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  1. Hey Swoldier, I sent you a message. Just making sure you saw it. Cheers :).

  2. The story is set in New York or Manhattan and the beginning has a white dude that ends up swelling up, going to a night club, and hooking up with an old friend. The second part features a middle eastern guy who ends up swelling up and later goes to the doctor's I think. In the final part, the characters end up at a pier, or beach I think. Sorry it's so hazy, but hopefully that's enough to get it identified.
  3. Personally, I find that part of the problem with things like this is that people view such things as black and white when nothing in life is. Articles like the one above and entries in the DSM are highly informative. But people read through them like a checklist. "Oh, I don't have all of the symptoms listed, so I don't have that condition." Which is essentially the brain's way of saying, "I'm safe. I'm normal. I don't have to worry about being judged now." The truth is that some people might have just one of the symptoms listed to an extreme case while others have a very small amount of all of them. Life is experienced in spectrum, not absolutes. The point I'd like to make here is that having or not having this, or any other, condition is not the issue. The issue is how much it affects your quality of life. If you are capable of living your life with relative ease managing your issues then go ahead without worrying about labels. If you are not, then seek the professional help necessary. There should be no stigma. A professional is simply a tool to help a person live with quality and ease. In regards to the original questions asked I'd like to share my personal experience. Yes I have the condition. However, it affects me in multiple ways which makes it more complex. Additionally, I have Dissociative Identity Disorder which adds even more complexity since some of my Alts are manifestations of the disorder rather than the more standard experience of having an identity with the condition. So instead of having an Alt that has BDD, I fully acknowledge that I, the host, have the condition. But some of my Alts are the "physical" manifestations of the symptoms. The overall impact of my condition is that it can be quite difficult at times. But somehow I'm able to manage enough to keep going. As for how I deal with it, I manage the best way I can. When an episode hits I just let it play out. I'm very fortunate that with my DID I'm able to achieve something known as co-fronting. This enables me to function mentally as my true self while interacting with my Alts simultaneously. You wouldn't be able to tell I have the condition at all if I didn't tell you most likely. As for when I'm impacted the most it would definitely be when I'm here on the forum reading stories. This place is a major trigger for me. But I come here willingly. If it ever became a debilitating issue I would stop and/or seek the necessary aid. A newly developing issue I may be having as well is that I think my BDD Alts would like to try communicating on this forum. This isn't entirely uncommon as many people with DID find keeping a journal where all identities can communicate quite helpful. On the one hand, I think that allowing them to join the community here might help them feel accepted. This can in the long run potentially help them to reintegrate (essentially, disappear). But the reverse is also true. So if they don't gain acceptance it might do more harm than good. Don't worry, I have no intention of letting any of my Alts run amuck here any time soon. It's just something I thought I'd share in case people were interested. Anyway, that's my piece for this post for now. I hope it was helpful in some way.
  4. I think that there are some writers who do really well writing shorts. But as a reader it really depends on my mood if I want something longer or shorter. This also means that as a writer I tend to write what I know. So if I'm only reading shorts, that's what I'll write. I think that for myself I prefer writing longer stories because I tend to like reading longer stories myself. There's nothing wrong with short stories. It's just that there are so many of them that I like the contrast. It's a lot harder to write sagas as well. Many great authors start one and then eventually find their schedules not allowing for continuation or their muse has dried up. This is why when I wrote C.H.E.M.O. Therapy, I decided to write it all in one go before posting any of it. As I said in the beginning of this thread it only turned out to be the first third of the story, but I wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy it's length as well as style. I tried to put as much plot as I did sex. However, as furfucked said, writers are either writing for the masses or for themselves. Since I'm not getting paid (monetarily) for any of my time and energy invested I think it's best to keep in mind that I should be writing for myself and not trying to please everyone 100% as I have a bad habit of doing. Ultimately though, the responses here have indicated to me that many people do indeed prefer longer and/or more developed stories and so whether my stories are short or long I don't need to worry about post length. I just need to focus on writing the stories I'm passionate about.
  5. @BaraFiend - Yes there was supposed to be an actual poll here, but I guess I don't have high enough member access to make one or something. Anyway, I'm kind of surprised I didn't seem to get much feedback. Although I think I have enough to move forward with my stories here now. Thanks again to all who did leave feedback; it definitely helped.
  6. How long do readers prefer stories to be? Personally, if something is well written I don't mind reading several parts. But I'm wondering how everyone else feels since I have a tendency to be a saga writer at times. I cut my last story at 12 parts which I think is decent. But each part was 5 pages long and those 12 parts were only the first third of the story. However, I don't want to spend all the time and energy of writing so much if no one will be interested in hanging in for that long. So I'd very much appreciate plenty of feedback here.
  7. Well folks, as Hanugumo predicted, this is the end. The truth is that this is actually only the first third of the entire story. But once i got to this point and saw I was almost at 60 pages, I decided to cut it short. Hopefully things are resolved enough for it to stand alone, and yet leaves room for me to pick it up again in the future.There are plenty of other stories I would like to write and when I realized that this could go for 180 pages, which would be 36 parts, and ultimately would take me a week to write and over a month to post, I felt it best to break here. Once again I'm eternally grateful for all of the likes, comments, interest, and views this story has gotten. After 15 years of not writing anything substantial, and then getting this kind of response right off, it almost brings me to tears. You'll never know how much this truly means as all I can do is say thank you :).
