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  1. Do you mean the Jascian's Toy by Rowan McBride? If so, here's the link to the author's site: http://www.rowanmcbride.com/stories/serials/
  2. Love this one. It's been on my own Favourites list for years!
  3. Divinity made text, SeaMusc!
  4. Mmmmhmmm - sweet, delicious muscle sacrifice instead of classic theft. You said it was shorter, SeaMusc, but it certainly felt like a very HEFTY chapter!
  5. I have a newfound appreciation for, um, grinding.... Divine story start, Kadethewolf!
  6. @ploder4 I agree that Trevor still has incredible value to Seth and that he genuinely wants the best for Trevor, but he is left completely de-humanized as well. He is much more than utilitarian or a sex toy to Seth, but no longer considered a 'whole person' based on the language and thoughts we have from Seth here. I do like your idea that Seth is likely to place Trevor in a position where he has tonnes of work that's directly in his educational field, but I'd like to give Seth a bit more credit and disagree with you about Trevor being on the chopping block. Seth being motivated by a desire to have Trevor succeed on his own merit instead of being motivated by crisis feels like a return to the close friendship they had at the beginning. I also think you're very right about how strong Seth's grief would be should he ever outright lose Trevor. Triple kudos for your description of Trevor being Seth's living, perched, miniature research and publicity department! People have asked a few times about the wider world's perception. Leaving it out allowed Dredlifter to maximize the differences as they happened. He incorporated more of the real world in the beginning when the differences weren't as great, but then zoomed in closer and closer to his main characters as the size gap widened. It was a very effective writing tactic to force the reader into seeing nothing but Seth, Jack, Brooke, and Stacy grow larger and larger, just like Trevor would have. His world, and our by extension, was consumed by their growth and his subsequent losses. It did result in us feeling a little claustrophobic at times and a little disconcerted that there wasn't more of the real world, but that was done on purpose. The sex scene is...complicated...for me. It was an important shift when Seth first 'outed' himself (and Stacy) as being attracted to the dominant role in the wedding chapter. This is an extension of that exploration. Trevor changed his mindset to enjoy and be sexually attracted to Seth and his size, but here we have Seth finally, fully admit his own changed mindset and how he enjoys/craves the complete and utter dominance he possesses over Trevor. Tellingly, Trevor is almost entirely mute during the sexual act. Trevor isn't even aware of what's going to happen until partway through. All of the dialogue is between Seth and Stacy. In doing so, Dredlifter completely objectifies Trevor as the final evolution of his humiliation. He's present for the sexual act, but make no mistake, Seth and Stacy are living out a fantasy of theirs, now that Trevor is finally present to do so. The knowledge that this is the only sexual or intimate contact Trevor has had for years (potentially since the pre-wedding) weighs very heavy on my mind. While we know it as readers, Seth and Stacy do not. At no point is Trevor really asked if he consents - There's a drunken, rhetorical question about unspecified fun and then he's ordered to do things and he complies. Trevor also doesn't even think about stopping the act at any time. Is that because he feels utterly powerless to do so? Is it because he's afraid they would just ignore him if he did ask to stop? Is he afraid of their, especially Seth's, reaction if he asked them to stop? Is it because he is so utterly lonely that any physical contact, no matter how many lines it might cross, will give him a moment of respite? By extension, I had to ask myself the same questions while reading it and fantasizing about riding Seth's massive dick (although the vaginal sex would be suuuuper awkward for me). Heavy thoughts, right? It's another example of why Elongro struck such a strong chord with me. The story is full of content that cause us to question ourselves and the values of the world in which we live in when we examine it through the 'exaggerated' lens the story provides. It's full of content that mirrored trauma, abuse, mental illness, and so on. I found it hot as fuck but I also found it uncomfortable as fuck at the same time. I don't personally think much or any of this came up for Dredlifter when writing the story, unless someone took the time to point it out after something was already posted. This started as a roleplay between two people - opening it up to a wider audience monumentally changed the dynamic of the content in ways he couldn't have anticipated. Despite this, I agree strongly that Dredlifter intended the mfm scene to be incredibly intimate and to display a new bar of trust built between the three characters to strengthen the 'homecoming' feel to the substantially altered core friendship we started with. I had to remind myself of their beginning friendship multiple times to read through a lot of the content. Trevor loses everything in the story. He adapts (not heals and becomes whole, btw) slowly and learns to eke out an existence, but he is treated mercilessly by the plot for something that isn't a revenge story. The ending is bittersweet for me because Dredlifter makes such an effort to return Seth and Trevor to close friends. So close that they commit to work together for life. So close that they can share each other sensually and sexually without being ashamed of their appetites. Sadly, Trevor lost far too much along the way to be anything more than an ephemeral fragment of the independent person he could have been for himself but also for the story's object of idolization, Seth. It is a touching story, Dredlifter. I hope people who might not have been able to read it before it was finished give it another chance now that the full arc can be seen at once. They might not get as as you intended, but please don't doubt the importance of this story here, even with all the comments and analysis it prompted.
