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  1. Can't sleep, Elongro will eat me....🍆

  2. anormorph

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    Hialmar, I absolutely agree that the 'flavour' will change based on experience. It is fair to say that a nation's subculture can influence what people formed in/by that environment may desire, but I have a flinch-reaction when a nationality and words like 'most' get thrown together in the same phrase. Thank you, for taking the time to expand on your thoughts!
  3. anormorph

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I'm coming to this a little late, but a lot of what's coming up here were things I wanted to echo in defense of Dredlifter's writing style and content in his Elongro thread. A couple of things haven't come up clearly in what I've read here. First, kink is healthy. Relegating it to a shadowself or the appetites of darkness or anything similar is a disservice. Kink is normal. I'm going to drive home the notion of consent that was touched upon a couple of times, because it's that important. All parties involved in kink discuss the details before the play happens. The scene is often planned out as well. All parties in kink are equal. There is an equivalent power exchange between consensual (there's that word again) partners. When there isn't a power exchange, that's when you walk into torture territory... Kink, domination, etc is beholden to no nationality. The sooner that can be expunged fro.anyone's mind, the better. There is a massive difference between being humiliated and feeling humiliated. Most of what Elongro contains is Trevor feeling humiliated. Ie. He can't lift as much, so he feels like less of a person. That's psychosis/insecurity talking. We don't see action with the intent to humiliate taken against Trevor until the latter half of part 4. It is in response to the final straw of Trevor's attempt at shade. This was an interesting moment, because Dredlifter signalled to us that it was shade, but the actual words that came out of Trevor's mouth were a plea for understanding, for empathy from Seth. The humiliation that ensued was not consensual, but as Dredlifter mentioned earlier, it is a reaction to Trevor's actions up to this point. Is it dub-con? Yes. Is it torture? Not yet. It's really premature to flinch, especially with an author who likes the slow burn like Dredlifter. Do we remember Dad's Lost Glory Years, lol? So many different types of kink in there! We don't know how this relationship between Seth and Trevor is going to evolve. I'm a little afraid that humiliation kink is getting used as a blanket term. Praise kink (giving and receiving), 'plain' comparison kink, worship kink (giving and receiving again), SPH, are just some of the related kinks frequently associated to humiliation (giving and receiving) that we're just starting to see in Elongro. Anyway, thanks for this thread and for being unafraid to talk about it openly!
  4. anormorph

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    It's good to know I'm not the only one, lol. Maybe we should start an Elongro fapping support group? 😋
  5. anormorph

    Using other people's characters

    This thread's revival timing is a little freaky. I just contacted an author and asked if he was okay that his work had hooked me so thoroughly that I wanted to craft something in the world he created. I didn't/don't really have any intention of posting it though. It was more a submission of gratitude to him and to try and clear my mind so the characters he'd written weren't constantly distracting me. He was extraordinarily responsive and positive. Many people would be flattered, I hope, that their work resonates with someone so much that they want to write about it. I feel very strongly about asking and receiving permission though. If there isn't the author's consent to the content, even if the original is quite dated, I would feel very strange writing it, never mind posting it somewhere. One of my favourite things to see when a different writer contributes to a storyverse is the shift in tone. For example, some writers excel at comparison. Others have a knack for unadulterated smut. Or the perfect, excessive use of the word 'fuck' in such a way that makes the reader's balls churn with arousal. That exploration of the characters helps add to their depth.
  6. anormorph

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Right? Brooke's been pretty amazing and supportive so far. She held her own when Stacey tried to get under Trevor's skin during the double date. I liked that she tried to get Trevor to open up in this chapter. There's a lot of envy and jealousy talk, but those are secondary to base animalistic fear, which hasn't been fully fleshed out...yet. We also don't know what she's thinking though. We're getting a front and centre view of Trevor's paranoia and projection into what he assumes other people are thinking, but she could very well be imagining him when her eyes are closed.
  7. This was the perfect, haunting counterpoint to your Orphanage chapter. Not disappointed in the missing sex at all, lol. We started for the muscle show, we stayed for how well you play the heartstrings, Speech500.
  8. anormorph

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    My heart is breaking for Trevor right now. I really hope he can find a way out of this funk he's backed himself into. His entire world is shattering and he cannot find stability for himself at all. He swallowed his pride a lot in this chapter - I don't t know how much more humiliation he can take before he either gives up on everything or has a psychotic break. Where do I start with Seth? In this chapter he seemed almost cruel. The one on one confession between them was endearing - it first looked like it was going to be the start back to a camaraderie they could use to inspire each other, albeit in somewhat altered roles. Seth has that delicious size advantage, but Trevor has the technical know-how to really make sure Seth gets as much size from his Elongro reaction as he can. Shortly after though, Seth was so harsh. I wonder if there's a flashback coming about Trevor treating him similarly. Thanks again, Dredlifter, for taking us through this most delicious yet harrowing tale.
  9. The realistic turn of character is refreshing. Terrifying, but refreshing. I'm happy being away from the internet for a few days forced me to stay away from your cliffhangers until after the carnage rescue!
  10. anormorph

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Conspiracy Theories abound! Trevor seemed to be handling things okay in part two - a little disappointed and trying to save face, but genuinely impressed with Seth. And the double date with drinks in this chapter could have been much, much worse if there was an under current of animosity for either of them. I feel like they're both trying to keep the other engaged with growing and trying to reconnect to their friendship. Unfortunately because they seem to be unable to figure out who/what their individual roles will be in their redefined friendship/relationship since they're both still changing. Trevor was willing to take the proverbial hit for his friend by for weighing and measuring Seth, even though he knew he was going to be shocked and incredibly envious of the results. Trevor didn't become angry enough that he needed to walk away until he found out that he hasn't begun growing again. Trevor wants that size so, so bad that it is killing him inside. Trevor has grown, otherwise he wouldn't have been taller than the Seth, who we know grew significantly in part one. I'm personally very happy Dredlifter had him walk away instead of going into full tantrum, meltdown mode. Seth is just beginning to understand the desire for size and how much and long it drove Trevor, even before Elongro entered the picture. The poor guy should probably not take up poker anytime soon with how openly expressive he is though, lol. They both did some pretty serious damage to each others' egos in part three, intentional or not. I'm really curious to see how Dredlifter proceeds - there are so many directions. Witnessing how Dredlifter has them react to their changing status in different environments is absolutely titillating. And then there's that last vial hanging around, just waiting...for someone...new or otherwise.... I hope both Seth and Trevor both have plenty of growth in the tank. I got the impression that Seth's growth rate slowed without Trevor's presence over the summer. Once Trevor returned, that growth looks to have amped itself up rapidly starting at the party. Similarly, Trevor's slower growth can't seem to happen without Seth around.... Wherever Dredlifter goes, I'm hooked. I've reread all three parts more than I should probably admit and their journey so far makes me quiver with excitement each time.
  11. Your writing is suberb, Speech500. We don't need a cliffhanger to keep coming back for more of your masterpiece!
  12. anormorph

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Part 3 was the BEST way to wake up this morning! All of your comparisons crafted into the story are sublime, but this one was a particular favourite: Have a glorioius vacation, Dredlifter!

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