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    Looking to connect with other growth obsessed muscle dudes. Love to chat about anything muscle related. Lifting, nutrition, mutual muscle admiration, supps, gear, anything! Would love to share notes on how to GROW HUGE! Also, of course, some mutual flexing, feeling and admiration would be awesome...maybe even leading to other things ;). I've lurked here for years but just recently started participating. I'm a bit of a goofball so I prefer big, buff, muscular guys who aren't too serious and like to playfully enjoy their size and strength! I graduated high school at 130 lbs and have built myself up to as much as 203 lbs. Right now I have more of a powerlifter build but would love to transition to a bodybuilder's physique. I want to be HUGE and RIPPED.
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    Since I'm short I'll say Flex Lewis stats. Dude is a MONSTER! In my fantasy I'm way talller 6'7" and 340 lbs of rock hard beef.
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    "Justin (The Bigger The Better)" by Giantworshipper, "Home From College" by Musclegod300, anything by Sean Reid Scott, Uncle's Jailhouse Muscles, I've been reading growth stories for so long there are too many to list!
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    Chad Ray Martin, early Brand Warren, Caleb Blanchard, Dan Decker, Frank McGrath, Evan Centopani, Flex Lewis, Murat Gonul, Justin Compton, James Llewellin, Steve Kuclo, the new slew of crazy tall huge bodybuilders that are emerging.
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  1. Loving where this is going, buddy! keep it up!! Blake is HOT. I love his attitude. Being a smaller guy yet being so alpha. And he loves his muscles, his body, his cock. And I have a feeling he'll start to love them even more!
  2. Chapter 12 Trevor returns home later that week and the rest of semester goes by quickly. He still avoids the gym, at least the times he knows that Jack and Brooke will be there. The big couple have become quite the celebrities on campus. Luckily, it's easy to avoid Jack as he can easily be spotted towering above the rest of their campus peers. And he is constantly swamped by the little people around him clamoring for attention from the attractive giant. And of course, Jack is only to happy to oblige. As the weather warms up Jack wears more and more revealing clothes. First sleeveless shirts, then tank tops, then by late April he is often seen strutting around shirtless, flexing his muscles for some tiny yet busty girls or shorter jealous jocks. He truly relishes his status, especially since Seth isn't around to overshadow him. And it's a status he deserves. As he continues to inch taller and taller, he fills out his frame with more and more muscle. And that bulge in his gym shorts cannot be ignored. Brooke, while not one to seek out attention, also relishes her position. She indeed finishes the basketball season with honors, racking up many awards. Trevor reads her interviews in the school paper and learns how she loves dominating on the court. Unlike big Jack, who is happy to show his dominance wherever he can, Brooke, the more mild mannered of the two, clearly enjoys letting herself show her power on the basketball court. Thankfully, being back on campus Trevor is able to relax and blend in a bit more with the crowds. While he still feels skinny and short amongst a sea of ever growing young adults, at least he's away from the ultra-superior humans that dominated his Spring Break experience. Through the rest of the semester Seth and Trevor still chat and text each other often and Seth is always happen to brag about his lifts in the gym. [Oh yeah, Bro! STILL growing! You thought my biceps were huge before, you should see them now! I love it. And lifting more than ever! Having to get creative at the gym, not enuf weights, LOL!] While Seth enjoys his position Trevor doesn't mention that he seems to still be slowly contracting as well, the effects of the second Elongro shot still lingering. Trevor is so thankful that he only took half of the dose for his second shot. He shudders to think just how much he may have regressed if he had actually taken a full second dose. As the two converse Seth never gives Trevor specific stats though, other than his lifts. Trevor drops his phone when he first reads a text in which Seth mentions benching 900 pounds raw. Trevor suspects that Seth doesn't want to make shrinking Trevor feel any worse by revealing he's still growing. It's a position Trevor appreciates...though he can't help but feel a morbid curiosity on just how BIG Seth is growing. As the semester rapidly approaches its end Trevor notes that Jack seems to be catching Seth's last known height, so if Seth has kept growing...just how big could he be now? About two weeks before the school year ends Seth calls Trevor with some shocking news. Trevor answers the phone and can't believe how deep Seth's voice is. Even through the receive it resonates in Trevor's chest cavity, shaking him to his core and causing his penis to swell. “Hey, little buddy! How have you been?” The two exchange pleasantries before Seth reveals his big news. “Guess what?! I got accepted to the Harvard Business school!” Seth excitedly proclaims. “You WHAT?!? I didn't even know you applied? When? HOW?” “Yeah man! I applied last semester. And one of the execs at my co-operative helped me out. He was a Harvard man. He's was so impressed with my work, said I was the most productive intern he's ever seen.” Trevor can't believe what he is hearing. He always knew Seth was a good student, but not THAT good. And to get into someplace as selective as HARVARD? Was it possible the Elongro also enhanced his mental capacity and intelligence? Trevor genuinely feels happy for Seth...though he can't help but feel smaller and more pitiful than ever. It truly felt like Seth was leaving him behind, ascending to a plane of humanity so far above little Trevor that it was like comparing and elephant to an amoeba. He sighs and knows he has to congratulate him though. “Wow! I don't know what to say man. Fucking' HARVARD?? That's awesome, Seth! So you'll be going there next fall?” Trevor hears a sigh over the phone. “Well, that's the bad part. I'm actually starting the first summer session. My adviser at Harvard wants to fast track me. So I'm not coming back to campus. Once the co-op ends I'm packing up and heading out to Boston. I'm excited as hell to get out there but I'm super bummed I have to leave you,” Seth says with sadness. “Ah, uh. Well, that does suck, Big Man. But you gotta do it. I mean, Harvard?? That is nuts, you can't give this up,” Trevor replies. “Thanks man, it really means a lot for you to say that. It sucks that I will be about 1000 miles away, but I can't pass on Harvard.” “No you can't. Harvard won't know what hit them when you show up! You are going to blow everyone away! You are really going to stand out among those wimpy eggheads.” “Hahaha! Yeah Trevor I probably will! I bet no one out there has seen MUSCLES like the ones I have. I'm so glad I'm on scholarship, I can barely afford all the custom clothing. I've gotten so big pretty much everything I wear is custom. Even my underwear!” Trevor gasps to himself thinking about Seth's hugeness and his massive endowment. “Just be careful not to scare everyone, Sasquatch!” Trevor jokes. “I'll try not to step on any of the little runts. Like I have to do when you are around, haha.” “So you are still growing, Seth? Last I saw Jack he looked like he might be catching up to you.” A pregnant pauses causes Trevor's heart to flutter and his crotch to pulse. Seth responds. “Heh heh. Well if Jack has caught up to my old size then I've only INCREASED my lead on him. What do you think of that, Trev? You think Jack is big, I would make him look like a short scrawny bitch. I'm growing more and more and I NEVER want it to stop. I want to completely blow your mind the next time you see me, pipsqueak.” Trevor can hear Seth's arrogance through the phone and it excites him. And he knows Seth was piling it on as well for his tiny kinky friend. As soon as the two hang up the phone Trevor wanks his little cock, imagining staring up at the underside of Seth's pecs as Seth bounces them high in the air for his number one little fan. And so it goes that Seth is long gone, halfway across the county by late May. Thankfully, by then Trevor seems to have stopped shrinking, the effects seemingly have finally wore off. Trevor never measures his final height and weight. He didn't need statistical confirmation that he was now one of the smallest men on campus. Short and thin. Fit, but thin. A far cry from his former ripped jock status from just a year ago. In general he realizes that he is only taller than some of the older, short adults from previous generations. Precious few younger men and adolescents now look up to him, even the girls. Since Seth's hometown is not near Trevor's college town the two friends never get a chance to visit. The weeks turn into months and the two slowly drift apart, as happens all two often with college buddies. They do their best to still send each other messages every once in awhile. Seth lets Trevor know that he is still seeing Stacy. At first they do the long distance thing but then she even moves to Massachusetts following Seth where she finishes school out there at another university. The following fall Brooke has transferred to a more prestigious girls basketball school, being one of the most sought after transfers in the past decade. That season she racks up accolades. She is the NCAA women's leader in blocked shots...and dunks. Much is made of her ability to dunk nearly as well as men of her height, and she completely dominates the other women in the game, leading her team to the final four where they lose a heartbreaker at the buzzer. Trevor does his best to avoid news of her athletic prowess, not wanting to feel even more like a blip to his giant former girlfriend. With Brooke gone Trevor is also able to easily avoid Jack, who now enjoys traveling to the bigger city on the weekends to flaunt his superiority to larger crowds. That is, when he isn't traveling to hang out with Brooke, as the two remain together as well. The following semester, Jack graduates, having been one year ahead of the the rest of the group. This allows Trevor to further relax on campus, not having to worry