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    superheroes, massive muscle growth, insane super-strength.
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    5'7" 208lbs which I am not proud about. Lol its not a muscular weight. ? I am on the stocky side
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    Friendship, encouragement from guys that know how to workout correctly.
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    I would love to be a ripped 210 pounds. I've never had muscles. No matter what I do I just don't seem grow.
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    Too many to even put on here.
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    So many to name!
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    Becoming a superhero, being super humanly strong(Not just Superman strong but being so strong I could lift millions of tons with one hand)., having super powers and having a ripped muscular body. I also enjoy worshipping a ripped muscular man with super strength. And of course muscle growth.

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  1. These first 2 parts are wonderful. I can't wait to see what happens with Nate. How big and strong will this young MMA fighter gets is exciting! Hope it's like super human levels. But that's my own fantasy, lol. This is off to a great start, thank you for sharing your talent!
  2. This is a great beginning. The super strength is awesome. Anxious to see how strong he is. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! ☺
  3. Thanks Londonboy! Antoine Mr. Alpha is back! Love this chapter!
  4. This is a great way to get members involved! I love this! Wonderful job Jaypat!
  5. So hot Londonboy! We habe talked before about your writing and it never disappoints. Hope you continue this. Would love to see the young 22 year old Matthews gain his super strength.
  6. Arpeejay, I sent you an email. Best wishes to you. I'll be on the look out for your reply. It may go to my spam folder but I will be looking in the next day or so. Many thanks for your wonderful work. George (rippedstud79)
  7. I love Super power stories where a hot jock turns into a superhero. Please keep sharing with us your story. You are right these kind of stories are rare, I would love for you to continue this. Super strong muscles, super powers it's all hot. This story is hot and turned me on so much. ?
  8. Thank You for continuing A is for Alpha with Antoine! You know how I feel about your stories as you and I have had some conversations about them. I had to read this in two parts since it got me turned on, I had to relieve myself. I hope there will be more of this fantastic superhero story. I love it!!!!
  9. Thanks for the follow!!

    1. rippedstud79


      No problem. ☺

  10. rippedstud79


    Loved it! I just enjoy all your superhero stories. Please keep them coming!
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