I made my way over to his right armpit. I had to step down of his huge pecs. Luckily, his lats were so huge they gave me more than enough shelf to safely walk on. I spread my arms out and let my entire body fall into the warm musky pit. His pit hairs were so soft and comfortable. I ground my face into this pit and again felt Coach moan from pleasure. I saw a shadow cross over me and noticed he had release his left harm from behind his head to reach down and rub his pipeline sized cock. After servicing his pit I climbed back out and up onto his arm. For a muscle lover there was just no way I couldn't explore that arm. The massive ball of biceps and huge meaty triceps. I simply layed down in the relativity small divot between the biceps and triceps on the side of his arm and marvelled at the muscles flanking each side of me. “Coach, no man on earth has biceps like you. There have been proportionally bigger arms in history, but those arms were bolstered by layers and layers of fat. There may have been more ripped biceps in history, but they belonged to skinny little weak men who had zero fat. But no man has the ultimate combination of ripped AND huge, freaky, massive peaked biceps, and feathered triceps like you do. These are the best arms in HISTORY!” Coach growled and the FLEXED his right arm with loud GROWL. The arm underneath me expanded, the skin underneath my body pulled tighter in each direction as it struggled to contain the growing muscle. I watch as his already mounded biceps began to push higher...and higher! At my tiny size the split in his peaks was big enough to rest my leg inside! “FUCKKKK YEAH JACKSON. LOOK AT THOSE COLLOSAL ARMS. ARMS SO HUGE THAT YOU TINY MEN COULD LIVE IN THEM. ARMS THAT COULD CURL AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER! BICEPS SO MASSIVE AND HARD THAT A WRECKING BALL WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO DENT THEM!” Coached moaned some more and jacked his cock with more fervor. I followed his lead and did the same. “UHHHH JACKSON, LET'S DO THIS. NOW YOU DO ME A FAVOR. STAND UP ON MY CHEST, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME WHERE I CAN SEE YOU, AND GIVE THAT MOST MUSCULAR POSE LIKE YOU DID AT THE GAME!” I walk over and stood on his right pec facing him. His left pec was bunching and and bouncing like crazy as he used his left arm to masturbate. He tilted his handsome face up and opened his deep blue eyes to see me standing on his pec, rising and falling as he took deep breaths. I kept my stance wide to maintain balance. As soon as his eyed made contact with mine, I smirked cockily, back at him. “A most muscular pose, Coach. Like you taught me?” I teased. Coach moaned and jacked harder. I then crouched forward and FLEXED my abs, arms, traps, pecs and legs as hard as I could and GROWLED as loud as tiny man could. “GGGGRRAHHHH COACH! LOOK AT MY MUSCLES THAT YOU HELPED BUILD!” Coach's face scrunched as the loudest moan I had ever heard erupted from his gaping maw. Suddenly I felt a huge stream of wetness fall across my shoulders and back. Coach's massive dick was EXPLODING WITH ORGASM, coating me in his seed. I quickly brought my own hands down and jacked my own rock-hard tumescence, seeing and feeling jet after jet of white Coach jizz shower me and the massive chest surrounding me. I screamed and let out my own powerful orgasm, coating the square footage of his hairy muscle chest in front of me. As I finished, I fell to my knees, and then laid down on the wet, hairy expanse of pectoral in front of me, exhausted. Coach let his arms fall to the side and I fell myself rise as his pecs consequently plumped underneath me from the motion. “DAMN, JACKSON. THAT WAS THE BEST ONE YET. THERE IS NO WAY I'M LETTING THOSE GOVERNMENT BOYS KEEP ME AWAY FROM YOU!” He rumbled, chuckling. “DAMN, NOW I HAVE EVEN MORE OF A MESS TO CLEAN UP!” He joked and as I stood up and laughed with him. Epilogue: Coach did indeed return next week right before the game. Our team dominated the rest of the season and coach was at every game. In December, we brought home the school's very first national championship. There were challenges with a 100 ft Coach, especially for away games, but like any challenge facing him, he met it head on along with the rest of us and came away with full success. Coach, of course, became a national celebrity, using his size to help out wherever he could. Whether it be assisting the fireman or police in rescue missions, cleaning up verhicle accidents or his favorite, helping the city demolish condemned or unwanted buildings. An activity where we really got to show off his size and power to his adoring fans. The university supplied him with sustenance and clothes, although he rarely wore a shirt. His huge body was like a human radiator and even in winter he only required a light tank top to keep warm. The university constructed some living quarters for him off campus in the form of a handful of aircraft hanger size buildings, furnished of course. Along with a massive heated swimming pool to allow him to wash off. Of course, I continued to see Coach during “captain's meetings” throughout the year. Coach had promised that he would stick around to coach the team for at least the next three years, through the end of my playing career before he would decide what the future held for him. Even without being able to properly workout with weight, Coach continued to slowly grow in musculature, aided by his nearly naked body constantly absorbing energy from the sun and his daily workouts consisting of various body weight movements. The only question that remained, was Coach truly done growing, or was there a power source out there strong enough to cause another doubling of his size? Only the future could tell.
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