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  1. Give us a happy ending Londonboy...we've been waiting years for the ending. I can only hope that this last one, the one that received 8 times the dosage - something will stick. You are all about the romance. Write the 3rd part so that we will know what happens and it will be good.
  2. A rich backstory exists between TJ and Cas - I have no inkling as to what it is yet though. I have a feeling it will be revealed slowly. Interesting about TJ being a bit of a biochemist, so I'm sure that plays in somewhere. There is a perfect mix of tension between TJ and the others and the warm budding romance between Cas and Blake that makes the storyline move well. Can't wait for more. "Give us more!" I chant out loud as I write this.
  3. SeaMusc


    Great start! It is always good to see new authors on here! We all posted that dreaded "first story" once. You'll find little other than acceptance and support on this board, so write away! And to echo others, yes, this is a great start. You'll soon find us all begging you for more and more - just keep doing your thing and writing what you want when you want. One thing that I learned early on - try your best to FINISH your stories. People here will be reading them, wanting more, investing in them. So, if you are asking for any advice, which you may not be, try your best to finish each thing that you start. And welcome to being an author on MGF. You're doing great right out of the gate.
  4. Phenomenal chapter, Brad. You apologize for it being so long. No no no. Never apologize for giving us what we want - MORE. Just like the Burrito Lady wouldn't ever dream of apologizing for making too many burritos or giving away too many gratis for John and Gabriel. There is depth in writing here that puts us in the moment. I can almost smell the grass at the park on a sunny day and feel the slight humiliation when Heath is pushing that bar into Dec's chest. You make it real with your words. There are hints of reality in this piece you are writing. Yes, fantasy; but also enough detail and feeling that there also exists here some shadow of your own experience. And that is what makes this such a pleasure to read. I personally can't wait for Gabriel to see Dec again. And I can't wait for Dec to show off for him. He's becoming a bit cocky and I love it...and I imagine that Gabriel will LOVE this new development in John - mentally and physically. And I can't wait to see the trouble Dec gets into with his "colleagues." So much to look forward to. I, for one, am needing MORE!
  5. Don'r rush your creative process. I think that is something that often happens on here. But - I can't wait for Chapter 3. *taps fingers on table impatiently. Take your time, but know we are hungry for more.
  6. Trevor sat up in bed, thinking it all a dream…the evening before. A djinn, nearly his height but with a musculature that was blatantly inhuman, sex the likes of which his brain could still not fully understand, his synapses still firing randomly as a result, wishes, binding, wells of accumulated power…It was all a bit much and too detailed for a dream, but he had vivid one’s before. Just not quite like this. He lay back down slowly. Geez, he was a bit lightheaded, shooting up like that. Then his mind was awake enough to feel something along his arm. Like it was dipped in perfectly warm water. He glanced over and saw the mist encasing him from hand to elbow, pulsing, dense but yet a bit transparent, bluish. It looked like it was breathing, in and out, in and out. The mist pulled off of Trevor’s arm and slid under the blanket next to him. Over the course of 10 seconds a body solidified, the mist pulling Trevor’s arm back up to resting at the crest of D’s massive chest. “You are awake, Master.” Trevor’s mind came to a screeching halt. It was real. His dream was real. He was guardian of a djinn. And he didn’t understand what that meant. And he didn’t know if he wanted to. Tension wracked his mind. He felt disoriented and unsure. The events of the previous evening snapped into sharp relief…He was mostly confused but there was a bit of fear in him as well. “Have I done something to offend you, Master?” Dantalion had a pleading quality in his voice. He had learned to read humans like they read a blog, a menu, anything simple and easy to digest and understand. Trevor’s mind continued to do summersaults, running diagnostics, questions flooding his mind. But he felt Dantatlion’s flesh, his warmth, his inhuman chest…and he could feel his concern. The bond between them allowed a trickle of understanding, connection, knowledge that was just enough to bring him back down to reality. His NEW reality. Then he remembered the dream he just had awoken from. The dream. “No, D. You haven’t done anything to offend me. Let us just lay here together for a few minutes. I need to gather my thoughts.” D felt emboldened for some reason. He didn’t know why or how – he would never have done this with any previous Bound. He reached over with one of his baseball mitt sized hands, thick with their own musculature and stroked the cheek of Trevor, lightly, gently. Trevor looked into D’s flickering eyes and he felt safe. “D, I want to take you a couple of places today that are very special to me. It’s a bit of a drive. But the entire way is unbelievably beautiful. I want to take you there and I want you to see it. You should experience things in your existence, right?” He didn’t know the answer to that question. He didn’t know what djinn’s were supposed to do, to be, to want. D held his breath for a moment – he didn’t really need to breathe after all. “Do you want me to transport us there? We can be wherever you want in the universe in just a moment.” Trevor pinched Dantatlion’s nipple. The one next to his hand. D let out a deep moan from his powerful chest. He had been allowed to continue “feeling” as humans feel. Trevor paused a moment. “No, you need to experience, to learn about this world in ways you haven’t yet. You have only experienced pain until last night. I want you to feel the sun on your skin – it’s warmth. I want you to feel the wind in your hair when we drive. D, you haven’t had any of that in how long?” “Never.” Trevor didn’t respond for a moment. He wanted to talk to D so much more both in time and in substance. There were parts of his grandfather’s note, things that D had said, the Binding process – things he needed to ask about. Nothing like a good road trip to talk about things. And the djinn had obviously not been on any road trips in his millennia of existence. “D, life is a journey. Getting to the destination is often better than the destination itself. I want you to experience that.” Trevor pinched D’s nipple one more time and then swung around and got out of bed. He was thin but lithe. D’s eyes took in everything, top to bottom, as his Bound walked to the bathroom. He was told to “feel” human things. And he was starting to feel something very unusual, powerful, overwhelming about this human. He didn’t understand it. But he wanted it more than anything in the world - to keep feeling this way about his Bound. Trevor wasn’t in the bathroom long. He always took quick showers. He walked out with a dark grey towel around his waist. D was still in bed, laying supine. He looked at Trevor as the man got dressed, tight ass, good build if a bit thin. He couldn’t forget how he felt the previous day. He was allowed to feel sex, cumming, pleasure beyond his wildest imagination. He never thought being human would feel like this. The man in front of him was entirely responsible. He wanted him so bad. He wanted to feel Trevor’s cock in his ass, down his throat, fucking the chasm between his pecs. He wanted Trevor to be all over him, in him, forever…But again, he would never ask for that. Djinn to not ask favors from their Bound. That