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  1. Thanks All! I have been working on the next 3 chapters - to the end. When I put up the next chapter I want to have all of the story written so I can post all of it. Too many stories on here are unfinished - mine included...so be patient and I will deliver the next chapter and the others to the end.
  2. I spoke with the author today and he stated that it would be finished and has been worked on. If we are patient, he will deliver. I, for one, cant wait for future chapters
  3. You guys are ALWAYS too kind. Thank you though. I don't know if short stories are my thing really - I like to really "flesh" things out, so to speak and to develop a world around what makes the story somehow believable. That takes a lot more time and many more words - so after I wrap up the other active stories I have going, I may come back to this one and see if I can have some fun with it. >:-)
  4. Hey Forum Guys, I have never written a "short" story before. If you have read any of my others, they are LONG and expansive - but I wanted to try something different. Although I know that the requirement is to do a self-contained story, I have done that - but maybe one day after I finish up the others that I am actively writing, I will flesh this one out a bit more. As someone in the medical field, I have the privilege of examining bodies every day - usually a couple dozen of them - and every once in a while, someone will come in to clinic that is breathtaking in their physicality...So, this is my take on the other side of one of the dozens of stories on here that mention that some protagonist is getting HUGE and he or his friend/family tells him he needs to go get "checked out" by a doctor. This is that story from the doctor's viewpoint. Enjoy and happy Storyversary. ----------------------------------------- I woke up like I did every morning – 4 am – to go to the gym before work. Years of neglect had left my body in a sad state – not horrible, but not where I had been years before. Shit, when I was in my early 20s, I had an 8 pack and broad shoulders, legs thicker than my waist – I was a god. The challenges of medical school had taken their toll and the first years of practice had me working 60-80 hour weeks. No time to meal prep – and little time for the gym. But I had accepted a new job at a clinic on Maui. Sand and sun and the hopes of work/life balance. Working out was now a possibility – even if I had to do it at insane hours – but I was doing it and finally, I was seeing results. The god-awful hour of day was the challenge – but the improvements started to show and there were tan jacked local guys everywhere that kept me motivated. One morning, a patient showed up on my schedule – brand new to me. His reason for visit just stated “personal problem.” The photo ID pic in the corner of the page was just a thumbnail – but he was gorgeous. Maybe, no probably, part Hawaiian, Japanese, and Caucasian. A true island guy. I had a soft spot for them – or a hard spot. His name was Ikaika – of course it was…Hawaiian for “Strength.” I was in trouble if he looked anything like his photo. His last weight and height was 6’1” and 215 pounds at his visit three months ago. I was glad to be wearing dark slacks – maybe that would hide the dark stain on my crotch that seemed to form with or without my permission when I was turned on. It hadn’t happened with a patient previously – I have examined my fair share of hot guys - but this man, with his exotic look, crystal blue eyes, and that smirk I could just make out in the photo – a perfect storm for me and my heavy churning balls. They seemed to be producing more and more cum as I worked out week after week – now I was nearly always horny as the wads of cum-soaked tissue paper next to my bed suggested. I had to jack off at least three times a day – once on waking, once on getting home from work…and my favorite – my good night wank. On the weekends, it was even more often – I’m surprised that I even left the house sometimes. Ikaika was scheduled for late afternoon – 3:40 PM which caused great suffering as the day went on…and what were these personal matters? I usually hated to see that on the purpose of visit. You would never know what they would want to talk about – it was NEVER anything sexy. But looking again at that picture on his ID scanned into his chart – he could have said just about anything and I would have been turned on by it. But I tried to remind myself that pictures can be deceiving. Maybe he had some sort of horrible deformity – or maybe he had lost all of his teeth in a fight – maybe he was a complete ass and a homophobic prick…I wouldn’t know for a few more hours. The time came and I nearly did too. My nurse, a short but adorable Filipina, went to room Ikaika. I had checked my pounding libido by this time. He was probably a mouth breather or one of the guys who responds in grunts and stares at you under the heavy brow of a neo Cro-Magnon. Good, my erection was going down. A few minutes later, Nurse Mila came into my office to give me report. She was beaming ear to ear and shaking her head side to side a bit. “You’re going to LOVE this one.” She giggled. She would only ever say that if whoever was in the room was a smoldering piece of meat. Mila knew my tastes and she took every opportunity she had to humiliate me with her gaze. I approached Exam Room 4 and knocked lightly; I put my hand on the handle and opened it slowly. “Ikaika?” As the door swung open, on the far side of the room was a hulking beast, so large that sitting in the chair, relative size considered, it appeared he sat in something made for a child. I shook my head a bit – he was supposed to be 6’ 1” and 215. This was something far taller and massively heavier. There was a frightened look in Ikaika’s crystal blue eyes as he looked at me. His eyes dashed around the room, settling on mine from time to time. He was wringing his hands and a moment later he unclasped them and he made fists so hard, the knuckles turned white. He had stunningly long eyelashes – I don’t know why I noticed that. I couldn’t contain my erection and it was too late now – I was just feet away from the most beautiful and terrifying being that my very active imagination could construct. He wore a white v-neck tee and khaki shorts that didn’t come close to mid-thigh. Sitting down he was nearly as tall as I was standing – and