  8. Part 11 Midway through my final week I started to have a relapse of consciousness again. I wanted to start crying as I thought about what I had become. What I had been turned into. It wasn't right. Richard needed to reverse this. If he didn't agree I'd just have to make him. How could he possibly stop me? It was after dinner so I knew things were shutting down for the day. I marched right over to the lab and barged in. Richard was by his desk, shirtless. The sight of his big muscles started to bring the mind fog back. But I needed to focus. "What are you doing??" "I just finished working out. I exercise in here so I don't mingle with the other patients." "Mingle? Or fuck?" Richard gave me a look that said 'that's an obvious answer'. God he looked good enough to eat. No. Focus. "We need to talk. You need to undo this growth business. Right now." "First of all, we already discussed that. Secondly you really aren't in any position to demand anything from me no matter how big you get. Sure I can reverse it. But I can also reverse the treatment. I can unmake you if you really want me to." Heat built up in me like a furnace with every step I took towards him now. The fire burned with as much lust as it did anger. I pinned him against the front of his desk between my gargantuan arms. "Fix this. Or else." "Or else what?" That's when I saw it. The needle laying atop his desk. I had no idea what was in it or what it could do. But I figured it was another hormone treatment. So I grabbed it and quickly plunged it's contents into the side of his bulky buttocks. "What the hell are you doing?! Oh my God! What have you done?!" I half expected to see him start mimicking the scene from the Wizard of Oz. Instead I had to step back as I watched his body rapidly expand with muscle. His feet slid forward as his legs stretched out longer. His faded denim short shorts ripped open and his dick rose up into a pole the size of my own. His balls finished ballooning out and as I watched him sitting there panting my own dick ripped through my shorts at the realization that he was now the same height measurements as me. Holy fuck. Is this what it was like to be hot for someone like me? I stepped back over. Leaned one arm against the top of his desk. With my other hand and took his dick and started to stroke it slowly. He was all sweaty from his transformation and breathing hot and heavy. I licked my lips. My throat was dry. I wanted him. Bad. "How's it feel Huzjak?...Huge jack... Huge jacked... Dick huge jacked..." I was rambling like an idiot, but my mind wasn't really working. All I could think about was how I wanted his pre to coat the back of my throat so I could get rid of the damn dryness. I heard Dick let out a deep low moan and then his dick was spurting all over us. Then I went in for a blow job and coaxed another load from his massive nuts. I brought my head up. He was still panting. All I could do in that moment was lean in and taste the cum still splattered around his lips before pushing in deep for a kiss. I leaned him back on the desk and inserted my cock into his ass. We made out the entire time we fucked. Then it was his turn and I groaned audibly as he came into me. Afterward we spent several moments panting as we recovered. "Now who's the fucking asshole?" "You deserved whatever you got." "That stuff you gave me... It was supposed to be for Juan." "So you're finally going to be with him full time?" "Yeah. I've been thinking about what you said and you're right." "Good. Now one more thing..." I rolled over onto my back and then stood up. Richard's cock was in me the entire time; especially now that we were pressed into each other again while we stood. "What's the big secret? Come on. You can trust me. We're family." "Family, as you've already seen, doesn't necessarily equate to trust. But since you've already experienced so much of it for yourself I guess I can trust you. I'm a magician. Not like the kind on stages. But a real magic using magician. Like spells and rituals and stuff." I blinked at his confession not really having expected that answer. He was right though. I had seen enough the past six months not to believe him. "Is that how you cured my cancer? And made me so big so fast?" "Yep." "But I thought you were using medical science. Not potions and witch's brews." "Magic and science aren't mutually exclusive. But the fact is that if anyone found out, I'd be in deep trouble. My medical license would be revoked at the very least." "So this is what you meant about discovering something about your family heritage?" "Yeah. I actually come from a long line of Turkish magicians. Everyone treats me like I'm in league with the devil. But I'm happy we were able to finally meet." "It's too bad you can't do this for everyone." "I agree. But at least I could cure the cancer of my favorite nephew." He grinned. I grinned. We both leaned in and made out. Then I let him fuck me again before I headed off to bed because he's my favorite Uncle. I spent the next three days trying to get the most out of my workouts as I possibly could. On my final day I sat in the medical lab awaiting my final measurements anxiously. My mind was blown as I discovered I topped out at 690#, 6'9". Jason was never going to believe this. That's when panic struck me again. "Oh God. Oh no. No no no no no." "Relax. I already told you that you won't have to worry about sex with Jason." "No. That' not it. Well it is. But my penis isn't the problem. It's my asshole." Richard raised his brow in confusion. "I'm supposed to be saving myself for him. He's supposed to be my first anal experience. We've been waiting five years for this. Now he's going to see my hole all stretched out and know what a slut I've been while I was here." "Don't sweat it. Juan already told me about your situation." Richard reached into his lab coat and pulled out a small jar of some kind of cream, an extra large condom, and some latex gloves which he handed to me. "But how is this stuff going to help? "The cream will shrink your anal passage. Although it won't erase your memories. So you'll have to remember not to spill the beans to anyone. You'll also have to leave everything to set over night so no showering until the morning. I'm afraid you're also going to have to take this." He reached into his other pocket and pulled out a bottle of neon yellow liquid. "What's that?" "It's something that makes your hair fall out." "Why do I need to take that?? I love how hairy I've gotten!" "I know. Me too. But when people think of cancer patients they think of hair loss. In order to equate your time here, you need to keep up appearances so that nobody starts asking any questions. Don't worry. It's only hair and it'll grow back. At least the regular stuff will. The extra stuff from the hormones won't. Take it in the morning before you shower and take it on the balcony. I don't want to have to vacuum all that up." I frowned, but nodded and laid back as Uncle Richard administered the anal treatment to me. I really was going to miss his tender kisses once I was gone. The next morning my asshole felt super tight. Definitely a virgin again. I went out onto the balcony and chugged the yellow liquid like Uncle Richard instructed. Thirty minutes later it hit me. I doubled over as my entire body now felt on fire. I watched through