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    muscle ;), languages and linguistics, electronic music, psychology, self-development, I play keyboard instruments a bit as well
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    168 cm / 5' 7''
    56 kg / 122 lbs (yep, I lost weight)
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    Mainly interesting discussions.
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    I'll enjoy whatever improvement comes, I dreamt too much in the past.
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    + size difference
    + wrestling
    + dominance
    + strength

    Actually muscle growth as such is not a must-have for me.
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    Feats of strength. Size difference and/or strength difference between guys. Dominance and submissiveness - including when the strong/big guy is submissive.

    I love photos of muscled guys looking straight into the camera - there's something hellishly sexy about those.

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  1. equus

    Non-obvious muscle

    Yes, that's exactly how this works.
  2. equus

    Non-obvious muscle

    A majority of us here are attracted to big, muscular or strongly athletic/fit guys. But for me, sometimes it takes a nicely shaped bicep on an otherwise completely averagely built guy to make me, hmm, much interested. Or a nicely shaped chest. Or visible, rounded calves when a guy wears shorts. The idea is that a guy is generally more or less average but just one thing in his muscle build is strong and it really attracts my attention. Actually, I find myself always quickly assessing the other guys' build, in pretty much all interactions . Do you do/experience the same?
  3. equus

    A new Tumblr?

    For me tumblr was mainly an easily accessible source of hundreds of pictures, some of which (I'm picky) I downloaded. I liked the fact that I could choose between the "suppliers" of photos depending on how close their taste was to mine. I know there's the gallery feature here, but it's nowhere near as convenient for easily browsing lots of pics, especially on mobile. I haven't yet fully grasped the blog feature, maybe it will somehow work better with that, the first impression is that it might be a cool thing.
  4. equus

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    You have a point here. What you're describing is true and I'm at least to an extent guilty of it myself. My ex-boyfriend always tells me that I'm making more fuss about my muscle fetish (which he doesn't share in the slightest) than it's worth it. But to my defense: it seems to me that many (gay?) guys consider strongly focusing on the body rather than on oral/anal sex a weird thing; I've met quite a few who were suprised with my interest in their body as a whole (muscular or not), because they never experienced it before, and I'm not talking about virgins here to me, there is a fine line between worshipping muscle as a fun activity and craving to be strong/fit myself (let's not go here into details about why I'm not) with the feelings on inadequacy that follow, and this is not fun, but I guess that might be my very own thing and not something universal I'm always afraid of crossing the border where worship turns into objectifying of the other guy, especially since I can't give back what I'm taking, so the worship is not a fully mutual thing. And as has been sadly established many times in this forum, not many guys actually get off on being worshipped. Still, yeah, I agree I could be much more confident about liking other guys' muscles and I'm working on that. In the end, nobody's getting harmed here, right? Life's too short to be afraid of what you like. Sorry if I'm going offtopic here, but the discussion went into an interesting direction.
  5. equus

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    Hmmm, I believe I've seen a few people taking about respect/disrespect in muscle worship relationships and I wonder who would in any way disrespect a guy he's either worshipping or about to worship, did you have any such negative experiences?
  6. Yep, I'm exploring this path too.
  7. Hi guys, Recently, I've accidentally stumbled upon quite a few neat 3D muscle animations and/or pics, those were both realistic and unrealistic, muscle growth, just muscle flexing, etc. and I've been impressed by how good they were. And how many of those are there. Do you know what programs/tools are used to create these? I know about DAZ (I'm actually installing it while writing this), but if there's anything else people use for that kind of stuff, I'd like to know. Any input is welcome.
  8. equus


    That's true, however you're not meeting a _complete_ stranger, this is not an anonymous chat hookup. You will meet someone whom others have already met and have had positive experiences with. Hmmm, I can partially relate to that. I've spoken to numerous people about my muscle fetish (I don't like the word "fetish", but let's agree it's usually appropriate), but still I feel ashamed of this and I don't feel fully comfortable speaking about it. With the situation here, you don't really have to talk much, in person at least. You can agree on what will happen during the meeting beforehand, so that you can avoid speaking about it during the meeting itself. My guess is that this guy has already had quite a few experiences with not-exactly-fit people. Also, you can mention your insecurity about this before the meeting. Hmmm, let me tell you this. Over 10 years ago I rented a hotel room for 2 nights to meet 2 guys. Now mind this - I'm from Poland, so definitely not the most liberal country there is. The hotel was located in almost a suburb of a city which lies in one of the more conservative areas of the country - a place where you can quite easily meet football hooligans who are very far from being gay friendly. And you know what? The people in the hotel didn't give a slightest f*** about what's going on. This is what the hotels are for - not giving a f*** as long as you don't destroy things. And people in hotels have seen weirder stuff that a muscular guy visiting some other guy - if they actually notice this at all, because they might not. This is an option, yes. That's what I did with my paid worship session. This situation is awkward by definition and this guy knows that, he already did it a number of times. Again - I suggest agreeing on how you want this to work before the meeting. And if I were I would be totally open about the fact that this makes me nervous. If he reacts weird to this over the Internet, he's not the type of guy you want to pay for such an experience.
  9. equus


    What exactly are your biggest fears in this situation? I'm not sure if this will help, but you know, bodybuilders are regular people, just like you and me, just differently built. They have their problems, many of them were skinny or very average-looking in the past, as supercravate mentioned, they also have reasons to be afraid of the worship sessions. In my personal experience, many of them are actually quite gentle guys. I've had exactly one worship session I paid for, it was OK. We actually had a bit of conversation with the guy, nothing spectacular, but I had the opportunity to get to know something about him. I would say - go for it. As Eadwig mentioned, you have the comfort of being able to get to know something more about the guy before meeting him - use that to make sure you get the best experience you can out of it.
  10. equus

    A little life, the book

    I read it. It's heavy (I mean content, not the book as an object). I don't think the gay thing is the most important part of the book, so I'm a bit surprised with the title you mentioned. Anyway, yeah, I understand the need for self-help group after reading this.
  11. equus

    What draws you you to muscle?

