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  1. Holy cow, I'd forgotten all about this one. I only think, at the time, that I'd maybe planned out another chapter of their exploring the strength, new bodies, hormonal side effects, reverting to normal and subsequent transformation again that night.
  2. builtspill

    news Thank You

    It sounds repetitive, but yes- thanks for keeping this going. I was a member of the old site from the start and it's nice to see some form of it still going.
  3. Wow- that was fun!
  4. Alan Hanson was my best friend. We started out in kindergarten together and were pretty much inseparable. His mom was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis when we were in junior high and she passed away when we were in ninth grade. It was very rough for him, but even worse for his dad. Mr. Hanson was never the most demonstrative guy to begin with and he got even worse. He threw himself even further into his work, until one day, he surprised Alan with the news that they were moving a few hundred miles away, so he could take a position with a small research lab that specialized in his area and that was pretty much that. They’d moved within a month. A year or so went by and in the summer just before my senior year of high school, we finally worked things out so my folks would let me fly out and visit Alan and his dad for a couple of weeks or so. They met me at the airport Friday night and, surprise of surprises, Mr. Hanson barely seemed to know I was there. It took forever to get to their house way outside of town and as soon as we got to the place, Mr. Hanson went right down to his lab in the basement.. I asked Alan if things had gotten any better. They hadn’t. His dad had been down there pretty much around the clock, barely coming up for meals. Alan had talked to him about maybe seeing a therapist or something, but it was always met with a sad "I’m fine" and another retreat to the lab. At the very least, I figured we’d pretty much have free reign of the place for the next couple of weeks. We stayed up all night- talking, watching lousy movies. I filled him in on everything that’d happened with people back home and he filled me in on just how damn boring this new place was. I felt kind of bad, it seemed like things really hadn’t improved much and Mr. Hanson was just getting worse. Anyway, I tried to keep things light and the next thing we knew, it was about 7:30 am and we hadn’t gotten a bit of sleep. Neither of us was tired, so we just headed down to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. We really should have just gone to sleep. We were just in the doorway to the kitchen. I was standing next to the tiled island countertop, Alan was about to open the fridge when we heard this loud ‘Pop’ from downstairs. Then, we heard his dad yell, then his footsteps as he ran up the stairs. The door flew open and he had this panicked look on his face. He was yelling, "Alan! Matt! Run! Just get out, the-" He didn’t get to finish his sentence. There was this deafening buzzing noise, then this intense blue light that blinded me and made me feel warm all over, then nothing. We stood there, facing each other, stunned, wondering just what the hell had happened. In fact, Alan was going to ask just that when it hit him. He’d opened his mouth and everything, when he got this weird look on his face- I noticed he was sweating like crazy, when I felt it, too. This warm feeling all over… getting more intense… I was covered in sweat… then… it’s hard to remember everything from that first time. I saw Alan holding his stomach, then my symptoms kicked in and my entire body felt tight… aching all over. All at once, I felt like I was filling, stretching out all over… I was burning up… I heard this moaning… Alan was… well, he had shorts and a tank top on and his arms and legs were throbbing, swelling and receding. I looked over to his dad, his eyes were closed and his clothes were looking tighter, his pant cuffs were riding up. This is where things get kind of fuzzy for me—I sort of remember the tightness getting worse and I could feel my clothes stretching, could feel my skin stretching… I wasn’t able to say anything, only grunt as I saw and felt my arms begin the same throbbing process then begin to swell. It’s hard to describe that first time. I felt like my body was filling up- with energy, weight, everything. I felt like I was going to explode. It hurt all over, like I’d been exercising for hours. My skin felt like it was going to burst and I could feel my clothes cutting into me. My eyes were closed tight, I was trying to take in huge gulps of air. I sort of remember feeling the tightness subside, but still had that sensation of filling up all over. Then there was this- I can only describe it as a surge- I screamed out loud as whatever was happening got worse. I could sort of hear other yelling, it must have been Alan and his dad, but I was too lost in what was happening to my own body to notice. I felt this rush, as the