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    Gym, cooking (I am a seriously good cook), camping, gym, music, gardening, gym, road trips and traveling. Invite me to your town and maybe I'll come visit :-) Since moving to Seattle a couple of years ago, I have loved going fishing too.
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    Hell yes. Realistic muscle growth, muscle growth that is just past realistic, leather, piercings and tatts, devolution, muscle in general - not necessarily growth - just plain good and simple muscle. I have a serious thing for shorter guys that are built like houses. But, I don't discriminate. :-) Woof!

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  1. SeaMusc

    Little Mouse - Part Four

    @londonboy, I am so glad you picked this one back up again. I will be waiting, (in)patiently for the story to unfold. Thank you again for bringing your singular and unique storytelling into our lives. So many grrrrrrs and wooooofs to you, my friend.
  2. I like your profile note about Bob Paris "he got my fantasies started when I was young." Bob Paris got me through many restless nights during my teen years as well!

  3. SeaMusc

    SYNERGY - Part I

    Thanks Hardmuscl4life, sssska, asianman, and skumbum. Working away on this one too...Honestly, this one is my favorite project so far. And the one with the most promise as a story. Watch this space.
  4. SeaMusc

    The Impossible Discovery (Part III)

    Thanks BeastMode. I have been a bit absent on this site lately, I confess. But I am working on some other goodies that you'll hopefully enjoy. Happy Holidays!
  5. SeaMusc

    Beast Master II: Brandon

    Working on it again man. Thanks for the message.
  6. SeaMusc

    Shane: Complete (pts 1-3)

    Thanks richard18 and Azrael. :-) Happy Holidays. Check out my other stories if you'd like. Be well and stay strong.
  7. SeaMusc

    Pre-Diabetes Meal Plan Help

    Hey gogr2, Please send me PM if you would like to discuss a bit. I know it is always a bit overwhelming. Although I do not have Pre-DM or DMII, I have worked a lot with people that have those conditions in clinic. I am more than happy to explain things, or clarify, or answer questions. But, better to do in PM I think.
  8. SeaMusc

    Beast Master II: Brandon

    @skumbum, ya, I had to push past that one to give some...release... in this one. @hardmuscl4life-thanks man. Surprises are good, I think. I hope you enjoy the next chapters.
  9. SeaMusc

