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  1. Congrats on a well written ending. The story arc definitely works and there is that twinge of tension at the very end that leaves us hanging on, hoping there may be more in the future -- like a well written season cliffhanger. I enjoyed this immensely. I hope you join the ranks of active authors as you are able. Well done.
  2. SeaMusc

    The Test - Chapter Seven: Zeus

    I'm sorry to see this story end, as you mentioned in your preamble. But at the same time, I am excited to have some sense of finality. Again, this has been such a creative series. I anxiously wait for the next (last?) chapter.
  3. I've just discovered this story yesterday. It is amazing. I have been working on one for a few weeks that, by initial premise, is similar. But now that I have read this, I need to amp up my game! Please keep more coming.
  4. SeaMusc

    SYNERGY: 2.16.2019

    The two of them, walked down the stairs after an emotional and cathartic discussion. But it was time to work out. Ian had football camp starting in a few days, and Brad had recently discovered that he loved the feel of weight in his hands. Maybe it was Ian’s encouragement. Maybe it was looking up from the bench press while Ian was spotting him to see Ian’s manhood pressed against the thin fabric of his shorts; regardless, Brad felt like a man reborn. Brad, sitting in the passenger seat of Ian’s Jeep, reached across the middle console and put his small hand on Ian’s thick, hard, vascular thigh. The small one peered upward into the large one’s eyes. There was true love and devotion there. They had unraveled the mystery of so much of the other’s experiences and neither of them had blame or remorse. **************************************************************************************************************************************************** The two of us fifth graders had decided to meet at a pond known to few in the area. It was a swimming hole probably dug by old tractors and backhoes from the 40s and 50s to connect two irrigation ditch systems. That was old vintage farming! The pond lay in the middle of a confluence of fields sprouting crops such as corn, alfalfa, potatoes, carrots, and wheat. It was a small catchment, maybe 30 by 40 yards wide—the southern side framed by a weeping willow. The rest of the shore ringed by cattails and horse tail grass. The air smelled of fresh tilled earth and the sweetness that comes with miles upon miles of rapidly growing crops at sunset. If you’ve ever smelled it, you know what I am talking about. It is unique and irreplaceable. The Eta Aquarids meteor shower was something that I had wanted to experience since my father, a lover of all things astronomical, told me about it. To experience the Eta Aquarids shower, one must have the understanding that the Earth was passing through an ancient tail of a Halley’s comet passing. Something about that was magical. I don’t know why I thought such a thing, but it was special and unique. I wanted to experience it with my best friend, Ian. He was so relaxed and chill. We could watch movies at his house like Short Circuit, Goonies, Flash Dance, RAD, Dirty Dancing…whatever. My mom and dad didn’t allow such flagrancies to contaminate their home. But Ian’s basement was a palace to nascent pop culture. Maybe the meteor shower would be a good way for me to repay him for granting me asylum from over protective parents who believed that the likes of Patrick Swayze and Ally Sheedy were after my eternal soul. Anyway, he had accepted the invite to meet at Lybbert’s Pond near sunset. The sun set over the Cascade Mountains in the distance. Mount Rainier and Mount Adams appeared to be sitting court, their muscular shoulders spreading out in hulking fashion. There was something sexual about those enormous trap shaped mountains full of power and creation to the West. The sky began to color as the sun set. I had put out blankets on the ground. At this higher altitude, as soon as the sun went down it would become quite chilly. Ian and I would need some cover if we were to watch the meteor shower for longer than an hour. It had been hard to get the blankets to the pond on my BMX bike, but I wouldn’t have passed up this opportunity to spend that evening with my beautiful popular friend. It took three trips, three miles each way, to get set up. I was happy to do it, even by myself, if I could spend that time with Ian. He didn’t know at the time the hours it took to get read for that night. So, we lay there, on top of blankets in the grass next to the pond while the trickle of canal water flowed lazily just a few feet from us. The sun had set an hour ago and it was now completely dark with no moon in the sky. I saw the first shooting star. “Look Ian! There’s the first one!.” I was mesmerized realizing that I had just seen a fragment of Halley’s Comet whiz through the atmosphere. Ian looked to his right over at me lying next to him. “You know Brad, you’re supposed to wish on shooting stars.” By then, the air was chilled and we had burrowed under a couple of thick blankets. I felt his leg brush against mine. I didn’t move mine away. Neither did he. We didn’t acknowledge that our legs were touching under the blankets. It was enough for me that it was happening. It felt thrilling in a way that even the most raucous sex that I could imagine later in life could not supplant. That first touch, no matter how juvenile, changed something in me. “So Ian, what do you wish for?” Ian paused for a moment. “You know, you’re not supposed to tell what you wish for. It wont come true then.” “Come on, man! Just tell me. It’ll come true.” Ian’s eyes were so clear and gorgeous. A breeze picked up and I could hear the willow swaying across the pond. “I wished that I could grow up to be big and strong. Tall and with big muscles. I want to be one of the biggest men on the planet so no one will mess with me. That’s what I wish for.” Something about what he said, even in 5thgrade, was thrilling. It made me so happy. “So, if you get big and strong like that, and I don’t, would you protect me Ian?” I was thinking of him growing to enormous proportions, maybe 8 feet tall and with muscles larger than anything I would have seen on the Incredible Hulk TV show. “Of course, Brad. Why have such big muscles if you can’t take care of the people you care about.” Another shooting star hurled itself across the sky. Our legs were still touching. “Now Brad, what do you wish for?” I had to think for a minute. I didn’t say much for a while. Formulating thoughts in such a moment when you are imagining your best friend as a muscle god and simultaneously trying to put together a wish was actually very difficult. I