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  1. Well, I didn't interpret it as disdain as much as playful wittiness, trying to meet your environment's expectations.
  2. May I quote you in one of my MG stories? It would be an excellent and hilarious one-liner for one of the characters!
  3. As a Scandinavian with a massive celtomania, this story pressed all the right buttons to me. Not as the words "Celts" and "Scandinavians" are normally used -- about languages -- but I understand some of what you are trying to convey. Celtic languages and Scandinavian languages are indeed related to each other, because both groups are sub-groups of the Indo-European family of languages (which, among others, also include Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Armenian, Russian, Lithuanian, German, Yiddish, French and Greek), but they are still two distinct sub-groups under the shared umbrella. Both Ireland, Scotland and Isle of Man remained outside the Roman Empire, actually. The Roman presence didn't mean, that Celtic languages went extinct under Roman rule: The Bretons living in Brittany and the Cymru in Wales are just as "Celtic" as the Irish and the Scots, and there are also attempts to revive and preserve the Cornish language in Cornwall and the Manx language in Isle of Man. There are a handful of Celtic languages still alive, beside Irish and Scottish Gaelic. The contacts between Scandinavia and the islands in the North Sea goes way more far back, than just the viking settlements in the 9th and 10th centuries CE. Between 2900 and 1800 BCE, merchants from Ireland and Great Britain settled on the west coasts of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They probably brought domesticated cattle, the use of tin and the burial in a particular type of cist. A significant number of modern Scandinavians are descendants of that particular Neolithic migration wave, which is associated with the Y chromosome known as R1b. Two other Y chromosomes frequently found in Scandinavia are R1a and I1, in a long-term perspective more frequent on the east coasts. The Anglo-Saxons in England, who spoke Germanic languages, were also related to Scandinavians. Though the Saxon element of the population spoke in a way closely related to mainland German (because they originally came from the region now known as Lower Saxony), the Jutes and the Angles spoke in a way more closely related to Scandinavian languages. That similarity to Scandinavian languages became of course enforced during Danish rule in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Midlands and Yorkshire 867-954 CE, and, before 1066, the English and the Scandinavians understood each other without much problem, but the introduction of the Norman dialect of the French language into England caused English and Scandinavian languages to diverge from each other from that point. If you compare modern English and Swedish words for technology used before 1066, the relation between the two languages become apparent, especially if you read the words out loud, and not get lost in how they are spelled. Stone - Sten Bronze - Brons Iron - Järn Salt - Salt Honey - Honung Ale - Öl (though "öl" cover both ale and lager today) Wheat - Vete Corn (i.e. barley) - Korn Rye - Råg Bread - Bröd Tree - Träd (a piece of) Wood - Ved (especially firewood) Leaves - Löv Grass - Gräs Glass - Glas Leather - Läder Ship - Skepp (a) Sail - Segel (to) Sail - Segla Oar (of a ship) - Åra Rudder - Roder Axe - Yxa Lance - Lans Sword - Svärd Sheath (of a sword) - Skida (för svärd) Shield - Sköld Wind - Vind Sea - Sjö Flood (tidal water) - Flod Hearth - Härd Ash (from hearth) - Aska (the tree) Ash - Ask Oak - Ek Birch - Björk Beech - Bok Rowan - Rönn Cow - Ko Goat - Get Mare - Märr Sow (animal) - So (to) Sow - Så Fish (animal) - Fisk (to) Fish - Fiska Hard - Hård Thin - Tunn Garth ("Farmyard" in Yorkshire dialect) - Gård Bairn ("Child" in Scottish dialect) - Barn Winter - Vinter Summer - Sommar Night - Natt Day - Dag
  4. The thread seem to have deteriorated into a Find a RP partner thread. To answer your question: The darkest story I have written is The Security Squad , and it does contain some scenes outside my usual limits. It might be up your alley.
  5. When I think about it, several of my own stories mention technical equipment with electrodes and/or crackling power emissions hitting the protagonist(s), but, as far as I am able to recollect, I never call the forces or frequencies involved electricity, but by various suggestive pseudo-scientific names, like hypertrophic radiation, anabolic radiation, zythronic beams or vril power. Let me know, if any of these sounds interesting. If I re-use the general idea another time, I'll probably play with odic power, orgone or animal magnetism. There are a lot of discarded scientific theories from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, that would fill an entertaining literary purpose. In my story Forced to be bro, a coach put electrodes all over a young athlete's body, but I never explain if the pseudo-scientific force involved is electricity or something else.
