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    I think he ripped off the wheel with his bare hands.
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    Love super strength!
  3. Wish this was a video. 😄
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    Strength Whore

    Can't wait to see what Buck destroys next with those powerful arms of his!
  5. Thanks for the follow mate.

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      My pleasure. Love your guns! 💪

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    Strength Whore

    I too, am a strength whore. Always love your stories, Londonboy! What a hot beginning to another series!
  7. There is a part 1, although it isn't strictly a necessary read. Jack heaves bolt-upright in bed in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and breathing hard. Driving rain against the window is overpowered by the sound of his heartbeat. His pulse is strong and quick; he feels every drop of his blood course through his tense muscles. He sports an impressive semi-erection in his underwear, and his hard nipples slide up and down underneath the tight white nightshirt. His masculine jawline clenched tight, he pulls the sheets away from his soaked torso and swings his feet out of bed. His muscular frame rises to full height as the bed groans, as if sighing in relief. He knows what he has to do. His heavy footsteps catch his attention momentarily, and he ponders if he should be bothered to put on pants, but his urges are far too strong to be overridden by rational thought. Jack catches a glimpse of his primal eyes in the mirror as he reaches for his car keys, wrenches open the front door and steps out into the heavy summer rain. His driving erratic, he swerves from left to right as he climbs the dimly-lit road into the mountains. All he can think about is getting to his destination. His steely 9-inch cock is fully excited now. It moistens his lower cobblestone abs with copious amounts of pre-cum; the thick shaft perfectly outlined by the fabric. His breathing rapid, he caresses himself through his shirt and lets out a guttural moan. He plants his foot, speeding faster up the ascent through the rain and darkness. His powerful muscles are primed for the task which awaits. *** Deep within a nearby mountain, a handsome, brown-haired man with glasses sits patiently at a large computer terminal. His stomach is in knots as he turns a black business card over and over and over between his fingers. The card's smoothness soothes him somewhat, but his eyes remain wide and fixated on the screen in front of him. The large, open computer lab is lit intermittently by the monitor, which at this moment is receiving the feeds from all the facility's security cameras as they peer into the night. The motion is crystal clear but black and white, and silent on the screen; a tree branch whips in and out of view against the blustery rain. "A vehicle is approaching," warns a computerised voice. The handsome, brown-haired man jumps at the break of silence. He, like Jack, is rather excited, as evidenced by a heavy bulge in his khakis. "Thank you," the man replies eagerly to the artificial intelligence. "Complete lock-down procedure. Please ensure Jack is fully visible at all times." With a bleep-boop of acknowledgement, the screen flicks over to show CAM001, just as the headlights of a pickup truck swing into view. The man stands, and briskly strides over to a steel-barred cage which is built into the cavern wall. The thick bars encompass only a tiny area--just enough for one person to stand trapped against the wall. "This is it." He bites his lip excitedly and pushes his shoes off, a heel at a time. He starts fumbling to undo the buttons on his shirt, but decides to leave it on instead. He quickly steps into the cage, and commands the door to be locked behind him. The artificial voice confirms his instructions, and the heavy steel slides into place. "Lock-down complete," the computer announces. "Good," says the man, who has already removed his pants to reveal his eagerness, trapped within his underwear. He rubs the tip of his engorged cock through the fabric. "Give me a good show, Jack," he smirks. "Show me what your powerful alpha-muscles are capable of." *** Outside, Jack's pickup comes to a halt. As the car door swings open, trunk-like legs meet the road. He stands, and takes a few steps out into the open rain. The truck's headlights illuminate the hunk of a man as he turns slowly to face the security camera and tilt his head to return its gaze. His solid body casts shadows of his tight underwear and raging manhood within, powerful torso, chest and arms. Clinging to his body, his wet top leaves nothing to the imagination; outlines of his bulging pecs and abs heave with his aroused breath. Jack knows he's being watched. He winks and bounces his pecs for the camera before he steps out of view, leaving his truck behind. His strong legs march him into a dimly lit cave and along a narrow path until finally, Jack comes face to face with his first challenge: a large, vault-like door set into the rock face. Standing an inch from the door, his head lowered but eyes forward, his breathing is still as deep and primal as it was at the house. He leans forward and presses the outline of his cock and upper body against the door to feel its coolness. His heart thuds faster and his cock jumps to full attention again. Nostrils flared, he steps back to analyse the door. A keypad blinks on the right-hand side of the large circular door, barred with two beams of steel passing through a giant rotor wheel. He smirks -- he knows this to be no match for his