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  1. No no. Make your own choices, but I wanted to express my opinion: This story opposes stereotypes of the genre, and a continuation runs the obvious risk of reintroducing the usual stereotypes. If that happens, the story will not be refreshingly different any longer.
  2. A continuation would spoil everything, that makes this story different.
  3. Hialmar

    The accident

    It is a short stand-alone story, not the beginning of a multi-chapter one. I wanted a story to take place in my own peaceful (but slightly nervous) corner of the world (I wish the Americans and the Russians stopped threatening each other in the manner they do. It may have harmful consequences for third party nations). I have written several other stories in a military setting, but most of them are short, like this one, and very similar in style: Almost no adventures after the initial transformation. Let me know, if you want a list of them. One finished story loosely belonging to this sub-genre, is THIS, but it doesn't have much of a plot beyond the growth, either. I began to write a multi-chapter story belonging to this genre, but I got writer's block at the point when the villain becomes scarier, and it is still unfinished. It's found HERE. Another unfinished multi-chapter story takes place in a Spacefleet thousands of years into the future, and it's found HERE. I have written one finished multi-chapter story in this type of setting, but that one is a pretty dark satire, and not to every reader's liking. It is called The Security Squad and is unsettling. If you, despite my warning, want a comparatively long and plot-driven story in a military setting, that's the one for you. I have a more optimistic story in a military setting in the pipeline. It's a hommage to Marvel Comics. If you want to read disconnected fragments of text (in need of further revision) from that one, it's in the Unfinished section, HERE, but that would of course spoil the joy of reading the finished version in the future.
  4. Happy birthday. I hope, that you'll post more often in the future. You cheer this site up with your comments and with your audio files.

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      You can check out his Discord server if you like:


  5. Ah. I guess the similarities with my university days will disappear from now on. I look forward to the continuation.
  6. Oh. Wow. Taking me back to university days, with the single difference, that we don’t have campuses. Are you reading my memories?
  7. I wrote this one several years ago. Newer members probably haven't got an opportunity to read it, so I'll give it a bump. It's probably the sweetest of my stories. It takes place in the same literary universe as Descent into growth and the sadly unfinished Project Defender. I left the latter one at a point where the villain had turned into something ugly, but I haven't been able to continue it yet.
  8. I enjoy them very much. I entered the Daddy age recently, and it makes me confused. I'm not used to my new age. I agree with Arpeejay: Writing on you phone? I'm amazed. I have very bad experiences from writing on the phone, myself: Ridiculous auto-corrections constitute the main problem. When I write MG fiction, I want a real keyboard in front of me – without auto-corrections.
  9. Thanks for improving my English. "Bro nod". So that familiar gesture has got a name? The fact that you mentioned the bro nod made the entire chapter so much hotter. I like your username, by the way. Are you Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic or from the Faeroe Islands?
  10. Hialmar

    The cult of Crom

    Perhaps I ought to give a bump to some of my other early pieces of work, too, if they are legible. Now, when I re-read some of my early stories, I notice, that my English is less smooth in my first attempts at writing MG stories. I often make erroneous or inconsistent choices of grammatical tense, and I blend British English and American English in a way, that must be confusing to native speakers.
  11. Hialmar

    The cult of Crom

    The cult of Crom is a stand-alone, finished short story. I will probably write other short stories in the future, and I will try to finish the multi-chapter stories I began several years ago. I'm bad at finishing multi-chapter stories. If you wonder, if I will write another story within the same literary universe, as the one where The cult of Crom takes place, the answer is, that I already have begun a multi-chapter story within the same literary universe, but that story is still unfinished, and lean in the direction of horror. The latter story is called Professor Schnackenburg's mistake, and it has reached the length of nine chapters. The tenth chapter will be the concluding one.
  12. You gave me an idea, but it will probably take me a year or two to turn this idea into a story.
  13. Hialmar

    The cult of Crom

    It's almost two years since I wrote this one, and new members haven't read it, so I'll give it a bump.
  14. I do write multi-chapter stories (many of them still unfinished), but this is not one of them. All my stories are found under "About me" at my profile page. I expect most members to have the ability to click on "About me". Anyhow, please, let me know, if you need any further assistance in finding my multi-chapter stories. My multi-chapter stories are usually more plot-driven, more detailed and have an element of world-building. My short stories usually focus on a growth-process, as it happens, and resemble each other a lot, particularly when the protagonist's thoughts or words become fragmented and incoherent in the end of the growth process, when the latter culminates.
  15. Thanks for your kind words. That's very flattering, but as you might have noticed in some of my posts here, I have, as a non-native writer, some trouble with the prepositions 'of', 'by', 'through', 'with' 'in', 'at' and 'to'. English is my second language. German is my third. Latin is my fourth. In the case of German and Latin, I am too shy to try to write anything. I would probably just end up like Brian, when he wrote "Romanes eunt domus" instead of "Romani ite domum", and the same is true about any of my attempts at communication in the language of Thomas Mann, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Richard Z. Kruspe. Compared to German and Latin grammar, English grammar is relatively easy to use, and the early mediaeval Danish influence on English makes the latter fairly similar to my native language (although the similarities were more obvious back in the days of Geoffrey Chaucer). I'm very fond of the English language. It lends itself to playfulness, like the sentence: "Wandering, he walked peregrinatingly in an ambulatory fashion." Sentences like that amuses me. You Anglophones have a very entertaining language. Sometimes, I allow John Donne, William Blake (and a handful of others) cause my brain to explode. I also listen a lot to punk rock lyrics. Did you notice, that yet another spy novel by John le Carré was published recently? It's called Agent Running in the Field. I have to read it soon.
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