I’ll not short at 5’ 10”. But his width and thickness – his shoulders appeared equitable to standard bowling ball range, his pecs jutted out far enough to pull the V neck to its ripping point – the threads seemed to be unraveling before my eyes. His forearms as thick as country hams – nearly as large as the round vein-riddled mass occupying a dominant position on his upper arm – pencil thick veins swirled in chaotic design over every inch of him I could see – even his thick neck. Taking in his legs and feet – shit, those must be size 20 sandals. I don’t know how he’d even find something that big. His quads erupted from their strained khaki prison with long mounds of striated dense flesh moving toward the knees, which were remarkably small in diameter – that just made him look more massive. I surveyed him up and down and side to side a couple of times before engaging his eyes again. He was now looking directly at me, not even blinking. There was a troubled look in his eyes and that look of fear was present still. He looked like he was about to cry. “Ikaika – Hi, I’m Gabriel. How can I help you today? Your visit note just stated ‘personal.’ Is there something I can help you with?” Silence hung thick in the air. The quivering thick beast in front of me started talking a half-dozen times but nothing came out other than short monosyllabic utterances – it appeared to me that the giant in the room didn’t know where to begin, so I started. “I have looked over your past few visit notes. It states there that you are 6’ 1” and 215 pounds as of your last visit 3 months ago. Is the reason you are here today? You have quite obviously grown since your last visit.” Silence again and then the thick warm honey sound of his voice shook me – I could feel his voice into the deepest parts of me. “I just started growing. It seems to be around certain people, always men, and I don’t know how to stop it!” The last word eeked out as a near-squeal as his voice broke. Ikaika, obviously overwhelmed by his circumstance, just kept staring into my eyes. I switched from lust mode into professional mode inside of my mind. It was clear that this man, big as a bull, was distressed. “Well, why don’t we start with a brief physical exam – we will probably need some labs ordered as well.” I slipped into my “routine” that I went through with nearly every patient. Heart and lung sounds, abdominal tones, basic movement observations, overall state of health, eyes, ears, mouth… “Ikaika, can you take off your shirt for me? I can hear better that way.” I fingered the stethoscope in my hand. He crossed his arms and his hands met the bottom of his tee shirt. He began lifting up slowly, then I heard the first rip – the seam was bursting on his right side – his lats were flaring too much and the fabric and threat could not resist. His eyes went wide and he looked ashamed. “It’s OK. It’s just the two of us in here – and I have seem much worse, even today.” I tried to speak calmly but this whole experience was too fucking hot for me to handle. I already had enough mental images to fuel my spank bank for a year. He removed his shirt and my breath caught. I could tell he was ripped just from seeing his arms and legs – but I was not prepared to see all of his upper body exposed. I could not keep my swelling manhood under control any longer. He was GOD-made-man. His chest erupted 4 or 5 inches outward – imaging what a 5 inch pec chasm looks like – you could quite literally put your hand in between his collosal chest muscles and it would be buried. Striations bunched from his shoulder insertions and flared across meeting in the center of his breastbone. His abs were 8 colossal thick but individual squared-off bricks, almost sharp at the edges and netted in a filigree netting of vasculature. My hands were quaking slightly. I would touch him now, even with my stethoscope. I approached and placed my stethoscope against his left pec – it was silent – his chest was too thick, too dense, to hear even his heartbeat so I moved to his neck to listen to his carotids – thump-thump; thump-thump – I heard blood coursing through is arteries flowing from his heart. The sound was deeper and more insistent than anyone else’s I had listened to in my life. All other points of exam were normal – well, abnormally perfect. “Can you please stand up, Ikaika?” He rose and rose to nearly 7 and ½ feet. His mass completely boggled my mind. “Please take off your shorts so I can give you a brief genital exam.” That look of fear came back into his eyes. “Is everything OK?” I asked again. He closed his eyes and shook his head, unbuttoned his shorts that appeared as if they had been lacquered on him. His enormous manhood lolled between his thighs, even soft must have been 10 good thick inches. His balls the size of one of those large Florida avocados, not the anemic small Haas. No these were round and at least softball sized. My mouth felt dry…I just stared at the meat in front of me. I did not feel worthy to be breathing the same air as this paragon of power. I couldn’t imaging the strength he possessed – what he could move with the slightest attempt at trying. Suddenly, his eyes went wide and his hands clenched again. A low rumbling moan escaped his lips and he thrust his head back looking at the ceiling and as fast as his eyes opened, they closed – another moan escaped his lips. He started breathing shallow and rapid – and the mammoth cock between his legs started to fill and harden. Nearly whispering he looked down at me and said with simple certainty, “You are one of them.” “I’m not one of anything.” “You are one of the men that can make me grow.” I had absolutely no idea what the monster in front of me was referring to. Confused and remarkably horny, I just watched him. He looked at me again – the frightened eyes of a confused man were replaced by a steely confidence mixed with utter bliss. Looking into his face – it was as if he were slowly and repeatedly orgasming. And a moment later, I could see him get very slightly wider, taller, thicker. Soft moans issued from his large pillowy lips every few seconds. “Does it hurt, Ikaika?” I was dumbfounded and could barely form sentences. I looked at his cock, nearly straight up and resting in between his abdominals, ropes of gossamer silk precum pushing out of the tip in wave after wave. “No, Gabriel. It feels like heaven. I could never tire of this feeling.” He spoke