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  1. MUSCLEMAN and the Golden Gate Bridge

    Do you have any particular reason for using illegible text? Dark grey on black doesn't enhance the experience.
  2. Any fellow Christians?

    As a lapsed Lutheran, I might be extra negative to nailing lists on church doors. Good intentions often lead to unforeseen bad consequences. In the case of Luther, it caused the, not intended, split of western and northern European christendom. I earnestly believe it would have been a better idea, to have allowed calm and sensible people like Melanchthon and Erasmus discuss the matter peacefully, not letting hotheads like Luther, Cajetan and Zwingli into the matter. An undivided western church shaped by bright minds like Erasmus, George Cassander, Peter Baro, Lancelot Andrewes, the six Aberdeen doctors, Thomas Ken and John Johnson of Cranbrook would have been much better, than the violent turmoil that characterised 17th century history. If anyone were able to show me a way to reconcile my Buddhist experiences with Christianity, I would probably turn Old Catholic or Anglican. Something is amiss in types of Christianity that leave Reason, Tradition and Experience aside. Even John Wesley knew that.
  3. Any fellow Christians?

    I haven't met any American Episcopalians, only Scottish Episcopalians, but from what I have read, I have the impression, that the Episcopal Church is welcoming and open-minded. And they have got nice choirs.
  4. Any fellow Christians?

    In my experience, the Quakers and the Liberal Catholic Church behave welcomingly and acceptingly to gay participants. In more recent years, Church of Sweden has begun changing its attitudes (same sex weddings, one of its bishops is a lesbian). In Sweden there exist a uniting church, consisting of formerly liberal Baptist, Covenant and Methodist congregations -- some of them behaving welcoming and accepting. Other denominations less so. It might be different where you live, of course. I know next to nothing about ELCA and the Evangelical Covenant Church, since they are located in the US, not Sweden.
  5. Any fellow Christians?

    NotJackedJack, this thread of yours caused me to reflect on the role of religion in my writing. Usually, you don't expect the religious adherence of characters in this type of stories to matter, but in some cases I have been more or less obvious about someone's religion. Many parents of the young characters in With a little help from magic are nominal Lutherans, one of the young protagonists of that story is a Syriac Orthodox Christian, the hoodoo lady in that story is -- eh -- a hoodoo lady, and might be Baptist, Methodist or Catholic. The mention of All Saints, Christmas and Easter allows the reader to feel the time running. The Norwegian narrator in chapters 1-2 of Project Defender is an Agnostic, who stumbles upon a copy of Bhagavadgita in a meditation room by coincidence (because I wanted the readers to think of Robert Oppenheimer), while the hero of chapter three is Catholic. I like the hero of chapter three. I always thought of the big friendly narrator of My little buddy as a Catholic, and there is a flashback to when he, aged fourteen, was encouraged in no uncertain terms by a nun to stop bullying smaller pupils. The society in my unfinished fantasy-story Champions of Lernath is Polytheistic, and, since growth-inducing objects exist in that world, the reader is given the impression, that the gods and goddesses really exist. In The cult of Crom I explore the theme of minority religions, and society's distrust of them. The parents of the protagonists belong to several mainstream religions. In Professor Schnackenburg's mistake it seems like formerly unknown Stone Age gods and goddesses awake from their slumber, but they turn out to be uncaring Lovecraftesque trans-dimensional space aliens In the slowly building Wine of the fauns, which is just in its early stages (It will take an eternity to finish it), a private investigator is trying to solve a mystery, while frequenting occult milieus -- a theme that will lend itself to atmospheric world-building
  6. Any fellow Christians?

    A funny thing about demographics: The general population in Sweden is usually Lutheran, but, among poets, novelists, musicians and philosophers, you will find an unusually high percentage of Roman Catholics. I have been told that it is the other way round in France. Funny that. One of the Queens of Sweden, who reigned in the mid-17th century -- Queen Christina -- abdicated and converted from the Lutheran faith to the Roman Catholic faith, presumably because she found Lutheranism rustic, dull and unsophisticated, and found Roman Catholicism to be cultured, civilised and sophisticated.
  7. Any fellow Christians?

    Not even at Easter? I like Catholic music: Palestrina, Gesualdo and César Franck are nice.
  8. Any fellow Christians?