about a giant sized muscle model stud finding him and humiliating him in front of every one. +++ It is now another year later and both Trevor and Seth graduate. Seth even with with honors. The two friends send each other gifts in the mail. They have continued to just barely keep in touch, but like so many young adults they have obviously drifted apart due to distance between then. Seth, never much to have a heavy presence on social media, is always coy with his physicals stats, other than simple statements such as “I'm bigger than ever, bro!” Even such short statements send Trevor the bathroom to beat off imagining just how tall, how muscular, how manly Seth now must be. Two months later Trevor receives another letter from Seth, this one in a fancy envelope. He opens it up and sees it's a wedding invitation. Seth and Stacy are getting married. Trevor stares at the couple's picture enclosed. Seth towers over Stacy, she doesn't quite reach the tops of his shoulders. What disappoints Trevor is that the picture is of the two of them in front of a tree with a field in the background, giving him absolutely no frame of reference to their current size. Even so, the picture makes Trevor rock hard. Seth's build is MASSIVE. Obviously incredibly tall, but he looks to have achieved the size of a pro-bodybuilder. And not one of the current pros who sport massive bubble guts. Seth looks to have the ultra rare yet superior look of absolute freaky massiveness combined with aesthetics. His amazingly broad chest and delts taper down to ridiculously tiny waist for such a heavily muscular man. In the black and white photo Seth is wearing a light colored polo shirt that looks painted on. How Seth got his arms in the sleeves is a mystery to Trevor. His pecs burst forward with such mass that Stacy, with her own majestically large chest, has to lean far forward and over Seth's pecs to kiss him. At another glance, Seth's chest seems to jut out just as far as Stacy's! Trevor sets down the photo and pics up a a personalized letter from Seth which invites to be a groomsman. And not just any groomsman, the Best Man, in fact! Trevor's heart flutters that even in their absence Seth still considers him to be his best friend. The great news is slightly sullied as he reads the details of the event. The letter explains the wedding will be a small event on the beach at Jack's family beach house. This instantly takes away some of Trevor's excitement as it becomes obvious that Jack is also a groomsman too. Trevor, however, lets the good vibes sink in and sends Seth a quick congratulatory text. ++++ The next spring Trevor is on his way back to Florida. Seth tells him to meet him and other groomsman at the Fisherman's Deck restaurant. Before entering the restaurant Trevor takes a deep breath in an attempt to prepare him for what he will see inside. He enters and informs the hostess of the party. As she looks down at the small man in front of her she gives him a confused look. “You're with THEM?” she says incredulously before directing Trevor to the back room. Trevor walks to the back and sees Seth and three other groomsmen sitting around a large table. And they make the table look tiny. Trevor walks in silently, unable to speak. Seth turns and sees Trevor, totally excited that he has arrived. A bright smile forms on his incredibly masculine face. If it's even possible, Seth's thick jaw is even more square than Trevor remembers. He has adopted a permanent stubble look as if to further broadcast how masculine and virile he is. Jack turns to see what Seth is looking at. Like Seth, Jack is hotter than ever too. The additional two years of physical maturity have only added to his yet still boyish good looks. Even Jack seems excited, though Trevor is sure it's for other reasons. As Trevor approaches he sees that Seth is already taller than him while sitting...and that disparity only grows as Seth stand ups. With a grin Seth watches Trevor's little face as he rises taller and taller and TALLER. Trevor looks almost scared by his size. And it's not just the height. Seth looks like he may be wider than FOUR Trevors side by side! Seth approaches, seemingly covering ten feet with just one long stride. He stops in front of Trevor, looming impossibly huge, and bends over to greet Trevor and give him a hug. Trevor can only squeak as Seth's massive hand reaches behind him and pulls him toward the giant. Due to their size difference, Trevor feels his head being forced toward Seth's bulging CROTCH! Trevor's face makes contact with a VERY full bulge as the two friends attempt and awkward hug. Seth tries to hug back but Seth's legs and glutes are so developed he can only reach about 2/3 of the way around. Trevor groans he realizes he would have to reach UP to hug around Seth's waist! Still unable to speak, Seth breaks the silence. An amazing deep and rough voice utters words from above. Anything Seth says would now be considered sexy just due to the power of his voice. "There's my best little buddy! So happy you came! This means the world to me dude! Erm...sorry man!” Seth chuckles as he realizes he has been unconsciously smashing Trevor against his prodigious bulge. “Let me bring you up to my level a bit. I've gotten pretty big, haven't I." Seth reaches down and with no effort lifts Trevor off the ground for a more appropriate adult chest-to-chest embrace. Trevor's small boner is rock hard as Seth now mashes Trev's tiny body into his own magnificent pectoral muscles, clearly evident through his stylish t-shirt. Seth then holds Trevor out in front of him as if he were a toddler. Finally able to speak, Trevor responds. “'Pretty big'?!?! Are you kidding me. YOU'RE A LITERAL GIANT, SETH!” “HAHAHa!” Seth throws his huge head back and laughs. “Yeah I guess you could say that. And I love it! And It's all thanks to you! And I gotta tell you man, holding you like this...makes me feel even BIGGER! I'm so happy you're here, little bro.” Seth sets Trevor back down and steps back so they can see each others' eyes while they converse. "This is going to be a GREAT weekend. Can't wait to hear your speech!" Just then Jack gets up and stands besides Trevor, getting uncomfortably close. Like Seth, if he were standing straight up at this distance, his view of Trevor would be blocked by his pecs. However, Jack has no problem crowding little Trevor and having to bend over to speak to him. Jack tilts far forward, his sexy face with a smug grin looking nearly straight down at Trevor. Trevor stares dumbly nearly straight up at him, trying to calculate how tall the two giants may now be. Jack doesn't even have to say anything to get his point across. He is bigger. Bigger, better, superior. His look says it all. Finally Jack laughs as he see the tiny man who's head barely reaches his own belly button. "Good to see you again Trevor! Man, you are TINY. Did you shrink more? OR AM I JUST GETTING THAT HUGE, HAHA!” Jack laughs and throws up a cocky double biceps flex HIGH above Trevor. Trevor's heart sinks as he realizes he would now have to JUMP to reach the bottom of Jack's flexed arms. “But seriously, brah. It's good to see you...and not just because you always make me feel so BIG. You're gonna have a great time. Don't worry, we have a surprise for you later!" Trevor groans, unsure of what that could mean. The other two groomsmen also come over. They are shorter and smaller than Jack...but not by much. One Trevor recognizes from Spring Break, Matt. The other, Shane, Seth met while at Harvard and had become fast friends. Trevor realizes with horror that he is going to look teeny tiny at the wedding standing up there next to these guys! The horror he faces contrasts with amazement at the sexy giants surrounding him. He has never been so hard. Seth and Jack were enough to make him nearly blow, but now there were two additional giants. Seth notices Trevor squirm, knowing how much these thoughts excite his tiny friend. And now that Seth, Jack, and the two other guys are even bigger, he can only imagine how turned on little Trevor is. Seth looks down at Trevor with grin, "Little guy, This is gonna be fun!" Trevor returns Seth's grin with a wry, yet nervous smile. After a long night of festivities, the groups heads back to the house. Matt and Shane, already tipsy, head back to their separate condos to spend the last of the evening with their girlfriends. Jack's house has been cleared out for the wedding party, but as they walk in Trevor sees two familiar faces: Stacy and Brooke. Of course, they are bigger than he remembers too, a common theme among all Trevor's closest friends...and one that he will never get to experience. Stacy comes over and leans way down to give Trevor a hug. "Aww Trevor! You just look so cute, Trevor! Thank you for doing this!" Trevor nods, barely comprehending the towering goddess in front of him. Brooke chimes in, "Good to see you too, Trev!" She hugs Trevor before flashing a huge ring in his face. “Guess what, Trevor? Jack and I are getting married too! Next Fall!” Trevor can barely form words, stammering about how that is "great" and "good for you" and other meaningless platitudes. He misses Brooke but he knows that even at his old size, she's outgrown him - quite literally now. Just then Jack comes around the corner with a bottle of champagne and some flutes. Jack pops the champagne. "Lets have some fun!" The group drinks for a bit, downing glass after glass in toast of both couples. The giants drink a lot more than Trevor, their mass obviously requires much more alcohol to affect them. Trevor can see they are all so happy. So lucky. So HUGE. He is happy for them but can't fight the feeling of envy. It's understandable, almost any human would trade places with them in an instant to feel their power, their presence, their strength...their SIZE. As the alcohol flows the group's inhibitions lessen. Trevor can tell that a moment is coming after they finish a 4th bottle. More and more talk has been directed towards their bodies. Jokes and revelations about Seth's and Jack's muscles, the girls' huge tits, start to dominate the conversation. After Brooke mentions Seth's biceps, he stands up proudly. “Since we are all admiring our awesome bods, why don't we get more comfortable!" he says, shedding his shirt. Jack jumps up too, “Don't think I'm gonna let your huge muscles dominate the room!” He then yanks off his shirt as well as both girls squeal and giggle at their huge, hunky, handsome