is not the way of it. So he took small comfort in watching Trevor get dressed in a well-fitted heather grey v-neck tee shirt and thick woven brown pants – he thought he saw the word Carhartt on the tag. “Well D, what are you waiting for?” Trevot swung around and looked at the meat pile in the bed. “What do you want me to do, Master?” “God, number one, stop calling me Master. Just call me Trevor or T – since I call you D. I know I have complete control over you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep calling me Master. It just sounds so weird. And I feel weird when you say it. Just Trevor or T, OK?” “I’m not a god…yet.” Trevor shot him a quizzical look. Another question to ask about. The djinn didn’t move other than to nod and utter those words.. He truly didn’t know what the human wanted him to do. So he just stayed under the covers on the bed, only the top of his chest exposed. “Well, I guess we need to get you dressed, although none of my clothes are going to fit you. You’re fucking HUGE!” Trevor smiles a bit as he felt himself get a bit of a semi-hard on. “I can make myself smaller, more your size,” D said meekly. He had rarely been in this situation before, not knowing what was expected. What does one wear, what size does one need to be, what other things that he didn’t even know to ask – to go on a “road trip?” Trevor, realizing his error – he was after all dealing with a very ancient and being with childlike understanding of anything day to day – walked over to D’s side of the bed and grabbed his hand. “Stand up, D. We need to find you some clothes. And when we are not alone, can you turn off those flames in your eyes? Make them look more human? “ “Yes, I can do anything you ask me, within the confines of djinn law.” The slow flicking flames disappeared so he could demonstrate to Trevor how Human he could appear. “What would you like me to wear, T?” He took a risk abridging his Bound’s name. It felt far too intimate to call him that. But he decided that if he were given permission, it was ok. “Do you want me to augment my body in any way? Or would you rather me be in my natural form?” Trevor just smiled. He felt, through their bond, that the djinn felt nervous and insecure. The god before him had just called him “T” and was asking about augmentation. This was all so surreal. “I don’t think there is a reason to augment you, at least now. You are so perfect in so many ways. And as for clothes – how about a tight white cotton tee shirt, low cut v-neck to show your amazing pecs, tight around the arms tending to bunch up at your delts to show how powerful they are…And dark grey shorts, mid-thigh, tight to show your legs and your big bulge. White high top Chuck Taylor Converse. Do you understand?” D smiled and in an instant, Trevor’s djinn was a fucking wet dream. Simple, perfect, sexual as fuck and he was just waiting for his next command. Another leak of mana trickled into his well. He was loving this exchange. His brothers did have something to worry about, maybe. The unmatched pair – one übermuscular and the other thin and defined – walked down to the parking garage under the condo complex and got into the open air Jeep. They left Capitol Hill in Seattle and drove toward the ferry terminal that would take them across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island. When on the ferry, T got out of the Jeep and told D to follow up to the top deck. Trevor slipped on the slick metal stairs and D, just inches away, reached out his ape arms and caught him. Trevor shot him a smile and a nod. Dantalion felt like he could tear the universe in half with a smile from Trevor. They went up to the upper deck and Trevor whispered into D’s ear, “I wish that you felt the wind on your face, on your body, and could smell the sweet salty air on his summer day. I wish you would experience this as I am doing. It is perfect.” D expanded his mind just a bit, a fraction of what he could, but only as much as his human allowed. He smelled the sea, the saltwater, felt the cool breeze especially on his face, the skin exposed at his V-neck, and his legs. It WAS perfect, just as Trevor told him it would be. He smiled. They reached the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal in short order, only 30 minutes away from downtown. Back in the Jeep, they drove through small towns, one after another, hidden in trees shaped like matchsticks and packed as tight but taller than any 7 story building. The smell was intoxicating to the djinn. The wind in his hair, the sun on his face. Trevor wanted him to feel it, and he did. Just before crossing Hood Canal, Trevor reached out and grabbed Dantalion’s hand. He pulled over on the side of the highway in a truck pullout. He had been thinking non-stop since leaving the apartment an hour earlier. “D, I need to ask you things on this drive. I need you to be as honest as you can be, given my limited understanding of your world…I really know nothing.” He paused for a moment. “I want you to have some freedoms of expression, things you should take liberties with. You need to develop as a being. One free to make his own choices. I know you don’t know how to do that, but I want to help you. You need to feel autonomy and what that can mean, the power it has.” D was wide-eyed. He didn’t know how to be autonomous. He didn’t know anything about what Trevor was telling him. He didn’t know if he wanted it…but it was his Bound’s directive. “So, let’s just take things slow. If you get out of bounds, out of control, I can always pull you back. I reserve that power. But D, you need to experience things for yourself, make some of your own decisions.” The djinn’s only goal was to fulfill Trevor’s commands, to grant his wishes, to give him pleasure. So that is where he would start. And he wanted to do all of those things for his Bound, this one anyway. That feeling, that warm pressure in his chest, that feeling that went down to his now active cock and balls…he only wanted this because of Trevor. Trevor looked at the djinn with confidence, respect, and an affection that took D by surprise. “Let’s stop up here a ways. I’m thirsty. Do you need water?” The djinn shook his head, no. Trevor pulled back on the road and started driving. Dantalion’s mind kicked into high gear, his imagination uncoupled by simple human expectations. He only wanted to please Trevor. Everything in is galactic powerful body screamed at him to please the small human. He now had access to his own imagination and was given carte blanche to use it, without express permission. Two minutes later, flying down the highway, D put his left hand on Trevor’s right knee. “Please pull over, Trevor. I want to show my appreciation.” Dantation’s mind was spooling in infinite ways, ways to please his Bound. He had no other purpose and as his mind expanded in ways that could not be comprehended by any other being. “You are thirsty for water. Drink from me.” D spoke in a whisper, pushed close to Trevor’s ear. The djinn tore his shirt down the middle, exposing his enormous chest, striated as if a cheese grater had been put into use. His left nipple was hard. Trevor knew what to do. He pulled over into the parking lot of a 5 room motel, no cars in the lot – maybe it was out of business. He watched as Dantalion’s nipple dilated open much like a camera shutter. Trevor put his mouth to Dantalion’s tit and began to suck. Cool crisp water flowed out of Dantalion, his hard granite chest, and into Trevor. The human shuttered. It was so sweet, like a mountain stream above the tree line. He drank and drank and drank. The water was addictive, cold, clean. When he was done, Dantalion closed off the supply, He looked down at Trevor as the Bound looked up into his eyes. He licked his lips and rose up, giving Dantalion a kiss. The djinn was flooded with energy, mana, his own mind expanded more – thinking