breathed in deeply all of the smells around me. The wheat field across the county road, the carrot field to our left, the sweet smell of the growing corn, and again the reeds and willows on the pond. Ian still looked as I continued deep breathing. If I was going to make a wish, I wanted to make it count. I looked Ian in the eyes. My love for him was unparalleled and I knew he felt the same way, although he hadn’t said it. His leg held firm against mine and that is all I needed to know. He would take care of me when he got big and powerful. He would, I just knew it. “My dad says that there is balance in the universe. Where one thing is created, one is destroyed so that creation can continue.” I sounded so sage and full of wisdom but I was just parroting what I had heard before. I stared up at the sky, meteorites shooting across the black canvas of the night every few moments. “I wish that I became the counter to your wish. You want to be big, so I’ll take the other end of the stick. If you wish for one thing, I’ll be the payment so to speak. I’ll be your opposite. Otherwise, your wishes won’t work. There has to be balance.” Ian looked at me as if I were crazy. “Ian, do you believe it? Like, really believe you can get huge and massive, like you can take on the world?” “Ya, I believe it Brad. But I don’t want you to suffer. I’ll take care of you. I can’t believe you’d be a counterweight to my wishes. That’s cool but makes me feel bad.” We didn’t speak of that conversation again until so many years after. Later that night, I kissed Ian in his basement. Yes, in the home that smelled like baked apples, cinnamon, sheets out on the clothesline. My first kiss that I relived again and again. Neither of us knew what that compact would entail until Ian saw me at Central Washington University those few weeks ago. The day of my last band concert. He had come up to me in the alley behind the concert hall. Rippling muscles and tight clothes, ass, arms, bi’s. He had it all. And I had paid for it. He saw my small size. My timidity. He had the realization of what had happened before I did. But there was more than that power exchange. There was real affection there and it had been more than anything purely transactional. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* “Brad, but why am I so sore and you are ready to take on the world?” Ian was sitting next to me on the bed as we had just discovered the curiosity in our situation. “What did you want yesterday at the gym? You wished that I was stronger and bigger. If I remember right, I am the counterbalance to your wish. You want me bigger, then I’ll get bigger but you’ll suffer for it.” My eyes looked down at my newly formed abs. I loved having them but I now knew that Ian had paid a certain price for them. Maybe it was just a transient soreness, but he had paid for them like I had paid for every ounce of muscle on his enormous body. We had to be careful of what he wished for. He had everything he wanted. And he was such a good guy. In some part of my brain, I felt that I should have been angry or at least annoyed that he had zapped away so much from me. Strangely, I only wanted him to be happy. And he was. And he made me happy. Ultimately, Ian was going off to football camp in a couple of days. Above all else I never wanted to hurt him or take anything away from him. I just wanted him to get bigger and bigger. I wanted him to destroy everyone on the field. He could do it too. Thanks to me. But I also felt that I wanted more. Muscle lust tore through my mind. Maybe it was the small abdominal ridges that I developed over night. But I wanted to be his companion. I didn’t want to remain diminutive while Ian continued to pack on pounds and pounds, even getting taller as he grew. I could see him reaching 7 foot with the desire for growth that he had. That desire awoke in me. I wanted it too. The two of us jumped out of the Jeep at the gym. Fucking John was behind the counter again. It seemed like so long ago that we had walked in together and Ian had made a fool of him. But it had been just yesterday. Ian pulled out a $10 and slapped it down on the counter in front of John. He emitted a sound somewhere between a low thundering growl and something sub-sonic that just felt like power -- too low to hear, but you could feel the waves of something deep and strong traveling though your body. John, for all of his arrogance, just looked up into Ian’s eyes. I could see his Adam’s apple gulp up and down. My well-built high school nemesis looked down and engaged my eyes then. A smirk traveled across his face as if he were criticizing me with his judgmental glance. “Don’t you fucking dare look at him like that!” Ian bellowed, his voice shaking the glass case full of supplements that was just behind John. “We’re going to work out and you’re going to fuck off!.” I wrapped my hands around Ian’s to tell him I was OK and that John’s opinion of me didn’t matter in the least. He looked down at me and gave me that huge smile. We walked into the open gym. Ian was protective, maybe even possessive. Typically, this sort of behavior would have bothered me. But when Ian defended me, I got a bit horny. Is that weird? Ian put his enormous right mitt on my ass. He turned around and looked at John then with his other hand, gave him the finger. “Ian, you don’t have to protect me all the time.” He still had his hand palming my left ass cheek. “Yes, I do. I’ll always take care of that sort of shit for you. You just worry about getting as huge as you can.” The workout was brutal and I was putting up weight on my second workout that surprised Ian. Nothing spectacular in any other instance, but for me, it was a 10% improvement over yesterday. And I wasn’t even tired. After we were done with 2 hours of legs – two hours of legs! –we drove home. Ian was going to pay for my gain tomorrow and although I knew that he wanted to, and I wanted to get so much bigger – so fucking much bigger – I also wanted him to be the muscle sex god that I knew him to be. Fortunately, we had a plan but would need to wait until after his football camp to put things into motion. The Jeep pulled into the driveway and Ian looked at me. He was already feeling the cost of helping me get bigger. He looked as perfect as always, but just a bit more tired that I would expect. “I can’t wait to see you get so fucking huge, Brad. That is going to be so hot. You’re already gorgeous in your boy-next-door way, but we’re going to make you into a beast.” My eyes watered. I knew he meant it. We had a plan and after his football camp next week and together we would put that plan into effect. Those wishes we made under the stars at Lybbert’s Pond were due for some alteration.
  5. SeaMusc

