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  1. Aneros is the go-to brand - I think they were the first to develop it? There are others out there but Aneros is the one I've had the strongest leaking experience with. I have the Helix Syn and it feels damn good. You can't really sit down comfortably when their products are in though, which can be a bit of an issue. I have a hybrid massager-plug version from Fort Troff that's also pretty good, but the feel and result of it is quite different from the Aneros one.
  2. Aaaand we're definitely fanning ourselves to keep from bursting into flames from the heat you're serving, Dredlifter! And you jumped ahead to a Wedding as an uplifting edge to the continued humiliation vibe you keep tantalizing us with! So many things to read and awe over! This was an interesting development after some of the comments people have posted throughout the tale: Or commentary on the power of Seth's Elongro enhanced confidence? Or on the way the world is geared to be easier for the beautiful, the tall, the strong? Loved Seth's assertion that he would still outsize Jack despite Jack's approach to Seth's spring break size. Loved it even more when you delivered the height measurements later! Go Team Seth! The way you build in how they slowly start to drift apart but have Trevor continue to carry his torch for Seth is like the song of my people. It's romantic in a quiet, resolute but unrequited way without ever having them achieve more than stolen moments of intimate comparison bliss. The whole giant strip and measure scene as a gift arranged by Seth was a brilliant cap off to this theme that you've carried through the entire story. Including more adult versions of all four of them in it almost as a kink apology/humiliation scene was quite gratifying. So much more entertaining than cake and a stripper, lol! The open moments of affection Seth and Trevor share in full sight of the others were also absolutely stunning. This little part did have me grinning like a fool: The age reversal science fiction tip-of-the-hat you included was unique: This is a really powerful way to potentially balance the scales for Trevor and what he lost. Turning back time for him quite literally or freezing it for him. It gets extra kinky with the tiny/servant vs giant/master vibe that comes out of Seth and Trevor during the measuring scenes that then gets picked up and indulged (enjoyed possibly?) by the others. Almost like Trevor has been immortalized as their ageless worshipper because of his averse reaction to Elongro. When the giants are all well into their 30s, 40s, and beyond, Trevor could still look like he does now - his worship and his diminutive size as a reminder of their youth helping Seth, Stacy, Jack, and Brooke maintain or rekindle any confidence/strength/passion etc. that fades with age. You may also have meant to use it as a spark for a spinoff where Trevor finds himself going through puberty all over again, many years later. Or you could have just meant it as a display of Trevor's loss of masculinity. Or a bit of all three or something else entirely, lol. Whichever way you meant it, Dredlifter, I really enjoyed it's inclusion and how you expanded upon it!
  3. Fortune Favours... Part 2 Cas rounded the corner of the locker room to see Blake resting his head on a raised forearm against his open locker muttering to himself. His shoes were off, tossed to the side of an open gym bag whose contents had been rifled through carelessly. “shit....Hi, I'm Blake. Look at my arms....just had to go there, didn't you... Look I'm not a midget, I swear.... stupid height, stupid bet-you-can't-outlift-Me... probably thinks I'm like his little bratty brother or something....didn't even get-” "Get my number?" Cas asked in a small, quiet voice from the entryway to the otherwise empty locker-room. Blake's head whipped up and he winced as he smacked his elbow on the edge of the locker. "Sorry, I, uh, didn't notice you there...." Blake started haphazardly shoving things back into his gym bag, refusing to make eye contact. “S'Okay. I, um, just got here.” Cas lied, desperate to put Blake at ease after the mental self-flagellation he just witnessed. He padded over to the locker beside Blake's and started spinning his lock. “Seriously? The one right beside me?” Blake finally looked up. His cheeks were flush with emotion. “It's some kind of cosmic law.” Cas wasn't sure where to go from there. “So...about that number thing...?” “It's probably a good idea, right? And totally normal.... I mean, anything could happen between now and tomorrow morning, so it's better to be prepared....” Blake fished out his phone and held it in front of him like a protective talisman. Caspian watched Blake intently while he dug his own phone out of his pocket, watching for some break in whatever mood had taken hold of him. What had happened to the confidence bordering on cavalier arrogance that Blake had displayed out on the floor? Weren't they passed this ice-breaking phase, especially after how they responded to TJ together? An outrageous idea came to him – if he had interpreted things the wrong way, this could go very poorly for him. But really, what did Cas have to lose at this point? He nudged his phone against Blake's to get his attention and rolled the proverbial dice. “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe?” The loud guffaws of