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  1. malack101

    Bane visits the Batcave

    immediately thought of these cartoons when reading
  2. malack101

    If you like giant cocks

    Wish someone would translate this one http://myreadingmanga.info/kisekaesense-comic-omake-jp/
  3. Who would it be? You also have to state conditioning level. For myself it would be either Lee Priest in contest shape or Alexey Lesukov in the time between off-season and contest (not fat, but also not super lean). And it's only for 24 hours. I'd be torn between jacking off in front of the bathroom mirror or banging everything that moves. Peter Molnar came in very close, now that I have combed through my thousands of saved pics looking for examples (I have way to many @[email protected]) Edit for Pics:
  4. malack101

    Any Muscle Recovery Tip/Supplements?

    I have dinner about 30 minutes after working out consisting of 1/3 cup brown rice, chicken breast and spinach. Thank you extreme for the suggestion. I will research tb500.
  5. malack101

    Any Muscle Recovery Tip/Supplements?

    Getting older sucks. Muscles (especially back) are taking longer to fully recover from the previous workouts. Are there any after workout supplements that help speed up recovery? Only supplements I take currently are Creatine, Glutamine, Whey Protein and Fish Oil Capsules.
  6. malack101

    Need Help - Smaller Muscles In Back/shoulder

    Thanks for the tip sparky. I started incorporating that exercise. Using a little lighter weight to get good form and contraction.
  7. Hey guys, need training advice. My back is fine, triceps and shoulders doing great. But, I need help getting the smaller muscles where those three intersect (the area north of the lats where the arms meet the shoulders). I have tried upright rows, pulley rows, etc. Do I need to go wider when doing back? Or is it more of a shoulder exercise? Any exercises that target this area would be great. Thanks

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