    As so many other of my fellow compatriots (and likewise citizens of our six neighbouring countries) I was a Lutheran when I was younger. Despite swiftly decreasing numbers of members, 60-65% of the population in my country still belong to Church of Sweden. It was disestablished in the year 2000, which leaves the world with three remaining established Lutheran churches (Denmark, Norway and Iceland) and one remaining established Anglican church (England) -- the matter is slightly more complicated in Finland: The Lutheran church in Finland and the Finnish-Orthodox Church have been semi-separated from the state for centuries. All other Lutheran and Anglican churches in the world are separated from the state. It is not unusual to keep a nominal membership in the church, regard oneself to be Agnostic, marry in church, pray infrequently, but yet praying, and celebrate the day of St. Lucy with great solemnity -- a combination of behaviours I regularly like to make fun of. It just shows how someone's self-identification with any particular religious view -- Lutheran or Agnostic -- isn't that straightforward in reality. I am no longer a Lutheran, but I am not sure of my exact religious adherence. I hold Anglicanism/Episcopalianism in high regard. I think Liberal Quakers and Unitarian Universalists seem nice (but the latter group doesn't exist in Sweden). The social work of Sikhs impress me. There seem to exist deep and valuable insights in Buddhism. Sufi Islam seem to be much more interesting, than the type of Islam (Salafism) that is written about in the news. I have spiritual experiences that doesn't fit into any existing system of religion. I haven't peeked into Judaism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Druzism and Shinto, because you are supposed to be born into those five. It would be highly insensitive of me to commit cultural appropriation.
  9. The assembly line : Station Six

    I hadn't planned all the details of the assembly line, when I began the story, neither had I planned exactly where one chapter would end and another begin. When I wrote the Prologue about Station two (and the flashback to Station one), I wasn't even sure if there would be any continuation. The stations (not the chapters) described are: Station one, where the specimen are shaved, buzzcut and given their first injection. When the Prologue begin, Ted has already underwent station one, but is remembering what happened there, while he is beginning the treatment at Station Two Station two is the cylinder full of liquid, in which power emissions begin the painful part of the transformation Station three, which is the dentist's chair with the rubber mask, at which the painful transformation continues, and The Program harvest information about humankind Station four, where the specimens are given their boots and skin-tight uniform trousers Station five, where The Program use metallic tentacles to evaluate the increased strength of a specimen Station six, where the specimens are subjected to anabolic radiation and something else Thank you for your kind words. About the age of my Dad and some of my uncles then. It is amazing how this community bring persons (mainly men) of so many generations together. A few months ago, I began writing a multi-chapter story about a company (called The Company), which change ordinary men into impossible muscle-fantasies. The main character, in Chapter one of that story, is a man born in the 1930s, and even older than you. Perhaps you would find it amusing. I don't think a lot of stories here have any protagonists over the age of 60, but I wanted to write something different. I can relate to that. I began to work out in order to alleviate my health problems. I am still tinier than healthy men, but I definitely feel much better, than I would have done without taking up weight-training. If The Program would use human measures, the reader would rule ancient civilisations or extra-terrestrials out of the equation. I wanted to keep the reader out in the dark about what The Program actually is. I am aware of, that it leaves the reader with a less precise impression, but I went for that solution in this story. The most stats-ridden story I have ever written is the still unfinished story Project Defender, in which an Artificial Intelligence keep informing the characters how much some of them grow (metric, not imperial). I left it dormant at the point where the villain grow monstrous, and I haven't found the inspiration to continue it, yet, but I hope to finish it one day. I can't leave my more likable characters threatened by the villain like that. It's strange how you begin to relate to characters who are figments of one's own imagination, but the more interesting ones begin to behave like they have a will of their own when I write about them, and that is true both of the ones I want to protect, the ones that terrifies me, the ones I would share a pint with and the ones I outright would hero-worship.
  10. The assembly line : Station Five

    Have you ever tested dumbing-down-hypnosis? It's fun. You take vacation from your ordinary personality for an hour, and then return to normal. There might be some after-effects the following day, but nothing long-lasting. It is harmless. I think.
  11. The assembly line : Station Five

    I fear personality obliteration, just like I fear dumbing-down, but that is probably the reason why both of them awake all sorts of weird feelings inside me. No, I DON't WANT TO ... GIVE IN! Deeply inside, you KNOW that you WANT TO! Join the DARK SIDE of the Force. We have cookies!
  12. The assembly line : Station Six

