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  1. ShortMusclStud

    Member Intro

    Hey guys! Been lifting for several years here. Currently bulking. Would be great to find other guys in NYC into lifting to workout with (I use NYSC) and who also want to chat muscle growth.
  2. Ready for another year of real awesome growth

  3. ShortMusclStud


    Already way ahead of you, haha
  4. ShortMusclStud

    Altered images in Before & After Transformations

    True, it is a fantasy site. It does get a bit irritating when someone decided to pass off their fantasy as reality when there are many of us here actually working on the reality bit. But then I remember, this is the internet haha.
  5. ShortMusclStud

    Altered images in Before & After Transformations

    Yeah, if someone is altering without stating so, that is pretty shitty of them.
  6. ShortMusclStud


    I always choose the water starter (my favorite type) so that will be an easy decision .
  7. ShortMusclStud

    Black Stories

    This thread reminds me (partially) of another thread posted a few months back that mentioned the lack of diversity in characters on this site. I think people just write what they know.
  8. ShortMusclStud


    I have X! Def down to battle anyone. Though I left it in home which I wont be back at until the 3rd
  9. ShortMusclStud

    How did YOU get into muscle growth/bodybuilding?

    Hard to say for me. I have liked muscled since as far back as I can remember. I know He-man toys and Arnold films were always a draw for me too. Pretty much always wanted to be huge like He-man though I didn't start working on that until later.
  10. Finally seeing some weekly gains! This bulk is going well.

  11. ShortMusclStud

    Other Jefit users?

    I didn't realize that! haha
  12. ShortMusclStud

    Football suprize

    I didn't get anything from that search...
  13. ShortMusclStud

    Other Jefit users?

    Hey, love the app. My name there is Fuegoazul. Adding you guys, feel free to add me anyone else MrAlice, its a great app. keeps track of a lot of things and helps graph your progress.
  14. ShortMusclStud

    Best app for training

    Hey dinks, my favorite app for this is called JEFit. It does everything you are looking for. It keeps track of the weight and reps you do for each workout, allows you to create your own routines within it complete with rest time between sets and which days you want to do it, and if you login to the browser site you can also view and download routines uploaded by fellow users. As for the suggestion of the next weight, every time you complete a set it calculates your 1RM for that exercise. At the same time, the app will also show you your best ever calculated 1RM for said exercise and display it next to the current 1RM. Under both of those a button apeears that says "Beat It" and it will list the weight and rep combinations you can use to beat either your current 1RM from your last set or your overall 1RM. It has a large database of exercises too so it's pretty good for routine creation.
  15. Walking the city all day with Sore Legs + Boxer briefs constantly riding up + Thighs rubbing against each other and chafing is quite the painful experience.

    1. apohar


      ah the problems of being a muscle stud, you poor man ;) ;) ;)

    2. Mdlftr


      Is this a "Humblebrag"? A self referential statement that is also self aggrandizing? As in, "Darn! I have to spend so much money replacing the shirts I destroy everytime I straighten my muscular arms!" yeah!

  16. Yes, from the looks of it. guys not only want their profile not visible, but don't want their profile pics visible either, especially when it shows their face
  17. ShortMusclStud

    pec bounce

    Actually, it doesn't have to be all that big. While there is a requirement for some muscle there, pec bouncing is more about muscle control than muscle size. I was able to do it even when my chest was a lot smaller and didn't pop much (I think that is why I am so much better at it now, I got the muscle control down early on in development). Of course, once you build a bigger chest it does become easier, or perhaps that was just me getting better from practicing it in general.
  18. If mass monsters could actually have non-protruding roidguts, then it would be perfect. Huge arms and legs are great but the pregnant belly really does not scream power or strength a much as flat, cut, ripped 8 pack abs do that can be vacuumed. Of course, reaching those sizes without the roidgut is probably impossible.
  19. ShortMusclStud

    pec bounce

    Definitely know what you mean on both counts! Something I could do since forever even when chest was small. Is it even possible to stop once you start?
  20. ShortMusclStud

    pec bounce

    Able to do it here pretty well. really fun and a decent way to pass the time haha
  21. ShortMusclStud

    New Profile Tag

    Great idea, thanks for implementing it!
  22. Literal all night-er pulled.... notgood for health but one night won't kill me.

    1. SeaMusc


      UGH...EXAMS. :-( You are one smart fuck, so buckle down and get it DONE! :-) Let me know how it goes, my brother in muscle and medicine. Grrrrrrr!

    2. ShortMusclStud


      Thanks! I will for sure! Taking a short and much needed break right now to do some stuff... Then back at it.

  23. Three day weekend means lots of working out, eating, and sleeping. Oh, and I guess studying too.

    1. LagrangianPt


      Yes, We can't all have an eidetic memory like I... Mwahaha.

    2. MLMuscle


      Studying is good...as long as the "subject" you are studying is muscular! :)

    3. SeaMusc
  24. ShortMusclStud


    I'm itching to battle anyone in Pokémon ( have X) or duke it out in Smash bros 3ds. Message me if interested in a battle!
  25. Late night shake, gotta love it!

    1. ThickRick


      Top off those macros, bro'. I just did the same thing. You must be getting ready to go on Skype and flex yourself into a sweat.

    2. SeaMusc


      get that protein in you!

    3. ShortMusclStud

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