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  1. Day 5: Rest day! Got some work down around the house, spent some time with a good and adorable friend, and am chillaxing and ready to pump these guns manana.

  2. Day 4: Back to lifting! Today was much easier. Glad I did a prep week. I was able to finish two full sets of each exercise. I'll up it to three sometime in the future, but for now I'm getting back into it all and I couldn't be happier.

  3. Day 3: Rest! Went to church, now to stomp my concrete carpet! :) Check out The Rainbow Asylum on Facebook.com

  4. Day 2: Ouch. I'm mad at myself for not keeping this up past high school. I used to do shoulder raises with 20 pound weights. Now 15 is too much to complete a set. I will probably lower to my 10s until my left side builds back up its strength.

  5. Day 1: Done. I enjoyed a post-workout sub drop sensation. Let's make this happen.

  6. Hey handsome. :) Love your pic.

  7. Cute.

    1. 18guns


      thanks ginger. i agree ;-)

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