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  1. What a HUNK!

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      You do have one of the most pleasing looking physiques on here.

  2. How's it going big man ?

  3. Well, thank-you for finding my results so impressive..still not big enough from my point of view...


    1. Crucible


      One can never be too big ;)  But you are a total stud!

  4. thank you bro & Mary Christmas 

  5. What's up BIG man ?

  6. Thanks, but looks like you got me beat.

  7. Wow!  You're TALL!

  8. great pic, man.   love the thickness and those pecs!  woof

  9. Looking AWESOME!

  10. Awesome artwork!

  11. Just wanted to say I love your work!

  12. What's up big man?

    1. growingbiceps


      Doing well, buddy. First day of summer break. Let the summertime festivities begin! :) 

      ...But first, quads and calves!

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