powerful physique. His low voice teases, "I hope you're watching Evan, because I'm not one for knocking." *** Evan is still self-restrained in the reinforced cage several rooms away from Jack, deeper into the mountain. Having yanked his underwear off, he stands with nothing but a collared shirt, slowly masturbating to the sight, and now voice, of Jack's surly presence at the entrance. He's keen to see just how much of a fight the door will put up. "Computer: Announce all intrusion attempts, countermeasures, malfunctions, and system destructions as they occur." Evan licks his lips and begins beating his rod a bit faster in anticipation. He wants to see and hear the pure domination of Jack's muscle over his machinery. He becomes a bit light-headed as there is movement of Jack's big frame on the screen, and the computer announces, "Alert: Intrusion attempt underway. Main entry keypad has been destroyed." *** Having driven it into the wall over an inch, Jack pulls his solid right shoulder away from what used to be the blinking keypad, as it crackles and buzzes. "I hope you don't mind," he smirks, "if I let myself in." His hands, guided by eager twitches of his powerful arms and chest, reach for the large circular locking mechanism in the centre of the door. Grabbing either side, his arms lengthen slightly and biceps begin to bulge. The sleeves can barely contain the stud's arms as they grow and strengthen. His pecs, tight and steely, join in on the onslaught against the steel. He grunts a loud guttural enjoyment as he pulls and flexes. The vault's large bolts and locks begin to grind and squeal for mercy against the immense power of Jack's arms and chest. The heavy steel inside the locking mechanism takes the full force of Jack's mighty muscle-powered assault; it starts to turn white and buckle. Jack smirks and grunts again, louder this time, his cock bouncing with pleasure; the feeling of raw strength coursing through his body, bending and twisting with all his might. The protective beams and locking wheel, made to withstand explosives and immense pressure, are now being mangled and bent by Jack's powerful arms and pumped chest. The moaning steel is crunched and deformed under his grip, and cracks begin to appear in the wall adjacent. *** "Alert: Main entry compromised. Activating defences." The display of raw strength during Jack's destruction of the main entry door proved too much for Evan, as he shakes and squirts a healthy load of cum through the bars of the cage. "Fuck yes, Jack. Show me what kind of man you are." *** The bank-grade lock, having failed against the man's might, now hangs feebly from the door's innards. A sharp pull sideways, and a powerful kick sends the heavy door falling inward. Almost laughing, he pulls down the underwear over his pumped legs as he strolls into the next room over the mangled heap of the door, his steely pecs and arms still heaving with his breath. He raises both arms and perfectly round biceps flex in granite. The pumped guns burst open his sleeves as Jack grunts in an alpha pose. "I know you're an arms man, Evan. These puppies ain't just for show." He winks again to the camera he knows is looking on, and slowly reaching down, rips the taught white fabric off his torso, before letting it fall to the floor. Sweat and moisture drip down his stunning beast of a chest and cobblestone abs. Jack's rock-hard 9-incher can't be contained by his underwear, which has crept up and out from his waistband and presses against his taught stomach. His thick cock is leaking reels of slippery lube, getting ready to squirt into its lucky recipient. Suddenly, a large compartment opens, containing a 6'5" android. The solid, high-tech legs carry its bulk nimbly; its head blinks with lights and chirps. The whirring of the mechanisms is nearly deafening. "And what is this?" Jack yells over the top of the mechanised sounds coming from the robot as it quickly moves from its chamber and towards its target. He stands only 3 inches shorter than the mechanised fiend. "You don't actually think--" Jack raises his eyebrow, but is too slow to move out of the way of the giant's mechanical grip. It folds its shiny, plastic-covered arms around the muscular frame of the human and begins to tighten its grip. For a moment, Jack looks to struggle against the powerful pistons and motors contained within the robot. But Jack, knowing his own power, confidently smirks. Clearly, he is capable of destroying these feeble machines with a swift punch. But he knows Evan, his client, is paying good money for this show. And he expects to see some muscle-inspired destruction. Expanding his thick chest and engaging his rippling back muscles, Jack slows the constricting arms of the robot to a crawl, and then to a halt. There is a high-pitched hum as the robot's internal diagnostics begin to analyse the malfunction. "I think you'll find..." labours Jack, as he wrenches his arm free of the grip, "that you are about to be destroyed by these." He flexes his magnificent bicep again. He reaches down, and with the help of his other hand, begins to pry the android's arm backwards and out of its socket. There is loud cracking of plastic, followed by the whirrrrrrr of motors failing to maintain their integrity. Finally, a small explosion signals that the powerful pistons contained within the machine's arm were no match for Jack's python-like arms. The robot moves backwards, seemingly panicked to only be left with one functioning gripper. Its head lights up in a new pattern. Jack is grinning as he steps from the machine's grip. "All of this showing off has made me very horny." His green eyes twinkle in the