men. Seth stares at the men's physiques, barely believing how defined we are. Trevor's assumption that Seth resembles a pro-bodybuilder is confirmed. Seth is so developed and so lean that he looks like he could step on the Olympia stage right now and take home the Sandow trophy...that is if here were about six feet tall. But being as big as he is now...it would be utter domination. While unflexed his muscles are encased in faint veins, but whenever he flexes those veins explode to he surface of his paper thin skin, pushed the brink by the mighty sinews of his muscles underneath. His golden tan only emphasizes the cuts and striations, it is truly and awe-inspiring sight. Even if Seth were only 6 ft tall, Trevor's knowledge of pro-bodybuilder stats tells him Seth would probably weigh well in excess of 300 ripped pounds of muscle. His mind shudders to think how much he weighs with that number scaled up to his current impossible height. Jack, while not as huge, is no less impressive. Shorter than Seth, he could still rival nearly any physique competitor on the planet. Jack is not as overly muscular as Seth, but still has bulging, vein-encased muscles covering his own tanned body. While Seth could win the Olympia open, Jack would be a top competitor for the classic-physique division with his hunky build. The ladies chuckle, stare at each other, and in unison say, "What the hell!" Trevor watches as they peel off their long, long dresses and sit only in their bra and panties. Trevor stares at the biggest sets of tits he's ever seen. Huge and yet perfectly shaped, even with their enormous size they seem to suit the girls athletic giantess frames ideally. Trevor notes that since she grew, Brooke's have at least tripled in size. Trevor watches, aroused out of his mind at the display. The guys hoot at the girls and and laugh and Jack is next to offer up a piece of clothing. "I think we can do better than that...." he says, sliding off his long slacks. His boxers are stuffed with a dick that must rival Seth's! Trevor stares dumbly as Seth does the same, not to be outdone by Jack, exposing his way overstuffed briefs. The legs of the two giant studs are like redwoods with their thickness. Trevor surmises that Seth's legs are likely larger in width than his own shrunken shoulders! The game of strip-chicken continues as the ladies strip again too, leaving them entirely naked, their big tits pertly pointing forward. They sit back down and give their huge men a knowing grin. Trevor can't help but feel that this is all being played out for him. While the giants seem to act as if he's not even there, the scene playing out is pressing all his buttons. Seth stands there like a colossal statue, grinning. "Well that leaves only one thing...." he says, ripping off his underwear. Stacy moans as his huge oversized monster cock flops out. Trevor's own groans are drowned out by Stacy's. Trevor then glances over at Jack as he does the same, his own impressive member resting heavy across his thigh. "Fuck....." Treovr moans, witnessing four GIANTS sitting naked in front of him. He closes his eyes to prevent himself from convulsing in orgasm from just the site of the perfect towering bodies surrounding him, making him feel smaller and weaker than ever. Trevor calms himself and opens his eyes and sees the giants looking down at him from on high, all with knowing smiles. Seth bounces his pecs as he looks down at him, "Your turn, little Trev!" Trevor's heart flutters. “WHAT?!? NO WAY!” he protests. The giants all giggle. They know there is no way out of this for the tiny man. Seth steps forward and grabs little Trevor up in his giant arms. He brings the small man up to sit on his right forearm as if he were a parent holding their toddler, and with the size difference that is what it looks like. Trevor feels diminutive as his butt rests easily on Seth's massive forearm, which is so huge it's like sitting on a log. Trevor feels Seth's ridiculous biceps flexing into his side as Seth holds him close. Trevor puts his hand on Seth's chest to steady himself and marvels at the expanse of pectacular muscle. Trevor finds himself in an usual position, his eyes at the same level as Seth's. Seth leans in to whisper to Trrevor so the others can't hear. “I won't make you do anything you don't want, but I know you love this stuff, you kinky little fucker. This was my idea. Hope you don't mind... I know how this stuff, um, excites you! And we love it too. So please join us?” Seth leans back and smiles at Trevor. At first Trevor stares blankly until an excited smile creeps on his face. Seth sees it and leans forward and plants a big wet sloppy kiss on Trevor's cheek. “Love ya, Bro! We're doing this for you!” After descending back to the floor, reluctantly Trevor strips, showing off his seemingly underdeveloped body. While he is incredibly embarrassed and emasculated, he is comforted by the fact that even pornstars would feel inadequate in this group. Not to mention the fact that Seth is right. Trevor's size fetish is currently in overdrive. As Trevor strips off his pants his breath quickens. Thanks to the second dose of Elongro, he's not only shrunken in height, but he's lost muscle mass, definition and even some body hair. His once prized treasure trail looks like it did when he was 15. Taking a final look at the giants, who all stare in awe at just how much Trevor's body has regressed, he whips down his seemingly empty briefs. As he stands back up to his full yet hilariously short height compared to the giants, his small, tiny cock proudly stands erect. The ladies gasp and then laugh. “Oh my gawd! It's so TINY!” Stacy squeals. “Brooke, how did you ever get off with that thing!” Brooke laughs, “Well he wasn't always THAT small! But you're right, I had completely forgotten that we had dated. Can you imagine if we were dating NOW?” The group laughs and Jack adds. “I forgot you dated this runt too! Haha it would've never worked out. You wouldn't even feel that tiny dicklet if he tried to fuck you! It'd be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!” More laughter ensues. Trevor is humiliated beyond belief but so turned on. Seth adds, “You really are TINY, bud. It's hard for me to tell if you are even smaller than when I last saw you since I'm so HUGE. But did you keep shrinking? I kept growing. In fact, we are all STILL GROWING!” Trevor gasps. “Fuck yeah we are, Seth!” Jack adds excitedly. “Still getting TALLER. BIGGER. STRONGER! No wonder Trevor looks even smaller every time I see him! HAHA this is awesome! I LOVE being BIG! It's way better than being SMALL like you, TREVOR!” Jack gloats and preens himself, flexing his arms, bouncing his pecs, swinging his hips making his massive cock sway pendulously. “I mean, how small are you now, runt?” Jack adds. “Let's find out!” the other giants shout in unison. Seth directs Jack to go do something while he brings out a tape measure from the kitchen. "Mind helping us out one last time little guy?" Trevor nods and looks around Seth and sees Jack bringing out a ladder from the other room. "I think this time you'll be needing this. You're just TOO SHORT!" Jack says, unfolding it. "But first, little guy, let's do you!" The girls clap with glee, desperate to know how tall the adorable little best man is now...and how much taller and more superior they are compared to him. Seth stands up and motions Trevor to do the same. Reluctantly he stands in pathetic comparison to Seth's own hyper masculine body. Seth takes the tape to measure. “Just stand against me Trev.” Trevor complies, in new awe that Seth is so big, so much TALLER and WIDER than him that Seth is basically using himself as a wall to measure Trevor against. Trevor stands against Seth who marks off his height against his lower abdomen. As he stands against Seth, Trevor gasps at Seth's massive firehose dick that is face level to him. Well, the root is at face level, the hose quickly falls to a point where the head hangs far below his face. “Fuck, bro... I'd knew you'd be SMALL but shit... FIVE FOOT FOUR??!" Seth calls out, incredulously. Brooke puts her hand over her mouth in shock. "That's almost how tall I used to be when we first met Trev. You used to look so tall to me then!" She pauses, "but now," Brooke stands up, raising higher and higher and higher, "Trev, you look so so SHORT next to me! You don't even clear my shoulder, or my tits! I NEVER looked THIS SMALL next to you!!!" She exclaims gleefully. “You make him look PATHETIC, Babe!” Jack boasts. He then takes the take measure to Trevor's small erect penis. "Fuck! He IS pathetic! Height isn't the only thing he doesn't measure up on.... he's only 3" ROCK HARD!!!" Jack roars. Brooke giggles as does Stacy, barely being able to comprehend having a dick so SMALL. Trevor's brain is a full on mix of emotions. He is humiliated beyond belief, but so, sooo turned on right now. He can't help it. He has always wanted more than anything to be a giant, but not getting that, and seeing his closest friends get it and tease him with it is something he'd never thought in his life he would take pleasure in. It's like some weird reverse psychological kink that he never knew he had until Seth started dominating his thoughts with his size. Trevor takes a deep breath and proclaims, from the bottom of his heart. "You know it's weird being around all you giants. That's truly what you are to me. GIANTS!" I can't believe how HUGE you guys are. I mean, yeah, look at my tiny cock compared to Jack's. I look like a prepubescent boy comparing with a Clydesdale's cock!" Jack roars in laughter, "Damn, right RUNT! I'm glad you know your place. Makes this easier! I mean, look at this!" Jack lifts up his soft dick and holds it next to Trevor's. He throws his head back again at a new revelation. "Fuck, my cockhead alone is about the same length than his entire penis!" The girls erupt in laughter and so does Seth, knowing that he's free to do so. Seth thinks he senses that Trevor is truly coming to terms with his situation. Not just with himself, but with the group as well. That knowledge allows him to turn on his own machismo. Seth swaggers up to Trevor and holds his own dinosaur dick next to Trevor and Jack's. "Trev, if you really want to know who the BIG MAN of the house is, take a look." “Holy shit, Seth. Your cock is even BIGGER than Jack's! Much bigger.” Seth looks way down grins, "Damn right. Well, we already taken one