of other ways to satisfy Trevor. Trevor, on the other hand, felt astonishment…and FUCK he was getting horny. D’s powers, his control, even with limited understanding of what pleasure, lust, sex was…he was learning quickly. Trevor was all too willing to teach him. “Let’s play a game, D. You answer a question about you – your existence. Then you get to do something you think will please me. Is that something you would want to do? A game you would want to play?” D had never been asked before his current Bound, if he would “like” to do something. He could feel Trevor through their bond as well as see on his face. This was going to be something they both enjoyed. “Yes, I want to play that game.” Dantalion’s measurement’s seemed to expand just a bit, growing noticeably larger. “Did you just grow, D?” “Yes, Trevor. You have given me autonomy so I want to express to you my appreciation. And I know that you are fascinated with muscle. There are thousands of ways I can and will show you my appreciation over time if you will let me” Trevor was breathing shallow. “Do you feel good when you grow, like I do? Like I asked you to make me feel?” The human was getting excited again and in turn so was D. “Yes, you wanted me to feel that pleasure and you did instruct me to not turn off those sensations. It feels – I do not have the words. It is sublime.” The djinn felt his ample cock shudder, his balls began to churn. Is this what humans felt? This horniness Trevor mentioned. The god next to him in the Jeep had put on another 20 pounds of hard dense flesh in a matter of 10 seconds – that on a frame the size of a normal man. He was looking Freaky – even more than before. Trevor’s mouth went dry. “So let’s start the game D.” He wanted to attack the djinn losing himself in profound lust and ejaculation pumping out gallons of cum. Remembering what had happened the night before, all he wanted was to give into his most depraved fantasies. The pressure was building. Trevor was soooo fucking horny now. He had just drank from the hard muscle tit of a god. That tickled kinks that he didn’t even know he had. Did Dantalion know? Did he know things about Trevor that not even he knew about himself? He collected his thoughts and focused. “D, when we were bound together, part of the ritual was for me to say that you can’t take my soul unless I give it to you freely. What does that mean.” The djinn hadn’t expected things to get this deep so quickly. “The reason we are bound to humans is to fulfill our primary goal. To fill our well, the mana or energy, that we harvest is in order to gain godhood. But only ONE djinn will be granted that power. One of the most powerful ways a djinn can gain power is to harvest the soul of his bound. Just three or four souls would completely fill a djinn’s well. But it has to be done without coercion. And a harvested soul just ceases to exit. It will not be reborn, it will not go on after death. All of the mana in that soul is poured into his djinn’s well.” Trevor continued to look into Dantalion’s eyes – almost human, maybe more orange than hazel. “I don’t know of any of the brothers that have harvested a soul. Otherwise the first one to fill his well would have become a god already and I would have been snuffed out of existence.” Trevor had a confused look on his face. “So you said there were only three of you left. What happened to the others?” “Permit me to put a hold on your questions. We are playing a game after all. You asked a question. I answered the question. Now I want to please you, pleasure you. Isn’t that the game?” There were so many questions in Trevor’s mind and he was just starting to ask them. But yes, he needed to play by the rules. He needed to show D that rules were important especially with any granted autonomy. “Yes, D. You may please me. I gave you access to your imagination and the ability to be independent. Just don’t hurt me.” A sharp pain struck D when Trevor said that. “I would never hurt you, ever. I thought that was clear.” There was a bit of pain in the djinn’s voice and Trevor picked up on it. He reached out to the man in the Jeep to his right. “I know you don’t ever want to hurt me, but you are so fucking powerful. You could do nearly anything. But I do trust you, so please forgive me for questioning that. “ He left his hand on D’s upper thigh and squeezed it just a bit to let the djinn know he was serious about what he had said. A wicked smile flashed across Dantalion’s face. “I accept your apology, although you didn’t need to give one. You are the master here. And I thank you for freeing me of at least some of my bonds.” Trevor was looking into the eyes of god. He was giving god permission to pleasure him. It was such a strange dynamic. D smiled again, a sincere genuine smile. The djinn opened his mouth and he stuck out his tongue. It was thick and muscular. Ripples started moving across the surface and then it started lengthening and moving down through is pec cleavage, over his hard obvious abs toward his own crotch. When the powerful muscle reached D’s lap, it extended away from him toward his Bound, Trevor, the man who had started to free him – free his mind and his own passions. There were switches being flipped in D’s mind. Thoughts that he had never experienced before - physical feelings – wind, sunshine, fucking, lust and SEX—and all of it focused on the small man next to him. He had only one purpose now. Fuck the race for mana that he had with his two remaining brothers. He only wanted to make Trevor happy and fulfilled. His thick red tongue reached Trevor’s lap, pulsing, undulating with thick waves. It slid between Trevor’s skin and his Carhartt’s and down to his eager cock. D’s tongue wrapped around Trevor like the mist form he had assumed the night before, but instead of Trevor’s arm, it was his dick. He began stroking and pumping it, wanting to give Trevor an idea of his newly unlocked imagination. A million other things flew through his mind on how to pleasure his Bound The tip of his tongue continued to flex and relax, tightening then loosening around Trevor’s growing stick. D wanted, needed, to feel that oneness with Trevor again. He continued to pump Trevor. A small tributary of muscle extended out from D’s tongue almost like a thin finger, just above Trevor’s belt. It wiggled its way down into the button, zipper, and buckle and began to undo all of them working them lose. Suddenly, Trevor’s belt, button and zipper were loosened. D had more access. Trevor’s eyes were closed now. He was letting himself feel the pleasure that D was giving him. This was so fucking weird – but soooo HOT! It felt like nothing he could have even imagined. Nothing could compare to having D’s thick muscular tongue lashed around him like a tetherball cord around its pole. And then D chuckled. A deep sound emerging from him. Trevor felt something moving along his taint, from where his balls were churning back toward his tight hole. D’s tongue continued to flex and relax, flex and relax around Trevor’s cock. He was fully hard now and could tell that he was about to start leaking his precum. Then there was that feeling, moving under him, to his quivering hole…He could feel it pause and then push in just a bit, feeling out the pressure. Trevor groaned loudly, his eyes sealed shut, his head pushing back against the headrest. His breathing was shallow and rapid, catching every few moments for a whimper to be released. D pushed in further opening him up as he continued to jack him off with the same long, powerful muscle. He was being milked again, but in such a different way. He began involuntarily flexing his body. He was going to cum soon – the djinn was being very sure of that. “D, I want to grow again before I shoot. I want to feel again, like last night, like my body is a giant cock, all of it sensitive as I get bigger. 