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    real profile.
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    5'7; 196; 15%BF
    Natty - unfortunately.
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    Friendship only.
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  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Lee Priest - In his early 20's his physique was phenomenal.
    Shawn Ray - Aesthetic as fuck.
    Peter Molnar - Crazy genetics.
    David Dahan - Frenchie with great mass, before his steroids bust but making a come back.
    Mohammed Alzahmi - Superb mass and aesthetics.
    Lloyd Herford - Solid build.
    And plenty more...

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  1. Thanks for the follow mate.

    1. Jock


      You're welcome

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  4. Thanks for the follow and kind comments.

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  7. Lucky bastard!
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  10. Bollocks. Hotel gym only has a multi gym. I can feel the atrophy already kicking in.

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    2. dredlifter


      Gotta love hotel "fitness centers."<_<

      I've almost given up on  trying to lift when I travel.  Unless you stay at 4 or 5 star hotel you're usually screwed.

    3. Vinny190


      Last two weeks were great but this one's going to be a struggle.

    4. Mdlftr


      Try a combination of body weight and machine exercises if you can.

      Otherwise, try single arm or leg reps on the machines - sloowwwlly stretching out the reps to increase the intensity.

      At least a machine is better than a broken bicycle and a treadmill - that was one of my more recent hotel "gym" experiences......

  11. Wouldn't say it's a main reason, but hell, if it's a byproduct then so be it!
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    1. richard18


      no problem


  14. I think he's had something done. His gyno used to be a lot more apparent. In any event his physique is fucking phenomenal!
  15. Thanks for the follow.