tightness gave a bit and I just felt more… I don’t know, aware of my body. I felt things shift, push together, get heavier. Finally, my things began to calm down, somewhat and I opened my eyes. I was still breathing heavily, but it was more from being freaked out than anything else. I lifted my right arm and just stared as it exploded with thick, rounded hard muscle in about twenty places. I couldn’t get my head around it. It couldn’t be my arm, but there it was. Everything felt weird. I was at least a couple of feet taller and my whole center of gravity was off. I felt so tight all over, no matter how I moved, I felt muscle bunch up tight and hard. I tried looking down, but… I couldn’t see over the massive pec shelf. I could feel my quads pressing into each other, down below and I couldn’t begin to put my knees together. I touched my chest, the skin felt soft and hot, but it felt so dense and packed with power underneath. I reached down… yup, deep six pack… and lower…. wow. At that point, I was dimly aware of being naked. I looked down at the floor next to me- there were shreds of my shorts and t-shirt lying on the floor. I could feel the air cooling the sweat all over my body… it felt good. What the hell had happened to us? I looked over at Alan and it didn’t register that it was him for a second. There was just this other guy there- this tall, massive bodybuilder with a ripped body that made him look like he’d been working out for hours. All he was wearing the waistband of his sweatshorts, stretched out and hanging loosely below a packed set of abs and above a huge piece of equipment hanging against his massive left thigh. He was feeling himself all over, jaw and eyes just as wide open as mine. "Alan?" He slowly looked at me, shocked to see my new body as I was his. "Matt? You… you’re-" "Yeah. You, too." Then, another voice- "Oh god. Oh no." It shook us out of things a bit. I mean, I’d forgotten Mr. Hanson was even there. He was standing over by the basement door, completely blocking it. He easily topped seven feet and was covered from head to toe with thick, solid muscle, covered in sweat. He was just looking at his hands, his arms, examining them. I noticed part of his lab coat had somehow survived the transformation- there were these stretched rings of cloth on each gigantic shoulder. He looked at Alan and I as if he’d forgotten we were there. A worried look came upon his face. "Boys?" "Dad? Did you do this?" "I think so. I mean, this wasn’t anywhere near what was supposed to happen. I- I don’t know what’s happened to us." Alan smiled. "Well, I think it’s pretty obvious.. We’re huge- nghhh…" Alan got a strained look on his face and he closed his eyes while biting his lip. Mr. Hanson bounded over, his huge legs flexing, pecs bouncing. "Alan? What is it? What’s wrong?" "N- nothing I just feel really… um… " He looked a bit embarrassed. "Really horny." I stifled a laugh. Mr. Hanson put his hand on Alan’s shoulder. "It’s probably some sort of hormonal-" Just then, Alan’s cock sprung up. I just stared at it, impressed. I mean, the thing was about fifteen inches and as thick as my wrist used to be. Even Mr. Hanson looked startled. Alan looked down at it, was able to get the words "Holy shi-" out, then his mouth opened into this "o" shape and, well, he exploded. I felt this wet, hot splatter on my chest, but my brain somehow couldn’t connect it to what I was seeing. Until some pans beside me were knocked off the counter and shook me out of it. I ducked to the side and saw this thick, bright white steady stream just shooting out of Alan’s massive cock like a garden hose. "What the hell? Alan?" He could barely speak "Unghh… it... oh god, feels so.. anngh.. dad… " Mr. Hanson was in shock, a look somehow mixing disgust and wonder etched on his face, like he wanted to look away, but was too curious about it, like some horrible experiment. Then, his face screwed up and he looked over at me, worried. "Oh boy… aggh…" Then, the same process hit him. It wasn’t quite as long as Alan’s, but it was covered up and down the shaft in thick veins. He turned away and gripped the wall, his fingers digging in deeply. His entire body shuddered, he gave this guttural moan, then dropped to his knees, breaking of a chunk of the wall in his massive hand. I could see a thick rope of cum shoot in an arc through the basement door and hear it splatter on the steel steps. Here I was, watching my best friend and his father, now huge and covered in muscle just cumming gallons- then it occurred to me. I was probably- Then it hit. I could feel my balls swell against my quads, almost feel them filling, then the rush of blood to my cock, as my entire body tingled. I couldn’t think. I’d never felt this hard in my life. I felt so full. I put my right hand around the base and felt my legs go numb as I let go...
  5. Just tried the wayback and that url has been excluded from their archiving. Hm. Well, I'll grab it from metabods and repost it in the continuous section. We'll see what happens.