clenched eyes as all the hair on my body fell away except for my eye lashes. When it was over I came back in and took a shower. Then I headed down for my last breakfast and to say goodbye to the others. We all wore our tightest shorts and damn if I didn't want to fuck every one of them one last time. After breakfast I went back up to pack which didn't take very long. As I did I decided to change into a pair of gym shorts and a tank. Anything else might have raised too many questions from Jason when I got back. I wheeled my luggage out front where my car was already waiting for me. As I closed the trunk Uncle Richard came out the front door to say his goodbyes to me. He hugged me with one arm and tried not to make things too emotional for either of us. "Juan isn't coming to say goodbye? I didn't get a chance to see him last night." "I don't think Juan is much for goodbyes." Looking downward I frowned and nodded my head understandingly. The next thing I knew I was I suddenly hearing someone's deep voice booming. "You're not going to leave without my goodbye are you??" I looked up and saw Juan walking towards us from the front door. He was as massive as Uncle and I now. A smile spread across my face seeing that he was able to get the formula Richard wanted to give him. That must have meant they were officially a couple now. Juan came over and hugged me. The three of us said our good byes again. I kissed Uncle deeply once more followed by Juan. I began to tear up. Both of them sent me off before I could start bawling my eyes out. Part 12 On the way home all I could think about was seeing Jason again. He was going to be so damned surprised. I texted him to let him know when I was close to home and when I pulled into the driveway I exhaled with the relief of coming full circle. I walked through the door with my bags and the first thing I saw was Jason in an outfit similar to mine. His back was to me while he did something at the kitchen counter. When he turned around both of our jaws dropped. "What the hell happened to you?!" "I got treated for cancer. What's your excuse??" For the most part, there wasn't really anything wrong with the way Jason looked. It was just a shock to see the considerable belly attached to the front of him now. He pouted and looked down. "I kind of started worry eating while you were away. I decided to get the weight off. But I've only just started." I looked over to the counter and saw the protein shake he had been mixing up when I walked in. That explained the gym clothes. "Seriously though. What happened to you. How could cancer treatments turn you into the incredible hulk?? I mean the baldness I get. But not the height and muscle gain." "Wait and see what else has grown." "Are you sure your hair's going to grow back?" "You don't like it?" I felt a little self conscious since he brought it up twice. But then I saw him blush slightly and his dick chub as he admitted that he thought it was kind of hot to him. I told him that his belly was kind of hot to me too. He said that he still wanted to get the weight off. Especially now that he had some catching up to do with me. I reminded him that he couldn't possibly make the gains I had. He said he knew, but still wanted to get as big as possible to match me. I reached over and grabbed the protein shake he had made and chugged it back before grinning at him. I told him that exercise could wait until tomorrow and that we had more important business at the moment. We both smiled as I leaned down to kiss him. He licked the shake moustache off my lips and I picked him up to carry him off to the bedroom. Jason almost had a heart attack at the sight of my flaccid penis. He almost had another seeing it erect. I reassured him that everything would be ok and took things very slow with him. By the time I was done he loved every second of it. Then came the moment we had both been waiting for so long. He took me from behind and made love to me in a way that only he could. Experiencing it made me feel as though nothing had changed over the past six months. Everything was at peace and right with the world. Then as he laid back down beside me he asked me to get up and flex for him. I asked if he was sure because I never knew he was into that sort of thing. Though why wouldn't he be? I got up and began flexing different muscle groups separately and jointly. He started to really get into it and asked me to jerk my huge cock while flexing. I obliged and the two of us stroked ourselves to another climax. When it was over I laid back down with him and caught my breath. "Jesus Tommy. That was amazing. I don't know how you manage to cum so much." "Well having basketballs for balls kinda helps." "I guess. I wish I shout shoot for that long. I can only imagine how amazing it must feel." "What do you mean? I mean I know I cum a lot. But it doesn't take that long to do so." "Are you kidding me?? You don't realize that you come for over ten minutes??" I was completely shocked by that revelation. Of course it explained why I had to learn how to work through my orgasms when I was lifting. I really didn't know how to respond so I just looked over to Jason and wrapped my huge frame around him before I went back to kissing with him. Needless to say I slept better that night than I could ever remember. The next morning after we had both woken up a bit Jason hopped into the shower. I wanted to join him but figured we both might have trouble fitting. That's when I got up with an idea. Jason walked out of the bathroom with his gym clothes on. He was determined to start working out again. That's when I handed him his protein shake. "What's this?" "Your pre-workout protein shake." "What they hell?? It reeks of your cum." "That's because it is my cum. What better kind of protein shake is there than one made of pure protein?" "Jesus Tommy. It's still hot. How long ago did you fill this?" "Freshly squeezed. Now drink it all up so you can get to your workout." Jason made a face and started to knock it back. Watching and hearing him gulp down the thick liquid made my dick hum. Then I noticed his shirt pushing out slightly further as he drank. I felt bad because the stuff was supposed to help him lose weight. Not gain it. But I couldn't help wanting to chub over it. Jason rubbed his stomach with some small discomfort and then looked like he was nauseous from chugging my cum so fast. A moment later he let up a large belch that resulted in a massive cum bubble emanating from his mouth. I was utterly shocked and told him that it had been as big as my bicep. I flexed to give him a better visual. All he could do was blush as his dick got fully hard. I leaned in and licked the residue from around his mouth before kissing him deeply. He pulled back into the wall and asked me to stop saying that he had to go workout. I reached in for his dick and pinned him in while I stroked it and told him he was going to have to miss it. He moaned and his little whimper was mean with a deep low growl from my lips right into his mouth. I dropped to my knees and pulled his shorts down. Then I took his dick into my mouth and blew him like I had never done before. When I was finished I pulled his shorts back up for him and smacked him on the ass as I sent him on his way for his workout. Yes. Everything was definitely right with the world now.