measurement, let's get some proof of who the REAL big man is! Ladies, a little help?" The girls run over to respective men and to start to expertly fondling them both to hardness. As they do Trevor interrupts. "WAIT!" he shouts. The giants all turn in surprise. It is the loudest they've heard Trevor sound in years. "Um...we, we better get a soft measurement first..." Jack roars again, "Damn you are one FREAKY little midget! But go ahead, shrimp!" Trevor measures Jack's soft dick. “Jack is 12 inches.” Jack pumps his fist. “Fuck yeah! A footlong softie that only gets BIGGER!” Trevor then measures Seth's. It is unbelievably heavy as he picks it up. “Seth is 15 inches!” Trevor gasps, "Omigod, the last time I measure you were 15 inches HARD!" Jack and the girls shoot Seth and Trevor a crooked look. Trevor has just revealed that this had happened before. With the confidence that only a giant hung bodybuilder can pull off, Seth shrugs his massive shoulders. "What can I say, the best little man has been into me for a while. And who can blame him? I'M A GIANT MUSCLE GOD!" Seth exclaims with a colossal naked double biceps pose. Seth's dick starts to harden from his self praise and confidence and Trevor watches it grow longer and longer. Jack's is hardening as well with Brooke's help. Soon the two alpha males are both at full mast, which brings on a new exciting and emasculating revelation. Seth sees it at first. “Woah! Check this out, guys!” Seth's rock solid battering ram sticks out forward and up at a 45 degree angle. With its thickness it's hard to believe that such a massive boner wouldn't hang down from its own weight, but when you consider how developed Seth's muscle are, kegels included, it makes sense that it sticks up. With Trevor frozen in place, Seth smirks and steps slowly toward Trevor. As he does the group sees it... The tip of Seth's cock rises ABOVE TREVOR'S HEAD! Jack erupts, “Holy shit! Trevor is so TINY that he wouldn't even be able to suck you off while standing up! HAHAHA!” Both Trevor and Seth moan, Trevor from his kink and Seth from the overwhelming feeling of POWER and SIZE. Seth bends his legs and straightens back up, causing his dick to bob up and down. Quickly Trevor feels thuds on the top of his head from the HEAVY impacts of Seth's megacock. “Wow, thanks for making me feel like a TITAN, my itty bitty bro,” Seth says. "Now how about you measure our hard beasts. Find out for real how pathetically small we make you look!” Trevor turns and measures Jack first. 16 inches. Jack throws his hand up in victory pose before swaying his hips to smack his dick into Trevor's face, dominating the shrimpy dude. Trevor then turns to measure Seth, having to reach UP to complete the task. Seth smiles down at him and he smiles back up at Seth. Trevor couldn't be happier right now. He feels so, so tiny, yet priveledged to be in the presence of such wonderful, sexy and powerful people. He runs the tape along the shaft...longer and longer. "SETH! Your cock is a MONSTROUS 21 inches long! Oh my gawd! Your dick is seven...SEVEN times as long as my own! Fuck, I feel so tiny to you. You are a god to me Seth. A HUGE, GIANT, bodybuilder god and I am your tiny servant!" Seth grins down at Trevor almost with a sneer. The others raise their eyes at Trevor's confession but say nothing. They let it go not wanting to ruin the moment. Seth responds, his hands resting powerfully on his waist. "DAMN RIGHT I AM, SKINNY SHRIMP! You are nothing compared to me. So short. So weak. So skinny. I probably have more muscle in this arm than you're entire body!” Seth bends way over and flexes his medicine ball sized biceps in Trevor's face. Seth chuckles as he realizes he practically has to bend in two to get down to Trevor's tiny level. “You are so small you could probably fit inside one of my legs. My calves probably rival your CHEST! I'm so fucking BIG! YES!” Seth runs through a posing routine as the girls clap and even Jack watches on in admiration. When Seth does his lat spread, it looks like Seth is now wider in than Trevor is tall! “Ok, enough posing. NOW IT'S TIME TO COMPLETE THE NIGHT WITH OUR HEIGHT MEASUREMENTS! Starting with the ladies. Climb up on the ladder, tiny man. You're gonna need it you pathetic RUNT!" Brooke is up first and she steps over to the ladder as Trevor climbs up. She has been waiting for this moment, savoring it. She smiles as Seth has to climb up three rungs to reach the top of her head. Trevor unfurls the tape measure, letting it go lower and lower and lower before it hits the ground. The result comes back and stuns him. Seth slaps him gently on the back. "And?" he asks, genuinely interested. Jack adds, “Yeah, Trevor. How tall is your FORMER girlfriend?” "Brooke is seven foot one inch tall!" Brooke's excitement can't be contained as she looks at Trevor and grabs him for a kiss. "Thank you, Trev! YESSSS!" She squeals running to Jack. He sweeps her off her feet and gives her a deep kiss. "Told ya, babe," he says. "I know what a seven footer looks like!” Brooke beams, "This is why I play professional basketball now. I'm HUGE!" “Yes, you are, Babe. WAY to big for little Trevor. Haha, sorry bro! Must be THIS tall to ride!” He jokes while holding his hand FAR above Trevor's head, even whilst standing on the ladder. Seth grins, complementing Brooke. "Now it's the blushing brides turn!" Stacy steps up, readying herself for the measurement. She winks at Trevor, nothing that he has to step up to the next rung. She is loving this moment. Trevor's cock hardens again at the new revelation of this woman's superiority over him. "Jesus...Stacy is seven foot SIX!" he calls out. Even Seth is stunned, "Man those 5" heels tomorrow are gonna make you look HUGE, Baby... but it won't be enough to catch me!!!" Seth laughs, still towering over his supposed 'little lady'. The ladies run to hug each other, jumping up and down as they do. Their huge breasts flopping in the air erotically above Trevor's head. He wonders how they can even find bras big enough to contain them! He suspects that ALL the giants' clothing must now be custom made. It is now Jack's turn. For a long while Jack simply stands there smirking at Trevor. At how much SMALLER he is in every way. Jack swaggers over to the ladder. It's clear that Trevor is no where near high enough. Jack relishes this as Trevor climbs higher. “Look at how far you have to climb just to measure me, Trev! My feet are flat on the ground, FAR below your feet which are elevated so high on that ladder. Man it must SUCK to be so small. I would HATE to be a six foot tall shorty. Oh wait, you aren't even six foot! You are closer to FIVE FOOT than SIX! HAHA! Measure me, RUNT!” Trevor climbs up one more rung and readies the tape measure. He isn't prepared for what he sees. "Fuck... fuck... fuck..." he says as his little cock gets rock hard again and jerks slightly as he struggles to maintain control. "Oh my god... Jack... man.... you hit eight foot tall! Eight foot THREE to be exact! That's fucking MASSIVE!" Jack growls loudly and flexes his biceps, almost scaring tiny Trevor off the ladder, causing Jack to laugh harder. Brooke runs over and kisses him, a full foot shorter than her GIANT fiancé, yet still over a foot and a half taller than her former beau. As the time nears for Seth's measurement, the excitement ramps. It's clear that Seth is much taller than even Jack. It's clear he is the BIGGEST, TALLEST, STRONGEST man ANYONE has EVER seen. Seth saunters up to the ladder and grins down...yes DOWN at Trevor. "Looks like you need to get higher, dude." Trevor looks up at Seth, not moving. Then Seth sees why. He looks down at the ladder, realizing that little Trevor is out of rungs. Jack laughs, "I'll help you out, shorty! It's not like you weigh anything." Jack wraps his big hands around Trevor's waist, easily lifting him up higher so he can get a full measurement. Seth grins as Trevor extend the tape measure further and further until it stops. Stacy cracks up laughing. "That tape isn't long enough for my GIANT MAN!!!" Seth sighs in arousal, "Oh fuck YES, I'VE EVEN OUTGROWN TREVOR'S LADDER AND MEASUREMENT TOOLS!" he thunders. Stacy helps Trevor cobble together the measurement. Trevor looks at it again and again, verifying it. "Fuck... Seth... BIG Seth... GIANT SETH... you did it... you broke the barrier. Tallest man in modern history! You are NINE FOOT ONE INCH TALL!" Seth stands dumbly for a brief moment, processing Trevor's words. Seth feels his cock pulse. Without looking he knows he's been leaking precum profusely. This new revelation of his size...is too much. Seth screams and brings up his arms in the double-biceps pose to end all double-biceps poses. "FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!!" Seth smiles at Trevor as he watches him start stroking his tiny, pathetic cock, still being held aloft by Jack. Trevor lustily takes in Seth's enormously peaked biceps, his heavy sagging sandbag sized pecs, his basketball sized delts that seem to stretch for miles out to each side. He's so big, so powerful, so handsome. So fucking hot. Seth continues flexing harder and harder, a light sheen covers his smooth tan skin from a small of sweat, making him glow. Seth ROARS, “I AM THE BIGGEST, MOST MUSCULAR, MOST HUNG, STRONGEST AND TALLEST MAN ON THE PLANET!!! I am a FUCKING GIANT!” The last few flexes and powerful proclamation from Seth send Trevor over the edge. His little cock dribbles a few drop of juice far down onto Seth's herculean quad sweep. The pathetically tiny orgasm makes Seth smirk and laugh and feel even BIGGER. Seth cranks down into a most muscular, all his muscles and veins erupt into freaky definition. "Was that all, Trev? You want to see something? See a REAL man?" Seth asks as he starts stroking his fat, long cock harder and harder and harder. Even with his enormous hands he still needs both of them to fully stimulate the beast cock. Seth's chest muscles flex and bunch against each other from the motion, stimulating Seth more and more...until he shoots. Rather than a few dribbles, a WATER CANNON of cum GUSHES out in spurt and spurt after spurt, coating the floor in pints of thick, manly semen. Trevor's cock convulses again from a second orgasm at the sight, though his petite spent dick spurts no more liquid. As the two buds come back to earth, Seth grins cockily down at Trevor as Jack sets him down. "You see all that jizz, runt? Now THAT is fucking cumming, you tiny little fuck!"
