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    real profile.
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    Lifting, muscle, videogames, real muscle growth, reading, medicine
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    5'4" 175lbs
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    Always cool to connect with guys into muscle. Like chating about training, progress, and goals. Also, cool to chat about stuff outside of muscle. Feel free to add me on Skype or Kik. I'm also very much into mutual cam flexing on Skype, always fun. I am not into RP at all so please don't add me if your only goal is to RP.<br /><br />
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    Big as I can get
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    College Muscle is one of my all time favorites
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    Well, I AM on this site after all....

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  1. Hey guys! Been lifting for several years here. Currently bulking. Would be great to find other guys in NYC into lifting to workout with (I use NYSC) and who also want to chat muscle growth.
  2. man, that new profile pic of yours sure does get my attention ...amazing work, stud!


  3. new back pic is sick bro!! looking huge as always!

  4. Thanks for following me.

  5. Ready for another year of real awesome growth

  6. Awesome muscle physique!

  7. just saw your pics--you're hot bud!

    1. ShortMusclStud


      Thanks, man! Appreciate it

    2. randubear


      you're very welcome--would love to have you flex for me

  8. Looking good man!

    1. ShortMusclStud


      Thanks, dude. Looking to get better still

  9. This thread reminds me (partially) of another thread posted a few months back that mentioned the lack of diversity in characters on this site. I think people just write what they know.
  10. Finally seeing some weekly gains! This bulk is going well.

  11. Walking the city all day with Sore Legs + Boxer briefs constantly riding up + Thighs rubbing against each other and chafing is quite the painful experience.

    1. apohar


      ah the problems of being a muscle stud, you poor man ;) ;) ;)

    2. Mdlftr


      Is this a "Humblebrag"? A self referential statement that is also self aggrandizing? As in, "Darn! I have to spend so much money replacing the shirts I destroy everytime I straighten my muscular arms!" yeah!

  12. Yes, from the looks of it. guys not only want their profile not visible, but don't want their profile pics visible either, especially when it shows their face
  13. Great idea, thanks for implementing it!
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