light. He reaches down and with a single swift rrrrip, he liberates his beautiful dick and balls. The gorgeous thickness of his manhood stands proud, dripping with excitement, as he takes it in his left hand and begins to stroke. "Prepare to be short-circuited by the best sex you've ever had." Jack strides up to the andriod, and with one forceful shove, the machine falls backwards, smashing onto the floor. It attempts to upright itself, but with only one arm, has trouble. On its third attempt, it is making progress until Jack marches over, naked and throbbing, to force it back to the ground. Climbing on top of the mechanised plastic and steel, Jack raises his taut bubble butt into the air, priming the trajectory of his cock. He looks down at his artificially intelligent victim. "How much were you to construct, I wonder?" His powerful hips and ass drive his thickness into the belly of the machine. "Mmmmm," he moans, before exhaling loudly. "I bet you're the most expensive sex toy ever made!" Grunting and moaning, his hips thrust back and forth into the innards of the robot, while it makes some last attempts to escape. Jack's thick cock buries itself deep within the mechanics of its appendages. The casing of the robot begins to dent and cave inward. Oil begins leaking out and the smell of overheated motors fill the air. The robot, its only remaining signs of life the blinking on its face, makes petrified noises as it is slowly destroyed by each of Jack's thrusts. He's getting close to the edge of climax, and he knows he better make a good show of it. The sight of him fucking is enough to drive anybody wild; his thick legs supporting his weight as his powerful ass rams his manhood further into the machinery. His powerful arms ripple with horseshoe triceps and his back flexes and bulges. His domination of the powerful machinery is a sight to behold. He smirks, looking his prey in the face as he flexes his guns once more. The android continues to blink and beep weakly, and his fucking continues, as he reaches up and places a massive hand on either side of the robot's solid head. "Goodnight." The symphony of his flexing ass muscles and rock hard thrusting dick is joined by the bulging of his thick arms and pecs as Jack applies pressure to the robot's head. Moments pass, and Jack watches as his tremendous force begins to dent, and then crush the mechanical beast's skull. There are buzzes, sparks, and the smell of burning electronics as the blinking face disappears into itself. Jack's eyes roll into the back of his head and his beautiful physique tenses as wave after wave of sperm shoot into the robot's corpse, shorting the remaining circuitry. *** In the cage, now leaning against the wall, Evan is weak in the knees, having cum for the forth time watching the brilliant display of strength and manliness on the monitor. "Alert: Android destroyed." Jack's bulk is seen to pull out of the robot's remains, and step out of camera view. "Any moment now..." Evan is ready to shoot another load in excitement of seeing Jack in person. There is a loud explosion and the door, flimsy in comparison to the one (that used to be) at the main entrance, comes crashing to the floor. Jack is standing there broadly, pumped and shimmering, cock still engorged with lust. Several computer alarms sound. "Warning: Intrusion into main lab." Evan resumes masturbating furiously at the sight of Jack's amazing physique. Jack slowly approaches the cage, his chest heaving. He stops an inch from the bars. "Flex for me," Evan pleads. Jack smiles. His full pecs, glistening with sweat, bounce rhythmically. He poses for Evan, showing off his body from top to toe, ending in a trademark double bicep. Evan heaves for breath and moans. He's about to cum again. "Break me out, Jack. Show me what those arms can do up close." With another smirk, Jack positions himself and grips the reinforced steel. Almost immediately, there is a clang as the metal readjusts itself to the force being applied to it. "Warning: Intrusion attempt underway." Jacks arms bulge and flex once more, and again the steel begins a feint high-pitched vibration. An alarm sounds. "Warning: Safety cage losing structural integrity due to pressure exceeding tolerances." Jarring thuds and pangs spring from the bars as they begin to deform. Jack's rock-hard upper body is pumped and displaying incredible power. He lets out some grunts, and leaks more clear pre-cum from his excited stiffness. Another alarm sounds. "Warning: Destruction of safety cage imminent due to overwhelming pressure." The bars bend gently at first and then begin to warp to an obscene angle, and Evan squirms. Jack lets out a snarl. The reinforced bars fail and explode away from their moorings in the rock, causing a cloud of dust. "Danger: Safety cage has been destroyed. All countermeasures have been compromised by overwhelming force." A sexy grin on his face, Jack throws the remains of the cage behind him, hitting the opposite wall, causing more damage and noise. He steps into the cage with Evan, their bodies now pressed together, and Evan can't take it anymore. The overwhelming pleasure of their bodies touching, followed by Jack's caress which is now turning into a kiss, causes Evan to unload more than he ever has in his life directly onto Jack's glistening torso, and pass out. *** Evan wakes up in the semi-destroyed cage some hours later with an erection he guesses won't be going away anytime soon. In his shirt pocket is a fresh black business card, with "Jack" embossed into it. Jesus. Evan is going to have to try harder next time.
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    Unbridled Domination