  3. This paragraph is beautiful. A nice encapsulation of what I find so erotic about bodybuilding.
  4. dredlifter


    Very hot. The way the giants integrated the little reg into their fun was very sweet and sexy.
  5. Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Did mention that I love it? Haha. Seriously, the chapter wasn't too long at all! I could've us a longer one, lol. When the writing and story telling is so good you don't even realize how long the chapter is. And even with a somewhat long chapter we inevitably feel disappointed when the chapter ends because it was just so darn good. All the various characters and personalities are so believable. From Carla, to Burrito Lady, to Hernandez and Heath as well. You are managing the large scope of the story so well. Gabriel and John being apart for so long...I have a feeling Gabriel is going to be in for a BIG surprise. And I can't wait to see his reaction.
  6. Holy cow this is amazing. Hitting a ton of buttons of mine. WOW.
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    Ben and Roger

    This story is insanely hot. Just saying. ☺️
  8. I do want to say, regarding the lift. I honestly didn't know the physiological dangers involved with lifting someone by their head. I didn't look it up. I just thought it was a hot show of power and strength. I'm NOT into violence or actual danger, and none of my characters are either, including Jack. The story is purely fantasy, so please don't look too much into Jack's palming and lifting and him being violently dominant. Just as there is real physiological danger in giving oral to or getting fucked by footlock+ cocks , as happens in MANY of stories on this site, we accept it as hot fantasy when it happens and that's what I was going for here.
  9. Who is Jake? 😋 This is an interesting thought. I do think, though, we have real world examples of this with pro-bodybuilders. So many people think pro-bodybuilders look "disgusting", "too big" or "gross". But at the end of the day, bodybuilders don't care what normal people think. They want to be the biggest and freakiest that they can be. I think those experiencing the benefits of Elongro relish their size. And as they grow the feeling becomes intoxicating and they want more. I don't know if I believe this. Sure it makes the giant feel and act like entitled douchebags, but there are plenty of examples of people who feel superior to others for any number of reasons. From muscles and height, wealth, fame, looks, you name it. Doesn't make it right, but I don't think Elongro would be any more dangerous than anything else that gives people god-complexes. Lol, even if the story brings out some dark thoughts, I hope you're (mostly) enjoying it! 😁
  10. Part 11 The next morning Trevor wakes up and heads downstairs. Everyone is lounging around with coffee, talking about plans for the day. Seth stands next to the kitchen island with a huge mug sipping it down and looks at Trevor with a grin. "Want to hit the water today? Before the girls get here?" Trevor nods, suggesting interest. "Jack has some jet skis that would be awesome to take out. It would be a LOT of fun. The other girls are going shopping anyway..." Trish is there too, she smiles at this and then adjusts her overflowing top. Seth and Trevor enjoy the view before Seth continues. "The other guys just want to get their bronze on while recovering from their hangovers. So it would just be us. What do you say?" Trevor smiles and says, "Hell yeah". Seth and Trevor get ready and head toward the neighborhood marina down the road. The pair take Jack's huge Hummer and Trevor notices how Seth has the seat ALL the way back while Trevor's feet barely touch the ground. Seth notices this out of the corner of his eye and smirks. Even with the seat adjusted back Seth still barely fits in the oversized vehicle. Arriving at the marina, they walk down the docks to the jet skis and both Seth's and Trevor's eyes go wide. They are huge, practically boats! "Woah, check these out, Trev! These look awesome! Jack said his parents just got them back from the shop. They modified them a bit." Trevor looks up at Seth and then to the massive floating vessels. “Here man, I'll help you on,” Seth offers innocently. Suddenly Seth reaches down and easily lifts Trevor up and sets him on one of the jet skis. On the big watercraft Trevor looks like a 12 year old, barely able to reach the controls. "Erm...sorry Trevor. This may not work for you. They made these bigger for Jack and his friends." Seth laughs while Trevor glares. "How about this, we'll just take on jet ski. I'll have to drive. Scoot back little man!” Trevor's eyes go wide eyed, realizing he gets to spend the morning holding on to Seth's MASSIVE body. "I guess this is an Ok consolation," he thinks to himself as Seth easily swings his big legs around and onto the jet ski, in front of Trevor. Seth exits the marina and Trevor enjoys the feeling of wrapping his arms around Seth. Because Seth is so huge, Trevor's head is at the middle of Seth's back and thus Trevor is actually able to wrap his short arms around Seth's relatively tiny waist. Trevor can't believe how hard Seth's brick-sized ab muscles feel. The two slowly head out to the deep water and Seth suddenly takes off. The force pushes Seth's body back into Trevor. The little man squeaks and flies off the back with a splash. Seth turns around laughing. "Whoops! Haha sorry about that man, I should've warned ya! Hmmm...maybe you shouldn't sit behind me." Seth glides the jet ski over to Trevor. He reaches his one long arm down and firmly grabs hold of Trevor's arm and lifts him out of the water with just ONE hand. To Seth it is as easy as lifting a paint can. He sets Trevor down in front him this time. Trevor turns his head to the side and up to look up to Seth's grinning face. “Jeezus Seth. Just how strong are you? Lifting me was nothing for you, wasn't it.” The side of Seth's mouth curls into a smirk. “It really wasn't. I mostly use dumbbells that are heavier than you anymore, little man.” Seth slowly brings up his arm and flexes his colossal right biceps next to Trevor's face. It is even bigger than it was six weeks ago, and not only just due to Seth's new height. Trevor wonders if it might now be over 30 inches, and insane number to think about, but looking at the watermelon sized muscle in front of him, it seems more the plausible. And though it seems impossible, the muscle looks to be even more perfectly shaped than before. “Let's just say I'm pretty fucking strong...and only getting STRONGER. Fuck, bro. Look at that gun!” Seth moves his arm inwards, literally bringing the flexed biceps against Trevor's face for comparison. “Holy shit, Bro! My arm is definitely bigger than your head now, I can see it! Fuck, it just completely covers your face, little dude! Oh fuck I'm big!” Trevor's nose is against the warm ball of muscle and he wants nothing more than to open his mouth and lick it. However, he refrains an leans back to speak. “I think you're right Seth,” Trevor replies softly. “You might have the biggest biceps in history.” “Haha. I hope you're right. The only problem...these arms are still too SMALL. Just wait until I pack some REAL size onto them, haha!” Seth drops his flex and Trevor gulps and turns to face forward, now fully erect. Seth's huge arms are above Trevor's shoulders so he easily reaches forward and grabs the controls. The motion causes Trevor to feel his huge pecs bunch together against the back of Trevor's head. As Seth's takes off, this time Trevor is pressed into his torso. Thankfully the sound of the motor and crashing waves hides Trevor's gasps...he can totally feel Seth's enormous soft dick pushed up against his ass! Seth careens into the waves the makes a bunch of jumps and tight turns. The two are laughing and whooping and having a great time. In his new position Trevor feels very safe, being surrounding on three sides by protective bodybuilder meat, even as he gets tossed around from Seth's aggressive driving. After a few more jumps Seth heads over to a nearby beach and parks. The pair jump off the watercraft and then swim out to a calm spot and just soak in the sun and chat. After a while Trevor starts to get tired. "Seth, can we head back in, I can't tread water this long. I'm surprised you can tread this long being so buff. Muscle is supposed to sink." Seth chuckles, "Oh sorry little man. I forgot how short you are. I'm actually standing on the bottom. Here just grab onto my arm." Seth reaches out and cradles Trevor, giving him relief, although Trevor can't help but feel like a toddler swimming with his parent. As Seth holds him Trevor he can't help but reach out and squeeze Seth's rock solid delts. Then he pushes on Seth's chest. Trevor is totally getting into some wet muscle worship and Seth doesn't mind at all, as evidenced by the proud smile on his face. To Trevor, Seth is like is like his giant superhero. To Seth, Trevor is like his favorite little fan. Eventually the two buddies head back to the house and see the other bros lazing about, now starting to wake for the day. They grab a drink and join them, enjoying the late morning sun. The deck door slides open and a new, smaller guy walks out onto the deck Jack leaps up. "There he is! Little Bro! Hey everyone, this is Mark, my little bro!" From the warped perspective of all the giants around, Trevor at first can't tell how big he is, just that he's smaller than the others. He's a handsome guy, clearly Jack's brother from his looks. He's well built too, clearly