7 feet tall, built like I was last night.” He wished he had more presence of mind to get more creative. But he had a god sitting next to him, jacking him off with the most powerful muscular tongue in the world – and he had just started fucking him with the same muscle. He could barely speak much less think about how to make this “better.” Trevor felt his clothes get tight again, a tingling spread across every inch of him. The fucking and pulses of D’s tongue continued unabated. Then Trevor felt that orgasm spreading through his body. He was a raw nerve of sex. He kept his eyes closed as he was impaled by the djinn’s dominance. He felt so much power coursing through him. He felt that some of that was coming from D. D was drunk on the power he felt and he should feel that power. Trevor wanted the djinn to feel powerful. Somehow that was important. Seams split in Trevor’s pants – Carhartt’s were supposed to be tough – but not tough enough to contain his rapidly expanding form. His shirt burst open, seams evaporating in one explosive punch. He had barely stopped growing, a perfect 7 foot muscle giant – when he started shooting his hot spunk. Dantalion would not let his Master’s seed go to waste. His tongue retracted from Trevor’s accommodating ass and began to clean up every drop of salty bitter goodness. He had never tasted anything else before in his entire existence. And he didn’t care to try anything else. He only wanted Trevor. It was consuming his mind, Trevor and his wants, his needs. The djinn retracted his muscled tongue back into his face – so he looked normal. Trevor was still recuperating – little micro twitches spreading along his body erratically. Everything was dry. Dantalion had absorbed every drop of Trevor. “Ok, Trevor. I am ready for your next question.” His mind only with one thing on it – how to please Trevor even more. He wanted to use his imagination again and again. Fuck, he felt powerful. The human lolled his head over to the djinn, slack jawed, still in a daze. After a few moments, Trevor regained his grasp on reality and pulled the Jeep out of the parking lot and back onto the highway. His thoughts cleared. Dantalion was waiting for the next question with anticipation. Trevor could feel it. “So about you turning into a god. What’s with that?” “You asked a question previously, T. About what happened to my other brothers, but I think I can answer both that and this one at the same time.” The djinn felt pressure mounting in him. The power he felt coming off of Trevor. The throbbing energy in his pants…he wanted to tear open any barriers to the source of that feeling. Granting him some autonomy, his Bound had unlocked needs and wants that the djinn was not even aware of existing inside of him. He looked to Trevor, his mind exploding in its ability only governed now by this imagination. He shuddered again and grew just a little more, becoming just a bit more vascular, a bit more defined. He couldn’t help it. And he didn’t want to. His only focus was to plunge his Bound into ever increasing states of bliss and he was discovering and sensing ways to do it that had not even been thought of by Trevor. And the question remained, Trevor had said that D hadn’t even experienced “real” sex… The two sped shirtless now down the evergreen-lined highway, Trevor's pants in tatters around his legs. The road trip was just beginning. ow
  7. Well paced and with enough background to make whatever happens in the future quite believable. I am loving the Serve and Protect title and hope to see John save Gabriel again as Gabriel has done for him. This story is ripe for awesomeness and I can't wait to be a part of the ride.
  8. I just have to pop in here and say - as an author on this site --- Unfortunately, I have seen so much pressure put on the active authors on here recently. When I write what I write, I am going to write MY story. It bothers me that there appears to be burden and stress put onto those who are just trying to tell OUR fantasies and what we have developed in OUR minds. I can think of several examples very recently - and all have really bothered me. There have been written works on this site since it began that have elicited various reactions from me - from sexual, to intellectual, to stories that I start that I just can't stomach to finish...But it is the author's story to tell. There are works on here that I LOVE and there are those that I stop a few paragraphs in. It seems that lately there has been more active flaming and that has NOT been what this site is about. It is about most of all support of its members and how they come here. If people who are just starting their personal bodybuilding journey post a body pic of progress, it doesn't matter where they are starting or if they have a long way to go - people are so fucking supportive, cheering them on. If there are morphs posted by a member who is just honing their art, people like it and support them and tell them that it is fucking awesome. If you don't like what I am writing, stop reading it. OR send me a PM and ask me to discuss. But ultimately it is my story. To all the people writing on this site, I just say - you are spending hours and hours creating a world that we may love OR we may not respond to. It is an individual thing. Keep doing YOUR thing. This should be a SAFE SPACE and a place of artistic expression within our site rules. Muscledrain -- and the rest -- DO YOUR THING!
  9. I'm frankly astounded at the detail in the medical parlance here. It isn't easy to pull off without becoming heavy and too detailed. You do it well here. There is detail here in your descriptions that bring us into the mindset of Declann. The scenes before he leaves work, looking into the gym and feeling that he is overmatched to enter (to be a beginner - we've all been there at one point or another), the massive powerful men of the extraction unit moving past with the inner dialog in his mind exposing some deep insecurities, and that impulse to do Good, with a capital G. Then there is the doc. There is a lot to him, many secrets I would say. And I hope we learn much more about him. You've set up the mystery well and accelerated the pace of the plot at the end which contrasted nicely with the more deliberate character development at the beginning. For not having written in 4 years, I would never have known that. You hide your dusty writing chops very well. And we should thank Dredlifter for the idea suggestions too. Good writing is so often a product of at least minor collaborations, yes? Please, proceed with the next bit when you are able.
  10. I'll join the others here. I love to write. It makes me happy and satisfied; but I usually write with Disney endings. Yours is not. Yours feels so raw and real that I, like many others here, felt heartbreak and a deep sadness because it is a thing called "mortality" that you shared with us. It did feel rushed, but not because of you. It was because I wanted this to go on forever. I wanted happiness without end, but that is not reality and you reminded me of that in the most unexpected and beautiful way. Maybe one day I'll write a story with a realistic ending; but for now, take comfort in knowing that you shared with us a beautiful ride, one that so many hundreds of us believed to be almost real. I don't know you. Ive never chatted with you. Ive never told you how much your writing struck me deeply. But I will now. Thank you. Good luck on your next journey. So many of us wish you the best. Don't be a stranger, even if like me, you disappear for a few years. You'll always have a home here and we'll welcome you with open arms.
  11. Yes, exactly. Dantalion is just beginning to figure this out. Trevor is a bit more behind in his understanding. He hasn't asked many questions yet - but will catch up on the game soon - he's still out playing with his new toy. Give him a bit of time.
