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  1. Hialmar

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    It wasn't my intention to derail Rosies delightful thread. I hope, that those who celebrated Hanukkah recently had fun (it ended yesterday, didn't it?), and I hope that everyone will enjoy Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Life Day or whatever you prefer to celebrate during this upcoming holiday season. It's St. Lucy's Night this night in Sweden, so I expect to hear the noise of drunk teenagers outside the window tonight. Have fun everyone, and send a thought to those less fortunate.🍊🎄🍺
  2. Hialmar

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    Christmas Eve is the big day for the family aspect of celebration here, and like over on your side of The Pond, Christmas midnight mass is one of the biggest services of the year, even among Lutherans (In the past, Matins before Dawn filled a similar function, but people's habits have changed in the last few decades). From a family aspect, Christmas Day is more of an afterthought among Swedes, but most of the services in church take place on Christmas Day, of course. Thanks for putting the American Puritans in perspective. It's easy for a European to imagine the US before the civil war as some sort of prolonged Salem witch-craze. They must have been struck by Enlightenment ideas already at the time of independence? Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman are signs that things had improved in the early-to-mid 19th century.
  3. Hialmar

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    I agree, but Rosie's sequels of Christmas stories made me warm and fuzzy of Christmas spirit, despite my own indetermination about my personal religious adherence. Blame childhood memories, at least in part. Christmas has become very secular and commercialised in Sweden, too, but terminology like Second Day of Christmas for St. Stephen's Day and Thirteenth Day of Christmas for Epiphany are still alive and well in people's printed almanacs. Both St. Stephen's Day and Epiphany are bank holidays here, and many shops and companies close early on Twelfthnight. I think Twelfthnight was a more important festival Eve in my childhood: The elderly took it very seriously, and invited all their acquaintances to big parties with a lot of leftover Christmas food, glögg, brandy, sherry and port. It is very similar here, but some people even take out vacation days from 2nd to 5th of January to extend their time at home. School break usually last until the Monday after Epiphany. I'm glad, that you enjoy glögg, but I have never really understood the exact difference between Swedish glögg, British mulled wine and German Glühwein. Glögg is the version I am familiar with. I try to make a less sweet version, myself.
  4. Hialmar

    Community muscle growth

    If a group of four qualifies, I wrote a story called The assembly line. There is a bit of mind control in it. Long ago, GB started an open-ended story-thread called The Superflu - Hypertrophic Pandemic, which is what it says. On the suggestion of GB I began a, yet unfinished, horror story called Professor Schnackenburg's mistake, in which a considerable crowd of men are transformed and controlled by a primordial war-god.
  5. Hialmar

    The Perilous Danger

    I give up. I really do. I tried to write a tongue-in-cheek not-too-serious muscle growth story in a Brexit negotiation setting, but it is very hard to write a parody when politicians in charge IRL make statements like these: How am I supposed to write a parodic exaggeration of statements like these? I will not write a continuation of this story, but I will revisit the theme of superheroes in other stories.
  6. Hialmar

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Three)

    I love the idea, and I don't intend to be nitpicky, but I have noticed a growing trend over the world to perceive the traditional expression "the twelve days of Christmas" as referring to days before Christmas (which isn't Christmas at all, but Advent), while the traditional expression actually refer to the days between Christmas Day and Twelfthnight (the latter of Shakespearean fame). Don't American Christians celebrate Epiphany? At least the Episcopalians ought -- Prayerbook and all that. In Sweden, we traditionally don't remove the christmas tree until the Day of St. Canute (so, unlike the English-speaking world, we have twenty days of Christmas), but that tradition is quickly fading here, too, which is a pity. Traditions are fun! More gingerbread and mulled wine to the people! I suppose mince-pies are the cultural equivalent to gingerbread snaps in your whereabouts? This also mean, that you are not in a hurry: Finish the twelfth story on January 5th or 6th, and you are very traditional! 😁 Did wassailing survive on your side of The Pond, or is it just an English custom nowadays? Perhaps the Puritans outlawed it in the New World?
  7. Hialmar

    Celebrities, Bodybuilders, Wrestlers, etc.

    Mass monsters: Johnnie Jackson, Ronny Rockel, Jay Cutler, Steve Kuclo, Martyn Ford ... Cubes of power: Flex Lewis, Lee Priest, Kille Kujala, Alexey Lesukov, Dominic Triveline ... "Fighters" and fighters: John Cena, Randy Orton, Matt Hughes ... Handsome rascals: Wesley Vissers, Florian Poirson, Cody Lewis, Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Hunnam ...
  8. Hialmar

    Gene Hack

    Frightening but good.
  9. Hialmar

    Sticking with it

    This is very true. To find the position of knees and back for several types of rowing is another typical example. Or the big difference between using a short cable grip for triceps and using the same equipment for an unusual angle of chest. In the beginning, I didn't understand which muscles existed or what they were supposed to do. It is an amazing experience, when the penny drops and body-awareness begin to dawn.
  10. Hialmar

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Yes, it is. In the distant past, iodine deficiency was a thing here, and today most of us don't reflect over the fact that many brands of Northern European table salt, unlike kosher salt, are enriched with iodine.
  11. Hialmar

    Sticking with it

    Chest exercises are almost impossible to explain in words. These two Youtube clips will inform you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJwiu8ttuZ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMmy2MlH55U
  12. Hialmar

    Sticking with it

    Oh and another thing: How much of a newbie are you? Are you familiar with sets and reps? Rep is short for" repetitions". A set is a group of repetitions with a pause between sets. It is polite to allow someone else to train a set while you pause. Beginners usually train about three sets of each exercise, but when you have become familiar with training, you may take part of the discussion about the ideal number of sets (usually more than three) and variations, like super-sets and others. A set of many repetitions and comparatively light weights is a useful warm-up, and people who aim for endurance (but not explosive strength) are helped by this even outside warm-up. Gymnasts and football-players are helped by this. A set of 6-10 repetitions and rather heavy weights is the most widespread and common among bodybuilders and fitness buffs. It maximize muscle volume. Those who aim for powerlifting or strongman competitions use sets of fewer repetitions and very heavy weights, since this helps explosive strength -- which is the opposite of endurance.
  13. Hialmar

    Sticking with it

    I agree with @Raphi0508, that it is very helpful, to have a workout-buddy. Regardless if you have one or not, you need to write a schedule of exercises down, and bring your binder or sheet. It is also good to write down the settings you need for any adjustable seats, adjustable pads and adjustable supports for your back, and which weights you use. In the latter case, you will also easier follow your progress. You'll not see much changes happen to your body, if you exercise randomly or work out less than three times a week, so I suggest, that you write a schedule for three workouts a week down. You need to know WHY you are at the gym on any given day, otherwise you will "flail around", as you put it. There are many different ways to split your body, and other users here will be able to suggest a lot of alternatives, but one I have found useful is the following: MONDAY: Legs and arms WEDNESDAY: Chest and shoulders FRIDAY: Back and abdomen If you are particularly picky, you'll train front delts (anterior) and middle delts with chest, and rear delts (posterior) on back-and-abdomen day. That will give them a week to recover. Do you understand enough of your own anatomy, to train all parts of each group of muscles? Symmetry and balance is important to avoid injuries and feel well. Do you need any suggestions regarding particular exercises, or do you have anyone to ask at your gym?
  14. Hialmar

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Unlike a litre, a pint isn't the same amount everywhere.
  15. Hialmar

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Actually, 1 pint of water weighs 1.25 pounds in UK and 1.04375 pounds in the US.

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