a jock himself. Trevor thinks he looks like a prototypical high school quarterback. The new guy looks around wide-eyed as all the giant muscular studs surrounding him to say hi. Trevor hangs back as the others greet the newcomer. Eventually, Jack leads his brother over to Seth and Trevor. Jack introduces the two and Trevor silently groans as he finds himself look UP at the new guy. Jack grins as he introduces the two. "Mark, this is Trevor, your roomie!" Mark looks down at Trevor excitedly, "OH THANK GOD! Haha, I was worried I was going to be the runt this week!" All the dudes laugh, all except Trevor. Mark adds, "No offense dude, but half the dudes here are on that Elongro shit, and they are HUGE! Holy shit, especially this MONSTER!” Mark turns and looks WAY up to Seth, staring in complete awe as the two shake hands. “Nice to meet you, Mark,” Seth says. “I'm gonna grab a drink inside, Trev, buddy, you want anything?” Trevor waves him off as Seth heads inside the house. As Seth walks away Mark stares in awe at Seth's insanely huge and defined back and all the muscular bumps and valleys packed onto it. “Damn Jack, I thought you were big, but that guy even dwarfs YOU! All you huge guys make me feel tiny. I'm used to being one of the the bigger guys in my school, but not here. I can't wait until I'm old enough to take Elongro next year. I wanna get tall too! I'm actually way taller than Jack was when he was my age, so I hope to outgrow him!” “Fat chance, little bro! I'm still growing. I plan on always being the BIG BROTHER!” “We'll see, Jack!” Mark responds as the other guys hoot and holler and needle their sibling rivalry. Mark looks back to Trevor. “You look a little out of place here, dude, no offense. How tall are you?" Trevor stares at Mark and reaffirms his proclamation from yesterday. "I'm 5 ft 10." Mark squints at Trevor suspiciously. "Uh...no dude. I don't think so. I'm 6 ft 1 and still in high school, so I have bunch of friends who are 5 ft 10. My last girlfriend was that tall too. And I know they are taller than you." Jack then takes the opportunity to step right up to Trevor, forcing Trevor to crane his head way back. Jack grins evilly as he stares down at the small man in front of him. "You know, I was wondering if that was true. We have a little sister in 8th grade who is five foot eight. I thought that's how tall you looked when you first came in." Trevor looks around in panic. But there is nowhere to hide. Jack chuckles, continuing his theory. "Maybe little Trev is a bit more LITTLE than he's been letting on!" Mark is the first to say the words Trevor doesn't want to hear. "Let's measure to be sure!" At a normal house this may be out of place, but in the land of growing giants, it's totally normal. Mark grins, savoring the feeling of not being shortest by a long shot. Jack quickly steps into the kitchen and brings out a tape measure. "Measure up!" Jack yells, enjoying the fun of watching Trevor squirm. Mark comes over, and Trevor stands facing him, his eyes well above Trevor's. One of the bros calls out "Shit, Mark can totally see over his head! Jesus, that dude is SHORT!” Another adds, “He's small too! Mark's got bigger arms, broader shoulders. Shit, the little dude is the one who looks like a high-schooler, not Mark!" A chorus of laughter ensues. Trevor gets pink again with embarrassment. Seth enters the deck and sees the goings on but it's too late to stop anything. Mark just grins and takes Trevor's measurements. "JUST UNDER FIVE EIGHT!!" Mark yells out. The crowd erupts again, hooting and hollering at the notion of someone being under 6ft tall... and by a wide margin too! Jack offers up another helpful observation, “HAHA. Dude that sucks. If you are under that mark then our little sister is probably even taller than you!” Mark can barely contain his glee, going back to back with Trevor to drive home the point. "Yep, Jack. He's shorter than her. No doubt!! Her and I did this right before I left, and I can tell he's shorter than our little sis!!" The embarrassment is almost overwhelming. And just when Trevor doesn't think it could get worse, Jack offers Trevor up to measure Mark. “He measured you, Trev. So you gotta return the favor. House rules!” It totally is not the house rule, but Trevor can't stop the embarrassment train. Everyone watches as Trevor struggles on his toes to get a good measurement before Jack steps in to help by picking Trevor up a few more inches. The group snickers again. “He's REALLY light guys. Probably the only guy here under 200 lbs. And he's WAY under that.” "What is it?" Mark asks. Trevor pauses before announcing "He's six two." The group erupts in cheers much to the surprise of Mark. Jack comes over to his brother and high fives him. Mark beams, "YES! Another inch taller since I was last measured! Just wait until I get on Elongro! I'm gonna be fucking HUGEEEEE!!!" Mark yells and flexes his impressive high schooler muscles before bro hugging the other giant guys in the room as they congratulate him. Seth looks at Trevor sympathetically, feeling his seething humiliation. While the guys are celebrating, Seth takes pulls him aside and reminds him of what he said last night. "And hey buddy, look at it this way. At least your secret is out, Trev...we don't have to hide it anymore..." Just then Jack swaggers over and still giggling at Trevor. "Hey Trev, I thought we used to be about the same height back when I was small... what gives?" "We were, Jack,” Trevor replies solemnly. Jack looks on puzzled. “I tried a second shot of Elongro to see if I could grow. A second shot of Elongro does nothing. In fact, it turns out that for some unlucky few a second shot can actually cause some shrinkage.” Jack looks stunned. He pauses for a few seconds thinking, before his mouth starts to crack into a smile. His smile grows and widens and soon he's guffawing. He feigns a melodramatic sigh of relief. "Dude, that SUCKS.... but SO glad you told me. A few of the guys and I were going to do another shot tonight, hoping to grow more. GUESS WE'LL SKIP IT! I don't want to dip below 7 feet and lose any of these big muscles! Or this big cock of mine.” Jack lewdly gropes his prodigious bulge. “Brooke LOVES my BIG dick. Thanks for saving me, shrimp. Being small would suck!!!" Jack walks away laughing as he goes. Trevor rolls his eyes and pounds his fist on his leg, realizing he has just unknowingly prevented Jack from getting knocked down a few pegs. “Here I go, helping guys get huge again and I get nothing for it..." Seth rubs Trevor's back, trying to console him again, and reaches over and hands him a beer. "Forget it, dude. J Don't worry about them. Tell ya what, let's get out of here for a while. Why don't you go change and we'll grab some lunch in town." Trevor goes up quickly to change and runs into Mark setting into the room. Mark offers up what he thinks is some helpful advice. "You know, I've always been bigger than Jack was at the same age. Our parents are pretty tall, so it's no surprise we got big. But I think I will be a LOT bigger than him once I can do Elongro! You should really consider it man. You probably need it more than anyone. Pretty soon my little sis will tower you!" Mark laughs as he leaves the room. Seth treats Trevor to a hearty lunch away from the rest of the tall college ubermen, which helps calm Trevor down. They then stop to enjoy some ice cream, and Trevor smiles as some young boys at the parlor ask Seth to get down on one knee and flex for them. They are enamored by Seth and understandably so as they gasp and feel his unmatched biceps. Back at the house the two walk in the door. A shrill squeal pierces the silence. Trevor swears he sees a gazelle pass him before realizing it's Stacy. She has sped past Trevor, not even noticing him, on her way to her big man. She squeals again and leaps into Seth's arms. His titanic muscles allow him to easily catch her. She wraps her LONG legs around Seth's waist and Seth holds her up as they make out heavily. Stacy coos between kisses. “Oh my gawd baby, you look so good. Even bigger and stronger. Oh I love your big chest so much! Keep growing for me, Seth.” Seth growls back, “MMM yeah babe. Seven foot five now. And 440 pounds of man meat just for you. I can't tell you are taller too, babe. Tell me.” “I'm 6'9 now, Seth. A tall strong woman for a such a tall strong man!” The revelation causes another deep and resonant groan from Seth. The two make out for a few more before Seth grunts, remembering Trevor. The two lovers break apart and Stacy turns and looks way down to Trevor standby nearby, now seeing him. Trevor can see Seth's cock has plumped to half chub during his makeout session, snaking prominently down the leg of his shorts. Trevor has also been aroused by the giant and giantess porn scene that was just beginning, though his arousal goes unnoticed. Not to mention Stacy's own goddess Amazon body. Her legs are so long and toned, so tight and tanned. Leading up to her exposed tight belly and finally her enormous breasts, which must be even bigger than Trish's. And finally her supermodel face and long blond hair. Stacy smiles brightly. “Oh hi Trevor! I'm sorry, I was so excited to see my big man I must've almost trampled you! Oh my gosh, sorry for that little...um...show we gave you, hehe.” “It's ok. You were excited. How are you Stacy?” “I'm so good! Thank you for asking.” Stacy leans down, WAY down and hugs him. Trevor can see that Stacy is studying him closely as she stands back up to her full height, towering over him. Trevor's eyes