    Beast Master II: Brandon

    Part I, DANNY: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10304-beast-master-i-danny/ When I think back to how I met Danny, and think how we got to where we are today—and what he has become—what we have become—it sends my cock into a fit of growth. It makes my balls churn and twitch. I can feel my sweet and salty cream building, moving around in them and building pressure. It happens almost without thinking. But since the beginning, not a drop has gone to waste. He is always waiting to clamp his hot wet mouth around me and suck it down his eager throat. I have asked him how he knows I need to cum. He simply answers that he can smell my need. He can feel my heart begin to race, even from a great distance. He is that attuned to me. That has come in handy in different ways, but it is too early in the story to say anything about that, yet. He knows I like it when he opens wide and I push it all the way to the hilt in one aggressive thrust. He knows I love it, so he loves it (although from the grunts and deep moans that escape his throat, I think he would love it anyway). My bull-pup has eclipsed all of my previously held worldly expectations for him, and when I stroke his planetary muscles, kiss his plump lips, run my fingers through his thick hair while he sucks me off and I tell him that he has made me happy, a tear often comes to his eye. He pulls back from the cock that he has swallowed and simply says, “Thank you, Master.” A million words are transferred between us from the look on his face. He smiles like a schoolboy who has been kissed for the first time. He knows I am pleased, even surprised at his obedience, his willingness, his vast physical superiority, and I can tell that he explodes with pride that he has made me happy. He also knows that I will demand more from him; more size, strength, and obedience. He will give all three to me, freely, completely. I wont tell you how big he is now, that would give it all way, but I will tell you how it all began. Eventually, we’ll get to the rest, and you will want to be here for that part. For the moment, he returns to Hoover-ing my dick, sucking me down again with reverent intent. I grip his hair, pulling tightly. He really starts sucking then and I can feel the powerful muscles of his throat begin to flex and relax, flex and relax, sucking, swallowing me further down—pulling my enormous head further down his throat. The rhythmic swelling of my cock combined with his frantic dry swallowing pushes me over the edge. I can feel his need. He needs it because I need it. It heats him up and I can see sweat erupting from every pore on his forehead. I throw my head back and let out an animalistic sound that only seems to make him more intent. My balls seize up, pull close to my body, and I can feel the huge volume of my thick milky wad traveling from my nuts through my insides. I feel my prostate pumping erratically, forcing the fluid through me with deep urgency. I feel like a god in that moment. I feel that the universe is bursting from my cock. Indeed, it is. I shoot deep down his thickly muscled throat. His swallowing rhythm picks up and if he lost control for the slightest moment, I know he would be able to easily turn this fucking amazing experience into one of tragedy—even his throat muscles needed extreme control—but he knows just how much pressure to exert, just how to control the cosmic power that seemed to exist in every single muscle fiber on his immense body. What a good boy. The control he has over himself—every little bit of himself—is positively stupefying. But from the beginning, I had required him to be aware of his strength and he had yet to let me down. I know he will never let me down and I will never let him down. He was and is my good bull pup. Ever breath he takes is mine, and we both know it. Are you hard yet? I am, and I love it. It’s good to be a virile horny man. But let’s turn back the clock a few months, shall we? I love to workout in the morning, especially on the weekends. There aren’t many of The Bros at that time, and the ones that are there in the mornings are at least serious about lifting and move around without hogging all of the space. Of course, I do catch them flexing their bro-science-induced muscles and taking selfies. They are at least enjoyable to look at, especially when they bend over to pick up something from the floor. I love a tight muscled ass. It gives me a good place to plant my unusually large cock. But this was a new gym. I had only been yesterday as I had recently moved to town and was still getting settled in. I get so annoyed when I skip a lifting day. It completely ruins the rest of the afternoon. So, I dragged myself out of bed and stumbled around the house, trying to avoid all of the packing boxes that I hadn’t been able to put away yet. That was going to be a project—and one I didn’t want to start yet. A good workout was a way of procrastinating, I guess. I walked into the gym and saw the young guy that I signed up with the day before manning the front desk again. He is far too small for me, but cute still. And he seemed to be interested. We laughed a bit and he put a smile on my face. Nice guy. I know I’m a good-looking man; at least that’s what I have been told. I would definitely fuck me. That’s the best you can ask for, right? But I’m not huge, just well worked out. My tendency to a swimmer’s body with long lean muscle has made it difficult to put on a significant mass, but I have definition and decent size. Confidence had never been a weakness, but I’m no ass