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    Someone to talk to, to encourage me to get even BIGGER, fuck I'd LOVE to meet someone IRL who is as into growth as I am, encouraging me, GROWING along with me (or just forcing me to grow into the behemoth I deserve to be!)
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    REALISTICALLY? I'd wanna put Golias to shame. FANTASY? I've literally outgrown reality twice in RP's so..yeah I don't know how to record that...
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    OH GOD so many TOO MANY! the works of Musclegod300, pretty much anything by Seamusc or Ravenweremuscle (ESP if he's doing macro stuff..he doesn't a lot but it's a shame, the man is a god at it!) OH FREaky's work, his entire combined story collection! Jaypat, god damn he's amazing! And like HUNDREDS of other ones that I can't think of right now!
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    ME. Seriously though, I don't focus a lot on other people's growth, be they guys in the gym or famous bodybuilders, all that matters to me is my OWN size.
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    Growth. Lots and lots of growth. (see above.)

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  1. I noticed, that it is your birthday. Happy birthday!

  2. PERFECT. Honestly PERFECT. It's a fantastic story chunk! SO When multiple parts come out at once I'm positive I'm going to have to PICK a spot to pop to, you know? BUT NO! Chapter one, (Part 7) it got me nice, perked up and ready! The foreplay, Chapter 2 (part 8 ) was the edging the glorious GROWTH and descriptions getting me dripping, but chapter 3 (part 9 here! GOD DAMN) it was the GLORIOUS climax! GOD DAMN it's good! When you blend the fucking and the GROWTH so much you just..you don't get a second to BREATHE it's just so fucking hot after SO FUCKING HOT! love it! Incredible work man!!!
  3. Just stage ONE and he's got an extra 120lbs of solid muscle mass, the description of growth from ALL parties, first person describing everything he was feeling, while still getting to hear the specific details from Arliss and Vic OH oh GOD it's awesome! PART 3 here I CUM!
  4. You're like NETFLIX of muscle growth! Wait..NetFLEX! FUCK YEAH! I See a brand new chapter, throbbing hard ready to enjoy and BAM 3. THREE chapters to binge on!!! Fuck yeah. LOVE this one! The reveal he's slowly being slipped samples of serum..My heart is racing as hard as Jessie's is as I wait for the REAL growth to start!!!
  5. WOoof...that is fucking amazing! I would love to see if this continued!
  6. God damn! I say go for it! I couldn't offer tips myself I'm afraid (especially the diet aspect, I love my sweet tooth too damned much for my own good haha) still, the definition is fantastic! Especially when you consider you're flooding the pic with light and aren't leaning heavily on shadows or anything to make the definition POP, that's all you, and it looks great!! (also the playful faces definitely give you some bonus points in my rating book haha)
  7. Kinda wondering if anyone has any of my saved stories that might have been deleted since? Message me if you do!

  8. Hey! The beast is back :P Sorry for the hiatus, trying to balance life, and work and personal time, and failing at it LOL I'm making it a goal now, to give more time for ME, to GROW, to enjoy time with friends! I'd love to chat again whenever you're on!

  9. FUCK I love this. I LOVE this fucking chapter! I dunno, I feel such a kinship with this big, burly growing canadian werebeast! seriously though this is just AMAZING. you have this way of creating such living characters, such vivid scenes with such incredible detail that I can picture myself there, I can SEE every muscle FLEX and GROW, hear every GRUNT smell the sweat! oh god it's amazing! EVERYONE needs to give this entire series a read!
  10. OH absolutely yes @CardiMuscleman I'd LOVE that! see, I can safely say the concept of normal men jacking off imagining themselves muscle men IS 100% conceivable! it's a reason there are so many feats of strength in myth and legend! people valued strength! BUT..the best way I can describe it for those having difficulties visualizing what I'm saying: Without the means to conceptualize, VISUALIZE a growth spurt, a clothes tearing, roof smashing growth surge, as they'd never encountered it before in media etc, COULD they have enjoyed that fantasy? or is it essentially the same thing as I guess wanting to sleep with a robot? Something that they could never have encountered so they could never have conceivably fantasized about it?