  6. At the old forum, VladBath wrote a story called Scott, which probably fit your description. You'll find it here: https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/426.html
  7. Thank you. There are 86 pages of stories in the stories section alone, so there must be more similar stories, but for obvious reasons, it is easier for me to remember my own stories. My little buddy is the only one of my own stories that fit your description well. I have written about male friendship and gay couples on at least three other occasions, but the size-dynamic in those stories quickly change somewhere along the storyline. The fate of two characters is only appealing to those who appreciate mind-control and dark satire, and some readers would probably find that story too scary. Readers with a tin-ear for irony will not appreciate it either. In another story, the smallest guy in a circle of friends turn into the biggest guy (but his medium-sized and fairly muscular boyfriend remain the most aggressive of them), and that doesn't sound like what you are asking for. A third story -- a horror story which mix straight, gay and kinky themes -- do mention a relationship between a small guy and his reformed bully, but they are only assisting characters, dragged unknowingly into a maelstrom of supernatural events caused by the two (straight male) main characters. Personally, I find that couple pretty cute. I have written several chapters of samesex-themed stories that doesn't fit the twosome bill exactly, so they seem to fall outside your search criteria too: One of them will eventually feature a handful of men born in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s who get zapped by a company, who rejuvenate the old ones and allow the youngest ones to achieve the mature muscles of a bodybuilder in his 40s, but that story is more along the theme: It gets better. The protagonists become friends, not boyfriends, and they exchange memories. I wanted to write something different. Another one describe a ménage à trois, but the two smaller guys don't remain small. On the contrary. The theme is self-improvement. If you, despite these warnings, are interested in these stories, I could link them if you want. Let me know.
  8. One of the first stories I ever wrote feature a big, sporty guy and his tiny intellectual hardgainer boyfriend. It is called My little buddy. The language in the story might be in need of proof-reading, but the storyline as such is rather sweet and cuddly, and it lack the darkness I often mix into my stories. https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6597-my-little-buddy/
  9. I noticed, that it is your birthday. Happy birthday!

  10. I am very interested in history, especially the history of literature, religions, world-views and folklore. When I have finished my The Allantide Incident, you will probably notice elements from existing world-views I have thrown into the dialogue of that one, to add a certain mood -- our stories are similar in that regard. I am very happy, that you are back and writing. I loved The impossible discovery, and Muscle, sex, magic is very delightful, too.
  11. Extra bonus points in the choice of names for the djinns: Exactly the sort of Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic or Arabic names (or coined to sound Greek, Hebrew, Aeamaic or Arabic) that were mangled in the process of transcribing them into mediaeval Latin! They do pop up in renaissance books about "magic" during the 16th and 17th century. By the look of it, you went to Lemegeton-Goetia to make the names sound "real", rather than taking a look in Heptameron or Steganographia? Very atmospheric!
  12. Thank you, @londonboy This is one of my new favourite stories. The mind of the protagonist is fascinating, and the alluring way in which you use the word compact is delightful.
  13. Hialmar

    Coach's recruits

    I am glad, that my readers enjoy this humble beginning. When I am able to make the effort, and am in a story-telling mood, I will write the continuation of this story (and other stories to be revised or continued).
  14. Thank you. I hope, that I will be able to write the second chapter soon.
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