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    fantasy profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Reading Musclegrowth stories, Video-gaming(Gaymer), Anime, Roleplaying, Chatting with people who share common fantasies, making muscle growth loving buddies.
    Before you ask - it's not me in the profile picture!
  • What are you seeking?
    People who share common kinks with me.
    Looking for some guys to roleplay with, fulfilling fantasies and so on!
    I'm fine with both furries and humans!
  • Favorite Stories
    WBHulk's stories & O'melissokomos(Hope I've been spelling that alright), moxxyhot.
    I love to read stories at The NCMC, O'mel, Metabods, CYOC, FA and here too of course!
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Muscle Growth(obviously), Forced/Non-con, Transformation, Musk/Sweat, Excessive Cum, Age Progression, Feet/Footplay, The Hulk, Hairy guys, Stubbles, Mind Control, Orcs, Hyper, Cock Growth, Latex, Bubble butts, Pecs, Racial Change.
    *It doesn't mean you have to like them all or any of them in order to contact me, I'm just listing them all for your information.

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  1. such a shame it's not u in the pic because u would be such a hunk ;)

  2. Ice

    magic The Guardian

    Oh my fuck, this is just a lovely series! Please keep it coming, I love everything about it !
  3. hows that muscle stink comin, man?


  4. Wow, extremely hot picture! :o

  5. Hey there, I love your Art, been watching you on DeviantArt for a while now! It's nice to see you around here :)

  6. Where do I know you from? Damn, your name is so familiar but I can't remember! XD Are you an Author? Artist? Where do you post? Im dying to refresh my memory..

    1. haggith


      ahaha... welp im here and there ahaha

  7. So many wonderful people I meet in this community, I love it here!

    1. bodyseb


      I love it too !

  8. It reminds me of some video hulumulu made..
  9. I recognize that artist, too bad he doesnt make enough male stuff as well :)

  10. Damn, wonderful! It's nice to see you writing Christie, even if we haven't talked for the longest time. xD Your writing skills are amazing This guy writes like a boss!
  11. Yep, that's it, thank you!!! Too bad it was never continued, I loved this series so much...
  12. I remember some story I really loved on the old forums, there were some guys stuck in puzzle games by some maniac, and each time they didn't succeed they transformed into a hot gay couple, it also involved some racial change. The first one turned into a hot swimmer with big feet I remember(Damn I loved it) and the second couple turned into a police officer and a stripper I think?... Does anybody have any idea what story is that?
  13. Your profile picture is nice, where is it from?

    1. gymini29


      Now defunct comic book series called Major Bummer, skinny kid is turned into a muscle freak super hero by a team of clueless aliens. Still available on amazon, and from comic book collectible stores

    2. Ice


      Oh, that sounds really nice! I should check it out :)

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