are now level her with large perky breasts. She knows something is off but doesn't want to offend him. Trevor can see the wheels turning in her head so he sighs and tells her. “I look small, I know, Stacy. I am small. I...shrank.” Stacy gasps and covers her mouth. “I tried a second shot of Elongro. It didn't work out.” “Oh my gosh, Trevor, I'm so sorry.” Trevor is thankful for Stacy's concern. She gets down on her knees and wraps her long arms around him, hugging him again, this time for comfort. Her large breasts smash up against his torso and Trevor thinks to himself no wonder Seth bones so hard for her, Stacy is so hot. While Trevor is grateful for her concern, the fact that this WOMAN is now the same height as him while on her knees is terrifying and emasculating. Stacy then breaks the hug and smiles at Trevor. She leans in and gives him a big kiss on his cheek. “Well if you need anything you let us know. Seth and I are here for you. Our size is too. You are our best little friend!” While the meaning is genuine, the term could be better, Trevor laughs to himself. Seth steps over and looms over them both. “Yeah, buddy, we're here for you...um...except right now.” Seth chuckles, grins and grabs Stacy by her waist and lifts her back up, causing her to squeal again. “Right now, Stacy and I...um...we're going to get reacquainted.” Trevor grins and rolls his eyes, “Go on you two lovebirds. Go get 'reacquainted' as you say.” The two titanic coeds giggle and make their way upstairs for some fun. Trevor plops down on the couch and enjoys the view of the gulf and plays with his phone. He sees he rest of the houseguests are hanging out down on the beach. A few minutes later he dozes off for a quick nap. Trevor awakens 20 minutes later. Knowing how Seth's stamina must be he heads outside to enjoy the warm Florida seabreeze. He takes a short walk down the street, enjoying the peace. All the college kids must be hanging out down on the beach as the street is relatively quiet. On his return leg Trevor approaches the house from the opposite side. He decides to explore and check out the other half of Jack's family compound. He rounds the south side of the house and hears the unmistakable sound of of a bouncing basketball. Figuring it's some of the bros playing a pic up game he turns the corner and freezes. Brooke is there, shooting hoops and practicing her skills. And she is TALL. Brooke's long, smooth, toned, firm and yet still feminine body is twisting and shooting the ball. She is wearing just short shorts and sports bra that is barely able to contain her boobs. Even for being so tall, her movements are smooth and graceful, a tribute to her superior physical conditioning and body control. Nearly all her shots swish into the hoop. Standing at the edge of the court, Trevor is unable to contain his shock. “Oh my god...BROOKE?!?” He shouts and distracts Brooke, and her shot clangs on the rim and bounces toward Trevor. Trevor picks up the ball as Brooke stares at him, in shock as well. “Is that you, Trevor? Can I have the ball back?” she asks. As Trevor slowly approaches Brooke with the ball, she seems to grow larger and taller. Once he's right next to her, she looms over him. He can hardly believe her size and Brooke feels the same way about him. In between breaths, Brooke speaks. “Trevor...you're...you're so...small.” Trevor inwardly groans. He replies as he looks up, way up at his towering ex girlfriend. “Yeah. And you Brooke, you're the opposite! So tall!” Brooke beams, “Thank you! Tallest on the team!” The two stand there is awkward silence. To break the silence, Brooke suggests catching up. “So...wanna shoot around and chat? You can help me practice.” Trevor shrugs and launches the ball toward the hoop. He misses badly, but at least he connects with some iron. Brooke rebounds the ball and takes a shot, draining it of course. While shooting around the two catch up on where they are. It's clear there is no more chemistry and Brooke sees him just a good friend. Trevor manages to make about 1 out of every 10 shots, and only when he stands close, while Brooke seems to sink every 9 of 10. “So you are enjoying basketball, Brooke?” “Oh yes, so much! I actually finished the season with honorable mention All-America. Coach thinks I can be first team next year. I led the team in scoring this year and...” As Brooke expounds on her accolades, Trevor grabs the ball, cocks his arms and starts to shoot. As he release the ball Brooke LEAPS into the air in front of him and SWATS the ball sideways and off the court. She lands and gives him a big, proud grin as Trevor stands there, embarrassed. “...and I led the conference in blocked shots!” she says excitedly. Trevor and Brooke then hear some booming laughter. They turn and see Jack walking toward them in just some gym shorts while curing some 75 lbs dumbbells. His biceps and forearms are pumped as vein criss-cross his impressive muscles. While nowhere as big as Seth, he could still step on any stage and compete as physique or classic-physique bodybuilder. “Fuck, Babe!” Jack laughs. “You just absolutely destroyed little Trevor with that block. That was so hot.” Brooke swoons, “Speaking of HOT. Oh my gawd Jack your arms looks so huge today.” “Brooke, you made that block look so easy, ” he says, continuing to pump his guns for his girl. “It was pretty easy, I'm used to block girls who are way taller than Trevor.” “Yeah, Babe. So blocking Trevor must've been nothing for a giantess like you. Trevor is pretty damn SHORT, isn't he? Can you believe you used to date him?” Jack is enjoying watching Trevor squirm as he asserts his and Brookes superiority. Brooke, to her credit, has little interest downright humiliating Trevor. She is the proverbial nice girl who has been swept away by the cocky jock bad boy that is giant Jack. Alas, she can't help but join in Jack's fun to impress her frat stud boyfriend. “It seems like such a long time ago that we dated. But we grew apart.” Jack booms. “You 'grew apart'! HAHAHa. Boy if that ain't the truth. Brooke, you just kept getting bigger and sexier, while Trevor here actually SHRANK!” Brooke's eyes go wide. “HE SHRANK! Oh my, that's sucks, Trevor,” she says with sympathy.” Jack, however, continues. “Yeah Babe. He's now just under five foot eight!” Brooke gasps. “No way. He'd be the shortest guy on our GIRLS basketball team!” This revelation causes Jack to guffaw again, his mighty pecs bounce up and down as his body reacts in epic laughter. “Yeah, Brooke. He's a runt now, aren't you, runt. Hey Trevor, guess what?” Jack guides Brooke to stand back to back with Trevor. Her head reaches far above his own as his head leans against the top of her neck. He feels truly tiny in her and Jack's presence. Jack leans down and grins his big handsome face right near Trevor's. “Guess what, squirt. MY tall sexy girlfriend is now six foot fucking EIGHT. That's right. Brooke is now a full FOOT taller than you. She has outgrown you, AND THEN SOME!” Jack then slowly stands to his full, TOWERING 7 ft height. A full SIXTEEN inches taller than little Trevor. “I hate to say it, tiny. But I don't think you're man enough for such a gorgeous giantess. UNLIKE ME, RIGHT BABE!?” Jack brings up his arms and flexes his titanic biceps, well over Trevor's head. Brooke squeals and again ravages Jack's flexed arm. “Oh Jack, I just love your body, your huge muscles. And you're right. A girl like me needs a BIG man you fit the bill! Oh my gosh, you are so strong.” Jack grins, “Let me show you STRONG, Babe.” Jack turns and grabs Trevor under the armpits. He starts to lift Trevor up and down above his head, as if he were doing shoulder presses. Jack delights in the ease it requires of him. It feels like he's lifting and throwing little Trev as a happy dad does for his giggling toddler. “Holy shit! Trevor is LIGHT! What do you weigh, like 140 lbs? If that? Haha I usually delt press 315, so this is easy! TOO EASY. Let's try something else.” Trevor feels his world turn as Jack easily manipulates him into a horizontal position. He uses his big hands to grab a shoulder and a leg. “Stay flat, little buddy. Time for some curls! Brooke, what do you think of me curling your ex-boyfriend? HAHAHa!” Jack then starts to CURL little Trevor. Brooke squeals, she is obviously and arms girl, any arm flex Jack performs seems to elicit a girlish moan. “Oh my gosh, Jack! You are curling a fully grown man! Oh my you are so hot. I love that you are so BIG. So TALL. So STRONG! You make Trevor look so puny!” Jack continues to pump Trevor up and down. He is so in shock and embarrassed he can't respond. “Damn, Trevor. You are almost TOO SMALL to even give these 23 inch guns a good pump. Man you really need to put on some SIZE!” Trevor finally whimpers, “Ugh, please put me down, Jack. I'm gonna hurl.” “Oh shit! Haha don't want you blowing tiny chunks on me. Like I said, can't really get a pump from you anyway! You're too light.” Jack turns Trevor and stands him up, who wobbles for a second. Jack reaches out his huge hand to steady Trevor. Jack has never felt more cocky and powerful than he has in this moment, completely dominating his woman's ex-boyfriend. He sees how small Trevor's head looks next to his own giant mit. “I wonder...” Jack thinks to himself... Jack takes his giant hand off Trevor's shoulder and places his palm on the top of Trevor's head. “His head is so much smaller than a basketball,” Jack says to no one. Trevor turns to see Jack, his LONG, muscular arm extending up from Trevor's head and connecting to his rippling