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  1. Hey guys! Been lifting for several years here. Currently bulking. Would be great to find other guys in NYC into lifting to workout with (I use NYSC) and who also want to chat muscle growth.
  2. Ready for another year of real awesome growth

  3. This thread reminds me (partially) of another thread posted a few months back that mentioned the lack of diversity in characters on this site. I think people just write what they know.
  4. Finally seeing some weekly gains! This bulk is going well.

  5. Walking the city all day with Sore Legs + Boxer briefs constantly riding up + Thighs rubbing against each other and chafing is quite the painful experience.

    1. apohar


      ah the problems of being a muscle stud, you poor man ;) ;) ;)

    2. Mdlftr


      Is this a "Humblebrag"? A self referential statement that is also self aggrandizing? As in, "Darn! I have to spend so much money replacing the shirts I destroy everytime I straighten my muscular arms!" yeah!

  6. Yes, from the looks of it. guys not only want their profile not visible, but don't want their profile pics visible either, especially when it shows their face
  7. Great idea, thanks for implementing it!
  8. Literal all night-er pulled.... notgood for health but one night won't kill me.

    1. SeaMusc


      UGH...EXAMS. :-( You are one smart fuck, so buckle down and get it DONE! :-) Let me know how it goes, my brother in muscle and medicine. Grrrrrrr!

    2. ShortMusclStud


      Thanks! I will for sure! Taking a short and much needed break right now to do some stuff... Then back at it.

  9. Three day weekend means lots of working out, eating, and sleeping. Oh, and I guess studying too.

    1. LagrangianPt


      Yes, We can't all have an eidetic memory like I... Mwahaha.

    2. MLMuscle


      Studying is good...as long as the "subject" you are studying is muscular! :)

    3. SeaMusc


      Get it done!

  10. Late night shake, gotta love it!

    1. ThickRick


      Top off those macros, bro'. I just did the same thing. You must be getting ready to go on Skype and flex yourself into a sweat.

    2. SeaMusc


      get that protein in you!

    3. ShortMusclStud


      Always, SeaMusc!

  11. Update, I ended up finding it. Its in the OLD muscle growth archive, in two parts. Its called Beyond Failure. Check it out
  12. Hey guys, looking for a story where a trainer pushed a young guy, who is already huge, to his limit training arms. His arms grow so massive, he has to have others jerk him off for him because they become immobile with size. Anyone remember this one?
  13. Can we get heights for these guys? 160lbs looks different if someone is 5'5 as opposed to 6'3.
  14. I agree, the smoking isn't a deal-breaker of course. It's his story and he can write it however he pleases (though from his response from before, it seems he was going to continue writing it how he wanted, which is great).
  15. Hope you do! It's a story worth y of continuation
  16. I know this is a super late bump, but do you think you would ever continue this story, NerdJock?
  17. There were only 2 I believe. They can be found in the old forum which can be downloaded
  18. Dude, you are making a lot of assumptions as to why people even care about this. Like my previous post says, I think it's a bad idea to do verification. But I don't believe it has anything to do with bbs only talking with other bbs. Personally, I chat with everyone. But when I notice a person who is talking about being big and working out, it's a sense of inspiration for me and I like to ask for tips. Finding out that someone is just pretending and knows nothing about it is just a slap in the face (especially if the person is role playing as an arrogant asshole, calling guys who do work out on this site small and saying one day we'll reach his level. I've witnessed that here a few times, one very recently). So no, I don't think this has mostly to do with assholish people that exclusively talk to bbs only (again, I'm not one of them, chat with anyone here) but more to do with guys who really do spend time in the gym feeling disrespected by guys who they befriend under false pretenses or have a false sense of superiority. That's my view at least. ANYWAY all of that is just part of being in the internet. It's life and we just have to deal with that. We just have to suck it up and deal, not start making sure everyone who comes here is verified. That's a waste of time.
  19. I'm voting no on this. While I do become quite upset when I learn that someone that I start to look up to/admire and become inspired by is a fake (sucks more since I take their words to heart as an aspiring BB), I do not believe this site should become a witch hunt. At the end of the day, someone who is just role playing isn't going to affect me THAT deeply and it will not deter me from my own gym results. Furthermore, something like what you proposed may scare off guys that do no create fantasy profiles and enjoy muscle but are not necessarily muscular themselves. Implementing this feature may put people under the impression that we only accept fellow muscle dudes here when that is not the truth. However, I always do enjoy knowing who is a fellow real life muscle head here, haha.
  20. That site doesn't seem to work
  21. Keep this going! Want to know what happens next
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