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    muscle ;), languages and linguistics, music (mainly dance/electronic), psychology, self-development
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    168 cm / 5' 7''
    56 kg / 122 lbs (yep, I lost weight in 2018)
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    Mainly interesting discussions.
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    I'll enjoy whatever improvement comes. :)
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    + size difference
    + wrestling
    + dominance
    + strength

    Actually muscle growth as such is not a must-have for me.
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    Feats of strength. Size difference and/or strength difference between guys. Dominance and submissiveness - including when the strong/big guy is submissive.

    I love photos of muscled guys looking straight into the camera - there's something hellishly sexy about those.

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  1. When discussing height/weight proportions, shouldn't we also always discuss the BF%? I mean - even at the same height/weight proportions, but different muscle/BF% we might get completely different looking bodies, isn't it so?
  2. Joined the first forum in June 2004 and contributed a total of 8 posts there. Joined this one in December 2014.
  3. That's so very true. I'd hate to be a kid nowadays for this exact reason. In theory, no. In practice, I believe there is an expectation that you shouldn't express this, not too much at least, and/or you should make up for this by having other masculine traits, especially physical ones, stronger. I think the idea that guys have the same rights for expressing sensitivity as women is a very modern one and would be contested by many people for whom the idea of masculinity is important.
  4. I never know how much engaged to get in conversations like this, because outgrowing my bullies is not my experience, and I don't want to get excessively negative. Scrawny kid,/teen, scrawnier-than-average adult, in spite of numerous and ongoing attempts to change this. Well, OK, I did build _some_ muscle and strength thanks to weight training and other sports, but not enough to make any real difference in comparison to an average adult guy. And there's little one can do about height, sigh. All in all, from a purely physical point of view, my chances against my ex-bullies would be nowadays the same as they were 20 years ago. This does not help with putting the past to rest. I am not particularly fond of the "that which does not kill us, makes us stronger " saying. I find it a bit, hmmm, unnuanced. People process their experiences in different ways, and what one may find strenghtening, another will find completely debilitating. What one will recover from in weeks, another will need years for. And some others never fully recover from the same thing. There isn't one way of processing or reacting to negative stuff that happens to us. And of course there's extremes, such as severe traumas, which pretty invariably leave people more scarred than strengthened, even if technically one survives ("which does not kill us") such an experience. I really like that one. To be remembered.
  5. That's a very interesting way of processing your experience. I wish I had a similar one. You're right, I did a fair bit of misinterpretation of your words., sorry. Looks like they hit a sensitive point.
  6. While I understand where you're coming from with your comment, I have to call BS on this generalization. It may be true that these traits are statistically more frequent in men than in women (I don't have any data but this might be true), you're doing a total disfavour to your point by stating this as if those traits were common to all men and in equal measure. No, they are not. If you want to fight the generalization that all masculinity is toxic, do not generalize on what "male traits" are, unless you want to go over to saying things like "if you're not X and don't have Y, then you're not a man, even if you have a penis and the right set chromosomes", which I really hope you're not going for.
  7. equus