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I'm loving the tension in the story. Somehow you make "humiliation and dominance" more palatable than it already is. I don't enjoy super hardcore humiliation and you hit the mark just right where it is part of the threads of dialog and it supports the story's flow and rhythm...and you make it sexy and arousing. Loving this. Also, hope you are at least starting to feel better. Illness is not good for GAINZ :-)
  6. SeaMusc

    3rd Storyversary?

    I have ideas too :-) Hoping to make this year an especially good one. Let's hope the details will be out soon.
  7. SeaMusc

    SYNERGY: 2.16.2019

    In my mind, Ian and Brad drifted apart mostly because they were so young. Since the first and second parts are based so much in my own experience, I can only say that when I drifted apart from my opposite (as far as the story goes), it was because I didn't know what I had. I felt that it was special at the time, but didn't realize it until much later exactly how unique that relationship was. Follies of youth? Ignorance to love? Being overwhelmed with new hormones, new friends, constant stimulation of being a pre-teen? I don't know, muscledrain. The question is good, but in my own experience, I don't know if there is an easy answer. Life gives you twists and turns and you hope it ends up ok. As for your other questions, they'll be answered soon enough, friend. :-) And ya, I was going for a slightly loopy mother. Humor is important from time to time.
  8. Damn Hailmar! I didn't think ANYONE would even realize this. Seriously good investigation on your part - or maybe just knowledge you already have. Yes, I chose the names very specifically for various reasons. Mostly because Dantalion is a lesser djinn/demon and Bael, especially, is much more advanced an powerful, which will come into play later. And you'd also be right about their 'origins' as names go. Props for noticing this.
  9. SeaMusc

    Dane's Ghost (Part 24 added 02/22/19)

    You've got me hooked, man. I'm all in and definitely along for the ride.
  10. SeaMusc

