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    6ft 230lbs big beefy Canadian Beast.

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  1. Thanks for following me.

    1. GiganticBeast


      No prob! Thanks for being a great big fuckin BEAST! haha Keep on Growin man!

  2. m/m

    It had BETTER be continued haha this is a GREAT first story on here man, can't wait to see what happens next!! LOVE a great big musclegutted beast too fucking huge to MOVE properly! Though they could clearly use a few more..tons of muscle eh? haha
  3. "You're big enough though" I swear..if I could gain a pound of muscle every time I heard that...I'd be a walking MOUNTAIN of size. It's not so much sabotage that I've experienced thank god, but every partner I've had has voiced that to me several times. It's like...confusion on their part? like...I've already gotten "Big enough" to be a big guy, why not stop there you know? but..I just wish I could meet someone, who understands it's not a WANT on my part, but a goddamned NEED.
  4. Don't be hopeless my friend. You've got a LONG life ahead of you, and plenty of time to meet the beast you need to make your life complete! The only tips I can give? Don't knock yourself as "not worth it" to a big ol beast you'd be interested in! If you're worried about approaching beasts just join the gym and do it there! You kill two birds with one stone, you get to be in a setting where the guys are PRIMED for compliment (usually wait til they're racking up the weights/between sets haha) and you can help turn yourself into one of those very same beasts! OF course I've got a bit of a RBF (resting Beast Face) so i tend to always look SUPER angry, even though I swear I'm not, so as my face is flushed red, sweat covered and thick veins pulsing up over the top of my bald head, I don't get approached too often, even if I'd really appreciate it! So yeah, don't judge a beast by his cover, give it a shot! Something as simple as "Wow, you're looking pretty damned big lately man!" If they respond negatively, it's a random compliment, no big deal! if they are more receptive go from there! It's a pretty safe way to do it and approach the biggest of the big haha
  5. DARK SOULS AND GROWING MUSCLE GIANTS!? WHY AM I SHOUTING? I CANNOT STOP! FUCK ME THIS IS INCREDIBLE! yes GOD this was AMAZING!!!! I love the concept of growing as leveling up, and..and GOD you described a dark souls NPC so fucking well I'm gonna feel bad about killing them now...but once I remember I have to so they can respawn and GROW, i'll feel better haha
  6. Fuck yeah man! That's amazing! Look, in my eyes, there's a HUGE difference between showing off, and arrogance. You can tear your shirt off in an explosive double bi flex, and let everyone around you stare in wonder at the body you've worked so fucking hard to create and that's 100% alright!! Arrogance is the sense that, because of these muscles, this size, this MASS you've earned, you're BETTER than other people around you. So long as you are avoiding that? not letting the thoughts of "GOD DAMN i'm BIG" drift into "I'm BIGGER and BETTER than everyone" you've got the beast under control and can FLEX away to your hearts content! You've earned that size, enjoy it, and keep GROWING!
  7. GOD DAMN i love them all, my favs though are in the first batch you sent, the ones with the guy TREMBLING as he cums over and OVER again...spurting so much fuck ME it's incredible!!
  8. GREAT finale (HOPEFULLY not a permanent finale) you can tellI loved it as it had shrinking giants and I STILL loved it. I know!
  9. BINGE reading these was the BEST and worst idea I've ever had...I...I don't know WHAT I want to read more! what I want to finish edging with! This chapters AMAZING but the next one is just as GOOD and god..>GOD DAMNIT...my screen's not really BIG enough for multiple stories..damn it...I'llfigure this out...A GREAT work man!
  10. Happy beastly birthday!

  11. Wishing you 30 lbs for 30 years!

    1. GiganticBeast


      Fuck yeah man! 30lbs or 30tons! either way i'm happy! Thanks!!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GB!! Here's to the growth you've already had...now on to the massive proportions you want! Happy 30th bro! 

    1. GiganticBeast


      Thanks man!! Yeah I can't fucking wait to see how BIG i'll get!

  13. Happy Birthday Big Man! I wish you 1 foot of height and a ton of muscle for each year of your life! have a Great Birthday!  CF

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Astromuscle


      only 1 foot to add a ton of muscle? Damn you gonna be swole af!

    3. cutlerfan


      One foot of height per year of his age so 30 feet.

    4. Astromuscle


      Oh hot damn! Nowhere to go but up from there!

  14. Saw it's your bday, have a great one big guy. :)

    1. GiganticBeast


      Thanks man! I hope to!!

  15. First of all "takes a little bit to get into the good stuff" is ridiculous, it's ALL good. I fucking LOVE to savour the build up to the growth! if it's TOO rushed it kinda...I dunno makes the growth feel rushed, and I don't like that! I wanna enjoy it! Like Jack or Mr Malone obviously are! Speaking which..."Still growing, nearly 7ft tall" god damn...I have some feedback..MORE BARS lol please don't let this be a one off that fades away haha I really want to see where they go from here!