laughter that spilled out of Blake shattered the heavy mood and made the risk absolutely worth it as the two of them exchanged numbers. “How do you do that, Cas? Make me – never-mind.... How has that song managed to stay so damn appropriate?” "Because we all still feel like small, insignificant chipmunks terrified to reveal who we are because of a species-wide fear of rejection and abandonment?" “Fuck, Cas. Are you always like this?” Blake looked dumbstruck by what Cas had just uttered. “Like what?” “So glib and unfazed. Confident, even.” “I'm... terrified right now, Blake....” “Bullshit.” “Seriously. Here. Check for yourself.” Cas held up his wrist for Blake to feel. Blake hesitated but then gripped the proffered limb carefully. It was slimmer than his own. He could feel the tendons and small, delicate bones under the skin. Beneath them, fluttering wildly, Blake could feel Cas's pulse racing rapidly. He looked down at the slender hand held in his broader palm, still not connecting the naked, vulnerable feeling of fear in his hand with the calm exterior Caspian projected to the world. “I can't believe – Wait – why are you afraid?” Cas took a deep breath and started speaking. Once he started, he couldn't stop the thoughts from coming forth. “You see, there's this guy I met. Kinda cute. Well, actually, he's fucking gorgeous. I met him today and despite some sort of desire for connection, I don't know much about him. All I know is that my vindictive, abusive ex sent him to work me over and possibly deliver me to him in an alleyway. But, instead of that, it turns out that this guy wasn't willing to go along with the plan at all. In fact, under this kind of arrogant exterior, he also has this pretty strong notion of when someone's being an asshole. What's more, he has this idealistic, potent, protective streak that prompts him to place himself in potential jeopardy even for a person he doesn't really know. But outside of those five minutes, I don't know anything else. And then I see him brutally chastizing himself but I can't figure out exactly why. Is it because I rubbed him the wrong way? Was I too... 'out' for him? Did he mean to do something but didn't? Why does he hate himself this way? I don't even know if he's interested in me or if he wants something else from me entirely. What do I do if he just wants to use me for something? I'm so damn tired of being afraid, of watching over my shoulder, of cautiously holding everyone at arm's length. And tired of being lonely because of that fear. I'm only 25, shouldn't this be when I'm having tonnes of sex to figure out what I actually want from an adult partner? And then I'm suddenly quoting song lyrics at him, because I can't stand to see anyone beat themselves up like that, no matter what the reason. No one should have that kind of channel to cause themselves instant pain. I guess maybe we all kind of do it to ourselves, but shouldn't we have an off switch? He doesn't seem to have one and so I decide to risk it and try to pull him out of whatever he's doing to himself. Who knows, maybe by helping him I'll be able to help myself too, right? Or maybe he'll be able to help me back somehow? The lyric thing is a gamble – it might cause him to get really, really angry at me. Even though he's shorter than me, I'm pretty sure he can totally kick my ass. If I get lucky, I might get out of the locker-room before he can break my face or an arm. So now he's holding my arm in a meaty, bear-paw of a hand and looking at me like I just sprouted a second head. I think the look is really because I'm trusting him so blindly and just pouring out my thoughts and fears to him, an absolute stranger. I'm kind of smitten at this point so I don't know that I could deny him anything. And the weighty feel of his hand enclosing my wrist, and the sight of his unbelievably broad shoulders, and his perfect-fucking face are all conspiring overtime to make me hard as a fucking rock. But I can't allow that to happen, because obviously getting hard is exactly the kind of thing that gets a fist in your face from the assumed mostly straight or closeted guy, especially in gym locker-rooms.” There was a stunned silence. “Jesus Christ.” Blake finally said something. He still hadn't let go of Caspian's wrist. “I don't think he's here right now....” “....Um....” “Say something, please, Blake?” “....” “Could I have my hand back, then?” “Oh yeah, sorry. I just...” Blake finally let Cas's hand drop. “You just what? I'm a little relieved you didn't swing a punch but I'm feeling a little exposed here.” Cas turned back to his locker and fiddled with the contents. “Full disclosure?” Blake made a decision and found his voice at last. “If you can, but I'll settle for any disclosure at this point." Cas started taking off his own shoes to distract himself from his growing regret and a lingering pit of fear. Blake started speaking, his words causing Cas to slow what he was doing to give his undivided attention. "What if I admitted that I've watched you every time we happened to be in the gym at the same time? I bet you didn't even notice, right? Truth is, I've been coming here for almost a month, not a week-and-a-half: stealing glances, marking your presence, always trying to show off, stand a tad taller, lift just a little bit more, if I thought there was even the slightest chance you might look over and see me. You always looked so focused