  11. OK so..I posted this on my Tumblr, not much feedback, and I know this place LOVES growth (not necessarily the macro/mega sizes, but GROWTH as a whole is definitely a main drive of this forum haha SO I wanted to bring it up here! SO, this has been bugging me for a bit, and getting me SO FUCKING Hard, but again that’s because I’m so goddamned obsessed with size and GROWTH! As a fetish right? this HAS to be a more modern one…doesn’t it? I mean..think about it. FEET fetishdom can be traced back to as long as we’ve had FEET realistically! Likewise even more unusual fetishes like Vore could have roots in myth and legend (Kronos devouring his offspring? Just saying…could be fodder for some horny Greek back in the day!) BUT this specific one..GROWTH..is it a new one? I mean..they didn’t HAVE a concept of growth rays or the tropes of wishes gone wrong or science experiments gone awry until recently like..1950′s on! (The Hulk wasn’t until 1962) ALTHOUGH the Greeks DID have a huge fucking hard on for the perfect male form..and they believed in TITANS, and GODS, and created ENORMOUS muscled sculptures right? I mean Zeus was a wonder of the ancient world at 13m Tall! OR the Colossus of Rhodes towering 33m! Can you tell me some horny ancient predecessor of mine couldn’t have been staring up at those colossal structures thinking “OH gods GRANT me that strength MAKE me that size PLEASE! oh PLEASE I wish nothing more than to TOWER above ALL but you!” And at that time it was something he thought genuinely possible! OR even fucking FURTHER back! with cave drawings of this hulking animalistic antlered hunter spirit! The proto humans seeing these mighty towering megafauna, and were aching to attain that level of POWER, that SIZE that STRENGTH! I mean a mammoth was fucking 15ft tall with a cock the size of a man’s leg! Imagine some rite of passing, some soon to be man proving himself by hunting and killing such a tremendous beast, devouring the heart to give himself that strength that VIRILITY that SIZE! I dunno..do you think there was any sort of history to GROWTH fetish as a whole? or is it something entirely new? If NEW do you think..oh god..do you think there could be a FIRST guy who fantasized about GROWING? and he'd STILL be alive/talk to able? ohhh...oh FUCK that'd be hot! AND on top of that..would this be something you’d like to watch some videos on? like..if someone were to make a fake GROWTH documentary series with muscle morphs and all the grunty growthy goodness you’ve come to love..would you think that’s something fun and worth checking out?
  12. Hey beastie, can you send me a message as soon as you read this. (Hopefully, I'm on!)

    I need to talk to you.

  13. This was a question that hit me. How do I showcase my love for this site, what this site is all about and why this site means so MUCH to me in just a quick story or audio..then it hit me..I..I KNOW why. GROWTH No duh right? but not just like..getting SWOLE but GROWING as a person, as a GIANT as a BEAST etc. I was a nobody with audios that got me hard, but that's about it, then the MG forum gave me a PLACE, a VOICE a COMMUNITY! So I wanted to pass that on! There is an up and coming giant, @hugeadmr his style is incredible, his lust and excitement for growth is PALPABLE and his support of the GROWTH community as a whole is STUNNING. SO for you guys I have a smattering of content, a story which was a collab between him and I, an audio which is likewise a collab and then a pic of his based off said growthy goodness audio! THIS community is JUST the place for a new giant like him and I cannot wait for him to make his mark here! Ego-Wachstum I was so excited, after months of chatting I had finally set up a work out time with Will. He always pushed me to be the biggest and best guy I could be. I have always been a big guy but lately I have striving for the powerlifter build. I know my belly will always be present, but I didn’t care. Bigger is better I always say as long as strength is involved. Will was different. He was big, but it was that Thick bodybuilder muscle. The kind that veins stick out. The cover of MUSCLE and FITNESS without the cheesy smile and greased up look. He was all man with a thick beard and beautiful bald top. I was leaving the house and checked the mailbox. I received a small package with a 2-pill sample pack of an herbal supplement called EGO-WACHSTUM. It was a German pre-workout to help with gains. Perfect timing. This would be great to help me bulk up and I knew Will wanted to be bigger. I got in my car and drove like there was no tomorrow. I was 15 minutes early, because I’m that guy, always early. Waiting around I thought I would go in the locker room and get ready. That took all of 2 minutes. I figured I would weigh in and check my height. I wanted to see what working out with this muscle god would do to help me. I kne I was big but strong, so