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  1. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    Thank you for widening my horizons. I thought, that you switched to metric decades ago?
  2. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    Stone? When and where was or is stone used?
  3. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    I find sithspawns description of chavs one-sided and lacking in social awareness. Furthermore, chavs are definitely suitable protagonists in MG stories. I post some pics I found online: Though neither the use of tracksuits nor the use of caps are limited to UK, only UK have a chav-subculture. Like many subcultures, chav subculture began as a youth phenomenon, and like many other subcultures, as time goes by, chavs become adults and the subculture is no longer limited to youths. The step from an industrial society to a post-industrial society caused children of formerly hard-working working-class families to find it hard to find employment, and many of them sunk deeper and deeper into a dependency to unemployment benefit and other benefits. English politicians haven't found (or haven't tried finding) solutions to re-direct these persons back into employment: Their skills are not needed in this society. Unlike some youth subcultures, chavs prefer tracksuits before denim jeans To persons inside the subculture, certain brands of tracksuits and trainers are perceived to give the wearer a higher status, but as an observer abroad, I have never been able to encode all that There exist no particular hairdo exclusively associated with the chav subculture, but you will probably not find a chav sporting the hair-length of a hippie or a metalhead. Buzzcuts are fairly widespread Gold chains or faux gold chains are status objects to wear Tattoos are popular Products from the fashion-company Burberry were popular among chavs in the past, but the company re-drew some of its products because of that reason, so the semiotic connection between Burberry and chavs is now weaker, than it once was Chavs preferably listen to techno (or styles of music derived thereof: Briefly, a sort of music called donk existed in the Liverpool-and-Manchester area in the mid-00s, but that was rather tongue-in-cheek) and/or rap music Use of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and narcotics are widespread Chav subculture is not particularly characterised by an interest in politics Prejudice against Polish and Middle Eastern immigrants may or may not exist in a group of chavs, depending on local circumstances
  4. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

  5. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    YES! I agree with you, spacevlad!
  6. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    Just an observation, for you sithspawn: I do find it probable, that your British, Irish, mainland European, Nordic and Commonwealth readers would find it interesting and enjoyable to read an MG story in an English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish setting. The islands in the North Sea have several endearing qualities.
  7. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    Look like American spelling and Oxford British spelling, but it wouldn't do in Cambridge, or so I have been taught. On the spelling issue, I'm on the side of Cambridge, though I have romantic notions about Oxford in many other ways: 18th century Oxford dons proposing a toast for the King over the water cause my heart to swell, and cause me to feel deep sympathies for the Scottish people at Culloden. Scotspersons are nice. I think many Oxford academics continued their toasts long after Culloden, until 1788, I believe.
  8. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    But you have to admit, that it is counter-intuitive? Public schools, which means, that they are not public. Similar to American football, which got its name, because you play it with your hands. A funny thing with the Swedish language is, that the English word "test subject" is translated into "testobjekt", i.e. literally "test object". Must be counter-intuitive to English-speakers. I suppose it is possible to dig up inconsistent words in most languages, with the possible exception of German, which is very precise. They've got Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz, at least until very recently. That's a highly well-defined word.
  9. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    That expression confuse me a lot. It is counter-informative, to us foreigners.
  10. Hialmar

    Americanised Stories

    Of course I do. British English was normative at English lessons, when I grew up. If you used American English on language tests, your score was reduced. At some time in the mid-to-late 1990s the norms were changed: Pupils and students are now allowed to use any form of English. The high number of TV programmes from the Beeb and ITV probably has an impact on my (and several other Swedes') English. As I might have mentioned before, Midsomer Murders is very popular among middle-aged people here. Unlike the situation in Germany, English-speaking TV-serials and films are not dubbed here, so we are exposed to spoken British English all the time. British posh culture has influenced my part of the world since 1789, when the Swedish upper classes switched allegiance from France to Britain (Thank you for your kind assistance during the Napoleonic wars!). British industrialists influenced the industrialisation of Sweden in the 19th century, especially in Gothenburg, and the new Swedish constitution of 1809 was influenced by Georgian British political life, such as the introduction of a Prime Minister (though Sweden introduced two Prime Ministers until the 1870s, probably mixing with ideas from the Roman republic). British popular culture has influenced my part of the world since 1961 (The Beatles, duh!), though my generation, which grew up later, was more exposed to Madness, The Specials, Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys, The Proclaimers, Oasis and Blur. British football hooliganism was imported to Sweden in 1977-79. An American cultural influence exist, too (All these Hollywood films and computer games), but culturally speaking, UK is far easier to understand than the US. Football is called 'football' because you use your feet, not because you use your hands. Chavs are cute, though skinheads are usually more attractive. I have a story about chavs hulking out in my story-pipeline. Your condiments are an acquired taste, but I like some of them, although Marmite is hard to find in Swedish supermarkets: You have to order from very specialised stores in Stockholm or Gothenburg, here. Malt vinegar is slightly easier to find, and we actually do import brown sauce, even if ketchup and mustard are much more popular than brown sauce. I understand your annoyance perfectly. All these expressions are just confusing (and so are pounds, feet and inches). I never understand intuitively what an author try to say here, when they describe characters using pounds, feet and inches, and it rather destroys the reading-immersion to look all these foreign measurements up. All countries in the world, except three, use metric units today. It's not the 18th century, anymore. When I wrote one of my stories, I found it very hard to write about the educational system in my part of Europe, since untranslated Swedish expressions wouldn't be comprehensible to any English-speaking potential reader, and the systems of different Anglophone countries differ from each other, anyhow. I know the feeling. Some of my stories take place in a mythical, but modern, land, which is the result of putting the entire Europe, the entire Commonwealth of Nations and the US in a kitchen blender. When I write here, I avoid using such names that will confuse English-speaking readers, so I intentionally anglicise.
  11. Hialmar

    Something Different

    Thank you. This means a lot to a foreigner, who want to use the English language conscientiously. If I behave in the same way, as the native writers do, I don't need to get my knickers in a twist over these mistakes, and ought to kotch.
  12. Hialmar

    Something Different

    Interesting. I thought, that these slip-of-the-fingers on the keyboard only happened to us, for whom English is not a native language. It happened to me a lot yesterday: "of" instead of "off" and similar linguistic atrocities. From what you write, it seems like it might happen to native speakers as well?
  13. Hialmar

    Spank Bank (Commentary, NOT a story)

    I list here, in no particular order: Kyan, Omelissokomos et al.: In the A.R.M.Y. now (old forum archive) or In the A.R.M.Y. now. (old forum) NerdJock: Project Venice. Arpeejay: The Recruit (old forum) The Recruit, Part 6 (old forum) The Recruit, Part 7 (old forum) Shade: The Commando VladBath: Scott (old forum archive) Rowan: Project Forty-two (old forum) Jaypat: The gifted child (off-site) Iainlthr: Booted (off-site) AbsMan420: The new adventures of Kake and Pekka AbsMan420: The Facility (old forum archive) or The Facility (old forum) dhalden: Charlie SeaMusc: The impossible discovery
  14. Hialmar

    Full Moon Rising

    Very exciting story, and clever cliffhanger. Lots of minor details, that cause my brain to explode deliciously.
  15. Hialmar

    Quarantined - Chap 1

    Amazing. I love this setting, and I love the way you tell the story. I look forward to next chapter.