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    Baking, Reading, Music, Video Games, Anime and Cartoons.
  • What are your stats?
    Height: 5'11, Weight unknown. Last time I checked was when I was under the double digits age!
  • What are you seeking?
    Closure. I want to move on from my first relationship's break up.
  • What are your dream stats?
    6'7, 450+ Pounds of muscle.
    Realistically, I'd want to be 6ft~6'2 and maybe around 220. Bigger, if possible.
  • Favorite Stories
    There are mainly the stories I've read/am reading, and aren't exactly my "Favorites". :)
    (I recently added Stars * to show which stories my favorites are)

    "Spice" by Mad Dog and Mr. X [Complete]
    "Growing Beyond Muscular" by zephleit [Unfinished]
    "The Box" by Jman250 [Complete]
    "The Incorrect Ritual" by deanhuge [Complete] *
    "Myostatin Treatment" by magicworker [Complete]
    "Tank The Bouncer" by spacevlad [Complete]
    "Voodoo 101" by redkage [Unfinished?]
    "Backfire" by Voyager [Complete]
    "Superior" by goremeridian [Chapter 6]
    "The Bet" by Jaypat [Complete]
    "Happy Meal" by geektofreek [Complete]
    "Tantric Reformation" by magicworker [Complete]
    "Alpha Dog" by blackbird [Complete]
    "Klutz" by Aardvark [Complete]
    "Meat Market" by Aardvark [Complete]
    "A Little Too Far" by Xyggurat [Complete]
    "Mike Gets Huge" by Various Writers [Complete..?] *
    "Juiced" by Ziel [In-Progress]
    "To Hulk Or Not To Hulk" by hero1000 [Chapter 4]
    "Hot Tub Muscle Machine" by magicworker [Chapter 6]
    "The Magnate and the Monster" by jrt5810 [Unfinished?]
    "You Can Stop Now" by FREaky [Complete] *
    "I Wish He'd Go Away" by Tekuno [Complete]
    "Chuck the Size Thief" by spacevlad [Complete] *
    "Jason's Big Problem" by Joven [Chapter 45]
    "Sean Goes to Prison" by Joven [Chapter 17] *
    "Summer Research" by spacevlad [Chapter 5]
    "All Good Things" by Anon Amon [Chapter 72] *
    "Greed Demon" by Marquis de Rent [Chapter 2]
    "The Power of Bondage" by Writerbro [Chapter 8] *
    "Too Big" by londonboy [Chapter 8] *
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    (I forget bodybuilder's names often... I like using this as a reminder note.)
    Professional Bodybuilders:
    Markus Ruhl, Max Troyan, Peter Molnar, Craig Golias, Matthew Evans, Hidetada Yamagishi, Eduardo Correa, Flex Lewis, Jose Raymond, Luke Schembri, Anwar Seif, Eddie Moyzan, Brad Dunn, Alexey Lesukov, Andrey Skoromnyy, Antoine Vaillant, Will Harris, Pavel Federov,. Need to add some of the newer ones later...

    People found online:
    Charles Croft, Robin Strand, Big Connor, Mr. Welshy, Tankus, Mahmoud al Durrah, Shawn Beaucru, Taichi Shimizu, Pawanlap Borisuth, Preston Brok, Carson Moss, Nate Sherron
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Male Muscle Growth, Furry/Scalie, Muscle Theft, Muscle Guts, Audio Growth, Forced Feeding, Forced Muscle Growth, BDSM, Bloating, Bears, Bara, Body Hair, Orgasm Denial

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  1. I saw the story and remembered I haven't finished it when I first read it over half a year ago, but the pridesites link that I found goes to some random ad site. I tried the archives, but some parts were missing... help? I believe the author is named Clarence591 Ok, so apparently they decided to change to title to CC# after a while on the archives. One last edit, it appears parts 5 and 6 for danny becomes danicus don't exist anymore for some reason, in case anyone wonders and was searching for it like I was
  2. I'd also like to know if this story will no longer be continued.
  3. Usually, the stories I read start off with either an average joe or someone skinny. The only stories I can think of right now with a chunky guy being the main character would be Chuck the Size Thief and Gym Class Hero
  4. Now it's time to wait. So many wonderful stories I've read, and this is one of the gems. Thank you for writing this
  5. Very late, but I'd like to wish you another year of sweet gainz!

    Maybe I'll be bigger than you some day.

  6. At this point, you should know that chuck would just keep growing forever. It would've gotten monotonous and boring if the story went on for any longer than it did, imo. I always love your work, spacevlad. Good thing I checked here instead of waiting on metabods updates, the wait would've killed me!
  7. I'm afraid for corrigan.. I hope he doesn't end up being betrayed by mark in the end
  8. I hope nothing happened to the author.
  9. Just read the story. I couldn't find part four though
  10. Thought this story would be done the next time I looked for it lol. Well, time to wait again.
  11. The world is ending *hides in a bunker* Posting so I can find this later cause I never use bookmarks.
  12. Superwaffle has also been making a nice interactive muscle growth story. I've been playing each version for hours trying to find what new stuff they added <3
  13. Would you mind telling me which stories you would've said that are the ones that involve muscle theft here?
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