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  1. cregs1972

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    That chapter was fun! Between the retainer, the gangster and the drag queen, I can definitely see why you enjoyed writing it! Got some laughs and eye rolls from me.
  2. cregs1972

    Make It Never Stop - Parts 1-5

    Absolutely love your mastery of descriptions. Takes the writing beyond just a story. Thanks for continuing to amaze and inspire!
  3. cregs1972


    Aquaas, nice (but not so nice) cliffhanger there. lol, Great story - really enjoying it!
  4. cregs1972

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    Definitely feel sorry for ole Trev. He's enabled all these other folks to grow, but he's left in the dust - maybe he should take another dose and go for broke, lol. Great writing to get all of us readers to feel for the poor guy and think of ways to make him feel better!
  5. cregs1972

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    Wow. That chapter was amazing.
  6. cregs1972

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    Keeps getting better and better. Love the personality shining through the first person narrative and the unique approach to the entire storyline.
  7. cregs1972

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    Totally agree. There are a few I'm following quite closely!
  8. Hey Speech, Yeah, the last few chapters felt a little disconnected as if you were trying to provide some major pieces to the story before it ended, but I'll say again (over and over as needed) that you created an amazing pair of characters, a very unique story in a crowded "superhero" genre, and provided a lot of anticipation and satisfaction to us fans of the story. Maybe, down the road, you'll have a chance to revisit Dean and Jake or maybe they're done forever, but you should definitely feel proud of what you created. Looking forward to your next creation. And life always comes first - good luck in both your bodybuilding and Navy Basic!
  9. It's a slow burn - but it builds on itself quite well. You maintain the... interest... through different descriptions rather than relying on the ole bedroom scenes to heat up the storyline. Totally worth the thorough read. As a matter of fact, to get the full effect, I think the full read is absolutely necessary and quite fulfilling since the story is so great.
  10. cregs1972


    Chapter 1 is an awesome start! Love that you're spending time on building the characters! Can't wait for the next chapter!
  11. I love the fact that Dean's abilities are secondary (a close second) to the character building and complex relationship between the two MC's. Awesome story. Always looking forward to the next installment. Thank you, Speech500!
  12. The story just keeps getting better... and more complete... as it builds. Again, phenomenal job. Really enjoying your writing!
  13. This is a great story. I love the detail spent on the characters and the story line. Feels very complete. Definitely one I'll continue to enjoy reading! Thank you for it!
  14. Welcome to the forums cregs1972 :)


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