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  1. Hey AKA--I keep coming back to this story. These are characters that I want to hear what happened to them--particularly at this exact point when they're about ready to transform. Any chance you can return to it? I'd be grateful, and I'm sure that other MG board readers would as well. Thanks in advance, there's no question you're one of my all time favorite authors.... - CK
  2. Wondering AKA is still out there, or if any folks here know how to reach him. This story: http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/aka/teen-transform-college20.html is one I thought was awesome, and was at a climax point at Chapter 20--exactly when musclegrowth.org was taken down. AKA, if you're reading this--there's at least one fan that would love to continue to follow these characters. The relationship between Jeremy & Tim was really well developed, and hot--and I kinda want to see Jeremy grow (and Jeff too). Thanks guys...
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