  6. Oh- that might have been my old one. Where the guy visits his friend who moved away and there's the lab accident with the friend and the friend's dad? No, I didn't grab it before the site went down. Yeah, it is. Crazy. I started it as a story, had ideas to finish it, never did and ended up just opening it as a continuous deal. If you ever want to brainstorm it, PM me.
  7. builtspill

    Moving Day

    <i>Old, old thing.</I> Four boxes. That's all it had taken to completely wipe me the hell out. Four boxes out of a two-bedroom house with full basement, that still needed to be moved. This was going to be a hell of a day. Let's go back a bit. James, this guy at work with whom I'm pretty good friends, had asked me to help him move. I did, with the understanding that there would be about five of us there. The whole thing didn't sound so bad - James has a nice little house out in the country and hanging out, lifting a couple of couches and drinking some beers on a mild day sounded fine. That was my mindset at 5 pm Friday. Come 9:17 am, Saturday, I got to James' and found the other guys had punked out, the heat index was supposed to peak at 90 and he didn't have a chance to hit the store before coming home to finish packing last night. And there's the four boxes out of what seems to be hundreds that kicked my ass, only a half-hour into the move. Plus furniture. Plus god knows what else in this place. James was in the same spot. "I'm sorry man, I thought I had those guys nailed down. And I had no idea it was going to get this hot today. The forecast said upper seventies at the most." I stifled my real response. "No, it's cool. Shouldn't take too long." To die of heat exhaustion, that is. "Listen," he said. "This isn't going to work." Yes! I expected a free pass- he'd hire some guys to do it for him, or we'd wait until a better time - say the middle of January. "I'll be right back, I have something in the refrigerator that will help." He left the room. Refrigerator? What, was he expecting Gatorade or something to help us move two million tons of his junk? He returned from the kitchen, holding what looked to be a glass of Gatorade. Of course. "Here, drink this. A friend of mine at the university's been working on it in his spare time. It'll help with your, um, stamina, that sort of thing," he said as he handed me the glass. I looked at the lime green liquid. "This? This is your solution?" He looked a bit anxious. "Trust me. Actually, I'm glad the other guys didn't show up. I didnt' have enough of this for everyone. I drank some a few minutes ago and I'm already feeling better." He looked at his watch. "Actually, can you excuse me for a minute? I'll be right back." He headed upstairs into the master bedroom, leaving me there with the glass of whatever the hell it was. Smelled like your basic lime-green sports drink. Oh well, it was cold, I was thirsty and I'm much higher up on the beverage food chain. I downed it in one gulp. It wasn't bad, pretty good, actually, with a nice warming sensation on the way down. At the time, I chalked it up to some kind of placebo effect, but I was beginning to genuinely feel better, when I heard a noise upstairs. It was some kind of crashing, with a small yell. I rushed up- it was the room James had gone into - the master bedroom. The door was partly open and I brushed it aside. What I saw still- well, I- I still have trouble describing it, though I've visualized it over and over, with the rest of that whole weird, hot day. What I saw was James. Covered in sweat, completely nude with his back to me. His clothes folded on the bed, in a neat pile. That alone would be strange enough, as I usually don't strip down when I have folks over, much less when I'm moving everything I own to a new house. That wasn't the strangest part, though. Now, I'd never see him with his shirt off, much less his pants, but I could have sworn he was bigger, somehow. More muscular and, well, growing. His whole body was this surging mass of muscle. His back looked like he was flexing it- every muscle was throbbing, swelling and contracting, but retaining size with every cycle. It was bizarre, I could have sworn I'd heard his skin stretching. He was kneeling alongside a dresser, using it to support himself. With every deep strained breath, his arm flexed a bit more - his fingers were even getting bigger, making indentations into the mahogany. I caught myself being hypnotized- no, that's not right. No, I was getting turned on by the whole process, watching his glistening body swell bigger and harder, imagining the power in those increasingly dense muscles. His breathing wasn't that of someone going through some painful change. It was closer to the type of breathing you did when you discovered exactly what your body can do right around age 13 and did it over and over again, for the sheer pleasure of it. Then the breathing changed to an occasional grunting, as his body shuddered. He just stayed there, his massive back heaving, our breathing the only sound in the room. "Matt?" I was startled as he cut the silence. "James? I, um.. God, man, what- what