I stepped on the scale, used the Ruler and saw, I was 6 foot even. And there goes one peg, another, ok it stopped at 356 pounds. “Hey big guy, nice to see you sizing yourself up.”,Will said as he walked up behind me. His mass and muscles bulging in his tight tee were more powerful and intense than the pics I had seen. He wrapped his muscular arms around me for a friendly bear hug. “Your turn Beast,” I said as I stepped off the scale. Will stepped on the scale, same height, 6 foot. But that lean muscle mass hit 234 pounds. “Damn very impressive, you look damn strong.”I told him. “Will, got these german preworkout samples in the mail today, you game?” “Sure, that stuff is usually snake oil, but what can it hurt?” He grabbed one and downed it with his bottle of water and I did the same. Without a second thought we both left the locker room and headed to the gym to stretch out. After the stretching warm up we went to the weights to start. I turned to Will and asked him,” Bud, my adrenaline is pumping, I feel warm and ready to go. I don’t know if its finally meeting you or those pills, but I feel fine.” “Same here bud, feel like I can take on the world.” Will replied as he grabbed his loose shorts , bulge showing. I knew he was blessed in that regard, but never wanted to push it because I didn’t want to admit I was attracted to him. Will laid down on the bench first. It was my blood pumping and light head that made me lose my inhabitions,”I gotta know, that bulge is gorgeous, how big is that puppy?” Will snickered and looked up at me “6 soft, 9 ½ on a good day”, he went to fix himself and said,”from the feel of it, it seems like im getting there.” “Well lets start lifting, damn look at those veins pulse, Its like your muscles are pumping up.That shirt looks like your chest is about to bust out. Come on man push it push it it’s looking too easy we better put another couple plates on there for you.” “ but we should have been working out together for a long time now you’re pushing me better than anybody else has I can feel myself getting stronger getting thicker damn I’m feeling this pull through my veins. Nothing like a big bear pushing me to be the Beast I know I am workouts like this I’m going to push 250 and no time.” Will slide down the bench to stand up and let me do my turn on the bench but something was different. His loose shorts were riding up and I had to look up a little to him like he gained a couple inches plus his chest and arms looked substantially bigger. “ hell it looks like you’re there already. Hey could you put a couple more plates on I like to start off at 270 for my reps.” “ damn you big bear you don’t need to show me up but it’s looking like you’re doing this with ease . Hell you are one strong son-of-a-bitch aren’t you. This is nothing to you your big bull neck. Massive shoulders look at the size of those baseball mitt Paws of yours. You said you got you wanted to be a powerlifter you’re going to be there in no time you got the body for it. Look at that chest expand damn push it man you’re going nuts on that bar.” I loved How Will was pushing me he was making me feel so strong and powerful I could almost feel myself get bigger. That was the easiest any rep of doing the bench press was in my life I knew it was his turn but I couldn’t wait for my next but I had to. When I stood up it was not me looking down at him and my shirt wasn’t sweaty at all but it was tight as hell my arms were actually straining the seams. I didn’t think twice about it I let him sit down and start on his second set. He was using the heavier weights and it didn’t even phase him. This time I could actually see his body getting bigger with each bench Lift. “ damn Beast you’re crushing it look at you. You are literally gaining mass in front of me each press your chest is expanding at least a quarter inch it looks incredible. Those arms they had to be 20 when you came in here but right now they’re looking like they’re 23 24.” “ my big bear bud you know how to push me I actually can feel myself get bigger you make me actually believe it” “ no I’m serious look at yourself in the mirror that shirt has minutes left your arms are enormous.” Will looked in the mirror” holy shit every positive thing you were saying to me has come true look at these arms look at this chest I’m a beast. He’ll look at you. Man you’re starting to look like the Incredible Hulk yourself” I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the person I was looking at. My arms had to be at least 26in the chest has gotten or massive and it looked like I had lost my neck my belly was firm and my hands were massive with sausage fingers and the thickest Palm I had ever seen. I looked over at will and he was expanding with the most Define muscular physique I had ever seen and it was getting incredibly big and vascular. It was so beautiful I could do nothing but give him