quietly with a rumble. I shot my load, hard. A soft cry came out of my mouth as he looked down at me and smiled. “My Turn.” He looked directly into my eyes, floods of silver sweet honey forming a puddle on the floor under him. I wanted to lap it up – I could smell its sweetness. Staring at me, he reached up his right hand to his left nipple and squeezed. Another moan, this one deeper and more insistent than the last. “Touch me, Gabriel.” I was crossing a line and I knew it – but it was his request. My trembling hand reached out and from his left pec, ran down the ridges and valleys of his abdomen – fingertips running over pulsating veins. My hand found the base of his cock, still slobbering it’s gifts, but now into my hand. I moved my hand from the base of his mammoth manhood and closed it around his throbbing head. I was in awe. Looking up at him, he smiled and I could feel him getting slowly bigger – not noticeably so, but I could feel it. I turned my eyes back up to his – there was a confidence and … dominance… that was not there before. Something wild was inside of the ashamed and frightened man I had met just a few minutes before. I did not break his gaze. My hand opened up from its grasp on his cock head and I ran it down, with some great friction to the base, then back up, and down, up and down. Ikaika began panting again but never looked away from my gaze. His breath caught. And then he came, a gallon of thick white cream, pulse after pulse, more and more shot from him and onto the wall opposite. His eyes were wild and looked greedy. I stopped pumping and stepped back a few feet and watched him gain a few more pounds, a centimeter or two of height. He breathed out deeply and we finally broke our stare. The frightened look returned to his face. “God, I am so sorry. So sorry. I cant believe I did that.” I reached up and put my hand on his chest, letting it slowly drop to his nipple where I let my fingers twist and play for a moment. “What are you doing tonight, Ikaika?” A broad smile and a flash of that dominant confident man broke through. “Fucking you and getting bigger, my man.”
  5. Soon! Im working on the next chapter here, one for Synergy, one for Beastmaster, one for Impossible Discovery....and an entirely self-contained one for the Storyversary. Your patience will be rewarded, I hope.
  6. Thank you so much for your comment. To be honest, I guess I have been blessed with a few friends along the way that have loved that sort of attention. And I have received that sort of attention as well. But the thing that is difficult - I have dated men who were very muscular and when I would run my fingers along their veins, or massage their thick hard triceps or biceps when in a passionate moment - all of them have thought I was a freak for worshiping the hard vascular mass that they had fought so hard for. I don't know what to say than I understand that sorrow for what you have or have not experienced. Fetishes and desires that run counterpoint to traditional morés are problematic unless you find a good fit. Carry on with your dreams of finding someone who understands you. Truly, that is the hard part...but when you do find that person, hold on to them.
  7. @liftme Working on a next chapter now. I hope you re-read chapters 1 and 2 to prepare yourself
  8. Thanks to those who have been asking for more of this one. A slightly shorter chapter - but one to set things up for the future. Again, thank you for your feedback and your support. ***************************************************************************************************** For the next couple of days, we went through the same routine. We slept naked together, Ian fucked me, I fucked him – and I was good at it too, especially for a “beginner.” At least that’s what Ian said. The woman known as Mrs. Brad’s Mom made platters of food for breakfast the rest of the week. She also pawed at Ian’s enormous arms every chance she got. Dinner with Dad at home tempered her flirtation a bit, but not all the way. She stole touches when she could. As embarrassing as it was, Ian would just look at me and let out little chuckles. He KNEW that Mrs. Brad’s Mom was embarrassing her namesake and he derived some sort of pleasure from it. Then Sunday night came. It was the day before Ian would go to football camp. He had to be there at 08:00 sharp. After a dinner of beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh made rolls and all of the side dishes…I looked over at Ian at the kitchen table and my eyes started to water. Mrs. Brad’s Mom, AKA Debbie, got out a fresh Key lime pie and began to cut it into serving sized pieces. My dad got up and started clearing the table. Ian got up to help too but I grabbed his thick meaty hand and pulled him back into his chair…I mean, I “suggested” with my body language that he sit back down. He was large enough to do what he wanted – I don’t even know if he felt my grip. But he did sit back down next to me. I looked into his steely blue-grey eyes and just squeezed the finger I was holding on to. And you know what? His eyes started to water as well. We ate the pie in silence. His right hand surrounding my left leg under the table. My small left hand at his enormous powerful knee…I could feel the blood vessels pulsing, throbbing, feeding his ever stronger muscles. If I didn’t have a mouthful of pie, I would have got under the table and started licking every inch of his thunder-producing legs. After we ate dessert, Ian rose and took everything else off of the table. Mrs. Brad’s Mom was at the sink starting to wash dishes, her back to us. My father had retired to the common room to watch his “shows.” Ian took the stack of small plates over to the sink and stood next to my mom. Their backs both to me. Ian leaned down to her. His enormous arm, full of enough power to crush cars I was sure, wrapped around her shoulder. “Thank you for a wonderful week. I will never forget how kind you are.