  12. After nearly three hours of sucking and cumming, Trevor felt exhaustion hit him like a freight truck. One minute later, he was shooting another load – probably 2 gallons worth -- down Dantalion’s throat. God, the djinn was a good cocksucker. Over the past hours, D had fine tuned his skills. He had learned to read Trevor’s reactions, the smallest whimpers or lowest grunts and then continue with minuscule variations on the actions that seemed to satisfy the human most. He had learned the trick of applying just enough suction and pressure on Trevor’s cock to elicit immediate erection. Once hard, D had easily figured out that he could make the human writhe in complete ecstasy if he opened up the back of his throat a bit and used the muscles surrounding the engorged cock to grab ahold and clamp down with some deft pressure. Then he would not only apply suction, but also create slow rhythmic waves using his powerful throat muscles to grab all around the human’s dick and pull him in further, applying just the right amount of tightening – the undulations starting at the base of Trevor’s cock and moving further into the djinn’s throat. Faster and faster as the human reacted with more and more powerful groans. He felt powerful. He was fulfilling his Master’s wishes using his own creativity. Every time Trevor shot more down D’s throbbing throat, he felt a burst of power entering into him. But deep in his mind, he also was aware that his Bound had mentioned, “this wasn’t even sex, not really.” Whatever real sex was, it was sure to be nearly overwhelming given his difficulty with maintaining control when Trevor sucked his cock just a short while ago. He returned to the present as he felt Trevor’s manhood press to nearly the djinn’s stomach, or where his stomach would be if he had one. He had nearly 16 inches of thick meat impaling his face. Good thing he didn’t need oxygen. In one evening, he had amassed nearly as much mana as 5 years with his previous Bound, Trevor’s grandfather. Somewhere buried under his current state of arousal, he also knew that his two other brothers, Bael and Asteroth, would be able to sense his new growing power if they paid any attention. That had him concerned, but not enough to ever stop his current situation. He was bound to Trevor now, and for the first time in millennia, he was enjoying the binding. Trevor, reclining against the wall of his bedroom had grown to 12 feet. His massive cut thighs and calves sprawling across the floor, his cobra-like back rippling with deep divots and pulsating mounds pressed against the wall. He peered down at the now-comparatively smaller djinn and their eyes locked. Another wave of tightening in D’s throat, this time with just a bit more pressure than the last. He was being milked. He imagined he was receiving yet again the best blowjob in the history of humanity, each one better than the last as D learned about giving pleasure. A growl escaped from his lips and he felt his coconut sized balls pull in again, close to his body. “Two more inches D. Give me two more inches.” He held his breath for a moment and he felt his hard staff lengthen and be sucked down greedily by the sex god in front of him. The sensation of his manhood growing further was erotic enough – it just felt so fucking amazing – but then whatever the fuck D was doing with his throat…He couldn’t take it any more. For the 5thtime in 3 hours, he unleashed another torrent and as he did, energy passed through the binding. His mind was electric. His body buzzed with pure wellbeing and he felt like a god for those seconds. All powerful. Distilled muscle, sex, and magic detonated in his mind and his body with the force of an explosive device. After the orgasm began to subside. He again looked down at his djinn and pulled D’s head slowly off of his now 18” rod. Dantalion felt empty somehow after he released his hold on Trevor’s endowment. He had never felt empty. He didn’t particularly like the feeling. It was foreign. If it were his choice, which it wasn’t, he would have Trevor’s cock down his throat all the time. “D, can you make all of this cum disappear?” He looked around his large bedroom. Puddles of cum were everywhere, some his, some the djinn’s. He was laying in several inches of thick white spunk and it was painted on walls, the ceiling, coating his legs, chest, and arms. Dantalion was covered as well, head to toe of his ripped gorilla-sized body, rivulets running out of the corners of his mouth. Dantalion stood up next to Trevor’s massive seated form and looked around the room. As he rotated, Trevor again saw the djinn’s naked muscular round and tight ass. Soon, he would be using that and he could not imagine what the djinn may be capable of if given some creative direction. “Yes, Master.” The room was instantly cleared of any remain of their mutual ejaculations. Even the spunk slowly dribbling down the corner of D’s mouth had disappeared. The human looked tired. He was in need of slumber. D could feel it through the bond. “Trevor, would you like to sleep? I can sense you are exhausted.” The djinn reached out to his human and placed his hand on Trevor’s vast bag of hard chest meat. He would have never done this to any other Bound in his past. He would have never assumed to broach the boundaries of physical touch. But here, now, with the 12th, he felt nearly compelled to maintain some physical connection. Trevor did feel tired. It had been a long day with his grandfather’s funeral and the past few hours had been both thrilling and mindblowing…but he was, after all, human still. “Yes, please. I’d like to return to my normal size. Do you need sleep, D?” “I do not need sleep, although in my mist form, time passes without perspective. I have often returned to my vessel as my previous master’s slept. It is a strange human need, this daily sleep event.” The human had returned to his small normal self and looked longingly at the bed and the small clay jar next to it. He did need to sleep. The massive muscular djinn stood silent. Trevor walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. He picked up the small green gem that had sealed the hole in D’s vessel. It appears a bit brighter and with a bit more clarity than it had a few hours ago. He would ask about this some other time. For now, he could only think of sleep and the need to pee. D watched the human pick up the green stone and eye it with a look of inquiry and suspicion but he asked no questions about it. He would tell him about it another time if asked. And he knew he would be asked. Trevor, stood up and walked lazily to the en suite bathroom and took a long, relieving piss. Returning to the bedroom he saw that D had not moved from his position, watching Trevor as he walked across the floor to bed again. “Why don’t you lay in bed with me as I fall asleep. When I am asleep, you may return to your mist form to pass the time.” It would be so nice to sleep with someone in bed with him. It had been months since his last breakup and he missed having a warm body to touch as he drifted off. “Do you wish me to maintain my ability to sense, Master? Or shall I shut off those pathways?” Trevor thought he almost sounded like some computer program, shutting things off and on with a mere command. What a strange question. Trevor pulled back the covers on the entire king-sized bed. “Get in D.” He still hadn’t responded to the djinn’s question. The djinn walked the few paces and sat down on the other edge of the bed his sack and cock limp between his thick legs. He lay down next to Trevor, their shoulders, arms and legs touching. “I wish your body temperature was a perfect 98.6 degrees. He noticed that Dantalion felt warmer than a human. He didn’t want to burn up in the night. “Your eye flames wont catch anything on fire, right?” He let out a small chuckle. “No, Trevor. They appear as fire to you, but flickering light is more what they are. There is no