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    Growth, lots and lots of GROWTH!
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    6ft 230lbs big beefy Canadian Beast.
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    Someone to talk to, to encourage me to get even BIGGER, fuck I'd LOVE to meet someone IRL who is as into growth as I am, encouraging me, GROWING along with me (or just forcing me to grow into the behemoth I deserve to be!)
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    REALISTICALLY? I'd wanna put Golias to shame. FANTASY? I've literally outgrown reality twice in RP's so..yeah I don't know how to record that...
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    OH GOD so many TOO MANY! the works of Musclegod300, pretty much anything by Seamusc or Ravenweremuscle (ESP if he's doing macro stuff..he doesn't a lot but it's a shame, the man is a god at it!) OH FREaky's work, his entire combined story collection! Jaypat, god damn he's amazing! And like HUNDREDS of other ones that I can't think of right now!
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    ME. Seriously though, I don't focus a lot on other people's growth, be they guys in the gym or famous bodybuilders, all that matters to me is my OWN size.
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    Growth. Lots and lots of growth. (see above.)

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  1. I noticed, that it is your birthday. Happy birthday!

  2. PERFECT. Honestly PERFECT. It's a fantastic story chunk! SO When multiple parts come out at once I'm positive I'm going to have to PICK a spot to pop to, you know? BUT NO! Chapter one, (Part 7) it got me nice, perked up and ready! The foreplay, Chapter 2 (part 8 ) was the edging the glorious GROWTH and descriptions getting me dripping, but chapter 3 (part 9 here! GOD DAMN) it was the GLORIOUS climax! GOD DAMN it's good! When you blend the fucking and the GROWTH so much you just..you don't get a second to BREATHE it's just so fucking hot after SO FUCKING HOT! love it! Incredible work man!!!
  3. Just stage ONE and he's got an extra 120lbs of solid muscle mass, the description of growth from ALL parties, first person describing everything he was feeling, while still getting to hear the specific details from Arliss and Vic OH oh GOD it's awesome! PART 3 here I CUM!
  4. You're like NETFLIX of muscle growth! Wait..NetFLEX! FUCK YEAH! I See a brand new chapter, throbbing hard ready to enjoy and BAM 3. THREE chapters to binge on!!! Fuck yeah. LOVE this one! The reveal he's slowly being slipped samples of serum..My heart is racing as hard as Jessie's is as I wait for the REAL growth to start!!!
  5. Kinda wondering if anyone has any of my saved stories that might have been deleted since? Message me if you do!

  6. Hey! The beast is back :P Sorry for the hiatus, trying to balance life, and work and personal time, and failing at it LOL I'm making it a goal now, to give more time for ME, to GROW, to enjoy time with friends! I'd love to chat again whenever you're on!

  7. FUCK I love this. I LOVE this fucking chapter! I dunno, I feel such a kinship with this big, burly growing canadian werebeast! seriously though this is just AMAZING. you have this way of creating such living characters, such vivid scenes with such incredible detail that I can picture myself there, I can SEE every muscle FLEX and GROW, hear every GRUNT smell the sweat! oh god it's amazing! EVERYONE needs to give this entire series a read!
  8. Hey beastie, can you send me a message as soon as you read this. (Hopefully, I'm on!)

    I need to talk to you.

  9. Happy Birthday man! May you hopefully grow large on your birthday! Make sure to make a wish ;)

  10. Cool new avatar! Any reason for the change?

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    2. cutlerfan
    3. cutlerfan


      I hope you like my new review of your latest audio.


    4. GiganticBeast


      oh GOD YES! hope you liked my reply! honestly THANKS for listening man!!

  11. VERY NICE! impressive! I didn't expect something like this! Thank you!! DAMN that's good! I second the cheers demanding another chapter
  12. Thanks for following me.

    1. GiganticBeast


      No prob! Thanks for being a great big fuckin BEAST! haha Keep on Growin man!

  13. It had BETTER be continued haha this is a GREAT first story on here man, can't wait to see what happens next!! LOVE a great big musclegutted beast too fucking huge to MOVE properly! Though they could clearly use a few more..tons of muscle eh? haha
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