  7. Marvellous theft work, Jade Dragon! Thank You!
  8. Bravo on a fabulous start, Londonboy! And thank you!
  9. Umm, it's supposed to be fantasy.... And despite this there is a distinct type of affection and care Seth is able to feel toward and expresses for Trevor. The whole superiority vibe is a pretty reminiscent of some of BSpencer's comments from earlier parts (circa part 9, I think?) , so I'm not sure if this facet was born out of the RP or some plot workshopping they may have done to add some extra edge and/or to 'up' the humiliation content for us at the end. I'm also not sure if Dredlifter intended it as a final revelation for Seth to understand his own behaviour or as a revelation for us as readers to explain his actions, but it's always neat to see how a story can change with different input.
  10. And here we have it - the 'final' Elongro frontier! That glorious door and later posing sequences were fucking AMAZING, Dredlifter! I really appreciated the **ahem** volume of text you devoted to describing Seth's glory in so much detail. The boner popping was the icing on an already decadent muscle cake – the mental image of just Seth's dick surging past the threshold of the doorway above Trevor and being big enough to shelter him was divine. Later, all the measurements Seth tosses out about his actual size and how much he would still completely dwarf Trevor even at six feet, really pushed me over the edge in many delicious ways! The amount of times in this chapter you set aside all pretense of Seth being considered a normal human is a bit like coming out the first time. Kudos for finally admitting it, lol, and for working it in as unobtrusively but also ubiquitously as you do. There isn't a single facet of Seth's existence that he does not owe to his size at this point and by extension, Trevor. Does it raise a metric shit tonne of questions about the world you've built for the reader? Yes, but you remain true to your microcosm (pun strangely not indended ;-P) of Trevor's immediate, lust-hazed field of perception. The job admission and offer is both decidedly calculated and incredibly tender. You took care earlier in the story to make it clear that there was no drop off in intellect for Trevor or in the amount of effort or talent he possessed for things that were not size based. The revelation of Trevor's post-college work position in contrast to Seth's is another series of comparison and allegory Elongro speaks to about the nature of success, power, attractiveness, and much more in our actual world. The final chapter is pretty strong on this front, in every section, actually. I'm not certain how many statements you intended to make, Dredlifter, but many, many came across throughout Elongro. On a related side note, this one particular moment struck me very, very strongly: The face touch, more than anything else in the chapter and possibly the story, is when we finally see the re-definition of the relationship between them after their transformations are complete. A number of other things in the finale feel the opposite of 'final' and still have my spinoff/sequel radar raising alarm bells in my head, but this moment is sooo much. On the heels of their discussion and perceptions of each other in the content before this scene, the touch is almost unbearably intimate and significant. It is the ONLY time in whole story that anyone, including Brooke when they were dating, makes physical contact with Trevor of this level of kindness and intimacy. Yes, there was the 'bro-safe' shoulder hug between them at the end of Chapter 10 when Trevor was reduced to tears, but nothing on this level. It's also an interesting and brilliant tactic for Seth to fully indulge his own kinkier appetites and claim Trevor as his absolute property, echoing his thoughts from the start of the chapter when he sees Trevor at his door. Such a simple section, but it tied a lot together and spoke volumes, Dredlifter! On the thought of the job offer, I have this picture of Trevor becoming this marketing sniper for Psycolon once the societal pressure and assumptions around his size are removed for him by working for Seth. It's hysterical but my mind went to something a little like Edna Mode from the Incredibles – largely overlooked by everyone but the one with the brilliance to inspire the giants through whatever crisis they may face. Not going to apologize for giving you all that mental image. I'm going to go on record for my love that Stacy is taller than Jack, especially after he was such a public dick even as an 'adult' at the wedding. The sex scene between the three of them further cements Trevor's position as property for Seth. He's reduced to little more than a sex toy. The small penis humiliation you work in is a true-test of Trevor's unwavering love and worship of Seth. It is HOT, but also feels a little like you've eroded any final feelings of Trevor's ability to think of himself as an actual person. You reinforce this with the reference to his utter lack of any sexual contact since the fifth wheel scene from the wedding. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. In terms of resolution for the story, it does leave me with a sense of loss, to be honest. True, Trevor is no longer consumed with the envy we saw at the beginning, but he has become lost to his own feelings of inadequacy and lack of self worth completely. This is softened by Seth's desire to make Trevor a permanent fixture in his day-to-day life and Trevor's willing (if somewhat 'coerced' lol) acceptance of that existence, but I still feel like Trevor lost even more to Elongro than Seth gained. Thank you, Dredlifter, for evolving the roleplay between you and Jsmith320 to write a story that kept me and others up late multiple nights for so many different reasons. Even though you're pretty quiet on here, Jsmith320, please know that we adore you as well. Seriously guys, Elongro was an intensely wild, sexy, emotional journey you took us all on!