  9. Part 10 The week rolled on and everything was pretty much a blur. My workouts were more intense than they had ever been and increasingly so. So was my sex life. All I could seem to vaguely remember was working out with the others and spending lots of time in the spa and sauna with them though. Everything I did was hot and hazy just like my memory. Lots of lifting and fucking happened. That's all the mattered. By the end of week nine's exam I was up to 460#; 6'6". The reality of me going home loomed closer and closer. I wondered what Jason was going to think about the new me. I tried to fight the urges that called me to want to stay here and just keep growing more and more. I also tried to keep my head level about my lust for Juan and the others. The end of week ten's exam did nothing to curb my developing alter ego. Watching myself flex in the mirror pumped up huge and hard only revved up the alpha mentality that worked to consume me now. Fuck. 530#; 6'7". I was so hairy now too. All over my chest and abs, forearms and legs, ass, crotch, and pits. Not to mention my new super hot facial hair. Just like Jason's. Fuck yeah. I completely out classed him now. I was a total musclegod compared to himt. My dick throbbed excitedly at that thought. I heard Richard tell me to go get my workout in. Fuck yeah. Gotta keep growin'. I loved the way it felt pounding those massive weights with my ginormous muscles in the nude. Juan walked in to see what all the commotion was about. Apparently I was grunting and banging about pretty loud. My dick erupted as I pushed out rep after rep like it was nothing before I grabbed Juan and hoisted that puny fucker onto my cock like he was nothing to me now. How had I seen him as being so big before? It got me off so much being able to keep him lifted while I pounded his ass mid air. I was so damn strong now. So damn big. And I was only gonna get bigger. I blew inside him and then dropped him like he was just another set in my routine before moving onto the next exercise. As I clanged more weights and grunted out reps Juan just pulled up his shorts and walked out. Fuck yeah. There was no stopping this huge hairy fuckin' muscle beast's growth. My nuts pumped out another load as I finished up for lunch. Fuck. Look at it. It was just sticking straight up even though it had just cum. There was no stopping this raging hard on. Just like me. It twitched with every beat of my heart. I caught myself in the mirror as I went to get dressed and almost came again at the sight of the thick veins snaking all over my huge muscles. I was lusting hard for the massive slabs of hard granite that was now my body. I whipped on my clothes and jogged back to my room. Damn I was hungry. When I got there Juan had just set the tray down. I attacked his mouth like it was my meal. My hands ran over him just as hungrily as if I couldn't get enough. Well really I couldn't. But somehow I managed to pull myself away and let him go. How the fuck did that happen? As horny as I was I was the one who actually pulled away this time. I guess I knew that inhaling lunch and getting back to the gym would be just as good as fucking Juan again. That's exactly what I did too. Afterwards I met Juan in my room for dinner and told him to stay for dessert. He said he had to get back to work and tried to leave. I just pinned the fucker against the wall with one leg as I ate. Jesus. How fucking big were my feet now? The sight of it made my dick jump. One I finished eating I pulled off Juan's clothes and dragged him into the shower where I took my time savoring and sexing him. I told him that was only the preview for later though. When he showed up after work I went several more rounds with him. The next day there just wasn't any stopping me in the gym. I was totally wrecking my sets and as the saying goes there's no keeping a good hard dick down. As I went through my sets I ended up sucking myself off the entire time; milking multiple loads out of my dick. I had to get soft if I wanted to get my shorts back on. By the end of my routine I happened to manage it. When I went to pull my shorts on though I couldn't stop staring at the python dangling between my legs. Over twenty inches of thick godcock reached past my knees. My hand went to it and started milking on it automatically. As I stroked on my chubby Juan came to mind and I fantasized about what it would be like to fuck him with this huge thing. Unconsciously I maneuvered my ginormous wang behind me and lowered myself onto the bench I was at for a seat. I plunged myself onto my godcock and started to ride myself. After several minutes I looked over and caught myself in the mirror. I watched the huge beast that I had turned into ride the gorgeously muscular ass I had developed with the monster dong I had just grown and my senses exploded. I moaned with a lustful need in a way I hadn't done since nearly six months ago. Despite my size I felt like a subby bitch needing his ass to be owned. I yelped out and came inside myself; flooding my hole enough to make my load gush out voluminously. The feeling of so much cum pouring out of my ass sent a shiver through me. As my orgasm subsided I rubbed my hands over my gigantic nuts. Caressing them I could feel another load churn and replenish inside them. Holy fuck. More than that I could audibly hear it happening. I stood up and my dick pulled out of my ass with a messy sound. I shivered again. I looked over to the mirror and turned to catch the view o my asshole to see if it was ok. The ring of my mangina was puckered and swollen out. Sex glazed over my eyes as my hand reached back to feel it. My fingers slipped inside and worked it over as I thought about being fucked. By Jason. Yes. Jason. My need for him was back. I needed him sexually. Bt I also needed him intimately. I wanted to feel him loving me in the way that only the two of us could share. Before I knew it I heard the sound of my goo seeping out of my dick onto the vinyl bench and another shiver ran through me. Pulling my hand out of my ass and slowly squatted down and licked up my load while I thought about doing it because Jason had told me to. Though that wasn't really an excuse since I was beginning to enjoy the taste of my own cum. I went back to my room for dinner and shared some making out and heavy petting with Juan a bit. After work I slid into him and gave him the full Monty against the wall. We were both panting post my climax. "Fuck! Am I ever going to be able to stop fucking like this??" "Once you're off the hormones things should go back to normal." "Even my dick and muscles??" That worried me. I could do without the hanging anaconda. But I didn't want to lose my muscles. "No. They'll stay the same. It's just that your sex drive will level out. Which is a good thing considering how much your new size will be wrecking holes." "What? This?? This isn't even ful--" I stopped as I realized the mistake I had made. Talking about it made me think about it. And thinking about it made it want to awaken to full life. "Oh no. Oh god. It's happening again. Hurry! Get off! Get off get off get off!" "What??? What's the problem? You're fine." He would come to regret those words as my snake rose up another five inches inside him to its full twenty inches and the shaft widened another five to its full width of nine. Then I was pounding him again like a bitch in heat. There was no stopping as he cried out for mercy and my steel beam of a cock wrecked his hole as he had so adequately put it. The sound of my spooge squirting out of his back side eventually took place and I felt my hormones calm down a bit. Still horny I continued for another round since his hole was so nicely lubed up now. At least that was the original plan. I ended up going three more rounds before my dick shrunk back down to normal. After our four rounds in total I laid down with Juan in bed. I felt bad that I had to fuck him while I was so big. He told me it was ok though and not to worry about it. I started to make out with him again and at some point we both just fell asleep in each other's arms. The next day brought more lifting and more nutting. Every time I finished an exercise my nuts would clench out a few loads. I learned to just keep lifting through it. By the end of week eleven I was 600#, 6'8", and my hormones were as potent as ever.