heat.” The two lay there, together, touching. Trevor felt his body swiftly slipping away into a dream world. It was calling him. “No D. I don’t want you to lose your ability to sense. You seem to enjoy it.” He rolled over on his side just a few inches away from the djinn’s handsome rugged face. He reached over and placed his hand on D’s rock hard meat pillow and put his palm over his erect nipple and left it there feeling the warmth emanate from the djinn god’s body. “I want you to feel good, D. That would make me happy.” The djinn felt his own pleasure mounting. Just the touch of Trevor’s small hand on his chest seemed even more powerful than all of the orgasms they had experienced. It was more simple and pure. More real. He did want to keep feeling. He wanted to feel more but he would not ask for that. Trevor had already given him so many gifts of experience and he would not take advantage. He was still a djinn and a djinn obeyed without making his own requests. “Thank you, Trevor.” Trevor fell asleep a moment later, his hand still resting on D’s chest mountain. His temperature a perfect 98.6 degrees to the touch. After he sensed his human had truly slipped away to deep slumber, his breathing slowing, D began to turn to swirling mist. He changed slowly to let Trevor’s hand fall to the bed gradually over minutes. He took great care to be slow and gentle. He didn’t want to lose contact so he wrapped his mist form along Trevor’s arm, encircling it like a warm vaporous snake. He felt good and couldn’t wait for his Master to wake in the morning. *********************************************************** Trevor had been in the Dream World for most of the night. His mind knew he was dreaming and it told him the same. He was in the deep forest on his favorite trail, close to the pounding waves of the Pacific Ocean. There was a chill in the damp air. Ancient fir trees and massive cedars thrust hundreds of feet into the sky, the understory populated by dense ferns and mosses, the path covered with a thick layer of damp wood bark decayed enough to give the earth a soft feel as he walked. He felt alone for a moment, and looked side to side. Then he heard a solid slow thump behind him. Swinging around quickly he was greeted by Dantalion, but of such size and enormity he felt himself again becoming immediately aroused. D had to have been 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide at the shoulders. His musculature defied any possible description. Highways of blood vessels flooded every inch of the mammoth. The valley between his pecs appeared nearly sealed tight by the surrounding hard fibers clashing in the center, but Trevor knew that gash was several feet thick. D was pure muscle. He nearly had his own gravity he was so dense. But somehow his motions were fluid and graceful. The giant stopped several yards from his Bound. His flaccid cock hanging to his knees leaked basketball-sized orbs of clear sweet thick fluid. As the precum’s battle with gravity was lost, the orb fell away leaving a long thin string trailing to the ground. Drop after drop of the viscous fluid fell away from the djinn’s cock forming a quickly growing puddle. Trevor wanted to be under that dripping cock, swallowing all of that sweet nectar. But the look in D’s eyes was one of complete animal lust. The 30 foot deity turned around and bent over, grabbing his ankles and offering his striated massive glutes to the human far below. “If you want me to fuck you again, D, I’m going to need to be a lot bigger.” He felt himself reach full hardness in 2 seconds and then he felt the mind shattering sensation of growing. He woke up with a start, feeling something warm resting around his arm. Trevor knew where he was going to take D today and he couldn’t wait.
  13. Londonboy, you know any compliment from you -- the master storyteller -- is going to make me blush incessantly. Thank you for your encouragement. It will be amazing, yes. Hope you will continue enjoying the ride. It is far from over :-)
  14. Dantalion still sat comfortably on Trevor’s lap, his tight, hard, round ass perched on his Bound’s enormous left quads. Trevor had his arm around Dantalion’s broad ape-like shoulders, running his fingers along D’s net of shoulder veins. This was D’s true form and he was in awe. Trevor was larger now, by far, but it was transient – it wasn’t his actual self. Dantalion, however, was massive and while he was shorter an army tank would be less intimidating. Dantalion peered up to Trevor’s eyes with so many questions. Did his new Bound just say that D would be allowed to feel pleasure? Thoughts of his third Bound flooded his mind. The 3rdwas a sadist. He caused unparalleled death, destruction, and despair in his cycle. And some of that sadism was directed at Dantalion. The djinn reached into the darkest recesses of his memories. He, of course, could remember everything. But he didn’t often choose to. Parts of his past he kept locked away and this was the one he kept hidden under the deepest barriers. The bond between Trevor and D was remarkably strong after Trevor’s first experience with The Power of his djinn. He instinctively felt Dantalion regress into some place that the human was not welcome. Some place that held a definite reticence for the djinn. “D, I can feel your suffering. Please tell me what you are thinking about.” The djinn again lifted his eyes to his 12thand final Bound. A strange feeling swept over him. He felt a compulsion to tell his master what he was thinking about, what he was experiencing from his history. But he was guarded as he hadn’t thought himself to be capable of. Typically, he would satisfy a request without even processing it. But this request was different and it was personal. “Master, I would share this with you – my suffering. But it is difficult for me to relive. I have tossed the thoughts away and now they are resurfacing. Do you truly desire to know?” Trevor felt he was intruding as if he were peering in on pain that he should not witness. “D, I only asked because I want to know you; to understand you. I don’t want to pry but you are very special to me now and I feel a certain responsibility to -- and for - you.” The 7 foot giant human with bulging muscles hugged the more diminutive (but still muscularly massive) djinn. “The only sensation in my existence that I have felt….is pain.” The djinn looked into Trevor’s eyes, flames still emanating from his pupils in a languorous flutter. “He was unhappy with liberties that I took when he commanded me to destroy his enemies. He demanded that I break djinn law and destroy my brother, another djinn, who was aiding the other army.” “You see, I cannot destroy one of my brothers directly. It is djinn law. But a Bound can destroy the vessel of a djinn and snuff out their existence.” Dantalion seemed to lean into Trevor’s still-massive chest, just an inch. “I advised him that by law, I couldn’t destroy my brother directly, but that he could.” The djinn’s eyes began to radiate even more flame. “My Bound became angry. Became vicious. He looked at me and commanded that I feel that my body was burning in a fiery furnace. That I feel a million knife cuts. That I feel floggings from a cat-o-nine-tails.” Dantalion shivered as he still sat on Trevor’s cum drenched leg. “Enough D. Those experiences are part of your past. But they are not part of your present.” Trevor felt choked up. He had just witnessed the most truthful expression of suffering that one could offer. Trevor felt sick inside knowing that the beautiful God sitting on his lap had only experienced the worse of human existence. Trevor would show him the best –as if he hadn’t already planned to. “D, I want to take this slow. I want to show you a certain type of magic that isn’t the sort of magic that you know. Not yet, anyway.” The two hadn’t moved from each other since Trevor’s cataclysmic orgasm a few minutes ago. They seemed “stuck” together