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    real profile.
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    5'7; 196; 15%BF
    Natty - unfortunately.
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    Friendship only. Though clearly narcissistic, I'm not into skype or similar messaging apps. Quite happy to talk on here and answer questions though.
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  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Lee Priest - In his early 20's his physique was phenomenal.
    Shawn Ray - Aesthetic as fuck.
    Peter Molnar - Crazy genetics.
    David Dahan - Frenchie with great mass, before his steroids bust but making a come back.
    Mohammed Salem Abdulla Zhami - Superb mass and aesthetics.
    Lloyd Herford - Solid build.
    And plenty more...

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  1. Thanks for the follow.

  2. Thanks for the follow mate.

  3. Are you on instagram man?

    1. Vinny190


      Used to be, but not anymore.

  4. Thanks for the follow mate.

  5. Thanks for the follow big guy.

  6. Thanks for the reps. The support keeps me going.

  7. Thanks for the follow mate.

  8. Awesome build mate. Keep doing what you're doing.

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    2. Vinny190


      I'll trade some size for some of your conditioning..

    3. Gymaddict78


      Omg happily. To walk a day in your shorts would be awesome. 

    4. Vinny190


      You wouldn't. They smell.

  9. Solid build mate. Nice work!

  10. Thanks for the follow mate.

  11. Thanks for the follow mate.

    1. Blake


      Very welcome. 

  12. Thanks for the follow.

  13. Thanks for the follow mate.

  14. Thanks for the follow mate.

  15. Thanks for the follow mate.