  10. Thank you for your appreciation. It means a lot to me, and I assume the other authors as well .
  11. Thanks for your continued interest and comments guys. It means a lot .
  12. Part 9 The next morning the food was gone along with Juan. I had woken up a little bit earlier than usual so the breakfast tray hadn't arrived yet. As I waited for it I contemplated everything that had happened and that was still happening to me. The thought of becoming a muscle behemoth was not appealing to me at all. How was I supposed to make love to Jason without hurting him? I hadn't managed to run into any problems yet with Juan. Still I was supposed to get a lot bigger. I had no idea how much bigger either. The next thing I knew Juan was coming in with breakfast. He thanked me for the food I left him and reminded me that I needed to eat everything now though. I ate and got down to my morning workout. Halfway through my workout I had a kind of awkward experience. I had just finished my last set and my dick was pointing out of the leg of my pants. I started spewing all over my shin and foot. It had happened multiple times in the past already. Though that wasn't the awkward part. As I I looked down and noticed the thick cream smearing my leg I felt this tightness in my dick. As I watched it I could feel and actually see it stretch a little farther out as it grew to nine inches. Then I felt the tightness in my legs and watched as my huge thighs swelled ever so slightly larger. Next I felt the growth in my upper body. I got up and went over to the mirrored wall to look at myself. My arm curled up instinctively and began to flex. That's when I had the realization that I did want to be huge. Fuck. Who wouldn't want to be a giant muscle beast capable of dominating any instantly. With only a look I'd be able to cause any guy I wanted to worship and pleasure me right on the spot. Sure I could probably get any guy I wanted as I was now. But if I was even bigger? No one would be able to stop me. I'd literally be an undeniable musclegod. While I thought about all this my dick spewed more of my nut juice onto my big hard quad. That's when Juan walked in. "Hey. I don't have a lot of time. But can we talk?" I turned to him and walked over. I took him in my arms and planted my mouth onto his. The fucker pulled off. I was gonna make him pay for that. "I'm not here to fuck. I don't have time for that." "Oh yeah?? And what if I fuck you anyway little man? What are you going to do about it??" "Seriously Tommy. I just want to talk. I have to get back to work." A growl slipped my lips and I hooked my leg around the back of his knee and pulled. It tripped him up and he fell to the floor while guided by me. I laid on top of him and made sure my hard cock was pressing into his crotch. I brought his hands above his head and pinned them there with only one of my own. He tried to resist me, but it was no use as I humped my stiff rod into him. "What are you going to do now little man? This muscle giant's gonna do whatever he wants with you and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm only gonna keep gettin' bigger too. You ain't gonna be able to stop me anymore." I rutted into him and grunted as I buried my face into his hairy pit. His sweat tasted like the nectar of the gods to me and I blew another load while cleaning him out. Juan was sufficiently hard now. He pleaded with me saying he had to get back to work. I just ignored him as I pulled my cock out and slid it into his mouth. It had shrunk back down to eight inches. Though it didn't bother me. The sight of my hand pinning both of his while I thrust my hairy bush into his face was titillating. Normally I always kept it completely smooth. But something about all that pubic hair drove me wild. Juan was moaning with my dick in his mouth and it was too much for me. I felt my dick swell up again and my balls pump out my load into his mouth. Even though I was sitting on his chest I could feel his hips buck beneath me as his dick shot his own nut at the same time. When I was done I let him up for air. He got up quickly and left. I just stripped naked and continued with my workout. There was no sense in not enjoying the sight of all my hard work when no one else was around. However, I did had to redress to get back to my room for lunch. By the time I did my head seemed to clear back up. So when Juan came in with lunch I was feeling very apologetic. "Juan. I--" "Don't. I understand it's just the hormones. Let's just forget it." I stood up from the table and grabbed Juan's arms. I moved him back toward the wall a little more desperately than I had intended. "Juan. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!" He just looked away and after a moment told me to eat. I refused to listen until he forgave me as I continued to beg for his pardon. He took another moment and told me to eat once more and said we needed to talk. I let go of him and went back over to the table to sit. I started eating and waited for him to speak. "Like I said before I know that you only did what you did because of the hormones. Which is why I think we should make sure you're very clear on where we stand. If you want to keep fucking I'm ok with that. But you need to keep in mind that you're out of here in a few weeks. There are other patients for you to fuck here as well. I just don't want you getting too attached to me when you've got someone you're going home to. Plus I'm still committed to Richard. Even if he is a fucking asshole." I reached over and took Juan's hand. I wanted to hold him. To kiss him so bad right then. "What if I don't want to be with Jason anymore? What if I want to be with you? I know if sounds crazy. But the thing is that if I break up with Jason I know he'll get over it and be ok. With you though I've shared experiences I never have or could have with Jason. You are the first guy I've ever let fuck me in the ass. I always planned on giving away my first experience with the person I'd spend the rest of my life with. To me it would make sense if we ended up together." "No. That's just the hormones talking. Your moods are shifty because of the biochemical influence. Trust me. One you're out of here and regulated you're going to be glad you stayed with Jason. Who knows. Maybe one day your Uncle will pull his head out of his ass and agree to be with me full time." I let go of Juan's hand and sighed. I knew he was telling the truth. I was glad that even though I had to go through this he was able to understand. I really did want him and Richard to be happy together. Juan got up and left. I finished eating and then hit the gym again. After that I took a shower and went to bed. Come midnight Juan showed up. I greeted him at the door with some making out and we had sex before falling asleep together. He was gone in the morning and I knew that's the way it should be. After breakfast Juan told me that I needed to skip my workout in order to meet with Richard for a consultation. I didn't like the thought of missing my workout. But there was nothing I could do about it. I finished eating and headed to the lab. Richard had me strip down and sit on a stool. He pulled out these strange containers which he placed over my cock and balls. The tube around my dick looked to be a couple inches longer than my dick at full mast and about five inches wider than my current girth. The clear plastic bulbs that went over my nuts looked to be the size of small melons. I asked Uncle Richard what they were for and he said that it was time for that part of me to catch up to the rest of my growth spurt. Before I could question him further though he flipped the switches on them and I immediately heard the air being vacuumed out. I watched in amazement as my dick stretched to the end of the tube and my shaft expand to fill its width. Before long I had filled it completely. But Uncle Richard didn't move to shut the machine off. God! It was so painful. But so incredibly hot