although it was likely more Trevor’s cum that now acted as glue. Trevor pulled D’s shockingly handsome face into the space under his chin. He petted the djinn like a small naïve child, not that he felt the djinn to be naïve, but that he knew that in this area of physical existence, Dantalion was woefully undereducated. “D, I wish that you feel my hands caressing the sides of your face, your hair, your shoulders, your chest. I wish you to feel the sensation as if you were human.” Trevor lightly ran his fingertips, his palms, his hands all over Dantalion’s vein riddled upper body, face, and neck. He started softly, then began to work harder. Dantalion’s breath caught. He didn’t breathe for a moment as he felt his first real touch of affection. He had never felt something so soft yet so exhilarating. He felt his skin become sensitive and to awaken as Trevor deftly flitted his fingertips around, on, into D’s pumpkin sized shoulders. Trevor traced the netting of veins in those same delts with the lightest touch of his fingertips. He sunk his strong still-augmented hands into Dantalion’s thick meaty chest and began kneading as if pounding dough into itself on the second proof. “Let me handle your flesh, D, like it was human flesh.” Trevor seemed to recognize that Dantalion’s tissue was extremely dense and nearly immovable. Even with his enormous size and power as he struggled to massage D’s exterior he felt resistance that he never suspected. It was like massaging near-solid amorphous iron. Suddenly, Dantalion obeyed the command and his muscle, his skin, his connective tissue, became more human – penetrable, warm, vulnerable. Dantalion felt a shift in his thinking yet again; another tectonic change of perspective. He moaned. “He” being both of them. Either of them. Trevor marveled at the inhumanly dense flesh of his djinn god. He kneaded D’s pecs and shoulders as if he were working 50 pounds of thick sticky dough. For Dantalion’s part he had never in tens of thousands of years felt this feeling. It was a feeling that his djinn mind was all to ready to engage with, but at the same time he felt concerned and afraid again. If he felt pleasure, would he also again feel pain? Lost in Trevor’s constant attentions, he succumbed to that feeling of bliss that can shatter the mind if unattended. Trevor let out a deep growl from deep within him. Speaking softly into D’s ear he whispered with ragged breath, “D, I want to you engage sensation to your nipples. I wish that your nipples and your cock were the same organ. They feed off of my touch. I wish that your enormous beautiful dick were sensitized to touch and emotion. That your cock, your balls, your nipples, your lips… your taint…your ass… The enlarged human paused. He realized in this moment, he was gifting D the beginnings of the best parts of humanity. Sex, passion, the slightest hint of love and desire. “I wish that you experienced these sensations as humans do.” He only hoped that he was worthy of this responsibility – the responsibility of aiding a near-immortal traverse the most powerful parts of human experience. The deep thoughts of concern and responsibility for training a djinn in the pleasures of the flesh vanished in less than a second as Dantatlion peered up into Trevor’s eyes. There was a need, a longing, and a reconciling that flitted across his face. Dantalion wanted this. He didn’t know he did until now. He wanted to feel horny and sexy and unabashed lust. Even with these strange human emotions swirling in his mind, the djinn calmly sat on Trevor’s enormous leg. Looking up at the being that was granting wishes that he didn’t know he wanted. It was as if the relationship dynamics stalled and had reversed in a short 2 minutes. Dantalion was the one now desiring an expansion of his reality. Trevor was the one granting the desires…although he didn’t realize it…yet. “D, please return me to my normal human size and stand next to me. I don’t think I could manage your muscle weight on my normal sized leg.” Trevor blushed for some reason. Without the briefest thought, D arose in his naked true form. Trevor returned to the more delicate appearance and as he had existed before his transformation. D thought this was unique. The human had returned to his natural self, losing his physical power and intimidation. Again, unique that he had used the word “please” to ask for his wish to return to normalcy. He was liking this human. Dantalion stood erect, bulging vein-ridden boulder shoulders thrust back, spine straight, enormous legs jutting out with just a slight bend at the knee. He was waiting his next instruction. He WANTED Trevor to instruct him. He had never had this desire, this want, or this need. Changes continued to swirl inside of his immortal mind – no not immortal. This was his last cycle. His Bound stood facing him, so much smaller than he had been moments ago. Trevor’s frame had been easily eclipsed by the majesty of his djinn. Trevor lessened the distance between them by only a few inches but Dantalion sensed the change that a few inches can make. The now smaller man appeared to be tentative, unsure, hesitant. Dantalion had engaged his ability to feel sensation in his nipples and cock. He had engaged his skin to feel what a human would feel. He had already allowed the dense flesh of his physical form to be massaged by his 12th…and he had liked it. What would happen next? Trevor wanted D to feel the wonders of desire, passion, sex, love, cumming, cumming again, and cumming again. He would treat D with the respect a demi-god deserved. He would be different than the others, Trevor promised himself. The djinn was breathing heavy. He could sense the smallest movement of air on his skin. He felt his chest heave, with downward thrusting nipples mounted on overhanging mounds of flesh. A need was building inside of him that he did not understand. Trevor again moved an inch closer and lifted his right hand to caress Danatalion’s chest. He made contact just under D’s left collarbone. Trevor ran his fingertips lightly down the striations that were Dantatlion’s pecs. He knew that he could wish the pecs larger, more defined (holy shit, they were already ripped beyond imagining), or change anything about D’s presentation, but he wanted it to be his djinn’s true form. Somehow, that seemed important. Trevor’s fingers continued to travel down Dantatlion’s enormous heavy pec moving deftly toward the nipple protruding southward from his overhanging chest meat. He made contact with D’s nipple with a light graze. A delicate touch with his talented fingertips. A growl burst from the djinn’s throat, his head thrust backward leaving Trevor with a view of bull neck muscles, writhing with their own vasculature, throbbing Adam’s apple, pulsating traps. All of this with the lightest touch of his fingertip on D’s nipple. Trevor paused for a moment. He flicked Dantalion’s nipple again. And almost in the same moment, he twisted it. Flames shot of out D’s eyes like a welding torch. No longer did flames lick his eyelids. These were hot concentrated flames. His mind exploded with sensations that were foreign but powerful beyond even his ability to comprehend in the moment. There was no frame of reference for this. With all of the power in the universe under his control (in accordance with djinn law), this experience nearly brought him to his knees—and it was only a touch to his nipple. Trevor continued to flick and pinch Dantalion’s nipple. He watched his djinn continue to writhe and start to pant. His breath became shallow, rapid, and small beads of sweat emerged on his brow, and over D’s upper body. Reflexively, Trevor leaned in and put the other nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and earnestly. Without warning, Dantalion again threw back his head and the sounds of dozens of screams erupted from his open mouth. High pitches and low pitched moans continued to pour from the