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  1. Hi muscleaddict! Maybe I'm just slow but I never linked you on the forum with the originator of my favourite muscle blog. I have been a huge fan of muscle all my life and love your blog. The pictures are great but the stories are awesome. Your latest photo here puts me in even greater awe of you! Thank you for the entertainment and pleasure you have given me over the years.

  2. They're live streaming the Olympia on YouTube now! (Saturday 8.00 a.m.) pants down, dick out! All that muscle! It's mind and nut blowing!

  3. Bigdave

    Camjerk 2

    Really good! Got my dick hard and my hand busy!
  4. Complex and we'll imagined! Really sexy too! Thanks!
  5. More! I want to read about them getting together!
  6. Well written, hot, filthy and glorious!
  7. Your Majesty! Bet you're glad to be rid of Wallis!

  8. Nice stats! Drool! I know Chester well as I grew up in Wrexham! Thank God Chester was near to escape to!

  9. Thanks for posting the pilot in pushing clothing to the limit! He held me up this a.m. for a while!

    1. jojo9


      LOL You are welcome. He is quite the distraction.

  10. Thanks for the reputations you give me! I like it that you notice my comments and contributions!

    1. bodyseb


      You're welcome ! I hope you like my posts too

  11. The first of the two you so kindly selected. It's not just the muscle and the physical beauty, but the sheer confidence that is so bloody appealing! If I were there I'd make him feel so good about himself!

  12. Damn mate, I just read your message on my feed and got so turned on reading it!  I've had such similar fantasies about the perfect one.  My hands exploring his body as he flexes his huge muscles, kissing my way over his rock hard body, seeing his cock swell and stretch the fabric of his posers as he gets more and more aroused by my very close attention!  We spend hours together finding new ways to screw each other, sharing load after load of each other's cum!

    you could almost call it love!

  13. Thanks Bodyseb! I need my reputation to be improved! I guess you won't be leaving la belle France to go and be grown in the US in return for a little housework and cooking! What else might be expected I wonder apart from showing off with a bit of flexing!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bodyseb


      I'm in France, you're in England : we are not far :-) !

    3. Bigdave


      Now there's a thought! Thank God for the channel tunnel! 

    4. bodyseb


      It's great to chat with other fans of bodybuilders !

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