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    6ft 230lbs big beefy Canadian Beast.

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  1. Oh shit you live in Ontario! Dude best place to be!

    1. Astromuscle


      Actually i's doubly funny because I had a dream that you started working in my office and I recognised you but you didn't know it was me, and I dropped hints that I knew who you were and you were freaking out til I told you lol! 

      It could actually happen!!!!

  2. Happy beastly birthday!

  3. Wishing you 30 lbs for 30 years!

    1. GiganticBeast


      Fuck yeah man! 30lbs or 30tons! either way i'm happy! Thanks!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GB!! Here's to the growth you've already had...now on to the massive proportions you want! Happy 30th bro! 

    1. GiganticBeast


      Thanks man!! Yeah I can't fucking wait to see how BIG i'll get!

  5. Happy Birthday Big Man! I wish you 1 foot of height and a ton of muscle for each year of your life! have a Great Birthday!  CF

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Astromuscle


      only 1 foot to add a ton of muscle? Damn you gonna be swole af!

    3. cutlerfan


      One foot of height per year of his age so 30 feet.

    4. Astromuscle


      Oh hot damn! Nowhere to go but up from there!

  6. Saw it's your bday, have a great one big guy. :)

    1. GiganticBeast


      Thanks man! I hope to!!

  7. First of all "takes a little bit to get into the good stuff" is ridiculous, it's ALL good. I fucking LOVE to savour the build up to the growth! if it's TOO rushed it kinda...I dunno makes the growth feel rushed, and I don't like that! I wanna enjoy it! Like Jack or Mr Malone obviously are! Speaking which..."Still growing, nearly 7ft tall" god damn...I have some feedback..MORE BARS lol please don't let this be a one off that fades away haha I really want to see where they go from here!
  9. GREAT to see the good doctor return! This was well worth the wait!! Of course, since I just read it now, I couldn't really savour it for the hours I wanted to, rereading my fav chunks as I edge for hours haha BUT I do think in the wee small hours as I'm stuck a work I'm going to bring this up and enjoy it AT LEAST a few more times
  10. Awesome!! I'll go for the 25th of april then if that's ok!
  11. I LOVE this idea!! Would I be able to do a special Anniversary Audio by any chance?
  12. Well..you got me blushing...and throbbing a bit thanks man!! I will be honest, I'd love the easy win at "best at thing that I'm the only doing" BUT it totes wouldn't be a fair thing at all! BUT i vote for Taka for best Multimedia that's for sure! That guy is...WOW. EDIT: As the category has been changed after this post, I'm counting this as its own nomination. -- Edited by hempmonkey
  13. This one is 100% no brainer! Best Forum contributor has to go to Ravenweremuscle That guy is the most prolific poster on here!! OH I have a few other suggestions I dunno if you want to get like SUPER specific or not BUT I was also thinking: Best Growth Spurt: Growcub (LOOK at those fucking guns! GOD DAMN) EDIT: Please use this to vote for ravenweremuscle ONLY - Best Forum contributor of 2016 - Nominated by GiganticBeast - edited by scriptboy https://muscle-growth.org/profile/119-ravenweremuscle/
  14. Thanks for the "Follow", big man!

    1. GiganticBeast
    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      You bet...nice profile.  You can usually find me in chat if you'd like to chat sometime.  Cheers!

  15. I think there's absolutely something to it! I go a few days without cumming and my mindset becomes more and more bestial you know? Definitely notice a bit more BOOM in the voice and feel less like I'm walking around/to work etc, and more like some sort of vicious barely controlled beast struggling to control myself and not POUNCE on the nearest hottie I come across. I also recall all the way back to my highschool weight lifting coach would swear to us that you shouldn't jack off/ fuck the night before a big game/contest, especially when you really want to go all out, as you end up lowering test levels that way.