hole. I just know my worth. For the past few months, I have been getting more into my fetish headspace. The web-community of domination and submission has become one of my hobbies and I am discovering so much more about stretching the limits of my desires, even the buried ones. Those are the most exciting. Dominant/submissive is definitely my preferred community. The idea of dominating another man sends me into an almost-frenzied state. My need to dominate has been increasing and I can shoot enormous amounts of cum when I close my eyes and imagine becoming the Master to a hulking flexing pile of meat. I don’t know why, but it sends me into the stratosphere. Today would be my lucky day. After I passed the front desk, I quickly scanned the gym to refresh myself on the layout. It was chest day and I had noticed that there was only one flat bench in the place. Seriously? I would have to talk to the owner about that. There were a few bros in the dumbbell area. Hopefully they would be gone before I moved to that area. And there were the requisite middle-aged ladies doing some sort of speed walking on the treadmills. Very typical for mid-Saturday morning. Fuck, someone was already on the bench. I could see some shoes on the ground and hands on the bar. Oh well. I guess I would be making a new friend. Then he sat up and my breath caught. The fucker was huge. He was very well built, but he was so god damned tall, even sitting down I could tell. And he was HOT. Hazel eyes, dark hair, square jaw, and a set of lips I could tell would be like muscular pillows to suck on and chew. Even from a bit of a distance, he looked like the man in my dreams that I jacked off to last night – not once, not twice, but thrice. (Yes, that’s normal. I produce a remarkable amount of cum…and pre-cum, if you’re asking). I could feel myself getting hard. Fortunately, like I said, I’m confident…and I’m handsome myself. I can handle this guy. He had lain back down on the bench and he had earbuds in. “Hey man. Do you mind if I work in with you? There’s only one bench, can you believe that?” The beast looked up at me, slightly annoyed. Somehow this excited me. He pulled the buds out of his ears and just stared at me. It wasn’t an angry stare, just a stare. I ventured a friendly, “Are you OK?” I had no idea what the big lug was thinking. He was still huge and hot though. I didn’t move. I do remember that he broke my gaze first and looked down at the ground, almost submissively. I felt my cock twitch again. Whatever game just started, I liked it. It turned me on. My insides were fluttering and my heart was pounding. If we were playing cat and mouse, I think the roles had just been set. I was NOT the mouse. Time to exert myself a bit. “I’m going to work in with you.” That wasn’t too difficult. I smiled, proud of myself. He didn’t say anything but wouldn’t look at me. He placed his hands on the bar…this guy should have been lifting so much more weight. I wondered why he was lifting so light. I was gonna push him and see what he could do. I had a feeling that he’d want to show me by the time we were done. He started lifting and I was gob smacked by the breadth and thickness of his pecs. They jutted out well past his rib cage, huge hard pillows. As he lowered and then pressed up the weight, I could actually see striations pressing against his thin t-shirt. Veins erupted from his bulging forearms. I think the ham I made last Easter was smaller than one of his forearms. I got a little harder and started leaking my sweet juices. Just the smell of this guy wafting up from the bench a couple of feet under me…god, this was going to be a problem. He finished with his set, quite quickly actually. He just lay there a moment so I decided to push him a little. “OK Big Man, let me have a go.” He paused again and I swear I saw his substantial bulge grow, just a little bit. He jumped up and I got down on the bench. I couldn’t help myself. I looked up at him as soon as he got into spotting position. I couldn’t even see his face. His pecs overhung so much. They were all I could see, obscuring my view of anything else – except for his fucking huge arms. And his legs. And his apparently large package. He was a big boy in every sense of the word. I could smell him—his musk. His man smell. His smell was driving me insane. I wanted him. All of him. Every bit of him. Heart, soul, mind, muscle. All of him. He was mine. He just didn’t know it quite yet. I pushed out the set quickly. “How much do you want to go up to?” I was grinning. What a monster. Did he even know how hot he was? I could feel my shorts were a bit wet from pre-cumming almost constantly for the past several minutes. What emerged as an answer to my question was a jumbled mess but I caught what I believed to be “four plates….Danny.” “Ok, Danny.” As soon as his name left my lips, I swear I could feel him getting turned on. His smell was pure testosterone, power, strength—but I could tell he was deferring somehow to me…that he was nervous. Was this happening? I had no idea what I was doing, but whatever it was, it played out as if it were a dream. A steamy, sexy, ejaculation-inducing dream. Danny got back on the bench, raised his huge fucking mitts to the bar and started pushing out reps. His arms and shoulders were exploding with size. His pecs were bunching and bulging. Trickles of sweat were running down his face. He started to slow down. “More,” I said quietly, intently, with authority. And he renewed his speed and energy without another word. Did I just command this enormous monstrosity to push out more? I was getting far too turned on. Whoever Danny was, I wanted him more every minute. After we were done with bench, I went my own way. I needed to clear my mind. Was Danny interested in me? Why was he so skittish? What the fuck was going on? Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to let him leave without confirming my suspicions. I would be waiting for him in the locker room. That was decided. I caught him looking at me and he would catch my eye and then look away nervously. The guy was the size of my bathroom but he was behaving like a tentative child wondering if he had done something wrong. He hadn’t. He had only done things that were right. I caught him again. He had a hard-on and a wet spot was growing on his shorts where I could see the strong outline of his cock. He was pre-cumming, maybe shooting a load while looking at me. The scent of Danny was all I could smell. Jock, muscle, funky power, salty sweetness of sex. It was addictive. I wanted more and I would have it, most surely. When workout time looked like it was winding down, I went into the locker room. I would be waiting. “Hey Danny.” His eyes went wide as he saw me waiting for him at my locker. “Looks like you were feeling good out there.” I glanced down to the wet spot on his shorts. He looked slightly uncomfortable so I put him at ease, “My name’s Brandon.” Danny was breathing heavily. His melon-like shoulders were rising and falling. I could see his nipples fighting with his shirt, wanting to rip through them. His leg-sized arms dangled to his side. I wanted to lick them, tracing my tongue up the thumb-sized vein on his bicep. He had done a good job preparing for me. Where did that last thought come from? What was happening? I wanted to control him. To be his alpha, Master, GOD. Suddenly, something shifted inside of me. I don’t know how to describe it. I felt an explosion of authority and confidence in myself. He was mine already. I just had to take him. I stuck my hand out to shake his. He looked like he was going to faint. “Are you OK? Danny? Danny?” There is nothing more in the world that I wanted than to protect him, make sure he was ok, be sure he was safe. I reached up to shake his shoulder. I could barely make my way around his jutting hard pecs. Part of my wanted to twist his erect nipples, tear his shirt off, and start sucking. He was mine now. I could tell. Something had happened to him, and it was in my favor. “Danny, take your clothes off and go get in the shower.” It was hard to ignore his erection. It was even more difficult to ignore mine. I could feel authority course through me mingled with my blood. He had given me a gift—the gift of dominance. I would not betray his gift. Things were clear. Just as the words left my mouth, he looked down at his thin, skin-hugging shirt, wrapped one of his gorilla-sized hands around the collar, and pulled down tearing the shirt from his body. He shrugged off the fabric and stood there for a moment, breathing heavy, muscles twisting, flexing, powering up. He was magnificent. Nothing could prepare me for his bulk. His pecs were far more spectacular than I imagined they were. It shocking sometims what clothes can hide. A network of veins pulsed under the thin skin. His nipples were quarter sized and fixed to the skin on the outer edge of his squared off chest meat. His shoulders and traps struggled for space next to his head and above his arms. I don’t know how he worked those things into such a work of art. Bicep curls don’t build anything close to what he had for his arms. He tore off his shorts in similar fashion revealing possibly the most impressive part of his body yet. His legs were pile drivers. The power contained in them, I cannot imagine. He could lift the backside of a truck, I have no doubts. He looked back at me and waddled away to the shower, like a good pup, revealing an ass sculpted by the gods. I would spend plenty of time inside of his hard, velvet-lined vault. It wasn’t a question at this point. It was mine. Mine only. His shower was short and I was waiting patiently for his return. I wanted to bathe in him. I had so many things that I wanted to explore with him—and somehow, I knew he would comply completely. He was mine. Danny was mine. I wanted him, and he was mine. I can’t explain why or how I knew. As he immerged from the shower, he looked bigger, stronger, and more powerful. He looked more at ease, as if he had accepted something. I think I knew what. I walked to him, ran my hand over his chest feeling the permanent striations on his pecs. I twisted his nipples, felt the power of his arms, and stroked my hand along the side of his face. I looked up at him with one question that I needed the answer to—an answer that would shape the rest of our lives. “Danny,” I spoke his name with intention, with passion, with need, with my own brand of power. “Tell me what you are thinking about.” “You, Master. I am thinking of you.” His body tensed up. Muscles pushed against the skin all over his body. His quads separated into a vast network of individual bulging bands, some feathered with minute muscle fibers which somehow reminded me of huge hard feathers. His hands were clenched. His chest rose and fell quickly. Every muscle on his body seemed to harden and expand. His erect cock pulled back like a cannon. He looked down at me, looking through me as if in a trance. I instinctively knew what was coming next and that he needed me to take control. He was a man on the edge of pure bliss, but it was not time yet. “Danny, you will not cum until I command you to.” “Yes, Master. I will