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek. He turned toward me. God, his thighs were so thick he had a waddle to him. My mother turned to him and grabbed one of his thick fingers. “Be good to him. Don’t break his heart.” She said quietly, it was almost a whisper – not intended for me to hear. Ian just looked at her and smiled that goofy grin that could win anyone over. In my seat at the table, I looked at him walking toward me. He seemed taller. He seemed more powerful than even earlier today. God was in my kitchen and his name was Ian. He pointed upstairs towards my bedroom and just nodded and smiled. I got up from my seat. It was obvious to my parents that “we” were together now I think. He picked me up again at the bottom of the staircase. His arms bulging, his pecs heaving, his traps swelling – he was trying to impress me, and it was working. But he felt bigger too. Harder. More vascular. Maybe that is why I felt so tired tonight…I was making him grow. I was still granting his wish from all those years ago. He set me down on our bed – it was OUR bed now. Ian, his bulk extending to all corners of my view, leaned into me and kissed me deeply. I took his face in my hands. “Ian, we will change those wishes from years ago next weekend…but for now, I want you to take every ounce of strength from me. Drain me dry. Grow tonight bigger than you ever thought you could be. Take everything from me. I will sleep it off while you are gone. Yes, I will be sore tomorrow and that is OK. But when you go to football camp tomorrow – promise me you will DESTROY everything in your way. Become the massive mountain of power that I have jacked off to my entire life. You are nearly there.” I said the last bit with a smirk, knowing that it would work its way into Ian’s mind – that I said he was “nearly there.” Ian, the man-god, pulled me toward him and then planted a kiss on my lips that I will never forget. And then he drained me. I woke up at 06:00 barely able to move. It was the worst it had ever been. Ian was getting out of the shower…I think it was him. The thing coming through the door had to have been 6 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than the Ian I had said goodnight to last night. He rushed over to me when he heard me moan. “I’m so sorry, Brad. I didn’t even try to get bigger. It felt like you were shoving it in to me.” He had such deep concern in his voice. I could barely keep my eyes open…and I hurt. Every inch of me was on fire. He buried his head in my now emaciated chest. “The universe demands balance.” The words barely escaped my lips and I was back asleep. When I woke up later that day, all of Ian’s things were gone. My room was spotless. He had cleaned. I could still smell him – and it made my heart ache. He wouldn’t be coming through the door any time soon. That goofy beautiful smile would be a stranger for at least a few days. I felt like a giant gaping hole had been ripped into me. There was nothing that could fill it except for Ian. The pain and exhaustion I felt – it was worth it. I saw glimpses of him as he left. Shadows of the monster he was now. And Ian was so good and pure; there is no one else I would have trusted with the sort of size and strength. He had become the huge strong man that he wanted to be all of those years ago. And I knew that it wasn’t over. I fell asleep again, but I could feel him, like we were connected somehow. A few hours later, the sun was low in the sky as it came through my window. My mother had left me in peace but I could smell dinner cooking – probably some sort of tuna casserole. Ugh. She couldn’t seem to escape the ‘60s. I didn’t want to move, but I needed to eat. I got out of bed and saw an envelope on my dresser. The writing was in hard sharp blocks. Ian. Using all of the strength I had in me, I walked the 10 feet to the envelope. I nearly fell over, twice. My trembling hand reached out and opened it. “My Dear Brad, You look so peaceful when you sleep. I don’t know why you did what you did last night. But I think I know, I guess. Part of our deal all of those years ago was that I would grow into one of the largest and strongest men in the world. I am getting very close to that now, thanks to you. But the other part of that deal…Brad, I will always protect you. It is the only thing I truly want anymore. I don’t know if it is the wishes we made at Lybbert’s Pond that night, or if it is just natural – the way I feel. It doesn’t matter though, does it? I care for you more than I do about myself. Sounds so weird to say that – but it is true. I woke up today and hit 260 according to your scale and I’m pretty sure I am at least a couple of inches taller, maybe more. But I know that means that you have paid a price. And a horrible one. So let me make you a promise. You asked me to destroy everything in my path at camp. I will do that. There is nothing that will get in my way. And when I am done on Friday. I will come to you. We will get ready for our date this weekend at Lybbert’s Pond. The meteor shower starts at 19:07. I put it in my phone. LOL. For now, rest. Sleep. Draw anything you need from me. I can feel you now, all the time. Whatever WE are, you are a part of me. Yours for as long as you’ll have me, Ian” I set the note down and collapsed onto the floor – so many emotions assaulting me, mostly pride in what Ian was becoming. And yes, I could feel him all of those miles away. Friday couldn’t come soon enough.
  9. Give us a happy ending Londonboy...we've been waiting years for the ending. I can only hope that this last one, the one that received 8 times the dosage - something will stick. You are all about the romance. Write the 3rd part so that we will know what happens and it will be good.
  10. A rich backstory exists between TJ and Cas - I have no inkling as to what it is yet though. I have a feeling it will be revealed slowly. Interesting about TJ being a bit of a biochemist, so I'm sure that plays in somewhere. There is a perfect mix of tension between TJ and the others and the warm budding romance between Cas and Blake that makes the storyline move well. Can't wait for more. "Give us more!" I chant out loud as I write this.
  11. SeaMusc


    Great start! It is always good to see new authors on here! We all posted that dreaded "first story" once. You'll find little other than acceptance and support on this board, so write away! And to echo others, yes, this is a great start. You'll soon find us all begging you for more and more - just keep doing your thing and writing what you want when you want. One thing that I learned early on - try your best to FINISH your stories. People here will be reading them, wanting more, investing in them. So, if you are asking for any advice, which you may not be, try your best to finish each thing that you start. And welcome to being an author on MGF. You're doing great right out of the gate.