the hell is this?" "Don't worry, don't freak out. It's cool. Can you come over here and help me out?" I'm not sure, but I think I said something in the affirmative, because I found myself walking over to him. He just seemed to look bigger and thicker and wider as I got closer- the smell of his sweat, his something, his maleness just got to me. I touched his back- it was hot to the touch. "Yeah, you might want to wait a second before any contact. Side-effect. Push that metal stool over, could you?" I could and I did, just staring, without a single coherent thought in my head. There was a clicking ound, as he took his massive fingers out of the grooves they'd made in the top of the dresser. He placed both hands on the stool - it bend under his massive bulk. It seemed this wasn't the first time he'd had to do this, there was a bit of a ritual to it. First he leaned forward, causing the muscle in his arms and back to bunch up even more. Then the legs bent, flaring calves outward, causing thick veins to rise to the surface. He rocked back slightly and put those powerful legs to work, getting the rest of him upright. As he went up with a grunt, that ass- that amazing damned ass - just hardened into strips of deeply striated marble. Then he turned around. Oh man, did he turn around. I had to back up a bit, you see. It wasn't just muscle that had grown. I had to back up to avoid the roughly thirteen-inch erection as thick as my forearm James was now sporting. Up to that point, I had always considered myself straight, with the chance of going bi after a heavy night of drinking. At that moment, I would deny even knowing what a woman's breasts looked like, if it meant I could get a chance to touch that thing. "Matt? Matt? Matt, up here." I looked up - he'd gained about four inches on me in height, too. There was James' face, on a head, resting on a neck packed tight muscle sitting atop the thickest, beefiest, densest torso that had ever existed. "James, what..." I trailed off, looking over the thick pecs, pusing hard brown nipples downward, the deep eight-pack of abs leading to that incredible area where the legs join the torso and the aformentioned massive erection. "Matt, you need to listen. This is normal. That will become apparent in," he looked at the clock on the nightstand, "about five minutes." Five minutes? What the hell was he talking about? "That fluid we drank is a temporary growth serum. In a few minutes you'll be feeling the effects and - up here, Matt, that will stil be there once you've changed- and I decided to go first to give you an idea of what will happen. Now the first thing I'd suggest is trying to relax and maybe removing your clothes, though shredding them is fun and I do have extras if you need an outfit." "Wait- What? Serum? What? Why?" "Well, there's no way we're going to move this stuff today by ourselves, so I thought I'd help things along a bit. Besides, I haven't changed in a couple of weeks and wanted to do it with a friend." "But that's insane! I- I don't know what to think. Listen, I have to get out of here. I don't know what you're talking about - experimenting on me, growth... I don't know." I was confused, I had no idea what he was talking about. What happened? Why did I all of a sudden feel like fucking one of my friends? One of my friends that had grown into a 6'7" behemoth covered in layers of dense, cut muscle? I had to get out. I was panicking, it was too much to handle. I turned to leave the bedroom, when it hit - I was on fire, felt like I was burning up, sweating all over. James bounded over to catch me as I fell. I could feel his huge arms and chest through my damp t-shirt. His massive cock rested against my leg, throbbing with each beat of his heart. My dose kicked in. It had started. I slumped back to the bed and sat down, the room began to waver in front of me- I felt like I couldn't move. As hot as I'd been earlier, things became warmer, stifilingly so. My stomach was where it started- it felt as though I was going down a very steep hill, but wasn't anywhere near reaching bottom. James knelt in front of me and put his massive hand on my shoulder. "Matt? You have to listen to me. Just try to relax and don't fight it. It hurts at first, but gets better, okay?" All I could do was nod, I tried opening my mouth, but all that came out was a grunt as the first wave hit and my body stiffened. "Here, man, let's get you out of these - easier for your first time." I felt weird, almost swimming, as he grasped my t-shirt and tore the thing in half. I looked down and saw my chest and stomach covered in sweat. The skin was alive, writhing, pulsing. I found it harder to breathe, my heart was beating off the scale. Another wave and another groan. "It's okay, Matt. Focus-- I'm right here, just relax," he said, as he made quick work of my shorts and boxers, before bending down to slide off my shoes. I laid back on the bed. My body felt like it was exploding, burning. Everything felt tight, I closed my eyes and saw colors as the falling sensation in the pit of my stomach became more intense. I vaguely felt James' huge