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  1. stewbake

    AJ & Noah

    As they say in the theatres, Bravo! As a side, theres so much of me in this story it's scary! Keep up the good work!
  2. stewbake

    AJ & Noah

    Parts of this chapter ring so true for me and finally coming to terms with who I am. Good work?
  3. hotter and hotter.... Keep it coming @vertical, please
  4. stewbake


    can't believe i missed pt2! Looking forward to more now!
  5. A short, sweet story fully of narcissism! They don't come much better than this, thanks!
  6. For those of us that are feeling a bit lazy could you provide a link please?
  7. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyones in touch with florida20 and can give him a nudge to continue with his epic, My brother moves on. Or if it's been continued elsewhere... Cheers!
  8. The author called himself florida20 from memory, and I'll add to the calls asking him to continue...
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