compliments on the amazing body he was getting as he was swelling up with more and more muscle. In return will was looking at my body with the same affection and doing nothing but complimenting the thick muscular powerlifter physique I was getting. He couldn’t compliment enough on how I was making the biggest powerlifters in the world look small he wondered how I was growing so tall and thick how my muscles were getting bigger and bigger my shoulders broader and broader and my gut so much more dense. The compliments went on for at least 20 minutes and the growing on both sides kept going bringing to attention the rest of the people in the gym looking at the two giants just talking and growing. Both of us were so into telling each other how awesome they were looking we didn’t realize how big we were. I was growing taller and taller and wider and wider where is Will muscle base was getting thicker and thicker making it harder for him to move. I don’t know if the pills were starting to wear off or I realized it when my head was getting closer to the ceiling but I knew those where no normal pills. Reaching down I saw my shorts had already shredded and hit the floor so I bent down and stuck one of my massive fingers in the pocket to look at the package. All I could make out on the package was it was activated by the psyche. By stroking each other’s ego will and I were making each other bigger. I didn’t know how long the pills were going to last but I knew we had to stop. I told will in the harshest way I could we had to leave each other and I would call him in the morning. He had to go straight home and not talk to anybody. Going home and going to bed with a hardest thing I could do not only because getting through doors was more difficult but my adrenaline was flowing so hard I put what I could of my body on my bed and went to sleep hoping it would end. The next morning I woke up and I was still the most massive person I’ve ever seen I grabbed my phone and realized I needed a pen to dial a number because my fingers were far too big to operate and I dialed will. I knew he lived in a large Loft so it made sense to meet him there to explain. I also knew he had heavy duty skills and he could measure me. I was wearing the largest pair of shorts I could find and still it was cartoonishly tight I didn’t have any shirt or shoes that would fit me anymore so I had to walk the four miles trying to avoid people for fear that they may tell me something and make me grow more which I found out the effects of worn off but the growth hadn’t and wouldn’t. I got to Wills Loft and knocked at the door leaving to enormous dense forgetting how strong I had become. I heard a very deep bass voice in the background telling me to come in. As big as a loft doors were I still had to duck to come in. What I saw surprised me I’m sure as much as I surprised him. Will head become the most muscular man I had ever seen every inch of his body was covered with layer upon layer of muscle barely letting him see over his chest. The muscles were so vascular you can see the blood pumping through his veins as he attempted to move since he was so big with muscles it looked uncomfortable to bend anything. “ the literal translation to those pills was ego growth. We fed off each other and how much we love the size of what we wanted to become.” After the explanation we measured each other. Will ended up at 7 foot 4 in and 1622 lb with a lean body mass of 9%. I ended up at 7 foot 9 inches tall and 2262 lb. We had definitely become the gigantic Beast and the huge oso. ——————————————————————— “What do you think?” The text popped up. HugeAdmr again, he’d written a story, an ego stroking growth fest for BOTH of us to enjoy! I FUCKING LOVED talking to him, and that story it..it was so different! I mean..a small glance at my tumblr yeah there’s growth, but there’s fucking and debauchery and twisted nonsense! His story boiled down all of that. It reduced it to what mattered MOST..just…GROWTH..two mutual beasts worshiping one another growing and GROWING from the shared respect and lust they both had for MASS! “I FUCKING LOVED it man! God DAMN it’s SO intense! I love the turn around, the CAUSE of growth itself being ego stroking! That was SO fucking clever!” There was a pause a minute or two longer than I was used to, normally he’d get RIGHT back to me.. “I mean it man! It’s fucking AMAZING! I love that we both end up fucking MASSIVE but you made me leaner to build up the fact I’m cutting! Thanks for paying attention to that!” “Tjhansk!11” came the reply..finally! Then I waited again, longer still and the text popped up in chat. “Sorry. Fingers slipped! How did you like the dialogue?” I chuckled. There was this..ZEAL for growth he had! It was..honestly it was like I was talking to myself as a kid again. I know it is weird to describe it that way!! BUT he just..he wanted to GROW he wanted