  12. Phenomenal chapter, Brad. You apologize for it being so long. No no no. Never apologize for giving us what we want - MORE. Just like the Burrito Lady wouldn't ever dream of apologizing for making too many burritos or giving away too many gratis for John and Gabriel. There is depth in writing here that puts us in the moment. I can almost smell the grass at the park on a sunny day and feel the slight humiliation when Heath is pushing that bar into Dec's chest. You make it real with your words. There are hints of reality in this piece you are writing. Yes, fantasy; but also enough detail and feeling that there also exists here some shadow of your own experience. And that is what makes this such a pleasure to read. I personally can't wait for Gabriel to see Dec again. And I can't wait for Dec to show off for him. He's becoming a bit cocky and I love it...and I imagine that Gabriel will LOVE this new development in John - mentally and physically. And I can't wait to see the trouble Dec gets into with his "colleagues." So much to look forward to. I, for one, am needing MORE!
  13. Don'r rush your creative process. I think that is something that often happens on here. But - I can't wait for Chapter 3. *taps fingers on table impatiently. Take your time, but know we are hungry for more.
  14. Trevor sat up in bed, thinking it all a dream…the evening before. A djinn, nearly his height but with a musculature that was blatantly inhuman, sex the likes of which his brain could still not fully understand, his synapses still firing randomly as a result, wishes, binding, wells of accumulated power…It was all a bit much and too detailed for a dream, but he had vivid one’s before. Just not quite like this. He lay back down slowly. Geez, he was a bit lightheaded, shooting up like that. Then his mind was awake enough to feel something along his arm. Like it was dipped in perfectly warm water. He glanced over and saw the mist encasing him from hand to elbow, pulsing, dense but yet a bit transparent, bluish. It looked like it was breathing, in and out, in and out. The mist pulled off of Trevor’s arm and slid under the blanket next to him. Over the course of 10 seconds a body solidified, the mist pulling Trevor’s arm back up to resting at the crest of D’s massive chest. “You are awake, Master.” Trevor’s mind came to a screeching halt. It was real. His dream was real. He was guardian of a djinn. And he didn’t understand what that meant. And he didn’t know if he wanted to. Tension wracked his mind. He felt disoriented and unsure. The events of the previous evening snapped into sharp relief…He was mostly confused but there was a bit of fear in him as well. “Have I done something to offend you, Master?” Dantalion had a pleading quality in his voice. He had learned to read humans like they read a blog, a menu, anything simple and easy to digest and understand. Trevor’s mind continued to do summersaults, running diagnostics, questions flooding his mind. But he felt Dantatlion’s flesh, his warmth, his inhuman chest…and he could feel his concern. The bond between them allowed a trickle of understanding, connection, knowledge that was just enough to bring him back down to reality. His NEW reality. Then he remembered the dream he just had awoken from. The dream. “No, D. You haven’t done anything to offend me. Let us just lay here together for a few minutes. I need to gather my thoughts.” D felt emboldened for some reason. He didn’t know why or how – he would never have done this with any previous Bound. He reached over with one of his baseball mitt sized hands, thick with their own musculature and stroked the cheek of Trevor, lightly, gently. Trevor looked into D’s flickering eyes and he felt safe. “D, I want to take you a couple of places today that are very special to me. It’s a bit of a drive. But the entire way is unbelievably beautiful. I want to take you there and I want you to see it. You should experience things in your existence, right?” He didn’t know the answer to that question. He didn’t know what djinn’s were supposed to do, to be, to want. D held his breath for a moment – he didn’t really need to breathe after all. “Do you want me to transport us there? We can be wherever you want in the universe in just a moment.” Trevor pinched Dantatlion’s nipple. The one next to his hand. D let out a deep moan from his powerful chest. He had been allowed to continue “feeling” as humans feel. Trevor paused a moment. “No, you need to experience, to learn about this world in ways you haven’t yet. You have only experienced pain until last night. I want you to feel the sun on your skin – it’s warmth. I want you to feel the wind in your hair when we drive. D, you haven’t had any of that in how long?” “Never.” Trevor didn’t respond for a moment. He wanted to talk to D so much more both in time and in substance. There were parts of his grandfather’s note, things that D had said, the Binding process – things he needed to ask about. Nothing like a good road trip to talk about things. And the djinn had obviously not been on any road trips in his millennia of existence. “D, life is a journey. Getting to the destination is often better than the destination itself. I want you to experience that.” Trevor pinched D’s nipple one more time and then swung around and got out of bed. He was thin but lithe. D’s eyes took in everything, top to bottom, as his Bound walked to the bathroom. He was told to “feel” human things. And he was starting to feel something very unusual, powerful, overwhelming about this human. He didn’t understand it. But he wanted it more than anything in the world - to keep feeling this way about his Bound. Trevor wasn’t in the bathroom long. He always took quick showers. He walked out with a dark grey towel around his waist. D was still in bed, laying supine. He looked at Trevor as the man got dressed, tight ass, good build if a bit thin. He couldn’t forget how he felt the previous day. He was allowed to feel sex, cumming, pleasure beyond his wildest imagination. He never thought being human would feel like this. The man in front of him was entirely responsible. He wanted him so bad. He wanted to feel Trevor’s cock in his ass, down his throat, fucking the chasm between his pecs. He wanted Trevor to be all over him, in him, forever…But again, he would never ask for that. Djinn to not ask favors from their Bound. That is not