too! Richard was smirking and I wondered how this was going to end. A moment later I got my answer as I heard the sound of plastic cracking. Then my dick was hulking out of the puny plastic tube that could no longer contain it's gigantically growing mass as my now humongous cock broke through. I watched it bob up and down slightly with my heartbeat before I felt the pang in my nuts. The sound of cracking plastic was heard again and I blew my load at the though of my nuts breaking free. Which they did. I took one look at the now basketball sized orbs and blew again. The sight of my cream splattered onto my massive thighs and nuts, not to mention all over the floor, did nothing to abate my raging fuck pole. Richard measured my dick and my heart almost stopped at the new figures. Twenty-seven inches long by nine inches wide. "What... What have you done to me?? I'm never going to be able to fuck again with this thing! It's way too huge! What have you done to me?! I never wanted to be this huge! You were supposed to cure my cancer. Not turn me into some kind of muscle freak! God. Juan was right. You are an asshole." "What's that supposed to mean?" "He told me about your relationship. Or lack there of. I agree that it's pretty shitty that you're just fucking him whenever you feel like it when you know how he feels about you. I know you're protecting him from your big bad secret. But why can't you just love him back? You don't have to tell him anything you don't want to. Just let him love you and love him back. There's nothing wrong with finding happiness." "Well considering you have no idea what the full story is that's easy enough for you to say. Now go get dressed and head for the second gym with Juan." I figured there was no point in trying to press his explanation so I just dropped it. "How am I even supposed to get dressed anymore?" "Trust me. You'll manage. You should still be able to fit into your shorts once your hard on goes down." Apparently there was another gym and this is where all the other guys had been this whole time. I asked Juan about it and he told me that different patients used the different gyms based on the type of cancer they were being treated for. It made sense I guess. Juan introduced me to Esteban, Jose, Niko, and Raul. Damn those fuckers were big. Not as big as me of course. But they weren't nearly as tall either. They were about a couple inches taller than Juan, but twice his width. Talk about Olympian. Too bad I out classed them by about double what they were packing. "Dios mio!" Look at you Papi!" Esteban's hand was running over my arm and I instantly recognized the lusty hungry look in his eyes. The six foot, blonde haired blue eyed Cuban with the spiked hairdo boned up immediately at the sight of me and the fact that I could do that to a guy made my dick swell. It ripped my shorts right off and all four of the other guys ended up doing the same. Holy fuck. How was it that they were all as big as me in that department? I figured it had to do with the treatment. But why was I so much taller than them then? I didn't get much of a chance to ponder it too long though as Esteban's head went down on my dick. Somehow I could now hear Juan's voice in the background instructing me about something. He sounded like an annoying buzzing mosquito. Or maybe that was the sound of the buzzing in my head. I couldn't tell. The buzz was feeling really good though. Juan said something about the next part of my treatment. M.O. Muscularity and Orgasm. I didn't fully understand since I had already been experiencing that this whole time. He said that I needed to give into who I was becoming in order to go full force and complete my therapy. Yeah. Give in. Give into the huge muscle beast god I now was. It was the only way. The only way to get bigger. Bigger! Oh God how I needed to get bigger! I fucked the hell out of all four guys. Then I I was laid back onto a workout bench by Esteban and fucked while he and Jose stroked my giant rod. I could hear them egging me on; provoking me to cum. They were totally getting off on my muscles and kept prompting me to work on growing them bigger. I came helplessly as Esteban came in my ass and Jose blew all over me. With cum all over me and inside me I blinked myself back to sense. I suddenly felt horrible at what I had done. Fucking Juan this whole time had been one thing. But partaking in this orgy just made me feel like a slut. I thought about Jason and my stomach knotted. I got up and decided to leave. As I turned to do so I noticed Niko and Raul had cum all over each other while watching me get fucked. I tried not to think about how hot that looked as I jogged back to my room. Juan caught up to me and asked what had happened. He said that I needed to stay there and finish working out. I told him how I was feeling and he told me that I needed to let go. Just let go. Everything would work out. But I needed to let go. Something clicked over in my brain with his words. I realized he was right. All I needed to do right now was focus on growing bigger and being the best muscle beast god I could possibly be. With my head in a fog I made my way back to the gym with the others and hit the weights as hard as I could. The rest of the day went great. Though I don't remember much of it. That fog wasn't leaving my head for anything. The following day Juan came up at breakfast time and told me that I would now be eating with the others in the main dinning hall. I headed over and went to town on the buffet setup. Esteban, Jose, Niko and Raul were all dressed in only a pair of spandex workout shorts. It seemed kind of odd to me. But it made my dick hum at the same time. By the time I started my workout my mood had shifted. I was feeling another burst of energy undoubtedly caused by the hormones.
  13. Part 8 The daylight hit my eyes and I shot up in bed. "Oh shit! You're late! You're late you're late you're late!" "Relax. Calm down. I had one of the cooks leave your breakfast at the door so I could sleep in." "Jesus Christ. Mother fucker. You could have told me that before." I looked over at the clock and saw that it was past my meal time. I should have been hitting the gym right then." "Fuck. I'm late." "Just go work out. You can eat when you get back." "What about lunch though? My meals are gonna get backed up again." "It's fine. I'll just shift your plates again. As long as your exercise doesn't suffer it's all good." "You seem pretty confident. But if Uncle Richard catches you won't you be in pretty big trouble?" "If he catches me. Look... I'm not being reckless here. I understand the risk I'm taking. But your results are on schedule and as long as that keep up everything will be fine. Richard won't freak out over you switching your meal times. Like I told you before; eating after a workout is good too because your metabolism is still going." I relaxed and laid back down with him. "In that case, maybe I should stay in and we can fuck all morning long." "No can do cowboy. You better get going before you're really late." He had said it while giving me a solid smack on my ass that made my dick jump in anticipation. Begrudgingly I crawled out of bed and pulled some clothes on as quick as I could before jolting out the door. I hit the workout a little harder to make up for the few minutes I missed out on. When I got back to the room Juan was still laying in my bed. He seemed to be just waking up again. "What are you still doing here? I thought you had work." "I do get a days off you know." "You do? But you bring me my meals everyday." "I bring you your meals on my days off too because you're Richard's Nephew." My gaze flattened as I was reminded by his words of our previous conversation involving Juan's motives. "Hey. I'm not just doing it because I'm trying to spite Richard anymore. I genuinely want to watch out for you because you're his relative. Besides the fact that we're fucking too. I'm not trying to manipulate anything here." Seeing