though, a bit like you were trying to avoid interacting with anyone. You looked... lonesome? It's not like coming to the gym is a team sport or anything, but you seemed extra distant. But then, I happened to be here on a day you were working with Karen. You were a completely different person – vibrant, laughing, actually enjoying what you were doing instead of fighting through your sets like you had bad cramps or something. All I could think about for a couple of days after was that I could be that person, I could make you smile like that too." Blake pulled off his socks but didn't stop talking. “That's when I clued in that you did occasionally chat with some of the regular guys, the really big ones. The six feet plus ones, which I'm... clearly not. I'm broader than some of them, maybe, to scale, but I felt I wasn't big enough to get on your radar. I couldn't get that out of my head, even when I could plainly overhear that the reason you felt okay talking to them was that you had known them for years. I started comparing myself with the other members after that and realized I was... I am... shorter than all of the guys here. I'm 21 so it's not a new thing for me, being the vertically challenged guy. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to worry about it, that the thinly veiled looks of disappointment people give me when we first meet don't get to me. But you... you didn't give me that. You looked more than a little overwhelmed rather than underwhelmed when I first came over." Blake's tank top was next. He had to struggle to stretch it out and up over his shoulders, fully revealing the trim waist below the wide flare of his chest and back. Cas forced himself to look away and focus on counting down from 100 to keep himself from springing up erect. "In hindsight, I'm pretty sure TJ was watching me, watching you before he invited me to workout with them last week. He started telling me that he could make me taller and that he could arrange things so you'd have to notice me. Like a fucking moron, I believed it, ate it up, didn't bother to check things out for myself until today. Like a workout supplement could ever make me taller! When he sent me over to you today... it was like a dream come true. It's not like he could convince me to approach and meet you if it wasn't already something I, apparently so openly, longed for. You've met the guy – he's not exactly a master manipulator. But he does know how to take advantage of insecurity. I'm sorry I was such an easy target and that you got to be his target through me.” Blake slid down his shorts and boxer-briefs at once and stepped out of them. His package flopped out, smacking against his thigh heavily. “I'm not sorry that I finally got over my self-doubt to meet you. I'm not sorry that it gave me a chance to show you that I do have an admittedly, somewhat idealistic protective streak or that I got the chance to defend you at least a little bit from that jerk. I'm definitely not sorry that you've been struck smitten or that all I've been able to feel today is a tightening grip of emotion in my chest that makes my dick twitch each time I look at you. In short, this not-so-straight or closeted guy is thankful” He turned to face Caspian who marvelled, wide-eyed at the size of the member displayed before him. Confidence back in full swing, Blake felt a smirk creep a corner of his mouth up. “Fuck! That's your dick?!? And you're soft?!” Cas tried to keep it a whisper but he was just too shocked by the sight of the meat before him. He was incredibly lucky they were still the only two people in the locker-room. It had to be as long as his own erect dick could get with a significant width advantage. “Well, maybe not completely soft after hearing that. Definitely not sorry I got that reaction out of you.” Blake teased as he deliberately wrapped his towel around his waist at an agonizing pace. It did nothing to hide the obscene mound of bulge he possessed. “You have to know that you're packing... a lot...right?” Cas felt his cheeks heating up with embarrassment as he looked down at his own average member, still covered by his briefs. Blake followed his gaze down and took a step closer so they were both looking down at Caspian's junk. "Hey, you fill those out just fine. More than fine – I can clearly see the cute outline of your cut cock pushing against that adorable bubble-gum pink fabric. And the rainbow waistband sits just right to highlight the insane amount of oblique work you've done to make your Adonis belt as lean as possible. I'm struggling not to get hard here while I'm looking at you." Blake spoke softly, reassuringly, taking another step closer so he could hook an arm around Cas, resting his hand possessively on a hip. A faint gasp slipped through Cas's lips at the torrid, intimate touch. "I'm going to go into the steam-room. You're going to join me, right?" The self-assurance Blake said it with suggested refusal wouldn't be an option. With a squeeze and a gentle tug at Cas's waist, he sauntered off. Cas was at a loss. This didn't happen to people. At least not outside of porn. He was feeling far too much, far too fast. This was insane. Blake's reciprocation of the same intensity of emotions was uncanny. Why did Blake get to him so much? What was it about him that made him Cas's personal incarnation of kryptonite? And how the hell was Cas supposed to interpret