the way of it. So he took small comfort in watching Trevor get dressed in a well-fitted heather grey v-neck tee shirt and thick woven brown pants – he thought he saw the word Carhartt on the tag. “Well D, what are you waiting for?” Trevot swung around and looked at the meat pile in the bed. “What do you want me to do, Master?” “God, number one, stop calling me Master. Just call me Trevor or T – since I call you D. I know I have complete control over you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep calling me Master. It just sounds so weird. And I feel weird when you say it. Just Trevor or T, OK?” “I’m not a god…yet.” Trevor shot him a quizzical look. Another question to ask about. The djinn didn’t move other than to nod and utter those words.. He truly didn’t know what the human wanted him to do. So he just stayed under the covers on the bed, only the top of his chest exposed. “Well, I guess we need to get you dressed, although none of my clothes are going to fit you. You’re fucking HUGE!” Trevor smiles a bit as he felt himself get a bit of a semi-hard on. “I can make myself smaller, more your size,” D said meekly. He had rarely been in this situation before, not knowing what was expected. What does one wear, what size does one need to be, what other things that he didn’t even know to ask – to go on a “road trip?” Trevor, realizing his error – he was after all dealing with a very ancient and being with childlike understanding of anything day to day – walked over to D’s side of the bed and grabbed his hand. “Stand up, D. We need to find you some clothes. And when we are not alone, can you turn off those flames in your eyes? Make them look more human? “ “Yes, I can do anything you ask me, within the confines of djinn law.” The slow flicking flames disappeared so he could demonstrate to Trevor how Human he could appear. “What would you like me to wear, T?” He took a risk abridging his Bound’s name. It felt far too intimate to call him that. But he decided that if he were given permission, it was ok. “Do you want me to augment my body in any way? Or would you rather me be in my natural form?” Trevor just smiled. He felt, through their bond, that the djinn felt nervous and insecure. The god before him had just called him “T” and was asking about augmentation. This was all so surreal. “I don’t think there is a reason to augment you, at least now. You are so perfect in so many ways. And as for clothes – how about a tight white cotton tee shirt, low cut v-neck to show your amazing pecs, tight around the arms tending to bunch up at your delts to show how powerful they are…And dark grey shorts, mid-thigh, tight to show your legs and your big bulge. White high top Chuck Taylor Converse. Do you understand?” D smiled and in an instant, Trevor’s djinn was a fucking wet dream. Simple, perfect, sexual as fuck and he was just waiting for his next command. Another leak of mana trickled into his well. He was loving this exchange. His brothers did have something to worry about, maybe. The unmatched pair – one übermuscular and the other thin and defined – walked down to the parking garage under the condo complex and got into the open air Jeep. They left Capitol Hill in Seattle and drove toward the ferry terminal that would take them across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island. When on the ferry, T got out of the Jeep and told D to follow up to the top deck. Trevor slipped on the slick metal stairs and D, just inches away, reached out his ape arms and caught him. Trevor shot him a smile and a nod. Dantalion felt like he could tear the universe in half with a smile from Trevor. They went up to the upper deck and Trevor whispered into D’s ear, “I wish that you felt the wind on your face, on your body, and could smell the sweet salty air on his summer day. I wish you would experience this as I am doing. It is perfect.” D expanded his mind just a bit, a fraction of what he could, but only as much as his human allowed. He smelled the sea, the saltwater, felt the cool breeze especially on his face, the skin exposed at his V-neck, and his legs. It WAS perfect, just as Trevor told him it would be. He smiled. They reached the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal in short order, only 30 minutes away from downtown. Back in the Jeep, they drove through small towns, one after another, hidden in trees shaped like matchsticks and packed as tight but taller than any 7 story building. The smell was intoxicating to the djinn. The wind in his hair, the sun on his face. Trevor wanted him to feel it, and he did. Just before crossing Hood Canal, Trevor reached out and grabbed Dantalion’s hand. He pulled over on the side of the highway in a truck pullout. He had been thinking non-stop since leaving the apartment an hour earlier. “D, I need to ask you things on this drive. I need you to be as honest as you can be, given my limited understanding of your world…I really know nothing.” He paused for a moment. “I want you to have some freedoms of expression, things you should take liberties with. You need to develop as a being. One free to make his own choices. I know you don’t know how to do that, but I want to help you. You need to feel autonomy and what that can mean, the power it has.” D was wide-eyed. He didn’t know how to be autonomous. He didn’t know anything about what Trevor was telling him. He didn’t know if he wanted it…but it was his Bound’s directive. “So, let’s just take things slow. If you get out of bounds, out of control, I can always pull you back. I reserve that power. But D, you need to experience things for yourself, make some of your own decisions.” The djinn’s only goal was to fulfill Trevor’s commands, to grant his wishes, to give him pleasure. So that is where he would start. And he wanted to do all of those things for his Bound, this one anyway. That feeling, that warm pressure in his chest, that feeling that went down to his now active cock and balls…he only wanted this because of Trevor. Trevor looked at the djinn with confidence, respect, and an affection that took D by surprise. “Let’s stop up here a ways. I’m thirsty. Do you need water?” The djinn shook his head, no. Trevor pulled back on the road and started driving. Dantalion’s mind kicked into high gear, his imagination uncoupled by simple human expectations. He only wanted to please Trevor. Everything in is