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  1. Yes! I totally understand that! Yes! I totally understand this, too!
  2. I am very interested in history, especially the history of literature, religions, world-views and folklore. When I have finished my The Allantide Incident, you will probably notice elements from existing world-views I have thrown into the dialogue of that one, to add a certain mood -- our stories are similar in that regard. I am very happy, that you are back and writing. I loved The impossible discovery, and Muscle, sex, magic is very delightful, too.
  3. Extra bonus points in the choice of names for the djinns: Exactly the sort of Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic or Arabic names (or coined to sound Greek, Hebrew, Aeamaic or Arabic) that were mangled in the process of transcribing them into mediaeval Latin! They do pop up in renaissance books about "magic" during the 16th and 17th century. By the look of it, you went to Lemegeton-Goetia to make the names sound "real", rather than taking a look in Heptameron or Steganographia? Very atmospheric!
  4. Hialmar

    I'm Built to Last

    Thank you, @londonboy This is one of my new favourite stories. The mind of the protagonist is fascinating, and the alluring way in which you use the word compact is delightful.
  5. Hialmar

    Coach's recruits

    I am glad, that my readers enjoy this humble beginning. When I am able to make the effort, and am in a story-telling mood, I will write the continuation of this story (and other stories to be revised or continued).
  6. Hialmar

    The new grower: Part one

    Thank you. I hope, that I will be able to write the second chapter soon.
  7. Hialmar

    HAPPINESS IS.......

  8. Hialmar

    HAPPINESS IS.......

  9. Hialmar

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    Yes, a nation's culture or subculture, but also subcultures borrowed from somewhere else. The British have been very succesful in exporting some of their subcultures to other parts of Europe (outside and inside the gay community), like the Americans did in the 1950s. Where I live, the 1950s was very much The American decade, as far as youth subculture goes (or so my Dad tells me), while the 1960s was The British decade. With a few decades' delay, these cultural influences also influenced the kink-and-fetish community when the rebellious biker and the skinhead had turned into archetypes of sexually appealing "badness". I don't think we had any Tom-of-Finland-looking leathermen in Sweden before 1975, and the skinhead clone entered the Swedish kink-and-fetish scene in the 1990s. I'm too young to be entirely sure.
  10. Hialmar

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I agree with you about that. I'm glad that my geographical comparisons could be of some use, and probably to more readers than us two.
  11. Hialmar

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I agree with you, that the presence of kink is international, but the expressions of kink are sometimes flavoured by regional and cultural circumstances. The competitive pattern of thinking and behaviour probably colour the expressions of kink in the US. Stories written by Americans here seem to testimony about that. The expressions of kink in some Japanese anime/manga is sometimes hard to understand by a non-Japanese watcher/reader. A cultural gap is present, but I don't doubt that the Japanese have fun. I read an article in the past about Jewish men who (processing family trauma, I would guess) had a kink for Nazi imagery, which was understandably guilt-ridden, but a good shrink would probably advice them to continue to use this outlet in a less guilt-ridden way. Some Germans, likewise (especially those who are elderly now), probably process collective guilt in a very similar way. Take a look at the difference of how leather trousers are cut in Germany and the US, and think about it. The kink value of any particular symbolism is dependent on how "bad" it is. American military uniforms added kink value after the Vietnam war (because of accumulated "badness"), but didn't have any kink value to speak of in the 1940s, 50s or 60s. It is more "safe" to play with Soviet uniforms after 1991. I have discussed gay subculture with a lot of persons in this community, and the scally clone and the skinhead clone seem to be less popular (or even unknown) among American gay men, compared to the situation in Europe. The European kink/fetish community took some cues from British subcultures. Living in a modern society which denounce aggression and brashness (Canadians will understand me!), and with a very ambivalent attitude to its own Iron Age past, my friends in the fetish/kink community here in Sweden enjoy the viking archetype (though I don't know how typical my circle of friends is, and the archetype has very little in common with historical vikings). The expression shadow self is very apt, but the shadow self is expressed in slightly different ways in different geographical and cultural regions. That doesn't mean, that anything is static. Different regions exchange ideas all the time. Look how the leather subculture emerged and developed in a trans-atlantic cultural ping pong between Europe and the US. Similar exchange is happening all the time, and modern technology has made such exchange easier.
  12. Hialmar

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    Agreeing boundaries beforehand is very important, if both are to have fun. This can't be stressed too much to those who are new to this sort of play. It is about mutual respect.
  13. Hialmar

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I seem to have a vanilla version of this. Those few more-than-friends I share this with and I are able to joke about it outside a dominance session itself, but we enjoy it -- both roles actually. Sadly, it is long between the occasions when we are able to play in person. I was bullied in childhood, too. I'm not sure, if it has anything to do with the origin of this emotional quirk, but it might have. Children are more cruel than adults. My childhood bullies grew up into decent adults. I met most of them at a reunion, and several seemed to be like entirely different persons. It gave me some satisfaction to find out, that, in the meanwhile, I had become taller and more muscular than some of them. As I mentioned in the beginning of this answer, I'm rather vanilla. I wouldn't go much more far than tying someone up and throw some verbal abuse. I have heard rumours about wetplay, and realised, that it isn't really my cup of tea. A theme that is more frequently recurring in my imagination and stories, than a humiliation-theme is, is the idea of a small and timid man being forced by a dominant man to become more physically powerful and confident than the dominant coach/friend/officer is, to the satisfaction of both. In my hazy memories of the old forum, the old forum was full of stories in which former victims took revenge on their former bullies. They were exciting to read in the beginning, but after a dozen, the sub-genre began to feel repetitive. That particular genre become more fun when the author surprise the reader, by allowing the jock/bullies find the secret, and return to the protagonist bigger, full of arrogance and spunk. On the other hand, I never tire of super-soldier stories, which probably fall outside the humiliation genre, at least in some cases. In my opinion, even in real life most men look more exciting after a buzzcut and wearing army trousers, and on a built man that style enhance his physique, but, again, that doesn't exclusively belong to the humiliation-genre. I love the idea of forcing an office drone to transform into a muscular, buzzcut individual wearing army trousers and boots, but in that case humiliating and empowering him are mixed with each other. Does that sound strange?
  14. Hialmar

    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    Yes definitely! I wanted to compliment you, but also share a reflection on things. Your stories have been an eye-opener in this regard.
  15. Hialmar

    Beyond Massive *Part 4 updated 02/14/19*

    Quite often in the past, I have expected some experiences and subtle feelings to be fully understood only by a person of the same gender and the same sexual orientation. This story (and other stories by you @RosieWorships ) prove me to be wrong. A presumably straight woman and a bisexual man seem to be able to enjoy reading the same story (stories), since we seem to share the same kink, if that is the correct word. I am not entirely sure if it is the correct word. There seem to be experiences and feelings, that are hard to verbalise. We human beings are strange creatures, but life is fun.

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