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  1. There’s also Diego and Samson Rising by QuotetheRaven on the archives
  2. this has been my favorite story in a while! and it was coming out so consistently but then it stopped all of a sudden. Any word on more?
  3. Still looking for things like this....any clues? The new story "a most productive year" seems to be going in that direction and I am really enjoying it so far
  4. really? I don't think I've ever read those parts
  5. the wish cards by demandred Part 1: http://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/10235-p1.html the rest are on the archive
  6. Anyone have any good stories about two guys competing to get huge (and maybe leaving humanity behind in the process)? I am aware of Jaypat's The Rivalry and it's one of my favorite stories. Anything like that would be great Thanks!
  7. Jaypat's The Gifted Child? http://metabods.com/mb/index.php/The_gifted_child
  8. turns out I got some of the details wrong but I DID find it. It's called Make a Man of Him and it's in the archive if anyone's interested
  9. I remember reading a story in which two high school aged kids (one a bit older than the other) were friends until the younger one's parents died or something. He had to go live with some relatives in a trailer park and the two lost contact. When the older one comes to see him finally, the younger one has become brutish instead of smart/sensitive like he had been. He's also really tall and buff of course. I remember in one part he fills up a tub of whey with water or something and downs the whole thing? It wasn't a very long story. I think it was posted a bit before the move to this new forum Thanks !
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