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  1. Hialmar

    Not Your Typical Father's Day Story

    In that case, I intended 'time', not 'date', when describing the Nordic-Estonian time for Father's Day in November.
  2. I didn't get a result which is hot in this club, but that is also the reason why I love to dumb down. Let it seep out of my head at the same rate I am growing in muscle mass!
  3. Hialmar

    Not Your Typical Father's Day Story

    Yes. I googled it after reading your original post. The number of different dates are overwhelming, but A LOT of countries share the date the US observe. Some predominantly Catholic countries seem to be in favour of 19th of March, some Middle-Eastern countries prefer 21st of June. The date I am used to is observed by all Nordic countries, except Denmark, but Estonia share our date (probably because of Estonia's close ties to Finland). I joined the forum because of the stories, and because I needed workout advice and eating advice. I didn't expect it, but you learn a lot from this forum beyond workout advice!
  4. Hialmar

    Muscle growth poem

    I got this idea after jokingly remarking to Arpeejay, that we haven't seen modernist poetry here on MG yet, so I'm writing one in jest, because the irreverent humour I cultivated as a student is still alive. It's not your average muscle growth story, but I hope it is suggestive enough. Growth: A poem Echoes in the mind. Memories from the past: Some to keep, some to leave behind. Vivid mind. Brittle body Echoes in the mind. Heroes from the past: Greater than other kings, lofty in stature, a hero born in Uruk, a wild and rampaging bull was he. The sheer physicality! The space he occupies Fear of the place with steel-weights In bloodstream herolatry Vivid mind. Adolescent body Echoes in the mind. Heroes from the past: A man unlike no other cometh down from the mountains. His strength is beyond compare; he is like unto an immortal. The sheer physicality! The space he occupies Fear of the place with steel-weights In bloodstream shame Allure of the place with steel-weights De profundis: The URGE Mens sana in corpore sano in Alexandria of yore. But THE URGE? Vivid mind. Lanky body Echoes in the mind. Heroes from the past: Culann's dog and his body-changing frenzy The sheer physicality! The space he occupies Present in the place with steel-weights In bloodstream URGE Vivid mind. Changing body Echoes in the mind. Heroes from the past: Hottr drinking monster-blood, becoming Hjalti The sheer physicality! The space he occupies Home at the place with steel-weights In bloodstream GROWTH of heroes past becoming walls protective walls of flesh instead of brick becoming like the heroes past becoming wall protective wall of flesh instead of brick In bloodstream URGE, in bloodstream GROWTH becoming like the echoes in the mind. In bloodstream joy asserting joy The sheer physicality! The space you occupies huge at the place with steel-weights towering Pharos for brothers journeying yearning for sheer physicality! The space you occupies seeking the harbour, protective wall hearing the echoes, too Allure of the place with steel-weights echoes of their past leaving some behind when you play Bödvar's part and they attain The sheer physicality! The space they occupies and they become Greater than other kings, lofty in stature because In bloodstream URGE, in bloodstream GROWTH! Commentary Any modernist poem need a commentary, of course. Wink. Wink. 😉 The most obvious references are the following: The first two quotes comes from the Gilgamesh Epic, and describe the two heroes Gilgamesh and Enkidu De profundis are the two first words of Psalm 130 (129 in older Catholic bibles for historical reasons), with lots and lots of famous settings Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin saying by Juvenal, based on a Greek original by Thales of Miletus (624-546 BCE), so the quotes and allusions on heroic tales and physioculture are arranged chronologically Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE. Ships were guided to its harbour by the help of the lighthouse on Pharos, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Is the reader re-building himself into a wonder? The city-walls of Alexandria become a figure of speech for a gym-rat's mental and physical changes. "Culann's dog" is the literal meaning of the name of Cú Chullainn, one of the most famous heroes in Irish mythology, set in a time before the age of St. Patrick: Iron Age Ireland. Cú Chullainn was increasing in strength and turning monstrous in battle, so – in a manner of speaking – he is the original fictitious hero to "hulk out" An Icelandic saga, the tale of Hrolf Kraki (which bear some similarities with the Anglo-Saxon Beowulf Epic), tell the story of the warrior Bödvar (who is able to transform himself into a bear) protect a bullied youngster called Hottr, and let Hottr drink the blood of a monster, which formerly, until Bödvar stopped it, used to harass the court of King Hrolf. After that, Hottr turn into a huge and confident warrior, and change his name to Hjalti. The saga takes place during the Vendel Age (550-790 CE), and comes last in the chronological change, except for the new heroic tales that begin when the reader and his friends change themselves into kings over their own lives, and become good, joyful modern men accepting themselves and helping others.
  5. Hialmar

    Not Your Typical Father's Day Story

    I haven't thought about the date of Father's Day in other countries before, but it obviously falls on different dates in different countries. I'm used to the second Sunday in November. Your memory is nice.
  6. Read some stories, really good author.

