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      Help contribute, donate via PayPal or join with a monthly Patreon contribution.   01/01/17

      To help raise funds I've introduced a monthly contribution option called Pateron. This service allows you to pledge a monthly contribution plus allows me to offer you some rewards for your contribution. If you have any questions you may PM me. If you'd like to make that contribution please click on the image below:      
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      NEWS: Discord Server & Clubs (aka Groups) are back!   08/19/17

      Hello everyone I'm back with a couple big updates! Firstly we now have a Discord server, this is a real-time chat messaging client you can run on your phone, desktop, or anywhere. It's a pretty powerful desktop application that enables people to chat together, and with multiple channels you can find people interested in what you're interested in. If you don't already have a Discord account it's pretty easy to get one, just click the following invite link to get started: https://discord.gg/Ahzu9jC Secondly I'm proud to announce the return of Groups, it's been renamed to Clubs and is now available here: https://muscle-growth.org/clubs/. This system is entirely user generated and allows users to create groups of their own based on any subject they want. Go ahead and try it now, visit the link above to get started if you want to create or join a group!   As always thank you to all of our donators and Patreon contributors who keep the forums going! 


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  1. Great stats man

  2. Thanks man, looking very good too ;)

  3. Thanks for following me.

    1. ctico


      You are welcome Travis. Great profile pic man.

  4. hot profile pic

  5. Nice pics man... are you on instagram?

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      so I cant follow you?


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      Exactly, in the next week, i am going to get my new phone, in that way, i am going to approve everyone to follow me there.

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      Are you really only 17 Felixes?

  6. Impressive back man... are you on instagram?

  7. Great stats man! You on Skype, kik or instagram?

  8. Are you on instagram man?

    1. Vinny190


      Used to be, but not anymore.

  9. Hey ctico.  I stumbled across your profile and I'm really impressed by your pic.  Your muscles are outstanding; I want to have your build so that I can be the hottest stud in Atlanta.  I'm still on the skinny side, but since I love working out and get a natural high off of it, I figure that it's only a matter of time.  I guess there's no secret to you getting your body, just hard work.  My problem is probably that I'm not eating enough of the good food.  How much do you eat to maintain your muscles?

  10. Welcome to the forums ctico :)