galactic powerful body screamed at him to please the small human. He now had access to his own imagination and was given carte blanche to use it, without express permission. Two minutes later, flying down the highway, D put his left hand on Trevor’s right knee. “Please pull over, Trevor. I want to show my appreciation.” Dantation’s mind was spooling in infinite ways, ways to please his Bound. He had no other purpose and as his mind expanded in ways that could not be comprehended by any other being. “You are thirsty for water. Drink from me.” D spoke in a whisper, pushed close to Trevor’s ear. The djinn tore his shirt down the middle, exposing his enormous chest, striated as if a cheese grater had been put into use. His left nipple was hard. Trevor knew what to do. He pulled over into the parking lot of a 5 room motel, no cars in the lot – maybe it was out of business. He watched as Dantalion’s nipple dilated open much like a camera shutter. Trevor put his mouth to Dantalion’s tit and began to suck. Cool crisp water flowed out of Dantalion, his hard granite chest, and into Trevor. The human shuttered. It was so sweet, like a mountain stream above the tree line. He drank and drank and drank. The water was addictive, cold, clean. When he was done, Dantalion closed off the supply, He looked down at Trevor as the Bound looked up into his eyes. He licked his lips and rose up, giving Dantalion a kiss. The djinn was flooded with energy, mana, his own mind expanded more – thinking of other ways to satisfy Trevor. Trevor, on the other hand, felt astonishment…and FUCK he was getting horny. D’s powers, his control, even with limited understanding of what pleasure, lust, sex was…he was learning quickly. Trevor was all too willing to teach him. “Let’s play a game, D. You answer a question about you – your existence. Then you get to do something you think will please me. Is that something you would want to do? A game you would want to play?” D had never been asked before his current Bound, if he would “like” to do something. He could feel Trevor through their bond as well as see on his face. This was going to be something they both enjoyed. “Yes, I want to play that game.” Dantalion’s measurement’s seemed to expand just a bit, growing noticeably larger. “Did you just grow, D?” “Yes, Trevor. You have given me autonomy so I want to express to you my appreciation. And I know that you are fascinated with muscle. There are thousands of ways I can and will show you my appreciation over time if you will let me” Trevor was breathing shallow. “Do you feel good when you grow, like I do? Like I asked you to make me feel?” The human was getting excited again and in turn so was D. “Yes, you wanted me to feel that pleasure and you did instruct me to not turn off those sensations. It feels – I do not have the words. It is sublime.” The djinn felt his ample cock shudder, his balls began to churn. Is this what humans felt? This horniness Trevor mentioned. The god next to him in the Jeep had put on another 20 pounds of hard dense flesh in a matter of 10 seconds – that on a frame the size of a normal man. He was looking Freaky – even more than before. Trevor’s mouth went dry. “So let’s start the game D.” He wanted to attack the djinn losing himself in profound lust and ejaculation pumping out gallons of cum. Remembering what had happened the night before, all he wanted was to give into his most depraved fantasies. The pressure was building. Trevor was soooo fucking horny now. He had just drank from the hard muscle tit of a god. That tickled kinks that he didn’t even know he had. Did Dantalion know? Did he know things about Trevor that not even he knew about himself? He collected his thoughts and focused. “D, when we were bound together, part of the ritual was for me to say that you can’t take my soul unless I give it to you freely. What does that mean.” The djinn hadn’t expected things to get this deep so quickly. “The reason we are bound to humans is to fulfill our primary goal. To fill our well, the mana or energy, that we harvest is in order to gain godhood. But only ONE djinn will be granted that power. One of the most powerful ways a djinn can gain power is to harvest the soul of his bound. Just three or four souls would completely fill a djinn’s well. But it has to be done without coercion. And a harvested soul just ceases to exit. It will not be reborn, it will not go on after death. All of the mana in that soul is poured into his djinn’s well.” Trevor continued to look into Dantalion’s eyes – almost human, maybe more orange than hazel. “I don’t know of any of the brothers that have harvested a soul. Otherwise the first one to fill his well would have become a god already and I would have been snuffed out of existence.” Trevor had a confused look on his face. “So you said there were only three of you left. What happened to the others?” “Permit me to put a hold on your questions. We are playing a game after all. You asked a question. I answered the question. Now I want to please you, pleasure you. Isn’t that the game?” There were so many questions in Trevor’s mind and he was just starting to ask them. But yes, he needed to play by the rules. He needed to show D that rules were important especially with any granted autonomy. “Yes, D. You may please me. I gave you access to your imagination and the ability to be independent. Just don’t hurt me.” A sharp pain struck D when Trevor said that. “I would never hurt you, ever. I thought that was clear.” There was a bit of pain in the djinn’s voice and Trevor picked up on it. He reached out to the man in the Jeep to his right. “I know you don’t ever want to hurt me, but you are so fucking powerful. You could do nearly anything. But I do trust you, so please forgive me for questioning that. “ He left his hand on D’s upper thigh and squeezed it just a bit to let the djinn know he was serious about what he had said. A wicked smile flashed across Dantalion’s face. “I accept your apology, although you didn’t need to give one. You are the master here. And I thank you for freeing me of at least some of my bonds.” Trevor was looking into the eyes of god. He was giving god permission to pleasure him. It was such a strange dynamic. D smiled again, a sincere genuine smile. The djinn opened his mouth and he stuck out his tongue. It was thick and muscular. Ripples started moving across the surface and