his... added dominance in the dick department? Why did he feel both demeaned and aroused by some of Blake's last comments? His locker remained silent. The sound of other voices coming to the locker-room brought Caspian back to reality. He shucked his briefs and walked toward the steam-room uncertainly, towel in hand. He stopped at the door, listening for the sound of conversation from inside. Hearing nothing, he swung the door partway open and tentatively stepped inside. Cas let out a small yelp as two hands gripped him by the arms and dragged him the rest of the way into the dark room and pushed him back slowly toward a bench. Blake grinned up at him, clearly amused by catching him off guard. “You had me concerned for a moment. I wasn't sure you were going to make it in here after me.” Blake kept his voice low, trying to avoid anyone outside overhearing. “What are you doing?” Cas gave the room a quick scan as he was backed up to confirm they were alone. Blake let go of his arms when Cas felt the wooden bench brush against the backs of his legs. Pressing tightly against him, Blake leaned up on the balls of his feet as he cradled the back of Cas's head with a free hand and tilted it down. Their first kiss was a gentle brush of lips: an exploratory, chaste contact of skin on skin with half-closed, fluttering eyes in the insulating dimness. The outside world fell away, there was only Blake and Caspian delving into the first sweet taste of their nascent affection. They broke the kiss with a mutual sigh. “Taking advantage of an unexpected opportunity, Caspian.” Blake grinned against Cas's mouth and playfully nipped his bottom lip. “You know this is a public steam-room, right? Any minute now someone else is going to come in here.” Cas couldn't help but break into a grin with Blake even as he tried to urge caution. “But until that happens, there's just us, just now, just this....” Blake raised his hands again and positioned them atop Cas's shoulders. Cas thought he was going to pull him in for another kiss before they were interrupted, but instead, he started to feel downward pressure from Blake's heavy hands. Instinctively, Cas tightened his legs to remain standing. Blake's eyes took on an impish glint as he felt Cas stiffen against the pressure. He moved forward just a bit more, pressing his broad chest against Cas and forcing the taller man to lean backward over the bench. When the inevitable happened and Cas started to fall backward onto the bench, Blake caught him under the arms and gently lowered him the last few inches. Cas was rock hard between them before his ass met the bench. “Show off, much?” Cas tried to keep the arousal out of his voice. “Maybe I like showing off for you.” Blake spread Cas's legs to let himself step in closer and stand over him. He crossed his arms and looked down, a curious smile playing on his lips. “Yeah... I could definitely get used to this kind of a view.” Blake junior started swelling up beneath the towel. “What view is that, Blake?” Cas reluctantly raised his gaze from the magnificence of Blake's chest to make eye contact. Cas's breath caught in his throat at the naked, unmasked lust he saw in Blake's half-smile. “The view of you having to look up at me. So fucking hot, Cas.” Blake uncrossed his arms and leaned over Cas, bracing himself on the upper bench as he did so. His smile grew when Cas's eyes widened at being surrounded by the heavily muscled arms. “So, um, you like being the bigger man?” Cas was having difficulty catching his breath. “I think we both know I'm already the bigger man. I also happen to like the view of being the taller man too.” “Oh yeah?” Cas arched up toward Blake and lifted a hand to idly play with one of his nipples. “Fuck yeah.” Blake leaned down further to nuzzle into Cas's neck. Their torsos rubbed against each other, slick with perspiration. “Guess...it's...a good thing...I could totally...get into that...then.” Cas managed to pant out as he guided Blake's mouth up to his. Their second kiss was a raucous battle of tongues. They explored each other's mouths, probing, tangling with each other as they pushed deeper. The submission Blake assumed he had won from Cas evaporated as they kissed. Cas's tongue was longer than Blake anticipated, his mouth opened wider, his appetite to tease and taste Blake more voracious. Cas gripped one side of Blake's ass while his other hand explored the thick, hard cords of muscle along his upper back. In retaliation, Blake stopped supporting as much of his own weight, forcing Cas to lean back until his upper back and shoulders were pinned against the upper bench. Blake chuffed a husky laugh and ended their kiss as Cas struggled to gain some leverage. “Having some difficulty sitting up, Cas?” “You are so not fighting fair.” Cas continued squirming in vain. “I'm actually impressed you're still making this much of an effort. Trust me on this one, Cas. Now that I have you pinned, you're not going to get me off you.” “You think so, Blake? So I should just give up then?” “I didn't say that. Feeling you wriggle around to fight your way free is hot as hell.” “Fuck! Why are you so strong...? Fuck!” Blake couldn't keep himself from laughing at Cas's exasperation. In response, Cas stopped trying brute strength and started probing Blake's sides lightly, looking for a different weakness to exploit. “Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not