    Je-sus. This man vs. machine theme has created a real mess in my underwear. ? Wow wow wow.
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    In a car repair garage

    That's it! Yes! Thanks a ton, mf81!
  10. Hi fellow muscle lovers! I remember reading an insanely hot strength fantasy story not long ago about a mechanic being half terrorised, half teased with some magnificent muscular displays of power. Distinctly, I remember the muscle-bound lad in the story using his insanely superior arms to destroy a hydraulic car lift. It makes me weak in the knees just thinking about it. Would love to find the story again! Does anyone know what it might be called or who wrote it? I have a feeling it might be one of Londonboy's or Lewj's stories, but I can't be sure.
  11. I love your avatar of the stud out-muscling the barbell! Super hot.

  12. Wolf9

    An Appointment with Muscle

    Thanks for the encouragement! Any requests as to what our friend Jack should put his muscles to work on?
  13. Almost walked into a letterbox looking at your avatar. Very, very nice ?.

  14. Hi Lewj99! Your stories have always pushed all the right buttons for me. I love strength fantasies too, especially man versus machine. I wrote something the other day, which I am eager for you to read: 

    If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it. :)

    1. lewj99


      Thanks for the heads-up...that story is really hot! Very vivid writing. And I totally agree with the last three lines - need to read more about what this muscle beast can do.

