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  1. Well..you got me blushing...and throbbing a bit thanks man!! I will be honest, I'd love the easy win at "best at thing that I'm the only doing" BUT it totes wouldn't be a fair thing at all! BUT i vote for Taka for best Multimedia that's for sure! That guy is...WOW. EDIT: As the category has been changed after this post, I'm counting this as its own nomination. -- Edited by hempmonkey
  2. This one is 100% no brainer! Best Forum contributor has to go to Ravenweremuscle That guy is the most prolific poster on here!! OH I have a few other suggestions I dunno if you want to get like SUPER specific or not BUT I was also thinking: Best Growth Spurt: Growcub (LOOK at those fucking guns! GOD DAMN) EDIT: Please use this to vote for ravenweremuscle ONLY - Best Forum contributor of 2016 - Nominated by GiganticBeast - edited by scriptboy https://muscle-growth.org/profile/119-ravenweremuscle/
  3. Thanks for the "Follow", big man!

    1. GiganticBeast
    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      You bet...nice profile.  You can usually find me in chat if you'd like to chat sometime.  Cheers!

  4. I think there's absolutely something to it! I go a few days without cumming and my mindset becomes more and more bestial you know? Definitely notice a bit more BOOM in the voice and feel less like I'm walking around/to work etc, and more like some sort of vicious barely controlled beast struggling to control myself and not POUNCE on the nearest hottie I come across. I also recall all the way back to my highschool weight lifting coach would swear to us that you shouldn't jack off/ fuck the night before a big game/contest, especially when you really want to go all out, as you end up lowering test levels that way.
  5. Hey! If anyone's interested in joining, I made a discord chat all about GiganticBeast, but he may not be on that often, but I'm sure he'll try. It's a place everyone can chat and be amazed at how much he's GROWING!! And also anyone that likes to grow or just watch others grow is welcome. 


    Heres the Link: https://discord.gg/ZFVr9Y2

  6. This is a great question! and I understand that when it comes to personal interpretations of a character you cannot be faulted if you take offense at the portrayal you find inaccurate/offensive. That said, I personally find him to be stocky, sure, BUT absolutely muscled. Like a world's strongest man kinda guy. you see the way the body moves and there's very little jiggle that would indicate fat, and the fact you can make out the muscle definition, his delts/triceps etc very visible on the arms where a fat guy would just be arm you know? Again, that's just my interpretation of what I can see. (Also with Samoan heritage himself, and I'm assuming no small degree of veto power, if it was an intentionally offensive portrayal The Rock wouldn't have been lent his voice to the role in the first place!)
  7. GOD DAMN I have been trying to get you to share these masterpieces here for awhile This was INCREDIBLE! The growth descriptions TOP NOTCH as always, and fuck me if that dedicated lil wife didn't deserve a true GOD for all the work she was putting into making him BIG! Thank you so much man, this scratched the PERFECT fucking itch for me tonight haha
  8. I really don't think it's a problem to be honest. There are guys who want to GROW, there are guys who want to watch other's get MASSIVE, and their are some that fit in both camps! That's what is BEST about this site, it's something we should be celebrating not denigrating! Raven nailed it on the head. it's this difference that makes us stand OUT, that makes us the single greatest muscle website out there!
  9. To say LONG AWAITED, for a story by you would be an understatement been DYING to read a new one for awhile now man, and this was well worth the wait! First off this is a great chapter showing off some particularly skilled writing (I love the almost clinical descriptions you've got going on here, which absolutely fit the tone given Good Doctor's presence!) I shall eagerly await the next chapter
  10. Finished my Bane vest, feeling fucking PUMPED! Costume completed and looking BEASTLY!

    1. scot158f


      You look phenomenal!!!

    2. cutlerfan


      Wow you really look like Bane! I need to remember not to lurk in shadows near you.

    3. argomac


      awesome stuff. everything you hoped it would be and more! 

  11. I was putting off reading this. I'm not going to lie. I absolutely LOVED this story, and to see it's finale up and there, looming over me it was like..ohhh..I mean i KNOW you are going to start another INSANELY immense growth story, but this one struck a chord with me, it had so many incredible growth scenes, new kinks for me to start enjoying and as always such fucking fun! Could the ending keep up the trend? God yes. When YOU write a story with the MACRO tag you FUCKING MEAN IT! No 8ft nonsense for you, god no! This was a GREAT one man! and yeah, I'm gonna miss these two, but there's always the hope we could see them again sometime! Or their descendants, as I bet this family is going to be INSANELY prolific lol
  12. SO this is always a VERY awkward subject for me to bring up! I lived in a VERY small town in northern ontario and I got to be a pretty big boy before 4th grade! AND I was a fucking bully. Yup. I REALLY hope this doesn't tarnish people's view of me too much! BUT I should explain, I was obsessed with size, and strength and growing even from that age! and the fact I was BIGGER than the kids I picked on, it really hit home this POWER over someone you know? THEN in 5th grade we moved from a TINY little town in Northern Ontario, to a GREAT BIG CITY of Regina SK(for me lol) and wow..it..it TOTALLY changed! I was bigger than them but they didn't care! there were SO MANY and they ALL got together to pick on me and my siblings for being new and different (I was the only white kid in the class of 30 native Canadians and while MOST of the kids were normal and super friendly, there WAS a fairly overwhelming front of racism I encountered, I still have a letter the teacher gave me to give to my parents, asking I sit out "Tipi time" as it was culturally insensitive, despite the fact I was just a regular child, and I distinctly recall a straight up beatdown i got from 5 kids for, and I shit you not "Killing all their buffalo") This put EVERYTHING in perspective for me, the fact that the power drive the urge to dominate like that was..was not only NOT ok, it was the WRONG reason to want size, to want to GROW! I started immediately looking after my little bro and lil big sis, deciding no matter WHERE we were I was NOT going to do that again, not let that RUSH of power and control take over anymore. We moved back to the exact same northern ontario town for my last years of highschool, and I encountered those same kids I bullied but I made it my goal to prove I was a VERY MUCH changed man, helping stop a lot of the bullying going on in the halls when I could and showing the Beast was a gentle giant from that point on!
  13. I'm so DAMN BIG!

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      You'll get bigger man..I'm sure!

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      Need a friendly boost~?

    4. mawkroy


      But you need BIGGER So unreasonably HUGER, you make not only all humanity, but all so-called-beasts of creation, no matter what their very natures say, Cower! Submit! and WORSHIP! your SUPERIOR BRUTE ALPHA-HYPERMASCULINITY you redefine the word BEAST itself, reducing the likes of gorillas, bears, even Bigfoot! to mere pathetic neutered pets. You know in your heart of hearts it is destiny for you to inherit! and beCOME! BEAST BULL-BEHEMOTH ABOVE ALL!!!

  14. I'll say on one hand you're gonna struggle to find a group of more supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging beasts than on here, and god knows I was lurking to muscle/growth sites before I hit 18 too but I think this site is still a bit mature for someone at 14 due to the fetish/sexual side of things. I DID check the registration stuffs, and I didn't see anything saying there's an age restriction on registering users, but I think Bodybuilding.com might be a better site for you to start off with given they're more focused on training and less on the fetish of growth, but when you DO turn of age this beast'll be more than happy to chat about any kinda growth fantasy you may have haha
  15. hey man. long time no chat. you had any rp ideas. i had a couple about a brother and sister who turn into huge muscular hulks.

    1. TommyGunz


      I'm up for this as long as the sister outmuscles the brother and he's uncontrollably turned on by a girl hulk bigger and stronger than a boy hulk

    2. bri159


      sweet. I'm on yahoo or Skype. bkwme2000. hit me up!