as how I believed him I eased up. Juan got out of bed and headed for the door. He told be he'd be back in a few minutes with the lunch tray. I sat and started in on my late breakfast. I had just began eating when literally a few minutes later Juan can back with the next tray. "That was close. I almost ran into the kitchen staff on my way there. Thankfully I was far enough away from your room. He noticed I hadn't changed my clothes yet though." "What did you say about that?" "I told him I had just gotten up and that I was planning on changing after I dropped off your tray." "So you didn't really have to lie then." Juan agreed and switched my food around. Then he kissed me and headed out. I finished brunch and waited for my next gm session. Juan switched plates again at dinner and everything seemed to be fine. Though I did end up with a slight issue. Now I had dinner left over and no exercise to clear my stomach for it. I supposed I could have gotten another workout in. But that would have cut into my sleep which I didn't want to mess with. In the end Juan said he'd help me out just this once and eat it for me. Since it was his day off he was able to stay with me after bringing dinner. Once he finished eating we crawled into bed together and cut the lights. We had intended only to sleep again. But at some point I recall fucking him. I'm pretty sure I was asleep then. I didn't matter though. It still felt great. Before dawn Juan tried to wake me to tell me he had to go get ready for work. His consideration was sweet. Even though I was only half awake when he slipped off. A few hours later he came back with break fast. I was much more awake by then and enjoyed locking lips with that fine ass piece of beefcake before he went back to work. I ate and hit the gym. The day went on as routinely scheduled. By midnight Juan was back in my arms, my mouth, and my bed. Everything finally felt at peace with me again. The rest of the week went wonderfully. Having Juan really helped with Jason not being around. After my end of the month exam I found I topped out at 240#, 6'1", with a now eight inch dick. I was officially as big as Juan. Richard was still happy with my results and I couldn't believe I was almost 250 pounds. As I looked myself over in the office mirror, I also noticed the vast amount of facial hair that had grown in. I looked like I was now sporting half of what Jason usually kept up. I hit the gym with a renewed burst of energy. Everything was great. Even better; Juan walked in a few minutes after me. I greeted him with another lip lock and embrace. Sadly for me things were about to take a slight reversal in fortune. Juan pulled back from our kissing. I hated when he did that. Especially when I was so boned. "We can't. I can't come over anymore either." "What? Why the fuck not??" "Richard's orders. He doesn't know we've been having sex. But he doesn't want you having anymore sex for the next month. He says you're in a vital area of your treatment now and can't afford any mishaps." "Mishaps?? Mishaps my ass! Bustin' my nut ain't gonna change jack shit!" "Focus Tommy! Remember why you're here. You're here to get better. Not to fuck your brains out!" Juan was right. It totally sucked, but he was right. I sat back down to get back to my workout sourly as Juan walked off. The more I thought about it the harder I wanted to push my sets out. As time went on I just got more and more frustrated. Pound after pound kept getting added to my body and to what I was lifting. Richard didn't seemed to mind my aggravation as he told me it was normal for this phase of the treatment. Week after week I grew bigger and bigger. 275#. 310#. 345#, 390#. Six foot two. Three. Four. Five. My dick didn't get any bigger. Though my balls felt pretty damn swollen from the tension caused b my sexual frustration. A few times while working out my dick would pop right out of the leg of my shorts and blow. Although it never seemed to ease the pressure in them. Richard said it was ok as long as I didn't actively make myself cum. Easy for him to fucking say. He wasn't the one with the case of massive blue bull balls. As I sat in the lab waiting to be dismissed for my workout at the end of my end of the month exam Richard told me he had a surprise for me. "You've made it through the crucial part of your H.E. therapy. Now you can move on to the final portion of the M.O. therapy. You're in the home stretch. One more month and you'll be back home." The news hit me. I hadn't realized I was so close to finishing my treatment. "Also seeing as how you've entered into the final part of your treatment you'll be allowed access to the other parts of the facility. You'll be able to meet with and interact with the other patients. Though first I think it would be wise to adjust your current tension level. Head back to your room and plan on missing your workouts today." "What?? Why?? What about building my muscles though? Won't it affect it? I don't want to have to stay longer because of that. And what about my shot? I mean I know you said that part of my treatment was over, but--" Richard cut me off and informed me that I would have to report back later that evening for my hormone injection which I would be continuing. For right now though I needed to get back to my room. I relented and headed back per his orders. When I got there I found the most wonderful surprise waiting for me. Juan. Naked. I literally ripped off all my clothes in two swipes and rushed him like a bull in heat. I don't know how I didn't manage to pound his head through the walls or how no one showed up in response to the loud noises I we were making. But six hours later along with I don't know how many orgasms I was finally spent. We had managed to do it on the walls, the floor, the bed, the table, outside, in the shower, on the toilet. Pretty much everywhere except on the God damned ceiling. But believe me if we could have we would have! Then the most astounding thing happened. As I lay spent in bed with Juan he managed to find strength out of God only knows where and straddle me. For the next six hours that mother fucker rode me like a professional rodeo man. After his final climax he reminded me that I needed to see Richard again for my hormone treatment. I didn't know how I would find the strength to make it to the lab. Yet somehow I did. When I walked in Uncle Richard cracked a joke about my sexings which I didn't have the will to retort. He gave me my injection and after a few minutes my vitality returned to me. I looked myself over in the mirror and noticed how shambled my hair was. I also noticed that my facial hair had grown in a lot more too over the past month. I was now on par with Jason now. I rubbed my beard over a bit and liked what I was seeing. "If you like what you see now you'll love what you look like in a month. You're going to be massive." His words brought me swiftly back to my senses. I realized that I was already massive. How much more massive could I possibly become? Why would I want to be massive in the first place? I had never wanted it to begin with! "What's happening to me? What have you done?? I don't want to be massive! I just wanted to be cancer free!" "Tough shit. Deal with it. You wanted to be cancer free and this is what it takes. You have to be willing to make sacrifices in order to get what you want in life. You knew that going into this and willingly agreed. Besides, having an extremely muscular and healthy body isn't the worst thing in the world." He was right of course. As usual. All I could do was accept my fate. With hunched shoulders I trudged back up to my room. When I arrived there were two trays of food set outside my door that I hadn't noticed before. I brought them in and discovered Juan passed out in my bed. I ate half and decided to save the other half for Juan. I wasn't supposed to. But I figured he'd need replenishing after our intense sexercise. I crawled into bed after dinner and fell asleep.