    SYNERGY: 2.16.2019

    dredlifter, Your compliment means a lot. Im loving you current one as well. Ive noticed that a lot of the guys writing on here now are really supportive of each other. It improves the quality and quantity of work I think. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read. Plenty more to come on this one.
  11. This is one the several inspirations for this story. I watched this when it first aired and thought the whole scene was so amazing and beautiful - much more than is shown in the clip of course. Good call man. Dantalion is obviously much broader and muscular; Trevor, in my mind is a bit different, but a good comparison, nonetheless :-)
  12. SeaMusc

    SYNERGY: 2.16.2019

    Thanks for the compliments guys. It is always good to hear that people enjoy the time it takes to put these thoughts onto the page. And yes, hardmuscle4life, the next part is being written as we speak. Give me a couple of days, maybe less :-)
  13. SeaMusc

    SYNERGY: 2.16.2019

    Meh, I don't know how good I am at them honestly. But this story, of the several I have written, just feels so personal. It is real to me in so many ways. It's cathartic to get it all on the page and Im glad that you are enjoying it. Thank you for your comments. Yes, like you said, it is heartfelt, RWM. :-)
  14. SeaMusc

    SYNERGY: 2.16.2019

    This story has been near to me for so long. It is equal part real and fantasy. Maybe you can tease out which parts are which. Regardless, I have had so many of you wonderful guys message me over the past 4 years hoping for a continuation of this story. It seems to have touched many of you in ways that I didn't realize. Thank you for your PMs. As my professional life has stabilized and I am a few years into practice, I have the luxury of time to start this one up again. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here. It is a glimpse into my personal history in a way that no other thing I have written has been. Thank you for coming along for the ride. There is much more after this. Thank you to those who urged me to continue. I looked down quickly to see what was wrong. I had become accustomed to people commenting on things about me that were inferior, like I was just an accumulation of genetic sludge. But instead, I saw that my thinness had revealed the smallest of abdominal ridges. Ridges would be giving them far too much credit, but it wasn’t pudge. I could see them a bit making a bid at being at least the small amount visible. Ian’s mouth seemed to be working overtime but not saying anything. He was almost apoplectic. “How did you lose that fat around your middle overnight? That’s fuckin’ great!” He winced like he had been in recovery from a Mac Truck impact and had just returned to mobility. “I don’t know, Ian. I don’t know. Maybe my body used the fat from the workout I did with you yesterday.” My mind probed for some thread of plausible excuse. “Maybe. God, I can’t believe how sore I am, Ian. You mind giving me a massage for a few minutes? Maybe it will help.” Ian, being the massive brute he was surely had become used to people doing as he asked. I mean, why wouldn’t you do what he requested? He was fucking perfect. Ian lay still on his back, The sheet laying over him did little to hide his voluminous shape. I was sitting up just inches from him peering down at his eyes, which were aimed directly into my horny and remarkably perverted soul. I just couldn’t stop thinking of all the depraved things I wanted to do to his body. I also couldn’t stop the flood of images of what I wanted, no needed, him to do to my body. What was wrong with me? I could smell him, that scent of so many years ago. It rose out of his skin like a mist. Baked apples and cloves. Spring fresh laundry detergent and the smell of summer breezes drying clothes on the line in the backyard. But there was another smell now. The smell of testosterone permeating everything. You know that smell that hits you when you walk into the locker room of a huge high school where there are dozens of beasts on the football team sweating and grunting in the weight room and on the field? The smell of jock straps soaked in the musk of young athletic gods. The smell of all that plus a deep, almost hidden layer of man-on-man sex that you just know has happened a couple of times in that locker room. And that, mixed with the slightest hint of the huge built-like-a-tank coach jacking off in the shower, his spunk painting the walls after a long arduous workout. That smell. You know it. It’s a smell that comes in a bundle. It’s the smell of power and men, real men. All the cloves and baked apples and summer breezes in the world couldn’t compete with just one tiny drop of that scent. Combine them all, and you know what he smelled like, my best friend laying next to me, staring at me. I could breathe that into my lungs forever. Then it hit me like a thunderclap. Suddenly, I felt nearly nauseous. My eyes dancing around the room, from Ian’s eyes, to his protruding chest with his huge dark nipples, to his tanned smooth skin. “Whoa there, sparky. What’s going on? You look like you’ve just walked in on your parent’s having sex or something.” Little did Ian know that I had, in fact, walked in on my parents having sex once. The feelings I was experiencing now did seem remarkable similar. Different situation, same debilitating