hand on my leg-- I couldn't make out what he was saying, the roaring in my head was deafening. Though his rubbing my upper thigh felt comforting somehow. Then it hit - the final phase, where most of the growth happens. Later, James told me that the first time is usually a bit overwhelming. Once you've done it once or twice, it becomes a bit more, well, pleasurable. Me, I didn't have a problem with my first time. I felt like my entire body was in a constant state of flex, with no control over any of it. Wave after wave of this strange sensation came over me. The first effect was I got a huge erection, I felt like I was going to tear the skin off of my cock. Instead, it just kept stretching, getting bigger. Then this tingling sensation hit in my feet and moved up. I lifted my head off the bed as much as I could to look in the mirror and could see it happening- I was fucking growing! Veins were popping up all over my legs, cris-crossing, thick and hard, carrying serum-charged blood to my muscles. I could feel my skin get tighter in my calves and looked in the mirror to see them plump up. The tingling moved up my legs, as I felt them getting heavier, thicker-- god, it was the hottest thing I'd ever felt. I looked over at James. He was just watching me grow, while stroking that huge cock of his. I watched his arms and shoudlers bunch and flex and found myself wanting to touch them, feel them as the tingling hit my groin. Oh my god. I could have cum gallons. I felt my balls stretch, my cock's growth accelerated and left me a moaning, writhing mass of swelling muscle on the bed. James looked over and smiled. I wanted to touch myself so badly, start stroking, but hadn't quite regained that much control over my body yet. I felt my ass rise off the bed a bit and harden, my stomach receeded then pumped into a thick, riged eight-pack. My arms were pushed away from my body as my torso thickened and I felt my back spread out liek a pair of massive wings. My whole body was tingling now, felt like electric shocks were hitting me all over as the process refined itself, added more mass and strength. The whole thging felt like an endless orgasm. I moaned and bucked my hips. I was able to finally move my arms and instantly started stroking the huge erection that was now as thick as my wrists used to be. This was too much for James, as he finally shot his load, the stream of thick white supercharged juice blasting ina straight stream across the room, covering the mahogany dresser. Seeing him lose it triggered my own orgasm, which intensified what I'd been feeling the last five minutes about a thousand fold. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever felt in my life. Once I stared coming, I just couldnt' stop - it felt almost endless. I just lay there, caressing my new body, feeling every muscle in my chest and arms, fully flexed as this hot white fluid kept shooting up to the ceiling. After a couple of minutes, it finally ebbed. With two or three spurts, it was done and I just laid there, trying to wrap my mind around what just happened. James, who had finished just before me, broke the silence. "See? Good thing I got those clothes off." "Oh my god. James, I-I-" He came cover and offered a thick arm. I grasped it and he pulled me up, effortlessly. He put his arm on my shoulder, as I was a bit unsteady and my center of gravity had shifted somewhat. It was so weird- my legs- I couldnt' have put them together if I'd wanted to. And everything felt so light. I mean, I must have been a hell of a lot heavier, with this added mass, but I didn't notice it. James saw the confusion in my face. "Come on, let's take a look at you," he said, as he led me to the mirror. "Holy- that's. Holy shit." "Yeah, not bad for a first-timer man." I'd ended up about an inch shorter than the enhanced James but made up for it in other ways. Everywhere was thick, striated muscle-on-muscle. It looked like I'd been training for a competition for months. Juststanding there, it looked like I was in some kind of freefall, every muscle was huge and hard and pumped. And I was hung like noone's business. As soon as that thought hit my head, my cock popped up to its 14-inches and a clear drop of precum formed at the tip. I felt James shudder behind me and his monster expanded up along my hip. "Woah." "Yeah, a bit of a side effect, there. It has a hair trigger. It'll be hard the whole time we're like this, but it only has to be worked off every half hour or so. Trust me, that won't be problem." I hit a double biceps. I couldn't believe this was me. This huge, thick-- and it felt incredible. "James, what the hell is this? How is this possible?" I turned to him and put my arms out. "What is this? What did you do to me?" "First of all, don't worry. You'll go back to normal in a few hours." "I figured. You don't usually look like this." "No, just when I want to, every couple of weeks or so. I have this, well, friend. Hm. That's not exactly right. When we're like this, we're a bit more than friends." I felt a vague feeling of anticipation in my balls when he said this. I absently ran my