wait for you to tell me to cum.” “Do you want to please me, Danny?” “That is why I exist. To please you.” Somehow this was right. I felt my own power over this muscle beast growing by the second. It was intoxicating. I had never been that hard before. I needed to cum. “Pick me up, pup, and put my cock in your mouth. I have a gift for you.” His enormous hands instantly surrounded my waist and I was hoisted quickly into the air with ease, but gently. He lifted his arms above his head until my tumescent cock was pointing toward his waiting mouth. This close to him, I could feel his hot ragged breath against my skin. He was holding me up, all 205 pounds of lean, defined muscle, as if I were a stuffed animal. That thought alone was reason to shoot my load into him. He pulled me slightly closer to him and his beautiful, muscular lips surrounded my throbbing veiny huge cock. He took me all in—pushed my body into his face and started sucking like a greedy little boy slurping down his favorite ice cream. The feeling was unlike anything I have ever felt. I have never felt that sort of connection before. He was sucking my huge 10” dick like it was nothing, but it was more than that. There was an energy that was created, something that was larger than either of us alone. I could feel my load preparing to fly through my body and into his. My large egg-sized balls lifted closer to my body. I let out a deep groan and put my hands down on the top of his head to steady myself. He continued to suck, holding me easily in the air, my cock in his mouth. I bucked again and again fucking his face. Then I unloaded. I shot continuously for 20 seconds. It was not the pumping, cyclical rhythm of a typical nut bust. It was as if a hose turned on. My cum flooded out of me in a steady powerful stream. He opened his throat, I could feel it. The juice surging from my churning balls, through my body, through my wide-open prostate, and out through my plum-sized cock head blasted into Danny with extreme force and pressure. I could feel his muscular neck swallowing my liquid claim to him. He swallowed and swallowed and swallowed every drop. When I was done, he pulled my cock half-way out of his mouth and softly licked my slit with the tip of his tongue. He wanted every drop I had to give. His chest was rising and falling in dramatic fashion as I looked down at his moon shaped shoulders, his volleyball sized arms, and his swollen cock (which I could only see through the 3 inch deep cleavage of his pecs). “Put me down Danny. There will be plenty more of that, pup.” “Yes, sir.” He swiftly, yet carefully lowered me down to the floor. I realized that my mouth level was right at his nipple line. That would come in handy shortly. Someone needed to milk those things…and the only one to be touching him would be me. Good thing I like dairy. “Danny, you’re a good bull pup, aren’t you.” It was half question, half statement. “I am your good pup, Master. I only want to please you. I will do anything for you.” I knew it was the truth. It was in his eyes. Suddenly, I felt the lust from touching and looking at his body be replaced momentarily by a deep compassion…maybe love even…but definitely a profound respect. This beast of a man had been preparing for me for a long time—building his body to serve his future Master and lover. It hit me like a lightning strike. “Danny, I accept your offering. You are safe with me, and I know that I am safe with you. It’s time for you to get huge for me. There is nothing more in this world that I desire more than your body erupting into a hulking beast of indescribably strength and power. Does that excite you?” “I haven’t even begun to grow, Master. I can feel it. I feel as if I am about to burst. I will make you proud.” As soon as he said the word “proud,” I swear I saw every millimeter of his body expand slightly, as if he had willed his greater size into existence. Shit, given his build and his height, it must have been 20 pounds of solid beef…in a matter of a second. What was he capable of? “Pup, did you just grow?” A worried look briefly crossed his face. “Yes, Sir. You wanted me to get bigger. That is your will.” He looked down as if I would be angry or disappointed. “You did well, Pup. Though next time, I will tell you to grow directly. Is that understood.” My cock was rising to full mast again. “Yes. I will only grow when you desire and direct me. Master, it is not I though. I have never spontaneously grown before. It is you that did that.” My balls seized up again and I felt the surge of cum once again flowing through me like liquid light. “Danny, I’m going to cum again.” There was urgency in my voice that he sensed. Before I knew it, his warm mouth surrounded me again as he knelt in front of me. I unloaded another round of thick sweet juice into my hulk-of-a-boy. His throat again wrapped around my cock like a velvet covered hand, sending waves of flexing and relaxing down along my cock, milking me of every sweet drop. Fuck, it felt like he was giving me a hand job with his throat. I couldn’t wait until we were in private. At the same time, I couldn’t wait to show him like a prized stallion to the world. There would be plenty of time for that. The universe had just opened up and given me a gift. His name was Danny. I could not wait to build Danny into something that had never experienced before and the ride had already started. Danny stayed on his knees after he sucked me off the second time. He lowered his head at my chest level. I put my hands on his bulging shoulders and simply said, “Let’s go home.”
  10. SeaMusc