then it started lengthening and moving down through is pec cleavage, over his hard obvious abs toward his own crotch. When the powerful muscle reached D’s lap, it extended away from him toward his Bound, Trevor, the man who had started to free him – free his mind and his own passions. There were switches being flipped in D’s mind. Thoughts that he had never experienced before - physical feelings – wind, sunshine, fucking, lust and SEX—and all of it focused on the small man next to him. He had only one purpose now. Fuck the race for mana that he had with his two remaining brothers. He only wanted to make Trevor happy and fulfilled. His thick red tongue reached Trevor’s lap, pulsing, undulating with thick waves. It slid between Trevor’s skin and his Carhartt’s and down to his eager cock. D’s tongue wrapped around Trevor like the mist form he had assumed the night before, but instead of Trevor’s arm, it was his dick. He began stroking and pumping it, wanting to give Trevor an idea of his newly unlocked imagination. A million other things flew through his mind on how to pleasure his Bound The tip of his tongue continued to flex and relax, tightening then loosening around Trevor’s growing stick. D wanted, needed, to feel that oneness with Trevor again. He continued to pump Trevor. A small tributary of muscle extended out from D’s tongue almost like a thin finger, just above Trevor’s belt. It wiggled its way down into the button, zipper, and buckle and began to undo all of them working them lose. Suddenly, Trevor’s belt, button and zipper were loosened. D had more access. Trevor’s eyes were closed now. He was letting himself feel the pleasure that D was giving him. This was so fucking weird – but soooo HOT! It felt like nothing he could have even imagined. Nothing could compare to having D’s thick muscular tongue lashed around him like a tetherball cord around its pole. And then D chuckled. A deep sound emerging from him. Trevor felt something moving along his taint, from where his balls were churning back toward his tight hole. D’s tongue continued to flex and relax, flex and relax around Trevor’s cock. He was fully hard now and could tell that he was about to start leaking his precum. Then there was that feeling, moving under him, to his quivering hole…He could feel it pause and then push in just a bit, feeling out the pressure. Trevor groaned loudly, his eyes sealed shut, his head pushing back against the headrest. His breathing was shallow and rapid, catching every few moments for a whimper to be released. D pushed in further opening him up as he continued to jack him off with the same long, powerful muscle. He was being milked again, but in such a different way. He began involuntarily flexing his body. He was going to cum soon – the djinn was being very sure of that. “D, I want to grow again before I shoot. I want to feel again, like last night, like my body is a giant cock, all of it sensitive as I get bigger. 7 feet tall, built like I was last night.” He wished he had more presence of mind to get more creative. But he had a god sitting next to him, jacking him off with the most powerful muscular tongue in the world – and he had just started fucking him with the same muscle. He could barely speak much less think about how to make this “better.” Trevor felt his clothes get tight again, a tingling spread across every inch of him. The fucking and pulses of D’s tongue continued unabated. Then Trevor felt that orgasm spreading through his body. He was a raw nerve of sex. He kept his eyes closed as he was impaled by the djinn’s dominance. He felt so much power coursing through him. He felt that some of that was coming from D. D was drunk on the power he felt and he should feel that power. Trevor wanted the djinn to feel powerful. Somehow that was important. Seams split in Trevor’s pants – Carhartt’s were supposed to be tough – but not tough enough to contain his rapidly expanding form. His shirt burst open, seams evaporating in one explosive punch. He had barely stopped growing, a perfect 7 foot muscle giant – when he started shooting his hot spunk. Dantalion would not let his Master’s seed go to waste. His tongue retracted from Trevor’s accommodating ass and began to clean up every drop of salty bitter goodness. He had never tasted anything else before in his entire existence. And he didn’t care to try anything else. He only wanted Trevor. It was consuming his mind, Trevor and his wants, his needs. The djinn retracted his muscled tongue back into his face – so he looked normal. Trevor was still recuperating – little micro twitches spreading along his body erratically. Everything was dry. Dantalion had absorbed every drop of Trevor. “Ok, Trevor. I am ready for your next question.” His mind only with one thing on it – how to please Trevor even more. He wanted to use his imagination again and again. Fuck, he felt powerful. The human lolled his head over to the djinn, slack jawed, still in a daze. After a few moments, Trevor regained his grasp on reality and pulled the Jeep out of the parking lot and back onto the highway. His thoughts cleared. Dantalion was waiting for the next question with anticipation. Trevor could feel it. “So about you turning into a god. What’s with that?” “You asked a question previously, T. About what happened to my other brothers, but I think I can answer both that and this one at the same time.” The djinn felt pressure mounting in him. The power he felt coming off of Trevor. The throbbing energy in his pants…he wanted to tear open any barriers to the source of that feeling. Granting him some autonomy, his Bound had unlocked needs and wants that the djinn was not even aware of existing inside of him. He looked to Trevor, his mind exploding in its ability only governed now by this imagination. He shuddered again and grew just a little more, becoming just a bit more vascular, a bit more defined. He couldn’t help it. And he didn’t want to. His only focus was to plunge his Bound into ever increasing states of bliss and he was discovering and sensing ways to do it that had not even been thought of by Trevor. And the question remained, Trevor had said that D hadn’t even experienced “real” sex… The two sped shirtless now down the evergreen-lined highway, Trevor's pants in tatters around his legs. The road trip was just beginning. ow
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