  11. Fantastic move into denouement territory with this chapter, Dredlifter. I may have been in a bit of an odd mood while reading it, 'cause I was howling with the comedic, slap-stick set-up of some(lots) of the material. I suspect you may have also let out your inner goof to shine a bit. ? I really don't know if it's Trevor or myself who's happier that Seth gets to maintain and widen his height advantage over Jack. Seriously, that boy has Issues. His total relapse into full-blown doucheclown when his family arrives and during the wedding continues to speak volumes about his personal demons and insecurities. Loved the Mark height advancement you included and for keeping Trevor real enough to witness it and feel gratified with Jack's discomfort. Giving Jack the spokesperson role was an interesting choice. Some part of me hopes that having this massive kind of role for the company would finally make him less of an absolute dick, but, given what we've seen from him, it'll probably just make him worse and more insecure. Honestly, I've never understood his cruelty, especially considering he's won every 'lottery' imaginable with his more than semi-charmed existence. His initial shock and weirdness at the Christmas dinner made sense but I haven't been able to do anything but dislike him since. The introduction that Elongro's parent company is finally going to be legitimate in the US has a whole shit-tonne of my alarm bells going off - Sequel *cough* Spin-Off *cough* Collaborative Performance Art.... It also really stabbed my weak spot for Trevor's plight through this whole story. Had he waited for them to be legal, it would be too late for him to take Elongro because he'd be too old (in theory). I am curious if Trevor's going to get a lab work-up while Seth's in town. It would probably be a bit much to bring in this late and eat up a bunch of content, but you did make it a point to include some explanation behind Seth's incredible response to the drug. Doesn't quite explain the other three outliers, but really, Seth is the one who's still growing. *swoon* There's only one part of the story left, but, if Psylocon is a full-blown company, they're going to have a whole host of products available that we won't see that could have (or even could still) been of benefit to Trevor had he waited until after college. The very peculiar tidbit that Seth was starting a natural, late growth spurt and may have outgrown Trevor even without Elongro twists the Trevor-blade in my heart a bit more. I did want to mention how much the entire wedding content after the kinky share night screams allegory for me. It's another example of how this story speaks out and connects with your readers in an intensely emotional way. The way Trevor doesn't seem to fit in even though he's the Best Man is a parallel for so damn much, even beyond connecting to anyone who's felt like that 'one person' who stands out terribly at a wedding or elsewhere. The reason we stand out/stood out can be varied, but that passively (or not-so-passively), ostracized, interloper vibe is captured in this chapter disturbingly well through Trevor's experiences. I'm stuck in that in-between emotion of wanting to thank you for how you wrote it and wanting to curse you with epic, aching, ever-expanding blue-balls for how you wrote it. We also have to talk about your love of cliffhangers. And by talk, I mean that I may have hired some offensively-off-key, singing telegram ear assassins to stalk you.... You and me both, Trevor. Upside for me, I have a lot of lube ready. Downside for Trevor, he never seems to have access to any. ? I'd be willing the bet the doors are taller than ten feet.... We already know Trevor's gift is not measuring things vertically without help. ? Add to this, the ceiling on the other side is probably a couple of feet taller than the doorway at least. Anyone want to predict what Seth's closing size will be? Thanks again, Dredlifter!
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