    I guess I've always been insecure as I've always been weak and short, usually the weakest in the class etc. And this probably transformed into a strength and muscle fetish. My first sexual thoughts were towards muscle guys, only later I started feeling the general attraction towards guys. Primarily I look for muscle on others and there was actually a time in my life (late teens / early adulthood) when I didn't like the thought of becoming bigger/stronger. Then I went through a phase of working out to attract muscle guys - and failed in both areas. Now (mid-30's) I'm in a phase where for the first time in my life I'm actually enjoying physical activity and I'm trying to slowly, without pressure (I'm very good at putting lots of pressure on myself) building on that. This means that I do go to gym 1-2 times a week, but when I want and I do what I want, no training plan. Obviously, the gains are close to none (they were small even when I did follow a routing a few years back), but the most important thing is that I'm enjoying it. Okay, I'm going off-topic here. I often wonder how I would actually like being muscular. I guess I could kind of get off on that? I'm definitely not uncomfortable with the though of being strong/muscular as I used to be, but it would probably feel strange. I'm so used to being the small guy. I know it's a paradox, based on my insecurities you would expect me to love the idea of becoming big and strong, but it doesn't really work that way. It's strange. Favourie muscle: biceps. I know it's painfully cliché, but this is what first look at when looking at a guy on the train etc. I especially like it when the guys have a natural tendency to have big biceps, without much working out. Then it's forearms, shoulders, pecs, back. Legs - yeah, but I kind of take them for granted. It's totally a turnoff if a guy is well built in the torso area, but his legs are not that well build.
  12. @Merpit It just came naturally, his being a bit dominant, it's his "default mode" when in bed with someone I guess. As for biceps licking - he knew from the beginning that I like his body very much, and muscle in general, and he was completely cool with that. I was very surprised myself when he did this, it completely came out of nowhere. Funny fact - when we met he didn't know how to volunarily flex his biceps. He's into sports in general, practical use of body and muscle, definitely not gym, he hates lifting weights for no practical reason, so he never had the need of learning how to flex a bicep and it actually took him a few months to learn how this works. At the beginning he was just flexing the forearm, and sometimes maybe tricep, but not biceps. We met on a regular gay chat, where people mostly look for quick hookups, so he was surprised when I invited him for coffee (I'm not a quick hookup type - even if I want to meet someone for sex, I like to get to know this person a bit). And it sort of went from there. My first impression of him wasn't very good, but I gave him a second chance and I'm glad I did. One more funny fact - back in October he broke a rib during one of his BJJ trainings training, so he had to step back from BJJ for a while. I didn't notice at first, but with time his dominant tendencies decreased (not completely, but he was visibly "calmer"). Last week he went to his first two trainings after the break and his bed dominance came back, a definite sudden change of behavior. It's fascinating how sports and hormones affect people. The good thing is he's always open to discussing how we want to do things. I like being dominated, but I feel very good with the fact that if I say "now I need some gentle hugging" I will get this as well. I think that he might be the best sex partner I will ever have, hence my doubts where to go further.
  13. @Merpit Well, what would you like to know? Very short, quite hairy, strong (especially legs - larger guys are afraid of his legs' strength from what he says), slightly dominant in bed, and he's got a very sensitive body overall, which is also the case for me, so that's something that connects us. @tomofutah They are exclusive in my personal experience. I started dating guys over 10 years ago and by now it is clear to me that if a sporty/muscled guy is interested in me (which in itself is _extremely_ rare, literally single cases), we get along only in bed, but not in life. I'm still somewhat getting over this, because I thought it would be possible to combine both, but it's not working in my case. Still, I know there are guys who successfully combine those two things - and if you're one of them, good for you!
  14. Hello everyone, I'm coming here to today not so much for advice, as for inspiration, experience-sharing and generally a completely open-ended discussion. I'm at this place in my life where I have a really good and satisfying friends-with-benefits relationship with another guy. He's not exactly a bodybuilder, but he is a sporty type into BJJ with this natural tendency for building muscle on any kind of physical activity that he undertakes. The sex is totally great, nothing like I had in the past. He looks good and we have a very good mutual understanding in bed. Example: one day he just casually started licking his flexed biceps in front of me (without me asking for it), because he just felt like it. What more can I say. We did try to turn it into something more serious and committed, but it didn't work, mainly from my side. While he's sexy as hell, he doesn't have what I need/expect from a serious, long-term life partner, emotionally, mentally, intellectually. It just won't work. Unfortunately guys who do have such traits are usually the completely anti-sport type, but that's a completely different story. And now - I'm having really good fun with him sex-wise (it might even be getting better, because we're both open for some experimenting), but sometimes I have this slight yearning for something more serious. Or something seriously serious. I am aware that I just need to make a decision on what I really want. True, no denying of that. It's just that this isn't an easy decision. And I thought that maybe you guys would have something interesting to share, maybe some of your own experiences. I'm open for any kind of input, I'm really interested in anything you might want to share. Side-note: I'm 32, almost 33. I guess this factor might be making a difference.
  15. equus

    student and the teacher story?

    I've actually got it on my disk in PDF's, I can send it to your e-mail.

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