    This probably doesn't fall under catfishing, but back in 2007 (I was 23 at the time) I had 4 internet "friends" all of whom were either bodybuilders or aspiring bodybuilders and very talkative about it and very eager to share their pictures and stories. They had one more thing in common - they didn't exist, they were invented by a highly manipulative, very intelligent guy who thought that realizing people's fantasies they are dreaming of, over the internet, is a good thing. Yes, he created 4 "characters" just for me and pretended to be them for half a year. I got to talk to the "real" him when at one point during one of the conversations I said that what's happening is too beautiful to be true. I know that I wasn't his only victim, but based on his words I was the only one to whom he admitted. I have to say this experience was probably the biggest mindfuck of my life. I believed I knew 4 people who turned out not to exist. It was as if somebody I knew died.
  8. I recently started spending more time here, even contributed a few posts, which I did veeery rarely in the past. I don't remember when I first started reading MGS (now simply MG, I guess?), but that was over 10 years ago for sure. Seeing what's been going on the Internet over the years, things such as the explosion of Facebook-like social media, change from the anonymous network to pressure to write stuff under your name/surname, what happened with Tumblr, personal blogging being a big thing and then almost disappearing - generally Internet changing and evolving - I sometimes wonder what's going to happen with places like this, which stay more or less the same for years. This forum is the only place where I don't have to explain to anyone why and how I am attraced to muscle guys. I don't get those idiotic reactions like "oh, but all gays like muscled bodies, that's nothing special". People here understand all the good things and bad things that come with being attraced to muscle. We understand that we differ in what we like and everybody's welcome to share their own muscle-related thing whatever it is, without judgement. It's really a great place where things which are difficult to explain outside are pretty much obvious and met with understanding. I don't see any part of Twitter or Facebook or whatever ever replacing this. What I want to say is that even though I'm far from the biggest contributor to this forum, if for any reason it was to close/disappear, it would be a big personal loss for me. I really do hope it never comes to this.
  9. Yep, when I was a teenager, and those were wet dreams.
  10. What I think is often missed in this kind ofi discussion is the question of exercising versus looking like you are exercising. Three stories from my life. One: I once went on a date with a really good looking muscled guy. An obvious question that I asked at one point - how often does he go to the gym? Answer: never. He wasn't once in his life at the gym, he only intensively trained capoeira. Looking at him, you'd never say he never lifted weights, but I believed him. Two: I actually dated a very similar type of guy for a year. He never lifted weights, he only did judo 2-3 times a week for 3 years when I met him. Considering that, you could say he was ridiculously muscular, especially arms, back and legs; chest - not so much. He told me guys he met on the judo mat asked him what he did to look like that and he couldn't really explain. He was apparently kind of muscular and athletic-looking by nature or at least his body very easily responded to any kind of physical activity. My own observation: he was hot, as in hot to touch, all the time. I believe there must've been something very specific with his metabolism, he was like a furnace 24/7. Three: I once met online a guy and we decided to start going to the gym together. And so we did - for a half a year we trained together, we had pretty much the same training routine, we used very similar weights, we ate similar stuff. One difference was that he partied a lot more than me, so while I sticked to sleeping 8h/day knowing that it's important for the results, he often slept much less, because of partying. After that half a year he looked so well that people kept telling him that his workouts really pay off. He wasn't really much bigger than me, but his body proportions were way different. I remember measuring our biceps at some point and both being shocked that they're the same size, while his looked totally ripped in comparison to mine. While people were enthusiastic about his progress, I got questions along the lines of "do you actually work out? you should join your buddy". Needless to say, I was furious. What I want to say here is that it's true that working out will have positive results for your body regardless of your starting point. I've always had them and I'm grateful for those. But if you want to explore the area of "will my working out result in looking different enough for people to start noticing that I work out and appreciating this in other ways" - that's where the stuff gets messy and it seems that there are a ton of different factors coming in. Essentially nothing is granted and for some people the amount of work needed will be much larger than for others.
  11. Since this morning, when trying to access the website through the main page at https://muscle-growth.org, I am randomly getting a "bad gateway" error. Can this be related to the update? Edit: this happens both on my PC and my phone.
  12. Yes, that's exactly how this works.
  13. A majority of us here are attracted to big, muscular or strongly athletic/fit guys. But for me, sometimes it takes a nicely shaped bicep on an otherwise completely averagely built guy to make me, hmm, much interested. Or a nicely shaped chest. Or visible, rounded calves when a guy wears shorts. The idea is that a guy is generally more or less average but just one thing in his muscle build is strong and it really attracts my attention. Actually, I find myself always quickly assessing the other guys' build, in pretty much all interactions . Do you do/experience the same?
  14. equus

    A new Tumblr?

    For me tumblr was mainly an easily accessible source of hundreds of pictures, some of which (I'm picky) I downloaded. I liked the fact that I could choose between the "suppliers" of photos depending on how close their taste was to mine. I know there's the gallery feature here, but it's nowhere near as convenient for easily browsing lots of pics, especially on mobile. I haven't yet fully grasped the blog feature, maybe it will somehow work better with that, the first impression is that it might be a cool thing.
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