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    Love transformation of all kinds
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  1. So over Christmas break I plan to do a series of illustrations for a story from the @metabods website - honestly the stories on this website have given me so many fantasies and I would love to bring one to life! Please vote here: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=59ec8bace4b04d6fbe2cfa30 Options (with links) are: Muscle Service Station Josef Howard Mustering Up Krisiar Testing Jesse FanTCMan Domination Dunnyboy Matt’s Best Friend FanTCMan The Perfect Man Seth Peterson Company Guys FanTCMan The Game of Champions Seth Peterson The Four Jocks: Horny Teens Hyperboi InfiniPUMP Never-The-Less The Box Brian Ramirez Kyle True Pups Douglas Benjamin Joey’s Genie RdyRoger A Thing Called Curiosity Papermoon Becoming the Ultimate Man Musclestory Yoga Mates Seth Peterson
  2. Thanks for all the likes!

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      Nice transformations :) Hope to see more 

  3. hiya! Would love to chat on kik - Noahj88

    27 athletic Brit here - reeeally into muscle and transformations

  4. Tfartist

    Is your other half NOT into bodybuilders?

    Exactly @lackthereof! Same here
  5. jesus fuck you are hot!

  6. Tfartist

    Chat on Kik

    noahj88 - would love to chat transformations and muscle!
  7. Tfartist

    Free transformation makeovers (x 2)

    So the first of my two free before and after commissions goes to a guy who wished to see a spoilt rich boy in both his normal and werewolf form!
  8. Tfartist

    Free transformation makeovers (x 2)

    You can submit a celebrity if you wish My decision will depend on the range of submissions I have and what tickles my fancy most. Ideally hope to do two quite different before and afters
  9. Tonight I will draw two before and after makeovers for FREE! (Because I am feeling generous)Email your suggestions to [email protected] and I will select the winner. You need to send me a picture of you (or the guy you want to say change - got a friend or a brother you want to see transform?) and a detailed description of how you want them to changeCan do:- anthro- muscle- weight change- age regression- age progression- style / lifestyle change- racial change- sexual tfs- gender play- weird tfsInbox me - you have 5 hours!
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    what's the other muscle site...
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    Whatever happy to him? I loved his stories
  12. Welcome to the forums Tfartist :)