  15. Wolf9

    An Appointment with Muscle

    I'm floating, enveloped in a comfortable warmth as my face is greeted by the the morning light. A single bird, the one living in the tree outside my bedroom window, says hello just like she always does with a few chirps before letting the breeze carry her away. The dappled sunshine moves with the leaves, and the gentle rushing sound invites me to breathe in deeply and stretch out under the sheets. I relax back into the cosy arrangement of my pillow and quilt. I don't want to move. A clack from the shower door reminds me that I had company last night. It seems my dick, however, hasn't forgotten anything. My heart quickens and I slowly open my eyes to stare at the reflections of the light on my ceiling. My hardness stirs against my lower stomach and the silkiness of the sheets. Right here, last night, there had been the most handsome face looking down at mine. Strands of silky black hair had left the others neatly swept back to fall gently over his thick eyebrow and frame his gorgeous eyes, hazelnut and glinting in the light. His warm, flush cheeks matched his pink lips, which were parted slightly as he lowered them to my neck. The roughness of his slight black stubble and the push of his square jaw was enough to cause a moan to escape my mouth as I tilted my head to the side and let him taste my skin. We were both breathing heavily and the thrusting of his impressive cock into my ass was setting off fireworks in my head. The sensitive tip of my hardness was sliding wetly up and down the contours of his abs and I was so close to exploding that I was shaking. It was then that he did it. He knew exactly what I wanted most. He pulled his head back up, his brow beaded with sweat, to stare back into my eyes. It was a look I could have drowned in. His thick chest began to lift off of me slightly which caused his meaty pecs to bulge out in support. Without interrupting the pleasure of his fucking, he propped his weight up through his left arm. With his right arm free, he gave a cheeky little smirk. In my mind, he starts to move slowly, so I can savour the memory. His eyes darted to the left to watch his arm as he lifted his hand off the bed and curled his fist. My head turned to follow his eyes and landed on this magnificent man's muscular arm which was slowly bending at the elbow. My heart skipped a couple of beats. His bicep began to rise, flanked by the ripples of his horseshoe triceps as he continued turning his arm. After a second or two of slow-motion, his arm was in prime position. I was delirious with pleasure as the man's hard forearm, bulging with veins and covered lightly in dark hair, continued to bend, and the hardness of his bicep swelled to its full glory. The roundness glistened as the man flexed his arm even harder. His manly scent and sweet breath was intoxicating. I was being ravished by a horse-hung, chiseled beast, who was content--no, eager--to show off his glorious muscles. It took all of my willpower not to cum; to watch him flex that drop-dead amazing bicep and continue fucking me with those meaty, glute-powered hips, and not spray my load. The man, however, is an expert at what he does. And knew exactly what would make me lose control. His eyes darted back to mine again. His flexed arm suddenly reached across and gripped my phone from the table next to us. He shifted his arm back to its previous position and his expression turned serious. I suddenly felt as if I was the prey, and that I was about to witness another beautiful display of his sheer predator strength. I knew what was about to happen, and I didn't care--I just wanted to see this stud destroy my phone with his powerful muscles. I couldn't take my eyes away from his bicep as he brought it back into a bulging, granite ball of muscle, all while he stared into my face. His pounding got harder and more rapid, and his cock engorged again, enough to massage my prostate close to the edge of my sanity. I held onto his bulky shoulders and rippling back for dear life as he began to emit a low growl, and started to squeeze the hand of his flexed arm. The time, "11:42 P.M.," flashed up on the sharp display for a mere second and a half, as if it knew its life was coming to an end, before a rainbow of colours began shimmering across its warping surface. The plastic turned white and there were cracking sounds, as the phone's surface suddenly snapped into a criss-cross of shattered pieces. It folded in on itself as the strength of the man's hand closed around it; the bicep attached to the hand continued to strain and bulge from the sheer strength channeled through it, and clearly for my viewing pleasure. The man's growling grew gutteral as he pounded my ass with his thickness, crushing my phone into a ball of destroyed plastic and shorted electronics with his steely muscles. His cock began to throb and release its seed into me. My aching dick could no longer hold on to its hot load, and I was so overcome from the pleasure that I immediately passed out. Now, lying here naked in bed, and reliving the best sex I've ever had, I feel like I'm in heaven. I open my eyes again to look down at the mess I've made. I'm close to orgasm again, having covered my sheets with an impressive amount of pre-cum. Next to me are bits of my phone's corpse, the only non-imaginary reminder of the strength-powered destruction. The hulk of a man suddenly exits the ensuite and moves past the end of the bed, fully clothed but handsome as ever. I don't get to see his face as he adjusts his blazer and tie, which still does nothing to hide his rock-solid frame, and strides over to the door. "You'll need a new phone to organise another appointment, won't you?" He's amused by his quip. My dick reacts to his voice by jumping with excitement and leaking another glob of clear lube. But after a quick pause to check for the wallet hugging his delicious ass in his pants pocket, he's gone. I watch the doorway for a few moments longer, hoping he will reappear, but it remains empty. Looking over at the bedside table to the space where my phone usually lays, is more pieces of mangled phone casing--and a business card. Its blackness is embossed with a white typeface which simply reads, "Jack," with a phone number underneath. Fuck. I want more of Jack. I want to see what this man's muscles can do.