    1. Hialmar


      Thank you. Be aware, that some of them turn dark, sometimes for satirical purposes.

  7. Hialmar

    He Who Protesteth Too Much by F_R_Eaky

    Not only an exciting muscle growth story, but also a peek into American culture.
  8. Hialmar

    Big Boys and Their Toys

    This looks promising, Londonboy. Not understanding what you wish for is a centuries-old, perhaps millenia-old, classic theme, and every new take on it adds its own twists.
  9. Hialmar

    Enjoy your workout

    I am sorry to understand, that it didn't work for you, Hulk2be, but others have given you great advice in this thread, and I hope, that you will be able to pick the hobby up again, soon. Unlike some, in this thread, my gains are not sensational, and many wouldn't guess, that I am working out regularly at all, but I like workouts (a friend told me, that what I do at the gym is visible because of my trapezius, shoulders and upper arms, but not by anything else). My starting point, many years ago, was extremely bad, because of bad health. Compared to my former self, I am a different man now: I went from a living skeleton to an average man, and weight training help me to feel relaxed, harmonious and aware of my bodily presence in a way my old state didn't permit. Friends from the past have difficulties recognising me. Times comes and goes, when I don't manage to exercise according to schedule: The pollen season during spring is often such a time, and it happened this year, but I have learned to accept limitations. I often experience a road bump on the occasions when I am going to return to the gym after such pauses, but I have overcome such road bumps again and again. The parts of the year, when my schedule runs uninterrupted, my health improves. Each workout usually go through three phases: In the beginning I am full of motivation and anticipation, in the middle there comes a taste of the exhausting aspects of exercise, but in the end of the workout the pump sets in and is followed by an endorphin kick in the locker room. After a workout my confidence and my sex drive increases. Funny how our own internal biochemistry affects us.
  10. Hialmar

    The Visitor

    I love dumbing-down. Thank you, Tatcub! Nice username, btw.
  11. Hialmar

    Real Life Bullying in Gyms

    On the contrary, I only have positive experiences from the gyms I have attended. The bigger blokes are either too preoccupied with their own workouts to have any time or energy to treat anyone else badly, or are outright encouraging, and seem to find joy in helping others in the right direction. I remember how awkward I felt in the beginning, and I have heard stories about other's first weeks or months at gym about self-percieved awkwardness, but that is all in the mind. In the beginning, there are a lot of new words to learn: Set, reps, designation of particular exercises and the terminology of nutrients. I felt shy, back in the 1990s, when I didn't spoke the secret language, but I catch up pretty quickly. I have noticed the same terminological confusion among other newbies -- even among those who were very fit to begin with, but unacquaintanced to weight training. I suppose that could give opportunity for some friendly banter, but I haven't experienced any of that myself.
  12. Hialmar

    Need help coming up with a Meal Plan

    I look forward to read this thread, since I am clueless.
  13. Hialmar

    Any fellow Christians?

    Now I understand better what you intended to say, AlMacArthur. I agree with you, that there is a risk, for the emergence of "holier-than-thou", "more-enlightened-than-thou", "nicer-then-thou" and "more-orthodox-than-thou" bubbles in every religion. My only relief is, that these bubbles are not the entire picture of any religion. Btw, I wish all who read this thread a happy and beneficial celebration of Holy Trinity Sunday! Have fun!
  14. Hialmar

    Any fellow Christians?

    That is slightly unfair. Cultivation of benevolence and compassion in the hope to reach equanimity is a part of Buddhism in general, and trying to lessen the suffering of others (the bodhisattva ideal) is a part of Mahayana Buddhism. On the other hand, it is true, that Buddhists during parts of their history were less involved in medical care and disaster relief, than the Christian denominations. That was in the past. Especially in Taiwan and Japan, relief and medical care are parts of what Buddhist denominations do, and this change of attitudes began in pre-revolutionary China in the 1910s. As a collection, the Bible contain not only high ideals, but also the more troubling historical legacies of the two or three communities that have used it through history. Leviticus, Joshua and Nehemiah are considerably less inspirational than, let's say, Amos, Micah, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Gospel of St. John, Colossians, Ephesians and 1st letter of St. John. I have sometimes wondered if "dead from the elements of this world" actually describe a similar experience as Moslem mystics' "extinguish into God" or the Buddhist experience of doldrum of passions and suffering. Perhaps several religions are sharing similar experiences, but describe them in different words.
  15. I forgot to quote you in the Hulk Out thread. I have answered.