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    real profile.
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    Bodybuilding, Wolves, Nature in general
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    180 cm, 90 kg
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    Chats, Friendship, Workout partners with other bodybuilders. Also stories ;)

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  1. Thanks for the follows!

  2. )Ohh.. this is a wonderful intro! Very close to reality, I can totally feel both sides. Moooorrre please
  3. Hey, thanks fpr the follows!

  4. Grr, I'm not online often enough to check on here.. so many new posts. Some cheers to all of you, keep on growin!

    I've been in the gym a lot lately, and it starts to show.. love the feeling of my pumped arms. But I want mooooore :D

  5. Full moons make werewolves horny...

    1. yugothewolf60


      Let's jack and howl together tonight, wolf bro!

  6. *yawns* haveing two guys in your bed can be a sexy thing, but it's not improving your sleep -.-*

    1. argomac
    2. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      Well someone is having a good night! ;)

  7. Hey Dawg, nice profile with some interesting things on it! Also really impressive body :) Always good to meet another canine.

    1. MuscleDawg79


      RARF!! Hey dude, how ya doin? :) Thanks for the message! Anything in particular on my profile catch your eye?

  8. Another rest day *yawns* give my back some time to grow :)

  9. This is just.. wow. Awesome!
  10. Hi Wolf! Thanks for the follows!

  11. Hey thanks for the follows :)

    1. bills1


      No problem, nice to meet you

  12. Danke für den Follow. :D

  13. Hey thanks for the follows :)

  14. Hey there.. Thanks for the follows :)

    1. raphi0508


      Gern geschehen. :D

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