hand along my lower abs above my hard cock. "Yeah? You've done this with someone before?" "Like I said, it's an old friend of mine who works at the university. He'd been working on this supplemnent for the military. He broke about a thousand ethics guidelines by testing it on himself when he was sure of the results. I happened to come over when he had changed. He trusted me, so he let me in on it and gave me some of the stuff. He later faked failed results for the government while he refined the process and decided what to do with it. Every other month or so, we get together for a weekend and well..." "Ah, that's why you live out in the middle of nowhere." "Yeah and am moving father. It'd be hard enough to explain one massive nude guy walking around once in awhile to some neighbors, but two fucking like rabbits? Nah, too tough." "So, why me? Why'd you give it to me? I'm not gay." "Neither am I. Eh, maybe a bit. That's mostly come on after starting on this stuff. Well, I was hoping the other guys would cancel. Hey, I'm the IT guy at the office. I know you hit the bodybuilding sites. Oh I know, I've seen the logs for the other sites you hit. But come on, you kind of wanted to be like this, didn't you?" He put his hands on his hips and thrust his thick chest out to make the point. "Yeah, I guess. I don't know. I sort have wanted to know what having a body like this was like. As for the other... it's weird. I don't mind telling you that I find you so damn hot right now." I felt an odd flutter in my chest as I said that. It was the truth, but still felt weird to admit. "There you go," he said, as he moved closer to me. "Now, we have some moving to do. Like I said, we could buy ourselves a solid half hour or so of work until we get distracted by the side effects again." "What do you-," I started as he moved even closer. I could feel his heat, radiating onto me, mixing with mine. He put his right hand on my hip and my cock slid against his thigh. I felt this electric shiver travel from my balls up to my chest. The falling feeling was back in the pit of my stomach, but it was different this time. Way different. I started feeling up and down his arms, tracing the ridges and striations, feeling the tightly packed power just under the taught warm skin. He reciprocated. Neither of us spoke, just feeling each other's huge, pumped bodies, breathing heavily. We moved even closer, tight against each other, muscle sliding on muscle. I knew what I wanted next. I looked up slightly at him, my lips open, wet with anticipation. We kissed. I felt his tongue meet mine. I remember thinking that even those had been enhanced by the supplement. As we kissed, long and hard and wet, we explored each other's bodies, groping, grasping. We fell to the floor, causing the whole house to shake, two 400 lb massive muscle men in the throes of passion. I was on top, reflexively grinding against him, wanting release. I opened my eyes and looked down at him. His arms were up on my chest, huge, thick pillars etched with striations and veins. I put my arms on his pecs, feeling their heat and thickness. "I want-," my voice was barely above a whisper. "Are you sure?" he asked, concern in his eyes. "I mean, I've had more experience at this than you. Maybe we should switch around." "No. If that's as strong as the rest of this," I put a huge peaked bicep in his face. "Then I should be just fine." I leaned forward and laid another deep kiss on his thick soft lips. I felt his body shudder in anticipation as he grasped the base of his massive member and started to maneuver it into position. I tensed my arms and closed my eyes. I could feel my thick fingers diffing into the hardwood floor. I felt my whole body flex a bit and I'm pretty sure I was shaking slightly, which seems a bit silly now. 398lbs, covered in huge muscle and strong and dense enough to be some sort of comic book character and I was afraid? Well, that's what happens during everyone's first time. I tried to relax, but I couldn't help tighten up as he eased into me. As soon as the head entered, I let out this deep, guttral yell from god knows where within me. My fingers dug deeper into the floor. I opened my eyes and looked down at James' face. He told me to just relax, but I couldn't, it hurt like hell going in, but I wanted more. The head passed and I squeezed with enough force to clamp a steel pipe in half. I strained, I grunted, as my body adjusted to having part of another person inside of me. Finally, I was able to take in about 3/4 of his length. "I-ngghhh-don't know if I can do this. It feels kind of good, but kind of uncomfortable." James looked confused for a moment, then a smile crossed his face. "God, I'm sorry man. Here, just a second, this should make it easier-- another benefit of this huge thing." He closed his eyes for a second and I felt him flex and swell a bit inside of me, then I felt a warm, soft sensation, as he began to pull out-- I went nuts, I almost came right there. "Oh- oh god... what did you... is that--" "Yeah, I can control the amount of precum I produce... well, I mean, you can, too -- is it