anxiety that would scar me for life. “Ian, you’re gay! And you watched me and heard me cum right next to you last night. And I spontaneously jizzed earlier yesterday afternoon just looking at you. I’m so embarrassed. Please don’t hate me. Don’t leave me again Ian. Not for something like that. I just couldn’t help myself.” Then in a Jekyll-Hyde moment, anger bloomed from deep inside of me. I had a realization and it made my stomach churn. “I can’t believe that you would mock me,” I spat. “Waiting until I was shooting my load, thinking about you, and then to tell me you were gay… And then that laugh afterward. You’re an ass! I can’t believe you would do that to me!” I was nearing hyperventilation. All the insults, threats, loneliness, fears, trepidations…I could sense that what I felt for Ian and what Ian had seen of his long-lost friend, were about to come crashing down on me. He must be repulsed, my thin, small body getting so excited about him. The one beautiful thing in my life before seeing Ian just a few short weeks ago at my final concert were my memories of the past. I hadn’t realized how much I relied on those happy thoughts to keep myself sane in the face of repeated adversity until now; until I was faced with losing them. Ian looked absolutely stunned. A tear pushed itself out of my right eye. It didn’t slowly flow down my face. It leapt out and fell from me, landing in my lap. Ian was still recovering from my outburst and he looked at me with that same look that I had noticed others give me for my whole life; it was a look of great suspicion, at least that is what I thought. Ian took a deep breath. I could see the thick mounds of his abs through the thin sheets. He never looked away from me but I could tell he was thinking carefully about how to respond. Another tear began to form in the corner of my eye. This one did fall slowly down my cheek. The god next to me, the one that I had loved nearly my entire life, raised a big meaty hand toward me, a wince on his face, and held my cheek wiping away the tear with his enormously muscular thumb. He then did something that I could never have imagined, and never will forget. He drew his hand away from my face and put his thumb, my tear still making it wet, into his mouth and sucked. It was the sexiest thing I could have imagined. He let out a deep rumble that shook the bed. “Damn, Brad. You taste good and this is only your tear. I cant imaging how the rest of you tastes.” He said flatly, like he didn’t even know he was saying it out loud. Ian just said the first thing that came into his head…and you know what, I know he wasn’t kidding. “Brad, I did not tell you I was gay when you were jacking off to embarrass you. Shit, man. I’ve been nearly throwing myself at you since I got to your house. Have you even noticed that at all?” Ian was the one who looked flummoxed. He was obviously not used to anyone playing hard to get with him, but he knew it wasn’t a game with me. I stopped breathing for a moment. What would he want with me? If we were talking about who was the hot one in a couple, I would rank as 2/10 if I were having a stellar day. He was definitely a 12. My brain could not even start to comprehend what was happening. I was damaged goods. Maybe my angry outbursts made him aware of that now. But I felt safe with him somehow and that allowed me to get angry about my fucked up history. I knew though at a profound level, that I could not keep acting the fool. I had to trust his actions. Trust our history. “Can you please just give me a quick massage? I am so sore. We should get out of bed before your mom starts to wonder what we’re up to though. I don’t know if you’re ready for her to see us in bed naked together, yet.” I felt almost compelled by an invisible force to inch closer to Ian. That smell was so strong. I wanted to drink it from him until I became intoxicated with it. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much. He turned from his back to his side, facing me. Conflicting feelings welled up inside of me. He could sense it, I’m sure. Confusion written on my face my eyes still a bit misty from my outburst. I reached out, tentatively, cautiously. This is how one must feel before poking a hibernating bear in its den. My cock began to throb again. “Get ahold of yourself!” I screamed silently in the chambers of my own mind. I began to kneed the thick dense pecs that were right in front of me. Ian closed his eyes and in about 20 seconds began to purr like a kitten. I couldn’t believe how solid they felt. I was pushing, pulling, rubbing as hard as my feeble hands could manage and I wasn’t able to get much purchase on them. Ian seemed to love it though. I went into a trance-like state, pushing harder and harder into his chest. I let my hand wander to his right nipple and my fingers grazed the dark projection. He shuttered and I saw goose bumps rise all over his body. He groaned deeply. The sounds of tectonic plates reverberated out of his chest. I clamped down harder on his nipple, my other hand reaching for the other. Without warning, I fingered them, flicking my fingers at them quickly and hard. Then I clamped down on them and twisted without mercy. My ministrations focused entirely on Ian’s billowing thunderous chest and the mini-cocks that emerged from his dark areolas. I had not noticed that he had pulled the sheet down off of