    Beast Master I: Danny

    Definitely man, Skumbum. I don't know if there is a bad one.
  11. SeaMusc

    Beast Master I: Danny

    Another one, just to make my point.
  12. SeaMusc

    Beast Master I: Danny

    Hey Skumbum and Co. The guy you posted in the link above is a good one... Actually, I have a muse for this story. His name is Danny too. And when I wrote it, I had him in mind. LOL I put his Instagram link below. I highly suggest following him. :-) Woof. He's a great addition to anyone's spank bank. But remember, he's mine! :-) Anyway, he is 6' 7" and 275 in real life. He'll be a lot bigger by the time this story is done. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannyjonesfitness/
  13. SeaMusc

    Beast Master I: Danny

    You are too kind, gentlemen. Working on the next chapter now. Thanks for the warm welcome back.
  14. SeaMusc

    Beast Master I: Danny

    Some of you who have followed my writing know that I always do multiple parts...so, to answer the pvt messages - there will most definitely be more. Im just getting started. :-)
  15. SeaMusc

    Beast Master I: Danny

    “Can I lick it, Danny?” There was a need in his eyes—a look I was familiar with. The one asking was a good-looking guy. Standing at 5’ 9” he was of average height. He did possess a great solid pair of pecs, broad globes for shoulders, well-worked arms, and above average legs. He even had a hard high and round ass on him. I made the choice to meet him at the bar tonight, I needed to throw some water on the fire of my own needs. Maybe he would fill that need I had growing inside of me. I hadn’t been able to identify the feelings I had been having lately, but whatever it was, I was looking for something to quench them. I knew, within 2 minutes of idle chat that he would be a decent fuck, but nothing more. What a shame. I knew that deep inside me—inside my soul—a ravenous, almost-crazed beast was circling its holding cell. I had felt it stir for years and still didn’t understand it completely. Whatever it was, it was becoming more familiar, more “me,” more of what I want, and more of what I could be. What I could feed it tonight would only appease my most basic and fundamental physical need, nothing more, something like handing the pacing suppressed tiger one of those horribly insufficient cracker snacks they hand out on airplane flights. It was something, but it only served to create a deeper hunger. The thing in me was becoming more powerful, more needy, more…unpredictable. At the same time, that deep desire fed so many of my actions. I was searching for something but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Ultimately, tonight had been nothing more than an ego stroke, or maybe better put—something to take the edge off. I really didn’t have much of an ego, per se. Most people would be shocked to know that I really struggle with my self-esteem. Of course, they base this purely on my physical appearance. I’ve worked out so hard for the past few years. It has been hard since I had been so thin growing up. But the thing inside of me, when it was still a quiet voice, slowly began making demands that I grow in strength and size. I obeyed. I am very good at obeying the voice now. At 6’7” and close to 280 pounds, I was what most would call “head-turning.” Maybe I was handsome, maybe not (I suppose that really depends on who is making the judgment) but my body was something I had worked hard on. I had very broad shoulders. I had enormous arms; I paid equal attention to my triceps and biceps. The results were quite impressive. My legs were full hard pillars that made the seams nearly rip on my pants. My waist had always been small, and still it measured about 32 inches. For my height and weight, it really was hard finding clothes that fit well in the waist. My ass was powerful. I could admit that. It was a product of deep squats and hundreds of hours of lunges. And then there was my chest. I had seen grown men drool at the ham-sized bags of hard flesh that erupted from my collarbone and bulged out several inches. My nipples stood erect at the outside bottom corners of my remarkably globular chest muscles. I was mostly lean, but had just a bit of extra padding that prevented much definition of my abs. It was my trouble spot. Some thought I was a sight to behold. Some thought that I was too big. I would get stares frequently from men and women alike. I took it as a compliment, but it never really mattered. Something was missing. But the beast inside of me kept egging me on. And so I kept lifting, and eating…and from time to time, I would pin myself with some good ol’ testosterone. My desire to become bigger, stronger, massive increased and escalated. I began to feel recently that my desire for growth, strength, and power was exponentially increasing. I couldn’t imagine ever thinking I could be too powerful, too huge, too freaky. It wasn’t possible. But again, I had always felt that a piece to the puzzle was missing. Something that I had only recently began to realize. “Seriously Danny. I want to lick it.” My trick for the night had a pleading look in his eyes. I raised my left arm again and flexed my forearm for him. He let out a deep guttural groan. The definition in my forearms was really quite something. Ridges and deep valleys ran from my thick wrist to my bulging elbow becoming meatier as they reached toward the bicep. A vast network of veins pulsed beneath my skin. Large vessels permanently traversed my arms but when I flexed, countless smaller veins emerged from their bed just below my very thin skin. His tongue (I don’t even know his name) went straight for the hard meat bulging outward from my flexed forearm. I could sense his desire. He was jacking off with his right hand. His left was pinching my right nipple. It felt good on some level to be worshipped for the hard-won meat that had sent him nearly into muscle induced trance. “Oh my fuck. I want you to fuck me so bad, Danny. So hard.” His breath was ragged. Mine was too. I had let myself get hard as he licked my arm. It felt good—though not satisfying. “I bet with that ass, you could fuck a hole through a steel door.” I could smell the lust oozing from his sweat. He grabbed my rising cock in his hand and stroked it lightly. Maybe this would be worth it after all. “Holy fuck, Danny. Your cock is huge man…and your balls. Fuck man.” He had descended into full worship. His eyes traveled from my forearm down to my now-tumescent pole. It was definitely a grower – not that it started out small. But like the rest of me, it was thick and of appropriate size. He looked into my big hazel eyes again and then lowered his head onto my cock. His mouth was warm and wet. He was a talented cock sucker. Jacking