to feel BIG (and he already was REAL goddamned BIG!! But that thirst for MORE it..it just reminded me of ME before my growth fantasies grew darker and more sex obsessed! I LOVED IT!! “OH god man! The dialogue was GREAT! I always have trouble when people put words in my mouth you know? Write for me? Script wise or story wise it just..it feels different but those words felt so LEGIT! Like..like I was REALLY saying them! I think it’s because I really FEEL that way! That I just want to be there, watching a fellow hulk like you GROW! Swell! God damn! It came as so natural that it DIDN’T take me out of the moment you know? For a guy who just started getting into the GIGANTIC GROWTH scene you write beast dialogue SO WELL!” I was POURING on the praise but god damn, he NEEEDS it, it was SO GOOD I’d read and re-read it a dozen times! I saw he started typing again. “WEKN*E” Then another few minutes “BIGHGERR” I was a bit worried…but..I dunno..not enough to stop talking, to stop pouring on the praise! I want to GROW this giant god into the fucking TITAN he deserved to BE! I want his EGO as HUGE as MINE! And the only way to do that is give him the props he’d EARNED! “GOD yes man! BIGGER! So much BIGGER you just deserve every INCH of that story but SO much more! You just NEVER want to let yourself GO do you? You never want to see what you’d DO if you really let it ALL OUT! If you let the BEAST inside have FULL reign!” This felt like an eternity, watching the “Hugeadmr is typing” message before finally “SHOIULD OI L;ERT HIM OUYT?” The typos he was getting too excited, too worked up, having trouble writing and jacking off no doubt! He was just SO TURNED ON, so worked up by growing by imagining himself this immense GOD he deserved to be! It was AMAZING it was refreshing! “GOD yes man! LET that fucking MONSTER OUT! You HAVE to! You’re one of the FEW giants I’ve EVER MET who truly TRULY deserves to stand SWELLING, FLEXING HULKING beside me!!” Then nothing…no writing..nothing..until I got a notice..I was getting a mic call! I answered it! “Hey! You NEVER wanna mic chat!” I figured the reason was he’d get a little fanshy still, pausing, feeling a little nervous to be talking about GROWING like this! HugeAdmr LAUGHED a BOOMING laugh that caught me off guard! “ITS HAPPENING..oh GOD WILL..you’re DOING IT TO ME! You’re REALLY DOING IT!” I was always a fan of those impromptu roleplays! I could hear him knocking stuff over, which…was nice, but I mean not really needed for the realism! Still he was involved! “YES it is! BUT it’s NOT ME DOING IT! You are doing this ALL on your goddamned OWN! You’re GROWING into this GOD you deserve to be! That BEAST inside is in control now man, you LET HIM OUT! He WANTS to GROW he wants to BE MASSIVE to BE WORSHIPED AND LOVED as this tremendous throbbing GROWING BEAST!” His moans were SO LOUD I had to turn down my speakers a bit! But still he was groaning, whimpering almost like..like he was in pain! “You alright man?” “IM SO BIG..IM JUST SO FUCKING BIG..” he grunted, and another CRASH when suddenly, his webcam came on! Skewed to the side as it leaned against the tower I just stared at him..he..oh god he was TREMENDOUS…FILLING his whole goddamned office with his naked bulk! Head and neck craned against the roof! “YOU DID THIS! YOU WOKE ME UP! YOU GOT ME SO BIG AND IM STILL GROWING! YOU..YOU MADE ME SO MASSIVE BECAUSE YOU..YOU’RE THE BIGGEST GOD DAMNED BEAST IN THE WORLD! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CAN MAKE A MAN A TITAN!” he said, his praise really hitting home..as my big cock started to stretch up towards my pecs, my shirt pulling tighter as I slowly realized our ego stroking was going to QUICKLY get out of hand…. And I couldn’t fucking WAIT! AND then, the brand new audio commission/collab between he and I! SEE the fun he's having? FUCK he's a natural! And, the pic to go with...WOOF. SO, in honor of this site, in celebration of all things GROWTH and GROWING! Let's have a GREAT day and get as MASSIVE as we can!!
  14. oh god. GOD DAMN. I just..I just..can't..WOW. First off, LOVED it throughout, dark and intense and POWERFUL! reading on this intense high as your characters are just so well rounded. Not just 2 dimensional muscle growth fetish stereotypes. I LOVED watching the growth from a personal/mental or physical view! GOD DAMN. so hot. LOVE their personalities I was just..THOROUGHLY enjoying it then BAM..name drop of me..and my god. My ego..it..it's just..uncontrollable. I've jacked off so many times just to that last reference there Ohhh god man! 100/10 would bate again
  15. Hey! I cannot let this go by without contributing!! Can I go on April 26th if that's not been taken yet? (The fact EVERYONE would be already so fuckin boned up and horny already after having @cutlerfan 's story on the 25th, I feel like its cheating on my part!)
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