his body to his knees. I had not noticed his throbbing vein-covered cock. I had not noticed the enormously engorged cephalic vein snaking up his arm as he pleasured himself while I was focused on nipple play. His eyes began to look crazed as I continued playing with his sensitive chest bits. I licked my lips and gazed into those deep perfect eyes. He nodded slightly. My mouth eased closer to his erect nipple. I extended my tongue and licked it lightly. Another moan surged out of his angelic face, his teeth gritting together. Muscles in his jaw thrust out their own striations. How much power lay hidden in just his jaw muscles? Who had ever thought of them as sexy? Well, I did now. Fucking sexy. I could tell a battle was waging inside of his body. He was under control now, but just. I felt empowered. I felt, beautiful again, like he made me feel all those years ago. That gave me enough impetus to take the offending nipple into my mouth and suck hard, like a baby who had been hungry for hours, I worked it with every ounce of precision and deftness that I could muster. I had never done this before, but it felt so natural and right. Responding to his every quiver, every shallow breath, every goose bumped piece of flesh. I was paying close attention to it all. Every bit. I felt him shaking. I looked up and realized that his arms was pulsating in steady rhythm. He was jacking himself off while I sucked on his tit. I looked at his face. His eyes were closed and his head suddenly shot backward. Ian was experiencing pure bliss, unadulterated by too much conversation or concern for anyone else. He was in his own world and ruling it with complete dominion; a world that existed in his nipples and in his cock. I wanted to visit that world some day. Although I was a virgin – I mean, of course I was – I wasn’t going to fuck that soft pear-shaped flute player from band, I had standards – I also was improvising. It seemed to be working. I pulled my mouth from Ian’s man tit as his chest continued to flex and relax, flex and relax, the striations forming and dissolving over and over again in rhythm. If I had lived a million years, I would have never seen anything this erotic. I touched his forearm; the one that was attached to the giant meaty hand working his cock. Ian looked down at me and growled. The look in his eyes was both the hottest look I could imaging anyone giving me, but also terrifying and menacing. He had completely given over himself to his base needs and instincts. A groan escaped my lips and another growl thundered through his chest. I looked away and down at his throbbing pre-cum covered cock. It was angry and beefy red. His hand was pounding it so hard, if it were made of marble, I have no doubt it would have been pulverized into dust by now. I licked my lips again. I noticed sweat was pushing out of his skin; that smell, his smell, was intensifying making me dizzy. His breath was becoming irregular and ragged. He was panting like an animal in deep rutting season. I put my hand on his and he removed it from his enormous god-cock. Looking at the thing like it was a deadly viper, I nevertheless lowered my mouth onto the head. In all the porn I have seen, there has never been one so big and beautiful as what I was about to taste and feel inside my mouth. Spreading my lips wide, I put his glans into my mouth, closed down with my lips and ran my tongue on the underside of his head. His ass clenched and flexed and his body rose inches higher on the bed. He let out a primal groan so deep, I’m sure the Richter scale in town measured a small earthquake. His cock tasted sweet with its layer of precum. Then I felt his dick pull slightly back and then extend again with such force and rapidity that I found I had the head of his cock lodged behind my tonsils. Then shots of lava hot spunk flew through his dick and down my throat. I was swallowing as fast as I could, like my life depended on it. In some way, it did. The thick cream came so quickly and with such force that I felt some start to come out of my nose and it was seeping from the corners of my mouth but I kept swallowing. I wanted his seed inside of me. No matter what, I would always have some of him in me now. Strange that he would be my first kiss all of those years ago, and now he would be my first sexual experience. So many thoughts were going through my head. Most of them good, some of them more guarded, but I was still reeling from what had just happened. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and it, swear-to-god, made a popping sound. Ian’s body was covered with a wet sheen. I moved up more toward his face and he pulled me into his massive well-carved body. “Wow. I’ve been waiting 10 years for that. I had no idea you’d have such a hot little mouth though. That was a pleasant surprise.” Ian looked into my eyes with so much emotion and honesty, my heart felt like it was going to burst. I could have lain there for hours. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “Brad! Ian! Are you coming down for breakfast? It’s going to get cold.” Of all times for my mom to intrude now was not the time. She knocked on the bedroom door and I saw the nob start to turn. “Mom! We’re coming. Just getting dressed. Ian’s just went in the bathroom and I’m naked. Don’t come in!” I guess my luck was still somewhat shitty. I heard her retreating down the hallway to her sowing room – I had always dubbed it her lair. We took just another moment to look into each other’s eyes and then Ian tried to get out of bed. “Fuck, seriously I’m so sore!” He rocked his big, long, oak stump legs back and forth and stood up out of bed. His ass, so mind-blowingly beautiful and high and round. It even had those indentations in the sides – what I called dimples – but they weren’t really dimples; more like divots. They just showed how ripped and built he was. He walked slowly toward the bathroom, hips swaying with grace and power that made me nearly choke. Then he turned back to me, sitting up on the bed as he walked through the bathroom door. A smile broke across his face, “Are you coming?” Ten minutes later we were sitting across the table from each other staring at enough food to feed some small European countries for a week. My doting mother had obviously fallen in love with Ian again—she did always like him. She kept commenting on what a big boy he was and stole a few little muscle grabs. God, please tell me she wasn’t flirting with him. But, in her own way, she was. It was mortifying. Ian took it all in stride and just chuckled to himself occasionally between bites of French toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs. He liked the attention, I’m sure. And no doubt he was used to it. Surprisingly, I had quite an appetite too. I hardly ever ate breakfast, which is again why my mother’s smorgasbord was so unusual. “Well, what are you boys going to do today? Are you going to introduce Ian to some of your friends? I bet that Jeanie Greene down the street would love to meet Ian. She’s so beautiful and tall. She’s quite the looker. And she has wide hips, so you know she’ll be able to make babies easily.” Oh. My. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. This woman was killing me slowly with her constant commentary. I mean, wasn’t it enough that she touched Ian’s muscles every chance she got? Wasn’t it enough that she couldn’t stop staring at him from top to caboose to feet? It was nauseating. I’m glad my dad wasn’t home right now. He’d be quite put out by her behavior, I have no doubt. My face was turning a shade of red that I didn’t know humans could attain. Dead. I was dead. I just wanted to crawl under a rock and suffocate in the cold dirt. Ian slid his leg under the table and rubbed mine as if to say, “It’s OK. No worries.” I looked up at his face after she proclaimed that Sara Palmino also had childbearing hips. I almost spat out my orange juice. He just looked at me, eyes gleaming, and with a little smile. He chuckled again, his huge shoulders shaking, traps flexing up and down, as she continued to play matchmaker to the biggest stud she’d ever seen with her own eyes. My eye rolls could not get any more dramatic. I felt like I was a regular on one of the drag queen shows, you know the ones with all the drama where everyone is wearing too much clown paint. Ya, that was I right now. Eye rolls for days. Ian for his part was being such a good sport. I’m sure he would pack up his things and find a cheap motel to stay in for the next 3 nights though. Being in the house with my mother acting like this had to be unnerving for him. It was for me at least. “Um, Mrs….” He paused and an “Oh shit!” look passed briefly across his face. I think he forgot her name. He restarted. “Mrs. Brad’s Mom, I think we’re just going to the gym this morning. We’ll figure it out from there. Thanks for the offers to set me up with one of your eligible lady friends, but I have my eye on someone pretty special.” He put his foot onto mine under the table. “Oh that’s so sweet, dear. And my name is Debbie, remember.” She was lost in his eyes too. Damn, everyone was. She didn’t even sound offended. She patted him on his vein-riddled forearm, leaving it there for just a tad too long. Seriously, kill me now. I just wanted to lock her in her lair for the rest of the week. I’m sure she had a quilt or something to keep her busy. Another eye roll, this one bigger than the last. Ian just let out another little laugh. It was adorable and endearing. The god across from me finished his third plate of food as well as the fresh-squeezed orange juice and stood up from the table. He thrust his herculean arms into the air, stretching, reaching toward the ceiling. His tight tee shirt rising above his navel revealing both his lower abdominals as well as the very top of his silky bush. I could smell him again—that musky sexual homemade smell. I think my mother did too. She quickly got out of her chair and made her way to the sink, muttering something under her breath that sounded a bit naughty. “Ugh, thanks Debbie. That was the best breakfast I have had in a long time.” He flashed his gleaming teeth at her in the most genuine smile. Did he have any faults? Not one that I could see. The woman he referred to as ‘Mrs. Brad’s Mom’ smiled in a way I hadn’t seen in years. His kind words had made her so happy. Truly happy. All the work she had gone to early in the morning to make Ian and I breakfast – it was all worth it to her. I felt a certain degree of thankfulness too. I walked over to her and in an uncharacteristic move, gave her a hug and said, “Thank you for breakfast.” I think I saw a tear welling up in her eye. Ian and I left the kitchen after asking if we could help with the dishes. Debbie, AKA