    You will find Station One here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14714-the-assembly-line/ You will find Station Five here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14759-the-assembly-line-station-five/ The assembly line Station Six - anabolic radiation The anabolic radiation crackled in the air, and hit him relentlessly -- him and the others -- and, like the others, Unit T.E.D. eagerly let it happen. If anything, he wanted MORE, and, by the facial expression of him, it was obvious that Unit M.I.K.E. shared that urge. They stood facing each other at Station Six, Unit T.O.D.D. standing to the left of Unit T.E.D. -- all of them facing inwards, towards the centre of the platform, from the ceiling of which hang the projector of anabolic radiation. There was no reflecting surface, and Unit T.E.D. was unable to see himself, but he was able to FEEL, and he felt huge. He was able to watch the others grow: Unit T.O.D.D. still built like a bear, but a bull-like bear now, built like a grizzly, and immensely more muscular, than before. Unit M.I.K.E. kept his Y-shape. If anything, the contrast between the narrow waist and the broad shoulders of Unit M.I.K.E. was even more enhanced now: A tattooed hero perspirating under the impact of the anabolic radiation, and moaning in lust after more strength, more brawn, more invulnerable, indefeatable, ruthless and relentless FLESH. The gates opened. Unit T.I.M. entered. Under the impact of The Program, the former fragility, scrawniness and skinniness of the Unit had been driven away, and a new man had been forged in the transmuting furnace of the previous five stations. He was ready for Station Six now, and assumed his position to the right of Unit T.E.D., facing his brother Todd. The anabolic radiation crackled in the air, and, at the impact, Unit T.I.M. bellowed in power-craze, his powerful, bronzed and shining muscles twitching, and his powerful legs -- squeezed into the black, glossy tactical trousers and shining boots -- standing confidently wide apart, awaited the next onslaught of EMPOWERING crackling rays. None of them had expected what happened next.
  13. The assembly line : Station Five