more comfortable?" "Oh yeah... It's--" he thrusted into me again, deeper and smoother this time. "Agghhhh... bett.... nhhhhh... better." He kept moving in and out, driving me insane. I couldn't think straight, I just started thrusting my ass into him, helping him go in farther. There were a couple of times he got in to the hilt - it hurt again, but in a much better way this time. He took his right hand and pressed my cock in the cleft between his pecs. He nodded to me and I knew what to do. I strained a bit and felt the clear fluid start to flow. My god, that felt amazing, it slid so easily and felt so sensitive-- even that had been enhanced by the supplement. All of this was beginning to be too much-- being filled by a thick thirteen inches, surrounded by huge muscle, being pec-fucked-- I already felt myself getting close. I could feel my balls beginning to swell again and my body tense up. James could tell what was coming and he stepped up his thrusting. Pretty soon, he was close to the edge, too. I could feel mine cresting, building-- I could feel him swell inside me slightly. We locked eyes for an instant. Then we exploded. I screamed and my whole body shook-- every muscle flexed huge and hard. I blasted a torrent of cum right into James' face, as he opened his mouth to take some of it in. I felt a flood of his juice fill me inside, then flow down and out, around his shaft. I looked down, he was flexed, too, every massive muscle standing out in relief, every striation. I just kept cumming and cumming, I couldn't shut it off and I could feel James still going inside of me. If anyone had walked in, it would have been insane-- two huge bulging masses of muscle, conencted, yelling and grunting and shooting thick streams of milky liquid. Finally, after about five minutes, it stopped. I collapsed on his chest. I felt him slowly draw out of me, the head emerging with a slightly wet quiet pop. I rolled off of him onto the floor and on my back, spent. It was quite some time before either of us could speak. "You do this often? With that scientist guy? "Every two weeks or so." "Holy shit." "You like it?" "I'm still trying to get my mind around this, but, um, yeah." "I thought so. Well, let's get to work, we have about half an hour before we have to take care of things again." "What?" He got to his feet then helped me. "Yeah, makes the whole process not very practical. My friend's working on it, though." I got to a standing position, still a little unsure of my footing. I was already getting hard all over again. "Okay, what's first?" The rest of the day was incredible. I was lifting piles of boxes, stacks of stuff like they were nothing. I carried the refrigerator out on my own. A freaking refrigerator. I was so turned on, I had to jack about three times afterwords. We loaded up his heavy-duty truck, threw on some way too small extra clothes he had for modesty's sake and went over to the new place and moved everything in. It just felt so good, using this new body, feeling every muscle flex and bunch up, feeling the sun on my naked body-- god, it was amazing. Oh, there was the four more sessions of hardcore sex with James, too. Three more at his place and another at the new one, to christen it. Around nine that night, I was helping him rearrange some things, feeling him up, when I started feeling weird, shaky. James helped me to the couch. I could see the same thing was happening to him. "Don't worry," he said. "The stuff's just wearing off, it'll pass in a minute or so- unhhh.." He dropped to the floor. This feeling of fatigue hit me, I couldn't move anything. Then, I tensed up and could feel myself deflating-- my skin sliding against the couch, as my body returned to normal. The heat from the dissipating energy or mass or whatever filled the air around me, it was almost stifling. Then it was over. Just like that. I pulled myself up and I ached all over, covered in sweat. James was sitting there, next to me. "You okay?" "Yeah, I think so. Just kind of sore." "Well, your body's been through a lot. Just drink lots of fluids. Actually--" He got up and went into the kitchen, sidestepping huge boxes that seemed small only minutes before. I felt kind of cold and self-conscious. I wrapped myself in a nearby blanket. "Hey," he yelled from the kitchen, "were you going home tonight? You can stay over, you know? If it's too late and you're tired." "um, well-- I don't know. I mean, what we did--" "If you're uncomfortable, you can sleep on the couch, that's cool. Or--" He came into the room, with two glasses filled with what looked to be fruit juice. "We can stay up a little longer."I shrugged off the blanket, took a glass and smiled. "I guess I could stay for a nightcap. So, when's the next time you and your scientist friend are getting together?" "Next weekend. I already told him about you, said you'd probably be interested after this weekend. He'd really like to see the effects on another person." "Well, anything for science," I said as I downed the supplement. I could already feel myself getting hard...
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