me off with one hand, sliding down my pole with his mouth as it followed the hand all the way to the base where my cock connected to my body. His other hand cupped my balls. I had to admit, they were big boys. At 6’7”, anyone’s nuts would need to be big to be in proportion, but mine were large, even for my size. I could feel them beginning to churn their heavy load. I didn’t have much control of this, I told myself. I was quickly reaching autopilot even if this wasn’t how I hoped tonight would end up. His hand left my churning bull balls and reached up to twist my nipple again. He pulled his hot mouth off of my surging cock, “Danny, you got to fuck me man. I just have to have you inside of me. I want you to tear me up. Break me in half, Danny. PLEASE!” If I hadn’t been so horny at the moment, I wouldn’t take his pleading as a bit of a turn-off, but here I was, shorts around my ankles getting sucked and teased by an attractive guy. The beast inside of me paced back and forth in its cage, quieting down as the physical need to cum began to build. None of this felt right but like I said…autopilot. The guy crawled onto the bed from his knees where he had been. He stuck his round, high, hard ass into the air and I descended on him. I wasn’t after foreplay here. I needed to get off. I pushed my cock into him with ease. This was obviously not his first time taking a throbbing muscular cock up his ass. I pumped him a few times, enjoying the sensation of my shaft drilling deep into his hole. I was close. I vaguely remember some shouting, “harder, harder, fuck yeah!” I threw back my head, shut my eyes, and released my cream into him. I filled him up. Then I fell asleep. I never could stay awake after cumming hard. The next morning, I woke up in my bed. The guy must have left after he got what he needed from me. Nothing had been stolen that I could see, so that was good. It was time to work out. The tiger was circling the cage again. I could feel something building inside of me. The feeling of deep need, desire, and emptiness felt more acute today. It was almost unbearable. A good session of heavy lifting usually helped. When I arrived at the gym, it was still quiet. Most people don’t seem to arrive very early on a Saturday so I had most of the place to myself. There were a few younger guys over by the dumb bells, a few middle-aged women walking on the treadmills, and me. My lifting partner was out of town for the weekend but I was happy enough today doing my routine solo. And then there was that strange beast inside of me that was acting up today. Whenever I felt that strange anxiousness, I worked my chest. It seemed to calm me. Maybe that is why they had developed so well. They were practically utters—hard fucking utters. I put my earbuds in and blocked out the world. Lowering myself to the bench, I put on 195 for warm-ups. I knocked a set out lightning fast. I got up to put a few more plates on and glanced toward the door. Someone else was coming in. I hope it didn’t get too busy. There was only one flat bench in the place—an issue that I had repeatedly asked the owner to rectify. A few minutes later, as I lay down flat, eyes closed, imagining my next lift, I heard a distant voice. “Excuse me.” I could only hear it distantly through the music I was listening to. My eyes snapped open and I saw a face looking down at me with a smile. I hate being interrupted while I lift. And besides that, it’s rude to interrupt when someone is about to start their set. I sat up and pulled the buds out of my ears and swung around to face the offending party. “Do you mind if I work in with you?” I stared up at his eyes, deep brown and looking directly at mine. He didn’t flinch. It surprised me a bit. I was obviously much larger than he was. Standing at maybe 5’10” he had dark Mediterranean features—Italian or Spanish I would guess—full lips, exotic eyes, high broad cheekbones, and a square jaw. He wasn’t built big like me, but he was obviously no stranger to the weights. Maybe a thick swimmers build would describe him best. I couldn’t look away. Neither did he. Something was happening as he looked at me. I don’t know if he was aware of it. In fact, it seemed he wasn’t. But I was. His voice was deep and thick like a rich cup of hot chocolate and it licked my ears. “Are you OK?” His voice wrapped itself around my balls and started tugging. God, I couldn’t break his stare, but I wanted to. He just held me there. “I’m going to work in with you.” His statement was not a question. A smile spread across his face revealing perfect white teeth. My heart was racing. What was happening? He took his track jacket off revealing his workout tank top. He had good definition and size upon looking more closely. Something about him made me hesitant to look too long though. I felt…exposed, as if he could see into me. His glance had an almost physical nature—it caressed me. “I’ll jump in after this set. Go ahead. I’ll spot you.” It was a light weight for me since I didn’t have a workout partner that day, but I didn’t protest. I lay back on the bench, placed my hands in their correct position on the bar and looked up. His flat stomach was just above me. I could see the obvious and large bulge in his shorts only a few inches from my head. This guy must be three-quarters donkey with that kind of equipment. And I could smell his musk. He smelled like a man, freshly clean, but emitting powerful pheromones. He smelled like heaven and sex and strength. I couldn’t begin to describe it. It smelled like unapologetic authority. I could see his chest slightly overhang and press out against his shirt, expanding and contracting with every breath. He didn’t have huge pecs like I did, but they were perfect for his size. He looked down at me and smiled again. “Go ahead.” Without thinking, I found the bar in my hands lifted to the ceiling ready to begin my set. I hadn’t even thought about the lift…it just happened. I pumped out 15 reps – the weight was light—and something inside of me wanted to show off a little bit. “OK Big Man, let me have a go.” When he said Big Man, the beast inside began shaking and rattling at its cage. That’s the only way I could describe it. Something was building inside of me, and it was building quickly. What was it about him? God, I just couldn’t even think straight around him. I moved away from the bench and he got on. I was starting to sweat a bit, even thought the weight was light. My heart was racing. He started pumping out his reps, breathing in and exhaling, I watched his body, admiring his form. His arms were covered with thick dark hair. His chest was getting a good pump as were his triceps. And that huge package…my mouth went dry every time I glanced that direction. Standing over him