ticklish.” Blake couldn't stop grinning at Cas's futile search. “Fuck. I'd be pissed it the weight of you wasn't turning me on so fucking much!” Cas gave up wrangling for his freedom and elected to slide a hand into the front of Blake's towel and tug playfully on the spread of hair that coated his lower abdomen. Blake bucked against him in response. “Hnnnng!” Blake's voice caught in the back of his throat when Cas yanked a little bit harder. “Fine – you win!” He eased up the force he was applying and reached down a hand to adjust his rigid dick below his towel. "Amazing how you didn't tear a hole through your towel. That's a real-life skill right there, not destroying cloth with your rock-hard, massive tool." Cas taunted. “Careful, or I'll destroy you with it....” Blake growled as he eyed Cas's naked form up and down, trying to decide something. “Stop thinking so loud, Blake. It's a public steam-room and we've been really lucky that no one's barged in here yet. Just kiss me one more time so we can get out of here?” “You're okay though, right? I didn't read anything wrong?” Blake's quick shift to concern was audible. “You were perfect, are perfect, Blake. You picked up on things I didn't even think I was advertising....” Cas trailed off into thought. “Yeah?” “Yeah. Definitely.” “And you don't mind that I'm...well...kinda short?” “Have you been paying attention, Blake? It's like you were designed specifically just for me and my loopy personality. Stop thinking about yourself as so much less just because you're not super tall. Like you so humbly put it earlier: we both know you're the bigger man.” “Say it again?” Blake implored as he leaned in slowly this time and braced himself above Cas's prone form. Cas raised a hand to stroke one of the biceps caging him while his other hand rested on the thick side of Blake's ribcage. “Good grief, “ Cas rolled his eyes at the request. Blake leaned in a bit more and nibbled one of Cas's earlobes in response. “Mmmm - fine. You're not just the bigger man, Blake. You're the biggest man.” Blake started to move himself up to kiss Cas one last time but his body suddenly shifted of its own volition. The balance he had maintained failed and the upper bench loomed toward his face. His body tilted forward, unexpectedly pushing up against Cas, tighter than expected. His knees scraped the lower bench he was already standing against. His feet slid themselves backward without any conscious movement. Cas immediately wrapped his arms firmly around Blake's lower chest, trying to prevent him from falling. He barely managed to use himself as a counterweight to stabilize Blake's surprising mass. He could swear the torso he gripped swelled thicker as Blake almost lost his balance. The space against Blake's chest and between his arms where Cas was felt distinctly...smaller than it had a moment ago. Blake's towel finally slipped free and fell to the floor. “Shit.” Blake stood up immediately, hauling Caspian to his feet with him. “Are you alright? I didn't mean to- I don't know what just happened!” “I'm okay. You?” Cas steadied himself and looked Blake over. “Apart from a skinned knee, you look... alright... I think....” Something was different. “I think?” Blake crouched down to retrieve his towel before wrapping it around himself again. “Let's just take it as a sign to get out of here?” Cas started toward the door as he spoke. “Yeah....” Blake followed, trying not to be disappointed that they didn't get a final kiss. Showering and trying to get dressed in the locker-room was more awkward than expected. The bubble of privacy they had enjoyed burst upon leaving the steam-room. Other guys milled about in various states of undress, carrying on their own conversations, oblivious to the monumental efforts of Blake and Cas to remain focused on not eye-fucking or man-handling each other while in public. Cas was ready to leave far sooner than Blake. “Tomorrow?” Cas asked bluntly, suddenly unsure of what to say or do now that he was dressed in the busy room. “Tomorrow.” Blake's reply was equally brief, but he managed to smile at the other man. Cas nodded and departed. A moment later a message came in on Blake's phone. Cas: Sorry for the awkward. If it's not too much, are you up for hanging out after brunch too? Blake hurriedly shoved his legs into his pants. The thought of 'hanging out' with Cas tomorrow threatened to rocket him back to fully hard and he needed to avoid that while at the gym. He started to zip up, but his pants didn't fit like they were supposed to. They were riding a little too high at the ankle and mashing his impressive package uncomfortably. He adjusted himself a couple of times without success and gave up. It was a short drive home. He could suffer through whatever was wrong until then. Grabbing his phone, he started texting back, a goofy grin plastered on his face as he walked out of the gym. Blake: I could do that. Couldn't stop thinking about me hanging out for you, huh? Cas: Ha! But seriously, support that equipment of yours tomorrow morning. Can't have you damaging the goods. Blake: Blake's grin didn't fade despite feeling cramped the entire drive home. He couldn't help but gently fondle his balls in relief after he stripped down to a pair of old, loose shorts and started sorting through his clothes. Trouble was, given what he wanted after the day's events, he couldn't decide what to wear....