djinn. All at the same moment. It was the sounds of thousands of years of silence set free in a moment. A thousand voices set free. Other than his head, Dantalion did not move. He did not wish to disturb the actions of his Bound. What would be next? Trevor removed his mouth from Dantalion’s erect nipple. He pulled his hand away from the other tit he had been manhandling. He peered down Dantatlion’s abdomen where he saw 10 pulsating bricks netted in vascularity, breathing in and out. In and out. And then he saw his true god. Dantatalion’s cock was throbbing, growing, only half hard now but dripping a constant flow of clear honey. With every pulse of growth, another glob emerged from his god slit and dripped lazily to the floor with a thing gossamer thread trailing behind. It was mesmerizing to watch a djinn, a near-immortal, experience sexual arousal for the first time. Thick ropes of sweet nectar continued to pulse of his growing, lengthening, thickening cock. Hundreds of blue veins began to rise to the surface of the foot-long cock meat, pulsing angrily. Trevor could barely look away from the thick clear sweet emissions that continued to push forth from his slowly rising member. He broke his stare and looked to Dantalion’s face. D had a look of concentration, his eyes closed, his breath still ragged. He appeared as if he were struggling with something, an internal argument, a fight with his conscience. “Look at me, D.” The djinn returned to the present and looked into the eyes of his master. “Make my mouth and throat bigger, to handle your giant god cock. I want to show you what my mouth, tongue, and throat can do for YOU!” Trevor did not feel any change but Dantalion “took liberties” to make Trevor flexible, in a manner of speaking. D wanted this more than he had ever thought to consider. Trevor lowered himself, his small human body kneeling with his head pressing against Dantalion’s netted abdominals. Trevor grabbed the god cock with his right hand and ran it along the nearly erect phallus of the djinn. 12 inches looked like 24 this close up. His mouth began to salivate. He wanted D to feel pleasure as he never had before. Dantalion felt a steady powerful stream of mana begin to flow into his Well. Again, the human fed him in a way that was shocking. And he couldn’t and wouldn’t wait for more. He felt something inside of him crack and break. Maybe true godhood was not out of his reach after all. Bael and Asteroth be damned. He was sucking on the tit of pure power with his 12th. He would suckle at that teat until there was nothing left. Dantalion subtly shook his head. No, he would not succumb to the base desires that could destroy him or his Bound. He felt on the edge of sanity, realizing the intrinsic power of the man that was about to suck his dick. Did he like his dick sucked? “I think I do.” The thought echoed in the demi-god’s mind. He shook his head again to regain his composure. At that moment, Trevor had found the sudden ability to unhinge his jaw, just a bit, to take in Dantalion’s apple sized head. He slowly advanced it into his mouth his tongue lapping up the pre-cum continuously pulsing out of the djinn. Trevor realized something. “D. Something isn’t right.” The djinn snapped out of his lustful thoughts. He had never had those before. The human reached to the base of Dantalion’s newly bequeathed staff and felt nearly nothing. Fuck, how could he have forgotten about one of the best parts. “D, I wish..” Trevor paused for a moment and realized the power of those two words to a djinn. The words “I WISH” Dantalion was focused like a laser on Trevor’s next command. It was the djinn way. Nothing was more focusing than hearing the words “I wish” from a Bound. “D, I wish that you had balls the size of… of grapefruits producing an infinite supply of jizz, cum, ejaculate…that will always be available to jettison our of your cock when needed.” D felt heaviness near his ass, near his cock. Two orbs of perfection descended and grew to the specifications that Trevor requested. Trevor put his hand under the newly filled scrotum of his djinn. He could feel the churning and swirling of the contents of D’s sack. “Your balls and their sack should be sensitive too, like you nipples, like your cock.” Trevor, still in his kneeling position, grabbed D’s ballooning balls and pulled gently downward. He leaned his head into D’s cock again and pulled his lips over the engorged head. He began to suck. The djinn felt his grasp on reality fade away until he almost lost control of his power. Trevor was bobbing up and down on the veined appendage that looked more like a second leg than anything D would have suspected. Unfettered thoughts of thrill and want slashed through his mind. Trevor knew that he must allow his djinn to cum. And he could feel that Dantatlion needed to or he may crack the world open with his rising power and need. The human lodged the djinn’s cock head behind his tonsils and pushed his head down. He could barely breathe but Trevor knew this was important. The djinn needed to feel this. Everyone needed to feel this. With the throbbing cock in his throat, hands on D’s balls pulling down, he somehow widened his mouth to say one word…. “CUM” Dantalion’s heavy churning balls pulled close to his body in a swift move. His cock extended more into Trevor’s throat and volleys upon volleys of the sweetest nectar pumped into the human’s body. A gallon of thick protein hurled itself down Trevor’s gullet…and it was perfect. Sweat again erupted from every pore on Dantalion and a roar burst from this thick throat.. A river of mana flowed into his Well. He was becoming more powerful that he would have thought possible. At this rate, the djinn and Trevor would become contenders in The Djinn’s race to godhood. D looked down on his 12thstill sucking in a daze on the djinn’s near flaccid cock. He could get used to this. “Hey, Trevor…Master….?” Trevor pulled away from D’s dick, its juices still dribbling out now in a lazy stream. “What did you think of that, D?” “It was by far the most powerful event of my existence.” He was being truthful and Trevor knew it. “Shit, D. That was just a quick twist of your nipple and a very fast blow job. You have NO IDEA what a powerful event sex can be. I mean, some wouldn’t even call that sex!” D looked inquisitively at his 12th. He knew that what he said was true. “Now D. Lets get me powered up to huge again like before. And this time, I’m going to show you some new tricks.” Trevor felt himself growing quickly to his previous height and musculature, the mass that he had recently had just a few minutes before. His growth paused at the place where he had been. He wanted more. It felt so good. “Bigger D. I need to be bigger. Muscle, Cock, Height. I’ll tell you when to stop. Go slowly.” “Yes Master.” Dantalion felt surges of power flowing through him in angry rivers. His Bound commanded and he would obey. He desired to obey his 12th like he wouldn’t have ever imagined. His mind expanded and grew as Trevor’s imagination did the same. He wanted to feel “sex” again. He needed to feel his balls release their god juice into the world, and he needed and wanted Trevor to be a part of it. Trevor started expanding again, his human thin but beautiful body slowly throbbing, pulsating bigger and bigger. “Yes, D, you may take liberties.” After his experience with shooting his first load, Dantalion had new ideas about what would please his master and put more mana into his Well. “Fuck, this is going to be amazing,’ both said at the same time.
  15. Congrats on a well written ending. The story arc definitely works and there is that twinge of tension at the very end that leaves us hanging on, hoping there may be more in the future -- like a well written season cliffhanger. I enjoyed this immensely. I hope you join the ranks of active authors as you are able. Well done.
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