  14. Part 7 I got to work and figured it'd be business as usual. Everything was going smooth for the first few minutes. Then all of a sudden in the middle of some dumbbell lifts I started to get shaky. My breathing got labored and I had to stop a moment to catch my breath. Just then Juan walked in unexpectedly. "Jesus Tommy. Are you ok??" "I'm fine. Just rushed myself a bit is all." "You don't look fine. You're shaking and sweating and breathing hard and you haven't even really started your workout yet." "I said I'm fine!!" I hadn't meant to snap at him like that. It kind of shocked me that I had. Juan looked me over and noticed my hard on. "Have you been getting off at all? You know you need to while you're on the hormones. You don't have to have sex. But you at least need to masturbate." "I'll be fine. Just get outta here, would ya?" "I'm not going anywhere until I know you're ok. Now strip." "I'm not gonna jerk off to you again--" "I didn't say anything about jerking off. Now strip! Or do you want me to report this to Richard??" The mother fucker had me by the balls; and not in the way I wanted at the moment. With an annoyed sigh I set the weight down I was using and took off all my clothes. "Now go over to the cable crossover machine and hook your knees over the top rail. That's it. Cross your legs at the ankles. Good. Now start doing crunches." I followed Juan's instructions and started feeling really good from being able to exercise normally again. It was a little weird having my hard dick pointing straight at my face every time I curled my torso up. But there wasn't anything I could really do about it. I kept going and after a while I got into the usual zone. I don't know how long I went at it. Though at some point the workout started to hit me as I felt my cock and balls began to hum. The longer I went the better it felt. Before I knew it I was on the edge of climax as my body was locked in an upward curl position. "Oh God-- I can't help it-- I'm gonna cuuuuummm!!" Suddenly I pushed myself in deeper and shoved my mouth over my hard dick right as shot after shot filled my mouth. My eyes where clenched shut tightly. However, I could still feel my balls pumping my load out every second. When it was over, I slowly lowered myself and dismounted from the bar. As I stood before Juan my dick stuck straight up still hard as ever. "Now grab the bar and start in on some hanging leg lifts." I followed his orders and performed my chin ups with my legs spread out to the sides of me as if I was being fucked. I couldn't think. All I could do right then was feel. And what I needed to feel more than anything right then was sex. Again, I don't know how long I went at it for as I lost myself in the zone. But I recall building to climax and thrusting my hips mid air while rope after rope fired from my cock cannon. I lowered myself once more and stood before Juan. Both of our eyes were glazed over with sexual haze. He just looked at me and ordered me to stroke my cock. Which I did. Slowly at first; with the pace soon quickening. It didn't take long until a monstrous roar bellowed out of my lungs and another huge load flew everywhere as I masturbated furiously. When I finally calmed down from that orgasm I felt slightly more normal. I was still horny as a mother fucker. But I felt like I could manage other things again. Juan told me to continue with my workout and turned to go. I grabbed his arm and stepped in close to him. God it felt amazing to be taller than him. Even if it as only by two inches. He was still considerably wider than me though. "Meet me tonight after your shift is over..." "Why? What about your partner?" "Fuck Jason. He's not here right now and you are. You're the one who keeps telling me to get over being monogamous while I'm here anyway, right?" Juan nodded and then left. I got back to my workout and headed up for lunch. God damn I had built up an appetite. When I got to my room Juan was nowhere to be found. He had left my food though. I dove into it like an animal and patted my slightly bulging stomach wit a belch. Why did that my hard on jump? I instantly realized I shouldn't have patted my belly though as I shot up and headed for the bathroom. I would be so glad once all that detox stuff was out of my system for good. I gave myself an hour and then hit up the gym again. Dinner rolled around and Juan was nowhere to be seen. I got pissy at the thought of him not showing up. I just polished off dinner easy peasy lemon squeezy and went to bed. At around midnight I heard Juan come in; trying to sneak as quietly as possible. I got up and met him at the door since the fucker owed me an explanation for why he stood me up. "Hey. Sorry. Did I wake you up?" "Doesn't matter. Where the fuck were you?? I don't appreciate being stood up." "What are you talking about? I didn't stand you up. You told me to meet you after I got off work. My shift just ended." I blinked and instantly felt quite embarrassed about my previous assumption. "Oh. I didn't realize you had to work so late. I figured you got off around dinner time." "There are other patients besides you. Not to mention dishes to be washed and reports to be made." Now I felt bad. Bringing my hand up to his face and placing another around his waist I affectionately stroked his cheek. "I'm sorry." "It's ok. Who could resist those sad puppy dog eyes and those little boy pouty lips of yours?" I leaned in to kiss him and he pulled back. "Wait. What about your partner? You're not going to regret this are you?" "Right now you're the only one I see. The only one I ever see anymore. I need you so much. I don't want to talk about things that don't matter right now. All I want is to be with you as intimately as possible." I leaned in and kissed him. I leaned into him and pressed my hard cock into his own. I pressed him into the wall and made out with him until I needed to pull off his shorts, have him pull off mine, and shove my dick up his ass while I hefted him up with my raw strengths and fucked him against that wall. Then I brought him over to the bed and took his ass again. By the third round we had moved into the shower and I couldn't help loving the feel of him bent over as I pounded into him densely. I brought him up straight while he was still panting. A low growl passed my lips before I kissed his earlobe, the side of his neck. his shoulder. Juan begged me to let him fuck me and I agreed. Then he was kissing on me the way I had just done on him and it was magic. We dried off and he took me back to bed where he had my ass again. I was in heaven. Afterward we just laid there as Juan rubbed my upper arm affectionately. "I think somebody's ready to meet the others." "Really?" "No. Richard would never allow it. But it'll happen eventually." "Damn it Juan. Don't be a cock tease." Juan giggled and reached around to feel my hard pole. He stroked it and I enjoyed being able to release again. Then he moved behind me while raising my ass up. He spit on my hole and shivers when up my spine. His tongue lapped at my man pussy and then his tongue bored into me. He stroked my prostate and I saw stars. I don't know how long that lasted. I just know I came and then my vision went back to normal. He straddled me from behind and I loved being at the mercy of his bucking hips. Once he was finished it was time for him to get going. We had fucked all night and I hadn't even noticed! I told him goodbye and made plans for him to return that night. The day went normally which was refreshing and a bit of a blessing. I had only gotten a few hours sleep the night before so I was kind of tired. Hopefully working out with tired muscles wasn't going to impact results too badly. After dinner I decided to get a na in while I waited for Juan. Come midnight he showed up again. I met him at the door and kissed him in greeting. He reciprocated, but then pulled away after a bit. "Not tonight. Please. I know you're a horny mother fucker. But just hold off for tonight please." "What's the matter? What's wrong?" "We spent all last night fucking which means I didn't get any sleep. That means I've been up fourty-eight hours straight with no sleep. I need to get some rest." I pulled him in and kissed his forehead. "Sure babe. Whatever you want." I felt him shudder and asked him if he was ok. He told me that it was just the sound of my sleepy voice that did it. It was too sexy for him to resist when it sounded that deep. I smiled and brought him over to bed where I tucked us in together. Sex definitely would have been nice. Though just being able to lay there with him was so damn cozy. I drifted off with the feel of his warmth around me.
  15. Omg. I love this format. It's totally inspiring me right now. But aside from that, I just had to make and post this .
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