deltoid. Suddenly Trevor feels pressure on all sides of his head and Jack's long, thick fingers clamp down. Trevor feels a force pulling down on his neck...it's gravity pulling down on the rest of his body. Trevor gasps as he feels his feet leave the court! Jack is LIFTING Trevor off the ground by simply palming his head and lifting with one arm! The motion causes even Jack to gasp. He wasn't sure he would be able to pull on the feat, but here he was, holding another man off the ground using just his arm and palming his head. It makes Jack feel like the ultimate muscle stud. “OH FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT THIS BABE!” Jack boast as Brooke moans in impressed arousal. As Trevor hangs there he swears he sees Jack's bulge double in size, filling with blood. The feeling of power is too arousing for the 7 ft tall uberman. Jack sets Trevor back down where he again wobbles. Brooke reaches out to steady him this time and replies with a motherly, “Easy now, there little guy. Are you ok?” Trevor can only nod as he stares up at the sexy giants who had just dominated him in every way. Brooke, unable to contain herself, kisses Jack deeply and fondles his massive bulge, right in front of Trevor. Trevor uses the opportunity to walk away, leaving the giant dominators to attack each other in aroused delight. The rest of the afternoon passes with Trevor avoiding Jack and Brooke. Seth and Stacy take a break to eat some dinner with Trevor, but after they head back upstairs to continue their fucking. They can't get enough of each other. Later that night Seth and Stacy are still again going at it, only this time Jack and Brooke have joined them. It's like the two alpha males are in competition to make their girls scream the loudest. Trevor and Mark's room is connected to the long hallway that connects the two largest bedrooms, so high-pitched shrieks of pleasure and deep bass groans of delight fill the upstairs. At one point the sounds are so loud that Trevor can even hear them through his headphones. Knowing he won't get any peace hanging out on his bunk, Trevor decides to head back downstairs to escape the sounds of the frantic sex show. As Trevor walks down the hallway he hears Brooke's unmistakable sex sounds. Sounds that he remembers eliciting from her with his own sexual prowess in the past. A past that seems like eons ago when he was a more respectable man. He remembers seeing Brooke straddling his waist, riding his cock in his dormroom, her tits bouncing up and down above him. The two would fuck while Seth would wait in the dorm lobby. How times had changed. As he heads towards the stairs he hears Brooke wailing out. “...oh fuck yes, Jack! So deep. So fucking DEEP! No one has EVER been so deep. OOOOhh! Fuck me with your huge cock you giant muscle hunk!” “...GRRRR, oh yeah baby. Ride my big fat dick. Your TALL boyfriend wants you to feel so good.” Jack responds in between grunts. “No man will ever be enough for me again! You're the...uh...BIGGEST...TALLEST...oh my god...MOST HUNG man I've EVER had.” “Tell me how big I am baby.” “SO BIG, JACK! So strong...so TALL. OHHHHH. And so HUNG. Your huge cock makes me so wet. Your cock might be over TWICE as big as the next biggest one I've had. You fill my pussy up so much...OOOOOOOH!” “YEAH BROOKE! And you are so TALL, my hot sexy goddess! Any other man would be too small for you. Too short. Too weak. Too shrimp-dicked. But not me. WE ARE HOT SEXY GIANTS! YES! RIDE MY BIG DICK, BROOKE...” Trevor slumps his shoulders as descends the stairs, happy to get away from the giants' dirty talk as they bang it out. As he grabs a drink he sees many of the houseguests down on the beach around a bonfire. He surmises they too have decided to give Seth and Stacy and Jack and Brooke privacy. Trevor decides to sit on the pool deck in the cool Spring air. He plops down on a chair and is startled by a another deep voice. “Hey dude.” Trevor looks over and sees a male houseguest sitting on the other side of the deck in shorts and tank top. He hadn't noticed him through the dark as he entered the deck. “Oh. Hey man,” Trevor replies. Trevor knows he met the guy yesterday but can't think of his name. Like the others he's very attractive. A square jaw with dimpled cheeks, a handsome face that was almost model-esque without being too pretty for a man. He had short brown dark hair and his skin was slightly olive as if he had a hint of Native American or Italian blood in his genes. Built very well, very lean with incredibly wide shoulders tapering down to an incredibly tight waist. And of course, he was very tall as his long legs stretched out from his reclined deck chair. He looked like a former swimmer who had decided to start pumping up in recent months. The seated stud looks at Trevor and motions to the upstairs windows. “Those big guys and girls can be quite noisy, can't they.” “Yeah, they sure can be.” “Makes sense with Jack and Seth. They are so huge. I can't even imagine that girls as tall as Brooke and Stacy can take them. Those dudes make me feel so small.” Trevor stares at the stud in disbelief. “You feel small? Man, look at me!” The stud shrugs and chuckles. “Sorry, man. I didn't even think of that. I'm Logan by the way. And you're Trevor, right?” “Yeah, I'm Trevor. Sorry I didn't remember your name.” “It's ok. I remember yours, you sorta stand out among the crowd here.” Trevor rolls his eyes and laughs. “Well, 'stand out' isn't how I would describe it. I'm surprised you even noticed me from way up there.” The hunky college boy gives Trevor a warm grin. “How could I not notice a cutie like you?” Trevor returns the look, confused. “Excuse me?” “I said you're a cutie. Good looking, tight little body. I'm gay if you couldn't tell. Everyone knows.” “You think I'm attractive. But I'm so small...” “Around Jack and Seth I feel small too." . Trevor scoffs, “Oh come on, Logan. Here stand up.” Logan grins and slowly rises of his chair. Trevor stands as well, but where Trevor quickly reaches his zenith, Logan rises and rises, towering over Trevor. “You really, think you are small now, Logan? How tall are you?” “I'm 6 ft 7.” “THAT'S HUGE! Logan, you are a giant. You're almost a foot taller than me. You are a giant stud.” Trevor's words cause Logan to start palming his crotch. He stares way down at Trevor, enamored by the small man as his cock begins to tent his shorts. “You keep flattering me like that little guy and I'm going to attack you.” “I can't believe you would be into a runt like me. I'm so small!” “Some guys like that...guys like me. Fuck it, you are too cute to resist!” All of a sudden Logan reaches down and grabs little Trevor into a hug, lifting him off the ground. Trevor can feel Logan's much more significant dick digging into his own crotch. Logan steps over to the recliner and sets Trevor down on his back. He then crouches down and unbuttons Trevor shorts and yanks them and his underwear down his short legs. Trevor erection springs up and Logan smiles. “Oh my goodness that's so hot. Your little dick is just perfect, it's so cute.” The words don't exactly flatter Trevor, but he finds himself rock solid. Logan stands up and adjust his own boner in his shorts, a massive log that must be close to twice as long as Trevor's. Trevor smiles back up at Logan who gets back down on his knees straddling Trevor. Without warning Logan bends down and swallows Trevor's entire cock in his warm hot mouth. Trevor throws his head back in pounding pleasure. He discovers there are least some benefits to having a dicklet as Logan's rough tongue is able to lick all around his shaft while keeping his entire dick in his mouth. Logan doesn't even have to bob his head, no deepthroat is necessary. The sensation is overwhelming for Trevor as his body shudders. Logan looks up to Trevor and runs his giant hands over Trevor's small but defined torso. Logan opens his mouth and catches his breath. “Oh my little Trevor. This is so hot. I love your little cock. You are the perfect size, small and tight. I want to try something. You are so little, I wonder if I can get your dick and balls in my mouth at the same time.” Before Trevor can respond Logan dives back down to Trevor's crotch. He swallows the cock and works his head down where he opens up wide and sucks in Trevor's two peanut sized testicles into his mouth! Logan moans in excitement at his success of the feat. The deep moaning in his mouth vibrates against Trevor dick and balls bringing him to the brink. Logan sucks deeply and grabs Trevor's nipple and causing him to writhe. Trevor GROANS he blows his load into Logan's mouth. Logan's huge hand presses down on his torso to keep Trevor from flopping off the lounger. After a few more spasms Trevor relaxes. Logan opens his mouth letting Trevor's wet sloppy junk fall out of his mouth. He smiles at Trevor. “You don't blow much but you sure taste good. Thanks little guy that was great.” Trevor watches the giant buff cock-hungry gay swimmer stud walk away into the night, happy that at least got a fantastic blowjob out his spring break experience. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next time: The saga starts to wind down at the next major life event.
  11. "And when I do this, does it make you get . . . whoa, that big wet stain and your violent shaking gives me my answer." I always though this would be a good picture for you to caption in this topic. 😁☺️
  12. What??!? If you've stopped reading how would you ever know that a twist occurs? ...LOL
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