seemed wrong somehow. But I had a job to do, and if he faltered for even a second, I would be there to be sure he was all right. He finished his set and jumped off the bench. “How much do you want to go up to?” He asked with that smile on his face. “Ummmm. Let’s add four more plates. My name’s Danny by the way.” It all came out quickly like it was one word. Shit, I was tongue-tied. Embarrassing. I was close to my max with the new amount of weight, but I wanted to impress him. He seemed nonplussed, but I thought I detected a grin when I told him how many plates to add. I got back on the bench. “OK Danny.” My heart shot up into my throat. I could feel my cock getting hard. He just said my name and it sounded like a velvet-covered finger stroking my ass. “Go ahead.” I pushed out most of the set without slowing. I started faltering on the last couple of reps. He looked down at me and simply said, “More.” I didn’t even think about the weight or counting my reps. I did at least 5 or 6 more reps. I could feel my pecs pressing out against my shirt, nipples hard and erect and scraping themselves against the fabric as it stretched out from the insane pump I was getting. I was dripping sweat. My upper body felt fucking amazing and completely engorged. God, I felt strong. He made me feel strong. This guy. Whoever he was. He made me feel invincible. Fuck. I could hardly hear anything, my heart was pumping hard. The beast inside was banging at the gate. “That was good.” He said it simply, but locked eyes with me again as he said it and I knew that he was satisfied with what he told me to do. I looked at him and then looked away. We worked out the rest of the session separated. I kept looking over to what he was doing. I wanted to be working out with him, but he hadn’t invited me and I was not about to intrude. He had a powerful looking ass himself, likely built in this very room. I bet he had some impressive thrust too. My vision blurred as I imagined him entering me with force, my hole enveloping his impressive cock. I snapped out of my daydream only to find a half-erection and my hands rubbing my pecs and twisting my sensitive nipples subconsciously. I was leaking precum. I couldn’t believe I had zoned out like that in public. I looked over to where he was and saw that he was staring at me with that smile on his face. I turned away. My cheeks were red and my erection withered away. Fuck…he saw. I walked into the locker room a few minutes later. I couldn’t believe that I had been fantasizing like that in the middle of the gym. Shit. And HE saw it all. “Hey Danny. Looks like you were feeling good out there.” The guy was opening his locker just a couple down from mine. “It’s all good. Don’t be embarrassed. You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. I liked the show.” He flashed me that mischievous smile again. “My name’s Brandon.” I was having tunnel vision. Brandon extended his hand to shake mine. The beast inside of me was raging, banging at the door, shouting for release. I could barely hear myself think. I took his hand and looked in his eyes. He looked at me, almost seriously. “Are you OK, Danny?” There it was again. My name wrapped in silk. He was licking my hard nipples, kissing my mouth, ramming my ass—all with his voice. “Danny?” My eyes had glazed over. I could tell. I was in a different place. What was happening to me? “Yes?” I said plainly. Distantly. Fuck, the beast was coming through the door. Brandon was letting it out. Brandon. Brandon. My mind went blank and the world became sharply focused. Something had just happened. Something…shifted inside of me. Shifted – that’s the best word for it. Brandon. His name repeated over and over in my head. Brandon reached out to shake me awake, I remember that now. He put his hand on my shoulder. “Danny?” My eyes snapped open and looked up but not at him. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I was barely worthy to be this close to him. Things had just changed for me. I wasn’t afraid of the beast any more. I was the beast. The beast now belonged to Brandon. I was now Brandon’s—Brandon’s property to do with what he desired. Everything was clear. I felt overwhelming calm and devastating power pouring through every cell in my body. “Danny, take your clothes off and go get in the shower.” I didn’t think. I only responded. Almost before the last word was out of his mouth, I reached up to my collar and pulled the almost-too-tight t-shirt off of my body in one quick movement. The shirt ripped cleanly down my chest and my hulking torso was laid bare. I was in a trance almost. My thumbs snagged the waistband of my shorts and pulled ripping them off of me. My cock went from soft to hardest-in-my-life in about 5 seconds. I started dripping viscous ribbons of precum honey. Long strands of it flowed from my cock head to the ground. I was not even thinking. I did not have to think. I only had to do what he said. I was in nirvana. I stood there for a moment, hoping that he approved of my body. My chest was pumped beyond anything I had felt before. My arms and shoulders had striations threatening to burst of the skin. My legs were quivering with strength and power. Veins crossed over their surface. I could feel my traps straining to reach my ears. Every part of my body sought his approval. His glance dismissed me to the shower stalls but I noticed a small, almost imperceptible glimmer in his eye and the slightest smile. I kept looking down and backed away, walked to the shower and got in. I was so hard. No one had ever turned me on more—not even remotely. And he had only said my name and given me a simple command. I showered quickly, rinsing myself off. I knew he was waiting for me. I dried off in the stall and walked back to the bank of lockers around the corner. He stood there, eyes drilling into my soul. He was appraising me. Weighing, measuring, assessing, making judgments, pondering, I don’t know what else. It wasn’t my concern. My only concern was his will. What he desired, wanted, needed. I felt cock rising again and my fuck hole quiver. It was hungry for him. Only he could fill me—emotionally, mentally, and physically. He took a step toward me, looking up into my avoidant eyes. He was so close; I could feel his warm sweet breath on my chest. Galactic power coursed through my thick hard bull muscles fed by angry thickening ropes of veins and arteries. “Tell me what you’re thinking about, Danny.” * I am adding a photo of my muse, Danny, on the weight bench so you can have an idea of what you will be reading about, and J/O'ing to for the rest of the story. You're welcome. There are also some more photos on the second page of comments that I added.

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