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    Working hard to grow bigger, better quality muscle and get stronger. Love the lifestyle. Love the feeling. Love the purpose. Love the result :D
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    225 lbs
  • What are you seeking?
    I like chatting with you guys. I like seeing other people have similar struggles and successes.
    Sharing my experiences. I am currently working under ferruminfratris. Under his wing I should hit 240-250 by the fallish. With fat down and muscle up.
  • What are your dream stats?
    8-10% bf
    250lbs 270 if it's possible
    32-34" waist
    Solid, juicy and strong.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Yup. One of my things is being myself big but having an even bigger partner. I like imagining one day people say "Damn he's huge" when I walk into a room. But then they just cream their pants when my man comes in after me. Also the gentle giant thing is adorable and hot.

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  1. I officially can't fit into Ls!

    1. GymWolf


      Very nice!!! Getting swole Puppi!!

  2. Day off. Too sore and too tired Zzz

  3. God this is adorable. Can this be adapted to a graphic novel? It's really cute
  4. Who here is a relationship expert? Lol

  5. 225lbs on an empty stomach and dehydrated. I have never been that big in my whole life. And I am not going to stop now. Hell nope :D

  6. Super nervous for my date tonight. At least he gets to see my chest pumped!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. flamedelft
    3. UMMuscle
    4. musclepuppi


      Thanks guys! You are really sweet :) Date went super well, no need for me to have been nervous

  7. A big milestone is happening tonight for this kid. My first game is hitting stores. Super nervous '~`

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Trontastic


      Someone say game? Oooh! What's its' name?

    3. musclepuppi


      Lol thanks guys :]

    4. Gaizer


      Grats! My game went up today too. All the best of luck :)

  8. Had a really great chest day today. I definitely haven't reached my plateau yet. There's so much more to grow and perfect and learn :)

    1. Mdlftr


      Good for you! Keep growing and get HYOOOGE in the New Year!! PECS!

    2. growingbiceps
  9. The last of my large Ts are too small now. Starting to feel like a big boy

    1. Tomoshiraga


      Nice! You gotta start flexing out of them soon for fun. ;)

  10. Separate who you are from who you want to be. Then make your plan and go get it!

    1. GymWolf


      Every journey starts with series of small steps.

  11. Leg day is always exhausting. And who the fuck invented stairs? Damn

  12. Hotel I'm staying at has full sized mirrors facing each other. Not too shabby in the muscle department but legs are definitely my weak point X.X

    1. GymWolf


      Oooooh should I join you Puppi? :-D

    2. musclepuppi


      Haha as long as you lie to me and tell me my quads are thick and ass is juicy

    3. GymWolf


      Hehe... As long as I can spoon up to you too Puppi! ;-)

  13. Altered chest routine, they felt flushed with blood for hours. I'm gonna try focusing more on chest, legs and back. Gotta thicken meself.

    1. GymWolf


      Pump'em up puppi!!!

  14. Was out for pizza with coworkers. Two thick hunks walked in and went straight for the single user bathroom. I know they fucked and I was so jealous T.T

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. musclepuppi


      awww haha thanks guys! :D maybe next time I'll just pop in through the window "Need a pup to spit roast?"

    3. GymWolf


      *lol* That would be so funny!! Or the gap under the stall and say "Do you guys need a hand, or two? *wink*"

    4. SMASHOR


      if it was a single user bathroom and they were so huge; shouldn't something have given way with all that male mass heaving in man 2 man action?

  15. Started working out in the mornings. Pros: almost empty. I have energy. Cons: old men everywhere.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. musclepuppi


      I correct myself: old, unfit, unsexy nomuscle men ;)

    3. Flmuscle


      Much better puppi. Time for me to go and flex. ;)

    4. musclepuppi
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