MBM, wouldn’t hear of it. Ian motioned toward my bedroom upstairs. He sauntered to the bottom of the staircase. We both heard water splashing in the sink as my embarrassing but sweet mother began doing dishes. Ian, tensing his muscles like he was trying to impress someone, looked down at me and then scooped me up with one arm behind my knees and one arm behind my shoulders and started walking up the stairs. I wrapped my arms around his big strong bull neck and buried my face into the space between his chin and his traps. I had never felt so secure and safe. He put me down gently when we arrived through my bedroom doorway. He was treating me almost like a fragile flowering plant that only bloomed once every 20 years and then died. Well, maybe that was an exaggeration, but he did handle me gently…almost like a small child. Thinking more about it, I guess I was more like a small child to him. He was just so massive. I started getting my gym gear together in my backpack. I was surprisingly ready to go work out. Ian closed the bedroom door slowly. I heard the latch click. We were alone again after a bout with my mother. She was acting like a school girl with a crush. It was mortifying for me, but Ian didn’t seem to care at all. He just looked at me—that smile, that smell, that body writhing under the fabric that tried to contain him. All of him. Pecs, lats, traps, glutes, hams, quads…you know, all the one syllable bro-words. All of them were pushing against the tight seams in his clothes. I gulped. He closed the space between us so quickly and put his thick large hands under my arm pits and lifted my face to his mouth in one smooth steady motion. We kissed. It was short lived but perfect. His tongue wrestled with mine for a brief moment. “How are you feeling?” I asked him cautiously. I didn’t want to spoil the mood, but he had been in so much pain this morning. “I’m doing better. Still sore, but nothing I can’t handle.” His scent invaded my mind as I was still held against his concrete body. “Well, let’s go workout then! I want to see what else I can do to this body, with your training of course. We only have 3 days until you leave for football camp. I need you to teach me more what to do.” Ian’s face looked pained for a moment. I stopped and thought about what I had said. “Ian, you do realize that you going to football camp is not the last time we will see each other.” I felt that the roles were reversing. For some reason, he was unsure of leaving me. “We’re going to be living in the same town for the next four years. You wont be able to get rid of me you fucking beast.” Nothing in the world would have prepared me for the rush of emotions I could see passing through Ian’s countenance. Every Christmas gift and birthday present he had received in his entire life added together and tripled wouldn’t have matched the joy I saw on his face. But I was still confused. Why me? Why now? Why was I making him so happy? I pointed to the ground. “Please sent me down, Ian. Can we talk, honestly?” His eyes held a bit of sadness, almost like a puppy who had been reprimanded. “Ian,” I sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the spot next to me as I had done last night when I had told him about my life growing up without him. He moved his bulk slowly toward the bed and sat down. Something in his eyes looked concerned, pained, confused. “You have made the last 24 hours of my life an absolute dream. But why me? You could have ANYONE.” There was no accusation in my voice, but I did need to know. None of this made much sense. I was seated next to a God-Man that caused spontaneous ejaculations in nearly anyone he met. He was a creature of such perfect proportions, such immense grace, such humility and sincerity that it couldn’t possibly all be true. Ian looked at me with such love in his eyes. I thought I knew what drowning in them would be like. I had imagined that feeling since I saw him at the concert in Ellensburg – drowning in is eyes. But he had upped his game and the energy I was getting from him now was genuine, real, deep affection. He grasped my hands into his warm palms. I was all too aware that his hands completely dwarfed mine. A line from one of my favorite TV shows flashed through my brain. Yes, in comparison, I had “sullied little midget digits.” I laughed to myself as I analyzed the comparison between us two. He paused for a minute and then proceeded. My eyes looked up at his. I could smell him again. I could always smell him now and I never wanted to be in a place where that smell didn’t exist. He spoke carefully and with intent. “Do you remember Lybbert’s Pond where we used to go swimming? Do you remember that night under the stars watching the meteor shower? We were in fifth grade and you would come over to my house to spend the night later. That was the night we first kissed. The only time we kissed until now. We were watching the shooting stars streak across the sky.” His muscular hands held mine so closely. He was speaking softly, almost reverently. “Brad, do you remember what you told me that night?” My breath stopped. Everything clicked into place. It all made sense.
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    Make It Never Stop - Parts 1-5

    This story is a perfect example of why we all love you so much. Brilliant as always!

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