    The first station will be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14714-the-assembly-line/ The fourth station will be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14756-the-assembly-line-from-third-to-fourth-station/ The assembly line Station Five The workout, demanded by The Program to evaluate Todd's progress, had caused blood to flow to Todd's muscles while they were still growing. The combined effect of pump and actual growth had caused Todd's muscles to bulge obscenely, and veins to crawl over his brawn. Now, Ted stood where Todd had stood just minutes ago, and performed a similar evaluation. Ted had never dreamt of the hardness the two simultaneous physiological processes would cause to his physique. His entire body throbbed. His dick throbbed inside the comfortable and tough-looking trousers he jokingly referred to as the "space-warrior trousers", but it felt like his entire body throbbed now: Back - throbbing. Traps - throbbing. Shoulders - throbbing. Pecs - throbbing. Biceps - throbbing. Abs - hard as fuck. He pulled and pushed, went through the movements The Program desired, and fed it the research data it needed, and this forced workout caused him to become engorged by strength. Yeah! The strength! THE STRENGTH HE DESIRED! THE STRENGTH HE WAS ACHIEVING! Behind him, a hissing sound came from robotic spray-cans on rails, preoccupied with fashioning the new boots and tactical trousers of Tim, but Ted was preoccupied himself, and didn't turn around. Preoccupied with giving The Program the data requested. The Program didn't give him any figures or data in exchange, and he was kept in the dark about exactly how much stronger he had become, but, deep inside himself, a realisation was dawning, that the resistance shown him by the steel-tentacles around his feet and hands far exceeded the weights any normal bodybuilder or powerlifter would push. Or pull. There were no mirrors anywhere: The Program was designed to change ordinary men into Beings of unknown purpose, not to gratify the curiosity of the subjects of experimentation. To The Program any personal wish or personal preference of any specimen were of no concern. The specimens existed for the purpose of The Program, not for themselves. They were meat: Heaps of muscular brawn enhanced to obey the orders of The Program without asking questions, and to spring into brutal and merciless action without hesitation. Parts of the man, who once had been Ted, were obliterated, or on their way to become obliterated, but other parts of his mind were enhanced, invigoured. In the place of Ted, the mild-mannered teacher, was springing into existence Unit T.E.D., the Unit that unquestioningly obeyed The Program, and The Program wanted its Units to increase their strength, their endurance, their speed, their tactical superiority and their resilience without limits. YES! WITHOUT LIMITS! Unit T.E.D. had heard it twice: A crackling noise of power-emissions coming from the chamber on the other side of the gates, but heard only when the gates briefly opened. Mike, who now was Unit M.I.K.E., had entered the crackling chamber beyond. Todd, who now was Unit T.O.D.D., had entered the crackling chamber beyond. Unit T.E.D. felt satisfaction, when the sound from the spraying of Unit T.I.M. back at Station Four fell silent, and the steel-tentacles surrounding Unit T.E.D.'s hands and feet loosened their grips and fell to the floor at Station Five. Unit T.I.M. would soon be evaluated. The gates opened, and Unit T.E.D. stepped into Station Six, from which he could hear the crackling noise of power-emissions, and the lustful moaning of two Units becoming enhanced in accordance to The Program. * * * You will find the beginning of Station Six here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14761-the-assembly-line-station-six/
  14. The first station is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14714-the-assembly-line/ The third station is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14745-the-assembly-line-third-station/ The assembly line From third to fourth station The Program wanted to know. Ted was still sitting in the vinyl-clad chair, that felt like a dentist's chair, and The Program still surrounded his entire head with a rubber mask, which extracted his most private memories and thoughts. All pain had receded, and his only discomfort was caused by his increasingly too small trousers, which were still soaked in the growth-liquid. Unable to understand living, breathing human beings, The Program wanted to know Ted's conceptions of perfect men. Ted couldn't avoid laughing. He chuckled, as wave after wave of pleasure billowed through his body, and he could feel how The Program rewarded his past endurance of the painful process. Perfect men? To himself, it was obvious, that a wiry and lanky man like himself would dream about Greg Kovacs. The addition of 10-15 lbs look much on a short guy -- like it would on tiny Tim or even a man of average height, like Mike. If a tall man, like Ted, would add 10-15 lbs it would be like a piss in the Mississippi. Ted dreamed about men of his own height adding MONSTROUS amounts of muscle mass: Like Kovacs or The Mountain, or Morgan Aste. Or Martyn Ford. Or more. IMPOSSIBLE amounts of muscle mass. The Program encouraged him to think as vividly as possible on his goals. He could feel how his wet trousers were quite painful now. His swelling, growing quads and hamstrings were trapped inside their prison of cloth: Quite painful now. Then he heard a ripping sound, and the painful entrapping pressure began to disappear. More ripping sound. Ripping fabric. Yeah, tearing that fabric apart. HULKING OUT! His quads and hamstrings felt free. YES, FREE! Free to grow further. Enlarge. Engorged. Legs of a cave-bear. Legs of a mammoth. Pillars of strength, carrying the world. FREE! A subtle signal. Subtle. Erasing any remaining trace of resistance to the re-programming. It didn't matter. It felt so good to grow BIG. And he could feel his calves appreciate the release, too. BIGGER. Wave after wave of pleasure. Wave after wave of the feeling of HYPERTROPHY. The Program. Changing him. BIGGEST. He moaned, and he bellowed: "YES! Becoming what The Program want me to be!" His entire body involuntarily spasmed and flexed. He felt pumped. He felt ... He felt ... The rubber mask let go of his head, and reverted to its original position above the treatment chair of Station Three. He knew what The Program wanted him to do next. Todd was still facing away from him, and began to walk forward and leave the platform of Station Four. Todd's intimidating back had obscured Ted's view, but he was now able to see the entire tunnel, and he could see Mike during the few seconds before the gates opened at the end of the tunnel, and Mike left for Station Six. Mike! His friend and childhood hero had been a brawny jock before the treatment, but now he was an incredible mass-titan. Ted shivered. Mass-titan. Ted wanted to be close to his friend, the mass-titan. The Program ruthlessly erased that thought: Todd walked forward and assumed the position at Station Five. Ted was free to take his station at Station Four. Ted was able to watch things looking like steel tentacles swallow Todd's hands and feet, but the purpose wasn't to eat him, but to assess his stamina and prowess. Todd pressed the steel-tentacles before him and over himself. He kicked and curled, pushed and pulled. An evaluation was going on. Behind himself, Ted could hear the lift lower itself, and the sound of someone, presumably Tim, having a seat. Spray-cans on rails sprayed a jelling substance on Ted's feet and legs. It felt good. His legs felt contained by the forming trousers. He became more aware of the sheer SIZE of his now powerful legs, and somehow tactical boots were forming around his feet out of that sprayed substance. The substance was thin enough to show every fibre, every striations of his massive legs, in a flattering way, but Ted somehow knew, that, despite its thinness, the protective value of his tactical trousers was high. It was supple, and allowed him to move unhindered, but in some places the layer felt thicker, in order to give more protection: His feet, his knees, his crotch. A codpiece coalesced, and his rod and nuts were protected. The sensation of the supple fabric pressing itself to his glutes, caused him to feel more aware of the changes in his body, that were still going on. It felt like wearing leather trousers. He moaned again. Super-hero pants. Space-warrior trousers. As befitted him. Him and his friends. Together. A team. The Program was picky. It obviously wanted his tactical trousers to be perfect, and it obviously wanted to evaluate Todd correctly. He didn't know for how long he had stood there, his quads pressing his legs more wide apart, his lats pushing his arms to hang out from his upper body in an unfamiliar, but pleasant, angle, the way Mike's arms hang out from his upper body. Then he could hear Tim roar behind him, in a deeper voice than usual: "Can't believe it! Yes, Program! Change me with the others! I accept every change! EVERY CHANGE!" From the sound of it, he wasn't tiny Tim anymore. * * * The fifth station is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14759-the-assembly-line-station-five/
  15. Muscle Blind

    I haven't heard that particular expression before. It sounds incredibly cute.