  4. Sannong, are you using a prostate stimulator/massager in addition to the supplements you're taking?
  5. anormorph


    Oh....Oh my.... This will definitely be interesting to watch every social dynamic in Linus's life change! at how you worked this into the forced scene, RR1. Priceless!
  6. Or it just means that the changes you did achieve through monumental effort didn't match up with the goal/s you set. This doesn't mean that there weren't huge things that got 'better.' These aren't necessarily the same goal. Some people become significantly stronger without a significant increase in size. Training style will have a massive effect on what the result will be. You can still look moderately muscular without immediately adding gobs of size. There is something to be said for leaning down so the work you have successfully completed is on display. Could clearly seeing the muscle mass you did achieve help with your difficulty imagining yourself as 'big?' What they look like in clothing vs out of clothing is probably very, very different. You may be giving them too much credit and yourself not enough?
  7. There are several ways to check up on what your 'potential' might be. Google should be your friend for that. If the volume of information you get is too wide though, here's a link to get you started: https://www.muscleforlife.com/how-much-muscle-can-you-build-naturally/ And this is only one person's article about it. Time, education, effort, and clear, achievable goals will get you a long way, Skinnynoob. It is absolutely realistic that you could achieve what you want. It won't happen in a month though - it'll probably take several years. Break down what changes you want to make into smaller goals, maybe that'll help with your motivation? And Equus does have a point - everyone's going to respond differently. But different doesn't necessarily mean that you won't like the changes that you make for yourself. Or that other people won't notice - In my experience they usually do. It's my own harsh criticism that I have to watch out for. For your own starting points - you're already comfortably taller than average at 182 cm/5' 11.65". That means you theoretically have more 'room' for more size. And at 80kg/176lbs you're significantly more built to scale than at least myself when I started. I can't speak for others, but I feel you might be more substantial than they were too. You. Can. Do. This.
  8. And the award for sassiest clap back goes to..... Although I am somewhat concerned now that Republican, gun-toting, gay Kirk Cameron fiction might actually exist somewhere on the internet..... Damn rule 34....
  9. Muscledrain - Thank. You. Chapter 22 was beyond perfection in so many ways. Funny but also so very true. Possibly funnier because of how true you made it.
  10. anormorph


    It's a perfect start, RR1! Thanks for taking the plunge to move from lurker to poster and share this with all of us. You're building what looks like a really fun world and characters to write about.
  11. BULLMASTER, indeed! You're probably pumped thicker than one of my calves here, SexyMuscleGod!
  12. Does anyone have any preferences for what they change in a DeLoad phase/week? Something pretty much always came up (getting ill, events, etc) that would force me to be out of the gym for most or all of a week, so I've never actually had to plan one. I still have a couple weeks before it 'should' be scheduled, so this might be a little optimistic that nothing will happen between now and then, lol. I'm looking at a few options so far: - Just lower the weight on things I'm struggling with and keep other things normal. - Reduce the weight on everything - from 85% 1RPM (4-6 reps) to 60-65%-ish (8-10?) - Keep the weight the same but lower volume of reps. - Do a few days of full-body compound lifts at reduced weight and increase days of cardio. Currently I'm there 5-6 days a week. The extra 'floater' day is devoted to cardio and core. Thanks for any suggestions, input, ideas, etc. you may have!
  13. Still pumping here too!!


    1. anormorph


      That's one heck of a marathon session, SexyMuscleGod!!!

  14. From any and all of the angles we've tossed about for discussion it was absolutely hot!
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